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Effective Tips and Tricks for Studying

No matter how old you are, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to studying. Whether you’re taking the biggest exam of your life or you know your teacher or professor is going to give a pop quiz soon, efficient studying is a great way to be prepared.

Create a Routine

One of the best things you can do for yourself, whether you’re in fifth grade or college, is to make studying a habit. One helpful way to do that is to find a way to incorporate it into your daily routine at the same time every day. Perhaps it’s after dinner or right when you get home from school. Find the time that works for you, and make yourself sit down to study and handle any homework you have at that time every day or on as many days as possible.

Break It Up

Everyone’s been there. You wait until the very last minute to study, and you do it all in one sitting. Not only is it exhausting, but you probably also don’t even remember half of what you study. This is why it can be better to break it up and do a little bit each day. If you have a big project coming up in a few weeks, break it down into steps, and take on one of the steps every other day until everything is complete. If you have plenty of reading to do, break it down into chapters or pages, and read one section each day.

Get Some Sleep

While it can be tempting to stay up all night studying before a big exam, you’re better off getting sleep. Your brain and memory function better when you’re rested, so you can retain more of the information and do better on your test. If you didn’t get a full night of sleep, consider napping briefly during the day to help catch yourself up on sleep.

Clear Your Mind

Before you sit down to study, make sure you have a clear mind and that you’re not focused on something else. Take a walk, listen to some music, read a book or do some stretches. Try meditation. Do whatever it takes to get your mind in the right mood for study time. Be sure to take breaks while you study too. Resting for five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes may help you retain the information.

Create the Right Environment

Finally, create a good study environment. It can be hard to pay attention when the TV is on or when you’re constantly receiving texts from friends. Turn off your devices. If you don’t do well with quiet, use a fan for background noise, or turn on a radio. You may find it more effective to study to music that doesn’t have lyrics. Make sure you’re comfortable and organized. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of water and a few healthy snacks on hand if you’ll be studying for a while.


why do i want to study abroad essay sample

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Reasons why i Want to Study Abroad essay

This is a beautiful planet, full of wonderful people, ancient history and natural wonders. My question would be, why wouldn’t anyone want to travel if they can? Studying abroad is an experience of a life time. I believe when you move abroad, you move out of your comfort zone. Five years ago, when I moved to US from Nepal, it was a completely different culture to me. I wished to discover myself by placing me in a complete remote environment and hoped to discover more about myself which I did in these past five years.

People living in this world are unaware of marine biology and lifestyle of marine animals. After that I started researching on it. My heart and mind always used to ask why isn’t people doing anything to conserve it and save our blue crabs and other marine animals. During the research process, I developed a deep interest for marine animals. The interest in the Chesapeake Bay chemical contaminants in Bay’s tidal waters deepened once I began studying Chemistry and Biology in high school and college first year. I would like to receive the best knowledge in the marine biology, and University of Sunshine Coast has one of the very best marine ecology research and the curriculum of the University of Sunshine Coast for oceans and marine life is also something I found very interesting. I will get more information and knowledge about marine and oceans at USC during my study abroad program and try my best to contribute my learning experience to save Chesapeake Bay.

Yet, while I cannot single handedly fix these systemic issues, I firmly believe in contributing to solutions and bridging cultural divides. I would love the chance to get more experience outside of the classroom and I believe studying in a diverse environment can improve a student’s personal development. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to connect with students from different backgrounds and varied talents at University of Sunshine Coast, Australia. I am self-driven, but would enjoy being in a supportive, focused environment with like-minded students. I know Gilman Scholarship will allow me to make contributions in my academic life and prepare me for my future career by funding to go to study abroad.   

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"Reasons Why I Want to Study Abroad.", Mar 26, 2021. Accessed March 6, 2023.

"Reasons Why I Want to Study Abroad," , 26-Mar-2021. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 6-Mar-2023] (2021). Reasons Why I Want to Study Abroad . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 6-Mar-2023]

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Why I Want To Study Abroad Essay

I was inspired to study abroad in England because the country has such a strong cultural identity. When we think of England, we often think about the stereotypical tea drinkers that eat bangers and mash; however England is much more than that. England stood out to me because I felt I knew so much and so little about it. I realized that I knew about the American perception of England and not the real country. Hence why I decided to study at St. Mary’s University, so I could really understand England as a culture and society. I thought studying in London made the most sense because the city is so culturally diverse and aligns with my interests. London is at epicenter for theater, pop culture, fashion, cinema, and I want to experience all of it. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Since I am a film and theatre minor I want to learn more about these subjects. I plan on getting involved in any way that I can with the school’s drama and film departments, especially any clubs they offer. More importantly, I want my passions flourishing in the heart of London. I want to experience West End theatre and watch British films. My study abroad is going to expand my knowledge and give me opportunities that I might not get at Salve. What I learn while studying abroad will help me understand my degree more and give me an idea of how I will use it in the future. Studying abroad will be an amazing experience; however it will propose some challenges. Since my parents are divorced my study abroad is supported by three different incomes, which includes my mother, father, and myself. Each of us contributes in paying for this experience and I have worked tirelessly so I can provide enough money to fund for it. My father is helping to fund for my trip; however he is also worrying about my loans. Having already taken a second job to offset the cost of my student loan debt, his limited income can only give so …show more content…

When I come back from study abroad I want to promote the experience with everyone. If anyone asks me about my program or my host country I will gladly answer any questions they might have. I would want to participate in the Study Abroad Fair and represent the program I was apart of. Since I took an internship I will have experience getting a VISA and have an understanding of how my host university’s program works. I can be an advisor for students looking for any guidance on their journey to St. Mary’s. My experience could easily be presented for anyone looking into my program and I could provide information on the best ways to budget yourself while in London. Study abroad will be an experience I will never forget and I am excited for not only the experience, but also sharing it with others as

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Top Reasons Why I Want to Study Abroad

Are you curious to think more about and explore the reasons that you want to study abroad? Would it help to learn about why other students want to study abroad? We've asked Angelo from the Philippines who was living in  Sweden and was considering studying a Master's degree abroad to share his reasons why he wanted to study abroad.

Why do I want to study abroad? For starters, it has always been at the top my bucket list. While I’m aware that moving to a foreign country is not a simple feat, my uncertainties are often outweighed by the other benefits which I know will come with pursuing an education overseas.

1. I’ll have access to a better form of education


The high quality of education will always be my main reason as to why I want to study abroad. While there is no shortage of premier universities in my country, the undeniable truth is that they pale in comparison to their counterparts in places such as the  UK or the  U.S. International universities have access to resources which made their brand of education so renowned in the first place, such as facilities, industry connections and of course, the funding.

In short, I simply want to learn from the best. Studying abroad in a prestigious university is not only a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it also ensures a brighter future for me and my career.

2. I get to experience a whole new and different country

I believe there isn't a more exciting privilege in life than to be able to discover new places, meet new people, and to just surround yourself in traditions and cultures that are entirely different from your own. Getting to experience these things and more is one of the biggest reasons as to why I want to study abroad. Also, not everyone is blessed with such an opportunity, making it even more priceless.

3. I get to develop a deep sense of appreciation for my country

beach abroad

I’ve been living in Sweden for almost a year now. And while this Scandinavian nation has undoubtedly become my favorite place in the world, living here made me realize how awesome my home country - the Philippines - is in its own, unique way, flaws and all.

I find that when people are cooped up in one place for too long, they lose perspective and just begin to focus only on the negatives. But once they start living someplace else (like I did), they’ll begin to miss the things that made their home country so special, such as its culture and its people.

As for me, some days I just can’t help but wish for the warmth of the bright, tropical sun.

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4. I can learn a different language

Another reason as to why I want to study abroad is that I’ll get to add another language to my vocabulary, which is always a huge confidence booster.

Never in a million years did I think that I’ll be able to speak another foreign language aside from English. So, when I finally learned how read, write and speak in Swedish, it gave me such a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment to know that my hard work has finally paid off.

5. I can find attractive employment opportunities

meeting job

Studying internationally also gives me the chance to explore the foreign job market where opportunities are generally more rewarding, career and salary-wise. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to land a role in a prestigious multi-national company or something just as rewarding.

And even if the job search doesn’t pan out, I could always return back home with a very attractive resume in hand. Local employers value professionals who can bring something new and unique to the table, and being a graduate from an international institution certainly fits the bill.

6. I’ll get to meet new friends

Forming lifelong bonds with people who are from various countries has always been a treat. With their own set of unique backgrounds, there’s no shortage of fun times as well as opportunities to learn more things about another country, without even getting on a plane.

Aside from the deep personal connections, friends are also a great way to establish networking opportunities which could be beneficial in the future.

7. I’ll be more responsible


My brief experience of living alone was truly humbling, and I imagine it would be even more so once I do so in a foreign place where everything and everyone is initially a stranger. With no family to make my meals or to bail me out in times of need, it’s the ultimate crash course on how to be a fully-fledged adult.  But as they say, at some point, everyone needs to learn how to stand on their own.

8. I’ll have the opportunity to create a better future

Residing in another country opens a ton of unlimited possibilities outside education. What if I find a way to settle down in a country as beautiful as Denmark ? Who wouldn’t want to raise a family in a place which consistently ranks at the top in terms of quality of life? The chance to build a brighter future is another incentive as to why I want to study abroad.

9. I’ll be more open-minded about life in general


As someone who spent most of his younger days in his own country, I had this initial stubborn belief that the traditions and values that I grew up with were absolute. That somehow, my people’s way of life is the right way to live.

As I started to spend more time abroad, I realized that there is no definite way to live. We each have our own quirks, which is what makes life so interesting and beautiful. It’s a valuable lesson, one that I wish to learn more about in the future.

10. I’ll learn to not take the simple things for granted

Whether it’s the prepared meals, freshly-pressed clothes, or just having a shoulder to lean on, I would imagine that studying and living alone in another country will serve as my wake-up call on just how important everyday things in my life (like family) can be.

So these are my top reasons on why I want to study abroad. While pursuing an education overseas can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, it's hard to argue against the physical, intellectual, emotional benefits one could potentially acquire should they decide to do so.

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Studying Abroad in Scotland: Cecilia Razelli

Cecilia heard about the University of Edinburgh at a student fair in Italy. Learn how she decided on the university, and her perspective on what makes Scotland a rewarding study abroad locale.

why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Why study abroad? Deciding to pursue an international education is a big decision. Why do so many students choose to attend a university away from home? Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to study abroad.


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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

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Essay Service Examples Education Studying Abroad

Why I Want to Study Abroad: Essay


I am Jaspreet Singh from India. I’m currently pursuing a full-time post-graduation certificate program (Global Business Management) at Conestoga college. As usual, before coming to study in Canada I faced a lot of ups and downs which I will share in this report. There are various decisions that I took in my entire life but the hardest decision was whether I continue my studies in Canada or not. I devoted a lot of time to decide about this because this is one of the vital parts of my life so here is my decision-making model describing my situation.

Identifying the Problem

After completing my graduation in Business Administration, I was very confused about my future as I wanted to serve an institution as an accountant but can’t find any job are too many struggles. After four months after my graduation, I got a job at HDFC Bank as a junior credit manager (JCM). After working for 4-5 months there I come to know that there is no scope for growth so I planned to study abroad and that was the turning point in my life. This is a crucial part of my life so I had to be careful before taking this decision. Studying abroad is not easy as there are too many problems faced including homesickness, financial problems, program selection, country selection, etc. I had to take my decision by keeping all these problems in mind.

Gathering Information

I started gathering some information about my plan to study abroad. There are some problems that I need to keep in mind while making my final decision. I research the study abroad requirements online and come to know that there are some requirements that are to be fulfilled to study abroad. These requirements are different for different countries. But there is a requirement for IELTS in every country. Most of my friends suggested I come to Canada as it is a welcoming country. Apart from my friends, my brother is also studying in Canada and he also suggested I come here and gave me some options to select from. To collect more information, I attended some seminars in which college associates met students who are willing to come study abroad. There I heard about Conestoga college, which I find a reputed college among others. The associates told me about the campuses and the study criteria which includes a lot of practical knowledge.

Generating Options

I need to select some alternatives within which I can decide and overcome the problems. There are alternatives with critical categories which includes:

The following table will explain my weightage for my decision criteria:

why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Countries 30%

Analyzing the situation and Selecting the best option

After analyzing my situation and the options available to me I started figuring out the best option. From the above options, I selected to continue my studies in the province of Ontario, Canada. After selecting Ontario I’m a little confused about selecting the college as there are too many good colleges in Ontario. Then I started my research over the internet and started collecting information from my friends (in Canada) who helped me to select Conestoga college over all other colleges due to its good infrastructure and friendly faculty members. At last, I select Global Business Management at Conestoga college as this program is having all of my desired courses which I want to study.

Implementing the Plan

Now as I had selected the correct options, it was time for the implementation. Firstly, I have to prepare for my IELTS as it is the gateway to my dreams. After 20 days of training, I cracked IELTS and entered the race of going to study abroad. I visited some consultancy agencies to process my application for a student visa. I provide them with all my past qualification certificates and apply for the offer letter from Conestoga college. Within 20-25 days my offer letter arrived and I deposited my fees online and get received my payments. Next to it, I opened my GIC account in Scotia Bank and I’m all ready to apply for my visa. Within 22 days my visa gets approved and I did a little shopping and booked my air ticket to Canada. My uncle is living in Brampton city and he came to receive me at the airport. I was living with them for 15 days and the whole family helped me a lot to start my new life here. It was too challenging to find accommodation near my college as there is no one known to me in that area. My cousin helped me to find accommodation in Waterloo city, which I like the most. Finally, I attended my orientation and starts my studies here. It’s almost 3 months since my studies get started and I have almost completed my first semester. I personally liked this experience as this is a peaceful country and people are welcoming.

Evaluating & Learning from Decision

Overall it was an amazing experience as my dreams come true and I’m studying at Conestoga College, Canada. I like this country as it is a multicultural country with the people properly following rules and regulations. Moreover, I like the transportation services (GRT) here and people are so helpful that you never feel homesick. It’s only 3 months since I’m here and I learned so many new things like skating, preparing food, and a lot more which are added to my experience list. I think this was the most important decision in my life and had become a turning point in my life as I’m living a quality life here in Canada. This assignment remembers the struggles I had made during this decision and help me to take good decisions in the future which turns out to be a good thing for me.

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This decision came naturally to me because of my innate inquisitiveness and passion for the subject and I was easily able to narrow down my choice to your prestigious university because of its international reputation for excellence. I reached out to your Student Ambassadors with my queries, and they helped me out immensely as well. My long term goal can be best described by the Winston Churchill quote, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a...

Being an academic cum martial artist, I always endeavor to improve myself in comparison of who I was yesterday. I’ve never lost my enthusiasm for learning new things and exercising the innovation of novelties throughout my life. I have completed B.Sc. (Hons) in Green Technology and have secured the First class with an overall GPA of 3.79 out of 4.00. I was selected in the top five students to participate in the Japan-Asia youth exchange program at Kobe University, Japan....

The most important decision I have made in my life is to study abroad. Studying abroad means I have to leave my home country and my family. It is an important choice for me, because by studying abroad, I challenge myself by going to a completely new place. I have to learn the language and culture of a new land. I will not have chance to see my family and friends in china very often. I realize that I must...

Thousands and thousands of Students all over the World are entering foreign countries to live abroad for a time while studying. Sometimes just for a short period of time but otherwhiles for chapters in one’s life. It’s part of today’s society to experience different cultures and get connected with people all over the planet. Helpful for own social contacts but also later for finding the perfect job and becoming what one has ever dreamed of. But new cultures often imply...

I am currently studying Master of Science in Micro and Nano System in Technical University of Chemnitz. After completing my bachelors in Biomedical engineering, I started my career in healthcare industries, where I came across various diagnostic technologies like Point of Care (POC) Diagnoses for diseases. My work experience has provided me with a deeper realization of the importance of being competent in the Biomedical field. The innovation of scientific equipment made a considerable impact on me while choosing where...

Completing education abroad gives a huge amount of opportunities for the student as well as for the university and a hosting community itself. Even though, it may be the most valuable experience to be a full time student in another country, benefiting in many areas of life: personal and professional – it comes with many problems, challenges and issues which the exchange student is forced to face during his time abroad. Students who decide to spend a part of their...

I am currently enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy(PharmD) program at University of Health and Allied Sciences Ho, Ghana. My educational goal is to acquire a professional doctorate degree in pharmacy which will enable me pursue a career as a pharmacist and pharmacotherapy practitioner. After becoming a pharmacist, I plan to specialize in pharmacotherapy, the use of medicines in the treatment of diseases, conditions, and symptoms. My interest in the pharmacy profession is rooted in my desire to be involved...

In the words of the Dalai Lama, ‘’the prime purpose of us humans in this life is to help other people, and if you cannot help them, at least do not hurt them’. I have always wanted to be a social service provider for as long as far back as I can remember. To say nothing of, I have been, on numerous occasions, tasked with the responsibility of taking care of countless patients. Also, I have been engaging in environmental...

Introduction The world is narrowing down. Nations, previously accustomed to a high degree of disunity, have now become closer than ever, as a result of rapid technological progress, improved infrastructure and ever-expanding communication networks. Due to the enhanced interaction between completely different societies and the rapidly growing orientation to the global market, the acquisition of international experience in cultivating a broad cultural perspective is not only becoming increasingly important in the interests of tolerance and understanding, but also plays an...

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Why you want to study abroad? – Essay Sample

Coming from another country to work in a completely new surrounding and culture is one of the most unique experiences a person can get in a lifetime. The step itself requires strong will and a great human potential because it is a pursuit of one’s dreams. USA is one of those counties where a person can reach incredible heights and where you can gain outstanding knowledge and experience.

Studying Finance and International Business in the US is going to help me acquire more skills and a broader perspective on how international business is done. This country is a crossroad of many businesses and business opportunities. I want to learn it from the inside to be able to bring the knowledge I gain back to my homeland. It is essential to acquire a firsthand experience and be able to communicate with best professionals of the area. Studying abroad allows you to become a part of the culture of the country you choose. It gives you opportunities to go on the field trips, visit big companies, listen to lectures of the heads of the multinational corporations and study with the best professors. USA is a great place for networking and making good contacts that can be beneficial for business ideas in the future.

I truly believe that getting an education abroad will enable me to become a better professional in my homeland. it will allow me to share my knowledge with people, see business from a different view and be able to analyze current situation in my country.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Essay On Why Study Abroad

Being bilingual research paper.

One in five United States residents speaks a foreign language. Try to do the math of this and it gives you roughly sixty-one million people in the United States that speak a foreign language. Being bilingual helps you in many different ways. It helps with your first language. It helps you communicate with others in ways that you were not capable of doing before and helps with your self-confidence. Studying a foreign language has many benefits.

Explain Why I Came To America Essay

For an eight year old girl to fly by herself from Africa to America was a little scary especially when she's traveling by herself for the first time. I remember the day I first enter the USA. I was in the airport looking around waiting for someone to get me , while I was looking around I saw strange things i never seen before . I was alone at that moment seeing other people interact with each other. At that moment I looked up and saw the sign USA and realized I was in America. I was a little scared , thinking to myself , am I really in america. I have never been away from my country, Sierra Leone. I was born in sierra leone, I grew up with people who speak the same language as me and had the same skin color as me. The reason why I came to the USA and left everything behind was because my parents wanted me to live a better life, have more chances in my education and have more opportunities . It was pretty hard living everything I was used to behind.

Gilman Scholarship

There is an old Moorish proverb that reads, “He who does not travel, does not know the value of man.” That quote resonates deep within me because I have a yearning to use my education to empower those in need. In order to do so, I need to see and experience the world outside of the one I am accustomed to. Curiosity is one of the traits that define the person that I am; because of this trait I always ask questions about the world around me and the people I meet. This is one of the driving forces behind my desire to venture outside of the United States to learn a new language and culture. As a recipient of the Gilman Scholarship, I aim to study the French language in Paris, France through the four-week Intensive French program offered by Florida

Essay On Why I Want To Attend College

Why do I want to attend college? College is an honorary achievement and it separates the determined from the undetermined. Owning a college to degree is an honor and an ecstatic feeling. Through college, that job is that much closer in the grasp. Through college, a person can perform at an elite level and really push themselves for greatness. I wish to attend college to further enhance my education, to be a first generation college student, and to become a better version of myself.

Narrative Essay About Moving Abroad

Moving is always hard. It is harder if you are moving from your birthplace to a culturally different country after spending most of your teenage years. I moved from Bangladesh to New York about a year and a half ago and let me tell you, it was not easy. I had to leave the place I grew up in, my friends and relatives and start a new life here in America. Probably the only good part was that at least I was with my family throughout this hardship. I believe it was one of the most important events that have made me a lot more mature and responsible. Since English is not my first language, it was hard for me to cope with the American education system. I even had to teach myself how to have a conversation with people in English. I think myself as a risk taker which is why I took IB English to challenge myself and get better at my knowledge

Essay About Children Learning A Second Language

The children learning a second language for develop skills that will help create opportunities in the future and ability to communicate with others in different situations. It will most certainly In addition to the language skills of children with learning a second language, and learning the cultural differences helps. Includes a variety of educational and career opportunities as well. However, children learning a second language in the early teens It can learn faster and learn the lesson faster also. But it does not mean if passed, then a teenager. The ability to develop foreign language become reduces. Besides the age factor Experience and school environment as well as the teaching. They play an important role in the development of language skills. So the bilingual is necessary: using

Doing Business In A Foreign Country

Moving to foreign country weather it’s to study, work or to do business, it’s totally a change of environment and life. Doing business in a foreign country can be a dream of anyone. Moving abroad for doing business is not ones one day thought. It has been plan for years and lot of savings to overcome foreign barriers. Normally even it’s a dream to do business in abroad a person doesn’t move directly without analyzing the country environment situations or what are the pros and cons for doing business in a foreign country. By looking for pros and cons in moving abroad gives a clear idea what it can be or weather company has to proceed with plan or not. Reference

Why Do Students Should Learn Foreign Language Essay

Main point: student should learn foreign language because it helps us to enhance our communication skills.

Benefits Of Learning A Second Language Essay

Learning a second language has many lifelong beneficial other than just understanding the language itself, mainly if learned at a young age. Learning a second language can be done more efficiently as a young kid, and can open up many doors for later in life while being mentally advanced. When it comes to learning a second language, the younger you start the easier you will begin to learn your second language. Younger brains learn much easier than older brains because the brain is designed for language learning to take place between birth and adolescence (the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult). The brain is much more accepting

Why I Chose College Essay

A college education is very important for me to obtain the career I want. College will provide me the knowledge and practice I need to be successful. Going to college will help me get accustomed to the pressure of the real world and will give me the opportunity to become independent.

Language Acquisition Literature Review

From the literature review, it was established that there were several factors affecting language learning and acquisition. More specifically, it was revealed that factors such as exposure at an early age, motivation, attitudes, incentives and educational system can influence language acquisition. However, most of the research were conducted in the west and were focused on students as subjects to the study and foreigners working in the country where they need to learn the language to lengthen their range of employment opportunity.

Learning Foreign Language Essay

“You can’t see other people’s point of view when you have only one language,” declared psycholinguist, Frank Smith. Just as it is mentioned in this quote, foreign language is important; therefore, people should learn a foreign language at an early age. When learning a foreign language at an early age, it helps people to concentrate and increase comprehension skills. Also, at a young age, the mind is fresh, so the person can take in more information and can easily master a foreign language. In addition, most secondary schools, universities, and jobs require a foreign language to be known. People should learn a foreign language at an early age, because it helps young learner’s learning skills, makes it easier to perfect/acquire a new language, and helps to prepare for schools.

Importance Of Learning Foreign Language Essay

It is encouraged for students to learn foreign languages as it has numerous benefits. Most countries have introduced foreign language starting from the early age. Today, the high school graduates are required to study foreign language in schools as it becomes a requirement for them to graduate from certain college with minimum of two years of learning foreign languages. Hence, the students are encouraged to learn on other language. Basically, foreign language is a native to another country and it is also a language which is not spoken in the native country of the person referred to. For example, Arabic language is a foreign language for the Malaysian. Even though it is quite tough for the beginners to master the foreign language, it is really

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a growing opportunity that many people around the world of all different ages take. In 2012, over 760 thousand international students studied abroad in the United States alone. The positive reasons for studying abroad are numerous, but there are also negative ones too. Studying abroad brings with itself a lot of preparation and responsibility. Also many people see acculturating oneself and making new friends in a new place can be challenging. In the following I will talk about why one might want to study abroad. Challenges involved with living abroad.

Studying Abroad Is Better Than Studying In Kuwait Essay

No one can deny that studying abroad is extraordinarily useful for students. Studying abroad helps students to achieve a higher level of education in plenty of fields that might not be available in their country. It also helps them to learn a plethora of material and gain experience in their life. Further, students who study abroad think the experience is beneficial for their career path and success in the future [e.g., Dwyer, 2008; Orahood, Kruze, & Pearson, 2008]. They also become more responsible. However, there are various student prefer to study in Kuwait by reason of it is their country and they don’t aspire to leave their families and travel to study abroad. Also, employers report that they believe students who study abroad have strong interpersonal skills, a significant qualification for a potential job candidate [Doorbar, 2003]. Therefore, experience, knowledge and responsibility are three logical reasons why studying abroad is higher quality than studying in Kuwait.

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Essays on Studying Abroad

The benefits and drawbacks of studying abroad.

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The Positive Effects of Studying Abroad for Students

Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, the personal benefits of studying abroad, the effects and benefits of studying abroad, culture shock experienced by international students, discussion of the advantages of studying abroad, the challenges of studying abroad as an international student, world education systems: why do you want to study in usa, studying abroad: my decision to study in america, the challenges to face while studying abroad, the advantages of studying abroad, studying abroad: advantages of studying in the usa, studying abroad: its history and aspects, studying abroad: my learning and working experience in england, advantages of studying in a university abroad, a journal on diversity and stereotype in society, lasting impact of study abroad experiences, an unforgettable experience of studying abroad in spain, how depression effects the international students, mistakes made and lessons learned, my personal experience of studying abroad, my life in different nations around the globe, different types of university roommates, international students face greater challenges throughout their study in malaysia, culture shock: stages explained and how to alleviate it, kent state: my internship and studying abroad, from studying abroad to immigration - chinese students who came to singapore, study plan: the path for career development, feeling stressed about your essay.

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why do i want to study abroad essay sample

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Reasons to Study Overseas

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There are many reasons to study abroad. Impressiveness in teachers is the first of my motivations. Secondly, study abroad would enhance my learning in higher education in terms of their cutting edge technology and learning environment. The last reason is to gain life experiences by living in different city, different speaking language and different people.

First of my motivations for PhD study abroad is from my teachers. I took their classes when I studied undergraduate school in Khon Kaen University. They look so smart and confident.

They shared me their PhD study experience and told me how good it gives after graduated PhD. Although they studied hard, it is worth doing. Also, my advisor in graduated school taught me not only new exited field of study, but also forwarded his research experiences to me. These inspire me to further my study in foreign country to improve my research experiences and pass on to my students.

Secondly, studying abroad would enhance my learning opportunities.

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Developed countries preserve more knowledge and technology, and contribute more applications, and problem solutions than underdeveloped and developing countries. For my field (application problem in industry) study in a developed country could provide me chances to solve world class problems in my interested study field.

Lastly, gaining life experiences is also another important issue to go study aboard. Living in different country, different language speaking and foreigner people around will challenge me to improve myself. I have got a lot of experiences in US when I were there doing a part time job for three months.

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I have learned to work with foreign people, learned their culture, learned how to make foreigner friends under different culture and learned how to live without family. Using English in daily life was also the greatest experience that I could not get in Thailand. In summary, studying overseas will provide me chances to gain experiences in terms of academic and life. Once I graduate, I will have required ability to support my work in engineering programme at Nakhon Phanom University, and pass on my knowledge to my students. These are main reasons why I would like to study abroad in PhD study.

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"Reasons to Study Overseas." StudyMoose, Mar 22, 2016. Accessed March 6, 2023.

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StudyMoose. (2016). Reasons to Study Overseas . [Online]. Available at: [Accessed: 6-Mar-2023]

Reasons to Study Overseas

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Why I Want To Study Abroad Essay

why do i want to study abroad essay sample

Show More I am a Tongan descendant born in American Samoa speaking both Tongan and Samoan. I come from a low-income family and I am a first generation college student. Having the opportunity to continue my education is vital for me to be an example and a role model for my family to follow. I am the second of six siblings and the first to seek a higher education. My family is my number one motivator and even though they cannot afford to pay for my education, their love and support is enough to push me to be successful in life. I was a sophomore in high school when my family moved to Alaska in 2009. Shortly after I graduated from high school I was admitted into the undergraduate Accounting program at the University of Alaska Anchorage in fall 2011. Since …show more content… It will open my views to different learning techniques that I can apply in my schooling. It will be beneficial to discover a new career path that may lead to taking my career to an international level. This study abroad will increase my employment opportunities, graduate school opportunities, and will also build and enhance my professional networking skills. My study abroad will impact my academic and future professional goals in such positive ways that will allow me to gain cultural competence skills and how to handle diversity in the workplace. I can give back more to the community which in turn also helps me with my career opportunities in business, accounting, and internationally. The Gilman scholarship will assist me greatly in reaching my goals abroad. I know that receiving the Gilman Scholarship will alleviate my concerns about paying for my expenses to study abroad. This aid will bless me and I will know that I have supporters who can make this learning abroad experience possible and affordable. I hope to someday be in a position to assist others by educating them about international education and studying abroad and the benefits it can

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Organization and time management are skills that I am slowly developing, to be able to attend all my personal goals, but thanks as well to the supportive environment that I found in Reynolds I am successfully walking the steps of my plan. Applying and obtaining a scholarship would facilitate transferring process to other colleges. I believe that in order to obtain a scholarship you have to show an ambitious attitude. First, having excellent grades and second being proactive in the college community. I intend to pursue those two objectives while I am at Reynolds.…

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Explore Career Opportunities

Classes that will both increase my knowledge of technology as well as enhance my skills in business and speech are integral, because they will help me strengthen my knowledge for technology as well as aid me in conveying my message and myself to company executives. In order to strengthen my grasp of the mobile realm I must take courses such as computer science and introduce myself to programming. To work on my skills as a business related speaker I must also take classes related to business management, micro/macroeconomics, and speech. Other than high school courses, I feel that there should be more of an emphasis on extra-curricular activities. In the spring I plan to enroll myself into Silicon Valley’s Code Day and have already enrolled myself in the high school club DECA in which I learn more about business proposals and hypothetical problems businesses can face.…

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Reflection Paper This semester I learned about several resources and information about me that has helped me choose my major and that will benefit me in the future. My interest in technology has allowed me to consider taking classes in computer science and MIS. My interest in creating Excel documents has allowed me to organize my school work and spending habits, which allows me to spend more time focusing on other things. These interests are important to me because they help make my life easier. Technology is also a part of the future that will continue to evolve in the hopes of making life easier for people all around the world.…

Why Study Abroad

For myself, they are specific to my goals and the things I love being around and learning about. This includes becoming more culturally competent for myself and my career. I am also hoping to study abroad because of the good things I have learned about the program and going abroad in general. Being young means I should be taking advantage of the opportunities I have and experiencing the world. I intend to study abroad because of the people who have pushed the idea into my head and for that I will be forever grateful.…

Art Club Benefits

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Why Is College Important

There are a great many advantages to going to college that goes far beyond the additional education that one may receive. For example, in college, lifelong friends are formed, and without attending college, these friendships would never have been developed. Furthermore, meeting fellow students or professors gives students the chance to learn important life lessons from them. In addition, an individual can make valuable connections during his/her college journey. Also, meeting people from different cultures can improve a student’s awareness to the surrounding world and helps one to become culturally diversified.…

My Academic Problems

I will study group and everyone will also get involved with the right to speak their opinions and help each other learn as well. I really want to study in PCC because I strongly believed if I have chance to attend PCC I could develop my potential. Studying in PCC might help me to know more about life, as much as learning some more new experiences. A decent learning environment as PCC has always been my dream. PCC will help me confidently communicate with people, and also help me to get more chances by making some new friends in other countries.…

Leadership Application Essay Examples

I hope to continue to grow and develop these leadership qualities in the McCombs School of Business. Along the way, I would like to actively participate in improving the lives of those around me and help make this world a better place to live in the process. Every ounce of education I receive will be put to use in achieving goals for greater purposes, and each purpose will be sought after with the same grit and determination that has allowed me to find some measure of success on many levels in my life to this…

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Why Do You Want to Study Abroad, Essay Example

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Why Do You Want to Study Abroad, Essay Example

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My past experiences have provided me a fascinating perspective on American and foreign business and international relations.  I grew up originally in Cuba, and have been in the United States for the past seven years.  For a short period of time, there was quite a culture shock as I adjusted to my new life here in the United States.  My family continues to live in Cuba while I have worked full-time and attended classes in the United States full-time since arriving in this country.  Since making the move, I have developed a strong appreciation for the different global cultures that work together in an international marketplace.  I have decided to hold a double major in Finance and International Business, because it is very interesting to learn how companies in our economies perform their tasks and to catch a glimpse of an even different perspective in foreign finance and international business.

One of the best opportunities for me to learn more about foreign affairs and international finance practices is through the study abroad trip to Dubai in the Middle East.  This Middle Eastern city is located on the Arabian Gulf and is one of the best places for business development and tourism in this region.  Similar to my homeland in Cuba, Dubai is full of both modern practices and cultural traditions that keep the city advancing while holding on to a piece of its strong history.

Most of my knowledge from international business and finance has come from my coursework that I have already taken, as well as what I can remember from my childhood in Cuba.  This study abroad trip will give me a wonderful opportunity to learn about a completely different culture with geographical, religious and cultural business practices that are much different than the United States and Cuba.  This literally is a chance of a lifetime for me to be able to witness, first hand, an exciting city that is so rich in culture and has a strong business economy in the middle of a chaotic region like the Middle East.  Without a doubt, I will be able to learn so much more from actually being in Dubai than to research the culture or its businesses on the internet and attempting to visualize how things work there.

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