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compare and contrast essay two restaurants

Two Restaurant Opinion: Comparison

Why i love golden corral.

Do you love to go to a resturant ? To have a wonderful time. Well,If you do you should go to Golden Corral. My favorite resturant Is Golden Corral.Itś a all you can eat buffet. Thatś one reason for why I love Golden Corral. Today In this essay to be talking about Golden Corral varieties,sweets and toppings,Awesomeness, and their qualities.

Personal Narrative: Chick-Fil-A Vs. Chipotle

Many people lately have been raving over Chipotle, and Chick Fil-a lately. I have always thought to myself what is so great about these two food chains. Many people like Chipotle, and then there a a lot of people that love Chick-Fil-A. I just want to figure out what is so great about these two places, and figure out how they are the same, and how they are different.

Compare And Contrast Dick's Drive In Vs N Out

First off, the menus. Dick's Drive In has a very small and easy to read menu while In N' Out's menu has a lot more options and secrets so

Similarities Between Mcdonalds And Wendys

Given its importance, there is a great emphasis on diversity at Wendy’s and McDonald’s. McDonald’s has numerous options at their restaurants across America. They possess a large selection of items for consumers to choose from. These options can range from chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, and nuggets. The restaurants also include a wide array of drinks which can range from sodas to iced coffee. Wendy’s also has several burger options, such as the Baconator and the Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy. They also have numerous other options, such as salads and chicken tenders. This chain also includes a wide variety of drinks. These can range from lemonade to sodas. These two restaurants both have many options to choose from, but Wendy’s has a more consistent menu than


If you walk up to a Texan and ask them what their favorite thing about Texas is they will answer one of four things, family, friends, football, or Whataburger. Though it may just seem like a fast food restaurant to some, it holds a special place in many people 's hearts. Whataburger is a place where good food, friendly service and memories you wouldn 't trade for the world come together in a place of harmony. It is often difficult for a restaurant to excel in every aspect. Many times a restaurant will have great food with poor service or vise versa, but this is not the case at Whataburger.

Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

    First of all, cellphones are detrimental because it distracts other students and classmates. The pew research says, “ ...Sixty five percent of students sneak their phones in school, and are distracted by it.” This means that other students are losing focus while trying to learn. Teachers also have a hard time teaching when a cell phone is constantly interrupting the class. The effect of this are students and teachers will not be able to continue on working lesson plans. The Results of this is kids falling behind on subjects and performing worse than schools who ban phones. Many things don’t go vigorous or as planned because phones constantly go off during class.

Today's Lesson Argumentative Analysis

Of course, the teacher does not have total control over each student, there are means by which an instructor can yield the results she/he is looking for. Although our authors both bring up strong points about the use of cell phones in classrooms, they sometimes overstated the degree to which they are disruptive. The authors also give a good idea as to how the reduction of cell phone use would help classrooms become better learning environments with more respect for instructors and peers and how one’s grades have the possibility of improving once their cell phones have been put away. If purely stating these ideas to students would not help the students use their phones less, then incentives or penalizations can be offered by the instructor to make such a problem

Should Cellphones Be Allowed In Class Essay

Seeing a kid in class with their phone out, your first instinct will be telling them to put it away. Although cell phones can be a distraction and used for entertainment purposes they could be used for so much more. Phones should be allowed in classrooms to use as a learning tool, it will help students organize their work, and is cheaper than buying more technology. As you may know, schools are strict on their no phones in class rule. They believe that having phones in class will cause problems like phones going off, taking pictures, texting, and not paying attention to the teachers.

Argumentative Essay On Food Inc

The documentary, Food Inc., takes a deeper look at the food industry and how it has changed over the years. The McDonald brothers played a huge part in changing the food industry forever. The brothers began to run their restaurant in a factory style. Each worker only had one specific job to do. Because the workers were assigned simple tasks, they were all paid a low wage and were easily replaced. The factory style restaurants had positive and negative sides. The positives were fast, good-tasting food. However, the negatives were much more prevalent. McDonalds became a chain restaurant that appeared all over the United States. The owners wanted their food to taste the same at all locations. This was achieved by purchasing all their meat and

Cell Phones In The Classroom Research Paper

Even though banning cell phones reduce distractions in the classroom, phones should be allowed in the classroom, but restricted to school work because it offers more learning opportunities and gets kids excited about learning. There are numerous benefits and downsides to allowing technology in the classroom. Having cell phones and other electronic devices in the classroom can be integrated into the curriculum. However, these resources might also be harming the children who use them repeatedly over time.

Mcdonald's Strategy Analysis

Burger king takes pride in its ability to provide personalized product to ensure they can reach all level of consumer. Some product from double patties to children applesauce and juices to veggie burger, so they can interact with all kind and level of

Cell Phones Should Be Banned In School

Cell phones being in school is a hotly debated issue nowadays. With all the teenagers having cell phones now the issue of them in school seems to be bigger than it has ever been. Many people think that they are beneficial while others say they distract kids. Research and statistics show that phones prevent more than help kids to learn. Cell phones should be banned in school because they prevent learning, encourage cheating and pose health risks to students that use them.

Comparing Two Cities: Similarities And Differences Between Two Cities

A city is a place where a large number of populations resides for the permanent period of time. City’s importance depends upon the size, location, and structure of the area. Cities have the highly organized population which is comparatively bigger than town or village. A city can provide different opportunities to know about the culture and language. A city is a good place to continue the further education and to find a suitable job. A city can provide government facilities to its people which makes easy to sustain the life and to perform the task. In addition, the city may be regarded as a relatively permanent concentration of population, together with its diverse habitations, social arrangements, and supporting activities. Cities might differ in cultural aspects and from other types of human settlement and association. Today I am comparing and contrasting my hometown, Kathmandu and the city I am living in, Colorado. Although both of them are cities, they have some similarities as well as differences among themselves in various aspects. Such as tourism sector,

Essay On Mobile Phones In School

Do cell phones in class actually have such a huge impact on learning as educators say they do? Is it really relevant to ban cell phones at school? Do we really have to ban something which was already part of the school system? A simple answer to all of those questions is no. Although some schools don’t think cell phone usage should be allowed in a classroom. Students should be able to use their cell phones in class because they can use them to check facts, you can do assignments on them, and parent to student contact would be much easier.

Essay About Technology Gadgets

New modern life circled with technology gadgets. Technology has been progressing quickly which has become an important part in our lives which is harmful for our body. Many people have been using these stuff to communicate with each other, play games, listen to music, or discover a new culture. However, it may also have some positive impact in which it can help students in their daily life to get some information out of the internet to solve their homework or other things. For example, adults use these instruments at work and students at school. These kind of devices can catch a child easily to get addicted to them. Whereas, it influences people and especially children in many good and bad ways. Technology devices have many bad impacts on all people in different ages and in many fields.

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Compare/Contrast--My Two Favorite Restaurants 3 Pages 778 Words

             Introduction: Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. I am going to tell about the differences of two of my favorite restaurants.              The first restaurant I will be talking about is Logans Roadhouse, the second one is              –Thesis: The first restaurant I will be talking about in Logans Roadhouse, the second one is McDonalds.              Over the past few years as far back as I can remember, I have always liked going out to eat. I am going to tell about the differences between two of my favorite restaurants. One restaurant I will be talking about is Logan's Roadhouse the other is McDonalds.              Logans and McDonalds are two different restaurants when it comes to the ambiance. Most of the surroundings at Logans include a waiting room with long, leather topped, benches to sit on while waiting. The floor is hard wood and is covered with empty peanut hulls. Music is playing at a medium level, usually Alternative or Country. Sometimes you can barely hear the person sitting right next to you.              There is Laughter present and usually a large variety of people sitting all around. There is a bar, a smoking section and a non- smoking section. When going to McDonalds the surroundings are quite different. There are sometimes greasy floors, when dining in you are seated at a small booth the tables really aren't big enough for everything. Unlike Logans McDonalds customers are usually in a rush coming in, ordering their food and storming out. McDonalds usually has some elevator music playing at a decent level and people are always shouting at each other.              When you are planning to eat at Loans Roadhouse, you might want to consider making reservations because it can              ...

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Comparison and contrast of two restaurants

The two restaurants that I would be comparing and contrasting are in opposite directions from 3221 Enterprise Way, Miramar, FL 33025. Restaurant A is fifteen minutes drive from the school and is situated on the way of going to my home. It is situated in a busy market area. Whereas restaurant B is around twenty-five minutes drive from the school and is situated in a place, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The ambience of the both the places is as contrasting as the locations and surroundings in which they are located. Restaurant A is very elegantly designed and has glass table tops and bright colored chairs. It has an elaborate menu, which consists of mostly continental dishes. The waiters of this restaurant are very well behaved but since this place is occupied with lots of customers, they are always rushing from one table to another. Due to this restaurant’s popularity and large customer base, there is a great time gap between placing the order and food delivery on the table. If one is alone, then there are chances of getting bored while waiting for food. From outside this place is beautifully decorated but lack of enough parking spaces is a major disadvantage. The food is excellent but slow service kills the excitement of visiting this place.

However this place is also a great time pass because at any given time one gets an opportunity to observe different kinds of people. Once my friend and I visited this restaurant in the busy afternoon hours. We were very hungry and it would have been difficult to pass our time, waiting for the food to arrive.  But one incident engrossed our attention so much that the twenty minutes of wait did not seem much to us. Two middle-aged women, sitting on different tables had ordered the same thing. The waiter got confused as to which woman had placed the order first. In this confusion he brought the food to the woman who had placed the order after the other one. Looking at this the other woman started to scold the waiter. The waiter tried to politely beg his pardon for the mistake he had committed. The woman did not want to let away the matter so easily. She demanded that since the woman who got the food first had not started eating, the food should be brought to her table. That woman did not want this to happen. Both of them started quarrelling with each other, much to the amusement of other customers. The two of us enjoyed this incident very much and had nearly forgotten about our hunger amongst so much of commotion.

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Though it takes more time to reach Restaurant B than Restaurant A, quick service of this place, makes up for more time wasted on travelling when compared to time taken to reach restaurant A. I generally visit these restaurants after school, so the days on which I visit restaurant B, means covering double distance to reach home. Since restaurant B specializes in my favorite cuisine – Chinese, travelling double distance is worth it. The charge of both the places for a fulfilling meal is nearly equal.

The serene and calm atmosphere of the place with lots of greenery around makes it an enjoyable experience. This restaurant is not as big as restaurant A but lends a very cozy feeling. All the doors and windows are of transparent glass so one feels as if one I sitting in a garden and having food. The inside and outside of the restaurant is not as beautifully designed as restaurant A, but lots of indoor plants inside the restaurant lends a glamorous touch.  The Chinese style furniture and wall hangings add to the glamour and theme of the restaurant. Since it is not located in a busy area it does not have so much of footfall, therefore one can expect food within minutes of ordering it. There are no waiters. One has to pay money in the cash counter and collect coupons and then pass it on to the person sitting near the kitchen. When the food comes the person calls the table number and one has to go and bring the food from the food counter himself. The speciality of this restaurant is a large variety of mouth watering and authentic Chinese soups. I often visit this restaurant for its soups and other Chinese delicacies, which are equally good.

I had been telling my mother about this restaurant since a very long time. One wet afternoon she decided to have lunch at this place. Just as we reached there, it started raining heavily. It was an amazing experience of watching the trees and bushes all around getting washed in rain while we relished hot soup and Choupsuey. All the visits to this restaurant after that day make me remember the wonderful experience of having lunch in that rainy afternoon.

The restaurant of my choice is restaurant B because everything about this place is unique. It is not difficult to find restaurants like restaurant A, but according to me there is no suitable substitute of restaurant B. The food, the ambience, the quick service and plenty of parking spaces, makes this place my first choice. If one wants to combine shopping and eating out on a single day then restaurant A would be an ideal choice but if you are really hungry and want to pamper yourself with good food then heading to restaurant B, would be the right thing to do. If at school, I feel hungry then restaurant B is my first choice. Everything about it is good but the best part is its food. Vogel observed, “Much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder , quality is in the definition of the taster.” (para.12) I completely agree with him.

Learn also which statement correctly compares the two businesses?

Vogel, M.R. (2007). Food For Thought. Retrieved Sept. 7, 2007 from http://www.foodreference.com/html/quality-quality.html

Comparison and contrast of two restaurants essay

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The Comparison of Two Restaurants

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This is a comparison of two fast food restaurants and the interesting facts that have been uncovered. In uncovering the vast and complicated world of fast food and the many comparisons the information that is found here will be very interesting. While both restaurants are both very similar both restaurants are equally both very different. When you consider the many different choices that can be made when choosing where to eat. In past times the fast food restaurant industry had taken a comfortable spot in daily diets.

Fast food is a term about food that can be cooked, packaged and served quickly. Normally fast food is not known for any real nutritional value. Many of the very first fast food restaurants were little road side stands that mainly catered to travelers. In today’s hectic life many consumers want food that is not only fast but nutritional and heart healthy. Today’s consumer wants to cut out high fats and is not sky high in empty calories.

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While both restaurants pride their food on using good healthy ingredients for all the food that is served at their restaurants.

There are three comparison that need to be made about the fast food restaurants Mimi’s and Marie Calendar’s. Both restaurants started with someone’s desire to serve food to the families of America. The first comparison is that both restaurants started with an idea and a desire to make their dream come true. The second comparison would be that all of the food from the very beginning was made with fresh ingredients.

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The second comparison was that as the restaurants grew so did the dream of making these restaurants nationwide so that all could partake in these delicious dishes.

Marie Calendar’s food is designed after the pie recipes that Marie Calendar began and baked. Marie Calendar began one of the very first home-based businesses in the food industry. Many of her friends begged her to make her pies for sale for the general public. Marie was able to serve fresh pies from her home. It took no time for Marie to begin baking over 200 pies daily. The Marie Calendar restaurant was started in 1940. Marie and her husband were finally able to start their very own pie and coffee shop in 1964 in Orange, California. By 1969 Marie’s pie shop began to be a top notch full service restaurant. Marie Calendar’s prided their recipes on using healthy ingredients for all the food served at their restaurants. Marie Calendar’s offers a delicious variety of foods for a reasonable price for all consumers.

Mimi’s began when an American military member serving in France during World War ll. Arthur J. Simms knew that he wanted to achieve something amazing. While serving in France Arthur feel completely enamored with a beautiful mademoiselle and yes her name was Mimi. Arthur was also equally enamored of the French culture. He was in love with all the flavors of France. Arthur returned to the United States his dream was to bring part of France back to the United States. Arthur was able to open his first Mimi’s café in 1978 with the sweet memories of the culture, foods, and flavors of he had enjoyed while serving in France.

Both fast food restaurants began with a dream from people that wanted to work to see their dreams come true. When Marie Calendar’s and Mimi were first opened their menus were not as extensive as the menus are today. Some of the differences are Marie Calendar’s still focuses on their delicious pies along with their menus of comfort foods while Mimi’s foods are more from France and the Louisiana influence of Cajun foods. While most French foods are very rich in butters and cream-based sauces the food is always served fresh at Mimi’s. Marie Calendar’s has more of a rustic home type feel that always delivers a more feeling that you are home instead at a restaurant.

In Conclusion whether the choice is Mimi’s or Marie Calendar’s always be assured the food will be of the highest quality, healthy, and from fresh ingredients that makes the food more enjoyable and brings customers back wanting more. Both restaurants pride their restaurants on customer service, top notch foods and both are family friendly. Both restaurants have menu’s that provide good nutritional value for parents and children. The children’s menus are prepared especially with a child’s palate in mind.

Two Fast Food Restaurants compare and contrast Mimi’s and Marie Callendar’s. While both restaurants are very similar both restaurants are equally both very different. When you consider the different choices that we can make when choosing where to eat. There are many different types of fast food restaurants to serve our many different types of culinary desires. In past times the fast food restaurants had not really taken a comfortable spot in our daily diets. Fast food is a term about food that can be packaged and served very quickly. Normally in the past fast food was not known for any real nutritional value. Today’s consumers want something that is fast and heart healthy, something that is not sky high in calories and fats. Marie Callender restaurants prided their selves on using good healthy ingredients for all the food served at their restaurants.

Marie Calendar’s food is designed after the dessert recipes that Marie Callender began herself. She had a home based business; she was quite an excellent baker. Marie delivered fresh pies from her home. Marie Callender’s started her pie business in 1940. It did not take long for Marie to begin baking over 200 homemade pies a daily. Marie and her husband were able to get a truck and a mixer. Marie and her husband were finally able to open her first pie and coffee shop in 1964 in Orange, California. By 1969 Marie’s pie shop began to be a top notch full service restaurant. Marie Callender restaurants prided their selves on using good healthy ingredients for all the food served at their restaurants. Marie Callendar’s offers great foods for a reasonable price to all consumers.

Mimi’s began when an American military member serving in France during World War II. Arthur J. Simms knew he wanted to do something amazing. While serving in France Arthur feel head over heels in love with a beautiful mademoiselle and yes her name was Mimi. Arthur returned to the United State but he always remembered his days he spent in France. He was in love with all the foods and flavors of France. Simms wanted to bring part of what he found in France back to the United States. In 1978 Arthur opened his first Mimi’s café with the fond memory of Mimi and the wonderful food he had eaten in France.

Both fast food restaurants began with a dream from people that wanted their dreams to come true. When Marie Callendar’s and Mimi are first opened their menus were not as extensive as the menus are today. Some of the differences are Marie Callendar’s foods are more comfort foods while Mimi’s foods are more from France and the Louisiana influence of Cajun foods. While most French are very rich in butters and cream based sauces is something that is always served fresh at Mimi’s. Marie Callendar’s has more of a rustic home type feel that cooks more comfort style foods.

In Conclusion whether your choice is Mimi’s or Marie Callendar’s you can be sure the food you eat will be of high quality and healthy, fresh made foods that would make any customer eating at these restaurants happy that they made that choice. Both restaurants pride their selves on customer service, top notch foods and both are family friendly. Both restaurants have menu’s that provide good nutritional value for their children’s menus, which are prepared especially for children.

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The Comparison of Two Restaurants

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compare and contrast two restaurants

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In this report, I will be comparing two different menus from two different restaurants. These two restaurants are Bellaggio’s which is an Italian themed middle market restaurant and Riverside Indian Fusion which is Indian themed fusion food restaurant. The menus are vastly different as they both cater for different cultures and continents and are two different types of markets.…

Family vs. Fine Dining

When choosing a restaurant it is all about the reason or reasons behind the event. Is it an intimate meal for two, a meal with the family or just a day out with a friend? Many occasions have different needs, however when one chooses to dine out it is all about having a celebrated, time with family, love ones, friends and a meal; no grocery shopping needed, cooking, or clean up. As a consumer, one needs to know the difference between family and fine dining in order to receive the maximum experience of their dining occasion.…

Entrepreneurial Research Paper

These restaurants are considered sit down family orientated restaurants that are tailored to family meals and they even have express service for take out orders. They are considered a very reasonably priced restaurant that can fit into many family budgets for an out on the town dinner for a family. The atmosphere of this restaurant is considered a family oriented style and is very friendly and outgoing in their service to the public.…

Evaluation of a Restaurant

I don’t go out for fine dining as often anymore but when I do, my expectations are well within reason of a diner. There are many factors in a restaurant that will determine whether I will be a returning patron. These factors can range from the cleanliness of its restrooms to the way the interior is decorated, but the sake of this essay, I will narrow down to the three most common-service, food and price.…

Buffalo Wild Wings Research Paper

If a restaurant wants to be the best, then they have to meet some criteria in order to do so. The first defying factor, is whether the atmosphere the restaurant has, is an enjoyable one. Next, in order to have a good experience at that restaurant, the service has to good. This means not only friendly service, but quick service as well. Of course the most important factor, that determines how good a restaurant is, has to do with how good the food is. If food quality is poor, then that can really put a bad image on that restaurant. Lastly, after all of the other factors, was the experience, and the food worth…

Food Essay Paper (in-N-Out vs Mcdonalds

Within today’s modern society we like to have everything when we want and have it at any given time. Growing with that trend, modern fast food places like McDonald’s and In-N-Out Burger have giving their consumers that very thing. Even though In and out and McDonald’s have been around for years, both vary their menus and the way they appeal to their consumers with the change of time. On the west coast, In-N-Out is favored more than it is on the east coast. While McDonald’s is a worldwide company, with restaurants open in France, China, Iraq, and also America. Who is the better franchise; it is time to find out.…

Bibliography: BLT Steak Scottsdale, And Tempe Restaurants

how the food tastes. The appearance of the dish and the quality of the restaurant…

Disclaimer: I have been to, and would recommend, both of the restaurants above. I went to the first restaurant primarily because of its Web site. The second, not so much.…

Compare and Contrast

Both Companies have there good and there bad. Workings for Yum Brand and BBRG both have similarities. Both companies offer insurance and benefits. Working both of these companies you have opportunities to move up in the company and become either team lead or manager. Honestly in both companies you are deprived from a social life, work a lot, and gain weight. They both serve food, but very different.…

Food Comparison

in comparison with each other and in what they serve. If this isn't enough to convince you to eat…

My Ethnic Dining Experience

Since I have been living here in San Luis Obispo I have walked by Thai Palace many times while downtown but I have never gotten the chance to go. This assignment was the perfect opportunity. I have tried Thai food before, back home in Idaho, but have only tried a few of the most generic dishes offered. This time I was eager to try something a little more out of my comfort zone.…

Chinatown History Assignment

The restaurant has Dim SUM, Chinese Cold Platters, Noodles, Fried rices, Seafood and other varieties of meats. It also provides party trays and traditional Chinese desserts and beverages. According to the menu, the average price for starters are approximately 9 dollars, and 17 dollars for the entrees. Asian Legend also has combo meals, the Rice Combos, which are only available from Monday to Friday, they comes with appetizer, soup, steam Rice and iced Tea for only 10.99 dollars.…

Mystery Shopper

After visiting these five restaurants I found that in general the service was satisfactory, although some restaurants were providing higher quality service than others. For example, Q-doba’s and Giovanni’s operations were focused primarily on speed of service rather than customer experience. While Wild Ginger and Backyards Bistro were focused on delivering an overall dining experience which included not only good food but a certain ambiance with waiters to take your order and a hostess to seat you; this was much different from the assembly line speed with which Giovanni’s or Q-doba’s operate. Mr. Wraps, adheres to neither of these operational approaches it is primarily a take-out place with a sporty ambiance and quick service. Observing each of these restaurants it became clear that speedy service and a good product were not the only important qualities to satisfying a customer. In general it was important to the customer, me, that the employee be personable, genuinely interested in making my experience a…

Descriptive Essay On Brockville

While they offer catering services and take out options, we highly recommended you spend an evening in their welcoming dining room and allow yourself to fully experience traditional Indian Food.…

Restaurant 1

We all have our favorite restaurant that we prefer to dine in. There is always that one restaurant that you will resort back to when you don’t feel like taking the risk of trying a new place out. Why is that? What kind of evaluations do you conduct on a restaurant when you dine? What factors lead you to believe a restaurant is perfect for you? I’m going to discuss some of these factors on one of my most frequently visited restaurants “The Olive Garden.”…

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Compare And Contrast Mcdonald And Burger King

When it comes to fast food restaurants like Mcdonald 's and Burger King, people tend to wonder if they 're more similar or different. Each restaurant has qualities that separate them from another, but yet there are also many ways they 're similar, too. These two restaurants have been around forever and do a very big business around the world. Their greasy burgers, fries, ice cream, etc., are tasty treats to many americans that they can 't go a day without. They 're so focused on the food that they probably aren 't wondering what I am, what are the similarities and differences between Mcdonald 's and Burger King? There are many things you can converse about when comparing these two topics. The first topic to compare is the price of the food at each restaurant. All in all, Mcdonald’s is cheaper than Burger King in several ways. Mcdonald’s …show more content…

In this essay, the author

It depends on what type of food you get ranging from a burger, a chicken sandwich, or whatever else their menu ’s have offer. As said before, Mcdonald’s is cheaper in the grand scheme of things, but really they tend to be generally the same in price. For example, a Big Mac at Mcdonald’s is $3.99 and a Whopper at Burger King is $3.49. Both restaurants have a dollar menu with different kinds of food to offer. From ice cream to burgers, they both have it. But, in the last few years Mcdonald’s has taken a few things off the dollar menu and risen the prices. While Burger King has more things on the dollar menu, that are actually a dollar! According to a survey done by Burger King, the average price of the items on their menu is $4.50. Ah, the drinks, something that most people need with their meals. The prices between soft drinks of Burger King and Mcdonald’s are actually different. At

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