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Writing a summer vacation essay is not as amusing as summer vacations themselves. However, when a teacher starts dumping these essays on you, you need to find a way to help the muse strike and get working on these. Sometimes you can’t even afford to rely on online help for certain tasks. That is when you are on your own. It’s time to let your inner writer out and hone some of these skills so you’re independent and can write the best essay about my summer vacation.

We understand that certain vacation essays can be super tricky. However, we want to make writing fun, exciting, and wholesome; hence we are here with some great samples for you. You can get a great idea by reading these pre written essays , and they will help you understand how to approach them correctly. Vacation essays need ideas, skills, and correct grammar to write great vacation writings.

Short Essay on My Summer Vacations in English

essay on summer vacation

Summer is the warmest time of the year, and children love it. It’s a fun and exciting time since they get to eat their preferred fruits and ice cream. They also benefit from extended school closures during these holidays.

The holiday is a key phase for young kids. It is a joyous occasion for them. Throughout these vacations, youngsters can do whatever they want. They enjoy spending the vacations with their mom and dad, brothers, and sisters. Summer vacation is the happiest time in students’ lives because they had a break from attending school for a while.

These breaks are extremely important apart from getting away from the heat. Just after tests, students are completely drained and uninterested in learning; therefore, they require rest to improve their health and effectiveness after a hard year of study.

Everyone begins to learn something during the break, whether they are adults or children. Everyone has their way to commemorate the warm holiday; some like to go on a barbeque with their family, others travel to overseas nations, and still, others remain at home and appreciate it.

Most girls prefer to play racquetball, soccer, and other sports during the summer holiday, whereas boys like to play cricket on the empty ground. Several fruits can only be relished during the warmer months, and these fruits contribute to making the summer vacation more exciting. Drinking fresh berries smoothies and eating fresh fruit in the body produces vitality in the body. So I love my summer vacations.

Essay Sample on What I Did This Summer

how I spend my summer vacation essay

If there’s one word that every student loves to hear is “Vacations” because let’s be real, that’s the best time of the year, is it not? The days out almost endlessly before you with nothing like deadlines to meet and quizzes to prepare for on your mind. And if there’s someone who loves vacations more than anyone else, it’s me. And Oh boy, did I have the time of my life the last summer break I got and here is what I did this summer!

As soon as I got done with my exams, the durst thing I did was heave a huge sigh of relief and collapsed on my bed, exhausted from all the work I’d had to put in the semester. After a quick nap (Okay, not so short rest, I dozed off for four hours), I got up and immediately decided to start planning on how I was preparing to spend my vacations. I called my best friend Ali, with whom I had planned a trip since the school year, and immediately started planning and sorting out the details.

We agreed on a trip to the northern areas of the country and began preparations for it immediately. Two of our other very close friends and we were due to leave by the end of the week, and with barely five more days to go got packing immediately. We left by train on a hot Friday afternoon and reached a cool hill station away from the hot and humid city.

And saying that we enjoyed ourselves on that trip would be nothing short of an understatement.

From white water rafting to trekking on narrow mountain trails, we did it all. And before we knew it, our trip came to an end. With a rather sad heart but with numerous memories made to cherish, I came back rather unfortunate that the trip had come to an end but still rather happy that I still had a month and a half worth of lazing around left to do after spending probably the best two weeks on my life up north with my closest buddies.

Now here’s a fun fact about myself. I’m an avid football player, and with my university course load and those pesky exams, I hadn’t gotten much time to play the sport I was so dearly in love with. However, a few days after I returned, the club I played for had registered to participate in a local league, which I was excited about. And in a few days, the tournament kicked off with us cruising through the tournament’s group stages. In the meantime, I had also decided to start with a new hobby – Baking. However, needless to say, that enthusiasm of mine didn’t last very long (two burnt cakes long to be very precise), and thus I decided to focus my attention on some that were, let’s just say, more my cup of tea!

I also promised to make sure I was productive this summer break, so I decided to start a social internship, much to my parent’s delight. I filled the application forms, and the next thing I knew, I breezed through the interview and was due to start the following week. And let me tell you, that was probably one of the best experiences; working with kids at the hospital was an eye-opener for me as to his we take our health for granted. Seeing the smiles on the little kid’s face would leave me feeling accomplished from inside, and I found happiness in the fact that I was finally giving back to the community.

With my internship ending and the tournament coming to a close as well (which we managed to win, thanks to a thrilling penalty shoot-out in the final), my summer break had come to an end too. And as upset, I was at having to go back to my boring life of assignments and exams, I was very pleased that this summer was one of the finest I’ve ever had. I wish I get an opportunity to experience such times every single year.

Topics in English Topics in english to learn and fluent pronunciation and writing and facilitate conversation between you and others, whether in school, work or daily life

My last summer holiday essay

My last summer holiday essay 19 models

My last summer holiday essay ,If you want to talk about your holiday at home, you can use the first topic, and if you want to talk about spending your holiday abroad, you can use the second topic. You’ll find it in My last summer holiday essay.

My last summer holiday essay

Everyone waits summer vacation to spend time to rest and enjoy after studying or work and you will find here ideas for the holiday in My last summer holiday essay in English.

  Summer vacation

Everyone is waiting for the summer vacation and taking a rest after a long year of study or work, but many people are wondering how they will spend their summer holidays whether at home or traveling abroad.

To facilitate this, we will give you a variety of ideas to spend the summer vacation either at home or anywhere else.

Spend the summer break at home  

Spend useful and enjoyable time on the Internet: Browse useful and useful sites to suit your hobbies and desires, such as reading e-books or browsing cooking sites or social networking sites.

Reading books: You can create a convenient and convenient place to spend time reading your favorite books.

Your hobbies: Everyone complains that there is not enough time to practice hobbies such as sports, walking, mountain climbing, swimming or even camping, so take advantage of the summer vacation to practice your favorite hobby, but some people may tell you that I do not have hobbies and I do not know what is The thing that fascinates me, in this case you should try different things like photography, writing or even learning a new language.

Spending time with the family There is no doubt that one of the most important things for a worker or student is to spend time with family and friends.

Family gatherings are one of the most important times a person can spend.

Various activities: Exercise, shopping, or even cleaning the house can improve your overall mood and give you psychological comfort.

So if you want to talk about spending your holiday at home, you can take the first topic, but if you want to talk about spending your holiday abroad, you can take the following topic:

Everyone is waiting for the summer vacation and taking a rest after a long year of study or work, but many people are wondering how they will spend their summer holidays whether at home or traveling abroad. To facilitate this, we will give you a variety of ideas to spend the summer vacation either at home or anywhere else.

Travel on summer vacation

 Budgeting: Providing enough money to cover travel expenses is something that you should think about in advance and determine where you are going to go, so you do not face any problems.

Pre-booking: If you want to spend your summer vacation outside the house, you must reserve your accommodation in advance, as most hotels are booked and you may not find for you or for your family the right place to spend this holiday.

Choosing the right place: You should think carefully about any vacation you are trying to spend. For example, if you are vacationing with family and children, you should choose places where there are children’s facilities and a family-friendly facility to make sure that everyone in the family has a good time.

Luggage arrangement: Many people overpay their things with things they will never use on the trip and may have to pay extra for the airport and also can not buy gifts and souvenirs from the area you visit.

My last summer vacation was very interesting, due to several reasons, the most important of which is that I was able to join my favorite sport, which is (……).

This was not the first vacation that I tried to join a club and be part of a team, so I had many previous attempts, but I kept trying to raise my fitness level so that I could achieve my goal, and this holiday I was able to do so.

It is wonderful to reap the fruits of your efforts with the result you wanted to get. I can’t describe the amount of time I have devoted to training, or to a regular diet so that I can build strong muscle mass and increase my physical fitness. I am very eager to participate in official matches and appear in front of family and friends.

Of course, this vacation was not without fun either. So, after spending my training times, I would go out regularly to the beach with my friends, swim, relax and dance. And trying some new experiences on me. So I was able to divide my time and create a schedule where I could train, rest and have fun.

My last summer holiday

My last summer vacation I was able to spend some useful activities like running a marathon in our town every summer of the year. Everyone shares it. Dedicated to all townspeople. It aims at the importance of sport to society and the individual.

I really liked my subscription to it this year. There was a challenge between me and my friends over who could win. Although we couldn’t complete it completely, we were happy to run a few miles  and maybe in the coming years we can win first place.

I also participated in a sports activity last holiday. Karate, which is one of the most famous martial arts sports. I loved a lot to join it to learn some defensive skills, which might benefits me in the future in defending myself.

I loved this sport because it brings out all the negative energy in my body and helps me to raise my physical fitness. I hope in the future to participate in tournaments at school and get some prizes, that would be very nice.

Last summer holiday

Last summer I went on a camping trip in the woods, we were ten people, it was a really fun vacation and I learned a lot like self-reliance, I was cooking by myself, using some tree branches that my friend collected, as we divided the work, one of us collects branches The trees, the second cooks food, the third washes the dishes, the fourth cleans the place, and the rest have to hunt some animals such as rabbits, or catch fish. And in the evening we sit around the fire singing and tell about the strange events that happened to us.

Paragraph about last Summer Holiday

Last summer I went to the village, I love the calm and I like to watch the beautiful landscapes. In the village we can enjoy the tranquility and the beautiful scenery. I used to get up early and watch the sunrise, a sight that I cannot see in my city, where the tall buildings. I also watch the birds above the trees, and they make beautiful sounds in preparation for flying to search for food.

Of course there is the experience of doing some handicrafts as well. I helped my relatives to work in one of the farms they own, which is dedicated to raising chickens. My job was to feed them and monitor the room temperature. That made me feel more responsible.

It made me appreciate the life I live and how my father provides us with all comfort means. Through this experience, I was able to feel that other people of my age suffer from a great lack of all the requirements of life.

So I find the last vacation wonderful and I was able to benefit a lot from it and learn some new things.

Write a paragraph about your last summer holidays

I really liked the last summer vacation, during which I was able to participate in several new activities and hobbies, such as swimming and driving mini-racing cars.

I also learned some new skills such as making fire from different tools, through friction. I also learned some survival skills like catching small wild animals, or catching fish from the river and making traps for them.

Last summer vacation was filled with many experiences. I learned from other people and am now ready to teach my younger brother some of these skills and habits.

I will be very happy if this experience is repeated again.

My last summer vacation

My last summer vacation was very special because I was able to benefit from it more than any other vacation. Where I was able to volunteer in the Greenpeace organization to protect the environment. It is a non-governmental, compliant association of forty countries, with four million members in Europe, South and North America. It is concerned with protecting the seas and forests and preserving natural resources.

I really enjoyed the volunteer activities I did during my last summer vacation. Perhaps it is just simple works such as maintaining the cleanliness of the road and the city, and posting instructions to the people on how to preserve the forests and seas, but I felt that I was doing something beneficial to society and the whole universe.

It is good to do useful activities, not only think about ourselves, rather, the goal is to benefit all of humanity. That will certainly preserve us as well and bring benefit to us.

My last summer vacation essay

I live in the city of (type the city name here). I love it so much and I love to walk around and participate in the many activities that the city offers.

I really like learning to fish and go out fishing in the ocean. I always go on public holidays. I am in the class (write your class here). I look forward to the summer holidays every year to go fishing, enjoy the beach and swim.

Last summer I caught a lot of mackerel. I was very happy with that but I loved the new ways I learned and also the patience, planning and development I learned from fishing.

So I am happy about the last summer vacation and I love to learn new hobbies in the next vacation.

Last Summer Holiday Paragraph

There is no doubt that every one waits the summer vacation to rest a little and practice many of the activities that we prefer to rest and breathe a little from the continuous effort of study,

I can say that I enjoyed a lot in the last vacation with some sports activities, as I was able to participate in several sports with friends such as walking, tennis and swimming.

I had a lot of fun releasing the trapped energy inside me and relaxing, which helped me get back to studying with energy and energy.

My last summer vacation paragraph

This past summer vacation was really great and I was very happy to make new friends. I found that the coincidence that brought me together with my friend (type the name of a person) is very wonderful.

I feel that there is an understanding between us and that we think in the same way and we have common interests. I never felt that someone understood me and listened to me like him before.

So it is great to meet our soul mate and be friends with him. It makes me very happy and I feel that this holiday I was able to achieve something wonderful for me.

Last Holiday Essay

I was very happy with the last vacation, where we went to a tourist country called (type the name of the country). By traveling by plane, the travel took (type the number of hours).

Upon arrival, I was very excited to get to the hotel, change my clothes, and go out for a walk. We arrived at 6pm so I have a few hours to enjoy. So my sister and I went out to see the markets and streets near the hotel.

The first area we went to was (type the name of an area). The first thing we saw in front of us was a fast food area in a modern and sophisticated style. We liked this very much and wish there was a similar one in my city.

After that, we got acquainted with some people who come for tourism as well, like us, and they advised us to have a local drink in one of the cafes. We went there and ordered it, it calls Fakhfakhina.

The name may be strange, but it is very tasty and we liked it. Then we returned to the hotel to rest until we go out in the itinerary.

In the morning we woke up to ride the bus and go to some archaeological and tourist places. I enjoyed this experience a lot. Where you got acquainted with a civilization of (type the name of the country) and its history.

Then the next day we went to the beach. I liked very much the shape of the beach, the cleanliness of the sea, the organization of tables, and the fresh drinks that give activity and vitality. I really liked this atmosphere and we spent three days of our trip on the beach.

After that we went to the markets to buy some presents and take some pictures of the markets. I found many brands beside some beautiful local industries. We bought some local clothes and pieces, we still keep it and remember by seeing it this experience and journey.

My last summer holidays

On my last vacation, I took part in a hobby that I love very much, which is drawing. I joined the drawing center, I have had a hobby since I was young, but I did not seek to develop and master it except during my last summer vacation.

So I went to a specialized center for learning, and I spent all my time, whether in learning and training, or watching after lessons through the Internet.

I can say that I benefited a lot from my last summer vacation because I learned a lot from it and I am definitely no longer a beginner like the past years. It will be easy in the upcoming summer holidays to learn more easily and conveniently.

I am so excited for the upcoming vacation and going to learn modern painting methods.

Last summer holiday essay

Last summer vacation was absolutely wonderful, as I enjoyed a lot as I got to know my family more and we could play together all the time.

When you are sure that there is no alternative and accept the reality, you will find yourself happy and no matter where you are or with whom, the most important thing is that they love you and see you a special.

During the last summer vacation, all the countries experienced a global epidemic, which required not to leave the homes. The epidemic was very dangerous and caused death, and spread rapidly, so everyone was afraid for himself and his family from infection, or transmitting the infection to them.

So last summer, I didn’t do many activities, but I enjoyed the traditional games with my family members. I found that we are having a nice time, I found myself relieving them and joking a lot and showing them some things that I learned from my friends so that they do not get bored of the house and decide to go out. The same thing happened to all of my family. Everyone tried to make the atmosphere happy and simple.

So although it was a difficult holiday for many people who were injured or someone of their family was injured, it was good for me and my family.

My last summer holiday text

It is great that we were able to go out a little and have a picnic during this holiday. After the Corona pandemic that affected the world in the past two years, there was no longer any kind of activities, so the last summer vacation may be the most valuable, because when we lose something from the life we ​​used to live, only then we appreciate it and know how much grace we were living with

So on this summer vacation even though we couldn’t do many activities but some simple things made us happy and made us feel that we still have freedom in life, and we are not so restricted as we felt in the past two years.

I enjoyed going out to the shops with my family members and shopping, and meeting some of my friends, and strolling on the beach, and I was very happy to return to some of the activities I used to do, such as the gym and restaurants.

It is wonderful to appreciate and enjoy life without fear and anxiety about something dangerous that may happen to you. I hope this crisis will pass and we will return to normal life.

Write a short paragraph about your last summer holiday

It is great to spend some quality time with family and friends. I really enjoyed spending my last summer vacation with my family.

I live in the city of (type the name of the city)I have two sisters, my father and mother work in the field of education, so the summer vacation is for all of us.

We gather to relax and spend some nice time on the beaches or take a stroll in the famous parks and streets. I enjoyed my last vacation a lot because I was able to get off on one of the fishing boats with my father. This is my first experience and it was really exciting, we were able to catch some famous types of fish, including tuna.

I felt great enthusiasm and a high flow of adrenaline, when I managed to get it out of the water and saw it in front of me, I felt a victory, which made me love this hobby and want to go back to fishing again as soon as possible.

Therefore, I describe this summer vacation as being very special and wonderful and with amazing things for the first time I do.

Writing about last summer holiday

Last summer was absolutely wonderful. I was able to get acquainted with a friend who I find very wonderful. I am very happy to be there and talk to her. We go to several places together, we met in the club.

Also, last summer, I was able to join the football team in my city, train with them, and maybe if I worked hard enough, I would move to the main team.

I also gained confidence in myself in the face of others, became more understanding, more proficient in persuasion and public speaking, and learned some new skills.

I also started to learn a new language, I am currently trying to learn the Italian language, I find it very attractive, I am trying to impress my friends with some famous romantic sentences in the Italian language.

They laugh a lot because of what I tell them, and they find it great, so I find that last summer vacation was great and everything is going well.

Write about your last summer holiday

In fact, I was not able to go out and participate in any activities last year, due to the mutation of the Corona virus, and the emergence of new forms of it that infected many and spread in my city, so I stayed at home most of the time to prevent and protect my family from this dangerous disease.

I did some individual sports from time to time in the early morning, and quickly came home. I also participated online in some language courses, trying to take advantage of my spare time.

I hope in the future that the summer holidays will be better and there are no dangers surrounding us , so that we can release the trapped energy inside us, and learn some new activities and hobbies, or some crafts that we learn if we work in the summer vacation.

My last holiday essay 150 words

My last vacation was absolutely wonderful because my dad was with us for longer time. In the recent period, many companies and labor offices have reduced working hours to half, and reduced the number of workers in offices, which helped my father to be among us for a longer time, and we became involved in many sports activities and hobbies that we both love, such as fishing and playing soccer.

We went a lot last summer vacation to fish and play soccer and practice some moves. I had so much fun because I learned some new fishing methods from my father, the ties that helped me not to lose big fish and how to deal with them. I found the whole vacation wonderful.

I was able to go out with my father and many of my friends, and I enjoyed a lot by joining some of the free voluntary associations that aim to preserve the environment and reduce pollution.

I attended some campaigns in which we go to areas that need intervention and attention so that the people who live in them stop throwing garbage in them, and spread some tips and volunteer to improve and clean the place until this bad habit stops.

Write a paragraph about your last summer holiday

My last summer vacation was very wonderful, I am one of the girls who loves to sit at home, and in light of the disease that is spreading now, I found myself sitting more than usual because of my safety and the safety of those around me.

I love going into the kitchen and learning some new recipes. I find myself in the kitchen and I feel happy when I prepare a meal and I hope everyone likes it, and they ask me for it again.

I love watching cooking movies, especially fantasy movies, in which the chef uses magic, and prepares imaginary meals. I like so much to imagine myself preparing amazing meals that will amaze everyone, I hope in the future when I grow up to learn in a dedicated school, become a famous chef and people from all over the world come to watch me.

Currently, I am content with learning from the Internet and television, and trying to present the recipes as they prepare them. In the future when I have the possibility to try adding new ideas for food development, I will definitely.

This is how I spent my last summer vacation, at home and watching cooking programmes. I hope in the next year normal life returns and I can go out and practice some activities and hobbies.

In this way we have given you My last summer holiday essay in English, and you can read more topics through the following link:

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay (100 Words)

My summer vacation was really awesome. I spend my time with my family. We went into a summer vacation in Bihar. There is my grandfather home. We spend around 15 days there. I did so many exciting things that I won’t forget ever in my whole life. I met with my grandpa after a long time, I love him very much. We had a great time in the nearest jungle. We went there a few times to do camping and picnic. There is a small hilly river near the jungle. I love that scene a lot. I love to spend my next summer there, again.    

In my last summer vacation, we spend the whole time is a village near Sylhet, Bangladesh, Sylhet is the most beautiful place in the country. I loved spending time there. My father has a good friend here and he was inviting us to visit his place a long time ago. He and his family have visited us a few times. And finally, my father decided to visit his place in the summer vacation. We went there on a journey by train. I love the train journey . The cutest and amazing thing was the tea gardens there. I loved the place so much.    

My Summer Vacation (100 Words)

I spend my summer vacation in a bungalow in the middle of a tea garden. I went there with my parents. One of my uncles was working a tea estate manager in Darjeeling. We went there to visit his place. I was really amazed and thrilled to see the natural beauty of Darjeeling. I and my few cousins have enjoyed it a lot. We got a car to see the whole estate. There are so many monkeys in the jungle. There is a reserved area for wildlife. We went there and saw so many types of wild animals.    

Summer Vacation Short Essay (100 Words)

My name is Vinay, I am from Kerala. This summer, I visited the city of Joy, Kolkata. We have lots of relatives there. My mother is a Bengali woman and that’s why I have a deep connection with West Bengal. My uncles are living in the main city. Their neighborhood is really beautiful. I spend two weeks there. I have seen so many beautiful places there. I wish to visit Kolkata again. I believe, there are many more things to see. I have got a few awesome cousins, who love to take me several places.  

Disclaimer: This Summer Vacation short essay is written by an expert writer. You can use this essay in your academic study without any problem or hesitation.

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Summer Vacation Essay

In this Summer Vacation Essay , we had described detailed information about summer vacation.

Every year students get a summer vacation from the schools or colleges during summer.

This vacation is the most enjoyable and good time for the students because there is no study pressure or mental stress on them.

We had provided various  essay on Summer Vacation  in different word limits, which you can use according to your need:

Summer Vacation Essay 250 words:

Summer vacation is a holiday period in summer season.

All schools and colleges are close during this period due to high environmental temperatures in the summer months; it is the hottest period of the year during summer vacation.

The children feel very happy and relax during the holiday; most of the students usually visit their village, hill station or other cold places with cousins, family members or village friends.

Some children attend swimming or dance classes so that they can happily spend the holidays.

Summer vacation becomes fun for children which starts with the last bell ringing at school; it becomes the happiest moment for children, with a long vacation from school and daily busy life of schoolwork.

This is the time to get away from homework and good travel to home town, hill stations and other cool places to entertain the summer season very easily and happily.

However, students get plenty of work from home to complete work from home and submit to school after opening. Also, read the Summer Vacation Essay 500 words.

Even after getting an assignment to do at home, they feel relaxed and entertained as soon as they leave school due to the humid weather.

Summer time is quality time for children, it is a time of simple joy and excitement, and they can do anything they are interested in.

They can enjoy with their parents, best friends, neighbours etc. during the holiday.

Now-a-day, the summer vacation period is 45 days in each summer season; it starts from the third week of May and ends in the last week of June every year.

Its purpose is manifold, including relaxation from high heat, giving students a long break after the final exam, etc.

Students feel exhausted and not interested in studying after the annual exams; therefore, they need some rest after a year of study to regain their health and viability.

Another purpose of summer vacation is to give the students some rest from the unbearable heat of the summer season.

They can be quite hurt due to the scorching summer heat, so summer vacation is the best option to give them a good break from study and summer.

It aims to help students regain momentum in weak subjects; during summer vacation, students get an opportunity to visit new places, increase their general knowledge, get time for school project work etc.

Essay on Summer Vacation 500 Words:

About one and a half month-long holiday i.e. summer vacation for which every child is eagerly waiting for the whole year, planning for summer vacation after the completion of the annual exam, in advance.

This time is very pleasant and good for children who are happy when the last bell of the school rings.

Summer holidays are a time of year to get rid of the same routine throughout the year and the tension of doing homework that everyone wants to enjoy.

This is the reason that during the summer many sports camps and educational camps for children are also organized. Apart from this, many activities are also done to develop children’s mind.

So that children can develop well physically and mentally. Apart from this, for many children who are weak in math’s, English or any other subject, summer vacation time is very valuable, because they can recover their weak subjects well in the meantime.

Apart from this, children’s plans a trip or joins classes for self-defence such as taekwondo during the summer holiday.

Along with this, during the summer holidays, children get an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in other fields besides education, which also helps them to become a multi-rounder.

Children also get an opportunity to go to their grandmother’s house and spend time with them, because throughout the year, children are busy in their school and tuition.

Summer holidays are also associated with the emotions of children, during which they have fun openly and try to improve themselves. Also, read the Summer Vacation Essay 1000 words.

This time is full of happiness in the life of every child, as most of the parents try to make their children’s summer holidays special so that the child can grow in every area and they can develop better.

For the coming year, with the full enthusiasm and new energy, he can do better by taking admission and convince himself of his talent.

While holidays are sometimes available on festivals or on special occasions, but a weekly holiday or a holiday on festivals can only erase fatigue and then the same routine on the next day, get up early in the morning for school, make bags, do homework.

Go to the tuition, completing the project, and in addition to the burden of studies, the pressure of the Parents to bring good marks is kept in this routine throughout the year.

Tedium leads and schedules an urge to do something different like dance classes of their choice, joining sports clubs, etc

And the best time for all of this is summer vacation, as it is for a long time and during this time children get a chance to develop themselves in other areas.

essay on summer vaction

How I Spent My Summer Holidays:

This time for the summer holidays I (Rahul) had made many plans with my brother, such as playing cricket every morning, then eating ice cream in the afternoon, drinking mango shake and eating watermelon and then doing Taekwondo class in the evening and sitting in the park Meeting friends etc.

Apart from this, my parents had planned a trip to Goa for me and my brother, where I loved it and it was summer break. Because during a trip to Goa, I had a lot of fun with my parents and brother amidst the waves of the sea.

To make these moments memorable, I clicked a lot of pictures, with this I also did water sports for entertainment with my family, which I loved doing so, it felt as if I had come to a different world.

I did paragliding there, watched the dolphin and at first I was a bit scared on the speed boat, but then I had a lot of fun, I experienced it for the first time. Not only this, but I also drank my favourite cold drink and burger near the sea.

During this time, I was in the mood for fun, forgetting all the tension of my studies. I also interacted with people from many different countries and people of different religions, danced and enjoyed a cruise in Panjim Beach in Goa with my parents.

My experience of every second in this 6-hour cruise was very good, many positive thoughts were coming in me and new energy was also coming in me. It was a great feeling for me. I did not know how 5 days passed for this trip.

After this, when I returned from this trip, I stayed for 4 days at my grandmother’s house in Goa where I told her the experience of this trip and ate delicious food on her grandmother’s hand, granny gave me a novel and a cricket kit in the gift, which I liked very much.

This holiday was one of my best holidays yet. After that, I returned home and finished my project work. Let me tell you that I am very happy and satisfied with my holiday this time.

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Summer Vacation Essay 1000 Word:

The children studying in the school are waiting for the summer holidays throughout the year and the children are already planned. Many plans to visit the mountainous area with their family and friends, while many plan to visit their grandparents or a relative.

At the same time, the summer holidays are very long, so children try to learn many different types of activities on this occasion.

Let me tell you that this essay is based on enjoying a trip to Uttarakhand during the summer holidays:

Summer Holidays in India:

This essay is based on the visit of Rahul (changed name) to Nainital:

I (Rahul) went to Nainital to spend summer vacation with my family. Where I stayed with one of my relatives and spent my summer vacation hanging out.

I was happy very much as there was no burden doing homework, the pressure of studying parents or the burden of examinations.

And with it, a tour of Nainital will be as if icing on the cake. I spent about 20 days of my summer vacation at my aunty house in Nainital with my parents and my aunty’s, which is one of my most special moments! Also, read the Summer Vacation Essay Conclusion .

This journey was about 15 days. I took this journey from Delhi to Nainital by train and during this journey, I enjoyed Bhelpuri, Puri Aloo on the train with my mother and father.

Apart from this, I clicked a lot of pictures with my brothers and parents, so that I can remember the special moments of my journey and keep these moments with me forever.

After this, when I reached my aunt’s house, they made my choice of juice for me, which I liked very much after drinking it.

Apart from this, he made my favourite rajma, rice and the same process continued throughout my visit to Nainital.

Every day Aunty would cook my favourite food and take me for a walk in the evening and I would play games like basketball, football kabaddi, kho-kho with my own cousins.

One day I went to see Nainital Lake and a waterfall with my siblings. I loved going there and I would always like to come here in my spare time.

I also went boating with my mother and father in Naini Lake, which I enjoyed quite a lot as if the view here was fascinated me, seeing the greenery and the beauty of Nainital Lake.

Also, I clicked a lot of pictures and then I ate ice cream and also drank shikanji.

During my trip to Nainital, I also earn about the culture there, during this time I also met people from many different religions, with whom I spoke openly about their religion and culture and also shared my views.

I am very happy with the trip to Nainital because this trip doubled my summer vacation and I got to learn a lot from it. I think this holiday was the best of all my holidays so far.

I am completely satisfied and extremely happy with these holidays. I got a chance to meet all my family and relatives during my holidays.

During this time I ate my favourite fruits, went swimming, played my favourite sports and also enjoyed some seasonal fruits that happen in Nainital.

I had so many happy moments that my inner soul was completely satisfied and then when I returned from my trip.

I worked on my summer vacation project with a fresh mood and my own summer vacation with my elder sister completed homework.

In this way, my entire summer vacation was happily passed and now the school was about to open, due to which now there was a positive feeling in my mind.

It seemed as if these holidays gave me the energy to study for up to 1 year. Now I am perfectly fit and fine. Thank you.

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Conclusion for Summer Vacation:

During the summer holidays, schools are closed; these days are filled with high summer heat but are the happiest moment for students.

Hope you find this post about “ Essay on Summer Vacation ” useful; if you like this article please share on Facebook & Whatsapp.

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My Plan for Summer Holidays

Essays Essay on My Plan for Summer Holidays , Essay on Summer Holidays , kodaikanal , My Plan for Summer Holidays , My Summer Holidays , Summer vacation , Yoga 1

My Plan for Summer Holidays :

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Short Essay)

Holidays are very exciting and it is quite normal that everyone is excited about summer holidays. This year, we have planned a long trip to Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is a very nice place and one of the most beautiful hill stations in the world. Since it is already hot this year, I think our plan to Kodaikanal during the Summer Holidays is going to be an enjoyable one. We have planned to stay in a cottage and visit all the most famous tourist destinations in Kodaikanal. I hope the weather in Kodaikanal while we reach there is going to be favorable for us.

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Brief Essay)

All these years, I have spent my summer holiday going out to trips. This year I have planned to make it a productive holiday time.

I am going to focus on 2 things during my summer holidays this year. One is yoga and another is my favorite hobby gardening. My father always used to tell me that Yoga is a great art; one who practices Yoga will be able to increase his/her concentration power. In order to improve my focus on studies, I have decided to go to Yoga Classes this year during holidays. The Local “Yoga for Youth” Organization conducts free sessions for school students every year, especially during summer holidays. I have enrolled my name for this program and 2 of my friends are joining me for the same.

The next thing that I am planning to do is gardening. Gardening has been an interest for me; but since I have dance classes every evening after school I couldn’t involve myself in gardening. So I have planned to design a garden myself and give all my time during Summer Holidays. Within a month or 2 I am sure that the garden will be all set so that I can spend little time to preserve all the plants and trees once the school reopens. I am looking for rare plants that are herbal in value and good for the environment. Once my garden works are done, I am planning to build a fence around.

Both these tasks have been my plan ever since last summer holidays were about to end without any big achievement. So no matter what, I have planned to prioritize these 2 things and be a better person when I move to the next class.

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How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday

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The express train hurtled across the landscape – remorseless, uncaring. I sat by the window looking at nothing in particular. Suddenly the sky burst open and unleashed liquid needles of rain on the expectant earth. The root above me rattled in protest as adventurous little drops skipped in through the window on to my lap. And then imperceptibly, I had melted into the six-year old who peeped through the doors of her grandmother’s house in Delhi, at the newly baptised world outside, wondering if she would be allowed to play in the rain.

Through the rose-tinted glasses of childhood, every season unfolded layers of wonder and promise. In the monsoons, I would revel in a celebration after the first shower. The freshly-bathed trees, shrouded in a dim fairy twilight, held a temptation that was only just stronger than the aroma of pakoras from the kitchen. Resolutely, I would turn my back to the call of the appetite and instead step out into the emerald atmosphere that beckoned.

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The smell of henna, strange to say, came from every tree that I ventured near! The bold lemon was the only exception. Its spicy odour would travel to my nostrils while I ran a tentative finger along a leaf. Shyly, a droplet would trickle down to my palm and I would smell it as if it were some essence accidentally spilled from Paradise.

Finally, when the monsoon had departed in its last dripping glory, comes the time for bracing evening walks with my mother.

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The chill air, so like a blessing, would caress my bare arms which I swung back and forth. This was September – the most romantic of names for the most magical of months – which brought with it autumn – another thrilling title. Fallen leaves, firm and crunchy even in their brown death, carpeted our paths. And the flowers! – in a profusion of colours, from red to purple to yellow to orange – which valiantly covered the ground in a challenge to Turkish rugs.

Then, almost before we know it, September had taken his departing bow and was replaced with the sulphurous smell from crackers – the onset of the festival season. In those celebrations of prosperity, of meeting old friends, of gorging on home-made sweets, of November weddings, of Diwali lamps and Christmas bells; of sitting ensconced in warm rugs by the stove; I somehow loved making up stories about poor and destitute children whose only source of worth were hugs, and whose only food was charred bread dunked in water. When I tired of these stories, it was time to make little New Year cards for every member of my family. Their expressions of indulgent pleasure were music to my cars.

The winter had to leave, albeit reluctantly – it would drag in its toes lingering just a little longer, stretching its stay so that Holi seemed to come in too early. Yet, magically, the day of the festival, we would wake to clean, cloudless skies and an embracing sun. Suddenly the climate would take a turn, and we would find ourselves in spring. Time now to lie on my back on the earth, chewing a blade of grass, driving away a fly or two, and generally feeling beautifully drowsy. Out of the blue, I would decide on a picnic with my dolls. Lilliputian dishes were packed in a tiny basket, my dolls attired in their best clothes and a plastic mat procured. In the back verandah, my tiny plastic children revelled in the treat their mistress was giving them. If was the source of legends among them for weeks to come.

Summer – the time of hot, dense air and demure breezes. The journey to and from the school was the delight of May, when flowers, wild and cultivated, sprang up all over the place, as if determined to defeat the sameness of the landscape. To date my family has not found out where I disappeared for hours together in the summer holidays. My favourite hidey-hole was a corner of the house where nobody visited. The boundary wall sported draperies of several vines which I could not identify. But the passion flower grew there – so purple, so sweet-smelling – and the air was pure and clear. I would sit there with some engrossing book, reading not so much as dreaming. Clover and moss cushioned my feet, ants made excursions up my shoe. Glory! I was empress in my little world.

The vines have been hacked away, the holidays are spent in studying, it is undignified to dance in the rain now. But the child inside me chuckles knowingly. Someday those misty memories will sharpen into vividness, and the splendour of each season will overwhelm me as it did once.

It is amazing how the very essence of a season is conveyed simply by the quality of the air. Once or twice, when I had the great good fortune to witness snowfall at a hill station, the very air seemed suspended between Heaven and Earth – like a transparent sheet, with the unbelievably light snowflakes glittering on it. The snow on the windowsill looked like generously sprinkled talcum powder. I pressed my nose against the glass and felt the vapour of my own breath. Drawing back, observed that there was one misty oval, right in the middle of the pane – the signature of my breath.

Gauzy memories permeated my mind all through the long train journey. Finally the train glided to a halt at a small nondescript station, the last before our destination. Impulsively, I made my way to the door of the coach. Torrents were still attacking the outside world. For a few moments I hovered undecided at the door. Then I stepped outside and let the water embrace me like a long lost friend. My soul was dancing in forgetful ecstasy. I was a child again.

How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday. (2022, Feb 15). Retrieved from

"How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday." StudyMoose , 15 Feb 2022,

StudyMoose. (2022). How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 6 Mar. 2023]

"How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday." StudyMoose, Feb 15, 2022. Accessed March 6, 2023.

"How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday," StudyMoose , 15-Feb-2022. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 6-Mar-2023]

StudyMoose. (2022). How I Enjoyed My Last Summer Holiday . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 6-Mar-2023]


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my future summer holidays essay

Holiday Experience: What Makes Me Happy

The Importacne of Doing What Makes You Happy

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Holiday Experience: What Makes Me Happy Essay

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my future summer holidays essay


My Plans for Summer Vacation Essay

Essay on my plans for summer vacation for children and students.

' data-src=

There is something really exhilarating about the idea of summer vacations. It is the long vacation and the relief from school and studies. It is the best time to relax, enjoy play games and practice some fun and creative activities.

Summer vacation brings along with it ample of opportunities to enjoy, relax and have fun. We do not have a boring routine during this time period and can plan and enjoy the way we want. The days are full of energy for adventures and activities. Here are essays of varying lengths on My Plans for Summer Vacation to help you with the topic in your exam.

Long and Short Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation in English

Essay on how i plan to spend my summer vacation – 1 (200 words).

Summer vacation is the most interesting period of the year since there is no school, no need to wake up early and no studies. After working hard for the whole year we eagerly await summer vacations. It is a sigh of relief when we are done with our final exams. This summer I plan to engage myself in activities that will relax my mind and body. I am really planning to wake up late every morning first of all.

I am going to engage myself in Yoga as I am a fitness freak and Yoga strengthens your mind and body and sets you up for wellness. I love the whole concept of Yoga. It’s more than just physical exercise, it has spiritual and meditative core. Another activity that I am planning to engage in is ballet dance. I would love to practice classical ballet this summer.

It requires a special training and summer vacation is the best period for engaging in something I love. This year I won’t be going for any trip. I and my siblings are only planning to get more creative and fit for a more productive and fun year ahead. We are all quite excited about the summer vacations and have chosen our activities as per our choice.

Essay on My Plan for Summer Holidays – 2 (300 words)

Summer holidays are always special and super fun. Summer vacations mean no school, no studies and a break from the boring routine. I really love village life and miss my grandparents so I always make sure to visit my grandparents in village during my summer holidays.

I am super excited as I will visit my grandparents in the village Dharagiri, 5 km away from Navsari, with my family this summer vacation. I feel very eager and happy to visit my native place since I get a chance to meet my grandparents, other relatives and cousins. My grandparent’s house in the village is surrounded with the trees of mango, coconut, chikoo, guava, pomegranate and several other fruits and vegetables. I love plucking fresh fruits and enjoy eating them. I am especially fond of mangoes. My maternal aunt cooks delicious traditional recipes for us. The taste and aroma of the food is amazing and we enjoy it with delight.

The greenery, scenic beauty and the fresh air of village gives such a soothing effect. During my stay at village, I love exploring different places with my siblings. We play several games, swing on the roots of the banyan trees and walk by the riverside to get wet and play in the water. We also go for field trip with my maternal uncle and ride horses. The life in village is full of fun and activities. It never gets boring and I realize that I never watch TV or play games on the cell phones when in village. The days I spend in the village are always the most memorable days of my life.

Even this year, I plan to visit my grandparents in village and meet my relatives there. It is a great pleasure to enjoy the scenic beauty of the village and breathe some fresh air. It is relaxing and rejuvenating to be away from the city pollution.

Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation – 3 (400 words)


My plans for summer vacations include a long list of fun activities. Summer vacations mean no school, no waking up early from bed, no homework and no boring routine. All I plan is fun and adventure.

Here are some plans that I have for this summer vacation. I will not miss these at any cost:

So, I am all set and super excited for my summer vacations and have so many plans. I will stick to all these plans to make the most of my summer vacations. It is surely going to be fun, interesting and full of energy.

Essay on How to Plan for Summer Vacation – 4 (500 words)

We are already getting the summer vacation itch and dreaming of the beach days and adventure trips. It’s important that the summer vacations pass by in a fun and productive manner. With a bit of planning we can ensure a creative and memorable vacation. There are many activities we can engage in during summer vacations.

Tips to Plan Summer Vacations

Here are some simple yet useful tips to plan summer vacations:

Summer Vacation Ideas

Here are some ideas to plan summer vacations:

Pump up yourself for fun and adventure during summer vacations. Make it more active and interesting so that you don’t regret when your friends share their super cool vacation activities with you. Have a great summer!

Essay on Planning for a Summer Vacation – 5 (600 words)

Summer vacations are great to go for trips or learn something new and exciting instead of mindlessly sitting in front of the idiot box and doing nothing at all. It’s very important to plan ahead for a more fun and creative vacation.

Mark out the days in the calendar that you plan to go for a trip. If you have some plans lined up within the town or some relatives visiting during the vacation then make a note of those days in the calendar. This will give you a clear idea of the busy days so you can plan your vacation accordingly.

Planning for Summer Vacation

Plan a Trip:  The best part about summer vacations is that you can plan a long or short trip to relax. Plan a trip to your favorite location. Do a bit of online research to choose from the various beautiful locations. Plan a budget for transport, hotels, food and drink costs, shopping, rides and whatever else you are going to need for your trip. Here are some tips to plan your trip efficiently. Choose the trip and location that best suits your interest and budget.

Summer Camp:  Summer camp is a great way to play and enjoy with friends and at the same time stay active. It feels great to spend time outdoors in the summers and make new friends.

Go Hiking:  Summer is the best time to engage in outdoor and adventurous activities as the days are longer. You can go hiking at the local trail and stay active. It is a great way to stay fit and have fun.

Make a Reading List:  If you have some of your favorite books pending to be read since quite a long time then summer vacation is the best time you can start reading.

So, there are many ways we can enjoy the summer vacations instead of wasting it by sitting at home and doing nothing at all we can make it more interesting and productive.

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Essay on Holiday

my future summer holidays essay

Essay on Holiday for Students

‘Holiday’ is such a fascinating word that catches the fancy of each one, be it she or he, everybody finds it bliss to go for a holiday. We may be from any walk of life but we quite relate to this term ‘holiday’ equally. Professional people love holidays and children pray for the same. When it comes to holidays every grown-up and the working person acts like a child, desperate to relish the days of holidays. With the odds, if the holiday is cancelled, they will be sad and grumble as a child.  

Holidays are rightly known as pressure busters for the people. The normal routine of life requires a few days to relax. The holidays are always welcomed and awaited by all. Holidays give us immense peace and we cherish the memories of these well-spent days for the rest of our lives. Holidays help us in the following ways:

Mental Peace:  

We can derive mental harmony and mental calmness by staying at home and also by spending the holiday time with friends and family. 

Social Activities:  

The students in their holidays can also include the social activities that they do with their loved ones. 

Family Trip:  

We enjoy a family trip or a family excursion during these holidays.  

It is to be understood that gaining money is significant for livelihood, but relaxing the mind to make it function better is also as important. Hence, for the smooth working of life, a break is certainly required. 

Essay 1: Essay about Holiday with My Family

This time, in the winters, our small family planned for a holiday in the hills of Darjeeling. This was a much-needed break for the members of this family to remain quite busy in their daily scheduled life. They remain occupied in the strictly disciplined life of either work or study. My little sister and I study in grades 8 and 4, respectively, my father is a deputy manager in his reputed company, and my mother is a working lady and also a housewife. So, you can guess how our life will be in the strict realms of schedule. Thus, this time, my father and I decided on a short trip to the hills. 

We started our journey on the 1st of December, 2019. On the way, we played a variety of games. The view over the hills was quite pleasant to watch. When we were on the top of the summits, we looked down at our town, which seemed like a toy town; how small that was from the top! 

We clicked pretty snaps of the places, clicked pictures of us, of the local residents there, after which we went to a famous restaurant to eat our afternoon meal. We had the most delightful dumplings and noodles, which were cooked and served to us when still on steam. 

As dusk dawned on us, the jungles over the hills seemed to tell us another story of spirits and supernaturals. My sister and I were quite fantasized about this view. We preferred to keep our eyes shut till we reached our destination. It was half-past 8 when we reached the hotel where we would spend the night. The hotel staff was kind people who welcomed us with great warmth. We freshened up and went downstairs to watch their cultural program. The tribes danced to the music of one of their traditional songs, which was quite amazing for us to watch. After this, dinner was served. The dinner was quite rich and they served us in a sophisticated manner. After the tiring day, we decided to call it off and went to sleep.

The next day, we went hiking in the mountains. When we reached the peak of the mountains, it was a very delightful view. We decided to camp for the rest of the day there in the hills. The scenario and being on the lap of nature were quite peaceful and serene.   

After the trip, we came down to our town and normalized our lives. 

This trip had ushered a sense of great peace and calmness in my mind, which was to be instilled. The memories of the trip were to remain fresh in my mind like the fresh droplets on the leaves. 

Essay 2: Essay on Holiday 

Holidays have joyous feelings related to them. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love this holiday because it comes in December, which is also my birth month. There are a lot of exciting things we do during Christmas. We start making preparations for Christmas early before the month starts. 

This year, my friends and I made snowmen with snow outside our houses. My dad put up all the lights in the interior and exterior of the house. It was looking really bright and pretty. My mom made a lot of food, cakes, and snacks, and ate with our family. My cousins from the US came over to spend time with us. 

Our whole group of family and friends ate and talked and laughed with each other, sitting cozily near the fireplace, with the Christmas tree towering over us. I had a lot of fun. It is one of my best experiences and I hope to feel it again. 

Essay on Importance of Holidays for Students 

Holidays are very important for students. The importance of the same can be listed as follows:

Students can join courses, like in extra activities like arts, crafts, pottery, candle making, and more. 

Students get to visit new places in the holidays. 

They can go out with their families and friends and can make abundant memories, which will leave an imprint on their life. 

Holidays give them time to relax with their close ones.

Students also get a lot of time to complete their homework and revise their syllabus.

How to Spend School Holidays Essay 

To spend the school holidays, students must include this list:

Educating self

De-stressing and relaxing 

Improving physical health 

Getting a new hobby

Visiting interesting and fun workshops

Learning skills, like martial arts

Being a part of a book club or a public library

My Best Holiday Experience Essay 

In writing about the ‘Best Holiday Experience’ Essay, I would say the best holiday I spent was on the sea beach; the sunny weather on the beach of goa was no less than a divine holiday. The best experience of this holiday came from sharing nature’s beauty and also staying at the best resort in Goa. 

The holiday is a day off or a few days off from the monotonous routine of the everyday schedule. Holidays are equally loved by students as well as by the working people. Holidays prove to be beneficial to us in many ways when they are spent with memories and good activities.

my future summer holidays essay

FAQs on Essay on Holiday

1. How important are Holidays for Working People?

 Vacation or holidays improves the blood pressure levels and also the mental health of the working people. Vacationing ensures that these people have a healthy body and also a happy heart. The working people crave to spend their days with their family and loved ones; what better can it be than going on vacations with them. Honestly, holidays keep working people from becoming monotonous robots who only work to get paid. The holidays help them feel recharged and relaxed, after which they are more receptive and active towards work.

2. What kind of Social Activities are to be done on a Holiday?

Social activities such as getting a new hobby, starting to read a new book, organizing a get-together party, playing games, talking about an interesting and informative topic, visiting a peaceful place, paying a visit to the parents or grandparents can make wonderful holidays.  

3. How would you Define a Holiday?

A holiday is such a day that is given a day off by a custom or by law on which all the normal activities, especially the business or work including the school cease to operate. Holidays are stress-busters, which act the same for all the people. 

A Plus Topper

Improve your Grades

Paragraph on My Plans for Summer Vacation 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students And Children

March 4, 2021 by Prasanna

Paragraph on My Plans for Summer Vacation: Summer vacation is the most awaited time of the year by the kids. They wait for summer vacation, spend that time with their family, go on vacations in different places, join their favourite sports or other activities, have fun watching TV, and stay at home.  

You can read more  Paragraph Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Paragraph On My Plans for Summer Vacation – 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Each child excitedly waits for summer vacation. My summer vacation will begin one week from now. The delight of not going to class for the following couple of days is happiness inside me. I have arranged a beneficial summer vacation for me this year. I have wanted to get up late in the morning. The bliss of finding each day like Sunday is the best part of this long excursion.

I have intended to join the Music class on summer vacation. I have also wanted to make a daily schedule of regular cycling during the whole summer break. One of my favourite cousins’ elder sibling guaranteed me to visit me. I am truly so pumped up for my summer vacation.

Paragraph On My Plans for Summer Vacation - 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Paragraph On My Plans for Summer Vacation – 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children

Summer Vacation is the longest vacation in an academic year. For me, Summer Vacation resembles happiness. It is the best opportunity for meeting companions and having a good time with them. In my building, there is a sum of fifteen children like me. Our parents cheerfully allow us to take part in outdoor exercises.

This mid-year, I have wanted to play regularly with my companions. I love Football, there is a ground close to my building, and we joyfully play over there. It will sound childish, yet I, despite everything, love games like Hide and Seek. It is a basic game, which includes no such equipment.

This summer, most likely, I won’t go for an excursion because of my parent’s busy timetable; however, they have guaranteed me to take me to my grandparents’ place. There is a lot greener in my grandparent’s place, and it is like I am in nature’s lap. I will go there and carry my schoolwork and a few books and comics with me.

Paragraph On My Plans for Summer Vacation – 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, 8 Students

Summer Vacation is quite a refreshing time for me. This summer get-away will be unique for me, as my parents have arranged an outing to Manali. It will be seven days trip. I am truly eager to watch the scenic beauty of the mountains.

We have booked our tickets to Manali. The arrangement is separated into three little journeys of Chandigarh and Delhi. We will go through one day in Chandigarh and Delhi, there we will go for touring, and after the side tour of Chandigarh, we will take a vehicle for Manali. For the following six days, we will be in Manali, and we have wanted to visit Rohtang Pass, Manikaran, Hidimba Devi Temple, and Manali markets.

A year ago, we went to visit Mumbai and Lonavala. So for a change, my dad arranged an outing to the mountains. I have planned to capture lots of pictures. I love photography; catching the snowcapped mountains is my ultimate wish.

For the remaining summer vacation, I will join the skateboarding classes. My mom has recruited a Maths teacher for me, as I have a little fear of arithmetic. I will spend a lazy afternoon in the summer with my comics. Before my next academic session, I need to gather all the great memories with my loved ones.

Paragraph On My Plans For Summer Vacation – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

The best part of the holidays isn’t rising early in the morning. Summer Vacation is a happy time for each child. I am Rishi, and I am 10 years of age, this year I have a ton of fun vacation planned.

I have wanted to join the summer camp organized by my school. I have enlisted one week before my classes will be suspended. My parents allowed me to join in camp due to the learning exercises. They trust my school board committee, so they permitted me joins. It’s a fifteen days long camp at my school premises, and best of all, they will give us four trips to a nearby zoo, water park, exhibition hall, and amusement park. I am so eager to visit such fun spots with my school companions.

After the summer camp, I have chosen to finish my homework. I will invest a great deal of energy with my parents. For quite a while, my parents wanted me to join yoga classes. I will go to the yoga classes at night with my mom.

We are going to plan a short outing for my auntie’s place. The best part about visiting my auntie’s place is fun activities with cousins. They are modest and funny kids; they likewise eagerly wait for us to join their vacation. All these pleasant activities will make my summer vacation productive. I want to spend a huge time on recreational moments with my loved ones.

This summer’s super energizing part is one of my preferred films that will be released in May. I have just told my mother; she has promised me that she will allow me to watch this film with my friends.

Paragraph On My Plans For Summer Vacation - 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

FAQ’s on Paragraph on My Plans for Summer Vacation

Question 1. Why do we get a summer vacation?

Answer: Summer Vacation is the time of the year when people, especially kids going to schools and colleges, receive a huge vacation during summer for relaxation purposes. This vacation, they utilize in many ways, which is a form of excitement, happiness, and relaxation. They spend their time with their family, friends, and relatives.

Question 2. Which months are considered as the month of summer vacation?

Answer: Generally, the month of May is considered to be as the month of summer vacation.

Question 3. Describe What You Plan To Do During Your Next Vacation?

Answer: During the summer vacation, we can spend our time with our family and loved ones, going on trips with them, and involving in fun activities for relaxation and happiness.

Question 4. Which country provides the longest summer break?

Answer: Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, and Russia provide with three-month-long summer vacation.

Un bloc a XTECBlocs


Where are you going on your next holidays???

21 thoughts on “ MY HOLIDAY PLANS ”

' src=

My next summer holidays will be fantastic! I am going to Barcelona’s airport and I am going to fly to Cleveland. I am going to spend there two weeks.I am going to see some Cleveland Cavaliers basketball matches. Then I am going to Hollywood to the Oscar’s feast with Penelope Cruz and Woody Allen. I’m going to spend there a week. Finally, I’m goin to NY to the Statue of Liberty. I’m going to spend there three weeks. And if I’ve got time Iam goiing to look for a house for me in Los Angeles

MY HOLIDAYS PLANS On my Summer Holidays, I’m going to Las Vegas, Hawaï and New York. First, I’m going to fly to Las Vegas. I’m going to spend one year there and I’m going to the play. Then, I’m going to take plane to Hawaï because I love its beaches. After that, I’m going to fly to New York and I’m going to sightseeing in New York.I love USA.

On my next holiday, I’m going to Venice. First, I’m going to scubadiving in Venice harbour. In Venice I’m going to look for a girlfriend. After that, I’m going to have lunch at the restaurant. Later, with my girlfriend, I’m going to visit the ancient palaces. I’m going to have a lot of fun.


On my next Summer holidays I’m going to visit Finland. I’m going to fly to Helsinki and I’m going to spend three days sightseeing in the city. Then, I’m going to fly to Rovaniemi. I’m going to visit Christmas father’s house and next week I’m going to swim in the icy water. It’s going to be a very cold holidays.


On my next holiday, I’m going to visit Paris. First, I’m going to eat at Maxims, It’s delicious. I’m going to a five stars Hotel.Then, I’m going to a hot swiming pool. After that,I’m going to visit Eiffel tower and I’m going to buy a plane ticket and take a plane to New York and visit the big city. I’m going to travel a lot.

On my next Summer holidays I’m going to Tenerife. I’m going by plane, but I hate planes. Then, I’m going to visit Loro Park, Teide (it is a montain in Tenerife), black sand and later, I’m going to a shopping center and I’m going to run along the beach. The next day I’m going to eat an ice-cream, because the temperature is high and it is always Summer. It will be my first time in Canary Islands.

On my next Summer holidays, I’m going to Egypt. First, I am going to visit the pyramides. Later, I am going to visit the Nile river. After that,I am going to visit the museums with my parents and my brother. I’m going to spend a week there. I’m looking forward this holiday.

On my Summer holidays, I’m going to visit Greece. First, I’m going to fly there. I’m going to ride in car til Athens. Then, I’m going to visit the Parthenon. After that, I’m going to the beach. Then, I’m going to take a bus and I’m going to sightseeing in the town. It’s going to be a fantastic holiday.

My holiday plans

On my next Summer holidays I’m going to France. First, I’m going to fly by aeroplane to Paris. I’m going to spend four days sightseeing in the city. In Paris, I’m going to visit the Eiffel Tower and the Triumph Arch. Then, I’m going to buy a rail pass to Perpignan.

In Perpignan I’m going to take a tourist bus to visit “le Castillet”.

I love France because there are many places to go on tourism.

My holiday plans:

On my next Summer holiday, I’m going to spend a month in the USA. Firstly, I’m going to L. A. by plane. I’m going to spend 10 days in L. A. There, I’m going to sightseeing the city by bus. Then, I’m going to spend a day in Hollywood. After that, I’m going to fly to NY. There, I’m going to visit the museums and see the Statue of Liberty. Finally, I’m going to fly to Hawaii. There, I’m going to spend all the days in the beach! It’s going to be fantastic.

On my next Easter holiday. I’m going to Galicia. First I’m going to Pedroso by car. I’m going to spend 5 days sightseeing the town wiht my family. Then I’m going to visit the aquarium in Ferrol, because I like to visit it. I’m going to buy a bike, and then I’m going to ride Pontevedra by bike, and riding Pontevedra,too. I plan to visit a lot of museums.

My holidays:

On my next summer holiday, I´m going to Algeria. I´m going to spend ten days in the city ,Alger. Then, I´m going England. After that, i´m going visit London and take the buses sighseeins the city .If i have tme going to Italy .I´m going to the restorant .I´m going to spend tree days.

On my next sumer holidays I’m going to Los Angeles, New Zealend and Houston.

First I’m going to Houston and I’m going to stay there one week. I’m going to visit central NASA and then I’m going to Los Angeles and stay there one week too, and I’m going to visit the city and I’m going to watch a basketball match. Then, I’m going to take the plane and I’m going to New Zealand and I’m going to stay one month in this island. First, I’m going to visit the south of the island and I’m going to visit the whales and the penguins and I am going to take a helicopter and visit the island from the air. Finally, I’m going to take a plane and I’m going to my house. I love my holidays.

On my next Summer holiday, I’m going to tour London, Africa and New York. First I’m going by car to London. I’m going to spend a week in a hotel. I’m going to visit the main places: Big Ben, Picadily Circus… Then, I’m going to sail to Africa because I’m going to visit the sabana and the animals, I love it. After that, I’m going to visit the Statue of Liverty and the huge and tall skyscrapers. My Summer holiday will be very nice.

My Holidays Plans

On my next Summer holidays I’m going to visit China, Japan, París, New York, Venice, The British Illes and Australia. I am going to take an aeroplane. Then, I’am going to visit the monuments. I want to watch the animals in Australia. And finally I am going to visit the Beatles museum in Liverpool. It’s going to be a fantastic holiday.

On my next summer holiday, I’m going to tour around the earth.First,I’m going to USA.In USA I’m going to visit New York and sightseeing in the City. Then, I’m going to sail to Venice, because I sailed to Angola last ear.Later I’m going to visit the museums and I’m going to restaurant because I’m going to eat a “light meal” and I’m going to Paris, I’m going to visit the Eiffel Towes in Paris and the monuments, too.It’s going to be a long tip.

On my next holidaysI’m going to visit Paris.First, I’m going to fly to Paris from Girona airport.I’m going to spend five days sightseeing in the city.I’m going visit Eiffel tower with my mum.Then we are going to have lunch at a rice restaurant.Finally I’m going to spend a whole afternoon shoppings, because in Paris there are a wonderful shops like Dolce & Gabbana. I love Paris very much!

Next Summer holidays, I’m going to play Dofus at home… In Dofus, I’m going to visit Minotauroro’s island using the “Salteadorillo” or sailing with Minotauroro’s boat. When I arrive at the island, I will hunt Minoskitos, Mandrinas, and other beasts because with their objects I’ll make keys for the Minotauroro’s room. I think it’s going to be very funny.

Greetings. Marcmb

On my Summer holiday. I’m going to visit different places with my family. We are going to fly to Portugal. We are going to spend four days in Lisboa. Then, we are going to rent a car and we are going to travel to Galicia. We are going to stay there five days. We are going to come back to Lisboa. We are going to take an aeroplane and we are going to Valencia. We are going to spend three days there. After that, we are going to Elfiel tower. Next day we are going to fly to New York. We are going to visit the most important places in the city and we are going to the statue of Liberty by ship. I’m going to travel a lot.

On my Summer holidays,I’m going to New York, Paris and Barcelona. Fisrts, I’m going to go to BCN by car. Then, I’m going to fly to NY. In NY, I’m going to spend once month. In NY I’m gonig to look at the buildings anb go shopping. Then, I’m gonig to take a plaine to Paris. In Paris I’m going spend two weeks. I’m going to DisneyLand Resort. Finally, I’m going to visit my cousin in Barcelona. I love holidays!

Hi Well, I travelled to london the last december for vacation and I prefered to book a taxi for my travel rather than going by tube because i find it very confusing one If anyone like me is over there than they can try to book a Taxi with Hummingbird Cars . for London airport Transfer and they are pretty good and Affordable. They Provide Transfers from all the five London Airports: Gatwick, Luton, London City, Stansted and London Heathrow Airpots. They have very well behaved Drivers who respect their customers. They also provide a MEET and GREET Service. They have well maintained Saloon, Estate, People Carriers (MPV’s) and large Public Carriers. They also dont hike their prices anytime they have standard prices throughout the year. They also provide good discounts on bookings.

Highly Recommended

Chris Fernandes

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My Dream Holiday

my future summer holidays essay

Show More Tent or Hotel Most people start planning their summer holidays as far ahead as winter time, to have the opportunity to choose what country to travel or to stay in Slovakia, to decide how they will travel, whether to stay in the hotel or just camp, to get the best deals like first minutes, and so forth. What is more, travellers have to make up their mind about a kind of trip they want to make. There are numerous journeys to choose from. It depends if they want to stay by the seaside or go sightseeing, or to experience more adventures and exciting vacation. When I was a child, I loved camping and I believe it is the most popular holiday decision of many young people and children. You get to stay up till late evening, sitting by the fire with …show more content… It would have kind, friendly personnel who will fulfil all my requests with the jolly smile on their face. After a couple hours spent at the gym and in the spa, I will be ready to go on a sightseeing tour and shopping. Later in the afternoon, will yacht waiting for me at the dock to go cruising and have a light dinner on the boat and after I return back to the shore I will go out to see some evening performances like traditional dancing under the palms. I could go on sightseeing tour all summer because I enjoy them and I like to learn something new about the region where I am at the moment. It fulfils me when I get to know their history, culture, and cosine; it helps me understand people who live there. As I mentioned earlier, there are advantages and disadvantages on both holidays. In the tent, you are directly connected with the nature, you can be part of all-natural evening noises what different creatures create, you get to try out a life people lived long time ago, but on the other hand, when nights are colder is freezing in the tent, you have to prepare your own food outside and the biggest disadvantage is, missing hygiene. Holidays in the hotel are closer to our lifestyle. They have restaurants, little gift shops, gym, spas, library, and staff that does most things for you, like ironing, bringing food to your room when you order it

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Being A Senior Citizen Research Paper

Whether you 're just going away for the weekend or you will be gone for several weeks and going a long distance. Camping may be exactly what you 've been looking for in a fun family vacation. Planning your camping trip ahead of time is very important. You should consider the type of trip you are looking for. Are you wanting an active vacation with boating and horseback riding or something more relaxed with nature walks and peaceful fishing?…

Persuasive Essay On Sea Resort

Do boat riding in the lake bay Boat riding in the lake bay is another brilliant idea that you can have when you need to enjoy yourself in the place. You will definitely enjoy yourself in the water whenever you are seeking the best options when planning to have fun in an amazing way. You will also have an opportunity to explore water and the fun activities that follows in boat riding. In conclusion, the above are some of the best things that you can do when visiting Lake Tahoe emerald bay during your holidays to have fun with your family members. In addition, you will always enjoy every moment that you spend within the park whenever you are having your family…

Personal Narrative-My Disney Cruise Vacation

My favorite time with the Disney characters is when I joined in the conga line and it was so much fun because we wrapped around the whole cruise ship I had a lot of fun on the Disney cruise I had a lot of fun with my family and new friends. I would to go again someday and maybe with my own…

Persuasive Essay: 20 Tips For Hiking Trip

 Invite Their Friends as Well: Kids enjoy the company of their friends so make them invite their friends to go with them. By keeping their age fellows with them they would enjoy more.  Be Friendly: At every step try to be friendly with your kids, make them comfortable with you. It will increase the chances that you know your kids more than before.  Do Camping: Try to make a night camping with them when go for hiking.…

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Personal Narrative: Priest Lake, Idaho

As my siblings and I got older and started families of our own, we began taking weeklong family camping trips at Priest, boating out to one of the islands. Because my family is so big, we would end up taking up 2-3 campsites and would have most of the beachfront to ourselves. We were on an island, away from everything for a whole week! My love for Priest Lake was always there, but it began to grow even more, and I began to really respect more things around me when we started these camping trips. I always found this camping trip to be so peaceful.…

Occasion Trip Research Paper

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Essay On Hawaii

Summer is the most anticipated season of the year for many people especially those in cold countries. It’s like taking a break from the cold and freezy winter weather when trees, roofs and the ground are filled with snow. During summer, everyone gets excited for a beach holiday, an out of town travel with the entire family and friends. Relaxing near the beach, watching the sunrise and sunset, eating fresh tropical fruits and enjoying fun activities and tours. There are several ideal summer destinations around the world but Maui Hawaii is a paradise to explore, appreciate and experience.…

Always There Award

My childhood was packed with fun trips to Disney World, trips to Sea World , trips to Universal, and much more. Sometimes, during the summer we get a hotel and go to the beach for the weekend. My family has been to an abundant amount of places like Hawaii, Canada, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and on a couple cruises. I love spending bonding time with my entire family! My mom has exhibited her devotion to my comfort by always being there at home.…

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Essay on Holiday

The word ‘Holiday’ catches the fancy of everyone, be she/he related to any walk of life. Professional love it and children pray for it. When it comes to holiday every grown up and working person becomes a child. Tell them that the holiday has been cancelled and they will be as sad as a child who just broke a toy. It the below essays on holiday you will learn a lot of things related to holiday.

Short and Long Essay on Holiday in English

Essay on Holiday for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Holiday essay 10 lines.

Holiday Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) Holidays are days for which everyone eagerly waits.

2) A holiday is a break from daily hectic routines.

3) Holidays are necessary to feel relaxed and free.

4) Most people enjoy their holidays with friends while some choose to relax at home.

5) The holiday allows you to spend time with your loved ones.

6) Children love the holiday because they are free from school and homework.

7) Professionals love holidays because they get time to relax at home.

8) Holidays are important for your mental health.

9) Most of the holidays are given at the time of occasions and festivals.

10) The national holiday, gazette holidays, public holidays, etc are some types of holidays.

Short Essay on Holiday (200 - 250 Words)


Holiday is a day or few days off from routine everyday schedule. It is equally loved by students as well as working people. Holidays could be beneficial to us in several ways when they are spent in good activities.

Why are Holidays Good for Us?

Holidays are natural stress relievers. If you are stressed out due to routine school schedule or office assignments, a holiday comes as a big relief. It relaxes your mind and body, giving much needed rest.

It also gives you time to spend with your family and friends, something which isn’t possible on normal working days. Spending quality time with your loved ones and close friends, revive your bonding and improves mutual understanding.

A holiday also helps you to regain energy for working days ahead. You are reenergized to rejoin school or office, in a more positive and happy mood.

How to Spend Holidays?

There are lots of things that could be done on a holiday, depending on its duration. If the holiday is short, that is, suppose for a day, you can plan a trip with your family nearby or watch a movie. If the holiday is longer, you can plan to visit your distant cousins or could go to your paternal or maternal grandparents.

It is undoubtedly clear that we all love holidays, irrespective of our age or profession. Everyone should agree that the best day of the week is Sunday. There is no one who could deny that. The point of concern is that whether Sunday or any other holiday, you should spend it in such a way so that it makes you and your family and friends happier and reenergized.

Essay 2 (400 Words)

The word ‘Holiday’ fills our heart with joy and pleasure. We all want a holiday to arrive as soon as possible so that we get time to relax and play. In the essay, we will discuss about why we love holidays and how can we spend it?

Why do we Love Holidays?

We love holidays because we get time free from homework and deadlines and do whatever we want to do. Everyone, whether young or old, likes to have time to relax and enjoy it. This makes holidays the most loved and rather celebrated days on the calendar.

Everyone loves holidays for his/her own reasons. Students love holidays because they get time to play with friends or go on a picnic with the family. Father, in the house loves holidays as he gets free time from a boring routine office job. Housewives love holidays because they get to see their family together and spend time with them. Grandparents also love holidays as they get time to play with and tell; stories to their beloved grandchildren. Everyone has one reason or the other to love holidays.

How to Spend Holidays at Home

Well you can plan a lot of outdoor activities on a holiday, like playing an outdoor game or a picnic or a visit to the market. But, for some reason you can’t leave home, don’t get disheartened. There are several things that you can still do inside the house to spend your holiday. There are several indoor games like ludo, chess, and carom that you can play with your family members. It will give you time to enjoy and also sharp your brain, making you wiser.

You can simply sit down and relax with other family members. Listen to the stories told by your grandparents. You are lucky if they stay with you and you must respect them and give time to them. Moreover, you can also help your mother in the kitchen or water the plants. Though, they are small acts, they will make you content and happy in the end. It is not necessary that one spends the holiday celebrating big; even small things done within the confines of your house will make you happy.

Holidays are the most loves and important events in a person’s life. It is a very important and refreshing in its own way for everyone. Whatever you do on a holiday, you should do it with happiness and joy not to mention respect for your elders.

Essay 3 (600 Words)

We all love holidays irrespective of whether it is a long vacation or a short holiday. It gives us some time at our leisure and away from the boring everyday schedule of work and deadlines. Whether students or working professionals, holidays are welcomed by everyone and are equally important for all.

Importance of Holidays for Students

We all know that students have to cope with a lot of competition these days. They barely get any time to play and have a lot of homework and assignments to complete every day. Routine tests and exams don’t leave enough time for other extracurricular activities.

It is true that studies are important; nevertheless, play and social interaction is as much important for the students. Sadly, students don’t get to spend enough time with their family and friends, forget the play. A holiday is a time when students can relax and spend time with their family. They can also go on a picnic, watch a movie or do whatever they want. If anyone doesn’t want to move out, they can at least stay home with their parents and siblings and discuss about their studies and other issues.

It is also time to round up your friends and play with them for longer hours than usual. During a holiday you get to play more than other days as you don’t have to go to school or do homework.

Importance of Holidays for Working Professionals

Working professionals also love holidays as much as the students do. Life at the office is stressful and demands a dedicated work for at least eight to nine hours or sometimes even more than that. This is common with most of the offices. After office hours, people get so much tired that they barely manage to take dinner and go to sleep. Worse, the same cycle of events continues for weeks over weeks with just one exception – Sunday.

It’s not hard to guess how much important a Sunday or any other holiday, for that matter, is for someone who has to follow strict office routine and meet deadlines, six days a week. Sunday is the most awaited day of the week by every office goer. They get the time to spend with their family, with their children, go on a picnic with them or just take them to a local market. There are hundreds of things that professionals dream of doing in one single day. Like a Sunday any other holiday is also most welcomed and awaited.

Benefits of Holidays

Following are the benefits of holidays on a person be it student or working professional or businessman alike.

Holiday is your own time that you can spend the way you want. Whether you want to spend it on partying and playing or by reading a book; the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, is that, everyone whether students or professionals, love holidays for more than one good reason.

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Essay on how i spent my summer ....

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    Summer is the warmest time of the year, and children love it. It's a fun and exciting time since they get to eat their preferred fruits and ice cream. They also benefit from extended school closures during these holidays. The holiday is a key phase for young kids. It is a joyous occasion for them.

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    abdelhad boussouf 28 January 2009 at 10:25. MY HOLIDAYS PLANS. On my Summer Holidays, I'm going to Las Vegas, Hawaï and New York. First, I'm going to fly to Las Vegas. I'm going to spend one year there and I'm going to the play. Then, I'm going to take plane to Hawaï because I love its beaches.

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