sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

A Complete Handbook on SOP for LLM in the UK

While applying for highly regarded courses like LLM, you will require a strong and catchy SOP which confirms your admission at the University. This blog will clear all your doubts and help you prepare a compelling SOP for LLM in the UK.

statement of purpose

Table of content

statement of purpose

An Overview on SOP for Masters in Law in the UK

statement of purpose

Steps to write SOP for LLM in the UK

statement of purpose

Sample SOP for LLM in the UK

statement of purpose

Requisites of SOP for Law in Major Universities in the UK

statement of purpose

An overview of SOP for Masters in Law in the UK

Confused on what‘s the difference between normal SOP and SOP for Masters in Law?

You may also be in doubt why we discuss SOP for Masters in Law for the UK specifically. Scroll down and find the answers to all your questions.

SOP for LLM in the UK- What is it?

SOP for LLM in the UK is a document that portrays your interest and aspiration to study law and become a lawyer. It must answer all the basic questions like why law, why this university and why the UK.

Need of an SOP for Doing LLM in the UK

SOP is a pivotal document for law admission in the UK.

Refer more samples here statement of purpose for UK

Writing an SOP for LLM in the UK can be tiresome and difficult but with the right guidance, you can tackle your problems.

Your Instructions to write SOP for LLM in the UK

You must be very careful when you draft an SOP for LLM in the UK. There are some guidelines to be followed to make it attractive and acceptable.

It is always advisable to begin early to write your SOP for LLM in the UK to avoid last minute rush. Give yourself enough time to write, rewrite and edit.

Don’t overwrite your SOP for LLM in the UK. It must be short and crisp. Never forget the purpose of your write up.

It is always advisable not to keep your SOP personal. Rather try to present yourself in the light of your interest in Law.

Since your SOP for LLM in the UK is an official document, try to keep it formal.  You must use formal language to draft an SOP for LLM in the UK.

Rather than giving focus to extracurricular activities unless it has relevance in your Law career, try to avoid it and give focus to academics and work experience.

Always be honest and genuine and never give wrong information or boast.

Your SOP for LLM in the UK must be plagiarism free and provide fresh content. Of course you can refer but never copy.

Always proofread the document for spelling or grammatical errors and seek feedback from others.

Correct format to write SOP for LLM in the UK

Following a perfect format for SOP can bag you a seat in your desired university. Following the correct format of SOP matching your chosen country, university and course is very crucial.

Try to start your introduction by writing down about your interest in the course, your vision and the reason to opt for the UK and the University for your higher studies. Highlight your interest in the course.

Tell briefly about your academic qualifications and your proficiency in the same. Explain how your academic background molded an interest in you for law. Explain your academic milestones.

If you have any extracurricular activities related to your choice of LLM, please do mention that in this paragraph. Try to connect the dots to make it relevant to the choice of LLM.

If you have any professional experience, add it here. If it is not related to law, give account for your career change. State your take away from your professional experience.

Mention briefly why you choose the UK as your study destination. Explain what attracted you and why you avoided other countries. Give an account of why you choose a particular university, give a reasonable explanation rather than general answers.

Explain where you wish to see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years. Elaborate upon your career goals and be specific here.

Conclude with a sense of hope to get selected for the course at the university. Say thank you in advance. Concluding paragraph must also be attractive to compel the panel to relook at your document.

Points to ponder while writing an SOP for LLM in the UK

There are many things you must take care of before writing down a Statement of Purpose for LLM in the United Kingdom.

Refer more samples here statement of purpose for Canada

Sample SOP for LLM in UK

This chapter will give you an idea on how to write an SOP for LLM in the UK by referring to various samples provided.

SOP samples for masters in law UK

Referring to this sample can provide you with an idea on how to structure your entire document. Read the same with points discussed so far. Don’t copy anything from the sample. Use the sample only for reference.

Refer more samples here statement of purpose for Australia

Requisites of SOP for Law in Major Universities in UK

Requirements for studying law in UK universities may vary according to the type of the University. However care must be given to applications to each university to meet specific demands.

Number of essays required:

Two essays are required; one as an SOP and other on a legal topic.

Word limit:

For SOP it is 300 words whereas for the legal essay it can be up to 2000 words.

Content for the SOP:

Reason for the choice of law and Oxford University, academic history, professional experience and reason for the interest in the field of law.

Word Limit:

SOP for the University of Edinburgh can be up to 500 words or 3500 characters.

Prompts for Statement of Purpose:

Reason to choose the university and the course. How this program will help you in your career advancements and your relevant professional experience, if any.

Character Limit:

Maximum of 4000 characters or 2 page length.

Ways of uploading: 

SOP can either be entered directly in the online application form or uploaded alongside the form.

Personal statement can be up to 5000 characters.

Format of uploading: 

SOP can either be typed in the application form or can be uploaded in either PDF/Microsoft Word format.

Word limit: 

Though the university doesn’t specify number of words, the SOP could be about one side of an A4 sheet.

Prompts for the SOP:

Reason for the choice of the program and how you can benefit from the teachings of the program offered in this university.

Top 20 English Universities & Colleges to consider for LLM in UK

Here we have listed the top 20 universities and colleges to consider in the United Kingdom for your masters in law. Have a glance at each university and choose the one that best matches you.

Read more here on statement of purpose

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A Complete Handbook on SOP for LLM in the UK While applying for highly regarded courses like LLM, you will require a strong and catchy

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

LLM Commercial and Corporate Law - Sample Personal Statement

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

19 April, 2018

Llm commercial and corporate law - sample personal statement share.

My name is T Ahmed. My nationality is Bangladeshi and I am 25 years old. I am intending to pursue the LLM Comparative Commercial Law at BPP University to to achieve a deeper understanding of the field of Comparative Commercial Law. I look forward to having the opportunity to study it to a higher level. Following my SSC & HSC, I have completed my Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from ASA University of Bangladesh in 2019. Then I admitted myself at Jagannath University for my Master of Laws (Professional) and right now I am expecting for my result. I am a hard-working individual and tend to work patiently until I reach my goal. I love to watch documentaries during my leisure time. My command of the English Language has been developed through my bachelor's course, as the medium of instruction for this course have been in English. However, I believe that this course will enable me to show the best of my intellectual capacity and prosper in a competitive work environment.

I choose the UK as my study destination because British universities are renowned for their well-balanced academic programmes which offer opportunities for professional development through teamwork and participation in research projects. Moreover, Bangladesh government and private organizational structures and governance are UK system oriented. So I think to learn from the UK because the degrees meet the job requirements more than in other countries. Well, I looked at many Universities but choose BPP University becauseit is one of the UK’s leading Law Schools, with over 25 years’ experience delivering professional legal qualifications. Also The University is trusted by many of the most influential law firms and 60 leading firms educate their trainees exclusively with them. Tutors are expert and every single student is given personal attention and individual care with maximum contact hours with academics. The University has been exclusively education 4 out of the 5 magic circle law firms. This put BPP’s position at top in teaching law and demands of BPP graduates after they complete they qualify. Students have the chances to gain practical legal work experience by working with real clients through our award-winning Pro Bono Centre. Studying here would give me the chance to differentiate myself with distinct accomplishments and success. I have keep an eye on the course specification of my chosen programme and found that some of its modules are align with my study, research focus which will play a vital role on my future progression. The modules includes Comparative Commercial Law, Law Relating to Fraud and Financial Crime, Transnational Criminal Justice, Commercial Law and the Law of Investigations and Practice, Dissertation. All the practice ready modules of the course are highly demanding and suitable according to today's legal sector and these modules are designed to introduce students to the nature of commercial and financial activity from a comparative perspective. The assessment methods in my chosen programme which will also contribute to my development. Furthermore, I will be be able to gain deep understanding of law practice in a real world context. Basically I work hardly on my daily routine to improve my skills and ability and I am confident that my personal attributes and academic achievements make me a suitable candidate for the course.

Upon on completion of my course, I will be able to grow my career in different legal sectors of my home country. My goal is to be a Senior Commercial Lawyer in a well reputed firms of my home country. I am ready to increase my knowledge in this sector by studying my chosen course so that I can able to face the intellectual challenge this will bring. In this fast rising world, legal problems are becoming universal. So, I want to study the LLM Comparative Commercial Law at BPP to earn a professional level platform in my future career path. I believe that further study in the UK is the best decision to step on the path to my career goals as the UK is the ideal setting for refining my expertise in law while also acquiring a broader, international viewpoint. In my country, education system is theory based and learning materials are not adjusted with latest developments. Degrees in my country do not maintain international standards. Due to this, degrees are not recognized and valued. Tuition fees are commercialized heavily day by day. Degrees do not develop transferable skills like the UK. I am determined to study this course in the UK as the study environment in my country is quite different and we get to study with only the national students. Furthermore, the UK has a great multicultural and diversified student community which is an opportunity for me to learn with lot of students from different nationalities. UK education brand is highly respected by employers in our country as UK degree prepares graduates with academic competencies, developed personal and professional skills that are imperative for organizational success. The transferrable skills graduates carry forward from UK are pivotal for transforming organizational growth and gain competitive advantages. In a recent Survey of International Graduate Outcomes 2019 by Universities UK International produced by iGraduate shows that 82% international graduates say that their UK degree are worth the financial investment and same percentage say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. Nearly 83% feel that UK degree has helped them to get jobs. These aspects have driven my ambition to gain the degree from a UK institution. These reasons have letting me to decide to pursue this course in the UK.

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sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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Samples of my work for admission to law school.

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JD Personal Statement Sample, Education, Immigration, and Business Law, Chinese Applicant

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

I also have noble goals, already working for some time now building my own company specializing in academic and cultural communication between China and the United States, providing aid for Chinese students who want to further their education in the USA. I enjoy very much communicating with officials and officers on both sides of the ocean. I am convinced that by earning the JD Degree at XXXX - with an intensive focus on Education, Immigration, and Business Law, in particular, I will be able to make my fullest contribution to American as well as Chinese society. My family in China is planning to move to New York City next year. I am already well established here with friends, student networks, etc. I also hope very much to be able to stay in NYC for law school because the city is the commercial capital of the world and Columbia has an especially excellent corporate law program.

When I entered college in the United States, I was surprised by the freedom the campus offered me. Tons of courses and extracurricular activities awaited me; riveting conversations constantly taking place in one or another of my classrooms. School cafeterias, dorms; every day was an adventure. I would grab a campus newspaper at the gate of the campus on my way to classes, take photos of the budding Lilies of the Nile, run to a guest lecture during lunch, warm myself up in the Taekwondo club and deliver a speech in the Toastmasters club at night. I kept myself occupied like a spinning top. As the hustle and bustle of my freshman year became easily manageable, I sought greater academic focus. Sociology struck me as an excellent choice in preparation for law school because of the fundamental importance of being able to understand how and why people think and act as they do – from different perspectives and across cultures.

After college, I got my first job as an immigration case manager in a law office in Pasadena, California. In one of the cases that I dealt with, a client had been deceived by a lawyer from another law office in his immigration investment, suffering a great financial loss. Our law office took over the case. After carefully analyzing his case, we successfully filed his and his family’s immigration application and retrieved his investment funds. Thus, I learned first-hand the importance of responsible lawyers with professionalism.

I have always wanted to go to law school because I can think of nothing more exciting and fulfilling than providing legal support to those in greatest need on both personal and business levels. I look forward to helping my own family and friends to fully integrate into American society with confidence and a sense of security. Sociology delves into big questions that I love asking. Four years of sociological quest and three years of professional experience in the real world have prepared me well for the most rigorous of legal educations. I am eager to dive in head first for the fullest immersion experience possible. I thank you for considering my application to the finest Law School in New York if not the world.

Most Recently Edited Samples

International Students Studying Chinese Law

Statements of Excellence for Admission to Law School

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

Sample JD Personal Statement, Juris Doctor, Applicant from Hong Kong

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

My goal now is to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to become a specialist lawyer in the area of commercial law and to work for a major company to assist that company in achieving its strategic goals and avoiding legal ‘pitfalls’. I am aware that a successful lawyer has certain characteristics such as: being an excellent communicator with high level inter-personal skills and a team worker; having critical thinking and analytical skills of the highest order; having an excellent ‘eye for detail; having a readiness to be aware of changes in a fast-changing legal environment and, most importantly, having a genuine passion for the law.

I have a strong academic record and I have succeeded in my P.R. roles because of my critical thinking and communication skills and my ‘eye for detail’. I would not be making this application if I were not convinced that I have the potential to further develop the relevant skills and personal characteristics that I already possess within the program, in order to become a first class student of the law and a practitioner.

The conduct of commerce without a sturdy legal framework would be chaotic but even within that framework, a badly constructed contract or dubious activity can bring down upon companies a dramatic loss of reputation from which it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to recover. I hope to be one of the ‘gatekeepers’ protecting company managements, their shareholders and employees from the results of such situations. I have been particularly interested in the Volkswagen ‘emissions’ case along with the many recent cases involving misleading (some rather more than misleading) advertising campaigns such as the Wrigley ‘Eclipse’ gum case heard in the US Federal Court.  Many of the latter type of cases seem to arise either from an ignorance of the law or an indifference to it which can only be explained by poor legal advice or failure to involve company lawyers in campaigns and providing them with all necessary information to enable them to prevent legal challenges. I should be very interested in assisting in research into the causes of problematic advertising and ways to prevent them occurring.

I admit that my background has not included any formal legal study, however I can assure the reader that my determination, diligence and, most importantly, passion for the law will enable me to succeed within your prestigious program. I believe that my career to date will enable me to bring useful insights to other students and that I have the potential to become a highly trained, skilled and dedicated practitioner of commercial law.


Search by Degree, Field, or Country of Origin

I want to help you get accepted to law school..

I am a Law School Personal Statement specialist who comes from a long background of involvement with human rights, social justice, and diversity issues. I distinguish myself from other law school personal statement services by my humanitarian emphasis, taking the high moral ground by fostering a sense of historical justice through the celebration of diversity. Most of my clients are international students, and I enjoy helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the field of law, people like you who want to make the world a better place. I help you brainstorm ideas free of charge so as to make your long term goals as creative and convincing as possible, helping you to weave the disparate elements of your story together in an eloquent fashion that causes you to stand out from the crowd. Most of the work that I do is on behalf of women, minorities, and students from other parts of the world who wish to study in the United States or Europe.

While my PHD is in the area of Religion, I like to think of myself as more of a historian than a theologian. My focus has always been on moral theory and thinking as it relates to politics and international relations; yet, I have always been aware of how all of this invariably takes place on the foundation of Law. It is our legal system and its enforcement that makes moral thinking, dialogue, and, subsequently progress possible.  I wrote my doctoral dissertation on the subject of conflict in Central America, most particularly the role of women. But I had to put all of this in the big picture. Thus, I analyzed Central America in the context of its role as one of the last and most important theaters of the Cold War, which was still winding down when I wrote the dissertation. But it is not just questions of international law that command my special interest. I have been drafting expert statements on behalf of applicants for law school now for the past 15 years and I do so for applicants whose special interest and long term career goals lie in a broad range of areas. I have done a lot of work, for example, in the areas of commerce, intellectual property, family, and most of all criminal law. It would be an honor for me to help you to get accepted as well.

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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With maximum creativity, research as indicated, priority attention, and as many drafts as needed!

Law School Admission Application Statement Help and the Developing World

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

 Excellent law schools provide a solid foundation of interdisciplinary theories and practices to improve the quality of life for populations in the developing world and I am especially fond of working with the themes of sustainable human development, leading to societies that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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Saudi arabian woman seeks llm degree to promote women's rights in her country.

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

Since I want very much to be part of the struggle for women’s rights in the KSA, I am very thankful that I did have the opportunity to study in Arabic for the first two years before we moved, because this helped me to learn to master Arabic later on, especially the reading and writing. I am fluent in Arabic, reading, writing, and speaking, although my English is much better. I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished LLM Program at XXXX University because of the sheer excellence and prominent focus of your curriculum on the subject of human and women’s rights. While the failure of the KSA to allow women to drive a vehicle gets the most international attention, it is also very important to note that women attorneys have only been allowed to practice law in Saudi Arabia since 2013, and they are still widely discriminated against with many obstacles placed in their path as a result of their gender. Often if not generally speaking, Saudi courts do not take them as seriously as they would a male lawyer.

I look forward to someday seeing at least a nearly complete equality of Saudi citizens of both genders – within my lifetime – meaning we have a very long way to go and I am anxious to get started after earning my LLM Degree. I want to devote my life to the empowerment of women, setting an example for others to follow. I hope to open a law firm in the KSA at some point that promotes female lawyers and helps to give them the confidence that they need to succeed against long odds.

My long term goals include earning a PHD in Law, the degree that commands the highest level of respect, especially in the KSA. To begin, I hope to earn the LLM Degree instead of the LPC because training to acquire a license in Saudi Arabia after the LLM requires only one year; with the LPC, it is 3 years. 

I thank you for considering my application to the LLM Program at XXXX University.

Law School (LLM) in the US: Application Tips

Most Recently Edited Law School Admission Personal Statement Samples

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LLM degree in Commercial or Business Law?

Individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in finance, international commerce and global policy making, or who wish to practice as a barrister or solicitor under the court of law, may be strongly compelled to obtain a LLM degree, otherwise known as Master of Laws. Applicants who seek to complete this degree are generally interesting in legal practice. While the LLB degree or Bachelor of Laws is considered the first admission into legal practice, further training and schooling is often required in the United States and Canada. As a result, American and Canadian applicants often opt for a Juris Doctor or Masters of Laws degree. Students who choose to study in the area of business in commercial law specifically, may be attracted to the idea of becoming a corporate solicitor, commercial or finance lawyer, or serve as legal counsel for a large firm, whether internationally or domestically. With the recent national surplus of undergraduate law students, the employment rate for LLB graduates has unfortunately decreased: so one of the major advantages for applicants who choose to obtain their LLM degree in Commercial and Business Law is the increased amount of compensation these individuals are likely to receive for their work as a specialized attorney in their field.

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Writing the personal statement for your LLM

Professional Statement Writing and Editing Service for Admission to Law School

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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With maximum creativity, research, priority attention, and as many drafts as needed!

Samples of My Work for the LLM Degree, Masters in Law

Successful Statements of Excellence for Admission to LLM Degree Programs

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

Law School Admission Application Statement Help and the Developing World

 As a historian of Latin America and someone who has now spent more than a quarter of a century living and working in the Developing World, I take special delight at helping applicants to LLM and JD Programs who are themselves originally from the Developing World and seek ongoing professional education in Law so as to contribute to the political and economic development of their societies of origin.

 Excellent law schools provide a solid foundation of interdisciplinary theories and practices to improve the quality of life for populations in the developing world and I am especially fond of working with the themes of sustainable human development, leading to societies that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

The Humanitarian Side of the LLM Degree

You would be hard pressed to find a law student who didn’t at least silently harbor ambitions of becoming a truly inspired human rights lawyer. And there are certainly individuals who prove these dreams can become reality.

Here are some of the best and brightest human rights legal experts from around the world.

Louise Arbour

Canadian lawyer, Louise Arbour, left her post as a judge of the Supreme Court in Canada just three years into her stint to serve as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

Later in her career, she took it one step further to become the High Commissioner for Human Rights for the UN. Louise has been responsible for indicting Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes including genocide committed in Kosovo while he was still president of the Republic of Yugoslavia.

More recently, she confronted the Bush administration over the Iraq War,  the death penalty , and the  war on terror .

Geoffrey Robertson QC

This resident silver fox of human rights law, Geoffrey Robertson, plays  The Justice Game  better than most legal minds of our generation.

Among his previous famous and notorious clientele are  Salman Rushdie , Johnny Rotten, Malcolm X, and a handful of IRA bombers.

Despite the air of glamour and scandal surrounding Robertson’s cases, his record is indisputable evidence of his fight for human rights on an international level—Robertson has served as a UN appeal judge, as President of the War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone, and has acted for the Human Rights and Equality Commission in a landmark case defining the “right to dignity”. He is now working alongside fellow human rights Barrister, Amal Clooney nee Alamuddin, to win the  return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece .

Shirin Ebadi

In 1975, Shirin Ebadi became the first female judge in Iran. She was appointed to the bench of Tehran’s City Court. From there, she founded the Association for Support of Children’s Rights in 1995 and the Human Rights Defense Centre in 2001.

Her efforts were rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, making Ebadi the first Muslim woman to ever receive this honor.

Ebadi has campaigned to end legal discrimination against women in Iran within as well as outside the courts. She initiated the  One Million Signatures campaign in Iran (a petition to repeal discriminatory laws). Ebadi now defends 50 women imprisoned  for collecting signatures on charges of undermining national security.

Gao Zhisheng

Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng is a proud dissident from the world’s largest communist state. Though Gao has been recognised by China’s Ministry of Justice as one of the country’s ten best lawyers, his legal bouts have led to his detainment without charges on a number of occasions, including a number of mysterious disappearances.

Gao has campaigned for religious freedom in China by representing the State-banned religious group Falun Gong. He also ran the Open Constitution Initiative out of his own home to advocate the rule of law and greater constitutional protections in the PRC.

Until recently, Gao was under house arrest in China on a daily diet of a slice of bread and a piece of cabbage. But he is currently being  released  and moved to the United States for treatment due to his deteriorating health.

Razan Zatouneh

Syrian human rights lawyer Razan Zaitouneh is the youngest legal expert in this list. Despite her comparatively short career to date, she already has an impressive record. Her campaign for human rights in Syria speaks for itself.

After graduating from law school, Zaitouneh wasted no time in diving into Syria’s often dangerous court system, defending political prisoners and co-founding the Human Rights Association in Syria.

A prominent voice against the Assad regime and in support of peaceful revolution, Zaitouneh continues her defense of and for human rights in Syria. In late 2013, shortly after a phone interview with an American TV journalist, Zaitouneh, her husband, and two fellow activists were  kidnapped  from their offices. To this day, the activitists´ whereabouts are still unknown. She has been nominated and won various awards, including the International Women of Courage Award in 2013 and the Martin Ennals Award 2016.

What could be better than having a LLM? Using it to do some real good in the world. You don´t have to go in the same direction as these lawyers, you will carve out your own path. Where will it take you? We look forward to supporting you on your journey. 

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

LLM Personal Statement Sample for US University, Applicant from Columbia

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

I chose the law as a career because I wanted to make a significant and beneficial difference especially in my homeland. My debating ability and, communication and analytical skills seemed to make the law a natural choice and, as my training and experience has progressed, I have become increasingly fascinated and passionate about the role of the law in creating and maintaining stability and security individually, corporately and internationally.

I am aware that the practice of law calls for uncommon characteristics and skills and I believe that I possess them or have the potential to acquire them or I would not be making this application.  I am intellectually curious and love to add to my store of knowledge, I am capable of original and creative thinking about problems, I am happy to collaborate with others to achieve a desired outcome, I get on easily with others and seek to be empathetic. I am a successful debater and public speaker.  I was also elected president of the student council by my peers at school.  I participated in a ‘Moot Court’ competition in International Investment Law and was commended as being one of the best speakers for my contribution. I was also a member of a successful debating team at university and have participated in ‘Model UN’s’, two of them at Harvard. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these challenges which have enabled me to hone my skills in constructing and analyzing arguments, and in communicating with confidence and clarity.

I have devoted significant time to voluntary activities which I regard as an obligation for those as fortunate as I have been. I have, for the last 10 years, worked in a school in a very poor area Bogota. For a year, I have worked with a foundation called ‘PAIS’ in providing ‘pro-bono’ legal advice to the marginalized including prisoners and those with cognitive or physical disabilities. I find great satisfaction, and even joy, in these activities.

I have carefully researched the programs available and regard your own as an excellent ‘fit’ to enable me to achieve my goals. I am seeking a highly challenging but supportive academic environment and am confident that Northeastern will provide this. I am particularly drawn by the concept of the ‘Cooperative’ program which provides significant and relevant ‘hands-on’ experience and training to prepare students for practice of the law in the real world. In my special areas of interests, international contacts will be unusually important and I see the ‘Coop’ as an opportunity to initiate such relationships. I am also greatly impressed by the school’s forward looking approach demonstrated by its ‘NuLawLab’ facility. Clearly the practice of law will, along with many other service providing professions, be increasingly affected by technology and I want to be among the pioneers in this respect, I also look forward to using its capacity to provide legal training.

I seek to be a ‘well-rounded’ person. I am an enthusiastic squash and golf player, I read widely and enjoy the theatre. Spanish is my native language and I communicate easily in English both in writing and speech. I also speak French at basic level and intend to extend my knowledge as time permits. I have spent three months in the US and have visited the UK and France. I enjoy learning about other cultures and to sharing knowledge of my own rich heritage.

I believe that my academic career, background and experience of Columbian law will enable me to ‘add value’ to the program which I intend to pursue with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm.


I want to help you get admitted to Law School. Let us seize the high moral ground together as a team!

My service is also distinguished from other law school personal statement services by my humanitarian emphasis. I take the high moral ground, fostering a sense of historical justice through the celebration of diversity. Most of my clients are international students, and I enjoy helping to prepare the leaders of tomorrow in the field of law, people like you who want to make the world a better place. I help you brainstorm ideas free of charge so as to make your long term goals as creative and convincing as possible, helping you to weave the disparate elements of your story together in an eloquent fashion that causes you to stand out from the crowd.

While my PHD is in the area of Religion, I like to think of myself as more of a historian than a theologian. My focus has always been on moral theory and thinking as it relates to politics and international relations; yet, I have always been aware of how all of this invariably takes place on the foundation of Law. It is our legal system and its enforcement that makes moral thinking, dialogue, and, subsequently progress possible.

For   the past 30 years, I have labored to stay current on most of the news coming out of the Developing World, Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East. I have studied world religions and cultures extensively for decades. Fluent in Spanish, I am published in   that language in the areas of history and gender studies,

How to write an awesome LLM application

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></center></p><ul><li>Proofreading Services</li><li>SOP Writing Services</li><li>Resume Writing Services</li></ul><h2>Statement of Purpose</h2><p>Writing statement of purpose for law students: a detailed guide.</p><ul><li>January 20, 2023</li></ul><h2>Share this article</h2><p>Writing services.</p><ul><li>Academic Writing Service</li><li>Admission Essay Writing Service</li><li>Personal Statement Writing Service</li><li>LOR Writing Service</li><li>Motivation Letter Writing Service</li><li>Proofreading Service</li></ul><h2>SOP Writing Services in India</h2><ul><li>SOP Writing Service India</li><li>SOP Writing Service Hyderabad</li><li>SOP Writing Service Kerala</li><li>SOP Writing Service Bangalore</li><li>SOP Writing Service Delhi</li><li>SOP Writing Service Pune</li><li>SOP Writing Service Mumbai</li><li>SOP Writing Service Vijayawada</li></ul><h2>Table of Contents</h2><p>Are you considering law for your higher education? Congratulations. Be ready to take the next step – to write a powerful  statement of purpose  for your admission to the law school as early as possible. The arena of law school admission is highly competitive. You need an application that is perfect in all respects. In this blog, we are talking about the Statement of Purpose for Law Students.</p><p>This blog defines:</p><ul><li>What is SOP for Law?</li><li>How to write a Statement of Purpose for Law Programs</li><li>And a few LLM SOP samples for you to review</li></ul><p><center><a href=

What is a Statement of Purpose for Law?

Statement of Purpose for Law is your self-declaration to the admission panel of your chosen law school. In this detailed write-up, you will touch upon several relevant areas such as your academic formation, professional background, skills, and aptitudes. You will say how all of these are linked to your motivation for choosing law as your career choice and selecting that institute for your training in law. 

How Does the Selection Panel Assess Your Law SOP?

The selection panel will evaluate your personal statement to make an informed decision about your candidacy. They will try to make sense of the following aspects from your SOP for law. 

Two Different Types of SOPs You Need to Write as a Law Student

As a law aspirant, you will need to be ready with two different types of SOPs – SOP for LLM which is for your college/university admission and SOP for law internship which is to secure your placement at an organization to practice your skills as a legal trainee. 

What is SOP for LLM?

You need to get ready with a Statement of purpose for LLM at the time of seeking admission to the law school. Along with copies of other documents, your application should contain a personalized statement of purpose for LLM pdf. 

Role of an SOP for Law in Your Admission to A Law School

Your LLM SOP is meant to convince the selection committee of your law school or university. Its key roles include: 

Sample SOP for LLM (Masters)

Look at the sample SOP for law students to understand how you can write a personalized version of the SOP from scratch using your own insights. 

Sample SOP for LAW in UK university

Growing up as a child, I often heard my parents, relatives and neighbours suggesting me different career options for my future. Inundated with different ideas, I had no clue as to what I should become in the early stages. Luckily, there was no force from my parents to choose a career path without proper conviction. As the time went by and I progressed in grades, the question of discerning a career path became more frequent in my thoughts and in our peer group discussions. As an industrious student, I was good at and liked all subjects alike and deciding on something based on my interest in subject wasn’t really easy.

In my 8th grade, our social science teacher introduced a new topic in the class and it was about law. To explain the topic better, she divided the class into several groups consisting of four to five members and asked us to prepare a role play to demonstrate how a court worked. As we all had some idea about how the court room works from some movie scenes, it wasn’t a hard task at all. I was given the role of an attorney in the role play. For the mock trial, we chose the case of someone accused of forging a false document to evade government tax and I was to represent the plaintiff in the court. The role play won our team the appreciation of the teacher and all students in the class. Though the incidence was to be taken casually, somehow it attracted me to learn more about law and found the subject to be really exciting. Later at many instances, I realized the importance of legal studies and the noble purpose it serves in assuring justice to the innocents.

During my formative years at school and college, I kept updating my knowledge about national as well as international laws. When a court related news article would pop up in the newspaper or television, I would try to understand what it was all about and who the plaintiff and defendant in the case were. Then, I would try to get a picture about the background of the case by analysing the statements presented by both parties and try to arrive at my own conclusions. This self-taught process of judging, I should admit, has helped me a lot in building my foundation for law and would help me extensively throughout my law schooling in the graduation level.

After completing my senior secondary education in XXXXX, I decided to pursue my graduation in Political Science. In India, graduation in any discipline is one of the basic requirements to do LLB (Legum Baccalaureus). As I found Political science a subject closely related to law than any other available graduation programs in my college, I opted it. During my graduation, I kept doing my researches in various legal concepts and law disciplines to be well prepared for the LLB program I would carry on thereafter. Finally, my time to enrol in the law college came and I was to choose one of the law specifications from four (company law, criminal law, business law and corporate law). I didn’t have to spend much time thinking about what to choose, as I had become convinced of pursuing criminal law. Much of my readings and law explorations during the graduation period were about various criminal cases and their trials in India and I was quite convinced that I should become a criminal lawyer. The much popular Blackstone’s ratio in criminal law that “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer,” has had a very strong influence on my thinking process and career discernment.

My formative years at the law college were quite fruitful and gave me ample chances to develop my social skills and confidence. There were frequent mock trials where students had to take up the role of judge, attorneys on behalf of plaintiff and defendants, the bench etc. During these mock trials, I realized the importance of having a strong persuasiveness, convincing presentational skills, good command over language and integrity and I spent several hours of my day to improve myself in these areas. One of our professors used to say that the ultimate aim of studying law was not to possess knowledge alone but to apply it wherever it was needed. He was insisting on the importance of the practical application of the law and I am quite content that I made use of every opportunity I got to horn my skills.

Towards the end of my LLB program, many of my colleagues were determined to call it day and take up jobs or internships. It wasn’t hard for me to find an internship program in the city. While interning there, I realized that I needed to learn more and pursuing a master program in Criminal law was essential. I started doing some researches about it and sooner than later, I came across a few institutions that offered masters in law in India and UK. As I was well aware of the limitations with higher education programs in India, I ruled out Indian institutions and focused on UK institutions. Moreover, I had heard from my friends, professors and mentors that higher education in the domain of law from UK was quite impressive for reasons like international recognition, quality of teaching and affordable budget when compared to other abroad options. My searches for the right law college in UK zeroed in on XXXXXX. It offered the program I wanted and met all my expectations.

University of XXXX offers the best breeding ground for a law student. Its master program in criminal law is par excellence. I am convinced that the method of teaching, exposure, programmatic orientation and multicultural ambience etc. of the institution would complement and fortify my skills.

The expenditure for my master program in UK would be financed partly by my father and the remaining through a loan I would obtain from a nationalized bank.

Upon the completion of my master program, I would return to my country and begin my career in the capacity of an independent criminal lawyer. India, being a country with world’s second largest population, has a growing demand for criminal lawyers with knowledge and integrity and my dream is to become one to serve the everyone alike.

What is an SOP for Law Internship?

During your formation or post-course completion, you are required to intern in a law firm to concretize your theoretical learning of law with practical exposure. To apply for a law internship at a reputed law firm, you will need to convince them about your intentions through a statement of purpose for law internship. 

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Law Internship?

Your internship application is going to be accepted on the basis of how convincingly and engagingly you write your law internship SOP. Here are the steps to follow. 

Start early

Don’t keep the task of writing SOP for law internship until the last moment. Start working on it as early as possible. 

Elaborate reasons for doing the internship

Let the organization know your reasons for doing the internship with them. 

Select an appropriate format

Verify whether you are required to use any given format for your SOP. If not, select a format that is appropriate for the purpose. 

Reveal your internship expectations

Don’t hesitate to mention how you expect the internship program to benefit your professional growth and career aspirations. 

Avoid unnecessary information

Cherry-pick the most appropriate points for your SOP. Try to finish it within the recommended word limit – approximately 1000. 

Revise and finalize

Go through your draft carefully and check if it seems smooth to read and engaging. Ensure that it covers all relevant points and contains no mistakes. 

Pro Tip:  A SOP for law which contains mistakes will create a very bad impression about you. So, make sure that is foolproof before you submit it. 

Sample SOP for Law Internship

Review the statement of purpose for law internship sample carefully. Create a checklist of useful points from the sample which you can use while writing your document. 

Top Countries to Study Law and Writing SOP for Them

Below is the list of top countries to study law. Before you write an SOP for any of these countries, try to analyse the legal system in those countries to enhance your perspective. If you are intending to write an internship SOP, read a couple of statement of purpose samples for law internship before you attempt to draft your document. 

Pro Tips for Writing an Impeccable SOP for LAW

Use simple language.

The point is to make your thoughts easily communicated to the reader. If the reader misunderstands what you say, your SOP fails. 

Make it personal

Add your personal touch by carefully developing it from your personal story.

Reflect your passion for law

Remember to show the reader that you have chosen law out of passion and not out of convenience. 

Customize for the institute

Get to know about your preferred institute and write a customized SOP that meets everything that it demands from you. 

Give convincing examples

Don’t make empty claims. You need to provide your admission committee with convincing evidence of your achievements and skills. 

Top Ten Law Schools in The World

Want to study law at the best institute in the world? Here is a list of institutes you can consider for your application. 

Popular Professions to Choose After Law Graduation

Wondering what career path to choose after law graduation? In fact, understanding this will help you while drafting your Statement of Purpose for Law Students. Here is a list of the twenty most popular professions to hop on after completing your graduation in law. 


You have enhanced your perspective on writing a statement of purpose for law students. 

Are you ready to compose your document now? 

Try out the tips and steps we shared with you. And if you come across any doubt, we are here to help you.

In case you want us to clarify anything, let us know in the comments section below. 


I am Anjit.V.S, a freelance writer, overseas education consultant and an academic documentation expert. Over the years, I have written documents for thousands of students and hundreds of businesses and individuals worldwide. Many of the prominent study abroad counsellors in India refer me to their students for SOP, LOR, admission essays. personal statements and other similar documents. Not just the academic documents but whatever content needs you have, stay assured. Perfectly impeccable services are delivered.

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SOP for UK: Statement of Purpose (SOP) for UK Universities & Student Visa


If you are planning to  study at a UK University , you must have come across a ‘Statement of Purpose’ or ‘Personal Statement’ as an essential document in your university’s application. And now, even after scrolling through a series of web pages providing samples for a statement of purpose, if you are still clueless about what to include in your statement, then you are on the right page. Our guidelines will surely help you get your ‘ Statement of Purpose ’ sorted!

Did you know the Importance of an SOP?

A Statement of Purpose is your chance to create an impression!

As the name suggests, a Statement of Purpose gives you an opportunity to express your intent and goals before the admission committee. Through this statement, you can reach out to the admission committee and impress them with your experiences, skills or hidden talents, which may not be reflected in your mark sheets or transcripts. In fact, an impressive statement of purpose can make your application stand out from the rest, even if you have average scores in your academics. On the other hand, an application with an excellent academic record and a thoughtlessly written or weak personal statement might receive a rejection. Therefore, it is crucial that you make the most of this statement by showcasing your ambition, knowledge, skills, achievements and most importantly, your motivation to pursue the intended course.

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Brainstorm First!

Brainstorming is the first thing you should do when you set out to write your Personal Statement. There could be many experiences in your life but you should include only those experiences which are worth sharing with your audience, that is the admission committee. So, before writing the actual statement, you should pen down all your important experiences, achievements and activities of your life. Thereafter, you can sort the ones which directly reflect your potential for the intended course. You can also include some of the attributes which make you unique and give you an edge over others. Jotting down these ideas first will also help you in deciding the way in which you want to highlight these points in your statement.

Mind the Word Limits

Some universities provide specific guidelines when it comes to the word limit. So, it is important to check for any such specifications. Even the online  Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) undergraduate application  form has specified a limit of a maximum of 47 lines or 4000 characters long (whichever comes first). So, you are required to draft your statement carefully, keeping the word limit in mind.

In case, the word limit is not specified, your statement should be around 1000 - 1200 words, as a crisp and precise statement tends to be more appealing to the admission committee, who is bound to read thousands of applications.

Grab the attention from the beginning

There could be many ways to write an opening paragraph of an SOP. However, a winning statement is one that manages to grab the readers’ attention from the beginning and keeps them hooked until the end. You can simply start with your motivation for the course, but giving a creative start with an experience or an anecdote highlighting your motivation to pursue the course can definitely be a distinguished way of keeping the reader interested in your life’s purpose.

Include only the relevant

In an effort to impress the admission committee, you might want to include everything about yourself. But remember, a Statement of Purpose is not a Resume . The main purpose of this statement is to highlight your motivation for the course and your related goals. Therefore, use this statement to highlight only the important aspects of your life, which can bring out your individuality along with justifying your enthusiasm for the program. Your statement of purpose can include:

Prove your Credibility

It is important that you prove your worth to the admission committee by providing examples and sharing experiences from your life that demonstrate your skills and attributes. Claiming that you are a great leader may sound unrealistic to the admission committee unless you share an experience where you excelled in leadership skills. Hence, giving evidence for your interest in the subject or the traits mentioned in the statement of purpose goes a long way in affirming your claim of being a worthy candidate for the university.

Show your preference for the UK and the chosen University

You should devote a paragraph highlighting your reason for choosing the UK as your preferred destination. Also, you should research the university you are applying for, and mention the features that make it an appropriate university for you to pursue your studies. The way in which you present your interests in the university helps you validate the fact that you are serious about your career aspirations and that this particular university is the right platform for you to realize your goals.

Say No to plagiarism

Copying someone else’s work is something you should completely avoid. Universities use plagiarism-checking tools to check the originality of their ideas. In case, a statement of purpose is being copied, the application will be outrightly rejected. So, be original in your ideas and writing. Remember that more than your ability to write, the admission committee will judge you on the basis of your skills, experiences and inclination towards the program.

Proofread your work

It is always better to proofread the statement for grammatical or sentence-level errors. You can even get help from your family members, friends or seniors who can check the statement for any errors or even give suggestions to improve your draft. Having a couple of re-drafts before finalizing the statement can lead to a more satisfactory and deserving outcome.

SOP for UK Universities (Sample)

There is hardly any field where science of Data Analysis has not made its presence felt. The art of processing and understanding the humongous amount of data can help in effective decision making, leading to implementation of more innovative ideas for successful outcomes. Being an engineer with considerable experience in digital data and analysis, I find the field of Data Science quite fascinating because it effectively blends technological expertise with human logic. After working for a client in manufacturing domain and learning about new concepts like statistical methods and predictive modelling, I stoutly felt the need to develop concrete knowledge in this field, which became my prime motivation to pursue Master’s in Data Analytics. With this program, I intend to learn the best tools of analytics and imbibe necessary skills that are required for effective utilization of data.  My goal is to start a new career in my country as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst with the best figures. I would also like to challenge myself in next few years, by staying updated and working closely with advanced technologies. The roots of my interest in the field of analytics digs down to my school days when I was fascinated with mathematics and physics. Their implementation in real-life processes intrigued me a lot. I used to discuss my doubts with my faculty until I get convinced by the reason behind phenomena; as a result, I developed analytical skills at an early age. During my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from XXX University, I diverted towards programming language in #C and #MATLAB right from the starting. Although it was not my major area of study, I developed a strong and deep insights into the subjects like operating system, algorithms and computer administration. Data signal processing and digital image processing as the core subjects were even more interesting as they dealt with processing of image and audio signals. They also taught me about improving and disproving the quality using mathematical equations. Predicting the missing part of image using predictive analysis, helped me in building a strong analytical background. With my zeal and passion towards Information Technology, I joined a corporate company as an Assistant System Engineer (ASE). After getting trained in Java and SQL, I started working with the client FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). From then on, I started working on real-timer technical data. My role was to collect huge data from the data base server, filter the given requirements as per BRD and analyse the data by understanding the business requirements. After that, I was required to extract the solution for the given problem or give an innovative solution for business growth. This project not only gave me a better understanding of businesses and its related processes but also helped me in improving my analytical skills day by day. Now with around 2.3 years of experience, I feel that this is the right time to upgrade my knowledge of Data Analytics by pursuing a full-time course. I am certain that this course will equip me with latest trends, data tools and upcoming processes. This program will also help me in improving my knowledge in R, Python, supervised and unsupervised algorithms.  Having zeal and enthusiasm to study Master’s abroad, I sorted out few options available and found few programs in USA, Ireland and UK. I opted for UK because of the availability of  wider job opportunities in multiple domains like finance, manufacturing, automobile, banking, health care, hotel management and others, where Analytics has a wider scope in development. UK is also one of the largest destinations for international students, providing the high-quality education for value of money. Course duration for Master’s in UK universities is often one year, which will save both my time and money. Moreover, the practical approach of study will provide me with exposure to real-time work environment. I am quite confident that this friendly practical approach of study, which is more goal-oriented, will help me stand out of the crowd, brightening my career opportunities in top MNC’s on return to my home country. Considering my career goals, I have chosen YYY University which is one of the leading educational institutions in UK. The course curriculum includes data mining, advanced data analytics and data visualization, which are pretty much helpful for strong data science background. I look forward to the predictive analysis and data-driven decision making for Machine Learning models for predicting the data. Apart from the strong foundational courses offered, diverse elective programs will provide me with greater insights into different industrial domain. Also, implementing theoretical concept in the capstone project to work with real-time data will greatly help me in future endeavours and will prepare me to be industry-ready. Studying at your university will surely help me build upon my existing analytical skills gained through my experience so far. I will strive to gain as much practical knowledge as possible at the institute. I am sure that your university will fulfil my academic expectations through the modules offered, and will clear my path for a great career ahead.  

Statement of Purpose (SOP): All You Need to Know!

SOP for UK Student Visa

An SOP is one of the most important documents in your application. Students can note the following tips for an SOP for UK Student Visa .

We hope that by now, you must have understood that writing an impressive statement of purpose is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little bit of planning, a positive approach and time management. So, do not wait for the deadlines of the UK universities, start drafting your Statement of Purpose well in time and let the university know about the ‘real’ you.

Check out the Samples SOPs for more countries:

Download this article as PDF to read offline

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

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sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

Sample SOP for MS in Law

Coming from an Indian family, I have always been a part of my parents, relatives, and neighbors’ conversation regarding my career. During the early stages of my school, I had no idea or clue as to what I wanted to become. However, I was fortunate enough to get support from my parents to choose my career. My parents never forced or pressurized me to pursue a particular career option. However, as time passed and I reached high school, one question that was constantly running in my head was, what career do I want to pursue? For me, who was interested in every subject, it became tough to decide my career options. 

I clearly remember when I was in 8th grade, my class was introduced to a new topic from our social science teacher. This topic was nothing else but law. This was the time when I was introduced to this subject. To help us understand this important topic better, our class was divided into several groups; each group consisted of 4-5 members. Then we were instructed to prepare a role-play. This role play was to demonstrate the functioning of a court. It wasn’t a hard task as almost every student had some idea about the role play as we all had scenes of how the court worked in movies. At the end of this role play, winners were decided, and our team won.

This was the incident that compelled me to know more and more about the law. I found this subject to be very interesting and exciting. With time I developed a significant interest in this subject. When I progressed to higher standards, I also realized the importance of legal studies. The noble purpose of assuring justice to the innocents also motivated me to step into this field. 

Tips how to write an excellent SOP

After my schooling, I took an entrance exam for my under graduation. I got admission into a very prestigious college in India. The subject I was majoring in was political science. In India, to pursue LLB, one has to have a degree of under graduation. This was the reason behind opting for political science as my major because this was the only available option that was closest to the field of law.

Throughout my under graduation, I kept on updating my horizon of national and international law knowledge. I always pay attention to any news related to court or law broadcasted into television or newspaper. I put all the learnings and knowledge about the law to understand every tit-bits of the case. There were many more things I would do as I self-learning. Today, I can admit that this self-learning attitude has helped me build the foundation of my knowledge.

In the last year of my college, I was also very active in taking up jobs and internships. In my city, It wasn’t hard to find an internship. I even joined one local law firm in my city as an intern. For the consecutive three months, I did this internship. By the end of this internship, I also realized that I needed to learn more about criminal law. To achieve this goal, there was only one option in front of me: pursuing a master’s degree in the respective domain.

I started my research for the same and came across a few colleges and universities that suited my requirements but not all. There was some other thing that was not going according to my requirements in the colleges I searched for. After researching for a couple of weeks, I came across your prestigious university. I looked through everything and realized that everything suited my requirements, from the infrastructure to the fee structure and from the success of my career perspective to the diversity in the student from all over the globe. Your esteemed university also offers the program of my choice. 

Sooner I realized that XYZ University has been proving itself one of the best universities on the globe for law students. The program of criminal law is exactly as per my expectation even better. I am also convinced that the teaching, programmatic, orientation, multicultural ambiance, etc., are commendable and extraordinary. 

Post my master’s degree; I would be returning to my country and beginning a career as an independent criminal lawyer. Looking forward to the consideration of my candidature for the applied course. 

2. What should I include in my SOP for Law course? F o r statement of purpose of Law, you can include – Introduction, Academic qualification, Work experience, Ambitions, Goals, Why that course and university, your individual qualities, research experience.

sample statement of purpose for llm admission in uk

Sample SOP for MS / MBA • Statement of Purpose

December 13, 2022

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Sample SOP for MS in CS at USA University

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How do I write a SOP for a UK University?

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SOP for MS in Computer Science in USA

What is the eligibility for MS / Masters in US?

how to write sop for ms in uk

Sample SOP for Masters in Norway

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Sample SOP for MS in Switzerland

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Sample SOP for MS in New Zealand

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Sample SOP for Masters in Italy

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Sample SOP for MS in Japan

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 Sample SOP for MS in Australia

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Sample Statement of Purpose for Masters in France

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Sample SOP for Masters in Netherlands

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The UK boasts of being one of the most preferred countries by international students for pursuing their higher education. With constant improvements within the education system for decades, it has become one of the leaders in providing high-quality overseas education programs. If you are also considering pursuing your education from the UK, then write a winning SOP for admissions, as the competition is high with a lot of applicants who want to study in the country. Hence, writing a flawless SOP that gives you an edge over other aspirants is necessary.

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What is an SOP?

Have you ever wondered why top-ranking UK universities essentially require a Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

An SOP is a document in which you state your goals, experience, skills, and why you want to seek admission to a university. 

A good SOP can leave the reader impressed which helps you stand out from the crowd. Many students make the obvious mistake of writing an essay about themselves and end up submitting a résumé instead — which is only more verbose and may have long sentences and no front-loaded information. A winning SOP can easily help you obtain admission at a university in the UK. Read below to know more about SOP for the UK!

How is SOP for the UK Different From Other SOPs in the USA, Australia, or Ireland?

The best guidance for your study abroad dream.

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SOP For UK Universities: Samples, Templates & Format For Masters in the UK

A uniquely different SOP defines your profile by reflecting on your overall personality and key achievements and provides for a glance at your educational background, your expertise, and more. The guidelines of the UK institutions are different, so aspirants should adhere to the exact need of universities to increase their chance of selection. 

How to Write an SOP for the UK

Let us look at some valuable tips to write a statement of purpose:

SOP Format for the UK

The following table will help you understand how to structure a good SOP so that it includes all the relevant information.

Pro tip: Ensure that you steer clear of plagiarism when creating your SOPs to score higher, thereby increasing your chance to get selected!

SOP Sample for the UK

Since marketing is a part of business functions, it is assumed to be limiting. However, it is much more than just selling and marketing the product well. As I explored more, I was able to recognize the significance of marketing and product promotion and where it stands globally. I decided to kickstart my career by pursuing a master’s in marketing from a university in the UK. The kickstart I needed would be fulfilled by the chosen university in the UK because it would help me develop the skills required to not only design products but also make products that are desired in today’s world. The university would prepare me to create and develop products that are functional and useful for society at large.

The UK is one of the most sought-after destinations for pursuing a master’s program in marketing and other courses like an MBA. Universities in the UK would help me develop presentation and technical skills that are the need of the hour for different business enterprises. Interacting with peers at the UK university will help me build contacts and enhance my communication skills. The modules covered in the course include strategic brand management, digital marketing, e-business management and more, which will help me to understand the needs of consumers as well as how they can be met. Since the UK universities have flexible courses, excellent career opportunities, world-class amenities, and a people-friendly environment, it will also help in shaping my one-on-one and interpersonal skills, which are required when meeting clients.

As far as my academics are concerned, I have been a class topper. I completed schooling at Amity school in Noida, India, and scored an aggregated 81% in high school. After finishing my schooling, I joined IMT College to pursue engineering, which is one of the top colleges to pursue civil engineering. In my final year, I also presented a research paper at an international conference and won accolades for the same. 

My college degree helped me develop appropriate qualitative and analytical skills. Being a civil engineer has helped me have the edge over others in adapting technical skills. In this digital world, it is not enough just to be a successful engineer; candidates need to develop marketing skills as well as it helps bring both the worlds of analytics and ideas together.

Having access to a reputed university in the UK would increase my chances of reaching global standards when it comes to marketing skills. I hope that the admission panel will understand my requirements, take them into consideration, and give me a chance to study at the prestigious University of the UK. I vow to follow the applicable rules and regulations of the UK government.

Template for SOP for MBA in the UK

Personal Statement

Applying to the prestigious MBA course at the University of Bristol is something I have considered ever since I was in the last two years at school. After finishing the college degree, the course will help me to enhance my knowledge about business management as I wish to open my own startup. This application will include supportive documents about my previous qualification and eligibility to study in the MBA program. I am a student with a business background, and I would like to add more by achieving an MBA degree from the University of Bristol.

My first choice in a research institution is the University of Bristol. Since my interest has been in pursuing an MBA, I have compared many universities with each other and found out that it is one of the premier institutes and the best place for me to study MBA. My choice in this institute is because of its good reputation in the academic industry and excellent tie-ups.

The excellent tie-ups permit its students to analyse the real eventualities that one could face and use theories and practical knowledge to resolve these things. I feel it’s important to achieve an MBA degree from the UK that is accepted inside the work sector for its progress and looked up to for teaching and development of scholars, and of course, the University of Bristol will be a great example of that.

To gain something substantial in life, one has to stay focused on what’s vital to attaining objectives and thus, it is important to grasp what I actually need and why this can facilitate reaching wherever I would like to be. It’s a reflective method, which is not straightforward; however, it can determine why and what I want to study.

When I was in high school, my interest was in history and the arts. However, after finishing high school, my interest went toward business management. In the higher secondary, my main subjects were business studies, English literature, and civics. I got my Bachelors degree in Pharmacy at the University of Birmingham.

In my free time, I prefer to gain voluntary work experience. This assists me in increasing my work experience in a specific environment. During employment, one needs to work as a team, which plays a significant role in day-to-day communication skills. At work, it is important for me to apply theory to practice for impressive and business-oriented results.

Managing people requires an understanding of the organisation’s vision and the individual’s role within this, and it is the application of this vision that is important. I have come to the realisation that the main management skill is often the most overlooked one. One such skill is empathy and understanding the employee’s role, their issues and also what works well within the context of their personal circumstances.

After completing the MBA course in the UK, I will be able to progress to achieve a doctorate in London.

This degree in the UK will give me a chance to gain more knowledge in the form of management theory so that the same can be practised in the real world. I strongly believe that the more I know about management and what it is like to manage people, the more I can add to my future role and self. My ambition is to be a good communicator and motivator as well as an HRM manager who can be looked up to. It will be an excellent opportunity for me to fulfil my dream if you consider my application worthwhile to study at the University of Bristol.


As a closing statement, writing an impressive statement of purpose is not as difficult as it could initially seem. A bit of timely planning, a culmination of thoughts, and the ability to express them come in handy. Do not wait for the deadlines of the UK universities to come knocking at your door at the last moment, and start preparing for your Statement of Purpose well in advance.

Since admission officers read thousands of SOPs around the year, remember your Statement of Purpose for the UK should be well-written and convincing enough for them to pick you instead of someone else with similar accomplishments.

An impressive SOP for the UK will demand a reflection of your skills, knowledge, experiences and passion for studying in a university of your choice in the UK. Mentors from Leap Scholar can help you create an impressive SOP highlighting your academics, achievements, goals and hobbies and ensure that you are selected by the university of your choice. To get started with your application process, book your free consultation call today!

Frequently Asked Questions on SOPs

What is the standard word count of an sop.

Each university gives specific instructions on the word count/limit of the SOP. Do check the university’s website before beginning. On average, 1-2 pages or 500-1000 words is a good benchmark.

Can I use the same SOP for different universities?

Since your SOP has to cater to each university differently, it is advisable, when applying to multiple universities to only make use of one SOP as a template but ensure that you edit and customize it properly.

What is the best tone and format that I can follow while writing an SOP?

Be concise and use an active voice as it seems more conversational while being authoritative. While using conversational tone is allowed, ensure you are respectful and formal. Use a standard font style (Times New Roman) and size (12).

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