11 Best Scary Ghost Stories That Will Scare Your Socks Off

Read on, if you dare.

Headshot of Ashley Leath

Venture to St. Francisville, Louisiana, and you just might sight a ghost named Chloe on Myrtles Plantation. Head north to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where the Crescent Hotel is alleged to be haunted by ghosts, and then over to Abbeville, Alabama, for the haunting of Huggin' Molly. Up on the East Coast in New York City, the Crying Lady has been reported to have been seen in The Dakota.

Get ready to read these scary stories or save them for after dark to read dramatically with dim lighting and some eerie music in the background for full effect. They're sure to spook any friends and family you invite to listen—beware!

Sloss Furnaces | Birmingham, Alabama

scary ghost stories sloss furnace

Five years after the Civil War, Birmingham, Alabama, was founded. With its birth in 1871 came the need for tons of pig iron to fix the U.S.'s crumbling infrastructure, so Colonel James Withers Sloss began to build Sloss Furnaces . A year later, the company opened its doors to hundreds of employees, according to its official website . Jobs on blast furnaces were advanced but also dangerous, and many workers started falling to their deaths in the furnaces.

By the early 1900s conditions had worsened with a cruel foreman, James "Slag" Wormwood, who took dangerous risks to increase production, according to Reader's Digest . During his tenure at Sloss, nearly 50 employees died on-site, and many others were involved in terrible accidents. Allegedly, his workers threw him into the furnace in retaliation in 1906.

Today you can still walk the grounds of Sloss Furnaces, if you dare. You may even hear Slag's voice yelling, "Get back to work!" and witness other paranormal experiences.

The Crying Lady in the Dakota | New York, New York

scary ghost stories new york

Since its opening in 1884, The Dakota apartment building has been home to many rich and famous residents of New York City . Among them were John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who moved in in 1973. John was also assassinated outside the building in 1980. Before that fateful day on December 8, though, John said he say a "crying lady ghost" walking the halls, and afterward Yoko, who still resides there, claimed she saw John's ghost sitting at his piano and that he said to her: "Don't be afraid. I am still with you."

The Bell Witch | Adams, Tennessee

shabby house with moon and clouds above

If you're a scary-movie lover, you might actually know about the Bell Witch . The films An American Haunting and The Blair Witch Project are both based on the story. Way back in the early 1800s, a man named John Bell moved his family to an area in Tennessee called Red River, which is now known as Adams, Tennessee . After they had settled in the new home, some peculiar things started happening. The Bell family began hearing some bizarre noises, including dogs barking, chains rattling, rats chewing, and a woman whispering. Soon, that woman became known as the Bell Witch, and many people believe she's the ghost of a former neighbor of the Bell's, Kate Batts. Batts and the Bells had a dispute over land, and she had sworn vengeance on the Bell family before she died. Later on, Bell died from poisoning, and it's rumored to be the work of the Bell Witch.

The Ghosts of the Crescent Hotel | Eureka Springs, Arkansas

historic crescent hotel exterior

Spend the night in the haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which opened in 1886. (During construction, a worker named Michael was killed, and his ghost reportedly still haunts room 218.) The hotel came under the ownership of known medical fraud Norman Baker in 1937, who fancied himself a doctor. He turned the hotel into the Baker Cancer Hospital, claiming to have the cure for the disease (he did not, obviously). Patients who died under his care were buried right in the hotel's basement, which served as a makeshift morgue. He was arrested in 1940, but his patients' spirits are said to still remain. Because the hotel is still open, guests often say they see apparitions and hear noises during their stays. SyFy's Ghost Hunters even has footage of something moving in the basement .

Huggin' Molly | Abbeville, Alabama

spooky house with tree and fog

It's best to stay home when the sun sets in Abbeville, Alabama, if you want to avoid Huggin' Molly's chilly embrace. As the legend goes, beginning in the early 1900s, an oversize figure clad in all black began roaming the streets at night looking for unsuspecting victims. Once she fixates on someone, she hugs the person and screams loudly into their ears. Many people have recounted stories of being chased by what they believe was Huggin' Molly. Local parents have even taken advantage of the story to keep their children in line. The town embraces its nighttime warden, proudly calling itself the "home of Huggin' Molly." There's even a family-friendly restaurant named after her!

The Surrency House Ghost | Surrency, Georgia

scary ghost stories surrency ghost house

The Surrency clan began experiencing paranormal activities in present day Surrency, Georgia, in the 1870s. Family members reported witnessing objects soaring across rooms, hearing laughter and crying, and seeing red eyes staring into the house. Food was thrown from their plates and utensils twisted into unusable shapes. The townspeople speculated that these occurrences were cries for help from spirits who thought the family would be able to save them. On the day the family decided to finally leave the house, a fire iron allegedly floated up and started hitting one of the sons on the head. No one was ever brave enough to live in the house again, and the building went up in flames in 1925.

The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge | Marianna, Florida

nature scene with old wooden bridge frame

For a taste of true haunting love, travel over this spooky bridge in Marianna, Florida, which has several ghost legends surrounding the structure. In the 1830s, Elizabeth Jane Croom Bellamy married local politician Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy. On their wedding night, her dress accidentally caught on fire, which covered the young bride in horrible burns. She initially survived, but eventually passed away. Elizabeth was buried along the banks of the Chipola River, and it was said that her love for her husband was so strong, she couldn't rest. The deceased newlywed, dressed in white, can allegedly be seen wandering the banks from the vantage point of the bridge (which was built after she died). It's said that she appears on fire either walking through the swamps or diving straight into the river, as if to douse the flames, or somberly walking along the side of the river.

The Ghost of Deer Island | Biloxi, Mississippi

person fishing on a canoe in foggy weather

Back on May 20, 1922, Anthony Ragusin, aka Mr. Tony, relayed this tale in a column in the Sun Herald . He writes that in the early 1800s, two fishermen spent the night on Deer Island off Biloxi's coast. They heard noises that they ignored until it became impossible to do so. When they went to see what was causing the ruckus, they claimed they found a headless skeleton that ran after the pair. They immediately made a beeline for their boat and got off the island immediately. It's said that the bony frame belongs to a pirate who had his head chopped off by his captain, and his body was left behind as a ghastly guard to watch over buried treasure.

Zombie Road | Wildwood, Missouri

woman walking in the dark with a lantern

Outside of St. Louis lies Zombie Road , a hotbed of ghostly activities. There are many scary stories stemming from Lawler Ford Road (its actual name), from sightings of Indigenous spirits wandering the stretch to victims of train accidents (there used to be active tracks there) like Della Hamilton McCullough, who was struck by a passing train. In the 1950s, it became a popular late-night teen hangout spot, with various murders happening in the area, too. It's also been rumored to be the home base of a murderer named Zombie, who escaped a mental asylum. These days, the stretch has been rechristened as a nature trail, but it's closed once night falls (with hefty fines for those who dare to trespass).

Dead Woman's Crossing | Weatherford, Oklahoma

woman with baby carriage in attic

This one's a regular murder mystery turned ghost story, according to Atlas Obscura . In the early 1900s in Weatherford, Oklahoma, Katie DeWitt James left her home with her baby after she filed for divorce from her husband. She planned to move in with her cousin, but her family never heard from her. After an investigation, it turned out that she moved in with local prostitute Frannie Norton. She was last seen leaving the house with Frannie and her child in a carriage. Frannie returned with the child, who was covered in blood, but without Katie. Her body was found later, along a nearby creek, with her head cut off. It was rumored that her ex-husband had her killed with Frannie's help, but Frannie claimed she wasn't involved in Katie's death. But on the day she was supposed to be questioned by the police, she poisoned herself. Katie's still around though. She allegedly appears as a blue light floating around town, and people have reported hearing a woman looking for her baby and the rolling sound of wheels.

The Myrtles Plantation | St. Francisville, Louisiana

plantation house

Of the numerous spirits haunting this plantation, built in 1796 in St. Francisville, Louisiana, the most known entity is Chloe, according to the official website . It's said that plantation owner Clark Woodruff carried on an affair with an enslaved person, Chloe, which he ended abruptly. She began to eavesdrop on his conversation, and he caught her. As punishment, he cut her ear off. She then poisoned the rest of his family with a birthday cake, leaving him alone. The other enslaved people knew what she had done and hanged her. She supposedly still remains on the property, with a photograph from 1992 where her spirit is reportedly visible.

Headshot of Ashley Leath

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Scary Story

I used to live in a quiet neighborhood that nobody knew too much about the other. It is not as if anyone had grudges with anyone, although there was a naturally strange old man living right in our apartment who owned a painfully beautiful parrot. With my young age and native nature, I had this urge to go and at least get to know him, since no one ever did.

One evening, I gathered enough courage to approach his house. Assuming that probably his old age had landed him to bed and did not hear my knocks, I voluntarily opened the door which was apparently unlocked. The creepy sound of the door made me begin thinking that this was a bad idea and that I should retreat. One thing led to another, I was standing somewhere in the middle of the room, and the door had locked itself.

As I made my way further into the house, I noticed that cobwebs filled the room. For a moment, I stopped and cleaned my glass owing to the dust that filled the room. Not only had it collected on my glasses, but my hair and hood as well. Making my way further, I found myself in the resting room. He did not have much, and the room had a single chair at the center that swayed voluntarily from its western design. Directly in front was a television that kept making noise without showing any signal. There was also furniture that was seemingly the resting point of the parrot. There was a significant framed picture of someone who looked like the owner of the house, and a young woman who I assumed had been the wife.

I was already restless and had it not been for my eagerness; I would have raced back home. The room was stuffy and dusty. Instantaneously, I heard some sound in the room. On looking back, I could see nothing and decided it was in my mind. I did not want to believe that is real. At this moment I had already made up my mind to leave. Then the voice came clear. Apparently, it was the parrot. I have been expecting this, so it did not move me. Nearing the door leading to upstairs, I noticed a shadow, enormous and frightening. Just before I could contemplate the view of what I saw, it went missing. Eventually, I found myself up the stairs trying to catch a glimpse of where the sound of the parrot came from. I am not sure, but I believe I thought that I wanted to rescue the animal.

I entered the first room upstairs which must have been the owner's bedroom. Everything was misplaced in this place I wondered if he ever found anything he wanted. It was beginning to get dark. I could not see well, but there appeared to be something like human blood smeared on the walls. Water was running in the dirty bathtub and a human hand, flimsy and hairy, was hanging from the sink. I immediately turned around to run away and on whipping my head, whoop! There was the scary old man! He stood right in front of me with his supporting stick and the parrot right on his shoulder. Blood was drooping from the parrot's beaks with entirely blackened eyes.

I said to myself this was a scary dream; nothing as frightening as this would merely happen, and to an innocent sole like me. The man's eyes were wide open; his hair looked like he had just got an electric shock. His hands looked messy, with what appeared like human's intestines and his tongue was licking his lips like the way a prey contemplates on a meal. Worse still, every second that passed, the man came nearer, and I just stood there unable to move. Whatever his method, the man would obviously decapitate me. I noticed an open window behind me. I wanted to believe that there would be a branch of the old tree that stood beside the house. Without time to think, I turned around and jumped. Holding on to the branch, I did not take time to land and just let myself do. Of course, I got hurt from the landing, but that was not a problem at that moment. I ran home and decided to keep quiet since it would sound a home alone story. I never wanted to think, leave alone having a glimpse of the house ever again.

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Ghost Story Writing Prompts—50+ Ultimate Hair-Raising Scary Ideas

  • September 10, 2022

Common horror themes may involve serial killers, a zombie apocalypse, or a mad scientist. However, classic scary story idea often involve ghosts.

Do you want to write a great ghost story? Eager to give your readers a goosebumps when reading your book? We’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve included over 50 scary story ideas and ghost story writing prompts to spark your spook and give your readers an unforgettable fright.

50+ Ghost story writing prompts

Use the ideas below to inspire you in writing your own terrifying tales that can make your reader’s hair stand on end.

  • A young woman loses her husband in an accident. Overwhelmed with grief, she seeks any way possible to communicate with him. She visits a medium who agrees to help her contact him. Together they make contact, but the spirit they get is not really her husband. It’s an evil spirit looking for a new host.
  • A teenage girl wakes up at 3 am every morning, disturbed by the strange things that start happening at about this time. She senses something moving in her room. Every night, she gets out of bed to turn on the lights and investigate. Nothing. One night, she turns on the lights and, again, nobody is there. This time, as soon as she turns off the light, bright red eyes appear.
  • Parents hear their child talking in the playroom. When they ask her who she is talking to, she explains that she is chatting with her friend. Soon, the child’s imaginary friend becomes a regular topic of conversation. Parents ask about the friend, and the child updates them. One day, the parents hear the child crying. ‘My friend hit me!’ she cries. The child has a bruise on her face.
  • Residents of a small town protest against a corporation’s plans to build a mall in a beautiful wooded area. Unable to fight the corporation, building plans go ahead. Construction disturbs the spirits that reside in the woods, who wake up to wreak havoc and those who dare disturb them. The spirits usually leave the townspeople alone but now use them as hosts to carry out their vengeful plans.
  • A young woman and her lover are forbidden from being together. Her father wants her to marry a rich man from a neighboring town. He arranges the wedding, but she runs away with her lover on their wedding day. Years later, the rebellious couple returns to the woman’s home to apologize and seek forgiveness. When they reach the door, her father looks shocked. He explains that his daughter took her own life on the wedding day, ten years earlier.
  • A soldier returns from war with PTSD. He’s distraught with visions of the children in the school he was ordered to bomb. He seeks treatment, but it doesn’t work. The children are not just visions.
  • A family dog begins to bark aggressively at night. The father of the family wakes up each night to the dog’s barks and investigates but notices nothing strange. One night, after an hour of incessant barking, the dog stops. The father goes to investigate but does not return to bed.
  • A young couple moves into a new house to begin a perfect life for their family. Happy with the low cost for such a grandiose home, they’re finally ready to have a child. On the night of the child’s birth, strange creatures, faceless beings, approach the house from the dark forest outside.
  • A single mother’s mental health is deteriorating. Compounded by stress, she begins to hallucinate. One night after putting her child to bed, she stares at herself in the mirror. Her focus fades as she stares, and from the corner of her eye, she sees her child standing, bloody, crying, in the reflection. She turns around to see an empty hallway.
  • You pull into a gas station at 3 am—coffee and snacks to help you drive the next three hours home. The man at the counter takes your money and tells you to go slow. He gives you a strange look, then nods your departure. As you drive away, you check the rearview and see an abandoned gas station.
  • On Halloween night, static on the tv screen tells a child to lock all the doors in the house. Locked, the lights flicker. Nobody can speak or scream.
  • A man dreams of an old woman every night. One night, he wakes up to her lying beside him.
  • A ghost embodies the figure of a drowning man to lure lifeguards out to sea.
  • A man kidnaps a young girl. Days later, a body is found in the woods. The body is that of the man.
  • A man’s best friend dies by suicide. Months later, his friend visits him in dreams. In one dream, the dead friend grabs the man’s arm. He wakes up with a bruise in the same spot.
  • A student becomes fascinated with pictures of strange creatures in an old library book.
  • When parents lose their only child to a terminal illness, they visit a therapist to help them deal with grief. One is reluctant to visit a therapist because they’re not ready to accept the situation. Instead, they bring home a doll and treat it as their child.

Ghost Story Writing Prompts

Funny ghost story prompts

Ghost stories can also be funny. Here are some prompts to tickle your funny bone:

  • A woman discovers she no longer loves her husband. She doesn’t even like him anymore but feels trapped. Desperate to achieve peace, she decides to murder her husband, finally having the house to herself. Her husband returns as a ghost to haunt her.
  • An introvert serial killer struggles when his victims return as ghosts and won’t leave him alone.
  • A child’s imaginary friend gets her in trouble for breaking things around the house.
  • A man murders his nagging mother, only for her to haunt and continue to nag him.
  • A man is surprised to find his shed empty. Just hours earlier, it was occupied by one of his victims.
  • A medium uses her connection to the beyond to predict lottery numbers. When she finally wins the lottery, the ghosts want their fair share. They don’t want money but for the medium to finish their unfinished business on earth.

Ghost story dialogue prompts

  • A little boy asks his father ‘ who is the man in the hood behind you? ‘ There’s nobody there.
  • ‘Why do you keep moving my things?’
  • A: Why were you standing outside my house last night?

B: I wasn’t there…

  • A: A friend of yours stopped by earlier? I think he said his name was Kevin.

B: Kevin? Blond hair? Glasses?

B: Kevin was the friend whose funeral I attended last week.

  • Young girl: Mommy, can I have orange juice?

Distracted mother: Sure, honey.

Girl: Can my friend have one too?

Distracted mother: Uh-huh, sure, honey.

[Second orange juice carton bursts ]

  • ‘Hi, I’m looking for Jason?’


‘Hi Jason, this is Mort, the sexton from St. Theresa’s Graveyard. We’ve been having problems with your father’s grave.’


‘It looks like somebody keeps messing with it. It’s always overturned and messy when we see it in the morning.’

‘Thanks, Mort, I’ll head out in the early hours to see who’s doing it.’

‘No problem Jason, good luck.’

‘You look like you’ve seen a ghost!’

Ghost Story Writing Prompts

Ghost story setting ideas

The setting of a spooky story has a huge impact on the overall experience of the reader. For ghost stories, here are some ideas:

  • A creaky mansion
  • A psychiatric ward
  • The battlefield
  • A house in the woods
  • An airplane
  • A warehouse
  • A road at night
  • A theme park
  • An office at night
  • A therapist’s office

What makes a great horror story?

Good scary stories share something in common. They all make effective use of essential elements of the horror genre , such as:

  • Shattering illusions of safety – no place is safe
  • Suspense – build-up
  • Frightened child within – reader’s experience

Innocent settings such as a classroom or a playground become shocking and disturbing when we read about dark, supernatural, or unsettling events that happen in them. 

Old buildings and decrepit locations suggest that life has long since abandoned a place, yet it’s not empty.

The most frightening tales play on the reader’s existing fears . Clowns, playgrounds, and parents have strong links to childhood, so twisted tales around such topics immerse the readers in childhood fears.

Ghost Story Writing Prompts

On suspense

Suspense is key to the horror genre. Jump too quickly to the climax, and you don’t give the audience enough time to feel the tension.

Suspense evokes anxiety and an impending sense of doom. It serves to inform the reader that something terrible is going to happen.

The important part is that it hasn’t happened just yet, feeding the fear of uncertainty and filling the reader’s mind with possibilities.

Good authors are playfully skillful with their use of suspense. 

Moments rise but fall before the climax to offer the reader a false and brief sense of security. One realizes all too soon that the fall in tension only means it will creep back in later and elsewhere.

We wonder, perhaps our protagonists may escape the mansion, the curse may lift, and the children may at least survive, but we can’t really predict any possibility.

Unlike in visual media, authors can’t use camera angles or sound design to add suspense to the reader’s experience. So, how do you build tension with words on a page?

One narrative means by which to create suspense is to place characters in a dangerous situation but keep them unaware of the danger. Slowly let the reader in on the danger present, but drip feed the degree of danger to your characters.

Consider a typical young girl’s bedroom. 

We, the reader, learn that when she leaves for school, the doll, at the foot of her bed, raises its head. Our next scene is in the bedroom when the girl returns from school, and the doll is exactly where she left it, lifeless.

 Now, we, the readers, know the doll is alive, but the girl has no idea. Later, she may notice the doll is not where she left it.

Use the ghost writing prompts above to craft your own scary story. 

Remember that when writing ghost stories that suspense is key and that a scary story play on very real and present fears.

Feel free to save this list of horror story ideas for later if you need some fresh inspiration, or share it with a friend or the guy standing behind you!

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A Scary Story: Believing in Ghosts Exist in Real World

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The Role of Transformation in a Scary Story (essay)

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scary ghost story essay

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Short horror story essay

Short horror story essay

Last updated Saturday , 08-10-2022 on 09:44 am

Short horror story essay is one of the popular intimidation methods that help parents in correcting children and improving their behavior in many educational aspects.

Through this article, we will provide you with many models that talk about stories of horror and intimidation that may help or influence the behavior of children, show the goals of horror stories, and the extent of the impact of these stories on improving children’s instincts, and strengthening their personality.

The school plays an important and significant role in educating children and improving their behaviour. In a similar article that talks about horror stories, the student can learn about the dimensions of these stories, the extent of their impact and why they are used.

The student can talk about his fears and terrifying situations he went through. The teacher can take advantage of these events and try to address these fears by guiding him and talking to him, or by making him research more about the dimensions of the problem and the benefits that he benefited from despite going through a terrifying situation.

At the beginning of the article we will put several points that show the goals that must be present within the topic, and several models will be created using these points inside them, so that the articles are useful for the student in case he wants to present them to the school, or if he wants to know the aspects that he should talk about inside a similar article he talks about the horror stories and the bad situations he was exposed to.

Objectives of the article

1- To obey orders.

2- Giving up bad behavior.

3- Repressing the evil instincts that are inside every human being.

4- Controlling the child in the safety zone next to the parents.

5- Planting correct means and methods through intimidation.

Several years ago, my father told me a story about a boy  who went out without telling his family where he was going. And this was late at night. After he left, he met some children and played a little with them and enjoyed this, but because of the late time these children left him, some of them returned to their home alone, and some of them their families came to to pick them up, and he found himself alone in the end.

He decided to walk around for a while, so that he might encounter other children and continue playing with them. But after walking for a long time, he found that all the streets were empty, and it was dark everywhere, and he could no longer discern where he was, and that he was far from home and lost his way.

And whenever he tried to return from where he came, he found himself in dangerous areas with street dogs, and in order to avoid them, he kept entering other streets, until he lost the way completely. So he sat crying and did not find anyone to bring him home because all the people of the town were asleep.

The time at night was getting hard for this naughty little boy. Every minute that passes feels like it’s a long time and he’s so afraid of darkness and loneliness. And whenever he heard the sound of dogs howling, intensified in crying. And whenever he called his father, he did not come to take him, because he was far from the house and did not tell them that he was going out, and did not tell them where he was going.

Then he learned that he had made a big mistake and that his father would not come to look for him because he thought he was asleep. And he decided to try to call for help and search for any place where there are people and tell them what happened.

And he kept walking in the dark crying for a long time until he found some people, and told them his name, where he lived, and the name of the neighborhood in which he lived. Fortunately for him, they weren’t bad guys, and they brought this guy home.

The father was very angry with him for this behavior and punished him for a week for this behavior. But the boy was happy that he came home and learned the lesson well and knew that this wrong behavior was dangerous and could have lost his family for life.

While hearing this story, I was very afraid and put myself in the place of this boy, and I found myself learning from him what to do. And that I must tell my family where I am going, and watch the time, and take care of myself and not stay away from home. When I finish playing, I go home.

In the early morning, I was very careful to memorize my full name, the name of the neighborhood in which I live, the name of my mother, and the house number.

Although the story was scary for me, I learned a lot from it and had a reaction to every event that takes place in it.

Dear student, a basic form was submitted for the topic on short horror story essay, In addition to many other models such as, horror short story essay, creepy short horror story essay, a short horror story essay, short ghost story essay, short ghost story essay, scary short story essay, scary experience essay.

If you prefer to add any other topic, you can contact us through the comments of this article and we will study your request and add it as soon as possible.

horror short story essay

At the weekend I went on a trip with my friends to the forest. We took camping equipment, some food and water. The weather was nice, the trees were leafy, the birds were flying from tree to tree, the landscape was beautiful.

We wandered in the woods and ate the fruits on the trees, and as we wandered, a huge bear appeared in front of us, looked at us and prepared to attack us.

We were all very terrified, but the instructions reminded us not to run, not to scream, and to act calmly. I took out of my bag a self-defense spray bottle, which should be used in this case. But the bear left quietly and none of us were hurt.

creepy short horror story essay

I get up early and sit in the garden of the house, enjoying the fresh air, listening to the sound of birds, watching beautiful flowers and other beautiful landscapes, but yesterday something terrifying happened to me.

When I sat on the bench in the garden and was enjoying nature I felt something moving under the chair.

I quickly looked under the chair and found a large black snake.

It moves slowly, I felt very terrified and could not move, I remained frozen in my place, the snake crawled slowly and I looked at it with horror, until it moved away several meters, I called the competent authority immediately and a trained man came and caught the snake.

a short horror story essay

Last week I went with my family to the zoo, the weather was nice, and we were enjoying the nature, where there are a lot of green leafy trees and decorated with beautiful flowers and large areas that allow us to run and play, everything was beautiful.

Then we went to the animal cages and watched the animals from a distance.

But there is a person who got very close to the lion’s cage, even though there is a sign on it that says Do not go near the animal cages.

He was not satisfied with that, but he extended his hand into the cage, and the lion grabbed his hand with force, and this person was unable to rid his hand of the lion’s fangs.

The man screamed loudly from the severity of the pain, and the guard came quickly and tried to give the lion a piece of meat to leave the man’s hand, but to no avail.

The veterinarian quickly intervened and gave the lion an anesthetic injection, and the man was able to get his hand out of the cage, but it had many wounds and was taken to the hospital. It was really terrifying moments.

Short ghost story essay

There are many people who feel terrified in the dark, and my brother is very afraid of the dark and feels terrified and imagines frightening things.

So when the electricity went out and the house became dark. I went to his room quietly without feeling, and stood in front of him, making some strange sounds.

My brother jumped quickly and came out of the room saying a ghost of a ghost, but he hit the wall and cut his head and bled a lot, it was a big wound.

At that time I was telling him don’t be afraid, I am your brother, but he was very frightened. I was very sorry for him and regretted that I had caused him to feel terrified and made him crash into the wall.

And I told him I was just trying to joke with you and I wouldn’t do it again but you should train yourself not to be afraid of the dark.

A Short Scary Story Essay

Last weekend I went with my friends on a fishing trip. We chartered a fishing boat with all our fishing gear and went into the sea for a long distance, so that we could see neither the beach nor the city.

We started fishing and we were very happy because there are many fish and they are also big, and the weather was nice.

Suddenly strong winds blew and the waves rose, and the fishing boat was swinging with us over the water, up and down, and we couldn’t control it.

At this time we felt so afraid that we would drown.The fishing boat cannot withstand these bad weather conditions.

But after a while the wind calmed down a bit and we miraculously survived.

Scary short story essay

Last weekend I went with my colleagues on a school trip to one of the archaeological sites, and we had some teachers with us organizing the trip and supervising our transfers.

We entered a museum that houses great antiquities and stood listening to the tour guide talking about the history of these antiquities.

I was fascinated and listened to the tour guide with great interest, so that I did not feel the departure of my colleagues and teachers, as they left the museum and got on the bus and left this place and did not feel my absence.

When I found myself alone in the museum, I felt very afraid and searched for them all over the museum, but I could not find them, so my fear increased and my crying became louder.

Suddenly I found one of the teachers entering the museum and looking for me, so I ran towards him and grabbed his hand and felt safe.

Scary Experience Essay

At the end of the year I had a frightening experience. I went to the beach and decided to snorkel, so I bought wetsuits, put them on, and dived into the sea. But it was not what I expected and almost drowned.

I was so scared when I found myself unable to dive, and could not swim to the top.

It was a difficult situation but one of the lifeguards on the beach saw me, knew I was going to drown and ran to save me.

Therefore, I advise others to learn before we do anything that might endanger our lives.

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Top 10 Short Ghost Story in English 100, 200, 500 Words PDF

Short & long ghost story in english.

10 Top Short & Long Ghost Story in English 100, 200, 500 Words: You can Download PDF of all these ghost stories from the link given below. Today we will introduce you to some such scary and ghostly stories which you will be shocked to read. Some such things are difficult to believe, yet we cannot live without reading them, so let’s start with 10 such best scary and ghost stories.

Ghost Story in English

1. ghost in the lift.

This story is from Delhi, we used to live in Ambedkar Colony. The name of our building was Apsara. There was a rumor that there is a ghost in the lift! In fact, a woman had committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor. Since then people used to say that the ghost of that woman is seen in the lift!

Our house was on the fifth floor! Although I didn’t believe much in the ghost thing, still I was afraid to go on the lift at night! Well, I didn’t even need a lift.

One day I was coming back home with a friend of mine. He also lived in the same building! At that time it was around 10:00 at the night. We were scared to go in the elevator! But we didn’t want to show each other that we were scared! So we got into the elevator! The lift reached the third floor, and the door was half open and closed by itself!

The lift started going up! We tried to stop the lift but none of the buttons were working! The lift went to the top floor and then came down to the bottom floor. This happened 7-8 times and then the lift stopped on the 14th floor. The elevator door opened on its own!

We were very scared! We quickly ran downstairs off the lift and enter our respective homes! Everyone in the house asked why I was panting, so I made an excuse that I was coming after a race with a friend. After that day I never used the lift again during the day!

2. The Witch on the Roof

My name is Amar! I am going to tell you all a story I saw with one eye! The matter is 5 years old, at that time we used to live in Lucknow city. For some days there was a rumor of a witch roaming in our locality.

Some people said that they have seen a scary woman walking in the night! Sometimes she is seen roaming on the roof of houses and sometimes in the streets.

Because of this people stopped sleeping on the terrace. The streets used to become deserted as soon as it got dark. One day the people of the locality together kept watch for the whole night, but no one came!

I didn’t believe it at all, I used to make fun of anyone who talked about witches! I believed that this is the misconception of the people or some person is scaring the people!

One night the lights went out! Everyone inside was asleep in the summer! No one dared to go on the roof for fear of the witch! I was also forbidden to go upstairs! But when the heat could not be tolerated, I took my bed and went to the terrace!

Reaching the roof, I saw a woman sitting on the eaves of the roof! She had a piece of meat in her hand which she was eating! His face was on the other side! Only his hands looked like animals! My condition worsened after seeing all this!

I ran away leaving my bed there and bolting the door! From that day I also believed in the witch talk!

  For the next few days, there were incidents of seeing a witch, but after a few days, the witch stopped appearing! People’s fear also started to end! But I will never forget what I saw!

3. Ghost in the Pond

It’s about when I was 10-11 years old! It was summer vacation! I had gone to my village! There was no work in the village other than having fun! There was no freedom in the city which was there in the village.

There was a pond near the village. One day I asked my brother who lived in the village to walk there. He told that a ghost lives in that pond! If you go there, you will be killed!

I said go secretly no one will know! The next day in the afternoon when everyone was resting at home, we both left secretly! We even took our fishing gear! After reaching the pond, we started fishing!

After a while, my brother got up from there and went somewhere. I was left there alone, suddenly someone pushed me hard from behind! I fell into the pond! The pond was not very deep, but still, I could not get out! Like someone is pulling me inside!

I was out of breath! Meanwhile, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me up! He was none other than my brother! After a while when I became normal I asked why did you push me?

He swore he didn’t push! It seemed from his face that he was not lying! We both quickly ran out of there and never went there again!

4. Haunted House

It’s been almost 5 years since then my aunt’s health had deteriorated a lot! She used to do wrong things and used to say anything to anyone.

We have seen many doctors but to no avail! Then one of our relatives told us that he was possessed by a witch and that he would have to be taken to Balaji! The housemates left for Balaji without delay!

As soon as Balaji reached, aunt got down from the car and went inside running. Frightened, even the family members followed him. Going there, it was found that uncle had cut down a tree in his garden in which the witch and her children lived!

The witch had come to break into their house! But after a little persuasion there, she agreed! He asked for milk for his hungry children! Uncle brought milk and as soon as he wanted to give milk to him, he refused and said my children will drink sweet milk!

Uncle bought jalebi from the front and put it in milk! After that, the witch asked to plant a tree in the forest and also asked to keep milk under it every day for 2 years!

After that aunt started recovering and everyone came back, but while coming back, aunt started doing some strange things again! The family members got very upset! On asking, it was found that now it is the shadow of some other ghost!

He told that my uncle used to have a dream a few years back! In the dream, a man used to ask him for water. He told that he is the same man! What happened after this, no one told anything even after asking a lot! But the aunt was absolutely fine, which everyone was satisfied with!

5. Aunt’s Ghost

This story is from my village! There my two uncles and their family used to live in the village. Everything was going well but my great-uncle died in a road accident! Shortly after that my great aunt also died!

After that my younger uncle and his family also left the village house and came to the city. After a few months, my younger uncle had to go to the village house to get it repaired! They started the repair work on the house!

One evening after finishing the repair work, my uncle was lying on the terrace at 10 pm. They saw the ghost of my great-aunt sitting in the courtyard! My uncle’s eyes were filled with tears! As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he saw my great aunt sitting at the bottom of the stairs, staring back at him!

Seeing this, my uncle was completely scared and lost his senses! After that when he regained consciousness, he went to the neighbor’s house. He told them the whole scene! After that my uncle’s health deteriorated badly. He quickly came to the city but never forgot that thing!

6. Mother’s love

Ramesh who is 25 years old is newly married and has a beautiful wife. Both of them went to Himachal for their honeymoon where they spent 5 days.

Now it was time for him to return to his home. Both sat in their car and left for Noida. It was 10:00 at the night. Now they were about to cross the valley of Himachal, the road was completely deserted and the car was going very fast.

Suddenly Ramesh saw a woman in front of his car who was wearing a red saree. She was stopping the car by waving her hand from a distance. Seeing him, Ramesh’s wife refused to stop the car as she was afraid that it might be a conspiracy to commit a robbery. Suddenly the woman came in front of the car due to Ramesh had to stop the car.

The woman started banging loudly on the door. From the expression on his face, it seemed as if he was in some big trouble. Ramesh’s wife refused to open the car door. She said it could be some trick, we should not go out.

Ramesh said that if she was really in trouble then she would need us because looking at her she was looking good from home. As soon as I said this, Ramesh opened the car door and came out.

The woman said in a panic, “Please help me”. Ramesh said what happened. He replied that my car had fallen into the ditch below and hit a tree and my little girl was trapped in it. Please take him out.

On hearing this, Ramesh’s wife also came out and all three went toward the ditch. Saw that the car had collided with a tree a little below and a small girl sitting behind was crying. Ramesh tried a lot, then the door of the car opened. Ramesh took that girl out and kept her in his lap, but the girl was still crying.

That’s why Ramesh’s eyes went to the one in front where he felt someone sitting. When Ramesh saw it, his feet and tail slipped on the ground. He couldn’t believe it, he saw that there was none other than the mother of the child in the front seat who was calling Ramesh for help.

Ramesh saw that blood was coming out from the forehead of that woman and she had died. Ramesh’s wife came to him and she too was surprised to see her.

On seeing this, Ramesh and his wife looked back and saw where the woman was standing but now she was no one.

7. Hostel Ghost

There is a college near our village. It is counted as a very good educational institution. Children come from far and wide to get an education here.

It was about 9 years back. A boy used to study while staying in the hostel here. He was very intelligent and friendly. The children living with him in the hostel used to call him Sonu Bhai.

Once upon a time, he went to his village for 10 days to attend his elder brother’s wedding. After 10 days that boy started coming back to the hostel. But used to talk less with his friends, even though he did not eat food with his friends and used to say that he will eat later.

Now he was also less interested in studies, when the children with him wanted to talk to him, he used to talk about work, do not know where he lived during the day, and came to the hostel at night only to sleep. It was only a week since he came to the hostel from home that one day Sonu Bhai’s family members came to the hostel.

A boy told his family that Sonu Bhai comes to sleep only at night. Sonu’s family members started crying after listening to the boy and said how can he come even at night. We have come to collect his belongings.

Sonu is no more. Two days after leaving here, he was going to a relative’s place by motorcycle, his motorcycle collided with a speeding truck and he died. By saying this, those people started becoming more intense.

There were children in the hostel who were listening to the talk and they started crying. They were thinking again and again whether the boy who was with them at night whom they used to see was the ghost of Sonu Bhai.

Well after that day Sonu’s ghost never again came to the hostel to sleep and for many months all the children of the hostel were scared. The lock remained hanging in Sonu Bhai’s living room. He kept saying that Sonu Bhai had a lot of attachment to his hostel, so even after being late, he could not leave the hostel.

It is said that even today the children used to sleep with Sonu Bhai. They live in fear, and can’t say whether this incident is right or wrong, because I have heard about this incident from the villagers.

8. Do not turn back, death is certain

Friends, one night I was going from my village to the bus stand with my friend late at night on the way to the farm, then one of my friends said, “Friend, walk a little faster, there is some problem with this field to the next two fields” so I asked what’s the matter If yes, he repeatedly avoided the matter.

But when I put more pressure, he told the whole story.

Many years ago a man was passing through these fields at night from his village. Went under a tree to urinate on the way. After that, as he walked a little, he heard the cry of a child.

He thought it would be the child of the night watchman, but only then he remembered that this field belongs to Rameshwar who died hanging here 3 years back.

The man kept moving forward with fearful steps. The words of those people will be remembered in his mind. Never turn back at night while passing through this farm. If someone asks for a way, don’t look at his feet. Do not listen to anyone no matter how much they say.

Thinking all these things in his mind, that man’s condition became very bad and started thinking about why he did not think about all this before coming here. As he progressed, the child’s voice became louder and it seemed as if he was walking with him.

Then suddenly he saw that a child was crying under the tree, so fearing, he called out whose child it was, but there was no response.

Due to fear, he went ahead but hearing the child’s cry, he could not help it and he looked back. He saw that the child was lying behind him in the swing. Taking this child in his lap out of mercy, he started running away. After a while, that child started to feel heavy for him.

He was shocked to see that his feet were long and almost touching the ground. He panicked and dropped the child. As soon as the child fell down, the child laughed loudly like a grown man. You were saved today, if my feet had touched the ground, no one could have saved you here today. Your death was certain. That child disappeared.

The man reached the house fell down and fainted as soon as he reached home when he regained consciousness, he told the whole story to the villagers, as soon as I heard this, without turning back in panic, he ran as fast as and did not go ever back to that field.

9. Soldier’s Ghost

This matter is of Madhya Pradesh. I was coming back from the fair with my friend. We both were very tired so we were not talking much. Suddenly my friend started mumbling something. He was speaking something in Punjabi, but he did not know Punjabi and was asking questions and answering himself.

I could not understand why he was doing this. I thought he might be joking. Was demanding something from himself and was saying to himself that I do not have it.

After going a little distance, the road split into two. One way went towards the village and the other towards the forest. There my friend called my name Mohan and fainted there.

I saw a man wearing a military uniform and a green turban walking toward the forest. He disappeared after going a short distance. I somehow brought my friend home and told the whole thing.

There was a little tension in his house. But in a short, while he regained consciousness and after a few prayers, everything became normal.

I had heard many stories of ghosts but can never forget the incident I saw with my eyes.

10. Old Cemetery

This is not a fictional story or a movie story but it is true as seen by the eyes. I went on a picnic on behalf of my company. The picnic was at a resort outside the city.

Earlier the people of the company played cricket and other games. After that, we went to the water park. There were only a few people swimming in deep water, the rest all were swimming in less deep water.

We friends made a bet. A coin will be thrown into the water and the one who finds the coin in the least time will be able to find it. He will win.

Everyone dived in turn, but no one ever found the coin. It was my turn next, I jumped into the water, but everything changed as soon as I entered the water. I found that the cemetery was visible under the ground.

There was a woman standing there who did not look Indian in face and dress. He had the same coin in his hand. She stood with her hand raised up. It seemed as if she was standing to give the coin to me.

As he was moving forward in his hypnosis. In a few moments, I was close to him and I took the coin from his hand. As soon as I started coming back, he grabbed my hand and pulled me. Now she and my face were faces to face.

In an instant, his face changed and took on a terrifying look. His eyes were bleeding and there was a sinister smile on his face. There was no limit to my fear. I trembled with fear.

I released my hand, and after that, both the graveyard and the woman disappeared and I caught myself. I felt as if I was in a dream. I quickly came out of the water and went away and sat down. I was out of breath.

My friends started helping me. Everyone asked what happened. I replied nothing. I opened my fist and saw that the coin was in my hand. Seeing this, my friends started dancing with joy and started congratulating me.

Friends bet again, but I did not go into the water again. It was evening, our bus was about to leave. Some of us went out to smoke cigarettes. My friends were joking and laughing out loud.

An uncle standing in front of us was listening to our talk and was cracking up every now and then. I stood silently, and one of my friends jokingly asked why I was silent since then.

Have you seen any ghosts inside? Hearing this, the uncle jokingly said that this used to be a graveyard during the British era. You must have seen a lot of fair people.

Everyone started laughing after hearing this but I was really sure that what I had seen was not my illusion.

Let’s hope so! You must have liked all these ( Ghost Story in English ) ghost stories. If you like such interesting stories then comment us in the comment box.

Download PDF – Click Here

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Narrative Essay About Ghosts (Sample) 2023

Table of Contents

Narrative Essay About Ghosts

How Can I Get Essay For Free and Is it realistic to expect a low-cost, High-Quality Essay from a Cheap Paper Writing Service ?

Essay Writing

Are ghosts real? This is amongst the most asked questions in the world. People always have curious and doubtful responses when others reveal that they have had an encounter with a ghost. Some people tend to ridicule you and say you are crazy. Others inform you that ghosts are fiction and that they do not exist. Making a child accept or otherwise that ghosts are real can be quite an intricate task. Children are frequently known to have had “interactions” with ghosts. Telling them that what they usually encounter are just dreams builds a reality concept in them that ghosts do not exist. I once had an encounter which made me draw my own conclusions about ghosts.

I had once been selected to represent our school in the regional basketball competitions. I was so enthusiastic about it. The competitions were held in the neighboring town. Rumors had it that the neighboring town was always faced with drastic tragedies. Having arrived safely at our destination I concluded that we were out of any danger. Little did I know that I was counting my chicks before their hatching hour. After the week’s activities, as usual everyone went back to their assigned room. At times we would mingle with the students from other schools and tell tales.

One fateful night, I had stayed for long over at one of my friend’s room. We chatted till late in the night and past bedtime hours, so I decided to go back to my room. As I walked along the corridor, I could hear some students giggling in low tones, some snoring and others tossing and turning in their beds.  I was only a few meters away from my room when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned back and saw no one. I assumed that maybe someone was going back to their room too. I approached my room, opened the door and went straight for my bed.

I tucked myself in and lulled myself to sleep. After sleeping for a few hours, I felt thirsty and reached out for a glass of water. After drinking the water, I returned to my bed. I was still half asleep when I suddenly saw a figure at my window. I tried to ignore it and I closed my eyes. After a little while, I opened them slightly to see if the figure was still there. To my shock it was. I rubbed my eyes quickly in disbelief to confirm if it was all a dream but to my amazement it was not. I tried to scream but I could not. I felt like I was short of air when the figure seemed to be approaching me.

These events were happening at 3:00 am so everyone was deep in their sleep. I tried reaching for the switch but I could not move my legs. Blood streamed down my veins so fast. I felt as if my heart was in my mouth. I lay there in bed shaking with fear. I could not gather up myself and figure out my next move. After so many flashes of thoughts, I sprang out of my bed and stormed out of my room. I ran as fast as I could. The hallway was so dark and I did not mind whatever I was going to bump into as long as I could get myself to safety. I stumbled over and hit the back of my head really hard. My vision became blurry and I passed out.

I woke up later to find myself surrounded with so many students and teachers. I explained to them all that I could remember. One of the students informed me that that was not a ghost but that one of the workers usually does sleep walk and bumps into people’s rooms. I tried digesting all that to see if it made any sense but I could not and so I asked a friend to accompany me to my room.

The events of that day still scare me and since then, I have always believed that ghosts do exist. However, many people seem skeptical of my stance about ghosts but I always tell them that all it takes is one such encounter and their minds would be changed.

scary ghost story essay

A preserved corpse in a historic N.J. town. Ghost Walk offers scary tales, witness accounts.

  • Updated: Oct. 03, 2023, 9:13 a.m. |
  • Published: Oct. 02, 2023, 10:19 p.m.
  • Bill Duhart | For NJ.com

David Tinney thinks everyone should love a good ghost story. And he is set to prove it this weekend.

“If we make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, then we’ve done our job,” said Tinney, who will be leading one of the tour groups Saturday for the 21st annual Mullica Hill Ghost Walk tour. “These are stories that have been told through generations.”

The guided tour on Oct. 7 takes groups of curious tourists past the historic houses and public buildings along Main Street in the Mullica Hill section of Harrison Township, Gloucester County. The walk through the old town center includes up to 10 stops at homes built from 1704 to 1950 where the locals have told stories about eye-witness accounts of paranormal events.

The walk starts at the Blue Plate Restaurant, a building on the historic register. Groups leave every 10 minutes and walk through the town starting at dusk until nearly 10 p.m.

“We have favorites and one of them is the story of a young woman in her 20s named Agatha who was married to a local man,” Tinney said. “She was a very beautiful woman, she had blond, curly hair. She was interred in the cemetery in the mid-1840s and the church moved to its current location in 1851. They dug up all the grave sites and re-interred them in the new cemetery. When they dug up her coffin, her body was still preserved because our town is built on marl, which is a clay-like substance. Her skin was preserved and her curls and this made the local newspaper. They had another funeral and reburied her. So now we do the ghost of Agatha.”

Tinney said the tours remain “family-friendly” even though there are tales of ghostly images appearing in some homes on tour. But he said it’s more than that. It’s the complete stories of what someone has experienced and recounted over the years.

Tinney said the tours once coincided with the local fall festival when Civil War reenactors were also on hand.

“We’re telling the ghost story of Agatha falling out of her coffin and looking alive,” he said. “As soon as we were telling that story, the reenactor’s cannon fired. And the group I had, standing in total darkness, all jumped. It just added to the fear factor.”

Tinney, 57, the owner of an antique shop in the town center, said he has always been a history buff. He said the mystique of Mullica Hill adds to the stories of things that have gone bump in the night, and he is proud to carry on the tradition of telling tall tales with a backdrop of a historic town.

Tours will leave from the outside of the blue plate restaurant, 47 South Main Street, every 10 minutes beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person. All proceeds benefit the Harrison Township Historical Society.

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3 arrested, including 2 minors, after ghost guns found in New York City day care

scary ghost story essay

Three people, including two minors, were arrested after "ghost guns" and a 3D printer were recovered from an unlocked room at a state-licensed day care facility, New York City officials announced Wednesday.

The arrests were related to a "long term" investigation into the manufacture and sale of ghost guns, also known as privately made firearms, according to Rebecca Weiner, the New York City Police Department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism bureau. Police said they found multiple 3D-printed firearms at a private residence in East Harlem.

Karon Coley, 18, was arrested for his involvement in 3D-printing the firearms at his mother's home, which police said was operating as a licensed day care center. Coley faces charges of illegal firearms possession, manufacturing of an assault weapon and reckless endangerment, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said at a news conference Wednesday .

Officials did not release the names of the minors who were also arrested. Their relationship with Coley is not immediately known.

The arrests comes nearly two weeks after the death of a 1-year-old boy who was exposed to fentanyl at a Bronx day care center along with three other children. New York City officials vowed to protect children in the city on Wednesday and Mayor Eric Adams proclaimed city officials will "lead the entire country" in safety at day care facilities.

"This is a heartbreaking scenario of thinking that you're dropping your child off to a place of safe haven just to find out that it was a dangerous environment," Adams said at the news conference. "We're going to work united. We are clear that we must protect children in this city."

Child care investment: Sept. 30 may represent child care cliff as emergency federal funding runs dry

'He's not making little robotic toys, he's making guns'

The investigation revealed that a group of individuals, including some minors, were purchasing ghost gun parts and materials to print 3D firearm components from online retailers, Weiner said. Some of the purchases were also fraudulently obtained, including with alleged identify theft of multiple individuals across the country.

Investigators found a 3D printer and printing tools, and two completed 3D-printed guns and an assault pistol that was in the final stages of assembly inside an unlocked room at the East Harlem day care facility. Police arrested three people, including two minors and Coley, who was taken into custody at the day care site.

"You've got an 18-year-old in his room, 3D printer. He's not making little robotic toys, he's making guns," Adams said. "That should be scary to everyone."

According to Christina Chang, executive deputy commissioner and chief program officer with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the day care was being operated by Coley's mother inside her private residence. The initial license for the day care was issued in February 2021 and it was last inspected in February this year, Chang said.

Health inspectors had found three violations related to documentation around feeding and sleeping schedules; preferences from families; and verification from doctors that children did not have any infectious diseases, Chang added. The day care was cited for those violations but Chang said the facility "took corrective action and verified that the paperwork was done."

What are ghost guns?

Ghost guns, or private made firearms, are homemade guns that are often assembled from 3D-printing or kits purchased online. The firearms can be purchased without background checks and do not have serial numbers, making them untraceable.

In a landmark report published in February , the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives found that the number of suspected ghost guns recovered by law enforcement and submitted to the bureau for tracing increased by more than 1,000% between 2017 and 2021. And the number more than doubled from 2020 to 2021.

Law enforcement agencies across the country recovered and traced nearly 38,000 suspectedghost guns between 2017 and 2021.

Weiner noted that ghost gun operations are a "growing trend" in New York City. In 2021, the NYPD recovered more than 260 ghost guns and the number almost doubled last year with over 430 recoveries.

"Ghost guns and 3D printed firearms operate just like commercial firearms," Weiner said. "In the hands of teenagers, they can inflict just as much violence."

Bronx day care case: Day care owner tried to cover up drug operation where tot died before calling 911, feds say

Bronx day care fentanyl poisoning

On Sept. 15, NYPD officers found three children unconscious and showing symptoms of a toxic opioid exposure, according to court records.

An 8-month-old girl and two boys, 1 and 2, were administered the overdose-reversing drug Narcan but only two of the children recovered. One-year-old Nicholas Feliz Dominici died from suspected fentanyl poisoning.

Another 2-year-old boy from the day care was later admitted into a hospital when his mother noticed he was "lethargic and unresponsive." He was able to recover after being administered Narcan.

Investigators found a brick of fentanyl on top of playmats for the children and equipment often used to package drugs in other areas of the day care site. A further search revealed a trap door in a play area, which contained more drugs.

Four people have been arrested and charged in connection to Dominici's death , including Grei Mendez, 36; Carlisto Acevedo Brito, 41; Renny Antonio Parra Paredes, 38; and Felix Herrera Garcia, 34.

Mendez, who operated the day care center, and Acevedo Brito, who had been living in the same building, were charged in state court with murder. Paredes was charged with narcotics distribution resulting in death and Herrera Garcia was charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics resulting in death.

Contributing: Grace Hauck, USA TODAY; The Associated Press

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How to Craft a Scary Story - Step by Step Analysis

By: Henrique Bertulino

How to Craft a Scary Story - Step by Step Analysis

Very few things capture the human imagination quite like a scary story. The horror genre forms a vital part of English literature and has been the subject of many research papers over time. Great names like Edgar Allan Poe, Algernon Blackwood, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, M. R. James, and even more contemporary writers like Susan Hill, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and Anne Rice have advanced the art of horror short story beyond what we usually got before.

Scary Experience Essay Example

Make your main character easy to empathize with, pit them against things they cannot realistically win against, let your readers put their own fears into the text.

In this narrative essay, we will show you how a ghost story works. From a list of writing prompts, we have selected one for this sample essay, and though it doesn't feature serial killers stalking children during Halloween through flickering streetlights, we hope you will enjoy the roller coaster regardless.

My mother always told me that going up to the second floor was a bad idea. She had lived on the ground floor flat for twenty-two years, she told me, but people living overhead came and went. Had been for as long she had lived there. Not a single family in her recollection had ever stayed there for more than six months.

At least five families in her memory, and two in mine, had come and gone. The only person who stayed more than six months was a lone lady. From what my mother told me, she lasted so long because she had her own rituals she performed. But even she couldn't stay for longer.

What exactly haunted the second floor of our house, I didn't know. But it was a well-known fact that it was haunted. The entire neighborhood knew. Nothing ever happened on the ground floor, but when we went to bed at night, we could hear the sound of furniture being moved.

Oddly enough, the flat was untenanted at the time.

And so, I got curious. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on up there. The stories told by former tenants were much the same. Furniture being thrown about, windows and doors slamming open and closed. One woman was almost strangled in bed. Needless to say, that family moved away immediately afterward. I was deathly afraid of going upstairs. When I was little, the thought of a ghost living upstairs was enough to stop me from going to the toilet at night.

By the time I was twelve, though, these fears had been laid to rest. Most of my friends in the neighborhood were also rather curious about the haunting, and a friend of mine asked me if we could go up. The landlord always kept the keys to that flat with us, and I knew exactly where it was. So, smelling an adventure, I said yes.

On a weekend afternoon, we decided to put our little plan into action. Too many cooks spoil the broth, so it was only my friend and I. My mother was asleep after having lunch, so that made nicking the keys easier.

Tools of our trade in hand, my friend and I snuck up the stairs. He was ahead of me, climbing the stairs enthusiastically. There was nobody living up there at the moment, so there was no electricity. No lights to push the darkness of the staircase away. Our nerves were being canceled out by our excitement.

Suddenly, however, my friend stopped in his tracks. I stopped too and asked him why he had stopped. At my question, he started. He immediately whirled around, eyes wide.

"Didn't you just run past me up the stairs?" he asked, voice very quiet. "I stopped to let you pass…"

I said nothing. The look on his face did not make it seem like he was bluffing. The terror in his eyes was enough. We sprinted down the stairs faster than human feet have ever run downstairs, and shot out of the house and into the afternoon sun.

The adventure was never fully realized. To this day, that first-floor flat remains untenanted.

Why It Works

Horror stories don't all have to involve the main character moving into a haunted house. The secret to a good story is to make the main character be as sympathetic and likable as possible. A mother feeding her son, a sister playing with her brother, school friends - bonds of love and friendship are at the heart of every good scary story.

Of course, a true story beats out everything, but that's beside the point. Having the main character you can get behind and support sells a horror story. You do not want bad things happening to them. You want them to pull through and survive. The bigger the odds they face, the more you want them to come out on top.

This is what makes Bram Stoker's Dracula such a towering success. Even today, the struggles of Jonathan Harker to escape from the dreaded castle, of Dr. John Seward and Abraham Van Helsing's putting together of the disparate events connected to the Count, and Mina Murray's bravery while facing down a fate worse than death can't help but strike a chord in anyone's heart.

However, you are not writing an action story. Or an adventure tale. You're writing horror. So, the hero should never be able to fight the foe directly. The terror they face must be unimaginably stronger and stranger than they can imagine. That is the essence of horror - even the most chiseled bodybuilder is helpless against a street filled with flickering streetlights and shadows slinking past.

This is what makes the works of H. P. Lovecraft so widely loved. He left the ultimate horror up to the interpretation of the reader. The greatest source of dread in his stories comes from beings we cannot understand, and the feeling of alienness is what allows him to twist our emotions as per his command.

And that is what it comes down to, at the end of the day. You might love the horror genre, but to really understand it and how it works, you need to seep yourself in it. You have to read and watch everything of quality that you can get your hands on. Only then will you understand enough about the craft to be able to make your own mark. And that, we hope, is where this narrative essay leads you.

Whether you got your first taste of horror by watching horror films or picking up a copy of Goosebumps, take solace in the fact that the horror bug never truly leaves you. You will always be connected to the spooks, whether you like it or not.

We hope you got what you wanted out of this free essay. If you want your own essays to stand out, you should look into Studybay's assignment writing service. Get professionally written essays complete with masterful proofreading - nothing will stop you from achieving the grade you want. Give us your ESL essay topics, and watch us give you the best edited essay you will ever see.

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scary ghost story essay

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scary ghost story essay

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How to Write a Ghost Story

Last Updated: July 6, 2023 References Approved

This article was co-authored by Grant Faulkner, MA . Grant Faulkner is the Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the co-founder of 100 Word Story, a literary magazine. Grant has published two books on writing and has been published in The New York Times and Writer’s Digest. He co-hosts Write-minded, a weekly podcast on writing and publishing, and has a M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.  wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 215,033 times.

Many people enjoy a good ghost story and writing your own can be just as enjoyable. Ghost stories generally follow the patterns of other fictional work, focusing on a character and their encounters with a challenging force or event. However, ghost stories have a close focus on evoking feelings of terror and dread, building them up into a horrifying climax. Learning some of the ideas and techniques behind good ghost stories can help you create your own terrifying tales.

Developing Your Plot

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 1

  • Think about which situations meeting a ghost would be most terrifying.
  • Imagine the details of the ghost and how it haunts you, noting what scares you the most.
  • Try watching your favorite horror films or reading other ghost stories to get inspired.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 2

  • What locations do you find disturbing or discomforting?
  • Your setting should have a feeling of isolation, cutting the main characters off from help.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 4

  • Stasis. This is the introduction to your story and it demonstrates the normal life of your characters.
  • Trigger. This event is something that pushes your character out of their normal life.
  • Quest. This is where your character is given a goal or something they must do.
  • Surprise. This will take up the middle section of your story and will be the events along the way towards your heroes goal.
  • Critical choice. Your protagonist will need to make a hard choice that demonstrates their character.
  • Climax. This is the moment your story was building up to and the most dramatic moment of the story.
  • Reversal. This should be the consequence to your character's critical choice or the main challenge.
  • Resolution. This point is where your characters return to everyday life but are changed from the ordeal.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 5

  • Write your outline in a chronological ordering of events.
  • Don't leave any gaps in the narrative for your outline.
  • Try to think about each scene and examine how they work together.
  • If writing an entire ghost story seems overwhelming at first, try writing a 100-word ghost story to warm up. You get 100 words to write something truly creepy and unsettling. It takes less time, and you won't have to worry as much about outlining and pacing.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 6

  • Don't rush to reveal the confrontation or climax of your ghost story.
  • Building the tension of the story slowly can make the climax even more intense.

Developing Your Characters

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 7

  • Try to think of why your character is in the situation they are.
  • Imagine how your character would react to the events in your story.
  • Try to get a clear mental picture of what your character looks like.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 8

  • Your ghost will need a reason or motive for existing and doing what they do.
  • Ghosts come in different forms, being more or less physical or having different powers.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 9

  • Foils usually have different personalities than the main characters in order to highlight the individual characteristics.
  • Your supporting characters should also have their own unique qualities and personalities.
  • Ask yourself what relationships these characters might have with the main characters of your ghost story.

Writing Your Ghost Story

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 10

  • ”The ghost appeared and I was frightened” is an example of telling the reader what's happening.
  • ”The ghost appeared and my stomach tightened up in knots. I could feel my face break out in a sweat and my heart trying to leap out from my chest.” is an example of showing the reader what's happening.

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 11

  • For example, “The ghost was ten feet tall and exactly as wide as the door that it came through.” is probably too direct.
  • Try saying something like “The ghost was enormous, making the room suddenly feel claustrophobic and tight.”

Image titled Write a Ghost Story Step 12

  • Consider ending your story in a single sentence.
  • Offering too much explanation at the end of your ghost story can lessen the impact of your ending.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

Video . By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

  • Setting is an important part of your ghost story that can either enhance or detract from the feelings of terror you are trying to evoke. Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 0
  • Think about what scares you the most and let those fears inspire your ghost story. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0
  • Have a clear understanding of what and who your characters are. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0

scary ghost story essay

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About This Article

Grant Faulkner, MA

To write a ghost story, start by thinking about what you find scary about ghosts. Additionally, since atmosphere plays a large part in ghost stories, imagine the creepiest location you can think of for the setting. Next, work on your story’s arc, which includes the introduction, the climactic moment, and the resolution. As you draft your story, think about what you want to show your reader and what you want to leave up to their imagination, since readers will automatically fill in details with their own mind. To learn how to finish your ghost story, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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scary ghost story essay


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scary ghost story essay

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Why is the best essay writing service?

On the Internet, you can find a lot of services that offer customers to write huge articles in the shortest possible time at a low price. It's up to you to agree or not, but we recommend that you do not rush to make a choice. Many of these sites will take your money and disappear without getting the job done. Some low-skilled writers will still send you an essay file, but the text will not meet the required parameters.

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scary ghost story essay

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scary ghost story essay

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  1. Scary Story Essay example

    1005 Words 5 Pages Open Document Scary Story I looked up at the black sky. I hadn't intended to be out this late. The sun had set, and the empty road ahead had no streetlights. I knew I was in for a dark journey home. I had decided that by traveling through the forest would be the quickest way home.

  2. 11 Best Scary Ghost Stories

    11 Best Scary Ghost Stories That Will Scare Your Socks Off Read on, if you dare. By Ashley Leath Updated: Jul 5, 2023 Save Article What's Halloween without scary stories to tell in the dark?

  3. Scary Story

    Orders: 18 Sample details Scary Story Check out more papers on Experience Fear I used to live in a quiet neighborhood that nobody knew too much about the other. It is not as if anyone had grudges with anyone, although there was a naturally strange old man living right in our apartment who owned a painfully beautiful parrot.

  4. Ghost Story Writing Prompts—50+ Ultimate Hair-Raising Scary Ideas

    50+ Ghost story writing prompts. Use the ideas below to inspire you in writing your own terrifying tales that can make your reader's hair stand on end. A young woman loses her husband in an accident. Overwhelmed with grief, she seeks any way possible to communicate with him. She visits a medium who agrees to help her contact him.

  5. A Scary Story: Believing in Ghosts Exist in Real World

    Firstly, I believe that ghosts exist in some way or form because an encounter I had growing up. This encounter related to a picture frame that continuously fell over, onto the ground with no apparent external pressure or force of nature. As a child, I lived in an old mansion in the central west end.

  6. Short horror story essay 8 models

    1- To obey orders. 2- Giving up bad behavior. 3- Repressing the evil instincts that are inside every human being. 4- Controlling the child in the safety zone next to the parents. 5- Planting correct means and methods through intimidation.

  7. Top 10 Short Ghost Story in English 100, 200, 500 Words PDF

    1. Ghost in the Lift This story is from Delhi, we used to live in Ambedkar Colony. The name of our building was Apsara. There was a rumor that there is a ghost in the lift! In fact, a woman had committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor. Since then people used to say that the ghost of that woman is seen in the lift!

  8. Narrative Essay About Ghosts (Sample) 2023

    Narrative Essay About Ghosts How Can I Get Essay For Free and Is it realistic to expect a low-cost, High-Quality Essay from a Cheap Paper Writing Service? Can I Trust Essay Service, Yes If we talking about authenticity and quality Essay Basics will give you that. Ghosts Are ghosts real? This is amongst the most asked questions in the world.

  9. A preserved corpse in a historic N.J. town. Ghost Walk offers scary

    The walk through the old town center includes up to 10 stops at homes built from 1704 to 1950 where the locals have told stories about eye-witness accounts of paranormal events.

  10. Ghost guns found in licensed New York City day care: Authorities

    Weiner noted that ghost gun operations are a "growing trend" in New York City. In 2021, the NYPD recovered more than 260 ghost guns and the number almost doubled last year with over 430 recoveries.

  11. Primer on the Construction of a Scary Story Essay

    In this narrative essay, we will show you how a ghost story works. From a list of writing prompts, we have selected one for this sample essay, and though it doesn't feature serial killers stalking children during Halloween through flickering streetlights, we hope you will enjoy the roller coaster regardless. Scary Experience Essay Example

  12. How to Write a Ghost Story: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

    1 Get inspired by your own fears. It can be helpful when writing a ghost story to begin by thinking about what you find scary about ghosts. Imagine a situation where you come face to face with a ghost and take note of what you think would make you feel the most fear.

  13. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  14. How Did Roald Dahl Write A Scary Story

    One reason Roald Dahl successfully presented scary/ creepy moments and ideas in his writing is by adding suspenseful parts in his stories. One suspenseful moment that he presented in a short story of his is when he wrote that a woman killed her husband because he gave her bad news. Though the news was never told in the story, he hints that the ...

  15. Scary Ghost Story Essays

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  16. Scary Ghost Story Essays

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  18. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  19. Scary Ghost Story Essays

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  22. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  23. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  24. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  25. Scary Ghost Story Essay

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  26. The Perspective of a Governess in The Turn of the Screw.

    688. The Turn of the Screw is a story written in 1898 and from a governess' point of view. In the main story the governess thinks the two children she is caring for are under the evil influence of two ghosts, Miss Jessel and Peter Quint. What we would expect from an opening to a ghost story written in 1898 is to be launched straight into the ...