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10 Great Essay Writing Tips

essay on friendship for class 9

Knowing how to write a college essay is a useful skill for anyone who plans to go to college. Most colleges and universities ask you to submit a writing sample with your application. As a student, you’ll also write essays in your courses. Impress your professors with your knowledge and skill by using these great essay writing tips.

Prepare to Answer the Question

Most college essays ask you to answer a question or synthesize information you learned in class. Review notes you have from lectures, read the recommended texts and make sure you understand the topic. You should refer to these sources in your essay.

essay on friendship for class 9

Plan Your Essay

Many students see planning as a waste of time, but it actually saves you time. Take a few minutes to think about the topic and what you want to say about it. You can write an outline, draw a chart or use a graphic organizer to arrange your ideas. This gives you a chance to spot problems in your ideas before you spend time writing out the paragraphs.

Choose a Writing Method That Feels Comfortable

You might have to type your essay before turning it in, but that doesn’t mean you have to write it that way. Some people find it easy to write out their ideas by hand. Others prefer typing in a word processor where they can erase and rewrite as needed. Find the one that works best for you and stick with it.

essay on friendship for class 9

View It as a Conversation

Writing is a form of communication, so think of your essay as a conversation between you and the reader. Think about your response to the source material and the topic. Decide what you want to tell the reader about the topic. Then, stay focused on your response as you write.

essay on friendship for class 9

Provide the Context in the Introduction

If you look at an example of an essay introduction, you’ll see that the best essays give the reader a context. Think of how you introduce two people to each other. You share the details you think they will find most interesting. Do this in your essay by stating what it’s about and then telling readers what the issue is.

essay on friendship for class 9

Explain What Needs to be Explained

Sometimes you have to explain concepts or define words to help the reader understand your viewpoint. You also have to explain the reasoning behind your ideas. For example, it’s not enough to write that your greatest achievement is running an ultra marathon. You might need to define ultra marathon and explain why finishing the race is such an accomplishment.

essay on friendship for class 9

Answer All the Questions

After you finish writing the first draft of your essay, make sure you’ve answered all the questions you were supposed to answer. For example, essays in compare and contrast format should show the similarities and differences between ideas, objects or events. If you’re writing about a significant achievement, describe what you did and how it affected you.

essay on friendship for class 9

Stay Focused as You Write

Writing requires concentration. Find a place where you have few distractions and give yourself time to write without interruptions. Don’t wait until the night before the essay is due to start working on it.

essay on friendship for class 9

Read the Essay Aloud to Proofread

When you finish writing your essay, read it aloud. You can do this by yourself or ask someone to listen to you read it. You’ll notice places where the ideas don’t make sense, and your listener can give you feedback about your ideas.

essay on friendship for class 9

Avoid Filling the Page with Words

A great essay does more than follow an essay layout. It has something to say. Sometimes students panic and write everything they know about a topic or summarize everything in the source material. Your job as a writer is to show why this information is important.


essay on friendship for class 9

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Paragraph On Friendship 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students and Children

July 28, 2021 by Veerendra

Paragraph On Friendship : A friend keeps a lot of importance in our life, and everybody enjoys the company of a friend. True friendship is tough to get. Through every hardship and failure, the faithful friend will stand by. They will care for you every time, and gaining a true friendship is a real present.

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Paragraph On Friendship – 100 Words for Class 1, 2, 3 Kids

“A friend in need is a friend indeed, that is the definition of a true friend who will never leave you during your hardships, success, and failure. We can choose our friends. Real friends always share and support each other. They feel joyful when we are happy, and during our sadness, they also share sadness with us. True friendship is all about sharing things, making mistakes, fighting for silly things, but again hugging to support each other. Friendship is an essential thing for a happy life. Whenever you are in worry, a chat with a friend takes out all problems away. That is the strength of friendship.

Paragraph On Friendship – 150 Words for Class 4, 5 Children

Friendship is a divine relationship. We don’t have similarities in our blood, but still, that person cares for us. Irrespective of all differences, a friend chooses you, understands you, and supports you. Whenever you are in self-doubt or lacking confidence, talk to a friend, and your worry will surely go away.

A true friend will always want your happiness. A life without a good friend is merely empty. Honesty is the key factor to maintain the friendship forever. For understanding each other’s emotions, you have to be completely honest with each other. Patience and acceptance are also other factors for friendship to last long. Understanding the differences as well as accepting them is a maturity factor in a friendship. Friendship will fulfill you with sweet memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. The unbounded love, as well as care, is what makes the relationship between two friends strong.

Paragraph On Friendship

Paragraph On Friendship – 200 Words for Class 6, 7, 8 Students

One of the purest relationships is the relationship of friendship. A person without a friend lives a hard life. Everybody needs a companion to deal with our experience. It is dependent upon you that how you define friendship. It can be sharing your food, taking care of that person, supporting them in their thick and thin. You may not be loud about it, but if you care for a person silently, that is what friendship is. Friendship is about laughing together on small things, cherishing every moment you share, standing together for each other even when the world turns its backs towards them.

Friendships are sometimes more durable than the relationship of love. Even though the definition of friendship varies from person to person, the core meaning behind it is the same for everybody. Life is empty without a friend. So when you gain a true friend, make sure you cherish it with all your heart. The person with a real friend, with whom all the things can be shared, is the luckiest in the world. A friend will never judge you, and they will never stop scolding you if you are wrong. But whatever the situation be, they will always be there to support you.

Students can also find Friendship Speech and Essay on Friendship from here.

Paragraph On Friendship – 250 to 300 Words for Class 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

Friendship is the most significant just as valuable endowments of life. Friendship is one of the most esteemed relationships. Individuals who have old buddies appreciate the most in their life. Genuine friendship depends on faithfulness and support. An old buddy is a person who will remain with you when challenges are out of control. A friend is somebody unique on whom you can depend on to praise every second. Friendship resembles an actual asset, and it can lead us to progress. Everything relies upon our decision on how we pick our friends. Selecting a real friend in your life can be a task. If you choose a bad companion, they can mislead you, but real friends will always guide you the right way.

The nature of friendship is necessary for our satisfaction. The advantages of true friendship stay long-life. Likewise, having a reliable friend circle additionally improves our fearlessness. True friendship can’t be worked inside constrained limits like position or statement of faith. It gives us an inclination that somebody needs us, and we are not the only ones. This is genuine that a person can’t live alone.

Generally, we make a companion with people who are of a similar age as our own. The same age gathering can allow you to share anything. Friendship is a connection that can make or break us in each phase of life. However, friendship is a precious advantage. It is likewise not all that simple to look after friendships. It requests your time just as endeavors. Last but not least, it is an elusive and genuine friendship; however, once you prevail in this relationship, you will make some brilliant memories. In return for that, a companion will need your significant time and trust.

FAQ’s on Paragraph on Friendship

Question 1. When is friendship day celebrated?

Answer: On 30th July, every year we celebrate friendship day to appreciate the real friends in our life. We appreciate them, especially on that day, to tell them how much they mean in our life.

Question 2. Whom can you say as a good friend?

Answer: A person who stays by your side in your thick and thin is patient with you, understands you as well support you is what a definition of a good friend can be.

Question 3. Explain the meaning of true friendship.

Answer: The meaning of true friendship is different for every person. But generally, a combination of love, respect, truthfulness, affection are the factors that should be in real harmony or a true friend.

Question 4. Why do you have a particular emotion for your best friend?

Answer: A person who already saw your bad times along with the good supports you every moment, guides you when you are lost, and stands by you when everybody turns their back, who you call a best friend, which makes them very special in your life.

Friendship Essay

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500+ Words Essay on Friendship

Individuals come across numerous people throughout their life. Those who are near us become our companions. We may have a big group of companions in school and college, yet we realise that we can rely on only a few with whom we share genuine friendships. Here, we have provided an essay on friendship for students. By referring to this essay on friendship essay, students of Classes 5 to 8 can become familiar with essay writing skills. They can learn how to organise their thoughts in an effective way and put them in words. This essay will work as a sample for them. Practising Essays on different topics will enhance their writing skills and thus help them to score high marks in English exams.

We have different types of relationships with people around us. With a few of them, we share a blood bond such as with our family and with others we forge our own connections. Friendship is one such relationship which we choose by ourselves. God has given us this liberty to choose friends because they are, in most instances, for a lifetime. A friend is someone who is initially a stranger and then takes his/her place above all other relationships. Friendship is considered one of the treasures that anyone can have.

Friendship can exist between the same sex or the opposite sex. It can even happen between an old man and a small boy. Friendship can also exist between humans and their pet animals. Moreover, it can also be felt in familial relationships such as between father and son, mother and daughter etc. A simple bond of friendship can help uproot various prejudices and negative thoughts from society such as religious conflict, violence, human rights abuse, poverty, illiteracy, etc. Friendship can generate passion among people to create a better world where all are united together.

Role of a Friend

Friends are an integral part of our life. To develop a strong, true friendship, we should treat friends with love and respect, the way we would expect them to treat us. In this way, the friendship will last longer. Some of the ways that define the role of friendship in achieving success are:

Best Qualities of a Good Friendship

There is a famous proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. It means that though we may have several friends at the time of prosperity, many desert us at the time of adversity. We can examine the sincerity of a friend during our hard times. Only a sincere and faithful friend remains with us in times of trouble. All others abandon us.

Friendship is established over the sacrifice, love, faith, and concern of each other. Below we have mentioned some qualities that exist in a good friendship:

Famous Examples of Friendship in Indian Mythology

In Indian Mythology, we can find various examples of true friendship. All of us have heard the story of Krishna and Sudama. Sudama was a poor brahmin. His condition became so impoverished that he could not afford food for his family. Then he decided to go to Dwarka to meet his childhood friend Krishna. When he reached Dwarka, he requested the gatekeeper to let him meet with Krishna. As he was dressed dirty, the gatekeeper did not allow him to enter. But, he requested several times and asked the gatekeeper to inform Krishna that his childhood friend was there to meet him. Finally, the gatekeeper showed mercy on him and sent the message to Krishna. On hearing the news of Sudama’s arrival, Krishna came running and welcomed him with an open heart. He also helped him financially by giving him plenty of wealth.

Similarly, there are various stories of friendship described in Indian Mythology. A few of them are the friendship of Karna and Duryodhana, Ram and Sugreeva, Krishna and Arjun.

Essays Topics for Students’ Practice

After writing essay on friendship, students must practise essays on similar topics. To help them with this, we have provided few essay topics as suggestions:

Frequently Asked Questions on Friendship

Who is a true friend.

A true friend is one who stands for you and is always ready to help you. He/she understands you and value your feelings. Whose company makes you feel happy and you can share your thoughts and emotions without any hesitation or fear.

Why do we need friends in our life?

Friends bring happiness into our life. They help in solving problems whether personal or professional. By talking to them, our stress reduces and we feel better. Friends improve our self-confidence and help us to find purpose in our life. They offer companionship and thus prevent loneliness.

When is Friendship Day celebrated?

Each year on the first Sunday of August, Friendship Day is celebrated in India.

This “Friendship Essay” must have helped students in improving their writing section for the English exam. Keep learning and stay tuned with BYJU’S for the latest update on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams. Also, download the BYJU’S App for interactive study videos.

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essay on friendship for class 9

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Friendship Essay

500+ words essay on importance of friendship.

Friendship is the most beautiful relationship between two people. We cannot think of life without having someone whom we can call friends. Isn’t it? Making friends is based on how we want our friendship to be. It has to be filled with love, honesty, loyalty, and compassion towards each other. From a young age, we spend a lot of time with our friends. Friendship is something that has boundless love and care. The essence of friendship is that the mindset of people has to be the same in order to have a long-lasting relationship. In this friendship essay, let us know more about the benefits of friendship. 

How well are you acquainted with the importance of friendship in your life? This feeling of friendship starts from an early age where you feel, share and care for your friend. Also, you will receive non-biased opinions and feedback from your friends. True friendship is when you stand with your friends through thick and thin. It is the moment where you need not express yourself and your friends totally understand what you’re trying to say. Moreover, there is no specific criteria to choose your friends. If your mind and heart match, that’s more than enough to become friends.

Benefits of Friendship

Friends are an essential part of your life. Good friends are hard to find, but if you have one then life is sorted. If you are confused or want to take advice from someone, you can just rely on friends. They will give the best advice and show the right path in taking important decisions in your life. Most importantly, they will be there for you no matter what. Sometimes, you might fight for silly reasons which is also a part of friendship. Healthy friendship has mutual love, care, and respect for each other. There is no one above or below in terms of friendship. 

There are many people in your life but certain friendships can only touch your personal space. Kids especially are not always comfortable with any people they come into contact with. There are few people whom they like to spend time with and share their stories. There is authenticity in the relationships that you can eventually develop with your friends. It is filled with purity and love for the other person. Here are some reasons that underline the importance of friendship in your life. 

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How to Maintain a True Friendship?

Humans being social creatures need someone to share their happiness and sorrows with. Who can be more trustworthy other than your friends? To grow your friendship, you need to maintain and protect the relationship forever. For that, you have to inherit some qualities that will help in maintaining your friendship for a longer period of time. Friendship increases happiness and gives more meaning to your life. We expect our friends to be there for birthdays, festivals, and all other occasions. Therefore, we tend to become stronger as a person when there are good friends around us. Needless to say, there is no age for friendship, you can make friends in every stage of your life. Here are a few things that you do to keep your friendship interesting and everlasting. 

We hope this friendship essay was useful to you. Check essays for kids to explore more topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Friendship Essay

What is a friendship essay.

It is a write-up on the friendship between people and the importance of having friends in life.

What is the importance of a friendship essay?

Writing a friendship essay will enable you to express your thoughts and feelings about friends and the qualities of friendship.

What is the benefit of friendship?

Friendship teaches you to become compassionate and loyal to your friends. They will always be with you throughout your life in happiness and sorrow.

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Friendship Essay for Children and Students

Sri Chaitanya AITS

Friendship is a relationship of mutual trust, care and love between two individuals or a close group of people. Friendship neither depends on gender nor on age. Even, people of different genders and decades of age difference, are sometimes found to be good friends. For example, it is quite possible that your grandmother is your best friend, irrespective of whether you are a boy or a girl. What I believe is that, friendship always gives happiness and joy, irrespective of the age, caste, culture or religion of your friend or friends. It is a platform through which you can share your happiness, sorrow and even secrets with someone you love to spend your time with.

Long and Short Essay on Friendship in English

We have provided below short and long essay on Friendship in English for your information and knowledge.

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The essays have been written in simple yet effective English to let you easily remember and present it when needed.

After going through these friendship essay you will know what friendship is, why friendship is important in our life, what are the qualities of good friends etc.

The essays will prove useful during events like Friendship Day, when you are asked to write an essay on friendship, give a speech or take part in a debate.

Friendship Essay 1 (100 Words)

Friendship is a faithful and loyal relationship between two or more person living anywhere in the world. We cannot leave our whole life alone and need a faithful relationship to someone to live happily called friends. Friends have intimate relationship and ca trust to each other forever. It is not limited to the age, sex and position of the person means friendship can be between men and women, men and men, women and women or human to animals of any age group. However, generally it grows between the persons of the same age without the limitation of sex and position. Friendship can develop between persons having similar or different passions, emotions or sentiments.

Friendship Essay 2 (150 words)

Friendship is the most valuable relationship in the life of a person instead of having many important things in life. No one of us has complete and satisfied life if we lack faithful friendship. Everyone needs a good and loyal friend to share bad or good life events, enjoy happy moments and share unbearable events of the life. A good and balanced human interaction is very necessary for the survival of everyone.

Good friends share each other’s emotions or sentiments which bring feeling of well being and mental satisfaction. A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, like and trust forever. Instead of being some similarity in the nature of two persons involved in the friendship, they have some different traits but they need each other without changing their uniqueness. Generally, friends motivate each other without criticizing but sometimes good friends criticize to bring some positive changes in each other.

Friendship Essay 3 (200 words)

A true friendship is the most precious gift of the life of persons involved in it. A person is called very lucky having true friends in his/her life. True friendship gives us memorable, sweet and pleasant experiences of many types in the life. Friendship is the most precious asset of one’s life which he/she never wants to lose. True friendship leads two or more persons involved in it towards success without any demotion in life. Searching a best friend is not an easy process, sometimes we get success and sometimes we lose because of misunderstandings to each other.

Friendship is a devoted feeling of love to which we can share anything about our life and care for each other always. A friend is someone who understands and appreciates other one without any exaggeration. True friends never becomes greedy to each other instead they want to give something better to each other in life. There are any boundaries or differentiation of age, caste, race, creed and sex exist between them. They know the realities of each other and live satisfactorily by helping each other.

Human is a social being and cannot live alone; he/she needs someone to share his/her feelings of joy or sorrow. Generally, a successful friendship exists between persons of same age, character and background. Friends are the loyal support for each other who aimlessly support during bad moments of life.

Friendship Essay 4 (250 words)

Friendship is the divine relationship between two or more persons. Friendship is another name of care and support to each other. It is based on the trust, feelings and proper understandings to each other. It is very ordinary and loyal relationship between two or more social people. People involved in the friendship care and support for each other forever without any greediness. The relationship of true friends becomes stronger day by day with care and trust.

Friends trust and support each other without showing their vanity and power to each other. They have sense of equity in their mind and know that anyone of them may need care and support anytime. Dedication and trust is very necessary to maintain the friendship for long time. Sometimes greedy people become unable to lead their friendship for long because of the lots of demands and lack of satisfaction. Some people make friendship just to fulfill their interests and demands.

Searching a good friend in the big crowd of people is as hard as searching a diamond in the coal mine. Real friends are not those who only stand with us in our good moments of life but those who stand in our trouble too. We must be careful while choosing our best friend as we may get cheated by someone. Getting a best friend in the life is very hard for everyone and if one gets it, he/she is really bestowed with the true love of God. A good friend always supports in bad time and suggests to go on the right path.

Friendship Essay 5 (300 words)

True friends are really bestowed to someone special in the life after hard works. Real friendship is the true relationship of two or more people where only trust exists without any demands. One always ready to give care, support and other needed things to other in the true friendship. Friends are very important in the lives of everyone as they play a great role in standing someone needy person by giving love, care and emotional support. Friendships can be between two or more people of any age group, sex, position, race or caste. However, generally friendship occurs between people of same age.

Some people successfully carry their childhood friendship for whole life however someone get break in between due to the misunderstanding, lack of time or other problems. Some people tend to have many friends at their kindergarten or primary level but only one or no one they carry in later life. Some people tend to have only one or two friends which they carry in later life even in old age very wisely. Friends can be from outside the family (neighbour, relative, etc) or inside the family (one of the family members).

Friends can be both types good or bad, good friends lead us on good path whereas bad friends lead us on bad path, so we should be careful while choosing friends in life. Bad friends can be proved very bad to us as they are quite enough to ruin our life completely. We need someone special in our life to share our feelings (happy or sad), to talk someone to remove our loneliness, to make laugh someone sad and many more. In the good company of our friends we get motivation to do any hard work in life and it becomes easy to pass bad times cheerfully.

Friendship Essay 6 (400 words)

Friendship is a devoted relation between two people in which both of them have true feeling of love, care and affection to each other without any demands and misunderstanding. Generally friendship occurs between two people having same tastes, feelings and sentiments. It is considered that friendship has no any limitations of age, sex, position, caste, religion and creed but sometimes it is seen that economic disparity or other differentiation damages the friendship. Thus it can be said that true and real friendship is possible between two like-minded and uniform status people having feeling of affection to each other.

There are many friends in the world who always remains together at the time of prosperity but only true, sincere and faithful friends who never let us to be alone in our bad times, time of hardship and trouble. Our bad times make us realize us about our good and bad friends. Everyone has attraction towards the money by nature but true friends never make us feel bad when we become in need of money or other support. However, sometimes lending or borrowing of money from friends keeps friendship in great risk. Friendship may be affected anytime by others or own so we need to make a balance in this relationship.

Sometimes friendship gets broken due to the ego and matter of self-respect. True friendship needs proper understanding, satisfaction, helping nature trust. True friend never exploits but tends to motivate each other to do right things in life. But sometimes the meaning of friendship becomes changed totally due to some fake and fraud friends who always use another one in wrong ways. Some people have tendency to unite as soon as possible but they also tend to terminate their friendship as soon as their interests become fulfilled. It is difficult to say something bad about the friendship but it is true that any careless person gets cheated in friendship. Now a day, it is very hard to find true friends in the crowd of bad and good people but if someone has true friend, no other than him is lucky and precious in the world.

True friendship can be between human and human and human and animals. There is no any doubt that best friends help in our difficulties and bad times of the life. Friends always try to save us in our dangers as well as provide timely advice. True friends are like best assets of our life as they share our sorrow, sooth our pain and make us feel happy.


Any relationship importance a lot in people’s life. All the essays given above are essay on friendship under various words limits written especially for the students by keeping in mind their needs and requirements. Above friendship essay can be used by the students of any class from one to twelfth. You can get various related essays such as:

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Essay on Friendship

List of essays on friendship, essay on friendship – short essay for kids (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on friendship – 10 lines on friendship written in english (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on friendship – for school students (class 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7) (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on friendship – for students (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on friendship (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on friendship – introduction, benefits and qualities (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on friendship – essay on true friendship (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on friendship – importance, types, examples and conclusion (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Who is in this world does not have a friend?

A friend, with whom you just love to spend your time, can share your joys and sorrows. Most importantly you need not fake yourself and just be what you are. That is what friendship is all about. It is one of the most beautiful of the relations in the world. Students of today need to understand the values of friendship and therefore we have composed different long essays for students as well as short essays.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Standard).


Friendship is considered as one of the treasures that anyone can possess. God has given us the liberty to choose friends because they are for our lifetime. It is quite normal for our parents and siblings to love us because they are our own blood but a friend is someone who is initially a stranger and then takes his/her place above all the other relations. Friendship is nothing but pure love without any expectations.

Role of a Friend:

True friends share and support each other even during the toughest of times. A true friend is one who feels happy for our success, who feel sad for our failures, fight with us for silly things and hugs us the next second, gets angry on us when we do any mistakes. Friendship is all about having true friends who can understand us without the need for us to speak.


Friendship is very essential for a happy life. Even a two-minute chat with a friend will make us forget our worries. That is the strength of friendship.

Friendship is a divine relationship, which is defined by neither blood nor any other similarity. Friends are those you can choose for yourself in spite of the difference you both have from each other. A good friend in need will do wonders in your life, whenever you are in need of self-realization, upbringing your confidence and more.

Friendship serves you best not only in your happiest moments but also when you feel low in emotions. A life without a good friend is not at all complete and an emptiness will be felt all the time you think of sharing your emotion that can’t be told to anyone else.

Honesty and Patience in Friendship:

To maintain and keep going with a good deep friendship, honesty is the most important factor. You should choose a person who can be cent percent honest with you in all perspective like emotions, decision making, etc. Trustworthy friendship will help you to take better decisions and choose a better path for your future well-being.

Tolerance and patience with each other are another important characteristics of long-lasting friendship. Accepting the differences, friends should be able to be with each other in all situations. As a friend, the person should lead the other to success by being a motivation and criticize the person if they choose the wrong path.

Friendship will give you sweet and happy memories that can be cherished for a lifetime and if you succeed in maintaining that precious relation, then you are the luckiest person in this world. Love and care for each other will cherish the relationship and helps the person to appreciate each thing done without any fail.

Of all the different relations which we indulge in, friendship is considered to be the purest of them all. Friendship is the true confluence of souls with like minded attitude that aids in seamless conversation and the best of times. It is believed that a person who doesn’t have any friend lives one of the toughest lives.

The Desire to Belong:

Each one of us have been so programmed that we need a companion even if it’s not romantic, someone just to tag along. There are several definitions of friendship and it is upon you as to how you believe your relation to be. Friendship can happen when you are simply sharing a bowl of food with a person day after day. It can be expressed in the way you silently care for someone even when they may not be aware of your existence.

The Little Moments that Matter:

It is giving up the little things you love dearly for the sake of someone you cherish a great deal. Friendship often refers to the little moments of senseless laugh you two share when the rest of the world starts to look bleak. It is to know what your friend needs and being there for them even when the rest of the world has turned their back towards them.

Friendship is the kind of relation which sometimes even exceeds the realms of love because it is all about giving without even once bothering to sense what you shall get back. Every time spent is special because when you are with friends, you don’t feel the blues!

The Bottom-Line:

Of course the definition of friendship is going to vary a great deal from one person to another. But, remember one thing, when you are friends with someone, be prepared to put your heart on the line for their happiness because friendship often manifests into love, even if it is not romantic, it always is true!

Friendship is the most valuable as well as precious gifts of life. Friendship is one of the most valued relationship. People who have good friends enjoy the most in their live. True friendship is based on loyalty & support. A good friend is a person who will stand with you when times are tough. A friend is someone special on whom you can rely on to celebrate a special moment. Friendship is like a life asset and it can lead us to success. It all depends on our choice how we choose our friends.

The quality of friendship is essential for happiness. The benefits of healthy friendship remains long-life. In addition, having a strong friend circle also improves our self-confidence. Due to the strong relationship, we get much emotional support during our bad times. True friendship is a feeling of love & care.

Real friendship cannot be built within limited boundaries like caste or creed. It gives us a feeling that someone really needs us & we are not alone. This is true that man cannot live alone. True friends are needed in every stage of life to survive. A true friend can be an old person or a child. But it is generally believed that we make friend with people who are of the same age as ours. Same age group can give you the freedom to share anything.

The selection of a true friend is also a challenging task. We have to carefully make our friend selection. Friends might come & go. They will make you laugh & cry. Wrong selection can create various problems for you. In the modern world, many youngsters become a social nuisance. The reason behind it is wrong & bad friendships.

But if we successfully choose the right person as a friend then our life becomes easier. It doesn’t matter who you are, what type of clothes you wear. The most important thing is trust because the relation of friendship stands on the pillars of trust.

Friendship is a relation which can make or break us in every stage of life. But in other words, friendship is an asset which is really precious. Obviously, it is also not so easy to maintain friendships. It demands your time as well as efforts. Last but not the least, it is hard to find true friendship but once you succeed in this task you will have a wonderful time. In exchange for that a friend will only need your valuable time and trust.

The idea of friendship is either heartwarming or gives cold feet depending on individuals and the types of friendships. In the current world, friendships have had different definitions based on the morality and civilization of the society. Ideally, friendship is defined as the state of mutual trust between individuals or parties. Trust is an important component of friendship because it determines the reliability and longevity of the friendship. Trust is built through honest communications between the individuals and interested parties.

Once trust has been established, mutual understanding and support being to form the resulting in a friendship. This friendship can be broken through lack of trust. Trust can be breached through deceit and/ or some people, it differs with the frequencies. There are people who will break friendships after only one episode of dishonesty whereas some people give second chances and even more chances. Friendship types determine the longevity and the causes of breakups. The importance of friendship in the lives of individuals is the reason why friendships are formed in the first place.

Types of Friendships:

According to Aristotle’s Nichomachean ethics, there are three types of friendships. The friendships are based on three factors i.e. utility, pleasure and goodness. The first type of friendship is based on utility and has been described as a friendship whereby both parties gain from each other.

This type of friendship is dependent on the benefits and that is what keeps the friendship going. This type of friendships do not last long because it dissolves as soon as the benefits are outsourced or when other sources are found outside the friendship. The friendship was invented for trade purposes because when two people with opposite things that depend on each other re put together, trade is maximized.

The second type of friendship is based on pleasure. This is described as friendship in which two individuals are drawn to each other based on desires of pleasure and is characterized by passionate feelings and feelings of belonging. This type of friendship can ether last long or is short-lived depending on the presence of the attraction between the two parties.

The third type of friendship is based on goodness. In this friendship, the goodness of people draw them to each other and they usually have the same virtues. The friendship involves loving each other and expecting goodness. It takes long to develop this kind of friendship but it usually lasts longest and is actually the best kind of friendship to be in. the importance of such a friendship is the social support and love.

In conclusion, friendships are important in the lives of individuals. Trust builds and sustains friendships. The different types of friendships are important because they provide benefits and social support. Friendships provide a feeling of belonging and dependence. The durability of friendships is dependent on the basis of its formation and the intention during the formation. Friendships that last long are not based on materialistic gain, instead, they are based on pure emotion.

Friendship is an emotion of care, mutual trust, and fondness among two persons. A friend might be a work-mate, buddy, fellow student or any individual with whom we feel an attachment.

In friendship, people have a mutual exchange of sentiments and faith too. Usually, the friendship nurtures more amongst those people who belong to a similar age as they possess the same passions, interests, sentiments, and opinions. During the school days, kids who belong to the similar age group have a common dream about their future and this makes them all of them get closer in friendship.

In the same way, employees working in business organizations also make friends as they are working together for attaining the organizational objectives. It does not matter that to which age group you belong, friendship can happen at any time of your life.

Benefits of Friendship:

Sometimes friendship is essential in our life. Below are a few benefits of friendship.

1. It’s impossible to live your life alone always but friendship fills that gap quickly with the friend’s company.

2. You can easily pass the rigidities of life with the friendship as in your distress period your friends are always there to help you.

3. Friendship teaches you how to remain happy in life.

4. In case of any confusion or problem, your friendship will always benefit you with good opinions.

True and Dishonest Friendship:

True friendship is very rare in today’s times. There are so many persons who support only those people who are in power so that they can fulfil their selfish motives below the name of friendship. They stay with friends till the time their selfish requirements are achieved. Dishonest friends leave people as soon as their power gets vanished. You can find these types of self-seeking friends all around the world who are quite hurtful than enemies.

Finding a true friendship is very difficult. A true friend helps the other friend who is in need. It does not matter to him that his friend is right or wrong but he will always support his friend at the time of his difficulty.

Carefulness in the Selection of Friendship:

You must be very careful while choosing friends. You should nurture your friendship with that person who does not leave you in your bad times easily. Once you get emotionally attached to the wrong person you cannot finish your friendship so soon. True friendship continues till the time of your last breaths and does not change with the passing time.

Friendship with a bad person also affects your own thoughts and habits. Therefore, a bad person should not be chosen in any type of circumstances. We must do friendship with full attention and carefulness.

Best Qualities of Good Friendship:

Good friendship provides people an enormous love to each other.

The below are the important qualities of good friendship:

1. Good friendship is always faithful, honest, and truthful.

2. People pay attention and take note of others thoughts in good friendship.

3. Persons quickly forget and let off the mistakes of the other friend. In fact, they accept their friend in the way they are actually.

4. You are not judged on the basis of your success, money or power in it.

5. Friends do not feel shy to provide us with valuable opinions for our welfare.

6. People always share their joyful times with their good friends and also stay ready to help their friends in the time of need.

7. True friends also support others in their professional as well as personal life. They encourage their friends in the area of their interest.

Friendship is established over the sacrifice, love, faith, and concern of mutual benefit. True Friendship is a support and a blessing for everybody. All those males and females who have true and genuine friends are very lucky really.

Friendship can simply be defined as a form of mutual relationship or understanding between two people or more who interact and are attached to one another in a manner that is friendly. A friendship is a serious relationship of devotion between two or more people where people involved have a true and sincere feeling of affection, care and love towards each other devoid of any misunderstanding and without demands.

Primarily friendship happens between people that have the same sentiments, feelings and tastes. It is believed that there is no limit or criteria for friendship. All of the different creed, religion, caste, position, sex and age do not matter when it comes to friendship even though friendships can sometimes be damaged by economic disparity and other forms of differentiation. From all of these, it can be concluded that real and true friendship is very possible between people that have a uniform status and are like-minded.

A lot of friends we have in the world today only remain together in times of prosperity and absence of problems but only the faithful, sincere and true friends remain all through the troubles, times of hardships and our bad times. We only discover who our bad and good friends are in the times where we don’t have things going our way.

Most people want to be friends with people with money and we can’t really know if our friends are true when we have money and do not need their help, we only discover our true friends when we need their help in terms of money or any other form of support. A lot of friendships have been jeopardised because of money and the absence or presence of it.

Sometimes, we might face difficulty or crises in our friendships because of self-respect and ego. Friendships can be affected by us or others and we need to try to strike a balance in our friendships. For our friendship to prosper and be true, we need satisfaction, proper understanding and a trustworthy nature. As true friends, we should never exploit our friends but instead do our utmost best to motivate and support them in doing and attaining the very best things in life.

The true meaning of friendship is sometimes lost because of encounters with fake friends who have used and exploited us for their own personal benefits. People like this tend to end the friendship once they get what they want or stab their supposed friends in the back just to get what they think is best for them. Friendship is a very good thing that can help meet our need for companionship and other emotional needs.

In the world we live in today, it is extremely difficult to come across good and loyal friends and this daunting task isn’t made any easier by the lie and deceit of a lot of people in this generation. So, when one finds a very good and loyal important, it is like finding gold and one should do everything to keep friends like that.

The pursuit of true friendship Is not limited to humans, we can as well find good friends in animals; for example, it is a popular belief that dogs make the best friends. It is very important to have good friends as they help us in times and situations where we are down and facing difficulties. Our true friends always do their best to save us when we are in danger and also provide us with timely and good advice. True friends are priceless assets in our lives, they share our pains and sorrow, help provide relief to us in terrible situations and do their best to make us happy.

Friends can both be the good or the bad types. Good friends help push us on the right path in life while on the other hand, bad friends don’t care about us but only care about themselves and can lead us into the wrong path; because of this, we have to be absolutely careful when choosing our friends in this life.

Bad friends can ruin our lives completely so we have to be weary of them and do our best to avoid bag friends totally. We need friends in our life that will be there for us at every point in time and will share all of our feeling with us, both the good and bad. We need friends we can talk to anytime we are feeling lonely, friends that will make us laugh and smile anytime we are feeling sad.

What is friendship? It is the purest form of relationship between two individual with no hidden agenda. As per the dictionary, it is the mutual affection between people. But, is it just a mutual affection? Not always, as in the case of best friends, it is far beyond that. Great friends share each other’s feelings or notions which bring a feeling of prosperity and mental fulfillment.

A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, as and trust for eternity. Rather than having some likeness in the idea of two people associated with the friendship, they have some extraordinary qualities yet they want to be with each other without changing their uniqueness. By and large, friends spur each other without censuring, however at times great friends scrutinize do affect you in a positive manner.

Importance of Friendship:

It is very important to have a friend in life. Each friend is vital and their significance in known to us when certain circumstances emerge which must be supported by our friends. One can never feel lonely in this world on the off chance that he or she is embraced by true friends. Then again, depression wins in the lives of the individuals who don’t have friends regardless of billions of individuals present on the planet. Friends are particularly vital amid times of emergency and hardships. On the off chance that you wind up experiencing a hard time, having a friend to help you through can make the change simpler.

Having friends you can depend on can help your confidence. Then again, an absence of friends can make you feel lonely and without help, which makes you powerless for different issues, for example, sadness and drug abuse. Having no less than one individual you can depend on will formulate your confidence.

Choosing Your Friends Wisely:

Not all friends can instill the positivity in your life. There can be negative effects as well. It is very important to choose your friends with utmost wisdom. Picking the right friend is somewhat troublesome task however it is extremely important. In the event that for instance a couple of our dear friends are engaged with negative behaviour patterns, for example, smoking, drinking and taking drugs, at some point or another we will be attracted to their bad habits as well. This is the reason behind why it is appropriate to settle on an appropriate decision with regards to making friends.

Genuine friendship is truly a gift delighted in by a couple. The individuals who have it ought to express gratitude toward God for having genuine pearls in their lives and the individuals who don’t have a couple of good friends ought to always take a stab at better approaches to anchor great friends. No organization is superior to having a friend close by in the midst of need. You will stay cheerful in your one-room flat on the off chance that you are surrounded by your friends; then again, you can’t discover satisfaction even in your estate in the event that you are far away from others.

Types of Friends:

There is variety everywhere, so why not in friends. We can see different types of friends during our journey of life. For instance, your best friend at school is someone with whom you just get along the most. That friend, especially in the case of girls, may just get annoyed even if you talk to another of your friend more than her. Such is the childish nature of such friendships that at times it is difficult for others to identify whether you are best friends or competitors.

Then there is another category of your siblings. No matter how much you deny, but your siblings or your elder brother and sisters are those friends of yours who stay on with you for your entire life. You have a different set of friendship with them as you find yourself fighting with them most of the times. However, in times of need, you shall see that they are first ones standing behind you, supporting you.

There is another category of friends called professional friends. You come across such friends only when you grow up and choose a profession for yourself. These friends are usually from the same organisation and prove to be helpful during your settling years. Some of them tend to stay on with you even when you change companies.

Friendship Examples from History:

History has always taught us a lot. Examples of true friendship are not far behind. We have some famous example from history which makes us realise the true value of friendship. The topmost of them are the Krishna and Sudama friendship. We all must have read or heard as to how after becoming a king when Krishna met Sudama, his childhood friend, he treated him with honour even though Sudama was a poor person. It teaches us the friendship need not be between equals. It has to be between likeminded people. Next example is of Karna and Duryodhana, again from the Mahabharat era.

Despite knowing the fact that the Pandavas were his brothers, Karna went on to fight alongside Duryodhan as he is his best friend and even laid down his life for him. What more example of true friendship can one find? Again from the same era, Krishna and Arjun are also referred to as the best of the friends. Bhagavad Gita is an example of how a true friend can guide you towards positivity in life and make you follow the path of Dharma. Similarly, there are numerous examples from history which teach us the values of true friendship and the need to nourish such for own good.

Whether you accept or deny it, a friend plays an important role in your life. In fact, it is very important to have a friend. However, at the same time, it is extremely important to choose the friends wisely as they are the ones who can build you or destroy you. Nonetheless, a friend’s company is something which one enjoys all through life and friends should be treated as the best treasure a man can have.

Friendship , Relationship

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Essay on Friendship

Friendship is the bond of love and care between two or more people.

When we are born, we automatically become someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s nephew, and many more. We are surrounded by blood relations where all relationships are automatically made. But God gave us a chance to make a relationship on our own. We are free to choose our friends according to our wishes. A relation that is purer than blood relation is a relation of the heart. And we call it friendship. Today, we will discuss friendship in detail.

Short and Long Friendship Essay in English

Here I’m presenting short and long essays on friendship in different word limits. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12. The language is kept simple so that every student can understand the essays properly.

Friendship Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) Friendship is a state of love, care, and trust between two people.

2) A true friendship makes life happier.

3) Friendship is a mutual understanding that can’t be expressed.

4) A true friendship is free from judgments and lies.

5) Friendship is the strength to fight all the difficulties.

6) Friendship teaches us loyalty and reliability.

7) A good friendship helps us to grow and achieve our goals.

8) Friendship helps us to discover ourselves and become good people.

9) A bad friendship is harmful and can ruin our life.

10) A good friendship is a blessing that fills life with positivity.

Short Essay on Friendship (200 - 250 Words)

Friendship is the key to a happy and peaceful life. Everyone needs a true friend in their life that helps them in every condition. A true friend always guides you to choose the correct path. Friendship is all about trust and loyalty, there is no place for a lie and cheating. A true friendship is like a backbone that always keeps you straight and never lets you down.

Several times we are unable to share our emotions or feelings with others, this makes us stressed and depressed. In this situation we need a friend to convey our feelings. The bond of friendship saves us from depression and makes us joyful. A true friendship means living all the phases of life together. Friendship makes us stronger and more confident.

Friendship has the power to build your life but getting into a bad friendship is toxic. A bad company can ruin your reputation and standard. Choosing the correct friend is the most essential part of our life. The worst situation helps us to know our real friends. A real friendship never breaks down in any circumstance, rather it gives courage and strength to face the difficulty and move forward. We have many friends in our life but true friends are limited. Time may pass but a true friendship stays forever.

Long Essay on Friendship (500 - 600 Words)


We have heard many mythological stories of friendship in past. The friendship of Krishna and Sudama, Karna and Duryodhan, Krishna and Arjun, Rama and Sugreev, etc sets the true definition of friendship. In the friendship of Krishna and Sudama, Sudama who was very poor thought that his childhood friend Krishna will not even recognize him. But in contrast, Krishna met him with an open heart and helped him financially. In the case of Karna and Duryodhan, Karna fought against his brothers to help his friend Duryodhan and even died for him. Similarly, the friendship of Rama-Sugreev and Krishna-Arjun depicts the selfless love and care of friends.

Friendship - a Relation of Heart

Friendship is a relationship of heart. Friendship can happen between people of any age, gender, or religion. It is a power that attracts two strangers in such a way that they become very special to each other. Friendship is an emotion that develops understanding and attachment among two or more people and binds them together. Friendship mostly takes place between people of the same mentality and thoughts. Friends are related to each other with affection and care without any demand.

Importance of friendship

A true friendship is necessary to live life happily. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their feelings with their parents. We need a friend with whom we can share all our secrets. We need a person with whom we can distribute our problems as well as happiness. A true friend understands all our emotions. We also need a person who can give advice when we are in a confusing situation. Friendship is necessary to cheer up mood and feel relaxed. Every moment enjoyed with good friends gives lots of memories. Friendship is essential to make life easy and joyful.

Characteristics of a True Friend

A true friend is a blessing to our life. A true friend will never leave us alone and always tries to save us from danger with their suitable advice. Some characteristics of true friendship are as follows:

Consequences of bad friendship

Finding a true friend is difficult. However, sometimes people get into bad a friendship which gives bad results. A dishonest and liar friend is not less than an enemy. We should stay away from fake friendships and fake people. Bad friendship always results in pain and failure. A fake friend will always use you for their benefit. It can also take you into bad habits like gambling, smoking, or many more. Some fake friends talk sweeter but get jealous from inside. They can’t see you happy and always search for a way to make you sad. A bad friendship can turn your life hell and even worst.

A good friend is a real treasure in our life. It is difficult to live a happy life without any friends. The famous proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed” depicts the real definition of a true friend. A good friendship can take you toward success whereas a bad friendship may completely ruin your life. Choosing your friends carefully is therefore essential.

I hope the above provided essay on Friendship will help everyone to understand the importance of a true friend in our life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Friendship

Ans. The first Sunday of August is marked as Friendship Day in India.

Ans. The old English word ‘Freond’ is the root word for the word ‘Friend’, which means love.

Ans. Big Friendship, The Kite Runner, My Brilliant Friend, A man called Ove, etc are some interesting books to read on friendship.

Ans. Two interlocking hearts symbolizes a friendship.

Ans. Yellow is the color chosen to represent friendship.

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Essay on Friendship

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Essay on Friendship – 200 Words

Friendship is undoubtedly the purest relationship connecting two people. I think it is necessary for us that we must have at least one friend from our childhood. Having a true friend who always sticks to you is essential for everyone, not only for kids but for adults also.

Friendship is something we take for granted. It’s someone who cares and stands beside us when no one else will. A person who understands you profoundly knows what makes you anxious, what you like, or dislikes someone who supports you with all their heart.

When it comes to relationships, not everyone will be lucky enough to find true love. However, everyone can have at least one friend. Friendships are significant for people because they are a source of happiness and joy. That’s why we should be thankful if we have at least one friend who is always there for us.

A true friend is someone who will never judge you, and they will always be there to support you. Friends will never stop scolding you if you are wrong. But whatever the situation be, they will always be there to help you out.

Best friends are those who are always with you in the ups and downs of life. They will not abandon you on the way to retrieving your lost desires. The best friends help you in any kind of difficulty, whether it is personal or professional.

Essay on Friendship – 500 Words

When it comes to relationships, you can trust friendship. Friendship is a relationship between two people that is based on mutual love and care. Friendship is also based on the similarity of interests and feelings.

Friends are the best companions of our life. They are those people who care for us and share our happiness and sorrow. one of the greatest gifts of this world. It helps us in our struggles in life and brings us joys to cheer us up.

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Friends are those who always have your back. You can’t sit and eat ice cream, but a friend will call you up to remind you. You may be miserable after a fight with your lover, and it might be your friend who comes to help sort out the matter.

You might not have a large circle of friends, but you need to make sure that the people in your process are trustworthy and loyal.

Having a true friend makes it easier for us to live our lives. With our faithful friends, we become more confident and less likely to suffer because of problems.

In today’s world, social media makes it easy to know what people around us are doing and where they are at any moment. This has given rise to a certain disconnect between people.

People often put up a façade when they post pictures or statuses that don’t reflect who they are. We need to remember the beauty of friendship growing amidst the “install-everything” culture we live in.

Friends bring joy to our lives by being there during the good times and the bad. True friendship requires courage, a strong will, and an understanding of what it means to love and be loved.

People like to share personal thoughts, dreams, and secrets with those they trust. Close friends are always happy to help each other out when they can. On the other hand, bad friends tend to have no respect for others and think only of themselves.

We learn many important things about life from our friends. We can be ourselves in front of them without worrying about whether they are judging us or thinking about something else. Friendship allows us to trust people and makes us believe in love again after being hurt by someone we loved.

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The wealthiest people in the world look for the best of friends. They always make friends with those who can brighten their life.

It is essential to learn how to be aware of the enmity around you. Only then will you realize that money is not everything. You have many other things in your life that are more important than money.

Moreover, friendship truly makes us stronger. It puts us through rigorous tests and then helps us grow. For instance, we see that we fight with our friends, but we come back together more potently than before after setting aside our differences. This is what makes us strong and teaches us patience.

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essay on friendship for class 9

Essay on Friendship

There's an old saying, " A warrior's heroism is tested during wartime and friendship of a friend is tested during tough times ".

The heads of every family, when they tell bedtime stories to their grandchildren, bring references of the friendship of Radha and Krishna or maybe of Krishna and Sudama and make the little children of the household believe that friendship is the purest and truest form of all relationships. They try to make them understand that one should always be a friend like Krishna- always by another friend's side when they are in trouble.

Significance of Friendship Essay- Long Format

From the highest power of the country or this world to the lowest bums of the society, living in the streets, each and every human being depends upon friendship. Difference in castes, creed, religions, position, sex and age does not matter when it comes to friendship. As friendship is the only feeling that comes naturally. In this long life, it is very difficult to survive alone therefore, as Mark Twain said, "Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy you must have somebody to divide it with." Yes, every individual in this world needs a friend in his or her life, who will be there for them at every point of time, with whom it is easy to talk to, share feelings with and laugh their hearts out.

Strengthening Our Friendships

Sometimes, some friendships bear damages, due to economic disparity and other forms of differentiation. However, that does not mean that friendship can happen only between uniform status and like-minded people.

It begins with a simple "Hi!", wherever one is, maybe in the neighborhood, school, college, university or office. Then the relationship grows and deepens with true and sincere affection, care, love and respect towards each other. Whether it is friendship between siblings, spouses, parent-child or teacher-student, all relations will not last long, if there is no freedom to share each other's opinions, or honesty in it.

Sometimes, friendship gets affected because of ego and misunderstandings . However, it is the duty and responsibility of each and every friend, to try to strike a balance in friendship by trusting each other unconditionally and by trying to understand each other's problems and feelings and motivate and support each other, by forgetting all that had happened in the past, thereby strengthening the friendship.

Good and Bad friends

Friends can be both good and bad. However, it depends upon the individual, whom to choose. Good friends will always show the right direction, while friends who are not that good, will only care about themselves, and will have the tendency to misguide the other, thereby ruining their lives completely. In this world of pseudoism, coming across trustworthy, good and loyal friends is a daunting task. So, when one finds a true friend it is next to finding gold. Moreover, one should do everything to keep such a friend.

Short Essay on Friendship

There is an old proverb that states: "I n times of battle, a warrior's valour is tested, and a friend's friendship is tested in tough times. " Every family's head brings up the bond between Radha and Krishna and Krishna and Sudama when they read bedtime stories to their grandchildren. They make an effort to explain to children the importance of good friends, just like Krishna.

Every person in the world needs a buddy in their life—someone who will be there for them at all times. When it comes to friendship, differences in caste, creed, religion, status, sex, and age don't matter.

No relationship, whether it be a friendship between brothers, spouses, parents and children, or teachers and students, will endure if there is no honesty or freedom to express one another's thoughts.

Ego and misconceptions can occasionally hurt friendships . Each and every friend has a duty and responsibility to work to maintain a healthy balance in their friendship. Good friends will always point you in the correct direction, whereas bad friends just care about themselves and have a propensity to lead you astray. Finding a true buddy is like striking gold, in my opinion.

Thus, friendship is one of the greatest bonds and one of the most beautiful gifts one can ever ask for.  It is one which stays with a person forever. Fortunate are those who get friends they can trust, easily.

essay on friendship for class 9

FAQs on Friendship Essay

1. Why do people tell stories of Radha and Krishna or Krishna and Sudama in every household?

When telling their grandchildren bedtime stories, the heads of every family bring up references to Radha and Krishna's and possibly Krishna and Sudama's friendship in order to instill in the young members of the family the notion that friendship is the most authentic and sincere of all relationships. They make an effort to convince them that a friend should always stand by another friend in times of need, just like Krishna did.

2. How can one strengthen their friendship when there are misunderstandings?

Ego and misunderstandings can occasionally hurt friendships. However, it is the duty and responsibility of each and every friend to attempt to maintain a balance in friendship by trusting one another without reservation, attempting to understand one another's issues and feelings, and encouraging and supporting one another while putting the past behind them. This will strengthen the friendship.

3. What are the differences between good and bad friends?

There are both good and bad friends. However, the decision of who to choose is up to the person. Good friends will always point you in the correct direction, whereas bad friends only care about themselves and have a propensity to lead you astray, wrecking your life altogether.


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