How to Write Good Essays on Advertisement

Writing essays is a sincere opportunity for writers to expose their prowess. While in college, the greatest worry for communication students is how to write good essays on advertisement. If you are among those wondering how to write good advertisement analysis essays, we have your back.

Now, essay writing is a gradual process. Mastery of excellent writing skills come with practice. An essay writing website like Gradecrest.com has writers who are masters in essay typing. To become one, you must possess excellent essay writing techniques.

Reading about how to write good essays on advertisements can mold you into a Jedi essay writer. You actually don’t need an advertisement analysis essay example. Instead, knowing what to put where really matters.  With our skills, you can handle both complex and simple essays on TV advertisements.

These insights are from our best writers . Yes, the ones we task with writing rhetorical analysis essays on commercials.  We are sure that in the end, you will become the best essay writer there is in your class. Basically, it is all about ad analysis essays. From how to criticize an advertisement to handling argumentative advertisement essays, we have you.

Let us begin with the outline.

Example of an Advertising Analysis Essay Outline

Before writing an essay on an advertisement, it is always important to draft an outline. Here is a sample:


Body Paragraph

Common Topics for Essays on Advertising

These are just but a few ad analysis topic ideas. The advertisement analysis essay prompt always has instructions. Sometimes, it is possible to come up with a list of argumentative advertisement analysis essay topics. Be sure to choose what fits the context and instructions.

Advertising Essay Introduction

When writing an introduction about advertising in essays, it is important to figure out what the ad is about. An essay writer always uses a hook and a good thesis statement to spice up their advertisement essay introduction.

Your introduction should also feature some history of the brand, the author of the ad, and where it was aired. Sometimes, it is good to go as deep as the media where it was first aired and at what time. Explore the audience of the advertisement as well, in the introduction.

Here is an example of an advertising essay introduction.

The old spice advertisement uses persuasion strategies such as emotional appeal and logical appeal to convince the audience to buy the product. The advertisement targets the attention of men through women. To grab the attention of the audience, it spices up the message and wraps it in a sexually themed strategy. As such, the old spice advert is one of its kind.

When writing the introduction ensure that you have a thesis statement. Besides, you should avoid deviating into matters, not in the essay.

Still, summarize the major arguments. The example above shows how to start an advertisement analysis essay.

Advertising Essay Conclusion

When writing an argumentative essay on advertising or just an advertisement analysis essay, how you write the conclusion matters.

If you do not get the paragraphs right, you will be asking how to add more to an ad analysis essay. Let us see how it is done.

When writing the essay conclusion, restate the thesis, not as it is in the introduction but in a reinvented format.

Sum up the arguments in the body paragraphs and use the words that denote a closing sentence. Your conclusion should make clear what your argument in the paper is. Reflect on how the advertisement was successful or how it failed.

Choosing Proper Words for the Essay

When writing, a good choice of words exposes your intelligence. As such, always ensure that your essay flows, is coherent, and is relevant to the topic.

Using language effectively can help build sound arguments and capture the main ideas in the ad.

We advise students to make it simple. If you must use a synonym, maybe to avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing, ensure it fits the context.

For logical flow, use some of the transition words and phrases.

Words such as moreover, besides, for example, furthermore, and however, to mention a few, should feature in often in your essay.

Quoting from other Sources

If there is one thing that makes writing sweet, it is using the right referencing skills. An essay is a chance for you to showcase your essay writing skills.

Thus, you should ensure that you are quoting opinions from other people or even copyrighted material to support ideas.

While using quotes from other people show the extent to which you did your research, be sure to use in-text citation and a reference list.

When writing about the history of the United States of America, you should borrow ideas from relevant materials written by authors on the same theme.

The same applies to when analyzing an advertisement about McDonald’s. You must find materials that talk about persuasive strategies in an advertisement, impacts of McDonald’s advertisements, and any relevant literature. if you master this, there is no need to worry about how to write good essays on advertisements.

Using Proper Vocabulary in an Essay on Advertisement

If there are one place writers err, it is the use of vocabulary. An essay written with the right vocabulary flows. It takes quite some patience and practice to master the use of vocabulary.

When you use rambling words in your essay, make sure you use lower cases to capture the attention of the readers.

You can also achieve modest clarity in your essay by using the right vocabulary. However, to avoid the trap of just throwing in words, always do proper research.

You can only express your ideas with clarity when you understand how the vocabularies fit.

The internet is fraught of learning avenues for one to master vocabulary. Use Online dictionaries such as Merriam Webster or Oxford Dictionary.

Also, you can use the thesaurus to master how to place and use vocabulary in your text.

Essay Tone and Good Grammar Equals Good Grades

A good essay writer maintains a good essay tone from start to finish. Talk about sentence structures; they count here.

A good tone makes it easy for readers. When writing advertising essays always arrange the points in a logical manner.

Avoid grammar errors at all cost when writing the essay. As soon as you are down, proofread the paper to correct any grammatical errors present.

Also, ensure that the punctuation use in your essay is excellent. Submit an essay on an advertisement that you are sure will bring great grades.

Get Help if you wish to

It takes time to develop good essay writing. With this article on how to write good essays on an advertisement, we explore every detail you need to know when writing ad analysis essays.

To recap, your introductory sentence has to present the concepts of the advertisement you are analyzing in the essay.

The body paragraphs should have the best sentence structures, exhibit good vocabulary use, be devoid of grammar errors, and develop the thesis in the introduction of your advertisement essay.

Your conclusion should summarize and restate the thesis statement.

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how to write an analytical essay on an advertisement

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Advertisement analysis essay

how to write an analytical essay on an advertisement

Advertising is an essential part of business, and so is advertisement analysis. The current market is very competitive. So, to survive, businesses have to do eye-catching ads. An ad analysis helps in identifying the gaps and how best to fill them.

As a marketing student, at some point in your studies you may need to do an ad analysis essay. In this kind of essay, your work would be to discuss a specific advert, scrutinize it, and explain why the ad was carried out and how it has influenced the target audience.

But to come up with a comprehensive and proper ad analysis essay, you need to do intensive research on every stage of the ad structure and the product or service being advertised.

How to shorten an essay

What is an advertisement analysis essay?

An advertisement analysis essay is a type of academic essay that requires a writer to examine an advertisement . It is usually written about a print or TV commercial and its aim is to find any hidden messages in the ad, which may be deceptive or misleading.

This can be done by examining various aspects such as gender, age of the target market, use of lighting, color schemes, music etc. for example you can explain how advertising gives young males a dominant position over women through almost every detail on display in the ad. The counterpart would then have to analyze the same ad from the point of view that it treats both male and female equally therefore taking away any preconceived notions regarding gender inequality.

Even though this type of essay focuses on a particular work whether print or visual (television commercial, magazine ad etc.) the analysis can be expanded to look at how media as a whole is used to manipulate audiences.

It could for example, a compare and contrast essay on gender roles across various types of advertisement or television programs such as commercials, soap operas and music videos. The ability to use multiple sources in support of an argument is one advantage that this type of essay has over other essays on the same topic. This will not only prove your point but also show that you have done enough research about your topic.

Ad-analysis essay structure

When writing your ad analysis essay, use the following format: Introduction, body, and conclusion.


It is essential to introduce your ad analysis briefly to your audience, whether they are familiar with it or not, to help them to know your focal point before they read the essay.

It is in the body break down of the advert, discussing its content and the target audience, which forms an essential piece of your analysis.

When writing the body, you want to discuss a point per paragraph. Let’s say you are talking about the creativity of the ad, do so in a paragraph. The next section should be about another feature.

Your conclusion sums up your analysis and points out recommendations. At the same time, it echoes the content of your essay. It should be clear and concise, as it is a summary of what you have discussed in the article.

How to start an ad analysis essay

Coming up with a thesis and topic is a vital step in developing your advert analysis essay. The title dictates what you write.

Also, it’s the first thing your readers see before they decide whether to read your article or not. A captivating title attracts readers. So, you want to do your best to get it right.

Right after the title, the first few sentences are just as important as the title. It will help if you craft an eye-catching introduction for your ad analysis essay. You can start with a stat or an informative piece about the product that is being advertised.

Steps on how to write an ad analysis essay

The first step is to introduce your thesis by describing the product you’ve chosen as the sample for your ad analysis essay. You should analyze this product in and out and tell your reviewer whether he or she is conversant with the development of the work being advertised.

Please note, you don’t need to agree with the ad implicit message. Argue your claims in the essay as there’s no right or wrong answer about the implicit message. But make a claim and then support it through your arguments.

Tell your reviewer why the company decided to go with that mode of advertisement for the product you just described since there are different modes of publicity in the market. You should be able to portray well and in detail, the manner of the advertisement being used by the company.

Compare the company’s current model of the advertisement from the previous and what impacts it has had on the product market growth or loss. Ad analysis will help you know the loopholes in the market and correct them to beat the competitors.

Generalize your comments in this essay so that the person reading it can make the decision personally and without your personal opinion affecting their judgment.

We have a different target audience in the market, depending on the product, so you have to use the right methods to pass the information. For example, if your advertisement is meant for the kids, you can try using animated images or videos to attract them easily.

How to conclude an ad analysis essay

The conclusion should be the summary of the product, the mode of advertisement, and how it has influenced the market changes.

When concluding your ad analysis essay, you should be able to summarize all the steps of the essay ad analysis. Tell them the most critical things to consider while writing the essay and whether the mode of advertisement worked well for the product marketability you choose or not. You can come up with realistic scenarios to help your analysis look and sound reasonable.

Before you settle to write the Ad Analysis Essay, choose an advertisement to consider yourself a potential member of its target audience to have an advantage on the analysis. Otherwise, if your teacher chooses it for you, make sure you familiarize yourself with the references, graphics, and language that the ad uses.

List of advertisement analysis essay topics

How to do an ad analysis essay fast

Your Ad Analysis Essay should identify the ad’s three important things – its logical, emotional, and ethical significance, – otherwise referred to as the rhetorical appeals. Also, give special attention to the ad’s target audience by examining their values, beliefs, and attitudes, and establish whether the advertisement bodes well with them.

You can always reach out to our experts if you want help writing your advertisement analysis paper.

Similarities with other essay types:

These kind of essays are similar to other types of essays in the following ways:

This is because such work revolves around an imaginary world created by advertisers. In addition text and pictures don’t fully explain what they’re selling just as dialogue doesn’t show us exactly what a character looks like but advertisements are placed strategically to create a certain impression on viewers’ minds.

Technical points:

When tasked to write an ad analysis essay, the first things that you should think about can be summarised in 3 or 4 statements: What do we know about advertisements? Are they useful or harmful? Do you line the advert or not?

The world around is full of advertising and it takes place in all spheres of people’s lives from newspapers and magazines to radio and television. Advertisements allow manufacturers to promote their products effectively but whether its purpose is good or bad depends entirely on how successful it is.

Some say that advertisements are just another way to influence consumers while others claim that they’re able to increase sales volume by exposing people to new goods so in order to make a decision on this issue one has first to decide what the main purpose of advertisements is.

The role of advertisement analysis essay is to influence people towards buying a certain product or service while expanding their awareness about other products and services that may also be useful.

Analysis essays are usually written by experts who pay attention to all details and present these observations in an organized manner such as discussing facts, listing pros and cons or stating opinions.

This type of paper doesn’t necessarily provide new information but rather provides readers with another way of looking at things that they already know something about therefore in this case it’s easy to see how advertisement analysis essays are structured.

A writer has to clearly state his/her thesis within the introductory paragraph after which they have to explain, support and on occasion refute their point of view in the rest of paragraphs.

Advertising analysis essays are very similar to research papers and therefore they also must contain some type of bibliography depending on the writing style used (MLA, APA etc).

They can include photos or other graphic elements but make sure that you get them from a reliable source such as an editor, photographer or distributor if you want your paper to look good.

Advertisements are designed by professional designers who have experience with this job so instead of trying to imitate them find what you like about certain ads and mention why you feel that way in your essay.

Ask your question online to get help with your ad analysis essay or advert analysis research paper.

How to write a good college essay

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How to Write an Advertisement Analysis Essay Like A Pro

Published: 23 Feb, 2022

How to Write an Advertisement Analysis Essay Like A Pro

Traditional selling tactics of using rational thoughts no longer work. Nowadays, an advertisement that motivates the reader or viewer to take intended action stimulates emotion. Thus knowing how to write an advertisement analysis essay is a skill that every business/marketing student must master before they graduate. So how do you write an advertising analysis? Use this comprehensive post as a guide. 

How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

A teacher assigns an advertisement analysis essay because they want to gauge your ability to analyze a specific ad and how you give your opinion on its impact on the audience. The instructor will also use the essay to check your writing skills. 

High marks will only be awarded to students who produce content that meets the assignment's academic standards and grading criteria. Thus it’s essential to follow the correct structure and come up with an error-free task. Listed below are the steps to writing an ad analysis essay like an expert. 

Analyze a Specific Ad

While there are several ads to analyze for an essay, often, a teacher will allow the student to choose one. In such a case, you can look through a newspaper or your favorite magazine to find a specific ad to write about. The problem that comes with the freedom to choose one type is that you might find the process of sorting through hundreds of ads exhausting and intimidating. 

But if you choose from an ad publication from a brand you have known for many years or those you find interesting, it will make the writing process more manageable. So select an advertisement you understand and that which you have ample background information on as it will save time on the research process. Knowing the parts of an advertisement and advertising techniques will help produce a thorough analysis and write an informative essay. So what are the 5 parts of an advertisement?

When analyzing the ad, look at specific factors such as the Ads target audience, message, language, graphics, cultural significance, and characters. The advertisement techniques used should also be looked into. When looking at the ad, note everything that captures your attention and research to know the main idea behind the ad and any previously launched campaigns. 

Use the Introduction to Introduce the Ad

After choosing a specific ad:

If you’re having difficulties coming up with a catchy first paragraph, read a well-written ad analysis essay example from our experienced writers. The samples will give you a clue on which information to include in the introduction and the type of hooks appropriate for this type of essay.

Include a Thesis Statement 

Use the thesis to state what your essay will focus on and what the ad is doing in terms of how it functions or achieves its goal. Your thesis statement should include the message in the ad, whether it’s explicit or implicit. 

Ensure the thesis is the last sentence in the introduction. From the thesis statement, the reader should know your focal point before reading the rest of the essay. Not everyone will agree with the message for the ad you’ve chosen to analyze. However, ensure the claim made about the ad's message is arguable, then support it with credible sources throughout the body section. 

State One Point Per Paragraph

Each paragraph in the body section should represent one main point. For instance, you can use one section to talk about the creativity of the ad and another paragraph to discuss the techniques the ad uses to capture attention. 

Advertisers want to capture attention and ensure the ad is memorable. So use the body to discuss how the attention-grabbing techniques influence your view of the product and whether it motivates consumers to take a specific action. 

For example, did the sales rise that year, or did the company register a massive profit after unveiling the advertisement? Ensure each paragraph points back to the thesis statement. What are 4 advertising techniques can you talk about in your essay?

Overall, the body should analyze the advertisement and use facts, statistics, examples, or research to prove how the ad caused a particular outcome. For example, you can quote any emotional language used. The body of your analyzing advertisements essay should further elaborate on how the strategies used work and why it was chosen for a specific audience. Ensure the paragraphs use transitions to achieve a smooth flow and include examples.

The Conclusion Part of Your Essay

Summarize what you elaborated on in the body section. Mention the thesis statement without using the same words from the introduction. State whether the ad attained its goal of persuading, entertaining, or informing the target audience. Without adding new information, use one last sentence to give the reader something to think about.

Bottom Line

The elements to include in an advertisement analysis essay are similar to those of a standard essay. The essay will be structured to have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Topic sentences will start every paragraph, and the introduction will end with a thesis statement. However, the content of the essay will primarily focus on the advertisement and analysis of it. 

When you are familiar with the advertised product or service it makes the writing process smooth. Use the steps given above, and your ad analysis essay will be a successful one. However, if you’re not good at writing an advertisement analysis essay, you might submit a low-quality task if you attempt it yourself. But if you allow our subject experts to work on your essay, you have a better chance of understanding the components to include and handing in a top-notch academic task.

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Advertisement Analysis Essay: Writing Tips

Let's first define the analysis essay to understand what it is. Analysis essays imply examination and evaluation of a particular work like books, newspapers, journals, articles or advertisements. No matter what you analyze, your purpose is going to be the same:

For instance, if you are assigned to analyze a poem, you will have to find a relation between the content of the poem and its form. If you have to interpret a play, you might need to find a link between the plots and subplots, and follow the character development by discussing their acting during the performance. There might be different goals when it comes to analysis. It's always important to understand clearly what your professor wants you to highlight.

Ad analysis essay is aimed to study a particular advertisement, provide its main points and give your opinion on its impact on the audience. Advertising has played and continues to play a tremendous role in our lives. We face it everywhere: television, the Internet, roads, shops etc. It doesn't matter whether the advertisement is aimed to sell the product or raise the awareness of the audience about something - it's still has a powerful influence. Therefore, it's imperative to analyze advertisements and understand how they work. If you are wondering how to write an ad analysis essay which can impress the readers, then you came to the right place! Check out the guideline below and write an eye-catching ad analysis essay or get custom online essays from professional writers.

Ad analysis essay guidelines for students

Just as every kind of academic writing, an ad analysis essay has a standard structure which should be strictly followed. Before we start discussing this basic structure and its component, we want to give a list of questions related to the advertisement, which you should work on before writing the essay.

Your analysis essay should be simple and challenging at same time. Of course, it tries to show what the creator of the advertisement wanted to convey to everyone but you should also help the reader realize all the positive and negative influences of this advertisement. In most cases, the executives try to sell their products to as many people as possible. They might spend fortunes on commercials. The psychological techniques used to convince people are very intricate because they influence our way of thinking subliminally. They alter our preferences and make us buy things we would have never bought. Your readers should get a broader picture of the advertisement and be aware of all the pitfalls it poses. In short, you should describe how effective the ad is or was.


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Useful structure tips, and topic examples

We offer a basic structure you can apply while writing an analysis essay. If you want to write a high-quality advertising analysis essay - just follow these simple steps:

Create an advertisement analysis essay outline. Many people skip this part despite the fact that it helps the author organize all their ideas and thoughts. When it comes to outline writing, you should mention what your topic is, why it caught your attention and what your opinion is. What is more, you should include short names for all paragraphs of the essay and a brief description of what you are going to write in each of them.

Take your time to choose the most suitable topic for your advertisement analysis essay. Select what is interesting for both you and the audience. Here are some examples of ad analysis essay topics:

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Advertising Analysis Essay Examples

how to write an analytical essay on an advertisement

how to write an analytical essay on an advertisement

How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

Published by Boni on November 11, 2022 November 11, 2022

How to write an advertisement analysis essay

What is an Advertisement Analysis Essay?

An advertisement analysis essay is an academic paper that requires you to scrutinize an advertisement. Mainly it is written about Television commercials or prints, and its objective is to find any hidden message in the advertisement which may be misleading or deceptive to the audience. You can base your scrutinization on various aspects of the advert, such as lighting, the target market age, music, color, and gender.

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When writing your ad analysis essay, ensure that you use a good tone and arrange the points in a logical manner to make it easy for the readers. If you are not conversant in writing, you can seek online research paper help from experienced writers at Gudwriter where you are guaranteed of a quality paper.

Ad Analysis Essay Outline

The advertisement essay outline has three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.


You break down the advert in the body by discussing the target audience and the content. You should discuss each feature in its paragraph.

The conclusion should be clear and concise.

Here is Garnier Fructis Shampoo ad analysis essay example with an outline written by our team of experts to give you more insights.

How to Start an Ad Analysis Essay

An advertisement analysis essay is similar to any other standard essay . First, you must develop a topic and a thesis statement that dictates your writing. The topic is the first thing that makes the audience read your article or not.

Right after the topic, you should craft an attention-grabbing statement that hooks the reader. It can be a shocking statistic, a thought-provoking question, or a bold statement. Then follow with the necessary background on the topic.

Here is an example of how to start an ad analysis essay.

Topic: Trust Condom Umbrella Advertisement.

The trust condom advertisement uses conviction strategies such as logical and emotional appeal to persuade the audience to buy trust condoms. The advert targets men’s attention through women. To grab the audience’s attention, it spices up the advert and sums it up in a sexually themed strategy. You can literally feel the tension every time the advert plays. As such, the trust condom advert is arguably the most effective condom awareness campaign to air on Television.

Steps on How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

The first step of writing an ad essay is to describe the product you have chosen to address in your essay. Even if the reader knows the product you have chosen to write about, you should analyze it extensively and introduce it as you own it. Ignore what the reader knows or doesn’t know about the product and explain every detail.

You do not have to agree with the advertisement’s intended message but make your claims and then back them with your arguments.

Additionally, reveal the subject matter on which you are examining the advertisement. And since there are different modes of advertisement, tell the audience why the company opted to go with that mode of advertisement.

Compare the current and the previous mode of advertisement by the company and its impact on the product market share. Advertisement analysis enables you to know the gaps in the market and strategies to seal those loopholes to beat the competitor.

You should make general comments in the essay so the reader can make a personal decision without your opinion influencing their judgment.

Different products have different target audiences in the market; therefore, you should use the correct method to convey your information. For instance, if your advertisement’s target audience is kids, try to use videos or animated images to catch their attention.

How to Conclude an Ad Analysis Essay     

You should summarize the product, the advertisement mode, and its impacts on the market. An ad essay conclusion should analyze the essay and summarize all the steps followed. Discuss whether the advertisement mode worked effectively for the product market share. It is a good place to address the cultural significance of the advert. What beliefs, attitudes, and value does the advertisement perpetuate? You can use real examples to help your analysis essay sound reasonable.

In the case of the Dunhill cigarette advertisement, the advert restates the notion that men should be independent and strong. The advert seems to endorse many stereotypical beliefs of how society expects a man to behave.

Common Topics for Essays on Advertising

An ad analysis essay has the same elements as a standard essay. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion, and the content of the essay should focus on the advertisement and its analysis. Use the steps discussed in this article to craft a good ad analysis essay.

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