My Family Vacation To The Beach

My trip to disney world.

The most memorable trip my family has ever taken would be our trip to Disney World. My family and I have went to Disney three times, each time we have went I've had the best time of my life. Nothing could make me feel the way going to Disney with my family does. At Disney I have made memories that will last a lifetime. From the memories on the drive down to Florida to the memories we make while we are there. I remember the very first time I went, you can ride a ferry boat to get to Disney. We decided to ride over on the ferry instead of the monorail, just riding on the ferry was a different, and great experience from the rest.

My Trip To Florida

It is a torrential, snowy day in late December in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Outside lies men in coats as thick as armor trying to plow away the snow as it falls. Their hands are numb and their efforts are proved useless in such long waves of endless snow. You are trying to navigate through the storm along the streets in a cold, metal car. Snowflakes pile on the windshield and block your view of the road. This does not seem like a lot of thrilling excitement! I know our family would better benefit from being elsewhere rather than being huddled up by a fire inside the house. I want our family to take a trip to Florida during winter break because our family could escape from cold weather, it would be another amazing place to bond as a family, and it would be an inexpensive trip if planned well.

My Family Trip To Florida

The best trip I have ever been on would have to be our first family trip to Florida. I have been on many trips however it was the very first still a lot of my family has seen the ocean,or even left Tennessee. A eight day trip in a beautiful beach house surrounded by family gave us great memories and we go once a year ever since. My dream job would be doing anything that involves helping people I really enjoy having people leave happy. Maybe working in my own restaurant because I love too cook and food usually leave people smiling. There would be good food and Good music as well as kid friendly so, the entire family could enjoy themselves. I have a dog she is a Pomeranian name Skylar. She's only nine months old all black with curly hair. My

Have you ever had a good or bad time at Disney World? Well, I have experienced a bit of both. My trip to Disney World had some real highs and lows of it.

My Family Vacation

“The best things in life are the people we love the places we’ve been…. And the memories we’ve made along the way.” by Unknown. 2017 started off terrible but then soon got better from a little help from God. My family found out we won a trip to Hawaii. My parents were deciding whether or not they should take us kids with, my brothers Chris was 18, Matt was 11, Nic was 8, and I was 15. Then my parents talked and the decided that it would be our last family vacation with just our family saying chris went to college the next year and probably will find a girlfriend. Hawaii I know made me look at life a different was saying everything that just happened to me.

My Disney Trip

My first trip to Disney World, now that, that was a memorable trip. That trip was one of the most magical and happiest memories of my life. It was back in 2008, I had just turned 6 years old a few months before we left to go there. It was summertime, and the weather was perfect. I remember being so bored on the way there because I am an only child so I didn’t have anyone to entertain me besides myself. My mom’s side of the family went on this trip with us, and at the time I was the only grandkid, and the only kid at all. So once we finally were almost there I remember passing the big ‘Welcome to Disney World” sign and being so excited I peed my pants--my mom was pretty mad, but my dad thought it was kinda funny so I didn’t get in too much trouble.

Summer Vacation

It's not often that our family gets to fly back to the states to visit family so when my brother and I flew back during the summer of 2015, we were more than excited to be going back to South Carolina to see close relatives that we’d been missing. Since our relatives live on the coast it is often customary to visit the beach during our vacation to kick back and enjoy ourselves. After moving to Germany our experience with the sun and beach had been little to none. Needless to say, we were all excited to be going to the beach again since it had been some years and we’d forgotten what it was like to be at one. That summer vacation my brother and I were quickly reminded of all the fun to be had, the people we could meet, and the lessons we could learn while we were at the beach.

A Trip To Disney World

1. It is amiss not to say "Thank You" to someone when they do something nice to you.

My Summer Vacation

My summer of 2017 consisted of visiting places all over the United States such as New York City, Washington D.C., and Florida. Not only did traveling this summer teach me new things, but it also made me go outside my comfort zone and experience new things. This was single-handedly the best summer of my life and wish I could relive it over again.

My Family Vacation At Disney World

As a child, I believed that I was invincible. Nothing stood in my way and if it did, I just tore the obstacle down from the source. Whether it was trees to climb, pools to jump in, or wild hair getting in my way; I always overcame them. There was point in my childhood though, I realized not everything was under my control and power. I didn’t receive everything I desired like I was believing. My childhood untainted mind was rocked with a new discovery and mindset. Of all places for this change to happen, it was on a family vacation to Disney World.

My Family Trip To Islamorada In The Florida Keys

Family vacations are a time to escape reality and discover new and exciting activities. For example, on my family vacation to Islamorada in the Florida Keys I was able to snorkel coral reefs for the first time, and witness myself all the exotic fish swimming within the reef. Later, on our trip to St. Croix I was able to scuba dive for the first time in my life, which was breathtaking to say the least. There was so much more to see at forty feet in my diving experiences I have seen sharks, octopi, and lobsters that I would have never had the chance to see from the surface. I was able to swim and breathe underwater which in my mind is simply extraordinary, and this led me to becoming scuba certified over the summer. On my annual family trip

Fourth Of July Family Vacation

Every year my family and I would decide on the country to visit for our Fourth of July family vacation. It has been a tradition of ours for a while now. Our goal is to visit all of the countries in the world and learn about the many different cultures for ourselves. We are all humans at the end of the day and we are all similar in more ways than we realize. The reason is that we just don’t want to remain complacent in a comfortable bubble, due to the fear of the unknown or false information. Therefore, our next destination would be to Africa, particularly South Africa. After reading various blogs from the study abroad students at Temple University, two of the blog posts had captured my interests because both of their locations were in Africa.

Smart People Don T Get Burned Research Paper

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful day out in the spring. People are spending the day at one of the many beaches Florida has to offer. It’s warm, and some light fluffy clouds slowly creep across the sky. To some, laying there in the warm sand is perfection, especially after some recent bad weather turning everything gray and dismal. The Sun feels great on everyone’s skin, but yet people forgo the sunscreen that protects them. It is even possible that some have left it in their cars or at home. They might even only have a few hours to spare, so don’t bother to worry about it. The effects of all of this will be rather painful for them though, once they get ready to leave. Sunburns are the cause of varying degrees of complications to our skin, our health, and can also cause premature aging.

My Vacation To The Bahamas

Where in the world would you most likely want to visit?! I chose the Bahamas because it would seem like a very nice and beautiful vacation spot to go to. The capital of the bahamas is Nassau and the place I would love to stay at is in the Grand bahamas. Someday, I will take my mom and brother on a vacation to a city they have never been to before they would be so happy. I would be very excited! To go there because it seems like stuff I would want to do before I die. Even though, there is way more places I would like to visit out of state that is my main one that I chose. I've seen pictures on the internet of the bahamas and it looks so perfect and so pretty! That is one of my goals. I love the way the water looks and it just looks like the

Family Memories : My Family Vacation

There are certain memories that we have that we can remember like they happened yesterday. Many of those memories that have special meaning to me were of family vacations when I was young growing up with my brothers and sisters. Family memories are important to many of us because they take us back to a time or place that was special. One particular family vacation I remember vividly, and it’s a story I have shared with my kids on many occasions. Over the 40 or more years since that memorable vacation, I still smile and think how lucky I was growing up with a mother and father that did everything to give their kids an unforgettable memory.

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Essay about trip to beach

Essay about trip to beach 12 models

Essay about trip to beach ,that has some ideas to students and scholars looking for new ideas to help them to write Essay about trip to beach with easy and beautiful points .

Essay about trip to beach 

Self needs to rest and relax after a long period of study and exposure to exams pressure, which makes summer holidays and high temperature of the atmosphere ideal opportunity to enjoy the sea and the moderate atmosphere of the beautiful beaches.

The pleasure of going to the sea is incomparable when you go with your family or friends. I remember last year when I went with my family to the beach in summer. The sea is about 400 km away. My father prepared the car and checked engine oil, battery, fuel, tires and belts. He booked for our stay at a hotel near the beach.

My mother and sister prepared everything we needed on our trip as light food and soft drinks to have on the way to the hotel. My sister prepared the necessary clothing for the sea, sunscreen and some essential medicines.

We did not take much food because we would be in a hotel in a coastal city that offers a buffet and there are many fish restaurants around the hotel.

We moved early in the morning to avoid the high temperature of summer and reach before roads congestion.

We stopped on our way for a short break to eat some sandwiches and have soft drinks. It was a simple rest area in the middle of the desert. We felt a sense of serenity and calm.

After four hours of driving, we arrived at the hotel at nine o’clock in the morning and went to our rooms to rest, change clothes and take all what we need to go to the beach.

We headed to the beach and we chose an isolated spot from the people, it had canopy and some comfortable plastic chairs and a large table.

We put our bags on the table and went to swim in the sea and then went out for lunch that my father ordered from a fish restaurant. The fish was fresh and tasty and we enjoyed our meal very much.

After lunch, we sat under the canopy enjoying the sea view, refreshing breaths, listening to music and playing some fun games.

Before returning to the hotel, we went back to the sea to finish our first day on this beautiful trip.

Last holiday I and my family were able to take a trip to the beach in my town, and we were able to gather with members of my mother’s relatives on this holiday.

My relatives are not from my town but from a town a little far from the shore. And they come every year to visit the beach and play with us.

I enjoy a lot in their presence because of the activities and enthusiasm they do. The beach has a different feel when they come. I always find them more interested, happy and willing to have fun than us.

The reason may be that the beach is always in front of us so we don’t get too excited about it. But at times when I accompany my relatives, I find myself more excited and come to know the value of the beach to others who are not able to see it constantly. Now, I really can appreciate this feature.

I find it great to have other people from time to time reminding us of what’s fun and great. We are always surrounded by wonderful things, but we no longer see them as beautiful when we see them for the first time.

Like watching the sunset on the beach, it made me feel so warm and comfortable. Sometimes I could watch the sunrise and I really enjoyed seeing it. I hope that I can enjoy all the moments around me and see my surroundings well.

Short essay about holiday at beach

This holiday, I managed to be on the beach more than previous years. I had so much fun being able to own a simple beach bike rental business. I managed to get this job through a family friend.

It helped me a lot in acquiring some new qualities in my personality. Made me feel a little responsible. I was also able to meet a lot of new people and make new friends. Which made me more self-confident when talking to others and discussing a lot of things without being shy. I also learned to throw some funny topics that others like.

It’s great to be able to get a job like this at my age. It does not represent a lot of pressure and made me aspire in the upcoming holiday to search for something more serious.

Essay about holiday at beach

We spend the end of the year at the beach, it is a beautiful place to spend the holiday, where we all enjoy the beautiful weather, the beautiful scenery, the sunshine and the fresh air. We spend most of the day swimming and playing water polo.

I have made many friends, I met them at the beach. They share the same hobbies as me, so we have a lot of competitions between us.

While we spend the evening watching a movie or a play, or going to one of the luxury malls for shopping. We also enjoy very much the parties held by the hotel. It includes a large number of famous singers and musicians. It’s fun to spend vacation with friends.

Essay about trip to beach

The trip to the beach is the most beautiful trip we take, it is a special trip, especially if it is with my friends, as it combines many activities, we went on the weekend to the beach, the weather was moderate, the sky was clear and the sun was shining, we started our day with breakfast and then jumped In the water, the water was warm so we enjoyed swimming for two hours, then we decided to play tennis, one of my friends played tennis while the others lay on the sand enjoying the sunshine, at two o’clock in the afternoon we had lunch, and we sat under the sun because the temperature was high, and at four o’clock we jumped into the water again, because swimming is our favorite sport.

Essay holiday at beach with family

In the summer vacation my family prefers to go to the beach, so we rent a beach house to be close to the beach, as the house is only 100 meters from the beach.

The house we rent is characterized by the fact that its facade is of glass, so we can see the beach while we are inside our rooms.

We also hear the sound of sea waves crashing. On the first day we can’t sleep well, because we hear the sound of waves crashing, but we get used to it quickly.

Living in a beach house provides us with a lot of pleasure, as we can enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

Narrative essay about a trip to the beach

At the end of the year we decided to go on a trip to the beach. It’s a favorite trip for the whole family. But my city is 200 km from the beach, so we travel by train as it is a safe means of transportation..

In addition to the fact that traveling by train is my favorite means of transportation, because it allows me to see different environments during the trip.

Where I see farms and small villages, industrial cities and arid desert lands that have no cultivation, I don’t get bored while traveling by train.

And when we get to the hotel, we don’t wait to rest, but go straight to the beach and enjoy a swim. We spend all summer vacation at the beach.

Going to the beach essay

I like to spend most of my time at the beach. I go to the beach in summer and winter too. Some may feel that going to the beach in the winter is strange, but I enjoy watching the sea all the time.

I feel happy when I look at the waves of the sea accelerating, as if each wave is trying to catch up with the one that precedes it. This scene continues unabated.

I also enjoy very much when I look at the horizon, where the boundary between the sky and the sea, this view makes me feel the vastness of the universe.

And when I look at the horizon, I feel that my city is narrow and crowded. Looking at the horizon makes me more calm and psychologically comfortable.

Vacation at the beach essay

One of the most beautiful landscapes that you can see, is to sit on the beach and watch the sunset. It is moments of contemplation when you see the sun disc gradually sinking into the sea water, while the red and orange color spreads in the sky after the sun sets.

Watching the sunset at the beach is a wonderful painting, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes. That is why we find many poets wrote poems about this wonderful scene, as it was drawn by artists, and photographed by photographers.

Sitting on the beach and looking at the far horizon gives you peace of mind.

Essay about trip to beach with friends

The most beautiful trip  was a trip with my friends to the beach. Where this beach was characterized by the presence of a mountain next to it, where the scenic landscape.

In the morning we went to the beach and jumped in the water, we enjoyed swimming and playing some water games such as water polo, and we rode a boat and took a walk in the sea until we reached an island 2 km from the shore.

We went up to that island, and the clear water surrounded it on all sides. We watched the fish with their beautiful colors swimming in groups, as there were some plants and trees on this island. We saw great scenery, then got on the boat and came back to shore.

Paragraph about a trip to the beach

My trip to the beach is my favorite trip as I practice a number of my favorite hobbies, such as swimming, where my friends and I race to reach the island, which is 1 km from the shore.

It’s a wonderful island, with some fruit trees growing on it. The green color covers the island completely. It is a healthy place where warm sunshine and fresh air.

We rest on the island for a while, eat fresh fruit, and we also catch some fish, as the place is very suitable for fishing, and then we go back to the beach and we are so happy.

Paragraph about going to the beach

A trip to the beach is a special trip. This is because I practice several of my favorite sports, such as swimming, diving, surfing and other water sports.

My happiness increases when I participate in the local competitions that my city holds, where I always achieve good results. I am looking forward to participating in international competitions in the future.

I go to the beach for fun and training too. When I go to the beach with my family I try to enjoy playing with them and have a good time, but when I go alone to the beach it is for training

In this way, we have given you an e ssay about trip to beach in English ,and you can read more through the following section:

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Personal Narrative - My Vacation at the Beach 4 Pages 896 Words

             When reflecting on a significant tradition in my life, I feel sand surrounding my feet and sun rays tanning my body. I hear waves crashing into the shore. I see seagulls flying above, looking for their next prey, dolphins jumping out of the water, and ocean water as far as the eye can see. My most significant tradition is my family vacation to Myrtle Beach with my father, stepmother, stepsister, and sister.              My mother and father divorced five years ago. I took the news very hard. I was very hurt and refused to speak to my father for a long time. My father, three years later, decided to get remarried. At the time, I was not ready for a stepmother and most certainly not a stepsister. I never considered them to be a part of my family. My father and stepmother planned a family vacation to Myrtle Beach in the summer of 2003 in an attempt to reunite our family. I was very reluctant to go, so I took my boyfriend, Taylor, along, trying to escape any family "togetherness" time. No one else in my family took a friend along, so it was as if I was paying more attention to Taylor the whole trip rather than my family. At the end of the trip, my feelings were still the same toward my new family. For the upcoming year of 2004 my sister was planning on bringing her boyfriend along. However, I decided to not bring anyone so I would have the opportunity to get to know my stepsister and stepmother.              When the time rolled around for our next family vacation, I felt mixed feelings toward the trip. I was scared I would feel the same way as the previous year and yet excited to finally open up my heart to the new members of my family. A year had passed since our last meeting, and I felt I had matured a lot. I had graduated from high school, moved out on my own, and started to realize how important family is to me. I knew that when we arrived to the beach this year, I needed to spend as much time getting to know Brenda, my stepmother and Mindy, my stepsiste...

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Family Short Story – THE DAY AT THE BEACH Photo credit: diciu from

Finally! The day has arrived for our family’s day at the beach. My parents have been planning our family excursion to the beach ever since the summer holidays had started. Of course, I’ve been very elated when my parents had made the announcement that we were going to the beach this Sunday coming. So last Friday evening, my dad took some time off early from work so that he, mom and I can go to the grocery store and purchase everything that we are going to need on our trip to the beach on Sunday.

There were so many things that we had bought for our family day at the beach, like snacks and refreshments and meats and rice and so the list goes on. Now that the day had finally arrived, I was ready to spend a wonderful time with my parents at the beach. On Sunday morning, my mom and dad had been busy cooking the food in the kitchen while I helped packed the refreshments in a large cooler box with ice.

By the time my parents had finished preparing the food, they had packed it into a large box with plates and spoons and forks. Then we had started packing everything into our family caravan. Soon, in the next hour, we were driving through the main road, and we were on our way to the beach, which is actually my favorite place in the world so far.

The sea water was blue and beautiful as it sparkles in the warm sun. There were a few people here and there on the beach. Some were busy playing cricket, while a few kids were building sand castles just for fun. There were at least three or six people for the most, already bathing in the clear, blue sea water. By the time, we had gotten out from the caravan, I was already excited to go into the water and enjoy a fine sea bath. My mom had seemed to have read my mind so she told me that’s it lunch first, and then we all can go into the water.

The food was incredibly delicious. Baked chicken, lasagna, egg salad and shepherd pie, it was truly an amazing meal that I’ve ever eaten so far. Then I drank some iced cold lemon lime juice to wash it down. Well, I have to say that I was already enjoying our family day at the beach so far. After that incredible lunch, my parents and I relaxed like for half an hour until it was officially time to have some real fun. We all ran into the sea water and dived in. The water was cool and wonderful that we stayed there until it was time for us to pack up and go home.

It was five o’clock that evening when we all had packed up our belongings and put them back into our family caravan. As I sat in the back seat of the caravan, I looked out of the window to have a quick look at the clear blue sea water one more before we drove off. I can see that sun was already setting above the horizon of the ocean. But I know that some other again, we shall return to enjoy another family day at the beach.

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Summer Vacation with My Family

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It such a great vacation to have my family during vacation days. I know that everybody is always looking for a class to end even a school year just started, because this is the time that I unwind from the stress that I get during the class hours. During summer vacation I always tend to be lazy like sleeping late at night and other things that I didnt do during school days. Summer is always fun because I always have a time with my family.

Every summer vacation I always feel the moment because its the time that I’m free from doing hws, sws, projects, and reviewing in quiz from different subjects just to pass. But what important to me is the lessons that the teachers told about us life and on how to apply it in ourselves. It’s also happy and nice to meet new friends from other places.

I always wish to have a great summer vacacation.

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But this year is one of the most memorable year that I never expect because after a year we swam again at the beach for our family outing, it’s really fun to bond with them especially with my other cousins that I usually see during vacation. At the same time I am happy to celebrate my birthday during our family outing because we are complete. I wish that day will not be end beacuse of the happiness that I only experience during vacation. Even though I cannot invite my classmates because I understand that its an easter sunday and they have a family bonding too.

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I am still happy and contented because they great me at FB and twitter while others message me with a very heart warming. Although not all days during summer vacation is memorable I always told to myself to enjoy because if the school year begins I cannot able to do the things that I usually do during summer vacation. It such a blessing to enjoy the every seconds of my life during summer vacation. I also review for the UPCAT together with my classmate. Reviewing at the review center is fun because you can meet new friends.

After 2 months from relaxing my mind and body from stress I’m hoping for the best year as a senior since it’s only 10 months that I’m staying at school. I am hoping that the summer vacation helps me to improve. I’m trying to be mature enough to face all the problems and stress that I will be experience in 10 months. I hope that this year will be start of facing my senior world as a strong student.

Summer Vacation with My Family. (2016, Apr 01). Retrieved from

"Summer Vacation with My Family." StudyMoose , 1 Apr 2016,

StudyMoose. (2016). Summer Vacation with My Family . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 13 Mar. 2023]

"Summer Vacation with My Family." StudyMoose, Apr 01, 2016. Accessed March 13, 2023.

"Summer Vacation with My Family," StudyMoose , 01-Apr-2016. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 13-Mar-2023]

StudyMoose. (2016). Summer Vacation with My Family . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 13-Mar-2023]

Summer Vacation with My Family

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11 June, 2010

A trip to the beach.

One Sunday afternoon, my parents and I went to the beach. After packing some food and drinks, we set off.

When we reached the beach, it was very crowded. The light breeze felt good as it brushed against our cheeks. We found a place under a shady tree to put our things. After changing into our swimming suits, we had a swim in t he crystal clear water. A short while later, out stomachs were grumbling. so we changed into dry clothes and had a snack.

My sister and I went picking seashells after that. We then built a sand castle with the fine, while doing that, we saw beautiful small crabs walking on the sand.

Our family watched the sun set before we went home. Although tired, we were happy because we had a great time at the beach.


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Personal Narrative: My First Trip To The Beach

essay about holiday with my family at beach

Show More In 2004 my family and I made our first trip to the beach. The adventure seemed to take a lifetime to reach our destination. Being in the car for 12 hours is not what any child would call a fun time. My brother and I would play video games and watch movies to past the time away and eat the snacks mom would pack us. We finally had reached our destination Destin, Florida. My little brother is so excited to see the water , he runs through the screen door that goes out on our balcony. At first I was a little frightened by the endless amounts of blue water. The waves would come in huge and loud crashing onto the beach. The fisherman boats would be a small speak in a distant on their way out to catch fish. But once I got out there in the water I would gradually start to love the ocean . Each time I would get braver and go out further, as my mom sat on the beach and watch my brother and I closely. The farther out I would go the water would get this magnificent blue; for allowing you to see all types of beautiful sea shell with all sorts of colors in them, the tropical fish reminded me of the movie Finding Nemo, little pale pieces of sand dollars washed up in the waves on the banks. The sand resemble of …show more content… It was time for the race to see who could catch the most crabs. We would shine our lights on the sand and watch little white crabs run. You would not think that something so small could be so fast. We would race and see who could catch the most in five minutes. Strolling along the beach at night is scare looking across the water in dark hole that never ends with load roaring noise of waves coming in; can really frighten young children. Family vacations are the greatest memories a child can have. Being able to look back at all the family trips we have got to take through my childhood and how much fun we had. I cannot wait for more family trips to make lasting

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When we finally arrived at the breathtaking shore, we wasted no time before jumping through the waves. Those moments are cherished by all members of my family. Wave after wave, day after day, summer after summer, the years passed faster than ever. Every day with the sun I woke up to run on the beach and then after some breakfast, I would paddle out for a day on the water. Spending every waking moment I could in the ocean told me I was like a fish dancing around the waters.…

Personal Narrative Essay: Exhilarating Vacation In My Life

Steps Beach is known for its clear water, and was great for snorkeling. While snorkeling, I inspected a school of fish, obviously I did not know what kind of fish they were. All I know is that all the fish were brightly colored. There were all colors of the rainbow under the surface of the water. My cousin even spotted a stingray further out from shore.…

Narrative Of Deep Sea Fishing

“There is a moment during every fight with a strong fish when you wonder whether it or you will win the battle” (Hudson). Since the age of four, I have enjoyed catching bass, brim, and catfish. Thirteen years later, I finally attempted my luck at deep sea fishing. Finally, my dream came true one overcast fall weekend. During the fall, saltwater fish tend to stay closer to the top of the water and in shallow waters because of the warmer water temperatures.…

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Hawaii

Hawaii is a wonderful place full of amazing scenery, crystal clear water, and amazing surf. My father and I have been surfing for a long time and really wanted to try to surf in Hawaii. We were on the Big Island of Hawaii and had to take a beautiful, but long, car trip to our surf destination. After, we rented surfboard because we had not brought our own and started on our surf session. When we finally paddled a quarter of a mile on our surfboard we hit the breakers.…

Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Galveston, Texas

Salty air, sunny skies and sand in-between my toes, there’s nothing like the beach in Galveston, Texas. Every year around the time the Texas heat starts to become unbearable, my family takes a beach trip to the coast. The Cooper annual trip usually consists of countless arguments between my siblings and parents, deep sea fishing and surfing on the beach. This year would be no different, with a few exceptions. The trip started off with the usual “Who gets to pick the radio station” fight.…

Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life

I was so happy and surprised that I got it, I looked over to my father with a smile on his face of approval. We crabbed for a few hours till it became dark. On our way back we rowed over to the big square crab trap that we put out earlier. As we got closer I looked into the water a saw a baby shark which freaked me out and I yelled SHARK at the top of my lungs like I was in the movie Jaws. My father and brother laughed and said it was harmless and with a sly of relief I sat back down.…

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Myrtle Beach

Every year since i was a baby My mother and I go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a vacation. I've always been a fish. I love swimming in the ocean, the pools, water parks, anywhere you can think of. My mother and i would go out really deep in the ocean and just float while the sun kissed our skin. The water was warm on my body like it was giving me a big hug.…

Personal Narrative: The Ride

After exploring the reef, we decided to just swim around in open waters, but before we left the coral reef I scraped my hand on some of the coral. Jaws: We to tried start doing tricks like touching the bottom. Touching the bottom ended up being a task because there was a 25ft cable allowing us to breath. I looked at my Dad and Kristina to see what they were up to since I had seen little motion from them in the few minutes. They were signaling me something, it looked as if they were putting a fin on their head.…

Narrative Essay On A Trip To The Beach

After we got our boogie boards we ran back to the ocean and got ready for the huge waves. It was so much fun riding the waves on our boogie boards. We looked for shells and we also found some sand dollars which are my…

Personal Narrative: My Trip To Indiana Beach

I was sinking down, down, and down, for every heart beat I take, I am still alive. Is that what it feels like when you are about to drown? It all started back to a gorgeous hot summer in Indiana. When my mom and my dad had decided to give me and my sister a little surprise. We don't go on vacations a lot because of my parents "job".…

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essay about holiday with my family at beach

Narrative Essay On A Trip To The Beach

Over the summer I went on a trip to Virginia for 1 week. I was so excited that I finally got to go on a vacation to a beach because I hadn't been to one since 2013. But one thing that I wasn't looking forward to was the long 10 hour trip it took to get there. The drive to Virginia was actually not that bad. There was a lot of scenery that was so beautiful to look at since we drove mostly through mountainous areas. We drove for most of the day we left at about 11:00 am and got there at about 8: 30. I was so excited that we had finally made it and when I saw the ocean I was so happy! There was one drawback about getting there, it was dark and rainy, so my first impression wasn't as good as it could have been. That night I was so tired, but so overjoyed that I could hardly fall asleep and I ended up staying up for a long time. My sisters and I ended up waking up much earlier than my parents because we were so ready to go to the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

The wait had seemed like an eternity because I just wanted to see the ocean so bad! Once we has got to the beach I went straight to the water and instantly remembered all of the fun times that I had the last time I had gone to a beach. I had so much fun doing boogie boarding, collecting shells, and relaxing in the sand I never wanted to leave. Most of the days that we were in Virginia we were at the beach just doing the same things. And guess what, one day we even saw dolphins close to shore! The days that we didn't go to the beach we spent shopping at the long strip of stores that were right by the boardwalk. There were so many souvenirs at these shops I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to get. On one of the last days we had decided to go do something in the area that wasn't the beach since there are so many things to go do or see. We ended up choosing a place called Nauticus. Nauticus was a super cool place that is mainly about the Battleship Wisconsin

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