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10 Tips for Scholarship Applications

war on waste essay

Make Sure You Fit All Requirements

Before you even bother applying for a particular scholarship, make sure you fit all of the requirements for it, not just half or nine out of 10. It doesn’t matter how impressive your essay or your background is, you’ll most likely be disqualified, which means you wasted your time on the application.

war on waste essay

Apply Early

Start filling out scholarship applications as soon as you can. The more you send in, the more likely you are to win money. And the earlier you start, the more time you have. You’re also less likely to encounter problems, like an Internet outage, if you don’t wait until the last minute.

war on waste essay

Choose Different Categories

Don’t assume because you make good grades you should only apply for academic scholarships. If you play a sport too, try for an athletic scholarship. If you have a special interest or belong to a certain club, apply for scholarships relating to those. Don’t limit yourself.

war on waste essay

Make Yourself a Schedule

Put yourself on a schedule so you aren’t waiting until the last minute to apply. Maybe once a week you can take an hour or two and search for scholarships, fill out applications and write essays. Make sure you include any specific deadlines in your schedule so you work on the ones due soonest first.

war on waste essay

Don’t Introduce Yourself

When writing an essay or a short paragraph for your scholarship, don’t waste time introducing yourself. Get right to the point. Not only is your name already on your application, but some organizations like to read the essay blindly without any sort of identifying factors so they’ll only focus on merit when judging.

war on waste essay

Don’t Go Over the Word Limit on Essays

If the essay or any other part of your application has a word limit, try to stick to it as closely as possible. If it’s too long, the scholarship judges may not even read it. It might also show that you don’t follow directions.

war on waste essay

Don’t Quote Famous People

One last tip for writing the essay part: Don’t quote famous people. It might seem like a good idea to add a beloved or inspiring saying, but the scholarship committee wants to get to know you, not someone who lived centuries ago.

war on waste essay

Add a Letter of Recommendation

While you don’t want to go overboard with your essay or add unnecessary items, you can include a letter of recommendation from a teacher, boss, tutor, mentor, principal or any other person you’ve worked with in the past. Give the person time to write a good letter. Then, you can make copies and stick one in each scholarship application.

war on waste essay

Avoid Scams

If you’re reading the application and it promises something that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Maybe it guarantees cash or is vague on the details of which organization is offering the scholarship. Maybe it asks for too much personal information or a hefty fee. Toss that application into the garbage.

war on waste essay

Proofread Everything

Last but not least, proofread everything — even your name at the top of the page. Have someone else read it over. Read your essay out loud to make sure it sounds good. Look for typos, misspellings, bad grammar or instances where you misunderstood the directions. Show just how responsible you are and how much you deserve to win that tuition money.

war on waste essay


war on waste essay

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The War on Waste and why it's important

I'M PASSIONATE about waste. So I beyond excited to watch Craig Reucassel's new ABC series War on Waste, the first episode of which aired last night.

Craig Reucassel in a scene from the TV series War on Waste. Supplied by ABC TV.

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I'M PASSIONATE about waste.

Well, let me rephrase: I'm passionate about producing the least amount of waste that will go to landfill as I can.

Which is why I was beyond excited to watch Craig Reucassel's new ABC documentary series War on Waste, the first episode of which aired last night.

Since the program was announced I've been highly anticipating it's airing. And I was not disappointed.

The Chaser comedian has turned his focus to Australia's waste, and in the first episode he explored food waste: From what unused food products households chuck into the bin, to the gigantic amount good food that is dumped before it even reaches supermarket shelves in the first place.

Our world's plastic problem: How you can help

It was a highly enlightening program, I felt.

The message was clear: The amount of food waste we have in Australia alone is unacceptable.

Australia's waste is growing at twice the rate of its population and the country is now one of the worst in the developed world when it comes to generating rubbish.

One shocking moment came when Mr Reucassel revealed that up to 40% of bananas are thrown away by farmers because they were too long, too short, too bent, or too straight for supermarket standards.

Ridiculous, right?

Over the last eight or so months I've been learning about the zero waste lifestyle and have been adopting more and more strategies in my life to cut down on my waste.

5 things I'm doing to live a more sustainable life

From always carrying a reusable coffee mug, food container, napkin and spork with me in case I'm in need of a coffee hit or get peckish so I can avoid plastic single use products, to purchasing stainless steel straws so I can stay away from the plastic nasties that may end up in a seabird's belly, to shopping bulk using canvas produce bags and reusable containers in order to avoid food packaging (I did away with plastic shopping bags years ago, it only made sense to not be using those plastic fruit and veggie bags too), to even rethinking my cosmetics, beauty and personal care products.

And let me tell you - it's really not that hard to implement these small changes - that make a big difference - into your life. It's actually pretty easy.

My zero waste journey started when I saw a TED Talk by a young NYC woman called Lauren Singer, who runs a blog called Trash is for Tossers, and has all of her trash from the last three years tucked neatly into one tiny mason jar.

I then began reading books like the Zero Waste Home, by Bea Johnson, who also has a similar mason jar, as well as Plastic Free by Beth Terry.

After learning about the wastefulness of our earth's population, I have become acutely aware of any situation of wastefulness - while others may not even blink at the single use plastic bags at the supermarket, or the plastic straw they pop into their drink at the bar, or the non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups carried by those around of a morning, I cringe, and feel a deep feeling of sadness mixed with frustration.

But it's not the consumer's fault - we've been doing things this way for years. These single-use plastic items, a convenience, are so ingrained in our world that not many people think twice about the impacts of them.

That's why I'm so grateful for a show like War on Waste airing on a free-to-air, national TV channel.

Get on board with Plastic Free July campaign

Not only was the host entertaining, but Mr Reucassel also appears to have done a lot of research on the issue even before embarking on this project.

He's real about the struggles of interviewing large corporations like Coles and Woolworths about waste, and uses a down-to-earth manner and language when discussing food wastage on a personal level - leaving the viewer not feeling guilty for their wasteful habits, but rather empowered to make a difference on a personal level.

The 'street challenge', where a group of residents were shown in the program undergoing their own project, led by Mr Reucassel, to lessen their food wastage, was an effective way to shine a light on how others can do the same, in a not-at-all boring and tedious way.

As a result I feel this program has the ability to make a big impact, if Australia decides to stand up and take note.

How to cut down on food waste:

Only buy what you need. If you only need two apples, don't feel the need to buy the packaged pack of six. Grab two loose ones instead (plus you cut down on plastic packaging this way too!)

Make a conscious effort to use what is currently in your fridge and pantry. Get inventive - make up a new recipe, instead of attacking a new recipe and buying a heap of new ingredients, leaving other foods to go to waste in your home. Who knows what you'll come up with!

Dispose of your food waste responsibly:

  • At home you could create a compost pile, or worm farm. There are lots of options depending on your situation, whether you live on a big property, suburban home, or city apartment. Have a google and see what you can come up with.
  • Make use of your local council's organics bins - see below for information about Northern Rivers Waste, which services the Lismore City Council area. See your own council's website to get further information about their specific green bin requirements if needed.

What can go in your Green bin:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Pruned garden waste, twigs and small branches
  • Soiled paper/cardboard, i.e. pizza boxes and paper towel
  • Meat and fish
  • Pasta, bread and rice
  • Shredded paper

What can't:

  • Large amounts of soil
  • Treated timber
  • Plastic bags or plant pots

Hints and Tips:

To prevent smells occurring in your organics bin from fruit and vegetable scraps, try the following:

  • Keep the bin in the shade.
  • Try layering your fruit and vegetable scraps with other green waste (lawn clippings, leaves etc).
  • Wrap vegetable scraps in newspaper.
  • Hose out your bin onto the garden or lawn after it is emptied.
  • Use compostable liners purchased through Council (or newspaper) to collect your kitchen scraps before placing them in the green bin.

We must all be treated the same: Dutton

We must all be treated the same: Dutton

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton reveals why it will be important for Australians to vote No in the upcoming Voice referendum.

PM: A win for Yes can be a win for us all

PM: A win for Yes can be a win for us all

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese reveals why it will be important for Australians to vote Yes in the upcoming Voice referendum.

Essay on Waste Management for Students and Teacher


500+ Essay on Waste Management

Essay on Waste Management -Waste management is essential in today’s society. Due to an increase in population, the generation of waste is getting doubled day by day. Moreover, the increase in waste is affecting the lives of many people.

Essay on Waste Management

For instance, people living in slums are very close to the waste disposal area. Therefore there are prone to various diseases. Hence, putting their lives in danger. In order to maintain a healthy life, proper hygiene and sanitation are necessary. Consequently, it is only possible with proper waste management .

The Meaning of Waste Management

Waste management is the managing of waste by disposal and recycling of it. Moreover, waste management needs proper techniques keeping in mind the environmental situations. For instance, there are various methods and techniques by which the waste is disposed of. Some of them are Landfills, Recycling , Composting, etc. Furthermore, these methods are much useful in disposing of the waste without causing any harm to the environment.

Get the huge list of more than 500 Essay Topics and Ideas

Methods for Waste Management

Recycling – Above all the most important method is the recycling of waste. This method does not need any resources. Therefore this is much useful in the management of waste . Recycling is the reusing of things that are scrapped of. Moreover, recycling is further converting waste into useful resources.

war on waste essay

Landfills – Landfills is the most common method for waste management. The garbage gets buried in large pits in the ground and then covered by the layer of mud. As a result, the garbage gets decomposed inside the pits over the years. In conclusion, in this method elimination of the odor and area taken by the waste takes place.

Composting – Composting is the converting of organic waste into fertilizers. This method increases the fertility of the soil. As a result, it is helpful in more growth in plants. Furthermore it the useful conversion of waste management that is benefiting the environment.

Advantages of Waste Management

There are various advantages of waste management. Some of them are below:

Decrease bad odor – Waste produces a lot of bad odor which is harmful to the environment. Moreover, Bad odor is responsible for various diseases in children. As a result, it hampers their growth. So waste management eliminates all these problems in an efficient way.

Reduces pollution – Waste is the major cause of environmental degradation. For instance, the waste from industries and households pollute our rivers. Therefore waste management is essential. So that the environment may not get polluted. Furthermore, it increases the hygiene of the city so that people may get a better environment to live in.

Reduces the production of waste -Recycling of the products helps in reducing waste. Furthermore, it generates new products which are again useful. Moreover, recycling reduces the use of new products. So the companies will decrease their production rate.

It generates employment – The waste management system needs workers. These workers can do various jobs from collecting to the disposing of waste. Therefore it creates opportunities for the people that do not have any job. Furthermore, this will help them in contributing to society.

Produces Energy – Many waste products can be further used to produce energy. For instance, some products can generate heat by burning. Furthermore, some organic products are useful in fertilizers. Therefore it can increase the fertility of the soil.


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War on Waste Education Resources

These War On Waste teaching resources are designed to lead primary and secondary students through a deeper understanding of some of the big issues relating to waste in Australia and to support them in taking action to reduce the impact of waste on our environment.

What do your students think about waste? 

This series lets you bring the topic of waste management to a multitude of subjects, engaging students in the curriculum through topical content. 

About the series

Planet advocate and prankster Craig Reucassel takes a deep dive into Australia's waste crisis to sort the facts from the PR spin, tracking down everyday solutions to help all of us do our part in the war on waste. You can view the War on Waste series on ABC iview.

War On Waste - Tuning In To Numbers Around Plastic Waste

  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • Design Thinking

War On Waste - The Trouble With E-Waste

  • Business and Economics
  • Design and Technologies

War On Waste - Start A Waste Warrior Team

War on waste - the impacts of single-use plastics, war on waste - plastic waste in the news, war on waste - plastic straws and our environment, war on waste - understanding plastic waste.

  • Year 7 - 10

War On Waste - Make A War On Waste Episode

War on waste - a circular economy for waste, war on waste - exploring microplastics, war on waste - the news about plastic waste, war on waste - the art of e-waste, professional learning, with thanks to our partners.

Cool Australia’s  War On Waste  lessons have been developed in partnership with  Lune Media  and with support from the  Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network .

war on waste essay

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war on waste essay



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