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Essays on Importance Of Mother Tongue In Punjabi Language

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mother tongue essay in punjabi language

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mother tongue essay in punjabi language

Foreign Language Vs Mother Tongue in Pakistan

Language Policy of Pakistan

The context and methodology.

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mother tongue essay in punjabi language

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Mother Tongue Essay | Essay on Mother Tongue for Students and Children in English

November 5, 2020 by Prasanna

Mother Tongue Essay:  The first naturally acquired by humans is their mother tongue. The mother tongue is associated with the language that a child’s parent use to communicate with them, or the common language of the place a person is born and brought up in is called the native tongue.

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Long and Short Essays on Mother Tongue for Students and Kids in English

We are providing students with essay samples on a long essay of 500 words and a short essay of 150 words on the topic ‘Mother Tongue’ for reference.

Long Essay on Mother Tongue 500 Words in English

Long Essay on Mother Tongue is usually given to classes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

To suffice human’s social need for more effective communication the language was created. The extremely complex or versatile code, i.e. language, is used to express our thoughts and experiences to other people. This makes language a natural phenomenon that is learnt by a human at an early age for the desire to express themselves to others.

The mother tongue or the native language is an essential aspect in one’s upbringing as it shapes the way they perceive the world and the way one expresses themselves to others. Babies tend to imitate what they see or hear. Infants are fast learners as they acquire their mother tongue by imitating their parents. It is easier for children to learn languages in their growing years than in comparison to adults learning a new language.

Having a strong grip on one’s mother tongue also helps in creating a strong foundation for learning additional languages. Children are capable of learning languages other than their native tongue while they are young by transferring the different structure of a language to other languages. If a child learns the grammar of their mother tongue well, then they will be able to guess the meaning of the words in different languages easily.

Since people from different regions have varying mother tongues, that is why many institutions and parents teach a second language to children so that they can communicate with more people, without any language barriers. A person might be able to converse in multiple languages, but if they are spoken to in their mother tongue, then a sense of familiarity prevails over them.

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One’s mother tongue is a very potent tool that helps in advancing the learning skill in people. Children’s develop the skill of communication by conversing with their parents in their native tongue. And this skill of communication becomes paramount in school or institutional level setting for participating in class. Learning in school plays an important role in accentuating the use of mother tongue.

Similarly, when parents spend time communicating in the native language for discussing matters and telling stories to children, it helps in developing their terminology and concepts. Thus, children are able to follow instructions and can learn effortlessly, resulting in educational success.

The native tongue starts shaping a person’s thoughts and emotions soon after they are born in their subconscious because a person first hears it in their womb. The personal and cultural identity of an individual is developed because of their mother tongue. By understanding oneself, their surroundings and their history, personal identity can be built.

It is sad to see that mother tongue is losing its importance in comparison to some popularly used languages like English. Since in education as well as international business, English is used, that is why people are more encouraged to learn it because of the existing competition.

However, the mother tongue remains an inseparable part of one’s existence as it is said to be one’s true vehicle of wit. To preserve the cultural fabric, people must always strive to preserve their mother tongue at any cost.

Short Essay on Mother Tongue 150 Words in English

Short Essay on Mother Tongue is usually given to classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

A person can be defined by the choices they make and the language they speak. And the first language learnt by an individual is said to be their mother tongue. The native tongue plays a very important role in a family as it falls under one of the basic family values.

The mother tongue is often passed onto a child from parents or family members. The learning of a language opens up several new possibilities for an infant to explore the world and to express themselves.

There are several benefits of knowing more than one language, especially when working outside one’s hometown. However, on being addressed in the mother tongue in a foreign city helps the conversation reach one’s heart because of nostalgia.

Several pieces of research conducted by psychologists showed that people react differently when shown words of their mother language in comparison to when shown words of other known languages. Hence, we can conclude by saying that the importance of the mother tongue is undeniable.

10 Lines on Mother Tongue Essay in English

1. “Mother Tongue” is the language that a person learns from his infancy. 2. It is the first language that a person learns so that he could socially engage with his parents and other relatives. 3. Language is not only used to communicate but also to a huge extent; it is used to preserve the culture and refinement of their race. 4. Nowadays, the mother tongue is losing its importance against other languages. 5. Although English is incomparable with any other languages, it is causing the death of some of the languages. 6. The inseparable part of one’s personality that should never be lost is their mother language. 7. To preserve the rich cultural aspect of a person’s existence the mother tongue should be preserved at any cost. 8. Mother tongue is very crucial for framing one’s thinking and emotion. 9. Learning one’s mother tongue gives them a sense of self-worth and cultivates confidence in them. 10. For a child to be able to participate in their own classes and grow communication skills, the child must learn his mother tongue from his parents.

FAQ’s on Mother Tongue Essay

Question 1.   Why is this called Mother tongue?

Answer: Mother tongue is actually a metaphor. Language’s origin comes from the primary caregiver, or the person who looks after her baby when he is born is traditionally known as mothers.

Question 2.  Explain the term mother tongue in education.

Answer: Mother tongue in education alludes to when an educational institute adds the language a child is most accustomed with that is his mother language which he speaks in his home.

Question 3.  Can a child have more than one mother language?

Answer: A child who grows up in a bilingual home may have more than one mother language or native language.

Question 4. What is the main difference between mother-language and first language?

Answer: Mother language is a language which a baby gets familiar from the gestation of the mother even before he is born whereas the first language is a language which a child gets to learn from either schooling or socialising.

Dilpreet Singh

Jul 6, 2019

My Mother Tongue — Punjabi

We all concerned when it came to the mother tongue (First Language) as it is tightly coupled with your heart, mind and intellect. You can’t deny your mother tongue or you lose your roots. My mother tongue is Punjabi and I am concerned too.

Being an Immigrant or a Minority group you always have an extra pie in your plate. Being a Sikh — Identify in Millions with ease , Immigrant and a Minority gives me a-lot more of that pies.

First time when I went out of Punjab, I start missing something and my ‘original’ me was not there, I struggled a lot to identify however was no success, until I met a few folks, from Pakistan who speak Punjabi, their Mother tongue. Immediately, I realized what just happened to me ? Kind of an eye opening in that moment.

My Mother tongue means a lot to me, If I don’t speak in a day or two I start feeling exhausted and empty . Which could lead to un-wanted anxiety and stressed face.

First, thing I changed was to start teaching my co-workers a few words in Punjabi, so that I can communicate with them on daily basis and it worked like a charm and then I start visiting places where I can find people who speak Punjabi.

Language struggle for Punjab is ON, Sikhs had suffered and are still going through every other day as government policies are against Punjabi, in their very own beloved land Punjab. Every day we struggle hard to find the ways which can help us promote our mother tongue. In many cases, in school , colleges and public offices , every now and then made it realized to the Punjabi speaking people that you are poor, un-educated and backward.

Punjabi being one of the richest language of the commoners and have a lot to offer. Sikh scripture is writing primarily in Gurmukhi Punjabi. It is an another language like any other language in the world with huge heritage and culture. It is recognized at the same level as any other language in the world.

In picture , you can view the languages which are supported by the Government in USA, they are all at the same level and treaded equally. You can’t biased people based on their language. No way, you can call people speaking Punjabi as un-educated, especially when they had more 87% literacy rate at one point of time.

Ethnologue works towards the cataloging all of the world’s known living languages, has been an active organization since 1951. Here are their statistics towards the most spoken languages in the world .

Punjabi, which is 10th most spoken language in the world with more than 88.7 million speakers in the Pakistan ( census 1998 had 58.5 million native speakers and in 2008 it reaches to 76.3 million, 44.17%, however decreased since 1951 from 57.08%). 33 million speakers in India. 4th most spoken language in UK having 1.3 millions speakers and third most spoken language with around 0.5 million speakers in Canada

If we talk only about Pakistan and India origin, Pakistan statistics are far larger than India, Having more than 88.7 millions speakers, however, it’s still not a First language of Pakistan (urdu is the national language with only 8% of people speaks as their first language compared to Punjabi (44.17%)).

I was bit doubtful at first with these statistics as Punjabi is dying very fast in both the regions. I then approached these organization to find out more about the Punjabi.

Punjabi languages is maintained by ISO 639 standard as whole, both Lahnda [Lah] (Shahmukhi script) and eastern Punjabi [pan] (Gurmukhi script)are included in part 2 of the ISO 639 standard.

Lahnda [lah] and Western Punjabi[pnb] are maintained together, means Western Punjabi[pnb] is included in the Lahnda[lah] with others. Moreover the Eastern Punjabi[pan] is a separate entry in the ISO-639–2 and is maintained as individual language. the stats which were shown are based on Lahanda[lah] only, that makes the Punjabi the 10th most spoken language in the world . It doesn’t include stats of the Eastern Punjabi[pan] (Gurmukhi) . visit link to see more about how the government maintains it and register to propose the changes.

Punjabi became official language of indian Punjab recently and have no official status in Pakistan. Sikh and Punjabi speaking Muslim are struggling in these countries to promote and get the deserving status to their Mother tongue. more than 35 states speaks Punjabi, States speaking Punjabi .

A TV channel debate unfold the basic cause of not accepting the Punjabi language ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHTzdWcQmw8 ). They talked about the stereotype and issues which we have been facing in east Punjab as well.

Denying the mother tongue not only holds back the community from growth and development, rather it also makes you weak emotionally and mentally. Language is tightly bound to your culture and the identity too, losing it, ought not be the case at all.

Community needs to ponder more on the survival, it’s fill with barriers and biased-ness, it’s not spontaneous, it’s a realization and responsibility, which needs hard work and life-long commitment from the community/family. Parents should implement the home policy and continues effort to help their children develop the literacy skills. Activists and well-wisher should step in to promote the language and minimize the mental barriers, especially in India.

Here are some points promoting learning Mother language:

Your mother tongue is ‘ONLY’ language which can bring your authentic-self out. Your heart, mind and intellect should be real, That’s ‘REAL’ you, who can concur the world.

More from Dilpreet Singh

A Developer | Interesting in Design, Planning and Leadership | Resist | Govern by Faith | Human rights | Politics and SMILE 😋

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Dilpreet Singh

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Importance Of Mother Tongue (Essay Sample)

Mother tongue is the initial language one learns as a baby; the language one grows up knowing, which is also known as the native language. A child first comprehends what is around them through the language they hear their mother communicating in from before they are born and throughout their lives. Mother tongue is valuable due to several reasons.

Mother tongue is crucial in framing the thinking and emotions of people. A language plays an essential part in the life of a human being. The language facilitates a comprehension of the surrounding, learning of concepts and attaining of various skills. A child who ably learns their mother tongue from the initial parts of their lives, amass extensive language skills that help them to express themselves and developing their thinking capacity. Additionally, this language cultivates confidence and a sense of self-worth to a child in learning other things.

Learning in school accentuates with the use of mother tongue. Mother tongue is a powerful tool in advancing the learning in people. In childhood, when children spend their time with parents, they develop communication skills, skills that become paramount in school settings, for them to participate in class. Also, when parents tell stories and discuss matters with their children, it develops their terminology and concepts. Thus, when learning is conducted, the children effortlessly follow and understand, resulting in educational success.

Mother tongue develops a strong foundation for learning additional languages. Children are capable of learning multiple languages while young. Therefore, having a strong foundation in their mother’s language equips them the skills to learn other languages. Children achieve this by transferring the different structure of a language to other languages. Grammar that develops when a child learns their native language is easily transferable, whereby; a child can easily guess the meaning or read between the meanings of words in different languages.

Mother language develops a personal and cultural identity. Personal identity emerges out of a person’s understanding of themselves, their surroundings and their history. An individual hears their native language first when in the womb, and it subconsciously begins shaping their thoughts and emotions. Nelson Mandela said, “Talk to a person in their language, and it goes to their heart.” Thus, it becomes the source of instance connection with family, society, culture, and identity. Its strong foundation creates a strong accepting of oneself through an understanding of social origin and character in the most basic and natural manner. Moreover, by upholding of the different languages spoken in society, cultural identity arises that flows undoubtedly in other aspects of an individual’s life.

The mother tongue creates job opportunities. Increased immigration and population growth of international students who speak other languages other than English characterize the society. Thus, to facilitate effective communication and understanding of each other, different sectors of the economy, such as schools, health and in businesses, necessitates the need for an understanding of different languages. Consequently, the necessity for persons competent in different languages arises in the job market. Understanding and fluency in various native dialects hence give individuals an upper hand in becoming language specialist, thus, gainfully employed.

Mother tongue elicits the development of strong family bonds. In various households, particularly those of immigrants, some family members such as grandparents and parents do not understand English commonly utilized in different countries. Thus, when a child grows up with particular emphasis on speaking in a language other than their mother tongue, results in a linguistic gap with some family members, consequencing in an emotional disconnect with other family members.

The knowledge of the native language is a crucial aspect of a person’s life. It not only stimulates their confidence but also creates awareness of their individual and cultural identity, facilitates learning and adoption of other languages, creates job opportunities and keeps families tightly knit.

mother tongue essay in punjabi language


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