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10th grade high school essay rubric

Easel Activities

10th grade high school essay rubric

Easel Assessments

Unlock access to 4 million resources — at no cost to you — with a school-funded subscription., all formats, resource types, all resource types, 10th grade writing rubrics free.

Eugenia's Learning Tools

General Writing Rubric

The Writing Guru

Works Cited Rubric Checklist MLA

Works Cited Rubric Checklist MLA

Barbara Bach

Generic Expository Essay Rubric (Response to Literature)

Jeff Lee

Essay Grading Made Easy

APUSH in the Right Direction

Small Writing Rubric


Essays Made Easy - Essay Rubric with Numbered Comments

Ultimate Units

Rubric Checklist for MLA Response Papers

STAAR 2.0 Redesign RLA Rubrics

STAAR 2.0 Redesign RLA Rubrics

Inspire the Classroom by Katrina Maccalous

Research Paper Rubric

Cherith Bell

Rubric for Short Writing Assignments


The Teen Brain: A Research Project

Framing the Gray

Poetry Writing Graphic Organizer and Rubric

A Little Chest of Helpful Treasures

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Stephanie Boegler

Annotated Bibliography Rubric

Fitzgerald's Haven

Paraphrasing Guidelines

Disciple Fisher

Rubric Argument Research Paper

Dana Yorks

12 Biology Writing Prompts - Common Core Aligned

Mentor's Market

Journal Rubric by Week

Amanda Grace

Also included in:  January Journal Prompts Week 1- All Levels

"The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst Paragraph Writing

"The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst Paragraph Writing

Andrea Palmer

Memoir Rubric FREEBIE!

History Honey

Study Sync Blast Rubric for Peer Review

I Choose Middle School

Persuasive Speech Outline Template

Bookmarks are for Quitters

Bilingual Personal Narrative Rubric Spanish

Bilingual Special Education Re-store

FREE Expository Essay Rubric for Literary Analysis

Joely Fortin

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10th Grade Common Rubric Essay

Writing Rubric Name:___________________________________ English 10 Assignment: _____________________________ Exceeds standard (5) Meets standard (4) Almost meets standard (3) Approaches standard (2) Still developing (1) Not present (0) Thesis (x2.0) ** Unique, highly individual and a clear, provable argument **Coherent and written in an exemplary fashion **Placed appropriately in the paper **Clear, provable argument. **Coherent and well written. **Placed appropriately in the paper **Attempts to make an argument **Clear. **Placed appropriately in the paper **Barely attempts to make an argument **Poorly written and/or unclear **Placed appropriately in the paper **Not an arguable point. **Poorly written and unclear **Placed inappropriately in the paper. No thesis Evidence (x2.0) **Strongly supports thesis **Clear, relevant and highly developed/specific **Comes from appropriate sources **Supports thesis **Clear, relevant, and mostly specific **Comes from appropriate sources **Mostly supports thesis **Mostly clear and relevant with some specifics **Comes from appropriate sources **Only supports part of the thesis **Unclear and/or random; mostly generalizations **Some sources may be inappropriate **Does not support thesis *Unclear and random **Uses inappropriate sources No evidence Analysis (x2.0) ** Creative, complex, clear, and original understanding of the text/content. **Supports & ties to evidence **Accurate and well presented **Clear, complex, and original understanding of the text/content **Supports & ties to evidence **Accurate and well presented **Clear, lacks some originality and/or creativity in understanding the text/content **Supports but does not clearly tie to evidence **Accurate and acceptably presented **Somewhat unclear ; lacks creativity and originality in understanding of the text/content **Attempts to support but does not clearly relate to evidence **Somewhat inaccurate and/or poorly presented **Unclear and unoriginal; does not understand the text/content **Lack support and any relation to evidence **In accurate and poorly presented No analysis Organization (x1.0) SEE BACK FOR SPECIFICS **Superb organization, easily readable and understandable **Logical and coherent sequence **Clear, readable form **Logical and mostly coherent sequence **Clear and mostly readable **Attempts to have logical and coherent sequence **Somewhat clear, problems with readability **May be lacking in transitions or unfocused **Unclear and unreadable **Unfocused, incoherent, no logical progression of ideas No attempt to organize Style (x1.0) **Advanced and vivid persuasive use of language **Advanced, creative use of mechanics **Strong, unique voice ** Adequate and vivid persuasive use of language ** Correct use of mechanics **Clear voice **Mostly adequate use of language, some problems ** Mostly correct use of mechanics **Some voice **Problems with word choice, grammar, and construction **Problems with mechanics **Developing voice **Major, distracting problems with word choice, grammar, and construction **Major, distracting problems with mechanics **Bland Show More

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10th grade high school essay rubric

Independent Learning Project

Independent Learning Project 1. Students will be given a copy of the Common Core Standards for 10th grade in the following sections: ○ Reading: Informational Text ○ Writing ○ Speaking and Listening 2. Students will be asked to research a project/product for a topic of their choosing that could be done to meet one standard from each of the areas described in the standards. 3. Students will then write a proposal to their instructor with the following sections: ● Topic: Students explain, in the form of a well­developed paragraph…

Words 2771 - Pages 12

Essay on Meta-Narrative

and I was taught how to overcome these difficulties in a whole new fashion. Now when it comes to academic expectations, I learned that there is a lot more responsibility involved than in high school. The amount of independent work is also far more common and as college students we are expected to take more initiative in spending time outside of the classroom doing homework and studying. When I showed up at BSU, I knew I was in for an entirely new kind of challenge because I know when high school…

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Essay about ECO2302 SYLLABUS SSI 2015 Online Course COB Format 1

COURSE SYLLABUS: ECO 2302: MICROECONOMICS (Online) University of Houston-Downtown Summer I, 2015 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS INFORMATION: This course is in support of a degree program at the UHD College of Business that has earned professional accreditation by AACSB International. AACSB International is an association of more than 11,100 business educational institutions, and other organizations in 70 countries that are dedicated to the advancement of management education worldwide. Only 568 business…

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10th grade high school essay rubric

11th 4 Write Essay

Norwalk-La Mirada School District 11th Grade Writing Unit of Study Unit 4- Historical Investigation Report 16 Instructional Days Unit Overview (Descriptor): Students go through the writing process and produce a historical investigation report. Similar to the expository writing demands in ninth and tenth grade, this unit requires students to research a single historical event. Students will select an event from American history in 11th grade and world history in 12th grade. Working in small collaborative…

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Mgt 5105 Rflection Paper

Nova Southeastern University Wayne Huizenga Graduate School of Business & Entrepreneurship Assignment for Course: MGT 5105 Organizational Behavior in a Dynamic/Complex World Submitted to: Dr. Roslyn Vargas Submitted by: Hannel Pina N01714493 12680 SW 54th Court Miramar, FL 33027 (954) 622-7729 (786) 512-1368 Date of Submission: 10/18/2015 Title of Assignment: Individual Reflection on Group Consulting Experience CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: I certify…

Words 4562 - Pages 19


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    10th Grade Rubric . ... 10th grade scored essays . ... Word count at least 500 words; Middle and high school 750. ➢ Spelling errors in ration to total