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Revise my essay: prompt help by professional editors.

While studying at college, students often complete essays. Frequent writing is very beneficial, as it contributes to the development of critical thinking skills. But depending on a chosen major, some students may end up writing as much as an essay a day. Under such circumstances, it becomes rather common to be so overwhelmed with written assignments that at times they say: “We wish there were someone else who would revise my essay.”

Why Using EduBirdie?

Nowadays, students consider outsourcing some of their tasks to professionals. This opportunity is particularly relevant when it comes to essay revision. Trying to submit by the deadline, some may think that draft writing and quick research paper editing are enough for producing good final piece. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. To create really strong papers, students should spend significant shares of hours revising their drafts. Just visit your writing center. No matter whether you attend Stanford University or Guilford College, revisions are a must and it is beneficial to improve essays.

Indeed, good revision is only possible when you edit your essay with a fresh mind. So upon writing an essay, revise it in a day or two. But what if you don’t have that much time? How to manage the unmanageable? EduBirdie has a solution and professional editorial team on the platform who are always ready to complete this task for you. You can simply ask them to " correct my essay " , and they will do their best, saving your precious time and excellent grades.

What Revision Includes?

Revisions are very important, but the curriculum and personal schedules might be so tight that you can hardly spend an extra hour with your friends. Looking for a solution, some students deliver unrevised papers. But this choice brings lower grades. So eventually, you should either sacrifice your spare time for the sake of higher grades or look for alternatives. 

Some students confuse revision with proofreading. But indeed, it is much more than just spelling and punctuation check. Here are some of the common aspects that editors look through while revising essays:

Who Will Revise My Paper?

There are reasons why students should choose EdiBirdie services among all the alternatives available online with the 'rewrite my essay' request. Most importantly our editors possess all the qualities you look for. Apart from impressive experience, each of them holds a degree in a specific field. They are native speakers because EduBirdie never opens editing jobs to foreigners. They handle any work. Whether you need to revise an argumentative essay or edit a personal statement , only an editor with corresponding major will take this task. 300-word essay or a 100-page long dissertation, every piece of writing will be properly fixed.

Benefits We Offer

Apart from expertise and experience, EduBirdie offers other benefits as well. Company’s services allow students to not only secure high grades and save time but also:

The Best Solution is Here!

Today is truly a day of opportunities, and any student can use this great opportunity and improve grades with the help of experienced professionals. No matter how complex your essay is, mind that for every “Will you revise my paper?” EduBirdie has a single answer, “Yes, definitely!” Don’t waste your time, because there are experts who can check your essay right now, ensuring both fresh perspective and attention to detail.

We are ready to get started on your paper, no matter what type you have. Placing an order is free, so let’s get started now!

how to revise my essay

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Here's the question that all students keep asking themselves during all their time in college: what makes an A essay? Apparently, it must be on-topic, interesting, and meaningful. Of course, it must highlight your input into the debated idea or concept and be absolutely free from any hint on plagiarism. And last but not least, it must articulate ideas clearly, conveying them via appropriate means, and neatly formatted. How do you achieve that? By never submitting the first draft and letting someone you trust to revise essay online or offline instead. In case you don't have a person qualified enough to do that in sight, you can address a professional writer and get it done within days or even hours. That's exactly what can help you do if you just reach out to us, saying, "Revise my essay for me."

Why Should I Ask WowEssays Experts to Revise an Essay for Me?

Well, in short, because we are really good at it, and our experts will go the extra mile to drastically improve your paper! The longer answer includes reviewing features and benefits that customers get when they come to us, asking “Help me revise my essay!”

Professional staff writers

All writers approved for revising customers' papers have at least 3 years of writing experience. Moreover, these people underwent several training programs specifically meant to enhance their editing skills.

Individual approach

When you request “revise and edit my essay,” your order will be taken personally. This means that our experts thoroughly follow your revision instructions and do not hesitate to contact you in order to clarify any nuances.

Fast turnaround

For our customers’ convenience, we offer a broad range of deadlines. At the same time, we understand that paper revisions usually are an urgent matter. For this purpose, we offer short deadlines, starting from just 3 hours.

Plagiarism check

By default, every revised paper is checked for plagiarism to ensure its originality. We are one of a few websites that provide this service absolutely free for you! And at an additional cost, you can order the full originality report.

Convenient format

The paper you receive from our experts comes in a convenient format with all the amendments highlighted so that you can track what and where has been changed. You will only need to decide whether to accept the changes.

Money-back guarantee

A money-back guarantee is an essential part of assuring customer satisfaction. In case the revised piece doesn’t fully meet your requirements and expectations, you can request up to 3 free revisions or a 50%-70%-100% refund.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Where can I get effective help revising an essay?” the answer is right in front of you – here, on! Stop wasting time and get your paper improved as soon as you need it!

Become your best self with our academic help.

Can Someone Revise My Essay Inside Out?

That's exactly what our experts are going to do with your essay to make it shine! They will dissect content to pieces, analyze each of them, implement necessary changes, and then put it together, adding a personal touch. If you need a detailed description of what will be done, here is a list of actions our experts usually perform while revising papers:

Analyze all aspects of how your idea is presented and ensure your message makes sense.

Pay close attention to narrative style and overall content flow to make sure it's apt and smooth.

Check whether the selected paper's structure and content layout fit best for the topic and paper type.

Perform thorough grammar and punctuation check to ensure it's all accurate and correct.

Check paper formatting , in-text and after-text references to bring it in line with academic requirements.

Altogether, the application of these actions by real masters of their craft should take your paper to the next level and make it worthy of the highest praise. Hence, if you happen to ask yourself, "Who can revise my college essay as comprehensively as possible?" the answer is – experts! Moreover if you look for close to free written essays , WowEssays is also here.


Edit / Rewrite / Revise My Paper – What's the Difference?

Editing, rewriting, and revising a paper are quite similar things that often get confused. Yet, being similar doesn't mean being the same. Let's figure out the basic differences between these terms.

Editing is performed on the level of separate content elements, usually sentences. It focuses mostly on wording, spelling, grammar and is all about fixing mistakes.

Rewriting is a procedure typically performed with a finished piece or the first draft. It implies making major amendments to the text, paper's plot, scenes' descriptions and involves essential rephrasing.

In turn, revising might be regarded as something between editing and rewriting. It is meant to polish your essay, research paper, or another academic piece in terms of described ideas and their presentation, grammar and punctuation, layout and formatting. It also can involve adjusting the paper's structure and content flow but doesn't implicate a from-the-ground-up rewriting.

Now you know the difference between these three approaches to improving the text. Yet, in order to avoid confusion while ordering, we've placed all these techniques under the "Editing/proofreading" option in the online order form. So when you're about to ask us, "Revise my paper for me," make sure to select it in the 'Type of Paper' drop-down menu.

Hire TOP Writers & Editors to Revise Your Paper

It is a rule of thumb to entrust revising your paper to a highly skilled writer or editor, as improving an already written text might be quite tricky and even harder than writing from scratch. Below, we present TOP writers – best-of-breed experts within our team! You can select a particular author based on their expertise and order paper revision specifically from them.

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Instantly discover how much will a page of the revised content cost you via the adaptable table below. To this end, select the ‘Editing / Proofreading’ tab, set the desired deadline, and choose the respective currency (if needed). The respective price per revising one page will be displayed under each of the four available academic levels.

Please note that our prices are fixed in American Dollars. The figures in the currency converter are given for the information purposes only and may change according to the corresponding exchange rates of the European Central Bank .

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Check out freshly uploaded, expertly crafted samples. We daily add dozens of new papers to the WowEssays free sample directory, including those on hot, up-to-date topics. Use them as writing models or to verify our writers' expertise.

How to Get a Pro to Help Revise My Essay

Getting a seasoned expert to revise your paper, ensure that there’s no plagiarism in it, and bring it in line with the highest academic writing standards is a matter of several minutes. You just need to:

Place an order

Fill out the order form. To access it, you need to register on our website with an email. Then, choose the ‘Editing/proofreading’ as a type of service and attach the text you want improved.

Pay for the order

Process an online payment using one of the available methods. All of them are compliant with the strictest PCI DSS requirements, hence being completely secure and confidential.

Download the revised paper

Download the improved paper from the Control Panel or get it directly to your email and see that addressing us with your ‘help me revise my paper’ request was the right thing to do!

You deserve only the best academic assistance.

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Why choose us?

Table of Contents

What Is a Revision and Why Is It Worth Hiring Someone to Revise My Essay?

Essay revision process: steps undertaken by our professionals, advantages of asking our team for revise my essay help, who can help me revise my essay professionally, get extra services alongside revision assistance, how to use our paper revision service, how to get assistance in revising academic papers, testimonials on the revision service at

When working on academic papers, the thought “Who could revise my essay ?” often crosses students’ mind. You may also need assistance in revising academic writing projects, since different issues relating to the content, format, or structure may arise. Creating quality essays is rather a complex process. Professors always read students’ pieces of writing attentively to see whether all the set requirements are met. It follows that one has to hand in a paper that does not include any mistakes in order to get a high score. Moreover, it has to be engaging and provide valuable information about the matter. If you think, “Who can help me with a thesis revision?” you should start searching for experienced specialists who could provide you with efficient online essay revision services.

Of course, there are many companies claiming to provide an effective paper revision service . However, you need to be careful when choosing the company to cooperate with since the web is full of fraudulent providers. We, at, can revise an essay or any other academic paper without a hassle. If you delegate your assignment to us, you will get nothing but substantial revision assistance. Certainly, you may ask your friends to revise an essay for you. Yet, are you sure that your classmates or friends are experienced enough to examine your project thoroughly and ensure it meets both quality criteria and your professor’s specifications? We believe that it’s better not to put your grade at risk and address professionally qualified specialists, those who know exactly what aspects to pay attention to make sure that the customer’s work is produced properly.


Revision is a very important stage of the process of preparing academic papers. It should not be neglected since it can help you improve your project and get the score you are dreaming of. In the course of scrutinizing your assignment, you get a chance to detect the aspects that need reconsideration. When doing a paper revision, you can ensure that your work:

It’s obvious that paper revision is crucial for the final outcome. The questions is whether you can do it thoroughly. At first sight, revising your own text seems easy. “Why not?” – you may think. You have created it on your own and you are fully aware of each of its details. This is certainly true, but do you know the specifics of paper revision? It is essential to realize that revising doesn’t mean editing or proofreading because correcting commas won’t help you if, for example, the arguments you are providing wrong. You should also understand that revising doesn’t mean rewriting . So, what is the essence of the such a tricky thing as a revision?

Do not panic! Use our revise my essay service and stop worrying about the quality of your essay! The members comprising our team know what the paper revision procedure includes. With our experts at your disposal, you won’t need to spend much time thinking how to improve the quality of your work without redoing it entirely. Thus, do not hesitate to hire us if you desire to get revision assistance from ace staff!

Do you want your papers to be flawless?

Use our proofreading service!

Why do so many students lack time for paper revision? Well, everything is simple. They are very busy with their assignments. They hardly find enough time to complete the assigned tasks, not talking about editing or revising them. Students’ schedules are rather heavy and meeting them is sometimes a harsh challenge. That is why we are here. Our purpose is to:

As you can see, apart from an improved content, you will get a number of bonuses when using our revise my essay service.

Now, let’s see how the paper revision process goes and what exactly our writers do when working on your content:

Our specialist will carefully scan your piece of writing to ensure that it meets the required quality standards. You can be sure that the online essay revisor you hire will strictly adhere to your guidelines and check all the points you specify to provide you with a positive outcome. So, do not hesitate to contact us and say, “I want you to revise my essay,” if you desire to cooperate with proficient staff who always performs their responsibilities competently.

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The major goal of our company is to make certain that our customers are satisfied with our paper revision service. For this reason, we not only put emphasis on diligent writer’s/editor’s work but also introduce remarkable options and firm guarantees such as:

If you decide to cooperate with our revise my essay company, you have an opportunity to choose the time frame for your essay revision which you consider the most suitable. Whether it goes about several hours or a couple of days, your assignment will be delivered to you on schedule.

Regardless of the time of the day or night, feel free to contact us if needed. The representatives o four customer care team are available 24/7 and can process any of your requests or questions quickly and professionally. They can help you order your assignment, convey some messages to your online essay revisor, get information about our prices, discounts, etc.

Our team members are qualified enough to revise an essay, research proposal, coursework, blog article, case brief, etc. Are you searching for professional dissertation revision assistance? Do you need help in revising your thesis or grant proposal? Address us since no task is too challenging for us!

Looking for an affordable paper revision service? It’s right here at! Our rates start at $10.99/page. When cooperating with us, you won’t need to take loans or something like that to get your works revised.

When you send us your revise my essay request, you can be confident that our cooperation will remain anonymous for everyone. We realize that some professors do not approve students’ decision to hire someone to revise a paper or any other assignment. That is why we make sure that our customers’ data is kept safe with us.

It is clear that students pay close attention to picking an online company, as they want to receive professional help from the staff specializing in a specific area. If you desire to get the best outcome, you should consider cooperating with our online essay revision team. Our specialists hold the degrees ranging from BA to Ph.D. in a particular research field. Furthermore, they have considerable experience that lets them not only write worthy academic papers but also revise them extensively. Our experts understand the importance of sticking to the standards established in the academic area and satisfying the demands imposed by professors. Meeting both of these items ensures excellent grades. So, you can rest assured that you will receive a top-notch essay if you address us.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Learners are sometimes bewildered by the type of service they should use. The point is that they do not know how to formulate their requests properly to get their papers improved. The problem might lie in the inability to distinguish between the kind of corrections required what often results in the use of a wrong option. Below, there is useful information about the list of services we offer. Read it and you will understand whether you need revision services, editing, proofreading, or any other one.

As you may see, our company provides a full spectrum of services ranging from writing to editing. Moreover, we can handle all types of orders no matter the topic. Therefore, delegate your assignment to us and forget about any difficulties you have ever encountered with academic papers. In case it is difficult for you to pick the right option, contact our support agents for help.

Place an order and provide detailed instructions

Make a payment

Our professional is revising your paper

Download a fully revised paper

Do you still think “Who can review my essay properly?” Do not worry, as you have chosen the right provider! We provide our clients with the first-class paper revision service so that they can receive the best papers. We have established a simple ordering procedure. Thus, you will not have any difficulties in getting assistance from us.

Do not waste your precious time! If you see that you cannot cope with revising your essay, address us straight away. If you select us as your assistant, you can be certain of getting a completely flawless paper. We will be pleased to help you achieve great results!

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How to Revise an Essay – A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

How to Revise an Essay

Many students score poor grades because they don’t know how to revise an essay. Writing a brilliant essay requires time, skills, and experience. However, you should revise your essay after writing it to make it better. That way, the educator will have minimal reasons to give you a low grade. It’s crucial to note that revising an essay doesn’t mean a student is a bad writer.

Every writer understands that editing their work before submitting it is crucial. What’s more, good writing results from continuous editing and endless practice. Even a talented and experienced writer turns to professional editors once in a while and says, “Please revise my essay.” That’s because they know they can’t notice all errors if they revise their essay when tired. So, if you want to score the top grades in your essay assignments, always revise them before submission.

What Does It Mean to Revise Your Essay?

Revision means “to see again” or to give something a fresh look from a critical perspective. Revising an essay is an ongoing process that entails rethinking it, reconsidering the arguments in it, reviewing the presented evidence, refining the purpose, reorganizing the presentation, and reviving its stale prose. When you revise your essay you make it better.

Ideally, revision entails more than fixing spelling and punctuation mistakes. That is known as proofreading and it’s crucial before submitting your paper. However, if your essay has predictable ideas, a weak thesis, and a messed-up organization, proofreading won’t help. Instead, you should revise essay first and then proofread.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Revise an Essay

If you have adequate time to revise a paper, take it to perfect your work. That way, you will impress the educator with your work. Rewording your essay or using better words and avoiding repetition is only a part of the revision process. And this is what most people call editing, which is an essential final step of polishing a written work. However, rephrasing won’t make a difference if you don’t think through the ideas of your essay. In some cases, students learn how to revise an essay in college. If that’s not the case for you, here are the steps to follow when revising your essay.

Put the draft aside: Once you’re done writing the essay, put the draft aside for some time. That way, you will be more objective when you come back for essay revision. Get feedback: When revising the essay, you know what you want to say. That means you might not be the best judge to determine the clarity of your draft. Therefore, allow another person to revise the essay for you. For instance, you can get free online essay revision to determine where your essay is unclear. Once you get the feedback, use it to clarify your ideas in the essay. Create a backward outline: Revision of an essay begins when you start thinking about the issues or points you’re trying to articulate and how you’ve presented them. And a backward outline enables you to do that. This outline should identify your main idea in every paragraph. Use the outline to rank the ideas based on their importance in supporting your thesis statement. Also, consider the connections you’ve used between the ideas. Rethink the thesis statement: You can restructure the argument, reorder the point, eliminate redundancies or irrelevancies, or add implications and complications based on your previous step. Your essay might also require additional evidence. Fix the conclusion and introduction: Some people revise an essay from the introduction to the conclusion. However, the best approach is to start with the body of the essay. That’s because you will know what you want to introduce and how to conclude your argument when you start with the body. When revising the introduction, make sure that it starts with a topic sentence. Also, make sure that each paragraph has linking ideas based on your thesis statement. Your conclusion should wrap your argument nicely. Proofread: When proofreading your essay, aim for language economy and precision. Your essay revision checklist should include the items to fix when proofreading. These can include grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Take your time to fix all these errors, including factual mistakes.

Some guides on how to revise a paper recommend reading it aloud. That way, you can notice stylistic infelicities. And this can help if you suspect that your eyes might have missed something when revising the essay.

Effective Paper Revision Tips

Many students know the importance and the steps to follow when revising their essays. However, they encounter challenges when trying to complete this task. So, how do you revise an essay fast without leaving some errors unfixed? Here are helpful tips to guide you.

If still unsure what revising an essay entails, you can check some revision essay examples online. That way, you will get a hint of what revision essay is and how to complete this task. Alternatively, you can use an online essay revision service. With this option, you pay an expert to revise your essay. And this is the best approach if you have limited time and you don’t want mistakes to ruin your grade after spending hours or days writing the essay. With some services, you say something like, “Please revise my essay free of charge” to get professional assistance.

how to write an autobiography essay

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How to revise an essay

how to revise my essay

You can use your responses to revise your papers by reorganizing them to make your best points stand out, by adding needed information, by eliminating irrelevant . Successful revision involves bringing the strongest ideas to the front of the essay, reordering the main points, cutting irrelevant sections, adding implications. It also involves making the argument's structure visible by strengthening topic sentences and transitions. Write and revise on separate days. Set aside your draft, and return to it in a day or two to begin the revision process. Read your essay out loud. By reading your essay aloud, you can hear errors and identify places where you might need to clarify or reword ideas. Check the content of your essay first.

Revising the Draft |

Steps for Revising Your Paper

how to revise my essay

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2/12/ · Revising and editing an essay is a crucial step of the writing process. It often takes up at least as much time as producing the first draft, so make sure you leave enough time to revise thoroughly. The most effective approach to revising an essay is to move from general to specific. You can use your responses to revise your papers by reorganizing them to make your best points stand out, by adding needed information, by eliminating irrelevant . Write and revise on separate days. Set aside your draft, and return to it in a day or two to begin the revision process. Read your essay out loud. By reading your essay aloud, you can hear errors and identify places where you might need to clarify or reword ideas. Check the content of your essay first.

How to Revise an Essay - From Draft to Perfection in 5 Steps

Table of contents

how to revise my essay

Step 1: Look at the essay as a whole

Successful revision involves bringing the strongest ideas to the front of the essay, reordering the main points, cutting irrelevant sections, adding implications. It also involves making the argument's structure visible by strengthening topic sentences and transitions. Write and revise on separate days. Set aside your draft, and return to it in a day or two to begin the revision process. Read your essay out loud. By reading your essay aloud, you can hear errors and identify places where you might need to clarify or reword ideas. Check the content of your essay first. You can use your responses to revise your papers by reorganizing them to make your best points stand out, by adding needed information, by eliminating irrelevant .

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    Answer (1 of 2): Revising your essay is simple, read through it over and over again, again and again and underline the salient parts as you read along. Take note of the message or messages each paragraph is passing out and jot them down

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