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How to Create the Best Event Report

How do you write an event review? Simply follow these easy instructions to create the best event report. Also, discover practical tips that will make your evaluation more persuasive, a list of tools you need to flesh it all out, and advice on how to prove ROI to clients and bosses. Then, learn to tailor your event report to exhibitions and show value to key event partners. 

How do I create an event report? 

Create an event report with any digital word processor and basic event information such as time, date, and location. Add in sections for each major event area, such as marketing, vendors, and attendee demographics. Include all relevant metrics plus a personal evaluation of how the event was, what attendees think about it and if the original goals are complete. 

Use an event report template to organize thoughts and to help make sure no detail is lost. Then, illustrate findings with valuable additions such as quotes from vendors, attendee poll results, and sales data charts. 

How to create the best event report in a few simple steps

Follow these easy instructions to generate a complete event report that provides greater insight into the success of your trade show, conference, or activation. 

Jumpstart your evaluation with this event review template. Include each of the items below to get a big picture view of the event results. 

1. Write an executive summary. 

Recap the event overview, highlight accomplishments, and conclude with a set of takeaways. Make sure the summary is less than one page and easy for readers to skim. Use bullet points, short sentences, and subheaders to get your point across.  

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2. Include facts such as main objectives, timeline, budget, venue details, event dates/times, and names of event organizers, vendors, and key staff. 

Add in event type-specific details. For example, an event report for an exhibition should provide an overview of trade show booth design strategies, activities, swag, and contests or giveaways. 

3. Summarize attendee feedback that is most relevant to your main objectives to create the best event report.  

Pull in tweets, Facebook posts, and LinkedIn reviews from attendees. Also, send out attendee satisfaction surveys via email. 

4. Describe the success of your event agenda, structure, and speakers. 

Name the most well-attended lectures and presentations plus who hosted them. Explain how the event agenda is structured and what the strategy was behind it in a sentence or two. 

5. Articulate the pros and cons of your event venue through the lens of your event goals. 

For example, you can summarize the ways in which your trade show booth placement was helpful or hurtful based on foot traffic numbers and competition from neighboring displays. 

6. Share important marketing analytics and relevant KPIs. 

Use figures and event KPIs such as the total number of social media posts that use the event hashtag, email list and subscriber count increases, and unique website visitors over the course of the event. 

7. Review sponsor revenue and survey results to create the best event report. 

Prove return on investment with previously agreed-upon metrics. Include details such as sponsor link clicks on the event website, sponsor coupon code usage, and social media mentions. 

8. Compare vendor experiences. 

Survey vendors via email to rate their satisfaction and conclude whether or not their event goals were successful. Limit survey questions to five or less multiple-choice number ratings and leave a space for short comments. 

9. Evaluate event staff performance and satisfaction. 

Consider the answer to questions such as: were there too many or too few event staff present? Did the event staff meet expectations? Did they feel supported by event organizers throughout the event? 

10. Conclude with recommendations for future events.

Provide official takeaways and advice for readers who may want to duplicate this event in the future or improve their overall strategy. Bullet point your main findings and double-check that each idea is supported by data in the previous segments. Keep all recommendations actionable and specific to the audience the report is meant for.  

Guide: How to Create an Event Planning Checklist

Next, use these persuasive elements to make your event report findings even more impactful: 

Add infographics and charts that support your evaluation to create the best event report. .

Use free tools such as Canva and SmartDraw to create visual representations of data points readers care about most. 

Choose event report formatting based on the intended audience. 

Order your sections according to your readers’ top goals. For example, if the event report mainly for a sponsor interested in boosting social media engagement, skip the evaluation from other sponsors and lead with marketing analytics to prove ROI. 

Embed relevant photos, videos, and audio clips to support the text. 

Again, tailor the report to your intended audience and the event type. If you hosted a booth at a trade show, include photos of your booth set-up and any relevant video or audio clips you shared with attendees who stopped by.  

Discover 5 tools you need to create the best event report

Discover must-have event report tools that fill in data gaps, provide vital KPI information, and boost your overall presentation. 

1. Use flexible registration software to track sales and social media engagement. 

Leading event registration software solutions automatically capture and translate data into printable reports. And you can do searches across Facebook, LinkedIn , and Twitter to see all the chatter about your event. Add these to the back of your event report to further prove your event ROI. 

2. Compare registration numbers versus actual event check-ins with Social Tables to create the best event report. 

Get Cvent’s handy event check-in app to track attendance. Also, add in any event diagrams you made with Social Tables to illustrate your strategic layouts and evaluate their effectiveness. 

3. Utilize survey templates and tools to capture quotable feedback from attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and speakers.

Cvent online survey software offers customizable surveys. Take advantage of their many post-event templates and user-friendly features such as simple email list uploads or analytics tracking. 

4. Proof-read your event report for errors and tone with Grammarly.

Use Grammarly’s tone detector to strike a balance between professional and friendly within your event report.  

5. Take advantage of a Net Promoter Score calculator. 

Breakdown attendee survey data with an NPS calculator that illustrates trends, uncovers key fan demographics, and helps you contextualize why attendees thought your event was great. 

Try the easiest event planning tools

How to show real roi in your event report.

Empower key event stakeholders with concrete statistics that prove their investments were worthwhile.  

1. Compare pre- and post-event social media engagement rates. 

Look at follows, profile visits, and post interactions. Track hashtags, event contest entries, and location or venue tags over the course of your event. Create a word cloud to determine what phrases attendees associate with your event online. 

2. Use attendee polling to rate their satisfaction and create the best event report. 

Create polls for the overall event or ask about specific event elements such as keynotes speakers or agenda tracks. Also, get feedback on your event report recommendations by instantly polling attendees to see if they agree with the suggestions. 

3. Breakdown movement tracking to find event hot spots and rate booth or attraction popularity. 

Use sensing technology or reports from your venue to gain insight into foot traffic at the event. For tradeshow and convention booths, pay special attention to the number of people who passed your booth versus the number who stopped to participate. Also, keep an eye out for the average amount of time each visitor spent at your display, how many of those leads converted, and the total overall impressions at the event. 

4. Analyze event app behavior to show what’s most important to attendees. 

See which parts of your event app had the most visitors, lowest bounce rates, and the highest average time on page to gain valuable insight. For example, if your event app offers networking, evaluate how many messages are sent across the platform or how many profile clicks lead to further engagement. 

5. Add up sales leads obtained through in-person and online event activities. 

Gather numbers from your email list and website registration data to see how many attendees or visitors converted to leads. Work together with your sales department to figure out how you’ll track additional post-event leads. Include this data in report addendums or follow-ups with key event partners to further promote the long term benefits of the event itself. 

6. Calculate event profitability using a tried and true formula. 

Subtract the total cost of the event from the total sales revenue earned during and immediately after. Divide that number by the total cost of the event then multiply it by 100 to see what percentage of your original investment was earned back. A full 100% indicates that you have doubled the original event investment while 50% means you at least broke even.  

How do you write a report after an exhibition?

To write a report after an exhibition, all you need to do is add additional data points that are specific to trade show booths. Include the following in your exhibition event report to provide a convincing argument for why you should (or shouldn’t) attend again next year: 

  • Multiply leads obtained by close rate percentage and average sale value to get your total trade show revenue. Work together with your sales department to get more accurate numbers. 
  • Include both the return on investment and the return objectives to create the best event report after an exhibition. Impress your stakeholders with revenue and the potential for future revenue plus important nonmonetary event benefits (such as increased brand recognition and new impressions). 
  • Add information about booths located in front and on either side of yours. 

Note how much perceived or real foot traffic they had, what designs and decor they used, what size their booth was, what audiences you share, and what activities or swag they offered. Compare and contrast your trade show booths to get even more ideas for the next iteration. 

Impress clients and bosses with the best event report ever  

You now know the simple step by step process of writing an event report. You also know what tools you need, how to prove event ROI and the best ways to tailor your report to exhibitions.

Next up: create even better event reports with some tips on harnessing big data . Then, include some of these post-event evaluation questions to get the best possible feedback.

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How To Create The Perfect Post-Event Report Summary

immanuel vinikas headshot

Immanuel Vinikas

Virtual Event Report

Virtual events are interesting and fun to organize. We get to connect with our audience, collaborate with all kinds of interesting people, create meaningful content, and enjoy the thrill of growing registration numbers and hype around our event and brand. But in the end, it’s all about results and, to that effect, the event report is the undisputed piece-de-resistance. The event report illustrates the performance and success of your event with all kinds of data. That’s why it’s important to do it right. So, here’s a guide along with a downloadable event report template to get you started.

  • What is an Event Report?
  • 3 excellent reasons to create an event report summary
  • how to create the perfect post-event report summary in 6 simple steps
  • Example and downloadable event report template
  • How Kaltura virtual events platform can help

event report

What Is an Event Report?

An event report, also known as a post-event report or event summary, is a document that gathers all the success metrics and other data that illustrate the performance of your event. The event report serves as the official follow-up with stakeholders (company executives, partners, speakers, sponsors) to communicate the level at which the goals and objectives of your event were met, and will ultimately help your stakeholders calculate their ROI, as well.

What kind of data do event reports cover?

Event summaries typically offer insights about:

  • the number of attendees and registrations
  • viewership data (impressions, views, minutes viewed, …)
  • attendee demographics
  • most popular content
  • attendee behavior (viewing times, chat or emoji engagement, …)
  • social media reach
  • polling results
  • expenses vs. revenue

3 Excellent Reasons to Create an Event Report Summary

Demonstrate success.

You’ve put time and resources into launching an event that’s been months in the making. Internal stakeholders will want to know if the juice was worth the squeeze. An event report paints a complete image of the ROI for your company, with actual numbers, graphs, and tables. It will also show how the event performance stacks up against KPIs and objectives that were set prior to the event.

Your sponsors and partners (including speakers) are also invested in your event. They, too, need the data to measure their ROI.

Put a foot in the door for partnerships in future events

If successful, your event will be your golden ticket to secure sponsors and partners for future events. If you can demonstrate with numbers your ability to launch a successful event, potential partners will be more inclined to team up with you for future events and make them bigger and better. Demographics data in the event summary (participant location, gender, age, …) will also help you identify relevant sponsors and partners for your target audience.

Identify opportunities for improvement

An event report is invaluable if you intend on organizing more events or making your event a regular occurrence. Performance data like viewership and engagement can give you a better view of what type of content or which topics work best with your audience. It can also give you a better insight into the timing of your event, tech improvements, etc.  Ultimately, your event summary will help you determine KPIs and objectives for subsequent events.

event report

How To Create The Perfect Post-Event Report Summary In 6 Simple Steps

Now that you understand how important a post-event report is, you’re going to want to put extra effort into your event report writing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the perfect post-event report. Keep in mind that your event report has a “best before” date. Ideally, you should publish and share your report within the first few days following your event. So, make your event summary a priority immediately after your event.

Set up a tight data tracking process during your event

Of course, you’ll be busy enough running a smooth event. But it will pay to keep notes of what’s happening and gather “behind-the-scenes” photos to include in the report. Using a virtual event platform that automatically collects data in the background will be worth its weight in gold.

Handpick the data that matters

Respect the readers’ time. Your report should show the reader the big picture, providing the information that matters to stakeholders first. And if you want to include every detail for the sake of completeness, there’s always the appendix.

Write your report

Write an executive summary

This is your report’s TL;DR. Summarize the highlights and key data of the event on less than one page. Your executive summary should also include objectives and KPIs (and the level of achievement of these KPIs), as well as a budget summary and key recommendations. Though it should be the first section of your report, it’s best to create the executive summary last.

List your most popular content with viewership and engagement data

You can rankings for the most popular live sessions, the most-watched on-demand sessions, the most popular speakers, etc. Depending on the number of sessions your event ran, you could list the top 5 in the report and include the full list of sessions in the appendix. Rank the sessions according to the number of viewers, watch time, and engagement rate.

Include participant demographics and registration data

In this very important section, you should include attendee location and viewing time, registration (by country, company, and industry), age and gender breakdown, etc. This section will help stakeholders understand if the event successfully reached the right audience.

Quantify media exposure

Brand exposure for you and your sponsors/partners goes well beyond the “four walls” of your event. To get a full picture of the reach, it’s important to include data about the media exposure surrounding your event. Include data for both paid campaigns and organic posts with impressions, CTR, and engagement rates.

Assess participant engagement

Give a general impression of your attendees’ engagement with engagement rate, reaction breakdown (likes, applause, and emojis), number of people that added a given session to their personal calendar, etc.

Add visuals to your report

Make it visual. Graphs, infographics, tables, charts, and photos make the data more digestible to the reader. Keep your report light and let the reader pull their own conclusions from (the visual representation of) your data.

Proofread your report

A good event summary is a visual document. Illustrate data with graphs or other types of visuals and keep your writing to a minimum. Make sure your copy is free of spelling or punctuation errors.

Send the event summary out to all your stakeholders

This is an excellent opportunity to thank all your stakeholders for their involvement in your virtual event and to keep a foot in the door for future events. It would therefore be good practice to send the event summary in a personalized email. Maybe mention a few key results that are of particular importance to them and what the next step in your partnership should be.

event report

Example And Downloadable Event Report Template

No need to start from scratch. Download our event report template. You can use it as a guideline to create your own template or you can fill out the report template with your own data. Send the template to your designer, along with the data, and he or she will put it all together.

example event report essay

Download your free copy of our Post-Event Report Template!

How Kaltura Virtual Events Platform Can Help

To capture the relevant data needed for your event report, you’ll have to set processes in place that will track that information for you during your event. You can use third-party data collection platforms, attendee forms and surveys, and the analytics dashboards of your social media.

Or, you can opt for a virtual event platform that has first-party data collection capabilities already integrated, like Kaltura Virtual Events . Kaltura Virtual Events collects data about your attendees from the moment they register and track their viewership and engagement throughout your event and beyond. This includes both self-reported data (the information attendees share) and data collected from their engagement with your event. Third-party platforms typically only collect data from a certain segment of the attendee journey.

Kaltura Virtual Events leverages Kaltura’s Advanced Video Analytics Suite for:

Immanuel is a tech industry writer with a passion for all things video and online marketing.

example event report essay

Kaltura's mission is to power any video experience. Our wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.

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Examples of Report Writing on an Event

An event report is written to check whether an event you organized was successful and meet its objectives or not. By writing a report about an event, you can not only determine the results of that event but also decide what changes you should make to reach success. In a report, a person describes a brief record of the event that took place.

Rules to writing a report

The following points are important to write a report of an event:

Below are two examples of report writing in an event:

Example 1: Report Writing Example of Annual Sports ceremony at high school

Reported by Mathew, the staff reporter

September 4, Josef High School

The annuals sports ceremony is organized like a festival in Josef High School. The school authority organized this ceremony. They chose a big ground as a venue. The school has many potential students who were good at sports. The mayor of the city was there as the chief guest. The students were so excited.  A team was organized to manage the whole ceremony. Some Volunteers also started to set up the ground and scoreboard.

In sports ceremonies, there are different activities as sports performed by the students. First, an opening ceremony took place as a cultural function. A fantastic stage was prepared for award distribution, speeches, and cultural function. After the cultural function, the names of the participants and games were announced.

The school principal delivered a speech about the heritage of sports day in their school. After that, a singing competition started. It was an interesting activity.

Now the turn was athletic games such as high jump, long jump, table tennis, and 500 meters racing.  In the end, volleyball, basketball, and football matches were played. All participants were very enthusiastic.

At the end of the ceremony, the principal announced the names of the winners. The mayor of the city was the chief guest of the ceremony. He distributed prizes to the winners. A memorable day came to an end, and the participants returned home with great joy.

This was an amazing and enjoyable sports ceremony. These types of activities keep the students active, encouraged, and confident.

Example 2: Report Writing Example of A science fair

As reported by Steve Jobs,

December 12, 2020

Last year, an event was organized as a science fair in our school. The students and the teachers both participated in that fair that was held in the main hall of our school. The aim to organize such a fair was just to give knowledge to the students and develop their interest to research further other than they learned from books. Secondly, it aimed to show the progress of the field of science in our country.

There were many items displayed at the fair. They were made by the students with the help and guidance of their teachers. All items and models were fascinating. There was a steam engine, space rocket, different charts, skeleton, microscope, and many other wonderful models. The students were excited and confident while telling about their items. People from outside enjoyed that fair most. They encouraged the students and teachers.

In the end, the school principal delivered a speech and encouraged the students to organize such events every year.

That was an amazing and informative fair for students as well as people who came from outside. These types of fairs are a source to increase knowledge and interest in the field of science.

More examples of report writing

More 50+ Examples of Report Writing [Exercise with Solution]

example event report essay

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How to Write a Report Essay (Plus Example) – PDF

Today, you’re going to learn how to write a report essay as part of your high school English Language course.

The  truth is, you are likely to meet a report essay question in the WASSCE, IGCSE, JAMB or NECO/SSCE English test.

DISCLOSURE. This post may contain affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you follow a link to purchase a product. This comes at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this project.

I will first show you the format or main features of a  typical report essay. You can call it a report essay template. Then I will give you some tips to guide you any time you need to write a report essay.

At the end of it all, you will have a sample report essay which you may freely download and study.

Are you ready to learn how to write a report essay? Then come along with me as I take you through this simplified tutorial about the acceptable way to write a report essay.

Report Writing Format

Make it as brief as possible.


The introduction of the report essay must include a summary of the major points, any conclusions and recommendations you want to make to your audience.

Also, make sure to state the problem you’re addressing in the introduction.

This is a key area of the report writing process. The body of the report will go further to explain the points you stated in the introduction.

To write a good report essay, you need to have a conclusion. Make a quick summary of the key points you have been writing about in the body of the report.


Say what you believe need to be done to resolve the issues you have outlined in the body of the report. Tell your audience the steps that need to be taken.


Identify yourself. Say who you are. Stick to a simple formal name. Cite your position or credentials, if you have any. Make sure it is relevant to the report in question.

Tips to Score High in Report Writing

Follow these guidelines to write a report essay you will be proud of.

Use names and pronouns

As much as possible, reduce, to the barest minimum, the use of expressions like, “the woman”, “the teacher”, “a police officer” and so on. Instead, use names and, occasionally, pronouns.



State your points clearly and be specific

It is best to write short sentences that contain a point each. Say what is important in a straightforward way. Avoid flowery language. This takes us to the next important tip for effective report writing.

Use simple language

Remember, your audience needs you to help them have a grasp of the issues that truly matter. You can only do this for  them if you use simple words and expressions in the report essay. So try hard and stick to simple, everyday words.

Best SHS Literature PDFs & More – Free

types of narrative techniques in literature

Active voice is better

Use active voice for more sentences as you write a report essay. For instance, instead of “Mr Tomson was invited to the classroom.” (PASSIVE VOICE), write: “We invited Mr.Tomson to the classroom.” (ACTIVE VOICE).

Focus on relevant facts.

At the core of every good report writing exercise is a statement of facts that serve the purpose for which the report is being written. Anything else is of no use to you or your audience. Neither is it going to help all others concerned.

Write in brief paragraphs

Let each of your paragraphs deal with a single idea at a time. Make sure to be concise and straightforward. Then quickly move to the next paragraph.

Report Essay Sample for High School

QUESTION: There was a disagreement between your class and one of your teachers. As the class prefect, write a report to the head of your school on the incident.


 A disagreement arose between the class of Technical 3B and Mr. Tomson, the English teacher, on 20 th  October, 2020. Mr. Tomson has not been teaching the class since. This has adversely affected teaching and learning of English Language. We need your quick intervention so that life will return to normal for the English class of Technical 3 B.  

On 18 th  October 2020, Technical 3B class had English Language on the time table for the day. As the class prefect, I went and called Mr. Tomson.  He came in with some books. He promptly announced to the class that he was going to use that book to teach the lesson. For that matter, every student must buy one so that the class could have effective studies and also to make the lesson easier for him and the class.

The book in question is No Sweetness Her e by Ama Ata Aidoo.

But the class said they would not buy the book because they had no money at that material moment. At first, Mr. Tomson wanted to make the purchase of the book compulsory for each and every student in the class. But he later agreed to the students’ suggestion and sold it to us on credit for a period of two weeks.

In three days’ time, that was 20 th  April, when the class had English Language, I went and called Mr. Tomson for the lesson as usual. He came in with a certain man.

Mr. Tomson then said, “Today is the day you must pay for the books you bought because the owner of the books is this man. His name is Mr Sowah and he is here to take his money”.

The class was taken aback because Mr. Tomson sold the books on credit for two weeks; not for three days.

“We have no money to pay today, because you told us we would pay for them within two weeks”, said John Dumelo, one of the students in the class.

Immediately, Mr Tomson got annoyed. He told John Dumelo he was a useless person. The whole class quickly rose to support John Dumelo because Mr. Tomson who was demanding that money was the same person who told the class that the books were sold on credit for two weeks.

This was the disagreement between the class and Mr Tomson. He insisted that since Mr. Sowah was there to take his money, he would by all means make us pay.

The class also stood their ground with the argument that since Mr Tomson gave them two weeks to pay they had not come with any money to pay for the book.

The dispute became so serious that it got very close to a fight. Mr. Sowah (the owner of the books) eventually agreed that the students should pay the money in the stipulated two weeks’ time.

After that, Mr. Tomson, together with Mr. Sowah, went out of the room.

A few moments later, after Mr. Sowah had gone away, Mr. Tomson came back to say the class had disgraced him before his best friend so he would have no lesson with the class that day.

He, therefore, went away without teaching the English lesson for the day.

The next time it was time for English , we called Mr. Tomson for the lesson but he refused to show up.  He said unless the class wrote an apology letter or brought someone to plead on their behalf, he would not step into the class for lessons.  The class also said they had done nothing wrong to warrant their writing of an apology letter.

Up to this day, whenever Technical 3B class calls Mr. Tomson for English lessons, he refuses to come and teach.

Sir, as the class prefect, I have to let you know about the situation just as you demanded. I hope this report would be given the much needed attention so that we can have our English Language lessons back. Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                  




It is not that difficult to write a report essay in your WASSCE, NECO/SSCE, IGCSE or any other high school level English Language test. If you can follow the report writing tips above, you should be able to do well. And, remember, you can download this tutorial with the sample report essay for FREE.

Was this information useful? Then share it on your favourite social media platform for the benefit of others you care about. Thank you!

Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay


example event report essay


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    3 excellent reasons to create an event report summary. how to create the perfect post-event report summary in 6 simple steps. Example and downloadable event report template. How Kaltura virtual events platform can help.

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    15+ Event Report Examples – PDF, Docs, Word, Pages. What comes to mind when you think of major events? Chances are, you’ll picture a wide range of awesome happenings, from sporting events to political changes across the nation.

  5. Short Report Essay

    A short report essay focuses on the main report and a short summary of it. The short report essay does not focus on the lengthy explanations and a lot of explained graphs, it focuses on a single or two graphs and a few explanations that are based on the report you are doing.

  6. Examples of Report Writing on an Event

    Below are two examples of report writing in an event: Example 1: Report Writing Example of Annual Sports ceremony at high school. Reported by Mathew, the staff reporter. September 4, Josef High School. The annuals sports ceremony is organized like a festival in Josef High School. The school authority organized this ceremony.

  7. How to Write a Report Essay (Plus Example)

    Report Essay Sample for High School QUESTION: There was a disagreement between your class and one of your teachers. As the class prefect, write a report to the head of your school on the incident.