Professional Nursing Practice Essay

Nursing : The Importance Of Professionalism In Nursing

Nursing is an occupation in which professionalism (or lack thereof) can have a significant effect on not only patients and their health, but the nurse’s relationships with colleagues, patients’ families and even their community. A nurse must exemplify professionalism, especially in an environment that creates increased risk for loss of life or further injury. There are many aspects that are involved with professionalism in nursing, and many expectations set up on the nurse.

Nurse Practitioner Essay

The role of a family nurse practitioner is a fundamental portion of the future of healthcare. The role is clearly not as understood by other healthcare professionals as needed which results in the disagreement if the role of a family nurse practitioner is even required for primary care. As people are getting older, the need for medical professionals that can provide patient care to our ever growing population increases. The need for the role of family nurse practitioners will grow too. The role of the family nurse practitioner, the ability of the FNP to be able to transition into their role.

Professional Profile: Nursing Essay

Mary considers “Competencies for registered nurses” is affecting her career the most. It helps her to maintain the high standards as a nurse. This document has been implemented by Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) to ensure the on-going education and compliance with standards for nursing care. It consists of four main parts. They are competences in professional responsibility, management of nursing care, interpersonal relationships and interprofessional care and quality improvement. It requires ability to show knowledge and judgment, and being responsible for own actions and decisions, while assuring safety of the patients, their independence and quality of life and health. Also it requires competences in client assessment and managing the care. The clients care should be sensitive to his/her needs. It is supported by nursing knowledge and evidence based research. Besides to comply with “Competences for registered nurses” the patient care should be cultural sensitive (Nursing Council of New Zealand, 2007). Every 3

Professionalism in Nursing Essay

Nurses must display a knowledge of skills by portraying a functional ability to assess, treat, and prevent illness in the clinical setting. “The nurses are obliged to gain specialized knowledge, skills and training through the rigorous study of biological, physical and behavioral sciences and then use this knowledge to diagnose and treat patients suffering from different ailments. The patients treated must be under the supervision of skilled medical practitioners and the nurse must be equally directed by the expert medical practitioner. The prevention and management of illnesses, injury and ailments also forms some of the major tasks that have to be carried out by nurses. Politeness in expression, compassion for patients and proper uniform are also some of the main parts of professionalism in nursing.” (professonalism in nursing

Essay On Nurse Practitioner Role

The role of nurse practitioner is valuable when discussing collaborative care. There are so many levels of care, so many health entities, and so many insurer criteria involved that it is instrumental to have a role that can work towards help bring all aspects together. In addition to diagnosing, treating, and managing care, the role of the nurse practitioner is to manage simple and episodic acute health issues along with chronic disease (Sangster-Gormley, Martin-Misener, & Burge, 2013). It is important to note that although this is a function of this role, nurse practitioners also practice from a holistic point of view which allows them to help manage patient conditions or wellness in a more complete fashion. This includes helping patients have access to care beyond primary and secondary care settings. This encourages nurse practitioners to work alongside other health care and allied health professions, and families to create an individualized plan for every patient (van

Nursing as a profession is an incredibly varied field, with as many opinions on how and why as there are nurses. It is therefore incumbent on each nurse to determine what aspects of nursing research and history will influence her practice. This work is presented as a Professional Nursing Mission Statement for the author. In the following pages, the governing bodies, ethical code, professional traits, nursing theorist and theory, and historical figure that guide personal nursing practice are presented with scenarios demonstrating their effects. Providing the building blocks for an individual approach to nursing will result in a deeper understanding of practice.

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Essay

Many Americans use Advance Practice Nurse Practitioners (APRN) for a number of their health care needs. For more than fifty years, APRN’s have provided a great amount of services in primary care and acute settings, making their presence in the health care system important. Likewise, expectations are that APRN’s will become even more crucial to the delivery of healthcare as more Americans gain access to providers through the new tax reform. With this being said, it is imperative that the APRN be able to practice to his or her full practice authority. “Full practice authority is comprised of state practice and licensure laws that allow advanced practice registered nurses to practice fully in the four domains of practice, under the exclusive licensure

Concept Analysis on Caring Essay

The role of a nurse is viewed as stressful, so nurses need to be emotionally ready and be physically fit to participate in delivering care. Acts of kindness, trustworthiness, promoting privacy, ensuring dignity, being engrossed into the artistry of caring and engaging in anti-discriminatory practice (Baughan & Smith 2008) by respecting everyone, irrespective of age, culture, gender, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and the condition from which they are afflicted, are caring indicators of a nurse.

Nursing Practicum Proposal Essay

Nursing students today are diverse with different learning styles. Nursing educators must shape students to become critical thinkers and there are a host of approaches for instructors to develop needed teaching skills (Kostovich et al., 2007). There are many models of education styles; one to fashion teaching after is from Kolb’s model in 1985 which suggests matching learning methods to teaching approaches. However, educators need to become proficient in identifying individual student learning styles. Nursing educators should also recognize their own teaching style and the effect it has on learner development and socialization (National League for Nursing, 2007). The National League for Nursing (NLN) has developed eight core

Nurse Practitioner Consultation Essay

For the purpose of this essay, I will discuss the case of a five years old patient presenting to my place of work with the symptom of shortness of breath (SOB). To maintain confidentiality the pseudonym “Ryan” will be used to refer to the child and Ryan’s mother will be frequently referred to as “mum”.

Advanced Nursing Practice Essays

“Advanced nursing practice is the deliberative diagnosis and treatment of a full range of human responses to actual or potential health problems.” (Calkin, 1984). Advanced nurse practitioners attempt to maximize the use of knowledge and skills and improve the delivery of nursing and health care services. The field of advanced nursing practice differs from basic practice as the former requires clinical specialization at the master’s level. At this level, nurses become expert practitioners whose work includes direct and indirect patient care. Direct patient care involves caring for patients and their families; this is the focus of my section on nurse clinicians. Indirect patient care includes work as an educator, researcher, and a

The nursing process Essay

The standards of practice describe a competent level of nursing care as exhibited by the critical thinking model known as the nursing process. This practice includes the areas of assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The nursing process includes significant actions taken by registered nurses (RN) and forms the foundation of the nurse’s decision-making (“American Nurses Association,” 2010).

Professionalism As A Nurse Is So Much More Than Someone Who Administers Medication

A nurse is so much more than someone who administers medication, performs physical examinations, and establishes treatment plans. Nurses do not just listen to their patients needs, they advocate for them. They do not just take care of the suffering and ill, they have empathy for them. They do not just treat injuries and wounds, they heal the mind body and spirit. Being a nurse is not just a job title, it is an identity. It involves many core concepts and incorporates many values and beliefs. Being a nurse includes the concepts professionalism and patient and family - centered care. Both in which relate to the Benedictine values of the College of St. Scholastica.

Emerging Trends Within Professional Nursing Essay

There have been several shifts in healthcare models throughout time and even more within the nursing profession. Each shift can be marked by the understanding of clinicians at the time as it relates to an idea of what it means to be human. Dr. Larry Dossey published his version of the progression of the healthcare models since the nineteenth century broken into three eras (Koerner, 2011).

Nursing is a Profession Essay

Nursing is a profession that blends the rich traditions of the past with the ever changing realities of today's health care industry. Nursing is not simply an assortment of special skills and the nurse is not simply a person proficient in performing these specific tasks. Nursing is a profession. I believe this statement to be true because of several factors. The Title 19 Code for Nurses is titled "Standards for Professional Nursing Practice". The status of nursing as a profession reflects the values that society places on the work of nurses and how central nursing is to the good of society. "By being a professional we imply that the person is conscientious in actions, knowledgeable in the subject and

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Is Nursing a Profession

Is Nursing a Profession

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Roy and Geneveive Bixler emphasized in their list of criteria for professions that a profession should attract certain intellectual and personal qualities. The Bixler’s outlined the pathway for professionalism to include a well-defined body of knowledge on a higher level of intellectualism. Nursing As A Profession Nurses have specialized education and training validated by “professional licensure” in each state. We have a code of ethics and established practice standards we are bound to adhere to, a violation of which can result in our license being revoked or sanctioned.

We have our own body of ongoing research that shapes and governs our practice. Nurses work autonomously within our scope of practice. We formulate and carry out our own plan of care for clients (when applicable); we apply judgment, use critical thinking skills, and make nursing diagnoses. Nurses use their specialized knowledge, experience, and skill set to initiate live-saving measures, improve and promote the health and well-being of the planet, and ease pain, suffering, and loss. We are all united in that common mission—regardless of where we work, our position title, or whether we’re employed, unemployed, or self-employed.

Nursing is my profession and my life’s work. I have had various employment/self-employment positions over the years since becoming a nurse. But regardless of what title I had at any given time, and whether directly or indirectly working with consumers of healthcare (and we are all consumers of healthcare) I have always been working within the profession of nursing. In each role I had the same mission, ideals, and ethical and practice standards, while being aware of my role and responsibility as a healthcare expert (every nurse is a healthcare expert in his or her own way) and provider of care in a very broad sense.

Today, as a nurse entrepreneur, when people ask me what I do, I say, “I am a self-employed registered nurse who spends her time speaking and a writing. You might say I heal with words. ” I am proud to be a member of the nursing profession for 35 years. I don’t want to discuss the issue anymore, I don’t want to debate or dispute it. I just want to keep on living it—to the best of my ability—always striving to raise the standards of my own practice and my profession as a whole for hopefully another 35 years…or more.

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what is nursing profession essay

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what is nursing profession essay

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what is nursing profession essay

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Professional nursing

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what is nursing profession essay

Table of Contents

Nursing in the U.S. is a professional calling that aims in fulfilling the ANA code of ethics so that the patient’s health may be achieved and to ensure that the nation has healthy citizens. Being a nurse, one has to be committed in her work, to practice dignity and to protect the patient’s life and health.The reason why I chose nursing is to achieve my career as a health practitioner but mainly to protect human lives and to promote safety and health in the nation. My aim is to try my best to free the humans from suffering caused by sickness. Sickness is inevitable therefore I have to join hands with my fellow nurses and the other health practitioners in the campaign against illness and health disorder.

The essence of nursing in the society and in the healthcare system is to practice the health ethics such as the ANA code of ethics, the NMC of 2015 and any other ethical codes that aim in improving the health condition of a patient (Fowler, 2008).

The historical factors influencing professional nursing practice are role played by the Nurse practitioners in the previous centuries such as in the 20 th century where the nurses started combining the medical practices with some improved health care skills with the help of Information Technology (Duffield, 1996).The cultural factors influencing professional nursing practice ensure the patients receive quality and precedence health care because beside practicing the required health ethics a nurse is supposed to protect the right and freedom of a patient with dignity and respect.

Beliefs and Values

The patient needs to be treated with care, respect, dignity and determination so that their health condition may improve and they live a normal life without any implication and effect of diseases.The family of the patient need to enjoy and have a good moment where their member is recovering from a certain illness. It’s their privilege to have a nurse who is responsibly treating their member with dignity (Corley, 2015).

I believe in being responsible, in the healthcare facility I I’m supposed to ensure team work, cooperation and support during any situation so that the safety and the health of the patients is achieved.I should have a good health so that I can achieve my goals and requirement as a professional nurse in helping the sick patient in recovering from their illness and health disorder. I need to have good health and by this I’m supposed to avoid the causes of diseases such as stress and bad eating habits so that I can be a good example to my patients.

what is nursing profession essay

Vision for the Future

In two Years’ time I will have achieved the required education to make me a professional nurse practitioner in the nation and I will ensure I get an employment so that I exercise my acquired skill and knowledge in this health sector.In the next 5 years I want to have my own clinic so that I can employ other health practitioners and we aim toward having a nation where every citizen is healthy.In the next 10 years I want to have achieved my best in this healthcare sector, I will strive towards acquiring a PHD in the medical field and being the best nurse in the nation.

I’m determined, passionate and have a serving attitude which will give me an upper hand in this nursing career and these values will enable me to achieve my goals as the best nurse. I need to acquire more education so that I can help any patient in matters of treatment, surgery and in the sector of offering guidance on how to maintain good health since protection is the best cure.

what is nursing profession essay

Professional Nursing Essay

what is nursing profession essay

Show More Qualities of professional caring is presented in chapter nine as a way to shed insight on the various ways human care from the ontical perspective. “Onticology is the study of some entity in its actual relation with other entities” (Roach, 2013, p. 165). These attributes presented: compassion, competence, confidence , conscience, commitment, and comportment are known as the six cs. I was very interested to learn more about caring throughout this reading. Is a dress code necessary to convey caring to patients? Why or why not? Dress code is necessary to convey caring to patients. A person’s comportment, or the way they present themselves, is a powerful tool of expression. It’s important for nurses to remember that their place of employment is …show more content… It’s compassion that pushes us to care for our patients and others. It’s a powerful human response that has the power to reveal certain things in ourselves and in others. Compassion involves a simple, unpretentious presence to each other, it’s a gift that we seem to have lost even though we have developed sophisticated techniques in our efforts to acquire it (Roach, 2013, p. 171). Compassion can be shown through our actions and words, and also when we care for others when they need us the most. In order for a nurse to grow their compassion, they must understand what it is. They must know that compassion is not something that can be faked and that it’s not something that we can go to school to learn, but that it’s a gift that we are born with. Once they understand what compassion is, they can look within themselves to see how they can be more compassionate. One effective way that a nurse can grow in their compassion is when they don’t limit it simply to their families and friends; they can widen it out and include people that they do not know. Although compassion is something that we are born with, growing a more compassionate attitude takes a lot of effort, thus we should not get discouraged when it takes a little bit of time for that growth to be …show more content… “Confidence is defined as the quality that fosters trusting relationships” (Roach, 2013, p. 173). If a nurse wants their patients to see that they care about them, then it is vital that they form a trusting relationship with them. There are different ways that a nurse can convey this confidence. They can show the patients and their family members that the facility have the resources available to make them better. That knowledge can be a huge relief to the patient and their family. They can verbalize to the patient and their family that they are available to help with anything that they might need. The nurse can also make sure that the patient is aware that they will be the best advocate they can be for them, and that they will tell them the truth regarding anything related to their health. The nurse should also keep in mind that the more confident they are, the more confident their patient will be

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Essay on professional nursing.

The history of the nursing profession can be traced far back pioneers like Florence Nightingale. Florence transformed the status of nursing from a domestic service to that of a professional image. Over the years the nursing profession have undergone immerse revolution to become one of the respected profession in the modern era. The American Nurses Association (ANA) defines nursing as “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation…

Essay On Professional Nursing Philosophy

Personal Philosophy for Professional Nursing Practice Nursing is a profession defined by caring. More specifically it is defined by four concepts including, patient, nurse, health and the environment in which one exists (Butts, 2015). These concepts will be expanded upon and impact they have upon the professional practice of nursing. Nursing Autobiography My desire to be a nurse was not realized until I was in college. I graduated high school in 2003 and started college at the University of North…

Essay On Professional Nursing Organizations

Journal: Professional Nursing Organizations There are many professional nursing organizations available to join. Choosing the nursing organization that is the right fit for you and that will enhance your knowledge can be a daunting task. We will look at the American Nursing Association (ANA) and the Society for Vascular Surgery Nursing (SVN). ANA held it first convention in 1896 under the name of Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada; becoming the ANA in 1911. The ANA headquarters…

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Professional Nursing Practice Essay

Realising Professionalism in Nursing Practice Professional and effective nursing practice is reliant on an effective therapeutic relationship between nurses and patients (Arnold & Boggs, 2015). The term professional nursing practice can be defined as “a system that supports registered nurse control over the delivery of nursing care and the environment in which care is delivered” (Mark, Salyer, & Wan, 2003). The Professional nursing practice involved appropriate and effective behavioral and attitudes that contribute to improved outcomes for both the patients and healthcare providers. This essay will strive to highlight the capacities and the importance of professional behaviors and attitudes of nurses by analyzing a YouTube video using available …show more content…

The set of anomalies that nurse Nicki displayed can be organized into three categories: crossing professional boundaries, ineffective communication , and unprofessional image. The term professional boundaries can be defined as a myriad number of limits that enables nurses to develop a therapeutic relationship that protects both the nurse and the client (Niezen & Mathijssen, 2014). Professional boundaries are vital in effective nursing practice as they enable people to have a legitimate control in a relationship (Niezen & Mathijssen, 2014). Nurse Nicki’s communication approach showed vulnerability to boundary problems which will ultimately impact negatively on both the patient ’s care and the nurse’s professional image. Another anomaly category that came in strongly throughout the essay is ineffective communication. Nicki used inappropriate verbal and non-verbal communication skills while communicating with the patient ‘Ashleigh’. She referred to the patient as ‘kiddo’ and made inappropriate facial expressions. Furthermore, she did not undertake any the steps of the nursing process (such as assessment and diagnosis). A study conducted by O 'Hagan et al and published by the Journal of Advanced Nursing (JAN), suggest that nurses …show more content…

According to Minnaar, nurses who wear jewelry such as ring are responsible for infections such as S. aureus and bacilli (2008). This said, nurse Nicki could develop and spread infection and can put herself and her patient in acute danger. Another important thing that must be noted is that failure to ensure the patient’s safety can result in potential legal consequences and lawsuit for both the Nicki and the healthcare provider she is currently employed at. Many research has shown that there is a strong relationship between the nurse’s communication skills and the patient’s outcome and satisfaction ("Impact of Communication in Healthcare | Institute for Healthcare Communication", 2011). Poor communication is unsafe as misunderstanding can lead to misdiagnosis which ultimately put the patient in danger. Nicki did not listen to the patient’s complains about her pain, didn’t show a sign of empathy. Thus, it can be said that the progess of time might have worsened the patient’s illness. Nicki’s lack of respect and low communication capacity might have resulted in profound effect on the patient’s health. In all healthcare settings, time plays a virtual role. Nicki’s ineffective and inappropriate use of time and her phone is purely linked to professional image and reputation. As seen in the video Nicki neglected her duty to prioritize the patient.

In this essay, the author

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