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Effects of Unemployment in South Africa

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Possible remedies of unemployment

  • Strengthen support for young people who do not access formal post-secondary education.
  • Create work opportunities for youth still at school
  • Public works and special employment programs
  • Community development
  • Programmatic Interventions and Stimulating Economic Ways

The socio-economic effects unemployment

  • The tourism sector; Van Schalkwyk describes that the tourism sector also affected by the crises that faces youth in SA, e.g. violence that are established by politicians, mine strikes, workers tend to damage infrastructure. On the other hand, the sector is one of the employees of the labor and fetched 80 billion annually but due to activities that might occur sometimes.
  • Job insecurity Van Schalkwyk job insecurity is one of the meaningful socio-economic activities which has not been fully understood and integrated our scheme of things. He also postulate that the South African White Paper on Defence (SAWPD) 1996 defines job insecurity in youth as an all-encompassing condition in which individual citizen lives in freedom, peace and safety participate fully in the process of governance, enjoy the protection of fundamental rights, have access to resources and the basic necessities of life, and inhabit and the environment which in not detrimental to their health as well-being. However, according to Oyebede SA’s unemployment can be grouped into two categories; first, the youth unemployed who have lost their jobs though retrenchment, redundancy or bankruptcy and the second ones are the younger unemployed, most of who have never been employed.
  • Unemployment, inequality and poverty
  • Unemployment and health
  • Unemployment poverty and the cycle of poverty
  • Socio-economic issues of unemployment in South Africa

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Youth Unemployment In South Africa

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Due to the gradual increase in unemployment rates, which implies individuals having no access to sufficient income, people tend to fall custom to finding refugee in harmful habits, substance abuse in particular. This is why there is a need to study and examine the extent or magnitude of the relationship and drug abuse.

The South African economy has been encountering rising unemployment over numerous years. In 2011, the unemployment rate was at 24.2% and in 2013 it had expanded to 25.2% (Statistics South Africa, 2014). In the meantime, there was a supplementary change seen in labour request patterns moving towards high-talented labourers. This basic change has prompted the end that the unemployment issue in South Africa is basic, in the sense that the ineffectively taught specialists, who comprise most by far of the work supply, can’t discover work because of inadequate interest for low-gifted assets. The youth faces considerably higher rates of unemployment when contrasted with more seasoned individuals from the work constrain all around the globe. Since the worldwide money related emergency this is much progressively articulated. On account of South Africa, this wonder is especially intense. Youthful South Africans, who are characterized as those inside the age gathering of 15– 34 years, have, however, become better educated over the last decade. This trend can be observed in the increasing enrolment rate at tertiary educational institutions. This also implies that the size of the graduate labour force is increasing in accordance with the structural change in demand for high-skilled workers (Oluwajodu et al, 2015).

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However, unemployment amongst young South Africans is still very high and is increasing. It furthermore displays significant differences across racial lines. Most Africans find themselves with no jobs because white companies prefer to hire white graduates.

What is unemployment?

Unemployment can be characterized as individuals who don’t have an occupation, have effectively searched for work in the previous a month, and are at present accessible for work. Likewise, individuals who were briefly laid off and were hanging tight to be gotten back to that activity are incorporated into the unemployment insights. Unemployment is a financial challenge, with monetary expenses and numerous different difficulties. It diminishes financial welfare, decreases yield and disintegrates human capital. These costs make unemployment a high need in nations, for example, South Africa (Oluwajodu et al, 2015).

How is unemployment characterized?

In 1999, as per the expansive meaning of unemployment of the ILO, 58 percent of the youthful dynamic South Africans couldn’t get a new line of work. Not exclusively does the South African work display a high unemployment rate for the youthful, as per worldwide models, yet it additionally demonstrates proof of expansive imbalances between age gatherings, races and sexual orientations. In many nations on the planet, regardless of whether industrialized, creating or on the move, youngsters experience the ill effects of lower access to the work showcase than the grown-up dynamic populace. South Africa isn’t a special case and shows an extremely high rate of unemployment among youngsters. One specific element of youth unemployment in South Africa is that it is unequally spread between fragments of the populace. For example, youthful African individuals experience the ill effects of unemployment than youthful White individuals – the unemployment rates are 70 percent and 12 percent separately. The absence of work is likewise more serious for ladies than for men as 63 percent of monetarily dynamic ladies are jobless while 53 percent of men stay without employments (Mlatshen & Rospabé, 2002).

Who is prone to unemployment?

According to Nilsson (2015), an expansion in unemployment is clearly connected with less procuring as well as more cutbacks, however there is likewise proof of a second-request impact; a few gatherings of people are hit more by unemployment than others. Up until now, investigate has archived the differential impacts of the unemployment rate by qualities, for example, age, race, sex and training. While different qualities, for example, awareness and social skills might be similarly or considerably increasingly critical for work showcase achievement, information on these are once in a while accessible and thinks about have not considered unemployment affectability regarding these.

Specifically, past investigations have recorded that uneducated people are more delicate to the unemployment rate than educated people. The components behind this are not by any stretch of the imagination clear. It is possible that the impacts halfway emerge as a result of fundamental contrasts in capacities associated with instruction. This would appear to be sensible as more capable people regularly embrace more instruction than less capable ones. It is likewise possible that outcomes mirror the arranging of people into employments with various qualities. (Nilsson, 2015).

What contributes to graduate unemployment?

Various explanations are provided for the causes of unemployment. Some ascribe it to the lack of employment that is caused by a lack of employability, type of qualification obtained as well as field of study, quality of secondary school education, quality of tertiary education, high expectations, job search and work experience(Oluwajodu et al, 2015).

Oluwajodu et al. (2015), highlighted four main categories of skills and attributes that employees look out for when recruiting graduates. Basic skills, intellectual ability, workplace skills, applied knowledge and interactive skills were regarded as most important.South African graduates are often unsuccessful in the recruitment phase, because they lack some of the required skills. Oluwajodu et al. (2015), argue that many of these students who lack the required skills come from historically black institutions where they did not develop these skills or acquire work experience. As a result, graduates become disadvantaged because the skills they learned are not required in the working environment. Graduates should not be entirely blamed for the unemployment condition. Graduates, employers, government and universities are all involved. Graduates are more academically oriented and lack awareness of the latest developments and applicable skills. Graduates generally believe that their education and skills are sufficient and universities consider their graduates to be well prepared for the workplace. At the same time, employers perceive graduates to lack the vital skills for employment. Such perspectives must be addressed to enhance the employability of graduates.

The quality of secondary education was also highlighted as another reason for graduate unemployment. According to Mlatsheni (2002), fewer students who matriculated passed with exemption and students are regarded as functionally illiterate. This means that an average Grade 12 student who has just matriculated does not possess adequate writing, mathematical and communication skills to perform at university level because the quality of secondary school education is low. As students are not prepared to enter and succeed in further higher learning, high dropout rates are experienced.

Differences in the quality of tertiary institution also lead to graduate unemployment. These institutions can be grouped into historically white institutions (HWIs) and historically black institutions (HBIs). Graduates from HWIs have much better employment prospects than those from HBIs. HWIs graduates are absorbed into the labour market faster after obtaining degrees. Another reason why HWIs graduates are more employable than those from HBIs relates to the fact that HBIs enrol students in fields of study with low employment prospects. Employers are biased towards employing students who have graduated from certain universities because of their perception of the universities’ educational standards and culture. Generally, employers have the perception that ‘HBIs are much poorer in ensuring success in the labour market for their client base than HWIs (Oluwajodu et al.,2015).

Reference list

  • Mlatsheni, C. & Rospabé, S., 2002. Why is Youth Unemployment so High and unequally spread in South Africa?. University of Cape Town.
  • Nilsson, A. 2015. Who suffers from unemployment? The role of health and skills. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s40173-015-0046-5#Bib1 Date accessed: 4 Mar. 2019
  • Oluwajodu, F., Greyling, L., Blaauw, D. and Kleynhans, E.P., 2015. Graduate unemployment in South Africa: Perspectives from the banking sector. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 13(1), pp.1-9.

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The Issue of Youth Unemployment in South Africa

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Root causes of youth unemployment, socio-economic consequences, urgent need for innovative solutions.

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