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persuasive text homework should be banned

Reasons Why Homework Should Be Banned from Schools

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persuasive text homework should be banned

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persuasive text homework should be banned

Homework should not be banned in schools A Persuasive Essay by Alexander Wong

The setting of homework for students has been a long and debated topic amongst educators, parents and students themselves. Some believe that practice makes perfect and that homework contributes to academic success in school. On the contrary, some others believe that homework burdens a student throughout their school life as it interferes with family time and adds unnecessary stress. In my opinion, I strongly believe that homework should not be banned from schools. Instead, there should be a steady and healthy amount of homework given to a student as it has educational value, encourages future development and helps teachers track their student’s progress.

Just by listening to the classroom teacher in a short span of time, one may not be able to fully grasp the concept of what is taught. By doing homework on a daily basis, it is an ideal way of reinforcing and increasing a student’s understanding of what is taught in class. It also gives the student an opportunity to revise over and master the content of the lesson. Some believe that homework has no educational value whatsoever and is a complete waste of time as students can do more productive leisure activities such as sports or reading. On the other hand, others believe homework is essential and without it, students would perform poorly in school. Dr Nick Rupp of East Carolina University has proven that homework leads to significantly higher test marks and overall grades.

In addition to the educational value homework provides, it also encourages the development of skills that are important for a student’s future beyond school. Students will need cognitive skills, good organisation and time management skills when they step out of school and these are developed over time by doing homework. By doing homework, a student’s cognitive skills such as attention, memory and thinking increase. They are able to recall facts easily, think in a better and logical manner, listen and take the teacher’s feedback and comments into consideration. With a constant flow of homework, students develop good organisation skills and time management very quickly. Students also learn how to balance their homework and assignments with extra-curricular activities such as sports like soccer, music and tuition. They manage their time effectively and efficiently.

Homework is most beneficial for teachers as they can keep tabs on a student’s progress through it. Teachers can roughly gauge where their students are at by the standard of their work and whether they can meet the academic expectations and standards. Homework is very helpful to teachers as it informs them of the content they should include in their lessons, whilst also which students are lagging behind. After looking at the homework, teachers will know what homework they should set for next lesson and what their pupils will need to work on. Homework can also be a good talking point during parent-teacher interviews.

It is evident that homework should not be banned in schools as it provides invaluable benefits for the students. While it can be challenging completing homework, student should appreciate homework for the benefits it will yield. Would you prefer a life without homework? I certainly would not.

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