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Quick Start ¶

This guide will help you start using Roistat.

Step 1. Signing Up ¶

You have to sign up to start using Roistat.

You can use Roistat free for 14 days. When the trial period is over, Roistat automatically sets the appropriate rate plan depending on the number of projects and visits. To change the rate plan, go to the Profile → Balance and Plan page.

Rate plans list More about balance and plan

After you sign up, you’ll see the Roistat interface and built-in instructions on how to set up the analytics system. If you want to explore Roistat features for yourself, click Skip . You can go back to the step-by-step setup later: just open the menu in the upper-left corner and click Settings .

To change your password, name, language, time zone, and other profile settings, open the profile menu:

Step 2. Exploring Roistat ¶

We recommend creating a demo project to explore Roistat features: Project Settings → Upload demo data . A project with demo data is not counted as a real project in your rate plan, so you don’t have to delete it.

Open the main menu in the upper-left corner and click Project Home . You’ll see all available tools and settings.

In a demo project, you can get familiar with the interfaces of different features. However, to set up an integration and see how features work, you need to create a real project (see Step 3).

Step 3. Creating a Project ¶

Open the project menu at the top bar and select Create project :

To create a new project based on a demo project, click Delete demo and go to Settings → Project Settings . After that, the current project is not considered a demo project anymore.

Set the project name and currency and save changes. The new project starts to be counted in your rate plan as soon as the first visit is recorded.

Please note:

If you want to set up a CRM integration, you have to use the same currency in the Roistat project and CRM.

Add the Roistat tracking code to all the pages you want to get data from. You can find the tracking code in the Settings → Tracking code section:

More about adding the tracking code

Step 4. Setting Up Integrations ¶

Roistat can be integrated with your CRM, advertising channels, website builders, online chats, and other services. To open the integrations list, click Integrations on the project home page:

Step-by-step guides on integrating Roistat with different services

Step 5. Connecting Features to a Project ¶

On the project home page, you can find all Roistat features. The Analytics feature is added automatically when you create a project. To add another feature, click Connect . Roistat features can be used together or independently.

Help ¶

Welcome back. Please log in.

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Perform post-hoc analyses on fixed, random, and Kruskal-Wallis ANOVAs.


ROIstats gives you a selection of ways to calculate control limits for Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts. These different approaches allow you to learn more about your process than just the usual limits.


ROIstats allows you to generate statistical process control charts for variables and attributes data, using a variety of limits calculations in order to meet your needs, as well as capability analyses.


ROIstat allows you to run measurement system analysis for continuous data and generate statistics and graphs automatically. This includes a unique-to-ROIstat tool to estimate the probability of misclassifying conforming and non-conforming product.


ROIstat provides an easy interface to test data to see if it is distributed as Poisson, normal, or exponential. Graphics visually show deviations from the theoretical distribition while definitive statistical tests help you decide if it is a good model. A new and very powerful Monte Carlo-based test for exponentiality is included.


ROIstat allows you to perform measurement system analyses on discrete gauges. ROIstat uses kappa to test agreement between appraisers and the standard as well as Light's G to test the overall validity of the measurement system.


ROIstat is free, but feel free to buy us a beverage if you like

Latest roistat news.

ROIstat Changelog

Программируемый тест с равномерным распределением ¶

Принцип работы ¶.

В отличие от обычного программируемого теста , в тесте с равномерным распределением варианты выдаются не случайно, а с учетом рекламного источника и устройства, с которого посетитель зашел на сайт.

Например, если пришло 10 посетителей из кампании Яндекс.Директ и 50 посетителей из кампании ВКонтакте, при равномерном распределении оба варианта теста получат по 5 посетителей из Яндекс.Директ и по 25 из ВКонтакте. Равномерное распределение позволяет сделать выборку посетителей однородной для всех вариантов и уменьшить влияние внешних факторов на результаты теста.

Настройка ¶

Перед настройкой теста установите на вашем сайте счетчик Roistat .

В разделе A/B-тестирование выберите опцию Создать программируемый тест с равномерным распределением :

Укажите название теста. Затем введите названия вариантов теста латиницей через запятую. Названия вариантов нужно будет использовать в коде сайта, чтобы сайт изменялся в зависимости от выпавшего варианта.

Обратите внимание:

После создания теста вы не сможете изменить количество вариантов и их названия.

Нажмите Создать . Вы увидите шаблон кода для теста. Скопируйте его, нажав Скопировать в буфер :

В скопированный код добавьте действия, которые должны происходить при срабатывании каждого из вариантов.

Вставьте получившийся код на ваш сайт выше кода счетчика Roistat.

В списке тестов нажмите Запустить тест :

Пример настройки теста ¶

Разработчик создал два альтернативных варианта верстки страницы https://site.com и разместил их по адресам https://site1.com и https://site2.com . Пользователя, который заходит на страницу https://site.com , необходимо оставить на этой странице или перенаправить на одну из тестовых страниц (в зависимости от выданного варианта).

Можно создать тест с вариантами base , first и second :

Скопированный код нужно отредактировать следующим образом:

Вариант base – это базовый вариант (страница https://site.com без изменений). Оставьте код этого варианта пустым:

Вариант first – это вариант страницы, который должен открываться по адресу https://site1.com . Добавьте код, который осуществляет редирект на страницу https://site1.com при выпадении варианта first :

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Roistat — Cross-cutting business analytics system

Add new functions and features to your Bitrix24 account. Install the ready apps from the Marketplace.

help roistat

Version 3 The new version fixes an error in authorization.

In the new version of the app we have added integration with Bitrix24 tasks. Tasks can be created within pre-configured scenarios used in marketing automation.

If you need to automatically create "leads" by customers requests, use the following instruction: http://help.roistat.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4588578

If you need to automatically create "deals"+"contacts" by customers requests, use following instruction: http://help.roistat.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4588571

Version 1 Integration with Roistat

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Cookies of both types can be enabled or disabled within this plugin.

More information about our Cookie Policy

Roistat API


Do you want us to make integration with API Roistat?

Integration Roistat with other systems by API

  • Information will be available after system startup

Roistat is an end-to-end analytics system. It collects customer data from the CRM site, social networks and other advertising platforms. In a few seconds, Roistat will report to you on 66 key indicators. Based on this data, the site owner will be able to set up the necessary metrics and stop wasting the budget for ineffective advertising campaigns. The system allows you to see which advertising channels are ineffective and do not bring customers and profits, and from which most of the customers come. But most importantly, you will be able to influence the situation and track leads, average check, absolute conversion and second conversion, revenue, cost, CPA, SRO, CPL, etc. Roistat allows you to predict the profitability of advertising campaigns and track cohorts, LTV, as well as analyze net profit. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce advertising costs by more than 30% without losing applications or reducing their number. You will be able to find and disable ineffective advertising channels and see all points of contact between the customer and the product. The system provides tools for increasing the number of sales, such as: A/B tests and managing rates in Yandex.Direct. This service allows you to work with customers at all stages of the funnel. Your marketer will be able to analyze in detail the advertising channel, its profitability or loss ratio. Roistat automates contextual advertising and allows you to use always relevant rates. The system reduces the number of routine processes and saves more than 50% of the time spent on reports. Roistat converts visitors into customers, bringing targeted traffic to the site and solves the main problem: “many clicks, but few requests”. Roistat API integration Roistat can be integrated with other services and systems thanks to the open API: https://help.roistat.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1376274 If you want to perform some urgent integration and customize Roistat to your individual business needs, you will need developer services. If the company does not have a full-time IT department, and the budget does not allow you to hire a specialist from outside, use the ready-made online solution — the APIX-Drive connector. All integrations have already been completed, and any employee without programming knowledge will be able to set up the connection between systems and applications in 5 minutes.

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  5. CS-Cart Add-on: Roistat integration by Cart-Power

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  1. Roistat User Documentation

    Roistat is a platform for improving the efficiency of your business. Roistat features are designed to help marketing specialists, analysts, and business owners work with analytics, leads, website traffic, sales, and customers' loyalty. All features are connected in the Roistat system, so they exchange data and complement each other.

  2. Руководство пользователя Roistat

    Roistat - платформа для повышения эффективности маркетинга. Инструменты Roistat помогают маркетологам, аналитикам и владельцам бизнеса работать с аналитикой, лидами, трафиком, продажами и лояльностью.

  3. Quick Start

    Step 1. Signing Up Step 2. Exploring Roistat Step 3. Creating a Project Step 4. Setting Up Integrations Step 5. Connecting Features to a Project Help Quick Start This guide will help you start using Roistat. Step 1. Signing Up You have to sign up to start using Roistat. You can use Roistat free for 14 days.

  4. Roistat is a cross-cutting business analytics system

    Roistat ensures that your data is as secure as possible. Our service is spread across multiple servers around the world to provide greater reliability, and to guarantee data integrity under any circumstances. During the design and development process, we invested a great deal of time and resources into creating a fail-proof and secure system.

  5. Roistat

    Roistat is a smart marketing analytics system powered by AI. Access & visualize the insights you need to drive your online sales. Related categories Marketing You can't add more hours to the day. Zapier is the next best thing.

  6. ROIstat Software

    ROIstat allows you to run measurement system analysis for continuous data and generate statistics and graphs automatically. This includes a unique-to-ROIstat tool to estimate the probability of misclassifying conforming and non-conforming product. Click for Video

  7. Программируемый тест с равномерным распределением

    Перед настройкой теста установите на вашем сайте счетчик Roistat. В разделе A/B-тестирование выберите опцию Создать программируемый тест с равномерным распределением: Укажите название теста ...

  8. Marketing automation from Roistat

    Roistat monitors the configured event. When the event is triggered, Roistat checks it against the conditions that have been established. If these conditions have been met, then one of the configured actions will be performed, such as: 1. Sending a notification via Slack 2. Sending an email to the customer 3.

  9. Roistat

    Roistat helps to estimate profitability or unprofitableness of an advertising channel by a keyword & organise reports in monetary indexes. The system can track profitability of a channel by a keyword and provide a split testing based on net profit.

  10. Embedding Roistat into the EasyWeek widget

    Save settings. Now your widget sends analytic events to the Roistat. It's time to adjust them. Step #2 - Setting up events on the Roistat side . a) Go to the Roistat's Homepage - Events - Settings, then click Add an event. b) Enter the following settings and click Add

  11. Roistat API

    Connect Roistat via API to services and applications that you use every day. API integration of Roistat with other systems via ApiX-Drive is a simple and quick way to automate your work without involving programmers. Integration with API Roistat will take only 5 minutes.

  12. Roistat, Yandex.Metrics, CoMagic and Google Analytics in Bitrix24

    Go to "Settings". They can be on the top panel or in the "More" drop-down menu on the right side of this panel. 6. In the settings click "Form and report settings", and then "Custom Fields". 7. Select which entity to add the field for recording the client ID: lead, contact, deal.