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When something is limitless , there's an unending amount or supply of it. If you truly believe there are limitless possibilities in life, you see no limit to what people can achieve.

If the investor funding your business idea says she has limitless financial resources, that means the money will never run out. And if your friend promises limitless supplies of ice cream at her party, she's confident she won't run out. The ocean appears limitless — boundless in size — when you gaze at the horizon, and you may feel limitless amounts of love for the special people in your life. Limitless things have no limit, a word based in the Latin limitem , "boundary."

  • adjective without limits in extent or size or quantity “ limitless vastness of our solar system” synonyms: illimitable , measureless immeasurable , immensurable , unmeasurable , unmeasured impossible to measure
  • adjective seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent “a limitless supply of money” synonyms: boundless , unbounded infinite having no limits or boundaries in time or space or extent or magnitude
  • adjective having no limits in range or scope “the limitless reaches of outer space” synonyms: unlimited bottomless having no apparent limits or bounds oceanic resembling the ocean in apparent limitlessness in extent or degree untrammeled , untrammelled not confined or limited see more see less Antonyms: limited small in range or scope minor , modest , pocket-size , pocket-sized , small , small-scale limited in size or scope narrow limited in size or scope narrow not wide show more antonyms...

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no limit definition

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It’s also a question with seemingly limitless answers, as states, school districts, and teachers unions have been left to negotiate safety among themselves — with, until recently, little guidance from the federal government.

Video games can serve an almost limitless number of functions, from a consumer entertainment product to a living library for government-censored speech and research.

In adulthood, too, Orellana Garcia’s energy seemed limitless .

No constitutional rights are limitless —and the repeal of Section 230 has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

It seems like the hope of near- limitless clean energy may not be as far off as we thought.

Barack Obama has shown America that crony corporatism, patronage politics, and limitless government know no party.

As such, the limitless nature of comic book fantasy is used, by and large, to keep limits in place.

So too the many variations on its theme, each fueled by our limitless urge to flirt.

The vast cache of sensitive data could be used for an almost limitless number of fraudulent purposes by hackers.

“The limitless universe might even include other planets with other beings created by that same loving God,” he wrote in the book.

Jane now pursued her studies and her limitless reading with unabated ardor.

The expanse, apparently so limitless , open to her view, invited her fancy to a range equally boundless.

But she had quickly grown to love the broad, free Indian reservation, with its limitless miles of unfenced hills.

But the Assyrians (like the Romans after them) could avail themselves of a limitless amount of dirt-cheap labour.

Its limitless deeps reveal themselves to us, and yet baffle our gaze: close themselves against research, but open to conjecture.



English [ edit ]

Noun [ edit ].

no limit ( uncountable )

Anagrams [ edit ]

no limit meaning

In a no-limit game, a player is allowed to bet or raise according to the following rules:

  • For the initial bet of any betting round , the player may choose to check , or they may bet an amount no less than the minimum bet at the table. The maximum amount they may bet is the amount of chips they have currently in play on the table .
  • If a bet has already been made during a betting round, subsequent players may choose to fold , call , or raise . If a player chooses to raise , the amount of the raise must be no less than the amount of the most recent bet or raise . The maximum amount of their raise is the amount which would cause them to bet all of their remaining chips and go all-in .

Note that each successive betting round in a game "Resets" the betting amounts. The first bettor in a subsequent betting round may choose to bet only the minimum bet again, if they like.

The minimum bet in a no-limit game is usually the amount of the big blind , though some NL games set a specific minimum bet that is larger than the big blind. This is sometimes called the bring-in for the game, or is sometimes called the amount by which a player must enter the pot .

Handling All-In

All-in situations can happen in any game that's played for table stakes . However, the most complex situations tend to happen in no-limit and pot-limit games. It's rare to have more than one player all-in at a fixed limit game.

Once a player is all-in, he will contend for the main pot while the remaining players content for one or more side pots as well as the main pot.

A single all-in player is fairly easy to handle. His chips are counted and an equal amount of chips are taken from the stacks of all callers. Those chips are taken into the main pot. All chips leftover after this is done are placed in the side pot - this pot is physically separated from the main pot by the dealer. Any players with chips remaining now continue on with the hand; any chips bet are added to the side pot. At showdown, the players who have been contending for the side pot show their hands and the winner takes the side pot. The all-in player then shows his hand which is compared to the hand already shown by the winner of the side pot. The winner of this showdown takes the main pot.

This get a bit more confusing when multiple players are all-in, but the procedure is basically the same. You always start with the smallest stack and work up to the biggest stacks, creating side pots until you have one or more players with chips remaining. An example will probably make this clearer.

Let's say it's the turn in a no-limit hold'em game and four players are in a hand. Their stacks look like this:

Player 1: $500 Player 2: $400 Player 3: $300 Player 4: $200

There's $200 in the pot from prior betting rounds. On the turn, Player 1 bets $500 and is all-in. The remaining players call. How the money gets in is irrelevant - that all players are all-in is the important point.

The first thing the dealer will do is take $200 (the smallest stack, Player 4) from each player and move that to the main pot. The stacks are now

Player 1: $300 Player 2: $200 Player 3: $100 Player 4: $0

And there is $1,000 in the main pot.

Now the dealer creates side pot #1 by taking $100 (the smallest stack now belongs to Player 3) from each player and setting it apart from the main pot. The stacks are now

Player 1: $200 Player 2: $100 Player 3: $0 Player 4: $0

There is still $1,000 in the main pot. There is now $300 in side pot #1.

But we're not done because there are still two players with stacks in front of them. The dealer now takes $100 (Player 2's stack) from each player for side pot #2. Player 1 gets his last $100 back.

The river card is dealt and it's time for the showdown. The showdown happens in reverse order starting from the last side pot created. So, in our example, Player 1 and Player 2 turn their hands up. The winner is pushed side pot #2. The winner of that side pot now compares his hand to Player 3 with the winner being pushed side pot #1. Finally, the winner of side pot #1 compares his hand to Player 4 and the winner takes the main pot.

Phew! See, nothing to it.

no limit meaning

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From wiktionary , creative commons attribution/share-alike license..

  • noun poker A poker game where bets and raises can be as large as the player is capable of making them.


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no limit meaning

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