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Nature Short Story for Kids in English

Such short stories help understand the true value of nature and how important it is to protect it. 

Readers will thoroughly understand how exploiting nature can be harmful for us in the future and the generations to come.

Introduction to the Nature Story

This beautiful passage is one of the simplest and most appealing short stories based on the environment. We, humans, are alive only because of our nature. Still, we continue to exploit it recklessly. We all must know the importance of mother nature and the consequences of troubling it. Therefore, this beautiful Nature story is one of the simplest ways to make kids understand the beauty and the power of nature. The story is about a young boy who got attracted to nature's beauty while playing in the garden and witnessed its power when he tried to change it. In the end, his mother beautifully explains everything about nature and its process. Given below is a summary of the story that will make the concepts more clear.

Nature Short Story Summary in English

On one lovely evening, a young boy was laughing and playing in the garden. He was chasing butterflies as he ran across the beautiful flowers. He also saw a bulky cow who was trying to keep a bug away by swirling her tail. The boy saw different animals like frogs, fish, etc. The child laughed and enjoyed the whole scene a lot. He then saw a small brown squirrel running here and there, he tried to follow it and reached a flower bed. It had beautiful red roses, the boy tried to pick one flower but the thorns plugged his finger. He ran to his mother crying and told her about everything. Listening to this his mother explained that we must not put any sort of harm to nature instead we should help it to grow. The boy learned a new lesson and was very happy.

The Nature Story 

On one splendid evening, when the weather was very pleasant, a boy was playing in the garden. He was running left and right after some beautiful butterflies. He looked around and saw colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes. He then saw a shiny green frog hopping around, he ran after it and reached near a small pond. He saw small golden fishes in the pond. Near the pond, he saw a big black and white cow calmy chewing green grass. The boy noticed a little bug teasing the cow. The cow then swirled its tail back and forth to keep the bug away. Looking at it the boy laughed loudly and said "Wow! Nature is so amazing. It has the power to attract anyone to itself." Suddenly he saw a notorious little squirrel running here and there, he chased after it and reached near a flower bed. The flower bed had beautiful red roses that smelled wonderful. Looking at the rose the boy tried to pick them and got plugged by a thorn. His finger began to bleed and he felt unbearable pain. He immediately ran to his mother crying. The mother asked him" What happened? why are you crying so loudly". The boy replied" I was plucking the beautiful rose but the thorn plugged my fingers." The mother smiled and explained "Dear son, the mistake is yours. You should not pluck flowers. God created them beautifully to witness them, we must not destroy them. You must learn that we should never interrupt the natural process of god. The boy stopped crying and said" I have understood mom, I will never do it again" The mother asked, "Dear son tell me what have you learned today?". The boy explained, "We must save all the living beings on this planet. We should not harm them. Useless interference with nature is dangerous. It may damage the people in the long term."

Visual representation of The Nature story :

The Nature story

Moral of the Nature Short story

The moral of this beautiful story is that we humans must understand and value our nature. We should not exploit it blindly. The life of each and every living being on this earth matters, so we must let them live and not interfere or destroy them for our own sake. We may satisfy ourselves by exploiting nature's present, but it will definitely harm us in the near future. As it is said, "one shall reap what it sows". This is the lesson of the nature short story.

Interesting Facts About Nature

We, humans, are so engaged in our life and recreation that we cut trees blindly, a survey states that around 27,000 trees are cut down each day on earth. Which makes it to 9,855,000 trees in a single year. Even making a single notebook of paper requires around 2-3 average trees. It is also seen that each year the level of oxygen decreases by 0.2 percent, due to the cutting down of trees.

Note to Parents

Nature stories are one of the best stories to tell to your kids during bedtime or while having a walk in the garden. Parents should often take their kids to parks, gardens, or outings in nature. This helps them in bonding with nature at a young age. This would make them feel affectionate toward nature, and they may never harm them.

FAQs on Nature Short Story for Kids in English

1. Why was the cow swirling her tail?

A little bug was disturbing the cow therefore, she was swirling the tail to scare away the bug.

2. Why is nature so important?

Nature is our source of everything from food to clothes. We completely depend on nature for our needs. Thus it is crucial for humans.

3. How can we protect nature?

We can protect nature by growing trees and beautiful flowers, by feeding the animals and not catching them.

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Time for Nature!

Published by varuni in category Childhood and Kids | Social and Moral with tag animals | Friends | Kids | Kids' Story | moral | nature

(by Varuni, age 9 years, class 4, school Yuva Bharathi Coimbatore, India)


Short Story for Kids with moral lesson to save tree Photo credit: diana_s from

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest. There lived two trees, named Chintu and Pintu, who were brothers. Chintu and Pintu had many friends like the rabbit and his brothers, the group of monkeys, the family of birds, the Bunky bear and the wise old wolf.

One day, all the friends were chatting. Suddenly Pintu saw a WOODCUTTER coming toward the forest. Pintu said “Hey look a WOODCUTTER is coming towards the forest! Run! Run!”chintu said to the animals. But no one ran. They said “You give us food, shelter, you give us fresh air to breathe. How can we leave you in danger and go?” Chintu and Pintu thanked them.”OK you all hide behind us” said the two brother trees. So the monkeys and the birds hid inside the leaves of the tree and the other animals hid behind the tree.

Woodcutter was very confused because there were many trees to cut. Suddenly he saw Chintu and Pintu, the huge trees. He said “Be ready to be cut you trees.” The wise old wolf had already told his plan to animals. When the woodcutter came near the trees, the group of monkeys jumped on him and started imitating him, then the family of birds started pecking him, then the rabbit and his brothers started jumping around him and the Bunkey bear started roaring.

When all animals were busy at their work, the wise old wolf ran to the lion king. The wise old wolf told the king what he had to do. So they ran to where all the animals were. The king roared and the woodcutter ran for his life. Chintu and Pintu said “thank you”.

Later the woodcutter thought “I never thought that trees give animals so many things like food, shelter etc…” and decided not to cut trees.

Friends this a message to not cut but plant more trees because there is less forest on our land and it is becoming less and less only. So please save forest.

Moral of the Story: Save Tree, Save Forest, Think for the Nature.

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Writing stories about nature, explore issues.

Press Play Issue 89


Let the Sun Shine Issue 88

Spring Issue

Bloom Issue 87

Spring Issue


Emily Dodd: ‘My stories come from a combination of inspiration from nature and things I’m learning.’

Children’s author Emily Dodd is continually awed by the Cairngorms and her many encounters with nature, after years of visiting the region, have shaped her much-loved stories. So settle down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake (another of Emily’s favourite finds as you’ll see!) and read on to discover how the wildlife of the Cairngorms brought Cameron, the Capercaillie that can’t dance, and other fun characters into existence.

Writing Stories About Nature By Emily Dodd

I’m not long back from the Cairngorms, one of my favourite places in Scotland. I go there every year and it helps me to write. I don’t write while I’m there; I walk and explore and see wildlife and eat cake. The inspiration is a by-product of the place; it soaks in and pops out as a story a year or so later. Well, that’s how it’s happened so far.

nature story writing

Loch an Eilein in the Cairngorms

Take my first book for example. I went to the RSPB caperwatch at Loch Garten to try to see a dancing capercallie every year. A capercaillie is a rare Scottish bird about the size of a turkey. It’s famous for dancing and makes a noise like a champagne cork popping. There’s only about 1000 left in the wild.

nature story writing

Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) male displaying at lek in spring in ancient pine forest, upper Deeside, Scotland, April, 1989. Image credit: Laurie Campbell.

It took four years of anticipation and trying to see the real thing before I could write a story about a capercaillie called Cameron who can’t dance. He learns to dance on a walk with a red squirrel. It’s a bit like karate kid, but feathered. That’s what I love about nature – the stories are already there.

nature story writing

My latest book set in the Cairngorms is Ollie and the Otter, which tells the story of an otter called Rory and an osprey called Ollie. Ollie is trying to make friends with Isla, another osprey. In real life a male ospreys catches a fish and throws it mid air to a female. The female turns upside-down to catch the fish. It’s pretty amazing. After that escapade they mate. There’s no mating in this book though – it’s aimed at 3-6 year olds!

nature story writing

Like Can’t Dance Cameron, the story of Ollie, Isla and Rory was inspired by watching real ospreys at RSPB Loch Garten nature reserve.

nature story writing

Image Credit: Laurie Campbell

I don’t want to write boy-meets-girl happy ever after stories for four year olds because a) they’re not realistic and b) they’re not relevant. But wanting to make friends with someone you think is way cooler than you is something children can totally relate to. That’s important too. When you’re writing a book, there needs to be a character that the reader can relate to.

I usually add learning theory to my books too. I love learning. This book is based on Sir Ken Robinson’s theory ‘The Element’. If you’ve not heard of him you should check out his TED based around this theory – it’s the most watched TED talk of all time !

Sir Ken Robinson says the education system is flawed: schools make you do more of the thing you’re not good at – if you’re bad at spelling you have to do more spelling. But, Ken has proved if you can do more of the things you’re naturally good at, be it dancing or football or art, then your confidence goes up and attainment goes up in all areas. So, you can get better at spelling by playing more football, if football is your thing.

Back to the story… Ollie is rubbish at throwing and he’s advised to practice more. He feels worse and gets worse until his otter friend says this:

“Why don’t you stop practicing and do things you love instead? When I do things I love I feel better, and then I get better at everything. Even the hard things.”

My stories come from a combination of inspiration from nature and things I’m learning. The Grouse and the Mouse is about how to maintain your unique identity in the face of controlling people – something I’ve struggled with. It’s about narcissism but it’s also about camouflage and teamwork. If you see a black grouse strutting his stuff you’ll understand why Bagpipe the black grouse is a proud show off. But he crashes into a deer fence and falls in a pile of McMoo Poo and Squeaker the wood mouse saves the day – so it’s all okay in the end!

nature story writing

Last month, I shared these stories with families at the Cairngorms Nature Big Weekend. I spent a morning walking through the 7000-year-old Abernethy forest with RSPB Community Ranger Alison Greggans. She explained the pine trees stand alive for 300 years and then spend another 300 years standing dead, still giving life to the forest. Even when the trees fall they continue to give life. It reminds me of books!

nature story writing

There’s always something new to discover in the Cairngorms. This year I found a new café – The Potting Shed – with the best cake I’ve ever had (Lindt chocolate and raspberry) and red squirrels outside the window. I like to sketch on my ipad and I love to just watch. I’d love to illustrate my books one day, maybe that will pop out too – like the stories that come from the wildlife of the Cairngorms.

nature story writing

Emily Dodd is science communicator and writer of fiction and nonfiction science books. She is also a screenwriter for CBeebies. Follow Emily on twitter , like her Facebook Author page , or read her blog . See her latest events here .

Emily is the author of  Ollie And The Otter: A Scottish Osprey Story , The Grouse And The Mouse , and Can’t Dance Cameron  all published by Floris Books priced £6.99 and £5.99.


nature story writing

Can’t-dance-Cameron: A Scottish Capercaillie Story

Emily Dodd, Katie Pamment


Ollie and the Otter: A Scottish Osprey Story

Emily Dodd, Kirsteen Harris-Jones

nature story writing

The Grouse and the Mouse: A Scottish Highland Story


Writing Stories About Nature

‘In Japan, shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’ is established as a standard, modern form of preventativ …


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nature story writing

James Crawford is a writer and broadcaster, and the publisher at Historic Environment Scotland. Born in the Shetlands in 1978, he studied History and Philosophy of Law at the University of Edinburgh, winning the Lord President Cooper Memorial Prize. Ja …

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nature story writing


Short stories for kids.

nature story writing


Short Story for Kids written by: Carolina Mora Arévalo.

Karen went for a walk in a beautiful garden , full of tulips and butterflies . The little girl loved  nature and always enjoyed the fresh wind blowing through her hair.

She ran from one side to the other, taking care not to damage the flowers  in the beautiful garden.


Suddenly, behind a big bush, she found a swing made from tree branches. Karen Did not hesitate for a second and jumped onto the swing , and began swinging so the wind dishevelled her hair.

Continue reading…

  • Children's stories ; Nature stories ; Short stories for kids ; Tales about ecology ;
  • No Comments


Short Story for Kids written by: Carlos Cebrian González.

Click here to read: GENEROUS FATTY (FIRST PART) 

…Lolo reluctantly went to the  seed shop  and bought seeds. He explained the project to his  parents  during dinner and ate only a plate of soup and a piece of omelette with chips. His parents, Josh and Sarah were suprised to see their son so very different from lunch time. Was their son sick?”


On Saturday  morning, Lolo went to his parents vegetable garden and took the tools that his dad, Josh, lent him. He made different holes to put the seeds in and gave his lunch to the  birds  flying around, giving them the crumbs from his bread and olive oil.

  • Children's stories ; Fairy tales ; Moral values ; Nature stories ;


New Short Story for Children written by: Rosa Maria Martin – Moreno Navarro.

Mathew was a kid living in a small town beside small mountains. He liked to watch the sky every night, searching for the moon to watch it and admire it.

Sometimes he looked at her so much that his eyes were hurting, and used to end up falling asleep on the edge of the window.


His mother worked in a bakery , and sometimes made a small white and rounded bread, with two eyes and a smiling mouth to give it to her son saying:

– “Here Mathew I brought you a little moon”.

  • Children's stories ; Moral values ; Nature stories ;


Short story written by: Ruderico Diaz (Venezuela)

From a beautiful flower, yellow like the sun, was  born a beautiful green fruit named mango .

He was growing on a tree and his colour was slowly changing.


  • Characters and environments ; Nature stories ; Optimism stories ; Short stories for kids ;


Willy the bear lived in a beautiful place in the middle of a mountain range full of green fields  that nobody knew about.

He was very lucky,  as this beautiful place was all for him, and he could eat everything he wanted, so actually he was a very big bear.


One day when he woke up found out something devastating. Some of the  trees had died!

“What has happened to you?”- said Willy with tears in his eyes. Continue reading…

  • Animal stories ; Bravery stories ; Moral values ; Nature stories ; Tales about ecology ; Tales about effort ;


Once upon a time there was a woodpecker called Peter  who lived in a big jungle full of trees including coconut palms .

Peter really liked coconut palms because of their big leaves and of course, because of their fruit: The coconut.

coconut, bird

Peter discovered coconuts thanks to a monkey that had thrown a coconut down to the ground which had broken into two pieces.   Peter approached the coconut to see what was inside… Continue reading…

  • Animal stories ; Characters and environments ; Nature stories ; Short stories for kids ; Tales about effort ;


Every year in October, when autumn arrives Elmy gets very sad and stops smiling.

Elmy was a young perishable tree who  loved having fun and  joking with the other trees in the park where he lived. But every year  when autumn arrived, Elmy’s leaves started to fall and he became sad .


One day one of his  friends decided to throw him a surprise party to cheer him up. Soon, everything was ready for the party. Continue reading…

  • Characters and environments ; Nature stories ; Short stories for kids ; Tales about ecology ; Tales about understanding ;


In Space  where the stars shine exist planets, and  some smaller spheres that rotate around those planets.  These spheres are called satellites.

The protagonist of this story is a satellite that rotates around planet Earth, and is called “The Moon”.

moon, bird

The moon is a big sphere , that used to be very arrogant and vain. She thought that she was the only moon in the universe , and she always thought: “I am the best! The only one chosen by the universe to exist!”. Continue reading…

  • Characters and environments ; Nature stories ; Short stories for kids ; Tales about humility ;


In faraway mountains there was a magic river that turned everything near him into life.

The Stones rolling down from the road above were transformed into a huge trees next to the river.The broken branches that fell into the river turned into beautiful fish.


Nearby the mountains there was a village  where the citizens used  cars to move from one place to another instead of walking. They didn’t realise what would happen if they used the car all the time. Continue reading…

  • Characters and environments ; Moral values ; Nature stories ; Tales about ecology ;


In a faraway valley lived a family of owls . The parents were Julia and Josh and they had two children, Peter and Joshi.


Peter and Joshi got along very well. They were always playing, flying around the forest and hunting mice together.

One day Peter and Joshi went to hunt snakes with their parents Julia and Josh. When they were near the area where the snakes lived their father advised them: “Now you have to be really quiet and move stealthily”. Continue reading…

  • Animal stories ; Characters and environments ; Nature stories ; Parents stories ; Short stories for kids ; Tales about effort ;

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Writing about nature: 35 stories for your imagination to run wild

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nature story writing

Follow the Author

nature story writing

Writing about nature: 35 stories for your imagination to run wild Paperback – December 22, 2014

  • Paperback $8.12 1 New from $8.12

Purchase options and add-ons

  • Interesting Writing Prompts for Gifted and Talented Students (4th and 5th Grade)
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  • Writing Prompts for High School
  • Writing Prompts about Anger
  • Writing about Nature
  • Writing about Flowers
  • Writing about Emotions and Feelings
  • Summer Writing: 150 Writing Prompts
  • Explorative Writing: Exploring Choices, Stress and Peer Pressure
  • Writing Activities for Women's History Month (Enrichment for Gifted Students)
  • Print length 111 pages
  • Language English
  • Publication date December 22, 2014
  • Dimensions 8.5 x 0.25 x 11 inches
  • ISBN-10 1505673852
  • ISBN-13 978-1505673852
  • See all details

The Amazon Book Review

Product details

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 22, 2014)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
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  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1505673852
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1505673852
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Important information

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About the author

I love bugs, not eating them, or being eaten by them, but sneaking up on them in the wild and taking their photo, and then sharing these photographs with people like you in journals, wildlife collections, religious and inspirational books, digital photography guides, summer activity books for kids, curriculum for educators, self-help books for men in jail or prison, adult writing journals, and more. Thirty years of wildlife photography specializing in macrophotography: insects, spiders, and all things tiny. Twenty years in education specializing in the Gifted and Talented, brainteasers, and critical thinking.

I have created over 1,183 books, and all are available here at Amazon: over one hundred journals and activity books for kids, hundreds of educational workbooks for teachers, and dozens of wildlife guides for anyone interested in the outdoors. I also have created books about dreams, donating blood, Unitarian Universalism, stamps and coins, favorite Bible verses, homeschooling, Zoroastrianism, sign language, children from around the world, Sudoku, word puzzles, trivia, surviving jail or prison, making choices, the words of Confucius, summer activity books, Native American wisdom, optical illusions, Africa, Earth Day, learning Spanish, Buddhism, frequently misspelled words, geometric brainteasers, Christmas fun books, Puerto Rico, prayer, Gandhi, questions for fathers, and so much more. And lots of books about bugs!

Follow Me and my remarkable little bugs to be notified about each new book that I publish. If you want to find a specific type of book, journal, workbook or guide at Amazon that I created, then click in the Search box and type “wildlife C. Mahoney” or “brainteasers C. Mahoney” or “fun C. Mahoney” or “summer C. Mahoney” or “jail or prison C. Mahoney” or “math C. Mahoney” or “Christmas C. Mahoney” or “Bible C. Mahoney”. It’s that easy.

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nature story writing

Creative works by Isaac Yuen

All posts tagged: nature writing.

nature story writing

Giving Up On Your Dreams, Center for Humans and Nature

Happy to have teamed up once more with the Center for Humans and Nature to publish another fun essay: This one is called “Giving Up On Your Dreams.“ This piece shines a light on creatures that have taken seemingly inexplicable turns in their evolutionary histories, highlighting the fact that evolution acts without a final goal or end design in mind. Why did some birds deliberately abandon flight? Why did disparate groups of mammals all adopt insect-only diets? Perhaps to realize one way of being in this world demands that you walk away from another… “Sometimes things in life just don’t pan out, like if all you wanted to do growing up was to fly, but fate saw fit to furnish you with bad eyes and a dose of red-green color-blindness, the sum of which can disqualify you from becoming a pilot. Grounded by such shortcomings you may find yourself commiserating with the ratites, a motley clan of birds that includes the emu, the kiwi, and the cassowary, most of whom were born sans a keel …

Sergeant Major Fish Shoal

A School is a Type of Shoal, wildness journal

My latest essay is part of issue 30 of wildness, a UK-based online journal featuring work from both established and emerging writers that embraces the mysteries of the self and the outside world. Come for the fish shoals, stay for the bird flocks and the many things related or distant in this piece about community, contact, and communion: “…While to shoal is to be social, which permits some degree of ragtag in makeup and disposition, to school is to sweep in unison together, to glint in the faces of would-be-foes together, dazzling the world with coherence. This level of coordination demands constant vigilance, should, for example, a silver sprat take its eyes off its nearest compatriot, it may find itself suddenly not schooling at all but struck against kin and stricken from the collective, beyond which sailfish patrolling for truants may herd it off with sails and speed and general stealthiness. If enough eyes are corralled away, the entire school can lose its accreditation, ceasing to possess those emergent qualities afforded with being legion, like …

hermit crab

A Hearth is a Kind of Home, Pleiades: Literature in Context

Happy to have another nature essay published, this time in the spring 2022 issue of Pleiades, “a literary biannual featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews by authors from around the world.” This issue features a special folio of Latinx LGBTQIA+ Poets, so be sure to check it out! Titled “A Hearth is a Kind of Home,” my latest piece is a romp around the notion of shelters grown/crafted/scavenged across the world, spanning everything from singing scallops and extinct ammonites to the longhouses of deposed despots and the communal nests of social weaver birds. Here’s an excerpt: “…In the end, a home is forged through its inhabitation. Gravitas, Apollo & Associates may have accreted stardust into rocky orbs, but tenant quality is a chief reason why Earth remains magnetic while Mars rests rusty and derelict. Diligent renters like asparagus ferns and phytoplankton can infuse a space with literal feng shui regardless of placement, while members of the mycelial network are the most cleanliness-obsessed caretakers you will ever find, being matter-breaker-downers by trade. To be sure there are loud and noisy …

nature story writing

The Perfect Party Guest, Center for Humans and Nature

Delighted to share that I have an essay published by the Center for Humans and Nature, “a nonprofit organization, publisher, forum, and place to explore, connect, and nurture our understandings of and responsibilities to the natural world.” Titled “The Perfect Party Guest,” the piece makes the case of considering certain creatures to your next gathering/shindig, ones that are perhaps not on everyone’s radar. Here’s an excerpt: “When deciding on whom to invite to your next gathering, be sure to extend consideration to the sloth. Either the two-toed or three-toed variety will do, for each distant relation will have unique insights to share about their suspensorial lifestyles, which is just a tongue-pleasing way of describing upside-down living on trees. These days you needn’t even worry about tailoring the invitation like you would eleven thousand years ago, when sloths of the giant and grounded species might suddenly show up at your door, not being able to fit through, and wouldn’t that be dreadfully embarrassing, having to turn away guests because the fire code for your condo common …

nature story writing

Crafting with Ursula: Writing Nature and Nature Writing

I’m very excited to share a recent conversation I had with David Naimon, host of Between the Covers. A bit about the show: Between the Covers , a literary radio show and podcast hosted by David Naimon, is brought to you by Tin House. These long-form in-depth conversations have been singled out by the Guardian, Book Riot, the Financial Times, and BuzzFeed as one of the most notable book podcasts for writers and readers around.  I’ve been a big fan of David’s interviews for years, having come across his work through his three craft talks with Ursula K. Le Guin, which was later published as the book Conversations on Writing. (His own creative writing is also amazing.) So imagine my delight and surprise when he approached me to contribute to a new series called “Crafting with Ursula,” in particular around the subject of nature writing. Some of the stories we discussed, like “Direction of the Road” and the “Author of Acacia Seeds“, have been featured in the past here on Ekostories. Others, like “The Bones of the Earth” and “Vaster …

' src=

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35 Nature themed creative writing prompts, story starters, fictional prompts

35 Nature themed creative writing prompts, story starters, fictional prompts

Subject: English

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

Mediateacher15's Shop

Last updated

21 June 2023

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nature story writing

Immerse your middle & high school students in the beauty and wonder of nature with these 35 captivating nature-themed creative writing prompts! Designed to inspire and engage young minds, this resource invites students to explore the natural world through descriptive writing, storytelling, and poetry. From the sights and sounds of peaceful forests and sandy beaches to the enchantment of hidden waterfalls and mysterious caves, each prompt encourages students to unleash their creativity while fostering a deeper appreciation for the environment. Whether they are imagining life as a raindrop or a tree, describing the delicate beauty of a snowflake or the vibrant colors of a meadow, or even crafting dialogues between animals and elements of nature, these prompts provide endless opportunities for students to connect with nature and develop their writing skills. Let their imaginations take flight as they explore the wonders of the natural world through these inspiring writing prompts!

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    Happy to have another nature essay published, this time in the spring 2022 issue of Pleiades, “a literary biannual featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and

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    Immerse your middle & high school students in the beauty and wonder of nature with these 35 captivating nature-themed creative writing

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    Nature stories for kids | Environment short story | Story Card Follow the journey of a little yellow-green leaf. 'The Little Leaf', original