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Life is precious. In this lesson, you will learn to write essays in two different sets on life as a gift. It will help you in articulating your thoughts in the upcoming exams.

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Essay on life is a gift in 200 words.

A gift is viewed as something unique, valuable, and mysterious. Life is the most priceless and precious gift our parents have bestowed upon us. It’s a fascinating journey full of adventures with unknown and unexpected elements. It can fill us with love, happiness, and a feeling of purpose.

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Essay on Life is a Gift in 500 words

We must embed our lives with the people we love. We must preach kindness. If we are kind to one another and respect humanity, life will be kind to us and appreciate our existence. We all should have a motto that shall help us make this earth a better place. We must work on the legacy we wish to leave behind us. It must be something that would be cherished by the ones who know the ones who are strangers to us and us. 

After all, life is not a bed full of roses, but it gives occasional prickly thorns in our pathway, which we must tread carefully. We can take the flower lily as an inspiration. Although it lasts for a brief period, its aroma creates a freshening and beautiful environment. Living life honourably is the duty of every human being. We must spend our life inspiring others with thoughts that stir ecstasy. We must apprehend that life is a gift and not a burden.

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Essay on Life is a Precious Gift [ Being Thankful to Life ]

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Life is a gift but what makes it like a gift? Let us find out why life is considered as a gift in the first place and what is its importance in life. Read the Following short & Long Essay on Life is Precious Gift, with images, quotes for children

Essay on Life is Precious Gift | Short & Long Essay for Students

Gift is something that one receives without giving anything back in return. The person who gives the gift can be anyone from a fiancée to a friend or even a relative. In the same way life is considered as a gift because it comes for free and nobody has to pay for it. There’s no need to work hard in order to earn life.

Essay on life is precious gift

Life is a gift because it’s not promised to any of us. We know that we are born with time and the clock is ticking. And it goes by quickly, like sand slips through your fingers. Some of us see life as an arrow; others think life must be a river, a stream that flows and moves without end. Everything is temporary – everything changes. The only thing that’s constant is change itself.

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Life is precious because it’s so short. We are born, we live for a while, and then we die. That’s the definition of life in just a few words. The time that passes between birth and death is what makes life precious. Living is fun! It’s amazing to have eyes, ears, hands, legs – everything to be able to see, hear, feel and touch the world. It’s fun! Life is a gift because we may never know when it ends if we don’t cherish every moment of it.

Life is a blessing because we’re alive! We have the ability to feel. To see, hear, taste and smell what’s around us. Life doesn’t offer such opportunities every day of the week. A new day brings with it new experiences that you can share with others or keep locked away inside. Life doesn’t only bring the good stuff – it also brings problems and challenges that need to be dealt with.

Life is a present because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. You start this adventure called life, enter a world filled with strange people, things and experiences – it’s just plain weird. Sometimes you get the feeling that the world is doing its best to trip you up, but life is a present because you can take it or leave it – nobody’s making you stay. Life itself is just an opportunity for us to become better human beings for ourselves and others.   Life isn’t given to you; it’s something you make.

Being thankful for Life

I think that life is a gift because we never know when it ends. It’s not promised to anyone and lost in the blink of an eye. We need to be thankful for every single moment we have, because there are millions of people who don’t have even one moment. Think about this: when everyone comes together, you can make a big difference in the lives of a few people. And when a few people come together, they can make a big difference in the lives of many people.

The gift of life is precious because it’s not promised to anyone and lost in an instant. It reminds us that every moment matters, every meeting matters and every person matters. We need to live our lives every moment of it every day, because one day we might not have that chance anymore. So let’s not waste a single minute. Let’s live while we’re alive.

Life is a present that you can choose to take or leave. You need to appreciate everything you’ve got, because one day it might be gone. Sometimes life isn’t pretty; sometimes things go wrong and you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. But there are great things out their waiting for us every day if we look for

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Life is a gift, so be thankful for everything you have and everything that happens to you. Life will never be the same again if we change just one small thing.

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Life is a Gift Essay

A lot more a gift.

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Costly honor; a spark; an excitement. Most of us have a global of our own. A wise creator, Albert Camus, once stated, “you will never be happy in the event you continue to look for what pleasure consists of. You will not live if you are searching for the meaning of life” (Albert Camus).

Life is about living to your fullest capabilities; why spend our time looking for this is of each breathing we take? Everyone is a element of life. Every life includes a world of its very own.

I believe the meaning of life, described by Victor E. Frankl, is to locate meaning within our own life. Each and every person on this world has a meaning to his own existence, and is an exceptional and independent individual. And thus, the question comes, “Who am i not? ” The answer then is I. I actually am who also I am, and not one individual can ever before change that.

My life is exceedingly meaningful, and is composed of a series of rituals, experiences, an abundant amount of mistakes, and a lot of various thoughts. According to the article, The Rite of Passage, a habit “help[s] all of us understand the within our lives and present meaning to experiences” we undergo. Traditions express who we are today, as well as the aggregate, final amount of our actions, feelings, and thoughts which enables each person nowadays, a single, individual person. A good example of a major habit and life-changing event in the Odyssey may be the trial of the bow. Throughout this scene, a disguised Odysseus surpassed a hard task, as he without hard work strung the challenging ribbon and bow.

Odysseus, following laying the arrow for the arch, taken the enormous bow “with careful aim, not miss[ing] an axe’s ring via first to last” (Homer 2011). This scene makes a change in not merely Odysseus’s lifestyle, but as well his boy, Telemachus, wonderful wife, Penelope. The trial of the bend is an important Rite of Passage, offering value to each one among their lives.

Just like Odysseus, I have progressed through a numerous amount of rituals, along with encounters, mistakes, truths and activities, all prior to the fourteen year old girl I am today. Although each person provides a different thoughts and opinions on what surrounds all of us, I believe the size of the whole world is full of the unknown. The earth is a frightening place to take, it encloses us in, with nothing but mystery.

This can be a frightening point, to move about with your existence not knowing what will happen in the next few moments, yet that is what life is everything regarding; the not known. We surround ourselves with questions that may never be answered; however we need to learn how to live life in the present, not taking into consideration the future jointly step put into effect. No one nowadays is reckless, in fact , in respect to They would. L. Mencken, “The 1 permanent feeling of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.

What he wants above everything else is safety” (H. T. Mencken). In agreement to Mencken, nothing at all in this world is secure; we squander seconds; minutes; hours; possibly days worrying about our fears.

Worrying about the fears of the unknown. I believe we can’t relate to this unknown universe, however , we could live with it. Rather than waking up everyday wondering the actual unknown is, we need to awaken everyday centering on what we do understand, and interpreting that data into whatever we understand. In order to find the meaning within our lives, we each want control over existence. I control my life totally.

I cause me to feel own decisions, choose my own individual actions, and control my reactions. We have full control over our very own lives. However , the one believe we do not include control over is definitely other people’s actions and decisions. Although we have the energy in our individual lives, others may effect our decision, choices, and conclusions.

Most of these factors have an effect on whom were, along with the fact that we can’t control others reactions, which may cause poor influence upon us. For example , in the new, The Journey, Odysseus sails a long trip home, facing many disruptions, challenges, and adventures. This individual encounters a number of monsters that stop him in his course, including Cyclops, The Sirens, and Poseidon.

Although Odysseus can control his actions, and the approach he battles, he has a weakness with regards to his oppositions. Just like Odysseus, we can control our activities and answers, but when it comes to having others involves, we have no control of how they can work and make their options. Living life openly, with no misgivings, and achieving all of our desired goals. That is a fulfilling life.

Choosing risks, without having to worry, loving yourself, being happy with our accomplishments, and experiencing all different thoughts is what a lot more all about. Numerous various feelings occur throughout existence; we need pleasure, excitement, fears, anger, and in many cases tears to lead a fulfilling life. In the 3rd party reading new, entitled Speak; Melinda Sordino writes about emotions and feelings, “When people don’t express themselves, they will die one particular piece by a time” (Anderson 58). Melinda believes the reasons we all need to express themselves is because everybody needs to encounter all kinds of thoughts in order to have interaction and stay alive. In the Odyssey, The two Odysseus and Telemachus are involved by an overwhelming amount of emotions.

Without the emphasis with their feelings without the novel, the storyplot would have a smaller amount meaning and would not be as dramatic. Emotions add to our day-to-day conversations and feelings to each other. We require them to live a fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle.

I believe, to find the meaning of my life, I have to sit back, relax, and let the issue answer on its own. In order to endure, and live for as long as possible, I have to appreciate my life in the present. Not become thinking about the long term, and exactly where life is gonna take me personally; but live life as it is delivered to me, instead of bringing personally to my life. By being affected person and allowing my life come to me in the future, I am sure to survive for a for a longer time, happier, plus more exciting time period.

Yet, by the end to each person’s life, the knowledge of fatality must affect. Getting themselves ready for this kind of unpredictable working day is very easy, as long as we’ve accomplished anything that we have attempted to achieve, death may look whenever seems the need to. It is just a misfortunate point, though, as being a deaths develop so quickly and instantly, we do not have got time to declare our goodbyes. Nor do the victims have got time to obtain their desired goals, and spread wishes.

A good example of a sudden death is in the new entitles Shed for Terms, by Alice Kuipers. In the story, Sophie’s older sibling died traumatically in a immediate train bombing. Due to the loss of life, it cut Sophie’s friends and family apart. They will stopped speaking with each other, and everything started to be awkward between her and her mom.

Because of the unforeseen death at such a age, her sister was, sorrowfully, certainly not ready for her time to come. Your woman may never have achieved her goals is obviously, and got to consider as many dangers as life leads her too, making it an even greater tragedy for Sophie and her relatives. There were a number of dreadful fatalities in the Odyssey as well. These kinds of included Odysseus’ crew, Odysseus’ mother, and a lot of suitors. By reading most of these disastrous displays and testimonies about loss of life, I have learned that in order to get back together myself to get the inevitability of fatality, I need to begin living warring with many dangers, and no regrets.

By living my life without the doubts, and enjoying living in the present, I am able to be sure to live a long, rewarding life, ready for the fortune of fatality for whenever it determines to doom on me personally. I believe this is of existence, is to discover meaning within our own, person lives. By simply waiting for existence to come to me personally, and savoring the present in a way of joy, enjoyment, and risks, I am able to be sure to sooner or later come to a full comprehension of why My spouse and i am below, living today. Each existence has a associated with its own, and person his own life.

Each person in this world will have another type of story to share, and a different sort of meaning and impact on our world today.

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essay on life a gift

Importance Of Life A Precious Gift Essay

What is life worth amanda ripley analysis.

In conclusion, I believe that the value of life really means what you make of it if you are happy in the end. The value of life is what you make of it. Most people don’t understand the value of life and most people wouldn 't even know what you were talking about. If you ask anyone what they think the value of life means the probably wouldn 't know like i did before we started this

Grieving In Marie Howe's What The Living Do

People don 't realize what they have until it 's gone, and the same can be said for life itself.throughout the poem "What the Living Do" by Marie Howe, she pinpoints how important life truly is. While Howe is devestated by her brothers death, she begins to understand the meaning of ones existence. Even though she shuts down due to her loss, she comes to the conclusion that those small moments are the most important. It is only through loss that life can truly be appreciated.

Death With Dignity Act: An Ethical Analysis

American political leader Anna Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” There are some people that live their lives happily everyday while there are some that are living in bitterness. Life is a cycle that everyone experiences from childhood to adolescence to adulthood and finally ends with death. Some may believe that maybe if a human being is no longer content with life anymore, then he or she might as well no longer be alive. The issue of euthanasia has been one of the most discussed ethical situations among healthcare workers and patients. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is described as “the act of practice

Roger Ebert The Essential Man Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Most people say life is extremely valuable and every day is a gift. Personally, I did not believe life was very valuable until I was medicated. With my mental illnesses every day of my life is a struggle, and I have to take medications to have normal brain functions like most people. Before I started taking Zoloft I thought it would be a magic pill that would immediately cure me and make me happy. The first few weeks I honestly thought I was dying, but I believed my doctors when they said the benefits would outweigh the side effects. After years of struggling with depression and anxiety I started believing I was functioning like a real human should.

Live Each Moment For What Is Worth By Erma Bombeck Analysis

Have you ever had a slow moving day and just wondered what life is truly about? Is it about having big dreams and working to accomplish them, or is it about enjoying yourself and creating great memories with the opportunity life throws at you? From my stand point it is about enjoying every single day and creating wonderful memories because you never know when your last day may be. Erma Bombeck, the author, emphasizes on the article mainly by stating, “Live each moment for what is worth,” in which she discusses that people should take advantage of opportunities presented to them before it is too late. She is encouraging people, mainly women, to not make excuses for why they are unable to do something.

Thomas Jefferson's 'Determine Never To Be Idle'

Thomas Jefferson wrote, ''Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.” In this quote Jefferson perfectly sums up life. Life and time should not be wasted by inactivity but instead should be spent with/on productivity. The purpose of life is to live and to be industrious. By constantly being active a person can accomplish many tasks and possibly goals. Being industrious and productive leads to performing well in life. Life has a time limit and therefore one should not waste it by being idle or unproductive.

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Have you ever missed a loved one or just the memories with that person? Well if so, you have most likely heard the quote, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other

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Look at a tree. What does it look like? It has branches, and leaves and a trunk, right? Now, think about one’s life. It also has branches and leaves and a trunk. The branches of one’s life are the events that happen in it. All of the events that give someone choices. The leaves are one’s choices. There is always another leaf, another choice. There is always the right leaf and the wrong leaf. Then, the trunk is one’s self. It holds all of one’s choices, good or bad. It holds all of the events one has experienced, good or bad. Life is full of choices. It is important to know that. For one to live their life to the fullest, they can focus on the positive. Someone can accept change, in one’s self and others around them.

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I am writing separately because I do not believe Florida’s sentencing scheme violates Hurst’s sixth amendment. I agree with the dissent that Apprendi and Ring should be overruled in favor of something more in line with Walton and our precedent prior to the new millennium. I concur in the judgment, however, because the jury’s role in Florida’s capital sentencing scheme is unconstitutional. Florida does not require unanimity or a feeling of responsibility by the jury in the death sentencing scheme. Also, Florida only requires a simple-majority vote to render its verdict instead of one that is unanimous.

Themes In Night By Elie Wiesel

The Holocaust was a very dark and tragic period in history, and if you were a prisoner you may wonder, Why am I here? Why don’t I give up already? Or maybe even what is the meaning of life? Elie Wiesel’s memoir shows the meaning of life, through personal experiences of extreme tragedy, complete brutality, and terrifying torment by the hands of German Nazis, in his literary piece Night.

Value Of Life In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

There are many articles, passages, and stories about placing a monetary value on human lives. They all ask “Can you put a value on human life?” or “Are some lives worth more than other?” In these writings they attempt to put a value on lives and estimate the monetary compensation for the death of the person(s). I will say, in the least, despite popular belief and opinion, you can’t put a monetary value on any life.

Life Essay: What Is The Value Of Life

What is the value of life? To me the value of life is cherishing every moment that comes to me. To make sure with every experience to take it to heart and learn some kind of lesson out of it. life is like a mountain, at certain points throughout the climb it is going to be really tough mentally and emotionally. Other times it’s going to be so easy fun and smoothe until… one hits that bump in the road again. We may think to ourselves the only option is to give up, to stop the climb and lose all complete motivation to continue. That’s when the friends and family are there to help us, to pick us up, and to help motivate us to continue the climb.

Essay On Values In Life

Values are principles that people hold important to them in life. As I gotten older my values have changed based on my experience, knowledge, and goals. Since I am in college and the field of social work forced me to open my eyes to different things and ideas I would 've never thought of. Five values that are important to me while I am on this journey of becoming a social worker is my education, positive energy, not judging people based on their past, a reflect and meditate on my life, and be a generous to other.

Definition Essay: The Meaning Of Life

I believe people over think this question too much, I mean I get it, the question itself is vague and arises other questions. Even the word "meaning ", makes you think. But if we mean "the purpose of life. Then to me it 's not complex at all. The meaning of life is whatever we choose it to be. We are in control of given our life meaning, it 's all a matter of perspective. If you decided you want to live your life a certain way and that way makes you happy, then you 're given your life meaning. The meaning of life to me is just to live a healthy, happy, honest lifestyle. A life I can look back at and feel proud of. I love being someone people can look up to, so I work really hard to make myself and others happy. I take much pride in being a good daughter, sister, and friend. I do things that I know deep down inside gives my life purpose, and a few of those things are caring for people, inspiring, learning and helping animals. The meaning of life is complex and a touchy subject for many but to me the simple answer is simply this: the meaning of life is

Speech About Challenges In Life

In our life, there are periods of challenges that we must face, but the real challenge is how we grow and learn from overcoming them. Being naive children, we believed that life was simplistic and effortless. Well, we were wrong, we can only yearn for life to be easy. Growing up, we continue to face countless hurdles that only get bigger and bigger. My life, in particular, has been filled with numerous up and downs. It felt like I was in an endless roller coaster going up and down. Some believe that life is filled with obstacles and experiences that will help us pave the path to our own successes. But is that really accurate? There are some points in life when I’ve felt that I would never conquer a problem. From trying to learn to walk, to making big decisions that would affect the outcome of life. There are always complications and doubts that block our path. What job am I to choose? What university do I apply for? These thoughts will soon turn into a bitter reality. A reality that we will have to face. I would do anything to go back in time when I thought learning division was complicated as untying a series of knots. Sadly, this is the harsh reality, but even in this reality, we see even ourselves getting through a barrier. Life isn’t a game where you only have one try. Even when we stumble a thousand times, we can still manage to get back up, and it’s that thing about life that leaves me in awe. Life is a series of failures and lessons. Sometimes, even failures are

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To some, being poor is embarrassing and shameful, but to a select group of people; being poor is something they’re grateful to be. They embrace it and use it to their advantage to achieve better lives

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"The Gift of Life" is a book written by Bonnie Glass-Coffin. This book is a make up from what Ms. Glass-Coffin experienced while she was in Peru. She observed male and female shamans who did many different types of healing rituals. Ms. Glass-Coffin stated that she believes that women shamans are more often know to involve their patients into what they are doing in their healings where as men get in and out to do the fight. In this though I will be looking at an overview of the chapters and going into some detail about what that chapter was about or explaining.

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A couple years ago, I noticed something while my mother was taking me to the mall. It was an indigent man with a sign stating “Help me”. Often as a child, I wanted to assist needy individuals around me. This seemed like a substantial opportunity to make that into a reality, I opened my car window and held out change. He came running and took the money while uttering the words “God Bless You”. This hit me hard. I thought about this for a while and it occurred to me that we take our lives for granted, but don’t realize that millions and millions of people cannot enjoy life because money is an immense need. In third world countries, there are not enough money and facilities available. Being born and growing up in Canada, I didn't realize that

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As the morning sun rises, most of us awake to a day of never ending opportunities and possibilities to make a living of ourselves. But for others, the rest of the day only brings tension and desperation as they attempt to survive with barely anything. The condition or quality of being financially unstable; in need; inferiority; inadequacy; scarcity of the most basic necessities, this is known as poverty. To common folk, this term makes us naturally visualize adults losing a typical well paid job or home and simply transition to ‘being poor’. In the United States, poverty is mainly characterized in terms of income level and how poor adults have been perceived as different from the rest of society generally due to their lack of money and access to all the world.

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What is the meaning of life? Well known Greek philosphers such as Socrates and Plato believed that our purpose in this life was to gain knowledge in preparation for the next life. Other Philosophers such as Epicurus believed that pleasure is the main goal in life. After giving these ideas lots of thought, I have come to my own conclusion that the true meaning of life is far more complex than either of these; far too complex for any human to fully comprehend. In fact these two different philosophies are only part of the grand picture. If it were that easy for men to figure out our lives wouldn't be so messed up now. The meaning of life revolves around many different things. I

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The expectations for an elegant, extremely comfortable lifestyle have gotten much higher, when the reality is that 85% of the world’s population are living in countries with extremely high poverty rates. In the dictionary, the word poverty means “the state of being extremely poor” and when people think of poverty, they think of struggling african families or malnourished children in continents like Africa. Contrary to what people think, America is a country where there is a lot of poverty. In 2015, 43.1 million americans were in poverty with the highest number being children under the age of 18. Compared to africa, America’s poverty rates are significantly low. In a study conducted in 2010, it showed that more than 414 million people in the

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This case surrounds the controversy brought about by the Arizona state legislature defunding life-saving organ transplant operations. In 1987, the Arizona state legislature voted to eliminate funding for most organ transplants for the indigent through the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). At the same time of this decision, the legislature voted to extend health coverage to pregnant women and children in a “notch group.” The public controversy began when Dianna Brown died after being denied coverage for a liver transplant that would have saved her life. After her death, there was wide spread

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Though our society has adapted and developed, inequality remains prevalent all around the world. Our society assigns value to human live based on ethnicity and gender. Currently around the world there are over 30 million slaves in which 60,000 are in the United States. Even though slavery has been abolished in nearly every country many people still measure the value of individuals in cents and dollars. Should life be calculated in terms of money? How should we as a society assign value to a persons life? I personally believe that you can't assign a price to someones life and you shouldn’t It’s both politically and morally unjust.

Life Essay : The True Meaning Of Life

Life as we know it could vanish within seconds. The next day is not promised to anyone that walks on this earth. As we live our everyday lives peacefully, we tend not to think what our mission or purpose in life is. Instead, we think what we must do for that to be a “successful” person. Despite this way of thinking, just think for a second. What makes life meaningful? What is life anyway? These questions dive right into the heart of the philosophical, psychological, and the biological aspects of life and what the true meaning of life is. This is a very arguable topic due to every person’s different perspective on life and what it means to them. In summary, I personally think that life is simply what you make of it and each person’s accomplishments has its own merit

Lessons of Life Essay

All through life, we experience various occasions when decision-making become necessary. A number of them present themselves in difficult forms and at crucial points. Most of the verdict we take will eventually figure and describe our track of lives. These are what we refer to as lessons of life. Choices never present themselves in an easy way. In some instance we are always forced to pay a price to achieve something. This implies that we are trading for an outcome we are seeking.

The Meaning of Life and Death Essay

The abstract idea of life cannot be explained by such simple ideas as being animated, breathing, or speaking. Ordinary machines in this century can perform all of these basic functions. The quandary with defining death is not as abstract and elusive as that of life. The problem of defining life and death has plagued philosophers and the religious bodies for thousands of years for one reason; each philosophy or religion has tried to define the meaning of life and death from only their certain perspective. The seemingly appropriate approach to this problem would be to understand the ideas presented in various philosophies and religions and through this knowledge create a new definition for each idea of life

Essay on The Meaning of Life

My few years on this planet have been a bit confusing. I have learned of many aspects of life from which one can draw meaning, if indeed such meaning can be drawn. I have also learned that there can be no singular meaning of life to stand for us all, or even any one of us. What I have learned above all is that trying to put words to the meaning of life is a task of absolute absurdity. This is not to be confused with the idea that life has no meaning, for life certainly has meaning. However, there is no single meaning of life to be defined - life is different for us all. Therefore, rather than define life for an entire planet, I shall try to explain what life means as I perceive it, and why it means so.

My Philosophy of Life Essay

I can remember as a child always asking myself the "why" questions of life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why do certain things happen? And is there really a God? I had always kept these questions to myself and eventually pushed them out of my mind altogether. I was raised in a Christian household and you just were not allowed to ask questions of that nature and doubt the faith. The world is the way it is because God made it that way and that is all there is to it. I was really excited to take this class because it would finally give me the opportunity to exercise my personal thoughts and beliefs. I have come to agree with Socrates that "the unexamined life is not worth living." In my opinion life is a combination of

     I can remember as a child always asking myself the “why” questions of life. What is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What is the purpose of life? Why do certain things happen? And is there really a God? I had always kept these questions to myself and eventually pushed them out of my mind altogether. I was raised in a Christian household and you just were not allowed to ask questions of that nature and doubt the faith. The world is the way it is because God made it that way and that is all there is to it. I was really excited to take this class because it would finally give me the opportunity to exercise my personal thoughts and beliefs. I have come to agree with Socrates that “the unexamined life is not

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Jackson Wang is definitely a triple threat. Jackson is a rapper, singer and dancer, best known as a member of the popular K-Pop group, GOT 7. He has notably appeared on the Korean reality television show Roommate. Here’s more ...

As much as DeVore Ledridge is famed as an American actress, she's to the same extent, popular as a social media personality. Among her not very many works as an actress, she is commonly praised for her roles in Clique Wars ...

In today’s society there are many who believe that being tall allows a person to be more respected to better advantages. However, there are actually quiet a few good things about being short as opposed to being tall. For ...

The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries were a time period of great change. Religion was heavily important in day to day life. The printing press was developed in 1450, this increased the production of books. This pushed for the ...

Today, even with all these leading models, there isn’t just one that is superior. Many clinicians feel that abnormal behavior can have more than one cause, which leads them to the biopsychosocial model. These therapists take the ...

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Life Is a Gift

essay on life a gift

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Life is about being able to live the day you are given, and live in present time and not in the past.…

Roger Ebert: Encouraging The Value Of Life

Life is something humans may or may not take for granted. We all have the ability to leave good and bad impressions on people before we die. We all experience pleasure, happiness, and sorrow. Some spend more time with certain emotions than others. Whether one decides to live a life that is pessimistic or optimistic, only oneself can decide how valuable their life is and can be. Through your good and bad actions, you ultimately decide how valuable your life is, and based on your decisions in life, people will have a negative or positive view on you.…

Mccandless 'Into The Wild': Comparing The Book And Movie

What is life for human beings ? Is a life of mere existence worth living? Is that what we want? Or do we want to be just like McCandless and actually live life to the fullest by taking chances to discover our deeper selves. I'm not saying we should all go do something that we want to and go die. What I'm saying is that life is…

why is hi good

“When I was very little, my father used to say, ‘if you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die’” (54).…

House On Mango Street By Esperanza

Life is not always simple, bad things may happen to us, however we can always choose to rise above, overcome the struggles and start our life over despite setbacks.…

Why I'm Optimistic About Our Nation's Future

If we did not have optimism, we would wind up looking at temporary setbacks as unscalable, permanent obstacles. When we don’t have any hope, there is no reason to work hard, to push forward, and to try again. But instead, it is really easier to give up, to give in, and to make do with what is already there.…

alchemisst project

Hardship or catastrophic events can change our values and morals. When life is difficult, one must stay optimistic, and hope for the best. You must think of the situation as a new opportunity, because everything happens for a reason. Like people say, “People who follow their dreams are most likely to achieve great happiness."…

Phil Jackson Sacred Hoops

I completely agree with this because life is definitely not always going to be how you want it to be. For instance, when you are going through life and it consists of turns and loops but it will always lead back into a positive point through time. When you’re on this so-called “rollercoaster” it is yourself that decides how thrilling or frightening your life is going to be. An example would be Michael Jordan in high school. During Michael Jordan’s sophomore year in high school he got kicked out the basketball team. This would unfortunately be a “down” for him on his “life rollercoaster”. But little did that coach know he became the best basketball player and athlete on the planet. So while Michael was going “up” on his rollercoaster, I know for sure that the coach definitely regretted his decision from cutting him from the team. This type of motivation should inspire the world to do great things and be the best that they can even though someone is telling you that you can’t do it. In other words never give up on what you love doing. Overall everybody has there ups and downs throughout life and when you are in the down part of life just know that there will be loop that will put you back up top of the…

The best things in life don’t have a price on them, they come from the heart. You don’t need money or possessions to be happy and enjoy life, most of life freebies are amongst us everyday. The best things in life that are free consist of love, your kids, family, friends, god, rare hugs, kisses, sunshine, the beach and priceless gifts. They don’t come with a struggle. Some people think that money, cars, houses and other materialistic things will bring joy to their lives. Those things don’t last forever they only bring temporary joy and happiness. But little do they know the more money the more problems and can cause an enormous amount of stress. Most people think that just because you have money that all of your problems go away instantly .The greatest happiness comes from hugs and kisses that people receive from their kids or mate, they love you uncondionally no matter what. Friends and family are always there for you; they have your back and bring happiness to your life. Good laughs and fun activities with your family or friends can be fulfilling in ones life. Small gifts from family or friends such as flowers or cards that just say I love you or I am thinking about you can go a long way. Caring for someone on a random basis can bring great joy. Sometimes just a small hello or a helping hand can go a long way to someone who needs it and you may not know that they do. Sometimes people get caught up in their own life’s they don’t find the time to help others in need. A relaxing day like going to the beach and walking the sand and watching the sun set can be soothing to ones mind, body and soul. It doesn’t cost a thing to call a friend on the phone laughing and chatting with them for hours about old memories or good times. Getting together with family to watch movies, play board games or other activates is priceless endless fun. Watch your…

Eddie Rickenbacker's Story

Sometimes life can have its ups and downs but it’s all for a purpose. This crazy rollercoaster is a part of life and it’s just a ride until we get to where we need to be. We sometimes take our life for granted and aren’t as appreciative of what we have we should all be thankful for everything we have in our lives. Every up and down is for a reason so we shouldn’t give up so easily when things start to get hard. With every bad comes something good and we should all have a positive outlook on life and its twist and turns.…

Quotes From 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

We must face our life everyday as a new beginning. We must thank God that we our alive and he gave us another day to use to have a new adventure, to correct our wrongs from another day, to make someone happy and to make your life more…

George Harrison Accomplishments

This is quite an abstract quote, but it makes a lot of sense. People worry about what they should do with their lives, but even if they are uncertain, things have a way of falling into place.…

Straight Edge: Subculture And Social Movement

life is people who I respect, living and teaching by example, and I trust that human beings…

Commencement Argumentative Essay

Life is very short and should be cherished. You never know what is going to happen in life, so we have to take it day by day. Life is a beautiful thing that could get taken away at any moment. The good things in life make it worth living, and nothing should be taken for granted.…

Military Letter To My Father

This taught me nothing is forever and positivity was the only way to get me through bad days. I remind myself on bad days that it could always be worse, so I should live today to my full capability because there’s always tomorrow. If I do my best on my bad days, I will do greater on good days. Nothing is forever, so I have to do my best today, in hope that tomorrow will bring me something I’ve been waiting…

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  1. Essay on Life is a Gift [200, 500 Words] With PDF

    Essay on Life is a Gift in 500 words A gift is regarded as special, valuable, and mysterious. Life is the most precious gift that our parents have given us. It is a delightful journey packed with adventures containing unknown and unanticipated elements. It has the tremendous potential to provide us with love, happiness, and a sense of meaning.

  2. Essay on Life is a Precious Gift [ Being Thankful to Life ]

    Gift is something that one receives without giving anything back in return. The person who gives the gift can be anyone from a fiancée to a friend or even a relative. In the same way life is considered as a gift because it comes for free and nobody has to pay for it. There’s no need to work hard in order to earn life.

  3. Essay On Life Is A Gift - 1125 Words | Internet Public Library

    Life is a gift. Never take it for granted.” This quote is short but full of meaning; life is a gift from God and not all of us are able to receive this gift. Some of us are given but just for a short period of time. We are lucky to live our life until this very moment.

  4. Personal Essay : The Gift Of Life - 1717 Words | Bartleby

    The gift of life is one of the most valuable and precious things that we have been given. When I take a step back and think about what life means to me, I think of a life full of experience and taking everything into perspective, living each day like it could be my last. I very much cherish my life and live it to the fullest.

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    Life is a Gift Essay Essay Topics: Albert Camus, Desired goals, Each person, Essay, Life, Meaning life, This world, Category: Materials Art, Words: 1542 | Published: 11.13.19 | Views: 675 | Download now A lot more a gift. Check the price for your assignment. Get a 100% Plagiarism-Free Essay Get essay Costly honor; a spark; an excitement.

  6. Importance Of Life A Precious Gift Essay |

    Human life is truly a very precious gift. Each and every moment of life brings us an opportunity. An opportunity to act to develop and express our virtues. Each moment opens the path to us receive blessings. This is true that life gives us both positive and negative situations. What is really important is how we respond.

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    The gift of life is one of the most valuable and precious things that we have been given. When I take a step back and think about what life means to me, I think of a life full of experience and taking everything into perspective, living each day like it could be my last. I very much cherish my life and live it to the fullest.

  8. Life Is a Beautiful Gift - Free Essay Example | EduZaurus

    This essay has been submitted by a student. Life is wealth, every person receives it at birth, not even knowing how big it is a treasure. Different people take advantage of this wealth. Some are cautious and moderate, others live one day, someone does not appreciate this gift at all and destroys it by taking drugs and alcohol.

  9. Free Essay: Life Is a Gift - 305 Words | Studymode

    The best things in life that are free consist of love, your kids, family, friends, god, rare hugs, kisses, sunshine, the beach and priceless gifts. They don’t come with a struggle. Some people think that money, cars, houses and other materialistic things will bring joy to their lives.