Paperlike Review

Paperlike offers a subtle texture enhancement that's great for artists and designers..

paperlike review: Screen protector

Our Verdict

Paperlike is a well-made texture enhancement for creatives who work on a glossy iPad screen. It makes the iPad even better as a drawing/writing tool and, although there are various cheaper alternatives, Paperlike has a nice texture and feels durable, offering good value.

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Materials:  polyethylene terephthalate iPad compatibility:  iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini Finish:  Matte

Paperlike offers a subtle surface texture that can enhance the sensory experience of drawing or writing on a tablet, making it easier to get used to. It adds a helpful dimension to creating other than just hand/eye coordination. 

Although marketed as a screen protector, Paperlike is specifically aimed at iPad users who draw and write, offering that tactile pen-to-paper experience otherwise missing with an iPad’s glossy screen. This weakness of the iPad is evident in the fact that the many other drawing tablets and pen displays made for and used by artists and designers feature a matte surface, or an anti-glare, textured screen cover.

The kind of surface is undoubtedly a preferred feature as it not only feels good but also helps you retain a level of control and accuracy. If your focus is on screen protection only, have a look at our list of alternative screen protectors .

Paperlike review: Design

In the pleasingly packaged Paperlike kit, you get two Paperlike screen protectors, a beautifully created postcard and welcome note with links, and a small envelope with all the installation tools you need. The installation video is detailed, clear, and made the installation incredibly easy. Followed carefully, you shouldn't end up with any of those pesky air bubbles.

The transition from a glossy screen to a matte finish immediately makes a good impression, and the anti-glare aspect makes the iPad screen look smarter, straight off the bat. Colour diffusion is ever so slight, and the minute ‘dampening’ of the screen's vibrancy is a small tradeoff for what you gain in terms of tactile quality. 

Colour is so minutely affected that I would go as far as to say that the dampening is actually helpful since it makes the screen easier to view for longer periods of time. Any print-makers out there might see a resemblance to the quality of Truegrain drafting film, which was a game-changer back in the day, in terms of recreating a painterly quality for screen-printing. There is definitely an echo of that here. 

Paperlike review: Experience

The iPad’s glossy screen isn’t a huge hindrance for drawing or writing on. It by no means stops anyone making or creating, but after trying a fair few drawing tablets, and pen displays made for the act of drawing, the textured surface they tend to have always wins hands down in terms of drawing experience. Opening up Procreate to see how Paperlike’s screen protector fared in this respect, I was quickly rewarded with the newly textured surface and how great it felt to work on. 

Paperlike’s texture is neither too textured nor too subtle – taking into account an iPad’s multiple functions, i.e more than a drawing or note-taking tool, it is what you might term a ‘happy medium.’ Likewise when opening up Notes to try out writing. Before, writing on an iPad was ok, but the Paperlike texture was almost like an upgrade. Writing suddenly became easier, less slidey, and more controlled. 

I've heard from other reviewers that Paperlike is easily scratched, but after using it for around two weeks worth of drawing and note-taking on a daily basis, I haven't noticed any as yet. There are very subtle signs of fingerprints and smudges, but these are easily cleaned off using a dampened cloth.

In regards to length of use, scratches, and the surface eroding the tip of your apple pencil, it begs the question – how heavy-handed are you? Having used numerous drawing tablets, with a more noticeable grained texture, I find pen nibs tend to last around three to six months depending on how regularly I use them before they need changing. Like any nibs, they will at some point need replacing. The same goes for the screen protector itself. If it has at least a six-month life span, then the cost should even itself out. 

Paperlike review: Price & should you buy it?

Priced at $39.99 / £34.00, Paperlike certainly feels like a more premium-priced item, but remember you get two screen protectors and solid support and instruction from the website. 

It's a good buy if you use your iPad for the bulk of your creative work as it does add something extra that enhances what is already a fantastic tool for creatives (see our round-up of the best iPad deals if you're looking for an iPad to work on. 

While clearly aimed at those who mostly use the iPad as a drawing or writing tool, it doesn’t hinder the rest of your iPad usage in terms of watching, or browsing and the texture is just nice anyway. I found copying text in order to paste it a little disrupted in terms of accurately positioning the cursors with my fingers, but for all things that involve the Apple Pencil, it’s a joy to use.

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Ben is an artist and illustrator based in Bristol. He works in traditional woodcut, drawing and digital mediums. For Creative Bloq, he reviews drawing tablets and styluses, as well as the latest and greatest digital software for artists. His artwork has been exhibited across Bristol, and his words have also appeared in ImagineFX magazine. 

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Paperlike 2.1 review: Apple Pencil & iPad use feels more like writing on paper

Amber Neely's Avatar

Swiss Paperlike 2.1

AppleInsider may earn an affiliate commission on purchases made through links on our site.

I don't keep it a secret that my favorite Apple product is the iPad. It always has been. I've never been much of a smartphone user, and as I get older, I find myself drifting away from using my iMac in my downtime.

But I just can't quit the iPad. It's lightweight and can go wherever I do, and when it's paired with a Magic Keyboard , it's a decent laptop replacement.

However, the real reason I'm so attached to the iPad is the Apple Pencil — and the real reason I like the Apple Pencil is Paperlike.

Why artists and note-takers love Paperlike

If you ask any artist why they love matte screen protectors, they will tell you the same thing — less hand fatigue.

When you write or draw on an iPad screen, there's a notable lack of friction between the tip of the Apple Pencil and the screen. As a result, you tend to tense your hand to compensate for it, which can result in hand and forearm cramps.

This is something that I know all too well. Since I got my first iPad Pro, I've always used it with a Paperlike.

This is because before transitioning to using an iPad for all my digital artwork, I'd come from a Wacom Intuos background. When working on the Intuos, I exclusively used the felt nibs in my Wacom pen.

I knew that when I switched to the iPad, I would need to combat the feeling of drawing on glass. I bought my Paperlike before I got my iPad — I'd only drawn on a bare iPad screen to compare and contrast the experiences.

My last Paperlike got pulled up and off my iPad when I switched cases, leaving me with just the bare screen to work with. I decided to stick it out for a while because I never went au natural with my Apple Pencil for any extended period.

Boy, was that a mistake.

Taking notes was difficult, but drawing for an extended time was excruciating. Within 20 minutes, I massaged my forearm and palm and, inevitably, put my iPad down. As a result, my art production severely declined.

Paperlike gives your screen a little bit of tooth, similar to a sheet of paper. That extra friction means you won't hold your Apple Pencil in a death grip. No death grip means you're less likely to get hand cramps.

Needless to say, I was relieved when I finally got to put a new Paperlike back on my iPad Air .

Paperlike 2.1, aka the Swiss Paperlike

You may be wondering why I, someone who admits to using Paperlike for years, am only now reviewing it.

Paperlike on the 2020 iPad Air

This is the newest iteration of Paperlike. This is Paperlike 2.1, or as the creators call it now, the Swiss Paperlike.

I never thought the old version changed how the screen looked too much. However, I have met people who weren't fans of how matte it made the screen.

"It's too cloudy," a friend told me. "If I'm paying for an iPad, I want that crystal clear display."

Fair enough, but I'd trade a bit of clarity for a more comfortable drawing experience.

Fast forward a couple of years and the makers of Paperlike are trying to make it, so you don't have to pick between the two choices.

This new version of Paperlike is much more transparent than the older version I was most familiar with. Sure, it's not crystal clear — but it's an impressive leap in clarity for a matte screen protector.

The color reproduction is notably better, which I wasn't expecting. The Paperlike I had used previously tended to desaturate my colors ever so slightly, which meant I often checked my work on my iMac when I was finished.

Now, the gap between what I see on my iPad and my iMac is barely noticeable, and I could skip checking my work on my iMac if I wanted to.

All the other little benefits of Paperlike

So, the only real reason to get a Paperlike is that you're a heavy Apple Pencil user. However, that doesn't mean there aren't other great benefits to using it.

The first is that the texture makes fingerprints far less noticeable. I hate when the screen of my iPhone gets smudged up with fingerprints. So at least five or six times a day, I wipe my iPhone screen on my sleeve to get rid of the fingerprints.

I am constantly cleaning my iMac screen — so much so that I've got a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth that lives permanently on my desk.

Paperlike does not get smudged up the same way a glass screen does. That isn't to say that it doesn't get dirty — the texture means it gets dirty quickly. It just doesn't look dirty.

Fortunately, it's effortless to clean Paperlike. You can clean just about anything off the surface with a few drops of warm water and a tiny drop of dish soap on a paper towel. Then, once it has air dried, take a lint-free cloth and remove any bits of dust.

Paperlike offers a pro bundle, which includes two screen protectors, a cleaning kit, and two Apple Pencil grips

Paperlike also has a screen cleaning kit, and it's included in some product bundles. While not necessary, I like that it's small enough to toss in a bag or a drawer. It's the perfect way to ensure your screen stays clean while you're on the go.

There's also the fact that it fixes screen glare. While some people may prefer the super-glossy look of a bare iPad, there's no denying that it doesn't do well in bright, direct lighting.

Paperlike is excellent for using your iPad in bright light — it diffuses reflections and harsh light, making it much easier to use outdoors or near windows.

It's really, really good, but it's not perfect

Although I am singing its praises, I fully acknowledge that Paperlike isn't suitable for users that do a lot of photo or video editing. While this version of Paperlike does offer better clarity and displays color more accurately on my test iPad Air, it is less accurate than a bare screen.

Paperlike screen protectors do not last forever — and honestly, they don't even last that long, depending on how often you use them.

I know a fair amount of people who use their iPad exclusively for digital art at their jobs who burn through Paperlike screen protectors at a rate of four or five a year. For me — a person who primarily does digital art as a hobby — I still manage to go through two a year.

Fortunately, Paperlike does sell its screen protectors in pairs, which makes it a bit more tenable, but at a little over $20 each, it can be a bit of an ongoing expense.

And the added expenses don't stop there, either. Paperlike wears down Apple Pencil tips much quicker than drawing on the bare screen. But, again, this is the nature of using any matte screen protector, and there's not much you can do about it.

How much quicker depends on how much you use your Apple Pencil, how hard you bear down, and what you use it for.

If you're doing a lot of artwork — or if you're a creative professional — you might burn through an Apple Pencil tip in as short as three or four months. I've already had to replace my second-generation Apple Pencil tip once in the nearly two years I've had it, and I will likely need to replace it in the next month or two.

This isn't a major deal, as you can buy a pack of four Apple Pencil tips for $20, but it's something to consider in the long run.

So, Paperlike isn't for everyone, and there are a few things to consider before you dive in.

Again, I don't think it's a "must by" unless you routinely use your Apple Pencil to take notes or artwork. But, with Apple's Freeform app on the horizon, it might be worth considering.

Who Paperlike is for

Paperlike is a game-changer for those who use the iPad for note-taking and digital art. The Swiss Paperlike is even better than the original, too, so I can wholeheartedly recommend it if you've been hesitant to buy a Paperlike.

Where to buy

You can snag a set of two Paperlike screen protectors from Paperlike's site for $44.99.

The Swiss Paperlike is compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the 11-inch iPad Pro, the 10.9-inch iPad Air, the 10.2-inch iPad, the 2021 iPad Mini, and the 10th generation 10.9-inch iPad.

Paperlike also has a Pro Bundle, which allows you to get two Paperlike screen protectors, an all-in-one cleaning kit, and two Apple Pencil grips, for $89.99 .

If you've got a different iPad model, Paperlike sells older versions of its screen protectors for $39.99 at or on Amazon .

Pros of Swiss Paperlike

Cons of Swiss Paperlike

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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paperlike review

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Reviews 3.2.

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Amazing writing experience

I bought a Paperlike screenprotector for my iPad Pro 2022 12,9”. It writes amazing and I am so happy! If you like to write on an iPad (I use notability) it gives a wonderful effect!

Date of experience : February 05, 2023

Reply from Paperlike

Thank you for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated! 🙂

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

Still waiting on my delivery.

I’ve used Paperlike before and was very happy with delivery and the product. That was 2 years ago. I recently purchased another iPad and ordered the Paperlike Screen Protector again for an expected delivery of 3-5 days. I should have received the item at the latest January 7 but as of the evening of January 11…Nothing. I’m so disappointed because I look forward to using my iPad at a conference for note taking.

Date of experience : January 11, 2023

I'm sorry to hear that! Have you already contact our customer support?

After some initial issues

After some initial issues, paperlike replaced my item and the bundle has been an amazing addition to my iPad. The addition for the apple pencils are great and really add to the comfort. The screen protectors feel as close to typing on real paper as possible and the screen wash is amazing. Know higher priced but worth it and customer service were really happy to deal with my initial issues which is rare now adays!

Date of experience : August 16, 2022

Hi Leah, thank you so much for sharing your feedback! It's greatly appreciated :)

I’m super happy with my purchase

My experience has been nothing but amazing. The items arrived super quickly and the products work as intended. I got both the screen protector and cleaning kit. I would recommend it if you’re looking to enhance your note taking experience.

Date of experience : October 19, 2022

Thank you so much for your kind words, it's greatly appreciated!

It is remarkable! Pun intended

I followed the video, applied the film. I thought I have been ripped off, there is nothing here. But the truth is I had to look with a spyglass and was surprised to see it was there. When I wrote I could feel the resistance which helps make it easier to write and take notes much easier. Kudos to this product, yes may appear expensive but if it saves spending $400 on reMarkable product, it saves me a lot of money.

Date of experience : June 15, 2022

Hi Guillermo, thank you so much for your feedback! It's greatly appreciated and I'm glad you're enjoying the Paperlike experience 🙂

Decent product with wonderful support

While I had trouble applying the screen without getting some air bubbles/dust (as many of these reviews also mention), their support was SUPER helpful in answering my questions, and sent me a new one after I said I was disappointed with how it came out. The product would get a 3/5 but the support gets a 5/5.

Date of experience : May 16, 2022

Thank you for your feedback!

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, I ordered the Paperlike in the wrong solider initially and asked to return it. Paperlike refunded me straight away with no need to return the item. The correct size has now arrived and although instillation was a little tricky to go without leaving any bubbles now it’s on I love the feel and appearance it gives the screen when writing. Thank you

Date of experience : February 05, 2022

Hi Richard, thank you so much for sharing your feedback. It's greatly appreciated! And let us know if there's anything else we can do for you :)

Great for writing notes…

It is an excellent product for use with an Apple Pencil. I find it slows down my writing to make it smoother and more legible. It does dull the screen a bit, maybe up to 5%, but it also stops some glare from overhead lighting. I've been using the product for a year and I think it is worth the money. Customer service is very responsive.

Date of experience : January 31, 2022

Hi David, thanks for your feedback! It's greatly appreciated and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the Paperlike :)

WHY do I HAVE to look at your logo?

Dust will almost ALWAYS get under the screen no matter how much you try and the new paper like film feels nice but looks horrible when trying to draw, they put this awful into the screen so they always have their logo and drawings on the screen and is clearly visible while you draw, while yes the product makes a LITTLE life easier while drawing it just plainly ruins the art while having to look at their logo scattered everywhere on the screen

Date of experience : September 02, 2021

Hi, thanks for your feedback. The logos are on the protective layers surrounding the Paperlike, but not on the Paperlike itself. Did you make sure to remove BOTH protective layers after applying the Paperlike on your iPad? Please contact us, we're here to help! :)

Exemplary customer service

I needed to contact Paperlike customer service last week they responded immediately requesting additional information. Having received the information their response was again immediate and they ensured that my issue was dealt with very satisfactorily. The product is great and the customer service is exemplary.

Date of experience : December 20, 2021

Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

The best screen protector with excellent customer service.

This is a wonderful product. It is priced at the high end and I was worried that the matt nature of the protector would affect my ability to watch films etc but it really does enhance the viewing. The protector acts as an anti glare screen as well as the paper-feel protector which is great for drawing and writing. The installation video link is ESSENTIAL viewing and makes putting it on extremely quick and easy. I had an issue ordering the wrong size but customer care was superb. Highly recommended and worth the extra.

Date of experience : January 12, 2022

Wow, thank you so much for your lovely review! It's greatly appreciated :)

Wow - what exceptional customer service

The customer care team reached out to me when I had issues with installing the first two paperlikes and sent me replacements which arrived within 48 hours - the first of which was installed perfectly. Thank-you Paperlike, I love the difference it’s made to my iPad experience.

Date of experience : February 10, 2022

Hi Nick, I'm very sorry to hear that the application didn't go so well. It would be great if you could contact us directly, so we can help you asap. Thanks!

When I got paperlike I wasn’t satisfied…

When I got paperlike I wasn’t satisfied because there are these small dots, that can be annoying Therefore, I wrote to them, and they kindly sent my money back - sweet customer service :) I still use it today, but the small dots can be annoying, but when the iPad is used for school, it is worth it

Date of experience : September 05, 2021

Hi, thanks for your feedback! What do you mean when you are referring to small dots? Are they caused by tiny dust particles trapped between the Paperlike and the iPad screen? Any further feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

Terrible product

Terrible product, I paid 10 euro for a matte screen protector off Amazon and it was WAY better than this, mad I threw it out now. The paperlike screen protector came with hundreds of scratches, the application process is terrible, the guide stickers left a sticky residue all over my iPad and completely ruined the screen, it took me ages to scrub it off and on top of that, it doesn’t even feel like paper AT ALL. So mad I wasted my money on this terrible product. Do not buy

Date of experience : December 25, 2020

Hi Andrea, Thanks for your feedback! From your description it sounds like you didn't remove the second protective layer on top of the Paperlike AFTER applying it to your iPad screen. And that's why it didn't feel like paper ;) Let me know if this worked for you. Kind regards, Paperlike

Great customer service

So sadly I wasn't really into the product (for my iPad 2018). But i know that they have upgraded their product for the new iPad's. But I got my refund. I will definitely try ordering it again if I ever get a new iPad. The customer service is definitely the best I've tried.

Date of experience : September 09, 2020

Hi Lucas, thank you so much for sharing your feedback and for your kind words! :)

I put in an order for apple pro 11…

I put in an order for apple pro 11 screen Protector on 6/8/20 and was told it would be in stock in 3 weeks then it didn't arrive now 5th November 2020. I paid £30 . Now when I asked about my order they said it was sent on 6/8/20 how can that be? I'm getting a refund.

Date of experience : November 05, 2020

Hi Michael, I'm sorry you haven't received your Paperlike yet. Did you receive any updates in the meantime? If not, please contact us so we can find a solution for you asap. Thank you! :)

I am genuinely gobsmacked that this…

I am genuinely gobsmacked that this company has poor Trustpilot reviews. I had nothing but a flawless checkout experience, super fast shipping (2 days), and a fantastic user experience when applying the screen protector. Awesome product, keep it up guys!

Date of experience : March 24, 2021

Hi Lloyd, thank you so much for your kind words! It's greatly appreciated and I really hope you're enjoying the Paperlike :)

The Worst Customer Service

Do not buy anything from them. I ordered an item 45 days ago and it’s still not here, their advertised delivering time was 1-2 weeks...smh Like that wasn’t bad enough, they only respond to emails after 3+ days, and they don’t even address the issue or try to fix it.

Date of experience : January 12, 2020

Hi Arsh, I'm very sorry your package didn't arrive within the expected shipping time frames. Have you received it by now or did we send you a replacement? If not, please contact us again so we can help you. Thank you!

Good product

I bought the screen protector because my colleagues recommended it for note taking with the apple pen. It arrived quickly. I applied it on a half a year old ipad in my home office, which is not very clean. There were no issues with bubbles or dust particles at all. I have been using it now for a few days and I really like the feel of it. If you write continuously without lifting the pen from the screen, there is almost no difference at all. However, the control of the first contact of pen and surface is improved a lot. I really like it. It is expensive and I could have done without it. Still, it makes my note taking more enjoyable.

Date of experience : December 10, 2020

Hi Pete, thanks for sharing your feedback! It's greatly appreciated and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying the Paperlike :)

This is very bad product almost not…

This is very bad product almost not possible to put on protector without any bubbles. I tried remove all but this is not possible with method they propose. I applied protectors on Samsung galaxy and it easy without any issues. Don’t buy it.

Date of experience : November 22, 2020

Hi Mariusz, Thanks for letting us know and I'm sorry to hear that the application didn't go so well. It would be shame if you couldn't enjoy the Paperlike because of the bubbles, so please contact us. We'll find a solution for you! :) Thanks. Kind regards, Paperlike

The Big Tech Question

Paperlike Review: Does it really make your iPad feel like paper?

Image of the Paperlike screen protector floating over an iPad.

Picture this – you’re a student whose just bought an iPad for university (maybe after reading this excellent article on the matter), but you hate writing on glass with the Apple Pencil. Or perhaps you’re an artist who purchased an iPad to start practicing digital art, but find the texture of the screen too uncomfortable.

If you use an Apple Pencil in any capacity, the first experience scrawling across glass is nothing like the paper you’re used to. However, don’t be too quick to toss your tablet and return to the notebooks – you’ve got some options. Paperlike is a matte screen protector that claims to imitate the texture of the paper we all know and love – but does it really live up to its name?

Paperlike Review: How does it feel to write on?

This is the big question. After all, you’re not buying the Paperlike for its screen protecting abilities (although I will discuss that later). If you’re coming straight from writing on glass, as I did, the contrast between textures is almost immediate. The screen feels rougher, and there’s a noticeable drag on the pencil. However, once you’ve adjusted to this difference, it strangely feels almost smoother to write on. I find the pencil flows more naturally across the matte screen, and writing is a lot more satisfying. It makes notetaking in lectures an almost enjoyable experience.

Image of iPad with Paperlike screen protector on and handwritten notes displayed on screen.

I’d hesitate to say it perfectly captures the experience of writing on paper, because it doesn’t. It feels as though you’ve sellotaped a sheet of A4 over the screen, with the matte paper texture against a hard surface. Unlike most screen protectors though, the hard surface you’re using for support is the glass of the iPad, rather than the screen protector itself. The other difference is found in the actual texture; Paperlike’s newest screen protectors use what they call ‘Nanodot’ technology, where tiny plastic microbeads are scattered across the surface to increase friction.

This isn’t a brand new idea – most matte screen protectors are created this way, but with varying size, material, and distribution of the beads fused to the surface. Paperlike have struck a good balance between all of these, making for a subtly textured screen that feels great to write on.

Paperlike Review: How well does it protect the screen?

Unfortunately, we can’t have our cake and eat it too. Something has to be sacrificed to achieve this texture, and unfortunately, it’s the protection of your screen. You’ll feel this when you apply the Paperlike – no tempered glass or thick plastic means it’s far more wobbly than the standard screen protector. Unfortunately, this means that the screen is far more vulnerable to drops and bumps, as there’s nothing to absorb the shock. That’s right – no more iPad frisbee in your lunch breaks.

Moreover, although making the screen softer and thinner does effectively emulate the paper sensation, it also makes the surface vulnerable to anything with a sharp edge being pushed against it with a little too much pressure. I made the ridiculous mistake of smoothing out air bubbles with my phone, and now have a huge slash across the top of the iPad. Don’t worry about the Apple Pencil damaging it though; unless you’ve whittled it to a point and are wielding it like a vengeful surgeon, it won’t be marked by writing or drawing on it.

Image of someone drawing on the iPad with the Apple Pencil.

However, it’s not like there’s no protection in the slightest. Although it probably couldn’t handle a drop from height (a theory you can test yourself), it’s decently resilient against scratching and fingerprints. The only mark I’ve made on it was the aforementioned application fumble, and I’ve been using it for several weeks. Plus, most of the people thinking of buying the Paperlike are students or creative types – the most action your iPad is seeing is the journey from the library to home.

Paperlike Review: How does it compare to other matte screen protectors?

Here’s where it starts heating up. These comparisons are being made with this screen protector , by JETech. The Amazon page suggests this screen protector is made for drawing on, and their product photos say it has a “paper feel”. Bar covering their screen with nanodots, this protector ticks all the same boxes as Paperlike, at just £15. So how do they compare?

The most immediate difference is, surprisingly, in texture. JETech’s screen protector is significantly rougher, adding far more friction to the Apple Pencil. It’s also harder than the Paperlike, making it a lot more resistant. Ironically though, the combination of a rough texture and hard surface doesn’t make the iPad feel more like paper – it makes the Apple Pencil feel more like a real pencil. The trick that Paperlike have realised is the balance between texture and resistance makes paper feel like paper, and have toed that line to make their screen protector.

The image quality varies too – the rougher surface on JETech’s screen protector naturally scatters light more, making the display ever so slightly blurry and muted. Paperlike’s ‘nanodots’ are engineered to avoid exactly that, and the image is objectively better. This might influence the choice of the artists out there – muted colours and blurry edges aren’t exactly buzzwords for high quality artwork, so the Paperlike is a sound choice over other standard matte screen protectors.

Comparison of the two types of textured surfaces found on Paperlike screen protectors.

At the end of the day, the Paperlike is an excellent choice for anyone who spends a significant amount of time drawing or writing on their iPad. If you just want the rough texture for a good price, standard matte screen protectors will do the job well – but the divide between a nice texture, good display quality, and screen protection is a fine line. It’s the thought that Paperlike has put into these factors that sets their screen protector apart, and what makes your iPad feel… well, paper-like.

Paperlike screen protector

A high quality screen protector that emulates a paper texture about as well as a layer of plastic can.

About the author

' src=

Fraser Campbell

Fraser co-created a website called when he was still at school, and is now an undergraduate at the University of Plymouth.

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Last updated on February 16th, 2022

The Gadgeteer

Paperlike iPad Screen Protector review – Give your iPad a pen on paper feel

paperlike review

REVIEW – It’s unusual to review something that when used properly, becomes practically invisible—almost like a ghost product. However, the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector is real. It sits on the screen inconspicuously doing its thing. But it’s also become an important—and affordable addition to the iPad.

What is it?

The Paperlike iPad Screen Protector is more than what it says in its name. Yes, it does protect the iPad screen. However, when using the Apple Pencil, its matte finish makes it feel like you are writing/drawing on paper rather than glass. Almost paper-like . Get it?  

Paperlike works with any of the newer iPad and iPad Pro models that allow the Apple Pencil.

IPad sizes supported:

Design and features

I’ve always been ambivalent about screen protectors. I still don’t have one on my iPhone because I’m extremely careful with what I call my “overpriced toy with that fruity logo”. I’ve never (yet) scratched the screen.  

However, the iPad is a different beast. For starters, the screen’s real estate is much, much bigger, which increases the chance of tiny scratches from opening and closing its case to writing on it with the Apple Pencil. Despite that, I was never interested in any kind of protection for my iPad 2 or my original 12.9 in. iPad Pro.  

When I purchased the latest—and really expensive —12.9 in. iPad Pro, priorities changed . For the first time, I considered a screen protector. I had two requirements: Installation had to be foolproof and there could be no bubbles or rough edges when finished. I am a bit OCD, so if those two requirements could not be met, then no screen protector for me.

After looking at various screen protectors, I began to focus on the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector because it offered a paper-like surface to draw on—hence the name. I was intrigued, so I reached out to Paperlike and they sent their latest version 2 screen protector.

paperlike review

Paperlike ships their screen protector in a thin cardboard envelope—from Europe. In my opinion, this envelope needs to be thicker. The first Paperlike iPad Screen Protector I received was jammed into my mailbox, which bent and creased the interior contents (thank you, US Postal Service). After sending incriminating photos to Paperlike, they sent me a replacement and this one arrived undamaged.

paperlike review

The Paperlike package contains everything you need to apply it to your screen. They even give you two, so if you mess up, you can try again. Or you will have a replacement to keep if needed. Either way, it’s a win. Also included are sticky tabs, wet wipes, and a microfiber cloth.  

Paperlike has a link to a great application  Youtube video . They make it look so quick and easy—except it isn’t either of those. Mind you, if you follow the video exactly, the Paperlike protector can be applied perfectly. I was successful on my first try. However, it took much longer than the video showed and I still had a couple of microscopic pieces of dust which created bubbles. Thankfully, the video showed me how to deal with that issue, too!  

paperlike review

Paperlike suggests you apply the protector in a bathroom after a hot shower. I’m not making this up. They say that the humidity clears the air of any floating specs of dust. That may be true, but … no. I did it on a table in my studio because I had to photograph it as I went. It’s important to make sure the surface is clean and as dust-free as possible.

Paperlike recommends watching the application video more than once to better comprehend the procedure. So, I watched it a few times and it did help quite a bit when I started the application.

paperlike review

Despite the length of time it took me (I was being extra careful), the application went smoothly and when finished, there was not a bubble or loose edge that wouldn’t adhere to the screen. My OCD was pleased.

paperlike review

When applied, the size of the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector goes so close to the iPad’s edge that I worried that the edges could be peeled and separated from the iPad’s screen by my iPad case—the Speck Presidio Pro Folio. However, a respectable gap remained between the case and protector, so it’s wasn’t an issue.  

There are a few benefits to using the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector other than the obvious protection part. When writing or drawing on the surface, it really does feel like paper. Drawing on smooth glass is not natural. Paperlike makes the iPad experience more organic—it just feels right. This becomes especially important to artists because sketching is now like pencil to paper, the way it should be.

paperlike review

The surface texture of the Paperlike iPad Screen Protector gives the iPad screen a matte finish, which has a couple of benefits and one minor downside. It’s no secret that the iPad’s screen is a fingerprint and smear magnet. I’m constantly cleaning the screen. Paperlike cures that problem. There are no fingerprints and smears are minimal and can be easily wiped away. Also, the matte finish cuts out the reflective glare that shiny glass is notorious for. This makes it much easier to view the screen near a window or even outside.  

paperlike review

The downside to the matte surface is that slightly decreases the sharpness of the image on the screen. That iPad’s ultra sharp liquid retina display is diminished a bit with Paperlike. Slightly diminished visual clarity is true for all screens that have a matte finish. You can’t have it both ways. Plus, I barely notice it anymore.

Note that this review is for version 2 of Paperlike. According to Paperlike, version 2 has “Nanodots”. Here is Paperlike’s description: “The Paperlike secret is in the Nanodots surface technology, micro-beads distributed across the screen protector’s foil. The Nanodots make the Apple Pencil vibrate just so slightly to make it feel like you write on a rough surface, like paper. Also, the display light shines around and through them, minimizing refractions.”

I’m not sure what all that means, but it works!

What I like

What I’d change

Final Thoughts

Despite my hesitation about any screen protector, the paper-like feel and non-glare surface of Paperlike convinced me otherwise. Once you apply it, you may not want any iPad to be without it.

Price:  $37.72 US Where to buy: Paperlike . Source: The sample of this product was provided by Paperlike .

About The Author

' src=

Bill Henderson

5 thoughts on “paperlike ipad screen protector review – give your ipad a pen on paper feel”.

' src=

One thing to add to Bill’s great review: there are a number of products on Amazon that use the word “paperlike” in their name that are a different product than what is reviewed here. This is definitely an example of a good time to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website.

' src=

I wish someone made something similar for the Samsung Tab S6!

' src=

I bought paperlike in March. My efforts to apply two screens did not work well – was left with a lot of snow flacks- although it was a bit better in the second attempt. I wrote to paperlike in June and was told that they will send me additional screens. Never got it. I reminded them in later August their promise and got once more a promise that they will send it to me, but as of October 14 did not get the screens.

' src=

I was frustrated by my original failure to apply this product perfectly positioned & sans dust and bubbles. Second time lucky. In addition to the three flimsy tags provided to hold the screen in place during application I supplemented them with a strip of wide masking tape applied over the tabs and along the edge of the iPad. this holds everything securely in place. Secondly I applied strips of parcel tape, basically wide sellotape, over the entire screen after cleaning. Peeling this off just before peeling away the inner Paperlike layer ensures no dust particles have crept in to spoil the show. Success!

' src=

I bought this because 1. it was a premium product and I expected quality (yes, I know) and 2. because of the appellation ‘paper like’.

I can’t complain about the quality and the installation procedure, although not perfect, was good enough.

‘Paper like’? No way, after a week I wonder why it’s there, the pen is just as slippery and the screen isn’t sharp. I wouldn’t mind that latter if it felt like paper. But it doesn’t.

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Tablet Updates, Reviews & News

Paperlike Screen Protector for iPad Pro – Review

February 14, 2022 Ernests


I recently bought the iPad Pro 2020 . It’s great for consuming content and taking notes and other stuff of course. I noticed this ad from Paperlike and I did some digging, check some reviews, and figured – I need it. I order Paperlike Screen Protector because I wanted my iPad to feel like paper when I’m writing on it.

Without further ado, let’s see what is it and how it feels. My honest review.

paperlike review

Due to the current situation in the world, the delivery took a bit more longer than expected, but they warned about that in the email, so no hard feelings there. It all came in one envelope and this is what I found inside.

I was a bit surprised that there were two iPad screen protectors , I guess I should read full description before I make the order next time, but a positive surprise, I guess they add extra matte screen protector in case your first attempt installing it fails or you can just change the screen protector when it’s time. The lifespan isn’t probably that long and occasionally you will need a new one.


paperlike review it’s an instructional video provided by Paperlike, I followed it step by step and it made the process smooth and easy.

Start by cleaning your iPad. I used a microfibre cloth for the screen. Then you use the red guide stickers to carefully align the protector with the side one facing the screen. When you do that correctly your screen protector should open up like a book. Clean the screen thoroughly with the wet wipe, paying close attention to the button and camera area and corners of course. Open up dry wipes and clean the moisture. Then use dust stickers to mop up any remaining dust when that is done and you feel confident about your screen Peel backside one facing the iPad and let it stick to the iPad screen.

Most likely there will be air bubbles, absolutely normal – use a credit card which wasn’t included, to push the bubbles to the closest side. It’s quite a satisfying process if speaking honestly.

The final step is to remove side two. Be careful, so you don’t rip off the screen protector itself. When you remove side two there shouldn’t be any more bubbles left. In case there are, try to push the bubble to the side, again.

That’s it, now you should have perfectly applied Paperlike.

How it feels

The first time you are going to use your iPad on the new Paperlike – it’s going to feel a bit weird. Also, your bright sharp screen will look a bit blurry. As I mentioned already above it will affect the brightness. I guess it’s not going to help your battery life, since you will have to increase the brightness of your screen. 

Opening up the Notability app and trying out writing on it for the first time – felt different and it was making this weird squeaky noise. If this happens to you – don’t worry. It goes away. When you’re drawing and taking notes only on your iPad there weren’t really any sounds, just sounds like your tapping on a glass, it changes a lot when you apply the Paperlike.  It doesn’t feel like paper but definitely sounds like writing on paper.

The sound is the only thing that gives you the impression that you are writing on paper.  I personally enjoy it. Kinda satisfying.

Also, a thing worth mentioning my palm often got stuck to the glass screen. Which made of course the writing a pain. After Paperlike the issued goas away. Of course, you get get a glove to resolve this issue, I have seen a lot of people using them, but in my personal use, I would choose Paperlike. I don’t need another gadget to carry on with me.

IPad sizes supported:

Price: $39.99 USD/€34.00 EUR/£31.00 GBP Where to buy:   Paperlike . Source:  The sample of this product was provided by  Paperlike .

Note: The price doesn’t change depending on the screen size or model.

You can also get it on Amazon.

Pros and Cons

Well, you can’t make a perfect product, that’s why there’s a pros and cons section. The note-taking experience has definitely improved after Paperlike, it feels much more natural.

there are a couple of users that are saying also that your pencil tip will actually wear off much faster with Paperlike, I would update the post if this happens to me as well.

paperlike review

The ultimate promise from Paperlike was – it will feel like writing on paper . I got to admit, this is true. It feels like you’re writing with a pencil on paper. Makes the writing, sketching, and note-taking feel more like real paper. The screen protector also reduces the glare in the sun and protects the screen from scratches and fingerprints, sure there will still be fingerprints, but a lot less and it’s easier to clean them off.

What I didn’t like – When you’re writing, sketching, note-taking, whatever…it makes this “squeaking sound” from time to time, that just goes right through your bones. The good news – don’t worry about it, the annoying sounds go away after a couple of hours. I checked a couple of other paperlike reviews and Reddit posts, no one seemed to have this issue, so it might have just been me, but in case you are hearing this weird sound – no worries, it passes away.

Paperlike also lowers the brightness of your screen. I never use it on the maximum anyways, otherwise, the iPad just melts my eyes out. Especially in the evening. With the screen protector on I increase the brightness by 10% just to make it look as before.

If you’re looking for just a screen protector for your device that you mainly use just for watching movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, maybe it’s a good choice to consider other screen protectors that don’t reduce the brightness.

What do I think about this matte screen protector? Is it worth the money? objectively speaking I haven’t tried all of the screen protectors, but as I mentioned above, I like the feeling when you write on it and I like the feeling when I’m resting my palm on the screen. If you take notes a lot, sketch, and draw, this would be a great accessory for your iPad. I also like the iPad better with the protector don’t have to worry about the fingerprints that much. It’s also more comfortable when you’re driving your finger across the screen. No more oily fingerprints as well.

I’m only using my iPad for general use and note-taking and there have been some reports that your pencil tip will actually wear off much faster with Paperlike, I have used it for a couple of weeks now and can’t see any noticeable changes to my pencil. I will come back to the article if this happens and I will update the post.

Installation was quite easy if you follow the manual they provided in – it’s a video material. 

My Review after using paperlike for a year

It’s been a whole year and I figured it’s time to make small adjustments to the article. What do I think about a paper-like screen protector after using it for more than a year?

I still use my iPad Pro 2020 almost every single day I still take notes and I have gotten so used to the screen protector that I forgot it was even there until I had to use another person’s iPad Pro. When your iPad has paperlike it truly feels a lot more like you are writing on paper, but when you don’t anymore and you have forgotten it was there it feels like you’re writing on glass and your fingerprints are left all over your device(especially in summer).

Honestly, I remember reviewing paperlike a year ago and I thought to myself: that’s a nice addition to have to your device, but it’s definitely not necessary, it’s more like nice to have. Now, after I’m so used to it and I had to use another person’s iPad I only then realized how cool this product actually is. While I was using this other device I honestly was thinking to myself that there is something wrong with this device.

To summarize my thoughts: When I will order my next iPad I will make sure to order paperlike screen protector with it, cause it truly does make a difference.

Are there any scratches or other defects after a year? No, no scratches, at least none that I can see. I don’t see any reason to change it. The only thing is that it has an air bubble. I guess I wasn’t careful enough when applying it. But it doesn’t annoy me, ANYMORE. Overall, it’s doing its function perfectly fine after a year.

Which apps did I use to test Paperlike?

In order to test out the paperlike screen protector, I used the note-taking app – Notability .

About notability: Get it on the app store . Is one of the leading apps for note-taking worldwide. It enables you to replace all your paper notebooks, notepads, print-outs, and more. The writing feels smooth and natural, there’s absolutely no delay. Feels like you’re writing on a paper. The app, paperlike, and iPad help you to leave the paper behind and they are definitely helping the environment, instead of 100 notebooks, you get iPad, Paperlike, and notability instead.

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any comments or questions, drop me a line below.

Related Articles:

Best Tablets with Stylus for Note Taking Best Note-Taking Apps for iPad iPad Pro 2021 Review

Other Review of Paperlike

I figured to add some other reviews I found on Twitter, so the article isn’t biased. Honestly, I don’t see people being passionate about other products/brands, but in all honestly, I don’t follow brands that often.

paperliek review from twitter ThePWSquid

About Ernests

I'm into tech & gadgets and more than that I'm interested in how these devices can make our everyday lives a bit better and more productive. iPad Pro is my main device.

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paperlike review

Review: Paperlike, that $40 matte screen protector

Submitted by Teoh Yi Chie on August 9, 2020 - 7:16pm

If you're looking for a matte screen protector for your iPad, you may have seen the many Youtube video reviews for it.

Many of those Youtubers are sponsored by Paperlike. By sponsored, I mean they received free screen protectors, but may or may not be paid. There are so many sponsored videos that it's actually difficult to find reviews made by people who spent their own money to buy that US $40 screen protector.

So each time I see a Youtube creator push Paperlike to their audience, I sigh.

Why would you guys want to push a $40 matte screen protector to your audience? Just because you received them for free? Seriously?

I receive sponsored products all the time to make reviews. So what's the difference? The difference is I will tell you whether or not the product is actually worth your money.

I personally won't recommend people get a screen protector that cost more than US $15 to $20. Sure some are better but no matter how good it is, it's not worth spending more than $20 for just a screen protector.

Paperlike actually contacted me asking if they could send some free screen protectors. I said no. And then I went on to buy them myself. I spent $40 for two pieces of screen protectors.

The shipping took way longer than I expected so I emailed them to ask what's wrong, and they actually sent out another set of screen protectors to me in case my original order was lost in transit.

paperlike review

You get two pieces of matte screen protectors, a thank-you postcard, wet wipes, micro fiber cleaning cloth and some stickers to help with installing the screen protector.

paperlike review

There's a Paperlike installation video made by the company that's actually quite useful. If you're using a screen protector from another brand, you can still watch the video to learn, just replace helper stickers with your own clear tape.

paperlike review

Because Paperlike has slightly more texture, that matte texture will diffuse more light, and hence will diffuse reflections more. You can see with SuperShieldz's anti-glare, you can still sort of see my window grills.

The difference in the effect of the anti-glare is actually not significant in real life usage. When you're using both matte screen protectors in an environment with bright lights, both anti-glare will diffuse light to create the white haze which will affect the colours, contrast and details of what you can see.

paperlike review

Note that I was under shade and there's no direct sunlight falling on the display. However, due to the bright outdoor environment, the anti-glare will diffuse light and create that white haze across the whole screen which visibly impacts the image quality. This is what you'll get with SuperShieldz as well. Only clear glass will give you the best colours and contrast. That anti-glare is why some people don't like matte screen protectors.

When you're working indoors, the anti-glare will only diffuse reflections so the white haze created affects a portion and not the whole screen protector.

paperlike review

Can you tell the difference between the two screen protectors based on the two photos above? I can't, not from the photos and not in real life.

All matte screen protectors will introduce visual artifacts, colour noise, or speckled effect to the display. Even matte surface IPS LCD monitors have that effect but not as noticeable compared to matte screen protector. Paperlike and SuperShieldz seem to have same amount of colour noise.

paperlike review

There's no significant visible difference with Paperlike vs SuperShieldz.

In terms of drawing performance, Paperlike has slightly more texture. However, I can't say that Paperlike is better. It's more accurate to say that Paperlike is different.

There has to be something special with that screen protector if you want to charge $40 for it. After using it for a few days, it's just a matte screen protector.

I don't have the heart to recommend a US $40 screen protector to anyone when I know that there are so many other matte screen protectors selling at way more affordable prices. It's a good matte screen protector, yes, but it's just not worth that amount of money, certainly not more than twice of other brands available.

As mentioned earlier in the review, I don't recommend people spend more than US $15 - $20 for a screen protector. And I still stand by that.



Thanks for the honest review..

Thanks for the honest review. I've ummed and ahhed about Paperlike. While I'd like a screen protector, the $40 price mark felt a bit much. Plus it was a lot to spend if I didn't like the texture. Never heard of Supershieldz, but will take a look at them.

Ive ordered these paperlike

Ive ordered these paperlike protectors several times, and in the interest of full disclosure, they were kind enough to send me extra ones when I reordered my second time. I like them- the ipad screen for me gets tacky and probably due to my own poor technique, the side of my hand starts, stops, and skips over the screen and its difficult to get a natural smooth line- but with the paperlike it glides right across. Im used to a cintiq and the smoothness of the ipad screen was also a major factor that I wanted to overcome so I went with the one that was marketed as paperlike- well its not paperlike and its not quite the texture of my wacom but its good enough. $40 is steep but I use it everyday and until I find something better Ill keep ordering em.

I bought the older version a

I bought the older version a while back after watching many reviews comparing it favourably to paper. It is nothing like paper - unsurprising as no screen protector is genuinely paper like (unless anyone knows differently). It's a decent screen protector like so many others. Not worth the high price.

It's been a long time, but I

It's been a long time, but I think Rob Sketcherman recommended it because he thought it gave a feeling more like drawing on paper. When I use the Apple Pencil on the screen, it feels too smooth.

@Andrew Brewer

@Andrew Brewer Making the matte surface behave exactly like paper is possible. But that surface will be much rougher, will diffuse light more and will affect colours and contrast even more. There has to be a trade off or compromise somewhere.

@Kate Buike

@Kate Buike Rob Sketcherman likes Paperlike. But it's still not worth spending US $40 for that.

What matte finish textured

What matte finish textured protector do you recommend? These are $20 per protector (you get 2 for 40). I use my iPad 40 hours a week or more so for me it’s pennies a day at most - in fact I wouldn’t have a problem paying even more money for a nice textured screen if you have any you can recommend. Thanks for your suggestion

@Ian Scott Berry

@Ian Scott Berry Paperlike to me is just another matte screen protector. Compared to SuperShieldz which I was previously using, Paperlike has slightly more texture when drawing, noticeably more texture when you're running your finger on it.

However as mentioned in the review, I can't say that Paperlike is better. Different is a more accurate description.

In terms of value for money, I will personally still go with SuperShieldz. You get 3 pieces for less than US $10, and it's not as if it's lousy quality. I used that for two years until I had scratches. And I enjoy using that, except when using it outdoors where the anti-glare really affected the image quality – same problem with Paperlike.

You may want to search Amazon for another brand called Elecom. From what I've read, there are two types of matte screen protectors from Elecom. The smoother one, probably like SuperShieldz but still matte. And the rougher one, maybe it's like Paperlike. I've not used Elecom before so I can't say for sure. Maybe check Youtube for reviews too.

Appreciate your time and

Appreciate your time and recommendation Parka! I'll check out Elecom and also check back here to see if the readers have any textured screen protector recommendations of their own. Cheers

I had both the paperlike and

I had both the paperlike and the Elecom "bond" screen protectors. The Elecom bond is a lot more paperlike than the original paperlike, would recommend people who are into paper texture to give it a spin. It is available on Lazada. Still more expensive than the average matte screen protector, but probably still half the price. I actually like scrolling with my finger with it, more tactile. :)

Great tip! Thanks Winnie!!

Thanks for this review. It

Thanks for this review. It gave me peace of mind ordering the cheaper Supershieldz in a situation where shipping would add exorbitantly.

Thanks for the recommendation

Thanks for the recommendation. I think 40$ is bit too much. I'm using screen protector from Gadgetshieldz, which is actually a liquid screen protector and costs just 17$. The quality of the screen protector is really great for that price, provides immense protection against scratches too!!

I bought paperlike in March.

I bought paperlike in March. My efforts to apply two screens did not work well – was left with a lot of snow flacks- although it was a bit better in the second attempt.

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paperlike review

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Mac O’Clock

Mac O’Clock

Rugare Maruzani

Aug 21, 2021


The 1 Reason Why Paperlike for iPad Is Just Not Worth It

The screen protector impacts display clarity far too much.

Apple has increasingly made iPads more and more capable since they were introduced. The current versions of iPad Pros are great creative tools, content consumption devices and general productivity powerhouses.

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Is Paperlike 2 really that good?

paperlike review

Hey guys I wanted to discuss about Paperlike 2 Screen Protector.

I am student and don't want to waste money on a product that would only last a month or two.

I have used a glass screen protector for over a year now but my little pinky starts to hurt after long use because the screen doesn't glide while I am writing. I use my iPad Pro for 2 things:

For studying and taking notes

For watching Netlix and Youtube

The majority of the reviews on Youtube are about the first impression and how it feels. But I would like to know how the texture feels after using it for longer than 2 months, how about the scratches? I have read mixed reviews on reddit about Paperlike 2.

I would like to know what are the throwbacks in the long run, is it really that bad with those scratches?

What would be a better alternative?

Did anyone use the Moshi iVisor on the iPad?

' src=

It’s really not worth it. It causes more wear and damage to your Apple Pencil tip over time, and it’s matte, so it slightly distorts the colour and display. Just get a good tempered glass screen protector instead, your tips and screen will last a lot longer

I am not worried about the apple pencils tip but more about how long the screen protector will last without looking like I went skateboarding with it.

Despite what others say about the customer service, I’ve never had an issue with them. I actually got 2 sets of the PaperLike 2 for free. First one took 2 weeks longer to arrive and I emailed them. I got an reply the same day and they sent me a second set with expedited shipping. I got my first set on the same day as the second set. Went to apply it and noticed one corner was bent so it wouldn’t adhere fully so I emailed them and the sent me a 3rd (which is the second free) set. YMMV

Now as for the screen protector, I still have the other 2 sets sitting on my bookshelf but I used a different matte screen protector after the first semester (currently a student) so I could see/feel the difference and couldn’t really tell the difference. I do a lot of writing and the $10 regular matte was easier on the pencil tip and felt smoother but still like writing on paper almost. I had bought a pack of official Apple replacement tips to change also when I was testing them.

For screen viewing quality, I have to hand it paperlike when it came to watching YouTube and lecture videos. I didn’t see a lot of rainbowing as I do with the $10 matte

I do see that the paperlike gets dirtier much more quickly than the $10 matte. I found myself wiping it down a lot.

Overall, if I had to pick one then it would be the $10 matte one.

Has more of a rainbowing effect

Edit: TLDR: Go with the $10-ish matte screen protector if you want something that would feel like paper. The paperlike isn’t worth it.

May I ask what is the brand of the $10 matte protector?

overpriced as hell , does the same as a $10 screen protector and it comes with less units

It’s actually not. It is spelled in a pack of 2 screen protectors and it’s just 17€. I paid for my tempered glass one 15€. Not that big of a change...

It sounds interesting, but check out the reviews on Amazon for a (probably) more accurate licture. The main complaint seems to be the usual dust and bubbles issue.

The dust and bubbles issues are due to people incorrectly installing the screen protector. I know this for a fact because I completely botched my first one lol. Good thing they ship 2 for 1.

I did and some say they love it some say waste of money

I’ve heard that it reduces the screen quality a little bit and creates a sort of ‘rainbow effect’ on the screen, where it can look greasy (?) at some angles. So if you’re using the iPad for media consumption, Netflix + YouTube etc, then I’d suggest you stick with a clear screen protector instead.

Yeah the problem is that people reviews are all over the place, some heavily back it others bash it down like it’s waste of money. So I bought them now and I will do a review on this sub after few months.

Hey, how would you compare the clarity of the screen between the elecom and paperlike 2? I have a cheap matte screen protector and the way it pixelates the screen is bothersome..

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    Our Verdict. Paperlike is a well-made texture enhancement for creatives who work on a glossy iPad screen. It makes the iPad even better as a drawing/writing tool and, although there are various cheaper alternatives, Paperlike has a nice texture and feels durable, offering good value.

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    The paperlike screen protector came with hundreds of scratches, the application process is terrible, the guide stickers left a sticky residue all over my iPad and completely ruined the screen, it took me ages to scrub it off and on top of that, it doesn’t even feel like paper AT ALL.

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    Paperlike screen protector Texture Protection Summary A high quality screen protector that emulates a paper texture about as well as a layer of plastic can. Overall 3.3 Pros Successfully captures the texture of paper High quality material Cons Difficult to install Easy to damage if you’re not careful

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    Sure, the Paperlike feels marginally more paper-like than the iCarez. But it the rough texture diminishes very fast. After less than two weeks, my Apple Pencil was sliding around almost as much as without the screen protector at all. There were scratches on the protector that make the ipad look worn under any direct light.

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    The note-taking experience has definitely improved after Paperlike, it feels much more natural. Pros takes note-taking, writing, and sketching to the next level, feels more like a real paper reduced the glare in the sun (could also be a con for some) protects your iPad’s screen from scratches and fingerprints easy installation

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    Paperlike is also quite expensive. If you want something similar, I think you can get a different brand off amazon for quite a bit cheaper. But it’s your choice 6 aki2273 • 3 yr. ago I don’t have amazon where I live and the most screen protectors here are about 25/30 bucks 3 whereismy_mind42 • 3 yr. ago Ok then just choose whichever one you …