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  1. Two Yale Grads’ Honest Advice about Admissions Essays - Reddit

    Here's a summary of the top pitfalls to avoid and things to think about as you work through your essays: Avoid writing an en essay which doesn't say anything specific about YOU, and just recounts your experiences. Avoid essays that are overly descriptive and lack introspection.

  2. I'm a junior at Yale whose college essay was ... - Reddit

    My name is Jeffrey Yu, and I'm a junior at Yale (currently remote!). I won the New York Times college essay contest in 2018 with my Common App essay about my dad. I haven't written on A2C much about Yale but have written on Quora a lot. I've got my emotional reaction to getting accepted to Yale here, my advice for getting into elite colleges ...

  3. Successful Yale Law Personal Statements + 250-Word Essays?

    Don’t sell yourself short! You never know what might happen, only that you won’t be admitted if you don’t apply at all! I say if you care about going to Yale, put in time and effort and intentionality into your application, & give it a shot!

  4. Reading The Essay That Got Me Into Yale! : r ... - Reddit

    Hi guys, I'm a freshman at Yale, longtime lurker in this subreddit, and figured I'd share my common app essay I wrote last year. I made this video of me reading the essay, hope you enjoy. If you feel so inclined, please send me some suggestions for other college-themed videos you'd want to see!

  5. Sample Yale 250s? : r/lawschooladmissions - Reddit

    9 comments Best Add a Comment Ok_Trip8273 3.8low/16high/n-URM minority • 3 yr. ago Here is a set of sample PS, DS, and Y250 essays Yale sent out earlier this cycle. Hope this helps! 15 organicsamosa • 3 yr. ago YOU ARE THE TRUE MVP. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! BeforeIthaka • 1 yr. ago

  6. "essays that worked" : r/ApplyingToCollege - Reddit

    Hey!! Yale '26 and happy to share my essays if they're helpful. There are also a lot of great examples on YouTube and CollegeVine. I think it's great to read some essays to get a general feel for the style of college essays, but at the end of the day, there is no "formula."

  7. Yale Admissions Podcast: “the essays that don’t ... - Reddit

    I’ve heard stories of admissions counselors that cost over $10,000 where you spend months with them just brainstorming and writing EVERY SINGLE thing about you (every personality, every situation or conflict you were in, personal info such as family info and many more) onto a google doc.

  8. Yale why campus essay? : r/ApplyingToCollege - Reddit

    Maybe not more than 3. Recent Yale grad here. My answer to your question is that it depends how you structure the essay. You're working in a tight word limit, so it's important to make every word count! You can write about a single thing, as long as that single thing isn't too vague/general. (In other words, don't write the entire essay about ...

  9. wtf is the yale "and" essay : r/ApplyingToCollege - Reddit

    yale has four “short take” essays that are 200 characters/around 35 words, the fourth one is Yale students embrace the concept of “and” rather than “or,” pursuing arts and sciences, tradition and innovation, defined goals and surprising detours.