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Ace Your National Honor Society Essay with These Tips


Entering the National Honor Society can be a student's dream and requires devotion, good grades and expanding your interests into social activities, sports, and volunteering in your community. The NHS application is a sumptuous procedure and you'll need to compose an appropriate national honor application essay to get accepted. This essay will generally work as a recapitulation of your academic history, your dreams, and aspirations and your future plans. It is a decisive part of the application and needs to be written super carefully, with flair and method.

In fact, most chapters of NHS require an essay as part of your application for membership. The philosophy behind the essay varies; it might be a broad overview description of your academic achievements so far or work as a response to a specific question set and then insert your personal touch. Difficult as it might sound, the essay is, in fact, an opportunity to develop your full personality and convince the committee that yes, you are worthy of their attention. This means that acing it is a big step towards your goal to be accepted at the NHS, and there are tips to help you in the process.

Most chapters of NHS require an essay as part of your application for membership.

Understand the philosophy behind the essay

Before even starting to write the essay structure, it is important to fully understand the philosophy behind the essay. In general, the NHS concept is based on four pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Define the criteria and prepare your thesis to meet them all. Make sure you make some preparatory notes of all your scholarships and grants, activities that would show the leader in you (i.e. captain of the school football team) and list all volunteering work you have done in the past. Remember to explain why volunteering to the specific cause is important to you and makes you passionate in your side notes-you will need them as you proceed writing the essay.

Then tell your personal story-in writing

Your life story is what makes you unique and the NHS appreciates personal journeys that are built with dedication and passion at a young age. Think of the essay as an introduction of who you actually are, where to do aim to go and then try to communicate it efficiently. Building the essay around a general idea will also help you focus; for example, if your passion is getting to college to acquire a Math Ph.D. then focus your writing on jour personal journey with Math in high school-your Grades, extra work assignments, and awards. If animals are your passion, volunteering in an animal's shelter can show your devotion to later become a vet, so work your way around it.

Introduce yourself in a professional yet unique way

Perfection is a matter of balance-and your essay should be an example of both professionalism and flair in equal doses. Don't reinvent your writing style in the process or try to experiment with writing styles that are not you. Be clever yet professional. If you are generally a funny person, add your touch with a funny intro, if your style is more academic, and then keep it simple and clean. What is important is that the style expresses your personality as much as the content and that both assist your final goal-to be accepted in the NHS.

Talk in detail about your grants and scholarship achievements

The NHS aims to include the best of the best and provide them opportunities for the future so you have to convince them you belong to the elite. Again, make a list of your grades, awards, and scholarships. Then structure a big part of your writing around them-but in detail. Speak about the grants or scholarships you won, the Physics award or about being top your class in the first semester-in this process, the more the better. Excelling in activities outside school is also important but keep that separate-your academic life should be your primary focus here. You can also list prestigious classes you attended or name the teachers you have worked with and helped you obtain your top grades-in this section, the more is the better.

Include your non-academic achievements and activities

The next step in composing your essay is to include all your community or volunteer work, your activities and hobbies. Don't just list them-the idea here is to showcase your character traits and full personality. Again, the NHS is focusing on leadership, service, and character so structure them in order to meet those criteria. Where you the captain of a sports team? Did you do volunteering work at your city's animal shelter? Or participated in the theatre group at your school? Write them all down and then describe your character and qualities through them. Creativity, leadership and a collaborative manner within a team all work in your favor so don't be shy to mention your problem-solving qualities or focus on your best moments.

Acing the essay doesn't require you exaggerating on your achievements—the board members are well seasoned and can see past an essay whose focus is to impress. The key here is to be sincere-present your qualities and then mention your flaws. Make note that yes, you do have flaws but you are working to better yourself constantly. This is the kind of devotion that can make your flaws even work in favor of your application if presented correctly. Mentioning, for example, that you are a perfectionist but you are working to leave space for more creativity in what you do cannot do you harm—on the contrary.

Structure it appropriately

Writing a long essay is an arduous task—what makes a great one stand out and grasp the attention of the reader is structure. Decide what the focus of the essay should be and then structure all your information accordingly. The focus can be your love for a specific class or your future aspiration to be a lawyer and what you do to help you get there. Start from academic achievements, then pass to grants and scholarships, then mention your non-academic activities. Double-check you are following the structure in a way that your essay is clear, easy to be read and that communicates your message. This uniqueness will also make you stand out from the crowd and be remembered.

Introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way

Another great tip is to introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way; pick a life incident that you feel is important and then develop the whole essay around it. A trip with the boy scouts, a school incident or you starring at the school play can work well if you find the right angle, the one that will showcase your devotion and wit. You can also write about your experience working with a particular teacher or on a particular project that you loved. The introduction is where you can both catch the attention of the reader and evolve your full essay after it, so be creative. Again, balance is key, so never lose sight you are actually writing a well-structured NHS essay and not the intro of a novel so stay focused throughout your writing.

Another great tip is to introduce your paper in a clever and catchy way.

Write a killer conclusion

You have written all the boring stuff, elaborated on your academic qualities and presented your community work; now it's time to close the essay with a killer conclusion the board will remember. This, in fact, is the part where you can become more creative and show that you are also good at communicating your message so use whatever you feel best represents you. A school incident where you show your values or leadership qualities can work and so can your aspiration to enter college and get the job of your dreams. More of a creative type? This is the place where you can use a famous person's saying that best represents you and elaborate on it-or a moment in your school life that has defined you.

Proofread it, and then again!

Proofreading is key; you just can't convince your readers you are a straight-A student with spelling mistakes, and even the smallest of them can very well ruin an otherwise perfect essay so be focused and double-check everything. Then have a member of your family, your teacher, or a professional editor to check it again for mistakes you can spot by using automatic spell correctors. A crown is different from a crowd but it's hard for the spell checker to spot what you are trying to say, so be extra careful. Make sure the essay flows effortlessly and that you don't exaggerate on promoting yourself—this can be alienating and not work on your favor. Be perfect but be yourself along the way.

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Why write the National Honor Society essay?

What are the national junior honor society essay requirements, how to write national honor society essay, national honor society essay outline example, how to start a national honor society membership essay, national honor society membership essay conclusion, national honor society membership essay sample, do you need extra free academic help and assistance.

If you discover your passion for writing, reading, leadership, and overcoming new challenges, there are some organizations that can support your enthusiasm. To join them, you need to submit a winning application. It is free to participate. 

Your National Honor Society essay is an effective tool that will let you become a member of a highly prestigious organization in the US. To write the best National Junior Honor Society essays, read this online article with brilliant tips and examples provided by the best writers that will make this task less hard. Also, you can get admission essay writing services  from our professional writers.

Many students put their time and effort in writing successful National Junior Honor Society essays every year to get access to unlimited opportunities. The NHS is the organization that chooses exceptional students who excel in social services, school activities, volunteering, scholarships, internships, and so on. It is a good place where you can find many opportunities. 

You don’t need to have an excellent GPA, which courses you take or be a perfect student in order to be able to write it. The admission committee will pay attention not only to those things. NHS membership essay will allow you to show your personality and skills you have. It can also help you go to the college of your dream. If you know that this is a place where you want to be, then you will be able to achieve what you want. 

The main purpose of your National Honor Society essay is to show the admission committee you from the best side and help you prove that you’re eligible to become a member of this authoritative organization. It’s important to meet the National Junior Honor Society essay requirements for those who want to become one of the NHS members. Here is a list of them:

If you strongly believe that you possess the traits required by this organization, find out how to write a National Honor Society essay. Use a few basic tips to succeed. Here are some recommendations that will provide you with the chance to write a top-quality and outstanding academic essay:

Did you write a letter of intend for graduate school ? It may help with your NHS essay.

To make the process of writing easier, you should create an outline. Here is a list of things you should write about in your essay. Use these tips to ease the writing process: 

If you wonder how to start a National Honor Society essay , there are several effective ways that you can use to write a relevant, concise, and catchy introduction. Here is a list of them: 

A concluding paragraph should leave a positive impression on the committee and persuade them to choose you. How to write a strong National Honor Society essay conclusion? Highlight the main reasons why this organization will benefit from choosing you. Here is a list of the things that differentiate you from other candidates by mentioning these factors:

We also advise our students to read and find out college admission secrets to be ready how to impress every member from the beginning.

The NHS is a great organization that makes it possible to take care of kids, non-profit organizations, and aged people. The best part is that students do that. I dream of becoming its member because I want to help people and learn more about this world. I know the organization has unlimited opportunities and being its member will enable me to develop my professional and academic skills in social services. I hope that my scholarship achievements will help me join it. It’s a privilege that my tutors and other leaders chose me to become the NHS member, and I’m very happy because they recognized my dedication and willingness to contribute to the community. I’ll keep serving the community to change the world. I can categorize all of my goals into a few groups. My basic long-term academic goal is to get into a prestigious college with excellent learning conditions and I also want to become a political scientist in the future. I consider creativity and power of observation to be my greatest strengths. They’re important to create all political theories. I’m very confident in the future success of my debate and interview and I expect to take part in social study programs this summer. This is where I’ll prepare for this occupation academically and mentally. I have my personal goals too. I strive to succeed in everything, including typing, writing academic papers, playing sports, playing music, passing my exams, and gaining a deeper understanding of actual information. That’s because I have my determination to excel. There are many activities that interest me. I also want to accomplish life goals by earning the respect of other people around me because it’s an important element. I have many personal goals, both short-term and long-term. They all deal with pursuing excellent in different fields. I realize that it’s possible to accomplish all of these goals with enough determination for success and a strong character. I also understand that life will throw many obstacles and challenges in my path of achieving these goals, and I feel I am ready to push through them all. I know my weak and strong sides. I keep using them to achieve important goals. I have strengths in listening, observing, being patient, understanding, using my creativity, leading other people, and these are only a few of my positive characteristics. They all shape my personality and make me who I am. I lead other people well due to my ability to analyze and understand their unique situations and be patient with them. I can evaluate and learn their weaknesses and strengths, such as willingness to work, and I take them into account when making my decisions. Being a good leader means being a good servant. I will always follow others regardless of my position of power. I realize the amount of studying necessary to get into a prestigious college that fits my professional and personal interests. I can excel in different areas of interest in my high school, and I will retain my personal strengths and keep improving them for the rest of my life.

National Honor Society essay samples and tips will guide you in writing a top academic paper and increasing your chance to impress the committee and avoid common mistakes. Get professional assistance provided by a team of writers who work online if writing the National Honor Society essay is still a challenge for you. 

Every student can feel free to write this type of paper and participate in the competition. No need to have a perfect GPA for that: just read the article and learn all the tips from professional writers. The writers who are experts will provide the best tips and recommendations on writing.

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How to Masterfully Cover the Topic of National Honor Society in an Essay

By: Angelina Grin

How to Masterfully Cover the Topic of National Honor Society in an Essay

What the NHS is All About

Eligibility and application requirements, four pillars of nhs:, benefits of being a member, introduction, body and paragraphs, introduction sample of a national honor society essay, body sample of an nhs essay, sample of the concluding statement, why is it not an a+ essay, tips on creating a brilliant essay on the national honor society.

Most students have dreamed of entering renowned universities and work for prestigious organizations. One of these influential institutions is the National Honor Society (NHS), a nationwide organization based in the United States that caters to high school students.

However, to be a member of the NHS, one must undergo an arduous and demanding application and selection process. It is not enough that you have academic achievements and stellar academic performance. The organization also values your personal views and even philosophy in life.

Thus, one of the significant parts of its application processes and your NHS life is writing essays. This is a common way for organizations to assess the character traits of a high school student. Your essay’s content may reflect your leadership skills, character, biases, and other competent capabilities that can make you an asset to the organization.

Whether it is for your application entry or you intend to write about the NHS itself, you must have an in-depth understanding of the topic. At the same time, you must be articulate to deliver your ideas comprehensively and coherently. This article will show you how to formulate a thoughtful essay and will also present suggestions and tips on how you can secure your national honor society membership.

An Overview of the National Honor Society - What You Need to Know

As mentioned, you must be familiar with the organization first before being able to write an essay.

The NHS is an organization that awards recognition to students of impeccable academic record and exemplary social involvement. Every recipient of the NHS scholarship can be considered a role model in establishing noteworthy service projects while maintaining a professional grade point average.

Before proceeding with your NHS application, ensure that you can comply with the given requirements and qualifications for eligibility. The main criteria for eligibility lie in the four pillars of the organization that will determine your NHS membership.

1. Scholarship

Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of not less than 85, B, or 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

The student must have accomplished at least one volunteer work. This includes community service activities that are not paid.

Community service refers to hours used to benefit the following:

3. Leadership

Students must have secured leadership positions in other school-based organizations or clubs to prove their competence as problem solvers and thought-leaders.

4. Character

Students must be role models of good character and responsible citizenship.

Being a member of the national honor society has its perks. Being affiliated with the organization establishes your credibility for other applications, such as in college admissions.

Other benefits include:

National Honor Society Essay Structure

We will break down the general sections that are commonly present in essays National Honor Society Essay Sample segments. Academic texts generally follow a standard structure, often used in admission essays, scholarship essays, and specific research papers.

The introduction marks the beginning of your entry. You must ensure that your introduction is catchy and exciting to sustain the reader’s willingness to finish your article. This section lays out the intent and creates a first, crucial impression of the writer.

Take note that the introduction must be:

In the case of the national honor society application essay, you must be able to feature the organization’s remarkable qualities and outstanding performance. For a scholarship essay, you must establish why you are eligible and worthy to be granted the scholarship or slot.

A one-paragraph introduction will do. Make your intentions clear, and do not add unnecessary details that may only confound your message.

The NHS body is keen on selecting students with a unique profile and impressive list of extracurricular activities. Make your personality shine through an attractive introduction.

Optimize your NHS essay’s body to chronicle your experiences that are significant in nurturing your leadership and interpersonal skills. Here, you can share your strengths and weaknesses as a student and how your skillset can contribute to the organization.

Wrap up your essay with a powerful conclusion that leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

National Honor Society Essay Examples

Below is a simple application of the guidelines and National Society Essay examples:

Being a member of an elite and progressive organization such as the National Honor Society is both an honor and an avenue for more excellent service. For the longest time, it has been my goal to pass the application and become a part of the NHS. This opportunity can significantly help me fulfill my ambitions and extend my capabilities for the benefit of my community and the nation at large.

I. Description of NHS

I have witnessed the significant contributions of the NHS to culture and society. The organization inspires greatness through the recognition of outstanding and remarkable high school students all over the country. Such activity can spark the youth’s interest and enthusiasm in creating an inclusive and progressive society, empowered by free speech and intellectual discourse. The organization also uplifts and amplifies the campaigns of many non-profit organizations.

I want to see myself as a contributor to the organization’s continued success and a catalyst of positive transformation in my immediate community.

II. Personal Traits

I share the progressive ideals of the NHS in promoting productive discussions and the individual flourishing of citizens for the sustained development of communities. This interest has enabled me to develop leadership qualities that can prove helpful to achieve my endeavors. With hard work, I continue to test the waters and be the best that I can be. I am proud to say that I am a student with a competitive GPA and a citizen with liberal visions.

III. Personal Weaknesses

However, despite my strengths, it is undeniable that I sometimes struggle with inevitable setbacks and weaknesses. These include my bout with anxiety and my fear of losing.  The root of my concern is   in being scared of not being good enough  and derives from an unhappy childhood. My fear of losing makes me overthink whether what I am doing is worthwhile.

Nevertheless, I am confident that  NHS can help me cope with these weaknesses and overcome my limitations. I have a highly driven mentality, which makes me a valuable asset to sustain the organization’s relevance and growth.

All in all, the sample essay you’ve just read is quite good. However, there are parts of it that can be improved to make it brilliant.

The essay’s introduction demonstrates that the student is inspired about becoming a part of the NHS. Yet, it tells nothing about the student and lacks that “something” that the admissions committee will remember. Add some personal details, such as:

“I am an aspiring author, and with the support from NHS, I would be able to fulfill my dream of applying my talents in the educational sphere. For several years now, I have been creating guidebooks that are focusing on helping students find their spheres of interest and make conscious career choices.”

In other words, when it comes to your ambitions, skills, and dreams, do not put them into generalized terms. Instead, elaborate them!

On the contrary, the part describing the personal weaknesses is a bit too deep for such an essay. We all have our weak sides, and it is great when we realize and accept them. However, when presenting yourself in written form, it is better to mention them in a less profound manner.

For example, you can write:  “No one is perfect, so  despite  the variety of skills and strengths  I possess, I  have weaknesses   as well. For instance, it may take me extra time to double. And triple-check the results of my work, as I want everything I do to be top-quality. Besides, I am yet to develop the skill of public speaking, as I get extremely nervous when having to perform in front of big audiences. However, I believe that realizing a problem is a huge step towards its resolution, and I am constantly working on self-improvement”.

Here are some of the typical writing mistakes that you should avoid to maintain your output quality.

1. Avoid a vague or non-existent thesis statement

Having an unclear statement may ruin the whole essence of your essay. If you fail to establish your intent as a writer, readers might get the wrong idea of what you’re trying to convey or may not understand the whole essay altogether.

2. Never commit plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered an intellectual crime and may automatically warrant disqualification of your application.

3. Learn from veteran writers

If you are not skilled in writing yet, do not hesitate to reach out for assistance from excellent writing services, such as Studybay. Do not solely depend on them, though. Instead, treat them as avenues to improve your writing.

The guidelines enumerated below can enable you to have a well-defined structure and intelligible discussion in your essay. Overall, these can enhance your craft in essay writing.

These are valuable tips for you to generate a compelling NHS essay. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the organization’s background, application requirements and processes, and eligibility qualifications. By applying these tips, you will have all the means to produce a winning essay.

Feel that you need help to deal with National Honor Society Essay? Ask Studybay! Our experts provide writing services and online tutoring for students.

We help students with:

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national honor society essay tips

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Despite my relatively young age, I am a professional writer with more than 14 years of experience. I studied journalism at the university, worked for media and digital agencies, and organized several events for ed-tech companies. Yet for the last 6 years, I've worked mainly in marketing. Here, at Studybay, my objective is to make sure all our texts are clear, informative, and engaging.

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The start of any good paper is choosing a format to write with. I have officially re-learned this here. I’m looking forward to being a part of the National Honors Society, and that has been the major prompt for refreshing my knowledge any chance I get. Thanks for the awesome tips and refreshers. I’ll surely be back later.

national honor society essay tips

national honor society essay tips

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Best National Honor Society Essay Writing Guide with Example

Updated 20 Apr 2022

Just like being popular and successful among peers, belonging to National Honor Society is one of greatest dreams of many young people across the United States, as well as high school students of U.S. citizenship that reside in outlying territories. One of the most important steps to becoming a part of nationwide confederation of students is composing national honor society essay. Сrucial rule with NHS paper is to be original and avoid plagiarism in any form. In our guide, we have collected NHS essay definitions, tips, things to consider, and an actual example. We are certain that as you read through each part of this NHS tutorial, you will be relieved and great ideas will arrive right away!

Definition, Characteristics & Purpose of the National Honor Society Essay

It is a known fact being a member of National Honor in the United States is prestigious, yet before you start writing, let us define an actual  purpose of being a member, as well as learn how to become one!

1. How to apply for NHS membership?  

2. Requirements to become a member.

Always remember that you can ask our writers " write my scholarship essay " and they will do it for you!

3. Important things as you apply.

Read also: Gun Control Essay Writing Guide

Need more writing assistance?

Connect with our top writers and receive a paper sample crafted to your needs.

Best Essay Writing Tips

Trust us, even best writing experts struggle with such demanding paper type should be unique, personal, inspiring and engaging for strict selection committee. United States is land that has numerous bright individuals who are worth of acceptance, so what are National Honor Society tips for writing? Addressing our experts, you can order essay which will list your achievements for National Honor membership. Still, let’s take a look at our national honor society essay tips will give you good start as you brainstorm ideas!

First Things First

Basically, it’s beginning and core part of your NHS essay. Let us review most important task - wrapping things up!

NHS Essay Conclusion Tips

Conclusion part is equally important for your NHS paper as introduction and very first sentence. Therefore,a good national honor society essay conclusion should include:

National Honor Society Essay Example for Students

This is only an example and should not be seen as perfect or flawless. What makes NHS paper good is personal input and clear writing structure. What you will read below is one of many NHS essay examples, sum up all good factors that one of our expert writers came up with!

“Reading for Peace”

I feel deeply honored to apply for National Honor Society membership. As I was chosen a candidate that could truly bring positive changes for society, I worked hard to be worthy of   trust that my teachers have placed in me. A determined, caring, sensitive, and motivated person, - I found my passion in reading and sharing knowledge with younger students. I believe that books is a key to a better education in national society. I sincerely believe that as I become a member, I can promote value of books to people of all ages and participate in community work that allows everyone to enjoy wonderful art of reading.

No matter what service and community work I do, I always place my academic achievements first because people always learn by good examples they can follow. I realize that every challenge takes much effort and time, but where goal is set right, there is a way. My dream is to become a role model for people and be the one who brings back the joy of reading books to all who often overlook it and prefer video games instead. Learning to read when I was 5 years old, I know that it has helped me to improve my writing and the language skills. Being in the 6th grade, I participated in the “Spelling Bee” contest and  became a winner. As I saw the other students who failed to win, I spoke to them and discussed ways how they try to achieve success. It made me think of ways how every student could become motivated and inspired to learn in a fun and an entertaining way.  

Another reason why talking to fellow spelling contest participants was important to me was working on my social skills and helping others to feel better. As a smallest child in classroom , I was often mistaken for someone of a younger age and was often bullied because of that. It made me hide behind the books and do my homework for hours on end. It all lasted until the day when I saw a younger girl being bullied. Standing up for her, I understood that one should not suffer alone. It was the day when I got courageous to talk to other students to organize an anti-bullying campaign. I developed a strategy to fight the bullies along with other classmates. It was the first time that our class actually spoke of things that we preferred to hide. Joining the NHS, I want to participate in the anti-bullying campaigns and use the art of reading and knowledge to help the bullied ones feel worthy.

Being chosen as a candidate to join National Honor Society, I understand that it is already a great honor and a proof that what I do is valued and accepted by the national society I live in. The trust of teachers and the fellow students is what inspires me the most and helps always move forward. I feel confident to walk an extra mile daily to be worthy of such high praise and do my best to stand for the strong moral values, being there for others, joy and the safety of every person out there.

As a Final Word

An only thing that needs to be added is that you can always ask our writers at EduBirdie to help you. This way, an expert can check and proofread it for structure, grammar, logic, clarity, run of ideas, and plagiarism. Remember, it has to be 100% free of plagiarism. Our writing gurus know what and how to check your NHS essay for meeting of all requirements and expected standards! With Masters and PhD degrees of our writers, we do not settle for good, but aim only for the best!  

Was this helpful?

Thanks for your feedback.

Article author picture

Written by David Kidwell

David is one of those experienced content creators from the United Kingdom who has a high interest in social issues, culture, and entrepreneurship. He always says that reading, blogging, and staying aware of what happens in the world is what makes a person responsible. He likes to learn and share what he knows by making things inspiring and creative enough even for those students who dislike reading.

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national honor society essay tips

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National Honor Society Essay | How to Write? Format, Example and Benefits

July 24, 2022 by Prasanna

National Honor Society Essay: The National Honor Society (NHS) is the association that picks outstanding understudies who dominate in friendly administrations, school exercises, chipping in, grants, temporary jobs, etc. It is a decent spot where you can discover numerous chances.

The primary reason for your National Honor Society essay is to show the entrance advisory board you from the best side and assist you with demonstrating that you’re qualified to turn into an individual from this legitimate association. It’s critical to meet the National Junior Honor Society exposition prerequisites for the individuals who need to get one of the NHS individuals. Here is a rundown of them:

Students can also find more  English Speech Writing  about Welcome Speeches, Farewell Speeches, etc

NHS Essay Format

To make the way toward composing simpler, you ought to make a format. Here is a rundown of things you ought to expound on in your paper. Utilize these tips to facilitate the creative cycle:

How to Write?

Tips to Write the NHS Essay

National Honor Society Essay Example

My fantasies about being enlisted into the honor society are drawing nearer to turning out to be reality. As I approach this reality it infers the 10th grade when I entered secondary school an uninformed and youthful youngster. I never at any point thought that I could accomplish the degree of guidelines of the National Honor Society. It was two years prior to the finish of my sophomore year that I understood how much I needed this. At the point when I returned to class as a lesser, I concluded that nobody and nothing planned to annihilate my fantasies about turning into an effective young lady. That is the point at which I started to make the change between a young lady and a young lady.

In this interaction, I concluded that I needed to be an individual from the National Honor Society. With the end goal for this to happen, I would need to get recognized distinctions four out of five times to come. It would have been troublesome yet I realized I could do anything I set my attention to. It was a ton of restless evenings, keeping awake to concentrate to pro the test in the first part of the day. I did it, and I don’t lament any of it. So now as I approach achievement’s doorstep I have a couple of more impediments in my way, and this is one of them.

It is vital for me to be an individual from the National Honor Society since I have endeavored to arrive and it would be annihilating for me in the event that I didn’t accomplish this objective. Another explanation it is significant is on the grounds that I’ve never truly been perceived for anything remarkable. My mom has three kids including myself and she would be so pleased with me for being the principal offspring of three to be in this association.

Purpose of NHS Essay

The National Honor Society is a renowned association that worked for secondary school understudies. It was made not exclusively to perceive understudies with exceptional scholastics, yet in addition to recognizing the individuals who do extra exercises to help their local area. The reason for an association, for example, the National Honor Society is to consider the understudies who have dominated in assistance, administration, character, and grant. These youthful grown-ups must have formed their brain and ethics to more readily serve themselves and their local area. Their character must be promising, the initiative needs to stick out, the administration should be out of the integrity of their souls, and be devoted to granting.

As any appropriately formed exposition, public honor society application article should be very much organized, educational, composed plainly and truly. Despite the fact that the given underneath public honor society paper layout appears to suit you, don’t disregard the standard of composing an exposition yourself. It is vital that the application article is close to home and remarkable. The presence of counterfeiting in the content of your exposition will demolish your standing and fantasies about turning into an individual from NHS. An elegantly composed article doesn’t ensure that you will be acknowledged into an association, much relies upon whether you meet the determination standards. Notwithstanding, such an article without a doubt will cause you to notice your office and will assign you from the horde of different candidates.

National Honor Society Essay

Benefits of National Honor Society

FAQ’s on National Honor Society Essay

Question 1. What is the National Honor Society?

Answer: The National Honor Society (NHS) is likely the greatest cross-country association for secondary school understudies in the United States of America and distant regions. The design of association is extremely spread, it comprises numerous parts in secondary schools around the country. Cooperation in the public honor society is renowned and promising

Question 2. What are the requirements for the National honor society?

Answer: Just the most commendable understudies are acknowledged in the positions of the association. Choice of the up-and-comers depends on four essential measures: Scholarship, leadership, character and service.

Question 3. Why one should write a National Honor Society Essay?

Answer: The principal reason for a National honor society essay is to tell the best way to introduce a competitor and demonstrate that the person is qualified to join this renowned association. Subsequently, the candidate should address the prerequisites of the enrollment, which incorporate individual characteristics or scholastic accomplishments, for example, grade point normal and administration just as one’s character or initiative experience.


How to Define a National Honor Society Essay and Its Specifics?

Where to find national honor society essay samples, how to write a national honor society essay, how to start a national honor society essay, national junior honor society essay requirements, national honor society essay conclusion.

Have you ever asked yourself how to create this mysterious national honor society essay? Essay writing is not always simple. It might be a paper describing your school, work, leadership - in general, whatever you want. Therefore, it will be brilliant if you listen to our tips and make your own way through all the rules existing.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the tips on writing this type of essay; we will also give you some national honor society essay samples. You might be aware that national junior honor society essays are rather hard to learn at first. This service is great when it comes to finding a draft of such paper. Being unsure about our article, you should read it till the end to be convinced our expert thoughts are credible.

If you are convinced to want to enter the National Honor Society, you need to compose an appropriate national honor society application essay to get accepted. It is a general letter of application where you can include all your experience, explain why you are a good leader, community, team member. Why your character is special among all the other people. All is possible if you want to purchase a paper because there are many essay writing services where you find writers with perfect skills and qualities who can help.

Being the last year student at a college, you might think about your academic future. Well, it is high time to write an interview essay to be prepared for entering a college. If the goal you believe in is specific, you will need specific help with a national honor society essay text and the useful services also provide you with this type of a hard task.

Writing a national honor society essay on your own, you may come to a problem of finding a draft to look at. The examples are also gifts the author gives you, remember that writer's rights remain reserved.

It is possible that you go to a service offering written help online. In the website menu, there are some options, and support is included in it. You can even not order anything and just write to the support team saying that you look for unique papers related to the application papers section. They will provide you with those samples because it is important to them to show their respect for a customer and their professional dedication to the field.

An example of a paper is the thing you can find in our article. Here is one:

I consider myself to have a right to join NHS and serve the people. I have a positive view of my future and all the skills necessary for helping others. I definitely consider the idea of such organizations great and it has to take place for years in the society. The second thing is that I have helped my community by volunteering in the hospitals bringing flowers to elderly patients. I look forward to continuing my work with humans by volunteering in the medical field in the future. I believe I have the power for the NHS. The leadership skills, the character, and service qualities are given to you. I really hope I will get accepted.

Be attentive because it is just a sample and you cannot copy it to your work. We can assist you in writing a paper because our company is considered to be among the best ones and ones writers participate in seminars to improve their skills.

If your personal dream is to get a PhD in the organization, you must join it at first. And to achieve that, you should compose a good national honor society personal essay. That also calls for learning certain national junior honor society essay requirements you need to follow. Here are some of them:

Those were the main pieces of advice on how to write a national honor society essay effortlessly. If you require personal assistance, buy college essay ant our service. Our academic experts will deliver outstanding outcomes exceeding your expectations.

Have you ever wondered how to start a national honor society essay? Should it be an official greeting, should you speak about your family, should you include the general information about a person in an introduction? In this case, you need to take a role of a selection committee officer and look at your paper from their point of view. If you hate doing those role games to write your national honor society scholarship essay, you may just order it now and get rid of all the worries.

In this chapter, you include elementary skills learned and show your willingness for studying. It allows you to praise yourself for your selected outstanding achievement and perhaps to mention research you have done. Now you possess the opportunity to show your potential and a plan to achieve success throughout long classes and studying at home.

Writing an A+ essay requires some preparations. Here are some national junior honor society essay requirements to follow:

In a national honor society essay conclusion it is required to include some additional data to help officers decide your fate. It is desirable to include some prestigious courses you have participated in. You can write about different teachers you continue working with; in that part, there are no special requirements, it is up to you to invent some ideas and honors. This is just an additional chance to impress the readers.

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The National Honor Society Essay: Clear Guide with Full Example


Table of contents

Why do many students invest many efforts in writing the National Honor Society essay? In the US, the National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization that picks exceptional students who have excelled in the fields of scholarship, social services, volunteering, internship, etc. It provides unlimited opportunities. That is why we have prepared an article explaining the ways to write national junior honor society essays with an example. Do you plan to join the organization? You will need an outstanding national honor society application essay, and our professional college application essay writers are ready to lend a helping hand to every student who needs help.

The National Junior Honor Society Essay Requirements

What is the goal of such academic paper? The purpose is to show the applicant from the best side and prove this person is eligible to become a part of the authoritative organization. It is critical to meet the organization’s expectations. The paper should be well-structured, formatted, and composed with clarity. Experts recommend adding a story to show the applicant’s leadership qualities or academic/professional achievements. These components make it similar to the scholarship essay. Many US students wonder how to write a national honor society essay. Each subsidiary established own rules regarding the membership, and they conform to the requirements offered by the NHS. The basic requirements are:

How to Write a National Honor Society Essay?

If you believe you are the one to possess the features required by the NHS, read on to find out how to start a national honor society essay.

How to Start a National Honor Society Essay?

Several ways to start this type of paper are successful. No matter which way a student chooses, it is critical to make an introduction eye-catchy, to-the-point, & relevant. The methods include:

That is the way to begin the scholarship essay! It is time to discuss a conclusion.

National Honor Society Essay Conclusion

The paper conclusion should leave an impression on the admission committee. An applicant must persuade them to choose this piece of writing. An applicant should put the final dot by highlighting the main reason why the NHS would benefit from selecting this person.

The National Honor Society Essay Samples

Observe one of the national honor society essay samples below to get an overall picture of what the commission expects from you. We recommend having a checklist with your best traits. Develop an essay outline not to get lost during the writing process.

“The NHS is a unique organization which makes it possible to take care of the needy, kids, aged people, and non-profit organizations. The best thing is that students do that. My dream is to become a member of this society because of my big desire to help people around the world. I believe the organization offers unlimited opportunities. Being a member of such organization will make it possible to develop both educational and professional skills in the field of social services. I hope the examples of my scholarship achievements will help me to join HNS. Scholarship matters in many fields. According to the official dictionary, this word refers to the academic study or achievement or studying at a high level. I aim to be the best in everything I do. I complete personal learning schedule with the top rigorous classes, and I plan to take the full list of honors and AP courses later to release my potential. I have been on the honor roll since my initial high school year. I have obtained enough skills and in-depth knowledge of the social problems to contribute to the NHS. The rest of the students should join charity organizations too. My another quality is the exceptional leadership. Thanks to the participation in the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, I have discovered a talent of a speaker in me. It means I place emphasis on being special. One of the examples of my achievements could be the fact that I co-founded a rock club at my high school, where every student received an opportunity to learn to play a particular musical instrument without paying anything. We helped each other. The club gathered the representatives of various genders, ages, and ethnicity groups ready to promote cultural diversity. I bring passion to the outside society. I was chosen a youth leader at the church I attend every Sunday. Thanks to this role, I have a chance to observe personal passion for the Christian mythology and study Bible in-depth. I translate the attraction into skits, sessions, and musical instruments that assist youngsters in grasping their cultural identity. My character is strong to join the organization. I enjoy communities that do their best to bring people of different ages and income groups together. It helps to find common speech to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Every person shapes their destiny. It means I realize the significance of investing maximum efforts. I have contributed to the improvement of the local community by taking part in several types of medical charity. The previous year, I had a seasonal job in one of the hospitals. It provided me with the great experience of a registered nurse working under both conditions: at the workplace and home. My client base consisted of the aged population. I enjoyed listening to their stories, sharing experience with them, taking part in numerous fun activities, and supporting these sweet people. I learned to be more specific working in the medical field. Volunteering provided me with a necessary, valuable experience required to join HNS. I wish to keep on developing healthcare & medical set of skills in the future with the help of your organization.”

A place to Order Outstanding National Honor Society Essay

Do you need brilliant national junior honor society essays like the example above? We are ready to help 24/7! The writers from our team have accomplished numerous successful admission and scholarship papers along with cover letters & resumes. It makes us your number one helper! Thanks to our team, many students have joined the NHS and started excellent careers. Do not waste your time sitting & dreaming - buy a ready solution now!


Rachel R. Hill is a real educational devotee. She prides in writing exceptional general guides while listening to every need of students.

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national honor society essay tips

National Honor Society Essay Examples

National honor society research paper.

When I first hear about National Honor Society in the beginning of my middle school years I knew that it was something I not only wanted to be a part of but that I was meant to be a part of.

Personal Narrative: The Pillars Of National Honor Society

The Pillars of National Honor Society have influenced my life even before I recognized what they were. For Scholarship, I have spent the past four years dedicating my attention to my studies. I’ve spent hours after school studying particular tests. Matter of fact, I spent my seventeenth birthday taking a mock exam for my Calculus test. I’ve always kept my goal of succeeding in mind and worked hard to make my family proud. As for Service, I’ve always enjoyed aiding others in any way possible. I find a particular sense of fulfillment when I’m able to be of use to others. To me it’s so much more than getting the service done, it’s about making a difference in someone’s life. I come from a background where very few people helped my parents when

I feel that I should be considered for the National Honor Society Committee for an abundant number of reasons. Though I cannot list all of the reasons why, due to this paper having to be so short, I will give two phenomenal reasons why I should be elected. First, I stay forward-looking while also being straightforward with my education and work. I always plan ahead while invariably going through with what prevails to be most significant, that of which is my education. I always try hardest to accomplish everything possible to assist me to predominate in school and am always looking for an opportunity to go further on in life.

Selection For National Honor Society

Being one of the few who is eligible to be chosen for National Honor Society is an honor in itself, I have my teachers and peers to thank for helping me keep a positive attitude and a good character in and out of school. With the constant encouragement that I get from them, my character, scholarship and leadership all keep improving. I am hoping that by being chosen to be in NHS I can add serving the community and helping those in need to my list of improving qualities. Since the ninth grade when I was informed about NHS I was determined to keep my grades up to meet the required GPA, retaking exams when needed and paying close attention in my classes. I strove to be the absolute best I could, keeping my GPA at a 3.7 this school year hoping

Jane Goodall once said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” For being a member in the National Honor Society, you are required to make choices involving the four pillars representing the activity itself; scholarship, service, leadership, and even character. Like Goodall says, you have the power to make anything happen, but it is your gift to be able to choose what you will produce. If anyone is being honest, it is a privilege to qualify for such an inspirational activity. Being a part of The National Honor Society requires you to encompass scholarship, service and character which I tend to often demonstrate and constantly strive for. In addition, it is my duty to inspire, impress,

It would be an honor to be among the exemplary students who represent the National Honor Society. The first time I heard about NHS was in the second semester of my freshman year. Ever since then I pushed myself to work hard. Thinking that by pushing myself harder to get that A in that one academically challenging class, putting on a smile every day, and getting better at time management while displaying character, scholarship, leadership, and service will help me to become an NHS student who represents the ideology of the club.

Purpose Of National Honor Society

I am grateful to be considered to for the National Honor Society. I have the qualities to perform any and all task requested of me. I work well with my fellow student body. I have the traits and characteristics that exemplifies what is means to be a productive member of the National Honor Society.

NHS Personal Statement

I am sincerely honored and excited to be considered for membership in the National Honor Society (NHS). I believe NHS’s ideals are qualities needed to succeed in both high school and in life. I have learned in order to maximize my personal growth, it is important to dedicate myself to, not only grades, but to leadership, service, and community. Other qualities I utilize daily are respect and humility towards others and towards myself. Prioritizing is paramount to be well-rounded as I balance high honors, varsity team sports, work and community service. These attributes have helped lead me to my academic achievements and service to others. I believe that my character is defined by these qualities which is what is ultimately presented to others and the community through my attitude and actions.

National Honor Society Member

I believe that I exemplify the characteristics of a National Honor Society Member. As shown by my introduction to the candidate process, I strive to demonstrate my commitment to the ideal of being a good scholar. I work as a leader in the classroom helping my fellow peers and outside of school as a leader for my Boy Scout troop. I try to serve the community to the best of my ability and to help out in the classroom. I demonstrate my character by being responsible, trustworthy and following a strong moral compass. I would like to join National Honor Society to better myself and my fellow man and to uphold the ideals of the society Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

National Honor Society Personal Statement

The National Honor Society organization functions as a symbol of excellence and brilliance of Egg Harbor Township High School. As a committed and goal-oriented individual with more energy than a billion watts, I know that being a member of your well-respected organization would allow me the opportunity to help my community, school, character development and scholastic abilities, and most notably, mutually benefit National Honor Society to the best of my ability.

The Importance Of Being A Member Of The National Honor Society

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of possibly being a member of the National Honor Society. Being honest is something that I take to great importance even if the outcome can end up unsatisfactory for me. I value my morals because that has shaped me into the person I am today and standing by them helps me remember to value the importance of being a good person to my peers as well as my community. I go to Saint John’s Church and when there are meetings for parents, I volunteer to help and look out for kids. I take joy in teaching them the importance that doing something small can lead to a greater good. I make an effort to work enthusiastically everyday to get excellent grades but to also go to college. Being born in Mexico

I am highly honored to be among the meritorious students who are being considered for the National Honor Society. I believe that this organization does great things in society, and that I can play a part in furthering the impact that it has made.

National Honor Society Application Research Paper

It is an honor to be selected as a candidate for the St. George’s National Honor Society. I have been working toward this opportunity for many years. I understand how many doors this will open for me by introducing me to better colleges, better jobs, and a better life. I believe I am fit for a position in this organization because I serve my community, exhibit leadership, and demonstrate outstanding character.

Explain The Four Pillars Of The National Honor Society

Service, scholarship, character, and leadership are the four pillars that make the National Honor Society stand out from other organizations. Espousing these pillars, I find giving back to the community very important, which I show through my service with my church, ELO tutoring, and NHS activities including the OGES Holiday Shoppe and FHS tours. As an officer of the NHS, I will ensure we incorporate a variety of service opportunities to maintain this crucial aspect of our organization. My scholarship is displayed through challenging myself academically with a schedule containing a majority of AP courses, and involving myself in other honor societies including Mu Alpha Theta and Science Honor Society. With a commitment to learning, I feel

National Honor Society Character Analysis

Many posses the commitment to the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, but how one uses them shows the core of their disposition. For each of these qualities, there are many traits, useful in a leader, and not. Since it is only my second year as a student at Carlsbad High School, there has not been much time of my being distracted from my school work as I try to be as diligent of a student as possible. However, from time to time, I take a break and do things for the community instead. The students that make up the National Honor Society are extremely dedicated in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, and I would be very grateful to be a part of the standards.

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