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How to Write About Yourself in a College Essay | Examples

Published on September 21, 2021 by Kirsten Courault . Revised on July 22, 2022.

An insightful college admissions essay requires deep self-reflection, authenticity, and a balance between confidence and vulnerability. Your essay shouldn’t just be a resume of your experiences; colleges are looking for a story that demonstrates your most important values and qualities.

To write about your achievements and qualities without sounding arrogant, use specific stories to illustrate them. You can also write about challenges you’ve faced or mistakes you’ve made to show vulnerability and personal growth.

Table of contents

Start with self-reflection, how to write about challenges and mistakes, how to write about your achievements and qualities, how to write about a cliché experience, frequently asked questions about college application essays.

Before you start writing, spend some time reflecting to identify your values and qualities. You should do a comprehensive brainstorming session, but here are a few questions to get you started:

As you self-reflect, consider how your values and goals reflect your prospective university’s program and culture, and brainstorm stories that demonstrate the fit between the two.

Writing about difficult experiences can be an effective way to show authenticity and create an emotional connection to the reader, but choose carefully which details to share, and aim to demonstrate how the experience helped you learn and grow.

Be vulnerable

It’s not necessary to have a tragic story or a huge confession. But you should openly share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences to evoke an emotional response from the reader. Even a cliché or mundane topic can be made interesting with honest reflection. This honesty is a preface to self-reflection and insight in the essay’s conclusion.

Don’t overshare

With difficult topics, you shouldn’t focus too much on negative aspects. Instead, use your challenging circumstances as a brief introduction to how you responded positively.

Share what you have learned

It’s okay to include your failure or mistakes in your essay if you include a lesson learned. After telling a descriptive, honest story, you should explain what you learned and how you applied it to your life.

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While it’s good to sell your strengths, you also don’t want to come across as arrogant. Instead of just stating your extracurricular activities, achievements, or personal qualities, aim to discreetly incorporate them into your story.

Brag indirectly

Mention your extracurricular activities or awards in passing, not outright, to avoid sounding like you’re bragging from a resume.

Use stories to prove your qualities

Even if you don’t have any impressive academic achievements or extracurriculars, you can still demonstrate your academic or personal character. But you should use personal examples to provide proof. In other words, show evidence of your character instead of just telling.

Many high school students write about common topics such as sports, volunteer work, or their family. Your essay topic doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, but do try to include unexpected personal details and your authentic voice to make your essay stand out .

To find an original angle, try these techniques:

Your unique voice can shed new perspective on a common human experience while also revealing your personality. When read out loud, the essay should sound like you are talking.

First, spend time reflecting on your core values and character . You can start with these questions:

However, you should do a comprehensive brainstorming session to fully understand your values. Also consider how your values and goals match your prospective university’s program and culture. Then, brainstorm stories that illustrate the fit between the two.

When writing about yourself , including difficult experiences or failures can be a great way to show vulnerability and authenticity, but be careful not to overshare, and focus on showing how you matured from the experience.

Through specific stories, you can weave your achievements and qualities into your essay so that it doesn’t seem like you’re bragging from a resume.

Include specific, personal details and use your authentic voice to shed a new perspective on a common human experience.

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Personal Essay Examples About Yourself

There are times where you want to prove yourself and write an essay about yourself. Well, we’ve got you covered! Check out the already written essays below and use them as a guide to writing your own!

Essay About Myself Helps You To Establish Your Personality And Connect With An Audience

Describing yourself could be a challenging task, but when it comes to an assignment, you can’t skip it. So, are currently dealing with an essay that requires you to describe yourself? Are you finding it challenging to do so? If so, we are here to help. We understand how normal it is to go blank when asked about describing oneself. And, if you’re a student, the pressure to do so could be immense. It is because you know the reader would be marking your write-up rather than reading it for fun. The pressure to write better and follow the right structure can be overwhelming. It can end up making you freeze or feel you’re not good enough. However, the reality is otherwise. Here are a few things you can do to avoid being in that situation:

Following these simple steps will ensure you create an essay that leaves an impression.

Besides, if you’re confused about what to include in your personal essay, here are a few suggestions:

Short Essay Sample About Yourself

Still confused? Here is a short sample essay to help you grab the idea if you’ve been asked to describe yourself in an essay:

personal essay about yourself (short example)

Describing myself is one of the toughest tasks to do, but it’s fascinating too, to put it to words. I believe our traits – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are to the world. When it comes to my personality, people can have different opinions because they see what they want to see in me, and that’s okay. So, I would describe myself from the paradigm I see myself from in different aspects.

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As a person, I believe life is an art, and I am the artist of my life. I try to keep it full of colors and as cheerful as possible no matter what life throws at me. I am an enthusiast and a person full of curiosity. Curious to know what life is all about and what it holds in the future.

I like to keep a smile on my face no matter what I am going through, and that smile keeps me going. Besides, I was brought up in a multicultural community. Therefore, I am an extrovert, and I like to meet people, I love to experience their lives, cultures, and traditions, which makes me happy and cheerful.

Moreover, I am reliable but very short-tempered. I lose my calm if not understood properly. I get very irritated internally, but that doesn’t show in my behavior. However, I would like to change this character trait a little because my friends and dear ones often do not notice that I have some troubles. Thus, they do not offer help when I need it.

Good or bad, This is me, trying to contemplate the world as it is, revealing its true colors. I believe life is a gift, and it should be treated like one, with love, care, and respect.

Long Essay Example on “Describe Yourself “

Below is one more example to help you understand the idea of personal essays better.

describe yourself essay example

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“Tell something about yourself?” It could be one of the toughest questions when asked impulsively. However, people who like sharing their achievements and personal life with others may find it another opportunity to reveal their unique traits. But with me, the case is quite the opposite. Talking about myself has never been my thing. Yet, I would still try to describe myself in the best way I can. I would like to start with my background and then move to how I am as a student and then how I am inside and how the world sees me.

The first thing that I would like to write to introduce myself is that I am nothing but just a unique kind of ‘substance’ made up of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, trying to leave a positive mark in the world. In the effort to do so, I have been continuously changing qualitatively. Being an only child raised by a single mother, I have had quite a rough childhood. Giving up on my aspirations and wishes was a normal part of my life. Living with limited luxuries and growing up without a father and siblings has a massive role in my personality today. I know how it is like not to have someone to hear you out when you come back home after a terrible day at school. Hence, I always try to be an ear to my friends and make them feel better.

However, I never let my financial constraints and not-so-easy family life get in the way of my academic goals. On the contrary, I have always been keen to learn new things and achieve good grades. As a result, I successfully managed to land in my dream college, that too on scholarship. Getting into college on scholarship was one of my biggest dreams as well as a major goal. Besides, it gave me a chance to make my mother proud of me. Making her a proud mother has always been my dream, and I can’t be happier to achieve some aspect of that dream.

Lastly, I would like to tell you that I may seem like a bright student who is confident and arrogant. But, in actuality, it is the opposite. I am a person that has to deal with social anxiety every day, which means I have to struggle a lot to make new friends, attend social events, and give presentations. I never tend to initiate a conversation or say enough to keep the conversation going with many people I don’t know. This may give them the impression that I am an arrogant teen. But, from the inside, I am as humble as a dove. I can never say no to anyone, and I can never ignore someone who needs help. I am as fragile as glass. My confidence level can go to zero on one uncomfortable remark.

All in all, this is precisely who I am as a person. And, I believe my experiences and relationships with others have a great role in making me what I am today. After all, humans are social animals. So, no matter how introverted or timid I am, I still need real connections that help me experience life at its best.

Tutlance Learn

Write an essay about yourself

essay yourself example

When asked to write an essay about yourself, the first thing you think of is a short, but precise and most importantly truthful story about who you are. Writing an essay about yourself can be challenging, but in the same time it is very interesting. However, always remember that this essay should not be lengthy and difficult to understand instead of being a long list of achievements or things that tell others who you are. This kind of essay will get you nowhere because you know that it is like putting your resume to an entry level job position in company. No matter how qualified or good looking you are on the paper; if the reader has shifted his focus towards your weaknesses rather than strengths, then you have lost the battle for that particular job interview.

If you want to write an essay about yourself, make sure that all essays go straight to point and leave others with no doubt about what they read over. You can use certain personal statements that will definitely make your essay outstanding.

While writing an essay about yourself, you have to keep in mind the following points:

peel paragraph

Writing a commentary essay, background information essay.

Writing an essay about yourself can put some pressure on you, but if you keep these points at heart, then you can produce a great personal essay that can even be used for college application.

What is an essay about yourself?

An essay about yourself is a personal story of your life which helps others get to know you better . The purpose of a self-description essay is to tell as much as possible about oneself by providing accurate facts and personal thoughts in a short space of time. More often than not, the audience for such an essay would be the person or people who needs the help in making the decision whether or not to hire you for a job. Hence, it becomes important that there are no errors with spelling or grammatical mistakes so that the employer knows who he/she will be hiring before anything else.

How to start an essay about yourself

The best way to start an essay about yourself is to keep it short! Depending on the reason for writing this essay, the way you start off can vary although the format will remain the same.

First, introduce yourself and say where you are from.

Then, talk about your family and mention some of their traits.

For example, “My parents are generous people who love helping others.”

Or, “My brothers love to play sports and watch TV.” Then, share what you like to do in your free time. Mentioning more than one hobby helps because it gives the reader a better idea of who you are. For example, “I enjoy reading when I have time and tutoring students on the weekends.”

Finally, share some personal facts that will help the reader understand why they should want to hire you. For example, “I am bilingual and I work well with people from all economic backgrounds.”

Or, “I love to learn new things so I aim to get my Ph.D. in the field of psychology. I have already started taking classes at the local university.”

How to write an essay about yourself step by step

1. Write an introduction: talk about the topic you’re writing about and why it matters to you.

2. Body paragraphs: write a paragraph about one thing that’s important to you on this topic

3. Conclusion: Finish your essay by summing up what you just wrote. This is your chance to connect back to your introduction and make it clear how the things you wrote in the body paragraphs are important to you.

4. Proof read and edit: Sometimes when we write, our minds jump ahead of us and we skip over spelling errors or part of a sentence which makes no sense at all . It’s best to proofread writing after writing it so that these problems don’t get through.

5. [Optional] Add images or links: Images can help you tell a story or explain something visually in a way that words cannot do well on their own. And if you’re linking to another site, make sure they have given permission for anyone to link them! Otherwise it could be considered stealing their content.

Personal essay types provide different ways in which people can define their identity. Some of these are: the autobiographical, the confessional, and the personal. The autobiographical essay usually uses a first-person narrative to tell a story about themselves. The confessional is where someone reveals something that they have not revealed before and have been ashamed of. The personal essay generally includes an essay that focuses on the writer’s own sense of self and their opinions about themselves and their community.

Writing an autobiographical essay is a way of remembering life experiences, lessons learned and the people that affect your personal growth.

As you reflect on the events in your life, it may inspire you to reflect back on where you are now and how you have changed over time. This type of writing can be very powerful if done correctly and could help someone who is going through a difficult period in their life see they are not alone with the same problems they are having. These essays are usually written by people who are looking back at important points in their life or trying to make sense of what happened in certain times throughout their lives so they do not repeat mistakes they have made in the past or want to remember what was important during that time.

The essay about yourself can be said to be the most personal of all essays. The essay about yourself should reveal the personality of the writer to a degree and should also provide some insight into what is important in their life, what they are passionate about, and who they are as a person. This is one essay that the student should be sure to put thought and effort into because, after all, it is about them.

The first step in writing an effective essay about yourself is to make certain that you are taking control of your life. If you are not happy with where things are going then it is up to you to change them. Most people get caught up in their own lives and they forget about everything around them. If you want something done right then you need to do it yourself and this applies to college essays as well as every other aspect of your life. There must be something out there that will grab your attention and if no such thing exists within reason then it is time for a change. How many times do we hear stories of lottery winners who become poor and end up worse off than before?

There are many different aspects of your life that you will want to include in this essay. You may wish to talk about how you grew up, where you live now, when your dreams began, what’s important to you in life, or even what drives you. If not every thing then at least some parts of these things should be included in the personal essay about yourself. There is the first part of your introduction that should explain why this essay deserves to be read by a college admissions board over another one that was written just because it had space left on it. It can focus on the life lessons that have been learned along the way and every aspect of education from childhood through to the present time should be included. The reader will want to know what you are planning on doing in the future and how it relates to this topic.

One of the best ways to get started with your essay is by writing a list of all the important things that have happened in your life, then another for everything that has shaped who you are today. Once this is complete all that is left is for you to find some way to connect these things together so that they form a coherent story with a beginning, middle and end. This may take more than one draft but with each one you refine it until you have something worthy of submission.

Example essay about yourself – Volunteering

My name is Joan, a senior in high school, i am good in chemistry and mathematics, I would love to pursue chemistry major. I am a big Harry Potter fan. I love reading, playing tennis, and cooking! In Harry Potter, the character Hermione Granger starts off as a muggle-born witch but then turns into a wand-wielding witch. And in the book I just read, it was about a girl named Mary who left her home to go on an adventure.

It is hard to imagine what it would be like without any books or cooking so I am going to try my best to continue these two hobbies. I also love tennis and it is my most favorite sports. I enjoy playing on the elite team in Orlando Tennis Association. In the future, I want to be a professional tennis player, because I am good at that sport.

After reading the blog ‘8 Ways to Volunteer for 7 Hours’, I was deeply inspired by how one can volunteer without leaving his/her hometown (or home). There are so many ways to make our world a better place; if we just put our minds together. As a Muslim, I believe peace is the best culture in this world and there is no other way but peace!

However, there are times where it seems like not everyone cares about all of those things or even understand them. Most of the time I try to ignore them, but sometimes people make me really angry. If this is the case, I would like to talk with these people and try to communicate in a way they will understand.

Although it does not make anything much better, at least I feel better by doing that. Instead of ignoring or arguing back to them, I would just be silent and most likely walk away from such kind of conversation. Before doing all those things towards them, there are some questions that I have in my mind: will this help me grow? Will this bring any positive change? And lastly, will this do anything other than benefit myself?

I believe volunteering is very essential since it helps you develop your knowledge about different cultures. Volunteering helps people understand what cultures are and they get to experience it themselves. I also believe that not every volunteer works at a famous hospital or orphanage as you see on television; some volunteers work at refugee camps, animal shelters, and help disadvantaged kids with their homework!

All in all, I want to keep being myself and do the things that make me happy without any second thoughts of criticism from anyone. The more we spread love and compassion, the closer we will be reaching world peace!

How to write a college essay about yourself

One of the best ways to write a college essay about yourself is by telling the admission officers about something you care deeply about. What do you care most about in your life? Have there been any significant challenges that you’ve overcome in your life? What have the challenges taught you, and how has your perspective changed as a result of them?

You can also show an example of what type of person you are through your actions, or through interacting with people around you. Are there certain people in your life that have made more of an impact on who you are than others? Or maybe you are interested in a specific career field and would like to share some information with the admissions officers about why.

It may sound a little cliché, but you can also write an essay about yourself by sharing the values that motivate you. What drives your ambitions? Do you feel strongly about making a difference in the world or fulfilling your passions and dreams? Is there something specific that motivates you to get out of bed each day? All of these things are topics for great college essays!

But if you find yourself struggling with how to write a college essay on this topic, try taking a different approach.

How has your family influenced who you are today? Have they pushed you toward certain goals and expectations or inspired to do better than everyone else around them? Or maybe they’ve taught you important life lessons through their experiences and told stories reflecting their values.

Another good way to write a college essay about yourself is by describing what makes you unique. Some students are afraid of being different, but colleges love diversity! They want to know who you are as an individual and how your background has shaped the person that you are today. So rather than writing about your average teenage activities or things typical of teenagers in general, think about all the aspects of who you are that make you stand out from everyone else.

There’s no right or wrong way to write a college essay on this topic – just pick one of these ideas and run with it! If none of them seem quite right for you, don’t worry – brainstorming can be fun. You can even do some research on other people’s college essays, read through them, and get some inspiration for your own.

Writing about yourself can be a fun way to remember the important things from your high school years, reflect on what motivates you as an individual, and show colleges who you really are! And when in doubt, write about something that makes you passionate – good college essay topics always include the writer’s voice. Let it shine through in this essay!

Writing a college essay about yourself is an exciting way for colleges to learn more about who you really are as a person and what makes you unique.

Consider writing an original first paragraph, starting with “My name is…” or “I am a…” This will make it easier for the admissions officers to relate your story back to their database of applicants and find the right one. After all, there may be hundreds of essays from other students that start out the same way – by just saying “I am a…” this way, you stand out and let colleges know right away who is writing the essay. You can even start by sharing interesting facts about yourself – your hometown or high school sports accomplishments are some examples of great college essay topics that show your background and interests.

Some college admission officers have described using hooks in essays as akin to having a memorable first line in a poem or short story – they know that great work follows when there’s such a good beginning. The big question here is what exactly makes the perfect college essay hook?

There are some common ways that students might begin their introductions for these essays including:

Anecdote : You could start with a funny or sentimental story about an incident in your life

Observation : Maybe you’ve got a great quote ready to go! Or maybe you could share your opinions on recent news events or even post-secondary education itself. Even if you’re not an opinionated person, you might have some interesting observations about your school or town that could be a good essay opener!

One way to show creativity when writing an essay for college is by using vivid language. If you’re reminiscing about a trip abroad or the day you met your best friend, describe what was so memorable about that experience in detail so admissions officers really can picture it happening before their eyes!

Now that we know how the elements of a good hook are put together, it’s important to ask – what kinds of topics should you consider writing about in the first place? A great place to start is with your interests and hobbies. The funny thing about essays is that it can sometimes feel a bit like “writing what you know” – and if you’re passionate enough about something, you’re sure to have an interesting angle on that topic.

Writing about your hobbies and interests also give admissions officers insight into who YOU are!

What do you like to do when you have downtime?

What are you passionate about? A sport? A cause? Favorite hobby?

Proving your passions can be a great way to open up and let admissions officers get to know you as an individual.

One thing that’s good to keep in mind is that sometimes the best topics are what you’ve learned from your personal experiences. Maybe you’ve had something change how you see the world, or maybe you want to share some advice with someone who might not have been in your shoes – this could make for a great essay topic.

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We know better than anyone how hard it can be to write an essay about yourself

Will you help me write an essay about myself?

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15+ Self-Introduction Essay Examples & Samples in PDF | DOC

Self introduction essay  example.

self introduction essay template

Self Introduction For College Students  Example

self introduction for college students

Simple Self Introduction For Job  Example

self introduction for job

Free Self Introduction For Kids  Example

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Simple Self Introduction  Example

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What to Write in a Self-Introduction Essay

How to write a self-introduction essay, free essay outline worksheet example.

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Tips for Writing a Self-Introduction Essay

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Creative Savantz

Myself Essay

myself essay i love myself

by Creative Savants

June 2, 2020, in study help, no comments.

Writing an essay about “Myself” is no easy task as you have to reflect on who you really are and what others say about you, and not just who you think you are. Most universities, colleges and other institutions ask students to write “myself” essays so as to have a better understanding of their diverse personalities. This can come in different forms including “Essay about my life” , “Composition about myself”, “Self-description with  essayservices “ “Speech about myself” , “What I like about myself”, “Describing myself essay”, and other “essays about me”.

Want to get full “My self Essay” in PDF File ? Download the PDF From Here

Table of Contents

Introduction On Myself Essay(100 words):

During an interview you may be asked to describe yourself or introduce yourself, you may also need to write autobiographies about yourself, cover letters, or other forms of personal essays which may be difficult if you don’t know the “How-to” of writing essays. So, in order to help the students seeking out numerous “Myself essays” online standout, Creative Savants provides diverse essays to suit individual needs. We also provide examples, tips, and basic guidelines on “how to write an essay about myself”. We have also written some other great essays on different topics you can check  “ Essays “.

Do Checkout “ My Room Essay “

Essay No 1 on “Composition about myself” (100 words):

My name is (insert your first name and surname here). I grew up as an only child. I am thirteen years old. My parents died while I was quite little, so I live with my grandparents.

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Accustomed to living with older adults, I always act more mature than my age. I am in (mention your class and the name of your school). I have had a lot of people invest in me academically, so I have excelled in most of my classes. My hobbies include music, reading and traveling. Although I don’t get to travel much, I relish every moment I get to. I am generally pleased with my life.

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Essay No 2 on “All about me essays” (100 words):

I am (insert your first name followed by your last name here) by name. I am a girl and I am light in complexion. I come from a family of five and I occupy the third position. My father is a banker, while my mother is a teacher. We are very close in my family and I can tell my parents just about anything.

I twelve years old and I am in class four. I love going to school because the atmosphere is conducive for learning and I have really nice friends. My hobbies include, reading, watching movies and taking music lessons. I don’t like sports and I don’t go out of my way to exercise. I am an easy going person and I love my life.

Check out Other Essays “ Essay On Dancing “

girl signing myself

Essay No 3 on “Describing Myself” (200 words):

My name is (insert your first name followed by your last name here). I am a junior in my high school. I am also the youngest child in my family. I have two older brothers and two older sisters. My mum is a full time housewife and my dad is a doctor.

It is a common knowledge that I am a good student and I love to study a lot. My favorite subjects are mathematics, chemistry and biology. I’m what a lot of people call a geek. I have every intention of applying to a reputable university and obtaining a degree in one of these fields. I am responsible and hardworking, so I study hard to obtain good grades.

Get Coursehero unlock: How To Unblur OR Get CourseHero Free Unlock?

I have always been treated like a baby, by my parents, siblings, teachers and basically everyone who is not in my age group. Sometimes even my friends talk to me like I am a child, which is why I basically love school and reading books. Books don’t talk back at you and they make me feel important in this gigantic universe.

This is not to say that I don’t love all the care and attention. I do, it’s just that sometimes it can get stifling. However, I am quite content with my life.

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Essay No 4 on “What I Like About Myself” (200 words):

Who am I? Answering a question like this has often been difficult even for those with high intelligence quotient. I may not know who I fully am, but I know who I am not. I am not a vindictive person, I am not irresponsible, I am not slack with my studies, I am not dishonest and I will never deliberately set out to hurt anyone. I am not petty and I am not a bully.

My name is (insert your name here). I am fourteen years old and I am a boy. I was born into the family of Mr and Mrs (mention your last name here). I am an only child. I live a sheltered life. I live with my parents and my grandparents. Ours is an extended family setting. Even my mother’s relatives often come to crash at our house during the weekends.

My parents are outgoing people and they are quite down to earth. I get lots of attention from both of my parents, my grandparents, their friends and basically everyone around me. This probably explains why I crave attention wherever I go and I only associate with people who show me care and attention.

I love meeting people and I love making friends with people who are social. I am who I am, and I make no excuses for how I have turned out.

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girl is signing myself

Essay No 5 on “Myself Essay” (300 words):

Humans are the most superior creatures amid all the creatures in the entire universe. Being a part of this universe makes me feel small and minuscule in a world where there millions of humans like myself. Although everyone is quite unique in their own way. I try my best to be humble, kind and respectful of everybody I meet regardless of their age, gender, family background, nationality or race. It is not an easy task to write about one’s self because one may tend to either over exaggerate or fail to give succinct descriptions and commendations where necessary.  It is with this background that I introduce myself.

I am (insert your first name followed by your last name here). I am a (insert your country here). I live in (insert your city here). I am fourteen years old. I am the second of three children. Ours is a close knit family. I have an older brother and a younger brother as well. I am the only girl in the family, which makes rather like the sheltered daughter. I love my siblings and my parents dearly and they love too. Although, my brothers monitor my every move which can be quite annoying sometimes. However, I know they have my back whenever I am in trouble.

I am currently in class 8. I am a focus driven and hardworking which reflects in my grades. My professional aspiration is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in any health related course at the university, which would promote my career goal of being a medical doctor. The reason why I want to pursue a degree in the medical line is to someday be able to provide a subsidized medical facility to a magnitude of people in (mention your country). Hence, I study hard because without a degree I cannot attain these goals.

Aside my love for everything medical related, I love to travel and meet new people. I am an outgoing person and I love to have fun. My live centers on improving humanity and I love where I am at right now.

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Essay No 6 on ” Essay about my life” (400 words):

Life is full of ups and downs. I know this is a cliché, but this phrase summarizes my whole existence. Sometimes my life is fun, happy and almost enviable and at other times my life is boring, sad, uninspiring and sometimes downright disgusting. I know I am not perfect, I have never tried to be, but one thing is true – I AM WHO I AM.

Looking back at my childhood, I remember the fun times, the laughter we all shared the lavish parties my parents threw, my wonderful friends and my fancy dresses. I was the envy of my friends and I erroneously thought my life would follow this pattern forever. Was I ever wrong!

I was a good child. I never acted out like I do now. I was always obedient and I had good grades, even if they were not excellent grades. I had a positive outlook towards life. I made a promise to myself never to smoke, do drugs or land myself in the prison for any illegal act. I cared an awful lot about people and I thought nothing would ever change this attitude that I had.

I was brought up by the crème de la crème, my parents were rich and influential in my town. I couldn’t imagine my life without the affluence and the excesses. My parents weren’t always around but at least they were together. I thought they were happy together and we were financially stable to withstand anything. Until my brother was involved in an accident that claimed his life and made my mother cripple.

Ever since joseph died, life had never been the same at the (insert your last name) mansion. Mum became bitter (who could blame her), she and joseph were quite close. I was the daddy’s pet. Eventually, they both got a divorce and I have been conveying myself from my mum’s house to my dad’s.

My grades have suffered quite a hit. I have never been a straight ‘A’ student, I barely even have an ‘A’ on my report sheet, but now my grades are quite laughable. We don’t have money like we used to. I don’t know the details but dad got jilted and there is hardly anything left to spend. I have to work on my grades now because if I don’t secure a scholarship, I am basically on my own.

Dad has gotten married to another woman and now they have a child. I am not eighteen so I can’t refuse to visit them. I know my little step-brother has committed no offence, but each time I look at how happy my father has become with his existence I get very jealous. Now you understand why I opened my introduction with the phrase I used. One thing I know is that change is the only constant and nothing lasts forever. My life is not perfect, but then again whose is?

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Myself Essay 2

Essay No 7 on “Speech About Myself” (500 words):

Millions of people have walked the earth and many will still do. However, no two people have the same characteristics even among identical twins. Personalities, regardless of how dissimilar, make the world full of varieties. This is why I know I am uniquely me and the best version of myself there is. Perfection is a mirage, however the best individuals are those give it their all in order to attain perfection while knowing that it is impossible to be perfect. I believe people should strive to improve their life and be the best they can ever be regardless of how impossible the task may be.

My name is (insert your first name and last name). I live in (insert your city here). I am a (insert your country here). I am the first born of my parent. We are four in number and I have always felt responsible for my family. I love my parents and siblings dearly and the feeling is mutual.

My father is basically a business man and my mother is a fashion designer. I have a stable family and we are quite grounded in our beliefs and notions. My parents are not wealthy but we get by. My parents are attentive to my needs and my siblings. They can be strict when they have to be, but they have never raised their hands to strike us. They may not be financially rich, but they have big hearts.

I am in class 8 at (mention the name of your school). I have a stable grade and although I cannot rank high among the brilliant people in my class, I get by quite well. My favorite subjects are art, literature and music. I love to draw, paint and read books. This is how I often clear my head or distress myself. I desire to go to the university and obtain a degree in any art related course. This will help me to become a successful person and also impact the lives of others while I am at it.

I cannot claim that I love school and I don’t hate school either, I guess I’m just indifferent. Although, I love my art classes and literature lessons too. People are nice to me in school, I don’t get bullied and I rarely ever get punished by my teachers nor have I been asked to report to the principal’s office.

I am an outgoing person with a good sense of humor and I make friends easily. My friends say that I am funny and fun to be with. I sometimes go out of my way to be nice to people and help them out. I guess this is rooted in my sense of responsibility which was honed into me by my parents considering that I am the first born of my family. Friendship and family mean a lot to me. I can go all out for my friends and my family and they know it. I think this is why I have had the same set of friends for years. We have transitioned from friends to family.

I’m always looking for ways to develop my skills and learn new things not just in school but outside the school environment. I share ideas with my friends, we learn interesting things about one another, and most of the people I associate with I met with while on the lookout for ways to advance my skills.

I have every intention to make the world a better place. I know I’m no superman and I have no concrete plans right now, but I am on a road to discovery. I feel happy and enthusiastic when people commend my art works and the poems I love to doodle every now and them. I pride myself as a motivational person, so I write poems for people to inspire them when they are down or don’t know what else to do. I know I’m on the right track and soon enough I’ll be close to where I want to be.

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Essay No 8 on “ Myself Essay” (500 words):

I cannot say exactly how I have survived school even till now, but I did and I have come out somewhat stronger. Bullying has been an awful experience that characterized the most part of my school life. I have endured bullying for so long that it has shaped who I have turned out to be. I know for a certain that we can reduce bullying (I doubt it can be totally stopped), by paying attention to people who have been bullied, the bullies themselves, analyzing how it happened, what led to it, the impact it has on both parties, and how best it can be dealt with.

My name is (insert your first name followed by your last name here), and I have been a victim of constant victimization. I am sixteen years old and I am a senior in my school. I attend (insert the name of your school here). Each time I have been asked who I was, this has always been the only explanation I give. When I act in a mean way to others, it is not a personal decision I made, it is often a reflex action born out of years of constant bullying.

Initially, I was a very quiet and calm girl. I never spoke back to my elders and I was very kind and accommodating of others. Now I can’t stand tardiness and I am always on the defensive. So I react before thinking of the consequences.

I am the last of seven children and I have endured bullying at home. Although, I wouldn’t exactly compare what I go through at home with what I endure in school. My six siblings are all boys and it is their nature to make my life miserable. I sometimes find it endearing because that is the only way they relate with me. I’m not athletic in any way, I am lanky and awfully small for my age. I get teased by my brothers for this, so when others bully me in school for being a size too small for my class, I take it all in stride.

I have never told my brothers or my parents about the bullying I constantly endure at school. Why should I? Mum works extra hard to support my dad and my dad already works two jobs as it is. I have a scholarship that covers my tuition fee, which was why I didn’t attend the same school as my brothers in the neighborhood. I was constantly reminded by the rich students why I don’t belong to their world and if not for the scholarship I wouldn’t even be breathing the same air they breathe.

This is true though, and as much as I wanted to flunk school, I couldn’t because attending a prestigious school was going to help my college application. So also would maintaining an outstanding college grade. I used to find trash in my bags, lockers and basically everything I brought to school.

Like all things that had a beginning this came to an end. I don’t know how it did but it did and I’m forever grateful that it did. I know I should analyze the root cause for the abrupt end, but I’m only human. Life is not a bed of rose, this I learned while still a student at (mention the name of the school).

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short form of myself essay written

Essay No 9 on “Essay about Myself” (600 words):

Three major things characterize my whole existence; my intellect, my spiritual doctrines, and my social life. The intellectual aspect of my life consist of my creativity, my studies and basically my life pursuits that involve my intellectual capabilities. My social life is quite vibrant. I am an outgoing person and I make it a habit to meet people. My spiritual doctrines and my faith inform the decisions I make and consequently guide who I have become today.

My name is (insert your first name and your last name her). I am a (mention your nationality). I am seventeen years old. I am in (mention your class) and I attend (mention the name of your school here). I live with my parents and my siblings. I am the second child in my family. We are all five in number and we are not a close family. My parents are busy people, they have always been. My dad is a doctor and he owns his own hospital. My mother is a career woman and she travels all the time. So both my parents have never been present all through my life.

My parents have missed most of the big events in my life. They’ve missed most of my graduations in school, they’ve missed most of my birthdays and every important even that marked my existence. I don’t hate my parents. I don’t know them.

My siblings have never been around either. My birth was considered a mistake. I don’t know all the details but I know mum was not supposed to get pregnant when she did. The bottom line is I was an inconvenience and I have always been made painfully aware of just how inconvenient my birth is. Most of my siblings are married, some are away at college and the ones who aren’t think I am a child so they hardly relate with me.

I am not perfect and I have never claimed to be. However, I know what I want out of life and I pursue it doggedly. I am a focused person and it has often been said of me that I am quite focused-driven and that I have a one-track mind. I don’t know if I should consider that as a compliment or not.

My career aspiration is to go to the university and study law. I spend most of my time at the libraries or at my best friend’s house (mention the name of your close friend(s)). I am an intelligent person and I always top my class. I guess my need to always top my class stem from my need to get the attention of my parents or from the need an escapist sentiments.

I am not a blusterous person, neither do I seek to impress anyone. I figured if cant so much as compel my parents to care enough to be there for me when I need them, then there is no way I can ever impress others. I do not have lots of friend but my small circle of friends I cherish a lot. I am an observer. I try to learn a lot about the people I associate with, so I study their characters before I react. By studying others, I have learnt an awful lot which I have incorporated into my belief systems and general behaviour.

I mentioned earlier that I am quite religious. I was brought up into a Christian family. I have always gone to church every Sunday. My parents may never be around, but they always ensure that we all go to church on Sunday. I am generally good and I try to always do the right things to everyone. I live by the word and never on the edge. In fact, my life is quite plain and I never ever rebel. Not once in my whole life. I always take things in stride.

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Bonus: Tutorial: How to write essay about myself

Regardless of the purpose of the essay, there basic rules you must obey in order for your essay to be accepted. Try as much as possible to express yourself in detail. No one can tell your story better than yourself. However, there are essential steps that will guide you on this part.

How to write essay about myself

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