How to Write an Essay About My Favorite Place

Essays are like Piranhas that circle around you. Either it is a scientific or a merely descriptive one, these will pummel you. Keep reading if you want to "takedown" my favorite place essays.

  • What Is An Essay About My Favorite Place

Importance Of An Essay About My Favorite Place

Catchy Titles For An Essay About My Favorite Place

How To Write Body Paragraphs

How to write a conclusion for a favorite place essay, finalizing essay.

What Is an Essay About My Favorite Place?

Before jumping into the realm of outlines and tips, let us take a moment to understand the very topic of the essay. Well, the entire discourse is about describing your favorite place. Confused, aren't you? Don't be! It is a description of your favorite spot. Hang on as this essay will take you places. Whether it is your high school or childhood ice-cream shop, you can write about any of your favorite place on earth.





Many questions will pop up, such as why "my favorite place in the world essay" or generally a "special place essay." This type of creative writing helps with the visualization process. It also helps the writers to express what they have witnessed. Giving words to experiences contributes to polished writing styles. So, as easy as it might sound, such as "where is your favorite place," essays are crucial for developing writing skills.

my favourite place essay writing

Here is a list of "my favorite place essay topics." You can take inspiration from these and create your essays.

How To Start A Favorite Place Essay

You can begin by defining your favorite place. Though this might sound a bit difficult to many of you out there, it isn't. Imagine or visualize the place. Try to remember the elements and the aromas. The people who made it the place that you can never forget. Once you have jogged down the memory lane, start by giving the background and then diverge on the details.

Outline writing

An outline is the most crucial part of an essay. It leads the path for the writer and will save you from all the tumbles and wrong turns. Here is an example of the outline:

Tips concerning writing a favorite place essay introduction

An introduction is a paragraph that determines the success of your essay. Either you succeed in grabbing your reader's attention or lose it entirely for several reasons. Always start your essay with an attention-capturing hook. Do not dive into the experience part. Stick to a hook and the background of the place. The ending line of the introduction paragraph will pave the way for the first body paragraph. Try to check some "my favorite place essay examples" to get a gist of how introductions are written.

When it comes to body paragraphs, please keep all of them of equal length. An essay of 3 to 5 paragraphs other than the introduction and conclusion is ideal. Try to use transition words to skip redundancies and to maintain flow. A body paragraph of 100-150 words, in this case, is enough.

Conclusions are like showstoppers. They are not meant to dull, neither do they deserve the "get it done with" approach. You have to finish strong. Keep it general. It is supposed to be a pal of your introduction paragraph. However, this friend does the opposite. Yes, it is the one who makes excuses and leaves. Do not summarize the entire essay. Just emphasize the points that were the main highlights of your paragraphs.

Hey! Do not make the mistake of turning your work in just yet. Consider making sure that your work goes through all of these processes mentioned below before the final submission:

Essay Revision

Now that your college essay about favorite place is written go back to the start and revise your content where it is required. Here you will be checking your essay for the correctness of focus and whether the audience's needs are adequately met. Other than this, review the way of organization. Does your essay have enough paragraphs to separate every new idea from one another? Does each paragraph make sense with the one to follow? The transitions have to be smooth as well to nail this literary piece. It is quite often for students to lose focus halfway through their essays, and they keep circling the main idea but fail to execute what is precisely asked of them. Recheck for these relevancy issues in your essay about place.

Essay Proofreading

This activity demands the author to go through the "describe your favorite place essay" to identify any possible mistakes that you might have failed to correct in the first attempt. These are usually surface errors like spelling mistakes, typos, grammatical errors. Also, check for punctuation and other formatting issues.

Make Citations

This is one step that many students dread as it can get boring at times. Depending on the format of your essay, you might have to quote the references that you used throughout your "one of my favorite places" essay. These will be placed at the very end. It will ensure the credibility of your work and give it a more professional look. If mentioned in the instructions, skipping this step can lead to a reduction in your overall grade.

Short Example of a College Essay About My Favorite Place

my favorite place free essay example

Topic: My Grandma's House

Whenever I jog down memory lane, my grandma's house is the one that I happen to miss a lot. It is one of my favorite places from childhood. Located on the outskirts of the city, it was the most peaceful summer spot for us. Just like my grandma's charismatic personality, this house, too, was very special. There was always something about it that set it apart from all of the places that I have been to.

The summers called for an extended stay at Grandma's. It was a family gathering spot for all of us. Whether it was birthdays, graduations, or simple barbeques, Grandma's it was! The entire house was filled with laughter. The sweet aroma of apple pie lurked around the rooms. Aunt Beth always made her famous chicken wings. Uncle Murphy's chilled mint margaritas washed down this dish. However, it was never an evening until we dug into our grandma's signature apple pie.

Our grandma has dedicated a kid's sleepover room. In this way, all of the cousins stayed in one room. She also brought midnight treats. The fun did not end yet. Her bedtime stories were the most awaited part of every single day. We used to form a tent using all of the blankets. She would then cuddle with us and narrate the most intriguing stories. It was a whole experience. The story was not always goody-goody. She took us on an emotional roller coaster. There were a lot of hidden lessons and morals in it.

The house has a huge backyard. Our grandma used to grow all sorts of herbs and veggies. "The real food," she called it. Unlike others, she used to enjoy the food supply that came out of her garden. We used to love her version of the famous "ratatouille." She used to add a little meat and sprinkled it with parmesan cheese. It was an otherworldly dish. The titbits never went to waste. She was a food magician, and that enabled her to make new dishes out of leftovers.

The front porch was her favorite spot. We used to sit there for hours. Our discussions spiraled into different topics. She never missed an opportunity to feed a bird or a squirrel. The entire neighborhood respected her for her charm and kindness. She was indeed the ace of our hearts. Her place was welcoming to all. No one in our family would ever trade it for a weekend on a hill station.

There are countless memories of my grandma's house. Whenever our family gathers around, we always talk about the occasions and the incidents that happened. Though she is not here today, her house still stands to be the best place for us. It is the same summer spot that we will never turn down since it is our favorite place.

How To Get The Best Essay About My Favorite Place Essay

With so many valuable tips and tricks under your belt, you should now be ready to write a beautifully crafted essay by yourself. However, it is always a good idea to acquire help from somebody whose expertise lies in the relevant field.

Buy Pre-written Essay Examples On The Topic

While writing an essay about favorite place to visit, consider taking inspiration from pre-written essay writing services. There are plenty of options out there if you intend to utilize academic services like these. Nonetheless, make sure you choose a credible and professional website. One such option is EssayZoo. No matter what your academic-related need is, there will be an expert ready to help you work your way to protection.

Use EduJungles To Write Your Essay From A Scratch

my favourite place essay writing

Another alternative that you have when writing this essay is to hire a last-minute essay writing service to write it just for you. In the last option, you would be choosing from off-the-shelf with little or no customization. Here, you can order a tailor-made essay precisely according to your needs. All you need to do is hop online, go on Edu Jungle’s website and select the option of ”write me an essay”.

If you want to get an essay done that requires you to write "what is your favorite place," order it on the website. Include all the necessary instructions, provide a reasonable deadline, and relax. Consider our work done. You will get top-notch quality, 100% unique essays delivered within the pre-determined time. If you are not satisfied, you can always send it back for revision. - Essay Writing Service

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my favourite place essay writing

ESL Beginner Writing: Sample Essay “My Favorite Place”

my favourite place essay writing

In this ESL writing lesson, students are presented with a sample essay, “My Favorite Place”. After reading this essay, students can try to write their own essay about their own favorite place.

writing lesson my favorite place

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my favourite place essay writing

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my favourite place essay writing

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my favourite place essay writing

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Topics in English Topics in english to learn and fluent pronunciation and writing and facilitate conversation between you and others, whether in school, work or daily life

My favorite place essay

My favorite place essay 21 models

My favorite place essay ,Every human being in the world has a favorite place to go where his captivity feels comfortable and safe. A place to go in times of grief. A place where he sheds his concerns or a place that may remind you of beautiful memories and you love sitting in it to remember those moments. All this will be found here in My favorite place essay .

My favorite place essay

Every man in the world has a favorite place to go.  Where he captive his mind, feels comfortable and safe. Place to go in times of sadness. A place to throw concerns away or a place that may remind you of beautiful memories and you love sitting in it reminiscences those moments. Also it may be a place to change the mood.

Sea is that horizon that takes you to another world, where you reminiscences your beautiful memories, which gives you the psychological comfort and happiness with its breaking waves.

The sea is one of the most beautiful blessings for man, which shows the greatness of the Creator.  Words can’t describe the sea beauty and charm, which is an inspiration to many poets and writers. Poems and thoughts that talked about sea are uncountable.

The beach is my favorite place. Sit down to relax and think. I also go to it to practice many activities and games.

I join my friends in playing treasure hunt in the sand, which is based on hiding various objects down the sand and writing instructions on paper cards to help others reach them.

I build sand in the form of castles, palaces and compete with my friends to choose the ideal building design.

I go with my children to the beach. I make a kite and fly it in the sky. It’s fun if you take your children with you.

When I go with my friends and relatives, I arrange a barbecue on the sea with friends or relatives and enjoy the climate while listening to music and watching the scenery.

One of the most fun activities when I’m with my friends on the beach is playing the XO game on sand. Besides playing water war or fighting water balloons, they are fun games that you can also play in the sea.

Other activity I do on the beach with my friends is the volleyball game. In particular, you do not need to be professional to practice it!

The sea has a great impact on human soul. It is a source of hope and renewed activity.

Everyone I know likes to go to the beach as a natural place to have fun and rest.

My Favourite place essay

My favorite place is the beach, where I practice my hobby of fishing, which I love very much. I feel so happy from the start of the day that I start getting ready to go out for fishing and contemplate the beauty of nature.

I find it wonderful to have a happy and fun time at the same time. I can enjoy the beach and see the water and sunset. Also take advantage of the sun’s rays and get vitamin D. And also hunting and bringing out the energy inside me.

I liked these activities very much. I think I loved it because my father shared with me, and now my younger brother comes with me to learn from me. All this helps me to continue my hobby.

I often think of trying other ways to have fun like riding a fishing boat and spending time on it. I might do that in the future.

Essay on my Favourite place

My favorite place is on stage, I love acting very much. Therefore, a few years ago, I participated in several training workshops to teach acting. I am in the school theater group.

The happiest time of my life I find when we present a work of art and the audience comes to watch the show. Everything is done perfectly, and I hear the laughter and applause of the masses.

The audience’s interaction with the actor is like food for the soul. In these moments, he becomes more focused and energetic and strives to give the best.

Then comes the time for artistic criticism that comes from family, friends, or our followers. I care a lot about hearing other people’s opinions.

I would love to hear some compliments on my work from time to time. But I would be happy if the whole work and the staff are commended.

The success of the work also represents your success. Therefore, the stage represents a lot to me, and it is my favorite place, which I like to be in on a permanent basis.

Essay on my favourite place

My favorite place is the garden, I like to visit the garden very much with my family. We can practice many sports activities with the participation of my brothers or parents.

We very much enjoy the air and the vast scenic views. I really like the smell of roses in the air. Especially in the spring. This is the perfect time that I love to spend time in the garden.

My brothers and I like to start a game of soccer when we arrive. After that we sit for a while to rest and have some drinks and food. Seeing the vast green spaces around me helps me improve my appetite.

Then my dad joins us for a tug-of-war challenge. We laugh a lot when we beat him and there is great fun and joy when he shares this game with us.

After that, my brothers and I go back to ride some rides in the par and enjoy it. And when it gets dark we usually sit down and play some of the games we bring with us. This place is my favorite place that I  enjoy spending a lot of time in.

My Favourite place essay 200 words

There is no doubt that many of our habits have changed as a result of the spread of the Corona epidemic (Covid-19), after I used to prefer going with my friends to the club, where we used to spend a good time playing football, it became better to stay at home, so I prepared some things Which makes me happy, including the library, I have set up a library in my room, it contains many valuable books, I bought some of these books and others my father bought and gave to me.

My room has become my favorite place, and reading has become my favorite hobby. I enjoy reading books in general, and historical books in particular, because historical books educate me and provide me with important information. To make my room pleasant, I put some beautiful flowers on my desk, and my mother also I made a suggestion that they liked, which is to summarize the book that I have finished reading, and read it to the rest of the family, because in the evening

This idea encouraged my brothers to read as well, and thus there was competition between us and we invested our time in something useful, and I also played with my brother in the garden of the house, because exercising is ve

Ry important to maintain our health, and thus we have impleme

Nted the health instructions for combating the spread of the Corona virus without to be bored.

My Favourite place essay in English

My favorite place is at my aunt’s home. I  have no brothers. I have a father’s sister whom I love very much and she loves me and takes care of me a lot since my mother’s death.

My mother passed away a few years ago, and since then my aunt has been taking care of me and helping me and my father.

I love playing with her children and picnicking in the parks. I love the way she receives me, as she loves kissing me a lot, calling me my dear son.

I love my cousins ​​too, they love to play with me and involve me in many activities. The first person who taught me to ride a bike was my cousin. He helped me a lot and was patient with me until I could learn it. We go out a lot to spend some time cycling, but I like sitting at home with all the family members.

This may not be a favorite place for many people but this is my favorite place where I find the company that I love and spend some happy time with them.

My favorite place descriptive essay

My name is (..). We are a family of 5 people. I have two siblings younger than me. I am (..) years old. My favorite place that I like to spend my time in is the sea.

I have been fishing with my father since the age of seven. I liked very much to go out in the boat in the early morning, to prepare for fishing.

The area we live in contains different types of fish I love tuna a lot, it is one of the strongest types of fish we have. To catch it we must work hard  and struggle to keep the fish hanging in our strings.

The hard work does not end until the fish is on the boat. Only then we can rest and laugh a little. I love this place so much and would like to spend my whole life there.

Essay on my Favourite place in 200 words

My favorite place that I enjoy spending a lot of time in is The Animal Care Association. I love animals of all kinds, I love helping them find shelter, or offering them some simple customized foods.

A year and a half ago I was able to join The Animal Care Association. I got to know them through a friend of mine. He told me about them after he saw me care a lot about animals and I love taking care of them and helping them.

Therefore, this association aroused my curiosity as soon as he talked to me about. It is a non-governmental association, which includes a very large number of people.

We volunteer a lot when calls come to the association to go and help animals, especially small ones that have lost their father and mother, or an animal that was crossing the road and had an accident. Such things I love to do.

Three months ago there was a little stray puppy on the side of the road, a person called the association and told them. We went to see what would happen, I was so worried about crossing the road and having an accident.

I was so happy when we found him on the side of the road and he didn’t cross. I cared about him a lot and played with him for a while to calm him down.

I suggested to the supervisor that we walk around the residential areas to see if we can find his parents. And indeed, after a little searching, we found his  owner was looking for him.

The little puppy lost his identification collar, which made him unidentified. We are all so happy to him to his owner again.

My favorite place essay in English

My favorite place is the library. I love reading books and attending discussions that take place in  the library’s theater in my city.

I would very much like to become a writer in the future. I loved writing a lot after knowing that writing in the past was just symbols, and they were called hieroglyphs.

This was the beginning through which I admired the contemporary reading and writing of our time. After knowing how writing originated and using many images to express speech, writing has now become easier in all countries of the world.

I find great happiness in writing because it expresses my personality and I can express my imagination. I also find strong accuracy in transmitting news or information. Also, every written thing is taken more seriously than the oral style.

So I find the library is my favorite place. I love to read literature and contemporary history and learn a lot so that I have a lot of information to help me achieve my dream in the future.

My Favourite Place Essay for Class 6

There is no doubt that every person has a favorite place that he loves to be in and spend activities or just be there. I love being in football clubs, in the midst of big crowds, and listening to the crazy cheering for the players.

Not a year goes by without my father and I attending many matches. I support my city team (write the name of my club here). But I also love Real Madrid very much. I watch it on satellite channels. I am very happy for their winning.

This is my favorite place to be on holidays.

My favorite place paragraph

My favorite place to spend time is the theatre. I very much like to attend summer theater rehearsals, and participate in some theatrical performance or singing activities. Last year I had so much fun. We did Romeo and Juliet.

Certainly, it is a famous story and there is intense conflict, and many transitions, which required us to work great and continuous training in order to master the movements and express the content of the play properly.

I loved my participation last year in this play and I am very excited to participate this year and discover what we will offer. I hope it’s something as wonderful as the works of The Merchant of Venice. or something similar.

My favourite place to visit essay

My favorite place is the beach. But I am certainly not talking about ordinary beaches that contain water and sunshine only.

I am talking about the beaches that contain volleyball and basketball courts, an area dedicated to strength games, and places for celebrations and drinks.

Such beaches are my favourite, as I like to do all three sports, I love volleyball very much and I love to join my friends in playing.

In the early morning I like to exercise a little on some weights and do some fitness moves. In the evening I like very much to participate in basketball matches.

I like this atmosphere very much, and this is my favorite place, which I enjoy a lot and I like the competitive atmosphere in it.

My Favourite Place Essay 150 Words

My favorite place in the American football field, I love training and doing exercises that help me improve my fitness, I love everything about this stadium, the color of the grass, the shape of the stands especially when they are full, I love the cheers of encouragement, I love watching the joy of victory in the eyes of coaches and fans.

I also feel great enthusiasm every day on the field because of the continuous training that helps me improve my abilities and broaden my horizons. Every day I find myself better than I was the day before.

I aspire to do my best this year, get my team to the finals, and play a great match that will impress our fans and satisfy the coaches. I certainly hope to win first place, so my friends and I work hard and hope to be the best at the end of the season. We are achieving great victories that help us in the next stage and move to big teams.

Every student has a goal he would like to achieve, whether at the scientific or professional level, and I would very much like to remain involved in the stadiums even when I grow up. I would like to become a coach for this sport that I love so much.

Speech on my Favourite place

My favorite place that I like to spend time in on a regular and continuous basis and I do not tired to go to it at all is the shop that my father owns.

I am very happy to go and help my father with work, organization and cleaning. After that, I receive buyers, deal with them and serve them. This makes me feel very happy and confident.

My father works in a trade of (type a trade name). I love this trade very much and I like to choose some of the commodities that I have to order and search on the Internet for the required commodities and tell my father about them.

I am very happy if my analysis was correct and there is a great demand for one of the products and my father was able to benefit from my help.

I would very much like to work permanently in this trade and expand and enlarge it when I grow up. But now I enjoy a lot of my time with the help of my father and gain some skills and experience in addition to the confidence in dealing and communicating with others.

I feel this is a great opportunity to work in the market and be able to treat everyone. This breaks the dread inside me since I was young and gives me a lot of experience that will greatly benefit me in my future.

My favourite place paragraph for class 5

My favorite place is at the seaside, when the weather is great I go to spend some time swimming, and when the weather is cooler, I am always at the sea fishing. I love fishing, and the best place I like to be in on a daily basis is on the seashore, seeing the sea and hearing the sound of waves, looking at the sunrise or sunset every day and enjoying the wonderful view and breathing in the fresh air that carries the beautiful smell of the sea.

This is my favorite place that I like to spend time in and whenever I have the opportunity to go with my family members or friends I go and I never hesitate.

My favourite place in the world essay

My favorite place that I am very happy to be in is the soccer field. This is the best place in the world that I love to be in, especially when the fans of the two teams come to watch the match, and hear the shouts of encouragement in my name and the names of my friends.

This gives me a strong motivation and feeling to do the best and strive even if I am tired and cannot continue. I find myself regaining my strength as soon as I hear my name chanting from the fans, I feel awake and energized and my  fatigue are over.

The football field represents to me many things such as dreaming of fame, self-realization, accomplishing something important in my life, and certainly the financial return as well. So I take things seriously and try to be responsible as much as possible.

A favorite place to relax topic sentence

I would very much like to talk about a favorite place to relax, which helps me a lot in getting rid of many stressful thoughts that occupy my mind and make me psychologically exhausted.

This place is the beach where fishing, I really like to go fishing when I am tired of thinking a lot. I feel when I am fishing and looking at the water that I am completely numb and no longer think of anything to occupy my mind.

I find myself caring only what I do, and I would be very happy if I could catch a fish, it changes my mood and makes me more optimistic and happy. I take advantage of the beach near us, and go to release the negative energy inside me so that I can return to study and activities that I do with all the vitality and energy.

My favorite place to live essay

I would much rather live in the middle of forests and rivers than city life. Whenever I go with my family for camping, or spend some times and occasions with my family and relatives in rural areas far from the city and its hustle and bustle, I find a wonderful inner feeling, which I can describe to peace and comfort.

After a few days, I find myself feeling energetic. I also notice that I sleep better, without frequent worry throughout the night, beside enjoying the smell that spreads everywhere, emanating from the trees, roses and green life surrounding us from everywhere.

I enjoy very much fishing in the lakes and relaxing from time to time. This is the life I want to spend my life in, away from the fast life, stress and anxiety, and live in fear.

My favourite natural place essay

I find the true magic in everything from God’s creation, and no matter how much man has developed and built architectural buildings and established entertainment clubs and others that do not match the beauty of nature and the landscapes that are God’s creation.

I always find myself happier and more comfortable in the vast areas, which contain mountains and green areas, and seeing the city from the outside, and not from the inside, I feel great pressure and lack of focus when I am in the city. As soon as I go out and see the city from outside, I feel like I have put a heavy weight on my shoulders.

Therefore, my favorite place that I like to spend time in is the natural areas outside the city, which contain large areas and are not crowded.

My favorite place in the world essay

My favorite place in the whole world is the beach. There is no specific beach I prefer to be in, what I like about the beach is the smell of the sea, seeing the sea and the water in front of me moving and forming waves.

I feel calm and psychologically comfortable when I listen to the sounds of the waves around me as I look and breathe deeply on the shore.

I don’t much prefer to swim, I do it from time to time, but I enjoy walking on the beach without shoes on my feet, walking around feeling the sand on my toes, and letting the water wet my feet, this is the most beautiful feeling I love and prefer.

Describe your favorite place essay

My favorite place is camping in the desert, seeing the yellow sand surrounding me from every side, moving away from technology and any modern gadgets, returning to barbecue using traditional methods, sleeping in tents, and talking to each other automatically and naturally without any electronic devices.

I feel comfortable and calm in such places, and I feel that my mind is taking a break from everything around me that requires focus and attention.

Being in such places helps me to feel my surroundings, and I see many things that I used to neglect to see despite my presence because I was busy communicating with my friends on the phone, or playing while I was wandering outside.

Therefore, I find that this is my favorite place that I would like to spend great times in and return to from time to time.

In this way, we have given you  My favorite place essay , and you can read more through the following link:

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my favourite place essay writing

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My Favourite Place Essay

Download Guide

A favourite Place is one where a person enjoys spending the majority of their time. Each person has a different favourite place. The only place we can go to forget all of our sorrow. It depends on what they like and are interested in. Here are a few sample essays on my favourite place.

My Favourite Place Essay

100 Words Essay On My Favourite Place

Each of us has a favourite location where we can find fulfilment and happiness. I also have a favourite place where I enjoy spending the majority of my time. My house is where I like to be. I enjoy spending my time there. It has a lovely and tranquil environment. My house is in the centre of a city. I live with my mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters. We each have our room. There isn't a place more significant than my house, in my opinion. I enjoy being at home. It energises me and lifts my spirits. Whenever I'm at home, I enjoy myself.

200 Words Essay On My Favourite Place

Everybody has a favourite location, such as a garden, a house, a playground, etc. My hometown, though, is my favourite place, and I love being in my home.

My Hometown

My town is my entire world. I was raised there. I have a lot of lovely and endearing memories of it. I used to play there with my friends and cousins during my early years. In my community, everyone is cordial. My town has many trees. I can only think of one spot where I enjoy spending time - my town. My visits home provide me with much delight and satisfaction. In my town, practically every amenity is available, and the roads and bridges are macadamized.

Additionally, the community has access to medical facilities. The local government also provides excellent maintenance for the public transportation system. In my community, emphasis is placed primarily on education. Everyone wants access to high-quality education, regardless of gender. The neighbourhood helps out with the needs of poor kids. I hold this place- My Town, in high regard.

Everyone has a distinct favourite location. It is in keeping with their preferences and interests. Similarly, my favourite location reflects my interests, and I love being at my favourite place.

500 Words Essay On My Favourite Place

My grandmother's house in my village has often been one of my favourite places to be. Everyone has always held a special place in their hearts for their grandmother's home. We spent numerous summers with our granny when we were younger. Her home appeared to stand out from the rest in some way that made it special.

Enjoyment time

I enjoy playing outside while picking fresh fruits from the trees and eating freshly prepared vegetables. Frequently, I help my grandmother sow seeds in the garden. There are several reasons why I value this place so highly. There is something incredibly unique about the house. I feel at ease and relaxed here.

Why I Love My Grandmother’s House

First of all, the atmosphere at my grandmother’s house is distinctly different. I am at peace here. There is no noise or pollution because it is in a village. Additionally, there are no traffic jams here. I always wake early so that I can go for a walk and take in some fresh air. My body and mind are both revitalised by the fresh air. My grandmother makes me a delicious breakfast. In the evening, my whole family gathers to share our life stories as our grandfather makes tea.

My grandparents' home also has a small garden with grass that is a vibrant green colour. In the garden, there are swings as well. There, we also like playing entertaining games with our relatives, including water fights. We frequently spend the evenings sitting on the roof, looking up at the stars.

Holidays At Grandmother’s House

Over the holidays, there is always a lot of laughing and playing games at grandma’s house. Uncle's loud, recognisable giggle may be heard for miles. My aunt never misses an opportunity to comment on his laughter. The living room of our grandmother's home is where she regularly can be seen sitting and gazing out the window, close to the front entrance. She sits at this location to read the newspaper daily and sip on her old-fashioned steaming black coffee.

She can lose hours watching the birds fly to the feeder next to the window in her living room. Most birds have names that our grandmother is familiar with and recognises. She never skips a chance to observe the squirrels. Everything blossoms, and there are fresh flowers everywhere throughout the summer. In our town, the natural beauty is at an all-time high, and it's impossible to keep your eyes off the stunning surroundings. A pond is located behind the house. My cousins and I go fishing in the pond.

The village's residents lead simple, healthy lives. People care for one another and are always available. They make a lot of effort to maintain the facility's cleanliness because they care about it. We always look forward to our summer vacation so we may visit Grandma and Grandpa. Anyone who has met them will attest to their humility. All of this adds up to why I love my grandparents house and why it is my favourite place.

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my favourite place essay writing

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my favourite place essay writing

My Favorite Place Essay

my favourite place essay writing

My Favorite Place

It feels like a location of my very own , not many people would not call it their favorite place but it has been mine all through high school and still till this day. The location became my best friend we saw each other everyday, and it always knew what was going on in my life. It was far from perfect but I never cared because it was something I always had and it never changed. It is still my favorite place because it holds memories of friends and milestones as well as problems and secrets. I almost

One of my favorite places in the world that has affected my life the most is my childhood town and my home in Mobile, Alabama. I grew up in a beige, two story house that sits on a long yard backed up to Dog River. My house is about ten minutes outside of downtown Mobile, AL and is very close to Mobile Bay. Spending time near the water and growing up in the area that I did greatly influenced the way that I think about things and the way that I live my life. My family has lived in them same area for

Describe My Favorite Place

leads you there. It was always my favorite thing about it. The car shakes and wobbles with every hole. The make shift parking pad of the house was just part of the grass that slowly died due to the lack of sun. When I was a child, pulling up to that Garnet home brought this bubble of joy into my throat. A small home with a screened in porch and large yard. That home is a place I would go back to if I could because it holds far more happy memories than any other place. Fond is just one word I could

Essay On My Favorite Place

The cul de sac was my favorite place. I loved to ride my bike in circles and read outside by the flowers that always smelled so sweet. Cars rushed past and I watched many pull in as time went on. It was my favorite place. The smell of food radiated from the kitchen as it does everyday my mom cooked. I would look up from my book and watch the old man walk himself in circles around the cul de sac. I was quite young at the time so I wasn’t allowed out there too long by myself. When my mom came out to grab

My favorite place growing up, was the library of Downtown Swansea, I love the old book smell, like Petrichor, the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell, it makes my mouth water. The librarian, much beloved by me was Shirley Johnson. She was small in stature, a cloud of white hair and freckled button nose. The fact that she rarely smiled did not make her an unfriendly or mean person, in fact she was very sweet, but shy. She could always be found at the library seated on

My Favorite Place Is My Favourite Place

Camp Hurontario My favourite place in the world is Camp Hurontario located in the Georgian Bay directly next to the Massassauga provincial park. This is an area that I feel very strongly about because of the influential effect it has had on my life and the way it makes me feel whenever I go back. When choosing Camp Hurontario as my favourite place I went back to look at our class definitions on the ideas of place and space to help my choice. “Place is defined as a portion of geographical space

plants and trees blossoms my imagination. As I have explored a lot of places around me I have found one of my favorites. At Dawes Arboretum I have found and experienced many different things on my adventures that I want to share like: the trails, the kinds of people, the type of nature. When you go to a new place there is always that excitement of what’s out there. Where do the different trails go. At Dawes there are many different trails and pathways to take. This place is huge you can follow the

Fresh out of college I moved to Steuben, Maine, right along the coast of Gouldsboro Bay. My dream as a kid was always to move to Maine; the farthest place from America without actually leaving America. I planned on working at my quiet accounting job for 30 years and retiring worry free, alone, happy. But, you changed everything. I remember it clearly. I had left my quaint little house to the coffee shop down the road. Being the only coffee shop for miles, it provided coffee for just about everyone

Zoos : My Favorite Place To Be?

As a child, the zoo was one of my favorite places to be. The ability to see wild animals in my local area is so convenient for me, but not so convenient for the animals living there. My opinion on zoos have most definitely changed when I put myself in the position of these animals in captivity. Animals are constantly going through pain and suffering by being behind bars, being separated from their family and not being able to live how they would in the wild. They are taken miles away from their natural

My Favorite Place In The Classroom

One of my favorite places in Belleville West would be Mrs Steinkuhler’s room.She teaches food and nutrition plus a few other classes the the main reason it's one of the best places to visit is because of Mrs Steinkuhler she is a wonderful teacher plus she is very funny I had so many good moments in this class freshman year both semesters but my favorite was second semester when we were cooking she had everything so organized and clean and it was clean and fun environment to work in Mrs Steinkhuler’s

station which is very popular and busy, but at night it’s very slow, barely anyone goes to the gas station. One night it was a few of my friends and I that went to this specific gas station for sodas and snacks. By the way, no one was at the gas station, no one purchasing anything inside or anyone at the pumps getting gas for their vehicles. It was an empty gas station, my friends and I, and the store employee were the only ones there. Once we were done purchasing our things we were walking back to our

My Favorite Place In My Life

life. From airplanes to boats to cars to trains all the way to buses, it is hard to not travel around the world, which it makes it difficult to choose one spot as your all time favorite place to be. But luckily in my life, I know that Sydney’s Frozen Custard on the shores of Lake Superior in Grand Marais is my favorite place to be. I have been blessed with countless experiences of travel from touring Italy, snorkeling the Mexican coasts, surfing the Dominican waves, exploring the land of Ethiopia

My Favorite Place To Be: Chick-Fil-A

My favorite place to be is Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A is a bright red and light colored brown building with a plant statue of a cow, an outside eating area, and a drive through. When you walk in you might hear the frier, or the timer for the waffle fries, people talking, kids playing on the plastic playground, and you might hear the drink machine running if you are at the counter. Some of things you will touch, that could be very gross, are food, tables, door handles, condiment containers, and more

Personal Essay : My Favorite Place

Whenever I think about where my favorite place is I always think about my Aunt Beth and Uncle Kirk’s house. I have spent countless summers over there when I was younger through my early teens. Their house has and always will have a special part in my heart. I always feel safe and away from all my worries spending time there. Spending time over there relieves all of the daily life stresses I have. Just thinking about heading over puts me in the best of moods. I can not remember a time where I was

What Is My Favorite Place Essay

Everyone has a place they go to when they need to be comforted or a place to feel safe. For some people it’s their school, house, park, or even a friend’s home. For me, my favorite place to go to is the Fine Arts Building. Every time I have ever found myself in a situation where I was greatly upset or felt unsafe I always ran to the fine arts building on UNK campus even if it meant driving half an hour. Music has always been a comforting thing and that’s what the fine arts building is all about.

My Favorite Places On Earth Essay

One of my most favorite places on earth is Albany, Wyoming. In my mind it is one of the beautiful places to be on earth. Albany is truly a beautiful place to be. It is beautiful seeing all the snow covered mountains during the winter. If you ever get a chance to travel there I would highly recommend it. The way the land changes so fast is truly a sight to see. The first time I experienced Albany was in the winter of 2015. It was my first time out west during the winter. It was very weird on our way

My Comparison : My Favorite Place In My Life

I have lived in many different places in my life, and every one of them has something unique and enjoyable about it; however, my favorite place where I have lived is Hamden, Connecticut. We only moved there for my dad to study at Yale University in order to become a developmental and behavioral pediatrician instead of a regular pediatrician, but it is still my favorite place to live, though it only beat Las Vegas by a microscopic amount because it snows in Connecticut. Breathtaking and magnificent

Analysis Of The Poem ' I Like Him '

It was my pet away from home.” “I love how casually you say that as if it’s not the coolest thing in the world.” They entered the stable, passing two stalls with horses inside, before stopping at the third. He opened the stall to let buttons in. “I bet you learned

A Personal Essay : My Favorite Place

Everybody has their own favorite place, food, thing, or event that happened. It can be from a memory that made it your favorite or it could be from a significant meaning to you personally. Alexis’ favorite place with a significant value to her would be her grandparents’ lake house. When she was a little girl she used to sleep the whole way since it is a six hour drive, since she has gotten older she hasn’t slept the whole way and while she was awake she noticed; how little things like a song on the

My Favorite Place At Z Hostel

After an amazing month in the Philippines my last stop was Manila. The lovely people at Z-hostel had invited me to stay with them and – as you know – design hostels are my favourite kind of accomodation and the Philippines have some of my favourite places in the world, so I knew this would be good. The Area The hostel is located in Makati, one of the 16 cities that make up Metro Manila. It's the financial centre of the Philippines and apart from the Stock exchange you'll find lot of entertainment

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My favorite place

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My favorite place is the Eiffel Tower. I have been there twice, and now I want to do it once again. I think it is the best place in France. Everyone knows where this beautiful construction is. All people should go there to have an amazing view and unforgettable memories. In addition, you can walk around romantic city of love, like my parents, who spend their wonderful honeymoon in the capital of France. The Eiffel Tower is a great historical construction and a very romantic place.

We know that Paris is the capital of France. On the one hand, it is economic city where the government of the country is, and the most important business center; on the other hand, Paris is the city with interesting history. We can see it now in the old extant antiquities, like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and others belong to this wonderful city.

The Eiffel Tower is the most known construction in the world; every child can answer you where it is if you ask him about it.

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“ Have been using her for a while and please believe when I tell you, she never fail. Thanks Writer Lyla you are indeed awesome ”

Tower is not only the most beautiful and known antique, it’s the highest build in France it is 324 meters high. Absolutely, the Eiffel Tower is the ageless symbol of the independent country of France. Paris always can give you amazing memories for all your life. I can tell you with no doubt that it is true, because I know about all of it from my parents.

They spend their honeymoon in the city with glorious history and beautiful buildings.

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City atmosphere cannot leave you without romantic mood for all the time you spend in France. My parents booked the table in the Eiffel Tower restaurant, and it was wonderful evening for them. Amazing view struck them, memories from this day help them now, all the time when they have problems in our family they remind their lovely honeymoon. In conclusion, you can see the evidence that the Eiffel Tower is the national symbol of the country.

We see it on the all imagines which tell us about beautiful France. I think for everyone it is necessary to visit this amazing place twice, first time when you are young and second time when you are aged. It’s two different views of the Eiffel Tour and both of them are unforgettable.

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"My favorite place." StudyMoose, Apr 24, 2016. Accessed March 3, 2023.

"My favorite place," StudyMoose , 24-Apr-2016. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

StudyMoose. (2016). My favorite place . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 3-Mar-2023]

My favorite place

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Beach Is My Favorite Place (Essay Sample)


We all have that one place that we escape to when things get too overwhelming. Where do you go when you need to relax? This essay talks about my favorite holiday destination, the beach.

I actually wrote this piece to once again remind myself that it’s okay (and necessary!) to sometimes take a break, be reminded of what really matters in life.

If you need help writing an essay on why beach is your favorite place to go to when on holiday, check out our custom essay writing services . We will collaborate with you and bring your ideas to life.

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Descriptive Essay Example of My Favourite Beach

We all have some favorite places that we love to visit during the holidays. The beautiful scenes that we come across are a welcome reprieve for our tired minds after a long period of work.

Finding My Zen at the Beach

For me, the beach is the best place to be. Others may think differently due to unique preferences and tastes. Personally, I find that the seaside is a unique choice for a holiday destination. There is nothing quite as calming as the bright blue hues of the ocean. The wind dances with the waves, causing them to move almost rhythmically, capturing the attention of the vacationer.

Another reason why I love the beach is that I enjoy swimming. I particularly love doing this with my friends as the company makes swimming more fun and provides a great way for us to bond.

Sunsets at the Beach

Another stunning visual to be enjoyed by the seaside is the sunset. I truly enjoy the play of colors as day transitions into night – from dainty pinks to fiery oranges, even to rich purples. I find this picturesque experience exceptionally dynamic. It makes something inside me come alive. I don’t have this experience anywhere else.

One great thing about staying at the beach is that there is something to be enjoyed during the day and during the evening. I love that the beach stays open most hours as this gives me flexibility. I can choose when I want to visit and not have to follow a strict schedule, which works well when I’m on vacation.

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The Beach During Evenings

I particularly love heading out at nightfall to visit the shoreline. The beach is very calm, peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing. It helps me unwind and takes away the stress that plagues me at work. Looking at the night sky with all the bright stars and the moon causes me to feel light-hearted.

Silhouette of Man Standing Near Body of Water

The best part for me is once night sets in, I can lay in the sand and stare up at the sky. I just linger there with my toes in the soft sand and think of all the things I am grateful for. I also give thanks to the Almighty Creator who made these majestic works of art.

I can only hope that I get to do this more often. My dream is to be able to frequent the most beautiful beaches in the world, to revel in the peace that they offer.

Make Time for Rest

These days, people are so busy with work and other obligations that they forget to pause and take a breather.

The tendency for many passionate workaholics is they keep scheduling a time to take a break, only to postpone it when something urgent captures their attention. While some of these are valid reasons to reschedule, most are really just convenient excuses to stay busy.

The glorification of busyness is the sad reality that keeps people from being healthy and well. We work our bodies to death and don’t give ourselves a chance to come up for air. At some point in our lives, we have been sold a false idea of productivity: that we have to work 24/7, and that taking a break is a luxury.

Breathers should not be seen as luxuries but as necessities. Rest is actually a productivity strategy. The way to truly accomplish things excellently is to do so from a place of rest. Work smart and you check off your to-do list without the anxiety and the dread. Work hard and you will find yourself resenting the actual work because it’s just exhausting.

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Don’t wait until you are burned out before you take a break. Schedule regular timeouts for yourself and use those times to “escape” to a place that helps you take a breath. Your soul, your work and your other commitments will thank you for it.

Whether it’s the sandy beaches for you or the mountains or any other hotspot, my hope for you is that you will also be able to find your sanctuary and safe space. Believe me when I say you need it and deserve it.

200 Words Short Essay About My Favorite Place (Beach)

Where do always I go when I want to feel relaxed? My family and friends all know that I head to where the ocean is. The beach is my most favorite place on earth. There is something magical about this place that makes me feel lighter immediately.

My favorite time to go is during the summer when the beautiful colors of the sky are most vibrant. That the sunset is amazing is an understatement. I could watch the sun go down after a blazing hot day over and over again. The gradually-changing hues are a glorious sight to behold.

The beach is my favorite place to find inspiration. I often find that when I get stuck in a creative rut, the extraordinary natural elements at my favorite spots instantly rejuvenate my mental stamina. If only I could go back every week, I would. Just watching the waves move in sync with one another is the best way to recharge for me.

Relaxation is important for everyone. There are other places that I also find charming, but I’ve found my sweet spot by the seashore – I hope you find yours too.

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How to Describe Your Favorite Place to Visit

For a descriptive essay on your favorite place to visit, the best trick you can use is to maximize your five senses. Think of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations your favorite place evokes. How do these make you feel? Connecting what your senses pick up to an emotion brings your reader into your world and allows them to experience the same things you have.

Before you start writing, take some time to close your eyes and imagine yourself in that favorite place. What are you doing? Who are you with? The imagery you draw out from these questions serves as the starting point of your custom essay.

Why the Beach Is a Popular Favorite Place to Describe in Essays

There’s no question about it – it’s not that hard to fall in love with the beach. There are also plenty of unforgettable seascapes around the world, so you really are spoilt for choice. You can write so much about your favorite things to do there during the day, afternoon, and evening. There are even plenty of memorable activities that you can do during sunrise and sunset.

my favourite place essay writing

Student Essays


My favourite Place Essay | 10 Lines, Short & Long Essay for Students

The favourite place is one where you love to go, enjoy and get relax. The Favourite place can be like school, beach, taj mahal, island, any natural place, one’s house, goa, room etc.

I have written the following essay on topic My favourite place. This short & long essay on topic my favourite place is very helpful for children & students.

Read the essay in detail, in points, notes, 10 lines, 100,200 words for children & students

Essay on My Favourite Place | My Favourite Place My Grand Mother’s Home Essay For Children & Students

Everyone has a favorite place to go where he feels comfortable and safe. The one place which changes our mood instantly and makes us forget all our concerns. A place that free sour mind from any kind of stress and we love to sit there.

My Favorite Place Essay

My most favorite place is my grandparent’s house. It is located in a village. It only has 5 rooms but it is very well constructed.

The walls of the house are painted with white color and from inside, it is very colorful. My grandfather personally took part in building this house and he made this house with so much love.

This house also has backyard where my grandma used to grow fruits and vegetables. I have always been more excited to spend my summer holidays at this place.

Essay on My Favourite Place For Students

I spend all my summers there and that is the best time of my life. I play on the yard, climb the trees to pick fresh fruits and eat fresh vegetables. I also help my grandma to plant seeds in the garden.

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There are countless reasons to explain why this place is so important for me. There is something very special about that house. I feel comfortable and relaxed there. I also forget all my worries there.

Firstly, this house has a very different atmosphere like I feel complete warmth there. It is located in a village so it is free of any noise or air pollution. It is also free of traffic jams.

I get up early in the morning to go for a walk and breathe fresh air. The fresh air makes my body and mind fresh. My grandmother makes breakfast for me enriched in vitamins.

Evenings are most fun there. My grandfather makes tea, we sit together and then we share our life stories. My grandparent’s place is a place for family gatherings.

There is a big dinner prepared on weekends and everyone is expected to come. All my relatives get there to spend time together. Our talk sessions are always fun and full of laughter.

In summers, everything is blossoming there and there are fresh flowers everywhere. Nature’s beauty at my village is at extreme point and one cannot remove his eyes from the beautiful views.

There is a pond behind the house. I go to the pond to catch fishes and sit with my cousins. On the left side of my grandparent’s house, there is a small garden too which is covered with luscious green grass.

There are swings in the garden too. I also play many fun games with my cousins there like water war or fighting water balloons.

At night, I usually sit on the roof looking up at the sky and beautiful stars. I feel so calm to feel the gentle breeze and the moon light shining down on me.

Life in village is very simple and healthy. People are always available and they do care for each other. They care about the cleanliness of the place and keep it clean.

I anxiously wait for my summers holidays so that I can go and spend time with my grandma and grandpa. They are the humblest people I have ever known.

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It is good to have a favorite place where one can make special memories. My grandparent’s place is indeed a great place to spend holidays there.

It is my favorite place in the whole world and I cannot wait to go there again to spend my next summer holidays. This house will always remain my favorite place because it has a special place in my heart.

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