what to write an exemplification essay on

How to Write an Exemplification Essay with a Quick Guide

what to write an exemplification essay on

How to Write An Exemplification Essay: 10 Steps

Even though exemplification essays are not the most common assignments in high school or college, knowing how to write an exemplification essay will ease your task when faced with it for the first time. And since you're reading this article right now, we guess the time has come for you to ace your paper! Not only will you find the tips and tricks for the writing process, but you may also enjoy the specific examples of exemplification essay and browse through a myriad of topic ideas. So, without further ado, let's delve right into the article prepared by our essay writer service !

Come Up with an Exemplification Essay Topic

Finding a worthwhile topic is already half the battle. Ideally, your exemplification essay topic should be fresh, precise, useful, and different. Readers are drawn to these subjects because they believe your writing will include clean, uncommon, or present-day knowledge.

Additionally, your topic shouldn't be too specific or general. Narrow topics for exemplification essay won't make it easy to identify useful instances, while broad topics are too generic to be fascinating.

Research Your Exemplification Essay Topic Thoroughly

The key here is research! You should obtain pertinent examples regarding your topic from reliable sources. Visit libraries, study papers, and talk with your lecturer about some good exemplification essay topics. Ensure that a wide range of pertinent sources is included in your study. If it isn't, reconsider your choice; examine if there are adequate resources available to assist you in producing your essay. A great place to start is Google Scholar, which helps locate previously published articles by professors and graduate students.

And if the above sounds too daunting and you secretly wish 'If only I could pay someone to write my research paper ,' consider your wish come true with our expert writers!

Create an Exemplification Essay Outline 

The quality of your article writing will ultimately be determined by the brainstorming and plan you produce before you begin writing your paragraphs. The information you need to support the main point you want to make in your essay must be included in your exemplification essay outline. Additionally, with the help of an outline, all the raw information is organized into a structured form giving your exemplification essay ideas direction, shape, and meaning.

Write an Exemplification Essay Introduction

The first paragraph of most exemplification essays introduces the idea or proposition that examples will support. Your introduction will usually give the reader the information they need to understand the body paragraphs. Here are a few alternatives:

The conclusion of the introduction usually includes a thesis statement that clarifies the key point you will be proving and how you will do it. The primary point is typically a conviction or an assertion that you can back up with relevant examples from your own experiences.

Write the Exemplification Essay Body Paragraphs

The paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion are known as the body paragraphs. Depending on the length of the essay and the guidelines your instructor has given you, your exemplification essay will either include one or several paragraphs. Regardless of how much you want to write more to finish your essay, it adheres to the guidelines. The facts or concepts you offered in the opening section should be further developed throughout the body paragraphs.

Support your argument with examples in the body. There are several methods for doing this.

Employ Various Examples in Your Exemplification Essay

There is no overarching guideline that can be used to choose whether to illustrate the thesis with a single lengthy example or multiple shorter ones. For instance, brief examples are useful because, when combined, they provide enough support for the thesis by addressing various potential outcomes. On the other hand, extended examples, which include more information, may bring distinctiveness and attraction that brief ones do not.

However, mixing small and extended examples is the most typical way to create an exemplification essay. It is preferable to have a few strong examples rather than many poor ones. Be careful you pick the best illustrations and properly connect them.

Use Supporting Evidence in Your Exemplification Essay

A solid exemplification essay example usually includes supporting facts. You'll frequently be required to write about things you have seen or observed. You might have to utilize personal pronouns when the assignment requires you to use personal experiences. Don’t forget that your descriptions should be vivid enough for readers to have a clear mental picture of what transpired.

Use a lot of adjectives, action verbs, and exact nouns to describe an event. By doing so you help readers to correctly interpret how each scenario happened. After describing what occurred in each body paragraph, explain why the event exemplifies the core concept or opinion.

Address Counter-arguments in Your Exemplification Essay

In almost every case, there are competing positions to each argument or opinion. Remember that you must do more than merely identify an alternative viewpoint. You should also respond to opposing views when drafting your counter-argument piece.

So, determine the counter argument in your paragraph and address it by outlining how it is insufficient, fragile invalid, or irrational. Offer instances or facts to demonstrate why the opposing argument is flawed or explain why it is irrational; Finally, state your own argument and why it is stronger than the examined counter-argument.

Write an Exemplification Essay Conclusion

Most exemplification essays close with a concluding paragraph summarizing all the examples and expanding on the main theme. You might also outline the instances that demonstrate your primary point is correct. Addressing these sorts of questions is another method to conclude an exemplification.

These are only a few possibilities. Typically, an exemplification essay starts with broad information, examines particular circumstances in depth, and then returns to the fundamental idea or conviction.

Proofread and Edit Your Exemplification Essay

Make sure your writing is error-free by proofreading it. To ensure that what you write makes sense to you and your audience, you must take the time to examine, edit, and revise your essay. Your score will likely suffer if your essay contains grammatical issues.

If you are not satisfied with your work after proofreading or editing your essay and still need to understand how to use punctuation marks , consider hiring our professional editor to ensure your paper is free from mistakes.

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FAQs on an Exemplification Essay

We have yet to calm your curiosity by addressing the most frequently asked questions in an exemplification essay. Gain more insight by reading through the information below:

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

If you're still unsure and still asking, 'What is an exemplification essay?' imagine the following scenario. Let's say you need to call the police to report that someone is speeding down your street. Then you must be prepared to provide a few instances to be persuasive. The art of illustrating or exemplifying facts is known as exemplification.

Exemplification essay definition highlights a central idea or concept through particular, real-world instances. An illustration describes a scenario or event the author witnessed or experienced. Exemplification essays often offer a few instances that demonstrate an accurate key point.

What are Good Exemplification Essay Topics?

Here are exemplification essay topics for college students prepared by our custom dissertation writing service that will help you to get started:

What is an Exemplification Essay Grading Criteria?

The student's willingness to study the subject and create strong supporting arguments with illustrations and properly blend everything smoothly in the essay are essential criteria frequently used to evaluate writing. These criteria must be understood by students for them to know how each work is assessed. The following points serve as a basis for what one should remember to receive a high grade.

Thesis - Is it accurate and lucid? Does it tie together all the issues covered in the essay's body paragraphs? Is there an introduction, and is it written in the context of the subject?

Quality of Examples - Are all of the examples in the paper reliable? Does the author clearly and successfully explain the principles they give the reader through examples?

Quantity of Examples - Are all employed examples enough and adequate in the context of the claim?

Logical Organization - Are examples, viewpoints, paragraphs, and ideas organized logically?

Transitions - Is each transition between the enclosed sections used effectively to guide readers between themes, examples, and ideas?

Attention to Detail - Does the essay provide enough specifics? Are the examples sufficient enough to be helpful? Does the writer's argument fairly represent their position in the debate?

Mechanics - Are there any grammatical or spelling mistakes? Is the essay organized properly?

Usage of Words - Does the author utilize language effectively to convince readers? Does the writer's language usage reflect their sophistication?

Exemplification Essay Examples

It is a good idea to go over a few samples to acquire a sense of how to write before starting the writing process. Feel free to use the following exemplification essay examples, written by one of our skilled writers, to help you streamline the writing process. And if you'd rather have your own unique paper, order essay on our platform and get a customized piece!

The great Mahatma Gandhi once stated that a man becomes what he believes himself to be. By continually declaring that a particular task is hard to undertake, the possibility of that becoming a reality is very high. Contrarily, if the same individual believes that the task is easy and within their scope, then they will acquire the capability of undertaking it even though they may be pessimistic about it in the beginning. What Mahatma Gandhi was emphasizing on is that thinking more positively or being optimistic leads to a healthier and happy life. Optimism is derived from the Latin word ‘optimus’ meaning best.
The benefits of online education cannot be underestimated. Defined as the type of education delivered to students through the internet to their home computers (Means et al. 6), online education is currently widely used in the United States’ higher learning institutions. However, it seems that some academics and learning institutions are still skeptical about the effectiveness of this form of education on the various indicators of education such as academic performance, student participation, and post-graduation success. Numerous studies examining the impact of online education on the above aspects have been conducted but for various disciplines and subjects.

Final Thoughts

Most people would agree that an argumentative essay is the simplest and best way to support a point of view. However, examples—as demonstrated in exemplification essays—are the most understandable and effective means to convey ideas.

Furthermore, writing an essay using a poem analysis example or any other allows students to develop their skills of using logical cases in academics. And if you decide to pay for essays , just leave your request, and our writers will do the essay in the shortest possible time!

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Family Essay: How to Write, Topics and Examples

How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

14 August, 2020

10 minutes read

Author:  Elizabeth Brown

Does your professor find it challenging to believe in your persuasion? Turn their world upside down with an awe-inspiring exemplification essay. Once upon a time, when essays suffered from evidence scarcity and it seemed like the consequences of this misfortune were detrimental, exemplification essays emerged. This event was true salvation for all writers and readers. Now, there are plenty of examples you can use to prove your essay point, and we're here to share some of them with you.

Exemplification Essay

What is an exemplification essay

Let’s first embark on the vital by clarifying the exemplification essay definition. This type of paper belongs to the category of an argumentative essay in which examples are used to prove a certain idea or point. In other words, it’s a simple argumentative paper, only with more details and a more convincing tone. So if your teacher has given you such an assignment, get ready to arm yourself with facts. These are a pillar of a sound argumentative essay which enhances the credibility of your statements and proves readers that they are true.

Exemplification Essay

What does exemplify mean?

Exemplify, as you’ve probably guessed, stands for illustrating or clarifying statements with reliable examples. For instance, you want to prove the idea that climate change is real, or that sugar is not the direct cause of diabetes. For maximum persuasion of skeptics, just stating that global warming is bad for our environment is not enough. The same goes to the ghost proof which says that sugar has little to do with a genetic disorder. Without facts, such claims have zero importance since they display only your opinion, not the evidence of acclaimed doctors or ecologists.

Exemplification essay outline

The process of creating an essay outline is crucial for any exemplification essay. It serves as a kind of template that gives your paper clarity. At this point, your essay will be a half-baked version of a completed paper, but an outline is an effective mean of structuring it. This way, it’ll be much easier to conduct further research on the given topic and fill in the blanks.

Exemplification Essay Outline

So what does the outline consist of? It basically implies jotting down single or several sentences for each of the examples you’ll use in your exemplification essay. Schematically, the outline looks like this:

A word of warning: before proceeding to the outline, make sure that your topic is relevant for this type of essay. That is, the topic should be neither too broad nor narrow. For example, if your teacher gave you the freedom to write an exemplification essay about the writing path of a specific writer, don’t opt for an author who has written only one book or a couple of short stories. Yes, this might be your favorite writer , and you’ll long to reveal some astonishing facts about their life. But in terms of career, you’ll sooner or later realize that there’s nothing much to write about. Therefore, you should consider a different writer with a bigger collection of legacy so that you could gather facts and provide examples of their works.    

Exemplification essay thesis

Like any other piece of writing, exemplification essay is meant to have a thesis. It can be defined as an assertion of your attitude to the issue you address. Thesis consists typically of 1 or 2 sentences and includes such information as the essay subject and your personal view of the issue. This primary statement should also function as a clarifying moment for readers, aimed at showing the importance of your essay and transparently explaining the theme.

Many students wonder where to place their thesis statement in the text. There is only one rule here that you should remember: thesis is included not in the middle of the paper and not in conclusion. Its place is in the introduction part only. If the paper is lengthy, the thesis can be located in the second paragraph. But if it’s a short one, include your thesis in the opening sentence. Why is the right placement of the thesis so important, you may ask? Because it helps readers to dive into the topic and understand your standpoint instantaneously. Also, the thesis of your exemplification essay should be clear, i.e., deprived of vague expressions and words that need deciphering. Rest fixated on a particular idea and develop it throughout your paper, and make sure that each unknown word or phrase should be well explained for readers so that they could follow the content easily.     

Problems with writing Your Exemplification Essay? Try our Essay Writer Service!

How to write an exemplification essay?

The question of how to start an essay is indeed a challenging one. There are several basic and universal processes involved in exemplification essay writing which you can easily use as a guide for your paper. First things first, you should think of a topic. Often, teachers assign specific topics to their students. Likewise, students can decide on the topic themselves. In the latter case, try to come up with a topic which can be easily proved with facts, numbers, examples and other types of evidence.

The next step of exemplification in writing is a little easier if you have an outline. At this stage, you need to provide specific examples that’ll develop your thesis. You can look at the examples highlighted in your outline before writing and take them as evidence to elaborate your essay. Once the examples are well defined and articulated, you can establish the main idea of your exemplary essay. In sum, these three parts constitute the first paragraph of your essay. They encapsulate the main idea of a paper and help readers easily grasp it.

Write an Exemplification Essay

Then comes the process of writing. Here, the main task is to use all of the earlier decided examples and form a body of your exemplification paper. As mentioned earlier, you ought to use several pieces of evidence and divide them logically into paragraphs so that each example belongs to a separate text block. Also, you should adhere to the thesis while writing the body part and by no means depart from the main topic. So, for example, if you write about why the literary style of Dan Brown is a good example of the historical writing method, don’t slide in the wrong direction by retelling his book plot. Instead, underpin your claims with examples directly from the book.

Finally, take stock. Write a relevant finishing remark in which restate your thesis statement. Remember: new information in the closing paragraph will be just superfluous, so think twice before implementing this way to impress readers at the end of your essay. Instead, a good conclusion will wrap up the points and examples you’ve already stated in the body paragraphs and let readers get the main exemplification essay ideas.

Exemplification essay topics list

Now that you know what exemplification essay is and how to write it let’s take into account some good exemplification essay topics. These will make it easier for you to come up with a great idea for your paper theme.

Overall, exemplification essay is a specific type of essay that combines the elements of argumentative and research paper. The main aspect to make such work authoritative and interesting for readers is examples. This kind of evidence is the main tool which helps to organize the essay, prove the main point, and provide straightforward illustrations for building maximum credibility. Hopefully, our advice will assist you in writing a brilliant exemplification essay which your professor will grade with an A+.

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Exemplification Essay

Barbara P

Exemplification Essay - A Complete Guide With Samples

11 min read

Published on: Aug 5, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 25, 2023

Exemplification Essay

On This Page On This Page

Writing an exemplification essay may sound like a challenging task. But, it is not that difficult if you know the basic essay writing principles. It is not the most common type of essay assignment you may receive. So, when facing it for the first time, you may get confused.

If you have to write a good exemplification essay for your academic assignment, get help from this guide. Continue reading the blog to learn how to write an exemplification essay correctly.

Exemplification Essay Definition

An exemplification essay is a form of an argumentative essay. In this essay, specific examples are provided to prove the point of the writer. When writing an exemplification essay, giving just a description of the topic is not enough. It is an important academic assignment that supports the essay’s main argument by using reasons supported by relevant examples.

The examples will help you define, elaborate, and prove your point of view. Although it is similar to the argumentative essay, you will have to prove the selected topic by including detailed examples. These include statistics, facts, and other related material from reliable sources.

Without supporting your arguments with facts, writing this essay is not possible. Writing an exemplification essay will help you learn how to provide examples to prove your stance. This will help you in other academic writings as well.

For this purpose, it is essential to know how an exemplification essay can be written. Continue reading and you will learn about the writing process in more detail!

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Exemplification Essay Outline

When writing an exemplification essay, follow the traditional essay structure of an introduction, multiple body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The following is a standard layout that can be used as a template.

1. Introduction

3. Conclusion

How to Write an Exemplification Essay? 8 Simple Steps!

Thinking about how to start an exemplification essay? The writing process of an exemplification essay is based on a few pre-writing steps. You can write a winning exemplification essay by following these writing steps.

1. Choosing a Topic

Picking a good theme plays an important role in the overall success of the essay. Give time, and make sure to choose a topic that is unique and specific. Your topic should not be too broad or narrow. Broad topics are way too general, and it will be difficult for you to find good examples in narrow topics.

2. Brainstorming Ideas

Once you have chosen a topic for your exemplification essay, it is time to brainstorm ideas. Think of ideas and points that best support your theme. Think of angles in which you want your topic to be described in the content. List down all your thoughts and ideas.

It is in this brainstorming process that you will decide on the main stance for your essay. Your main stance will be the thesis statement on which your entire exemplification essay will be based.

3. Choosing Appropriate Examples

Now that you have written down the ideas to write the content for your essay, conduct research. You need to find strong supporting information. Research the topic well to find out relevant material to back up the main argument of the essay.

The more time spent on research, the more examples you will have to prove your exemplification essay thesis. Make sure to use information from credible sources such as journals, reputable newspapers, books, etc.

4. Creating an Exemplification Outline

When you start writing an essay, it is better to start with creating an exemplification essay outline. Before heading towards the actual writing process, it is better to understand what to add to your paper clearly.

It is due to the outline that your content takes structure and meaning. An outline helps organize all the raw data into an understandable text. An outline is formed, dividing the information into different sections.

According to the 5 paragraph format, your essay should have the following sections:

Once you have an essay outline in hand, move on to the writing process.

Exemplification Essay Outline Template

5. Write the Introduction of the Essay

After creating a rough outline, it is time to get started on the writing process. The introduction is the first section of an exemplification essay. In this part, the topic is introduced to the readers to give them an idea about the whole essay.

The introductory paragraph is started with an opening statement that is known as a hook. It is a line or a sentence used to grab the reader’s attention to the essay. A hook can take any form, such as a quote, funny statement, fact, statistics, or an anecdote depending on the topic.

After the hook statement, a brief explanation about the theme of the essay is provided that is explored in the content. Moreover, the reasons for choosing the theme are also stated. The introduction section is the most important part of the essay as it initiates the discussion on the topic.

In this chapter, the writer also explains the type of readers that can benefit from that specific essay. At the end of the introductory paragraph, the writer presents his stance on the topic in the form of a thesis statement.

Write an introduction with a strong and arguable  thesis statement . Make sure that the evidence provided for it is strong enough to persuade the audience.

6. Write the Body Paragraphs

This section will have to elaborate on the information you have hinted at in the first paragraph.

According to the basic 5 paragraph essay format, three paragraphs are included in the body section. Each paragraph discusses a certain point or evidence supporting the thesis statement. Every paragraph in this section starts with a topic sentence. It is the point that will be discussed in the rest of the paragraph.

The explanation of the point is given after the topic sentence. There is a good example that supports what was said in the body of the essay. To maintain harmony in the body, each paragraph is connected using exemplification essay transition words. These  transition words  provide a smooth flow within the content.

7. Conclude the Essay

The conclusion is the last chapter of an exemplification essay. This section gives a closer look into the whole discussion held in the body paragraphs. In the concluding paragraphs, the writer sums up the discussion by summarizing the essay’s focused points.

Write a conclusion by restating your thesis statement and reminding the readers what the essay is all about. It is done by briefly referring the audience back to the main argument. Make sure the ending gives a sense of completeness to the readers.

8. Proofread and Edit Your Final Draft

Once you are done with the writing process, don’t forget to edit and proofread your text. This way you’ll be able to find the paper’s weak sections. The right approach is to read out the text aloud and find out grammar and spelling mistakes.

Go through your essay several times until it meets the assignment requirements and is free from any kind of language mistakes.

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Exemplification Essay Topics

Choosing the right topic for your essay is the most crucial step. It is the topic that helps get the reader’s attention and lets the writer gather strong content. If your essay topic is not attractive, you will lose your readership for sure.

Check out these  exemplification essay topics  and choose the right option to write your paper and impress your audience.

Social Exemplification Essay Topics

Educational Exemplification Essay Topics

Cultural Exemplification Essay Topics

Political Exemplification Essay Topics

Technology Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification Essay Examples

Before starting the writing process, it is good to check out some sample exemplification essays. This will help you understand how a professionally written essay looks clearly. Don’t hesitate, to have a look at this example from the expert writers of  MyPerfectWords.com to simplify the writing process.

Exemplification Essay Sample

Exemplification Essay on Obesity

Exemplification Essay Grading Criteria

To answer the question of how to write an exemplification essay, you need to understand how it is graded. Your essay will be judged on how well you research the topic and give examples. You also need to make sure that everything flows together well.

To get a high grade, students must understand these evaluation criteria. The points below show what is important to keep in mind.

The relevance and clarity of an essay is important. The essay's content must be unified and it should be written within the context of the subject matter. An introductory paragraph is also necessary.

Do the examples used in the paper support the concepts that are being presented? Are the examples effectively used to help explain and clarify the concepts for readers? Do all examples in the context of the claim support it?


The transitions between paragraphs should be effective in driving readers between topics, examples, and ideas.

Are the details in the essay enough? Are the examples sufficient to be useful? Is the writer's argument accurately portraying their side of the discussion?

Keep this grading criterion in mind or treat it as a checklist when writing your exemplification essay.

Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

As stated earlier, writing an exemplification essay can be challenging if you are unaware of the basics. To make the process of writing easier, expert essay writers have gathered some simple tips.

Follow these tips to make your exemplification essay stand out.

Are you still facing trouble in writing an exemplification essay for your academics? Get help from professionals online.

MyPerfectWords.com  is an  essay writing service  that provides quality services. Expert essay writers provide all sorts of assistance to the students in their academic assignments.

Get help from the  best essay writers  today by simply placing an  order  at the most reasonable price with absolutely 0% plagiarism.

Barbara P (Literature, Marketing)

Dr. Barbara is a highly experienced writer and author who holds a Ph.D. degree in public health from an Ivy League school. She has worked in the medical field for many years, conducting extensive research on various health topics. Her writing has been featured in several top-tier publications.

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Exemplification Essay

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Exemplification Essay

Caleb S.

Exemplification Essay: Step-by-Step Guide With Samples

Published on: Dec 21, 2021

Last updated on: Jan 3, 2023

exemplification essay

On This Page On This Page

Trying to prove your point is never easy, but if you use the exemplification essay, you’d surely do it. But before we get started on this, let's take a step back and talk about an exemplification essay. And how to write a perfect one for your assignment.

Are you in need of some help with your exemplification essay? This blog will serve as the ultimate guide for anyone who needs help with this type of essay, along with useful tips and samples. We hope this helps you complete your college essay assignment! Let’s get this started.

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Exemplification Essay Definition

An exemplification essay is a form of argumentative essay that complements the writer's argument by using reasons supported with relevant examples. When writing an exemplification essay, the writer relies on specific examples to prove their point.

The examples you provide will help your readers better define and understand the point of view presented. Examples include facts, statistics, or other related material from credible sources. It can be especially useful in the case when the audience might not fully agree with you.

It can seem daunting to come up with enough good points, but there will be plenty of ideas for some great topics once you start brainstorming.

Continue reading to learn about the entire exemplification essay academic writing procedure.

How to Start an Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay's writing process is built on a few pre-writing steps. By following these writing steps, you may create a great exemplification essay.

Choose a Topic

Choosing a suitable subject is critical to the overall effectiveness of the essay. Allow time, and select a topic that is distinct and particular. Your topic should not be too broad or too specific because finding appropriate instances for broad topics is tough.

Brainstorm Ideas

After you've decided on a topic for your exemplification essay, it's time to start brainstorming ideas. Consider the aspects and concepts that will best complement your topic. Consider how you want your topic to be described in the material. Make a list of all your ideas and thoughts.

You will settle on your principal viewpoint for your essay throughout this brainstorming phase. The principal perspective will serve as the thesis statement for your whole exemplification essay.

Choose Appropriate Examples

Now that you've jotted down some ideas for your essay's topic, perform some research to discover solid supporting evidence. Research the topic thoroughly to locate relevant material to support the essay's primary point.

The more time you devote to study, the more instances you will have to back up your claims. Use information from trustworthy sources such as journals, respected newspapers, novels, and so on.

Creating an Exemplification Essay Outline

It is preferable to begin writing an essay by establishing an exemplification essay outline. Before beginning the actual writing process, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to include in your document.

It helps in the organization of raw facts into comprehensible language. An outline is created by separating the material into parts.

Your essay should include the following components, according to the 5 paragraph format:

Here is an outline template of an exemplification essay to get an idea.

Exemplification Essay Outline Template

How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

Once you are done with making a rough outline, it is time to begin the writing process. Compile all of the material gleaned through research under the framework or structure you developed.

Here are some steps that you should follow when you start writing the exemplification essay.

The introductory paragraph is the first section of an exemplification essay. In this part, you have to write an introduction to your readers about what they will learn in the whole paper.

Start with a sentence known as a hook that grabs the reader’s attention. It can take any form, such as a quote, funny statement, or fact. The introduction section sets up your discussion on the topic. Also, show why you chose that particular topic to be discussed in detail later on in the content. The introductory paragraph comes to an end with a strong and arguable thesis statement. The evidence for this argument is clearly explained in the introductory paragraph, as well as throughout the entire body text.

The body of your argument is the part that contains evidence to support and back up what you are saying. According to the basic five-paragraph essay format, three paragraphs should be included in this section.

All body paragraphs should start with a topic sentence about particular points discussed throughout the essay. To make this section more interesting, you should include a few of your own opinions in each paragraph.

The wording of the essay should be clear and concise. As the introduction states a thesis statement, which shows the main essay purpose.

Each paragraph should be connected with transition words to preserve body harmony. These transition words ensure that the information flows smoothly.

This section provides insight into the overall debate held in the body paragraphs. The writer summarises the discussion in the final paragraphs by summarising the essay's focused themes.

In the conclusion of this essay, it is important to restate the thesis statement and remind readers what the whole discussion has been about. The final paragraph should leave a sense that all points have been covered in some way or another.

Exemplification Essay Examples

Before beginning the writing process, it is a good idea to go through several examples and get an idea of how to write. Don't be afraid to look at this sample from  CollegeEssay.org  experienced writers to help you simplify the writing process.

Exemplification Essay Sample

Exemplification Essay About Friendship

Exemplification Essay About Technology

Exemplification Essay About Education

Exemplification Essay About How to Cope With Stress

Exemplification Essay About Pandemic

Exemplification Essay About Globalization

Exemplification Essay Topics

Here is an exemplification essay topics list that will help you to get started:

Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

Exemplification essays are all about ‘what's your point?’ and then back up with evidence. Why not take a break from the traditional  college essay  writing format and try something new?

It is often said that an exemplification paper writing is all about examples and brief details. You may not put your thoughts into words effectively, but a professional online can help you with this task. Also, they can help you with any type of essay, whether it is an illustration essay or you want to write a research paper. They are here for you at  CollegeEssay.org .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the first person in an exemplification essay.

Yes, you can use the first person in the following scenarios to make your paper more effective and compelling. 

What are the characteristics of an exemplification essay?

Here are the main characteristics of an exemplification essay: 

How long is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay should be five paragraphs long according to the basic essay format. The first paragraph should be an introduction, three paragraphs for the main body, last paragraph for the conclusion.

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Top Exemplification Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

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exemplification essay

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what to write an exemplification essay on

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exemplification essay

How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Topics, Outline, Example, Tips

what to write an exemplification essay on

Looks like you were just assigned an exemplification essay. If this is the case, some questions might be running through your head like where to start and how to write a top-notch paper, or where to find a good exemplification essay topics list?

Well, the professional team of writers from our essay writing service created step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process and help you succeed with the best exemplification essay ideas!

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

When you are assigned this type of paper for the first time, the exemplification essay definition might seem rather confusing. At this point, you may be wondering how to write an exemplification essay and what it is in the first place. The good news is that if you have ever faced an argumentative essay during your studies, you are already halfway to success. Furthermore, the purpose and main characteristics of such an essay are very similar to an argumentative paper, so even if it feels like you have no idea what is an exemplification essay, chances are that you actually do know.

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In a nutshell, just like an argumentative paper, an exemplification essay is written solely to prove something. The difference is that it requires many specific examples, facts, and figures to support your claims. Thus, an exemplification essay is basically a more thorough, solid, and clarifying argumentative essay.

Exemplification Essay Topics

Now that you understand what is an exemplification essay, you are probably wondering what some good exemplification essay topics for college students are. Like any other type of paper, choosing the right topic for your exemplification essay is the key to success. To make the right choice, you need to keep in mind the three key tips:

If you consider these three tips, you won't find it hard to pick a great topic. And here is a list of great exemplification essay topic ideas compiled by our custom essay writing service to get you started:

Political Topics

Technology Topics

Educational Topics

Culture Topics

Social Topics

what to write an exemplification essay on

Exemplification Essay Outline

exemplification outline

An exemplification paper follows the standard essay structure, consisting of an introductory clause, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion. An intro typically consists of an attention-grabbing hook and a clear thesis statement (your main claim). Next, the body of the text should include several (usually three) paragraphs, each stating a specific topic-related point and providing examples to support it. And finally, a conclusion wraps up the whole essay with all your points and draws a logical conclusion.

Here is a standard exemplification essay layout used as a template by our writing paper service writers:

Now, let's look at each part in detail.

Exemplification Essay Introduction

When drafting your exemplification essay, an ideal place to start is crafting your introduction. So first, you should make a hook to intrigue the audience into the work and make them want to continue reading. A hook can be almost anything that catches the reader's attention and urges them to keep reading. Some commonly used hooks are rhetorical questions, facts or stats, quotes, etc. If you are unsure how to make a powerful hook, consider looking at a good exemplification essay example to see how others do it. Then, let the EssayService team help you with your writing.

Next, it is a good idea to give a brief background into the topic and details of what you will do.

Exemplification Essay Thesis Statement

Once the opening hook is written, and you have introduced the readers to your topic, finish your intro with a clear thesis statement. The thesis's objective is to gather the entire arsenal and summarize it into a comprehensive plan of action.


It must include but is not limited to the following: 

The following is a thesis statement example discussed previously in the topic suggestion section.

'Elon Musk's energy efficiency revolution is still in its early life cycle; thus, its slow progress must be put into a socioeconomic perspective.'

Now, let us put this thesis statement under the microscope.

Topic: The impact of rapidly evolving technology in modern society.

Opinion: Elon Musk's progress with the transport and energy revolution is slow due to certain socioeconomic boundaries.

Reasoning: Market cost of coal vs. electric (energy), the lack of competition in the electric car market (transport), and the lack of US government's subsidies for commercial space travel (SpaceX).

While the thesis statement is vague, the use of 'socioeconomic perspective' implies a more elaborate description, which the reasoning section of the thesis statement mentioned. Such specifics give room for research and focus on comprehensive examples instead of brief examples.

When formulating a thesis statement, you must distinguish between the type of paper you want to write. Longer works like an IB extended essay need more extensive thesis statements to encompass a wider range of arguments. At the same time, shorter essays' thesis statements can fit into one or a few sentences.

If you are struggling with formulating an effective thesis statement, try applying it to a particular formula to check its validity:


As you can see, it is quite easy to dissect the essay just by formulating your thesis, thus giving you a direction when heading into the exemplification essay outline. Remember, keep track of your sources and extract only the most relevant examples. It is much better to use fewer but more elaborate examples rather than many inefficient ones. Make every single one work in your favor.

Exemplification Essay Body

First, plan out which points you have to back up your thesis statement and order them by importance. When writing the body of text, it is a good practice to put the weakest point or statFirst, plan out which points you have to back up your thesis statement and order them by importance. When writing the body of text, it is a good practice to put the weakest point or statement first and then end on the strongest one. Remember, it is vital to back up every claim or point with strong evidence in the form of an example.

There are different examples of exemplification essay that could be used in an essay:

A combination of the two types should be used in the paper to back up points; it is possible to use many brief examples to support an idea. Try to find as many examples as possible, and later decide which ones to keep as the strongest evidence.

Include interesting yet relevant examples. You do not want to list boring findings. On the other hand, if the research is too predictable, this will also not interest the reader, so find good cases to include.

Also, keep the body of the article in some kind of order, either chronological or logical (by importance).

Exemplification Essay Conclusion

When writing the concluding part of an exemplification essay, remember to summarize the key points of the body text first. Do not just copy large paragraphs of supporting details. Instead, offer a summary.

After the summary and important findings, write a final concluding statement. Then, add something that leaves your audience with some food for thought and suggests further research (e.g., an interesting question or finding). This can be around one or two sentences long.

The key thing to keep in mind when wrapping up your work is that a conclusion should give the paper a sense of completion so that the reader will feel all the ideas tie up nicely.

Exemplification Essay Grading Criteria

To answer the question 'how to write an exemplification essay,' it is vital to understand how it is being graded. The exemplification essay is assessed based on specific criteria that define the writer's ability to research the topic, build valid example-based evidence, and integrate them into their essay.

To write a killer essay that deserves a high grade, a student must know and understand the criteria for evaluating such work. So, the following is a foundation you need to keep in mind to create a top-notch essay.

Is it clear and relevant?

Does the thesis adequately unify all subtopics presented in the essay?

Is it well written within the context of the subject matter and the introductory paragraph?

Are the examples provided within the paper valid?

Does the author use examples effectively to clarify and explain the concept presented to the reader?

Are the given examples sufficient when presented within the context of the claim?

Are opinions, ideas, examples, and paragraphs arranged coherently?

Are the transitions between paragraphs used effectively to drive readers from one topic/idea/example to the next?

Is there a sufficient amount of details?

Are the examples developed sufficiently to maximize their usefulness?

Does the writer's argument clearly portray his side in the discussion?

Are there grammatical errors?

Is the essay structured appropriately?

Does the paper writer use language effectively to persuade the reader?

Does the range of the vocabulary convey sophistication within the writer's voice?

How to Write an Exemplification Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing an exemplification essay may seem quite challenging, especially when facing this task for the first time. However, the writing process will be easier and less stressful when you have a good plan.

If you are wondering how to cope with this task, use this step-by-step guide as your action plan or order essay paper from our paper writing service :

Pick an Exemplification Essay Topic

As mentioned, choosing the right topic is already 50% of success. The better the topic is, the easier it will be to conduct research, build arguments, and write your essay.

A good topic should be:

Also, remember that your topic shouldn't be too broad or, on the contrary, too narrow. It should offer enough scope for research and argument-building, but, at the same time, it should not be too general.

Conduct Research

Once you have defined your topic, the next step is to collect the material for your essay. Since an exemplification essay is heavy on details and examples, you must collect sufficient data to support your ideas.

When researching the topic, use only valid and trusted sources, such as non-fiction books or scientific journals.

Organize Your Material

Once you find plenty of resources and data, you should take some time to evaluate your material and prioritize the collected information. You must use valid, significant, relevant examples that bring real value to make your paper truly engaging.

Find a Good Sample

Check out some good exemplification essay examples before you start. Writing sample exemplification essays is not that hard if you know what you're doing. Thus, it is always a good idea to look at a few exemplification essay examples to understand how this work is to be completed.

Make an Outline

There is no need to emphasize the importance of planning ahead. Thus, be sure not to skip this step and create a detailed outline for your future paper. Just as a quick reminder, here is how your exemplification essay outline should look like:


Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Write Your Exemplification Essay

Once you have all the data to support your statements and a detailed outline, you can finally move on to the writing part. Follow the tips and tricks from the exemplification essay example outline section of this article to write each part of your essay.

Proofread and Edit Your Exemplification Essay

Although many students skip this stage, it is crucial to leave some time to proofread and edit your essay before you submit it. In addition, it is recommended to take some rest before you move on to editing so that you can look at the text with fresh sight.

Another handy tip is to ask someone else to proofread your paper - a parent or friend may be able to spot some mistakes or inconsistencies that you have missed.

Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

exemplification tips

Exemplification Essay Examples

Is it necessary to have a college degree nowadays?

[Introduction] This year, the overall college enrollment fell by more than 600,000 students compared to 2020. The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) reports that the number of students who enrolled in college went down to 16.9 million, which makes up a total of 3.5% decline - the largest decrease in a decade. There are plenty of reasons for the decline, including the increasing cost of tuition. But, can we really consider this change as something terrible, or is a college education not such a big thing anymore? While people have always been debating about the importance of education, today, with a fast dynamic in every career field, many different educational options apart from college, and a growing emphasis on hands-on experience and transferable skills, having a college degree might really be unnecessary.

[Body paragraph 1] Let’s consider a specific example. Let’s say you are determined to pursue a career in IT. To get started, you would need to spend 3 to 4 years in college, acquiring a degree and learning the basics. After this, you can start building a career. For decades, this path was considered effective. But, today, every industry is extremely dynamic - trends in the IT field are changing very frequently, which means that by the time you graduate, the knowledge you acquired a few years ago will no longer be relevant and valuable for the industry. At the same time, college programs are not at all that dynamic. This brings us to the conclusion that spending 3-4 years studying information that will soon become outdated seems to be a simple waste of time.

[Body paragraph 2] Looking back at the previous idea, there is one more reason that proves that having a college degree might not be as important today as it used to be. While college programs are not changing quickly enough to adapt to our fast-paced world, there are many other educational options that are. Namely, today, you can become a certified expert in just a year or less. The range of online courses for different industries is growing rapidly. And, what’s most important, these courses normally keep up with the trends. That is, people can get certified in many different professions and gain a much more significant competitive edge than their peers who go to college instead.

[Body paragraph 3] Finally, one more reason why it is not mandatory to have a degree in the modern world is that employers are looking more toward skills and experience rather than education. According to studies and surveys, employers note nearly the same productivity and retention rates among employees with and without degrees. Also, employers admit that possessing a degree does not guarantee that a candidate will do any better than someone who didn’t go to college. Due to these reasons, companies now put a larger emphasis on the actual abilities of candidates. Therefore, according to stats, most of the US leading companies, including Tesla, Netflix, Apple, and Google, do not require employees to possess a college degree.

[Conclusion] So, is it necessary to have a college degree nowadays? Based on everything discussed earlier, we can conclude that college degrees might not give you enough competitive edge. There are other educational options to help you gain relevant knowledge and skills faster. Also, many employers don’t pay as much attention to degrees as they used to. Thus, these days, having a college degree is an option rather than a necessity. Nevertheless, this does not apply to certain jobs that require having extensive training, such as doctors.

Get Professional Help and Boost Your Grades!

Hopefully, this step-by-step guide inspired you with the various topics for the exemplification essay. It does not matter if you need help writing an exemplification essay sample or a descriptive essay , thesis, case study, or any other academic paper - EssayService is always at your service. So entrust your academic life to real pros and succeed!

She was flawless! first time using a website like this, I've ordered article review and i totally adored it! grammar punctuation, content - everything was on point

This writer is my go to, because whenever I need someone who I can trust my task to - I hire Joy. She wrote almost every paper for me for the last 2 years

Term paper done up to a highest standard, no revisions, perfect communication. 10s across the board!!!!!!!

I send him instructions and that's it. my paper was done 10 hours later, no stupid questions, he nailed it.

Sometimes I wonder if Michael is secretly a professor because he literally knows everything. HE DID SO WELL THAT MY PROF SHOWED MY PAPER AS AN EXAMPLE. unbelievable, many thanks

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A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Stellar Exemplification Essays

To “exemplify” means to show or illustrate something with clarity. An exemplification essay does just that by demonstrating an idea or an opinion with clear examples and pieces of evidence. These essays belong to the argumentative category and use the exemplification rhetorical pattern to prove a point.

Writing a perfect exemplification essay requires in-depth topic knowledge and a concrete writing strategy. This article presents a robust approach to deliver an excellent exemplification essay and compiles some fantastic tips & topics to help writers out. Here we go.

How To Write An Amazing Exemplification Essay

“What is an exemplification essay?” – A statement of purpose of exemplification essays is the most straightforward answer to this particular question. The purpose of an exemplification essay is to state a general statement (the essay's thesis statement) and prove it using striking examples & illustrations.

Below is a lucid and compelling essay writing strategy that can help you do just that.

Start with an impressive introduction

Many novice writers rack their brains while wondering how best to start an exemplification essay. It is the same as that of the other essay types.

Begin with a hook to draw in your audience. Let your readers know early on what to expect from your essay.

Follow up with a solid thesis statement

The thesis statement of any essay sets the atmosphere of the write-up. It helps readers understand the writer’s standpoint and acts as the lighthouse for the overwhelmed writer.

The thesis statement should state the generalization which you are exemplifying and trying to put over to the audience. In simple words, it highlights the idea which you are trying to prove with your examples.

If need be, get online and check quality exemplification essay samples to find out how to craft a perfect thesis statement.

Carefully select your exemplifications

Examples make up the meat of the mater in an exemplification essay. The facts, anecdotes, illustrations and other specific information you present will determine the success of your essay.

 Determine the purpose of your rhetoric

Exemplification essays are a type of argumentative essay and follow a rhetorical narrative where persuasive examples help put over an argument. Coherent rhetoric, however, requires a definite purpose.

Generalization about the topic is one of the core aspects of exemplification essays. The point or statement you deliver after generalization defines the purpose of your exemplifications. A precise angle of generalization is essential for adding acute examples. That point is the thesis statement.

Some of the best exemplification essay samples on the Web contain coherent generalizations which are highly arguable and extremely persuasive.

Organize your examples properly

There are several ways to organize the examples to support your main points. Usually, writers use quite a few examples to support their arguments.  Some even use a single, extended case which functions similar to an analogy.

Other ways to organize the illustrations are in the chronological manner, the logical fashion and in a spatial way.

As stated in the point above, examples must be in support of a generalized point, delivered emphatically by the thesis statement.

Craft a charismatic conclusion

The conclusion of an exemplification essay should be convincing and persuasive. It must assert the significance f the thesis and reiterate critical details about the given exemplifications. A reasonable conclusion must show the importance and implications of the essay's content.

Exemplification essays are illustrative. They must show rather than tell. If you can showcase the validity of your arguments through practical examples, then it is a job well done. Take a look at the following section for a generic outline of an exemplification essay.

A General Outline For An Exemplification Essay

The following essay outline delivers examples in the emphatic order.



 A. Hook  B. Thesis Statement

A. First point (weakest)  1. Example one  2. Second example

B. Second point

 1. Another Example

C. Third point (strongest)

Include example Include example Include example

 A. Summarize the findings Of each point  B. Concluding statement

This particular outline for exemplification essay is commonly followed all over. You can, however, arrange your examples as per your requirements.

The nest section compiles some handy tips for writing the perfect exemplification essay and presents some excellent essay topic too.

Great Tips For Writing A Good Exemplification Essay Along With Topics

Here are some amazing tips for writing a perfect exemplification essay.

And, now, here are some excellent exemplification essay ideas & topic for you to practice on.

The topics above can be a great place to start practicing your exemplification essay writing. Go through this guide and use it well to craft an essay of the highest caliber.

However, if unforeseen circumstances and impending submission deadlines prevent your form writing a good piece, have no fear as the experts of Essaygator.com are here.

Finding It Hard To Craft That Perfect Exemplification Essay?

Let the brilliant minds at essaygator.com help you out.

More than 4000 subject matter experts stand ready to deliver comprehensive essay solutions of any kind and on any stream. Our writers deliver well-researched and detailed solutions well within the specified deadline. Every aspect of our essays, from introduction to conclusions, is crafted to perfection. We add proper citations and appendices if determined by the guidelines.

Our writers take excellent care while working on your order and follow all specified guidelines to perfection. Excellent grades are a guarantee on every essay we deliver. Just go through our exemplification essay examples for college and ascertain their quality by yourself.

So, drop all your essay writing requests at our chat portal and have an accurate one ready in no time at all.

Here are our fantastic features and perks that will make your experience worthwhile:

Give us a call or drop a message at our chat service and get excellent essay writing help from the Web’s number one academic assistance service, Essaygator.com.

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After reviewing your essays, look over your  exemplification essay...

After reviewing your essays, look over your  exemplification essay that discusses how your essays show the progress you have made this semester. Each body paragraph should focus on one extended example showing how your writing has improved. Include your specific improvements and what steps you took to make those improvements.

Answer & Explanation

My writing has evolved significantly this semester in a number of crucial areas. I have made notable improvements, particularly in the areas of organization, clarity, and the use of evidence. I will describe the procedures I took to accomplish these improvements in the following paragraphs. Each of these areas serves as an illustration of how my writing has evolved over time.

Clarity is the first area where I've noticed a noticeable increase in my writing. I had trouble explaining my points in a clear and succinct manner in the first few weeks of the semester. But as the weeks went by, I started to pay closer attention to the language I was using, carefully considering my word choice and sentence structure. I also took more time to edit my writing, trying to make each sentence and paragraph as understandable as possible. Since readers can now easily understand my arguments and follow my thought process, my writing is now much more effective and persuasive as a result of my focus on clarity.

Organization is another area where I have made a lot of improvement. My writing felt jumbled and unfocused at the start of the semester, with ideas bouncing from paragraph to paragraph. But as time went on, I started to become more organized, putting more of an emphasis on developing concise topic sentences and logical transitions between paragraphs. This has led to writing that is considerably simpler to read since each paragraph makes logical progress from the one before it. I may explain my thoughts more cogently and make more convincing arguments by improving the organization of my writing.

Last but not least, I've made great strides in my utilization of evidence. I had trouble finding pertinent materials earlier in the semester and successfully incorporating them into my work. However, as the weeks went on, I started to spend more time reading and investigating various sources, and I also started to pay more attention to the caliber of the evidence I was using. I strove to effortlessly blend the materials I used into my writing, namely making sure they were reliable and current. I am now in a better position to make arguments that are more compelling and to back up my assertions with solid, pertinent data.

In conclusion, this semester has seen a huge improvement in my writing abilities. Clarity, organization, and the use of evidence are some of the areas where I have improved, leading to writing that is more effective and convincing. These gains came about as a result of hard work, practice, and a commitment to edit and improve my work. I want to keep improving these abilities and write even better in the future.

Clarity is an important aspect of effective writing, and it can be achieved through careful attention to language and structure. To improve clarity, a student may focus on using concise and precise language that effectively conveys their ideas. This can involve avoiding overly complex sentences or words that may confuse readers. Additionally, a student may work on sentence structure, paying attention to grammar and punctuation to ensure that sentences are clear and easy to read. Revising and editing work can also help to improve clarity, as it allows the writer to identify and correct any unclear or confusing areas.

Organization is another important aspect of effective writing, and it involves structuring ideas and arguments in a logical and cohesive manner. To improve organization, a student may use techniques such as outlining or brainstorming to plan and structure their writing. This can help them to identify the main points they want to make and arrange them in a logical order. Additionally, a student may work on using strong topic sentences to introduce each paragraph and transitions to connect ideas between paragraphs. By focusing on organization, a student can make their writing more coherent and easier to follow.

The use of evidence is crucial in making persuasive arguments, and it involves finding and incorporating credible sources to support one's claims. To improve the use of evidence, a student may spend more time researching and exploring different sources, looking for evidence that is credible, relevant, and up-to-date. They may also work on incorporating evidence seamlessly into their writing, using it to support their claims and make compelling arguments. Additionally, a student may use critical thinking skills to evaluate the quality of evidence they are using, ensuring that it is strong and relevant to their argument.

In conclusion, improving writing skills requires focused effort, practice, and a willingness to revise and refine one's work. By working on areas such as clarity, organization, and the use of evidence, a student can become a more effective and persuasive writer. Through careful attention to language, structure, and evidence, a student can create writing that is clear, organized, and compelling.

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Essay Freelance Writers 

How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Guide with 2 Examples

Apr 1, 2022

what to write an exemplification essay on

Apr 1, 2022 | Blog

In this article, we will explore how to write an exemplification essay which is a type of argumentative essay, the definition of an exemplification essay, how to select an exemplification essay topic, how to write an exemplification essay outline, amazing tips, components of the exemplification essay, and the use of specific examples to try and convince your audience that your side is the right side. Use this exclusive guide to help you in writing an amazing paper that will get you an A

What is an Exemplification Essay?

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay that provides specific examples to prove a point. If you’re writing a thesis paper on the negative effects of global warming , it’s not enough to say that it is bad for the environment. You have to be able to show definitive reasons that will convince readers that global warming is dangerous.

Every essay type is specific after its fashion. You will never find essays of different types with the same purpose. It always differs, and it makes essay writing unique, as well as complicated. Many youngsters struggle with exemplification essays. The main purpose of this essay type is to support your claims with clear examples. Every essay is supposed to use evidence that proves a theory. Nonetheless, an exemplification essay demands to use of more examples than commonly. It helps students to reason and explains their thoughts much better and clearer.

Not all students can withstand this test successfully. Some even require professional help and ask someone: Which academic writing service can write me an essay from scratch? They ask to write this particular type. Fortunately, we know how to write an exemplification essay without the help of professional writers. We created our blog exactly for this purpose.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Choose and Study the Topic

Your first step is to decide what issue to disclose and research it thoroughly. It must be currently relevant and unsolved. Your task is to be helpful and clarify all the uncertainties and provide useful solutions. Make allowances for the next essentials:

1. Make Sure You Have Enough Data

Sometimes even the most brilliant ideas may lack evidence. You ought to be 100% sure that you’ll have enough examples to explain and support your thesis and sub-theses in your thesis paper. Use only trustworthy websites and textbooks. Make bookmarks and divide them into logical categories to simplify your further research and writing.

2. Narrow the Topic

Some topics are too broad, and it will never help a student if they write an exemplification essay. Your word count is limited to 500-700 words, and you cannot exceed it. When you choose such topics similar to “Technological progress in the world,” you will have to cover too many areas. It’s better to identify a unique part of the general concept. For example, you may concretize where or when technological progress took place. Thus, your description of the topic may be something like this – “Technological progress in Europe in the late 90ies of the 20 th century”.

3. Take Into Account Your Audience

Remember that you write for somebody, not only for you. Try to get into your readers’ shoes. What would they like to learn from your essay? Is it useful? Does it solve a vital problem? What answers can you provide? How to explain your theory? Which examples will illustrate your ideas the best? If you answer these and similar questions, you will understand the needs of your audience.

Exemplification Essay Topics Ideas

Some students cannot understand how to generate good essay topics from a theory. That’s why such students should better look for nice topic lists. Here are five examples of good exemplification essay topic ideas: You can check this article for an amazing list of exemplification essay topics 

Create a Good Outline

The importance of an outline is huge. It helps to get disciplined and organized because it underlines all the simple steps and time limits you must undertake. An exemplification essay is a piece that requires lots of specific examples. Therefore, create a separate outline that includes all the examples you intend to use in your essay. Decide how, where, and when to implement them into the text.

A standard 5-paragraph format can be used and it includes the following parts:

Tips Not to Exceed the Word Count

How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Many students don’t know how to cram all their ideas into a single essay, which may be only 500 words long. Luckily, we can help them to overcome this issue. Here are effective tips for not going over the word count:

Additional tip: Don’t get sorry if you have to throw out many brilliant ideas. Save them and use them in further research or similar inspiring topic(s).

When you are assigned an exemplification essay, remember our blog post. The tips and tricks it contains will surely help you write a great piece. Thus, you will receive the highest grade.

Exemplification Essay Examples

The examples below have been written with the basic essay writing principles. Get inspired by the help of various examples in your writing process.

Exemplification Essay Sample

Exemplification essay on obesity, get help from the experts with your exemplification essay paper.

If you’re having a hard time with your exemplification essay, you’ve come to the right place. At Essay Freelance Writers, we offer high-quality assignment writing services. We offer a professional essay writing service for busy students who need a little guidance. If you have this common type of essay assignment and feel stuck, contact us today or PLACE YOUR ORDER . When we say we are here to help, we mean it with your order paper.

We provide a team of writing professionals who can help with any essay topic, paper type, and difficulty level. We also offer fast turnaround times, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable services to help you meet your deadlines, get the grades you need, and submit a top-notch paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start an exemplification essay.

A good way to start an exemplification essay is with a famous quote, an anecdote, a question, or by stating a common fact or statistics.

What is exemplification and its example?

An exemplification is an illustration or classic example of something. Breaking into loud, operatic singing at the breakfast table might perfectly exemplify your family’s strange sense of humor.

What are the characteristics of an exemplification essay?

Exemplification writing uses specific, vivid examples to add more information to explain, persuade, define, or illustrate a general idea. Likewise, exemplification provides solid support and strong evidence to prove the writer’s main statement.

What are examples of exemplification paragraph?

I would like the be the teacher that could help out. I could help with school fundraisers and school activities. Some of the staff do not like staying after school to do the school fundraisers, but I think raising money for something could be fun. Some school activities in middles school were not that fun.


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what to write an exemplification essay on

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Exemplification Essay: Writing Guide with Topic Examples

Have you wondered how to write an exemplification essay?

We all know that essay writing can be a daunting task. But with some guidance, creating a high-quality piece that meets your assignment’s requirements can be easy.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what is an exemplification essay and how to write one. We’ll also offer tips on choosing the right topic, structuring your paper, and writing effective paragraphs.

What Is An Exemplification Essay

The definition of an exemplification essay is a kind of writing that focuses on an actual example of something. For instance, the paper can be about a person, event, or thought you could use as a model for your writing.

This type of paper demonstrates the value of something by comparing and contrasting what someone did as a guide with what you are trying to accomplish, using it as an example.

The piece takes the emphasis off the subject and instead puts it on the topic itself. So, for instance, at the beginning of your essay , you could try to write a text about how composting can make your garden more sustainable by showing how it works or using other specific examples.

These essays are a wonderful way to demonstrate how something works by examples and comparisons which prove your point. We must note that you focus mainly on the examples in such writing. It is more about showing how things are similar, not how they are different.

Guidelines For Writing Exemplification Papers

If you wonder how to start an exemplification essay, we can say that the process is relatively straightforward. It pursues a few well-established steps that build the ideal piece.

Firstly you must pick a topic, prepare your related materials, and concentrate on the essay form.

Regarding the method, we use the standard one for such essays. When writing an exemplification essay outline, we share our thesis and support it. Then we elaborate it with examples and summarize it in an excellent conclusion. The essay structure usually looks like this:

Now that you have a brief idea of how the exemplification essay is written. It is time to introduce you to the process in more detail.

#1. Decide The Subject Of The Essay

Like every other essay, deciding on a suitable topic is essential. Moreover, you must pick something the reader deems helpful or exciting.

That is why you must pay attention to the purpose of your exemplification essay. For example, will it be to discuss a specific matter or an issue? You have to think like a custom essay writer and see what will be beneficial to your audience or simply unique and entertaining.

These questions are something you must ask yourself and find the answers to. Afterward, you will have an easier time forming and structuring the paper around the concept of what you want to relay to the readers.

Note: Picking a too broad or narrow topic won’t do you any good. There will be either too many examples or too few that you can use!

#2. Research The Topic And The Examples!

The second most important step is learning more about the topic you plan to write about. The more you know about the matter, the better the essay will be.

We advise you to look for useful sources of information like:

These are some of the finest examples where you can look for facts regarding your essay. However, in the same spirit, avoiding references from Wikipedia, random blogs, or other unverified places will be a good idea because of potentially inaccurate data.

#3. Pen The Outline With Care

Writing anything requires a plan unless someone else writes an essay for you . That is an essential element of the planning and is crucial to nail a good one for your piece.

Exemplification papers, as we already said, have a layout like every other essay. The work is split into three sections with relevant purposes and lengths.

We cannot offer you a strictly defined plan that will fit your coursework. However, we can provide a sample of the path that will show you how it is supposed to look and how to structure it properly.

#4. Essay Introduction.

As the name suggests, the first part aims to introduce the reader to what we write about. That is why it is critical how you form the intro.

When writing, the first one or two sentences should aim to hook the audience, so they continue reading. For that, we seek to agitate them with a statement, question, or shocking information.

After achieving that, you will most likely have their attention, and it will be the ideal time to claim the essay’s thesis. But, again, it must be in a way that will be interesting to read.

#5. Exemplification Essay Definition – Main Body

In this element of these essays, your primary goal is to sustain your thesis, which you disclosed in the introduction.

You will have to begin with a paragraph whose objective will be to discuss a piece of your thesis. It feels like writing an opinion essay but, at the same time, slightly different. Usually, you begin with a “topic sentence,” which will be the primary priority here.

Exemplification Essay Writing Guide

Afterward, heed the explanation stage, where you support that fact by giving examples.

Amidst these two parts come the transition terms typical for every exemplification essay. They keep the flow of the section and make the paper read naturally and smoothly.

Note: You will usually see up to three different paragraphs in the section. Try to stick to the standard essay format (1-3-1).

#6. Example Of Transition Words

The transition phrases in any writing have only one primary objective – to indicate a connection between the information. In the exemplification essay example, these phrases connect to the explanation of the following sentences.

These transitions assist the reader in quickly understanding the writer’s position and the text’s intention, and are part of every writing. You will see them within the paper even when you order an essay . Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

#7. Finish The Essay With Finesse

The conclusion is one of the most critical parts of the whole paper.

Writing the perfect finale is vital as it aims to satisfy the audience with an answer instead of leaving them with questions.

To write the best one, you have to pursue a simple formula. First, you must note your thesis again (paraphrase it, do not write the same as in the intro). Afterward, you will need to briefly cover the different paragraphs without going into detail. Lastly, create a good finale that will draw the attention even more while answering the possible questions.

Exemplification Essay Topics

We are at the moment where you know how to structure your essay, and all that is left is for you to try and write one.

Because of that, we have prepared some of the finest examples of topics in their categories.

Good Topics For An Exemplification Essays

Exemplification Topic Ideas On Abortion

Exemplification Essay Prompts About A Person

Writing an essay of this type is not so hard. However, it is different from writing a diagnostic essay and much easier!

For the illustration essay, you need credible sources to feel confident with your writing. Having these two will guarantee you success as long as you follow the steps from above! The final results should look like this:

Illustration (Exemplification) Sample about The Leading Lady

Source: E-6 Illustration (Exemplification) Essay Guidelines (July, 2011; ASC:EngRead)

Suppose you have read everything. You now know more about this type of writing. More precisely, you learned how to write exemplification essay and what is its primary purpose.

We are sure that with the provided info, you will be able to create a remarkable piece. So now, all you have to do is get a cup of hot tea and commence the essay writing!

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what to write an exemplification essay on

How To Write An Exemplification Essay: Topics, Outline, Examples

exemplification essay

Tia - The Writer Expert

Was the first time writing an exemplification essay nightmare for every new essay writer ? Many people didn’t even know what this new type of essay meant. Exemplification means showing by example. One of the most clarifying types of the essay is an exemplification essay. It provides a lot of examples to explain or support the topic. Illustrative examples clear the writer’s idea up to attract readers. But what future writers have to know before writing a good exemplification essay? If you feel like there's nothing that could ease your struggle, just write us and we will help you! With our paper writing service EssayHub you will be able to cope with all your academic challenges. Check essayhub review if you want to check the quality of the task we deliver.

what to write an exemplification essay on

Learn about similar types of essays: definition essay , informative essay and personal essay on EssayHub blog.

What Is An Exemplification Essay?

Exemplification or exposition is a rhetorical way of writing. The exemplification mode derives from the word example. It reflects the main purpose of the exemplification essay. It is offering examples to back up the claims. Writers must provide some evidence or support to concrete or illustrate what they mean. Readers can then take them seriously. Generalizing without evidence doesn’t have a good reputation. A writer who is generalizing may have lack of critical thinking skills or is not well-educated. The exemplification essay structure is basic. It consists of three main parts:

But before them is, of course, the topic.

Important Parts Of An Exemplification Essay

The first important thing before starting to write any essay is choosing the topic. The topic must be adequate with many ideas that can support the generalized aim of the essay. Besides topic purpose is another thing required before writing. Determining a purpose means deciding which aspect of generalization writer should present to readers. Topic and purpose together are the half way of writing an excellent exemplification essay.

‍ Each essay should include an introduction, body section and conclusion. The length of introduction and conclusion are optional for writers. Introduction explains the main topic and introduces the following paper. Its main role is attracting the potential readers. The body section is usually divided into few paragraphs written in a logic order. Each paragraph is explaining and exampling one idea. All these ideas together form the essay’s generalization. Conclusion, the last part of an essay, involves summary of the main points.

Exemplification Essay Topics List

A good exemplification essay’s topic should be argumentative. They must have two arguable sides just like argumentative essays. Each topic researches the supportive and opposing viewpoints. Writers don’t have to agree always with the general argument in the essay. But they have to explain their opinion. It is good way to finish the topic with the question mark. Here are 50 good examples of topics:

Exemplification as a way of essay writing can improve reader’s knowledge and mind development. Writers from write my essay for me service may have a more difficult job to do. But the more examples they find they will be a day more free of dementia in the future.

How To Begin An Essay After Choosing The Topic?

The next step is finding examples which will enhance and intensify the whole essay. The essay’s beginning should be strong. Good introduction must have a “hook” and a thesis statement. A “hook” is the main point of the essay. It hooks people to keep reading the rest of the paper by referring into the following text. Thesis statement is a brief description of the text body section’s theme. Quotes, anecdotes, questions, common facts or statistics stating are excellent ways for start. For example, the topic may be: “Fruits and vegetables against the diseases”. Writers could then start with the question: “Are all the medication sources for some diseases exhausted? Should we return back to nature? Maybe there is a fruit around the corner waiting for picking.” Literature review and examples from other researches may follow the mentioned questions.

Exemplification Essay Outline

Writing such essays can be intimidating as you’ll have to provide lots of examples to support your claim.

‍ To make the process simple and ensure that your ideas flow logically and you don’t miss anything important, you need to write an exemplification essay outline first. Let’s see how it’s done.


Introduction is the first thing a reader will see in your exemplification paper. It serves several purposes:

It should start with an engaging hook, which is what grabs the attention and entices the audience to keep reading. For this purpose, you can use a rhetorical question, quote, statistics, a shocking fact, or even a joke.

After the hook, you need to add a couple of sentences explaining what your paper is about. And you should finish the section with a clear thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

After the intro, you should add body paragraphs to your outline. The number of paragraphs you will include, as well as the overall lengths of your paper’s body, both depend on the guidelines provided by your professor. But, as a rule, you will need to include 2-4 paragraphs.

The body of your work is where you will be supporting your primary exemplification essay thesis statement. Simply put, that’s where you will provide all your arguments and examples.

In an outline, be sure to indicate that every paragraph should include the following elements:

Include these elements in your outline. And don’t forget that every paragraph should cover only one idea/claim.

Finally, the last element that must be included in your essay outline (and, later, in your paper itself) is a conclusion. Basically, a conclusion should wrap up everything you’ve discussed in the paper and, when appropriate, leave some food for thought.

Traditionally, a conclusion part should consist of:

Pro tip: for each section in your outline, be sure to add as many details as possible to make the writing process simple and quick.

How To Write An Exemplification Essay?

After crafting your outline, you can go straight to writing your exemplification essays. Writing a paper is much simpler if you have an actionable plan. So, let’s see the steps!

Read out how to write a reflective essay guide on EssayHub blog.

Choose A Topic

The choice of topics for exemplification essays is vast and, thus, challenging. However, once you make the right pick, that’s 50% of success. To make the right choice, ensure that your topic is:

Do Research

After identifying your topic, it’s time to start looking for exemplification essay ideas. While researching, pay special attention to the sources you use. Do not ever rely on such resources as Wikipedia or popular blogs. These are not reliable. Instead, make a bet on scientific journals, non-fiction books, educational websites, etc.

Create An Outline

After you have all ideas, arguments, and examples in place, organize them all in a detailed outline. Earlier, we’ve taken you through every element in your outline. Now, here’s a template you can follow:

Write An Exemplification Essay

Follow your outline to write the first draft of the paper. Consider starting with the body paragraphs and writing an intro and conclusion at the end. Also, feel free to check out a well-written exemplification essay sample (or a few) before you start writing. Good samples can show you how to organize your own paper and even give some inspiration.

Proofread Your Essay

After finishing your draft, let it sit, and then come back to proofread and edit it. Don’t skip this stage, of course, if you want to secure a high grade.

Exemplification Essays In Its Organization

Each exemplification essay should have good organization. It consists of both the paragraph level and the sentence level. The paragraph level includes three methods:

Chronological order of importance is a narration of the text from the beginning to the end. In ascending or descending order of importance chronology and time sequence do not matter. Significance of the claims and their degrees are more important. The significance of claims increases with traditional words usage. Some of the examples are: “One of the most important reasons” or “Another good example”.

Tips to Write Exemplification Essay

Exemplification Essay Examples

Five groups of examples exist according to objectivity:

Personal-case examples are subjective. They are explaining some situations from writer’s life and their personal states and opinions. Instead of them, typical-case examples are objective. They are explaining somebody else’s experience like in newspaper’s article. Generalized examples are typical situations or states that refer to most of the people. More interesting are hypothetical examples that lead readers to imagine situations while reading the essay. Reader then becomes an active person. Rarely used extended examples refer to the whole paragraph or even the whole text. Can Online Education Be As Effective As Offline Education? “Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” - Donna J. Abernathy

‍ E-Learning is an extremely fast-paced industry that seems to be only gaining momentum. While the use of technology and the Internet in education are not new to us, online education hasn’t been fully here for us. Not until the outbreak of the Covid-19. It is impossible to argue with the fact that the global pandemic has changed many things in our lives, and education is one of them. After millions of students across the globe ended up being out of school, e-Learning became a new big thing and a crucial element of education. But, will it be here to stay? Numerous experts and stats hint that it will since the effectiveness of online education can be just as high as the effectiveness of offline learning. ‍

According to IBM, online learning courses enable students to learn five times more material compared to what they learn during traditional face-to-face courses. There are several reasons for that. First of all, the use of multimedia content has been proven to be easier to memorize and retain. Secondly, online education gives learners full control over the process. That is, they can learn at their own speed spending more time on materials they find confusing and moving faster through areas they are well-versed in. As a result, students learn more material, with less stress. ‍

Apart from helping students learn more materials, online learning can also improve the retention of information. A study conducted by the Research Institute of America showed that students who study online can retain the studied information from 25% to 60% better than their peers. In contrast, students who deal with traditional face-to-face training have much lower retention rates - 8% to 10%. So, this is another example that proves that online learning can be no less effective than traditional education. ‍

Finally, one more reason that proves the effectiveness of online education is the higher success rate in tests. A study by the International Journal of Science Education showed a significant rise in test scores among online learners. A study lasted for three years and evaluated the learning outcomes of over 2,300 middle school students from two US states. During the study, students participated in interactive online science units. After the trial, the test scores of students who took online classes were 16.7% higher compared to their peers who studied the traditional way. ‍

Based on studies and expert opinions, online learning helps students to learn more materials, retain the information better, and score higher on tests. So, in a conclusion, we can say that online learning might not be as effective as traditional training. In fact, it turns out to be more effective and, thus, has the potential to be here to stay.

what to write an exemplification essay on


How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Definition, Outline & Samples

Daniel Howard

Table of contents

An exemplification essay is a type of essay that uses specific examples to support the writer's main ideas. The examples used in an exemplification essay are usually real-life situations or experiences that reinforce a thesis statement.

Exemplification essays can be challenging to write because they require a significant amount of research and critical thinking. You should carefully select relevant anexamples that both support your argument and effectively communicate your message.

Read along and learn how to write an exemplification essay and what examples to use to illustrate your point. We will further provide exemplification essay samples to reinforce your knowledge of this form of writing.

What Is an Exemplification Essay: Definition

An exemplification essay is a mode of analytical or argumentative writing that uses vivid and specific examples as a way of illustrating, defining, persuading, or explaining a topic. Its goal is to show an idea using evidence, as this helps an audience understand the main message or point. Exemplification essays can include diverse examples such as personal anecdotes, current events, historical occurrences, statistics, scientific studies, and analogies. Writing an exemplification essay effectively necessitates being more convincing with the evidence and accompanying details to enhance your credibility. For instance, if your intention is to prove that people must engage in physical exercise to lose weight, stating “ exercising is good for your health ” is not sufficient. Instead, you must elaborate on your statement with facts or clear examples.

Exemplification Examples

The first step towards writing effectively is choosing an idea that will be exemplified. There are many examples of exemplification issues in different subjects that you can select. However, if you still need further clarification regarding potential themes, pick an example of exemplification topic from this list:

Exemplification Essay Outline

It is essential to compose a rough exemplification essay outline before beginning the writing process. This will not only help a student save time later when writing but also assist in reviewing all examples before using them. You will see which evidence is suitable for your thesis and discard weak evidence. Consider this exemplification essay outline example :

Need professional assistance? Connect with our best college essay service and get an essay exceeding your expectations.

Exemplification Essay Introduction

An introduction to an exemplification essay is the first part of your writing task. This section provides readers with a clear view of what you will cover. Begin the introduction by giving a general or broad overview of the topic before narrowing it to a specific focus. The introduction of an exemplification essay does three crucial things:

Exemplification Essay Thesis Statement

The exemplification essay thesis is where you state the topic and aim of your paper in a sentence. A good thesis statement for exemplification essay will show the structure of your work and help readers understand the points to be discussed throughout the body. While your thesis is usually a single sentence, breaking it into two parts might be essential for complex topics. However, declare your thesis by stating your stand, and why you took that position. Ensure that the statement is specific and answers the question of your paper. A good thesis should make a debatable point, which means a point people might argue against and disagree with. Keep in mind that you cannot write an exemplification essay without a thesis, as the rest of your paper will lack clear structure and focus. If you make any changes in your essay during the writing process, make sure that the thesis is revised to reflect exactly what is discussed.

Exemplification Essay Body

The body of an exemplification essay is where you develop the main ideas fully. Each body paragraph must contain one key claim or idea, which you should support with relevant exemplification essay examples. Use specific evidence to clarify meanings without adding other generalizations. Ensure that all the examples are organized to generate maximum outcome. The information in the body forms the basis of your exemplification paper by helping you prove your thesis. A simple thesis statement requires a short body, while complex or long one requires a longer body. Structure each exemplification paragraph in the body of your paper in a way that establishes a vivid relationship between examples and points. Additionally, use appropriate transitional phrases or words such as “ a case in point ”, “ in addition ”, “ for instance ”, or “ specifically ”. Unimaginative transitions like “ this is my first example ” should be avoided.

Examples of Exemplification in Writing

Your writing will be more appealing and interesting if you provide a specific exemplification essay example. You can use different types of exemplification essay examples based on this list:

Exemplification Essay Conclusion

Knowing how to write an exemplification essay is insufficient without understanding how the conclusion is written. The conclusion of an exemplification essay summarizes the main claims analyzed in the body of your work. Nevertheless, you should do more than this. You can reflect on the wider importance of your topic, explain why it is challenging to find a decisive stand on the posed question, raise another issue that can be analyzed later, or recommend or predict what will happen to the topic. When writing an exemplification essay concluding paragraph, start with general statements before being more specific towards the end. Initiate your conclusion essay by re-emphasizing your thesis before summarizing your key ideas, and finish off by highlighting the importance of your topic or recommending ideas to address the issue.

How to Write an Exemplification Essay Step-By-Step?

Up to this section, you understand what this type of writing is and have seen examples of topics and ways of structuring your work. Let us focus on the actual process of writing an exemplification essay. As with any task, you cannot just start doing it. Even though some people may try, it is not an effective way of composing a good paper. You need a plan as this makes your writing easier, faster, and with a better flow. Below are the eight steps on how to write a good exemplification essay.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

There is a high chance that you have a lot of ideas, thoughts, issues, and solutions you may want to analyze. Brainstorming helps extract an endless number of concepts for your exemplification essay by writing them down. Start with prompts, sentences, or words related to a specific subject area or focus, such as the environment, drugs, or technology, before jotting all phrases and words popping into your mind. You do not have to adhere to grammar, sentence structure, or spelling rules at this step. Brainstorm for about ten minutes, review your list, consider compelling topics, and select the one to focus on. This will help you write an exemplary essay later.

2. Conduct Research

Now that you have a topic for your exemplification essay, you must still decide on a specific matter that you can support with evidence. Therefore, conducting research is essential as it enables you to identify diverse angles and issues about your topic and determine a clear purpose for your writing task. Then, focus your research on this purpose, which will lead to taking a stand on the subject and choosing examples for your exemplification essay. Remember to use only credible sources during your investigation. Consider evidence such as published books by reliable authors, peer-reviewed journal articles from trustworthy databases such as ERIC or PUBMED, and primary sources such as newspaper articles, original speeches, and pieces of art.

3. Choose Relevant Examples

At this stage, create a list of material evidence related to the purpose of your paper. Begin by listing all examples passing through your mind. You will develop a narrow list later. Be sure to select only relevant pieces of evidence that align with your purpose and support your stand. You cannot select illustrations that contradict your objective. There are no rules to assist you in deciding the type of source that can be used in your work. Nonetheless, it is common for exemplification essays to combine several best sources and link them together fittingly. Consider an example of exemplification essay provided later in this blog for further clarification.

4. Create an Outline for Exemplification Essay

Once you have fully understood all the aspects of your writing task, identified your purpose, and collected enough examples, you can create a skeleton of your work or an outline. This involves organizing the details in a suitable structure, which will be used to write your exemplification essay. It is also the time in the writing process when you consider your position or thesis statement, which enables you to arrange the introduction, body, and conclusion sections for your main claim. Look at the example of an exemplification essay outline offered earlier. Use the provided information and structure to create your essay outline.

5. Come Up With an Exemplification Essay Thesis

Your exemplification writing will be incomplete without a thesis statement. It is what tells readers the theme you are exemplifying. But how do you write a thesis for an exemplification essay? If you have a topic, consider what you would say about it in your paper. Start with a general statement before specifying your main claim. Ensure your thesis is arguable. It should also tell your audience what they can expect in the body of your paper. Moreover, choose your words wisely by avoiding general and boring expressions such as good and cheap. Consider this exemplification essay thesis example:

Diversity within organizations drives innovation because of a variety of opinions, cultural backgrounds, and worldviews.

6. Write Exemplification Essay Body Paragraphs

Now that you have everything you need for the task, understanding how to write an exemplification essay body is essential in support of your main claim. The number of paragraphs in this section depends on the task instructions or points in your thesis. Each paragraph must be related to your main claim directly and contain at least one exemplification example. Arrange your paragraphs logically to avoid any confusion. Also, use transitional phrases and words to direct your readers throughout your exemplification essay. Your outline is useful at this stage as you can just fill in the sections. Consider these exemplification paragraph examples:

Example of the 1st body paragraph

The convenience of technology affects face-to-face communication negatively. Studies have found that participating in interpersonal interactions using the internet, such as through short messages, e-mails, social media, and chats, results in shallow exchanges, challenges establishing social support and impersonality (citation). This is because virtual communication lacks warmth, non-verbal cues, and does not require engagement.

Example of the 2nd body paragraph

One of the reasons cars are stolen is driver forgetfulness. For example, failure to lock car doors or leaving the engine running while the car keys are in the ignition give thieves an opening to steal easily. In turn, this shows that stupid mistakes increase the likelihood of car thefts.

7. Summarize an Exemplification Paper

It is also necessary to write an exemplification conclusion. This section contains a summary of your major ideas. Restating your arguments for the audience is important. Nonetheless, do not forget to use different words than that in the introduction and body. A conclusion should not look like an introduction. Remember to clarify the key takeaway for your audience or the implications of your argument. Look at this example of an exemplification essay conclusion:

The examples in this paper prove that technological advancements affect physical interactions between people adversely. People are increasingly reliant on tablets, phones, PCs, and other devices for communicating with family and friends while neglecting personal engagements. The long-term effect of technology on communication in society is still inconclusive. However, it is clear that the face-to-face interactions between people, as previously understood, have transformed for good.

8. Proofread Your Exemplification Essay

Feeling anxious about submitting your exemplification essay assignment is normal. Maybe you are not sure if you meet the task expectations. Understandably, you intend to deliver a perfect paper and avoid mistakes. Proofreading is an important phase as it helps correct blunders such as writing inconsistencies, vocabulary and sentence errors, the flow of points, and generalized errors. You can have your colleagues or friends do it for you but ensure that they are proficient in exemplification writing. Also, you need to verify your work personally to confirm that it is written clearly.

How to Structure an Exemplification Essay?

A major skill in writing exemplification essays is organization. Reflect on how you present the order of mini-points supporting your thesis statement. This is commonly called the order of importance, and you can organize an exemplification essay using one of the three techniques:

Be sure to check samples of exemplification essays and see how these structures are presented.

Exemplification Essay Examples

If you are still unsure of your knowledge of this kind of writing, it is a good practice to examine an exemplification essay sample and consider how perfectly written papers are composed. Nonetheless, ensure that any sample you access is written by a credible author and is approved by your instructor. Reading good examples of exemplification essay makes things easier during the writing process. A list of free exemplification essays examples is provided below.

Exemplification essay example 1

Exemplification essay example 2

Exemplification essay example 3

Exemplification essay example 4

Exemplification Essay Writing Tips

At this point, you should have a good understanding of how to write exemplification essay. Here are additional tips:

Exemplification Essay Checklist

The ideas discussed in this article aim to help you write an exemplification essay correctly. You can also learn more about the conventions and principles of an exemplification essay by looking at a sample of an exemplification essay provided earlier. Here is a checklist of other points to remember:

Bottom Line on Writing an Exemplification Essay

Reaching this far means that you know what is exemplification in writing and can comfortably compose a compelling and interesting paper. Other important points include structuring your essay and how to write a good exemplification essay. Grasping these ideas requires that you practice writing regularly and apply them throughout the entire process. But if you still find it challenging to start, you can find free exemplification essay example in pdf and observe how ideas in this article are applied. Be sure to use the information provided here as a reliable reference whenever you face difficulties or are stuck somewhere during the actual writing.

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FAQ About Exemplification Essays

1. what is exemplification.

Exemplification refers to the use of examples or evidence to make abstract concepts more concrete and broad statements more explicit. We do not believe others just because they said something. We want clarification or proof, and exemplification is how you offer the proof.

2. What is the purpose of exemplification writing?

The goal of exemplification writing is to demonstrate something using vivid and specific examples. This adds additional information to describe, define, persuade, or show a general concept. Examples enable audiences to understand the intended meaning clearly. The key is using enough details and relevant examples.

3. What are characteristics of an exemplification essay?

These are the exemplification essay characteristics:

4. How to start an exemplification essay?

Start an exemplification essay with an attention grabber or a hook before introducing your topic and giving background information about it. The hook engages your audience and keeps them reading to find out more information. You should then state your generalization or thesis statement.


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what to write an exemplification essay on

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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Almost every student must write at least one exemplification essay during their education. It is a common assignment that helps develop students’ analytical, argumentation, and writing skills.

Writing an exemplification essay may seem difficult, especially if you have never done this before. But, by looking through some information, you will understand that everything is much easier. This article will give you a comprehensive explanation of an exemplification essay and how to write it properly.

Exemplification Essay Definition

Before going into a writing guide, let’s define an exemplification essay. It is an argumentative essay where examples support arguments on a particular topic. The purpose of writing an exemplification essay is to demonstrate and prove your statement or point of view with related standards. A good exemplification essay should mostly contain models, but students can also provide quotes, statistics, and other data from reliable sources.

Providing arguments without evidence of your statement is not enough for an exemplification essay. In this type of argumentative essay, the main focus is on giving examples. Thus, a student must conduct in-depth research on a particular topic and collect credible data to write a great exemplification essay. Writing the exemplification essay is a great way to elaborate and demonstrate your point of view on a certain topic or idea.

How to Write An Exemplification Essay: Step-By-Step Guide

Now, let’s figure out how to write an exemplification essay. To create a good piece, it is always recommended to divide writing into several stages. Such an approach will simplify the process and allow you to be sure that you didn’t miss something. We have already created a workable plan to make it easier for you. Let’s look at each stage of the exemplification essay writing process.

Start by Choosing a Topic

The first stage of writing an exemplification essay is topic selection. A good exemplification essay topic is essential to create an interesting and useful exemplification essay. Frequently, professors assign a subject to students. And in this case, you can skip this step. But if you don’t have a given topic for your exemplification essay, you should spend some time and choose it on your own.

To choose a great topic for your exemplification essay, you have to pay attention to several points:

Take your time to find the best topic for your exemplification essay. Then, later in this article, we will share with you some good exemplification essay topics that you can use to get inspired for your piece.

Investigate a Topic

Once you choose a topic, it is time to conduct research. Make sure you pay enough attention to this step, as the more information you will find, the more related and relevant materials you will have to write an exemplification essay. To investigate your topic, you can use several sources, such as:

The in-depth research will help you see the problem from different perspectives and figure out how you want to demonstrate your point of view. During the investigation, note all the useful information: ideas, arguments, examples, statistics, etc. This way, you will get enough relevant material to write an exemplification essay. Remember that you should focus on finding great examples, which are the core of an exemplification essay.

Organize Information

The next step after conducting research is to organize all collected information. Many students skip this step and go right into writing the exemplification essay, but it is a completely wrong approach. To make the entire writing process much easier, you should spend some time organizing.

Please review all the information you found and divide it into groups. Thus, you will understand what information can be useful as examples, what information is great for creating strong arguments, and so on. It is better to keep different data in different folders so that you wouldn’t distract yourself from various other documents.

Also, by organizing your material, you can double-check if you have enough information to write an excellent exemplification essay. If you seem to miss something, it is better to do additional research.

Choose a Suitable Example

As said in the definition of an exemplification essay, examples are essential to this type of essay. Thus, you must spend some time examining your findings and then choosing the most relevant and appropriate standards. After you organize your material, finding great examples to support the arguments won’t be hard.

How to understand that an example is a good one? Use these criteria to evaluate your material and find the best for including to your exemplification paper:

As an example, exemplification essays’ length is usually no more than 500-750 words, so there is no need to pick more than 4-5 examples. Make sure you have one instance for one argument, and it will be enough. However, if your professor has specific requirements, make sure you stick to them.

Create an Outline for Your Exemplification Essay

The next step is the last one in the preparation process. You have to write the outline for your exemplification essay. Creating an overview before writing the exemplification paper is a helpful step. This way, you can understand how you want to present your information and what paragraphs you want to include. How to create an outline? Follow these steps:

Later in this article, we will discuss the exemplification essay outline in more detail. Thus you will get a better idea of how to create a well-structured exemplification essay.

Write Your Exemplification Essay

Now, it is time to start writing your exemplification essay. To ensure your paper is well-written, it is not enough to write down all the information you found. If you want to report an excellent article, pay attention to these points during the process:

It is recommended to divide your exemplification essay into 5-6 paragraphs: one paragraph for the introduction, 3-4 sections for the main body, and the last to conclude your exemplification essay. If you want to know more about how to write each of these parts, keep reading this article. We will tell you everything in detail.

Review and Edit Your Exemplification Essay

Once you finish the first draft of your exemplification paper, you have to proofread it. This step allows you to double-check the text and find errors and misspellings you didn’t see during the writing process. Proofreading your text, make sure that:

If unsure, you can proofread your exemplification essay and find someone else who can make it perfect. It can be your friends who are good at writing or a professional writer from an essay writing service . Anyway, ensure that the quality of proofreading is good so you won’t miss any errors.

When you finish proofreading the exemplification essay, edit everything you find inappropriate. Once you finish editing, review the text again to ensure you didn’t miss something. This way, you will create a perfect final draft of your exemplification essay.

Evaluation Criteria for Exemplification Papers

Even if your essay is well-written, your professor can have another opinion. There are always some criteria used to evaluate students’ work. And if you want to be sure that you create a good exemplification essay, it is critical to pay attention to grading criteria. That’s why you should understand how your work will be evaluated before writing an exemplification essay. Usually, professors provide a document with grading criteria to students. But, if you didn’t receive something like that, don’t worry. Here are some of the main exemplification essay grading criteria you should be aware of:

How to Structure an Exemplification Essay

It’s time to discuss a proper exemplification essay outline in more detail. Well-structured exemplification essay makes it easy for the audience to understand the presented information. So, it is important to follow a certain structure when writing exemplification essays.

The outline is not difficult, as this type of essay follows a traditional structure. Thus, your writing should include an introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. But there are still some nuances on what to have in each part of the exemplification essay. You can find a detailed explanation of how to write a good introduction, main body, and conclusion below.

Introduction: What to Include

The first paragraph of the exemplification essay is an introduction. It is an important part as, at this point, you need to grab your audience’s attention and explain what you will talk about in your exemplification essay. Remember that the introduction should take no more than one paragraph and 10% of the whole essay.

The best way to start your exemplification essay is to place a hook sentence at the beginning. A hook is a simple but powerful sentence that will grab readers’ attention. It should be related to the main idea of your exemplification essay and appropriate for the essay style.

Once you are done with a hook, provide general information on your topic, so the reader will know what they will read in your exemplification essay. Then, state a thesis you will develop and prove in the exemplification essay.

Main Body: What to Mention

After you create a catchy introduction, it’s time to move to the main paragraphs of your essay. It is a part where you develop the idea you stated in the introduction, present arguments, and, most important, back up your ideas with examples.

The best way to write an exemplification essay’s main body is to divide all information into smaller paragraphs. We mentioned before that the main body should include about 3 sections. It means that one argument should be explained in one paragraph. Thus, if you want to provide three ideas, you will have 3 paragraphs of your exemplification essay’s main body.

What is important is to make sure that all sentences are logically linked to one another. To do so, you must use exemplification essay transition words between corrections. For example, a common structure of the main body paragraph looks like this:

To ensure a good sentence flow, use supporting sentences between these parts in a paragraph. Supporting sentences can start with such exemplification essay transition words as:

If you want to learn more about the usage of transition words, review some exemplification essay examples. In this way, you will get a better idea of how to create a good sentence flow.

Conclusion: How to End an Exemplification Essay

The conclusion should take one paragraph at the end of the exemplification essay. In this part, you should point out again the thesis of your work and briefly summarize discussed arguments and examples.

A well-written conclusion can leave a good impression on the audience, so make sure you spend enough time writing it perfectly. There is no need to create a long decision. As well as the introduction, the concluding paragraph should be no more than 10% of your exemplification essay.

40 Interesting Topics for an Exemplification Essay

Sometimes students struggle to choose a good topic for their exemplification essays. It cannot be easy to come up with a topic that will interest you and the audience. We are here to help you with it. To inspire you, we collected some ideas for exemplification essay topics.

By looking through the lists below, you can understand what is more interesting for you. We divide all exemplification essay topic ideas into several categories, so you can easily find topics related to your field of study. Feel free to use our pictures for your exemplification essay.

Political Exemplification Essay Topics

Topics that cover politics and government and their relation with other institutions are perfect for an exemplification essay. Here are some ideas:

Culture Exemplification Essay Topics

Need to write an essay regarding cultural issues? Take a look at these topic ideas:

Social Exemplification Essay Topics

You can create a great essay about a controversial social problem. Here are some related topics:

Educational Exemplification Essay Topics

Educational topics are also a great choice for an exemplification paper. Here are several ideas for you:

Tips on Writing an Exemplification Essay

Even with all the information we provided in this article, it can still be hard to create a good exemplification essay. If you’re not a skillful writer or lack experience in creating exemplification essays, the writing process will take you a lot of time. In addition, you can accidentally make small mistakes or miss something during the research stage. All of these will make your writing process less effective and much longer.

But, there is a way to quickly improve your exemplification essay writing skills. Here are some tips that will make your writing process easier and help you to create a top-notch exemplification essay:

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How to Write a Reflective Essay

Lindsay Kramer

You’re probably used to responding to different sources in essays. For example, in an academic essay, you might compare two books’ themes, argue for or against a position, analyze a piece of literature, or persuade the reader with facts and statistics.

In one way, a reflective essay is similar to an academic essay. Like an academic essay, a reflective essay can discuss ideas and concepts from books, literature, essays, or articles. However, unlike an academic essay, it focuses on how your personal experience relates to these things.

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What is a reflective essay?

Reflective essays are a type of personal essay in which the writer examines a topic through the lens of their unique perspective. Reflective essays are more subjective about their subjects than an academic essay, use figurative language, and don’t require academic sources. The purpose of a reflective essay is to explore and share the author’s thoughts, perspectives, and experiences.

Reflective essays are often written for college applications and cover letters as a way for the writer to discuss their background and demonstrate how these experiences shaped them into an ideal candidate. For example, a college applicant might write a reflective essay about how moving every few years because of their parent’s military service impacted their concept of home.

Sometimes, reflective essays are academic assignments. For example, a student may be assigned to watch a film or visit a museum exhibition and write a reflective essay about the film or exhibition’s themes. Reflective essays can also be pieces of personal writing, such as blog posts or journal entries.

Reflective essay vs. narrative essay

There are a few similarities between reflective essays and narrative essays. Both are personal pieces of writing in which the author explores their thoughts about their experiences. But here’s the main difference: While a narrative essay focuses on a story about events in the author’s life, a reflective essay focuses on the changes the author underwent because of those events. A narrative essay has many of the same elements as a fictional story: setting, characters, plot, and conflict. A reflective essay gets granular about the circumstances and changes driven by the conflict and doesn’t necessarily aim to tell a full story.

Reflective essays based on academic material

You might be assigned to write a reflective essay on an academic text, such as an essay, a book, or an article. Unlike a reflective essay about your own personal experiences, this type of reflective essay involves analysis and interpretation of the material. However, unlike in an analytical essay , the position you support is informed by your own opinion and perspective rather than solely by the text.

How to choose a topic

A reflective essay can be about any topic. By definition, a reflective essay is an essay where the writer describes an event or experience (or series of events or experiences) and then discusses and analyzes the lessons they derived from their experience. This experience can be about anything , whether big life events like moving to a new country or smaller experiences like trying sushi for the first time. The topic can be serious, lighthearted, poignant, or simply entertaining.

If your reflective essay is for an assignment or an application, you might be given a topic. In some cases, you might be given a broad area or keyword and then have to develop your own topic related to those things. In other cases, you might not be given anything. No matter which is the case for your essay, there are a few ways to explore reflective essay ideas and develop your topic.

Freewriting is a writing exercise where you simply write whatever comes to mind for a fixed period of time without worrying about grammar or structure or even writing something coherent. The goal is to get your ideas onto paper and explore them creatively, and by removing the pressure to write something submittable, you’re giving yourself more room to play with these ideas.

Make a mind map

A mind map is a diagram that shows the relationships between ideas, events, and other words related to one central concept. For example, a mind map for the word book might branch into the following words: fiction , nonfiction , digital , hardcover . Each of these words then branches to subtopics. These subtopics further branch to subtopics of their own, demonstrating just how deep you can explore a subject.

Creating a mind map can be a helpful way to explore your thoughts and feelings about the experience you discuss in your essay.

Real-life experiences

You can find inspiration for a reflective essay from any part of your life. Think about an experience that shifted your worldview or dramatically changed your daily routine. Or you can focus on the smaller, even mundane, parts of life like your weekly cleaning routine or trips to the grocery store. In a reflective essay, you don’t just describe experiences; you explore how they shape you and your feelings.

Reflective essay outline


A reflective essay’s introduction paragraph needs to include:

The hook is the sentence that catches the reader’s attention and makes them want to read more. This can be an unexpected fact, an intriguing statistic, a left-field observation, or a question that gets the reader’s mind thinking about the essay’s topic.

The thesis statement is a concise statement that introduces the reader to the essay’s topic . A thesis statement clearly spells out the topic and gives the reader context for the rest of the essay they’re about to read.

These aren’t all the things that a reflective essay’s introduction needs, however. This paragraph needs to effectively introduce the topic, which often means introducing a few of the ideas discussed in the essay’s body paragraphs alongside the hook and thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

Your essay’s body paragraphs are where you actually explore the experience you’re reflecting on. You might compare experiences, describe scenes and your emotions following them, recount interactions, and contrast it with any expectations you had beforehand.

Unless you’re writing for a specific assignment, there’s no required number of body paragraphs for your reflective essay. Generally, authors write three body paragraphs, but if your essay needs only two—or it needs four or five—to fully communicate your experience and reflection, that’s perfectly fine.

In the final section, tie up any loose ends from the essay’s body paragraphs. Mention your thesis statement in the conclusion, either by restating it or paraphrasing it. Give the reader a sense of completion by including a final thought or two. However, these thoughts should reflect statements you made in the body paragraphs rather than introduce anything new to the essay. Your conclusion should also clearly share how the experience or events you discussed affected you (and, if applicable, continue to do so).

6 tips for writing a reflective essay

1 choose a tone.

Before you begin to write your reflective essay, choose a tone . Because a reflective essay is more personal than an academic essay, you don’t need to use a strict, formal tone. You can also use personal pronouns like I and me in your essay because this essay is about your personal experiences.

2 Be mindful of length

Generally, five hundred to one thousand words is an appropriate length for a reflective essay. If it’s a personal piece, it may be longer.

You might be required to keep your essay within a general word count if it’s an assignment or part of an application. When this is the case, be mindful to stick to the word count—writing too little or too much can have a negative impact on your grade or your candidacy.

3 Stay on topic

A reflective essay reflects on a single topic. Whether that topic is a one-off event or a recurring experience in your life, it’s important to keep your writing focused on that topic.

4 Be clear and concise

In a reflective essay, introspection and vivid imagery are assets. However, the essay’s language should remain concise , and its structure should follow a logical narrative.

5 Stay professional

Although you aren’t bound to a formal tone, it’s generally best to use a professional tone in your reflective writing. Avoid using slang or overly familiar language, especially if your reflective essay is part of a college or job application .

6 Proofread

Before you hit “send” or “submit,” be sure to proofread your work. For this last read-through, you should be focused on catching any spelling or grammatical mistakes you might have missed.

Reflective essay FAQs

Reflective essays are a type of personal essay that examines a topic through the lens of thewriter’s unique perspective. They are more subjective about their subjects than an academic essay, use figurative language, and don’t require academic sources.

What’s the difference between a reflective essay and a narrative essay?

While a reflective essay focuses on its author’s feelings and perspectives surrounding events they’ve experienced or texts they’ve read, a narrative essay tells a story. A narrative essay might show changes the author underwent through the same conventions a fictional story uses to show character growth; a reflective essay discusses this growth more explicitly and explores it in depth.

What are example topics for a reflective essay?

what to write an exemplification essay on

Tutlance Learn

Course reflection essay

what to write an exemplification essay on

Course reflection essays are customarily assigned by instructors in higher education institutions such as colleges and universities. In order for students to achieve success, it is essential for them to develop reflective skills since this will help them engage more actively in academic learning. Reflective writings are significant because they encourage learners to analyze what they have learned from each class and how they can apply the knowledge gained in future courses. Students should be able to write a convincing reflection paper which has a purpose built structure.

Let us first define a course reflection essay and what it entails:

What is a course reflection essay?

A course reflection essay is a type of writing published by the students to analyze their academic experiences such as educational placement, exams results, and personal thoughts when studying a particular course. This kind of writing is similar to the course evaluation essay, except that a course reflection essay gives students an opportunity to reflect on their overall experience of studying the subject.

reflection paper conclusion

Class reflection essay, how to write a movie reflection paper.

reflection paper outline

Reflection paper topics.

Usually, in order to write good a course reflection essay, there is a need to walk back at the way you have studied.

Basic requirements for it are as follows:

Check out the following issues that you may face while writing a course reflection essay:

Course reflection essay example

This is a one paragraph example of a course reflection essay written by a college student. Use the simple example to start/write a good college course reflection essay.

This course helped me to develop my ability of debating since it forced me to look at the applications and limits of technologies in an existing market. This was further achieved by exploring new ways of understanding human-technology interactions as well as reading some primary research articles. Through this, I have gained a deeper insight into how I would apply technologies for a client. Additionally, the assessment task has taught me how to plan and conduct interviews and questionnaires through which I can gather valuable information on how customers behave in an actual situation. In addition to that, it provides me with techniques in collecting all sources of information needed for research purposes. Overall, this module has not only expanded my skills but also gave me confidence that I am able to handle projects that involve technology.

The main point of this type of essay is that the process has taught you something valuable. If there are any new skills or techniques, if you learned something new about the subject or the software (which can be included within a more general reflection, should it not be related to anything specific), then write about those first and in greater detail. These points will come up first when your reader skims through what you wrote (so make sure they’re relevant!) – they form a good foundation for your whole piece and give it meaning beyond “this is how I did”. You might have also had an experience that made you grow as a person – include that part in the conclusion as well.

Structure of a course reflection essay

Here is one way to structure such a course reflection paper:

Example of a course reflection essay conclusion

Here is an example for such a simple course reflection paper conclusion:

This module has helped me gain basic research skills which I will certainly be able to apply once working within the industry. I hope to be able to apply these skills in the future and not just within the IT sector but also in a more general way, helping me develop professionally . This course has also allowed me to think out of the box when it comes down to problem-solving which will definitely come in handy once working as well. Overall, this module has given me various new opportunities that would not have been available otherwise and I am prepared for what’s yet to come!

Can I end a course reflection essay with a question?

Sure! You can end a course reflection essay with a question: how you can benefit from your experience? If you were applying for a job, a company/employer might ask for an essay answering this very thing – include it here as well, if you’d like!

Keep in mind though that you should not write about the positives only: if there were any things you didn’t like, anything that could be improved, include those as well. You may also want to go into greater detail as where you would change certain elements – your reader might ask for it and a negative comment can always turn into an overall positive one!

Course reflection essay writing help

Need help writing a course reflection essay, course reflection paper ? Don’t have time to write it yourself? No problem! Our writers can help you with that! Just fill out the order form and let us worry about writing your course reflection essay for you. The sooner you place an order, the sooner we’ll be able to start working on it:

Our writers can also share more sample course reflection papers for your review before you hire them. You will get custom papers – 100% plagiarism-free course reflection essays. Contact us now for more information about ordering custom course reflection essays at affordable prices.

Click here to find someone to write a course reflection essay for you or explore other course reflection paper examples listed below.

reflection paper examples

Self reflection essay, biographical narrative essay, how to write a nursing reflective essay, related guides, how to start a reflection paper | introduction..., internship reflection essay.

Exemplification Essay Guide

Exemplification Essay

Last updated on: Feb 9, 2023

A Complete Guide for Writing an Exemplification Essay

By: Dorothy M.

Reviewed By: Rylee W.

Published on: Jun 15, 2021

Exemplification Essay

On this Page

What is an Exemplification Essay?

Are you aware of argumentative essays?

Well, you must be since they are the most common type of essays that professors assign.

Exemplification essays are similar to argumentative and persuasive essays, where you provide solid examples to prove your point.

If you’re writing on the adverse effects of global warming, saying that it is harmful to humans isn't enough. Provide strong, substantial examples to prove that it is dangerous. For instance, it will cause glaciers to melt, which will create a shortage of freshwater.

Now that you are clear about the exemplification essay definition, let’s take a look at the steps needed to craft it.

How to Start an Exemplification Essay?

You can write a winning exemplification essay by following these pre-writing steps. An outline is a key to writing an engaging and memorable piece that will get you into college!

Have a look at each step in detail.

1. Choose a Topic

A good theme will have a huge impact on your overall success. Make sure you take time and choose one that is:

depending upon what's best for the paper!

It can be difficult finding examples in narrow topics since they're too specific. If you had to pick between these two options, then definitely go with more generic first, then figure out specifics later down the line once we know where our essay wants us headed creatively speaking.

2. Brainstorming

It's time to get creative! Before you begin writing, brainstorm ideas and points that will support your theme. Then think about angles in which the content could be described from more than one perspective. It presents its advantages and points out any drawbacks or possible problems associated with this particular topic.

3. Picking Examples and Citation

Make sure to conduct research for your essay and use information from credible sources such as journals, reputable newspapers. Spend more time on this stage than the brainstorming or outlining process because it will ultimately lead you in a clearer direction with stronger arguments!

4. Creating Outline

It is important to have an outline before you start writing your paper. It will help organize all the raw data into understandable text and form a structure for what needs are included in each part of it.You’ll also find that getting started with this process makes everything go much smoother when drafting later on!

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Exemplification Essay Outline Template


How to Write an Exemplification Essay?

To make the writing process much simpler, you must follow some steps and guidelines. This will help keep the writing organized and much more manageable.

You obviously need a topic to write on. If the professor didn’t assign you the topic, it’s time to have a brainstorming session. Look for an interesting and unique topic that both you and the reader will enjoy. For any essay type, avoid broad topics or the ones with no room for explanation.

2. Conduct Extensive Research

The more you research, the more examples you can find to support and justify the thesis statement. While researching, make sure that you only gather data from credible sources, unlike Wikipedia. You can go through different scholarly articles, scientific journals, academic blogs, etc.

3. Find the Most Applicable Examples

While it is important to share interesting examples, you need to also make sure that they are relevant to your topic. Don’t confuse the reader by providing them with irrelevant examples.

You can also use real-life examples, anecdotes, or personal stories to justify the thesis. Use relevant examples that the reader can relate to.

4. Craft an Exemplification Essay Outline

The purpose of starting with an essay outline is to organize the data logically as well as give the essay a proper structure. Highlight the ideas at this stage that you can perfect as you go.

When you write an introduction for the essay, keep in mind the three basic functions – grab the reader’s attention, educate them about the topic and inform them about the main claim.

Use a hook sentence to attract the audience and motivate them to continue reading further. Use some unbelievable fact, a shocking revelation, quotation, or anecdote to open the essay.

Provide them with some background information on the topic, so it gets easier for them to understand. Lastly, present a strong thesis statement that discusses the main idea and purpose of your paper.

To learn more about it, check out this detailed article on writing a thesis statement.

The body of your essay holds the biggest chunk of information. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that highlights the crux of it. Next, present your arguments or supporting ideas relevant to the topic and justify them with the help of examples.

Each paragraph should address a single main point. Also, don’t forget to add transitions between the body paragraphs.

When you write a conclusion for any essay, remember to keep in mind that it is your final chance to convince the reader. Restate your thesis statement, sum up the important points, and suggest a course of action.

A concluding paragraph holds the same importance as your introduction. Learn how to write a strong conclusion from this detailed guide

5. Revise and Edit

Once you are done with the final draft, don’t forget to proofread and edit. Then, read it aloud to find out what it would sound like and get rid of all inconsistencies and errors.

Exemplification Essay Example

A professionally written essay is more than just a simple piece of writing. So, before starting your project, it's good to take time and look at some sample exemplification essays from us!




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Exemplification Essay Topics List

Here are some interesting topic ideas for your next paper.

Exemplification Essay Tips

The process of writing an excellent essay is not easy. However, following these simple tips from our expert writers will be much less challenging for your entire coursework life!

This was everything to help you get started and write a good exemplification essay. Our experienced writers are here for your ‘ write my essays for me ’ needs, so if there is anything that we can do better, just let us know!

You don't have to worry about writing an exemplification essay anymore. Our experts will provide you with top-quality assistance so that your work won’t be affected in any way!

Place your first order now and enjoy the best-written essay!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of an exemplification essay.

Exemplification writing is when you use specific, vivid examples to help you explain. It gives more information to the idea. Exemplification also provides strong evidence that supports your main statement.

What is the purpose of an exemplification essay?

Exemplification can help people understand your point. It can tell them what to think. You need to show them examples that show how it is true.

Dorothy M.

Masters Essay, Literature

Dorothy M. is an experienced freelance writer with over five years of experience in the field. She has a wide client base, and her customers keep returning to her because of her great personalized writing. Dorothy takes care to understand her clients' needs and writes content that engages them and impresses their instructors or readers.

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536 Exemplification Essay Topics: Examples & Ideas

Exemplification essays allow scholars to validate a specific argument. In this case, the primary goal for writing an exemplification paper is to use a real-life example to prove that a particular point remains valid. Moreover, failure to make a suitable selection for essay topics leads to weaker papers that may discourage the target audience from reading through. Then, prudent learners begin the process of selecting a topic by brainstorming ideas, while this article includes many examples of exemplification essay topics. In turn, actual papers must contain an introduction that catches the reader’s attention. Besides, the body section should have excellent and compelling examples to support a thesis statement, while the conclusion should bring papers to a logical closure.

General Guidelines on Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay topic refers to academic writing that relies on specific and vivid examples to describe, persuade, explain, and exemplify a general idea. Basically, exemplification essay topics present reliable and robust substantiation and evidence to support the writer’s main argument. Moreover, exemplification papers prove some arguments and contain clear examples to support a thesis statement . Then, appropriate illustrations help to create the reader’s interest. Also, by supplying specific examples, one adds information related to “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how” questions. In turn, such details help to elaborate on the main idea presented in a paragraph or an essay. Although exemplification works prove some arguments, one must use good examples to relate to a topic to support central perspectives logically.

Exemplification essay topics

Good Exemplification Essay Topics

Easy Exemplification Essay Topics

Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics

Unique Lists of 433 Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification essay topics for high school.

Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

Exemplification Essay Topics for Government and Politics

Exemplification Essay Topics About Economics and Finance

Law Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification Essay Topics for Literature and Poetry

Illustration Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification Essay Topics About Famous Individuals

Informative Exemplification Essay Topics

Exemplification Essay Topics on Gun Control

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Types of Exemplifications

Students can write two types of exemplification essays to support their central arguments. For example, the first type uses multiple examples to support a central argument. In this case, writers use several illustrations to prove the main idea. Also, this type allows learners to use related examples to verify the validity of a specific argument. Then, the second type of exemplification essay is an extended example, enabling authors to use one significant example but examine all the related finer details. In turn, scholars focus on elucidating a specific model to communicate the leading case in point.

Topic Types of Exemplification Papers

Learners can use different topics for multiple and extended exemplification essays. Basically, the primary aim in both cases is to ensure that readers accept a specific argument or perspective. Hence, particular examples of topics for two types of exemplification essays are:

1. Examples of Multiple Topics for Exemplification Essays

2. Examples of Extended Topics for Exemplification Essays

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Construct an Exemplification Essay Topic

Exemplification essay topics focus on providing a suitable explanation for the target audience. Basically, students must pay attention when creating a relevant topic for an exemplification paper. In this case, the primary goal that a scholar must achieve when choosing a theme is to present a compelling argument that may motivate readers to accept a specific point of view. Hence, the basic steps that one should follow in choosing or creating a suitable exemplification essay topic are:

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step in creating a topic for an exemplification essay is brainstorming relevant ideas. For instance, scholars must identify a concept that relates to an emerging issue. In this case, brainstorming allows students to generate unique and original topics for their essays or research papers. Moreover, prudent learners focus on raising many points related to their papers. Eventually, writers evaluate presented ideas to identify the most compelling concepts. Therefore, one should begin by brainstorming to identify the most appropriate title for an essay.

Step 2: Researching

Scholars have a mandate to research a topic identified to gather relevant examples. In particular, exemplification papers must have several general measures to support the intended point of view. Basically, students should take time to gather applicable sources to support their topics. For example, some of the credible sources that may help with getting necessary evidence include journal articles, books, and credible websites. As a rule, all the examples identified must support an exemplification topic directly. In turn, writers need to ensure that illustrations or supporting ideas relate to concepts obtained from reliable sources .

Step 3: Drafting a Title

Students must draft a suitable topic for an exemplification essay. Basically, the evidence gathered helps one to select the best idea from those recorded in the first step. In this case, one should engage in a critical evaluation process that can lead to the identification of the most compelling topic for a paper. As a rule, one should choose a subject supported by many and relevant examples. In turn, prudent learners draft several titles, from which they select the most compelling one. Besides, writers should not limit themselves to related ideas. Instead, authors should create diverse topics.

Step 4: Revising a Drafted Topic

Learners should revise their drafted topics to ensure that they contain a single idea. Basically, a good case for an exemplification work must be independent. In this case, a reader must understand the writer’s intended message by reading the title of a topic. Moreover, compelling topics must be short and precise, meaning that the audience should quickly grasp the intended meaning. In turn, one should ensure that discussed issues catch the reader’s attention. Besides, most individuals focus on reading exciting papers.

Step 5: Selecting a Suitable Topic

Authors should select the most compelling topic from the list of themes developed in the previous step. For example, writers should reread titles several times to identify the most effective one. In other instances, writers request their peers to evaluate proposed topics and identify the strongest ones. Moreover, the selection process forms the foundation for writing an outstanding essay. As a rule, the selected case should contain a debatable point. In turn, exemplification essay topics require writers to engage in a debate that proves the validity of a specific point or issue. Besides, learners must ensure that the topic identification process leads to a reasonable subject.  

Skeleton for an Exemplification Essay Topic

Writers can rely on a specific format to develop an exemplification essay topic. For instance, a suitable topic must contain a subject and debatable consequences. As a rule, the matter may be an individual, government policy, a trending issue, or any other thing that leads to specific outcomes. In turn, this basic structure allows one to use viable examples to support a particular claim for a study. Hence, a general format that an exemplification essay topic must follow is:

One may alter this structure based on a topic or discipline. For instance, students may decide to begin with uncertain outcomes followed by a specific subject. In turn, such a general format would appear as:

Writers alter a topic skeleton to reduce monotony when writing their essays. Basically, diversified topics help to capture the reader’s attention. Also, learners need to ensure that the title of multiple topics for exemplification papers contains a narrow subject. However, extended themes for exemplification essays should have a broad topic that may lead to adequate subject analysis. In turn, this difference determines the nature of examples that one may use to support a central argument.

Template for Exemplification Essays

Topics for an exemplification essay should be short, clear, and independent. Basically, a suitable topic should contain between eight and twelve words. In turn, extended versions of such themes may sound vague and appear unprofessional.  

2. Introduction

The introduction should begin with a catchphrase that attracts the reader’s attention. In this case, writers should include the main points that allow readers to gain adequate background information. Besides, this section must end with a thesis statement that shows the writer’s argument.

A. 1st Body Paragraph

The body section should begin with a paragraph that supports a thesis statement. In particular, writers must begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence followed by compelling examples. Moreover, the last sentence in a paragraph should summarize the main ideas and provide a transition to the next paragraph.

B. 2nd Body Paragraph

The second paragraph should contain a counterargument that opposes a thesis statement. As a rule, one should provide real-life examples that support a counterargument. Besides, writers should include explanations that can help readers to understand the intended message of this counterargument.

C. 3rd Body Paragraph

The third paragraph should refute a counterargument and show that a thesis statement holds. For example, writers must show the counterargument’s major weakness. In turn, this approach allows readers to make a suitable judgment about the main subject. Besides, this paragraph must help readers to change their minds and accept a thesis argument as a valid statement.

4. Conclusion

Exemplification essays must end with a summative paragraph. In this case, the last passage should bring a paper into a logical closure that allows readers to connect body paragraphs in a clear picture. Also, one should summarize the main points and restate a thesis statement.

Exemplification essay topics present specific arguments but require one to use real-life examples to support the central claim. In this case, students should validate central perspectives by using good examples that relate to the topic logically. Then, two types of exemplification papers should include multiple and extended models of themes. For multiple these, one should use several real-life cases to support a thesis. Otherwise, authors should break a single instance into relevant subtopics to help the essay’s central point. Hence, key tips that students must remember when writing exemplification papers are:

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Martin Amis was prolific. Here’s where to start with his writing.

The author, who died friday, wrote more than a dozen novels as well as a memoir and collections of essays and criticism.

Martin Amis, a writer known for novels including “Money” and “The Information,” as well as for his literary criticism and acerbic observations about British and American culture, died Friday at 73 .

Amis, the son of famed British writer Kingsley Amis, became one of the characteristic literary celebrities of his generation. He first broke onto the scene with darkly comedic novels about drugs, sex, finance and media, cutting against what he viewed as the British tendency toward airless, sanitized nostalgia. In middle age, he took on self-consciously grander themes: history, war, the specter of nuclear annihilation, environmentalism. His last book, “Inside Story,” was an autobiographical — and metafictional — reflection on his life, his friendships and some contemporary politics.

“I think there’s a lot of romanticism in my work,” he once told a reporter , “but it’s thwarted by distortion and perversity, false commercial images in TV, literature, porn. The fact is, my satire wouldn’t work if what I’m satirizing were not valued. Like Philip Larkin’s poetry, love is conspicuous by [its] absence.”

Amis was energetically prolific as novelist, essayist, critic and reporter. Here’s where to start:

The major novels

“Money: A Suicide Note” (1984). The first novel of what would become known as Amis’s London trilogy follows an ad man, John Self, as he crosses the Atlantic to make a movie. Amis himself described it as “essentially a plotless novel, … a voice novel.” Here’s how Jonathan Yardley characterized it in his review for The Washington Post : “From first page to last it is one long drinking bout, interrupted only briefly by a period of relative sobriety; it contains incessant sexual activity, much of it onanistic; it has a generous supply of sordid language that would not pass muster in polite society; and it has an unkind word for just about every race, creed or nationality known to exist.” He also wrote that “it is so unremittingly, savagely hilarious that reading it is quite literally an exhausting experience, from which one emerges simultaneously gasping for air and pleading for more.”

“London Fields” (1989). “This is the story of a murder,” the narrator tells us on the first page of arguably Amis’s most widely admired novel. “It hasn’t happened yet. But it will. (It had better.)” The narrator is Samson Young, a chronically blocked American writer. But as with John Self in “Money,” the novel’s most memorable character is the seediest one, Keith Talent, a two-bit thief who aspires to be a champion darts thrower. Amis roasted 1980s New York in “Money” and captures late-20th-century London with the same jaded and very funny eye.

“The Information” (1995). This story of two writer frenemies, one of whom becomes a best-selling success, was overshadowed in the British tabloids at the time of publication by the rumored $800,000 Amis had been paid for it. The author later remarked to an interviewer about his demand for the generous advance: “These things stay with you. For years it was the number one thing people asked about, and it was not my finest hour.” But the book’s reputation has done just fine: In 2019, the Guardian ranked it his second-best novel (behind “Money”), writing: “The comedy is unsparing but affectionate and the existential angst more acute than ever.”

The nonfiction

“The War Against Cliché: Essays and Reviews 1971-2000” (2001). Amis was widely admired by other reviewers for his work as a critic. The Post’s Michael Dirda, reviewing this collection , wrote: “Should you happen to be a writer yourself, or — God help you — a literary journalist, you suddenly know, with numbing clarity, just how Salieri felt when Mozart sashayed into Vienna.” Amis was an “honest and patient” critic, Dirda wrote, and a stylish one: “Whatever Amis chooses to say about a book or a writer seems just right — and lip-smackingly phrased.” This collection includes pieces about Bellow, Nabokov, Kafka, Elmore Leonard and more.

“Experience: A Memoir” (2000). Amis’s memoir, loosely structured but beautifully written and revealing, covers his romantic relationships, his many literary friends, his life with his famous father and his equally famous (or infamous) teeth. (The book’s index entries for “dental problems” are a literary experience of their own.)

“The Moronic Inferno and Other Visits to America” (1986). In addition to literary profiles, this collection of pieces Amis wrote for magazines and newspapers from the late 1970s through the early 1980s also includes his thoughts on Elvis, Ronald Reagan and Steven Spielberg.

“The Second Plane” (2008). Like many other literary writers in the wake of Sept. 11, 2001, Amis produced contentious opinion pieces that were met with, at best, mixed reviews. In the New York Times, Leon Wieseltier wrote of this collection: “The results of Amis’s clumsily mixed cocktail of rhetoric and rage can be eccentric, or worse.”

Other fiction

Amis wrote 15 novels over his lifetime. Here’s a sampling of The Post’s reviews:

“Einstein’s Monsters” (1987), reviewed by Bruce Cook . “‘Some readers might like to read the introductory essay last or later,’ says Martin Amis in an author’s note at the beginning of this short, uneven and rather curious book. Writers are always pulling stuff like that. You wonder why, if that’s the recommended reading order, he didn’t arrange it that way in the first place.”

“Yellow Dog” (2003), reviewed by James Hynes . “The novel reads like a midlife crisis, a writer’s equivalent of buying a sports car and running off with a woman half his age.”

“House of Meetings” (2007), reviewed by Thomas Mallon . “The book gnaws at one’s memory. Amis tries to imagine history with the intimacy and specificity that the greatest historical novelists, including Tolstoy, have always presumed to seek for it.”

“The Pregnant Widow” (2010), reviewed by The Post’s Ron Charles . “In this nakedly autobiographical novel, a handful of topless bombshells and horny college kids spend the summer of 1970 at an Italian castle with nothing to do but plot their next orgasms. The setting is exotic, the subject is erotic, but the story is necrotic.”

“Lionel Asbo” (2012), reviewed by Charles . “Here, Amis seems unwilling to exert more effort than it would take to change the channel from ‘Jersey Shore’ to ‘Half Pint Brawlers.’ He’s ambling years behind The Situation and the Kardashians, serving up blanched stereotypes on the silver platter of his prose as though it contained enough spice to entertain or even shock.”

“The Zone of Interest” (2014), reviewed by Tova Reich . “Amis is a wizard possessing the ambition to take on weighty themes, but he is above all a word wizard. … It’s signature Amis at his most inventive, and it is precisely through such inspired and irreverent fluency that his dead-serious purpose is realized.”

Assorted essays and reviews

“Joan Didion’s style,” 1980. Dubbing Didion “the poet of the Great Californian Emptiness” in the London Review of Books, Amis both praises her originality and criticizes the “hollow places” of her writing — where it’s missing, he argues, social imagination and assured literary references.

“The World According to Spielberg,” 1982. Amis confesses to staggering out of the theater, drained of tears, after “E.T.,” and says in the Guardian: “The rule is: no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the audience. Spielberg doesn’t need to do this because in a sense he is there already, uncynically.”

“Jane’s World,” 1995. Careening from “Four Weddings and a Funeral” to the BBC television adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice,” Amis reflects on the ’90s wave of the Jane Austen craze — “or more particularly Darcymania” — and the novelist’s enduring appeal.

“A rough trade,” 2001. Amis reported on the American porn industry for the Guardian. What follows — hilarious, shocking, sometimes appalling — should not be quoted here.

Profiles and interviews

The Post’s 1985 profile of Amis . “Money, to British novelist Martin Amis, is in the same vile category as Herpes II, daytime game shows and the Long Island Expressway,” wrote journalist Stephanie Mansfield. She reported that, at the conclusion of their interview in a Washington restaurant, when the check came, Amis did not move; he did not carry a wallet.

… and The Post’s profile from 1991 . On the occasion of Amis’s seventh novel, “Time’s Arrow,” Charles Trueheart had lunch with the novelist and learned that this was the first book that Amis’s father had read in full: “Having gotten completely used to him not reading them, this was a real buzz,” Amis quipped.

A conversation with Salman Rushdie in Interview magazine . The old friends, regarded (along with Christopher Hitchens, Julian Barnes, Ian McEwan and Kazuo Ishiguro) as members of the same close-knit literary generation, talked in 2020 about Amis’s autobiographical novel, “Inside Story” — and what Hitchens would have made of Donald Trump.

His Paris Review interview from 1998 . In it, Amis described what he would consider a good day of writing. (He considered it a “part-time job, really,” though also said that, toward the end of a novel, he experienced “hysterical energy” that allowed him to put in six or seven hours at a time.) He also, of course, answered questions about Kingsley: “I’m not at all reluctant to talk about my father, since it’s become clearer to me that it is more or less a unique case.” Amis did, however, breezily profess some resentment of younger writers.


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