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Civil Service Essay Contest August - September 2023

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truth always prevails essay

Current Affairs Analysis

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truth always prevails essay

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Truth should always prevail

Do we tell each other the truth? Is the truth important to share?


Whatever you believe, I know people tell lies, utterances are exaggerated and some folks wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. There is such a thing as truth, and it is not all subjective. Here’s a personal experience before we move on to elected officials.

I just spent two days on jury duty going through the process of jury selection. We took an oath to tell the truth. We had to be honest with strangers. I believe I heard the truth from these folks. I thought the prospective jurors took their oath seriously. Yes, we were bound by an oath to tell the truth, but do we have to be bound by an oath before we do so?

There it is. Unless forced to do so, many don’t tell the truth. The truth is spun, manipulated, manufactured, fudged, fabricated and made up. Lies are told to gain money, power, prestige, celebrity, control and dominance, not necessarily in that order.

Not everyone is going to agree that some statements are lies. They may think the words are simply exaggerations or a stretching of the truth. OK, so is it acceptable when we say yes to deviations of the truth and accept “small” nuances of it? Are we becoming numb to the difference between a lie and truth? And, if we are aware of lies, no matter how “small” they may be, are we not perpetuating even more duplicity? If statements can be verified, do we not have some responsibility in the lie when we accept it?

Well, you say, the verification is made up and false. The authenticators are the liars. I believe anything is possible but not every fact checker is incorrect 100 percent of the time. Of course, there is an exception. If one believes there is no such thing as truth, then all bets are off.

I believe there is truth and there are ways to prove it. We can argue how to prove the truth endlessly, but instead of arguing and mincing words we need to talk to each other, share the truth and hold one another accountable for acknowledging the difference between life as it is and illusion.

If any candidate or elected official says the Earth is flat and their supporters agree with the statement or say those words were a slip of the tongue, or a joke, or it doesn’t make any difference in the grand scheme of things, don’t we have a responsibility to say the assertion is false? And when more declarations continue to be proven untrue, yet we maintain they are a version of fact, are we not simply fooling ourselves?

That’s the bottom line to me. I don’t want to see us fool ourselves. We can agree or disagree on policies and how to implement them, but we have got to examine words for what they are. Words from candidates and elected officials should be taken seriously. Words have consequences. Somebody pays a price.

We have an obligation to truth, not political partisanship. It is our responsibility to hold politicians, all politicians, accountable for their words and actions.

I think we are confused. As we attempt to speak the truth and share it with one another, we tend to say the first thing that comes to mind, truth be damned. Some may say they are weary of political correctness. But, somewhere along the way, we’ve gotten caught up in speaking our mind and eliminating truth and facts. We’re not always going to utter verifiable statements, but retelling provable lies destroys reality and weakens the fabric of truth.

We owe it to ourselves to seek the truth, speak it and share it. Push politicians to do the same. Don’t let them create a false reality that shuts out and destroys the truth. You are aware of the here and now in which you live and work every day. Don’t isolate yourself. Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak the truth when you hear a lie, no matter who is doing the lying.

Truth might not always come from every word we speak, but if we don’t speak truth today, tomorrow could be too late.

Rose Ann Miele is a journalist and was public information officer for Boulder City for nine years. She can be reached at [email protected] or at 702-339-9082.

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Letters to the Editor

Happy with article

Eagle pride alive and well at BCHS

As some of you may know, I grew up in Boulder City. So, I’m an Eagle at heart with blue and gold pumping through my veins. I know. That combination would make some kind of green color but you get where I’m going.

truth always prevails essay

For the past month, more or less, I have found myself returning more often than usual to the tome that most shaped and informed the way I look at government and politics.

A concrete plan

Sending aloha from Nevada to Hawaii

My plan when writing a column is to try and be lighthearted and focus on Boulder City-related issues or fond memories from my past growing up here.

Splashing in Cash

We’ve never liked the “G” word around here. “GROWTH” is a four-letter word in Boulder City. Our controlled growth ordinances are among the most stringent in the U.S. “Development” is another naughty word that we don’t like saying much.

truth always prevails essay

Boulder City has a rich history as the town that built Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Engineering World and continues to generate electricity for over one million homes. While most of the homes are located outside of Boulder City, residents continue to enjoy reliable and affordable renewable hydropower energy. That energy needs a reliable path to deliver the power to the end user.

Boulder City gearing up for new school year

Monday, Aug. 7, 2023. Some kids are dreading it, some parents are looking forward to it … but in my opinion, everyone should be aware of it. That is the first day of the 2023-2024 school year for the Clark County School District (CCSD)/Boulder City schools.

Love in communications

Mental health issues are on the rise in the United States, aren’t they? I continue to read of the loneliness that America is facing as I smile concerning my information associated with the consciousness of humankind. Loneliness is somewhat ironic, isn’t it, since there are now over 8 billion humans on Earth?

Appreciates column on justice system

Appreciates column on justice system

Is Telling the Truth Always Good? Research Paper

Truth is a virtue that is upheld by individuals and most societies around the globe. Telling the truth has been for ages held as a virtue and as a sign of honesty in human beings. It is a sign of respect for other people by showing them that you value their trust in you. It is important to note that telling the truth does not always bind a person to respond to every situation one is faced with. It can therefore be argued how one is supposed to respond to such situations. In this case we would ask ourselves whether it is always the best option to be honest and tell the truth or it is sometimes easier to tell lies and safe the situation of the day. This paper will generally focus on the importance of always telling the truth no matter the kind of situations we are faced with. Telling the truth can be held as always the better option.

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The Virtue of always telling the truth helps to build ones character as an honest person. It does not really matter whether the act of telling the truth especially in difficult situations will put you into more problems. This is because one’s mind is cleared of guilt conscience. The mind is also cleared of any contradictions and one does not have to really always remember what you said to every one (Michael, p10). This is because you will not be afraid that a certain situation will come and the answer you might give might contradict the first one. Truth does not change and if one always tells the truth you don’t have to think and twist answers to save yourself. On the other hand telling the truth is good since this might prevent more problems to be created in future either in your life or other people’s lives. Once the truth about a situation is known, it can be handled with every possible solution to either solve problems of the day or be lessons to you and other people (Jean, p13).

It is always true that if one is used to telling the truth the people that you deal with will be more likely to tell the truth to you. This makes life very easy since you will also not have problems with the persons around you trying to think what is true and what is not true. You will be always a good example to the others. A person who learns to always tell the truth will also build a lot of self confidence. Being always true means no one can put you down for what you said as a form of deceit. This also makes one to be always proud of who they are. Since telling the truth clears one’s mind of guilt conscience, it follows that telling the truth reduces chances of a person being stressed. One is therefore able to always present themselves in a good manner, eat well and also improve on their physical appearance (Jean, p22). Truth also helps other individuals have confidence in you and also believe in you. This virtue assures other people that when things don’t work out as they should you will always present it as it is and this is what every one values as a bold person.

Telling the truth sometimes will hurt other people (Michael, p24). In such cases one should always try to use words and ways of expressions that will be taken in a very understanding manner. This is especially when we are dealing with very close friends, families and work colleagues. For example a friend asks you if a dress or a hair style is looking good on them. If you are sure it is not attractive one can respond with answers such as, “Am not certain this is your color or style.” In this way one can be able to automatically know they are not looking good and they will be willing to ask for opinions from you. It is also argued that sometimes we lie by telling the truth. The necessity of telling the truth also matters with the outcome of the situation. A false statement also has a degree of falsity and these measures whether one is really telling the truth or not. Not telling the truth does not really make some body a liar since the sole intention and the reactions by the speaker is what matters. What others believe about an individual also matters and some times telling the truth will only deceive the loyalty they hold on you. IT is therefore possible to not tell the truth and still get the satisfaction of others. He argues that telling the truth is always not part of the solution to everything (lumpur, p6).

A large number of individuals would consider not telling the truth with the sole intention of making other people believe in false facts. One may therefore argue it is good to not tell the truth in certain situations. The act of not telling the truth is considered a vice in the society and generally not accepted. The motive of not telling the truth is mostly directed towards preventing people from acting in a certain manner that may cause pain or hurt the informant. This then motivates the persons to make decisions or act in favor of the other person (Ben). Normally, People will not tell the truth because they are afraid of facing the consequences that might follow the truth. People also tell lies to save the situation of the day. One may not tell the truth because they consider it a short term solution of their problems. This is then followed by a series of lies as one tries to save the previous lies which might have been discovered and to avoid contradiction (Michael, p27).

In some situations one may weigh the cost of lying and that of telling the truth and decide the former is easier to handle. Individuals also find it easier to keep lying about different matters especially if one is used to not telling the truth to find favor. A perfect lie is said to be one that will result to some kind of benefit and which no one will find about. It can also be a lie that is used to divert people who will never affect once life either to add or reduce value (Ben). Life is very complicated and one may not be able differentiate who will be of benefit to you later in life and who will not. It is also very difficult to tell whether a certain lie will actually be discovered or not. It is very important to note that once a person learns to use lies as scapegoats to situations, the lies will finally be a habit and form patterns that are often repeated. Such repeated patterns will eventually give rise to a mistake and this might attract heavy consequences.

Mazur clearly brings out the vice of lying as corrupting the rational thinking of human beings. It denies one the freedom to make rational choices to reflect reality and also robs others their rationality and moral ethics (p15). It causes a lot of pain to the human dignity upon discovery of the truth. It diminishes the way we value ourselves and also the value we give to other individuals. The act of lying or not telling the truth clearly depicts the social uncertainty prevailing in the society and the lack of understanding the rules and authorities of personal behavior. Lying only acts as a solution to the dissatisfaction that we may have to go through by telling the truth (Bailey, p29).

In conclusion, it is always good to tell the truth since this increases one’s credibility. It helps in molding the relations-ships between individuals since they will be based on trust and believing in each other. The vice of not telling the truth no matter the consequences will always lead to short term solutions which may turn out to be bigger problems between individuals in future. The vice will eventually lead to a lot of enmity between individuals which might even cause psychological stress. The actual cost of not telling the truth is therefore higher than telling the truth. People should always weigh the cost of lying as a risk of creating enemies and losing their credibility as individuals who can be believed in.

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truth always prevails essay

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