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Essays are written pieces on a certain subject. Most people’s first encounter to these types of writing would be during their earlier school days when the five-paragraph essay is introduced to them. Essays like these are highly structured pieces that follow a format that begins with an introduction of the main topic and followed by a three-paragraph body, with each paragraph presenting an idea or an argument that supports the main topic. These essays end with a conclusion where the main idea is reiterated and a quick summary of all the arguments are given.

Essay Sample In Pdf

Scholarship essay example - 9+ samples in word, pdf, persuasive essay example - 8+ samples in word, pdf, argumentative essay example - 9+ samples in pdf, word.

Here are more information on essay writing and Essay Samples in PDF that you might want to give a read.

Biography Essay Outline Format Template

biography essay outline format template

Essay Outline For Research Paper Template

essay outline for research paper

Narrative Essay Template

narrative essay template

Three-Paragraph Essay Template

three paragraph essay template

High School Narrative Essay Template

high school narrative essay template

Essay Prewriting Outline Template

essay prewriting outline template

Research Paper For College Essay

research paper for college essay

Argumentative Essay Writing Middle School Template

argumentative essay writing middle school template

Case Brief Essay Template

case brief essay template

Informative Essay Template

informative essay template

Simple Essay Plan Template

simple essay plan template

Size: A4, US

Basic Argumentative Essay

sample argumentative essay

Size: 75 KB

Free Persuasive Essay Template

persuasive essay free

Size: 360 KB

Sample Narrative Essay

narrative essay pdf

Size: 209 KB

Expository Essay Template

expository essay sample

College Essay Example

college essay example

Size: 95 KB

Basic Descriptive Essay Template

descriptive essay sample

Size: 13 KB

Types of Essays

While there are many kinds of essays, here are the most common ones:

A narrative essay is a nonficitonal account of an experience. When writing a narrative essay, writers have to try to involve the readers by giving a vivid description of the events, place, people, or feeling they are writing about. A well-written narrative essay would usually end in a conclusion or a sample personal statement .

Descriptive Essays: Paints a Picture

Similar to a narrative essay, a descriptive essay paints a detailed account of a someone, somewhere, something, someplace, or sometime. This essay show the readers what it’s trying to communicate through its description utilizing colorful words and sensory details. It usually appeals to the reader’s emotions.

Expository Essays: Tells Known Truths

Essays like these are encountered for academic and news-telling purposes. These College Essay Examples are great examples of expository essays. Expository essays are strictly impersonal and must contain only the whole proven truth and nothing but the truth. Personal feelings and biases should be disregarded in this kind of writing.

Writing an essay may sound like a ridiculously difficult task, but if you prepare an outline, it could make your job significantly easier. See these Essay Outline Examples to help you out with this.

Essay Outline Template

sample essay outline

Evaluation Essay in PDF

evaluation essay sample

Size: 115 KB

Personal Essay Template

personal essay pdf

Size: 43 KB

Sample Reflective Essay Template

reflective essay in pdf

Size: 38 KB

Scholarship Essay Template

scholarship essay example

Size: 102 KB

Academic Essay Template

academic essay

Size: 308 KB

The Five-Paragraph Essay

The safest way to write an essay would be by following the five-paragraph rule. This could be used when writing to convince or prove a point as it is structured with an academic purpose in mind. If you’re writing an essay for application, see these Scholarship Essay Examples for a hand.

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15+ Essay Writing Examples & Samples in PDF | DOC

Argumentative essay writing example.

argumentative essay writing1

5-Paragraph Essay Writing Example

5 paragraph essay writing

Character Analysis Writing Essay Outline

character analysis writing essay

Free Essay Writing Plan Example

free essay writing plan

Argumentative Essay Writing Middle School

argumentative essay writing middle school

Advanced Essay Writing Example

advanced essay writing1

Critical Essay Writing Example

critical writing1

How to Write an Essay

Descriptive essay sample example.

descriptive essay sample2

Education Essay Writing Example

education writing1

What to Include in a Creative Essay

Self-evaluation essay example.

effective essay example1

Leadership and Profile Essay Writing

leadership writing

Histographic Narrative Essay Sample Example

narrative essay sample1

Nursing Essay Writing Example

nursing essay1

What Is an Essay Outline?

Persuasive application essay example.

persuasive essay example2

Short Personal Writing Example

personal writing1

Sample Vacation Writing Example

vacation writing example

Why Is Essay Writing Important?

More design, 5+ abstract writing examples, 5+ formal writing examples, 5+ application writing examples, 4+ summary writing examples, what do you mean by writing skills, what is writing used for, dos and don’ts in writing a chapter summary, tips for writing an effective essay.

10+ Report Writing Examples

10+ article writing examples & samples, related articles.

Free Writing Samples

We provide you with original essay samples, perfect formatting and styling, which you can reference for educational purposes

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Essay Samples

All students face the challenge of essay writing. This is a specific kind of academic assignments. Though many folks hate it, such tasks are actually needed. They show the current level of students’ competence. Teachers and professors realize the potential of their students in writing, comprehension and general knowledge in different academic disciplines. They realize their abilities to analyze, draw logical conclusions, use critical thinking, etc. All drawbacks may be solved if one knows them.

Of course, such tasks aren’t that easy to compose. In order to define the quality level of every student, the educators have made strict requirements, which should be obligatorily fulfilled. This brings a great frustration to many folks. They frequently look for free essays. Practice shows that search for free research papers online is widely spread amongst students from all corners of the globe.

Many people aren’t good at writing. They choose an inappropriate language, style, ineffective topics, make awful and really ugly grammar mistakes, etc. Some students simply lack time due to different circumstances. The list seems to be eternal. Accordingly, the proposal of free essay samples becomes very attractive.

Under the condition, you experience any sort of difficulties with your writing project leave this matter to us. Our dependable assignment writing website is able to resolve nearly all issues associated with your academic tasks.

Essential Tips to Compose a Good Essay

There are universal prompts and recommendations on how to manage every essay type. We would like to shed more light on this crucial matter. Consider the following essentials:

Memorize these tips for good. They are really universal and efficacious. They will bring you the desired outcomes with whatever assignment you are assigned. Thus, you’ll complete everything with a great level of precision.

Effective Samples to Craft Proper Essays

Notwithstanding, something might appear in your way. Fortunately, every misfortune may be treated. Use our help. We offer all types of the essay for free. Our offer is rather exceptional. We propose samples of academic projects. This is an incredible experience for everybody. Such practice brings multiple benefits. Students receive an opportunity to see how to compose various research papers. There are different styles and techniques. Read essay samples and you will find the needed inspiration to craft similar papers. This is a huge advantage. Don’t pass it up! Our website is the most advantageous place for a free essay download. Our virtual library contains multiple samples of different academic projects on different topics and disciplines. It can be called the gold mine. This is your amazing chance to shine!

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