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CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing – Letters Of Application for Jobs

Click here to get access to the best  NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English . Go through this CBSE Class 12 English Letter Writing – Letters Of Application for Jobs to learn English.

Job Application Letter class 12 Format, Questions and Examples

Applications for jobs are written in a very formal, precise and to the point manner. In case the applicant has to focus on his qualifications and experience, a bio-data is enclosed. It includes important information regarding the candidate such as Name, Date of Birth, Contact Address, Educational Qualifications, Professional attainments, Experience Letter , Hobbies, Marital Status, Salary Expected and the References. The forwarding letter has the same format as. an official letter. In case, the information about the applicant is not detailed one, it is included in the body of the letter itself and also included the career objective . The bio-data or curriculum vitae (C.V.) is written in a standardised format. The forwarding letter reflects the personality of the writer. It must be brief and polite. While stressing personal qualities such as habits, manners, health, physique etc., it should avoid the two extremes of bragging and ingratiating. Study the following solved examples:

How to Write Leave Application


Question 1: You are Anand/Arti of 14, Model Town, Delhi. You have seen an advertisement in The Hindu for the post of Chief Chef in a 5-Star Hotel. Apply for the job with complete biodata. Write in 125-150 words. Answer: 14, Model Town Delhi May 25, 20XX The Managing Director The Radisson Hotel Gurgaon Sir Sub: Application for the post of Chief Chef This is with reference to the advertisement published in the esteemed daily. The Hindu on May 20, 20XX. I am Anand. I have completed my MBA in hotel management from Delhi University. I intend to apply for the post of chief chef in your esteemed organisation. Please find enclosed my biodata for the said purpose. I am hard working, honest and punctual. I assure you that I shall work with full devotion and sincerity. In anticipation of an early response. Yours truly Anand


Question 2: You are Prem/Parul of 16, TT Nagar, Bhopal. You would like to apply for the post of Marketing Manager in a reputed firm in Mumbai. Write a letter to the Public Relations Officer, Chantac Enterprises, Mumbai, applying for the job. Write the letter in 125-150 words giving your biodata. Answer: 16, TT Nagar Bhopal April 26, 20XX Public Relations Officer Chantac Enterprises Mumbai Sir Sub: Application for the post of Marketing Manager In response to your advertisement published in The Hindustan Times dated April 23, 20XX, I wish to offer my services as one of the candidates. I fulfil the conditions laid down in your advertisement. I have completed my MBA in Marketing Management from Poona University with 90% marks. I have also got one year working experience in XYZ Enterprises, Mumbai. Enclosed herewith the biodata, photographs, certificates and testimonials for your reference. Hoping for a favourable response. Yours Prem

Question 3: Draft an application for the post of an accountant in Pioneers (Pvt.) Ltd. Co. Hyderabad in response to their advertisement that appeared in The Times of India dated 1st August, 20XX. Prepare a biodata to be enclosed. You are Nipun/Aparna. Answer: 23 Raman Villa Race Course Road Bhopal August 11, 20XX The Personnel Manager Pioneers (Pvt.) Ltd. Co. Hyderabad Sir Sub: Application for the post of Accountant In response to your advertisement in The Times of India dated 1 August 20XX, I wish to be considered for the position mentioned above. I feel my qualifications and experience are good enough to enable me to discharge my duties. I attach herewith attested copies of my certificates and my bio-data. If given a chance, I may assure you, sir, that I shall spare no pains in the discharge of my duty honestly and devotedly. I will certainly win the confidence of my superiors. Thanking you Yours faithfully Nipun (Nipun) Enel.: Bio-data

Question 4: You are Chetan Sharma, a commerce graduate from Delhi University. You are seeking a suitable job. You came across an advertisement in The Times of India, inviting young and dynamic fresh graduates as sales assistants in a reputed company. Apply for the said job to Box No. 8365, C/o The Times of India, New Delhi. Answer: C-40, Ashok Vihar New Delhi 20 March, 20XX The Advertiser Box No. 8365 C/o The Times of India New Delhi Sir Sub: Application for the post of Sales Assistants In response to your advertisement in The Times of India, dated 16 March 20XX requiring young and fresh graduates as sales assistants, I offer myself as a candidate for the same. I have passed my B.Com. (Hons) from S.R.C.C. Delhi securing 75% marks. I am a young and dynamic student of 21 years. I enjoy a sound health and pleasing personality. I have a reasonable good command over Hindi and English and possess convincing power and fine communication skills. I hope these factors make me a suitable candidate for the job. If selected, I shall certainly prove myself worthy of the post. Yours faithfully Chetan Sharma

Question 5: Pramod Suri, a resident of 245, Tilak Nagar, Delhi reads an advertisement for young school boys !girls to market the products of a renowned company in Delhi. He decides to apply for the same. Write Pramod’s application to the Personnel Manager, Harrison and Simpson Ltd. 237, Nehru Place, New Delhi. Answer: 245 Tilak Nagar Delhi 20 May, 20XX The Personnel Manager Harrison and Simpson Ltd 237 Nehru Place New Delhi Sir Sub: Outdoor Marketing Assistants In response to your advertisement in The Hindustan Times dated 17 May 20XX requiring young boys and girls for marketing your products in Delhi, I offer myself as one of the candidates. I fulfil the conditions laid down in your advertisement. I have my own scooter. I enjoy sound health, good personality and pleasing manners. I have reasonably good command over Hindi and English. Although I am just 18 and have finished my schooling from the Summer Fields Public School just this year, I have heard a lot about your prestigious company and your products. I think it will be an honour to me to get associated with your esteemed concern. I do assure you of my dedicated service and wholehearted cooperation. Yours faithfully Pramod Suri

Different Examples of Leave Application for TC


An upcoming food processing unit in Golagaon requires the following staff: Food technologist: 2 yrs degree/diploma in food technology having 1-2 yrs lab experience. Accountant: B. Com. with minimum experience of 4-5 years in a manufacturing concern and conversant with sales tax laws. Receptionist: Young female candidates fluent in English with good communication skills and proficiency in computer/Net surfing with 2-3 years experience. Please send your detailed resume within seven days to Manager, Fancy Foods, Sector 68, Golagaon.


Question 1:


Write a letter to your pen-friend who is coming to meet you for the first time—how he/she should recognise you. You will be waiting to receive him/her at the Railway Station. Answer: 27 Lawrence Road Kolkata 19 September, 20XX Dear Albert I am looking forward to your visit to the City of Joy, i.e., Kolkata. The city is connected to the railway station by means of a famous bridge known as HOWRA BRIDGE after the station. Since your train from Delhi arrives at 4.30 p.m., I shall reach platform no. 5 at 4.25 and wait near the Brooke Bond Tea Stall. Your coach M-5 will be just near that stall. In order to help you identify me I am sending my photograph in the get up I shall be putting on. I have chosen this multicoloured dress—white coat, grey trousers, red shirt and a bowler’s hat with a pink ribbon to help you recognise me at once. In case your train should arrive before or if I am held up in traffic jam, please call me on my mobile phone number 9136875543. I do hope you will experience no difficulty. Hoping to see you soon Yours sincerely Sukomal Sen

Question 2:


You read in the newspaper about a woman who waited for six months for a kidney transplant but died on the day when she got a donor. You are very upset. Write a letter to your friend Shyam, Manipal University Hostel, Manipal expressing what is happening in the present day world viz., corruption, legislation on transplant of human organs. Answer: 24, Anna Road Chennai 6 October, 20XX Dear Shyam I would life to share my thoughts and feelings over a topic that has given a rude jolt to my conscience. I was shocked beyond belief when I read the news of a woman’s death on the day she got a kidney donor at Manipal. She had been waiting for the last six months for a kidney transplant. The state has put a ban on the blanket donation of kidney. There are strict rules for the donors. Even very close relatives can donate one of their kidneys and that too after rigorous examination by a team of experts. Thus, the state has good intentions in banning commercialisation of human organs by those who are poor and needy. The real implementation is shoddy and horrible. The poor woman died because the hospital authorities took more than a month to allow the donor to donate his kidney. The rules are framed to save people and not to let them go into the jaws of death. I do hope you will raise this issue at appropriate forum and initiate a public debate to remove hurdles in the speedy donation of kidneys by close relatives. Please acquaint me with your reaction. Yours Sincerely Rama

More Resources for CBSE Class 12:

NCERT Solutions Hindi English Maths Humanities Commerce Science

Maths NCERT Solutions

Science ncert solutions.

job application letter 12

English Literature and Grammar

Gain expertise in english., cbse – class 12 – job application, job application.


Job application includes the letter for applying for a job along with the job seeker’s personal data.  The application letter is the primary means of introducing the job applicant to the employer where the applicant offers his or her service.  The resume/ curriculum Vitae/ bio- data or personal data includes the job seekers – name, address, age, qualification, experience, references and other achievements.

Marks – 6 M

Format – 1M

Content – 3M

Expression – 2M

WORD LIMIT – 150 – 200 words

The job application consists of two parts 1 . Covering letter and 2 . Bio data/ C.V.

Application letter

This is the cover letter of the application and follows the format of formal letter.

Sender’s Address

Receiver’s Designation and Address

Para 1 – Mention application and source of info. –day,  date,  adv. No., post applied for.

Para 2 – Brief intro. of applicant, qualification, experience, strength, why you are suitable.

Para 3- Inform about enclosure of – bio-data, photo, documents . Awaiting Reply.

 Complimentary close

 Signature (Name mentioned in question paper)

Mother’s Name –

Father’s Name –

Date of birth –

Contact no. –

Nationality –

Marital Status –

Academic Qualification

Work Experience : (last job 1 st )


Languages known:


I do hereby, certify that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Date                                                                                                                            Signature


Q. You are Ashish / Ashita of A /4, Radission road, Kanpur. You see an advertisement in the newspaper that India Chemical Industry, Delhi requires accounts officers, where minimum qualification should be a B.Com degree. The person should have min 4 yrs experience and job requires ability to maintain books of accounts, to prepare balance sheet etc. Considering yourself suitable for the job, apply to the managing director, ICJ, B-112, Barkhamba Road, Delhi.

A/4 , Radission road

07 th May, 20XX

Managing Director

India Chemical Industries

B- 112, Barkamba Road

Subject : Application for the post of accounts officer.

With reference to the advertisement published in the XYZ newspaper on 3 rd May, 20XX, I would like to extend my candidature for the post of Accounts Officer in your esteemed company.

I am qualified in B.com form Central College of commerce, New Delhi. I have 5 years work experience.

If selected,  I would work with complete sincerity, honesty and effectiveness. I hereby enclose my curriculum vitae for your perusal and hope for a positive reply.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely


                                                            CURRICULUM VITAE

Name – Ashita Kapoor

Mother’s Name – Anima Kapoor

Father’s Name – Naveen Kapoor

Gender – Female

Date of Birth – 20/02/19XX

Address – B-94,  Radission Road, Kanpur

Contact no. – xxxxxxxxxx

Email id – [email protected]

Work Experience –  1) 2 yrs experience in Hind Chemicals, Pvt.Ltd.

                                   2) 3 yrs experience in Hindustan Lever, Kanpur

Achievements- 1) Employee of the year (20XX) Hindustan Lever

                             2) State champion in swimming

Hobbies – 1) Composing music

                  2) Gardening

Languages known – 1) Hindi

                                     2) English

                                     4) Bhojpuri

Reference : 1) XYZ, Dean, Central college of commerce, Delhi

                     2) ABC, HRD Manager, Hindustan Lever, Kanpur

I do, hereby, certify   that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Date: 07/05/20XX                                                                                                              Ashita Kapoor   

 Sample Paper -2022                                                                                                                  (5marks)

You are Shantanu, residing at Ghar B-94, Balimela Road, Malkangiri. You come across the following classified advertisement in a local daily. Write a letter, in about 120-150 words, applying for the position of a volunteer for the Each One Teach One campaign.

Ghar B-94, Balimela Road


07 th January, 20XX

Cooridinator (Each One Teach One)

4Literacy , Ambaguda

 Malkangiri, Odisha -764045

Subject : Application for the post of volunteer teachers.

With reference to the advertisement published in the XYZ newspaper on 3 rd January, 20XX, I would like to extend my candidature for the post of volunteer teacher in ‘Each One Teach One’ .

I am qualified in B.com form Regional College of Commerce, Bhubaneshwar. I am presently associated with an NGO ‘Ujjwala’ working for the upliftment of children from backward communities in Odhisa             .

If selected, I would work with complete sincerity, honestly and effectiveness. I hereby enclose my curriculum vitae for your perusal and hope for a positive reply.


Name – Santanu Sarangi

Mother’s Name – Anima Sarangi

Father’s Name – Naveen Sarangi

Gender – Male

Date of Birth – 20/12/19XX

Address – Ghar B-94, Balimela Road, Malkangiri. Odhisa

Email id – [email protected]

Nationality – Indian

Martial Status – Unmarried

Work Experience –  1) 2 months experience in NGO ‘Ujjwala’.

Achievements- 1) Student of the year (20XX) DPS, Cuttack

                           2) State champion in swimming

Languages known – 1) Hindi (read, write, speak)

                                     2) English (read, write, speak)

                                     3) Oriya  (read, write, speak)

Reference : 1) XYZ, Principal, DPS, Cuttack

                     2) ABC, HRD Manager, ‘Ujjwala’ Malkangiri, Odhisa.

Date: 07/01/20XX                                                                                                                          Santanu Sarangi   

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The 12 Best Cover Letter Examples: What They Got Right

Amanda Zantal-Wiener

Published: February 16, 2023

Fun is not something typically associated with writing a cover letter. However, with a few tweaks, writing one doesn’t have to be a burden.

job seeker reviewing best cover letter examples

The cover letter examples below demonstrate that it is possible to have a little fun with your job search — and maybe even make yourself a better candidate in the process.

→ Click here to access 5 free cover letter templates [Free Download]

What is a good cover letter?

A cover letter is used to demonstrate your interest in the role, passion for the company, and the impact you've had in previous positions. Cover letters should include a standout opening, relevant skills and qualifications, and a strong finish with a call-to-action — all within one page and unique to each application.

It may be true that only 35% of recruiters admit that cover letters do not materially influence the hiring process for them , but that doesn't mean yours has to contribute to that statistic. In fact, it might be that cover letters are deemed insignificant because so few of them stand out. Here's an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity at the earliest stage of the recruitment process.

Personalization, after all, goes beyond replacing the title and company name in each letter you send to recruiters.

What’s on a cover letter?

Before you can get started writing your cover letter, there are a few components you must have.

Greeting: A simple, but pleasant greeting to address the recruiter or hiring manager.

Opener: Write a catchy introduction that explains why you’re interested in the role.

Summary of Skills/Qualifications: This is the heart of your cover letter. It outlines your relevant experience and why you’d be a great fit for the role. You can highlight special skills, experiences, professional achievements, or education to help make your case.

Closing: In this paragraph, provide a call-to-action by expressing interest in an interview. Provide your contact information and sign-off.

What does a cover letter look like?

In addition to showing off your skills and qualifications, cover letters give you the opportunity to present a clear, concise, and compelling writing sample that shows off your personality and ability to convey ideas. Check out our fillable examples below to see how you should organize the content of your cover letter.

Customizable Cover Letter Examples

In a hurry for a cover letter example you can download and customize? Check out the ones below from HubSpot’s cover letter template kit .

1. Standard Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: standard cover letter

This standard cover letter hits all the right notes: It includes a space to give a brief summary of your experience, as well as a space to delve in-depth into the specific responsibilities at your current role. You also have the chance to describe the challenges you’ve mastered at previous roles, showing that you’re capable of facing any problem that comes your way.

Why We Love It

We love this cover letter because it allows you to describe the high points of your career while still being professional, personalized, and succinct.

2. Data-Driven Cover Letter Sample

cover letter examples: data driven cover letter

Numbers are worth a million words — or that’s how the saying should probably go (if only we could include pictures in cover letters). Citing data and statistics about your achievements at your current company is an assured way to capture a hiring manager’s attention. Most hiring managers don’t read the entire letter, so a bulleted summary of your achievements can be a powerful way to increase the effectiveness and scannability of your message.

We love this cover letter because it’s adaptable to any role. Even if you don’t work in a data-centric role, you can include any enumerable achievement. If you’re in a creative industry, for instance, you can include the number of creative assets you designed for your current company.

3. Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

cover letter examples: entry-level cover letter

Download a Customizable Copy of This Cover Letter Example

Applying to your first job can be stress-inducing, to say the least. You can increase your chances of getting that first interview by including a cover letter that explains how your education can help you succeed in the role you applied for.

Look no further than this example from HubSpot. While other cover letter samples give experienced professionals the opportunity to share their experience at length, this one gives you the chance to describe your personal and professional attributes. You can then convey how you can leverage your knowledge to help your target company reach their goals.

We love this cover letter because it’s easy and simple to use for a student who has little experience in their target industry — including those who haven’t yet completed an internship.

Looking for more? Download the entire kit below.

5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

Fill out the form to access your templates., best cover letter examples.

What does a good cover letter look like in practice, and how can you make yours stand out? We found six examples from job seekers who decided to do things a bit differently.

Note: Some of these cover letters contain real company names and NSFW language that we've covered up.

1. The Cover Letter That Explains 'Why,' Not Just 'How'

We’ve already covered the importance of addressing how you’ll best execute a certain role in your cover letter. But there’s another question you might want to answer: Why the heck do you want to work here?

The Muse , a career guidance site, says that it’s often best to lead with the why — especially if it makes a good story. We advise against blathering on and on, but a brief tale that illuminates your desire to work for that particular employer can really make you stand out.

cover letter that explains "why" with a story about a childhood experience with the chicago cubs

Image Source

Here’s another instance of the power of personalization. The author of this cover letter clearly has a passion for this prospective employer — the Chicago Cubs — and if she’s lying about it, well, that probably would eventually be revealed in an interview.

Make sure your story is nonfiction and relatable according to each job. While we love a good tale of childhood baseball games, an introduction like this one probably wouldn’t be fitting in a cover letter for, say, a software company. But a story of how the hours you spent playing with DOS games as a kid led to your passion for coding? Sure, we’d find that fitting.

If you’re really passionate about a particular job opening, think about where that deep interest is rooted. Then, tell your hiring manager about it in a few sentences.

Why This Is A Great Cover Letter

This example demonstrates how effective personalization can be. The writer is passionate about the employer, drawing from her own childhood experience to communicate her enthusiasm.

2. The 'We're Meant for Each Other' Cover Letter

This cover letter example is a special one because it was submitted to us here at HubSpot. What does the letter do well? It makes a connection with us before we've even met the letter's author.

We're meant for each other cover letter submitted to HubSpot

"Content Marketing Certified" indicates the applicant has taken the content marketing certification course in our HubSpot Academy (you can take the same course here ). Our "records" indicate he/she did indeed give an interview with us before — and was a HubSpot customer.

The cover letter sang references to a relationship we didn't even know we had with the candidate.

The letter ends with a charming pitch for why, despite him/her not getting hired previously, our interests complement each other this time around.

(Yes, the applicant was hired).

This cover letter example does an excellent job of building rapport with the employer. Despite not getting hired for previous roles they applied for at HubSpot, the writer conveys exactly why they are right for this role.

3. The Cover Letter with H.E.A.R.T.

HubSpot has a lot of H.E.A.R.T. — Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent. Our Culture Code is the foundation of the company's culture, the driving force behind our mission to help millions grow better , and serves as the scaffolding for our hiring practices. Recruiters at HubSpot look for applicants that demonstrate how they embody the Culture Code and job description, paying extra attention to cover letters that are super custom to HubSpot.

In another HubSpot submission, a HubSpot applicant writes about how she found out about HubSpot, why she likes the company, and how her professional experience aligns with H.E.A.R.T.

cover letter that details experience according to hubspot values: humble, empathy, adaptability, remarkable, and transparent.

HubSpot's recruiting team was impressed with her dedication to the company and how she went beyond what was asked for by linking her portfolio in her closing paragraph.

Featured Resource: 5 Free Cover Letter Templates


Download our collection of 5 professional cover letter templates to help you summarize your professional journey and land your dream job – whether it's at your first or fifth company.

Short Cover Letter Examples

4. the short-and-sweet cover letter.

In 2009, David Silverman penned an article for Harvard Business Review titled, “ The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received. ” That letter contained three complete sentences, as follows:

Short and sweet cover letter example with only three sentences

One might argue that this particular letter is less than outstanding. It’s brief, to say the least, and the author doesn’t go into a ton of detail about what makes him or her qualified for the job in question. But that’s what Silverman likes about it — the fact that the applicant only included the pieces of information that would matter the most to the recipient.

“The writer of this letter took the time to think through what would be relevant to me,” writes Silverman. “Instead of scattering lots of facts in hopes that one was relevant, the candidate offered up an opinion as to which experiences I should focus on.”

When you apply for a job, start by determining two things:

The key to this standout cover letter is research — by looking into who you’ll be reporting to and learning more about that person’s leadership style, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your cover letter to focus on how you provide solutions for them.

5. The Short Story

Basha Coleman began her cover letter with a short story. The goal of this short story is two-fold:

short cover letter example from basha coleman that starts with a short story about her existing experience with pepsi

You'll notice that her short story follows a typical narrative arc: It has a conflict/obstacle, a turning point, and a positive outcome, all created with a goal to emphasize a theme or point. In this case, Coleman is emphasizing her existing affinity with the brand and her triumphs within the program so that she can continue on her career path.

Like the second example in our list, this cover letter does an excellent job of conveying the applicant’s existing affinity for the brand. If you are applying to a company you love, don’t be shy about showing it and explaining why.

6. The Bare Bones Cover Letter

In today's job market, cover letters aren't always necessary. Even though many recruiters won't ask for or even read them, cover letters can still be effective and convey personality to a reader. Writing a strong cover letter can help you better convey your interest in the position and company.

This template from The Balance Careers puts together the essential components of a short cover letter: excitement about the position, your qualifications, and a call-to-action for the recruiter to follow up with you. Combining these central aspects in a well-written, compelling narrative will go a long way in convincing readers to hire you.

short cover letter example with summarized bullet points

This letter is organized and concise. The inclusion of bullet points to highlight key skills and help the recruiter skim the document is a nice touch.

7. The Breezy Follow-Up

In this cover letter, Amanda Edens is following the instructions the hiring manager gave by forwarding an email with resume and writing samples attached.

short cover letter example from Amanda Edens with bullet points and breezy language

Not only does Amanda provide links to relevant writing samples that are live on the web, but she also closes with a strong final paragraph that:

8. The Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

In this cover letter the candidate, Brenda, plays up her prior music industry experience to build a connection with Epic Music Group. If you have specific industry experience for the role you are applying for, be sure to highlight that.

Cover Letter Example: Admin Cover Letter

It’s clear that she’s passionate about not only the music industry, but Epic as a whole. She’s done so much research on the company that she knows what software programs they use, and happens to be proficient in it to help convey value to the hiring manager.

This example further illustrates the importance of research. Make sure you understand the culture of the company to which you’re applying before you send a completely unfiltered cover letter — if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll completely miss the mark.

In just three short paragraphs, the applicant uses their company research to drive home why they are the perfect fit for the role — emphasizing industry experience as well as software knowledge specific to the company. All of this communicates that she’d be able to start with very few hiccups getting up to speed.

9. The Internship Cover Letter

Maybe you’re just getting started in your career and looking to land the right internship to gain experience in your field. In this case, you’ll need to highlight more of your educational background and transferable skills since you won’t have as much professional experience to highlight.

Cover Letter Examples: Internship Cover Letter

The cover letter above is a great example of how to emphasize your skills and accomplishments when applying to internships or entry-level positions. A few things the applicant does well:

This cover letter example illustrates how you can leverage your education and background to get the gig even when you don’t have much working experience. Highlighting previous internships or experience in related fields can go a long way in convincing hiring managers you’re the perfect candidate for the role.

Creative Cover Letter Examples

10. the brutally honest cover letter.

Then, there are the occasions when your future boss might appreciate honesty — in its purest form. Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg, by his own admission, is one of those people, which might be why he called this example “ the best cover letter ” (which he received while he was with Squarespace):

Brutally honest cover letter example

As Hertzberg says in the blog post elaborating on this excerpt — it’s not appropriate for every job or company. But if you happen to be sure that the corporate culture of this prospective employer gets a kick out of a complete lack of filter, then there’s a chance that the hiring manager might appreciate your candor.

“Remember that I'm reading these all day long,” Hertzberg writes. “You need to quickly convince me I should keep reading. You need to stand out.”

The applicant did their research on the company’s culture and executed this cover letter flawlessly. It’s funny and shows off the applicant’s personality all while demonstrating why they are a good fit for the role.

11. The Pivot Cover Letter

Making a career switch? Your cover letter can be an excellent opportunity for you to explain the reasoning behind your career change and how your transferable skills qualify you for the role.

Cover Letter Example: Creative Pivot Cover Letter

Since the role she is applying for is more visual, it’s important to both show and tell why you’re a good fit.

This cover letter strikes the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity in design while putting the applicant's career change into context. The copy is clean, with a creative font choice that isn’t distracting from the content, but still demonstrates the applicant’s knack for design.

12. The Graphic Design Cover Letter

When applying for more creative roles, the design of your cover letter can say just as much as the words on the page. Take the graphic designer letter example below.

Cover Letter Examples: Grpahic Design

It’s got so much going for it:

In addition to the style elements, this example also doesn’t skimp on the key skills recruiters are looking for. Using metrics, the applicant demonstrates their value and why they would be a great fit.

This cover letter thoroughly conveys the applicant’s skills and qualifications using a variety of visual elements and by emphasizing their greatest achievements.

We’d like to add another stage to the job search: experimentation.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s so easy to feel defeated, less-than-good-enough, or like giving up your job search. But don’t let the process become so monotonous. Have fun discovering the qualitative data we’ve discussed here — then, have even more by getting creative with your cover letter composition.

We certainly can’t guarantee that every prospective employer will respond positively — or at all — to even the most unique, compelling cover letter. But the one that’s right for you will. That’s why it’s important not to copy these examples . That defeats the purpose of personalization.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

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Job Application Letter Format - Check Out How to Write and Sample Letters

Are you a person who has completed their degree and is looking for a job? Have you been sending out job applications but have not heard back from the employer? If so, going through this article on job application letter writing format is what you should do now. Read through the following topics to understand the areas you are missing out on and what recruiters are looking for in a job application.

Table of Contents

Writing a job application letter – what recruiters expect.

Sample Job Application Letter for the Post of High School English Teacher

Sample job application mail template.

Every individual needs a job that pays them well so as to be able to live a comfortable life. In this competitive world, people find it really hard to get themselves placed in a good company due to the little things they thought were not that important and did not take into consideration. According to many, how you perform at the interview is all that matters, but that is not true. The employer builds an opinion about you from the very beginning. From the time you send in your job application, or your profile gets noticed on an online platform, the employer notices each and every little detail. Your job application letter is one of the first things that creates an impression about you in the eyes of the recruiter, so it is vital that you understand how to write a job application letter and draft a good one.

There are a few main aspects that recruiters look for when going through a job application letter. They try to analyse how passionate you are about taking up the particular job. Being genuine is one of the qualities that they look for in a potential candidate. How your skills and experience would add value to the company or organisation is one of the most important pointers they would be interested to know. You have got to convince the recruiter that you are the right person for the job in the way you present the job application letter.

Sample Job Application Letters for You

When you start writing your job application letter, keep in mind that a job application letter is not something casual. It has to be written in the format of a formal letter . Know how exactly you should write a job application letter by going through the sample job application letters given below.

Formal Letter of Job Application for the Position of Cryptographer

589/22, Srilakshmi Nagar Block 3

Subbanna Palya Extension

Banaswadi, Bangalore North

January 7, 2022

The HR Manager

Anton Technologies

Electronic City

Bangalore – 560012

Subject: Job application letter for the position of Cryptographer

Respected Sir,

This is with reference to the job posting on LinkedIn for the position of Cryptographer in your esteemed organisation. I have carefully read the job description. I have also browsed through your official website to understand the kind of work you do, and I am interested in working with you.

I am an MSc Electronics graduate, and I have completed multiple diploma courses in Cyber Security. I have hands-on experience of working in the field of cyber security for five years. Planning and executing various security means, analysing and documenting security systems, rebuilding and making arrangements for the safety of the security system, writing and developing security codes are some of the areas I have good experience with. I believe that I will be a good fit for the role in your company and that I can do justice to the responsibilities I will have to take up.

I have enclosed my resume and work samples for your kind review.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hoping to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

28 C, K K Nagar


Coimbatore – 641045

12 th January, 2022

The Principal

D A V Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Chennai – 600012

Subject: Job application letter for the post of High School English Teacher

Dear Mr. Sishir Kumar,

I am writing to you to express my interest in the job opening for the post of High School English Teacher in your prestigious institution. I have reviewed the roles and responsibilities in the job description you have posted on the Naukri employment portal dated 09/01/2022.

I am an MA English graduate. I have also completed my Masters in Education. I have a teaching experience of three years at the Indian Public School, Coimbatore. I have handled students from Class VI to X. I have experience in teaching the IGCSE syllabus. I have also been a part of the curriculum development team. I am looking for better opportunities where I can use my skills and expertise to help and mould students and their communication skills. I believe that I can do well and play a good role in providing quality education.

I have attached my resume and experience certificate for your kind perusal. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application.


Receiver’s mail id: [email protected]

Subject: Job Application for the Role of (Mention the job role you are applying for)

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am (Mention your full name) and I would like to apply for the role of (Job role) at your prestigious company.

I have completed my (Mention your degree) in (Mention the subject/specialisation). I have (Mention the years of experience) years of experience in the field of (Mention the field of work) at (Mention the name of your previous company). I have an in depth knowledge of the duties that I will have to perform and expertise in the particular field of work that would help me accomplish all the assigned tasks in the event of me being placed in your company.

I have enclosed herewith my resume, my detailed profile and a certificate of experience for your reference and review. I have also provided my contact information. Please feel free to contact me in case of any questions. I am looking forward to meeting with you in person for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your full name

Contact number : 123456

Email id: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions on Job Application Letter Format

How do i write an application letter for a job.

Tips to write a job application letter:

What is a job application letter?

A job application letter is a cover letter that is written to the potential employer to provide them with information about your qualifications, skills and experience. It is sent along with your resume and other necessary documents.

How do you end a job application letter?

You can end your job application letter by thanking the employer for the time and consideration in going through your job application. You can use a complimentary closing such as ‘Yours sincerely’, ‘Sincerely’, ‘Best regards’, etc.

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