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  • Critical Analysis: The Peter Principle as an Explanation of Problem of Career Development However, the statement of the point of incompetence should be considered from the position of the lack of motivation and the peculiarity of every situation.
  • Career Development Activities A career development mentor should be assigned to the employees to provide this kind of mentorship for the employees. The company therefore needs to be prepared for other stages such as reviewing the pay package […]
  • Career Development and Compensation Career development refers to the lifelong process of managing progression in learning and work, which significantly determines the nature and quality of individual’s lives, the kind of people they become, their sense of purpose, the […]
  • Leadership and Career Development Interventions The second aspect is leadership development that bridges the routine, policy and science of leadership development by highlighting the importance of enhancing both physical and social capital in organizations.
  • Personal, Professional, and Career Development In this case, the mother had a misconceived perception that the chances of succeeding in an attempt to renovate and improve the school were minimal.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Career Development Electronics engineering is the branch of electrical engineering, which deals with the uses of “the electromagnetic spectrum and with the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits, transistors, and vacuum tubes”.
  • Socialization and Career Development For instance, effective socialization structures have enabled employees of institutions that operate in the tourism sector in the US to understand the needs of customers and what is expected of them.
  • Formalized Career Development System A formalized career development system may be helpful to an organization in terms of setting the expectations and reviewing the success through competencies and learning objectives.

  • Public Policy for Career Development Although this is the intention of the curriculum, it is evident that the current academic system is not training the pupils to nurture their careers as they continue to acquire skills.
  • A Five-Year Career Development Plan In other words, selecting a career is not enough; rather, one has to be willing to work on acquiring the skills and competencies needed to pursue a chosen career successfully. The development plan further assists […]
  • Career Development in Saudi Arabian Organizations Saudi Arabia is regarded as a high-income economy because of the attractive wages that the organizations pay the employees. A significant challenge that faces the programs is the willingness of Saudi nationals to take up […]
  • Career Development Theories The individuals inappropriate for the application of social learning theory are the individuals that happened to be isolated from life in the society and interactions with other people.
  • Career Planning and Development The components discussed in the paper include matching my skills and abilities with the preferred occupation of SGM, matching my work styles and values with the position of SGM, establishing the viability of remuneration package […]
  • Personal Brand and Career Development The “I” brand concept suggests that the potential job candidate and career builders approach themselves as marketed goods and attempt to turn their own sets of skills and personalities into goods, wanted and attractive to […]
  • Management Career Possibilities and Development Therefore, the following paper is to discuss and determine the personal steps that one has to take in order to become a conscious manager.
  • Sales Manager’s Career Development Plan As a Sales Manager, a career development plan is important to help one achieve the set goals and objectives. The short-term goals and objectives include the following; To increase the sales revenue of the company […]
  • Interest Profiler and Career Development I think it reflects my disposition as an individual and in my career since I like working with people and communing in a friendly and skillful manner.
  • Career Development: From Accountant to Branch Manager My five-year career development plan is in the business field, where I am currently working as an accountant in a bank and am planning that in the next five years I will have been promoted […]
  • Bandura’s and Holland’s Career Development Theories I believe that self-efficacy is a concept that can be used by anyone to change the way they view themselves and gain more confidence.
  • Career Development and Employee Motivation Initiatives at Chipotle However, as revealed in this paper, Chipotle’s vast expansion has resulted in challenges pertaining to the sustainability of its operations and the control of the prevailing business culture. Chipotle’s culture of sustainability, reverence, and growth […]
  • Career Development & Employee Motivation Initiatives: Chipotle Introduction Motivation and Organizational Behavior Problem Evaluation Goal of Analysis Hypothesis Recommendations and Solutions Conclusion
  • Career Path Analysis and Professional Development In making this plan then one has to consider the current lifestyle and the current job so that in making the plan then you will be sure of what you are to change so that […]
  • Career Development Compensation Plan For example, in the compensation plan it is shown that there will be different rewards for the best employee, the best improved and honoring of retired employees.
  • Key Elements in a Successful Career Development in a School The essay tries to analyze the concepts of career development, career education, career counseling, career guidance, and career information with special reference to the Australian career development system in schools.
  • Career Development: Definition and Stages It is career development that forms the core of the kind of job a person actually desires to have. For a country to realize the most outcomes of effective learning, it is without question to […]
  • Career Development Plan – Compensation Planning I am pleased to forward my recommended compensation plan for the Employment and Hiring team of ten staffers and one Supervisor.
  • Career Development Plan Summary The main task of the manager of the company is the exposure of hidden resources in the organization, right arrangement of the staff according to the tasks they are provided with.
  • Career Development Effect on Employees’ Commitment Project Proposal Introduction Background information Aim of the study Objectives of the study Methodology Research design Sampling techniques Data collection, measures, and data analysis
  • Communication Skills for Career Development in Nursing At last, the nursing professionals must decide, the employees must be in control, and the staff must be the hero and get the credit.
  • Teacher Career: Professional Development Plan The short plan examines the current status and needs of the particular user, while at the same time looking at the different ways in which the needs can be met and recording the goals and […]
  • Studying Abroad and Improving the Outcomes of Students’ Career Development Because of the opportunities for knowledge sharing and active cross-cultural communication, one can expect studying abroad to have a significantly positive effect on the career development of students in the public health sector.
  • Mobile App Development Career Speech On the other hand, mobile app development might be a tedious task, which requires superior analytical skills and mastery of programming languages. In conclusion, mobile app development is a fascinating and rewarding career.
  • Medical Specialties and Career Development This specialty is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases afflicting infants, children, and the adolescent. Pediatric cardiology deals with the treatment of heart and circulatory illnesses of children.
  • Electrical Engineering Career Development However, this will be a possibility due to the size of equipment and machines that reduce with the increase in technology.
  • Paralegal Career Development in Law Firms The company has a total of seven attorneys specializing in different fields of law. The company does the hiring of various employees as and when the opportunity arises.
  • Self-Efficacy and Career Development On the path to achieving the set goal, it is important that an individual realizes the fact that success or failure are possibilities, and that what will make one achieve either of the two is […]
  • HFMA: Learning, and Career Development The Healthcare Financial Management Association is an organization that offers membership and professional development opportunities to businesses in the healthcare field and reviews complex issues affecting the industry to provide guidance and education.
  • Career Development for Healthcare Administrators This, in turn, means that the government should allocate a more significant part of the budget to public healthcare, and the patients should pay more for medical services.
  • Career Development in Healthcare Administration The institution provides regular training to the members and updates the current trends that are witnessed in the healthcare sector. Second, The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration is a website that helps in […]
  • Healthcare Administrators and Managers’ Career Development Healthcare managers and administrators are in increasing demand as the organizations become more cumbersome and complex. It refers to the processes of recording, interpreting, classifying, and reporting financial transactions and economic data of the company.
  • Healthcare Managers’ Career Development Healthcare managers are expected to develop a detailed action plan to facilitate the achievement of the goals, provision of quality services to patients, and the accomplishment of the ultimate organizational goals.
  • Career Development Program for 30-Year-Old Population At the age of thirty, it might be a challenging task for the individual to decide to change one’s career and face particular risks and concerns regarding a new occupation.
  • Plan for Trucking Career Development According to Mazareanu, it accounts for the majority of land freight transportation in the United States, with a market valued at US$732.
  • Theories of Learning and Their Significance When Developing Career Development Systems
  • Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development
  • Aspects Concerning the Opportunities of Career Development in the Human Resources Domain
  • How Technology Affects Career Development
  • An Analysis Of Employee Training And Career Development
  • Career Development Is the Responsibility of the Individual
  • The Theories Of Individual Career Development
  • An Analysis of the Career Development Model in the United States of America
  • The Different Steps in Learning the Proper Career Development
  • Ethics Codes And The National Career Development Association
  • Factors Which Enhance Job Recruitment and Career Development
  • The Role of Career Development in Improving Organizational Effectiveness and Employee Development
  • What Are Your Aims for Your Future Career Development
  • Concept of Career in the Context of Career Development Perspective
  • Civil Servants Career Development in the Romanian Central Public Administration
  • Career Development Intervention Vs. Leadership Development Intervention
  • LGBT Identity Stages and Career Development
  • The Importance of Career Development Class to Students
  • Career Development in Generation X
  • Transitions Of Career Development And Transition Programs
  • Effective Succession Planning and Career Development
  • Gender Differences in the Career Development of Young White-collar Workers
  • Leadership Style, Career Development and Work Satisfaction to Employee’s Performance
  • Middle School Principals and Professional Career Development
  • Improving Performance For Future Career Development
  • Career Development And Performance Of Succession Planning
  • Leading Theories And Practices On Career Development
  • Enhancements of Job Recruitment and Career Development
  • Career Development And Initial Start Into Professional Learning Communit
  • The Importance Of Management And Career Development
  • Career Development of Native American Adolescents
  • The Effect Of Compensation, Career Development, Work-Family Support On Job Satisfaction
  • Attracting Retaining Talents And Career Development In Global Era
  • Factors Affecting Health Care Administration Career Development by Gender Differences
  • Factors Affect The Culinary Career Development Management
  • Men and Women in Fiduciary Institutions: A Study of Sex Differences in Career Development
  • Measuring Personality For Use In Career Development
  • Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Career Development
  • The Relationships Among Performance Appraisal Satisfaction, Career Development and Creative Behavior
  • Using Technology To Enhance Employee Productivity And Career Development
  • Career Development Is The Most Essential Aspect Of Human
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Body Dysmorphic Disorder Counseling
  • The Relationship Between Effective Learning And Career Development Programs And Employee Retention In Organizations
  • What Challenges Facing Women’s Career Development in the Greek Banking Sector?
  • Why Is It Important to Learn About Careers?
  • What Is Career Development?
  • How Does the School Testing Methods Affect the Students in Preparation for College or Careers?
  • What Is Career Development, and Why It Is Important for an Organization?
  • Why Is Career Development Important in Our Lives?
  • What Are the Benefits of Planning Your Future Career?
  • Is Career Development Necessary to an Individual?
  • What Are the Barriers That Influence Career Development?
  • How Does Career Development Impact Your Professional Development?
  • What Factors Influence Career Development?
  • How Does Skills Affect Career Choice?
  • What Are the Things You Need to Consider in Creating Your Career Plan?
  • Why Structural Engineering Is an Appealing Career?
  • What Career Transitions Are You Likely to Face in the Next Ten Years?
  • How Do You Discuss Your Career Goals?
  • What Are the Types of Career Development?
  • How Do You Discuss Career Development With Your Boss?
  • What Are the Stages of Career Development?
  • What Are Career Development Strategies?
  • What Are the Principles of Career Development?
  • What Four Questions Should You Ask When Choosing a Career?
  • What Are Good Questions to Ask a Manager for Career Development?
  • What Are Some Good Career Development Questions?
  • What Do You Discuss in Career Development?
  • What Do You Say in a Career Development Meeting?
  • What Can You Do to Improve Your Skills in Achieving Your Career Goals?
  • What Skills Will You Need to Develop to Prepare for This Career?
  • What Are the 5 P’s of Career Development?
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Essay on Career Development

1.0 introduction.

My main goal, both personal and professional, is to be a successful business person. I made this verdict amidst my weakness to adhere to employment strict timeline, which requires a person to conform to 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. job routine. This selection, therefore, obeys my subjects’ choices. Information technology (IT), specifically, will give me an edge to understand advancements while MBA, a course I intend to join in graduate school, will empower me with skills to be able to understand the business world well. IT concentration will provide me with insight about Fintech, an area I would love to understand fully. So, this objective coincides with my SMART goals. For now, I need to be a diligent student and pass my core subjects, which are mathematics, business, and technology. My assessment revealed significant strength in these areas, and therefore, I believe I am treading on the correct path.

2.0 Domain of Study

Three domains are crucial to my career development: Technical writing ability, adaptability to new situations, and decision-making skills. Each of these domains relates to specific subjects that I have undertaken so far in BA. Technical writing skills can be attained from various courses, including but not limited to the English language, information technology, and creative writing. The adaptability to new situations is essential and it can be achieved from different subjects, such as English, psychology, and business is crucial in this domain. Lastly, decision-making is one of the essential ability that is required for every business person. It can be attained from subjects, such as mathematics, psychology, and English.

My academic planning relates well with strengths and weaknesses. Explicitly, I do well on subjects, such as mathematics, business, and technology conforms precisely to my objective of being a business person. Well, I also do alright on social science – a subject I would say is vital for handing clients. Mainly, adaptability to new situations requires that a person should have social skills, and so, social sciences become handy in that case. Technical writing capability is obtained from almost all subjects, and that explains why I do alright in subjects, such as business, technology, and physics. Also, decision-making skill is one fundamental feature in business studies, and so, it elucidates my prowess in this subject.

My main goal in the future is to be a business person. Besides, knowledge of technology will ensure that I am able to be aware of advancements in the business world. Particularly, Fintech will help me understand mobile phone transactions and even be able to predict associated perils. Currently, successful enterprises employ online sales – a procedure, which makes them maximize profits. Studying business and technology will help me understand this trend and even apply it when necessary. Mathematics, as one of my subjects of strength, is a prerequisite in handling calculations. Thus, it is an important course that will help me achieve my aim.

General Studies Concentration.

My area of concentration is information technology (IT). This area will, therefore, help my business be more productive. IT commonly assists firms by permitting them to operate efficiently in order to maximize profit (Markovic, & Salamzadeh, 2018). Drawing on from this view, IT aids in protecting important documents, enhancing faster communication, and keeping electronic data (Nguyen, Newby, & Macaulay, 2015). Particularly, understanding Fintech will give me an edge in handling all online and phone-related transactions. As a result, I will be able to anticipate frauds and even mitigate them in time.

3.0 Coursework

essay writing on career development

4.0 Academic Rational e

The Bachelor of Arts General Studies (BA.GS) is an essential course because it offers diverse skills. In relation to my goal, that is to be a successful business person; this course has helped me gain insights on various prerequisites on running a business. A successful entrepreneur must be able to understand the market and even make feasible decisions (Lee, s& Lee, 2015). For example, in the case of disruptive innovations in the realm of business, an entrepreneur should be able to design a solution so as to avoid failure (Mueller & Shepherd, 2016). This merit, therefore, can be achieved by understanding technologies, as well as having in-depth knowledge about running businesses. It is worth noting that the current world is ever-changing, and so, if someone wants to venture in the commerce world, then BA.GS becomes a crucial subject. The diversity it offers, therefore, makes a person become an all-round person with the ability to succeed in different spheres of business.

Diverse skills are essential in running a business. In order to succeed, an entrepreneur should be a critical thinker and an excellent communicator. Enhanced literacy and math skill is an added advantage. Moreover, BA.GS stimulate the mind of a person to be imaginative, and even reason creatively. Also, this course fosters knowledge of the broader social and cultural scenario. As such, it is explicit that BA.GS offers an essential background for my development as an entrepreneur. I intend to succeed in a business venture, and IT concentration will enhance this mission. Generally, I will be able to apply these diverse skills in order to foster my career progress, as well as personal growth. Notably, I plan to do an MBA once I finish a degree course. Therefore, I believe that BA.GS offers a precondition that is required for pursuing an MBA. This course, particularly, will expand my knowledge of business skills and even enable me to understand commerce in terms of the global context.

5.0 Conclusion

Overall, I have gained significant milestones concerning BA.GS course. The subjects that I have accomplished so far supports my main ambition of running a successful business. Besides, I have recognized that specific classes can help a person to foster his goal. Therefore, I have gained experience in learning how to bridge my objectives with learned content. As such, diversity in terms of skills offered by BA.GS has been instrumental, especially by enabling me to gain insight into the essentials of running a business. First, decision-making skill, as one of the domains for career development, is undeniably an important asset for surviving competition in a commercial world. Secondly, technical writing is another skill-set, which is equally crucial for operating a business. Lastly, adaptability to new situations mandates that a person must be dynamic regarding ever-changing conditions. So, this merit will provide me with an opportunity to learn and solve problems.

Moreover, I commonly consider my personality development while doing my course. During analysis, after completing the MBTI profile assessment, three test results accurately described me: Strong sense of duty, sensitive and warm, and good at connecting with others. Critically, these personalities fit the characteristics required for an entrepreneur. On the whole, the subjects that featured among the ones I do alright, such as mathematics, business, and technology form the complete package for my main objective in life. Entrepreneurship is the sure way to succeed in life, and I envisage it as one my favorite pathway. Currently, the world is ever-changing and educational diversity can serve an important role.

Lee, S. M., & Lee, B. (2015). Entrepreneur characteristics and the success of venture exit: an analysis of single-founder start-ups in the US.  International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal ,  11 (4), 891-905.

Markovic, M. R., & Salamzadeh, A. (2018). The importance of communication in business management.  Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial TendencieS , 11.

Mueller, B. A., & Shepherd, D. A. (2016). Making the most of failure experiences: Exploring the relationship between business failure and the identification of business opportunities.  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice ,  40 (3), 457-487.

Nguyen, T. H., Newby, M., & Macaulay, M. J. (2015). Information technology adoption in small business: Confirmation of a proposed framework.  Journal of Small Business Management ,  53 (1), 207-227.

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