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Essay on A Visit To Shopping Mall in English for Kids

In this article you will find Short Essay, Speech, Paragraph on A Visit To Shopping Mall  for nursery essay, lkg essay, ukg essay, first class essay, second class essay and more. Essay of 100, 150, 200 words for child students in Very Simple & Easy Words.

Short Essay on A Visit To Shopping Mall

Last Sunday my father took us to the East Delhi shopping mall. It is a huge four-storeyed building. It is fully air-conditioned with good security. We parked our car in the underground parking in the basement. We reached the ground floor by elevator, there were hundreds of shops of all kinds. There were separate sections for different kinds of products. We visited the apparels, Grocery, Electricals and Electronics sections and purchased many items. We visited the other floors also one by one and there were many more sections with all sort of things. I specially loved the toys and video games section. We bought many toys and games. Then we had some pizzas & burgars at the Food Bazar and came back home.

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Describe A Shopping Mall Essay

David guterson's endured: one week at the mall of america.

Human needs in the past have been satisfied by marketplaces that are community driven. It is then he claims, that the lack of communal intention that makes the Mall of America, and other malls unhealthy and unnatural. Guterson writes that malls void of community, are not marketplaces, but are rather attractions set on profit. The marketing behind the Mall of America is aimed at growing tourism, and making the mall a symbol of America and American culture. This gimmick has proved to be successful as over 700,000 people from foreign countries visit the mall every year (Guterson, 284). The attention the mall is receiving from the rest of the globe suggests that as Guterson writes, “The concept of shopping in a frivolous atmosphere, concocted to loosen consumers’ wallets, is poised to proliferate globally” (Guterson, 284). As American malls continue to be lucrative, the science of controlling shoppers will only become more present around the world. Guterson claims that the fantasy environments that malls create are so powerful that they can inspire addiction to the excitability and pleasures that malls create (Guterson, 284). Guterson warns against the future of megamalls, pointing out the emptiness that they can create inside us. After standing on the roof of the Mall of America, Guterson understands that American culture is not the modern American mall. Rather, it is the fields and farms that

Ggr252 Notes

The busiest time of the day for this retail center is during lunch hour and rush hours because it is very convenient for all the workers to access this center. A 15 minute pedestrian count during lunch hours (around 1:30pm) indicated that approximately 1993 people access this ancillary retail system. This system is in private property because it is under many large skyscrapers which are owned by private firms. This system is not very easy to navigate because of the complex connections of different shopping centers.

Shopping Malls Are Becoming Extinct

As we enter a new generation, shoppers are gearing toward online and mobile shopping, which contributes to the extinction of shopping malls. America reached a time period where the number of adults who were born in a time where online shopping was not thought of are retiring; resulting in old habits, such as shopping in malls, coming to a cease. The older generation of adults tend to revert back to familiar habits such as shopping at malls or going to a bookstore. The new generation of adults/teenagers do not use shopping malls as a hangout spot in contrast to older generation, thus leading to the decline of shopping malls. Other than shopping, shopping malls were once used for socializing. However, with the increase of social networks

The Mall of America: Destroying Life Long Values with Materialism

From its vast security systems, to the indoor theme park, and over 520 stores the mall is like a city within itself; closed off from the rest of the world. Guterson writes that the quality and impressiveness of the mall is not comparable to any other. The mall is “the best of the best” and people visit it because of its modernism. The modernism of the mall is displayed through features like an arcade, the gardens, trees and flowers. The argument of the essay is reasonable in the way people go to spend in the mall. It is true that people are sometimes

Essay Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored?

In a day of, “I want it now and I’m willing to pay for it,” a shopping center has to offer a variety of stores, and also have several options. The shoe shopper will go to the place with 5 shoe stores before they go to the place with only 1. They may not realize that of the 5 available shoe stores; only 1 is in their price range, but satisfying a wider variety of consumers will help the mall broaden the shopper’s experience. But it is important to remember that shoppers are price sensitive, so not only do you need a variety of stores offering a variety of products, but you also need to be able to provide a variety of price points so you don’t limit your shopper demographics.

The Mall Of America By David Guterson Essay

A vivid depiction about the mall’s ……………. around it gives the audience the impression of already visiting the mall. The press kit contained a array of details concerning the mall:

Ritual Analysis

Pointing and sprinting from store to store, bags in hand and wallet held tight. The sounds of screaming, laughing, and talking fill the space. Cash registers beaming and cards being swiped. There’s just no other place like this; a shopping mall. Today, buying clothes or items of interest is highly popular. All of one’s favorite stores feet away from each other, this ritual is composed of elements that might not seem very evident without looking close enough. At the International Plaza in beautiful Tampa Florida, I conducted observations and my own experiences as well to analysis this ritual as a cultural phenomenon. Through this research, we can understand the true meaning of a shopping mall.

4) Location- Decisions about where to locate a store are critical to any retailer’s success. Location decisions are particularly important because of their high cost, long-term commitment and impact on customer patronage. Choosing a particular location type involves evaluating a series of trade-offs. These trade-offs generally include the occupancy cost of location, the pedestrian and vehicle customer traffic associated with the location, the restrictions placed on the store operations by the property managers, and the convince of the location for customers.

Social Observation Of The Southlands Mall In Centennial

To Begin, let me give you a visual of the mall. The Southlands mall is a large outdoor mall that’s filled with shops, diners and entertainment. I thought I would sit near Town Square which is in the center of the mall. I could see majority of the store from here. There were a lot of mothers out watching their children play in the water fountain and at the park.

The United State Census Bureau

According, the United State Census Bureau, the U.S. population is increasing, every eight seconds a child is born. With the population increasing sort of rapidly the construction of new neighborhoods it is going to be necessary to house these prospering families. Also, the establishment of stores are going to be needed. Therefore, neighborhood stores are going to become available and malls too, but they both are going to vary in certain aspects. Neighborhood stores are stores that provides accommodations to the locals. Malls, on the other hand, are large buildings made of multiple competitive retails stores. Nevertheless, neighborhood stores and malls seem very similar, but when looking at their square footages, remoteness from home, and marketability, they are quite different.

Essay Suburban Regional Shopping

The last thing and possibly most important thing a manager should do is create a mall website that lists all the stores, any possible coupons, discounts, or specials that may be happening, as well as links to all the stores so a person can “window shop” before ever stepping foot into the mall. One could even go as far as to offer discounts to those who shop online thru the mall website, therefore drawing traffic to the website. Through the mall website, a consumer may find a link to another store that he/she has heard of before and then can check out its merchandise. Possibly aiding that store in achieving another customer.

How Paso A Paso Is A Community Education Center Located Of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala

The stores would cater to the need of locals and tourist. To not cannibalize existing

Case Analysis: Rue 21

Rue 21 is one of the many retailers that are geared towards teens, however what set them apart from the rest is their affordability. This company strives to keep all of its merchandise under 35 dollars. Rue 21 has locations in various strip malls with 52 percent, regional mall 31 percent and outlet centers 17 there are pros and cons that affect the company for each of them (Berman, 2009). Having this store in a strip center can be a really great thing for consumers put not such a positive thing for the company as a whole. The positive to a strip mall is that it is easily accessible for customers to find and shop at the location. Strip malls have less congestion when it comes to parking, which makes for a more pleasurable for shoppers like

The Mall Of America By David Gueterson

In “Enclosed. Encyclopedic. Endured: The Mall of America” David Gueterson spoke about the idea behind the creation of the Mall and his journey as a reporter inside it. For instance, he talked about how the mall not only intended to attract Minnesotan, but also to appeal to tourist from everywhere. Because of it enormous size and diverse activities, the mall is like the mecca of shoppers. He also mentioned that, Some people got engaged and some even got their marriage ceremony at the mall. After all he described the mall as a success, and the companies behind the mall are even thinking about building similar malls around the world. (161-72). Such marketing strategies stated above are embodied in many businesses today, with the intention not only to bring people in, but also to make them spend money and come back again.

Waltz on the Danube Essay

The tenant structure of the shopping center is an important factor in ensuring rent is adequate to make the project viable. The fact that Philipp conceded the hypermarket could have a negative effect on the overriding success of the project. ECE strategy typically relied on these large self-service retail stores. Hypermarkets are very desirable to customers since the warehouse structure enable the stores to offer a wide variety of products (i.e. fresh food, beverages, home supplies, electronics, clothing, car accessories, garden furniture etc.) at discounted prices. This lack of a hypermarket must be offset by assurance and

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Paragraph on My Visit to a Shopping Mall – By Anand

shopping mall essay for class 1


A visit to a shopping mall is always exciting for someone who has resided in a rural area all his life.

I was always excited about tall buildings, shopping malls and big restaurants. I happen to have a chance to visit my aunt, who stays in the city.

I had already told her beforehand that the moment I reach, she would take me to a shopping mall to which she had readily agreed.

The shopping mall we went to was not far from her residence and was one of the biggest malls in the city. I was left with my jaw hanging when I looked at the enormity of the structure. It spanned the length equivalent to ten houses in my district. As we were nearing the entry, I felt a gush of cold air coming from inside. Not being very used to air-conditioning, it was a new experience for me. My aunt told me that she would buy new clothes and a bag for me. There was a huge crowd inside the mall and loud music played. At one particular corner, there was a music event in progress.

Shopping At the Mall:


We entered one of the stores inside the mall and I was astounded to find so many varieties of clothes at the same place. It looked so colourful from a distance. We went from one rack to another looking through t-shirts and jeans. My aunt bought me a pair of jeans and t-shirts. I had never seen the usage of an ATM card before.

Everything was a new experience for me and I was elated the entire time. We then visited a shoe store because even my aunt had to buy new shoes for herself. She couldn’t find her preference in that store. We then visited almost ten different stores. After getting the shoes we went to have lunch.

Lunch at Shopping Mall:

The eateries at the mall were all big and enticing. Food items ranging from burgers, sandwiches, pizzas to Indian, Chinese, continental, etc. were available. My aunt took me to a Chinese eatery where she ordered haka noodles and ginger chicken. It tasted delicious, better than any other fast food I had before. We then had ice-cream for dessert.


The visit to the shopping mall was a new and exciting experience for me. I saw many new things which I don’t usually get to see at my place. I was brimming with joy holding my new clothes and wearing new shoes. I expressed my desire of visiting the mall again to my aunt to which she smiled and agreed.

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Aug 7, 2015

shopping mall essay for class 1

Essay on Visit to a Mall for Class 4

shopping mall essay for class 1

A shopping mall is basically a shopping building complex joined by walkways. The walkways are escalators, lifts and comfortable stairs that connects all type of shops at one roof. It provide shopping and entertainment both.

Visiting a shopping malls is very enjoyable for me. As it provides change from daily repeatitive schedule work. Huge lighting gives extra cheer and energy. Shopping Mall given us shopping with comfort. No more smoke and dust of the market can disturb while shopping.

The shopping has partly transformed from "Kirana" and "Boutiques" to organised shops like malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets and lifestyle stores. Mall can be one word for market for all.

On the occasion of Durga Puja we use to visit our super markets Bigbazar of Citycentre Durgapur. This shopping mall brought very much comfort to us. At least we now have a clean place for our entertainment. Now we can opt different brands for same type of product. The food items are usually of superior qualities. Shopping with comfort of air-conditioned cool air become possible due to shopping malls culture. There are perfect combination of surrounding shops for eatables. South Indian dish or North Indian dish or Chinese etc are all available very close. The 89 Cinema are at the top floor of the Bigbazar. It is very neat and clean and have four screens. We can watch movies according to our choices.

The negative sides of the shopping malls are that they are little bit costlier than open market. Negotiation are not possible there. Open market are still giving tough competition to the shopping mall because of cheap sense. Major purchasing class of India still prefer cheap goods over lifestyle comfort of marketing system. Because of this reason many shopping malls are failing in its business. It is also because very limited research are done about consumer habits of a particular zone.

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My Day At The Mall

shopping mall essay for class 1

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In Alan Brinkley’s essay The Mall he explores the history of shopping complexes in the United States and gives us insight on the different kinds of complexes. The mall started off as a shopping center. The first shopping center was the Country Club Plaza, opened in Kansas City in 1924. The shopping center soon increased in size and became small “strips.” In 1956, the first enclosed, climate controlled shopping opened in Minneapolis and was called South Dale Shopping Center many cities. The malls spread and began to have similar aspects of the downtowns that they were rapidly displacing, but they were safer. Soon after that malls started being built in many cities. The malls were still increasing in size and they were begging to add movie theaters, video arcades, bowling alleys, restaurants, and hotels. “In cities and towns in every part of America, malls became not just a place for shopping, but often centers of a much-altered community life as well” (Brinkley 115). Malls became like little cities with their own police that were private security forces. For the most part they were able to keep undesirable customers off the premises. Mall evolved into self-contained imitations of cities, minus many of the troubling abrasive features of downtowns. Malls set out to be perfect urban spaces mostly having white middle class women in mind. Many teenagers began to cling to the malls instead of other hang out spots such as street corners, parks and downtown. The mall became a universal shopping center that attracted everyone.…

Customer Service

When thinking about the places that I have stopped doing business and the reasons why I stopped shopping there is because I was treated with disrespect now being greeted or being ignored, I can’t shop at a place where they ignored me and judged me because I am unable to meet their specific standard of the ideal customer. A clear example for me of this is was when I went in to Gucci and I was totally ignored and no one talked to me. I went in there with the total intention of purchasing a wallet and because I was not wearing heels and an expensive bag I was totally ignored. I will never again go back in to Gucci and try and shop there again I would rather go into Burberry or any other store to make sure that I am able to be treated with respect. Another place that I will not shop at again is Verizon because when I called them letting them know that they were over charging me I was not given any update and I have to go and call and call and call until two months later I finally got the credit after a lot of time and effort. Honestly I will never do business with Verizon again. I can’t do business with someone that doesn’t value my time and my effort.…


5. Tell of a time when you went above and beyond to help a customer.…

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mall of america

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SWOT River Island

Good mix of products, I could find where the casual clothing from the more formal products. Signs were displayed quite well and easy to located where everything is. Areas dedicated was good, it wasn’t overly busy and overwhelming.…

Personal Narrative: A Walk To Food Lion

When I was walking into Food Lion to grab an item, I noticed an elderly woman struggling with trying to get her items to the car. At first I thought to myself how no one has helped her yet and then thought again that I should have already been there to help. My roommate noticed I ran off and she followed right behind. I then proceeded to ask the woman if she would like any sort of assistance with her groceries, the woman shook her head and said yes. This made me ecstatic that I could help and I was thrilled my roommate came over to help out as well. After we help we walked in and it made me want to go help other people with their groceries.…

Mrs Havissm

* Being very enthusiastic and bubbly at all times- making people feel welcomed into the store.…

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