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definition essays on fear

Definition Essay About Fear

Comparing obama's speech and the four freedoms.

To start off, fear is a primal instinct that all animals feel, including humans. Fear usually is not fun for most people because we feel like there is an impeding doom about to come crashing down. The current President of The United States and past one tried to decrease our fear, but some people have more to be concerned about. These people are usually the poor. The past President I am speaking of is Franklin Roosevelt and his speech that helped decrease the people 's fear was “The Four Freedoms”. While Obama 's speech was “Welcoming Remarks” to Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom. While these two speeches had differences they also had many similarities.

The Step Not Taken

Fear is a powerful human emotion, it's built in within all humans and controls the human behaviour. It is human nature to allow fear to control people’s thoughts and behaviors, preventing them from being their true selves, as seen is “The Step Not Taken”, “A Nonsmoker with a Smoker” and Bowling for Columbine.

Untie The Fear Knots Of Your Heart Book Report

In his book entitled Untie the Fear Knots of Your Heart, published by Liberty University Books in 2010, Dr. Ken Nichols explains how fears are generated from life events, and that knowing how to manage these fears can be far healthier than letting them control the heart. Dr. Nichols explains how fear is a normal response to life-altering events that one may face, and these fears can often tie one’s heart in knots. This steals the joy that Christ provides. Attempting to use the fear will not overcome the challenging event that originated the fear.

Fear In The Chocolate War

Is fear the only thing to fear? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. Fear is a strong emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Some people use fear to control the people around them. Someone that uses fear to control others is called a demagogue. Bosses at work, teachers, coaches, parents, and bullies are some examples of people that use fear to control others. It is important to be aware of because parents, teachers, and coaches may do it to teach right from wrong. However, a bully will do it maliciously. Fear is used to control the characters in the book The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier. Cormier uses a teacher and a group leader to show how fear is used to control other people.

Theme Of Fear In The Chrysalids

Fear is like a shadow, it may not always be seen, but it is always there. Fear is an aspect that is found in each and every life. It controls every move, and can be placed as a barrier between stepping forward. Fear follows everyone, the difference is who blocks the shadow, and who lets the light shine.In the novel the Chrysalids by John Wyndham, fear is a clear aspect that is visible throughout the story. Fear in the novel is shown through the fear of the unknown in the society of Waknuk.r. The people of Waknuk fear what is unknown and what is different. They follow their religion through fear, and they fear the power that surrounds them.

Technology In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men is a short novella by, John Steinbeck, detailing on the fear society carries for the unknown. Steinbeck 's novella touched on a subject most do not explore but led us on a journey of self reflec. Starting from the beginning John was born on on February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California, and died 1968 writing his best-selling novel in 1937. It was in highschool that Steinbeck found his passion for writing then went to college at Stanford until 1925 but never did he graduate. After leaving Stanford and hitting rough spots on the way it was with Of Mice and Men Steinbeck was becoming well known in his time with his book becoming a popular and critical success, was selected by the Book-of-the-Month Club. Having went through its publication,

How Does Santiago Overcome Fear In The Alchemist

The definition of fear is an emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Santiago was fearful of fear when he was crossing the desert, not knowing if their caravan was going to get stuck in the middle of a battle or if they were

Examples Of Fear In Little Brother By Corey Doctorow

One of the most known human emotion is fear. It is a feeling everyone has experienced at one time in their lives. Many people react to fear in different ways. Fear can be defined as general anxiety. Fear has a way to set obstacles in life which become too big to overcome. This emotion can sooner or later take over a life. In the novel, “Little Brother” written by Corey Doctorow, it shows how fear can take over someone’s life which can evolve into paranoia.

Lord Of The Flies Fear Essay

How does fear affect how people act? What is fear? First off fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something is dangerous. Fear is also a powerful emotion that can affect people in many different ways including some negative ways like making people lose their sense of mind. In Lord of The Flies fear caused the boys to become scared of the unknown and changed the way they thought.

Fear In The Scarlet Letter

Fear is an emotional response created amongst ourselves due to a sense of some sort of danger or threat. Fear is not only something one feels within but is also the root of the change in behavior. When fearing something or someone our first instinct is to hide or flee away from what is causing us to feel that way. It is an unpleasant emotion that only prevents a person from achieving their beliefs or goals.

Fear In The Tell-Tale Heart And The Masque Of Red Death

Fear can be very advantageous when it comes to surviving. Fear inhibits you from doing risky actions that can put you and others in danger; it keeps you cautious and careful. Even though fear helps you when surviving, fear can harm you in life. Fear can cause paranoia that keeps you from enjoying life. You start to obsess over minimal things leading to hallucination. In Poe’s stories, the main characters experience fear, but they all handle it distinctively. Poe uses irony, symbolism, and imagery to show how fear affects the narrator’s mindset, along with their future.

The Crucible And Lord Of The Flies Analysis

Humans are born to be afraid. A feeling of fear is only natural for humans to feel; it is a part of who we are. However, it can be more than just a feeling. Fear can be a weakness in humans even though it is only our natural instinct for survival. Sometimes, fear is so powerful that it can blur our rationality and dominate how we think and what we do. What are the different manifestations of fear that are portrayed in The Crucible and in Lord of the Flies? In Lord of the Flies, a novel by William Golding and in The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, both of the authors constantly illustrate “fear.” The authors portray how humans tend to do all kinds of appalling things, how the selfish nature of humans uncovers, and how someone’s fear can

Examples Of Fear In The Crucible

Fear is perhaps the strongest force within humans- something that is an undeniable influence on our decision making process, whether those decisions may be major or minor. Fear comes into play both consciously and subconsciously; both practically and non practically; it is not always 100% apparent but it is the drive behind so much more of our thought process than we actually realize. This is not only human nature but the nature of animals, too. It is a force we cannot escape, whether is comes in reflexes or is something we avidly dwell on, so we’ve instead explored and embraced the wonders of this thing called fear.

Fear In Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

Fear is the unpleasant feeling caused by the thought of being in danger possibly causing pain. There are many examples of fear. It can be seen as the close call with death, the hope to never be caught by another predator. Fear can also be a source for making the most wisest decisions, to stay alive, or to keep out of unnecessary trouble. Fear can be beaten, overcome with and can be conquered.

Theme Of Fear In Lord Of The Flies

Fear is what you make of it because nothing is inherently scary it is what you take from the object or experience that makes it scary and fills your head with fear. This can have an effect on society and how people and their respective governments react to types of issues and problems. This leads to in extreme cases war and mass murder of a society that is being exploited as a scapegoat. In the book Lord of the Flies the author William Golding suggest the impact fear has on human nature and how it disrupts order and disorder in a society.

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Fear-Definition Paper

Examples of paranoia in the crucible.

Everyone has some sort of fear or something they are scared of. Fear is a strong emotion that compels people to think and act in response to it. Fear is also unique in the fact that everyone has a different fear, and a different way of dealing with them. Some may say can help you survive, but we don't live in the caves anymore. Fear is a harmful emotion because it can cause paranoia, it can limit your potential, and it can make you prejudice.

Fear In The Crucible

Fear is a powerful human emotion. It can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, like risk taking and bad choices. Fear can spike your adrenaline. For example if someone was to lift a car off a run over child, that would be caused by adrenaline, which is caused by fear. According to several studies done by physicians

Fear Response Research Paper

Fear is a very distressing emotion caused by the belief that something dangerous, evil or painful is going to happen. It could be real or imagined fear. Fear is one of the most important human emotions, helping to keep us safe by alerting us to danger. The fear response prepares us to run or withdraw from threatening situations. Everyone has at one point of life experienced fear whether regarding anxiety or tension about something. Fear can occur in different ways such as laziness, cynicism, arrogance, recklessness, apathy, and despair. Fear of failure and looking stupid, fear of denial and disapproval and finally fear of not measuring up or being incompetent. Fear has the mandate to trap us in jobs, careers, relationships and disorient our

The Complexity Of Fear In Psychology Today By Mary C. Lamia

The definition of fear is an unpleasant emotion resulting in being afraid of someone or something that is a dangerous threat. However, fear can come in many forms and affect people in several different ways. Fear is evident in all areas of life. Everyone experiences fear whether the outcome is positive or negative. Fear is no doubt inevitable. For example,whenever you have to present a speech, you may fear ridicule or judgement. Or when you are walking to your car late at night by yourself, you fear many dangerous situations that can happen. According to Mary C. Lamia in “The Complexity of Fear” in Psychology Today, fear in terms of psychology is described as the fear of the unknown, fear of death, and catastrophic fear. Mary C. Lamia has found

The Fear Of Fear In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Fear is an emotional response caused by a threat, which causes a change in the brain and organ function, as well as behavior. It is

Essay On John Deere's Steel Plow

Fear is a chemical chain reaction in the brain. It is in the part of the brain that allows us to communicate and to speak with other people ("Layton, Julia"). The idea is an autonomic response in the brain with many parts of the brain involved. Fear starts with a scary stimulus and ends with a fight or flight response telling the human to fight back or run away. It starts with two processes the quick and messy way, and the clear and slow way ("Layton, Julia"). The quick way is when you are panicking and out of breath and the clear way takes a while and is when you calm down and realize it was nothing. Both of the processes happen simultaneously ("Layton, Julia"). The brain uses your blood stream and nervous system to create fear. When your muscles tighten and your heart races, you are probably in a state of fear. Without fear you would walk into traffic or pick up poisonous snakes. Fear saves our lives ("Layton,

Lord Of The Flies Fear Quotes

What is fear? Fear is a particular state of mind than can be originated from a realistic circumstance or a sense

Examples Of Fear In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Fear is one of the oldest,strongest, most uncontrollable and an unavoidable feelings. It can: make you sweat, make you cry, shake or even lose your appetite for food. It can also cause people to do stupid things that they never would do in ordinary circumstances. This can be seen in many different aspects of life. One place it can be seen is literature. It can also be seen in movies and t.v. The last place fear is shown is real life.

Theme Of Fear In The Crucible

Fear is an emotional response made by a threat, which causes a change in brain and organ function, as well as behavior. It is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous and likely to cause paint or threat. Usually fear is caused by something traumatizing that has happened in one’s life. In order to overcome fear, you have to face it. Avoiding fear prevents people from moving forward and standing up to fearful things help move past that fear. (Towey)

Fear is one of the strongest emotions for every human being; like love or hate it can distort our mind, causing us to not think or act logically in different circumstances.

Comparing Fear In House Taken Over And The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Over the past two weeks, I have read two different stories about fear. Fear is an automatic response to physical and emotional danger we sense. People handle fear in many different ways but almost all of us let our imagination overcome reason.

Definition Essay About Fear

Fear is a feeling of hesitation or resentment towards a certain aspect that provokes a sense of danger or unpleasantness. Many things can generate the feeling of fear and the emotion is not limited to any individual or type. Fear is most often considered a mental handicap that can hinder one from fulfilling a certain task. Fear is unavoidable and is in every aspect of a person’s life.

What is Fear and What Causes It? Essay

Fear is something that large amounts of people have encountered at least once at some point in their lives. It has been said to have caused a variety of outcomes, many of them being largely negative. Therefore, it is a common human response to react to fear by counteracting it with positivity and/or success. The idea people have of what fear is depends on the person. In the article “How Fear Works”, for example, fear is defined as a “chain reaction in the brain that starts with a stressful stimulus and ends with the release of chemicals” (Layton 1). The website “Psychology Today” defines fear another way, calling it “a vital response to physical and emotional danger” ("Fear Paranoia”). There are several other definitions people have on the

Extended Definition of Fear Through Examples Essays

Fear is a feeling created in a response to a perceived danger. Fear can produce pleasure, heighten awareness, be in the form of phobia, a fear of the unknown and an instinctual response to danger.

My Fears Essay

According to my dictionary, Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. When the word "fear" comes to my mind, I think of an emotion that's caused by a bad situation. There are many things in this world that put fear in me. My greatest fears are computer viruses, thugs, sick people, and clowns. Each of these fears make me very scared and give me goosebumps.

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Extended Definition Essay On Fear

definition essays on fear

Show More Fear has been a part of everyone’s lives from the moment he emerged in this world. It journeys through life right beside them, growing as experiences stack against them. Although many might associate fear with something unwanted, the truth is that we need fear in our lives. Fear is what keeps us from jumping off a ten-story building with no rope; the reason we have medicine and vaccines is that we fear illnesses. However, it is also a hindrance when we need to try something new – when we need to get out of our comfort zone in order to create new memories. What is fear? According to most sources, fear is a chemical in your brain caused by stress – in other words, something that is only in your mind. So why do we always feel that it is more than just that? Since fear is part of our day-to-day lives, research has given us two key points to combat against it: Understanding and will. Simply put, if we understand why we are afraid of something, it no longer holds any power over us. However, our human nature revolts at such a simple idea, not knowing that it is harder than it seems when there is so much more to it. Modern research has given us …show more content… Fear of the unknown is exactly what it sounds like – a fear of the unknown. However, this fear does not just apply to that fear alone but also for countless of other ones. For someone scared of heights, it may be because he is only scared of what will happen when he falls – the unknown. For someone afraid of spiders, the general understanding is that he is unsure of what will happen when he happens upon one – which is another part of the fear of the unknown. For people with fear of the unknown, the logical answer would be that they educate themselves. For the man afraid of heights, perhaps jumping into a pool a few meters off the ground would cure it, since he knows that nothing will happen except the impact of

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Essay on fear is a motivator in the crucible.

Imagine this. You’re paralyzed, unable to do anything the way you want; unable to achieve new goals, to try new things, or to simply live your life the way you want to because you are restricted. Many times we have a similar reaction to fear. Fear can motivate us to an extent, if used correctly and in small amounts. But more often than not we let fear take over and control us, stopping us from doing what we actually want to achieve.…

Manifestation Of Fear Essay

Everyone has a fear. When we were little, we were afraid of the monsters that lived under our beds; however, when one grows up fear always tends to get in the way. Fear is this adrenaline that runs through ones body not knowing what to do next. People can act upon fear in two ways; run from it or face it. Fear can eventually turn into a phobia.…

Analysis Of On Immunity: An Inoculation By Eula Biss

Eula Biss in her essay, “On Immunity: An Inoculation” brings a great point on how people seem to base their paranoia off of other people’s fears, and lack of knowledge. Due to this, we have come to this one-sided mentality, and have started a war between right and wrong. And all because we are afraid of what can happen. Discussed in the essay is the nature of people and how they make decisions based on fears rather than facts. She…

The Theme Of Fear In A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness

He just does not seem to accept that by concealing his fear will result in painful inner conflict, and that is the main message trying to show when Conor and the Monster meet for the first time. When they meet, Conor is not really scared of this monster because Conor knows his fear is much scarier than some tree monster, this monster mentions "You really aren't afraid are you?" (Ness 16). In response Conor says, "No, not of you anyway" (Ness 16). Conor tells the monster he is not but does not mention what exactly scares, that shows his conflict.…

Definition Of Fear Essay

In turn fear stole my happiness. Clearly, there is no way of completely avoiding fear, but when it’s not contained it becomes like a parasite and takes over lives. In my case, I am still a little afraid, and I realize that the parasite was fed by my notorious habits of hiding from conflicts, whether they’re confrontational or future conflicts that I could prepare for. For others, fear might affect them in different ways than I have experienced, but in general, it weakens a person’s spirit. Just like a leak, one day fear gets too strong and we drown, but we shouldn't be scared of being alone because our happiness will have already…

Definition Essay On Fear

I've learned that fear is horrible thing, but it can also be helpful to others. In the blink of an eye my life changed and it left me with the reminder that fear is something we all have to go through at one point in our lives. To those who are scared to face your fears I must say this to you, don't let your fears get in the way of keeping you from acheving the things you want to do in life. The best way to get rid of fear is to face it straight on and just hope for the best. I know that everyones fears are different and have different outcomes, but if you never face it you'll never know how strong you really are.…

Definition Essay: The Power Of Fear

Fear can kill your dreams the same way you could get knocked over by a car. Your fears decide your future and hold you back. Our direction in life changes because we fear what would happen if we tried something new and different. The direct link that our failures have with our inability to overcome our FEAR is real. In my research I find that there seems to a consensus that there are certain things that hold us back.…

Fear Of The Unknown In Santiago's The Alchemist

Many people in this world have different aspects to use in order to pursue their dreams. A major factor that prevents success in life is the thought of fear. In some ways, fear is a good thing-it keeps us safe and prevents us from doing things that might harm us. On the other hand, fear can prevent us from achieving accomplishments that would make us successful in the future. Types of fear such as the fear of the unknown, and the fear of failure can cause a major downfall in planning the future.…

Fear And Phobias Essay

It might even result from a combination of factors”(Umbach, 2015). This is sort of hard to acknowledge, it’s human nature to know answers and hard cold facts. When someone is fearful of something it’s completely normal to have butterflies, nervousness, queesiness; the “fight or flight” response. But, the moment that things are turned down or start to avoid things because of fear; that is when this fear is controlled by your own fear and anxiety. There are many ways…

Fear In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

Fear is what motivates us to get an education, to get a job, and to get married. We fear not being able to get a job so we get an education, we fear dying alone so we have children who will love us until the day we part from this world. The text “Lord of the Flies” had an imaginary character in the story. The imaginary beast that frightens all the boys, especially the little-uns, stands for the primal instinct of fear and savagery that exists within all the boys. Also, in the story, the boys generated darkness in the process of the book.Finally, the motion fear is more dominant than pride in the novel “The Lord of the Flies” because of the fear each other that resulted savagery, silence, hysteria and judgement.…

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definition essays on fear

Definition Essay About Fear

Fear Fear is a human emotion everyone dislikes. Fear is in every person with no exception. It can be difficult problem to solve. We can overcome our fears by challenging ourselves by analyzing fear and developing a growth mindset. Don’t let fear gain control. Sometimes society thinks of us as brave and as it sounds logical it might not be true. You might not consider yourself as brave. We let our fears over power us. We might tell other people that we aren't afraid of anything so that they think that we are the bravest person ever. Playing small doesn’t really serve the world you need to stop fear from growing. Know your darkness knowing what your fears are will help with all the confusion that you feel. It might be hard at first because you might not want to think about them but if you don’t they will control your life. Fear itself can convince us to never accomplish …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Understanding and analyzing fear is a step to become fearless. Question until you understand something don’t go through life insecure. When you feel the sensation of fear you get scared and realize that you aren’t as brave as you thought , but you are capable of not being afraid anymore. Deconstructing fear is a way of gaining confidence. Once you become fearless life becomes limitless. Throughout life people are afraid of certain things not because they aren’t capable of doing it, but it is the fear that is the cause of their unwillingness. Results on fear are often held back by false assumptions of weakness. People live in fear, if you want to achieve success then don’t doubt yourself. Set fearlessness as an ideal as an ideal to dream about being fearless and the better you will be. Just because you try something for the first time and it doesn't come out as you expected doesn’t mean that it won't come out right the next time. Don’t give up and try until you succeed. In order to grow you have to challenge yourself. Confront your fears so that you aren’t scared

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definition essays on fear

Definition Essay for Fear by Gabriela Mistral

Fear Essay | Essay

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Definition Essay for Fear


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Fear-Definition Paper

definition essays on fear

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Definition of fear.

Fear is one of the most intense, overwhelming emotions a living organism can feel. Fear is like a disease embedded in the Earth that can strike at anytime. Everyone at some point and time has felt fear. They have felt the adrenaline pumping rapidly through their veins, while perspiration drains down their face as the mind runs wild trying to figure out the situation. Fear, also is one of the hardest emotions to overcome. The feeling of fear lingers within you for seconds, but it feels like months. As Winston Churchill once said, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” This famous quote shows that fear affects people only as much as they let it affect them.…

Stephen King Essay On Fear

We tend to forget that our actions have consequences, but our subconscious remembers and tries to warn us by using a sensitive memory, usually one with a massive amount of fear, to help us perceive what will happen if we keep going. My subconscious chose the memory when I almost got my brother killed.…

Definition Essay About Fear

Fear: the mere sight of the word makes some of us cringe. It is a feeling we have all dealt with at one time or another. Fear is the quintessential human emotion. Some people live lives devoid of joy, happiness, and pleasure, but no one escapes the experience of fear and fear’s companion, pain. We are born in fear and pain. Our lives are profoundly shaped by them, as well as our efforts to avoid them.” It is something that we first experience as children, and are conditioned to respond to in many different ways. Some of us live in constant fear; of accidents, of bad people doing us harm, or of physical ailments. Others simply take things as they come in life, whether they are good or bad things. In the dictionary, fear is defined as: "a feeling of agitation or anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger.  That is a rather ominous definition. Fear can also refer to general anxiety, as in "fear of speaking in public  or "fear of open areas . These fears arise not necessarily from a present or imminent threat, but rather a perceived threat, which to some can be just as scary. For most people fear is an unpleasant feeling and it is…

What Is Fear In The Crucible

What is fear? Fear is the act of being scared of something. Usually, being afraid of fearing is just a state of mind. If your mind can tell you not to be scared then you won’t feel fearful but on the other hand if your mind tricks you into believing you should be fearful of something, you will become afraid of that person, place, thing, or object.…

Fear Vs Phobias Essay

Fear is a natural response that humans, and in fact most animals, have. Its purpose is to activate our ‘fight or flight’ response system in case of danger.…

Things Fall Apart Okonkwo's Fears

Everyone shows fear. Fear can cause an unpleasant emotion due to someone or something being dangerous, painful, or a threat. Many main characters in novels show fear. In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Okonkwo, the main character, who struggles with fear and battles it to become stronger. Okonkwo struggles with fear of becoming like his father, fear of looking weak, and fear of his children not becoming like him.…

The Anxiety of Elling

Fear is an emotion that everyone experiences from time to time throughout his or her life. Fear is part of a biological response to danger. This emotion was programmed into each human being eons ago through evolution to alert us to the presence of danger by releasing adrenaline into our bloodstream , triggering the flight-or-fight response, which alerts us to the presence of danger and enhances our chances of survival. Anxiety itself is a chronic fear, which continues even when the direct threat is not present (Pinel, 2007, p.494).…

The Man Who Finds That His Son Has Become A Thief Analysis

Fear is often one’s worst inner enemy. It will prompt one to crawl into their darkest corners and hide, and can also cause one to…

The Construction of Fear

Barry Glassner gives several different constructions on how we can transform, exaggerate, and invent fears. Fear is defined as a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by present or imminent danger. But Barry Glassner defines it as constructed through efforts to protect against it. Society as a whole uses fear to profit financially, politically, or media driven by journalist. These three profits show how transforming, exaggerating, and inventing fear has shaped society.…

Fear Of Fear In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

There is the fight or flight that every living being uses, animal and human. Humans often have other bodily reactions to fear, such as fast heart rate, sweaty palms and many others. Often times, the same person can have different reactions to different situations. For example, when I take a big test or write an essay, my hands begin to sweat. Not only does this help me calm down, I am able to focus on the task at hand. I have had a lasting fear of “The back room” in my house, it is a room that is unfinished and is used for storage purposes. I fear the room because it has a decent amount of old stuff, the room is dusty, and it is a dwelling for many arthropods and arachnids. I do not hate the room itself, because it holds the water heater and all the tools to make my house work smoothly, but I fear what lies behind the boxes, the old board games, and the unknown inside it all. Every time I have to go back in the room, I shiver and shudder and pray that there is not any sudden movement that passes my feet. While I shiver at the thought of bugs and the unknown I also have a terrible fear of heights. My fear is so bad I can barely go on the final step of a six foot ladder. I refuse to go into the attic and I scoff at the idea of helping my sister put Christmas lights on the roof. When I do come to a situation when I am on a rooftop or on a mountain overlooking a valley, not only am I…

Fear In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

Fear, one of the most powerful and compelling things over man. Fear can empower someone, make them cower away, or give them courage to face their fear. Franklin Roosevelt and William Golding both believed that people are just afraid of fear itself. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, Golding portrays a few ways on how people deal with fear.…

Fear In Stranger Than Fiction By Harold Crick

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion that can be aroused by danger, evil, or pain. Fear can also be conquered; it requires risks to be taken and sometimes sacrifices to be made. Harold Crick in the film, “Stranger than Fiction” conquered his fear like how I conquered two of my fears; one which was the fear of deep waters and the other, which was the fear of heights. Fears hold us back and prevent us from enjoying the moments. Conquering fears creates a full life.…

Power of Fear

Fear is "an unpleasant and often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger."Fear is completely natural and helps people to recognize and respond to dangerous situations and threats.…

Fear Evaluation

Fear is a feeling you get in your stomach when you know something is about to happen whether you know the out come or not.It can be a feeling of uneasiness when a situation reminds you of something. It can be triggered by sounds,sight and smell.…

Fear in Macbeth

Fear motivates many people to act upon matters, right or wrong. This emotion has been important in many events in both works of literature, and in the real world. It has forced military geniuses into retreat, and influenced them to plan another method of attack. Fear can be both a positive and a negative acting force in one's life, a quality that can motivate one to success as well as to downfall.…

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Fear: Definition, Effects, and Overcoming Essay

Webster’s dictionary defines fear as “an unpleasant, sometimes strong emotion caused by an anticipation or awareness of danger” or “anxious concern” Fear is a feeling that causes agitation and anxiety mostly caused by presence or imminence of danger. It is a state or condition marked by feeling of agitation or anxiety. It can also be described as a feeling of disquiet. Fear is an abstract concept and may have different meanings. Holder (2007) adds that fear is more pervasive when there is lack of faith that we have greater significance in the universe than what we own or how others perceive us. Fear is manifested in many ways in human beings. It may manifest as showing signs of withdrawing or by cowering. But the most profound manifestation of fear is anger and hatred. People acts out their insecurity as anger which shows that they are the most fearful people.

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Effects of fear

Effects of fear have been documented in many studies. Fear has been documented to case mind paralyses, heart attacks and closure of fallopian tube due to fear of pain during child birth (Jim Rohn, 2004), describes fear, indifference, indecision, doubt, worry and timidness as the five greatest enemies within us which can destroy our lives completely. Fear may manifest itself in physical short term effects or affect your whole life. It will affect both he physiology of the body and the brain. Fear generates stress which manifests itself physically in many signs physically and emotionally. It causes judgmental errors and affects our reasoning that most of time when we are in a fearful situation; we tend to take the wrong action. According to Sidney B., (1988), fear is a great paralyzer. It will keep you from making positive changes in your life and thus retard your recovery from depression. He continues to argue that fear persuades you to set easier goals and do less than your capability. It will also cause internal defense system fooling you that you have good reasons not to change. Fear of failure reduces the available alternatives you can pursue because you cannot stand by the outcome of what you do. You always feel that you cannot succeed in anything you try. It will keep you away from seeking help because you don’t want others to see you as a failure. Fear has been identified by psychologist as what causes people to give up when they are one step short to their goal. It will keep you stuck or make you develop unhealthy habits and behavior problems. Most of all fear keeps many people from taking risks.

How to overcome fear

Rim Rohn, (2004), argues that we are not born with courage, neither are we born with fear. He argues that some of our fears are brought on by our own experiences by what someone has told us or what we read in papers and books. Sri Swami Sivananda, (2007), describes fear as an illusion that cannot live. He suggests that to overcome fear we should always feel the presence of a Supreme Being watching us, by meditating and developing positive thoughts all the time. We should devote ourselves to eradicating fear. Since we have seen that fear is developed within our minds, it can also be eradicated within our mind and hence it is just a matter of reconditioning our minds that will help us overcome fear. It is also suggesting that we should share with others our fears. In this way they will help us find solutions to the cause of fears. President Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but the fear itself” hence fearing fear starts and ends with us.

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Definition Essay: Why Do People Enjoy Fear?

What is fear and why can it be positive in your well being. Most people associate fear as something bad, but it can also be associated with a good things and pleasure. To some people fear is one of the most exciting feelings they will ever feel. This is because of a chemical that is released then you encounter something that threatens your survival. You may be wonder, well how can some people feel pleasure from experiencing something that threatens their survival. The way these people get a kick out of this frightening experience is that they realize they’re in a safe environment and get a sense of satisfaction once it's over. This is just one reason why people enjoy fear, let me go into more detail on why people enjoy the feeling of fear. People love the sense and satisfaction of fear for many reasons, one of the reasons is that it leaves us with a good sensation in the end. As it said in the article “Why do our brains enjoy fear?” by Allegra Ringo, “Lots of people enjoy scary situations because it leaves them with a sense of confidence after it’s over” (Ringo 92). In other words, Allegra is trying to say that in order to enjoy scary situation you have to know where you are. This means that you need …show more content… As I discovered in the “ Dream collector photos”, “Fear brings curiosity”. To put it differently, our brains are always curious and trying to find how things work. If we experience fear our brains will want to know what is triggering this fear and would like to get to the main source of this feeling. Another reason are brain experiences curiosity is because of the idea of death. As it said in the article “Why do some brains enjoy fear”, “Humans are obsessed with death; we simply have a hard time wrapping our mind around what happens when we die” (Ringo 93). In other words, fear brings the thought of death to our mind which distorts our thinking since we can’t wrap our mind around the idea of Show More

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definition essays on fear

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definition essays on fear

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definition essays on fear

Essays on Fear

What i think about fear in life, how to overcome our fears.

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Overcoming The Fear of Failure

Analysis of main types of fear: invitational, instinctual and fear of trauma, how to get over your fears, a research fear, its causes, factors, and ways to overcome, why my biggest fear is failure, report on fear: responses, causes, types and main triggers, the way to overcome fear of failure, being motivated by your fears, the fear development in the human psyche, my greatest fear is losing my family, how to overcome the fear of flying, research on the fear of crime, how to permanently overcome fear, the causes and effects of fear, do not live your life in fear, your fear shouldn’t drag you down, the impact of fear on human's behavior, reasons of fear of public speaking, the power of following your fear and anxiety, fear and anxiety in our lives and how to deal with it, my own experience in a haunted house, the presence of fear in people's lifes, a fear of failure in educational setting, a report on phobia disorders, its types, symptoms, and treatments, how i have challenged my fear, the fear of failure and the fear of success as factors of procrastination, how the emotions of regret and disappointment can be beneficial for a person, the role of fear in the crucible, feeling stressed about your essay.

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definition essays on fear


Fear Definition Essay

Essay on fear is a very interesting topic to write about, because this topic is very actual to each of us.

Fear – is the notion, which is familiar to each of us. It can be grounded, or ungrounded. Ungrounded fear is mostly connected with different phobias of a person. Grounded fear is a protective function of the body, and one of the major instincts of every person.

Phobias are being influenced by psychological factors. Even the person himself can’t explain when and why this fear appeared for the first time. Phobias can be different. There is a huge variety of them. The fear of closed space, of water, of  darkness, etc. However, in most cases, such fears can be easily overcome by a person. It can be done with the help of medicine and with the help of your own strength. Any person can get rid of the phobias he have.

Grounded fear is the fear of the safeness of your life, family or health. It is a normal state of any human being, because it is normal for each of us to be worried about these issues. Mostly, this fear is presented in the life of a person not all the time. It usually appears in a certain circumstances. For example, the person can’t throw himself under the car consciously, as he is afraid to lose his life . The instinct of self-preservation is peculiar to animals also.

What do you usually think about when you hear the word “fear”? Every person have different answer to this question, as the number of fears truly corresponds to the number of people, who live on the Earth. It is normal to have fears, but we also should remember that out fears can influence out health. That is tightly connected with the fact, that any fear causes stress. Our heart beating becomes faster, our blood pressure becomes higher and our nerves are suffering a lot. That is why, we should always try to handle our fears, in order to avoid severe consequences, which may occur to our health.

Fears of some people can be found really funny. For example, people may be afraid of birds or mice, and it is really funny, as these animals can cause no harm to any person. Others may be afraid of getting married, or simply afraid of the responsibilities. These are the fears, that can be simply handled.

It is a well-known fact, that all our fears are in our head. The way we treat them determines the way we can handle them. The best solution is to face your fears. For example , if you are afraid of snakes, simply hold one. You will see that there is nothing dangerous and it will help you to handle your fear, or at least to see, that there is nothing so scary about it. We have enough strength to handle our fears.

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