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Many people don’t know this but obesity is not just a body cosmetic condition it’s a complex disease. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), obesity is diagnosed when a person has excessive body fat that results in a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30. For children, obesity is diagnosed when their BMI lies in the 95th percentile when compared to other children of the same age and sex.

According to the World Health Organization obesity is a serious disease having life-threatening consequences which is why it should be taken very seriously. According to a survey report , 18.5% of the American youth was suffering from clinical obesity between the years 2015-16. In this cause-and-effect essay, we will discuss the various significant causes and effects of the obesity epidemic.

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Causes and Effects of Obesity in Children and Adults Essay- 700 Word Long Essay

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Obesity is not just a cosmetic body condition it’s a complex disease. Any adult with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more than 30 is obese and needs treatment. Childhood obesity is diagnosed when a teenager’s BMI index lies in the 95th percentile when their weight is compared to other children of same-sex and age. If left unchecked, obese people can develop serious diseases that include heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and even cancer. According to a CDC survey report, 42% of American adults suffered from obesity between the years 2017-18. In this essay, we will discuss the causes and effects of obesity.

Most Significant Causes of Obesity

Studies have shown that genetic, hormonal, behavioral, and metabolic problems have an influence on the overall body weight. Still, one of the most significant causes of obesity is when you take in more calories than you burn. Some of the most important causes of obesity are:

An unbalanced diet that is high on calories and lacks fruit, vegetables, minerals, and other important nutrients can cause obesity. A diet that is full of junk food and high-calorie beverages directly contributes to weight gain that causes obesity.

Lack of Physical Activity and Exercise

People with office jobs that require them to sit in front of the computer screen all day are more likely to become obese. People with less physical activity can easily take in more calories than they can burn every day. The unburnt calories are stored in the body in the form of fat that causes obesity.

Stress Anxiety and Social Problems

Modern studies have proved that stress and anxiety can cause obesity. People who are stressed usually take in more calories than required as they find a cure to their problems in eating more calories, this is known as stress-eating.

On the other hand, social and economic problems can also lead to obesity. People with economic problems are more likely to eat high-calorie junk food. Studies have also proven that people who spend more time with obese people are more likely to suffer from obesity.

Medical Conditions

People with medical conditions such as crushing syndrome or arthritis are more likely to become obese because of decreased physical movement. Not burning enough calories can help in weight gain resulting in obesity.

The Age Factor

As you age you are more likely to develop physical inactivity in your lifestyle that leads to obesity. The amount of muscle in your body also decreases with age and the metabolism slows down. As your metabolism slows down and you don’t control what you eat you are more likely to gain more weight and become obese.

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Most Significant Effects of Obesity

Obesity is a very serious health condition that can prove to be fatal. An obese person is more likely to suffer from a health risk such as heart attack and other problems. Some of the effects of obesity are:

Hight Blood Pressure Strokes and Heart Diseases

People who are obese are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases because of high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The heart of overweight and obese people has to work very hard to pump the blood to blood vessels because of extra fat layers and high cholesterol that block the blood vessels.

Obesity can negatively impacts the body’s function of controlling blood sugar levels. Obesity negatively affects the way insulin is absorbed in the blood and even develops resistance to insulin resulting in type 2 diabetes.

Cancer Due to Obesity

Studies have shown that obesity can lead to cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovary, breast, live, kidney, colon, rectum, prostate, and liver. Cancer of any type is a serious risk factor and can also lead to other health complications.

Sleeping Problems

Obesity can also cause sleeping problems that can lead to sleep apnea. Breathing in people with sleep apnea start and stop while sleeping which is a major health concern.


Obese adults usually have more weight than their joints can bear. As a result of obesity, the joints inflate from the inside. This inflammation of joints can lead to osteoarthritis, which is one of the most severe bone diseases.

Essay on Causes and Effects of Obesity, Image 3

Severe COVID-19 symptoms

The latest research has proved that people who are obese suffer from severe COVID-19 symptoms if they are exposed to the virus. People suffering from severe symptoms of COVID-19 may even need assisted breathing or treatment of COVID in the intensive care units.

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FAQ About Causes Effects and Treatment of Obesity Essay

What causes obesity and overweight.

A sedentary lifestyle, bad energy balance, fast foods, high-calorie foods, little or no physical activity, or physical exercises, along with high-calorie intake can cause obesity and overweight problems.

What are the causes and consequences of the childhood obesity epidemic?

Childhood obesity is also known as teen obesity or adolescent obesity is caused by unhealthy eating habits, high-calorie intake, and less physical movement.

How to get rid of obesity?

To fight obesity it is important to identify risk factors, maintain a healthy diet, avoid fast-food restaurants, take a balanced diet, and develop healthy eating habits.

Causes and Effects of Obesity Essay

Introduction, laziness as the main cause of obesity, social effects of obesity, effects of obesity: health complications.


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Maintaining good body weight is highly recommended by medical doctors as a way of promoting a healthy status of the body. This is to say that there is allowed body weight, which a person is supposed to maintain. Extreme deviations from this weight expose a person to several health complications.

While being underweight is not encouraged, cases of people who are overweight and increasing effects of this condition have raised concerns over the need of addressing the issue of obesity in the society today, where statistics are rising day and night. What is obesity? This refers to a medical condition in which a person’s body has high accumulation of body fat to the level of being fatal or a cause of serious health complications. Additionally, obesity is highly associated with one’s body mass index, abbreviated as BMI.

This denotes the value obtained when a person’s weight in kilograms is divided by the square of their height in meters (Burniat 3). According to medical experts, obesity occurs when the BMI exceeds 30kg/m 2 . While this is the case, people who have a BMI of between 25 and 29 and considered to be overweight. Obesity has a wide-range of negative effects, which may be a threat to the life of a person.

The fist effect of obesity is that it encourages laziness in the society. It is doubtless that obese people find it hard and strenuous to move from one point to the other because of accumulated fats. As a result, most of these people lead a sedentary lifestyle, which is usually characterized by minimal or no movement. In such scenarios, victims prefer being helped doing basic activities, including moving from one point to another.

Moreover, laziness makes one to be inactive and unproductive. For example, a student who is obese may find it hard to attend to his or her homework and class assignments, thus affecting performance. With regard to physical exercises, obese people perceive exercises as punishment, which is not meant for them (Korbonits 265). As a result, they do not accept simple activities like jogging because of their inability to move.

In line with this, obese people cannot participate in games like soccer, athletics, and rugby among others. Based on this sedentary lifestyle, obese people spend a lot of their time watching television, movies, and playing video games, which worsen the situation.

The main effect of obesity is health complications. Research indicates that most of the killer diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure are largely associated with obesity. In the United States, obesity-related complications cost the nation approximately 150 billion USD and result into 0.3 million premature deaths annually.

When there is increase in body fat, it means that the body requires more nutrients and oxygen to support body tissues (Burniat 223). Since these elements can only be transported by the blood to various parts of the body, the workload of the heart is increased.

This increase in the workload of the heart exerts pressure on blood vessels, leading to high blood pressure. An increase in the heart rate may also be dangerous due to the inability of the body to supply required blood to various parts. Moreover, obesity causes diabetes, especially among adults as the body may become resistant to insulin. This resistance may lead to a high level of blood sugar, which is fatal.

Besides health complications, obesity causes an array of psychological effects, including inferiority complex among victims. Obese people suffer from depression, emanating from negative self-esteem and societal rejection. In some cases, people who become obese lose their friends and may get disapproval from teachers and other personalities (Korbonits 265). This is mainly based on the assumption that people become obese due to lack of self-discipline. In extreme cases, obese people may not be considered for promotion at workplaces, because of the negative perception held against them.

Due to inferiority complex, obese people avoid being in public and prefer being alone. This is because they imagine how the world sees them and may also find it hard being involved in public activities because of their sizes.

This further makes them to consider themselves unattractive based on their deviation from what is considered as the normal body size and shape. Regardless of how obese people are treated, they always believe that they are being undermined because of their body size.

In summary, obesity is a major cause of premature deaths in the United States and around the world. This health condition occurs when there is excess accumulation of body fat, caused by unhealthy lifestyles. Obesity is largely associated with several killer diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and diseases of the heart.

These diseases drain world economies since most of them are fatal and expensive to manage. Additionally, obesity promotes sedentary life where victims minimize movement by adopting an inactive lifestyle. Moreover, obese victims suffer psychologically because of societal rejection. In general, obesity has a wide-range of negative effects, which may be a threat to the life of a person.

Burniat, Walter. Child and Adolescent Obesity: Causes and Consequences, Prevention and Management . United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2002. Print.

Korbonits, Márta. Obesity and Metabolism . Switzerland: Karger Publishers, 2008. Print.

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Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity

cause effect essay about obesity

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Can the Government Help the Obesity Issue?

As of 2010, more than one third of children and adolescents in the United States were overweight or obese, and obesity has become a major problem in the United States. Some blame the obesity epidemic on fast-food restaurants, others blame it on the person consuming the food, and others blame the government. All of these are factors in the problem, but the government can make a difference in reducing the rising issue of obesity by providing school-age children with healthy but enjoyable eating options in their schools, putting more restrictions and regulations on fast-food advertising, and requiring fast-food restaurants to show obvious and clearly stated nutritional facts.…

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Obesity in America: Cause and Effect Essay Sample

It is clear that the American lifestyle has contributed to the increasing prevalence of obesity. With estimates from the Washington-based Centers for Disease Prevention in the Department of Health and Human Services indicating that one in three American adults is overweight, it is evident that the country is facing an obesity epidemic. To better understand the causes and effects of obesity, research is needed to further explore the issue. For those struggling with obesity, coursework assistance may be available to help them make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to live a healthier life.

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Writing a thesis paper on the topic of obesity can be extremely challenging. It requires extensive research and time to adequately cover the subject. However, there are services available that can provide assistance with the writing process. Pay for a thesis allows for the benefit of having an experienced professional provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Causes of Obesity

Every phenomenon must have a reason. In order to write a cause and effect essay , you need to analyze the topic carefully to cover all aspects. Obesity is considered to be a complex illness, with a number of factors contributing to its development. These can be:

As you may have guessed, it is the latter category of causes and effects that we are interested in. At this point, we care about the five ones that have made the biggest contribution.

Product Range

The main cause of obesity is junk food and an unbalanced diet rich in simple carbohydrates, fats, and sugars, plus a bunch of additives. Manufactured, processed, refined, and packaged meals are the most popular. Thanks to advances in technology, Americans have come to mass-produce meals that keep fresh longer and taste better. It takes less time to prepare unhealthy, processed foods in the microwave than it does to cook them yourself.

Lack of a work-life balance, high-stress levels, insufficient sleeping hours contribute to body weight gain. Not only do these factors contribute to this, but failing to take the time to do your homework can also have a negative impact on your physical health. Without a healthy, balanced approach to work, rest, and play, you may find yourself increasingly dependent on a sedentary lifestyle that can lead to overweight consequences. Many Americans work 50, 60, or more hours a week and suffer from a deficit of leisure hours. Cooking processed foods saves them hours and money, even though they end up costing them a lot more – by causing cardiovascular disease. In addition, obese people feel stressed on a regular basis in the United States metropolitan areas. Many of them are simply binge eating under the influence of negative emotions. Chronic overeating leads to a disturbance in the appetite center in the brain, and the normal amount of food eaten can no longer suppress hunger as much as necessary, affecting the body mass.

Food Deserts

The term ‘ food desert ‘ refers to poor areas (urban, suburban and rural) with limited access to fresh fruit, grains, and vegetables – places where it is much easier to access junk food. A grocery shop in a food desert that sells healthy foods may be 10-15 miles away, while a mini-market or cheap shop that sells harmful snacks is close to the house. In such a world, it takes much more effort to eat healthier, form eating habits, and stay slim.

Everyone’s Passion for Sweets

Consuming sweets in large quantities is addictive: the more and easier we give the body energy, the more the brain uses serotonin and dopamine to encourage it – it will make obese people want sweets again and again during the day. Cakes and pastries are fast carbohydrates that easily satisfy hunger and increase body mass. Despite the harm of sweets, obese people experience the need for them to satiate. Sweetened carbonated drinks are one of the main sources of sugar in the American diet. Moreover, some individuals may be more adversely affected by such diets than others: patients with a genetic predisposition to obesity gain body mass faster from sugary drinks than those without it. This leads to childhood obesity.

The Harm of Tolerance

Every year, the body positive movement is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It would seem that this major trend should have freed us from the problems associated with the cult of thinness and society’s notorious standards. In many ways, a positive attitude towards the body has proved fruitful. For example, the notion of beauty has clearly broadened. Now on fashion shows and magazine covers, you can see not only a girl with perfectly retouched skin and without a single hint of body fat but also an ordinary person with its inherent features: overweight, wrinkles, hair, and individual skin features. In general, all the things that we are all so familiar with in real life.

Does it really make that much sense? Is this a positive thing in terms of the cause and effect topic regarding obesity? In short, opinions are divided. Extremes aren’t easy to overcome. Not everyone manages to do it. Researchers have concluded that due to plus size having become positioned as a variant of the norm, more persons have become obese. Many obese Americans have formed the opinion that it is really quite normal, and they have become oblivious to the damage it does to their health. This is what we are going to focus on next.

list of causes of obesity

Effects of Obesity

We all know that obesity is dangerous to health. However, medical studies show that most adults are unaware of the number of complications and diseases that obesity in America entails. So they are fairly comfortable with becoming gradually fatter. But indifference is replaced by concern when obesity related diseases begin to occur.

For interesting examples of students writing that also reveal the causes and effects of other phenomena, consult the custom essay service offering essays by professionals. In this way, you will realize the importance of highlighting the effects right after the causes.

Is obesity an aesthetic disadvantage, an inconvenience, a limitation in physical activity or is it an illness after all? How does it affect health, and what are the consequences? The visible signs of obesity are by no means the only complication associated with this condition. Obesity creates a high risk of life-threatening diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attack, myocardial infarction, and kidney and liver problems. Moreover, it can also lead to disability.

Cardiovascular Disease

This is the most serious and damaging impact on the body and blood vessels in particular. Every extra kilo is a huge additional load on the heart. Obesity increases the risk of heart attacks. Experts from the American Heart Association have developed a paper on the relationship between obesity and cardiovascular disease, which discusses the impact of obesity on the diagnosis and outcomes of patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and arrhythmias. Childhood obesity aggravates the course of cardiovascular disease from a very early age. The fact that even kids and adolescents are obese is associated with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and hyperglycemia.

The result is excessive insulin production in the body. This, in turn, leads to an overabundance of insulin in the blood, which makes the peripheral tissues more resistant to it. As a consequence of the above, sodium metabolism is disturbed, and blood pressure rises. It is important to remember that excessive carbohydrate food intake leads to increased production of insulin by the pancreas. Excess insulin in the human body easily converts glucose into fat. And obesity reduces tissue sensitivity to insulin itself. This kind of vicious circle leads to type 2 diabetes.

Effects on Joints

Obesity increases the load on joints to a great extent, especially if one undergoes little or no physical activity. For instance, if one lives in a megalopolis, where all physical activity consists of getting off the sofa, walking to the car, and plumping up in an office chair at work. All this leads to a reduction in muscle mass, which is already weak, and all the load falls on the joints and ligaments.

The result is arthritis, arthrosis, and osteochondrosis. Consequently, a seemingly illogical situation is formed – there is practically no exercise, but joints are worn out harder than in the case of powerlifters. In turn, according to a study by the University of California, reducing body weight reduces the risk of osteoarthritis.


In most cases, being obese leads to endocrine infertility, as it causes an irregular menstrual cycle. Women experience thyroid disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, problems with conception, and decreased progesterone hormone. Obese men are faced with erectile dysfunction, reduced testosterone levels, and infertility. It should be noted that the mother’s obesity affects not only her health but also the one of her unborn child. These children are at higher risk of congenital malformations.

Corresponding Inconveniences

Public consciousness is still far from the notion that obese people are sick individuals. The social significance of the issue is that people who are severely obese find it difficult to get a job. They experience discriminatory restrictions on promotion, daily living disadvantages, restrictions on mobility, clothing choices, discomfort with adequate hygiene, and sexual dysfunction. Some of these individuals not only suffer from illness and limited mobility but also have low self-esteem, depression, and other psychological problems due to involuntary isolation by watching television or playing video games. Therefore, the public has to recognize the need to establish and implement national and childhood obesity epidemic prevention programs.

Society today provokes unintentional adult and childhood obesity among its members by encouraging the consumption of high-fat, high-calorie foods and, at the same time, by technological advances, promoting sedentary lifestyles like spending time watching television or playing video games. These social and technological factors have contributed to the rise in obesity in recent decades. Developing a responsible attitude towards health will only have a full impact if people are given the opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. At the level of the community as a whole, it is therefore important to support people in adhering to dieting recommendations through the continued implementation of evidence-based and demographic-based policies to make regular physical activity and good nutrition both affordable and feasible for all. It is recommended to cut down on the food consumed.

cause effect essay about obesity

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cause effect essay about obesity

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Obesity: Causes and effects

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Essay on Obesity

List of essays on obesity, essay on obesity – short essay (essay 1 – 150 words), essay on obesity (essay 2 – 250 words), essay on obesity – written in english (essay 3 – 300 words), essay on obesity – for school students (class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 standard) (essay 4 – 400 words), essay on obesity – for college students (essay 5 – 500 words), essay on obesity – with causes and treatment (essay 6 – 600 words), essay on obesity – for science students (essay 7 – 750 words), essay on obesity – long essay for medical students (essay 8 – 1000 words).

Obesity is a chronic health condition in which the body fat reaches abnormal level. Obesity occurs when we consume much more amount of food than our body really needs on a daily basis. In other words, when the intake of calories is greater than the calories we burn out, it gives rise to obesity.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for school students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard), college, science and medical students.


Obesity means being excessively fat. A person would be said to be obese if his or her body mass index is beyond 30. Such a person has a body fat rate that is disproportionate to his body mass.

Obesity and the Body Mass Index:

The body mass index is calculated considering the weight and height of a person. Thus, it is a scientific way of determining the appropriate weight of any person. When the body mass index of a person indicates that he or she is obese, it exposes the person to make health risk.

Stopping Obesity:

There are two major ways to get the body mass index of a person to a moderate rate. The first is to maintain a strict diet. The second is to engage in regular physical exercise. These two approaches are aimed at reducing the amount of fat in the body.


Obesity can lead to sudden death, heart attack, diabetes and may unwanted illnesses. Stop it by making healthy choices.

Obesity has become a big concern for the youth of today’s generation. Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which an individual gains excessive body fat. When the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a person is over 30, he/ she is termed as obese.

Obesity can be a genetic problem or a disorder that is caused due to unhealthy lifestyle habits of a person. Physical inactivity and the environment in which an individual lives, are also the factors that leads to obesity. It is also seen that when some individuals are in stress or depression, they start cultivating unhealthy eating habits which eventually leads to obesity. Medications like steroids is yet another reason for obesity.

Obesity has several serious health issues associated with it. Some of the impacts of obesity are diabetes, increase of cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc. Social impacts of obesity includes loss of confidence in an individual, lowering of self-esteem, etc.

The risks of obesity needs to be prevented. This can be done by adopting healthy eating habits, doing some physical exercise regularly, avoiding stress, etc. Individuals should work on weight reduction in order to avoid obesity.

Obesity is indeed a health concern and needs to be prioritized. The management of obesity revolves around healthy eating habits and physical activity. Obesity, if not controlled in its initial stage can cause many severe health issues. So it is wiser to exercise daily and maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than being the victim of obesity.

Obesity can be defined as the clinical condition where accumulation of excessive fat takes place in the adipose tissue leading to worsening of health condition. Usually, the fat is deposited around the trunk and also the waist of the body or even around the periphery.

Obesity is actually a disease that has been spreading far and wide. It is preventable and certain measures are to be taken to curb it to a greater extend. Both in the developing and developed countries, obesity has been growing far and wide affecting the young and the old equally.

The alarming increase in obesity has resulted in stimulated death rate and health issues among the people. There are several methods adopted to lose weight and they include different diet types, physical activity and certain changes in the current lifestyle. Many of the companies are into minting money with the concept of inviting people to fight obesity.

In patients associated with increased risk factor related to obesity, there are certain drug therapies and other procedures adopted to lose weight. There are certain cost effective ways introduced by several companies to enable clinic-based weight loss programs.

Obesity can lead to premature death and even cause Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Cardiovascular diseases have also become the part and parcel of obese people. It includes stroke, hypertension, gall bladder disease, coronary heart disease and even cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, endometrial cancer and colon cancer. Other less severe arising due to obesity includes osteoarthritis, gastro-esophageal reflux disease and even infertility.

Hence, serious measures are to be taken to fight against this dreadful phenomenon that is spreading its wings far and wide. Giving proper education on benefits of staying fit and mindful eating is as important as curbing this issue. Utmost importance must be given to healthy eating habits right from the small age so that they follow the same until the end of their life.

Obesity is majorly a lifestyle disease attributed to the extra accumulation of fat in the body leading to negative health effects on a person. Ironically, although prevalent at a large scale in many countries, including India, it is one of the most neglect health problems. It is more often ignored even if told by the doctor that the person is obese. Only when people start acquiring other health issues such as heart disease, blood pressure or diabetes, they start taking the problem of obesity seriously.

Obesity Statistics in India:

As per a report, India happens to figure as the third country in the world with the most obese people. This should be a troubling fact for India. However, we are yet to see concrete measures being adopted by the people to remain fit.

Causes of Obesity:

Sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, junk food, medications and some diseases such as hypothyroidism are considered as the factors which lead to obesity. Even children seem to be glued to televisions, laptops and video games which have taken away the urge for physical activities from them. Adding to this, the consumption of junk food has further aggravated the growing problem of obesity in children.

In the case of adults, most of the professions of today make use of computers which again makes people sit for long hours in one place. Also, the hectic lifestyle of today makes it difficult for people to spare time for physical activities and people usually remain stressed most of the times. All this has contributed significantly to the rise of obesity in India.

Obesity and BMI:

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the measure which allows a person to calculate how to fit he or she is. In other words, the BMI tells you if you are obese or not. BMI is calculated by dividing the weight of a person in kg with the square of his / her height in metres. The number thus obtained is called the BMI. A BMI of less than 25 is considered optimal. However, if a person has a BMI over 30 he/she is termed as obese.

What is a matter of concern is that with growing urbanisation there has been a rapid increase of obese people in India? It is of utmost importance to consider this health issue a serious threat to the future of our country as a healthy body is important for a healthy soul. We should all be mindful of what we eat and what effect it has on our body. It is our utmost duty to educate not just ourselves but others as well about this serious health hazard.

Obesity can be defined as a condition (medical) that is the accumulation of body fat to an extent that the excess fat begins to have a lot of negative effects on the health of the individual. Obesity is determined by examining the body mass index (BMI) of the person. The BMI is gotten by dividing the weight of the person in kilogram by the height of the person squared.

When the BMI of a person is more than 30, the person is classified as being obese, when the BMI falls between 25 and 30, the person is said to be overweight. In a few countries in East Asia, lower values for the BMI are used. Obesity has been proven to influence the likelihood and risk of many conditions and disease, most especially diabetes of type 2, cardiovascular diseases, sleeplessness that is obstructive, depression, osteoarthritis and some cancer types.

In most cases, obesity is caused through a combination of genetic susceptibility, a lack of or inadequate physical activity, excessive intake of food. Some cases of obesity are primarily caused by mental disorder, medications, endocrine disorders or genes. There is no medical data to support the fact that people suffering from obesity eat very little but gain a lot of weight because of slower metabolism. It has been discovered that an obese person usually expends much more energy than other people as a result of the required energy that is needed to maintain a body mass that is increased.

It is very possible to prevent obesity with a combination of personal choices and social changes. The major treatments are exercising and a change in diet. We can improve the quality of our diet by reducing our consumption of foods that are energy-dense like those that are high in sugars or fat and by trying to increase our dietary fibre intake.

We can also accompany the appropriate diet with the use of medications to help in reducing appetite and decreasing the absorption of fat. If medication, exercise and diet are not yielding any positive results, surgery or gastric balloon can also be carried out to decrease the volume of the stomach and also reduce the intestines’ length which leads to the feel of the person get full early or a reduction in the ability to get and absorb different nutrients from a food.

Obesity is the leading cause of ill-health and death all over the world that is preventable. The rate of obesity in children and adults has drastically increased. In 2015, a whopping 12 percent of adults which is about 600 million and about 100 million children all around the world were found to be obese.

It has also been discovered that women are more obese than men. A lot of government and private institutions and bodies have stated that obesity is top of the list of the most difficult and serious problems of public health that we have in the world today. In the world we live today, there is a lot of stigmatisation of obese people.

We all know how troubling the problem of obesity truly is. It is mainly a form of a medical condition wherein the body tends to accumulate excessive fat which in turn has negative repercussions on the health of an individual.

Given the current lifestyle and dietary style, it has become more common than ever. More and more people are being diagnosed with obesity. Such is its prevalence that it has been termed as an epidemic in the USA. Those who suffer from obesity are at a much higher risk of diabetes, heart diseases and even cancer.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of obesity, it is important to learn what the key causes of obesity are. In a layman term, if your calorie consumption exceeds what you burn because of daily activities and exercises, it is likely to lead to obesity. It is caused over a prolonged period of time when your calorie intake keeps exceeding the calories burned.

Here are some of the key causes which are known to be the driving factors for obesity.

If your diet tends to be rich in fat and contains massive calorie intake, you are all set to suffer from obesity.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

With most people sticking to their desk jobs and living a sedentary lifestyle, the body tends to get obese easily.

Of course, the genetic framework has a lot to do with obesity. If your parents are obese, the chance of you being obese is quite high.

The weight which women gain during their pregnancy can be very hard to shed and this is often one of the top causes of obesity.

Sleep Cycle:

If you are not getting an adequate amount of sleep, it can have an impact on the hormones which might trigger hunger signals. Overall, these linked events tend to make you obese.

Hormonal Disorder:

There are several hormonal changes which are known to be direct causes of obesity. The imbalance of the thyroid stimulating hormone, for instance, is one of the key factors when it comes to obesity.

Now that we know the key causes, let us look at the possible ways by which you can handle it.

Treatment for Obesity:

As strange as it may sound, the treatment for obesity is really simple. All you need to do is follow the right diet and back it with an adequate amount of exercise. If you can succeed in doing so, it will give you the perfect head-start into your journey of getting in shape and bidding goodbye to obesity.

There are a lot of different kinds and styles of diet plans for obesity which are available. You can choose the one which you deem fit. We recommend not opting for crash dieting as it is known to have several repercussions and can make your body terribly weak.

The key here is to stick to a balanced diet which can help you retain the essential nutrients, minerals, and, vitamins and shed the unwanted fat and carbs.

Just like the diet, there are several workout plans for obesity which are available. It is upon you to find out which of the workout plan seems to be apt for you. Choose cardio exercises and dance routines like Zumba to shed the unwanted body weight. Yoga is yet another method to get rid of obesity.

So, follow a blend of these and you will be able to deal with the trouble of obesity in no time. We believe that following these tips will help you get rid of obesity and stay in shape.

Obesity and overweight is a top health concern in the world due to the impact it has on the lives of individuals. Obesity is defined as a condition in which an individual has excessive body fat and is measured using the body mass index (BMI) such that, when an individual’s BMI is above 30, he or she is termed obese. The BMI is calculated using body weight and height and it is different for all individuals.

Obesity has been determined as a risk factor for many diseases. It results from dietary habits, genetics, and lifestyle habits including physical inactivity. Obesity can be prevented so that individuals do not end up having serious complications and health problems. Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart diseases and relate to obesity in terms of causes and complications.

Factors Influencing Obesity:

Obesity is not only as a result of lifestyle habits as most people put it. There are other important factors that influence obesity. Genetics is one of those factors. A person could be born with genes that predispose them to obesity and they will also have difficulty in losing weight because it is an inborn factor.

The environment also influences obesity because the diet is similar in certain environs. In certain environments, like school, the food available is fast foods and the chances of getting healthy foods is very low, leading to obesity. Also, physical inactivity is an environmental factor for obesity because some places have no fields or tracks where people can jog or maybe the place is very unsafe and people rarely go out to exercise.

Mental health affects the eating habits of individuals. There is a habit of stress eating when a person is depressed and it could result in overweight or obesity if the person remains unhealthy for long period of time.

The overall health of individuals also matter. If a person is unwell and is prescribed with steroids, they may end up being obese. Steroidal medications enable weight gain as a side effect.

Complications of Obesity:

Obesity is a health concern because its complications are severe. Significant social and health problems are experienced by obese people. Socially, they will be bullied and their self-esteem will be low as they will perceive themselves as unworthy.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes results from obesity. Diabetes type 2 has been directly linked to obesity. This condition involves the increased blood sugars in the body and body cells are not responding to insulin as they should. The insulin in the body could also be inadequate due to decreased production. High blood sugar concentrations result in symptoms like frequent hunger, thirst and urination. The symptoms of complicated stages of diabetes type 2 include loss of vision, renal failure and heart failure and eventually death. The importance of having a normal BMI is the ability of the body to control blood sugars.

Another complication is the heightened blood pressures. Obesity has been defined as excessive body fat. The body fat accumulates in blood vessels making them narrow. Narrow blood vessels cause the blood pressures to rise. Increased blood pressure causes the heart to start failing in its physiological functions. Heart failure is the end result in this condition of increased blood pressures.

There is a significant increase in cholesterol in blood of people who are obese. High blood cholesterol levels causes the deposition of fats in various parts of the body and organs. Deposition of fats in the heart and blood vessels result in heart diseases. There are other conditions that result from hypercholesterolemia.

Other chronic illnesses like cancer can also arise from obesity because inflammation of body cells and tissues occurs in order to store fats in obese people. This could result in abnormal growths and alteration of cell morphology. The abnormal growths could be cancerous.

Management of Obesity:

For the people at risk of developing obesity, prevention methods can be implemented. Prevention included a healthy diet and physical activity. The diet and physical activity patterns should be regular and realizable to avoid strains that could result in complications.

Some risk factors for obesity are non-modifiable for example genetics. When a person in genetically predisposed, the lifestyle modifications may be have help.

For the individuals who are already obese, they can work on weight reduction through healthy diets and physical exercises.

In conclusion, obesity is indeed a major health concern because the health complications are very serious. Factors influencing obesity are both modifiable and non-modifiable. The management of obesity revolves around diet and physical activity and so it is important to remain fit.

In olden days, obesity used to affect only adults. However, in the present time, obesity has become a worldwide problem that hits the kids as well. Let’s find out the most prevalent causes of obesity.

Factors Causing Obesity:

Obesity can be due to genetic factors. If a person’s family has a history of obesity, chances are high that he/ she would also be affected by obesity, sooner or later in life.

The second reason is having a poor lifestyle. Now, there are a variety of factors that fall under the category of poor lifestyle. An excessive diet, i.e., eating more than you need is a definite way to attain the stage of obesity. Needless to say, the extra calories are changed into fat and cause obesity.

Junk foods, fried foods, refined foods with high fats and sugar are also responsible for causing obesity in both adults and kids. Lack of physical activity prevents the burning of extra calories, again, leading us all to the path of obesity.

But sometimes, there may also be some indirect causes of obesity. The secondary reasons could be related to our mental and psychological health. Depression, anxiety, stress, and emotional troubles are well-known factors of obesity.

Physical ailments such as hypothyroidism, ovarian cysts, and diabetes often complicate the physical condition and play a massive role in abnormal weight gain.

Moreover, certain medications, such as steroids, antidepressants, and contraceptive pills, have been seen interfering with the metabolic activities of the body. As a result, the long-term use of such drugs can cause obesity. Adding to that, regular consumption of alcohol and smoking are also connected to the condition of obesity.

Harmful Effects of Obesity:

On the surface, obesity may look like a single problem. But, in reality, it is the mother of several major health issues. Obesity simply means excessive fat depositing into our body including the arteries. The drastic consequence of such high cholesterol levels shows up in the form of heart attacks and other life-threatening cardiac troubles.

The fat deposition also hampers the elasticity of the arteries. That means obesity can cause havoc in our body by altering the blood pressure to an abnormal range. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Obesity is known to create an endless list of problems.

In extreme cases, this disorder gives birth to acute diseases like diabetes and cancer. The weight gain due to obesity puts a lot of pressure on the bones of the body, especially of the legs. This, in turn, makes our bones weak and disturbs their smooth movement. A person suffering from obesity also has higher chances of developing infertility issues and sleep troubles.

Many obese people are seen to be struggling with breathing problems too. In the chronic form, the condition can grow into asthma. The psychological effects of obesity are another serious topic. You can say that obesity and depression form a loop. The more a person is obese, the worse is his/ her depression stage.

How to Control and Treat Obesity:

The simplest and most effective way, to begin with, is changing our diet. There are two factors to consider in the diet plan. First is what and what not to eat. Second is how much to eat.

If you really want to get rid of obesity, include more and more green vegetables in your diet. Spinach, beans, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc., have enough vitamins and minerals and quite low calories. Other healthier options are mushrooms, pumpkin, beetroots, and sweet potatoes, etc.

Opt for fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits, and berries. Oranges, grapes, pomegranate, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, lime, and cranberries are good for the body. They have low sugar content and are also helpful in strengthening our immune system. Eating the whole fruits is a more preferable way in comparison to gulping the fruit juices. Fruits, when eaten whole, have more fibers and less sugar.

Consuming a big bowl of salad is also great for dealing with the obesity problem. A salad that includes fibrous foods such as carrots, radish, lettuce, tomatoes, works better at satiating the hunger pangs without the risk of weight gain.

A high protein diet of eggs, fish, lean meats, etc., is an excellent choice to get rid of obesity. Take enough of omega fatty acids. Remember to drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is a smart way to avoid overeating. Water also helps in removing the toxins and excess fat from the body.

As much as possible, avoid fats, sugars, refined flours, and oily foods to keep the weight in control. Control your portion size. Replace the three heavy meals with small and frequent meals during the day. Snacking on sugarless smoothies, dry fruits, etc., is much recommended.

Regular exercise plays an indispensable role in tackling the obesity problem. Whenever possible, walk to the market, take stairs instead of a lift. Physical activity can be in any other form. It could be a favorite hobby like swimming, cycling, lawn tennis, or light jogging.

Meditation and yoga are quite powerful practices to drive away the stress, depression and thus, obesity. But in more serious cases, meeting a physician is the most appropriate strategy. Sometimes, the right medicines and surgical procedures are necessary to control the health condition.

Obesity is spreading like an epidemic, haunting both the adults and the kids. Although genetic factors and other physical ailments play a role, the problem is mostly caused by a reckless lifestyle.

By changing our way of living, we can surely take control of our health. In other words, it would be possible to eliminate the condition of obesity from our lives completely by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Health , Obesity

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cause effect essay about obesity

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cause effect essay about obesity

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Cause And Effect Essay On Obesity

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Obesity is defined as a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health, leading to reduce life expectancy and/or increased health problems. “The problem of obesity is increasing in the United States. Understanding the impact of social inequalities on health has become a public health priority in the new millennium. Social, political, and economic factors now are acknowledged to be "fundamental" causes of disease that affect behavior, beliefs, and biology.” (Goodman, 2003)  In the United States today, obesity has become an enormous problem. In the last 3 decades, the number of people overweight has increased dramatically. Obesity has not always been seen as a medical

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For centuries obesity has been a problem among the people of these earth. During these last few years it has rapidly grown all around the world. Obesity has become a very big problem for all sexes and ages. And it has put The United States has been second in the list of countries of most obese people in the country. Obesity is a disease because it meets all the criteria and steps needed to be a disease. Being an obese person impairs you like any other disease. The United States is the second most obese industrialized country in the world. The first one being mexico but not by much.“It decreases life expectancy and impairs the normal functioning of the body; and it can be caused

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How would you feel if I told you that there is no one state with an obesity rate lower than 20%? Take this information and compare it to twenty years ago when every state had an obesity rate lower than 15%. Obesity has become not only the number one cause in death, but according to David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men’s Health and author of “Don’t Blame the Eater”, it is the number one cost in health care with numbers rising well over 100 billion dollars a year (196). There are many people we could blame, such as the food industry or the government, but before we start pointing fingers elsewhere, individuals need to stand up and take personal responsibility for their own actions and health. Either way it is evident a

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Obesity in America is a continually growing problem and even worse our own children are sharing in this problem. A commentary in the Washington Times reports that sixty million Americans are obese. What really is the meaning of obese? Obese is having a body mass index of thirty percent or more. In recent years, the percentage of obese Americans has risen. In the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, the percentage of obese Americans rose from 22.9 in 1984-1994 to 32.2 in 2003 and 2004. The study also says if you throw in the number of "over weight" Americans (body mass index of 25 to 29.9) the total jumps to 66.3

Essay on Obesity in America

Obesity in the United States continues growing alarmingly. Approximately 66 % of adults and 33 % of children and teenagers in the US are overweight. Obesity is the result of fat accumulated over time due to the lack of a balanced diet and exercise. An adult with a BMI (body mass index) higher than thirty percent is considered obese (Whitney & Rolfes, 2011, pg. 271).

Obesity In America Research Paper

Obesity in America is a very serious problem affecting many Americans currently and is a problem that continues to grow each year. Obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. I believe that obesity in America is a huge problem which is caused by a few factors. Obesity in America is a huge problem that continues to escalate due to fast food chains, lack of physical activity, and overeating.

An Obese Town of St. Albans in Queens, New York Essay

Obesity is defined as defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Obesity is not only based on an individual’s weight but also their BMI. A BMI greater than or equal to 25 is overweight. A BMI greater than or equal to 30 is obesity ((Organization, 2013). Obesity is the most common preventable deaths and the fifths leading health risk globally. Obesity has also been linked to other debilitating diseases and can increase a person’s chances of being hospitalized. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer, some of the leading causes of preventable death (, 2014).

The Impact of Obesity on a Person's Lifestyle

Obesity is a condition where the fat in the body is collected and stored in huge amounts. It is the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the comparison between the weight and the height of a person that would help in identifying obese cases. If BMI's is greater than 25, the person would be called overweight and if it is more than 30 than he would be called obese. Obesity is an issue of public concern because of the threat it has towards the physical and the mental health, to the relationship, development and the overall well being of an individual. It is not only limited to a particular age group, gender, culture or a part of the globe. Instead, every individual is in danger to its bad affects.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has declared obesity a disease. Obesity means that an

The American Medical Association (AMA) has declared obesity a disease. Obesity means that an individual has too much body weight that could possibly cause a health risk. Having a body-mass index (BMI) of 35 or higher makes an individual morbidly obese. A healthy BMI would be from 20 to 24.9. The United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world with an estimated of 36% of American adults suffering from it. It is important to not label obesity as a disease because it leads 78 million adults and 12 million children in America into feeling helpless, and takes them away from believing it’s importance as a condition that is the result of eating too much and living sedentary lifestyles.

How Obesity Affects Society And How Society Affects Obesity Essay

Obesity is a prominent issue not just because the public ignores it, but because the current consumer culture enables it. The key to solving any problem is to figure out the cause. The cause to obesity is simply the decisions made by the consumer and the producer. By examining the root cause of the problem, steps can be made to rectify the obesity epidemic in this country. One issue is, that companies are more concerned with what will make them fast, easy money than they are concerned with how their product will influence public health. Another issue is the decisions the consumer makes when buying food. Society is responsible with providing better choices, but it is up to the individual to make consistent, healthy decisions for themselves. However, the choice to eat something unhealthy has more complex roots with economics, time, and marketing. The means and resources are often not available to lower socioeconomic families when making the decision on what to buy. Like many daunting challenges that require reform, the obesity epidemic in this country is a complex problem with multiple variables. By examining the market-consumer relationship of the food industry, a few of the issues propagating the obesity epidemic can be studied and reformed.

Causes and Effects of Adult Obesity Essay

Although many individuals are uncertain about the increasing statistics associated with obesity, more than seventy percent of men and virtually sixty-two percent of women within the United States adult population are overweight or obese (Wilmore, Costill, & Kenney). Obesity refers to the condition of having an excessive amount of body fat. If an individual’s amount of body fat becomes too excessive, he/she is at a much greater risk of developing life-altering diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, type II diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, etc. (Wilmore, et al., 2008).

The Effects Of Television On Obesity And Obesity

Obesity is defined by as the condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Obesity in the United States has gone up dramatically in the past couple decades and has transcended to being a major global epidemic. In the United States the obesity rate has doubled since 1970 to over 30% and more than two thirds of adults are overweight today while one third is obese (Hammond & Levine, 2010).

Causes and Effects of Obesity

Moreover, lifestyle can be serious causes of obesity. Television watching is a strong factor in obesity. (Oliver, 2006). Advertisements

The Causes of Obesity Essay

We are conditioned at a young age to believe the only way to be normal is to be

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In current years, children becoming more obese in their entire childhood development has become common. Obesity in children could be due to various reasons such as family structure, busy family life experienced in the modern days, and insufficient knowledge of foods containing high calories. Parents ought to be accountable for what they do or fail to do that amounts to a negative influence on their children’s weight and cause them to be overweight or obese during their childhood period. When […]

Childhood Obesity: Causes and Consequences

Obesity is one of the leading causes of diseases. Over the past 60 years obesity has increased amongst the human population. There is an increasing amount of children who are facing and dealing with obesity. It is hard for nutrition to be a factor of importance when people are always in an “on the go” position. Obesity has become an epidemic amongst children and has even acquired the government’s involvement, including the former First Lady of the United States Michelle […]

Is Obesity a Problem?

Is Obesity a Problem? Have you ever wondered how dysfunctional obesity can be for a person? What impact does it make on health and personal life? Usually, a person who has not encountered this problem rarely thought about it. You can watch TV shows about people overweight just for entertaining or laugh at a friend who got overweight without understanding the importance of this problem. Personally, I did not understand the seriousness of the situation in which an overweight person […]

Social Disease or Chronic Disease?

Introduction Non-communicable diseases (NDCs) claim 40 million people each year equivalent to 70% of the mortality death rates globally and it occurs between the age of 30 and 60 years. The percentages of these premature deaths happen among the low and middle income earning countries. NDC is also known as chronic diseases which tend to be of long duration and are in a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and social behavioral factors. Among the common NDCs are the cardiovascular diseases […]

How are Fast Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity Related

By 1950s, fast food industry boom was in full swing. It was secured in 1951. In the 1950s, McDonald has become a staple of the American diet. Fast food restaurants have been grown more and more and by now, there are over one hundred and sixty thousands fast food restaurants in the United States, becoming a one hundred and ten billion dollar industry. One can’t deny that fast food has become really important in American life nowadays. Whether Americans are […]

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Childhood Obesity and Adolesence

Childhood obesity can be prevented in many ways. Parents are the main ones with a say so on obesity. They allow their children to digest all kinds of bad foods. Parents should introduce on a daily basis different kinds of healthy foods. They should also promote is by showing children how healthy food are good for the body. You have some children that won’t eat healthy things because of the color and the way it looks. Obesity is one of […]

Epidemic in the United States – Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States (Hatfield, 2018). Obesity is considered the most common chronic disease affecting more than 30% of children. Children who are obese are likely to stay obese into adulthood and likely to develop non-communicable diseases. The percentage of children and adolescents affected by obesity has tripled since the 1970s and nearly 1 in 5 children in the United States are obese. Definition Obesity is defined as having an excessive accumulation of fat […]

Childhood Obesity Rate Can be Decreased

Child obesity has become a major concern as it continues to increase every year in the US. Many parents are uneducated about the risks of childhood obesity. Parental awareness and increasing physical activity are steps towards making a change in the rates of childhood obesity. There are many side effects of childhood obesity that can obstruct a child’s future. However, positive changes to children’s health can be achieved through the influence of adults. Child obesity has become a more critical […]

Child and Adolescent Obesity in the United States

Child and adolescent obesity in the United States has nearly tripled sincethe 70s. About 1 out of every 5 children suffer from childhood obesity. It is the duty ofmothers and fathers to prevent and find solutions to child and adolescent obesity. Thispaper will seek to explain the many causes and current results which parents can execute.Child and adolescent obesity comprises of several likely causes such as poor diet and lowphysical activity including numerous adverse effects. Therefore, changes in familyhousehold structures […]

A Big Problem – Bad Healthcare is Aiding Childhood Obesity

A study done in 2002 found that, almost 14 million children are obese, that is 24 percent of the U.S. population from ages 2 to 17. This number just keeps rising as the years go by. Some people would argue that the increasing numbers are due to sugary dinks and foods sold in vending machines at schools, or not enough healthy food options. Other parties can argue that this number keeps increasing because of bad healthcare and not enough opportunities […]

Childhood Obesity – Causes and Potential Long-Term Effects

Abstract There is growing concern about the state of children’s health. Every year there is an increase in the number of overweight and obese children. What causes this and what does it mean for them long-term? There are many contributing factors to children’s weight issues. Some of these factors are limited access to healthy food, more time spent in front of a screen, and less physical activity. Long-term health affects include a rising risk of Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart […]

Risk Factors from Alzheimer’s Disease

About 40 million people are affected by dementia, with the majority of people being over age 60; this measure is expected to be doubled after 20 years, until about 2050. About 60-70% of all cases of dementia are caused by Alzheimer’s disease. There is about 2.17 and 4.78 million people who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease; 46% of these individuals have a moderate or severe form of the disease. By the year 2050, there will be over 7.98 and 12.95 […]

What are the Main Causes and Treatments of Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can cause complications and death if left untreated. It is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world and affects nearly half of the global population. According to Koye et al. (2018), it is also a leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting more than 300 million people globally. Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the United States, with more than 100 million adults affected by type 2 diabetes and over 6.3 […]

History and Types of Diabetes

The first sign of diabetes was discovered in 1500 B.C.E by the Egyptians. According to one study, ancient Indians were familiar with the condition and had even determined two types of the condition. They called it “honey urine” and tested for it by determining if the ants were drawn to the urine. The first mention of the word diabetes was by the Greeks. It means “to go through”, it was named this because of its main symptom: the excessive passing […]

An Evolution of Diabetes

EVOLUTION Diabetes is a major public health problem with a rapid increase in prevalence globally. Twelve percent of all health care spending is related to diabetes. The diagnosis and treatment of diabetes has evolved extensively over the last century. Although there is still no cure for the disorder, diabetes is much more manageable due to advancement in medicine and technology. In the beginning of the 20th century, Edward Schafer concluded that the pancreas of diabetics was unable to produce insulin […]

Diabetes and Renal Failure

Diabetes and Renal Failure Introduction This is a research article about prevalence of renal failure and its early detection among patients who have long standing diabetes mellitus. End stage renal disease significantly increases the risk of death and requires expert health care. Although diabetes is the most predominant cause of chronic renal disease, maximum individuals with diabetes are not investigated based on national guidelines. Chronic kidney disease warrants improved detection using standardized criteria to improve outcomes. Proper screening of diabetic […]

Diabetes Type 2: a Chronic Disease

Diabetes type 2 is a chronic disease which is widespread around the world. According to Mayo Clinic, type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes that occurs due to high blood sugar and the lack of ability of the body to use insulin properly or make enough of it. Diabetes type 2 does not have a cure. However, it can be prevented or delayed. The most common causes of diabetes relate to people’s lifestyle and their genetics. Physical […]

History of Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes Abstract This paper explores the disease Type II Diabetes and the many components it has. Type II Diabetes affects many people around the world, but is different than most diseases because it is not transferred by genetics. This form of diabetes is brought upon by unhealthy lifestyle choices which makes it unique because living a healthier life can make it go away. When Type II Diabetes affects someone, they are not able to control their blood sugar […]

Childhood Maltreatment and Substance Abuse

Including in the article of the topic and discerning the studies to steer readers to be educated on the broad input of childhood maltreatment possibly going hand and hand with abuse of substances. In surrounding this topic, you can pull out the gist of all the studies and background information to bring a responsible observation that is proven. That which is humans who are brought into or raised into a childhood maltreatment experience such as, emotional or physical neglect along […]

Impact Media on Eating Disorders

With all of our current understanding so far we can see how much of an impact media has on triggering eating disorders. Research has only just begun to analyze the relationship between social media outlets such as facebook, body image and symptoms of eating disorders. Facebook is available at the fingertips of most adolescents today which allows them easy access to seek social comparison and negative feedback. Therefore it is an essential area to examine in relation to eating disordered […]

Social Media and Body Image Essay

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said something negative about yourself? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary body image is, “”a subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance established both by self-observation and by noting the reactions of other. Negative body image and low self-esteem are real problems and I want to discover the causes, how much of a factor social media is, and ways that people can get help to move past it. Our writers can help […]

What is Childhood Obesity?

Introduction Childhood obesity has become a widespread epidemic, especially in the United States. Twenty five percent of children in the United States are overweight and eleven percent are obese (Dehghan, et al, 2005). On top of that, about seventy percent of those children will grow up to be obese adults (Dehgan, et al, 2005). There are many different causes that can be attributed to the childhood obesity. Environmental factors, lifestyle preferences, and cultural environment play pivotal roles in the rising […]

Obesity in Childhood

There are numerous issues that society faces on a daily basis. One of the issues that society faces is obesity. It is one of the leading risks of death and has been ongoing since the 1960s and 1970s. Obesity is an issue that continues to grow not only in the United States but also in developing countries as well. Not only does obesity affect adults but it has become a serious issue for children. According to an article, “approximately 12.7 […]

Childhood Obesity: Global Epidemic and Ethical Concerns

Abstract Numbers continue to climb for those who have childhood obesity. This serious issue has been brought to the attention of the public who have been taking preventative measures and action in hopes to reduce the number of cases. In a number of countries, public policies have been implemented to prevent obesity. However, in the U.S. efforts made are not enough or have not been effective to stop the obesity rate from increasing. Proposals for solutions to this health problem […]

Childhood Obesity in the American Nation

Childhood obesity is still rising in this nation. One out of three Americans is obese. The outlook for children is not much better, because adolescent obesity has quadrupled over the last thirty years. “As of 2012, almost 18 percent of children aged 6-11 years were obese”(Newman, 1). In spite of the way that the welfare effects on obesity are notable by the public, this force precedes undefeated. The image for youngsters isn’t much improved; in the course of recent years […]

Childhood Obesity: a Review of Increased Risk

Childhood obesity, a current epidemic which affects 33% of adolescents aged 2-19. I will present a descriptive study which highlights the seriousness of childhood obesity and its long-term influence on quality of life. Obesity, is described as accumulating an excess in body fat, more specifically, obesity is the outcome of a long-lasting caloric imbalance, with the relation of more caloric intake consumed than what is burned each day. A screening tool utilized to measure body fat is the body mass […]

Factors that Influence Childhood Obesity

The cause of pediatric obesity is multifactorial (1). There is not a single cause, nor solution, found that leads to all cases of pediatric obesity. Parental discipline in regard to the child is not proven to lead to less adiposity or obesity in children. Parental feeding strategy may actually be a cause of obesity with restrictive approach to food by the parent shown to increase the proclivity for the restricted foods (2). Likewise, when parents allowed their children to have […]

Childhood Obesity Today

In America, childhood obesity is on a rise today. Children can gain obsessive weight because of environmental factors. Vending machines, low cost on snacks, and a increase in the fast food chain are contributing factors towards obesity. Genetics can also play a part in childhood obesity. Many children come from a generation of overweight families. Most parents don’t see the harm in letting their children gain tons of weight. Obesity can cause many health problems. Childhood obesity affects the health […]

Childhood Obesity, a Crisis that could be Cure

Obesity is a crisis that is affecting many countries with their more vulnerable citizens, which are children. Bad eating habits, high calories intake, genetics, and lack of activities or exercise are some of the elements that either combine or by themselves are the cause for childhood obesity in America, Latin America and many other nations. In the United States rural areas have higher rates of children obesity as well as Hispanics and blacks (Davis 2011). Keywords: Obesity, Childhood Our writers […]

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Rural Mississippi

Childhood obesity is a growing health issue in the United States. Children with higher Body Mass Indexes than the recommended by the National Institutes of Health are more prone to adverse health effects later in life. Obesity in early age can translate into adulthood and increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes (Franks 2010). The highest rates of childhood obesity can be observed in the southeastern corner of the United States, Mississippi, in particular, with the highest prevalence […]

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Essay About Obesity Introduction This is a medical hypothesis that the person who has more Body Mass Index (BMI) will have mild obesity, which is linked with high tension and high concentration of cholesterol in the human body. Its reverse mechanisms are not easily understood as the other diseases. The patients who have more body mass index (BMI) linked with pneumonia have a higher ratio of death as compared to the patients who have normal values of (BMI) body mass index, this is known as the “Obesity paradox”. The chance to survive in this disorder is in very elderly people which shows the delayed response of this disease. The normal value of cholesterol is also harmful in those people who don`t show any kind of symptoms according to this specific disease. Scientific Discussion Obesity has become a serious health problem and also the most neglected by people. Different scientists with various findings suggest that, the concern of Obesity paradox with heart problem like narrowing of coronary artery problems with the increasing proportion of tension. Further information related to the disease shows that body weight and obesity cause a delay as well as an acute response to the body. Obesity also causes severe body-related disorders like Diabetes (type II). The reverse action of this negative impact is legally unclear but Adipose tissues are the fat-storing tissues that are fully available for the study of paradox. The patients related to this problem were first reported in 1999 in those patients which were suffering from kidney disorder and significantly observed in heart patients. The patients with heart failure who have a lower (BMI) have a lower rate of death has been seen. People who have low body weight become the victim of many diseases due to the protective fat layer in the body. Pathogenic mechanisms and many other hormones that related to protein also reveal the obesity paradox. Obesity causes various heart problems by different mechanisms. Obesity has been involved in causing major roles for artery and renal problems and hypertension disorders that show that the obesity paradox is mainly due to body overweight. Recent studies and findings show the vital outcome of the obese people with heart and artery disorder also treated for hypertension and the death rate was 30% lower in humans that are obese and overweight. People with no heart problem and have higher “body mass index (BMI)” have a much lower rate of death as compared to people with have the cardiac disorder. Bovine parathyroid cells play an important role in the deactivation of parathyroid hormone and also activate Vitamin D. This vitamin increase obesity and uptake by adipose tissue, also serum containing calcium is ultimately linked with obesity and causing vitamin D deficiency. There is an inverse relationship between Vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in obesity which causes “hyperthyroidism”. Hyperthyroidism also influences the concentration of plasma in blood and also impacts the peripheral system then it expands the vessels. In obese people, the calcitonin gene is found. This gene is capable of the activation of K channels in smooth muscles which impacts on the cardiovascular system as well as the contraction of the heart in humans. Commentary Section The reverse mechanism of paradox obesity is still unknown so how it should be believed that paradox obesity exists just on the basis of BMI evaluation? It does not show the clear and authentic result that it decrease or increase the risk factor for health disorder so how can it be admitted that it’s base on reality? Conclusion People with obesity have a great risk of various diseases such as heart problem, kidney disease, and hypertension People with obesity have greater chances of survival as compared to those whose values of BMI are normal. Those people which have chronic kidney diseases have better chances of survival although with a higher BMI range. People with chronic pulmonary problems with increasing BMI 1KG decrease the death rate up to 5%. Increase in those people which are underweight and normal weight

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Causes of Obesity

Food, activity, and sleep, social determinants of health (sdoh), illnesses and medications, what can be done.

Obesity is a complex disease that occurs when an individual’s weight is higher than what is considered healthy for his or her height. Obesity affects children as well as adults. Many factors can contribute to excess weight gain including eating patterns, physical activity levels, and sleep routines. Social determinants of health , genetics, and taking certain medications also play a role.

Eating and physical activity patterns, insufficient sleep and several other factors influence excess weight gain.

The conditions in which we live, learn, work, and play are called social determinants of health (SDOH). It can be difficult to make healthy food choices and get enough physical activity if these conditions do not support health. Differences in SDOH affect chronic disease outcomes and risks, including obesity, among racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups as well as in different geographies and among people with different physical abilities.

A girl cooking a meal with her parents.

Places such as childcare centers, schools, or communities affect eating patterns and activity through the foods and drinks they offer and the physical activity opportunities they provide. Other community factors that influence obesity include the affordability of healthy food options, peer and social supports, marketing and promotion, and policies that determine community design.

Genetic changes in human populations occur too slowly to be responsible for the obesity epidemic. Yet variants in several genes may contribute to obesity by increasing hunger and food intake. Rarely, a specific variant of a single gene (monogenic obesity) causes a clear pattern of inherited obesity within a family. [1] , [2]

Some illnesses, such as Cushing’s disease, may lead to obesity or weight gain. Drugs such as steroids and some antidepressants may also cause weight gain. Research continues on the role of other factors such as chemical exposures and the role of the microbiome.

Eating Patterns

A family hiking on a trail

A family eating a healthy meal outdoors

Social Determinants of Health

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cause effect essay about obesity

Cause And Effect Essay On Child Obesity

Social determinant of health.

The population health determinant is an ongoing discussion with the United States health care system. According to Knickman & Kovner (2015) social determinant of health (SDOH) are the “circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work and age, and the system in place to deal with illness” (Knickman & Kovner, 2015, p. 80). The peer-reviewed article I chose is a social determinant of health related to obesity. The ability to understand the realm of population health depends on understanding the environmental connections related to biological, behavioral, physical, access, and social determinant (Knickman & Kovner, 2015).

Young Kids Old Bodies Summary

According to the visual aid on the article, obesity leads to malfunction of various internal organs and diseases. One of the many effects of fatty tissues is heart attack due to thickening of arteries (Parks, Young Kids, Old Bodies). Also, due to increase in fatty tissues, “children sex organs matures faster leading puberty to occur around the age of ten” (Parks, Young Kids, Old Bodies) . The data provided on the article shows that about thirty two percent of children in America are overweight and seventeen percent are obese (Parks, Young Kids, Old Bodies).

Way Beyond Weight Documentary Analysis

Obesity has created a population of lazy children all around the world. Estela Renner, director of the documentary Way Beyond Weight, displays the negative effects of obesity on the children in all societies ranging from villages in Brazil to big cities in the United States. Through specialists and children, Renner digs deep to find the cause of obesity and how much of an influence it can have on a child’s life. This epidemic has impacted the lives of all people, and can occur as early as infancy. Overweight children suffer from health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, and more. She finds that these children have a diets with high calories, fats, and sugars; they all drink multiple sodas and fruit drinks

Obesity Dbq Essay

Studies from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, more than half of adults are overweight or obese and nearly one in five kindergarten students are obese (Doc A). Most overweight children usually have parents that are obese. The problem is that when parents do not eat right, neither do their children. Because, children eat what their parents cook. It is very important for the government to control what is consumed by kids. Children are the future and children with obesity can end up with serious health problems in the

Obesity Satire

Parents usually blame the advertisements that pass on television promoting junk food and believe that it is persuading the child to buy or consume the product that is been promoted. But in reality the advertisement is for the parents but and the parent will take the decision if it is good for their kids. When they show the image of the product on television the image might seem really appetite that would convince someone to go and buy the product. That is the person 's opinion of course and yeah eat in a fast food restaurant is not a bad thing but some people don 't the the damage it can make the body. There have been people who eat everyday out and in two weeks gain more than 5 pounds and their cholesterol raises. Eventually this does not stops teens and

4.1 Explain The Impact Of Poor Diet On Children Essay

Obesity: There is a direct link between young children’s eating habits and them becoming overweight and obese later on. Children in families with insufficient access to nutritious foods are in fact significantly more likely to be obese in early childhood than other children. This is the result of excessive calorie intake and an emphasis on foods that have high levels of fat, sugar and sodium. This is especially true of children who regularly consume fast food. Obesity in children can lead to conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and a variety of other health problems besides depression and lower

Childhood Obesity Epidemic Summary

Since childhood obesity is metaphorically refers as “epidemic”, there must be a cause for this “epidemic”. Moffat listed several causes for obesity in the article, and the main causes are victims themselves, victims’ parents, social construction, and “toxic” environment. Out of all the factors that contributed to childhood obesity, I agree with the social construction and the “toxic” environment the most. people live in poor neighborhood often have less access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food due to poor social construction. They also tend to eat unhealthy because there is no nearby grocery store, and the only available

High Fructose Corn Syrup Essay

Behavior and environment has a big role to play in obesity too. Studies show that less than 50% of adults in America get a healthy amount physical activity. This means that grownups cannot get enough calories out and end up gaining weight because they choose not to live healthy or they have a disease. Also modern technology influences obesity because it makes labor easier. Computers and televisions keep Americans on the couch all day. Stores even have strollers so that customers don’t have to walk! Behavior is definitely an influence of obesity.

Thesis Statement For Childhood Obesity

active the body will receive calories more than what the child need. Witch make the child gain weight. Children and parent should have more awareness about obesity. It's begin from the home, school, friends.

Child Obesity Argumentative Essay

A study conducted by the University College London in the United Kingdom proposed that body weight is strongly influenced by genes. In the study, researchers used a new method called Genome Wide Complex Trait Analysis, to investigate the molecular genetic heritability of body weight in children (Llewelyn, 2013). The data collected was from a population of 2,269 children aged between 8 and 11 years old. They were looking to discover whether children who happen to be more genetically similar might also be more similar in body weight. Using the GCTA method, the researchers found that additive effects of multiple genes across the whole genome accounted for 30% of individual difference in childhood body weight (Llewelyn, 2013). Ultimately, these findings suggest there are hundreds of other genetic variants influencing body weight that are yet to be discovered. In all things considered one might find these findings important because they confirm that genes play a very important role in determining body weight. As of today, only a few genetic variants have been discovered and these explain a very small amount of individual differences in body weight. These findings suggest there are hundreds of other genetic variants influencing body weight that are yet to be discovered (Llewelyn, 2013). Therefore, the genetic history of a family can be the result of the child obesity but it all varies, as it is a topic that continues to be further

Why Is Childhood Obesity Important

Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. It occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height. Childhood obesity is particularly troubling because the extra pounds often start children on the path to health problems that were once confined to adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The most common causes are genetic factors, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of these factors. Other disorders would include liver disease, early puberty or menarche, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, skin infections, and asthma and other respiratory problems. Only in rare cases is being overweight caused by a medical condition such as a

Childhood Obesity In America

a massive financial burden to fulfill. While much of the expenses are covered by government policy, this still leaves many Hispanics in low income more dangerous neighborhoods. Unsafe neighborhoods and parks result in a lack of safe places for children to get the necessary physical activity they need. An insufficient amount of physical activity is one of the leading causes of obesity in children. As mentioned earlier, schools are majorly affected by the obesity rates in children. Due to the large obesity rates in Hispanic American children, primarily Hispanic schools are especially susceptible to this problem. The schools are beginning to implement programs and educational classes to help end this epidemic at the community level. Hospitals

African American Obesity Sociology

Over the past generation obesity has become a major health issue. The term obesity is best describe as someone having a body mass index (BMI) equal to or above the 95th percentile. Within both genders of African American children and adolescent obesity has increased tremendously. Obesity can contribute too many chronic illnesses down the line if left untreated such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, asthma, and type 2 diabetes (Coreil, 2009). Studies have reported that within low income communities 1 out of 3 children are considered as overweight or obese (Ogden et al., 2010). Just counting for obesity within African Americans alone obesity has spike from 10.4% to 24.4% (Ogden et al., 2010). The key points which will be discussed are the social

Childhood Obesity Epidemic In America

Cook at home: Studies show that families who cook at home more often are much less likely to have obese children (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Have healthy snacks: Always keep healthy snacks in the house such as nuts or fruit, instead of the alternatives like chips and cookies (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Drink lots of water: Drinking more water helps children stay hydrated, healthy, and keeps them less hungry and less likely to eat more (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Finally, Family time: A study by Harvard researchers concluded that benefits of eating dinner and doing things as a family reduced high-risk adolescent behaviors and improved performance at school (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). If these steps can be taken to help the children of our nation, this epidemic will no longer be the problem that it has become today, but that would also require outside sources to

Environmental Influences On Physical Development

Some studies support that children aged 6 – 12 years old can be positively affected from obesity prevention programs at school. However, environmental factors like economic, physical, political and sociocultural may influence negatively the results of the preventing programs. Obesity however, could be related with cultural environmental factors. For example, Mexican children consume increased amounts of sweetened beverages and decreased amounts of natural and healthy foods. In western societies children most of the time are watching TV and they are traveling by car, which means that they are performing less physical

More about Cause And Effect Essay On Child Obesity

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Childhood Obesity Cause And Effect Essay

cause effect essay about obesity

Show More Childhood obesity is a serious issue that has plagued the children of the 21st century. This is a medical condition that affects a lot of children and also obesity affects many adults. When a child weighs above the normal weight for children in their weight groups they are considered obese. Body Mass Index (BMI) usually determines the diagnosis of obesity . Childhood obesity is becoming an alarming issue because children are beginning to suffer from health issues that are more common in adults, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The effect of obesity leads to children having low self-esteem and deep depression. Obesity is a preventable condition because the causes are very visible. Some of the causes of obesity include people eating more and engaging in less physical activity. “The food system has improved the availability of high-yielding energy foods while the sedentary lifestyle with motorized transport and labor saving devices, as well as other physically inactive pursuits (TV, computer, etc.), has risen in recent decades (Martinez, 3)” causing the cultural change leading to obesity. Humans do not consciously make the choice to become overweight. According to Dr. Faith McLellan, obesity is caused by the basic human desire to work less and …show more content… It could also lead to disorders like liver disease, early puberty and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. All this diseases are disease that should not affect kids and can be avoided. Another effect of childhood obesity is depression. Children who are obese get teased by their peers and this could lead to low self-esteem and also lead to deep depression. This is a very hard problem to get over and leads to the child having to go through several psychologists just to get over this

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The psychological effects of childhood obesity in the united states.

The combination of homework and television along with low levels of activity is a predominant cause of obesity. When a person eats and has a low level of physical activity they are ultimately Another cause of childhood obesity is improper coping mechanisms. Some children overeat as a way of coping with problems in their lives or dealing with emotions like stress or boredom (Mayo Foundation). This situation only can become worse if the child encounters a dramatic life event because it can cause the person to be depressed and consume more food in attempt to make the sadness go away. This binge eating impacts a large number of cases dealing with childhood obesity (Zhu, 2015).…

Essay On Obese Children

Some children can 't help to control their weight. Han mentions that obesity sometimes not the child fault “ Much progress has been made in understanding of the genetics and physiology of appetite control and from these advances, elucidation of the causes of some rare obesity syndromes” Obesity syndrome is where you have poor breathing problems and high carbon dioxide in your blood. If the parents are obese than their child will most likely be obese when they are adult or even in their childhood years . Clearly, obesity has been a big problem not for just children, but for adults as well. Its sad to see what the world has turned into.…

Obesity Warning Signs

Childhood Obesity relates to having a lot of bodyweight and it is very harmful to children, childhood obesity has a lot of warning signs, and there are many preventable treatments for children who suffer from obesity. Childhood Obesity is where a child has a lot more bodyweight than there supposed to have. But,…

Human Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is a top problem for humans in the United States. It is due to genetics, health-risk, and overeating. Being overweight can cause health risk problems and it can become hereditary. Obesity is also called chronic disease, and your body has a negative result in response. Obesity in children is also called body mass index-(BMI).There are several health risks that you can gain by being overweight such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.…

What Are The Causes Of Childhood Obesity

A Call to Action Parents are indirectly affecting the health of their child. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 6 children are affected by obesity in the United States. As a result, obesity has become one of the main health concerns around the nation. The most known reasons that contribute to obesity are the imbalance of foods that are eaten and lack of physical activity. Obesity is causing an early onset of high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and type 2 diabetes which are usually not seen until later in adulthood.…

Poverty And Obesity

Low economic areas don’t have a safe environment where the people can be active. If they are not active they are not able to burn calories. It 's important for everyone to eat healthy. If the obesity rates in the poor still keep increasing, health problems will also increase. Lee Hedwig mentioned that “adults are a high risk for ongoing health problems.” I agree with him because if people eat lots of sugars, greasy foods, and don’t eat healthy they are at a high risk of developing diabetes, cholesterol, or a sickness…

Causes And Prevention Of Childhood Obesity

For example, Childhood obesity can lead to ailments such as type II diabetes and asthma. Children often get type II diabetes from eating excess amounts of sugar, also, diabetes is a major factor in the development of obesity. Type II diabetes can most definitely arise from obesity if not properly treated; therefore, the importance to prevent obesity is critical so one does not have to deal with the lifestyle of those with type II diabetes. Children who are overweight are more likely to have asthma making breathing extremely difficult. If children become dangerously overweight, these kids could develop serious obstructive sleep apnea causing a potentially harmful disorder where their breathing repeatedly stops and starts when they sleep (Trier et al.).…

Childhood Obesity Causes

Obesity stems from a child 's youth and there are many factors that are responsible for this. Some of these factors consist of but are not limited to: large amounts of stress, unstable homes, body dissatisfaction, an overuse of hand held devices, social media, media games, junk food products, and a lack of good parenting. The reason obesity is such a large problem is because it can cause many serious medical problems, and social-emotional problems. There are many things that go into child obesity but one of the largest causes for it is that some parents are just not prepared for the responsibility of taking care of children. As human beings, we require between 2000 and 2500 calories per day to maintain a healthy stable weight depending on…

What Is The Cause Of Childhood Obesity

Obesity in America is a tremendous health issue in fact it is the epidemic of the 21st century. The rate of overweight children is highly increasing and is being considered a major health concern of the developed world. They are at risk of developing heart disease or diabetes later in their lives. It’s lowering the children’s self-esteem as well. In the United States today, about one third of children are overweight or obese.…

Obesity Effects On Children

Energy balance and the number of calories consumed from food and drink compared to the number of calories the children are using for activity plays a big role in weight gain. Research shows that children eat more without realising if they are served larger portion sizes. (Centers for Disease control and prevetion , 2015). A highly discussed topic over the media and in newspapers is the connection between technology and obesity in children. Excessive use of technology minimalizes time out side outside doing physical activity which then can lead to obesity.…

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Argument essays, graphs, other writing, and speaking for ielts, pet, and toefl, cause and effect: obesity.

This is a cause and effect essay on obesity (being overweight or too fat). It is divided into four paragraphs:

Try to aim at three causes and three effects. Give examples for each one. Here is a diagram with some ideas – click for a larger image.

Obesity has become a major problem in the UAE. Over 60% of Emirati nationals are overweight. This is a difficult problem with many serious effects on the individual and country.

Obesity can be divided into three main causes –  diet, lifestyle and education. One of the chief causes is diet. Young Emiratis eat more and more high-carbohydrate, high-fat burgers and pizza in fast-food restaurants. However, some traditional foods are also very oily, and because of increasing affluence are eaten more often than in the past. Lifestyle is a second main cause of obesity. As a result of cheap foreign labour, many Emiratis now have sedentary jobs, and do not exercise regularly. However, one of the main causes is lack of education and awareness. The society’s attitude to food often leads to over-consumption. Parents do not teach good eating habits to children, and many people lack knowledge about good nutrition or a balanced diet.

Obesity affects the individual and the country. The biggest effect is on the individual. First of all, being overweight has health risks . Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions. The quality of life suffers, as it is difficult to enjoy exercise or move. Another result is lack of self-esteem. This can lead to depression, eating disorders and crash diets. The country is also affected. It becomes very expensive for the government to provide advanced medical care such as heart transplants. Unhealthy citizens are also less productive. and their children learn poor eating habits. 

Obesity or even being overweight has serious effects on the individual and the society. Both need to take action to examine the causes of this problem and find solutions.

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