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Treatments for Hip Bursitis

If you are suffering from a stiff, aching hip, there’s a chance that you have developed bursitis. There are ways to treat this condition so that you don’t have to live with the pain.

What Is Bursitis in the Hip?

Hip bursitis is caused by the swelling and pain of the fluid-filled sac that cushions the area between tendon and bone, known as a bursa. A bursa normally contains a small amount of fluid. However, when injured, the bursa fills with too much fluid and becomes inflamed. The hip contains two major bursae: the trochanteric, which causes pain along the side of the hip and the ischial, which causes pain at the base of the hips where you sit down.

What Causes Bursitis in the Hip?

Bursitis can come on quickly or develop over a longer period of time. There are a variety of reasons why a person could develop bursitis, as cited by Allina Health. A sudden, direct hit to the hit can be a culprit. Other causes of bursitis include infection, constant pressure on the hip caused by sitting or standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time, past surgeries of the hip and overusing your hip through sports or activities with repetitive motions. There are cases where people cannot determine exactly how they developed bursitis.

What Are the Signs of Bursitis?

Trochanteric bursitis causes tenderness and pain in the outer hip and thigh. This can make sleeping difficult, since it can be painful to lay on the affected side. It can also cause a dull, burning pain in the outer hip and thigh. The pain is usually worsened with excessive stair climbing, walking or running, as reported by Allina Health. Ischial bursitis causes pain in the buttocks and is usually most noticeable when walking uphill.

Treatment for Bursitis in the Hip

Bursitis is normally treated with rest, icing the affected area, and over-the-counter pain relievers. Doctors may choose to drain the fluid from the infected bursa or inject the area with a steroid to help relieve the inflammation caused by the bursitis. Physical therapy may be recommended to regain strength and mobility in the hip.

With treatment, bursitis symptoms generally resolve within a week, according to Medicine Net. You can work to prevent a recurrence of bursitis by making a few changes in your lifestyle. Wear flat shoes to avoid putting extra pressure on the hips. Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time, especially on hard surfaces. Under your doctor’s guidance, develop an exercise plan to help shed extra pounds. Be sure to stretch properly before working out and wear proper footwear. Yoga can help stretch out the hip area.


hip hop music essay

130 Years of Carhartt: How Hip Hop, Unions, and the American Dream Made Carhartt Clothing a Staple

hip hop music essay

In 2015, a sitting U.S. president appeared on the cover of one of the most popular magazines in the world. This alone is not earth-shattering, but the photograph says more than a thousand words, namely because of the Carhartt jacket worn by then-President Barack Obama.

Carhartt clothing has been an American staple for over 130 years. As a brand and as a company, Carhartt has been able to forge a connection with its customers for many generations. Like Nike, king of the shoe game , Carhartt clothing and workwear can be found in dressers and closets no matter a person’s age, gender, or race.

Like most success stories, Carhartt’s consistent and ubiquitous presence was not an accident. There are a few reasons why Carhartt work boots, for instance, are worn by construction workers and runway models alike. For Carhartt, it’s been a century and a half of innovation paired with tradition. For example, the first Carhartt jackets appeared in ads that date back to 1917, and that same chore coat is still made today.

The family-owned business has been a part of American history through thick and thin. It hasn’t been all Paris runways and presidential endorsements for the company, so we’re breaking down Carhartt’s success, starting from the beginning.

The First Carhartt Jackets: Detroit Beginnings and Family Values

hip hop music essay

Carhartt was founded in the year 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit, Michigan. That’s only 90 years after the death of George Washington. And just twenty-three years after the first Juneteenth — the day enslaved people in Texas finally learned they were to be freed — Carhartt Clothing & Workwear was formed in an America on the verge of exponential change.

Industry, as a whole, was revolutionizing, and factory work was one of the most common occupations of that time. Whether the American Dream is a myth or a blueprint, Carhartt’s journey as a brand follows that narrative. Cars were just becoming a thing at the time. Cities and railroads were being built. Farmworkers, firefighters, and other blue-collar professionals needed something to wear while they built the country’s foundations and infrastructure. Enter two sewing machines in Detroit, Michigan, Carhartt’s hometown.

Hamilton started the Carhartt brand with just five employees. Early ads were stamped with a heart that said “union made,” as featured in the photo at the top of the page. That ad is from a 1904 edition of the Tacoma Times. In 1904, we didn’t even have a set “weekend” yet in terms of days off, so the support is pretty groundbreaking for Dickensian times. Could Carhartt’s early support of unions be a part of its enduring success?  

In 1898, a pair of Carhartt overalls went for $3 . This might not seem like much by today’s standards, but an inflation calculator  suggests that this would come out to about $90 or $100 today. This isn’t far off from what a pair of Carhartt overalls will cost you now. Consistency has been key in Carhartt’s longevity as a company and has helped make it a reliable brand. Obama’s Carhartt winter jacket  that goes for $119, for example.

Then and now, a pair of Carhartt boots or any of their workwear remains worth the investment. When the first Carhartt jackets were sewn, clothes weren’t made like the “fast fashion” of today. What you wore was an investment and needed to count, especially for those with working-class careers. Fast fashion isn’t good for the planet, so maybe we can see a return to this mindset from newer companies that want to be around 130 years from now.  

Carhartt the Riveter: A Century of Workwear

hip hop music essay

As Carhartt expanded to the point of having factories all over the United States, World Wars and the Great Depression hit. The Depression was a hard time for the company, but that did not stop it from serving a country whose entrepreneurial spirit, in turn, allowed it to grow.

Carhartt opened the doors to its factories to outfit troops during both World Wars. Not only that, but they also outfitted the women who worked the factory and farm jobs that the servicemen were leaving behind. Perhaps if Rosie the Riveter was around today, she would be wearing a Carhartt jacket. Sales of Carhartt would continue long after the war, but it’s safe to say that a lot of the brand’s visibility came through its military services.

When Hamilton Carhartt passed away in 1937, his son Wylie took over the company, and Carhartt remains a family business to this day. Wylie expanded the brand’s line to include more outdoor wear, like the Carhartt winter jacket that you’ll see anywhere and everywhere there’s a winter season.

In the 1950s, Carhartt started entering department stores like Sears and JCPenney. Who would have thought at the time that Carhartt would continue to grow as stores like that downsized and disappeared altogether? Keeping it in the family, ensuring a sustainable product model, and investing in their workers are all pillars that not only make Carhartt stand out, but also maintain its gold standard of workwear status.

Jump Up, Jump Down, Jump Around in Your Carhartts

hip hop music essay

The 1980s and ’90s saw a new, more inclusive layer to the brand. People who grew up wearing Carhartt because of their parents were now entering pop culture limelights. In 1989, House of Pain wore Carhartt in their music video for “Jump Around.” Rap and hip hop, newer to the popular space, had blue-collar roots.

The roots of Carhartt workwear in hip hop spaces has a backstory that you might not expect. According to Steven J. Rapiel, the New York City salesman for Carhartt, many early hip-hop artists saw men in  their communities wearing Carhartt  winter jackets, favoring function over fashion. Of course, it became about fashion too: people saw these men as community figureheads and emulated their style, bringing them onstage, to red carpets and music videos.

Record label, Tommy Boy Music, saw the value of having the Carhartt name be a part of their brand. The company bought a couple hundred Carhartt jackets and gave them to the makers and shakers in their industry. Because the brand was already standing the test of time, this became less of a fad and more of a staple in fashion. Now moguls like Kanye West are seen wearing Carhartt winter coats while out and about.

In a time where people weren’t really talking about diversity, Carhartt found a way to make their brand welcoming and useful for people of different backgrounds. Carhartt workwear was, in a way, like sports jerseys. But the clothing didn’t start appearing on MTV, in Barney’s stores and on runways because of its looks. The function of Carhartt clothing and the tradition embroidered into the brand were a part of the mystique.

From Hip Hop to Hipsters: Are Carhartt Hoodies For Everyone?

hip hop music essay

In the 21st century, Carhartt clothing has grown even more ubiquitous since it started WIP (Work in Progress), Carhartt’s streetwear label. WIP does collaborations with other brands , and “collabing” shows that the brand is more current than what you might expect from a company that’s older than telephones. But, even if Carhatt’s clothing hadn’t innovated itself with WIP, Carhartt’s cultural roots would still be up there as a top American brand.

The brand has come under fire for opening factories outside of the states. While there are still Carhartt production facilities across the U.S., most Carhartt clothing today is made in Mexico. There are also Carhartt production facilities  in Jordan and Cambodia. Garment workers at some of Carhartt’s manufacturing facilities have gone on strike, and Carhartt has expressed commitment  to do better in the future.

As Carhartt approaches a semi-centennial, it spent much of 2020 doing what former President Trump could not: making PPE  for frontline workers. This is reminiscent of Carhartt’s assistance to America’s troops throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

Perhaps this return to form may implore Carhartt to change the game when it comes to supporting their workers and enacting more environmentally sustainable production practices. While a lot of brands across many industries have taken serious hits, Carhartt may have a foundation that’s strong enough to carry on post-pandemic.

Some debates have been had as to whether or not wearing Carhartt while off the job or with no intention of doing blue-collar work is a form of cultural appropriation. Yet, Carhartt clothing and workwear have persisted throughout two centuries for the apparel’s function. Someone might purchase some Carhartt gear specifically for the irony of it all, but that person still benefits from its well-crafted workwear.

Carhartt jeans, jackets and work boots hang in both closets and thrift store racks, and it’s clear that people will continue to wear the gear for years and years to come. Carhartt’s quality is just that  good.


hip hop music essay

Hip-Hop Essay

hip hop music essay

Hip Hop Vs Hip Hop

The history of Hip-Hop and Rap started in the 1970`s in the Bronx of New York City. Rap shares its roots with other forms of traditionally African-American music, such as jazz, blues, and soul. Rap may also be closely linked to reggae music, a genre that also developed from the combination of traditional African drumming. The development of rap and reggae has been an intertwined path of two different styles, which have grown from and have thrived, in similar circumstances. Finally, just as reggae

Hip-Hop Culture: The Hip Hop Subculture

Hip hop is a musical style and a subculture with almost a 30 year history. The hip hop culture started between the late 70s and early 80s in New York City. This was an era when block parties became increasingly popular among Black Americans and Latinos that resided in the Bronx. Hip hop music began to emerge when disk jockey is played percussive breaks of popular songs and music genres such as funk and soul using two turntables to extend the breaks. By looping breaks on two turntables, the DJs created

Pop Hop And The Hip Hop

Through a multiperspectval lens the ladies in the hip-hop industry have to work extra hard to be seen as artist instead of just their sex. People that are involved in Hip-hop feminism in the industry draw on the strengths of both the feminist legacy and of the contemporary movement hip-hop. Hip-hop and black feminism have intertwined and evolved together to create its own self-identification and political sphere, that emphasizes the personal is the political, however, there is still a divide between

Hip Of Hip Hop Music

Hip Hops Redemption Hip hop music is described as, “a subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees of rap music”. ( Hip hop music is one of the most listened to genres in history. Hip-hop music started in the mid 1970’s, but some say that it started much earlier. Many people today would argue that Hip Hop is disgraceful now a days, and that it has no positive message given. Me personally, I would agree since the days have changed over time. I could also argue

Hip Hop And Rap Hop

The genre that I am going to select is Hip Hop/Rap. The 5 top ten from the 80s are The Message by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Self-Destruction by KRS-One and the Stop the Violence Movement, Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, I’m Bad by LL Cool J, Fight The Power by Public Enemy, Straight Out Of Compton by NWA. The 5 top ten from 2015 are Know Yourself by Drake, Trap Queen by Fetty Wap, Alright by Kendrick Lamar, Blessings by Big Sean Featuring Drake, and Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj featuring

The Hip-Hop : The Four Types Of Hip Hop Culture

and women of Bronx, New York created the cultural phenomenon called hip hop, because of the changes in the environment during the 1970s. Some of these changes include population diversity, advancement in media technology, changing economy, and the citizens’ ideas of their rights. Hip-Hop is a multi-layered art form. It consists of four layers. These four layers are DJing/Beatmaking, break dancing, graffiti, and rapping. Hip-Hop has become a worldwide sensation. It can be found in about every city

Hip Hop: The Positive Impacts Of Hip-Hop Culture

Introduction Hip-Hop culture is constructed by different elements including Mcing (Rapping), Djing, Breakdancing, Beatboxing and Graffiti. (George, 2006) Hip-hop culture does not only reflect the spirit of African American youth and working class but also severed as a cultural form to express their views on politics and the society. It is believed that Hip-hop is an evolving spirit that connects the past and the presents to the urban youth. It is not only a genre of music, but also a combination

The Culture Of Hip-Hop Music And Hip Hop Culture

Hip hop is a culture style that started in the 1970’s. Majority of different funk groups began playing disco music at that time it was popular. During this time funk music was technology driven more electronic sounds was being used on the drum machines. Funk was the new dance in the early 70’s. This particular style of singing in which was being used is called rapping, this begun in African American, Urban Areas, Jamaican American, Latino American and many others cities of the United States. The

The Music Of The Hip Hop

“I said the hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it to the bang, bang boogie, say you jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.” “Rapper’s Delight” is a song recorded in 1979 by American hip hop trio The Sugarhill Gang. It was the original 12-inch single was 15 minutes of undeniable urban-playboy bragging. While it was not the first single to feature rapping, it is generally considered to be the song that first popularized hip hop in the United

The Hip Hop Culture

the genre. I have listened to all of the considered essential hip hop “classic” and modern day albums. I noticed in these “classic” albums very distinct change in subject matter and style that each of the different areas of rappers on where they originate from. Some people believe that the hip-hop culture is at a decline with the lose of this uniqueness and individuality shown in each of these areas. I too even thought that the hip-hop culture was at a decline until I was researching my topic, but

American Hip Hop

1. Similar to the hip-hop scene in the United States and many other places around the globe, Japan has a very vibrant hip-hop community. It is amazing to see how a genre that was created on the other side of the planet make its way to Japan, and how they have put their own spin on the genre. They remake and appropriate it in their recording studios, and in doing so they highlight the various aspects of Japanese culture in hip-hop. The Japanese artists were devoted to the “black culture” that was

The Commercialization Of Hip Hop

Since its conception, hip hop has been a very necessary and influential art form in the way that it gives a voice to people who would normally not have one. The fact that it was often the sole voice for a marginalized community meant that the genre has often shouldered the “burden of being a genuine political force.” Hip hop’s role in addressing the concerns of urban Black Americans has led people to refer to it as “CNN for Black people.” However, in recent times, the commercialization of the genre

Evolution Of Hip Hop

“The thing about hip hop is that it’s from the underground ideas from the underbelly from people who have mostly been locked out, who have not been recognized.” (Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings). Hip hop was formed in the Bronx and ghettos of New York City during the 1970s. It began with African Americans and Latinos at block parties when technology and drum machines became available and affordable. Hip hop doesn’t stay the same and constantly changes with new elements being added

Essay on Hip hop

greatly progressed. Music still tells a story, we know just have many genres to satisfy the cultural and social tastes of our modern society. Hip Hop is a genre of music that has significantly grown the last couple of decades. It's increased popularity has brought it to the forefront of globalization. Technological advances has made it easy for Hip Hop to spread out globally. This occurrence of globalization is a key example that as our cultural borders are broken down by technology, our own

Creativity In Hip Hop

based on the process of sampling was Hip Hop, which first came to life in the 1970’s. DJ's would experiment with the manipulation of vynils using turntables and audio mixers, creating a new revolutionary form of music. The steady gain of interest in electronic music in the mid 1970s to early 1980's contributed to making use of the art of sampling. Extending from its early start in the Bronx, sampling has been a major influence and source of creativity in Hip Hop. The genre has often been challenged

Femininity In Hip Hop

Hip hop and rap music have always been a magnet for controversy, both within the music and the actions of hip hop artists themselves. Although there are a wide variety of hip hop and rap music, it is important to note that despite this, the messages used have been identified as homogenous. Hip hop has also been a medium for messages, such as cultural, political, and social. This essay will focus on the scope of hip hop from its roots, cultural significance, reproduction of gender and racial constructs

The Start Of Hip Hop

The start of hip hop began as creative lyrics. Young urban youth expressing themselves creatively through rhymes spoken to music. A time when groups gathered and had a good time with no fear of violence erupting. However as hip hop evolved, the lyrics changed and it began to take a turn for the worse. The lyrics are no longer a positive outlet to express the problems the youth face, it is no longer “a compelling distraction from the turmoil of inner-city life” (Green 47). Rap has a huge following

Essay On Hip Hop

Hip-hop is one that has evolved in the free improvisational culture is vibrant in the 1980s dance, a form of music among blacks in the United States of the slums of New York in the 1970s. So hip-hop is also referred to as the expressionism of black. Hip in the hip-hop (Hip) refers to a new generation who are familiar with the slang, fashion of the times that points to the "ass", total (Hop) means "dance" or ball in the sense that shake. And try to synthesize these two words hip-hop, dance, be in

“I said the hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it to the bang, bang boogie, say you jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.” “Rapper’s Delight” is a song recorded in 1979 by American hip hop trio The Sugarhill Gang. It was the original 12-inch single was 15 minutes of incontestable urban-playboy bragging. “Rapper’s Delight” was not the first single but, it is generally considered to be the song that made hip hop in the United States popular

Hip Hop And Its Effects

Hip Hop Global Attractions Hip Hop in the most popular genre of music between all African American communities, not just in America, but worldwide. Hip Hop has expanded itself into music, fashion, advertisement, movies, and it’s given many rappers, and those associated with the genre, the chance to influence their communities, societies and their culture in general, but commercial Hip Hop in the U.S. has branded Hip Hop in a negative way. (The Young and The Hip-Hop, Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem

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Hip-Hop Music Essay

Introduction, creations of hip-hop, history of hip-hop, socio-cultural influences of hip-hop music, reference list.

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Hip-Hop is perhaps the form of music that has attracted the most controversy. Many people have blamed hip-hop for a number of societal issues like violence, promiscuity, bad language, etc. Whether or not these people are right in blaming hip-hop for these societal problems is still a matter of heated debates among interested parties.

Hip-hop refers to a form of music that is a part of popular music, and that is mainly comprised of deejaying and emceeing. It is associated with other aspects and forms of music that some people view as standalone aspects of popular culture, while others view them as integral aspects of hip-hop.

These aspects are discussed in the “creations of hip-hop” section. This paper is a detailed description of hip-hop music that also gives a sociological analysis of the same.

The most important creation of hip-hop music is, perhaps, rap music. Rap music refers to a form of hip-hop music in which artists sing by talking poetically and rhythmically. It has become so common that some people view it as a popular culture genre by itself while in fact it is a creation of hip-hop music. Other creations of hip-hop are the components of the hip-hop lifestyle.

These include the hip-hop lingo, the hip-hop dress code, graffiti, and breakdancing. The lingo has been the main source of public backlash at hip-hop. For instance, in the year 2007, Don Imus, a radio host, referred to a women’s basketball team as “some nappy headed hos” (Sanneh, 2007, p. 1).

This not only led to him losing his job, but it also led to a spirited discussion of the inappropriateness of hip-hop language in public places. The genre of hip-hop has therefore earned an unmatched global reputation for promotion of crime, misdemeanors, and the promotion of the use of bad language. Among the misdemeanors is graffiti, which is illegal in many countries.

Hip-hop started in Bronx, a New York City borough, when a Jamaican DJ started the deejaying and rapping. The DJ’s name was Kool Herc. Rap is actually a product of the integration of different cultures, which got its popularity after the invention of the hip-hop art of deejaying. It is an integral part of the ancient culture and oral tradition of Africans (Adaso, 2012, p. 1).

Kool’s deejaying style was composed of the reciting of rhymes over instrumentals. He was invited in house parties during which he would use in-house references while rapping with the microphone. Artists in Manhattan and Brooklyn copied this style of entertaining people in house parties, and eventually Herc and other DJs spread hip-hop messages in towns and won many followers.

Hip-hop had humble beginnings. At first, as evidenced in the discussion above, hip-hop comprised of live raps accompanied by instrumentals. This implies that hip-hop artists were not recording songs at that time.

However, with time, artists started recording songs, hip-hop became more popular, and its commercial potential was seen. The earliest rap songs that were recorded include “ King Tim III (Personality Jock) by Fatback Band and Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang” (Adaso, 2012, p. 1).

Rapper’s Delight reached number 36 on the charts, which was a big achievement in the 1970’s, and therefore it demonstrated the ability of hip-hop music to draw commercial appeal. Up-to-date hip-hop is still evolving. The good thing about hip-hop is that it can be merged with other genres and styles to make it more appealing.

Contemporary hip-hop has largely borrowed from Jazz, soul, live instrumentations, and other music resources to make it more eclectic. Kanye West is currently championing a movement known as the soulful rap movement. This combines aspects of soul music with rap music, which has served to enrich rap music (Adaso, 2012, p. 1).

Hip-hop has had many influences on the society. Most of these influences are on the social aspect of societal life. A number of unacceptable behaviors in the society have been encouraged by hip-hop leading to a conflict between the ambassadors of hip-hop and the ambassadors of good behavior in the society. One aspect of hip-hop that has attracted substantial controversy, and which has led to various social effects is graffiti.

Hip-hop fans tend to adore graffiti, which is a socially unacceptable behavior. This has led to untidy public places and even offensive writings in public places. In fact, there was so much graffiti in the U.S. during the growth of hip-hop that the government had to illegalize the art of graffiti (Codrington, 2006).

Hip-hop has encouraged social activism. After the birth of hip-hop in South Bronx, hip-hop artists targeted the poor and urban youth with their messages. They became the voice of the voiceless by singing about slums (ghettos) and even mentored rappers from the ghettos who ghetto youth greatly appreciated.

One legendary rapper Chuck D, who was a member of a group called Public Enemy once called the hip hop music genre “the CNN of the Ghetto” (Muhammad, 2008, p. 1). This group also started rapping about the history of Afro-Americans and the plight of black people in the U.S., which attracted youth of virtually all races into social activism and consciousness.

Contemporary rappers are borrowing from these hip-hop legends and rapping about the issues that are affecting the youth in the modern society. This has made them darlings to the youth who have become involved in contemporary social activism due to the political and social commentaries that the hip-hop artists sing.

“This is something that you might not know by looking at many of the controlled news channels which are much more likely to report a hip-hop artist’s run in with law enforcement than their philanthropic deeds and service” (Muhammad, 2008, p. 1). In light of this, politicians are increasingly endorsing the hip-hop lifestyle in order to get support from the youth (Forman, 2010).

Hip-hop has been blamed for the use of bad language in the society. The hip-hop lingo has been quite influential affecting people of all age groups. In the discussion above, it has been stated how a radio host lost his job after referring to basketball players as ho’s. Ho’s is a hip-hop lingo for a prostitute. The hip-hop language has adversely affected the youth in particular.

The uses of offensive language like the aforementioned ho, bitch, and the like, is commonplace in the society courtesy of hip-hop influence. The youth associate the use of such language with sophistication, and thus the language has adversely affected the society.

In the contemporary society one can listen to a conversation between two young people and leave thinking that the two are angry at each other yet it is just normal conversation. It has reached a point where other leaders like political leaders who associate with hip-hop artists are also associated with the hip-hop lifestyle (Stelter, 2011, p. 1).

Hip-hop has also been of great influence on the rates of crime in the contemporary society. Rap and hip-hop artists are considered the best if they were once imprisoned. This is the reason behind such labels like Konvict Muzik owned by Akon. It is common to hear the sound of gunshots in rap music.

The lyrics of many rap songs are also full of instances in which the artists praise violence and openly advocate for revenge and vendettas. By so doing, opponents of hip-hop music consider the genre to be recruiting the youth to crime and encouraging criminal behavior in the society.

Hip-hop artists, on several occasions, have been imprisoned for possession of illegal firearms. This information is normally in the public domain and thus youth who adore such artists would be delighted to own illegal firearms like their hip-hop celebrities. This has led to substantial increase in criminal activities.

Initially men dominated hip-hop, which, together with the promotion of violence, irresponsible behavior, and Ebonics made hip-hop a sexist genre. The raps soon became rants about how undeserving women were. Some artists would even rap about their girlfriends calling them unprintable names, and telling of how undeserving they were. In fact, the integration of love expression in hip-hop is a recent phenomenon.

Up to this date, rap artists still sing negatively about members of the opposite sex, with some men even ridiculing their fellow female rappers. In effect, hip-hop has been a sexist genre and it has negatively affected the society since the youth look up to these artists. The youth are therefore likely to be sexists like their celebrities leading to a society that does not appreciate gender diversity.

Hip-hop has also had an effect on the youth’s valuing of materialism. Rap and other hip-hop videos are normally made with flashy cars, jewelry, and even cash money, which the artists brag about in their songs. This is bound to have an effect on how the viewers of such videos value materialism.

Hip-hop has also had an effect on how people dress. It is common to see young people in sagging trousers, which is a trademark for most hip-hop artists. Youngsters are also sporting more jewelry and tattoos courtesy of hip-hop influence (Ogbar, 2009). The dress code of baggy jeans is also common among the youth due to the influence that hip-hop has had on them. This is because many hip-hop artists wear baggy jeans.

Just like any other invention, hip-hop has been innovated with time leading to a more perfected genre. What started out as a combination of instrumentals and rap in Bronx is now a multibillion-dollar industry that has made many youth rich. The creations of hip-hop are also very much alive today with youth in almost all corners of the world engaging in graffiti, practicing breakdancing, and producing rap songs.

The most commendable influence of hip-hop is perhaps its socio-cultural influence, which many have regarded as negative.

Hip-hop has influenced the way a large faction of the youth world-over talk, the way they dress, the way they treat the opposite sex, their involvement in social activism, their behavior in relation to criminality and even the way the youth value wealth. Hip-hop can therefore be regarded as the invention that has had the greatest influence on the youth.

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hip hop music essay

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hip hop music essay

Hip-hop as a musical form began among the youth of South Bronx, New York in the mid- 1970’s. Individuals such Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash were some of the early pioneers of this art form.(Fernando 43) Through their performances at clubs and promotion of the music, hip-hop consistently gained in popularity throughout the rest of the 1970’s. The first commercial success for hip-hop was a song “Rapper's Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang in 1979.(Potter 45) This helped bring hip-hop into the national

Hip Hop And Hip-Hop Culture

the biggest movement of the 21st century, Hip-Hop culture has risen to a zenith throughout the world. Due to the initiation of “Gangster Rap”, however, Hip-Hop culture has seen a shadow of disdain and is often wrongly blamed for a multitude of crimes. Through observation, it is evident that Hip-Hop culture does not promote violence, but freedom. Necessary as a precursor, in order to understand the desires of Hip-Hop one must know the origins of Rap. Hip-Hop/Rap began with a splash in

Hip Hop Vs Hip Hop

Typically when we immediately think about modern hip hop and rap, we immediately de-fine it as a creative mode of expression laden with influences from its African-American roots. Of course, generally speaking, that much of it is true; although the true origin of Hip Hop isn't precisely known, according to Dr. Renford Reese and Becky Blanchard, Hip Hop scholars col-lectively hail the South Bronx in 1970's New York as the birthplace of Hip Hop. Over time, Hip Hop became a cultural phenomenon. As abrasive

Hip-Hop When you hear the phase "Hip-Hop" what do you think of? Music, Dancing, Rapping? Well, it's all of that and more hip-hop is a culture. According to Webster's dictionary, culture is defined as "the concepts, habits, skills, arts, instruments, institutions, etc. of a given people in a given period; civilization." One artist defined hip-hop as "a set of expressions in vocalization, instrumentation, dancing and the visual arts." More specifically, hip hop is a combination of graffiti, breakdancing

Have you ever heard someone say, "I hate all music."? Lately though music has been criticized for corrupting teen's minds. Hip Hop is being blamed for all the crimes and murders in cities all over America and heavy metal is being blamed for giving teens only dark images and thoughts in their minds. First we must ask what Hip Hop is to us or to others, who simply don’t know or may never feel our movement in society. This form of poetry and story telling has took growth from within a deprived New York

Gender Inequality In Hip Hop And Hip Hop Culture

influenced by hip-hop culture. Historically, women have been accustomed and socialized into gender roles that the dominant group (in this case, males), felt were appropriate for females and mothers. Since the dawn of America and of time, women have been mostly responsible for

Hip-hop Recently, I took a walk around the floor on which I live and asked anyone who I found for their definition of "hip-hop." I wasn't able to ask everyone on the floor, but I really didn't need to either. From the 15 or so people I asked, I got a similar answer, and each was that which I expected to hear. Some of my floormates thought that hip-hop was rap music, others said it was both rap and R&B, and only one person had a good idea of what it actually is. Hip-hop is a culture, and

anyone ever wonder what Hip Hop is? Is it music? Is it hopping? Hip hop can be music but not hopping. Besides being music, hip hop is a type of dance, but it is not that popular anymore. People focus more on ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical these days. Hip hop is nothing like those type of dances. It started in the Bronx, which is New York City in the mid seventies. It soon spread throughout the world, but got lost with all the technology that is getting created. At least Hip hop is still in some people

Hip-hop is known as a culture movement. Hip-hop is a pleasing art form, formed by African-Americans and Latinos in the late seventies. Its formation derives from a young generation of African-Americans in South Bronx, New York. They created a beautiful, complimentary expression of melody, skill and dance from an environment of poverty. Ever since it has encouraged people from all across the world. Hip-hop is discussed as an art form and not just flowing, it typically is meant to include the four

The Hip-Hop Music: The History Of Hip Hop

The good thing about Hip Hop has been a question in today's society for quite some time. Some state that it causes negative and beneficial activities to occur due to results of sexual and natural references. The others could assert that Hip Hop sets a "matrix" (Britton, "Escaping") about the listener in which they are living their lifetime by. To the creators, Hip Hop music reflects the "total way of life of movement" (D. Davey, "rap") that has been beside their lives of African Americans since their

Hip Hop: The History And History Of Hip-Hop

History of Hip Hop By Jen Mosley Hip hop music, also called hip-hop or rap music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing. ( The culture, music, and lifestyle known as hip-hop began in the Bronx in New York City in

Hip Hop Essay: The Hypocrisy Of Hip-Hop

The Hypocrisy of Hip-Hop The world screams subliminal messages that attack the subconscious mind on a daily basis; whether it is on the radio on the way to a football game, or quietly in the background of every department store worldwide. The sounds of the trendiest songs always blare in the ears of every individual. The music that we listen to and the messages that their lyrics send have a deeper meaning; they are meant for one thing: to control our actions and emotions. Unbeknowest to the majority

Evolution In The Hip Hop: The Evolution Of Hip-Hop

Evolution of Hip-Hop Since the beginning of Hip-Hop, a cycle of retaining what was being portrayed and making it new again has occurred. Many of the things that goes on during different time periods are often linked directly back to Hip-Hop and many people might not notice. Every generation of Hip-Hop has evolved into a new form of progression as it has now become more a global culture. It has influenced elements that define our culture:things like: dancing, fashion, politics, and even music in other

Similarities Between Hip Hop And Hip Hop

Funk and Hip Hop are two similar yet different genres of music that have been popular amongst music lovers throughout the last three decades. Both have upbeat drum grooves as well as rhythmic basslines and melodies that the listener will be bound to remember. They also share similar articulation in their drums and basslines. However, while the two genres might be similar they have their own differences in lyricism and meaning as well instrumentation and production. Songs that exemplify their characteristics

Hip Hop: The True Reality Of Hip-Hop Culture

ask someone to define the hip-hop genre, they probably would say that it’s an African American artist reciting lyrics that rhyme to the beat of music. However, it’s a form of expression where the artist’s lyrics connect to self-image and a meaningful bond to their community. The purpose of my paper will outline the true reality of hip-hop through urban black communities, the act of spreading positivity, and the techniques of hip-hop sounding. While the genre of hip-hop came about in the 1980s,

Hip-Hop In A Historical Context: Dimensions Of Hip Hop

Dimensions of Hip hop There are many types of media that influence us greatly. Hip hop music has gained universal appeal and widespread success that breaks barriers of race, class, gender, age, and nationality. It is important for social service workers, parents, educators and others to understand the roles hip hop music and culture can play in the identities of those who are listening(Jacobson, 2009). The idea of authenticity has been if not the most meaningful factor within the hip hop world

What is a huge dance style in the world today that was created only forty years ago? That's right, hip hop. Although it has had a short time span, hip hop has impacted the world in numerous ways. How did it all start? it started from two highly different areas the first in a poor neighbor hood in New York City and all they could do in their free time was to throw Block parties and dance. while this was occurring the other half of the greatest dance style was forming on the other side of the country

The Evolution Of Hip Hop

The Development and Evolution of Hip-hop Did you know that the first hit single to feature rap was by a rock band or did you know that hip-hop’s birthday was August 11, 1973? Hip-hop is one of the few genres to have a definitive origin on how it became what it is today. It had a prevalent amount of components to make it popular affecting people who respects the art and their crafters. It is a style of music that focuses on rhythm and beats. For example, an artist, MC, or rapper would get on the

The Influence Of Hip Hop

Hip Hop has always been putting attention to the early origins, perhaps it has to deal with the fact of adolescents embracing older music. If you take a look in the past, you would see the genre of hip hop progressing into this great invention rappers have been taking a new light on. The old school song I chose is (1) “South Bronx” by Boogie Down Productions because it espouses the connection of all the elements of hip hop. Hip Hop is the art form that has made people express themselves, which is

Essay On Hip Hop

Hip-hop began in the undergrounds in Bronx New York in the early 1970s and has gradually grown to become mainstream music. According to Lori Selke a professional writer for Global post, “hip-hop is the term that refers to more than just a musical genre; it includes culture, dance, art, and even fashion” (Selke). Since it originated in the 1970’s, hip-hop has had profound influence on society, and has grown into the lives of listeners worldwide; hip-hop’s influential power is astonishing. Within the

Hip hop is an artistic, cultural and musical movement that originated in the 1970s in the Bronx, New York City and gained widespread popularity in the 1980s and 90s. Hip hop as a musical genre was developed by African Americans, Caribbean Americans and Latino Americans as a form of rhythmic music, sometimes accompanied by rapping. Many people consider hip hop music to be synonymous with rap music although both can and do exist independently of each other. Other elements of hip hop include break dancing, MCing, DJing and graffiti writing, some of which have failed to withstand the test time in terms of mass popularity.

The term “hip hop” has been part of African American slang for a long time – “hip” signifying someone’s who’s “in the know” and “hop” representing the hopping movement characteristic of hip hop performers. Credit for popularizing this musical genre in the 1970s and 80s goes to several individuals and groups – Afrika Bambaata, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Hollywood, The Sugarhill Gang and Busy Bee Starski, among others. They were the trailblazers whose early endeavours helped shape hip hop culture as we know it today.

Hip hop arose out of boredom, suppressed creativity, and a woeful lack of suitable outlets for self-expression for the young When the City cut funding for after-school programs and shot down art and music classes for schools in the inner city areas of New York City, the lack of recreational opportunities drove teens to drugs and gang violence. What started as an underground movement among impoverished teens and young adults, hip hop has gone on to become a mainstream and highly influential art form.

If you’re looking for more information about hip hop culture, its history, elements, sphere of influence and the various artists who contributed to its growth, scroll down to see a list of essays and academic articles wherein you will find plenty of interesting information.

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Hip-Hop Digital Essay: The Evolution of Hip-Hop into the Modern Era- By Matt Scott

Trinity College

Digital Essay: The Evolution of Hip-Hop into the Modern Era (Essay #2)

Matt Scott FYSM 212: Introduction to Hip-Hop Professor Markle Due: 12/15/19

Looking back at the history of hip-hop, and the rich culture surrounding the art form, it’s clear that the roots of the genre have been stripped down to almost nothing over the years. I believe hip-hop is an art form, a mix of breaking, DJing, and MCing all coming together under one roof with emphasis on the sound and rhythm of the music, created in black communities as an outlet. In its early days, hip-hop lyrics weren’t preaching any particular message, but the movement and its impact on communities sent a powerful message. The movement was about bringing together communities, stopping violence, and inspiring a generation of youth – and its impact on black culture was positive and powerful. Today we see the art form being used to promote violence, the disrespect of women, drug abuse, and other negative messages that are at odds with hip-hop’s origins. It is now about making money, selling records, and gaining popularity at all costs. The popularity of hip-hop opened the door for many talented black artists and created new opportunities for a community of people who have been mistreated at every turn throughout history. I think the new era of hip-hop has had a negative impact on the art form itself, and it puts a bad label on the community. Without its core principles, hip-hop loses what made it special. When all the lyrics are just hollow and meaningless words, it leaves you with something that’s not hip-hop at all, but just a way to make money. In this essay I’m going to be looking at five hit songs from top artists from each decade, starting with Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight” and ending with Migos’s “Bad and Boujee”. The purpose of this essay is to show the evolution of hip-hop from its roots in the Bronx through the present day by exploring the lyrics and message behind each song.

Hip-hop without the other forms of creative expression tied to it is a way of mixing lyrics and beats to convey a meaningful message about the culture and community from which it emerged. If you take away the powerful message of justice and equality that many true hip-hop songs convey, you’re left with a money hungry industry doing whatever it takes to sell records. When hip-hop is being fueled by money, and not by meaning, we see the most damage being done to the community of people the art form represents. This era of hip-hop is hurting the image and meaning that hip-hop once stood for, but there’s still hope for hip-hop moving forward. If we can go back its roots, to some of those early songs from the 80s, 90s and into the early 2000s that represent the true ideals behind hip-hop, there is a chance for the industry and genre to regrow with its strong roots back in place.

Work Cited “Song Lyrics & Knowledge.” Genius, Chang, Jeff, and DJ Kool Herc. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: a History of the Hip-Hop Generation. St.Martins Press, 2008.

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The Development Of Hip Hop Music Essay

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Hip Hop Culture Essay

hip hop music essay

Hip Hop And Hip-Hop Culture

what the hip-hop movement is about when he said “Hip hop culture has done more for race relations in American than anything since Martin Luther King. And I really believe that.” In the state of New York, it was rough for the youth growing up during the 1970s who were residents of the working-class areas and the housing projects. There was high crime rate and the gang mentality was at its peak. Much of the youth growing up in these areas were uninterested in joining gangs but still were searching for a sense of belonging in their community. This need for belonging caused the creation the clubs or groups of people that share the same love of a curtain art form. For example, there…

The Hip Hop Culture

The hip hop culture first started forty years ago in the Bronx community. It slowly began to change through the different styles and from the various area. Hip Hop does not just cover the music, it is intertwined with sports, television show, clothing, and accessories. The Hip Hop Culture began to receive some serious stereotyping from the media when “gangsta” rap became popular. The ethnocentrism of hip hop is due to young adults wanting to emulate their favorite artist(s). However, the Hip Hop…

Hip Hop Is Not A Culture

Hip-hop is not an art form but instead it should be considered a culture. Hip-hop is a culture that divides into 4 art forms Rap, breakdancing, graffiti, and deejaying. Each one of these art forms has their own call to fame from the slick metaphors that rap offers to the rhythmic body motions of a break dancer the tasteful images on buildings and billboards from graffiti artist all the way down to the cool hip sounds from the dj dash board. Now even though these 4 branches support the Hip-hop…

Culture In Hip Hop Culture

Art holds the power to influence entire cultures and generations. Many authors throughout history have acknowledged the impact of fashion and music on past cultural movements. “For instance how music shaped an American generation during the 1960s, how the Harlem Renaissance impacted literature and the arts near the end of World War I, and how fashion impacted the 1920s” (Wessel and Wallaert). Genuine artistry has the power to influence generations and that remains evident in hip hop music. The…

Graffiti And Hip Hop Culture

Graffiti: Hip Hop Culture and Graffiti Today - Hip Hop Area In black noise (1994),Tricia rose discusses the origins of graffiti and it,s hip hop culture. Hip hop was born in New York city in the late 60s and early 70s in the face of inherently Racist development projects that were a brutal process of community destruction And relocated executed by municipal officials and under the direction of Legendary planner Robert Moore [Rose ,1994,P 30. Hip hop culture began as a response to these…

The Culture Of Hip-Hop Culture

Every kid when they were little wanted to become a pop star, rock star, movie star, or sports player. Not every kid starts out listening to hip-hop or hardcore rap. Not every parent wants their kids to know about SOME struggles expressed by the hip-hop culture or the lifestyle of a different culture. It is perceived that rap is for thugs and bad people, but once Iggy Azalea come into it or Ryan Maclemore got into it, it become more of an art. There is a fine line of racism in everything that…

Homophobia In Hip Hop Culture

more accepting of the LGBTQ community, there is still a portion of the population that has not changed. And in hip hop culture today, it can be seen by many that homophobia is still prevalent. Joel Penney is quite aware of this as his article entitled, “We Don’t Wear Tight Clothes”: Gay Panic and Queer Style in Contemporary Hip Hop, is centered on the aforementioned idea. In the article, Penney discusses how the ongoing feud, between masculine gangsta rappers and anti gay artists versus queer…

My Hip Hop Culture

listen to, unlike the songs that pop stations would play. I did not pay attention to hip hop until junior high, where my exposure to it grew on a daily basis. As the years go by, I recognize hip hop as my genre of choice when listening to music. Not only did my appreciation grow for hip hop after hearing “Soul Food” by Logic, I came to see the culture he grew up in, the one he raps of, and the one considered to be black culture in a genre considered to be black, one that was almost the exact…

Hip Hop And Culture Essay

Hip hop helps people express how they feel. People listen to hip hop to have a good time when they are partying.Hip hop also encourages people to be themselves and to step out of their comfort zone. Students at school listen to music while doing their work because it keeps them calm and quiet, it also allows them to focus more. If a person is in a bad mood, they just listen to some hip hop and might be in a better mood. Even though many people say that hip hop degrades people and culture, it…

Commercialization Of Hip Hop Culture

Hip-hop culture developed during the seventies. Throughout its formation, the various elements were at some time or another, deemed unacceptable. Graffiti artists faced jail sentences, break dancing became illegal in some areas, and rap music has been severely criticized for various reasons. These elements were never analyzed in an oppositional manner until recently, however. Hip-hop culture represented the claiming of urban communities by the residents. Writers decorated the empty walls of…

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The History Hip-Hop Culture

Executive summary, introduction, key artists & musical works, business influence.

Hip-Hop culture emerged in the Bronx, in New York City some 30 years ago. It is the subculture that has been involved with four elements, rap, graffiti, break dancing, and disk jockey. Most of the historical studies prove the fact that Hip-Hop was the contribution of the low class, who occupied the empty buildings which were deserted by the middle class. Though different names have been heard associated with the origin of this culture, most believe that the seven boys of Bronx called “Savage Seven” as the inventors of this stream. Some also believe that it was Kool DJ Herc who migrated to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica, and settled in the West Bronx of New York. Different factors have helped in the development of this culture.

The telecast of Hip-Hop dance and music on the television and the radio could create a stir in the minds of the audience and made many fans of this culture, especially music and dance. From the Bronx, it moved to a different part of the world. As African youngsters were the chief followers of this culture, it was coarse and aggressive at the beginning, but later it attracted the attention of many, including Fidel Castro, who appreciated it and commented that it is capable of producing enjoyment. Hip-Hop has exerted its influence in business life also. Now a day those who are in this fielded regard it as the most profitable field that offers monetary rewards as well as popularity to them.

Hip-Hop is an art form involved with various art forms that have overpowered the minds of people for a long time. Within the very limited period of its debut, it could exert its predominant place in the world of art and be capable of raising the aesthetic level of its different viewers. As it has become the part of daily life, later it has been named as the Hip-Hop culture or “the genre that emerged from basement parties in the Sedgwick Avenue apartment building of The Bronx, in New York City some 30 years ago, has ripened to a social, cultural and corporate phenomenon.”

(Robinson 2009). To study culture is somewhat difficult particularly when it is involved with various sections and various aspects and has exerted its great influence in the later history of the African American cultures. Even an onlooker is capable of realizing the magnificent effect of this culture in the social and cultural life of the African, American people. The beginning era of the Hip-Hop culture is marked with presentations of one’s innate qualities; his musical or lyrical qualities, dancing, and it was a podium for presenting a community’s struggles and shortcomings. A historical analysis will reveal the reality that Hip-Hop with the bundle of art, dance, culture, language, and fashion spread in the areas of the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is much later, as one can see, it developed in the U.S. and swelled in American cities. This report, with help of secondary research analyses the historical evolution of Hip-Hop culture; Hip-Hop music, dance, art, culture, language, and fashion. For better results of the report, web articles, books, journals, etc. are analyzed and evaluated.

Hip-Hop culture cannot claim the history of many years. The breaking and the original happy mood make it quite different in style. Improvisational nature, the cultural influence of African American and Hispanic groups, the music to which they danced are the surrounding elements of Hip hop. In the 1980s Hip-Hop music has changed and formed and established a new dance form. The new form was designed with lots of jumping instead of traditional dance steps with the number of ground steps. After the analysis of the steps of hip hop, one can easily find the strong influence of fad dance. Three major events took place in the city of the Bronx and these events led to the birth of the hop subculture.

One of the major events is that the replacement of the middle-class German, Irish, and Italians in the city of Bronx. It was replaced by poor Blacks and Hispanic groups. In his journal article entitled The Evolution of Rap Music in the United States, Henry A. Rhodes states that: “As a result, the middle-class Italian, German, Irish, and Jewish neighborhoods disappeared overnight. In addition, businesses and factories relocated and left this borough.” (Rhodes 2009). The migration of middle-class people from Bronx city to well-known apartments caused the formation of several empty buildings. The third and immediate cause for the formation of Hip-Hop culture is the emergence of a group of seven teenage boys who began to concentrate on the Southeast Bronx with the nickname ‘Savage Seven’ (Rhodes 2009). When analyzing the history of Hip-Hop subculture, one can find that the chief exponents of this movement were the members of different groups.

From the analysis of different historical studies, it is understood that the Hip-Hop genre emerged in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia and later it spread almost all parts of the world, especially in America. Historical evidence shows that Hip-Hop genre began in the streets of New York for thirty years and has been subjected to various changes in the long run. Hip-Hop is comprised of four elements; rap, graffiti, break-dancing, and disc jockey.

Most of the studies prove that the Hip-Hop culture appeared first in “1970s upon the arrival of a one Kool DJ Herc . The chief proponent of this genre was Kool DJ Herc migrated to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica, and settled in the West Bronx of New York.” (Alexander). Kool DJ Herc was a disc jockey who tried to apply his Jamaican style of music in disc jockeying. The disc jockeying of that time involved reciting improvised rhymes over reggae records. As he was not much interested in reggae, he tried his luck in other sounds that could please the audience. It is this attempt that led him to be the founder of one of the most popular genres of modern times, Hip-Hop genre. He invented by using an audio mixer and attempted to play any sound segment over and over and thus by extending the one segment of the entire song.

It created a stir in the urban community of New York, and many people were attracted to it and they felt it as a system that knew no boundaries. One of the main features that attracted them was it had no hard and fast rules, except with the rhyme and the beat of the music. One could sing of the issues that are related to one’s life of very simple things. As the popularity of Hip-Hop increased, many were attracted to it, and a lot of improvisations and techniques like “cutting” (moving between tracks exactly on the beat), “back spinning” (manually turning records to repeat brief snippets of sound), and “phasing” (manipulating turntable speeds), etc. have been attempted on it.

There had formed different rapper groups and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Sugar Hill Gangs were some of them. The rappers brought themes from ordinary life and expressed the hard realities of life in the ghetto. It may be assumed that the portrayal of real-life contributed that much popularity to the Hip-Hop culture. By the 1980s, as the historical evidence show, its popularity rocketed and many people began to recognize the profitability of this growing field. The television broadcast of Hip Hop, through channels like MTV (Music Television), brought its popularity even among the suburban people. From the Bronx, its popularity spread out to Los Angels and California. Even radio stations were being established in recognition of their vast popularity. Different rapper groups conducted various tour programs that attracted the attention of the main audience and it gained many fans.

Now one can see the influence of Hip-Hop in various parts of the world and it has become the language of the youth. Most of the third world countries have recognized it as a means to express resistance once. Some of the countries regard it as the voice of the oppressed people. In his article, “The Genre and the Rest of the World” Desi K. Robinson comments about the vast influence of this genre in the different parts of the world and makes the following comments. When he views Cuba, he remarks that in “Cuba, Hip-Hop was initially viewed with suspicion, not just by the government, but by many in the community as well.” (Robinson 2009). He continues to say that the Hip-Hop culture was just another American cultural invasion that caused violence and problems in the street. But later the concept changed and even Fidel Castro regarded it as a suitable revolutionary art form. The rap scene in Australia was somewhat different compared to other nations as it is involved with the continuous quest for identity in post-colonial and post-war Australia. It is Africa and the Caribbean that celebrated the international impact of Hip-Hop and they propounded a new style called “rapso” in Trinidad. When evaluating the rap scenes in Africa, Robinson comments that Hip-Hop had tremendous influence in Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania. By quoting the words of the U.S. Department of State, Robinson writes, “now the center of a mega music and fashion industry around the world that crosses social barriers and cuts across racial lines.” (Robinson 2009).

It is difficult to put together a list of all-time greats in Hip-Hop primarily due to the personal likes and dislikes of individual music lovers. In such a situation, it is better to rely on reliable sources that have access to and compiled a list of artists from the preferences of a large number of music lovers. This is what is proposed in this section. According to America Online, the following artists are among all-time greats of Hip-Hop music. The top ten according to a web publication by AOL include “Soulja Boy Tell Em, T.I., Eminem, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Plies, Flo Rida, Bow Wow, Gucci Mane, and 2Pac.” ( Hip-Hop artists 2009). The above list is ranked by their current popularity and standings. But it should be noted that this list could change since the popularity in the music world is fickle and also very difficult to maintain. But it is proposed to have a brief review of the above ten since they are among all-time greats of this form of music. Hip-Hop is essentially an evolution of rap music as is seen from the biography of the individuals or groups mentioned above.

Soulja Boy Tell Em whose real name is DeAndre Ramone Way is now only nineteen years old. This is an indication that Hip-Hop is more of youth music when compared to older musical styles such as jazz, blues, or even rap. All these forms of music have been around for some time. In a sense, this form of music is very young in terms of its popularity and its stars. “ T.I. is a Southern-based rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Known for his rapid-fire delivery of lyrics, he is known as the “King Of The South”. He is also known as T.I.P. or The Rubberband Man.” ( T.I: biography 2007). So, Hip-Hop requires athleticism and rhythm even though the melody is not seen as a requirement in this genre of music. Eminem is also classified as a rap cum Hip-Hop artiste. Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has to his credit Academy and Grammy awards apart from a host of other recognitions. He must be among the older hip-hop artists since he is around twenty-seven years of age. Kanye West is more than a singer or rapper. His talent covers producing apart from being a rapper and hip-hop artist. The metal chin to replace the damage caused in a car accident while returning from a late-night recording adds to his allure as a musician. His debut album sold nearly half a million copies, and it speaks volumes of his talent in this genre. Curtis James Jackson calls himself 50 cents in his life as a hip-hop artist and rapper.

A boxer turned musician, he did not have any great initial successes like Kanye West and came up the hard way. So far, a majority of top artists in the Hip-Hop genre are colored which speaks about the musical and rhythmic talent that is seen in this community. It is no wonder that this community has been able to popularize other genres of music like jazz and blues. Hip Hopper whose real name is Algernon Lanier Washington is again a colored artist who has been able to make a name for himself in the world of American popular music. His elder brother was also a musician and helped him in his early years. He was a musician who tasted success with his debut album ‘Shawty’. Flo Rida born Tramar Dillard is again an African American like the majority of Hip-Hop rap artists mentioned above. “Through the music industry relationships he cultivated, Flo Rida met DeVante Swing of the group Jodeci and headed west to Los Angeles, California to pursue a music career.” (Lamp 2009). Flo Rida joins a group of young hip-hop artists who became famous with their debut albums. He started his career as a teenager and toured with his with 2 Live Crew’s Fresh Kid Ice and is popping up on high profiles. Bow Vow is one of the notable artists who gained popularity with his rap debut on Beware of Dog (2000).

Though he faced difficulties at the beginning of his career, he managed to overcome them and now towers over other Hip-Hop artists by acquiring the eighth rank. He is now growing as a mature artist with his various albums. The Notorious B.I.G is an American rapper, one of the greatest rappers of America who became very popular in the world of rappers with his notable albums. Ready to Die is his debut studio album that was released on 13 th September 1994. Hardcore Hip-Hop is his partly autobiographical album that tells his own story as a young criminal. He refers to himself in the album as “the black Frank White”. It gained him much popularity as a rapper and it gained strong reviews and great commercial success. Ready to Die is one of the top hip-hop albums of all time. In this album, Biggie tells about everyday struggles and the hardships of coming up in B K. It contains much charisma, in-depth storytelling, and tricky word-play. Interestingly the production matched his grimy voice. So it attracts the listener on the very first listening. This is not exclusively for Hip-Hop fans but for all types of listeners who like music.

When looking at the business side of Hip-Hop one can see that it has now become one of the most profitable fields of the modern world. The participants and the practitioners of Hip-Hop music and Hip-Hop dance are now paid well and many youngsters come to this field attracted with the payment. An analysis will reveal the reality that Hip-Hop is the field that acquires more money than the traditional music genres like pop, rock, and country. These traditional music genres make money by selling albums and touring. But hip-hop has spawned an impressive cadre of musicians-cum-entrepreneurs who have parlayed their fame into profitable entertainment empires. The most famous name in rap is that of Russell Simmons. He is considered as the “Godfather of Hip-Hop.” He’s the businessman who took hip-hop music from the inner-city streets of New York to the shopping malls of Middle America. Eighty percent of the hip-hop audience is white and they have made it a ten billion dollar industry.

From the various researches conducted for the study, the researcher has concluded that Hip-Hop culture has been deeply rooted in the modern world. Hip-Hop culture is comprised of music, dance, art, and language. It is the field that attracts the attention of the youngsters who are bewitched by the sudden popularity and the monetary benefits. Though it originated in The Bronx, in New York City, later it emerged as a dominating culture that could exert its influence in various parts of one’s life.

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hip hop music essay

Essay About Rap Music

Freestyle rap research paper.

Freestyle rap is spontaneous, created on the spur of the moment with nothing scripted in advance. Literary devices, such as rhymes, metaphors and similes will be included in the best freestyle rap, as well as smooth delivery and allusions to the present surroundings and circumstances. Great rappers have great freestyling skills. In freestyling, a rapper must think on his or her feet and impress the audience with his/her verbal ability.

The Negative Influence Of Rap On African American Society

“Hip-hop is definitely not what it used to be, which was creative and original music.” - Missy Elliot. Often times when people hear about Hip Hop/Rap music, they will paint a picture in their head of black men cursing, guns, marijuana, lots of money, and girls looking like prostitutes. Hip hop is a well diverse genre; It came out of South Bronx, New York in the 1970’s. Rapping is a vocal style, in which the artist speak along with a beat or and instrument. Hip-hop has many different concepts; it has its own culture. Rap has a major impact on the African American society. It is a way that urban citizens can express themselves about what was going on in their life and how they felt.

Hip Hop Planet Speech

Hip Hop is seen as something inspiring, but most people see it as a way to speak out the truth about a problem. As in “Hip Hop planet” being able say the truth can sometimes worsen any situation because sometimes what we say can promote violence and whatever happens after is not in our control. The essay is about how hip hop has changed into speaking out the issues that need to be taken care of in order to maintain a proper society. McBride talked about how rappers use violent lyrics to degrade women and gays and because of this it shows how the music has evolved into something entirely different that no one would have ever expected to have changed. In James McBride's essay “Hip Hop Planet,” he argues that hip hop has a negative influence on American Culture despite people thinking of it as inspirational and how people live through different experiences in life despite of your race.

The Negative Influences Of Hip Hop Culture

Hip-hop gives hope to youth. Must of the rappers rap about how their life was based on struggles while growing up. Once they became a succesfull rappers, they talk about overcoming obstacles and rising to the top. This message can give hope to many youths across America.

Hip Hop And Mental Illness Essay

The birth of hip hop took place in the Bronx, New York , during a time of poverty , Initially when Hip Hop first came about no one would have imagined how vastly and quickly it grew nor would they have predicted the influence on society it has today. This particular enriched and animated, genre of music went from the local backwoods of the projects to a multi millionaire industry. If you ask most people today their definition of Hip Hop , generally they would say a cool rhyming scheme with a hook and a catchy tune, which is not too far off. But it is much deeper than that .Hip hop is a form of expression like a factory , if you may . You take the reality of the world or the “ bad,” you ball it around with the latest slang, trends and

Rap Music Dr Dyson Analysis

Dyson makes a good point that rap music does not simply reflect on the black community, but on the entire society that has made the black community identify with songs that glorify their everyday injustice, such as police encounters that end in violence, or family broken apart for a drug charge. Therefore, raps role in society is in part to express these injustices that exist everywhere. Dr. Dyson points out the some of the ideas within rap music is not healthy, such as the degradation of women into objects for the men or as he says” the crew” to

The Influence Of Hip Hop On Black Culture

Ever since its birth in the 1970s in West Bronx, Hip Hop has been known as “Gangsta” music and most commonly associated with black culture. Since its creation it has become a fast growing genre of music and has growing fame all over the world. The popularity of it has increased to all races, age and gender. However the growing popularity of hip hop has come with several controversies among scholars. Some scholars argue that the growing popularity of the genre is very helpful to low income families who can use this as their outlet into going to Universities, on the other side some believe associating the genre to black culture is bad for the culture as a whole and they should not be associated together.

Music: The Causes And Effects Of Rap Music

Music has been an object of miracle, amazement, and even fear since the start of its presence. It has been used as a tool to shape culture and society through history. Music and its people influencing the lives and activities of society. Is this a good thing? Most would say yes. Can it be manipulated to carry a harmful result? A lot, considered such varieties as rap, would say yes. Rappers communicate through the specialty of music. Rap artists use their music to express their perspectives, opinions and feelings in their songs. From their lyrics, you will have the visualization of what they are trying to deliver, and how do they feel and see towards the society. The artists should be happy because they can compose any types of music to express themselves. However do these rappers truly need to use disrespectful and profane words? Do they need to publicize swearing words to youths? Do they have to speak explicitly about drugs? Rap music has created a disagreement in many ways, especially among parents and teenagers. First debate is lady and how they are degraded/ humiliated in the lyrics. Another reason that rap music causes problems today is by the way they take drugs and alcohol, to be something they are most certainly not. They talk about murder, rape, assault as if they were okay. Almost everybody and everything that has to do with rap music is associated with drugs and alcohol. The impact of rap music has numerous negative impacts in our culture and society today. This

Argumentative Essay: Does Rap Music Promote Violence?

Rap music is an expression of one’s feelings thorough poetry and instrumental. Although it has gained many accomplishments throughout society, it is still one of the most criticized genres of music. Rap music dose not promote violence; it only depicts the destruction that is happening all over America. Music should not be criticized based on its style.

The Pros And Cons Of Hip-Hop Music

And while that is true, the artist’s intent was not to glorify drugs, sex, and violence, but to just write songs about those topics to express what they see and give insight into what a day to day life is like growing up in their communities ("Hip-Hop and Rap Music" para 10). And although many songs were filled with negative sayings, there are many songs that contradict that statement. As previously stated, many rap artists that have written songs with positive messages. For example artists such as Public Enemy seen that they could use their platform to uplift the black community and talk about other important topics. In Public Enemy’s song “Give It Up,” the group stated “I never did represent doing dumb shit, some gangsta lying - I’d rather diss Presidents” (Public Enemy). Public Enemy went on to influence other Hip Hop artists such as X Clan, Prophets of Rage, Paris, Rage Against the Machine, Kendrick Lamar and many more. Students or anyone for that matter can take what they learn from those lyrics and apply them to their own lives. Many teachers and professors are implementing Hip-Hop into their curriculums as a way to get their students engaged in class and get a better understanding of what they are

History Of Classic Rap

The first ‘commercially successful rap song’ (Genius) was Rapper’s Delight by the Sugarhill Gang in 1979. Although Afrika Bambataa and other rappers featured rap in their songs first, Sugarhill Gang was known for composing a song which popularized rap. In 2011, their song was preserved into the National Recording Registry for being ‘culturally, historically, [and] aesthetically significant’. (The National Recording Preservation Board). The song features a simple bassline and hi-hats resulting in a funky beat combined with simple and straightforward lyrics with no vulgarity or derogatory terms. It is important to note this as language used in rap gradually changed to become more explicit from classic to today’s rap.

Rap Music Influence On Teenagers

Rap music has negative influences on teenagers and youth lives, as they are drawn to the lifestyle of drugs, sex, and violence, which is contained in the music lyrics and videos. Research has supported this, arguing that exposure for a long time to this music is likely to affect the overall mood, behavior, perceptions, and create fantasies among the youths (Miranda and Claes, 2004). This has had significant influences on their behaviors at school and at home. Parents are concerned, since they are unaware of the lyrics, as the teenagers prefer to download the songs and listen the music through the headphones. Research has proven that popular rap music effects explore the student schoolwork, social interactions, moods, and overall behavior. The

Rap Music Thesis

Since the beginning of its creation in 1970 rap music has always been judged. People think of rap in a negative way because of the subjects it normally references. In some cases this is understandable but in most cases it is not. Rap just like any other form of music is a way to express thoughts and feelings that not everyone can relate to but this doesn’t mean individuals should be able to criticize the music and its listeners based off the lyrical content.

The Negative Effects Of Rap Music

Do you believe rap music is the cause of violence and hostile behavior in teens? Yes, because it persuades them toward a real negative mindset and lifestyle. The influence it posses on teens is extremely huge plus very misleading. Its lyrics paint images of a life filled with drugs along with guns that teens believe in. As a result of rappers being so influential it makes others easily convinced. Over the years rap culture has changed from being motivational to a negative industry. The more time teens spend watching videos put them further at risk as they are more likely to engage in careless or in some cases illegal activities. Once known as a inspirational outlet and a way for people to express their everyday struggles rap has since become extremely controversial and deceptive to the youth.

Hip Hop Music Influence On Society Essay

Hip-hop music was initially developed in the late 1970s, only few people knew about its existence as it was created in the most unprivileged districts of New York City in America by African-American citizens. Hip-hop is not a bunch of entertaining words but a poetic language about issues around us, and movement within a culture interrelating ethnicities. The messages of rap music/hip hop tells stories of how life is in the streets dealing with drugs, crime, and violence. Most messages are a reflection of how the youth feels about the system, the police. Hip-hop constitutes of clothing, language (poetic) graffiti art, break dancing, Mcing/ rhyming and beatboxing.

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hip hop music essay

Essays on Hip Hop

The history of hip hop music, misogyny in the lyrics of rap music, the origin and history of hip hop music, analysis of the language used in early commercial rap music of the 1980s and 1990s as a cultural response to the socioeconomic oppression plaguing the black community, history of hip hop music, the three categories in the culture of hip hop dance, the role of hip-hop and rap music in promoting human trafficking, the history and evolution of rap music, the expression of political and social views in hip hop music, the negative culture of contemporary music, sculpting of individuality and community influence in kendrick lamar’s to pimp a butterfly, analysis of jails, hospitals and hip-hop: and some people by danny hoch, the influence of rap music on society: glorification of drugs, violence, and misogyny, the immorality and discrimination in the lyrics of rap music, corruption in the music industry worldwide, tom hardy’s 1999 rap mixtape, controversial attitudes to logic – famous american rapper, a review of hip-hop in seattle, robert bryson hall's biography, the theme of dominance of the inferiority complex as depicted in public enemy's studio album in fear of a black planet, an analysis of noah berlatsky's article about beyonce, the development of the hip-hop culture in puerto rico and jamaica, feeling stressed about your essay.

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