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Brave New World Quotes

Brave New World

All Quotes Quotes By Aldous Huxley

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brave new world discrimination quotes

Brave New World Quotes.doc

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Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - Mr. Jackson`s Web-site

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Brave New World Society and Class

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"Reducing the number of revolutions per minute," Mr. Foster explained. "The surrogate goes round slower; therefore passes through the lung at longer intervals; therefore gives the embryo less oxygen. Nothing like oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par." Again he rubbed his hands. […] "The lower the caste," said Mr. Foster, "the shorter the oxygen." The first organ affected was the brain. After that the skeleton. At seventy per cent of normal oxygen you got dwarfs. At less than seventy eyeless monsters." (1.70-4)

Mr. Foster's calculating enthusiasm (rubbing his hands in excitement) is concentrated here with the horror of the caste system—horrible not only for its restrictive, predetermining qualities, but also for the destructive, malevolent, harmful way in which its ends are achieved.

They hurried out of the room and returned in a minute or two, each pushing a kind of tall dumb-waiter laden, on all its four wire-netted shelves, with eight-month-old babies, all exactly alike (a Bokanovsky Group, it was evident) and all (since their caste was Delta) dressed in khaki. (2.8)

That castes are distinguished by their clothing further dehumanizes them. To any member of a higher caste, ALL Deltas will look exactly the same.

"… all wear green," said a soft but very distinct voice, beginning in the middle of a sentence, "and Delta Children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly colour. I'm so glad I'm a Beta." […] "Alpha children wear grey They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able…" (2.75-7)

It's likely that the castes are kept separate for the sake of stability; this way there is no envy and no complications from intermingling. Each individual can view members of a different caste as a faceless, nameless "other."

"Why not? Bernard's an Alpha Plus. Besides, he asked me to go to one of the Savage Reservations with him. I've always wanted to see a Savage Reservation." "But his reputation?" "What do I care about his reputation?" (3.123-5)

Clearly the social interactions of the upper castes are a little more nuanced than a simple matter of predetermined caste status.

The liftman was a small simian creature, dressed in the black tunic of an Epsilon-Minus Semi-Moron. (4.1.12)

Notice how this Epsilon is compared to an animal (simian = ape-like); as the novel progresses, all the citizens of the World State—regardless of caste—are rendered similarly bestial. It takes more than intelligence, Brave New World seems to argue, to make a human a human.

Bernard's physique was hardly better than that of the average Gamma. He stood eight centimetres short of the standard Alpha height and was slender in proportion. Contact with members of the lower castes always reminded him painfully of this physical inadequacy. "I am I, and wish I wasn't"; his self-consciousness was acute and stressing. Each time he found himself looking on the level, instead of downward, into a Delta's face, he felt humiliated. Would the creature treat him with the respect due to his caste? The question haunted him. Not without reason. For Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons had been to some extent conditioned to associate corporeal mass with social superiority. Indeed, a faint hypnopædic prejudice in favour of size was universal. (4.2.3)

Bernard has been so indoctrinated by the rules of the caste system that he cannot get over his physical inadequacies. Of course, his height means absolutely nothing intrinsically—it is intelligence that functionally distinguishes an Alpha.

Lenina, meanwhile, had turned her eyes away and was looking perpendicularly downwards at the monorail station. "Fine," she agreed. "But queer that Alphas and Betas won't make any more plants grow than those nasty little Gammas and Deltas and Epsilons down there." "All men are physio-chemically equal," said Henry sententiously. "Besides, even Epsilons perform indispensable services." (5.1.6-7)

In a world where the individual is defined only by his contribution to society, caste has replaced all other defining characteristics.

And I was so ashamed. Just think of it: me, a Beta—having a baby: put yourself in my place." (The mere suggestion made Lenina shudder. (7.56)

Linda finds her experience that much more degrading because of her caste.

It was John, then, they were all after. And as it was only through Bernard, his accredited guardian, that John could be seen, Bernard now found himself, for the first time in his life, treated not merely normally, but as a person of outstanding importance. There was no more talk of the alcohol in his blood-surrogate, no gibes at his personal appearance. Henry Foster went out of his way to be friendly; Benito Hoover made him a present of six packets of sex-hormone chewing-gum; the Assistant Predestinator came out and cadged almost abjectly for an invitation to one of Bernard's evening parties. As for the women, Bernard had only to hint at the possibility of an invitation, and he could have whichever of them he liked. (11.14)

Notice that nothing about Bernard has changed—he is still an Alpha, he is still intelligent, he is still short, he is still physically deficient. But value, at least among Alphas and Betas, goes beyond caste divisions and factors in reputation. Bernard can't act as an Alpha until he's convinced everyone thinks of him that way.

In the end Bernard had to slink back, diminished, to his rooms and inform the impatient assembly that the Savage would not be appearing that evening. The news was received with indignation. The men were furious at having been tricked into behaving politely to this insignificant fellow with the unsavoury reputation and the heretical opinions. The higher their position in the hierarchy, the deeper their resentment. "To play such a joke on me," the Arch-Songster kept repeating, "on me!" (12.16-7)

Certain positions in the World State command more respect than others, but respect is nonetheless tied to functionally. The Arch-Songster is only "special" because he performs a special function for the World State.

The menial staff of the Park Lane Hospital for the Dying consisted of one hundred and sixty-two Deltas divided into two Bokanovsky Groups of eighty-four red headed female and seventy-eight dark dolychocephalic male twins, respectively. At six, when their working day was over, the two Groups assembled in the vestibule of the Hospital and were served by the Deputy Sub-Bursar with their soma ration. (15.1)

How does the soma use of the lower castes compare to that of the upper castes?

"I was wondering," said the Savage, "why you had them at all—seeing that you can get whatever you want out of those bottles. Why don't you make everybody an Alpha Double Plus while you're about it?" Mustapha Mond laughed. "Because we have no wish to have our throats cut," he answered. "We believe in happiness and stability. A society of Alphas couldn't fail to be unstable and miserable. Imagine a factory staffed by Alphas—that is to say by separate and unrelated individuals of good heredity and conditioned so as to be capable (within limits) of making a free choice and assuming responsibilities. Imagine it!" he repeated. (16.40-1)

The World Controllers have rendered the lower castes little more than machines. This is why Alphas could never do Epsilon work—it's not considered human.

"It's an absurdity. An Alpha-decanted, Alpha-conditioned man would go mad if he had to do Epsilon Semi-Moron work—go mad, or start smashing things up. Alphas can be completely socialized—but only on condition that you make them do Alpha work. Only an Epsilon can be expected to make Epsilon sacrifices, for the good reason that for him they aren't sacrifices; they're the line of least resistance. His conditioning has laid down rails along which he's got to run. He can't help himself; he's foredoomed." (16.43)

This sounds like the worst kind of imprisonment—Epsilons aren't even allowed (intellectually) to comprehend the fact that they are imprisoned.

"The optimum population," said Mustapha Mond, "is modelled on the iceberg—eight-ninths below the water line, one-ninth above." (16.47)

Mond claims that those under the water line are actually happier than those above it (or at least better off than those whose intelligence leads them to question the system). Is this true?

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brave new world discrimination quotes

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brave new world discrimination quotes

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World Quotes

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A Brief Discussion of Racism and Ableism in Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’

Almost one hundred years after the publishing of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World , readers of the novel are able to draw parallels between Huxley’s descriptions of non-white members of the World State, especially when comparing his descriptions of Native American tribes to the way that early colonizers described the same group of people. Interestingly enough, Brave New World also raises questions relating to one’s body, how it functions, and how the functionality affects one’s place in society.

The society in Brave New World is segregated into five castes (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon) in order from most to least favourable.   Notably, there are very few (if any) examples of non-white people being in the Alpha or Beta caste, they tend to be described as being in the lower castes and more often than not are described unfavourably. The descriptions are often incredibly racist, in many ways parroting the anti-black racial stereotypes still present within American society, and the world at large, to this day. From being described as “simian” (Huxley, p.50), having elongated skulls, and overall just being “black and hideous” (p.55) there is not a lot of reaching required to draw the comparisons between the way non-white people are written in Brave New World, and the way they are spoken about in our own world.

The language used to indicate the reservation populated by Native Americans, visited by Lenina and Bernard, is very of its time, as Huxley refers to them as Indians. Unfortunately, Huxley’s treatment of Native Americans in Brave New World directly parallels the treatment of Native Americans by the first colonists to arrive in America. The people living on the reservation are described as unclean, uncivilised, and above all else repeatedly referred to as “savages.” (p.75) While arguments can be made supporting his use of such language, it is fundamentally impossible to ignore that Huxley purposely and explicitly wrote these people as Native Americans . Not only does Lenina draw comparisons between their practises and the things she is familiar with the lower castes doing back home on numerous occasions, she makes pointed comments to Bernard time and time again about how she does not like the reservation and thinks to herself that it is “queer” (p.75). Equally important to the use of the language, is the effect it has. The article linked at the end of this post goes more in depth on this topic and includes a Native American’s perspective on the language of the novel.

Finally, the World State values the stability of their society above all else, however, said ‘stability’ is a direct result of the mental and physical impairments caused by dysgenics. People in the lower castes are often unable to think above the mental capacity needed for their jobs, whether the jobs be simple cleaning duties or repetitive tasks. Knowing that the lower one is in the caste system, the more physically disabled they are only furthers questions about the positioning of race and (dis)ability: what advantage is gained by only ever showing white, able-bodied people at the top of the social hierarchy? Why, if this was truly supposed to be a perfect world, would people still be segregated by the colour of their skin and capacities of their mind and body?

Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World . VINTAGE CLASSICS. (Originally published in 1932)

Further Reading:

Article: www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/seattle-school-board-postpones-decision-on-pulling-brave-new-world/ .


brave new world discrimination quotes

Brave New World Linda Discrimination Quotes

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Brave New World Belonging Quotes

John was alienated in three places throughout his life, all in differing degrees: the Indian reservation outside of his family’s home, his family’s home within

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Parents only want what’s good for their children and for them to grow intro great adults, for their children to be independent and to be able to undergo hardships.

Brave New World Society Quotes

Author, Aldous Huxley portrays the society in this novel as a world where people commonly receive instant gratification for their actions and where it is important for someone to get what they want to make them happy. This could be seen as a problem with a large society, however, the World Controllers have ensured that anything a person might want has been pre-decided, controlled and programmed in since the beginning of their time. Considered to be healthy in excessive amounts and encouraged from a young age, frequent sex is widely accepted and openly talked about on a regular basis during this era. This is one of the prime examples of making sure everyone gets what they want instantly. Another illustration of this conduct can be noted with

Mayella Prejudice Quotes

Filthy, poor, an outcast to the white society, how would you feel if you obtained all those qualities in the 1930s? Harper Lee’s novel introduces a story between the Finches’ fight for what’s right in the community. When Tom Robinson was wrongly accused of raping Mayella Ewell, Atticus tries his very best to unveil the obvious truth. However, the people of Maycomb were too blind by the social status to realize what’s wrong and write. The white people supported Mayella only because she’s white, they simply didn’t want a colored man to be right. Therefore, Mayella is not powerful, she is instead a weak girl looking for pity and attention.

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In a family, parents, in particular shape lives, to a degree. Although, everyone has free will, and the ability to make their own decisions when they come of age, the way they were raised has a big impact on the way they will live their life. Good parents can instill morals and values in their children. They can teach them skills, and when they make mistakes to learn from those, as well. Bad parents usually don’t

Brave New World John Analysis

After all the hardships John has been through, such as growing up on the Reservation with his mother, whose death also drove him to desperate actions such as starting a riot among some Deltas at the hospital, John was not able to properly cope with his “new life” in the World State. HIs positive view of what the “Other World” would be like was crushed when he realized how horrible and corrupt the people were there, all conditioned in uniformity to create stability. His disgust was only furthered by his exposure to the World State’s use of soma and sexual pleasure to keep people happily occupied. Everything that the people were conditioned and taught to do went against John’s beliefs, so he was understandably upset about it. However, he does find some insight in his experiences. John begins to learn what it is like, from other people, to not have grown up with a mother, being “decanted” and conditioned specifically to fit a role in society.

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To raise a child is not easy, to provide an education on top of a healthy family environment, food and clothes, entertaining and cultural moments, security and safety. It requires that parents set an example by their own lifestyles, being coherent and displaying integrity in their decisions. We can’t just write down a set of rules, pin them in the refrigerator and expect our kids to follow them. It requires dedication and reserve times in our daily lives to be open for dialogue, counsel and advice, to teach them about respect, discipline, sexuality, and friendship.

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Discrimination In Brave New World

brave new world discrimination quotes

Show More Throughout all of history, discrimination has always existed in society, whether it is the poor against the rich, female against male or white against black. In the texts I have studied in class, the authors/directors have portrayed their views on the topic of discrimination. In my report I will analyse the overarching theme of “ Discrimination will always be prevalent in society” present in my four texts and discuss the connections between them. My first two texts I studied were “ Brave New World ” written by Aldous Huxley, and “Gattaca” directed by Andrew Niccol. Both these texts show that “Discrimination is a part of human nature” My other two texts I studied were “Montana 1948” written by Larry Watson and “Crash” directed by Paul Haggis. …show more content… In Gattaca, eugenics is decided by your wealth, the richer you are, the more money you can spend on perfecting your child. Whereas in Brave New World, it is completely random whether you are created to be a Alpha or a Epsilon. This is a stark difference, as in Gattaca it shows that the wealthy still hold all the power, and that the rich vs. poor stigma still exists. The poor would not be able to afford eugenics, and thus would have a lower life expectancy, and lesser physical and mental capabilities. Whereas the rich would be able to afford having a child born with eugenics, who are essentially an improved version of themselves. Thus only the poor would get discriminated against, and feel the negative effects of eugenics. In Brave New World, this means that everyone has an equal chance of being in a particular caste. In both texts, discrimination occurs due to one class of individuals being greater than the other; however the way they show that it is a part of human nature is completely different. Brave New World shows it through the juxtaposition of Bernard and the other Alpha Plus’s. Though Bernard too is an Alpha Plus like the rest, he is still discriminated against. This shows that discrimination is at a much deeper level than just class based, and is human nature. In Gattaca, this is shown through the job selection process by which everyone is DNA tested to ensure that only the “valids” get the more sophisticated jobs. However where in Gattaca the discrimination could be seen as justified, (as you want the best possible person for the job) in Brave New World it is completely unjustified as Bernard is no different from the others besides his height, “Bernard's physique was hardly better than that of the average Gamma. He stood eight centimetres short of the standard Alpha height and was slender in

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November 19, 2010, racism in brave new world.

reading it now. couldn't agree more. the book ain't that great. it just ain't.

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