Facebook Should Be Banned Essay


For the last five years or so, social networking sites have escalated both in numbers and popularity as millions register at these sites for various reasons. Consequently, several sites have materialized such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook, each with its own slant and users’ appeal. However, Facebook has received most attention from over 500 million users worldwide; it has become the norm than rather the exception across the world population. As internet technologies continue to advance, Facebook and other social media sites bring even a bigger impact on society. Correspondingly, the use of Facebook has improved and promoted interconnectedness among friends in spite of their temporal and spatial differences. Moreover, Facebook has facilitated socialization by allowing individuals to meet, share, create, and nurture friendships over the internet. However, in spite of fact that Facebook is the modern way of promoting businesses and connecting people worldwide, it should be banned due to privacy issues, relationship devastations, and its use to endorse political revolutions.

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Facebook history and its initial purpose

While, Facebook has been cited as the world largest website, its’ beginning was quite humble. Currently, Facebook membership stands at more than 500million users monthly and the number keeps growing each day. However, looking back seven years ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of creating a social networking platform for his college mates would appear insignificant as compared to the gigantic social networking site being witnessed today. Zuckerberg conceived the idea of a social networking site during his undergraduate years at Harvard University (Carlson, 2010).). Motivated by idea of enabling students within his campus to get to know each other, assisted by his college mates, Zuckerberg founded Facebook, which was initially restricted to Harvard College. However, following some technical and operational advancement the site was expanded to other colleges in the region and it was just a matter of time before it was made available to everyone. By 2006, nothing could stop Facebook from becoming a global phenomenon, when it started accepting membership to all and sundry as long as one was over 13 years and had a valid email address. Initially, the then called ‘thefacebook.com’ integrated several social networking applications that enabled its users to add friends, comment on friends’ profiles, and send messages, update own profile status among other myriad social connectedness functions (Carlson, 2010). Despite numerous hurdles along the way, Facebook has been positively embraced across the world, thus increasing its usage and popularity. As of 2009, it was ranked as the most popular social networking site with its monthly usage increasing each day in English speaking countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Canada (Carlson, 2010). Moreover, its penetration in regional internet markets has been tremendous with North America in the lead at 69%, Middle East, 67 %, Latin America 58%, Europe 57% and Asia pacific 17%. The author underscores that, Facebook photo applications have facilitated Facebook popularity whereby users can upload and share an unlimited number of photos. Contrastingly, Facebook has also overgrown its initial social networking idea to encompass other diverse roles. Following its huge membership base, most businesses are utilizing this platform to market their products and services to the myriad users (Carlson, 2010).

Facebook connects people worldwide

Given the magnitude of attention that Facebook has received across the world, my opinion that, it ought to be banned might sound like a big joke. By enabling people to meet and make new friends, Facebook has become the basis for social engineering. With the cost of living rising each day, Facebook provides people an alternative means of staying connected with friends and family. Apparently, the status update and newsfeed application permits individuals to follow up on what is happening to their friends regardless of the spatial distance between them (Facebook, 2011). Most importantly, seven years down the line, Facebook is still living up to its mission of opening up the world up by facilitating connectedness and online interactions. With the advent of Facebook and other social networking sites, the world is becoming smaller as people across different cultures, borders, genders and customs share and exchange materials online (Carlson, 2010). According to Facebook (2011), the site is visited by over 800million active users with an average of 130 friends per user. Moreover, over half of these users log on to the site each day as they interact with various applications. Furthermore, an average user connects with his/her friends via the various applications such groups, events and community pages and most active users have access to an average of 80 such pages. Furthermore, with over 70 languages available on Facebook, individuals are able to connect without the restriction of language barriers. As a matter of fact, over 75% users are located outside the USA, meaning Facebook is a global entity (Facebook, 2011). The above analysis indicates that Facebook is a social engineering site that defies the constraints of border, language , cultural, social ties and economic disparities and that it promotes interconnectedness among global users. On the other hand, whereas social interconnectedness may sound like an excellent idea, the fact remains that, the shortcomings which will be discussed herein, outweighs the benefits of social connection. Furthermore, one is compelled to question whether the social ties created via Facebook are genuine.

Connectedness influences crime

The fact that Facebook popularity has escalated with unparalleled intensity is not questionable, however, the big query remains about its contribution to cyber crime. History has shown that whenever great masses of people come together crime is inevitable. As aforementioned, Facebook membership has been increasing each day and with its ability to surpass language, cultural and physical barriers, the site has managed to bring a multitude of people together. However, although this positive aspect might look highly attractive, the recent crime report makes the entire argument ineffectual. According to (Milsom, 2010), with the rising popularity of social networking sites, the rate of crime associated with this site has also increased at unprecedented levels. The report by Cambridgeshire indicates that Facebook related crime ascended from a diminutive figure of 22 in 2007 to over 1600 in 2010. In 2007, Facebook related crime was extremely low because membership was also low, but as more and more people embrace Facebook so does the increase in crime becomes a distressing reality (Milsom, 2010). In addition, the report linked over 255 domestic incidents, 210 antisocial behaviors and 426 malicious nuisances to Facebook popularity. The argument behind this notion is that, the site has attracted diversified individuals including criminals targeting the numerous Facebook users. The above implies that, if Facebook popularity is contributing to an increase in social networking crimes at equaled or even extra levels, then the entire site should be banned because it downplays the whole essence of interconnectedness if users become susceptible to criminals. The most important thing to remember is that Facebook admits children as young as 13 years who might not have the knowhow to differentiate between genuine and criminal advances.

Promotes businesses

Secondly, the concept of the social media networking sites and their influence on businesses has attracted a lot of attention lately. Based on the fact that social networking sites attract a lot of traffic, their usefulness in promoting businesses cannot be overemphasized. Stay (2008) underscores that, Facebook site encompasses various tools that businesses can utilize to promote their brands. To begin with, Facebook Pages were created with an aim of enabling business owners to create profiles for their businesses. After creating this Page, interested people can become fans and by liking the Page, their friends can also see, hence promoting brand or business recognition among various users (Stay, 2008). In addition, businesses can share photos, videos and any other information about their products/services thus promoting their brand image among the diverse audience not just in their home country, but also across borders. Similarly, businesses can utilize Groups application on Facebook to advertise their brands. Most of these groups attract individuals with similar interests hence marketers can target a particular group of adventure lovers, for example, to advertise for instance a travel and tours business. Furthermore, the advertising engine enables businesses to identify the size of demographic target that is enrolled on Facebook. This enables marketers to make decisions on whether to advertise to that demographic depending on the available statistics or not. On the same note, big businesses have special customized options upon which they can advertise their business. For this option, if users make a purchase, their friends are able to see this activity; and betting on the impact of peer influence, such business might end up making more similar purchases (Stay, 2008). Most importantly, marketers can use Facebook polls to gauge user’s perceptions about their products/services. In addition, marketers can conduct polls to gauge whether a particular products or idea will be viable when introduced into the market. Finally, Facebook Connect is also a vital tool for businesses to connect with users who visit their site. Although, Stay (2008) underscores that Facebook has a long way to go before it can be fully advantageous to businesses, the bottom line is that, the advent of Facebook has been of great importance to business operations. Noticeably, the fact that individuals can advertise their products on personal pages enables small businesses to thrive with minimal investment.

Facebook promotes business scams

On the contrary, the same way Facebook can be used to promote brand image, it can also be used by malicious rivals to downplay a product or a business idea. According to Bradley (2010), the Like button that is enabled on Facebook can be used by malicious users to create a bad image for a certain company and its products. The latter author explains online scammers are also using this Like button to penetrate into businesses databases. This implies that some Facebook applications have become a threat to businesses IT security because the Like button can be used to spread malicious scam through unknowing users. Bradley (2010) underscores that, what might appear like an innocent online survey might turn out to be a scam aimed at penetrating businesses databases. This can bring devastating effects to the business especially if sensitive information is accessed by outsiders through the Facebook connection pages.

The devastation of numerous relationships are due to Facebook

Consequently, the popularity of Facebook usage among married couples threatens to disentangle this significant institution if nothing is done to stop it. Recently, different surveys have blamed Facebook of the numerous divorce cases being witnessed across the world today. An article in the Daily Telegraph reported that, Facebook was cited by at least one couple in the numerous divorced petitions that were filed in 2009 as the fundamental reason for seeking divorce (Anon. 2009). Facebook provides an enhanced platform where individuals can connect with old friends and make friends with an ease that was never experienced before. According to FOXNews (2010), Facebook has taken social interconnectedness to another level whereby married couples are looking for the missing link in their marriages over the internet. The worst of it all is that, people are connecting with ex-partners behind their partners back, but if they happen to be busted it becomes extremely difficult to salvage such marriage. The report emphasizes that social networking sites including Facebook tempts people to cheat on their partners, whereas they would never commit such an offense in the absence of Facebook. Since Facebook does not authenticate user’s identity, suspicious spouses can use anonymous identities to find evidence about their patterns online affairs. Some divorces are uncalled especially if the busted partner was just looking for some online fun with no intention of parting with their spouse. According to Anon (2009), over 20% of divorces cases that were filed in 2009 made references to Facebook whereby distraught spouses cited that, their partner has engaged in inappropriate chats via Facebook. This issue has further been aggravated by the innovation of computer software that enables individuals to keep track of their partner’s online activities. For instance, Foxnews (2010) article cite is a specific case whereby a woman used the cited software to spy on her husband online activities on Facebook. Unknown to her, the husband was announcing it to his Facebook friends that he was going to divorce her. When she eventually filed for divorce she produced this evidence in court. What we may never know in such a case is whether the husband really meant to divorce her or was just using that statement to win over some friends, but the fact remains that such marriage would still be strong today were it not for Facebook. Most importantly, the very nature of interconnectedness promoted by Facebook attracts myriad negative impacts than benefits because although it facilitates the creation of social networking among old and new friends, the same concept devastates established relationships. The thrill of meeting an old love online is very tempting to bored husbands and wives who oblivious of the negative consequences of such connections risk their marriages and the parties involved end up being hurt extremely. The gravity of the matter is that, Foxnews (2010) cites that, some marriages as old as 13 years have ended up in divorce when a partner discovers suspicious activities on their spouses Facebook account. At this juncture, the billion dollar question should be if we allow Facebook to continue because it promotes interconnectedness at the expense of marriage institutions, or if we ban Facebook usage and save the myriad marriages that are likely to fall victim to the same monster.

The rise of privacy invasion is increasing due to Facebook and its privacy issues

On the same note, Facebook has been struggling with privacy issues that make its users susceptible to online related crimes. Recently, there has been a heighted public outcry about the fact the Facebook is unable to protect personal data thus fueling online crimes as criminals utilize the exposed personal data to fuel their criminal mission (Richmond, 2011). The inability of Facebook to protect personal data following various technical hitches in the website has always attracted a lot of scrutiny from government and the public privacy watch groups. Following this scrutiny, Facebook has tried to make some numerous changes to privacy settings in vain. The gravity of the matter is that most users are not aware of various security bleach incidences; hence, they continue to supply persona information oblivious of the kind of risk they attract to themselves (Richmond, 2011). Consequently, Facebook and other networking sites have been blamed of the increasing cases of identity theft (CNN, 2011). By being unable to protect its users’ personal data, Facebook is exposing unsuspecting users to hackers who often steal personal identity to commit crimes. For instance, hackers can use employees details obtained from Facebook to bypass IT security where such employees work. This situation puts both the employee and employer at risk of being harmed by the fraudsters. Secondly, Facebook has been associated with other crime such as cyber bullying. Sexual bullies often hide behind the faceless social networking sites to lure vulnerable individual into their trap pretending to be their friends. Once they are sure that the victim is completely hooked, the bullies unleash the other side, a situation, which has been associated with numerous cases of suicide among teenagers who have fallen in the hands of online bullies (Richmond, 2011). Furthermore, CNN (2011) claims that criminals have often utilized Facebook medium to threaten, harass and intimate vulnerable groups such as children and women. Recently, criminals have discovered a new method to commit crime by utilizing users’ details which are easily accessible on Facebook site. Criminals are utilizing user’s addresses on Facebook to burglarize houses. For instance, if an individual updates his/her status that ‘I am holiday’ and they have provided their physical addresses, thieves can take this time to strike. Although such cases have only been reported in UK and US only, it is evident that Facebook is risking its user’s lives and property as well due its failure to protect members’ personal data (Richmond, 2011). Consequently, since it is not the first time the issue of privacy and Facebook have emerged then maybe the noblest thing is to ban its usage in order to get rid of privacy concerns including Facebook related crimes.

The Arab revolutions have been mainly supported through Facebook

The recent revolutions that were witnessed in the Arab world countries including Syria, Tunisia, Egypt and United Arab emirates were mainly fueled by Facebook. These revolutions began in Tunisia when a 23 year old man started a mobilizing campaign through the internet to garner support that would see the Tunisian president trouped out of power (Channel4News, 2011). Although, the revolutions may have been ignited by the influence of people’s power, the role of internet especially Facebook cannot be overemphasized. In Tunisia the media is tightly controlled by the government, hence, the protesters utilized Facebook to secretly fuel a revolution. Moreover, Tunisian government exercised monopoly in internet provision whereby other social media networking sites were banned, except Facebook. According to Channel4News (2011), Tunisian government contemplated closing down Facebook in 2009, but backed off because they feared this would have caused a public outcry because many people were also using the site to connect with their friends. However, this hesitation would later cost the then president dearly as protesters utilized Facebook platform to stage a successful revolution. According to Frontline (2011), these revolutions were heightened by the fact that users could share photos, information and videos about what was happening across the country. Most importantly, the leaders of this revolution posted unfavorable comments about the government and shared it with their friends, and the network became so thick that a revolution was inevitable. Correspondingly, inspired by successful utilization of Facebook and other social sites in Tunisia and Egypt, Syria activists also decided to try a similar mode to rally followers behind a political reform movement. The activists created group fan pages that urged people to stage mass protests across the country (Anon. , 2011). Although the revolution never succeeded due to tight censorship of Facebook in Syria, the fact remains that Facebook has contributed greatly to the numerous Arab world revolutions being witnessed today. Following a successful revolution in Tunisia, a similar upsurge was witnessed in Egypt whereby through the unparalleled use of internet, revolutionaries all over the country kept in touch with each other as they mobilized citizens to stage a revolution (Frontline, 2011). Internet usage in Egypt has been under tight censorship, but the government downplayed the power of Facebook and other social media networking sites that citizens were allowed to access. The activists used Groups application feature on Facebook to instrument the uprisings. On this note, groups such as ‘April 6 movement’, ‘We are all Khalid Said’ and the like were carefully crafted by activists whereby fans supplied critical comments about the government and within no time a revolution was inevitable (Frontline, 2011). For instance, the April 6 Movement Facebook group was the most effective in incrementing a revolution in Tunisia. Initially the group was conceived to support an ongoing textile workers strike angered by low wages and rising cost of foodstuffs. Initially, the founders of the group invited about 300 people to join, but by the end of the week, membership had stood at 3,000 members and this number continued to increase everyday to reach 70,000 within a very short time. In a nutshell, it is evident that the myriad shortcomings associated with Facebook outweigh its various benefits. However, since Facebook has attracted the attention of millions of social networking site users worldwide, its banning might cause devastating effects. Nonetheless, the public ought to be educated about these negative effects of Facebook, especially the privacy and crime issues.

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Facebook Should Be Banned

Social Network: an online community of people with a common interest who use a Web site or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information, resources(dictionary. com). There are almost 500 million users of social networks and spent over 700 billion minutes a month using them. Is this hindering our social skills? There are many ways that people interact with each other such as e-mail, texting, a social network but the least used interaction is face to face.

A negative impact that social networks have on our relationships is that social networks might strengthen our relationship with acquaintances and people we don’t see often; social networks weaken our strong relationships and also bring about physical social isolation. The term “social network” leads you to believe that you are in fact being social when these sites are used more for a phone book or search engine.

Instead of calling your friend and asking what they have planned for the night or weekend, you can just look at their posts to find out. This contact is very impersonal and allows the least amount of interaction between two parties Social Networks allow you to overestimate the level of intimacy you have with someone. Social networks allow you to think that a person is more committed to a relationship or friendship more than they actually are. You need to be sure you are putting in a balanced time of online and offline relationships.

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According to a study by John Cacioppo (researcher at the University of Chicago), those who use social networks are more susceptible to the emotional contagion effects. An emotional contagion is the tendency to catch and feel emotions that are similar to and influenced by those of others. In his studies, it was found that loneliness alone was transmitted through social networks. Also, his study showed that 52% of those who have direct social network interactions with a lonely person they too will become lonely.

Those who have a “friend of a friend” connection with said person will be 25% more lonely. You’ve probably also seen that sometimes normal courtesy and politeness—aspects we would utilize in our face-to-face interactions are sometimes missing in the online space, that we would use in face to face interactions. Many of these social networks have a chat feature. Because of this many people don’t pick up on humor, sarcasm, and sympathy. Along with this, if you were in a face to face interaction you have the added facial expressions and body language.

Along with this chat feature people don’t have to talk directly so it is easy to hide behind the internet because you won’t have to directly address the problem. Because of social networking many people lose their ability to hold a conversation. Many people who use social networks lose the ability to spell correctly because they use shorthand such as U, tomoro, k and many others. Social Networks are very harmful, but if you balance out your online and offline relationships and don’t let social networks become your ‘hangout’, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Facebook Should Be Banned essay

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facebook should be banned debate

Essay on facebook should be banned for students in english.

Introduction Facebook has gotten most thought from in excess of 500 million customers all throughout the planet; it has gotten …

facebook should be banned essay in hindi

What is facebook?

What is social media, harms of facebook, benefits of facebook, why should facebook be banned, why facebook should not be banned.

  Facebook is a social media site that allows users to connect with friends, family, and other people they know. It’s also a place where users can share pictures, videos, and other content.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates at Harvard University. The site started as a platform for students to connect online, but it quickly grew into something more significant. Today, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users worldwide—more than a quarter of the world’s population. Facebook is an online social networking service. It enables users to connect and interact with people, share content and video, and create, tag, and browse memories on their devices.   Facebook is free for everyone, but it also offers a paid advertising service that helps businesses reach their target audience. More than a billion people use Facebook every month, making it the largest social network in the world by a wide margin.

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  Social media is a way for people to communicate and interact with each other and share information and ideas. Social media can take many forms, such as blogs (blogs), microblogs (Twitter), social networking services (Facebook), video-sharing platforms (YouTube), discussion forums (Reddit), photo-sharing communities (Instagram), social bookmarking services (Delicious), online video games (Minecraft) and many more. Social media is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the interactive computer-mediated communication occurring among individuals, or among groups of individuals, that involves the creation and exchange of user-generated content.” Social media is a place where we can go to connect with friends, family members, and even celebrities. It allows us to see what they are up to, what they’re posting about, and what they feel. This is all done through various platforms such as Facebook (a social network), Twitter (a microblogging service), Instagram (a photo-sharing platform), YouTube (a video-sharing platform), etc.

Social media has changed our lives because it allows us to stay connected with people across the globe no matter where we are physically or mentally. We can find out what’s going on in their lives even if they live across town or the country from us; this helps build relationships between people who may not otherwise have had any contact with one another.   Top  

The harm of Facebook is that it can lead to addiction, cyberbullying, and sexting. Facebook harms when you spend too much time on the site and become addicted to it. You can also become addicted to playing games on the site or watching videos. When you become addicted to using Facebook, you may lose interest in other things, such as spending time with your family or studying for school exams. 

Another way that Facebook can cause harm is by cyberbullying. Cyberbullying usually involves sending mean messages or pictures to someone through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp accounts without their permission. A person who cyberbullies others often feels powerful when they do this because they know they have control over what happens next! Sometimes cyberbullying can lead to suicide among young people who are bullied online by people they know well, like parents, friends, and even siblings. Another way that Facebook can cause harm is by sexting which involves sending sexual images or messages via text message (SMS) or email without consent from the recipient first before doing so! Sexting can involve either adults or kids.

Facebook has many harmful effects on our life. These are as follows-

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We’ve all heard the benefits of Facebook, but here are a few more reasons you should be using it: – Facebook is a great way to connect with people you haven’t spoken to in years! – You can play games on Facebook! It’s like an online version of your favorite board games.- It’s easy to post photos and videos of your pets or children—or just funny things that happen during the day.   – You can get the latest news and see what your friends are up to. If you have a business or want to promote something, Facebook is a great place to do it! You can post links, images, and videos to help people learn more about your work. People will see your posts in their news feeds and may even comment on them or share them if they like what they see. If you’re looking for a job, Facebook is an excellent resource for finding opportunities in your area. Many companies use Facebook to advertise job openings and share career advice. The site also has groups where you can meet people who are interested in the same things as you and find out about events that might interest you.   Top  

Fb is bad for privacy

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, with more than a billion users. While Facebook is great for communicating and finding new friends, it has flaws. First, there were several scandals concerning the network’s creators sharing personal information. Facebook reportedly sold users’ data to certain companies. According to the network’s creators, users shared their data, which was not confidential. This means almost anyone can find some personal information and use it. Teenagers are the most vulnerable users, who may reveal their personal information to criminals without even realizing the danger. To prevent privacy invasion and associated crimes, Facebook should be banned. Facebook gives us access to a lot of information that is very personal. It allows us to see what our friends are up to daily, where they’re hanging out, and with whom they’re hanging out. This can be useful because it helps us keep tabs on people we care about. However, this same information can be misused by people with bad intentions who want to use it against others.

The rise in false Fame

Social media can give its users a false sense of popularity. People addicted to Facebook and Twitter often feels they are loved and wanted by lots of people, and they have a big fan following. However, it is essential to remember that this type of acceptance and popularity means nothing in reality. It is just another way to make people feel bad about themselves. It is easy to get addicted to Facebook since it appears as though you are loved and wanted among a vast mass of people. However, this is not the case in reality, and your sense of justice may be impaired. It’s all an illusion. People lose their sense of determination and find it hard to cope with real life.

Ruined Relationship

Moreover, such networks also lead to the collapse of relationships. Divorce lawyers claim cyber affairs lead to an increase in marriage breakdowns (Insley, 2009). People find old friends on Facebook and often substitute real-life communication with cyber communication. Eventually, many people break their real-life relationships to build new ones, which often terminate very soon. Facebook should be made illegal so that people do not replace their real lives with virtual worlds and eventually break up with partners or friends from whom they can derive no satisfaction. Family and friends are those people who support us through thick and thin. They are the ones who love you, always lend a hand and make sure you’re doing okay. But, with social media taking over our lives, millennials are losing touch with these people. They shut them out and chase after strangers they barely know or don’t know. This weakens their bonds with the people close to them and distances them from these individuals.

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After Facebook, It’s Difficult To Socialize 

Socializing is essential in our work and educational lives. It’s the ability to form alliances with others through direct communication and a two-way exchange of words and information. People who use Facebook as a medium for communication always resort to it repeatedly because they find it an accessible medium to express their thoughts and ideas. However, they neglect their face-to-face communication skills because they are so used to communicating through social media. As a result, they have trouble forming relationships in real-life scenarios and making real-life bonds with people. They lack the fundamental ability to convey their thoughts directly to people in front of them, outside the virtual world. In such situations, they experience nervousness or shyness around others—or avoid social events altogether. People use social media to communicate with each other all the time, but they also find it easier than talking in real life because they don’t have to be nervous.   Top  

  Fb is Good for Business and hence for the Economy.   Facebook helps businesses to grow. The social media platform has allowed businessmen, women, and organizations to take their products and services to more extensive prospects. It is through Facebook that you can reach out to more customers. For your business to succeed on this platform facebook provides these features.   Create a Page for Your Business: This is one of the first steps you can take to promote your business on Facebook. You can create a page where you can post updates regarding your business, keep your clients informed about what’s happening in the company, and provide them with coupons or discounts.   Increase Website Traffic: An active Facebook page for your business will increase website traffic because people will get to know more about your company through the social media platform. They will also be able to learn more about what other people think about your company through their comments and likes on posts.   Create an Email List: Another essential thing you should do is create an email list of potential customers interested in buying your products or services online. You can send them newsletters once every two weeks or so with promotions on certain items only available during certain seasons or days of the week, like Black Friday deals. With the help of Facebook, you can reach out to more people in your niche market and get them interested in what you have to offer. You can also use it as a tool for customer service, which can enhance your reputation as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Facebook is an essential tool for accountability and transparency.   When you use Facebook, you’re not only able to connect with friends and family but also with people from your community who share the same values as you. You can learn about events in your area or find out what others are doing to make the world a better place.

But Facebook doesn’t just have the power to help you connect with others—it can also help you hold yourself accountable for your actions. When someone posts about their accomplishments or challenges, it’s inspiring! It helps us feel like we’re not alone in our efforts to make the world a better place. Facebook effectively allows governments to network and advocate for transparency, accountability, and other vital issues. It should not be banned entirely because many offices need it to push their advocacy, and promote openness and clear accountability. Facebook connects everyone to the world, which could help keep employees motivated by being in close contact with their loved ones. Government should create a transparent system of regulation to prevent abuse and neglect of actual work.

Facebook is good for emotional relief.

Some people have tension releaser needs. Some individuals who are depressed use this platform to free themselves from psychological and emotional stress. They log into Facebook, watch funny comedy videos, view interesting memes, and read exciting pieces. They get to be relieved emotionally or psychologically.

Many people regard it as a social media platform. Still, in reality, it is not just a way of connecting with friends and family anymore but also an effective tool for releasing stress and tension. People can use this platform to share their feelings that they could not express in real life due to fear of rejection by others.

It has become one of the most visited websites where people can share their thoughts freely without worrying about being judged by others. In particular, if they post something that might offend someone because there is no face-to-face interaction, unlike when talking to someone face-to-face. A study by the University of Michigan revealed that people with depression tend to be more active on social media than their peers without depression. This could explain why social media has become a go-to place for those who are depressed and want to find some comfort in the digital world.

Fb helps in Crisis   If you’re in the middle of a disaster, Facebook has a tool called Safety Check that lets you let loved ones know you are safe. It’s fast and effective and lets friends and family feel less worried about you.

If you’ve never been caught up in a flood, volcanic eruption, or mass riot, it might not be clear just how valuable this tool is. But if you have ever experienced such an event—and especially if you haven’t—you probably understand just how important it can be to know that your loved ones are okay. Facebook is a great way to keep up with the latest news and information, whether from your favorite celebrity or your local government. Facebook has been used to help people in Crisis. When disaster strikes, there’s no better way to get help than through Facebook. In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit New York City and surrounding areas, People used Facebook to coordinate rescue efforts and provide updates on what was happening. And because of this use of social media during crises, we can expect that more governments will use Facebook as a tool for emergency management.

Facebook gives a lot of control to its users.   You can choose exactly how you want to use Facebook: Who are your friends? How much are you sharing with them? And what kind of content do you see in your feed? Fb is not like Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network lets you decide exactly how you want to use it, who you’re friends with and how much you share with it.

If you don’t want to see political posts or status updates about people’s weekend plans, then unfollow them or hide those updates by clicking on the three dots icon at the top right-hand corner of their post. And if someone posts something that isn’t appropriate or interesting to you – even if it was a friend – they won’t be able to tag you in photos or videos anymore.

You can also change your settings so that only certain friends are allowed to message or comment on your posts.    This means that if someone isn’t on your approved list, then they won’t be able to get hold of your email address or phone number through Messenger (even though Messenger does allow them to make video calls). In other words, Facebook is the only place where you can keep your online life personal and still be able to connect with people who matter most in your life.   Top  

  This is a tricky question since the term “ban” isn’t an appropriate one. The average person on the street might say yes to a ban if they believe that Facebook is against the law; however, we can assume that most of you reading this aren’t looking for that level of commitment. It’s hard to say whether or not Facebook should be banned. At the moment, it does serve a good purpose. It helps connect people in ways that make sense and allow us to share our thoughts and ideas daily. However, People can misuse anything; perhaps the only way forward is for the society as a whole to have an honest in-person conversation about Facebook’s place among modern social media sites and whether or not there are other tools out there (perhaps ones which aren’t as all-consuming) that could better suit our needs. The disadvantages are mainly due to the time spent on the site. The user could combat them by limiting time spent or perhaps leaving the Facebook app open but actively doing work in another program. Regarding socialising, Facebook has its downsides, but it can ultimately make a user happier with its potential to allow for deeper communication. Overall, Facebook is not too bad, and we recommend people learn to use it wisely.   Top   Recommended Read

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