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How to Write a Great 250-Word Essay

David Dec 14, 2017

How to Write a Great 250-Word Essay

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In college, there are many instances where you may be required to write a 250-word essay – your application, exam questions, small writing prompts, etc. A 250-word limit may seem like a novel to some, but others find it difficult to get their point across with so few words. In this guide, we will look at a 250-word essay example, along with tips on how to write a great 250-word essay.   Bonus: Need to write a longer essay? See this guide on how to write a 500-word essay

The Basic Format of a 250-Word Essay

All essays consist of the same three parts: an introduction with a thesis, a body paragraph or body paragraphs that support the thesis, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the overall essay.

In 250 words, you will most likely have 3-4 paragraphs in total, each with 50-100 words. This will allow for 3-5 concise but detailed sentences per paragraph.

A Step-by-Step 250-Word Essay Example

To help visualize this process, let’s go ahead and write a simple 250-word essay.  You’ll see our writing sample in green and our explanation of what we did (and what can be done) with each section in normal text.

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Without further ado, let’s get started on our essay!

TOPIC:  How has your family upbringing influenced your educational goals?

Step 1 – Write Your Thesis

Your thesis is the first thing you should consider in your essay. Simply put, it’s the main idea of your essay that will control everything else you write. If you could summarize the question in just one sentence, how would you do it?

For our topic   How has your family upbringing influenced your educational goals?  our thesis will be:

My parents saw little value in a formal education. It was their lack of passion that led me to my educational goals.

Step 2 – Write Your Introduction

In the introduction, the first sentence can be a broad or general statement that sets the tone for the piece. It is usually supported by a second sentence that leads into the thesis. The optional third sentence may pose a question that the thesis aims to answer, or it may prompt the reader to think about the topic in a different light. The final sentence of the intro paragraph clearly establishes the thesis.

As a general rule of thumb, the introduction should go from broad to specific, sentence by sentence, gradually leading up to your thesis. Here’s a sample example of an introductory paragraph.

Parents are supposed to push you past your goals, or at least, that’s what I always believed. I was raised in the generation of “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” My parents did not follow that philosophy, and they saw little value in a formal education. It was their lack of passion that led me to my educational goals.

Word count:  Introductory paragraph, 64 words.

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Step 3 – Write The Body Paragraph(s)

Next, we’ll continue with the body paragraph. Remember, body paragraphs should support the thesis and be about 3-5 sentences or 50-100 words long. In a short essay you may opt for only one body paragraph but in a longer one you may need more.

So how should your body paragraphs support your thesis? Think of each body paragraph as an argument that supports it.

Working with our thesis   “My parents never saw the value of formal education and that’s what lead me to my educational goals” , then each paragraph could be about   how not seeing the value of formal education led to the writer pursuing it.

For example, maybe the writer didn’t want to end up in the same work as their parents. Or maybe it was the parents’ lack of belief in the writer that pushed them to pursue a better future.

Let’s have a look at what a body paragraph can look like for our 250 word essay.

From as far back as I can remember, I knew I didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of my parents, at least not when it came to work. My father had worked on the family farm all his life and my mother had been a housewife since graduation. They were both content with the simplicity of their lives and wanted the same for me. I remember my father telling me that college was “expensive and a waste of four years”.  I knew however, that I wanted a career in the city that would be more challenging than simple farm life could provide. The only way to make that possible would be through formal education and a college degree. 

Word count:  Body paragraph 119 words. Total essay is now 181 words.

Step 4 – Summarize with a Conclusion

The final paragraph is the conclusion. You may start this paragraph with “To summarize,” “As evident by X, Y, and Z,”  or a similar statement that highlights the biggest points in your essay. Use the conclusion paragraph to sum up the main point of your essay using different words. The last sentence can be something broad that leaves the reader wondering. Let’s see how we can write a conclusion for our sample essay.

While my parents may not understand the value of formal education, I know it is essential for my future. This has helped me immensely, by making me realize that without strong parental support, I’m the only one who’s responsible for my own goals. In a way this has been the strongest source of motivation. And for that, I am forever grateful.  

Notice how we summarize the main point of the essay in the first sentence. We then connect the first sentence to the a conclusion we arrive at. Finally we end in an optimistic tone by stating how this has been helpful and we are grateful. Unlike the introduction paragraph, which flows from broad sentences to specific, a conclusion generally flows the opposite way, from specific sentences to broader concepts.

Word count: Concluding paragraph 61 words. Total essay is now 242 words. 

Sure, we came up 8 words short. But being that close should not be considered an issue. If for some reason you are required to write 250 words minimum, you can make the essay longer by sprinkling in a few extra words.

The Entire 250-word Essay  Altogether

Parents are supposed to push you past your goals, or at least, that’s what I always believed. I was raised in the generation of “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” My parents did not follow that philosophy, and they saw little value in a formal education. It was their lack of passion that led me to my educational goals. From as far back as I can remember, I knew I didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of my parents, at least not when it came to work. My father had worked on the family farm all his life and my mother had been a housewife since graduation. They were both content with the simplicity of their lives and wanted the same for me. I remember my father telling me that college was “expensive and a waste of four years”.  I knew however, that I wanted a career in the city that would be more challenging than simple farm life could provide. The only way to make that possible would be through formal education and a college degree.  While my parents may not understand the value of formal education, I know it is essential for my future. This has helped me immensely by making me realize that without strong parental support, I’m the only one who’s responsible for my own goals. In a way this has been the strongest source of motivation. And for that, I am forever grateful.  

Should I Write More Than 250 Words or Less Than 250 Words?

When a professor or college entry application asks for a “250 word essay,” 250 words is generally a rough guide. No one is going to fail you if you go over or under the limit by a few words. We’d say a good gauge is plus or minus 50 words. As a general rule of thumb though, try to stay as close to 250 words as possible without going too far over or under.

Essay Writing Tips

Here are some quick tips for writing a great 250-word essay:

The more 250-word essays you write, the easier they will become. Feel free to practice with free essay prompts online to train your brain to write with this rhythm. You’ll soon be able to whip out 250 words without checking your word count!


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how to write an 250 word essay

How to write a 250-word essay

Write it short, but clear, answer the main question only, create an outline of the essay, spend more time to make corrections.

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How to Write a Perfect 250-Word Essay with Samples and Tips

In order to learn how to write a perfect 250-word essay, an academic undertaking requires an author to observe specific standards of academic writing. Basically, these standards include following the introduction-body-conclusion outline and using the MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, or any other format. In this case, students write the introductory paragraph that concludes with a thesis statement, which serves as the central pillar of entire papers. Moreover, a 250-word essay is different from a one-page paper in many ways, including formatting. While a one-page paper adopts the single-spacing format, a 250-word essay follows the double-spacing approach. Regardless of these differences, both types of essays must incorporate evidence to establish credibility. The evidence appears in body paragraphs and must align with the Sandwich Rule. In concluding essays, writers must restate the thesis and summarize the main themes without introducing new information.

Basic Principles

Writing is an exercise that requires an understanding of some basic rules of academic writing . In particular, these rules apply to any scholarly documents, where authors aim to present credible information on specific topics. Basically, writers should research widely on their topics and incorporate findings of research studies. In writing a 250-word essay, students should be specific on what they want to communicate if they intend essays to be scholarly texts. Unlike long papers that require authors to write an outline for purposes of organizing their thoughts, a 250-word essay is short. It only requires students to focus on the information they want to deliver. Hence, the use of sources in this type of essay is limited, and, if used, they must be relevant to the writer’s point of view.

How to write a perfect 250-word essay

Definition of a 250-Word Essay

By description, a 250-word essay is a short academic text that provides information on a specific topic. For an essay to meet the threshold of a scholarly text, writers must provide a thesis statement that captures the author’s central arguments or claims. In this case, anyone interested in knowing how long is a 250-word essay would only need to locate the writer’s thesis statement. Moreover, the structure of a 250-word essay entails an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph or paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Unless it is necessary, a writer may not provide headings and subheadings in this type of paper. Such work only covers a single page when written in the double-spaced format by considering how many pages is a 250-word essay. Therefore, a 250-word essay has from three to four paragraphs with minimal headings and none subheadings.

A 250-Word Essay Example: Healthy Lifestyle

If someone wants to understand what does a 250-word essay look like, check the sample:

Sample: Introduction

The growing cases of obesity in the United States have become a source of concern to health professionals and the government at all levels. Basically, this context has seen the medical community invest in research, with several studies highlighting the health risks that individuals face when they become obese. In turn, the findings of these studies show that a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy food and maintaining physical fitness, is the most effective intervention against becoming obese.

The word count of the introduction paragraph is 78 words .

Sample Body: Obese-Related Complications

The United States has a high number of fast-food restaurants, which contributes to the rising cases of obesity. Basically, this situation has predisposed a majority of Americans to junk food, especially teenagers and young professionals. For instance, several studies have established that obesity results from unhealthy diets, including fatty and junk food (evidence). In this case, these foods not only predispose individuals to being obese but also at risk of developing health complications. Moreover, the most notable obesity-related complications include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and others. In turn, the lack of physical exercise is also a factor contributing to the current trend of obesity.

The word count of the body paragraph is 107 words .

Sample: Conclusion

There is no doubt that, in order to reverse the current trend of obesity in the US, Americans must stop eating unhealthy foods and develop a habit of exercising regularly. Without regular physical exercises, the human body stores up fat that ends up blocking blood vessels and other complications. As for the recommendations, Americans must adopt healthy lifestyles to reverse the current trend of obesity.

The word count of the conclusion paragraph is 65 words .

Thus, introduction + body + conclusion parts = 78 + 107 + 65 words or 250-word essay.

Review of Writing a 250-Word Essay on Healthy Lifestyle

Paragraph 1: introduction with a thesis statement.

The first paragraph of the sample paper of the 250-word essay titled “Healthy Lifestyle” is the introduction. Basically, the opening section allows readers to know what the essay is all about. In turn, this part starts by establishing a context for the essay: the rising cases of obesity in the United States and the confirmation by research studies that obesity is a health risk. Then, the paragraph concludes with a thesis statement – maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this case, the main sentence includes eating healthy food and maintaining physical fitness, being the most effective intervention to becoming obese. To make the statement significant, the writer bases these ideas on research findings. Moreover, the total word count for the introduction paragraph, without the title, is 78 words. Hence, the length makes the introduction part slightly shorter than the body paragraph, which is acceptable in academic writing.

Paragraph 2: Body

The second part of a 250-word essay is the body paragraph that talks about health complications associated with obesity. Just like in the introduction, the writer begins the paragraph by establishing a context, which is the proliferation of fast-food restaurants in the United States. This context helps students to understand the source of obesity in the country. Moreover, the author makes reference to research studies (evidence) on obesity to establish credibility in the text. As such, readers understand that whatever the writer talks about in the text is not informed by personal opinions but rather research findings. In academic writing, this aspect makes a text reliable. Hence, one can use it as a reference when writing a paper or contributing to an argument. In summary, the body section with the word count of 107 words provides information that strengthens the thesis statement in the introduction.

Paragraph 3: Conclusion

The last paragraph in the essay is the conclusion, which marks the end of the essay. In academic writing, the conclusion of a 250-word essay does not provide new information. Instead, it takes the most significant themes in the body of the paper and links them with the thesis statement. In the above essay, the writer begins by making a firm observation based on the content of the body section that is to stop obesity, while Americans must start eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. In turn, one can argue that the writer intends to establish the urgency of the central message. Hence, a conclusion part with the word count of 65 words provides a final appeal that marks the author’s opinion in the context of all the available knowledge. In the above essay, the writer’s concluding remark is that Americans must follow clinical recommendations about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Principles of Academic Writing

The above 250-word essay is a scholarly text for several reasons. Firstly, it adopts the outline of an academic paper, including an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In lengthy essays, the body comprises of several paragraphs with several headings and subheadings. Secondly, it has a thesis that helps to anchor the writer’s central message. Basically, the content of the body paragraph focuses on proving or strengthening the writer’s thesis. Thirdly, the author incorporates evidence in the paper, which appears in the body part. For instance, evidence helps to establish credibility, making the essay a scholarly text. In turn, the body paragraph starts with a topic sentence, which determines the direction of the entire section. As per the sandwich rule, the writer writes evidence to support the opening statement and then provides a statement that establishes the significance of evidence.

Comparison Between Organizing a One-Page Paper and Writing a 250-Word Essay

In academic writing, authors can choose to single-space or double-space their text. Basically, a one-page essay follows the single-spaced format, meaning the total word count should be more than 500 words. In this case, students can write different headings and subheadings in the body paragraphs to establish a logical flow to their arguments. For instance, in the MLA 8 format (Modern Language Association 8th Edition), authors many not put a title in the introductory and concluding parts. However, in the APA 7 referencing style (American Psychological Association 7th Edition) format, writers must put a title in these paragraphs. In a one-page paper in whatever format, students must put headings (and subheadings if necessary) to create a logical flow in their text. In short, the most significant characteristics of a one-page paper that distinguishes it from writing a 250-word college essay are single-spacing, including the word count.

Other Features

In a 250-word essay, the notable feature is double-spacing, which ensures the total word count on a page does not go beyond 250 words. Basically, this type of essay’s primary distinguishing feature is that it uses minimal headings. Sometimes, there are no subheadings in the body. In this case, the basis of the outline is the limited number of words, an aspect that demands writers to avoid unnecessary wording of the text. Another feature that sets apart a 250-word college essay from a one-page paper is the use of evidence to support the author’s central claim. As indicated, the need to avoid unnecessary wordings in a 250-word essay puts a demand for writers to limit the number of sources they incorporate in their texts. In turn, one can argue that this limitation in the number of sources premises on the need to satisfy the Sandwich Rule.

Based on these differences, someone may ask, “So what?” The answer to this question requires people to consider expectations before they start writing a 250-word essay. In many instances, people cannot call themselves writers who choose which format to use in writing texts because their instructors make this choice. However, if people have the freedom to choose, the above differences may influence the format they prefer. For example, students may choose to use the one-page paper format. Such work adopts a single-spacing format if they want to write their works on a single page. When it comes to choosing the format to use in writing a 250-word essay, the primary consideration that writers must make is word count. It would make no sense to write a 250-word essay in the single-space format.

How to Write a Good 250-Word Essay for Different Educational Levels

College or university papers.

In academic writing, the demand placed for writers of texts depends on their level of education. In particular, this aspect means that a university student has a higher threshold than a high schooler in academic writing to meet the criteria of writing a 250-word essay. For instance, this threshold entails several elements, including language sophistication and level of research, among others. On language sophistication, college students must demonstrate mastery of the English language, particularly regarding their subjects. In other words, when writing about nursing, university scholars must write nursing terminologies in their texts to establish an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. On the level of research, university students must include evidence in their writing to build credibility. Hence, the higher the number of sources that writers use, the more their works become an outcome of thorough research.

High School Essays

In contrast, academic writing puts no pressure on high schoolers to use sophisticated language and in-depth research. Basically, the expectation is that writers in this level of education can demonstrate a logical flow of their arguments. In other words, writers in this level of education should not focus on appearing sophisticated but rather conversant with their topics when writing a 250-word essay. As opposed to using in-depth research to anchor their texts, high schoolers should use practical examples. Here, high school writers use observable phenomena to anchor their arguments. In turn, the reason for expectations for a university student and those of a high schooler is different. It is because the former must demonstrate an in-depth understanding, and the latter must show critical thinking.

The Difference Betwen Academic Levels

The differences between a one-page essay and a 250-word essay have nothing to do with the academic level. For instance, a university student and a high schooler can write their arguments through a one-page paper or a 250-word essay. In this case, the only difference between the texts of these two students would be the sophistication of language and the level of research that they incorporate in their writings. For college students, the elements that would demonstrate a sophisticated language include theories, models, concepts, and principles around the subject matter. In turn, a one-page paper would provide a writer with enough space to explore these elements. Hence, it is impossible to organize many ideas in a 250-word college essay.

Summing Up on How to Write a Perfect 250-Word Essay

There are no questions that academic writing requires some level of professionalism to make a text credible. As indicated, several elements characterize an essay as a scholarly text, including an outline and evidence supporting the author’s central claim. To anyone interested in writing a 250-word essay, the following tips are essential:

Points to Remember

how to write an 250 word essay

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how to write an 250 word essay

How to Write an Abortion Research Paper Correctly

Useful articles.

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How to Write a Well-Developed Poem Analysis Essay

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American Dream Essay: Structure, Outline, Sample, and Topics

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Essay Example of The Great Gatsby Book Review

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A-Plus Homework Help For College Students

Project Types We Cover

Academic Fields & Subjects

All About Writing a 250-Word Essay That Rocks

By: Max Malak

All About Writing a 250-Word Essay That Rocks

Page-length Of a 250-Word Essay?

Should i write more or less than 250-words, most frequent 250-word essay topics:, formulating the thesis statement, write an introduction, body paragraph, write a conclusion, formatting the essay, proofread the essay, bonus tips for essay writing, sample essay, checklist: how to write an essay.

There is a huge variety of academic assignments. For example, you could be asked to write:

The list is endless! More often than not, you may have to restrict your essay between 200 and 300 words. Let's walk through this step-by-step guide to become familiar with how an ideal 250-word essay should look like.

If you were wondering how a 250-word essay looks like and how many pages 250-words takes up, then the answer is 'approximately half a page when single-spaced', or one page of double spaced text. This is one of the most frequently searched queries among writers. Of course, each of the following has an impact on the space that your essay may occupy:

As a rule of thumb, stick to as follows:

Try not to fall below or exceed the 250-word limit by a considerable margin (a slight deviation is fine!). Don't forget that this is where going the extra mile, may push your grades back. Save your energy for lengthier essays that you may stumble across in the future.

The objectives and requirements for short 250-word essays differ from longer ones. As you plan, stick to the relatively simpler topics. Complex topics require longer pieces of writing to be handled effectively. Examples of popular topics for these kinds of essays include:

Conflict; Scholarship; Yale law; Respect; Leadership; Who am I; Friendship; Global warming; Visit a zoo; My ambition in life; Importance of sports; Education; Corruption; Wonders of science; Life experience; Failure; We should all be feminists.

Your essay's entirety will link back to the thesis statement, which is a general statement about what you are going to prove or the point around which your discussion revolves.

An introduction should ideally include:

Body paragraphs should be knit together in a logical flow. Make sure each paragraph contains:

The concluding paragraph gives an overview of any ideas which have been expressed during the essay. Your conclusion must re-echo the thesis statement besides summarizing the key findings. Let's round up the best practices for writing a convincing conclusion:

What to Include

What to Avoid

Most of the college essays follow a standard style or pattern termed as writing style. Four widely-prevalent writing styles include:

Besides these conventions, you should have an eye for specific instructions, such as:

Simply writing the essay should not be the end of your process, as you must proofread it once you have finished composing. It would help if you directed your attention to the essay's structure, how easy it is to understand, the order of the ideas, and whether this is logical and, of course, grammar, spelling, and format. It is not very likely that the exact word count will be reached, and it is OK to stray from this slightly. It would help if you aimed to go no more than 5 to 10 words above or below the desired 250.

We are now going to look at some useful tips that will help you write an excellent 250-word essay.

When writing the first draft, do so in one go and do not take any breaks. This is because the more fluid language will be achieved, and any edits can be made later.

It is important not to edit too much and take a break between editing sessions so that the essay can be viewed with a fresh pair of eyes each time. Don't focus too much on the word count. If you train yourself to write paragraphs containing 3 to 5 sentences, the end word count will become more obtainable naturally.

Avoid adding filler words or phrases. A professional viewing your work will easily pick up on this. Rather than doing this, try to form an extra sentence that contributes and supports the rest of the paragraph.

There may be times where no more information is needed, but the word count has not been reached. If this is the case and you are confident that the work is sufficient, you may be OK to hand the work in with the lower word count. Professors would rather a shorter quality piece than a longer one that did not answer the question.

Practice makes perfect, and the more you write a 250-word essay, the more easily you will be able to do so. An excellent way to practice is to use one of the many free essay prompts that can be found on the internet, which will condition your brain into this type of writing. It won't take long before you can throw out a 250-word essay without even thinking about how many words you have written.

If you think writing an essay is not your cup of tea, you may consult a writing service as your ultimate rescuer.

Now let's take a look at a 250-word essay example:

"Fortunate was I to have born with a silver spoon in mouth. I always ridiculed the arguments tending to attach greater weight to moral values than to wealth. I went on dismissing all this stuff as 'platitudinous fare, never looking at any moral story as a wake-up call. It all changed with a sudden shock when my dearest friend got into an accident and succumbed to his injuries.

To me, life was very simple. I remember when I was at odds with spirituality, describing it as a "self-created mirage." To me, everything that we can buy was "something," and everything else is just "nothing" (self-contradictory, as it may sound). Often with my father, I used to argue that money was at the heart of how much we can get out of our life. He always disproved my idea, saying, "There are things money cannot buy!" Without bothering to ask him to show examples, I would just shy away wincing and ridiculing. It continued like this until the day when I lost my friend in an accident. He took his last breath in the most expensive hospital in the city, showing me the peak of man's helplessness in the face of reality.

It served as an eye-opener though I wish it had been something less-painful (that I don't think might have done any damage to my adamancy). Standing beside my friend's grave, I trampled my myopia and headed to the church with my eyes drenched in tears to seek God's pardon. Money (eh)!"

When writing a short essay with 250-words, being concise and to the point is what matters. There does not need to be a whole host of additional information. Also, make sure that you adopt the best practices to steer clear of plagiarism.

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How To Write A Perfect 250-Word Essay | Tips And Tricks

A 250-word essay is the most commonly used type of essay. Usually, students are required to write this amount of words. Keep in mind that it might look like an argumentative, descriptive, or explanatory essay. Therefore, students have to develop their writing and researching skills in working with that type of paper. And how do you do that?

Well, there is always an option to order professional writing help at our service. We guarantee to develop a strong outline and create a perfect 250-word essay for you. However, you should take some time to try writing such an essay on your own. We have prepared a step-by-step writing guide and some useful tips. They will come in handy for you.

What Is A Structure Of A 250-Word Essay?

Many students think this type of paper has a lot of differences from the usual essay. However, that is not true. A 250-word essay looks like any other type of essay. The main feature is that it has a volume of 250 words, give or take a few. Therefore, the writing process does not take a lot of time.

Still, the feature of a short essay is its conciseness. It must not be wordy because the teacher will lower your grade. Also, such an essay perfectly shows your ability to explain your ideas briefly without saying anything superfluous. It seems easy, but it might become complicated while you are writing.

So, what is the structure of a 250-word essay? Here it is:

As you see, a 250-word essay has quite a simple structure. However, unlike other types of essays, it has much less space for all your thoughts and ideas. Therefore, you have to put yourself together and choose the most robust sentences over the weak ones. Otherwise, you may exceed the required amount of words.

If you are afraid of failing or cannot develop a strong thesis statement, feel free to order our online assistance. 

250 word essay

Useful Tips And Tricks On How To Improve Your 250-Word Essay

Now, let’s talk about some writing tips and recommendations that can help you improve the essay. Our experts have more than 10 years of writing experience. That is why they can share some tricks on how to improve the quality of the essay. Also, they know how to facilitate the writing process to create a perfect essay in a short period.

We guarantee to create an appropriate outline and write a perfect 250-word essay from A to Z. Our writers do not use any references or online examples because they make every paper from scratch. Therefore, we provide you with high-quality essays at the best price.

Do not hesitate to order our writing assistance – let us take responsibility for your assignment.

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Your Best 250 Word Essay Paper

Sometimes it can be very difficult for students to balance their academic lives with their social lives and still manage to beat deadlines for submission of essays. But students who find that they are unable to cope with the rigorous schedule of academic life can always look for essay papers for “how to write a 250 word essay”. 

application in  250WordsEssay

You can find tons of 250 word scholarship essay examples and choose the best one for yourself. The advantage of doing this is that you can access any 250 word essay sample online and you can also rewrite original custom written essays that meet your academic needs. 

What Does a 250 Word Essay Look Like?

This is a short assignment paper that should be written according to certain terms. No need to Google “How long is a 250 word essay” and the question “How many pages is a 250 word essay” becomes irrelevant. The name of this type of college task speaks for itself. Usually it is 3-4 paragraphs in total and each of these paragraphs contains 50-100 words. And the whole task takes approximately a half of page. Despite its length, such an essay also has an introduction, body part, and conclusion as any other one. Look at the 250 word essay example we have prepared for you. 

250 word essay sample

250 Words Essay Advice From Our Experts

Who Can Write an Essay For Me?         

It is not always easy to write a 250-word essay in which you trace the development of the theme of conflict in “two kinds.” That is why more and more students ask professional writing services for help.

Essay papers for sale are available in just about any subject and at every level of academic education. There are some writing services that even offer students samples that they can look at before they make their orders so that students can determine if they would like to make their orders.

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Most Frequently 250 Words Essay Topics:

What to pay attention to.

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essay of 250 words

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How to Write a 250 Word College Essay

Deborah jones.

Listing ideas helps students find the strongest arguments for short essays.

Colleges often set students the task of writing an essay in just 250 words. The process of writing such a short piece differs from longer essay assignments because the limited word count demands greater clarity of thought. A 250-word college essay must stick rigidly to the point it seeks to prove. It should be written in short, crisp sentences and have a narrow focus on a specific topic.

Plan the structure, or framework, of the essay. A limit of 250 words is very short, but it must still follow conventional essay format and have an introduction, body and conclusion. Planning before writing helps keep the essay on track, especially when written under a time constraint. Limit the topic by concentrating only on the question in the title. Underline the key words in the title to help fix the topic firmly in mind. When writing, only include examples that directly answer the question. Avoid rambling around the subject. Get straight to the point.

Write the introduction, or thesis statement, in one or two sentences that use around 25 words. This will state the topic of the essay and the argument that the essay will prove in the remaining words. In longer essays, there is scope to include more than one point of view or take into account and compare or discuss differing arguments on the same subject. In a 250-word essay, there is little scope to expand. Choose just one viewpoint, argument or opinion to write as the introduction.

Write the body of the essay. Use short sentences that stick to the point without elaboration. Include an example that illustrates the thesis statement. One or two well-chosen examples are sufficient in a 250-word essay. For the body, write either two or three paragraphs, allowing a total word count of no more than 200 words. Allow one paragraph for each argument.

Write the conclusion. This summarizes the introduction and body, briefly referring back to the points made in the earlier sections to provide a coherent argument. If the previously suggested word counts have been used, there will be 25 words left in which to sum up the essay topic.

Proofread the entire 250-word essay. Remove or correct misspellings and check punctuation and grammar.

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Deborah Jones started her freelance writing career in 1990. Her work has appeared in The Writer's Forum, "Reader's Digest" and numerous D.C. Thomson magazines. Jones has a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and a postgraduate certificate in education, both from the University of Derby.

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How to Write a 250 Word Essay

how to write an 250 word essay

Have you come across a 250 word essay in a scholarship or college application? These shorter essays can be tricky for students because of the limited word count. In this guide, you will learn how to write a successful 250 word essay with our step-by-step process:

Outline your essay in bullet points

Only answer the question being asked, don’t worry about the word count in your first draft.

Let’s dive in so you can complete your 250 word essays!

An outline is a good move for writing most scholarship essays, but is an absolute necessity if you are writing a short 250 word essay. This will allow you to answer the essay prompt in the simplest, most concise way. My suggestion is to think about the essay in five bullets:

The resulting bullet points may not craft the perfect essays. As a result, you will probably need to smooth it out a bit and include some transitions. This is totally fine, but be careful how much you add onto the essay. Try to stick to your five bullet outline as much as possible.

See Also: What’s the best scholarship essay format?

In essays, it can be tempting to meander. After all, the writing process is a creative one and once you get going, you may wind up in a completely different place. Discipline is the key to shorter essays and you will need to focus on only answering the question being asked.

Recommended: How to write a winning scholarship essay

I know that this seems counterintuitive, but hear me out! For some students, it may actually be even better to write an essay without thinking about the 250 word count at all.

If you choose to go this route, you will have to spend some time cutting down on your word count. However, sometimes it does make sense to overwrite and then edit out the fluff that is not necessary.

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Even though a 250 word essay is short, it is still an essay that requires an editing and proofreading process. Generally, writers are their own worst proofreaders. So once you finish your essay, ask someone else to read it to ensure another set of eyes glances over everything.

Don’t forget to check on the word count as you proofread and edit your essay! Good luck, writers!

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how to write an 250 word essay

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Maria earned both a B.A. and an M.A. in English Literature from Monmouth University, an M. Ed. in Education from Monmouth University, and a Virtual Online Teaching Certificate (VOLT) from the University of Pennsylvania.

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how to write an 250 word essay

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A 250-word essay is a short piece. It might be assigned by a school teacher to test the student’s knowledge of the topic and their ability to formulate thoughts concisely. The most common genres for texts of 250 to 300 words are a discussion board post and a personal statement for a college application.

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The article details a research study that explores the challenges that are associated with the implementation of research-based evidence. The research article notes that implementing evidence into practice depends on several factors such as “the nature of the evidence being used, the quality of context, and the type of facilitation...

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The Issues of the Effectiveness of CPUs

No research can be considered as completed before its findings have been shared with the professionals who can be interested in the results of the study. It is important to consider the target audience and the prioritized communication outlet before disseminating the evidence. The issues of the effectiveness of CPUs...

Researches of Medical Professionals’ Cultural Competence

Medical professionals’ cultural competence is essential for delivering quality care (Henderson et al., 2016). Nurses should be able to efficiently and respectfully communicate with patients and colleagues of different backgrounds. However, cultural differences between individuals can hinder communication leading to various complications in medical practice. Therefore, nursing students should be...

How Long Is a 250 Word Essay?

A 250-word text usually takes about 1 page. All the major citation styles assume that an essay will take approximately 250 words per page. The most common format is double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. The details might differ – for instance, in MLA 9 and APA 7, Calibri and Arial are also accepted. However, 12-point Times New Roman remains preferable.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 250-Word Essay?

A 250-word essay should include 1 to 2 paragraphs. In academic writing, a paragraph should contain at least 50 words and three sentences.

What Does a 250-Word Essay Look Like?

The easiest way to organize a 250-word essay is to use a standard 5-paragraph structure. The paper should start with an introduction: a hook, some background data, and a thesis statement. Then come three body paragraphs, each focused on one argument. The concluding paragraph is to contain a summary and a restated thesis.

How Long Does a 250-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 5 to 10 minutes to type 250 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 1 hours for 250 words.

How Many Body Paragraphs Are in a 250 Word Essay?

An average 250-word essay contains 2 to 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 70 to 150 words long.

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Exercising is a fundamental aspect in improving and maintaining body physical fitness. Benefits of exercising include; Weight control, exercise prevents gaining of excessive weight. It maintains body health and prevents diseases like cardiovascular diseases. It adds muscles vigor, increases tissue oxygenation, nutrients distrubution and improves body stamina. Body fitness is...

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The nursing intervention plan is to be started from the patient’s education within the scope of CHF. The daily intake of fluid should be appropriate and include all liquids consumed per day, including tea, juice, soup, fruits, and vegetables. When dry mouth and thirst appear, one needs to rinse mouth,...

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I have never watched this film before, and its name always seemed unattractive to me. However, I did change my mind afterward as Citizen Kane impressed me a lot and made me contemplate some things in life. One aspect that was gripping to me was the transition from one scene...

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Inclusion is an educational concept denoting that all children should be involved in the same classrooms irrespective of their health peculiarities. It denies the idea of organizing separate education for children with special needs. This approach can generate positive outcomes if essential elements are preserved. According to Grove et al....

Aspects of Capital Budgeting Practice

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is used to approximate the profitability of possible investments. The discount rate, which makes Net Profit Value (NPV) zero, is IRR. Note IRR is the annual return rate that equates NPV to zero. The higher the IRR, the investment will be more desirable. To calculate...

The Concept of the “War on Drugs”

The “war on drugs” is a policy term in the United States that describes the government’s longstanding campaign aiming to combat drug trafficking and drug use, both on the domestic and international levels. The US government’s measures included prohibitive legislation, military assistance to other states in the fight against drug...

Nurse-Led Practice in Patient-Centered Medical Home

This article is a qualitative research (descriptive study) because it addresses the perception of a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model of providers and staff instead of testing hypotheses and identifying cause-and-effect relationships. The purpose of the research was to find out how the PCMH model was introduced in nurse-led primary...

Minerals-Concept Fluoride and Dental Fluorosis

Fluorine is a common element abundant in the earth’s crust. Naturally, the mineral occurs in the soil, rocks, and water with higher concentrations in places that have experienced geologic uplift1. Many industrial processes are dependent on fluorides due to their use. The primary source of systemic fluoride is exposure to...

Behavioral and Molecular Alterations in Mice… by Skupio et al.

The research hypothesis (question) The research hypothesis of the article is to investigate the molecular and behavioral effects of the administration of chronic DEX (dexamethasone) on C57BL/6J mice. The main study variable(s) The primary variables include chronic DEX administration (level), body weight, depressive-like behavior (despair and anhedonia), anxiety-like behavior, and...

Individual and Community Physical Fitness Importance

Physical fitness has been proven to bring numerous health benefits to an individual because it enhances the body’s muscle strength. It has also been identified to be one of the most significant ways that enable people to reduce the risk of suffering from some non-communicable diseases such as high blood...

Drama of the Modern World by Erich Fromm

Erich Fromm was a profound specialist in social psychology, and many of his ideas have tremendous importance for modern society on the way for self-conceptualization, finding the way out of the pessimism of the 20th century, and stipulating elevated goals for the future in the long run. He emphasized the...

Know Thyself: Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King”

The famous saying “Know Thyself,” which is written on the temple at Delphi, is one of the main messages of the Sophocles’ play “Oedipus the King.” Taking into account the historical context, it is easy to explain the problem that appeared at the end of the fifth century. “Know Thyself”...

Use of Social Media in the Workplace

Recently, information leaks have become more frequent in our company due to the improper use of social networks. Unfortunately, this is often the fault of employees who spend too much time on the Internet and post too sincere texts. First, it leads to a decrease in productivity at work, and...

Haunted City: Ghosts of Berlin

Berlin is a haunted city, and this statement is indeed true in some way. Berlin is a city in which dozens of key events in world history took place. There, important political decisions were made, and deadly battles were fought during the war. Thus, buildings, streets, and even some of...

Social Determinants of Health: What Affects People’s Health

Social determinants of health (SDOH) have a great impact on healthcare reform due to the possibility of SDOH to affect health risks and outcomes (“Social determinants of health,” 2017). Organizations may use SDOH to reduce healthcare costs through providing the most suitable conditions for people to live, work, play, and...

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An “American couple” is very beautifully portrayed in the painting. The background of their home is a very striking factor in the painting. The man is holding a pitchfork with a stern look on his face. The woman in the painting is very reluctant to make any eye contact whatsoever....

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The post discusses such metabolic bone disease as osteoporosis. Generally, older adults are at high risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Nonetheless, in rare cases, young people might also have this disease. The occurrence of osteoporosis at a young age is mainly associated with chronic diseases and the prescribed medications (Choong,...

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Anti-War Activism and Its Importance

The United States is known for its aggressive politics that played a crucial part in its history up to the modern days. Nowadays, these intentions are covered under the guise of national security and the safety of its citizens. However, this notion led to the creation of numerous anti-war movements,...

The Treatment of the Patient with Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Vincent Brody  67 years old. Has a 50-year history of smoking 2 packs a day. Admitted with exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Related to stress and pain experienced as a result of COPD exacerbation Priority Nsg Diagnosis # 1 Risk for respiratory distress symptoms: Subjective data: “This cough...

Evaluation and Control Procedures

Planning is a mental process that requires the use of intellectual faculties, foresight, and sound judgment. Strategic planning entails putting forward ideas that form a comprehensive and integrated plan that gives an advantage to the company against environmental challenges. The process of planning consists of various procedures. The first step...

The Nestle Company’s Sales Stagnation in China

Target change is vital for organizations that seek to maintain a favorable market position. Firms usually decide what changes to make in reaction to a market change. The Nestle Company considers China as its second-largest market following the United States. In 2015, the company experienced slow sales and stagnant revenue...

The Battle of Thermopylae: Herodotus’ and Miller’s Depiction

The Greek historian Herodotus is one of the main sources of historical narrators of those events that took place many centuries ago. Therefore, the writer was able to describe the Battle of Thermopile, but the reliability of this account is questionable. Research shows that “Herodotus frequently finds the answer to...

The Precession of Simulacra

Abstract People in the 21st century perceive the world in a significantly different way from their counterparts from the 14th century. Jean Baudrillard argues that a considerable shift has occurred, and human beings can no longer determine what reality is. He states that individuals are surrounded by “models of real...

The Aging in Place Model: Role and Importance

Considering the situation, it is possible to refer to Marek and Rantz (2000) who state that the Aging in Place model should be used as the basis for health care delivery for elderly people. The main idea of this model is the creation of the health care management department which...

Non-Governmental Organization Committee on the Status of Women

The committee’s foundation was in 1972 under the auspices of the Conference of NGOs. It was formed in preparation for the International Women’s Year, 1975, and the UN Decade of women, 1975-1985, including the Initial World Conference on Women held in Mexico City in 1975 (UN Women, 2021). I support...

Reality in Drug Addiction Research: Ethnography

Ethnography as a research method is, indeed, the most suitable for the study on drug use and related issues. This method has already become a classic and has established itself as the most effective in studies of closed groups (Ferguson, 2017; Turner, 2019). Moreover, the research of such phenomena is...

Medicare and Medicaid Role in Meeting Health Care Needs

Medicare and Medicaid are health insurance programs for US citizens. Medicare offers health coverage for people over 65, people with disabilities, and end-stage renal disease. Medicare services include hospital coverage – Medicare Part A, health insurance – Medicare Part B, and prescription drug coverage – Medicare Part D (Medicare program,...

Water Scarcity Issue and Environment

The concept of the hydrologic cycle is, perhaps, known by everyone over the age of eight. The fact that the three states of H2O, i.e., the solid (an ice cube), the liquid (water) and the gaseous ones (vapor) can be observed daily in the everyday environment makes the hydrologic cycle...

The Use of Data Collection: Personal Experiences

Nowadays, the collection and application of data by big companies is a well-known fact everybody has to face. This common corporate practice, however, has its pros and cons. On one hand, the usage of data can help to significantly improve the user experience and make operations more efficient, on the...

Health Outcomes and Factors in Miami-Dade County

Health Rankings in Miami-Dade Miami-Dade (DA) County is ranked the second out of 67 counties of Florida regarding the length of life (mortality) and the fifth in the list of morbidity in 2019. The primary causes of premature death are cardiovascular issues, malignant neoplasms, type 2 diabetes, and cerebrovascular diseases...

Note-Taking Styles of College Students

There is a variety of note-taking styles, out of which every learner can pick the most suitable one. The overall aim of the note-taking process is to grasp the main ideas of what one hears so that one could restore the information later. Structuring one’s writing may be enhanced via...

On the Benefits of a Private Social Security System

Although the current social security system has been used for decades in the U.S., it has gained quite a lot of notoriety due to the scarce amounts of financial support that it offers people after they retire. Therefore, the development of a new system has been overdue (Bridgen and Meyer...

The Consensus Model and the Advanced Practice Nurse’ Role

There are several population focused roles authorized by the Nurse Practice Act. In Florida, the Nurse Practice Act considers the following roles: certified nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, certified nurse practitioners, psychiatric nurses, and certified registered nurse anesthetists (Nurse Practice Act, 2018). An advanced practice registered nurse may prescribe and...

Review of the Essay “Lifeboat Ethics” by Garrett Hardin

Garrett Hardin wrote an essay in which he explained his ideas about the global distribution of resources and inequality between countries. This work is quite radical since Hardin talks about decisions that can be too harsh for certain states and people. The main idea of ​​the essay is the need...

American Psychological Association’s View on Court Judgments

Many times courts indulge in passing critical judgments that lead to lose of individuals lives without paying much attention to human rights. Such courts claim that, the evidence provided against the convicts, to be more than enough to ticket an individual into death sentence. However, it is necessary for the...

Animal Research and Ethical Treatment

It sounds cruel if we take into consideration only the part of research involving keeping animals in cages and doing experiments on them without their consent. Surely, the positive outcomes of such research in most cases outnumber the disadvantages (Brody, 2012). Still, we should keep in mind that when we...

US Corporate Executive’s Cultural Shock in China

The case under consideration investigates the situation in which Rick, an American corporate executive, experiences culture shock when he finds himself assigned to the company’s China branch. The problem is that Rick is unfamiliar with the country’s cultural norms and traditions. Thus, this case study aims to investigate how the...

Contribution of Prisons to US Racial Disparities

Summary The American prison system has a high incarceration rate, with most of the individuals in reformatory facilities. However, it is impaired by discrimination and disproportionation, with Blacks and Latinos being the most affected groups. The statistics described in the article “The Contribution of Prisons and Jails to US Racial...

Senior Management Teams and Their Purpose

The senior management teams are composed of the executive members of an organization having the top-most rank in the organization. They have the role of leadership and management within the organization. The role of management is achieved when the team plans, organizes, directs, controls, and staffs all the resources of...

The Work of a Journalist During Investigation

Nowadays, journalists are no longer regarded as neutral entities; hence, it is not a wonder that respondents are unwilling to provide information. Moreover, grabbing the attention of the editor Zach was not easy; I pitched five times before I could receive his response though Collins’ advice was helpful. Even though...

Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Case Study

A wrongful death claim permits the patient’s family to file a case against the nurse liable for the patient’s death. A circumstance such as medical malpractice can give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit. The suit allows the surviving family members to sue the nurse for damages when the patient...

Characteristics or Elements of Self-Control

Self-control is an inhibitory control element, which underscores the capacity to regulate or control one’s behavior, thoughts, and emotions when triggered and tempted. Mamayek et al. (2016) distinguish this conceptualization as a cognitive process deemed essential in modulating a person’s deportment to attain specific objectives. Furthermore, Mamayek et al. (2016)...

Hawaiian Mythology and Genealogy of Gods

Genealogy is considerably more than that for native Hawaiians; it is how they communicate with one another. According to traditional views, Native Hawaiians are particularly bonded to the land, or ‘o ka pae ‘aina Hawai’i, as the ancestral lands and the older cousin of Hawaiians. Native Hawaiians have traditionally educated...

Probiotics Use by a Patient on Antibiotics

Within the digestive system, there are about 100 trillion bacteria, both good and harmful, which are referred to as the gut microbiota (Harvard Health Publishing). Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) is a type of harmful bacteria that can cause anything from diarrhea to life-threatening colon inflammation. Jane became among the unlucky...

LPN and RN; Standards of Practice

The main difference between licensed practical nurses (LPN) and registered nurses (RN) is the education required. RN course takes two or three years to get a degree or diploma, while the LPN standard only demands a year of studies and a certificate (Wisconsin Administrative Code, 2018). Education determines the set...

Criminological Conflict Theory by Sykes

Sykes identified three important elements, which he used to elucidate the criminological conflict theory. First, Sykes highlighted the existence of profound skepticism towards any theory associated with crimes and is not connected to any biological or psychological approach. He also argued that sociological theories have insufficient communization (Bystrova & Petter,...

Visual Learning and Ways to Apply It

The test What is Your Learning Style? gave me the following scores: Auditory: 25%; Visual: 40%; Tactile: 35%. It means that I am predominantly a visual learner. I have known before that I remember things better when I visualize them. I can memorize the position of a text fragment in...

Standard of Care in Healthcare System

Standard of care regulates the extent of the caution that the medical provider should follow to ensure patients’ safety. In situations when the standard of care is breached, causing negative implications for the victim’s health, the case can be tried in court. In the first step of the discussions of...

British Colonization of America

Ronald Tanaki created the concept of two frontiers to describe the two places where Britain was actively acting during the colonization period – America and Ireland. Those places were crucial parts in the creation of the dichotomy between British “civilization” and the “savagery” of others (Tanaki 39). British colonizers considered...

Nursing Role in Community Health Practice Settings

A community nurse may work in both clinical and non-clinical settings. For instance, in a hospital providing ambulatory care, they may play every role associated with the profession. As a clinician, they aim to promote health by applying their therapeutic skills and knowledge, striving to improve the overall community health...

Osteoporosis: Causes and Treatment

Osteoporosis is one of the most common chronic bone diseases of the metabolic system. It is characterized by the increased bone fragility. The development of osteoporosis is associated with age. Due to the aging of the general population, osteoporosis is becoming an important public health issue (Sozen et al., 2017)....

Factors That Caused Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder among the young males and females. Therefore, for this paper, I will be finding out the various effects of Schizophrenia on the young adults. Among the effects that will be further investigated include victims withdrawing from their peers and relatives, dropping out of school...

Vaccination and Its Economic Implications

Vaccination is created to prevent the spread of various diseases. Child vaccination is an example of positive consumption externalities, as it not only protects the vaccinated child but also reduces the chances of the spread of infections in society (“Externality,” n.d.). Vaccination has become one of the most influential scientific...

WHO’s Global Campaign to Combat Ageism

Ageism is a highly prevalent worldwide issue that affects both younger and older people. For that reason, The World Health Organization (WHO) launched a broad campaign aimed at combating this problem with the primary goal of providing equal opportunities to the population across the world. WHO defines ageism as discriminative...

Benefits of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering implies the scientific practice of adding DNA to living organisms to create new traits that do not exist naturally. In recent years, it has attracted particular attention as a substantive number of people believe that natural processes should not be interfered with. However, from a personal perspective, genetic...

COVID-19: Historical Lens and Wellness

Looking at events using historical lenses can be beneficial for gaining an in-depth understanding of issues. Currently, one of the central wellness problems discussed in the media is the COVID-19 pandemic. While the central problem today is to find a cure or a vaccine for the disease, it is also...

Whirlpool in the Sea off the Coast of Scotland Near Ayrshire Due to Waste Water

Description: Stunning drone images near Lendalfoot in South Ayrshire captured a glimpse of a mammoth whirlpool off the Scottish west coast. According to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), the phenomenon is linked to recent rainwater that came into contact with wastewater, forming leachate (as cited in Parsons, 2021). The...

Demonstrating Intermodal Containerised Transport in North-West Europe

The video demonstrates intermodal transportation in North- West Europe by using two containers. The movie is about a multimodal experience comprising shipping two containers along the East-West corridor in North Europe using two different transport chains. The aim was to highlight the alternatives available to multimodal clients and show the...

Motorola: Absorption Costing and Variable Costing

Motorola is a manufacturer of smartphones, which it supplements with a unique system of accessories. As such, it uses cost-based pricing, with each unit costing a set amount of money to produce and selling at a fixed price. It can use either absorption or variable costing for its financial statements,...

Behavioral Disturbances in Dementia

Dementia can lead to a wide variety of psychological disorders, including depression and anxiety. The symptoms of depression are apathy, isolation, social withdrawal, impaired thinking, and concentration on the negative side of life (Kitching, 2015). The symptoms can be managed both pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically. The usual pharmacological treatments include anti-depressants;...

Urological Disorders in the Older Adult

One of the more common problems in older adults is urinary incontinence. Various etiologies can impact urinary incontinence, including bladder infection and urinary retention. Urinary retention is the inability to voluntarily void urine can both acute and chronic. Acute urinary retention is an emergency that requires decompression of the bladder...

Performance of Tesla Shares

Tesla, an American electric car manufacturer, hit record highs. According to Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) (2021), in 2020, the value of Tesla shares has grown almost tenfold – from $ 88.6 in early 2020 to $ 864.2 on January 27, 2021. Shead (2021) notes that much of this growth was driven...

Meaningful Use Policy in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Recovery audit contractors (RACs) and electronic health records (EHRs) include highly sensitive information that should be managed carefully to avoid adverse outcomes. Careless management of this information can lead to leaks of private data, which may lead to significant legal and image problems. Thus, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services...

Human Resource Planning and Return on Investment

There are many processes any organization has to consider when it tries to identify the goals and achieve them in a required period. Human resources planning is one of such processes. It is a kind of link that exists between HR management and strategic planning. People can use this process...

Information Assurance and the Role of Time

Cyber security and information assurance refer to steps taken to protect networks and computer systems from being disrupted as well as preventing unauthorized access (Sara, 2008). Cyber security and information assurance aim at providing three things: integrity, confidentiality and availability (Knapp, 2009). Integrity is enhanced through ensuring that users are...

Arsen Petrosyan’s Live Duduk Concert in Yerevan

Arsen Petrosyan’s live duduk concert took place in 2016 in Yerevan, Armenia. His contribution to the popularization of Armenian folk music can hardly be overestimated. Perhaps that is why he is often called the keeper of his people’s musical heritage. Having once chosen one of the most mysterious musical instruments,...

Violent Crime, Its Forms and Patterns

Rape is a sexual assault characterized by penetration into a vagina, anus, or mouth with a penis without the consent of the person. The causes of rape were studied extensively by Lalumière and Lalumière (2005) based on human and non-human behavior. The researchers concluded that rapists are usually not deprived...

Seamless Implementation of Electronic Medical Records

Meaningful Use Meaningful use is a program developed by Medicare and Medicaid designed to provide incentives for the use of electronic health records with the aim of improvement of patient care. It is implemented in three stages: promotion of electronic health record adoption, emphasis on care coordination and patient information...

Public Health Interventions and Economics: Malaria

The case study advocated for the use of treated mosquito nets as an effective intervention for preventing malaria-related maternal deaths. An independent cost-effectiveness analysis of the intervention reveals that using treated mosquito nets is an effective intervention for reducing maternal deaths. The cost of a mosquito net is low, compared...

Aspects of IT Project Management

While analyzing this post, there is no doubt that the author successfully described the importance of IT project synergy with overall business aspects, such as strategy or categorization. Moreover, he clearly demonstrated the evolution of project selection methods, such as “focusing on broad organizational needs, categorizing the projects, using a...

Ability-to-Pay Impact on Healthcare Level

The idea of delivering the services of the best quality possible is central to the philosophy of any healthcare facility. However, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has set certain limitations concerning the quality of care for the U.S. citizen depending on their income. Although the idea of healthcare service quality...

Chapter 11 of Special Educator’s Guide to Collaboration

This article discusses the importance of connections between teachers and the families of their students. It explores the dynamics of relationships between teachers and family members, and offers insights on how to address the challenges encountered. The article explores the importance of teacher-family collaboration in education, comprehension of family diversity...

Philosophical Thought and Its Levels in Nursing

Introduction In medicine, as well as in general philosophy, there are different levels of philosophical thought. Without structure, understanding, and comprehension of various philosophical thoughts would be extremely limited. In this brief summary, we shall go over the four levels of philosophical thought, which are Metaparadigms, Conceptual Models, Theories, and...

Hospital Information Management Systems

Hospital information management systems (HIMSs) are vital for improving healthcare quality. Currently, healthcare organizations need to deal with a large amount of data that needs to be distributed among a wide variety of stakeholders. According to Ross and Venkatesh (2016), a HIMS is “an integrated information system which improves patient...

Negative Partisanship Increasing Reasons

Introduction Partisanship describes one’s devotion to a particular political party or movement, often based on the similarity of beliefs. This devotion can be both a positive and a negative force, informing one’s voting decisions in various ways. The problem arises when one’s vote is informed not by an agreement on...

Gain and Loss of Contingencies

According to FACB Accounting Standards Codification (n.d.), ASC 450 “Contingencies” covers the three topics of gain contingencies, loss contingencies, and overall. Gain contingencies are claims for the reduction in a liability or rights to receive an asset. It is noted (450-30) that the codification provides “guidance for the recognition and...

Social Capital Decline and Role of Digital Media

Social capital is a highly controversial topic due to its complexity of measurement and ambiguity in understanding. According to Putnam (1993), one of the most famous scholars on social capital, its three main components are trust and other social values, moral obligations and norms, and social networks of citizen activity....

The Fourth Amendment and National Security

It is a widely known issue that the U.S. National Security Agency possesses too much power regarding the spying and monitoring process, which directly violates the Fourth Amendment. The dominant of the American legal system, which considers that such an approach justifies the general safety, is more aggressive and dismissive...

Traditional Cultural Expressions in Africa

It is made from woven sisal fibers with decorations of different colors to signify social status and also purpose it is intended for. The item of expression is referred to as a ‘Kiondo’. A brightly colored Kiondo was used to attend dowry ceremonies, and the number of different colors used...

Why Is Diversion Used in Juvenile Cases?

Diversion is a particular intervention practice of postponed prosecution under which youthful defendants or offenders are redirected to specific prevention and treatment programs supervised by private or public agencies. In such a way, young persons gain an opportunity to demonstrate that they are law-abiding. The central objective of these programs...

Serving Vulnerable Populations: Meals on Wheels

When it comes to caring for vulnerable populations, considering such characteristics as ethnicity, age, gender, and other socioeconomic factors is imperative. In the case of 66-year-old African American woman, JK, with hypertension, asthma, and type 2 diabetes, the largest barrier is her being located in a food desert and being...

Two Genres of Music: Rap Music and Jazz Music

Works Cited Gioia, Ted. Music: A subversive history. Hachette UK, 2019. Finkelstein, Sidney Walter. Jazz: A people’s music. Pickle Partners Publishing, 2018.

The US Subprime Mortgage Crisis

The US subprime mortgage has not only had an affect in the USA but also has spread across the globe. Thus, the direct risk exposure has spread well beyond the USA to Asian and European market. It has become essential to adapt a dynamic risk management tool to contain credit...

Manifest Destiny and American Expansionism

The term “Manifest Destiny” was coined in 1845; however, it was only a concise expression which embodied the mindset of the society, evolving through years. The concept reflected both the pride of American Nationalism and the idealistic perception of the social structure, which was connected with the strong religious influence....

Federal Budget Process and Its Stages

Operating vs. capital budget A budget is a quantitative plan or statement that gives the details of projected expenditures during a certain period (Rabin, 2003). A typical budget contains details such as costs, expenses, revenues, sales volumes, and cash flows. An operating budget is a detailed statement of estimated revenues...

The Guiding Principles of Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is an alternative view of the punishment of the offender and compensation for the harm of the victim, which rejects the classic criminal law approach to only punish the criminal. In other words, justice for the sake of justice is not the primary goal of law for the...

Socialism Ideology Benefiting the Public Good

Under the ideology of socialism, a ruling class of social planners, intellectuals, and bureaucrats decides what is right for people and what they want. The coercive power of the state is then used for regulating, redistributing, and taxing the wealth of individuals who work to sustain their living. In many...

Identifying Health Care Fraud and Abuse

Health care fraud is a significant bother for all stakeholders, even though not everyone realizes it. On the one hand, fraud and abuse are associated with an increased cost of care. According to Drabiak and Wolfson (2020), up to 10% of all healthcare costs are associated with fraudulent reimbursement claims....

Philosophy of the Concept of Solipsism and How It Differs From Others

Throughout history, humans have tried to make sense of the world around them. Through observation, discussion, and theory crafting, individuals have managed to present specific ideas on the nature of broader concepts. Practices that study the fundamental aspects of human existence can be called philosophy. Many great minds have combined...

Trends Prediction of Big and Fusion Data

The article gives an overview analysis of the trend of big data in terms of increasing storage. Tang, Ma, and Luo (2020) mention that the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is accelerating the creation of quintillion bytes of data. The article indicates that big data is generated by...

Relationship Between Poverty and Health People in 2020

Poverty affects the health of individuals in that it leads to limited access to income, making the poor socially isolated, experience a lot of stress and have few educational opportunities. In return, this causes poor health, which increases risk factors for diseases. The health outcome depends on environmental factors and...

The End-Of-Life Care Regarding Covid-19 Patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is impossible to have end-of-life person-centric treatment at home and in care homes. Visors and facemasks users find it challenging to read or hear soft vocal sounds and crucial instruments for empathic communication. The pandemic has put a tremendous burden on the resources of treatment....

Panopticism and Michel Foucault on Education

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, writer, and political activist whose theories mainly revolved around the relationship between power and knowledge. Foucault’s thoughts have significantly influenced people, particularly on cultural and communication studies, as well as sociology. Educational institutions, specifically schools, are understood as panoptic spaces by social researchers. They...

African-American President’s Influence on Black Community

Barack Obama being elected as the first African-American US president became a symbolic event for the entire country. It was especially valuable because such a turn must further prove the development of racial equality in the USA. Thus, the African-American community faced the election most actively and with the highest...

Gender Stereotypes: Research Question

Gender stereotypes are common for any country even if it is an egalitarian society where women are seen as equals to men. Females are still seen as passive and submissive. It is believed that women should focus on domestic issues being ‘good’ mothers and wives. More and more females try...

Biological Theory of Aging

Response to the Statement of the Patient As a matter of fact, not all the diseases are genetic. The mother and the father of the patient could have had the tendency to diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis; however, due to a number of factors, namely healthy...

Minnesota Theory of Work Adjustment in Career Counselling

Introduction Career interventions take various forms, such as career assessment, counseling, and group counseling, among others. Essentially, career interventions enable a) an individual to understand their interests and personalities, b) integrate occupational and personal knowledge in true reasoning to achieve a significant career decision, and c) acquire vocational information. Purpose...

Health Providers and Information Sharing

With the introduction of innovative information management tools for sharing patient data with providers and keeping it secure from third parties, the process of communication within the healthcare context has changed significantly. On the one hand, the levels of patients’ data security have risen noticeably, even with the presence of...

Major Factors That Undermined U.S. Reconstruction Efforts Following the Civil War

In general, Reconstruction aimed to restore the Union, enact progressive legislation, transform Southern society, and provide civil rights to former slaves. However, regardless of positive intentions and all efforts, U.S. Reconstruction was undermined in Confederate states and may be regarded as a failure. First of all, Southern states did not...

Analysis of the Industrial Revolution

Technological progress has always tended to improve the lives of people. Britain is considered to be the birthplace of the industrial revolution. Despite the fact that the population of Britain was much smaller than in other European countries, there were several reasons why the industrial revolution began in England. The...

Policy Action for Veterans’ Health Care

When it comes to providing high-quality and affordable care for the US veterans, it is crucial to consider all aspects of this multi-faceted issue. On the one hand, using the expertise of Nurse Practitioners in giving health care to veterans is a viable decision while on the other hand, there...

Psychology and Mass Communication Theories

There are several mass communication theories that try to explain various influences as well as dynamics surrounding the diverse types of mass media and their effects on the public. The cultivation theory developed by George Gerbner attempts to identify the manipulation of television on the viewers’ perception of the environment...

Management of Automotive Design and Development

Problem Definition The occurrence of variation in bore-diameter of B.G collar components is a recurrent multi-response optimization issue. In a boring operation, the B.G collar-component dimension of a roller-bearing superseded tolerance. Objective It is hoped to reduce to minimal the bore-diameter variation of the B.G collar component. The collar component...

The HealthSouth Company’s Financial Scandal

Based on the video, HealthSouth conducted a series of actions that unfortunately altered the book’s integrity. Firstly, HealthSouth intentionally falsified revenues and assets. As shown in the video, it was clear that fraud was manifested in the representation of the assets (Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2011). For instance, the...

Discussion of the Crisis of the 1770s-1780s

The beginning of the first studied cycle of the development of capitalism coincides precisely with this acute economic crisis, which had a broad international character. The crisis did not manifest itself simultaneously in different countries, but apparently, it was caused by common causes. This is the impossibility of further economic...

Racism in Nivea’s “White Is Purity” Ad Campaign

In its recent international marketing campaign, Nivea used an advertisement to promote an antiperspirant that provoked a discussion in the media (Figure 1). Even though the advertisement’s image did not provoke any questions, the slogan “White is purity” was regarded by the public as rather racist, as mentioned in social...

Transgender Disorders and Homosexuality

Both groups of factors – genetic and environmental – impact people’s choice of sexual orientation. There is a lot of evidence of both the genetic mechanisms’ and surroundings’ influence on people’s sexual preferences. However, between the two, the environment more responsible for such a choice. While some researchers consider genetic...

Animal Poaching: Threat to the Biological Diversity

Animal poaching – killing and capturing animals in their natural habitats in order to use them or their body parts for profit or protect crops or livestock – poses an imminent threat to the biological diversity. This issue has been a problem for many years as traditional monitoring techniques proved...

An Increase in SRT

The Goal of the Research The objective of the study was to find out whether an increase in SRT in complex responses was as a result of an increase in premotor time constituent, motor aspect or both (Christina & Rose, 1985). How the Goal Relates to My Research Any physical...

Nintendo Company’s Strategic Management

Introduction Nintendo is a Japan based Company founded in the 20th century by Fusajiro Yamauchi. This company specializes in the making of video games. An Analysis of the company Although this company had at first been founded to make playing cards, its innovation and excellent leadership has helped it become...

How Shakespeare Presents Macbeth as Being Influenced by His Lady Macbeth?

Shakespeare portrays Macbeth as a lady who influences her husband’s decision-making negatively because she is stronger, ruthless, decisive, and ambitious than the husband. In the entire play, the theme of ambition is demonstrated well and the character with a lot of determination comes out as the wife. The husband proves...

Distinguishing the Advocacy of Nurses

Specialists in each of nursing roles, be it RNs, LPNs, licensed nurses, or unlicensed members of staff, regularly perform the function of advocates. A nurse advocate is defined as the person who provides active support to patients by defending their preferences and rights, helping them to make decisions, and guarding...

Researching of the Shoot System of Flowering Plants

The shoot system of flowering plants consists of leaves, stems, and bud structures, as well as flowers and fruit. The root system has mechanical and conductive functions. The mechanical role of the roots is to create a stable position of the plant on the surface. The conductive function is responsible...

“Workplace Spirituality, Employee Wellbeing and Intention to Stay” by Aboobaker et al.

Introduction Aboobaker et al. (2019) aimed to test how workplace spirituality affected teachers’ intentions to stay. The researchers designed a self-reported questionnaire and distributed it among 523 university teachers in India. The data received was analyzed using regression analysis and mediation to understand the relationship between the variables. The results...

Fair Trade Organized Social Movements

The main purpose is to convince people to join the ranks of fair trade ambassadors. The audience consists of people who are not yet in the ranks of the ambassadors. They need to know that fair trade is an organized social movement that advocates fair standards of international labor, environmental,...

The Rhetoric Approaches to Conveying Messages

After watching the video analysis of the rhetoric approaches to conveying messages, it has become evident why Ohio residents, along with other US citizens, expressed such respect and admiration for Dr. Acton. Her ways of sharing information are appealing to any fellow citizen, as she does not try to speculate...

Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated financial statements are a method of reporting finances in a specific scenario. These statements are primarily used by big companies that have multiple subsidiaries or divisions. When a particular company fully acquires another and claims ownership over it, a need to accurately report the assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenue...

Counselor’s Professional and Ethical Responsibilities

Professional and Ethical Responsibilities are the responsibilities of the counselor to follow generally accepted ethical and behavioral standards of conduct and continuing professional development. In other words, these are guidelines and general criteria that determine the behavior of a person depending on his profession. It can also be defined as...

A National Childhood Obesity Prevention Program We Can!®

I have chosen We Can!® (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition), a national childhood obesity prevention program (We Can!®, 2011) for analysis. Childhood obesity has become a global epidemic for the recent years. From 12% to over 30% of children are estimated as obese in developed countries and from...

Education Issues: Differentiation and Technology

Differentiated teaching requires instructors to present content that is customized correctly for the range of children in each category, to instruct utilizing flexible methods that provide varying means for learners to interact with the content and with one another, and to offer learners a choice of techniques to document their...

Philosophy of Care as a Nurse

For many people, nursing is a field that represents the very essence of caring and compassion. In such a challenging profession, it is vital to have empathy, and a desire to help those who cannot take care of themselves. However, nursing philosophy is much more complicated than this; it includes...

The Benefits of UAVs and the Scope of Their Use

Introduction Unnamed Aircraft System consists of the unnamed aircraft itself and the equipment necessary for its remote control. The main advantage of an aircraft vehicle is the ability to operate independently or to be piloted from a distance. This makes the UAS an excellent tool for recreation and leisure, as...

The Death of 30 Chickens in the Car Accident

Today, on Monday, at about 6 pm, a terrible incident took place, which claimed 30 young chickens’ lives. They were headed to a new farm; there were about 300 of them in total. They were supposed to start a new round in Pilgrims Chicken’s development, but not all of them...

Healthcare Issues: The Cultural Assessment Framework

Cultural assessment in healthcare is important. Different authors stress on various frameworks for assessment which may define many particular aspects. Having selected a gender framework for cultural assessment, we would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this specific method. To conduct an assessment in a correct way, it...

Painting as an Expression of Social Protest

Throughout humanity’s history, artists have created their works to express their feelings connected with some events. They were inspired by nature, the beauty of a human being, or some peculiar processes for the period in which they lived. That is why each masterpiece can serve as the reflection of the...

The Golden Age: The United States during Reconstruction

The Golden Age in the United States has seen many important changes and is characterized by the era of the country’s development taking place in the 19th century. It brought many social changes, caused by industrialization, immigration and urbanization, and a complete change of lifestyle in America which affect the...

American Psychological Association Style in Studies

APA Style and Its Usage in Academic Writing The choice of APA style in academic writing is preconditioned by the fact that it allows a reader to quickly locate and identify the resources used for in-text citations. The presence of such indicators as an author’s name and the year of...

Leadership Skills and Change Encouragement

While the importance of encouraging cooperation and promoting cross-cultural communication in the context of an organization is a crucial step in leading a team to victory, a leader must also possess conceptual skills. Northouse (2016) defines the subject matter as the ability to use ideas and concepts as building blocks...

The Egg White Denaturation as a Concept of Biology

Denaturation is the process of breaking down the secondary and tertiary structures of a protein by external factors such as temperature. As a result of denaturation, the complex spatial structure of the polymer is broken down to the primary chain of amino acids. Denaturation can be reversible when after returning...

Economic Development: International Trade Debate

The world is too difficult to judge of it categorically. People live within positive and negative conditions and the instinct for self-preservation drives people to take great pains in order to survive in cruel realities. In this respect I would like to mention that every material thing helps people promote...

“The Body Remembers When the World Broke Out” Drama

“The body remembers when the world broke out” is a drama picture depicting two indigenous women who struggle with the stark realities that have beaten them throughout their life paths. This picture’s main topic is domestic abuse indigenous females face regularly due to their complexion or social backgrounds, which do...

Photojournalism. Is the Proof in the Picture?

Technological advances in electronic imaging and the proliferation of digital photography have greatly reduced the validity of the belief “the proof is in the picture.” Photojournalists depend greatly on this belief of the integrity of a picture, but in the age of today’s technology, there is a lot of debate...

Origin of Mental and Physical Phenomena

Since time immemorial, scholars and philosophers have been trying to explain the relationship between mind and body and the origin of mental and physical phenomena. The major theories exploring the mind-body problem can be divided into two major categories of dualistic and monistic theories. Notwithstanding the width of the gap...

Aspects of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is arguably the most topical issue that needs to be addressed today. In many regions of the world, it is still extremely challenging to introduce environmentally sustainable practices and strategies. Several measures have to be implemented worldwide to ensure sustainable development and reduce major obstacles to it, such...

Policy Analysis Versus Comprehensive Planning

Policy analysis refers to the process of evaluating the technical implications of options or solutions proposed for solving certain public problems (Bardach, 2009). This process comprises two main activities, evaluation of proposed policies or programs and evaluation of the analysis outcomes. To conduct this analysis, analysts use qualitative and quantitative...

Economic Predictions on Recovery After COVID-19 Pandemic Shock

World trade primed for strong but uneven recovery after COVID-19 pandemic shock – World Trade Organization The article predicts that the economy will be rapidly recovering from the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, drastically improving the measurements from the year before. The economic rebound she temporarily improve the speed of trade, slowing...

Public Opinions in Shaping the Politics of a Nation

Public opinion does not always communicate a clear message to the political leaders on what society expects of them. The leadership surveys are instead carried out with certain discourse associated with social pressures, improper timing in collecting views, lack of civil knowledge, and human errors. Such inefficiencies may result in...

The Coca-Cola Company’s Mission and Goals

To continue leading the industry in the ever-changing world, companies have to be able to understand and predict the trends and forces which shape businesses of the future. Only careful preparation and adherence to the proclaimed mission, vision, and values can allow organizations to succeed while maintaining a positive climate...

Financial Management: Evaluation of the New Machine

Introduction This report evaluates the viability of new trucks that are to be purchased by Southern Suburbs Transport by calculating the net present value. The report then makes a recommendation on whether the new trucks should be purchased or not. Net Present Value Under the net present value method of...

Lego Company’s Successful Innovation Strategy

Why Lego Almost Went Bankrupt in 2003? Lego has been associated with core family values and constant innovation and development. However, in the early 2000s, the company almost went bankrupt due to its innovation strategy. In 2003, the company lost $300 million and the prognosis for the next year was...

50 Livers in 2 Years: Ummc Transplant Program Thriving

The recent article titled “50 livers in 2 years: UMMC transplant program thriving”, provided good insight into the area of organ transplantation. Nevertheless, the author did not incorporate any mentions of the role of nurses in this medical procedure, thus failing to recognize their tireless efforts in delivering services to...

The Influence of Euphoria on Fashion

Euphoria, starring Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, and others as teenage teens juggling love, family, addictions, and personalities, has released the second season. The show’s costumes present a mix of older items with nostalgic undertones and more modern outfits, such as skinny jeans and knitted blouses with quilling...

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how to write an 250 word essay

The Best Way to Structure a 250 Word Essay

The Best Way to Structure a 250 Word Essay

250 word essays are a huge challenge to students. Not only do they require an incredible amount of structure and organization, these mini-essays also involve condensing a large amount of material into just a couple of short sentences. Think of the last 10-pager you’ve written, and then imagine squishing that information into little more than 2 paragraphs. Ouch! Also, 250 word essays aren’t uncommon at all. Many long-answer questions on exams require short essays, and online discussion boards almost always limit posts to 250-300 words. Since you’re most likely going to have to write a 250 word essay at some point during college, you should learn how to structure these babies in a way that’ll get you a sure A.

How Do I Write an Effective 250 Word Essay?

Do you remember the last short essay you wrote? Chances are, you sat down to write a 2-page paper and suddenly ended up with 5 pages, full of equally important information that you just couldn’t do without. Not only did you spend tons of time writing the 5 pages, you ended up staying awake till 3am trying to cut your essay down. Here’s the key: you forgot structure. Essays aren’t diaries that can be written as your thoughts flow. Rather, they require thought-out organization, especially when you’re trying to fit many ideas into just one page. The guide below will help you structure your 250 word essay in a way that saves you both time and effort.

Tip #1: Use an Outline

Outlines are always, always a must for writing structured papers. Even if you’re taking a timed exam and you only have half an hour left for your essay, trust me: spending 5 minutes to write an outline will actually save you time in the long run. Your outline should include all of the information you’d be using in your essay. You may also want to put down your supporting ideas within your outline so that you know exactly where to use them. Once you’ve got your outline down, you’re all set to write!

Not sure how to structure an outline? See our article on how to craft an essay outline.

Tip #2: Use a Traditional Essay Structure

No matter how short your essay is, you still always need an introduction, body, and conclusion. Oh, and a hook and thesis statement – those are musts! The key difference, however, is that with a 250 word essay you won’t have room for 3 body paragraphs. Instead, you’re going to structure your essay as follows:

Basically, instead of coming up with three main ideas, you’re going to stick with just one. If the instructions for your essay include multiple questions, that’s fine; just answer all of them within one body paragraph.

What if you don’t have enough room within one body paragraph to address all of your questions? Most professors don’t mind if you go above 250 words, so as long as you don’t ramble, you should be fine with 2 body paragraphs. However, you still need a intro and conclusion; never sacrifice those for a body paragraph! If you are not allowed to go over 250 words, simply cut your intro and conclusion a little shorter and expand your body paragraph.

Tip #3: Merge Ideas

Somehow, professors love to stuff as many requirements as they can into the shortest assignments. You might get a discussion board prompt with no less than 7 questions, or be asked to write your whole life story plus analyze your strengths and weaknesses within a tiny application essay. If you’re overwhelmed as how to say so much with so few words, you’re not alone! Short essays pose a challenge to all students, especially to those who have many ideas.

Here's a tip: merge your ideas. If you have to define the term “situational irony”, find 3 instances of satire in Voltaire’s Candide, and then discuss your reaction to satire, try to link all three into one cohesive essay. Similarly, in the application essay example, you can weave your analysis about your strengths and weaknesses into your discussion of yourself. You need to try to use the least number of words possible, and merging ideas is a key way to do so while still being able to say everything you wanted to.

Tip #4: Measure Your Sentences

Even if you’ve got your outline down pat, you still will go over 250 words if you don’t be careful about how many sentences you use in each section. You simply don’t have enough room for 8-sentence introductions and rambling conclusions. In our personal experience, the perfect number of sentences for both the introduction and the conclusion is 5. If you go too short, your essay won’t look like an essay. If you’re too long, though, you won’t have enough room for a comprehensive body paragraph.

For your intro, have your first sentence contain your hook. The next 2-3 sentences should briefly elaborate on the background of the topic, and perhaps include a statistic to show why your issue is important. The last sentence will be your thesis statement. For the conclusion, have the first sentence restate your thesis. The next 2-3 sentences should review the paper, and the last sentence should leave the reader with a strong feeling. Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to have plenty of room for a nice-sized body paragraph!

Tip #5: Learn to Write Concisely

I was recently working with a client who had a tendency to double all her words. As in, she would write something along these lines: Parents and caretakers should effectively and successfully facilitate and promote therapeutic home program interventions with their children.

Do you see all those “and”s? I guess she thought that she sounded more academic if she demonstrated how many words she knew, but the result was wordy and confusing sentence. I helped the client learn to cut out all of her redundant words, and to shorten any terms that had already been explained. The result was as follows: Caretakers should facilitate home program interventions with their children. Whew – much better, right? The meaning of her sentence is exactly the same, but we simply did away with all the extra words.

 If you want to fit your essay into 250 words, you’re going to have to do the same. After you write each sentence, look it over and ask yourself: “Can I write this more concisely?” Not only will your essay be closer to the word requirement, it’ll also be easier for your professor to read.

There you go – you’ve got a bunch of awesome tips on how to write your next 250 word essay. Whether it’s a discussion board, application essay, or long-answer response on an exam, you’re sure to do great if you use our expert guidance to structure it properly. Good luck!

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how to write an 250 word essay

Sample 250-Word Essay to Write Your Own Perfectly + 5 Instructions to Do It

The range of academic assignments varies from qualitative and quantitative essays to analytical research papers, from movie and literature reviews to scientific dissertations. Apart from the differences concerning the focus of writing, academic papers have a different word count. The common approach to the minimal length of any academic writing involves a one-page work which includes about 250 words. As for the structure, a 250-word essay consists of an introduction with a thesis statement, two-paragraph body beginning with a topic sentence, and ends with a conclusion.

Sounds simple? Don’t rush to say, “Pffft! I manage to write essays with a word count more than 250 words.” But what about wide-ranging topics? Such broad issues are presented in this guide – “Mass Media and Technology”. Let’s find out what can help you write a 250-word essay. Follow our 5 instructions to do it successfully.

5 Instructions to Start Writing 250-word Essays Perfectly

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Sample 250-Word Essay: “Mass Media and Technology”

It is impossible to imagine the modern world without mass media and technology as they have become the essential parts of the every-day life of many people. Consequently, there are positive and negative sides of media and technology, which have to be discussed throughout the 250-word essay example.

Among the main positive effects of mass media is the ability to obtain and share knowledge, develop skills, discover other cultures, and learn some information on how to interact with other people. Indeed, not only entertainment programs take place on the Internet and TV. Different news, culinary, healthy lifestyle, sport, and narrowly-specialized programs can be watched on TV as well as the huge number of information on the diversity of topics can be found on the Internet. However, drawbacks of media outweigh its benefits. The most serious problem of media abuse is the addiction which leads to problems with communication and analytical thinking. Moreover, the idea of privacy is lost in the light of social networks as people may use private information against one another in order to threaten or blackmail colleagues. What is more, social media is full of unnecessary information which lumbers the brain.

To sum up, one has to state that mass media and developing technologies have both, benefits and drawbacks, which influence human lives in many ways. In the case of social media abuse, the disadvantages overwhelm the advantages because the list of positive effects is limited to the idea that social media is a source of information on any needed topic. References:

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