Why I Want to Be a Police Officer

Do you want to join the police and become a police officer when you grow up? Then make sure to check out this “why I want to be a police officer” short essay! Here, you’ll learn more about the author’s ambition. So, why do you want to become a police officer? Essay samples on this topic can help you put your ideas into words.

Why I Want to Be a Police Officer: Essay Introduction

Why i want to be a police officer: short essay main body, why do you want to be a police officer: essay conclusion.

The police force is a very important branch of our society. It has a key role to play in maintaining peace and order. The police force also plays a major role in the protection of citizens from the many ills that could befall them, such as crime, traffic accidents, and so on.

I am a lady, currently a college sophomore, and I want to be a police woman because of many reasons. I will explain why I want to be a police officer in the following essay.

When I was young, I was amazed at how well police officers carried out their work, and I have always wanted to be a police officer. Now that I am old enough to join the police force, there is no job I would rather do.

Being a law-abiding citizen of this country, I would love the chance to be involved in the enforcement of the law of the land. This would give me great personal satisfaction.

Another reason why I would like to be a police officer is that I love hands-on jobs and situations. I believe the work of the police force is an engaging job that would keep me on my toes and in touch with people on a daily basis. I believe this fact would suit me since I have a way with people.

I am also attracted to the prospect of becoming a police officer because of its dynamic nature. I believe many situations in which police officers are involved require a person who is flexible and willing to deal with varied situations in day-to-day police work.

I am a decisive and straightforward person. I believe this would be an added advantage if I became a police officer since police officers are required to make split-second decisions on life and death matters on a day-to-day basis.

One of the main reasons why I want to be a police officer is because I am a true Patriot. I love my country, and I would be privileged to serve in the police force, which plays a major role in protecting my beloved country. I would therefore give of my time and energy when serving as a police officer.

Being a Criminal Justice major, I have been trained in our criminal justice system, and I, therefore, have some knowledge that would enable me to carry out work as a police officer well.

In addition to that, it would give me great pleasure to see justice being done and to participate in the enforcement of justice through police work, such as through arresting criminals and playing a part in their facing the book and also in the overall dispensation of justice in the country.

I would also like to be a police officer since it would put me in a position to assist and help people, something that is very close to my heart. I would be able to help people resolve their disputes, break up fights, deal with domestic disturbances and assist people who are, for example, have been assaulted or robbed.

With time and effort, I would eventually like to become a detective. This would be a dream come true for me since I would be involved in crime detection and solving crimes as well.

I have for a long time admired police officers. I like how they conduct themselves and how they have been trained for their work. I am impressed by how they use their ammunition and their other weapons when duty calls. I am a car enthusiast, so police cars also excite me.

Police work, in my view, is very dynamic. No two situations are exactly similar, and so police officers are trained to adapt to different kinds of situations. I am capable of adjusting to many different situations and still think clearly in the process.

Police work seems to be a high-pressure job. I am good under pressure, and I am able to respond commendably and appropriately whenever I am under pressure.

I believe that being an animal lover, in working on the police force and more so in work with police dogs, I would be helping in the detection of crime, arrests, as well as situations like searches for missing persons.

There has been a cry for justice in this country for a long time now. I know friends and relatives who have not seen justice being done in cases where they have been victims in one situation or another. It would be a great honor to join this country’s distinguished police force and in so doing, help to bring justice to cases I would be assigned to.

The dream of many people in the world is to make a mark in the world, so to speak. They would like to feel that they have made a difference in one way or another and that they have left a mark on the world and their society as well. I, too, would like to make a difference in our society and in the world as well, and in my eyes, there would be no better way to do that than to be a police officer for living.

I believe I would be making a difference in society and the world through helping people, detecting and solving crimes, responding to threats to citizens and so on, as I have discussed above.

For a long time, certain jobs were viewed as the preserve of men in the world. This was in spite of ladies being equally capable of doing them well. For this reason, I would like to be a police officer in order to help change the attitudes of those who probably think the same way.

In line with this change of attitude, I would be honored to be a mentor and a role model to other ladies and also little girls who would like to become police officers when they grow up just like I did.

I am also a level headed person and self control is one of my attributes. Calmness and rational thinking helps me deal with issues even in high pressure and otherwise heated situations. I would bring these attributes to the police force and in so doing bring my dream of a safe and peaceful world closer to being realized and accomplished.

In short, I would like to be a police officer to enable the enforcement of justice and law, to help people in trouble and those in disputes, to inspire fellow women to join the force and not shy away from it and to make a difference in the world through my work.

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Why I Want to Be a Police Officer Essay

Being a cop essay.

Growing up is exciting and very scary. Being young is fun while it last but eventually everyone has to grow and go in to the working field. Law enforcement has been a big topic whether it be bad or good things said the law enforcement is always brought up. When I was young I took a fast interest in business. The moment I decided I wanted to be a cop was when I met my dad’s best friend that was a cop, and businessman. All any person wants in a career is to make a decent living and do something that they enjoy doing. I’ve always enjoyed helping people that needed help, the Kansas career pipeline let me take some surveys and showed me that I enjoy helping people more than I enjoy building myself something, which I believe that is true.

What Is Criminal Justice Essay

When you think about police officer what do you know about them, are they law enforcement or criminal justice? Well if you ask me, I believe, in my opinion that a police officer is a person that focuses on protecting the people and bring forth criminals that break the law. Police officers are in charge of enforcing laws within their city. If you go to a neighboring city, say like Chicago, that city has its own police force. Police officers are often charged with the criminals and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the public. Police officers are normally sworn with an oath, and have the power to arrest people and detain them for a limited time, along with other duties and powers. Some police officers may have special duties, for example, such as law enforcement. The reason why they play apart in law enforcement is because police officers are those who are empowered by the government to enforce the laws. Police officers play a certain central role in the law enforcement system, like monitoring criminal activity. Police officers when they first get their job they have one job that they have to do every day, which is to serve and protect the citizens of

Essay On Why I Want To Be An Officer

I am auditioning to be an officer because I believe I can make Company a great experience for everyone on it and be a strong leader and representative of Cottonwood Dance. I think that having a strong leader is fundamental to the success of a group. My physics teacher, Ms. Richey, is someone I look up to as a leader; she makes class fun and engages us while still clearly getting the information across. She is also very confident in her abilities and will straight up shut you down (kindly) if you are trying to make up a physics scenario that is not possible. She is so intelligent yet fun that I aspire to be like her when I have to be a leader. I believe I am qualified to be an officer this year because I have had a couple of different

Police Officer Interview

First there is the regular uniformed police officer that you see all the time. They have the typical everyday duties like enforcing laws and Arresting criminal suspects. They wear uniforms so people can indicate that they are police and they are uniformed police officers….....duh. They work normal shifts and they sometimes work in special units like canine corps and special weapons and tactics (S.W.A.T). But they have to work as a normal police officer several years before going into a special unit. Some other police are State police officers a.k.a State troopers or the Highway patrol. They have a lot of the same jobs as normal police but they issue citations and enforce traffic laws. They can work anywhere in the state. Transit and railroad police patrol transit stations and railroad yards. They check ID’s in secure areas. Sheriffs and Sheriff deputies are usually elected by the community and they often work out in the country to enforce laws. Detectives most of the time work at crime scenes to collect evidence and facts. They interview suspects and witnesses. Game and Fish Wardens enforce hunting, boating, and fishing laws. They make sure the outdoors is protected at all times. That is just some of the police officers in the community but there is many

Police Enforcement And Police Officers Essay

An integral training of today’s police officers duties is the physical skill of the application of use of force. This is needed skill requirement to detain and arrest a person who has committed a crime and resisting. Police officers must be trained to use force properly when the skill is required on a subject who is resisting police officers efforts to place them under arrest. This skill has the potential for the officer to exceed the needed amount of force to place them under arrest that can lead to civil suits alleging the officer use of excessive force. Police use of force is a controversial topic with not only the community as well as leadership in the department. Concerns about excessive and unnecessary uses of force continue to require the researcher to locate what indicators police officers react to when the application of using force or threaten to use force.

Police Career Research Paper

Police officers have played a major role in society by protecting us from crime. Their responsibilities include not only preserving the peace, preventing criminal acts, enforcing the law, investigating crimes, and arresting those who violate the law but also directing traffic, community relations work, and controlling crowds at public events.

Similarities and Differences in the Criminal Subculture and the the Police Subculture

A police officers job is to protect and serve. An officer is to offer assistance to those in need and to enforce the laws established by the law makers. A police officer’s job is not the monotonous 8-5 job that most have…..it is ever changing, 24-7. It is not a normal environment. Think about it, a police officer runs into a gun fight…….normal folks run away from it!

An Officers’ Job Is Not All Guns And Glory Like It Is Perceived

An officers’ job is not all guns and glory like it is perceived in movies and high crime television shows. What typically happens in a life of an officer is not as action packed as people tend to believe it to be. There are plenty of roles that come into being an officer. In my senior year of high school, I took criminal justice and during the semester, my teacher asked officers to come in and tell their jobs description and what a typical day is like for them. One officer came in with a bunch of tech gear worth thousand of dollars. She explained to us that she spent most of her time in front of a computer catching criminals online. Even though the roles of an officer can be different it does not mean that being an officer is not a

Research Paper On Becoming A Police Officer

When I was young, I often wanted to run after any emergency vehicle that passed down my street. I was in awe of how the responders did not seem afraid to do whatever needed to be done to rectify any situation. If I was out with my parents doing errands and a police car or a fire truck passed us, I would ask them to follow it. I remember many times my father waking me in the middle of the night to take me to watch some emergency situation in the neighborhood. After returning from one of these adventures, my father told me that when he got out of the Army he applied to the Michigan State Police. Regretfully, he did not get far in the process because the Army had lost the paperwork for the GED that he earned while in the military. My Father’s unrealized dream was one of the reasons I want to become a Police Officer.

Gathering Research Data Paper

Becoming a police officer is not just a choice one makes, but in actuality a life decision. Officers must make sure they follow morals as well as the code of ethics. No matter if you’re an officer that patrols the city streets night after night, or an officer patrolling school grounds or malls, you’re still important. Everyone feels a sense of comfort when they know they are safe.

I Want to Go into Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is not just about driving around and arresting people, a police officer also dose a lot of stuff behind the scenes. One officer can have multiple different jobs in one department, such as, patrol officer, S.W.A.T/S.O.T, dispatch, K-9 unit, paper work over a case or crime, and multiple other little side jobs. But in the end those little side jobs are

Police Officer Career Paper

“A great cop has to have a servant's heart and approach the work as a profession”(Mohr). A police officer (cop) is someone that protects and serves a community. A cop helps people who might not be able to protect themselves. Also cops make the community a better place to live, and have a family without dealing with scumbags. I've always wanted to protect people and make places more family friendly(Leathers and Mohr).

Intervention Strategy to Reduce Stress in the Law Enforcement Workplace

Police officers, in their day to day routine works, engages in prevention of crime and protection of persons and public and private property.

Becoming A Cop Essay

As a result, of graduating the academy I was a police officer. After serving one night on the streets of Memphis I was a cop. Becoming a cop is a process that some officers will never understand, while other officers have this before ever joining a department. Above all, becoming a cop is to become a piece of the community which you serve and undertaking the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its members. Furthermore, I know it has been a rough journey for my wife, but she has been by my side when needed her the most, for 19 years of the biggest life changing moment of my life.

Language Differences In The Police Department

The reason I picked this topic was because in the future I want to be a police officer for my career since I was a lil kid I always looked up to the job since I think police officers have a great responsibility for serving and protecting neighborhoods, from crime but now a days or since the 80s they been having a bad rep from the people saying they don’t protect they just wanna abuse there power but in reality there just doing there job and if the people don’t like it they shoudnt be calling the police whenever they have a problem since they think they don’t do there job just don’t call them simple as that.

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Essay On Why I Want To Become Police Officer | Free Sample

Many people choose to become police officers because they want to help keep their communities safe. However, there are a number of other reasons why someone might want to pursue a career in law enforcement. In this essay, I will explain why I have chosen to become a police officer.

I have always wanted to help people and make a difference in my community

I have always wanted to help people and make a difference in my community. When I was younger, I remember watching the police officers in my neighborhood keeping the peace and helping people in need. I knew then that I wanted to become a police officer so that I could help make my community a better place.

Now, as an adult, I am even more committed to this goal. I know that becoming a police officer will not be easy, but it will be worth it. I am prepared to work hard to make a difference in my community and to make it a safer place for everyone.

The police force is a way that I can do that

The police force is a great way for me to serve my community and make a difference. I want to become a police officer because I want to help make my community a better place. I believe that the police force is a way that I can do that.

I want to be a police officer because I want to protect and serve the public

I want to become a police officer because I want to help keep people safe. I want to be able to serve my community and make it a better place. I think that being a police officer is a very noble profession and I am proud to say that I am interested in it.

I have the necessary skills and qualifications to become a police officer

I have always wanted to serve my community and protect those who cannot protect themselves. When I was younger, I thought that becoming a police officer would allow me to do just that. I have the necessary skills and qualifications to become a police officer and I am passionate about making a difference in my community.

Becoming a police officer is not just about enforcing the law, but also about helping people in their time of need. I want to be able to help people when they are at their most vulnerable and make sure that they are safe. I believe that becoming a police officer will allow me to do just that.

It is a career that is both challenging and rewarding

There are many reasons why someone might want to become a police officer. It is a career that is both challenging and rewarding. It can be a way to serve the community and make a difference in people’s lives.

For me, becoming a police officer is about more than just enforcing the law. It is about building relationships and trust with the people I serve. It is about making sure that everyone in my community feels safe and protected.

I know that becoming a police officer will not be easy. But I am ready for the challenge. I am ready to serve my community and make a difference in the world.

In conclusion, becoming a police officer is something that I am very passionate about and would love to have the opportunity to pursue. The main reasons why I want to become a police officer are because I want to help keep people safe, make a difference in my community, and challenge myself both mentally and physically. Additionally, I believe that being a police officer would give me a great sense of pride and honor.


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Essay on Why I want to Become Police Officer

Police is an interesting profession and our Indian movies and cinemas have played a very important role in making them our heroes. They ensure our security and work day and night for us.

Short and Long Essays on Why I want to Become a Police Officer in English

We have brought here some long and short essays on Police and their importance in society, hope you will like them.

Why I want to Become a Police Officer Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) Since childhood I have a dream to become a police officer.

2) Police are the real heroes of our country.

3) I want to end crime in my country.

4) I also want to exercise the power that a police officer gets.

5) By becoming a police officer I want to ensure the security of my people.

6) Their duty and uniform inspire me for this job.

7) I want to help people by becoming trustworthy police.

8) The news of the increasing crime rate prompts me to become a cop.

9) Whenever I see any police officer, my dream gets stronger.

10) I want to become a police officer because I want to make a safe and peaceful country.

Essay 1 (250 Words) - Why I want to Become Police


Our society needs a doctor to treat people, an engineer to build buildings similarly we also need police to maintain harmony and peace in the locality. Different types of people live together in a society and this can also raise conflict among them. So, it’s the duty of our police to maintain peace and stop any kind of crime in society.

Some Major Qualities of Police

Police are the most trusted authorities of society. They help others without thinking about their life. They have to face different problems while helping us still, they never hesitate and this encourages me to be a police officer. Some major qualities of police are;

I would really want to become a police officer and want to help the nation. I am also strong and will not allow any thief or criminal left outside. Our sisters and mothers will feel safe on the road and the crime rates will decrease. I really want to do something for our society as well as the nation, and becoming a police officer is one of the best ways to help others.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - How Police Officer Helps Us

Every country has its own rules and regulations and these rules are made to maintain harmony in the country. Sometimes people neglect the rule and do some unwanted things and others get disturbed. So, to have an eye on the society government made police. Police are the government bodies that maintain peace in society. They help people in different ways and never let people face any difficulty.

How Police Helps People

I don’t think I can mention all of their duties and work in a small essay but I will try my best to show the responsibilities of the police.

Police: the Real Heroes

There are many cases that clearly show how brave our police officers are. There are many movies made on these real-life warriors. Really it needs lots of courage to choose police as a profession. Who would like to stay away from his/her family for many days, just to solve a case? They inspire us and are the real heroes of our society as well as our nation.

They have a positive image in the society and most of us want to become like them. They never leave any criminal and thieves. They always make sure that their people are safe. They also worked like a warrior in the corona epidemic. Really, we should respect them and their work.

If you are in trouble and luckily you hear the siren of police, literally it will bring tears in your eyes. Their siren itself makes sure that they are coming to help you. Police make us feel safe and safety is something you cannot trust others. You cannot be sure that your servant will always be loyal to you, but you can be sure about the police. I also want to become a police officer and want to help people.

Essay 3 (500 - 600 Words) - Importance of Police Officer in Our Society

Police are the government authorities build in our cities and societies, to decrease the crime rates. They perform their duty and check if ever thing ok in the locality. They are of different types, some of them handle the criminals, whereas some of them check the license. You would have seen some police officers checking your driving license and other important things on the road. On the other side, you would also have seen some police officers solving a case and taking the thief or criminal to jail. All together maintain the harmony in our country.

Importance of a Police Officer

A police officer has many responsibilities, one side they have to maintain peace in the society and the other side they also have to catch the criminals. If the crime rate increases in a particular area then they have to answer the higher authorities. Police are not those who remain in a police station and write your report. They also have to solve many cases and some unsolved murder mysteries.

They have to be smart, brave, clever, and focused at the same time because a single mistake can keep the matter unsolved. Really, they are the real heroes. Many of us say, that it’s a duty of the police to maintain peace in society and decrease the crime rates. But in my opinion, one should also try his best and cooperate with the police officers. Because we live in society and one should always keep his eyes open when he/she is out from home.

How to Cooperate with Police

Many of us curse the police for even a small incident, without thinking about the mental and physical pressure that they daily. It is possible for us to be stressed sometimes but you have no idea how much stress they handle daily. Respect them and appreciate their work. In the COVID epidemic, apart from the hospital staff and the other warriors were the police officers. They worked 24x7 without thinking about their own life and they really need a heartily salute and lots of wishes. They inspired many of us and I am one of them. I want to be a police officer and protect my country; it will be a matter of pride for me.

Essay on Winter Season

Essay on life.

' src=

Akash Gupta

I am a writer with no particular genre of choice. Though, I like to write on issues that concern the general populace. I also love to know people, communities and cultures from close quarters. I write to satisfy the writer in me and also to keep you updated on several topics.

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Why Do You Want to Be a Police Officer? Samples and Tips to Improve Your Personal Statement and Cover Letter

By: Tasha Kolesnikova

Why Do You Want to Be a Police Officer? Samples and Tips to Improve Your Personal Statement and Cover Letter

Standard Cover Letter to a Police Academy

Introduction: hook the reader, main body: answering interview questions, conclusion: why are you the best candidate for the police officer academy.

A law enforcement career is one of the most respectable career paths anyone can take. At the same time, working under law enforcement is also one of the most sought careers. A popular choice among law enforcement officers is to be a police officer.

Many people dream of being a police officer, among law enforcement jobs, as it’s both demanding and rewarding. It also doesn’t require you to graduate with a Criminology degree as you only need a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. However, some police departments may ask you to have a law enforcement degree like a bachelor’s degree to be able to get further in your future career in criminal justice.

If you want to pursue becoming a police officer, you’d need to get accepted to a police academy and start there. However, it’s not as easy as just applying. You’ll need to achieve an adequate education, complete application requirements, and take many tests to qualify and attain your first career advancement.

Some of the best ways to increase your chances of getting into a police officer academy and build connections with law enforcement agencies are using a cover letter or a personal statement, especially if you had gained work experience before deciding to apply.

This guide will show a sample cover letter and talk about important things you should note when making your cover letter. We will also provide tips on how you can make your personal statement great to get you accepted to the academy.

A standard cover letter is an important one-page document. It contains the applicant’s academic experiences, skills, and personal interest for applying to the academy. It explains why you want to work on your studies with the university of choice. You can even include technical data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to support your statements in the letter.

Since there are many candidates who are applying aside from you to enter the academy, it is best to write and produce a unique and engaging cover letter yourself. Below is a good sample of a cover letter with additional tips:

February 16, 2021

Contact Details:

Mr. Matthew Richards

Application Staff

City of New York

7 City Hall Ave.

Sometown, CO 77777

Greeting and introduction:

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am interested in getting into the law enforcement field through the N Academy, where I want to complete my foundation degree and be a police officer in the future. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement to give back to the community that has shaped me into who I am today. To serve and protect my hometown community after I graduate is my dream job, and getting into this academy will be my first stepping stone in reaching that dream.

Body Paragraphs : Tell your academic experiences and attained education. Highlight skills that make you a worthy candidate to get into the academy.

My tour in your academy last (insert month and year) resonated in me and made me want to work hard to be an asset of the university and a part of your alumni. The following are my accomplishments and academic experiences: (insert relevant accomplishments, like leadership training, charity participation, awards and recognitions, and others.) All of these achievements make me confident that with your university’s course, I will be able to reach my full potential.

(Include more paragraphs)

Call to action paragraph:

It would be a privilege to get an interview from you and discuss everything in more detail. To contact me for a future meeting, please feel free to call (777) 777-7777 or email me at [email protected] Thank you.

Tom Richards

Tips on Perfecting the Personal Statement for a Law Enforcement Career

If you think making a cover letter is too technical for you as it feels more like a job search and you’re trying your best to fit the job description, you can opt to write a personal statement instead.

A personal statement is an essay that shares your unique story, your beliefs, and your passion - all concerned with the purpose of why you want to be a part of the academy. For this instance, you’re writing the personal statement to discuss why you want to be a police officer after you attended the academy and why you think getting into the academy will help you with that.

Here are some general tips in writing a good personal statement:

A personal statement can be divided into three main parts: the Introduction, the Body, and the Conclusion. More tips on writing these parts are included and discussed in the following sections.

The introduction is the opening of your statement - it is where you make your first impression on the academy’s admission committee. An introduction will dictate how they’ll perceive you and your intentions.

An intriguing and attention-grabbing introduction is a good start in taking the readers’ interest and making them want to know more about you. 

Good Introduction

A good introduction draws the attention of the reader and makes them want to read more. When you write a personal statement, that’s a starting goal - to have it read by the admission committee with interest. To write a good one, think of how movies and novels start with an incomplete yet exciting scene.

For example, at the beginning of a movie, a scene of a person throwing a dead body on the river is shown. Viewers will get hooked, and they’ll ask for answers - such as why the person did it and how this case will get solved. And for them to find out, they will continue watching the movie to get answers. When you write an introduction, you should leave a positive impact like that on the reader.

Bad Introduction

A bad introduction, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. It is written in a dull and boring way - it may be too formal and technical, which makes the reader lose interest in reading more about the aspiring police officer’s personal statement.

From the two examples, which one do you think is a good introduction for a personal statement to be submitted by an aspiring police officer to the police academy? It is the second example. Although they talked about the same thing - why they want to be in the law enforcement position in general - the second one leaves the reader hanging and wanting to know more about why the writer wants to become a police officer.

The next part of your personal statement would be the body. These are paragraphs where you discuss the things you stated in your introduction in detail—using example number 2 above - more reasons and information as to why you want to pursue a law enforcement career.

This part of the personal statement should look like an answer sheet for an interview. When writing this part of the essay, or the essay as a whole, write and think like you’re answering interview questions of why do you want to be an officer. Like in an interview, your sentences should be structured, concise, and personalized.

Your personal statement’s body should also allow you to share your relevant competencies, like problem-solving skills, that make you an asset to the academy. Include interests and experiences that led you to the conclusion that you want to be a police officer with the academy’s help.

Here are some relevant elements you can talk about in the body of your personal statement:

Below is an example of a body of a personal statement, continuing from the good introduction from the previous section:

When I was in high school, I watched and heard unending news about injustice daily. And I’ve wondered, why is no one protecting them, fighting for them? Why is there no one catching the bad guys? And at the same time, I was introduced to some family members who are also police officers that are in the police department, and I felt enlightened and inspired.

Since then, I have been interested and passionate about how the police work and about helping people and driving off injustice whenever I see them. I want this to be my life-long duty, and my first step to fulfill these goals is to be a police officer in training under your university.

I find your coursework most fitting for my curiosity and passion with your academy’s many years of experience...

The example above is an incomplete body for a personal statement. You can include more information and details in this part, such as more answers to common interview questions and interests that relate to your future career, such as patrol officers and law enforcement agencies.

This is the last part of your personal statement, the conclusion. It’s the closing remark of your essay where the admission committee should see what you can offer and think of you as the best candidate for the police officer academy and why you should be one of the deserving applicants to get accepted.

It doesn’t have to be as long as your personal statement’s main body, and it also doesn’t need to be too attention-grabbing like the introduction. Your conclusion should be short and concise, containing all relevant details in wrapping up your essay. Of course, do not forget to conclude and state that you deserve to be part of the academy.

Making a conclusion based on the examples of the previous sections, here is the conclusion:

I want to take on your academy’s policing course to become a police officer and achieve another dream: to provide criminal justice and public safety. In my journey so, I am looking forward to the course that your academy offers. I know that my university life will help me fill the leadership role needed in my future career.  Upon completion of my degree, I want to be able to serve alongside other fellow officers to give my best to the community and dedicate many years of service to keeping the country in order.

Getting admitted and accepted into a law enforcement academy is not an easy task, with endless background checks. That’s why there are tools to help you gain more chances of getting in, such as Studybay writing help platform. Remember that a personal statement should be personal - all about you - your thoughts, experiences, and skills. Writing an excellent personal statement would undoubtedly help you express yourself more, enough to be acknowledged by the admission committee in that police academy you’re aiming for.

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why i want to be police officer essay

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Thank you for the article! Police officers were always a role model to me!

why i want to be police officer essay

why i want to be police officer essay

Why I Choose Becoming A Police Officer As A Career

What should we do in life? That always seems to be the question. Life is not guaranteed to be easy, never turning out the exact way that we want it to. A lot of people work hard to achieve their dreams of making a massive amount of money and having more than a seven percent return on their 401k plan. Truth is, life is not about the amount of money that we have saved up, it is about what we do to make a difference and how we will make our lifetime worth it. Something that people should set into place is a plan for their future. A plan that would help not only directs their path in life, but the paths of those around them too. My plan in life is to become a Police Officer. Not only would that give me the opportunity to help other people but becoming a Police Officer also gives me the opportunity to follow in my Uncles footsteps and do something that I have wanted to do my whole life. I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, and this gives me the chance. Performing justice the right way and making sure that the laws of the government are obeyed is the job that I want to pursue. Being a Police Officer is a challenging job but also very rewarding. There would be a number of skills I would need to learn, not to mention that every day on the job would be a learning experience itself. Every single day that I would go to work, I would potentially be saving someone’s life. Stopping a speeder, arresting a criminal, preventing harmful attempts, they are things that would save someone’s life. Even if my actions were not as simple as that, for example, if I were to witness an accident or arrive onto the scene of one, just being there gives me the opportunity to take preventative measures. When I become a Police Officer, it woul... ... middle of paper ... ...d them to be a good example themselves for other people and keep out of trouble. Kids in the community would look up to me and my fellow officers in a positive way which would also help prevent them from going down the wrong path in life. The better the path that kids choose, the better the world will be when they grow up. Works Cited The Los Angeles Police Department, . N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . Sabath, D.. N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . Casey, J.. N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . . N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. . . N.p.. Web. 26 Feb 2014. .

In this essay, the author

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Why do you want to be a police officer? 7 sample short essays & interview answers

Not everyone likes police officers, but without a doubt everyone has to agree that role of police in our life has only intensified over the last decade. Violent protests, and all sorts of crimes–though often driven by poverty and hopeless situation of people who commit them, cannot and shouldn’t be tolerated . Police is recruiting ever more officers , in almost every country of the world. In order to succeed and get the job, you’ll have to pass a couple of tests, such as a police written exam , or a physical ability test , and, of course, a face to face interview . And while they may ask you a variety of questions, one question you certainly won’t avoid: Why do you want to be a police officer? You may actually have to write a short essay on this topic before you even get a chance to interview for a job.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list a variety of options, including both conventional and unconventional answers. Try to pick one which resonates with you, and with the message you try to convey in your police officer interview. Below the list of answers you will find some additional notes and hints on how to get it right, and convince them of your honest intention to do a good service for fellow citizens–or at least a good service for yourself…

7 sample answers to “Why do you want to be a police officer?” interview question

* Do not forget to check: 15 most common interview questions and answers .

Show them your strengths and what you can contribute as a police officer, especially when writing a short essay on the subject

In a very best answer to the question, you should actually refer to two things. First one is the reason why you want to work in police. It can be the meaningful purpose of the job, your desire to serve the city or country (the way in which you want to contribute to better society as a policeman or policewoman), or a desire to help end the organized crime, or anything else–even having a steady job and getting a good paycheck at the end of each month.

Second thing you should refer to is the reason why they should recruit you . Talk about your great shape, mental resilience, attention to detail, sense for order, teamwork ability, or about any other skills and personality traits that make from you a good candidate (at least in your eyes). This applies to both an interview answer and a short essay you may have to write as a part of your application process.

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why i want to be police officer essay

Brutal honesty can sometimes do the trick

You have for sure noticed that the last two answers on my list are rather unconventional . In the penultimate one, the applicant claims straight away that before anything else, they want to work as a police officer because of the salary , and benefits . It is not a typical answer, and probably not something many other people will say , but in some cases your best bet is to be honest and try to stand out.

The last job applicant goes even one step further (or a couple of steps actually), accusing the police of taking bribes , and claiming it as the main reason for his application. He also wants to get his fraction of the pie, and instead of having to pay the bribes to the police forces, he prefers to take them .

Needless to say, this answer may sound completely ridiculous to someone in the US . But if you apply for a job of a policeman in Sudan, Somalia, or Guatemala (just a few examples, there are many more of course), it is the daily reality of the police officers . And the leading officer (who happens to interview you) may prefer to hire someone who doesn’t want to spoil the party , and will participate on the organized corruption of the authorities. In such cases, this answer may win you the job…

* Disclaimer : Author of this article does not support any corruption in police, or other dubious activities. Our goal here is to simply show different interview answers that may help people get hired to the police force, in different interview scenarios, and across different countries of the world–including those that experience extreme instability and immense corruption in police. You should take the advice as such–nothing more, and nothing less.

Check also 7 sample answers to other tricky interview questions you may face in your police officer interview:

Matthew Chulaw

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Why I Want to Be a Police Officer Essay

The idea of becoming a police officer has been a lifelong dream of mine; I have always admired the brave men and women who put their life on the line to keep our communities safe. As a police officer, I would have the opportunity to directly contribute to protecting the public and making a positive impact on the lives of others. In this post, I will write why I want to be a police officer essay and explain why it is a career I am passionate about.

Why I Want to Be a Police Officer Short Essay

1. introduction.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of serving my community as a police officer . I believe that it is a noble profession and a service that is much needed in our society. I have always respected law and order and have always had a strong sense of justice. Therefore, I have decided that I would like to pursue a career as a police officer.

2. Personal Background

I have a strong sense of responsibility and feel strongly about helping others in need. I have served my community through volunteer work for many years and understand the importance of community involvement. Additionally, I am highly organized and disciplined, which will help me to excel in the role of a police officer.

3. Community Impact

I want to make a positive impact in my community as a police officer. I believe that by doing so, I can help to make my community a better, safer place for all citizens. I will work to create a strong relationship between the police and the community and foster a greater sense of trust between both parties.

4. Education and Training

I am currently studying criminal justice at college and have completed courses in law enforcement and investigations. Additionally, I have taken courses in self-defense and firearms safety, which are essential for any police officer. I am also committed to continuing my education and training in order to be the best police officer I can be.

5. Physical Fitness

I understand the importance of physical fitness in the role of a police officer and take my fitness seriously. I am an avid runner and have been participating in marathons for the past three years. Additionally, I regularly lift weights, play sports, and practice martial arts.

6. Conclusion

Becoming a police officer is a dream I have always had, and I am determined to make it a reality. I am confident that with my education, training, and physical fitness, I will be able to make a positive impact in my community. I am excited to begin my journey to becoming a police officer and look forward to the challenges and rewards the job will bring.

A. My desire to become a police officer

Since I was a child, I had a strong passion for becoming a police officer. Growing up in an environment where crime and injustice were rampant, I wanted to make a difference in my community and make sure people were safe and protected. I wanted to be the one to put an end to the wrongdoings. This is why I have decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

B. Reasons for wanting to pursue this career

There are many reasons why I have chosen to become a police officer. The first and foremost is to protect and serve my community. I want to make sure that everyone is safe and secure in their homes and on the streets. I want to help those who are in need and make sure justice is served.

Another reason why I have chosen this path is because I want to gain the skills and knowledge required to succeed in this field. I want to develop my problem-solving skills , become more disciplined, and learn how to interact with different types of people. Additionally, I want to take advantage of the job opportunities that come with being a police officer. This includes a variety of career paths, challenging and rewarding work, and a good salary and benefits.

2. Personal Development

A. becoming more disciplined.

To become a police officer, I need to be more disciplined. I need to be able to follow orders and have the discipline to make sure I adhere to the law. I need to be able to stay focused during long shifts and not let my emotions get the best of me. I need to stay composed in difficult situations and make sure I always act professionally.

B. Learning to interact with different types of people

Being a police officer requires me to be able to communicate effectively with different types of people. I need to be able to interact with people from all walks of life and be able to understand their perspectives. I need to be able to listen to their concerns and be able to provide help and support. Additionally, I must build relationships with my colleagues and work together as a team.

C. Improving problem-solving skills

To be successful as a police officer, I need to have strong problem-solving skills. I need to think on my feet and come up with solutions to challenging situations. I need to assess a situation and determine the best course of action. I also need to think logically and come up with creative solutions to difficult problems.

3. Serve & Protect

A. ensuring the safety of the community.

As a police officer, I want to ensure that everyone in my community is safe and secure. I want to make sure that people are able to go about their daily lives without fear of harm. I want to be able to respond quickly to any emergencies and be able to put an end to any criminal activity. I also want to help those in need and provide them with the support they need.

B. Contributing to the justice system

I also want to be able to contribute to the justice system. I want to be able to enforce the law and make sure that justice is served. I want to be able to bring criminals to justice and make sure that they are held accountable for their actions. I also want to work with the court system to ensure that the punishment they receive is fair and just.

C. Helping to make a difference in people’s lives

Finally, I want to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to be able to help those who are in need and be a positive influence in their lives. I want to be able to provide guidance and support to those who are struggling. I also want to be able to listen to their stories and be a source of comfort and reassurance.

4. Job Opportunities

A. variety of career paths.

As a police officer, I will have access to various career paths. I will be able to work in different areas, such as patrol, investigations, and community policing. I will also have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas, such as forensics or drug enforcement. Additionally, I will have the opportunity to move up the ranks and become a supervisor or even a police chief.

B. Challenging and rewarding work

Being a police officer can be challenging, but it is also very rewarding. I will have the opportunity to work in various situations and help make a difference in my community. I will be able to work with other officers to keep the peace and make sure that justice is served. Additionally, I will have the chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives and help those in need.

C. Good salary and benefits

As a police officer, I will have access to a good salary and benefits. I will be able to provide for myself and my family and have access to a secure and stable career. I will also be able to take advantage of opportunities for promotions and advancement.

5. Conclusion

A. summary of why i want to be a police officer.

In conclusion, I have chosen to pursue a career in law enforcement because I want to make a difference in my community and help those in need. I want to protect and serve my community and ensure that justice is served. I also want to gain the skills and knowledge required to be successful in this field.

This includes becoming more disciplined, learning to interact with different types of people, and improving my problem-solving skills. Additionally, I want to take advantage of the job opportunities that come with being a police officer, including a variety of career paths, challenging and rewarding work, and a good salary and benefits.

B. Ambitions to make a positive contribution to the community

I am passionate about becoming a police officer and making a positive contribution to my community. I am determined to work hard and make sure that everyone is safe and secure. I want to help those in need and make sure justice is served. I am confident that I have the skills and dedication required to succeed in this field, and I look forward to the challenges that come with it.

Why I want to Become a Police Officer 10 Lines

1.  I want to become a police officer to serve my community and help make it a safer place to live.

2. I believe that I have the right skillset to be successful in this line of work and I am passionate about protecting the public.

3. I want to be a role model to young people in the community and show them that it is possible to succeed in life with hard work and dedication.

4. I want to put my knowledge, skills and experience to good use and make a positive contribution to society.

5. I am willing to put my life on the line to protect others and I have a strong sense of justice.

6. I want to help prevent crime, bring criminals to justice and make sure that people are safe and secure in their homes and communities.

7. I believe that the police force is an important part of our society and I want to be a part of this team.

8. I have a deep respect for law enforcement and I want to use my skills and abilities to make a difference.

9. I have a strong set of values and principles and I will always strive to uphold the law and act with integrity.

10. I am committed to serving my community and I want to make it a better, safer place for everyone.

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Essay Service Examples Life Police Officer

Why I Want to Be a Police Officer Short Essay

The Career which I would like to obtain and currently pursuing is being a police officer or somewhere relatively in the same area, my goal is just to be in the law enforcement area of work. Now first I’ll be talking about why being a police officer is a good job. When it comes to jobs what aspect do people look at to consider a job as “ a good job”? Normally the typical answer would be a government job but the main thing people look at when considering if a job is good or not is the salary, how much you can make, what will the income looks like, and the overall yearly salary. That’s one of the main reasons people see doctors as amazing jobs because of the ridiculous income they make. Now that’s not to say that if you don’t make as much as a doctor the job is bad, as long as in the 90-100 thousand yearly salary the job is considered good. Though many may not know this police officers can actually make roughly 100 thousand yearly! Though it does depend on your level of status. say It was surprising to me when I first found out as I had the same mindset that only doctors and teachers and engineers make a lot of money.

Now of course jobs aren’t just about how much money you make or your yearly salary, some jobs are very important, some more important than others and a police officer is a job that is beneficial for safety. We don’t live in a perfect world there are and always will be those who commit crimes, there are many serial killers, murderers, sociopaths, etc, not to mention there are people who get abused or threaten the safety of others, so it’s important to have law enforcement so people can feel safe. There are also many laws put in place to keep society in order, some may think the laws are too harsh or maybe they don’t need to be there but without there being rules and guidelines to follow humanity will fall apart. There are many movies and shows which prove exactly that, and at the end of the day whether we like the laws or not they are there to protect us.

Another thing about jobs is whether there is a high demand for them or if they’re not hiring at all. These are questions people should consider thinking through what if the job you are pursuing isn’t hiring at the time? This is why I think it’s always good to have a backup plan as you don’t want to sit around wasting time hoping that the job you are interested in suddenly is in high demand, which is why I personally have multiple jobs other than a police officer in mind and they all consist of being within the law area so it’s not like I am entering a workforce which I am not fond of and only doing because I have no choice ( some people end up doing just that as they did not have backup ideas). As for whether police officers are in high demand for hiring the answer is a big yes, I constantly see ads and things on bulletins and newspapers saying so. The only thing that concerns me is I am only a first-year university student right now, meaning I won’t be applying for a job until four years from now, but at the same time, I’m not too worried as that would just be stressful and I still have many other jobs within the same area to look forward to. Not to get off-topic here but I think it’s worth noting that if a job is in high demand because there are not enough workers that are really bad, though it is rare. An example would be correctional officers as they are drastically low on workers and that is the most dangerous job to not have enough workers the reason as to why that is the case is quite simple, you’re dealing with criminals!!!

why i want to be police officer essay

Another issue that they have been dealing with on top of not having enough workers is the matter of the prison being overcrowded. Not having enough correctional officers is already as bad as it gets but on top of that, there are too many criminals within the facility? That’s beyond ridiculous and this isn’t a small matter when it comes to the overpopulation of criminals, it’s actually so bad to the point where six criminals are sleeping in one room and three to four can be seen sleeping in the washroom! There are many things wrong here as having fewer workers and more criminals is dangerous for the workers and there is also mistreatment of the criminals. Yes criminals are criminals and they’ve done horrible things but that doesn’t give anyone the right to violate their basic human rights. The message I’m trying to convey with all of that is basically some jobs could be in high demand but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you.

Now besides how much you make and whether the job is in high demand there’s also the factor of why you want to work at that specific job, the whole salary, and hiring thoughts to come afterward when you near the stage of applying. There’s always a personal reason like maybe someone wants to become a teacher because they enjoy teaching, or someone wants to become a scientist because they are very fond of the universe, etc. I too have a personal reason as to why I wish to become a police officer and it all started when I was five years old. I find it quite amusing how since before the age of six I already knew what I wanted to be when I was older, most people don’t take those things seriously until high school. So when I was five years old my mom was on her way to pick up my older brother from high school but right when she made a left at the intersection across the school she got into a car accident with a city bus, me my little brother and sister were all in the car. This accident went on the news pretty quickly and even made it to the newspaper! No one on the bus was injured but my mom had severe pain in her body, my little brother’s leg was broken, my sister was stuck under the passenger seat and my head was bleeding because the glass was shattered and pierced the top of my head. When the paramedics and officers arrive they were figuring out how to take me out of the car as the car was totaled and the doors were crushed. Paramedics considered calling firefighters to use the jaws of life to help me but the officer saw I was bleeding from the top of my head and so he made a decision. He punched the window as hard as he could and it broke a hole big enough to get me out. He stuck his arms inside for me to reach and pulled me out, he then wrapped a cloth around my head to soak up the blood and prevent it from going down my face. I ended up getting stitches from the hospital and to this day I have a scar on the center of my scalp. What the officer did truly amazed me, he punched thru a window which caused damage to his fists, he put his arms inside which led to a glass shard scraping his skin just to take me out of the car. He didn’t care about what would happen to his arms or fists whether they would need stitches or get infected, his concern was for me and me only. This is what made me adore and look up to the police force, these are people who put their lives on the line to save others.

That was the main reason I wanted to become a police officer and I started going to events they had. When I was twelve I joined the army cadets as it’s sort of a police program and it looks really good on a resume. I also have a passion for helping others I like ensuring safety and making the community a better place and that’s exactly what police officers do. Even now I’m volunteering with crime stoppers and other police staff as it’s a good experience to have and I just like working with real officers. If there’s one thing I know about applying to the police force is that the competition is at a high level it’s not as easy as it use to be to get in. this is one of many reasons I’m starting to volunteer a lot with them because the more experience I have with volunteering the better it will look on my application. Also being involved around the community and being known helps a lot as people are more likely to hire you if you are a familiar face and known for hard work and initiative.

My final reason for wanting to become a police officer has to do with people hating the police and how there are corrupt cops. I don’t like how there are people that generalize all police officers as bad, sure the crimes committed by officers on innocent people and the whole black lives matter are all understanding but you can’t generalize every cop as bad. Take ISIS, for example, they claim to be Muslim and I am also a Muslim so why doesn’t everyone see me as a terrorist or call me one? it’s because I am not a terrorist and neither are all Muslims. The same goes here just because there are corrupt police officers out there doesn’t necessarily mean every single one is bad. I hope to break that thought when I become an officer.

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During my research, I will be focusing on an incident that had happened between a young black 18-year-old male and the chief of police in Bordentown, NJ that took place back in 2016 and is now going to trial. At this time there is a case going on against the chief of police in Bordentown who will be facing hate crime charges against the young 18-year-old teenager. Some may think that things such as hate crime do not happen especially...

Stress plays a part in the lives of everyone. That’s the way our body reacts to any changes that require an adjustment to a response. Police Officers are in a position of authority and making split second life or death decisions on a regular basic making the stress level be at the higher percentage than other jobs. The stress relate to that can have a major negative impact on their lives. According to the Cross study performed to Police Officers...

On October 2019, an African American was shot at his own apartment by a police officer because she thought that he was an intruder. She was charged with murder and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. For the past century, there has been a lot of cases in which police officers have acted out of instinct rather than analyzing the situation. Nowadays, we are experiencing a higher level of violent action by police officers that are seemingly not trained....

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When individuals hear terms such as valorous, venturesome, dauntless, or lionhearted one of the professionals people think of are Police officers. Police officers are appreciated in society because people know they are the primary reason for people being able to sleep peacefully at night. They are the ones who risk their lives to protect us from threatening individuals. Police officers are always at risk. For instance, during this pandemic police officers are now one of the first responders and throughout...

Abstract In recent years, there has been an increase in civilian casualties due to the fact of discrimination and or hate. Studies have shown that a police officer tends to get more aggressive when dealing with an African American because they “fear for their safety.”According to Frank Edwards’ study it is two and a half times more likely for an African American to die in an encounter with a police officer than it is for a Caucation. The fact that...

Imagine hearing on the news where someone is being accused for not corruptating during an arrest. In most of these cases it is the polices’ word against theirs. How does anyone really know the truth? With police wearing body cameras there would be footage of the arrest taking place. Therefore helping to hopefully clear up the mis conception. Of course there are other circumstances to consider. There could always be an issue of blurry footage or unseen situations that was...

Growing up, I went through thousands of career choices until one day I concluded being a policeman. As I grew older and as I matured, it made me realize that I should choose a career that I love and will enjoy for the rest of my life. That is why the research topic that I had been chosen is being a policeman. I chose this topic because I want to be in this profession and I was inspired by the...

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why i want to be police officer essay