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In your police essay, you might want to focus on the historical perspective, elaborate on police brutality, touch upon the psychology of a criminal, or discuss the importance of the police as an institution. In this article, we collected a list of excellent law enforcement topics for a research paper, essay, presentation, or other assignment. There are also A+ police essay examples to inspire you even more.

  • The role of technology in crime prevention.
  • Eyewitness testimony: is it reliable?
  • Preventing police brutality: the key methods.
  • Race discrimination in law enforcement.
  • Gender discrimination in the criminal justice system: does it still exist?
  • International drug trafficking: how to prevent it?
  • The approach to death penalty in different countries.
  • The prison systems around the world.
  • Kidnapping: the top motives.
  • Body cameras: do they help?

  • Importance of Police Training Majority of people have always aspired to become police officers for the reason that the job holders are seen to be the public vigor.
  • DNA Definition and Its Use by the US Police The location for most DNA is the nucleus though some may be found in the mitochondria and is called mitochondrial DNA.
  • Greenfield Police Department’s Hiring Process Using a language that is not in line with the policies of the Greenfield police department lowers the validity of the test since it makes it complex to find clarity on factors that motivate applicants […]
  • Police Subculture: Culture’s Factors and Performance The group of people that adopt a sub culture may or may not have the same goals and beliefs as the rest of the organization or community.
  • Police in law enforcement misconduct This creates a rift between the community and the police leading to further misconduct in the process of enforcing the law.
  • Corruption in Law Enforcement Some developments in the state fought the criminality of the state machinery indirectly, such as the endorsement of the civil rights in 1964.
  • Police Professionalism: Examples and Issues In order to ensure that the much anticipated policing is achieved, the relationship between the police and the community needs to be streamlined.
  • Excessive force by the police On the other hand, the media reported on the severity of misconduct by police officers and cited the Blue code of silence as the key setback against the fight against police torture.
  • Police Minority Killings It is of significance to differentiate a hate crime from other criminal activities due to the fact a hate crime has a life of its own as it intends to create fear among those facing […]
  • Police Response to the Ningbo Protest: Justified or Inappropriate? Although the main reason why the Chinese citizens held demonstrations was to stop the government from implementing the proposed extensions of the petroleum refinery plant, the protestors continued demonstrating even after the government shelved its […]
  • Water Regional Police Services Project Implementation The disputes arising in the CIMS project have put the project in jeopardy as the project had stopped and upon resuming, the disputes reignited forcing these disputes to be resolved at the level of the […]
  • Contrast the different levels of police operations and their unique operations In this essay, I wish to discuss the differences and similarities between the federal, state, and local levels of law enforcement and contributions of August Vollmer and other pioneers to the development of Criminal investigative […]
  • Virtual Police Department To start with, the presence of these constables changed how the laws were made and implemented in the department. The captains oversee the operations of the bureaus and also act as a link between the […]
  • Police-Youth Relations and Community policing This is because of the long history of the strained relationship between the Canadian youth and the police which has created a very negative perception of the police to the youth.
  • Police-Youth Relations/Community Policing and Young Offenders Aims of the Study The study is aimed at determining the fairness and acceptability of the youth justice system and its effects on the youth-police relations in Canada.
  • Discipline as an integral part of effective police supervision Supervisors as disciplinarians The ability to maintain discipline among the subordinates is one way of measuring the suitability of a supervisor for the role.
  • School Bullying: Causes and Police Prevention It is for this reason that there has been need for the intervention of the community and the government to address the issue of bullying schools lest the school environment becomes the worst place to […]
  • Police Deviance For the sake of this paper, the scope of this paper will only examine the code of conduct in reference to the relationship between the police force and the society.
  • Management of Police department Employment equity is a theory, a model and a concept, and therefore in the analysis of the problem, it would be put into the three categories.
  • Organization Behavior: Steelhead Police Department Organization Theories that relate to law enforcement and criminal justice agencies Various organization theories apply in the running of various organizations in the aim of improving efficiency.
  • Police Misconduct: What Can Be Done? Police officers are the individuals charged with the task of maintaining law and order and ensuring the security of the population.
  • Police Misconduct Actually, prosecutors are always reluctant to try these victims in the court of law for the following reasons; police officers, in most cases, are protected by the prosecutors.
  • History of Police Psychology Increased applications of psychology in law enforcement departments have led to rampant professional issues, legal issues and ethical issues within the police departments.
  • The Role of Public Police in United States Office of the president The office of the president is quite responsible for the amendment and enactment of the right to die policy.
  • Community Policing and Police Psychology Community policing calls for police responsiveness to community concerns and not just the engagement of the community. Thus, the police need to induce the consciousness of the community and organization to deal with problems.
  • National Security Policies That Intersect/Conflict With Local Police Power The state police have a role to play in the information sharing policy because the state police advise the governor on the best practices to employ regarding terrorism.
  • The Decision-Making Process of the Police Service This paper would seek to discuss the decision making process within the hierarchy of the police service. In this case, the model suggests that members of the police service must come up with a technique […]
  • New Technological Advances within the Police Department According to the parameters used in the grant process, it is obligatory that the organization should use novel equipment in promoting decision making and operations in the organization.
  • Police Trauma: Paying the Ultimate Price to Protect and Serve Importance of the Study Study of traumatic experiences that predispose police officers to trauma and subsequently to depression, suicide, alcoholism, and loss of the family is critical in understanding the physical, emotional, and mental health […]
  • Proposed Budget for an additional five police officers for the city council To achieve its objectives, the chief of the police shall deliver relevant justifications for the proposed increase of the number of police by about five officers.
  • Use of Social Media In The Police Force In Queensland The disaster however has changed the belief and with the above disaster scenario in mind, it will be important to state the benefits of introducing use of social media in the police force.
  • The Royal Oman Police’ Traffic Safety Websites such as the Salim and Salimah ‘Safe and Sound Road Safety’ rules, the royal Oman police traffic safety and social websites like the Traffic Safety Oman Facebook page have acted as tools to show […]
  • Police Service Transformation: A Critical Evaluation of Implementing Transformational Leadership in the Homicide Division It will evaluate how to integrate transformational leadership into the division and analyse factors that hamper the transformational leadership and critically assess the effectiveness of implementation, analyse the efficiency of Transformational Leadership, its implication on […]
  • Bangladesh Police Institution This paper will concentrate on the police institution reform in order to make the police institution free of corruption, compromise, and injustices to the citizens.
  • Increase Police Numbers to Reduce UAE’s Juvenile Crime Rate The information obtained in the literature review will be used to outline the causes of the rise in juvenile crime rates, the most effective strategy that can help the government to deal with the problem, […]
  • Final Program Evaluation: Increasing Police Numbers to Reduce Juvenile Crime in the UAE The nature of the crime will also be recorded by the police officer to enable this project determine the prevalence of specific kind of crimes in the UAE.
  • Public Administration Issue: Police Brutality The trend is ongoing and is not expected to end any time soon because of the social structure and the culture that does not value the contributions of minorities and people of color.
  • Police Suicide and Preventive Programs The traumatic experiences that the police officers encounter and endure during the course of their duties make them susceptible to suicide.
  • Organization of Abu Dhabi Police This led to a change in the organization structure of the police force, an increase in the number of police officers, introduction of rigorous training and development exercises, and the acquisition of sophisticated technology to […]
  • The Abu Dhabi Police The vision of the Abu Dhabi Police is to ensure that it meets the needs of the public through effective training and integrity.
  • Police Brutality in the USA This paper aims to discuss the types of police brutality, the particularities of psychological harm inflicted by the police, and its consequences for the population affected by these forms of violence.
  • Police Abuse and Laws Against It It is no doubt that the police are there to protect the welfare of the public in general and also to maintain orders as provided by the law.
  • Police Work in Community Another benefit to the community is the publication of articles such as this, as people become aware of the help and safety that the policy provides. The article fails to mention the specifics of police […]
  • Social Issues: Police Protection of the Ku Klux Klan The situation when the police protected the Ku Klux Klan while gassing and arresting the demonstrators can seem to be unexpected and controversial because people are often inclined to associate the Ku Klux Klan with […]
  • Police Authority or Brutality? For instance, in Maryland, the court decided that the use of Tasers by police officers is justified as police officers “should be permitted” to use Tasers “to shield themselves from any possibility of harm and […]
  • San Diego Police Department The department also addresses the issues affecting the surrounding community. The applicant should be a citizen or inhabitant of the United States.
  • Abu Dhabi Police Organizational Change It will highlight the causes and the benefits of the changes that have occurred in the police force since 1957. In 1959, the number of officers in the police force was increased from 80 to […]
  • Police Poor Adherence to Established Codes of Conduct The lieutenant needs to ask other officers in the department to give Ripley the support he requires by following the vehicle to find out the real intentions of the driver.
  • Police, Courts and Corrections Management The public is the main customer of the criminal justice system that is why the functioning of the agencies and police should be influenced by the public’s needs.
  • Communication and Ethical Issues in Police However, the man was not a threat to the police officer. In addition, the incidence happened during the day and the police officer could clearly tell that the man was holding only a knife.
  • American Police Community Relations In the US, the introduction of community policing strategies and engagement of the public in crime reporting and detection strategies help to improve security measures in the country.
  • Police and Corrections Officers’ Stress – Psychology According to Zapf, “Emotional dissonance refers to the structural discrepancy between emotions on one hand and the emotional-display requirement that is appropriate in the working context on the other”.
  • Police Development Foundations and Functions The objective of the paper is to compare and contrast the major characteristics of the political and reform eras of policing, and identify the skills necessary for the police trainees nowadays.
  • The Police Agency’ Conflict Management In the police agency, parties may use the collaboration strategy involving information sharing, openness, and elucidation of the various conflicting issues not only to reach a common ground that is satisfactory to the conflicting parties […]
  • Police Supervisors’ Influence on Law Enforcement Changes This essay discusses the various ways the police supervisors can, through coaching, monitoring, and counseling their juniors to effect change in their institutions and ensure a religious following of the law.
  • Corruption and Accountability of Police Work In this regard, lack of strong and proper policies on misconduct and unethical behavior in the line of duty has helped to perpetrate the corruption of law enforcement officers in various sectors of their work.
  • Employees Management in the Police Department It is important to understand the needs of each employee and make sure that basic needs will be addressed. It can be effective to ask the employees to complete a brief questionnaire on their aspirations, […]
  • Police Officer Job Requirements and Hiring Process With this in mind, it is possible to say that the humanistic image of modern society promotes the growth of the interest and the level of attention devoted to these very aspects of society.
  • Is Dubai Police Force a World Class Organization? The organization’s mission is to improve the life of every citizen in the country. The agency uses the best institutional performance indicators in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its operations.
  • Knowledge Sharing in the Dubai Police Force The research is important because it seeks to review the proposed approach of how the public sector in the Middle East, especially the police force in Dubai, can use the knowledge management system to promote […]
  • Concept of Police Detective Job In order to qualify for recruitment as a police detective, the candidate must have a minimum academic qualification of high school diploma or an equivalent of the same.
  • Abu Dhabi Police GHQ Management and Leadership It is imperative for the HR manager in Abu Dhabi QHQ to exploit the concept of diversity. The HR manager has an obligation to enhance a high level of collaboration amongst the diverse team members, […]
  • Police Violence as a Mutual Problem Commission on Civil Rights argues that police officers are legally entitled to use force to protect the public, apprehend criminals and avoid risking their lives.
  • Dubai Police Force Organizational Culture Some of the outside forces that have promoted an organizational change in the Dubai Police Force include globalization and sustained economic growth in the country.
  • Dubai Police Force: Human Resource Department The mission for the Dubai police is to strengthen the security systems of the city to facilitate the protection of the citizens’ rights.
  • Management and Philosophy for Police Departments Through this, the police departments can evaluate what type of crime is to occur, the scene of the crime, the time of the crime, and the causes of the crime.
  • Police Technology: Development and Progress For the modern police departments and officers, the technologies are just as crucial as for the rest of the world as they significantly increase the efficiency of their day to day work and ensure a […]
  • The English Influence on Modern Police The police followed Peel’s Nine Principles: preventing crime, depending on public approval, securing the public, securing the public proportionately to the necessity of physical force, demonstrating service to the law, restoring the law with physical […]
  • Police’ Discretion: Definition, Examples and Rationality Meanwhile, Dempsey and Forst assume that discretion is particularly vital in the context of the police officers’ activity. Despite the ambiguous character of the discretion outcomes, there is a series of reasons that explain the […]
  • Police Ethics and Misconduct In the first place, according to the Code of Ethics, the police officer has to be a representative of the law enforcement system and “protect the constitutional safeguards”.
  • Police ‘Shooter Bias’ Against African-Americans Certain police officers seem to be biased against African-Americans, as the latter is reported to be far more likely to be shot than detained compared to white people.
  • Police Officers’ Morale and Resources Availability To check the hypothesis, it is essential to ensure the conceptualization and operationalization of the major variables of the study. To conceptualize such terms as the availability of personnel, resources, and equipment, it is necessary […]
  • Police Issues and Practices Discussion The adoption of technology by the police both improved the ways in which the officers fought crime and created a gap between them and the community.
  • Blue Wall of Silence in Police Subculture Nevertheless, the problem remains topical, and it is necessary to resolve the issue so that the members of the LA department could accomplish their tasks and, at the same time, make sure that the representatives […]
  • Dubai Police and Expo 2020 Security Strategies The technological benefits observed in Dubai and the attention to a human factor that is evident in the work of the US and UK officers help to promote the strategy for Dubai police.
  • American Police Officers’ Ethics and Professionalism The gravity of failing to follow the existing ethical principles is typically detailed to the future members of the law enforcement departments, yet the issue of police misconduct remains drastic in the United States, especially […]
  • Power Abuse in Police Officer’s Actions The fact that Officer Gregory possibly bribed the Commander by giving him the watch that he stole, as well as him placing his things in the Commander’s car, shows that there might be an instance […]
  • Police Officers’ White Lie in Criminal Investigation For example, they are told by consumers to their hairdressers, servers, and friends to hide their true feelings and evaluations of situations in order to ensure that their interactions proceed smoothly.
  • Black Panthers’ Violence Against Police Officers According to Alexander, “The police force was one of the main instruments that were used by the ruling class to oppress the African American,”.
  • Change Management Steps in Police Organizations In the constantly changing world, every organization needs to adjust to the current environment and alter according to the dictates of the time, and police departments are also subject to this phenomenon.
  • Organizational Culture in Police Department In order to prevent any crime, I would immediately hold a meeting and indicate to the staff the consequences of misbehavior.
  • South African Police Service v Solidarity obo Barnard She wanted to fill the promotion position of the superintendent advertised by the National Inspectorate aimed at improving the quality of delivering services of the Police Service to the public.
  • Police Stress Within Law Enforcement The author of the research proposal reaches a rational verdict concerning the insinuations of further investigation and discusses the present strengths and limitations of the study.
  • Corrupt Practices of the Police and Correctional Systems Terms like police misconduct and corruption are used to describe the situation when police officers abuse their authority, driven by greed, desire for personal gain, ignorance, prejudice, and malicious intent.
  • Homeland Security: Police and Profiling Apart from the stage of the investigation, it is possible to add that psychological analysis is central to the domain of defense.
  • White Police’s Discrimination Against Black People Biased views of the police officers towards blacks and discrimination on them are often caused by the environment, in which all people are brought up.
  • Dubai Police, Politics, Retail, and Tourism In conclusion, the Dubai Emirate is a symbol of the unique governance and Law enforcement mechanisms compared to all other major global cities.
  • The Management of Police and Development of Law Thus, the definition of strategy and policy, as used in the military and in the development of law, are the same.
  • Police Culture in “The Critical Criminology Companion” The scholar suggests the analysis of major works of the distinguished scientists on the history of this concept in order to understand the nature and origin of the contemporary police culture.
  • Police Patrol Presence in Crime “Hot Spots” In particular, Sherman and Weisburd mentioned that some criminologists based their denial of the effectiveness of police patrols on the absence of evidence of the impact their presence produces.
  • Local Police Role in Homeland Security In the framework of the investigation, the police identified carjacking suspects who were later connected to the bombings. The influence on terrorism and homeland security urged the police to streamline the improvement of their services.
  • Police Shooting Behaviour, Memory, and Emotions The subject of the study was limited to analyzing the shooting behavior of police officers in danger-related situations. It is supposed that officers with low capacity of working memory are more likely to shoot the […]
  • Police Officer’s Power Abuse and Plain View Doctrine The given case could be investigated to understand the importance of the issue and acts that could be applied. In such a way, Jones adhered to this doctrine as the trash provided by the collector […]
  • Quarantine, Its Legal Process and Police Power The authority of the CDC to quarantine people is given to it by the federal law. The case is brought to the magistrate that determines the necessity of quarantine.
  • Police Misconduct and Civil Forfeiture Law By carrying out the actions that can be interpreted as the violation of people’s civil rights, police officers tamper with the citizens’ image of justice, in general, and the representation of the state legal system, […]
  • Justice Department Ends Era of Pushing Police Reform Brian Charles aims to discuss the recent changes to the Department of Justice’s approach to the law enforcement. However, the recent changes to the DOJ’s approach to law enforcement, which is now in line with […]
  • The Organizational Reasons Police Departments Don’t Change The regulations promoted by the government can be used to describe the nature of the American police force. The nature of this problem is also attributable to the public opinion existing in the United States.
  • Ending Police Misconduct: Cleveland Police Department Furthermore, the events like the killing of Eric Garner in New York, the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland, and the death in custody of Freddie Gray in […]
  • Baltimore Maryland Police Department This is an implementation plan for the ethical situation, racial profiling in the BPD. Given the weighty matter of racial profiling in the US, the Police Commissioner is an important stakeholder for this plan.
  • Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Police Officers The job satisfaction was measured with the help of Dantzker’s job satisfaction scale, the job characteristics variables was measured with the help of the job diagnostic survey.
  • Police Officers’ Attitudes to Mentally Ill Women It examines the police officers’ attitudes and views to determine if they bear the signs of the PMI-related bias and sexism and examine the way the two intersect and affect the officers’ behavior.
  • Decision-Making Information System for Police Department The development of an adequate information system to improve risk assessment in the police department is important since almost all duties of law enforcement officers expose them to daily liability episodes. The development of an […]
  • Police Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Interrogating Minors The article by Meyer and Reppucci is about the research that was conducted to study the beliefs and attitudes of police officers concerning juvenile interrogation.
  • Police Communication Skills Importance One of the main causes of misconceptions is the difference in the perception of each party. Suspects, on the other hand, often feel frustrated by the actions of police officers and administration, regardless of whether […]
  • Interrogation Techniques Used by the Police The literature on the subject shows the prevalence of Reid techniques in interrogation. The study makes a good representation of the entire population, as the participants were diversified in age, sex, race, and rank.
  • Police Departments: Defective Areas and Solutions The police are the main actors in the first cog of the criminal justice domain popularly referred to as “entry into the system”, whereby citizens bring criminal incidents to the attention of law enforcement officers […]
  • American Police Corruption and Its Classification The invention of camera phones gave everybody the ability to document the wrongful actions of police and have undermined the trust people had in the police authority.
  • Police Officer’s Must-Have Characteristics There are a lot of other characteristics that should be present in every police officer, but these seem to be the most critical because without them officers would not be able to perform their duties […]
  • The Abu Dhabi Police Corporate Sustainability The influence of some external factors is present; nevertheless, the internal structure of this organization and the principles of its functioning primarily influence the nature of any changes that are being implemented and how these […]
  • Police Workplace Discipline and Misconduct The question of discipline is vital in every workplace with police not being an exception, as the government and the public need to know how officers’ misconducts are addressed.
  • Police Accountability and Community Policing The authors were trying to accomplish the cause of a rise of law enforcement misconduct that had been evident in various metropolitan cities leading to egregious human rights violations.
  • Police Misconduct and Forces of Deviance Residents in the area at the time recall a climate of mutual distrust between police and black communities, and how the response of law enforcement was to militarize and see increases in incidents of police […]
  • Gratuities for Police and Professional Ethics As a Chief of Police, I would not allow police officers to accept gratuities because tokens of gratitude can be used to compromise their integrity, judgment, and impartiality in the administration of justice and law […]
  • Dubai Police Applying Total Quality Management One of the key elements of the TQM model is that of innovation. The organization allows and encourages them to use modern technologies to meet the needs of the people they serve.
  • Police Managing the Ambiguities of Gifts Nevertheless, while it may be prudent for officers to visit coffee shops and restaurants where their food and drinks are characteristically discounted or they do not receive a bill, it is reckless for them to […]
  • Police Accountability and Vollmer’s Reform Accountability is included in the form of a commitment to protect the rights of the people, partnerships and collaborations with communities, and the impartial enforcement of law.
  • Police Accountability and Public Information Access The proposal to implement superior policies that have the potential to benefit the liberty and safety of community members can be a powerful step towards demonstrating the level of police accountability.
  • Abu Dhabi Police Self-Assessment It is imperative that the police is able meet public expectations and bring tranquility and comfort to the citizens, residents, and guests of the country.
  • Police Force in Interactions with Mentally Ill The main goal of this paper is to research the issue of the police use of force involving mentally ill people.
  • Police Corruption and Citizen’s Ethical Dilemma There are three key stakeholders in the given situation, which are the policemen, who set the terms; the father, who is to take the pivoting decision; and the family, who depends on the decision which […]
  • A Ride With a Police Officer By signing the waiver, I assumed all the risks that I could have been exposed to at the time of the ride and throughout the program.
  • Police Officer Situational Analysis The demographic factors that affect effective operation of the police personnel are castigated by the poor working environments, the poor living conditions that police officers are exposed to, the dwindling of the confidence in the […]
  • Police Psychologist’s Role in Homicide Investigation Some of the roles that I would play as the police psychologist involved in the above investigation include conducting an analysis of the pre-crime scene behavior.
  • Criminal Justice Administration and Police Functions To ensure the success of these aims, all the components of the justice system including the courts, the police, and the correctional section need to work in harmony.
  • Police Attitudes Toward Drugs and Drug Enforcement The researchers suggest that the cause of these gaps in knowledge is the lack of large-scale scientific studies of the perceptions or perspectives of the police.
  • Decision-Making and Problem-Solving in Police My grade is the captain and I have to take the responsibility to coordinate the work, which requires problem-solving skills. I believe that in order to make the right decision, you should be confident in […]
  • Student Police Officer’s Decision-Making in Campus Taking an example of a police officer, decision-making has a lot of challenges and in many instances, officers are required to make a decision on the best course of action to take.
  • How Can Police Develop Trust Among the People? The philosophy of community policing suggests that the community needs the police to provide policing based on service and to avail the cooperation of the community in such policing. A police chief is also committed […]
  • Gender and Perception of Police Work The deductive approach will be used since the research will begin by the description of concepts such as the relationships between gender and the perceptions of how the work of the police, after which it […]
  • High-Speed Police Car Chases: A Deadly Pursuit In the year 2010, specifically in Milwaukee, the policy chief introduced a new policy indicating that the police force was not to engage in these violent and high-speed chases if the crime of the suspect […]
  • The New World of Police Accountability However, to avoid misunderstanding and the incorrect assessment of certain situations, a monitor should have a law degree and working experience among the representatives of relevant agencies.
  • Police Officer’s Career Research The minimum requirement for a successful applicant is as follows: the candidate should be a high school graduate or the candidate should have a GED Certificate. Police officers should be keen to self-develop and to […]
  • Police Officers’ Excuses for Unethical Behavior However, the excuses used by the police typically include the denial of the victim, i.e, in the case of a drug addict; the denial of injury, etc.
  • Noble Cause Corruption and Police Misconduct However, the phenomenon is based on a misconception about the purpose of the justice system and the role that the members of the police must play in society.
  • Police Officers’ Bias Against Black Men In the context of police brutality, officers deprive black men of their humane features and treat them as the ones posing a threat to other members of society.
  • Hiring Police Officers in Five Steps As a rule, such tests contribute to the applicant’s comprehensive evaluation and allow predicting the person’s perspective behavior in the framework of police work.
  • Criminal Law: Racial Profiling by Police As a rule, when detecting the primary factors affecting the changes in the racial profiling rates among the representatives of the law enforcement, one brings up the concepts of race and social class, stating that […]
  • Noble Cause Corruption in Police Officers One might argue that NCC has a reason to exist as it may serve as the means of safeguarding the wellbeing of the members of the community in dire situations.
  • Designing a Recruitment Program for the WA Police This is one of the advantages that this strategy can bring to the recruiters. This is one of the arguments that can be advanced.
  • Police Brutality: Dissoi Logoi Argumentation Under the influence of societal views, the majority of the representatives of the general public tend to perceive police officers as a safeguarding force that gathers individuals who perform their duties to ensure that the […]
  • Los Angeles Police Department’s Use of Force Policy Statistically, officer use of deadly force in unwarranted situations has spiked to unprecedented levels, leaving civilians as victims when the job of the police is to serve and protect.
  • Manners of Death in Police The authors of the report also provided diverse sets of data sorting the incidence of death in custody in the state of California by various features such as the demographic characteristics of the victims, the […]
  • Police Stereotyping in a Multicultural Society Therefore, biases held by police officers in the United States decrease the effectiveness of law enforcement, one of the critical components in the criminal justice system, and minimize the opportunity for building efficient police-community partnerships.
  • Dubai Police and Cooperation with Media This report provides an analysis of the media activity of the Dubai Police and some of its procedures. The major purpose of the application and the service as a whole is to increase public satisfaction […]
  • Individual Liberties: Police Searches Without a Warrant The decision to consider the evidence obtained in the course of the search without a warrant as invalid despite its obvious connection to the case might seem as unjust and going against the rights of […]
  • False Confessions and Unethical Police Behavior Nevertheless, when assessing some cases of the violation of official powers among police officers, it is possible to meet the concept of false confessions.
  • Police Misconduct and Addressing Recommendations The present document is a report on the investigation conducted in the local police department and correctional facilities based on citizens’ reports of misconduct.
  • The Job of Police Officers The aim of the current reflection is discussing the encounters of a police officer with public health specialist on a daily basis for determining possible points of collaboration and identifying challenges that require addressing in […]
  • Anti-Terrorist New York City Police Department Shield The formula for the SMA is the following: Since the program is not new, it has accumulated a significant amount of historical data, which can be used for forecasting expenditures and outcomes.
  • Police Actions in “44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out” I believe that this crime thriller was shot to restore the reputation of the Los Angeles Police Department. The filmmakers achieved this goal; that is why the film encourages the audience to feel proud of […]
  • Technology Influences on Police Brutality Modern platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to inform and educate more people about the nature of police brutality.
  • Social Psychology: Police Brutality The first group of solutions to the problem of police brutality includes technical measures, such as the use of body cameras and dashboard cameras. Finally, another potential solution to police brutality is the diversification of […]
  • Police Brutality: Internal and External Stakeholders To begin with, internal stakeholders such as police officers and judges have been observed to enforce the law discriminatively. Policymakers can be encouraged to propose and support powerful laws that have the potential to deal […]
  • Police Brutality as a Law Enforcement Challenge The problem has persisted due to the ineffectiveness of different leaders. The number of unexplainable shootings, severe beatings, and mistreatments continues to be reported in the country.
  • Police Brutality: Graham v. Connor, 490 U.S. 386 In this essay, a summary of the Graham and Connor case and the decision of the court will be introduced. In case this suggestion is correct, Connor appears as a police officer who failed to […]
  • The Los Angeles Police Department Program Initiative Therefore, the focus on the strategy of interaction with the city network and the successful implementation of initiatives, as well as the future strengthening of ties with residents, characterize the Los Angeles Police Department.
  • The Case of Terryl Smith, the Oakland Police Officer The case is a clear example of the flaws in the legal system and social justice principles since it implies that one may be absolved of accountability for sexual exploitation and disclosure of classified information.
  • Small Police Departments’ Organizational Analysis Additionally, many leaders encourage their followers to identify and consider projects that are capable of meeting the needs of members of the public in their respective regions.
  • Police Departments and Accreditation For example, in the case of suspecting something illegal, the citizens are likely to be open to report it and contribute to the investigation.
  • The New York City Police Department and Society The history of the NYPD is closely related to the events during the beginning of the 19th century. In the NYPD, there are one first deputy commissioner and a chief of department who control the […]
  • Police Support for Community Problem-Solving and Broken Windows Policing
  • Professional Police Officers Nowadays
  • Police Decision Making Analysis
  • Walker’s New Framework for Police Accountability
  • Police Corruption in Russia: Determinants and Future Policy Implications
  • Police Reform in Russia: Evaluation of Police Corruption
  • Strategies of Police Organization
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police vs. Software Piracy
  • The New York Police Department’s Policing Style
  • Policing: CompStat and San Diego Police Department
  • The Police Tapes by Alan and Susan Raymonds Review
  • Police Liability Issues and High Speed Pursuits
  • Setting Up of a Behavioral Science Unit in a Police Department
  • Waterloo Regional Police’s Centralised Information System
  • Training Theories for New Police Recruits Review
  • The Job of Police Detective
  • Police Investigative Questioning and Techniques
  • Police Interrogation: Legal Issues and Limitations
  • Police Administration Structures in America
  • Police Functions: Forensic Science and Fingerprinting
  • Stress of Police Officers and How They Cope With It
  • Police Dogs Usage Analysis
  • Organizational Structure in American Police Analysis
  • Police Officer Pushed a Cyclist: Media Coverage
  • Shortfalls in Recruiting and Retention: New York Police
  • Top Court Rules Against Police in Search Case
  • Arming Police Assault Rifles
  • Problems Facing Police Departments in Recruiting and Retention
  • Police Psychologist Interpretation
  • Police Officer Job Analysis
  • The Use of Force by the Police: A Perspective
  • Abu Dhabi Police Department Innovations
  • Abu Dhabi Police Department’s Total Quality Management
  • Police Department Administration in Abilene
  • Cross-Cultural Contact by Police and Civilians
  • Police Officers and Cultural Differences
  • Police Officers Working With Diverse Population. Challenges and Solutions
  • Police Corruption in “The Detonator” by Wesley Snipes
  • Handling the Case of Police Officer Tom Delany
  • LAPD and Cultural Awareness Courses to Police Officers
  • Gender and Perception of Police Work
  • Risk Management in Police Force Institutions
  • Human Rights Violations by Police: Accountable in Discharging Their Duties
  • Victims’ Assistance: Maryland Police Departments Websites Analysis
  • Police Brutality: Social Issue
  • San Diego Police Officers Asscociation
  • Police Arrest and Incident Record: O.J. Simpson’s Case
  • The Role of Fusion Centers in Affecting the Work of Police
  • Ethical Police Problems
  • The Legality of the Use of Force by the Police
  • Trends in Police Recorded Crime in Northern Ireland
  • The Issues of Police Violence Analysis
  • Police and Policing – Change in Police Role
  • Desdemona and Vince: Legal Issues in Police Conduct
  • Police Search and Law Procedure
  • Police and Racial and Ethnic Minorities
  • Concepts of Police Ethics and Deviance
  • Police Role Description in the Media
  • Pros and Cons of Being a Police Officer: Police Oficers’ Interviews
  • The Use of Discretion in Police Work
  • The Los Angeles Police Department
  • Criminal Violations Committed By Police/Correction
  • Police Accountability Analysis
  • Portland Police Community Officer Core Obligations
  • Police Personality Position Overview
  • Job Description of a Police Officer
  • Police Approach of Security Depends on Skin Color and the Accent of the Tongue
  • Internal Control Factors Used by Police Departments
  • Police Officers, Killed in the Line of Duty
  • Motivation in Police Department
  • Los Angeles Police Department’s Organizational Climate
  • Excessive Force and Brutality in Police
  • The Police Operation and Entrapment: A Case Stude
  • Police Suicide: Causes, Prevention, Impacts
  • Dallas Police Department: Training Techniques Changes
  • Police, Justice and Law: Knights in Shining Armor
  • Instances That May Result to Police Liability
  • The 1919 Boston Police Strike
  • Academy Program for Police Recruits
  • Discipline of Police Force Affects Trust in Public
  • Media Impact on the Police Public Image
  • Police Effectiveness Analysis
  • Evaluating Productivity Metrics: Police Effectiveness
  • Domestic Violence Among Police Officers
  • Key Issues That Influence Police Behavior
  • Police Recruiting and Hiring in Jurkanin’s Article
  • Ethical Observations: Sexual Misconduct of Police
  • Behavior of a Police Officer Within an Ethical Dilemma
  • Ethical Decision-Making Among Police Officers
  • Discretion of Police in Traffic Stops
  • Criminal Justice Ethics of Traffic Police Officers
  • Racial Profiling by Police: Effects and Possible Remedies
  • Intimate Partner Violence Against Police Officers
  • Cops Count, Police Matter: Of Tactics and Strategy
  • Police Performance and Measurement
  • The Police Mission, Operational Strategies, Styles of Policing Today
  • “Understanding Police Use of Force” by Klahm, C & Tillyer, R.
  • Police Action in Times of Public Crisis
  • Burglary Under Greenfield Police Department Investigation
  • Law Enforcement: Police Misconduct and Police Violence
  • Impacts of Terrorism on Police Mission in the U.S
  • Conflicts of Police Officers With the Members of the Minority Groups
  • Police Corruption, Misconduct and Brutality: When a Good-Cop-Bad-Cop Routine Goes Wrong
  • Professional Development of Police Officers: Grant Proposal and Presentation
  • Police Pursuits Overview and Analysis
  • Police Activities and Lessons Learned from the Attacks
  • Criticism of the Police Recruitment Method
  • Body-Worn Cameras Against Police Brutality in New York
  • Friendship Police Department Organizational Change
  • The Police in the 2005 Urban Uprising in Toledo
  • Replacing the Police Chief: Spanning’s Recruitment Plan
  • Data-Based Analysis Approach in Preventing Crime at Dallas Police Department
  • In-House Communications Training for Police Officers
  • High-Speed Police Pursuits & Restrictions in the US
  • Public Concern on Police Service’s Poor Morale
  • Agency Interaction and Police Corruption
  • Ambivalence on Part of the Police in Response to Domestic Violence
  • Police Technology Risks Regarding Personal Privacy
  • Researching of Police Shift Work
  • History of Police Brutality: The Murder of George Floyd
  • Instruction for a Police Officer in Curaçao
  • Training Police Officers. Obtaining Data from Digital Devices
  • Stress Patterns in Police Work: A Longitudinal Study
  • Illegal Police Actions. Fourth Amendments.
  • The Sexual Harassment Suit: Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders
  • Police Relations With African American Citizens
  • Police Encounters With Suspects and Evidence
  • The Problem of Racism in the Police Force
  • The UN as a Global Police Force and Negotiation Facilitator
  • Police Use of Force: An Examination of the Minority Threat Perspective
  • Police Departments in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta
  • COMPSTAT Police Management System
  • George Floyd’s Speech on Police Abuse
  • How to Become a Police Officer: Steps, Duties, Requirements, and Challenges
  • Impacts of the Overlaps Between Communication and Criminal Justice for Police-Suspect Interactions
  • Defunding the Police: What Does It Mean?
  • Excessive Force and Deviance, Police Brutality
  • Firing Police Officer for Violation of Code of Ethics
  • Howard Liebengood’s Life as a Police Officer
  • March for Our Lives: Campaign to Defund Police in Schools
  • Police-Involved Shootings and Use of Force Analysis
  • Analysis of Mapping Police Violence
  • The Ethical Issue of Police Informants
  • Is Tipping a Police Officer a Bribe?
  • Impact of Police Brutality on the Society in the United States
  • Police-Minority Relations: Criminal Justice
  • Black Lives Matter and Trump’s Use of Secret Police
  • Police Corruption: A Crime With Severe Consequences
  • Police Brutality: Causes and Solutions
  • Being Killed by Police Use of Force in the US
  • Effective Police Supervision: Encouraging Collaboration
  • Effects of Body-Worn Cameras on the Relationships Between the Police and Citizens
  • Police Administration Issue: Crime Victim Rights
  • Social Issue Analysis: The Trauma Lens of Police Violence
  • Professional Police Force: Environmental Research and Public Health
  • The Police Culture and Corruption
  • Decision Making in Police Office Management
  • The Police Functions in the Modern World
  • Whether a College Degree Should Be Mandatory for Police Recruits
  • Implementing Budget Restrictions in a Police Department
  • The Media and the Police: Interactions Analysis
  • The Usefulness of Using Offender Profiling to a Police Force
  • Terrorism and Changes in Police Management
  • Asian Community and Police Plan to Curtail Future Attacks
  • How Police Conduct Towards Women of Color?
  • Why Did the Police in 1888 Never Catch Jack the Ripper?
  • How Police Access Data Obtain Criminal Information?
  • How Female Police Officers Help Decease Police Violence?
  • How Local Police Departments Handling Terrorism?
  • How Can Police On-Body Cameras Be Useful?
  • How Can the Police Secure Public Legitimacy?
  • How Have the Police Departments Evolved Over the Last Thirty Years?
  • Why Racism Among the Police Not Punished?
  • How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  • Why Police Prejudice Against Minorities?
  • Why Do the Police Don’t Care About Computer Crime?
  • How Could the Ethical Management of Health Data in the Medical Field Inform Police Use of DNA?
  • How Police Effectively Cope With Stress Stemming From Work?
  • Why Should All Police Officers Carry Tasers?
  • How Are Computer Forensics Used in Police Investigations?
  • Why Police Officers Engage in Corruption?
  • Who Invented the Police Force?
  • How Police Agencies Handle the Process of Interrogation?
  • What Is Police Doing About Domestic Violence?
  • How Does Media Affect the Public’s Perception of Police?
  • How Might Police Officers Be Held Criminally Liable for Their Misconduct?
  • What Are the Staff Positions in a Typical Police Department
  • Are Offender Profiles Useful in Police Investigations?
  • Why Do Police Officers Perceive Themselves as True Outsiders?
  • What Are the Major Functions of the Police?
  • How the Police Overstep Their Mandate When Searching People?
  • How Police Have Used Crime Linkage?
  • When Does Police Discretion Cross Boundaries?
  • Why Are Police Called Bobbies?
  • Chicago (N-B)
  • Chicago (A-D)

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219 Police Research Topics + Examples

If you’re a criminal justice student, you might want to talk about or write a paper on the work of police officers and the hot issues in policing. Luckily, StudyCorgi has compiled an extensive list of police topics for you! On this page, you’ll find law enforcement essay topics, as well as questions and ideas for presentations, research papers, debates, argumentative papers, projects, and many more! Outstanding police essay examples are also waiting for you below!

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👍 good police research topics & essay examples, 📌 easy police essay topics, 🎓 most interesting law enforcement topics, 💡 simple law enforcement research topics, ❓ research questions about police, 🔎 law enforcement research paper topics, 🚔 controversial policing topics.

  • The Rise of Police Brutality against African-American Males The rise of police violence directed to African-American males is a phenomenon which is discussed by both public and authorities.
  • Essay on Police Brutality in the United States Police officers are allowed to use “non-negotiable coercive force” to maintain public order and control the behavior of citizens.
  • The Issue of Police Brutality in Community Police brutality is a rampant in many communities. Tthere is a lot of animosity between the police and the public.
  • Police Brutality: Reasons and Countermeasures The research identifies the reasons for police brutality and the course of actions that conceivably could be done in order to finish it.
  • Police Violence and Subterfuge Cases Police violence and subterfuge are the phenomena that unite the cases of Joy Gardner, who died in custody in 1993 and those of young Mike Brown or middle-aged Eric Garner.
  • What Is the Police Authority? The police authority is the power vested in police officers and the police as an institution to enforce criminal law and preserve the public peace.
  • Police Shooting of Richard Cabot in Pittsburgh On September 7, a police officer shot a 32- year-old Richard Cabot. The incident unfolded near the sports bar in Pittsburgh, where the victim and his friends.
  • Police Reform in Florida This report will evaluate the available data to offer new knowledge to human resource management of police organizations in Florida.

  • Police Administration: Structures, Processes and Behavior A police officer like any other person is not immune to stress. Studies indicate that a police officer is more likely to commit suicide than a civilian.
  • Police Work’ Concepts and Operationalization This document presents the concepts and practical application of a study conducted to identify factors that affect the results of police work in the community.
  • Liability Issues for Police Departments Police departments are designed to guard ordinary citizens against crime and to punish those who commit it. This work explores the issues of liability bring for police departments.
  • Police Corruption: Understanding and Preventing Police corruption remains one of the leading challenges, affecting law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world.
  • Western Australia Police Communications Centre’s Change The WA Police Communications Centre is a vital organ of the regions police force. This essay seeks to analyze the challenges that affect the centre.
  • Criminal Profiling and Police Corruption Police integrity is a complicated issue that can be solved by increased oversight and improved screening of candidates.
  • Police Detective Career: Information and Issues The police detective career is very dynamic and demanding, especially the sections of criminal investigations such as homicide and theft.
  • Police Brutality Toward African-American Males People from a poor economic and financial background are targeted by the police as prospective criminals and, therefore, remain under a consistent threat of police brutality.
  • Racial Profiling: Trust, Ethics, Police Legitimacy This paper will give a definition of racial profiling, explore its origins, and explain how it changed from legal practice to a form of discrimination.
  • Chesterfield County Police Department Structure The specifics of organizational structure can be beneficial or harmful depending on their appropriateness. The present paper analysis the structure of the Chesterfield County Police Department.
  • Police’s Brutality Towards African American Males Police brutality and violence directed against African Americans is a common problem in the United States. This paper assesses this problem and determines how it can be addressed.
  • Myths of Policing: Police Work’ Expectation The police work is surrounded by various myths developed through TV and literature that picture it differently from real activities.
  • Police Officer Murder, Trial and Punishment Killing a police officer on duty is considered one of nine capital offenses punished either by a death penalty or by life imprisonment without the possibility of release.
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sexual Harassment Class Action The landmark deal in RCMP sexual-harassment class action addressed the problem of sex-related harassment within the rows of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • Police Unions’ Development in the US This paper evaluates the role of police unions for American workers by giving clear definitions, describing the reasons for unionization, and discussing unions’ growth in the USA.
  • Police Injustice Towards African-Americans The book “White Violence and Black Response: From Reconstruction to Montgomery” by Herbert Shapiro is a century-long perspective on the issue of violence towards African-Americans.
  • Police Brutality Increasing: Support for Black Males Police brutality experienced by the African-American male population is critical, and the emergency of this situation requires immediate response from the state.
  • Police Administrators and Their Ethical Responsibility Only through an appropriate balance between formalism, governmental regulations, and ethical code, can public service be administered without backlash from the public.
  • Driving and Police Stop in Dramatic Interpretation The experience of a police traffic stop can be analyzed as dramatic interaction, wherein the driver and passengers present a play to the officer.
  • Police Misconduct and Its Affecting Factors Police discretion is a necessary element of the policing activity. Many situations which officers encounter on a daily basis require judgment and appropriate decision-making.
  • Dallas Tragic Events: The Shooting of Police Officers by a Perpetrator The following paper is an attempt to determine the reasons behind the dramatic events that occurred in Dallas, identify the gaps in security and emergency response strategies.
  • Age Influence on the Support for Police Action This paper addresses to what extent age influences the support for police action. The hypothesis is that old aged people are in support of the idea of police action.
  • Undercover Police Investigations in Drug-Related Crimes Undercover activities have traditionally been used to target crimes involving corruption, drugs, pornography, and prostitution.
  • Are African Americans More Harassed by Police? The paper explores the hypothesis that members of the African American community are more likely to be harassed by the police than members of other ethnic groups.
  • Police Service Transformation: Research Onion The research onion depicts the research strategies and approaches that will be employed in this study. They are discussed in more detail in this paper.
  • Police Work: Public Expectations and Myths The work of the police is surrounded by various myths developed through TV and literature that picture it differently from real activities.
  • Local Police Response to Terrorism The quality of the work carried out by the police to prevent terrorist acts determines the safety of the population.
  • New Orleans Police Department’s Ethics and Leadership Police officers or civil servants who fail to meet the prescribed norms of behavior or commit serious indictable offenses can be punished if no other people are involved.
  • Police Attitudes and Professionalism: Interview The interviewee chosen for this assignment is a 34-year old white married male, currently working as a full-time police officer in the Miami Police Department.
  • Addressing the Gulf Coast Police Department Understaffing Despite the best efforts of recruiters, police departments all over the US are understaffed. The present paper analyzes the reasons for GCPD’s problems and offers measures to address these issues.
  • Police Liability Issue and Consequences of Illegal Actions The issue of the liability of police officers and their degree of responsibility for certain actions is the topic that is discussed in the media periodically and causes a great public response.
  • The Report on the Courtelaney Pass Police Department The situational report on the Courtelaney Pass police department presents a number of important issues that should be addressed by the police administration.
  • Courtelaney Pass Police Department: Potential Problem Solutions There are four essential problems in the Courtelaney Pass police department: racial tensions, questionable investigative and enforcement practices, poor community reporting, and the lack of diversity.
  • America as a Superpower and the World’s Police The international policing role and strategy of the United States during the Cold War has become even more necessary in this period of terrorism and instability.
  • Police Brutality and Mental Health of African Americas The authors hypothesize that the effect of experiencing blackness has a twofold impact on the young African Americans’ mental health
  • Mentoring Programs in Police Departments The given proposal revolves around a one-on-one mentoring program that can be used by police departments to improve officers’ competence.
  • Assessing Role of Technology in Police Crime Mapping The role of technology in police operations has become pivotal because it aids our law enforcement agencies to do their tasks easier and less time-consuming.
  • Police-Community Relations: Leadership Project Police-community relations are essential in curbing crime because the community has got vast knowledge in relation to the crime being practiced in the community.
  • US Police Challenges Today: Police Discretion Police discretion is essential to the success of an officer and the public. Discretion means judgment, and for law officers, this can be the difference between life and death.
  • Major External Forces and Police Organization Whatever has been ailing the police organization in the last six decades are all related to infrastructure, safety, and the environment in the setting where that particular organization operates.
  • Why I Want to Be a Police Officer The police force is a very important branch of our society. It has a key role to play in maintaining peace and order.
  • Police or Custodial Brutality in the United States The aspect of police or custodial brutality is the subject matter of the study. This has become a serious problem in the administration of law, order, and human justice in the USA.
  • Criminal Justice Ethics: Police Corruption & Drug Sales The growth of police corruption instances involving drug sales is relatively easy to explain. The financial rewards offered by the sales of illegal drugs are enormous.
  • Police Brutality: Analysis of the Problem Police brutality is directed towards racial minorities and poor immigrants who cannot protect their rights in the courtroom and have no money to file a law case against officers.
  • UK Police Are Changing Their Attitude to Racial Issues The increased number of black and Asian police officers influenced positively the way suspects from minority ethnic groups were handled
  • Organization Effectiveness of a Police Department The organization is a core and framework of effective performance. The organization allows the police department to ensure effective management and organization of human resources.
  • Dismal City Police Department: “Do More With Less” The approach of community policing as well as the strategies used and its implementation vary widely depending on the requirements and the reactions of communities.
  • Community Policing Assignment: A History of Police Work in the Criminal Justice System Community policing led to the introduction of a system where the police officers and members of the community get a closer relationship.
  • Police Supervisor’s Dilemma: Control and Motivation The level of control needed in a police institution is related to the capability of officers to construct an inspiring environment.
  • Motivation & Control: The Police Supervisor’s Dilemma It is universally acknowledged that the effectiveness of the work is toughly connected with a consistent organizational structure and subordinate system.
  • How Does ‘Police Culture’ Influence Police Practice? Police culture is influenced by a number of social and political factors which determine its main functions and internal structure.
  • Testing Food Service Employees: Policy Assessment Mary Mallon, or Typhoid Mary as she was called, worked as a cook and was reputed to have caused infections of Typhoid fever in 47 people and caused the death of 3.
  • Laptop Computers in Police Cars: Benefits & Drawbacks This paper will investigate these problems and their prevalence with respect to the utilization of laptops in police vehicles.
  • Procedural Justice in Contacts with The Police Analysis The paper examines the relational model of authority that indicates the procedural justice role in the public evaluation of and support for the police.
  • Forensic Psychology for Police Recruitment and Screening The quest for competitive and effective police officers led to the introduction of some measures to help in the recruitment of individuals.
  • All Police Officers Should Wear a Body Camera This paper suggests that the use of body cameras positively contributes to the reinforcement of procedural justice, as the prevention of unethical behavior and police brutality.
  • Forensic Psychology in the Police Subspecialty Forensic psychological officers have crucial roles in the running of the police departments. This is because law enforcement chores are entitled to many challenges.
  • National Association of Police Organizations This paper focuses on the performance of the National Association of Police Organizations, including its purposes and contribution to the United States’ law enforcement community.
  • Professional Ethics: Police Department The science of ethics attempts to give humanity the answers to the existential question of what is moral and what is not.
  • Evaluating Budget Documents of Police Department The paper will analyze the budget which was presented by the police department indicating both the estimates and the adjusted figures.
  • Sexual Assault Female Victims Avoid Reporting to Police Among the most under-reported crimes in the United States, one of the leading roles is occupied by sexual assault. Sixty-five percent of female victims avoid reporting to police.
  • Police Brutality: The Rodney King Case The case of Rodney King is a demonstration of police brutality in the United States. This paper will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the incident, explaining it in detail.
  • American Society Police Brutality Causes and Effects Police brutality in America is visible and accompanied by racial discrimination and creates negative consequences for society because it imposes trust issues.
  • Health Safety in the Police Department It is especially important to provide a healthy working environment for workers of a police department, as they need to continue their service even at the time of a health crisis.
  • About Police Chaplaincy Program The article argues for launching a police chaplain program to connect the community with the police and provide survivors with the emotional and social support they need.
  • The Issue of Police Injustice in the United States In March 2020, a tragic event led to the death of a black emergency medical technician, B. Taylor. According to descriptions, police were investigating a drug case and suspected her.
  • The Phenomenon of “Defunding the Police” The work Defunding the Police aims to explore the meaning of “defunding the police” and arguments and counterarguments surrounding this initiative.
  • Police Misconduct and the Misuse of Force Police misconduct is a vital concern as it affects the functioning of society and might cause much harm to individuals.
  • Beyond “Police Brutality”: Racist State Violence and the University of California – Article Review The article highlights the issues with police attitudes toward the application of seemingly extreme measures to non-violent perpetrators.
  • Chesterfield County Police Department: Hiring Process This paper will explore the applicable requirements of the Chesterfield County Police Department for the position of an entry-level law enforcement officer.
  • Racial Profiling of Minority Groups by the Police in the United States This research paper will address racial profiling of minority groups by the police in the US through the analysis of background, theories, and concepts.
  • Police Corruption in California The analysis of the information proves that police corruption in California depends on the work and social environment of police officers.
  • Role of Police Agencies in Law Enforcement The police have hardly had any authority to control the most of the white color crimes. In addition, lack of expertise among the police also contributed to this problem.
  • Metropolitan Police Service: Identity Management Solution Within the context of Metropolitan Police Service case study, the research underlines the need for such institution to ensure production of a viable management system.
  • Enhancing Police Training Program Proposal Providing all-around education to the officers requires the services of competent trainers who are well versed with the current needs of the contemporary generation.
  • Police Response to High Speed/Hot Pursuits Police officers have the responsibility of defending the lives of citizens by maintaining law and order, however, in attempts to avoid being arrested.
  • “Police Solve Just 2% of All Major Crimes” by S. Baughman Baughman’s article is about the insufficiency of the work that the police do to solve severe crimes since only 2% of cases result in a conviction.
  • “The Black Officer Who Detained George Floyd Had Pledged To Fix the Police”: A Story of Alex Kueng “The Black Officer Who Detained George Floyd Had Pledged to Fix the Police” article allows concluding that the police system cannot be reformed from within.
  • Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  • Rodney King’s Police Brutality Case: What Went Wrong Rodney’s case remains a historic example of police brutality. The interplay of several factors might have led to the acquittals of the officers in the first trial.
  • Textual Analysis of the Song “Police” by Suprême Ntm The purpose of this paper is to analyze the song “Police” written and performed by a French hip-hop band Suprême NTM. It is dedicated to the problem of police brutality, racism.
  • How the Police Use Facial Recognition? Some law enforcement officers, especially in Florida, do not trust the application of technique as a warrant of arrest.
  • Police Violence Against African Americans in the USA The statistic shows that the violence from law enforcement officials causes thousands of deaths of black men in the USA.
  • Investigation of the Chicago Police Department This paper will analyze some of the critical issues found in the investigation of the Chicago police department by the United States Department of Justice.
  • Police Brutality Against African Americans and Media Portrayal Police brutality toward the African-American population of the United States is an issue that has received nationwide publicity in recent years.
  • Police Brutality and Impunity for Police Violence The overall purpose of this paper is to explore the topic of police brutality and police impunity as it is discussed in modern studies.
  • Racist Actions of the American Police Force in “The Black and the Blue” by Matthew Horace In the book “The Black and the Blue,” Matthew Horace gives testimony from behind the blue wall of secrecy and paints a society where police molest citizens.
  • Policing From Above: Drone Use by the Police Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  • Interview With Chief of Police Mr. William Evans I had a rare chance of interviewing the Chief of Police for Hinds Community College Mr. William Evans in his office on Wednesday 19 November, 2014 at 5 p.m.
  • Organizational Change in Police Departments: A Theory-Based Analysis When examining the case of implementing Compstat systems in police districts the first to consider is the positive appeals of such as system.
  • Management Solution Needed for the Metropolitan Police Service The dangers of getting the balance right between security, easy access, and reduction of risk are to be the main focus of the response to the tasks.
  • Police Administration and Key Effectiveness Factors When evaluating the impact of a police force, the best indicator would be to examine repetitive police action in preventing the same types of crimes.
  • Report for the Chief of Police The current report contains the definition and description of the Uniform Crime Report, the data-gathering strategy used for the analysis and its rationale, and crime trends.
  • Police Patrol Effectiveness Research Assessment The paper recaps debates that have arisen on the police patrol effectiveness in crime prevention, by investigating research on the said issue.
  • The Significance of Police Discretion to the Criminal Justice System This paper is an investigation into the meaning of police discretion. It highlights the benefits of police discretion to the role of the police department.
  • Police Brutality Against African Americans The issue being examined refers to the problem of police brutality on African Americans. The mentioned problem is a burning one and is vividly expressed in modern society.
  • Inequalities and Police Brutality Against the Black This paper aims to research racial inequality and hostile police attitudes towards the black population in the United States.
  • Police Brutality Against African Americans in America The purpose of this article is to describe the different approaches to researching the problem of police brutality against African Americans.
  • “How to Fix America’s Police” by Stoughton The authors of the article suggest that the US police’s current situation could be fixed in two ways: either through state intervention or through local one.
  • Human Sex Trafficking and Police Technology: An Issue of the Past or Present? The paper provides an introduction that describes human sex trafficking before taking a specific approach of understanding the vice in Houston, Texas.
  • Police Force Diversifying Strategies The presence of women officers and officers of color may act as a complementary stimulus, as they have an approach that could be more relatable for future personnel.
  • Police Shooting and Issue of Discrimination The issue of discrimination and police shootings can be resolved by observing both officers and citizens – collecting information by cameras can serve as objective material.
  • Police Recruitment and Training The recruitment of police officers entails many processes that must be completed before one is eligible to be an officer.
  • Profiling Procedures in the Los Angeles Police Department The law enforcers and most commonly the police, have profiling procedures that separate certain groups of people from the majority.
  • Ending Racial Bias and Bureaucracy Within Police Police officials may engage in bureaucratic or administrative corruption for private gain, which facilitates distrust in the efforts of law enforcement.
  • Police Reforms Implementation: The Los Angeles Police Department 83% of the LA residents vouching for the good job of the police especially because the LAPD has desisted from using serious force since 2004.
  • The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department: Most Pressing Issues This report outlines the main problematic issue with the functioning of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Police Selection Process: Metropolitan and New York Police Departments The Metropolitan Police Department and the New York Police Department selection process evaluates knowledge, abilities, skills, character and traits.
  • Conflict and Power: Police and Community Collaboration This paper includes an analysis of the nature of the conflict between law enforcement and citizens in the US, as well as some strategies that can contribute to solving the problem.
  • The Use of Wiretapping in Police Technology The report discusses Chapter 14 of the book “Police Technology” by Raymond E. Foster. Dr. Foster has written extensively on technical tools and gadgets for law enforcement.
  • Measuring Crime: Lynnfield’s Local Police Force Stop & Search Data The study aims to assess any obvious trends that may be associated with disproportionate and/or discriminatory exercise of ‘stop and search’ policy by law enforcement agencies.
  • “Learn About Being a Police Officer” by Kane Being a police officer is one of the most challenging professions because it requires dedication, determination, and sacrifice.
  • Analysis of Decision-Making Processes in Boston Police Department The paper covers the role of police in homeland and application of these systems to the Boston Police Department.
  • Police Brutality Toward Black Community The black community needs help since they suffer due to police brutality, receive various kinds of injuries, and experience traumas.
  • Police Brutality on African Americans Police brutality against African Americans has been on the rise even after several constitutional and legal reforms made by the country to control it.
  • Discussion of Police Misconduct The paper discusses criminal justice system has developed various approaches that guarantee that police can be held accountable for their misconduct.
  • How Police Supervisory Styles Influence Patrol Officer Behavior The field supervisor, also identified as the patrol sergeant, directly oversees officers’ conduct, performance, appearance, and tactical operations assigned under their command.
  • Public Role and Control of Police Citizens of democratic states have a right to exert control over the police. This claim is based on the fact that police are a part of the government.
  • Leadership in the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD continues to develop and implement new and innovative programs in which its officers are trained to become good leaders.
  • Police Discretion: Criminal Justice While in the academy and for their period of training, police are particularly skilled on how to handle various situations that they will come across.
  • US Police Brutality and Human Resources Connection Police brutality is one of the most pressing crisis problems in the United States, it requires additional research and immediate solutions.
  • Police Brutality: The Killing of Daunte Wright Police brutality is defined as the use of unjustified or excessive force by the police, usually against citizens. It refers to the violation of human rights by the police.
  • Police Use of Force and Its Limits The paper aims to define what it means to be a police officer, discuss the legal use of nondeadly and deadly force, and determine the limits placed on police power.
  • Factors That Justify the Use of Deadly Force by Police Police shootings and killings of unarmed civilians arguably qualify as violations of the use-of-force standards that warrant the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.
  • Race and Police Brutality in American History
  • The Police Sexual Harassment: Case Study
  • Police Officer Characteristics and Evaluation
  • Police Sexual Harassment Suit
  • The Civil Rights Movement: Minorities vs. Police
  • Internal Problems of Mississippiville’s Police Chief Hiring Process
  • Benefits and Challenges of Using Drones for the Police
  • An Inside View of Police Officers’ Experience with Domestic Violence
  • The Influence of Police Bias on Disparity in Juvenile Crime: Methodology
  • Police Misconduct in Criminal Justice
  • George Orwell and Occupy Wall Street and Police Brutality
  • Researching and Analysis of Police Abuse
  • Force Diversification as a Way of Addressing Police Brutality in the US
  • Influence of Police Bias on Disparity in Juvenile Incarceration Rates
  • Police Officer With a Juvenile
  • Police Use-of-Force in Graham v. Connor & Tennessee v. Garner Cases
  • Collaborative Organizational Changes in Police
  • Police Civil Liability in the Light of Monroe v. Pape
  • The History of Relationships Between Police and African Americans
  • Police Killing Black People in a Pandemic
  • The Legality of the Scope of a Police Search
  • Police Professionalism and Ethics of Policing
  • Police Standards Should Be Modified
  • Police Officers Treatment Towards Civilians Based on Social Class
  • Restructuring of Los Angeles Police Department Fiscal Budget
  • The Impact of Technology on the Police Patrol
  • The Use of Force in Police: Theoretical Analysis
  • The San Diego Police Department’s History and Work
  • The Police in the Modern World
  • Improving Police Morale and Community Communication
  • Discussion Misuse of Lies in the Police
  • Police Accountability and Reform
  • Police Officers’ Excessive Use of Force
  • A Police Officer’s Education and Duties
  • Police Officers: Qualifications and Responsibilities
  • Motivating Police Officers to Serve and Protect
  • Police Misconduct: New Rochelle Police Officer Case Study
  • Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?
  • What Is the Name of American Police?
  • What Are the Four Types of Police System?
  • Are Women More Effective Police Officers?
  • What Are Young Adults’ Perception of Police?
  • What Are Some Nicknames for the Police?
  • Which Country Has the Best Police System?
  • Which Country Has the Largest Police Force in the World?
  • When Did Police Brutality Start?
  • Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  • Are Police Allowed to Punch You in the UK?
  • Which Countries Have Police Brutality?
  • What Causes Police Corruption?
  • What Is Excessive Force by Police?
  • Which Indian State Has Most Powerful Police?
  • What Is the Highest-Paid Job in the Police?
  • How Does the Los Angeles Police Department Represent the City?
  • How Can We Overcome Police Brutality?
  • What Does Three Stars on a Police Uniform Mean?
  • Should Police Officers Wear Cameras?
  • Should the Police Have More Power?
  • Do Police Officers Salute Military?
  • Why Were the Police Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper?
  • Which Country Has Private Police?
  • How Many Police Are There in the UK?
  • Are Body Cameras Fighting Police Misconduct?
  • When Does Police Discretion Cross Boundaries?
  • What Is the Issue of Police Brutality?
  • How Does Police Brutality Violate Civil Rights?
  • What Human Rights Are Being Violated by Police?
  • Police use of force: trends, policies, and effects on public trust.
  • How do police-worn body cameras affect officer accountability and transparency?
  • Challenges and benefits of technology use in modern police.
  • De-escalation techniques in police and their effects on reducing violent encounters.
  • How does law enforcement address human trafficking?
  • Police corruption and misconduct: causes, consequences, and prevention.
  • Law enforcement challenges in investigating digital offenses.
  • The effects of the militarization of police on civil liberties.
  • The impact between the use of body-worn cameras and police use of force.
  • The influence of implicit bias on police decision-making.
  • Defunding the police: should funds be reallocated from law enforcement to social services?
  • Are “stop-and-frisk” police practices constitutional?
  • Facial recognition technology use by police: balancing public safety and privacy.
  • Should no-knock warrants be banned?
  • Do police unions promote the abuse of power?
  • Is it possible to escape racial bias in predictive policing algorithms?
  • The school-to-prison pipeline: do police officers belong in schools?
  • Should drug testing for police officers be mandatory?
  • Should the use of chokeholds and neck restraints in law enforcement be banned?
  • Is anti-bias training for police officers effective in reducing violent police conduct?
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Law and law enforcement are some of the oldest technologies ever invented by man. While there may not be significant differences between the modern and traditional law and law enforcement technologies, the value of having the two implemented is irrefutable. If not for these law and law enforcement technologies, humans may arguably not recorded the current success in modernization and civilization.

Law enforcement essays can cover virtually anything associated with law, law enforcement agencies, law enforcement mechanisms, and the legal guidelines in law enforcement. With the broad range of issues that can be addressed in law enforcement essays, students and essay writers are not limited to what they can write.

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It will be vital if you research and compare multiple law enforcement essay topics. That way, it will be possible for you to decide which topic to write on based on your interests and understanding of the topic.

  • The law enforcement and the American military
  • How Law enforcement agencies have improved law enforcement
  • Do law enforcement agencies and personalities work under specific ethics?
  • How law enforcement technologies and terminologies have evolved for the last two decades?
  • The relationship between law enforcement and the criminal justice system
  • Law enforcement and diversification
  • Law enforcement as the Asian American Communities
  • Effect Poor Governance on Law Enforcement
  • The adverse effects of police corruption on law enforcement
  • Does police discretion affect law enforcement?
  • The efficiency of predictive policing in law enforcement
  • How is law enforcement affected by societal, ethical behaviors?
  • How can law enforcement agents manage stress effectively?
  • How has technology impacted law enforcement?
  • Benefits of using body cameras a law enforcement tool
  • How can stress affect the performance of law enforcers?
  • The relationship between law enforcement and the government system
  • How has enhanced technology impacted law enforcement?
  • How has enhanced technology led to increased cases of organized crime?
  • The path to becoming a law enforcement agent
  • The process of hiring law enforcers
  • Should law enforcement be taught as an independent subject in schools?
  • The most advanced law enforcement technologies and terminologies
  • Importance of federal and state law enforcement mechanisms
  • How reliable are canines when used in law enforcement?
  • The laws and guidelines for effective law enforcement in different states and countries
  • The role of law enforcers
  • Does the United States constitution back the work of law enforcement agencies?
  • The adverse effects of toxic leadership in quality law enforcement
  • Should the weapons used by law enforcers being tested for reliability and effectiveness?
  • Law enforcers are also human, and so they need to be loved
  • Why most people hate law enforcers?
  • How to increase the bond between law enforcers and the community?

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321 Police Research Topics & Essay Examples

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  • The Use of Force by Police The training of law enforcement officers involves a variety of skills, which include the use of force in particular situations to restore law and order.
  • Mexican Drug Cartels The paper discusses drug trafficking in Mexico and drug cartels effect: rampant violence, heightened corruption, human rights violation, impact on public health, human trafficking.
  • US Local, State and Federal Police Agencies Policing system in the United States is different from the ones applied in other countries because it includes three levels: local, state, and federal.
  • Police Brutality Towards Protesters in USA Since independence, the country has witnessed a number of cases where civil rights groups take off to the streets to protest against some of the issues considered oppressive.
  • Marijuana Legalization and Benefits for the US If marijuana is legalized, the police can allocate its resources towards combating more socially destructive substances like cocaine, LSD or heroin.
  • Policing Standards and Law Enforcement in the US The standards of policing in the United States have been compromised by the fragmentation of law enforcement into three levels which led to various issues.
  • Police Corruption, Motivation, and Accountability This paper explores the police corruption issue, the motivation behind this behavior, how it can be combated and discusses why corruption is not a necessary aspect of police work.
  • Policeman of the World: the Way to the World Dominance The USA has long played the role of the world policeman successfully and contributed to the restoration of peace in many regions.
  • Servant Leadership in Police Organizations This paper discusses servant leadership and its application in police organizations. Servant leadership has benefited many successful companies and could be applied in police organizations.
  • The War in the Middle East and Iraq The paper will point out the major events in the Middle region that lead to U.S. war with Iraq and I will focus on the aftermath.
  • United States Public Administration Actions Analysis Public administration is the process of developing and implementing government policies that enhance social justice in society.
  • Gun Control and Proliferation in the United States To understand the proliferation of guns in the United States, it’s important to have a look at some facts about guns in various U.S. states.
  • Canadian Firearms Program Conceiving and implementing efficient programs to minimize gun violence needs great priority at all levels of Canadian government.
  • Ethics and Character in Criminal Justice System Ethics and character are very important issues especially in law enforcement because they provide standards for excellent service delivery and performance.
  • Bilateral Relation Between Mexico and USA The United States has been at the forefront of assisting, Mexico by providing an alternative to drug business by encouraging other economic activities to develop Mexican economies.
  • Ethnic and Gender Diversity Issues in Policing The problem of the lack of gender diversity has to be managed on a statewide level in the police departments so that the needs of vulnerable populations could be met.
  • Criminal Justice Systems of the US and Colombia The Criminal Justice System includes the means for society to enforce the standards of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community.
  • Education for Criminal Justice and Police Socialization While the judicial system has a substantially long history, education and further professional training for judges and prosecutors appeared only at the start of the 20th century.
  • The Reputation of Law Enforcement: Negative Impact of Police Violence The present research seeks to establish an association between police violence and the poor reputation of law enforcement.
  • Hollywood vs. Reality Officer Involved Shootings Video The issue of police brutality and the use of violence by police has been discussed profusely in the media lately and condemned accordingly.
  • The Current Policing Strategy of the New York City Police Department Nowadays, the necessity to discard the current policing strategy of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is becoming evident both for authorities and citizens.
  • Police Misconduct: Factors That Lead to the Vice This study recognizes that the factors leading a police officer to misconduct are a complex mixture of internal and external to the police officer at any one time.
  • Police Brutality against African Americans in America The situation reveals the problem of racial discrimination and the ineffectiveness of the justice system that is supposed to protect the civil rights of all.
  • The Concept of Police Corruption This paper will explore the concept of police corruption, with a focus on criminal cops that engage in criminal behavior as active law enforcement officers.
  • The Importance of Keeping Police Systems Open Special attention should be paid to the importance of keeping systems open in today's world. The police department must be adaptable to the changing environment.
  • Should Local and State Peace Officers Enforce Federal Immigration Laws? An analysis will be made of the impact that the local enforcement officers have on the public due to their lack of willingness to enforce immigration laws.
  • Police Patrolling Methods in the United States For a society to ensure that law and order are maintained among its citizens, police must show their presence among the subjects through regular patrols.
  • Noble Cause Corruption Among Law Enforcement Officials The article examines the noble cause of corruption among law enforcement officials as the Achilles heel of the criminal justice system.
  • Police Officer Training Policeman is a profession where constant interactions with people required, every police academy graduate should be a good psychologist and should have great communicative skills.
  • Implications of Use-of-Force for the Future of Police Management For police management, it is often a case of walking a fine line between protecting victims by suppressing armed suspects or imposing limitations on officer actions.
  • Metropolitan Police: SWOT Analysis Report The purpose of this report is to assess the relationships between the Metropolitan Police and community-based organizations.
  • Police Training in the United Kingdom Police learning, roles, development, and training curriculum in the UK, is based on the national Learning and Development skills framework plan.
  • Miranda Warnings: The History of Miranda Rights Miranda warnings defend the right of all people for liberty and protection against unlawful or enforced witnessing, questioning, etc. stipulated in the Fifth Amendment.
  • Police Report: Robbery This article is a police report on the robbery of a girl that took place at a bus stop, describing the circumstances of the incident and the signs of the robber.
  • The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is a department that investigates or takes other actions concerning the complaints against the police officers.
  • Crime Reduction and Prevention in Houston, Texas The Police Department of Houston is working vigorously and communally with the public in preventing crime in the city by enforcing the law.
  • The Connections of the Principles to Modern Day Policing The policing field has its origin in England (Champion, 2005) and has developed through the ideas of Sir Robert Peel and his peers.
  • The Exclusionary Rule: Impact on the Judicial Proceedings The exclusionary rule is not only affecting police officers but judges as well. These two organs affect judicial proceedings and the outcome of a court case.
  • Racist Notions of Certain Communities in Police Subcultures The essay presents discussions on community policing relative to the prevalence of racist notions of certain communities in different police subcultures.
  • Ethical Problems in Police Work Most of the mistakes that arise from the law enforcement sector are those concerning discretion, honesty, loyalty, and duty.
  • Police Cooperation and Administration in Europe This paper will highlight the importance of restructuring of policies in the European police forces to embrace new techniques among intercultural human resource management.
  • Police Role Descriptions in the Media The public expects police officers to serve with courage and honor. The media criticizes them for their mistakes.
  • Contemporary Community-Oriented Policing The articles included in the annotated bibliography provide a thorough study of such phenomena as community-oriented policing (COP).
  • The Work of the Modern American Police The work of modern police has improved compared to the past, which speaks, in particular, about the quality of their education.
  • Challenges Facing Police Organizations The aim of this paper is to analyze and discuss the new challenges that currently face police agencies as a result of corporate crimes, and hate crimes.
  • Racism in the Criminal Justice System Racism is rampant throughout the criminal justice system. It starts with racial profiling and continues through the court prison and parole system.
  • Community Policing and the Community Community Policing is a form of policing which focuses on the use of the community to collaborate with the police as a way of dealing with crime and criminals.
  • Police Discretion and Discrimination In the police system, discretion and discrimination are two issues which are often confused and misinterpreted by the public.
  • Sir Robert Peel’s Position on Policing The purpose of this article is to review Sir Robert Peel's position on policing as well as current issues in the criminal justice system.
  • The Police Undercover Operations The main purpose of going undercover is to gather enough information to enable a successful prosecution of criminal.
  • Development Project: Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  • Organization of Police Department: Area, Time, and Purpose The organization of police forces is very important in determining the effectiveness of the police, it must revolve around who is going to do what, where, and when.
  • Police Corruption. Definition and Types Police corruption is a serious issue in police departments that is not always easy to measure, and it is critical to recognize the variety of its forms.
  • Transitioning to Community Policing As the head of the local police department, several issues have led me to think of implementing a community policing system.
  • Community Policing: Governmental Strategies Community policing is a scheme that promotes governmental strategies that help in maintaining efficient use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques.
  • Community Policing: Impact on the Law Enforcement Agencies The knowledge-based and problem-oriented approaches in social security and community policing greatly improves the efficiency of law enforcement agencies and their daily tasks.
  • Bill of Rights and Challenges for Law Enforcement Agencies This paper will look at the roles, and challenges of the federal, state, and local laws, and give some recommendations to the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.
  • The Use of the Internet in Police Technology This essay presents thoughts on the importance of the Internet as a law enforcement tool. It includes communicating within various police departments.
  • Canadian Police Powers The legal rights under the Charter of Freedoms also stipulate that citizens should not be subjected to any cruel or unfair punishment while they are under police custody.
  • Comparison Between Germany & America’s Correctional Systems This study paper seeks to establish a comparative analysis between German and American correctional systems. It discusses which correctional system is more effective.
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Federal law enforcement is defined as a structure of enforcing the law in countries that have a federal government that has control all over the country.
  • Miranda Rights. A Content Analysis The Miranda rights, also known as the Miranda warning, are an iconic legal term associated with law enforcement.
  • Police Corruption and its Causes Police corruption refers to the taking of bribes, illegally transferring confiscated goods, and laundering money.
  • “Police Technology” by Raymond Foster This essay aims to explain the behind-the-scenes actions from the book ‘Police technology’ by Raymond Foster, which contains a description of technological tools.
  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness Texas Death Penalty Law Texas is leading among states practicing capital punishment for a criminal offense. The conflicts surrounding capital punishment are numerous, with many calling for its abolition.
  • Concepts of Community Policing The introduction of community-oriented policing has revolutionized the war against crime. It is because most global communities participate actively in policing initiatives.
  • Legal Issues in the Use of Force by Law Enforcement Use of force by law enforcement officers to accomplish a justifiable police function such as defending self and others in making arrests.
  • Informed Opinion on Tory Crime Plan Fails Victims The mismatch of financial resources and the introduction of reinforced laws will not contribute to sustain and maintain stability and order in society.
  • Canadian System of Justice and the U. S. Justice System Juxtaposing Brannigan’s and Packer’s positions, it can be stated that the difference between models is based on different values taken to accuse people.
  • A Time-Travel: Police and the Changes They Underwent The report is set out to outline the changes the police force in the UK underwent and suggests several promising strategies for this structure.
  • Community Policing Approach in Combating Crime Community policing refers to a system whereby the community is actively involved in the maintenance of area security. This system relies on the goodwill of the community members.
  • Culture of Policing in Albuquerque, New Mexico Improving the health of disadvantaged children and providing social and economic stability to such families in Albuquerque would help reduce crime.
  • Public Police as a Method of Regulating Crime This paper attempts to achieve a deeper understanding of the strategies, management, and implementation of community policing.
  • Policies of Two Components of the Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system consists of three agencies, police, courts, and corrections. Each of these agencies operates individually, however, they all are closely interconnected.
  • The Los Angeles Police Department Gang and Narcotics Division One of the main responsibilities of the Gang and Narcotics Division is to disrupt the criminal ties, their manufacture, sales connections.
  • Proposal and Presentation for Giving Grant After the analysis of crime patterns within its jurisdiction, the Los Angels police department recognized that the education of its residents is very crucial in crime prevention.
  • Community Policing and Activities Community policing can be used to minimize fear of crime by using various strategies such as involving the community in their police activities.
  • Communication Climate in Los Angeles Police Department This paper discusses the Communication climate in Los Angeles Police Department. It also finds out the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s communication process.
  • Police Administration: Law Enforcement Most important is administration staff in various departments which include the offices of captains, lieutenants sergeants because they are at the forefront of law enforcement.
  • Egypt Protester’s Trust of the Army Over the Police The Egyptian population mistrusts the police and trusts the army because the police give highly uncertain arrests and punishments.
  • Differences and Similarities of Federal and State Governments The criminal justice system in the USA consists of three major agencies, police, courts, and corrections. These agencies are interdependent and have different histories.
  • ERG Theory as Applied in the Police Force This paper examines how the motivation of employees is applied at the Los Angeles Police Department. It describes how the police department applies one of the motivation theories.
  • “Learning From 9-11”: Changes in Police Departments In the article "Learning From 9/11: Organizational Change in the Police Departments " community policing is reviewed to identify changes in the organization after the 9/11 attack.
  • How Police Department Can Increase Efficiency The following essay explains how to address the different challenges of the police department operations that one can face as the city's chief of police.
  • Government Policing and Its Unique Challenges This paper explores government policing in the context of major challenges encountered in the police department.
  • Tackling Police Authority Abuse in Ferguson Missouri Police Station This reflective treatise reviews the most appropriate police management strategies to integrate at the Ferguson Missouri Police Station to avoid police authority abuse.
  • Police Challenges - The Formula of Success The success of the police departments at curbing issues of corruption and brutality will mean success to society in fighting crime.
  • Police Officers: Hazardous Working Conditions The aim of the paper is to investigate the level of hazards for police officers with regard to the stress to show the necessity for rehabilitation measures for police officers.
  • The Ferguson Missouri Incident: Ethical Dilemma This article is the author's reflection on the response to the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, involving the shooting of an African American by a police officer.
  • Community vs Traditional Policing: Efficiency and Accountability This paper emphasizes traditional and community policing and tries to compare and contrast the two on aspects of efficiency and accountability.
  • The Benefits and Problems That Are Associated With CompStat CompStat is a strategic management tool that is used in police departments to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Sir Robert Peel's Position on Policing This paper studies the trials faced by the criminal justice system and whether Sir Robert Peel's principles of law enforcement can be used to bring order to the police department.
  • The Racially Biased Policing Recently, the police agencies have set up internal controls with the major aim of eliminating racial profiling.
  • Standard Police Models in Reducing Crime The articles included in the annotated bibliography about the effectiveness of standard police models in reducing crime.
  • Urban Violence: A Case Study This paper aims to discuss various ways in which the public and the government have failed in resolving the violence in Ferguson – the shooting of a teen boy by a police officer.
  • Skid Row Areas: Community Policing Police officers can adopt various approaches when they need to work in the areas what are badly affected by poverty, homelessness and crime.
  • Becoming a Police Officer in the US For one to become a cop or police officer in any state within the United States of America, several qualifications must be met. This paper discusses these qualifications.
  • Malfunction Junction Case Study The paper describes how might reorganize the police department to move away from its current traditional organization.
  • Community Policing and Its Importance for Community Members This paper seeks to explain what community policing is all about, its relevance, and its importance for community members.
  • “Predicting police job satisfaction...” by Brough and Frame This article seeks to critically evaluate the study by Brough and Frame by giving a general overview of the study, description of the research problem.
  • Police Involvement Towards Immigration Laws Enforcement This paper aimed at determining the reasons underlying the disparity in police involvement towards the enforcement of national immigration laws.
  • Warrantless Search and Seizure Memorandum The essay outlines the facts of the incident in the form of a formal memorandum, addressing it to Judge M. Pearson as articulated in Beckham’s The Prosecutor.
  • Prevention of Police Misbehavior Prevention of police misbehavior is no simple task. Discussions can be held and penalties can be imposed to help prevent cases of excessive force and abuse of power.
  • Researches in Supporting Decision Making: Police Field The purpose of this paper is to critically evaluate the impact of studies and research in supporting decision-making in the police field.
  • Analyzing the Concept of Police Discretion Often the decisions of law-enforcement officers can give rise to controversies. This paper examines how such a concept as police discretion can be applied to this question.
  • Computers and Technology in Law Enforcement and Investigations The use of technology and computers in law enforcement is particularly crucial as time for attainment of justice reduces. It has saved the costs of traveling to report crimes.
  • Policing Evolution in the United States This paper discusses the main types of law enforcement agencies, police recruitment and training, functions and organization of the police, and styles of policing.
  • Police Strategies to Curb Crime Activities The police are the key members of the society who enforces law and order. They apply different strategies to curb criminal activities that are committed by malicious people.
  • History of Intelligence-Led Policing Intelligence-led policing focuses on risk assessment as well as risk management in crime control. In this policing paradigm, the role of intelligence is to guide security operations.
  • Police in Action: Discussion In the following paper, the role of law enforcement in crisis intervention will be discussed, will be provided the plan of action for the described situation.
  • Challenges of Law Enforcement - Policies Issues This research paper will discuss the role of intelligence-led policing used by security agencies in fighting major crimes across the world.
  • Writing a Police Report: Key Points to Consider Every police report obviously has certain special paragraphs used to describe the unique peculiarities of a certain event and highlight the important information related to it.
  • Activities for the Organization of Effective Protection of Public Order Identification of the key technical, administrative, conceptual, and personnel skills required to work effectively in the field of human resource development within policing programs.
  • Consequences of Police Brutality on Society Police brutality is an issue that almost every state has to deal with, and it has dire consequences for the community.
  • Greenfield Police Department's Hiring Process The police department has faced changes in its recruitment process of personnel but the Greenfield Police Department’s hiring process has not changed over the past decades.
  • Community Policing Advantages and Success Reasons Community policing involves organizational strategies that utilize partnership in order to find a solution when public safety is threatened.
  • Community Policing: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections The design of community policing entails a more open relationship between the police and the public which gives the police a more proactive role in the community.
  • Police Culture and Diversity This paper aims to discuss the impact of culture and diversity on law enforcement. It will explore the presence and extent of cultural diversity in law enforcement agencies.
  • Information Technology Importance in Community Policing Information technology has been an enormous help to the police department, as it has made fighting crime fast and easy.
  • Police and Policing Challenges Placed by Society Modern society places a number of important challenges on policing. Such challenges are connected to the usual areas where the work of the police is important.
  • Evolution of Police Administration
  • Law Enforcement Misconduct on Communities
  • The History of Law Enforcement Unit in America
  • Participative Leadership in Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Community Policing of Hong Kong and Australia
  • The Effects of Police Discretion
  • Benefits of Community-Oriented Policing in Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Police Operations: The Technology Used in Policing
  • Domestic Violence and the Competence of the Police
  • Police Response to Domestic Violence
  • Discretionary Situations for a Police Chief
  • Law Enforcement’s Response to Cybercrime
  • Police Influence in the Society
  • The Virtual Police Department
  • Police Institutions: Racial and Ethnical Issues
  • Technology in Law Enforcement Then and Now
  • The Los Angeles Police Department
  • The System of American Policing Organizations
  • The Recruitment into Policing Career
  • Vancouver Police Department Strategic Plan
  • How Does Today’s Modern Police Force Combat the “Stop Snitching” Campaign in Inner Cities?
  • Constitutional Limitations, Relevant Law of Influence
  • Police: Issue of Job Satisfaction, Hazards and Risks
  • Law in the Police Service and Meaning of Police Ethics
  • Death Penalty for Juveniles and Mental Disabilities
  • Incorporation of Citizens Into Police Administration
  • The Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Structure
  • Unethical and Illegal Police Behavior
  • The Issue of Police Violence and Use of Excessive Force
  • The Los Angeles Police Department’s Approach to Law Enforcement
  • Police Departments: Organizational Process
  • Defunding the Police: Safety for Citizens
  • Structure and Working of Community-Oriented Policing
  • Policing in the US: Tactics and Philosophies
  • Policing Strategy in the United States
  • Law Enforcement and Police Discretion
  • Improvement of Police Service to Crime Victims
  • Should Police Officers Have a College Degree?
  • Stopping Police Brutality Across the World
  • Noble Cause Corruption within Law Enforcement
  • Police and Citizens Collaboration Scenarios
  • Police Profession: Difficulties, Solutions, and Perspectives
  • Police and Community Communication and Understanding
  • The Case of Officer-involved Shooting
  • The Problem of Authorities' Corruption
  • Racism and Police Response
  • The Ethic of Care Principle in Community Policing
  • Mental Health Counseling for Police Officers
  • Policing Principles by Sir Robert Peels
  • Defunding the Police: A Critical Review of the Literature
  • Pros and Cons of Body Cameras from the Public and Officer Perspectives
  • Analysis of Policing in the United States
  • Police Brutality Issue Overview
  • Police Training Issues: Overview and Analysis
  • Crimes and Police Officers Number Correlation Analysis
  • Modern Patrol Strategies: The Benefits of Technology
  • Law Enforcement Agencies and Their Roles
  • State Law Enforcement Agencies: Centralized and Decentralized Models
  • Conflict and Power Relationship in Society
  • The Right to Remain Silent: Brief Analysis
  • Body-Worn Cameras and How They Affect Law Enforcement Leaders
  • Retaining Talented and Responsible Employees as an Optimization Plan for the Police Organization
  • Legal Search and Seizure: Searches and Seizures
  • Police Officers' Issues in the United States
  • Criminal Justice System in Relation to COVID-19
  • Evaluating Data of Feeling Safe in Their Community
  • Conversation with Atlantic City Police Department
  • Discussion of Meaning of Police Discretion
  • Education Trends in Policing and Law Enforcement
  • Cultural Awareness in Law Enforcement
  • Low Voter Participation in Democratic Countries
  • Racial Discrimination in Law Enforcement
  • The Relationship Between Police and People of Different Backgrounds
  • The Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: Solving the Problem
  • The US Justice System Analysis
  • Police Force Diversification to Address Brutality
  • Police Brutality in the USA and Its Consequences
  • Public Perception of the Police Essay
  • Corruption in the New York Police Department
  • Improving Native Americans Views on Criminal Justice Specialists
  • Law Enforcement: The Importance of Diversity
  • The Police-Community Relations
  • New York Police Department: The Use of Technology in Community Relations
  • The Community–Police Relations in the Context of 2020-2021 Mass Protests
  • Canadian Police: Perception and Attitude
  • Police Oversight: Preventing the Injustice
  • Police Professionalism and Ethics in the Community
  • Ethical Misconduct Cases in Law Enforcement in the US
  • Public Opinion of the Police
  • Mutual Respect: Impact on the Police and the Communities They Serve
  • Baltimore Police Department's Corruption Scandal
  • Gang Violence and Related Law Enforcement Policies
  • Police Unions as the Impediment to the Promotion of Reforms
  • A Public Policy Shift: Body Worn Cameras in Police Force
  • Introducing Servant Leadership Into Police Organization
  • Defunding or Abolition of Police
  • The Law of Search and Seizure: Private Police
  • Modifications to Implement in Police Systems
  • Should the US Police Department Be Defunded?
  • Police's Image and Role in Modern Society
  • Conflict and Power: Law Enforcement and Citizens
  • Time Management in US Law Enforcement and Military
  • Search and Seizure in the Minority Neighborhoods
  • Police Work and Communication: Police Body Cam
  • Civil Unrest and Police Department Leadership
  • The Issue of Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers
  • The New York Police Department
  • Racial Background of Mass Incarceration in the US
  • Modern Technology and Its Impact on Policing
  • Discussion about Police Defunding
  • Advantage and Disadvantage Being a Police Officer
  • Civilian Accountability and Minimize Police Brutality
  • Police Use of Force and Violence Due to the nature of the work, police officers are afforded a considerable measure of discretion. Officers are confronted with a variety of dangerous scenarios.
  • Crime Reduction and Prevention of Police Enforcement
  • California: Police Organization and Trends
  • Media Impact on the Police Image Within the Community The paper introduces how the media influences the police image within the community. Media has shown tremendous positive and negative effects on the public perception of police.
  • Adapting Traditional Police Organizational Structure
  • Analysis and Application-Police Encounters With Suspects
  • Impact of The Boston Police Strike The attempt of the Bostonian police to bring changes in their work force led to major changes not only in the police force but also in the American community.
  • Criminology and the Effects of Police Brutality
  • Global and Nationwide Disputes of Police Brutality
  • Racial Profiling by Police in the Contemporary Society Many journalists, scholars, and politics now believe that racial profiling should be a part of the broader strategy in the fight against terrorism.
  • America and the Transformation Into Police State
  • Conflicts Between the Police and the People
  • Police Officers Role The police play a very critical role in making sure that citizens live peacefully and are able to go about their daily activities without fear.
  • Accountability for Police Misconduct
  • Difficulties Facing Today’s Police Chiefs
  • Collective Bargaining Among the Police Force
  • Entrepreneurial Police and Drug Enforcement Policy
  • Internship at Miami Dade Police (Homicide) Department The Miami Dade Police Department (MDPD) offers a variety of internships that allow students to have first-hand experiences with police work.
  • America’s Police Officers Changing Roles
  • Enhancing Traffic Police Performance in Egypt
  • Internship in the Police Department Internship programs allow graduates and students to exercise what they have learned in real life situations because it gives them a practical experience of what they are learning.
  • Conflict Between Police and African American Community
  • Estimating Police Effectiveness With Individual Victimisation Data
  • Continuing Education for Police Officers Continuing education for police officers is a fundamental undertaking that should be promoted across the board.
  • Dealing With Small Town Police Departments
  • Consent for Search While Police Custody
  • Police Ethics and Misconduct The code of ethics is released by the college of policing. This institution is responsible for defining the ethical behavior that is expected of members of the police profession.
  • Efficiency and Managerial Performance in Police Units
  • Factors That Cause the Police of Racial Profiling
  • The Career of Police Officers The purpose of this paper is to discuss the career of the police officer, NYPD’s Finest, requirements, salary and benefits.
  • Ethical Issues Surrounding Police Corruption and Discretion
  • Correlation Between the Police Shooting and the Violent
  • Post-Traumatic Growth Among Police Officers Effective implementation of Christian counseling has the potential to introduce post-traumatic growth among police officers that are followers of the Christian worldview.
  • Current Police Vehicle Pursuits Policies and Procedures
  • Field Practice and Experience Within the Police Department
  • The Impact of Deviant Behavior by Police Officers The police deviance has significant impacts that affect the public such as victimization, and the police unit itself such as police integrity, trust, and respect from the public.
  • Ethnic Fragmentation and Police Spending: Social Identity and a Public Good
  • Community-Based Policing Police Public Crime
  • Police Corruption Issue in the United States Police corruption is not unique to a particular state but a widespread problem in the United States. It is seen in myriad forms and continues to run down many police departments.
  • Evidence Obtained Improperly During the Police Interviews
  • Correlation Between Police and Crime Rates
  • Community-Oriented Programs by Police Departments Community-oriented policing is the partnership of law enforcement and the communities in identifying and resolving societal issues.
  • Crimes Scenes and Evidence Gathering Underpin Every Police
  • Criminal Justice System and the Police Force
  • Key Approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force The paper aims to identify the key approaches of the TQM by the Arab Police Force and analyze the TQM strategy for defining the pros and cons of the strategy applied.
  • Educational Requirements for Police Officers
  • Evaluating Police Department Organizational Structures
  • Police Power, Government, and Business Regulation This paper discussed the power of the government and police to impact businesses in terms of economic and public health challenges.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Burnout of Police Officers
  • False Information Surrounding Police Use of Lethal Force
  • Employee Performance of Abu Dhabi Police The purpose of the study is to determine whether employee performance of the Abu Dhabi police is significantly affected by employee attitude.
  • Eight Police Officers Allegedly Partake in Gun Smuggling Scheme
  • Early Police Community and Their Focus on Minority Communities
  • Covenant and Narcissist Leadership in Police Department The paper defines narcissistic and covenant leadership and discusses the major traits identifiable in the two.
  • Corruption Within the New York Police Department
  • Police Organization and Their Roles as They Apply to the Law In any society, police organizations play a vital role as they represent the government. Therefore, the police form part of the law enforcement agencies in various communities.
  • Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Buffer Stress Reactivity and Stress Recovery in Police Officers?
  • Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  • Can the Police Reduce Domestic Violence?
  • Are the Police Forces Treating the Citizens of the United States Fairly?
  • Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?
  • How Could the Ethical Management of Health Data in the Medical Field Inform Police Use of DNA?
  • Are Racial Profiling and Police Discrimination an Issue?
  • Are Body Worn Cameras Causing Police Officers to Hesitate?
  • Are More Minority Police Officers Needed?
  • How Do African Americans Perceive the Police?
  • Can You Imagine Being a Police Officer?
  • Does Community Policing Lead to Less Abuse of Police Authority Thesis?
  • How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  • Are Offender Profiles Useful in Police Investigations?
  • How Are African American Police Officers Socialized?
  • How Does Police Brutality on Children Affect How Society?
  • Can Police Deter Drunk Driving?
  • How Does Budgeting Differ From That of Police Departments?
  • Can Racially Unbiased Police Perpetuate Long-Run Discrimination?
  • How Has Computer Technology Changed in the Courts and Police Departments?
  • How Can the Police Improve Knowledge Management?
  • Can Sex Workers Regulate Police?
  • How Can the Police Secure Public Legitimacy?
  • How Are Computer Forensics Used in Police Investigations?
  • Does Police Behavior Have to Change?
  • Does the Police Force Reform Actually Mean Militarization?
  • Are Body Cameras Fighting Police Misconduct?
  • Are Women More Effective Police Officers?
  • Are Police Officers Learning Enough?
  • Is Police Consistently Using Excessive Force?
  • How Has the Role of the Police Changed?

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  • Capital Punishment

Police Topics for Research Papers

Erin schreiner.

Assorted-title pile of books on shelf.jpg

The field of law enforcement provides a number of interesting topics worthy of exploration. If you plan to write a research paper that relates to this subject, selecting a topic that is current and engaging to you can prove a wise choice. Before you make your final topic decisions, consider some of the exciting options at your disposal and select the one about which you can find the most interesting information and that personally appeals to you most.

Explore this article

  • Universal Precautions and the Police Force
  • The Use of Tasers
  • Communication Tools in Police Work
  • The Effectiveness of Non-Motorized Officers
  • Professional Development in Law Enforcement

1 Universal Precautions and the Police Force

Police work presents many dangers, one of which is the danger of contracting a disease through contact with human bodily fluids. Focus your research paper on the topic of universal precautions that officers can use to prevent disease contraction. Research the current universal precaution practices associated with police work as well as alternative options that could prove even more effective in keeping officers safe. Reference statistics in your resulting paper, using these numbers to prove the danger of disease contraction and the effectiveness of universal precautions or other prevention methods.

2 The Use of Tasers

Tasers are a relatively new tool in the police arsenal, and one that is often met with controversy. Gather information on tasers, their effectiveness and the dangers associated with taser use for your research paper. In your report, outline the benefits and weaknesses of using tasers, and discuss the precautions that police officers must take to use these tasers in a safe and effective fashion.

3 Communication Tools in Police Work

Communication is key to successful police work. Explore the tools of communication that police have at their disposal for your research paper. In your paper, discuss how each of these tools is used currently. Also, explore the potential changes to communication tools on the horizon, and explain how these changes could have an impact on the ease with which police can communicate necessary information.

4 The Effectiveness of Non-Motorized Officers

While many police officers cruise the town in squad cars, some have no motorized transportation at their disposal. Research these non-motorized officers, including foot patrolmen, bicycle-riding officers and even mounted police. Discuss situations in which these officers could be preferable to those who depend upon motorized transportation. Also, explore ways in which the effectiveness of these officers could be enhanced.

5 Professional Development in Law Enforcement

The field of law enforcement is an ever-changing one. For your research paper, explore the ways in which police officers are kept up to date on changes in the law enforcement field. Explore whether or not professional development is requisite for officers in your area, as well as how professional development is implemented. Also, discuss how this process could be improved upon to ensure that officers have the information they need to do their duties to the utmost effectiveness.

  • 1 Police One: Law Enforcement Topics

About the Author

Erin Schreiner is a freelance writer and teacher who holds a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University. She has been actively freelancing since 2008. Schreiner previously worked for a London-based freelance firm. Her work appears on eHow, Trails.com and RedEnvelope. She currently teaches writing to middle school students in Ohio and works on her writing craft regularly.

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How to Find Past Information on a Resident at an Old Address

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Research Paper Topics About Animals

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Tools or Equipment Needed for a Police Officer

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List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Law Enforcement

Are you looking for an argumentative essay topic on law enforcement? A great topic for an argumentative paper is a controversial one. It should really inspire you personally, because a powerful argumentative essay must convince your reader that you have a strong opinion about the topic you have chosen. Law enforcement is a wide-ranging subject. It provides an opportunity to pick a winning topic and thus, to create an excellent piece of writing. Here are some unique topics for an argumentative essay on law enforcement. You may either choose one from the following list or use it to come up with your own brilliant idea.

  • The legal nature of law enforcement: Here you should expand on some historical and legal aspects concerning the above question.
  • Do law enforcement cameras violate the right to privacy? Give your opinion about this controversial issue. Support your ideas with some examples.
  • Police interrogation: Here you should speak about the possible challenges of this legal tool.
  • Civil forfeiture: legislation and practice.
  • Criminal punishment: legal nature, types, duration, and authorities responsible for setting punishments.
  • Comparative analysis of crime definition in common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions.
  • Legal aspects of ethics and ethical conduct of law enforcement officers.
  • Recognition of women’s right to work as police officers.
  • Inspection of a locale of a crime. Give your opinion as to effectiveness of some tools and methods used by the police authorities.
  • Legal limits of police entrapment. Give an estimation of this extremely debatable issue.
  • Taser guns: doubtful tools used by the police authorities.
  • Policemen who don’t drive cars while patrolling the streets. What is your point of view as to effectiveness of foot and bike patrols?
  • Misuse of power by police officers. Expand on this controversial issue by pointing out some incidents where policemen exceeded the limits of their authority.
  • International law enforcement authorities and their competencies.
  • Defense in criminal cases. Discuss this concept that states that every accused person has the right to any and all defenses recognized and permitted by the law.
  • Crime and punishment: the idea of cruel and unusual punitive measures in US law.

Once you’ve selected a topic and produced a piece of writing, you should be ready to make a presentation of your paper. This may be challenging, so be ready to take a stand on your concept.

Professional paper writing services - get your term papers written by expert paper writer.

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109 Criminal Justice Research Topics & Essay Examples

📝 criminal justice research papers examples, 👍 good criminal justice essay topics to write about, 💡 essay ideas on criminal justice, ❓ criminal justice research questions.

  • Gay Marriage and the U.S Supreme Court Law essay sample: The same-sex marriages created implications regarding procedural elements in the American criminal justice system due to the tax matter that formed the basis.
  • Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice Law essay sample: It is safe to say that wrongful convictions are directly dependent on the attitudes of police officers and their probable misconduct.
  • Criminal Justice System Fundamental Principles Law essay sample: Criminal procedures ensure that searches and seizures are reasonable so that individual rights were not infringed by law enforcers during the criminal justice process.
  • Equal Protection Clause and DNA Evidence Use Law essay sample: Although separate of the Equal Protection Clause and DNA influence on the criminal justice and social justice systems is obvious, the way they are interconnected is way bigger.
  • Criminal Justice System in the United States Law essay sample: This paper will focus on exploring the dual court system as well as the key philosophies of judging when it comes to dealing with criminal cases of different severity.
  • Criminal Justice System: Racial Disparities and Inequality Law essay sample: The paper shows that racism and discrimination are acute problems of the American criminal justice system. It is certainly inhumane to make people suffer because of their race or ethnicity.
  • The US Constitution's Influence on the Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the guide for all criminal law processes within the judicial system.
  • A Criminal Justice Integration Project Law essay sample: This paper seeks to develop a criminal justice integration project that involves an analysis of major components of the criminal justice system.
  • Criminal Justice System in USA. Law essay sample: Criminal law is a division of law that elucidates crimes, describes about their nature and defines available punishment for a criminal offense.
  • Gender Issues in Criminal Justice Law essay sample: There is available research to indicate that there are gender biases within the criminal justice system. Transsexual people are more vulnerable to violence and discrimination.
  • The History of Law Enforcement in US Law essay sample: Law enforcement agencies are an essential element of the US' criminal justice system. The US law enforcement history will be the focus of this paper.
  • Issues in Comparative Criminal Justice Law essay sample: The criminal justice system of Italy has not succeeded in eliminating the Cosa Nostra because the mafia has never been as strong as it is at the moment in Italy.
  • Issues in Comparative Criminal Justice Law essay sample: Many nations have over time developed different ways of ensuring that they have a better way of compensating the victims of crime.
  • The Role of Youth Conferences in the Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: This paper describes youth conferences as one way it is used to distract young offenders from the traditional criminal justice system.
  • Probation and Parole in Criminal Law Law essay sample: The criminal justice system is currently doing everything in its power to ensure that jails are decongested and that those convicted get a fair trial and another chance.
  • Criminal Justice System. Controls in Criminal Law Law essay sample: Criminal justice is a broad term that encompasses different aspects of justice in crime. It is society’s instrument in maintaining social control.
  • Criminal Justice System Levels Law essay sample: Every kind of crime consists of a certain element whose existence should be proved by the government for a conviction to be given by a court of law.
  • Disparity in Criminal Justice System With Sentencing Law essay sample: In the paper, some variants of eliminating the causes of discrimination are going to be considered. A goal of criminal sanctions is to decrease the likelihood of the accident occurring.
  • Australian Practices and Japanese Practices of Justice System Law essay sample: This paper compares and contrasts the Australian practices of the criminal justice system with the Japanese practices of the criminal justice system.
  • Separation of Powers in Criminal Justice System to Safeguard Suspects’ Rights Law essay sample: Division of powers between the institutions is an important feature of the criminal justice system in democratic societies.
  • Leadership in the Criminal Justice Organization Law essay sample: In a criminal justice organization, the charismatic leader would be employed in situations that require enthusiasm, especially in rallying support for a certain cause.
  • Components of Criminal Justice System: Law Enforcement Law essay sample: This study concentrates on the system of criminal justice in the United States of America as it has the best system of study in the world.
  • Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation Law essay sample: The criminal justices trends have changed over time. The changes have been influenced by various factors that affect society.
  • Search and Seizure Under Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: The main focus of the study is the legal perspective of law enforcement agencies’ powers of search and seizure under criminal justice systems.
  • The Criminal Justice System: Racial Inequalities Law essay sample: This research paper will discuss causes and impacts of racial inequalities in the Criminal Justice System to the society.
  • Management of Criminal Justice Agencies Law essay sample: Police leaders can take several actions to limit the number of job actions by uniformed officers. They can assess the environment and decide on a course of action to be implemented.
  • Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: The research proposal demonstrates the role race plays in the criminal justice system and helps to understand issues of cultural diversity that majorities may be familiar with.
  • Criminal Justice System: Fair or Efficient Law essay sample: The purpose of this article is to critically assess whether it is possible to have a criminal justice system that is both fair and efficient.
  • Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice Law essay sample: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the importance of ethical leadership in criminal justice and review the traits, which are the most important to an ethical leader.
  • Significance of Parole and Probation in the U.S. Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: Parole and probation are types of sentencing that are used in the United States. Parole involves the release of an offender before serving their full sentence in jail.
  • Juvenile Justice and Adult Criminal Justice Systems Law essay sample: This paper focuses on the similarities and differences between juvenile justice organizations and the adult criminal justice system.
  • Behavior Analysis of Supervision of Criminal Justice Entity Law essay sample: The paper describes the case where Sergeant Maynard is a young police supervisor who is tasked to practice adequate police supervision.
  • Racial Inequality and Rehabilitation in Criminal Justice Law essay sample: Studies of victimization and offending patterns and societal factors that underpin and explain race/ethnic variations in statistics on major violent crimes have received much attention.
  • Criminal Justice System Policy on Digital Crime Law essay sample: Crime measurements have a significant impact on the efficiency of the criminal justice system as they provide valuable data regarding specific criminal activity in the region.
  • Media’s Inclusive Representation of Criminal Justice Law essay sample: The question of whether the media represents the Criminal Justice System exclusively as a successful institution is answered through the discussion in this paper.
  • Criminal Justice: Charles Manson, the Serial Killer Law essay sample: The convicted serial murderer Charles Manson inspired a cult of youthful runaways. These individuals clung to his every word and engaged in the 1969 murders.
  • Criminal Justice System Reform in the US Law essay sample: The government created the criminal justice system to punish undesirable conduct in individuals and compensate or reimburse the affected victims.
  • The Criminal Justice Process in English and Welsh Law essay sample: The sources of criminal procedural law in England and Wales are, first of all, legislative acts, which for the most part, simultaneously regulate the issues of the judiciary.
  • Discrimination of Minority Population in the Criminal Justice System Law essay sample: The criminal justice system in the United States tends to express discrimination and disparities toward minority populations.
  • Basic and Applied Approaches to Criminal Justice
  • Police Abuse in the American Criminal Justice System
  • Legal Measures Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Conflicting Reward Systems and Their Impact on Criminal Justice Administration
  • Aboriginal Canadians and the Criminal Justice System
  • Jurisdictional Issues Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Persons With Mental Illnesses and the Criminal Justice System
  • Leadership Skills for the Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Factors Influencing the Criminal Justice System
  • Forensic Psychologists and the Criminal Justice System
  • Comparing Criminal Justice Systems: U.S. and China
  • Balancing Criminal Justice and Personal Freedom
  • Crisis Intervention Training in Criminal Justice: Cons and Pros
  • The Criminal Justice System of the United States of America
  • International Criminal Justice Between Soviet Union
  • Criminal Justice Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  • Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Administration
  • Risk Assessments Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Leadership Qualities for Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Managing Criminal Justice Organization
  • Criminal Justice Workplace Observation
  • Equality, Women, and the Criminal Justice System
  • The Different Elements Impacting the Criminal Justice System
  • Drug Abuse and Its Effects on the Criminal Justice System
  • Children and the Criminal Justice System
  • Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System
  • Challenges Facing the Criminal Justice System
  • Hong Kong’s Criminal Justice System Analysis
  • Changes Within Criminal Justice Organization
  • Consensus vs. Conflict Models of Criminal Justice System
  • Alcohol Tax and California Criminal Justice
  • Corruption Within Criminal Justice System
  • Flawed Criminal Justice System in the United States
  • Organizations Within the Criminal Justice System in America
  • Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System
  • Mental Health Services Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Intermediate Sanctions: The Criminal Justice System
  • Performance Measures for the Criminal Justice System
  • Gender Inequality Within the Criminal Justice System
  • Adult Criminal Justice System in North Carolina
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Works?
  • Are Males and Females Treated Differently in the Criminal Justice System?
  • Does the Criminal Justice System Work?
  • How Are Women Treated in the Criminal Justice System?
  • Does the Criminal Justice System Have a Gendered Response?
  • What Are the Three Most Challenging Issues of Criminal Justice?
  • How the Media Portray Crime and the Criminal Justice System?
  • How Television Depicts the Criminal Justice System?
  • How Did the Current Criminal Justice System in the U.S. Evolved?
  • How the Criminal Justice System Discriminates?
  • How People Influence Criminal Justice Policies?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Work, and What Problems It Has?
  • Does the Criminal Justice System Extend More Rights to Criminal Defendants?
  • How Should the Criminal Justice System Respond?
  • Why the Criminal Justice System Is Unfair and How to Change It?
  • Does the Criminal Justice System Have a Gendered Response Towards Filicide?
  • How Does College Prepare You for a Career in Criminal Justice?
  • How Can the Criminal Justice System Be More Lenient?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to Male Victims?
  • How Can the Past Assist the Modern Criminal Justice System?
  • What Makes the Criminal Justice System So Slow?
  • What Does the Future Hold for the Criminal Justice System?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Deal With Sex Offenders?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Handle Rape and Sexual Assault?
  • How Does the Public Perceive the Criminal Justice System?
  • How Does America’s Criminal Justice System Educate Citizens?
  • What Are the Major Components of the Criminal Justice System?
  • What Are Effective Writing Principles for Criminal Justice?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice Profession Help an Individual?
  • How Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to Illicit Drugs Assignment?

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