Religion In Media Essay

Essay on religion in america.

Personally, I have always thought religion is the shared beliefs and practices of human beings. Religion is something that you can put your faith towards and believe in your life. Religion is the belief that that there is something larger than oneself and that you have to answer to for your good and bad deeds in life. There are so many different types of religions and cultures around the world. Religion is often used to label or identify a group of people. This label gives you some idea of people’s beliefs and morals. It defines our lifestyles, such as the way we act or dress, etc. Some people think their religious affiliation automatically predetermines the type of person that they are destined to grow up to be.

Essay Sociology and Religion

We all have some experience with religion. Whether our parents are religious, our own religious views, or others who try and convert you to a religion, we have all come in contact with a religion. But what do sociology and religion have to do with each other? The answer to this question is that religion meets sociology in the affects that it has on an individual or society (Schaefer, Richard T, 2009, pg 323).

Religion, Science, And Media Essay

The authors of the textbook indicate that religion, science, and media all influence the way we think about sexuality. Which of these three influences you the most? How do they influence you? Is it a positive or negative influence? What kinds of sexual values in television programs have the greatest influence upon you?

College Essay On Religion

Pakistan, May 2007 around 8:00 pm, I existed the local madrasa (religious school), completing the 5th daily prayer and recitation of the Quran, and proceeded to head home wearing my light blue Kameez, White Salwar, and a Kufi on my head to offer a sign of humility before God. The reason I remember that warm windy night is because that day the mullah taught me that we humans are sent to earth by almighty god so he can test our loyalty to him. Those who follow his true path will ascend to the heavens upon death, and those who disobey him and his prophets will suffer in hell for eternity. I was 8 back then and life was good. Despite the Taliban decapitating captured soldiers and letting them rot in the intersections to

Media Analysis Essay

I will start by saying that the main character had a Christian worldview but in the beginning of the movie, due to a tragedy in

Religion And The United States Essay

Religion and the United States have an interesting relation over the history of the United States. Religious conservatives portray the United States as being God’s chosen nation and that religion influences every facet and procedure of the United States. Liberals try to contend that the United States is a bastion of secularization and that the founders were not particularly religious. David Sehat in his book, The Myth of American Religious Freedom, shows that religion has played a significant role in the United States, but that interaction is not always good in terms of individual actions and actually put the individuals of losing life, property and limb. Overall, Sehat’s books detail the moral establishment that was created around the time of the American Revolution and the various methods that were used in order for them to maintain their power. The book also details the way that religious and secular dissenters tried to push back against the moral establishment.

Religion In America Essay

1) How does the "Realization of the divine within" lead followers of the Swadhyaya to begin the work of "social harmony and cooperation? It teaches them to see that the lord is with us and within us all. Which makes it each person's duty to contribute to to the community to carry out the will and prove the benevolence of God.

Religion Shaping America Essay

The functionality of America would not be as novel or ingenious without religion, a monumental influence in the building of the United States. If we trace back hundreds of years to colonial times, religion acted as the absolute driving force that convinced colonists that America was the new haven they had been looking for. It also contributed long lasting moral, social, and political impacts seen in countless movements reflecting the christian ideals of truth, life without sin, and altruism, or good works. Lastly, religious liberty is a major campaign so trite that one will find religious tolerance laws in every state as well as various religious tolerance groups with ease. Patently, the rudiments of religion are responsible for shaping

Religion 111 Syllabus Essay

This course is an examination of the writings of the Old Testament, using an historical and interpretive approach to these writings. GER REL and Humanities

Defining Religion Essay

Defining Religion The most fundamental question when examining a religion is "what is religion?" That is a distinctly hard question to answer considering that what is ordinarily considered to be religion is not all it is, and what many consider not to

Religion In Popular Culture Essay

Popular culture is culture found in a large, heterogeneous society, that shares certain habits despite differences in other personal characteristic. Popular culture can consist of: a popular song, performer,movie or tv show, comic trip, “super hero”, etc.

What is Religion Essay

     According to the American College Dictionary, religion is a noun defined as the quest for the values of the ideal life. This definition is vast and general, allowing for a variety of interpretations by people from all cultures. There is no single path to follow in order to lead an ideal life, only personal beliefs and experiences. Religion is non-finite so there is no way of determining a boundary (Smart, 5). In my quest for a true understanding of what religion is I explored my own traditions and religious beliefs as well as life experiences. Slowly, with the added insight from the text and videos, my own definition of religion has begun to take shape.

Defining Religion "Religion is only the illusory sun which revolves round man as long as

My Religion Essay

What religion am I? In my life, I have been told many things about my religion. My mother is a Roman Catholic, while my father is Jewish. I have learned about both religions, and I have tried to practice both as best I could, but I am now faced with the decision; which one am I?

Religion and Civilization Essay

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of religion is as follows: “the belief in a god or in a group of gods, an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or a group of gods, or an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group” (Merriam-Webster.) My personal definition of religion is that it is a set of beliefs and practices that generally pertain the worship of one or more than one spiritual beings or representations of a spiritual power. Religion can be personal belief or an organization or group of people who have similar beliefs and values. There are many different types of religions in the world and have been since the

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essay on religion and media

Argumentative Essay On Media And Religion

The media is becoming more and more accepted each year. Everybody uses the internet, whether it’s for education, hobbies or entertainment, it’s recognised as a bad thing but in other eyes a good utensil for education or in general. There are TV shows that could be bias or give others knowledge, or the news that can again give knowledge or spread rumors. Then theres religion , religion has impacted many peoples lives and currently still is, it has changed people completely, for better and for worse. But both media and religion have something in common, both can impact people and both can be recognised as either principled and virtuous or harmful and detrimental. This topic is extremely relevant to todays society as the media is used so frequently and habitual, especially nowadays. The media has been seen as a damaging thing and actions have been taken but can the media go as far to cause harm to religions? Consequences of this issue could vary from high to low, but the issue could change people's beliefs which could cause conflict communities or families. It could also cause a large divide between religious followers and atheists, thirdly religions could take action in banning different branches of the media, such as forbidding certain websites or movies. The affair is important because the media is such a big part in citizens lives today, and religion will always be important to different people .I am interested in this issue because media influences and impacts our lives, possibly more than necessary, and internet addiction has also been strictly taken into account in China so if it is affecting people in countries I was curious to find out whether it’s affecting people within religions. Causes towards whether the media is harmf... ... middle of paper ... ...ok at the world a little bit differently. It's made me more compassionate, more understanding of people." This shows that the internet can widen peoples views on subjects, or even the world. In the UK change is slower in this case but more and more christians are dipping their toes into the interactive world of media. Comparing UK and America is quite easy as I have researched each nation and many different news articles or surveys to find out what at least majority of the nation think about religion and the media. Summing up America's public point of view is that Religious followers are very sensitive about what any form of media publish about their religion, they also believe that media such as the news focus too much on the negative aspect of things. On the contrary, England is slowly but steadily introducing media into churches and religious communities.

In this essay, the author

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The Aspects Of Religion In Mainstream Media

Television effects on religion

Most people argue that the presence of television as a medium of communication is the root cause of religious issues in media in a profound way. The aspect has perceived the reality about religion, and because of this, the religious values have been tampered with. Christianity radically shapes everything in one life. However, different media programs have changed religion by far and beyond. TV programs, for instance, those that air fundamentally secular programs have contributed significantly to the depleting of moral values.TV preachers are usually the starts are always attractive and affluent like movie stars. However, the worship of TV is not participatory, and the audience only sits at home observes but lacks communal worship experience like group singing, the liturgy of praying. The church is regarded as a whole place where people gather and worship with referenced. Still, there is no comparable sacred space while watching religious TV programs from the house, where one may be sitting in dirty or almost naked drinking beer during the sermon.

Pastors have become the center point of providing the worship that is conducive to televisions even when the service itself is not televised. The modern congregation wants to be entertained and amused since they are used to watching evangelist in TVs. The trend has dramatically affected the church since the usual sermons since the congregation wants rock music genres with computerized multimedia presentations in church. When considering these factors, do you think this is the creative way of reaching out to the people, or it’s a method of selling souls? The answer may not be obvious; however, considering the factors, it is evident that the region with television is more misleading than bringing people close to God.

The issue of religion being absent from mainstream entertainment has been declined by many people who still identify themselves as Christians, based on the study, 73% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, this number drops significantly when it comes to influences like media entertainment and other factors.Based on the article about Media portrayal of groups, Christianity has been a love or hate relationship with culture and especially media. , historical events technology and innovations has been perceived as the threat to Christianity when it comes to rinsing of Christianity. However, the Catholic Church was able to rise against the Spector of printing press, fearing the ability of the common person to read the bible by himself would undermine the authority of the church.

Portrayal of occupation

The mainstream media has, however, not been active in covering religious matters and dimensions to secular news. According to Hoover, this is because of the number of mistaken beliefs. The first mistake is that once society is more modern and advanced, it becomes more secular and less religious. The facts are widely believed in Americans’ intellectual life, despite the increased poll argument that most Americans are believers. In the traditional period, media was involved in the presentation of religion through journalism. However, the mass media era started with the development of the mass press, together with the development of new audiences with the development of new content. Before the beginning of the mass press, most press in Europe and other areas were partisan in one way or the other. However, the new economy of mass publication meant to be freed from patronage. The effect of media on religion is the central role played by media and the global rituals in public events.

essay on religion and media

Another aspect is that religions are a private matter, and therefore its s mostly outside the public discourse realm together with the journalist realm. Third, the region may make claims outside beyond the realm of what is known and concrete. Journalism only deals with the verification of sources; however, religion is unverified fundamentally. Religion is complex and difficult to cover in a brief media. Although religion is a controversial subject, therefore, without a particular objective, it is likely to offend someone.

Religious programming

In the United States and some other places across the western parts, religious programming has continued to be a trilling business. Some of the business includes selling and distributing books going against Christian values. Selling music produced by the secular artist in the name of the gospel. Although there were Christian broadcasting and radio programs as well as televisions, modern TV and radio evangelism does not emulate the traditional gospel. Despite the emphasis of evangelism, Christian TV programs attract more unbelievers who serve to reinforce the existing beliefs of the viewers. However, most of these television ministries have been criticized because of gaining tax advantage while imploring viewers

There is a need for the mainstream media to make more consistent while affirming the religious sources, instead of believing in the non-affirming and negative religious voices. Overlooking the mainstream media and affirming the sources, journalists can contribute as well as perpetuate the deal that the religious are identifies by definition, unlike mainstream media equality. When looking at the organizations represented explicitly by religious believers, there is a common profile of cultural; conservativeness that seeks to influence political debate. The idea is made possible through the biblical and Christian values that explicit the endorsement of the governmental services people.

Finally, the media need to be fair and accurate on how religious voices are presented. Favoring the evangelical voices of evangelical Christian as well as Roman Catholics is not appropriate, accurate, nor balancing. Therefore the mainstream media should eliminate the assumptions about religiosity, sexuality, values and other intersection within the voices and their influential presence in the news. Religious programs like Christian broadcasting and religious professionals are not well represented on us televisions. When they are shown, they look more saintly but with shallow characters with worst and vicious hypocrites hiding behind extreme evils. Such characters need to be evoked and all other criticism of the program that is against Christianity.

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Do you open media every time you are free ? Did it become the first thing your eyes see in the morning and the last thing you see before you sleep ? I am sure yes. Media became one of the main ways of communication for our next generation. Social media that provided for people pictures and news that are unrealistic to what is considered beautiful in today’s society forced people to take extreme and harmful things which led to...

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas focuses on the racism that black communities face in modern America. Throughout the novel, Thomas highlights the impact of the media, particularly how it influences society, elevates racism and creates bonds between characters. In The Hate U Give the media strongly influences society and encourages racism. One of the forms of media used is music, during a Garden Height’s riot following the grand jury’s conclusion that officer one-fifteen is innocent the N.W.As ‘F*ck...

Drawing on appropriate scholarship and using the relevant contemporary and historical examples, this essay will explain the arguments around the role played by television in the development of the nation state and national identity, and clearly explain both terms. To understand the role played by television in the development of the nation state we must first explore what the terms nation state and national identity imply. Anderson (2006) links the attributes and origins of nation states historically, traditionally and politically...

INTRODUCTION Islamophobia, the fear of or prejudice against the Islamic religion, is a social phenomenon prominent worldwide and in dire need of the public’s attention, considering the wide implications it has on the lives of Muslims. With the internet and social media facilitating both the misrepresentation and exaggeration of the Islamic religion as pro-terrorist and a threat to society, the lives of three million Muslims residing in the UK have limited socio-economic mobility, restricting and denying Muslims from access to...

This essay will draw on appropriate scholarship and use relevant contemporary and historical examples to explain the arguments around the role played by television in the development of the nation state and national identity, and clearly explain both terms. To understand the role played by television in the development of the nation state we must first explore what the terms nation state and national identity imply. Anderson (2006) links the attributes and origins of nation states historically, traditionally and politically...

The word ‘genocide’ was invented by a polish – Jewish origin lawyer ‘Ralphael Lemkin’. Raphael followed the widely-reported massacres and deportations of armenians in his youth and then later on he came up with the word ‘genocide’ as an original term to reflect and highlight the phenomenon.The Armenian genocide is the phenomenon of terribly killing of people after World War I in the Near East and the Russian Caucasus. About 1.5 million people suffered; some were killed and those who...

Abstract Tourist destinations are currently pursuing more distinction in an increasingly competitive market, within which image is a decisive element in tourists’ destination selection. This research studies the impact of media channels, such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and magazines on the destination image and how it is delivered differently from one media platform to another. Introduction The rapid growth and versatility of the tourism industry during the last five decades, but also its fragility, has spawned a number of...

The main objective of media regulation is to enhance the benefits of media while reducing any harmful effects. Media practises who have large audiences are viewed as beneficial to society and are promoted by regulation. Media regulation is the control or guidance of mass media by governments and other regulatory bodies. This regulation is implemented through laws, rules or procedures and can have various goals. An example of this is to protect ‘public interest’, or encourage competition. .The main targets...

This chapter reviewed the relevant literature on the effect of mass media on adolescents. The purpose of this review is to provide a background that would be appropriate for understanding what is currently known about the study. The theoretical and empirical information considered the influences of mass media on socialization of adolescent students. The influence of parental attitude on the use of mass media of adolescent students are also discussed. In today’s world, media has made a very special place...

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Religion in the Media

essay on religion and media

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Influence of a christian view on the news media.

As Christians, our perspective on the news media should be guided by the Christian worldview perspective that allows us to consider the news that is presented in the media and the making of the news. Our Christian worldview perspective must guide how we examine, embrace, and judge the stories that we see, hear, and read in the media. As Christians, we must be aware that there is no such thing as absolute objectivity so each time we engage with the media there is bias. Christians should expect bias from the media and should also judge accordingly. We also must be aware of our own bias when engaging with the media.…

Christian Perspective on News Media

Unless we withdraw to some sort of spiritual ghetto where we could sever ourselves off completely from the persuasion of the media, we have to learn how to deal with the challenges produced by it. The media may not have the political authority to embody the views and concerns of the people, there is still a position in our budding culture for a further relaxation of government control over the media. Of immense significance to us as Christians is that if we allow the sinfulness of humankind as we should, there are more grounds for us to increase extra checks, through other media sources. If being obvious is what we want our political structure to be, an independent media can contribute to a more transparent society where no public servant and political leader can conceal his or her sins. It should be our Christian concern to defend truth and honesty. While vigorous rivalry among the extended (and hopefully expanding) media factions should be encouraged, there is a need to insist that truth will not be surrendered in the name of convenience when information is published without giving enough adequate time for determining correctness and reliability of the account. I think in the past, the truth has been compromised when the major media groups in the United States reported on the results of the presidential elections. The television stations tried to outdo each other by announcing unconfirmed results which turned out to be a political soap opera rather than a reliable news reporting. I think that in the most recent elections, this has become a thing of the past. But there is a place for the Church to recognize the mechanisms of the media and use the media to have a say to the shaping of public values and ethical vision for the sake of the common good. This ultimately means that the Church must be apprehensive about the downside of being fed by media that are closely linked with any particular interest group, including the government.…

Shaping A Christian Worldview Book Review

How the media influences Christians and society in general is the next chapter in the book. A framework is given in regards to how a Christian deals with inner-cultural conflict. The author says that gives several different ways that we deal with media, which include the following; avoid, accommodate, compromise, compete, or collaborate. Whatever method is appropriate at the time, the ultimate goal is to come to a positive understanding with conflicting party.…

The Media Effects American Culture

The media is the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. The growth of the media has spread vastly over the years. The media is also known as a “channel of mass communication.” “Mass Media incorporates all those mediums through which information is distributed to the masses. These include advertisements, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet” (Sebastian). The media introduces many new things to the public, both positive and negative. The media harms the American culture by creating these celebrity idols, the glorification of violence, sex, and drug and alcohol abuse. The media positively affects the American culture by the quick and easy flow of useful information and education, its major role in developments like fight against racism, fight against gender bias, world poverty and spreading awareness about world peace. The media affects the American culture in several ways, beneficial and harmful. The media affects the way people view the world, others, and the way they live their life. The media also, however, influences the way people learn, interact, and engage with the rest of the world.…

Identity and Belonging

The media provides information about our surroundings and has the power to change our thoughts. Many of the information that the media provides us may sometimes be positives and sometimes be…

Essay On Media Bias

Media bias is an unavoidable aspect of any information spreading source or program. Much like the saying “history is written by the victors” (Winston Churchill), any information provided to the general public should be expected to be affected by the personal bias of the ones reporting the information. While it may be hard to spot an example of media bias, it is definitely there even if it is not meant to come on as a bias. Whether it is the placement of articles in the local newspaper, the scandalous spin on the love lives of celebrities, or the happenings in the political circles of the world’s governments.…

The Media Distort Our Understanding of the World

The media distort our understanding of what is happening in the world? Discuss. Justify your answer with the use of examples.…

gangs notes

-The media is one of biggest propaganda tools in the world and manifest ideas of the world especially regarding violence…

Manipulation In Animal Farm

Overall, the media is a smart but sly business. They can easily influence us in bad ways, just like in Animal Farm, when Squealer lied to the animals many times for the pigs to have their way. From exaggerating stories to creating propaganda to covering up stories, the media can really control us without us realizing. Although it may be helpful sometimes, we need to be cautious of what we are…

Assignment 3: Facts About Cirino

The media has always been an important aspect in people’s lives. Everyone always wants to know the latest news and what’s going on in the world. A few decades ago, the main forms of communication were newspapers and radio. Now days, people have plenty of options to receive news whether from radio, cable networks, or online. This has opened doors to many media outlets, which has created news to be more biased. In a society where information used to be interpreted by few to many, this has now changed shifts to where information has become much more inclusive and more people have the chance to get their voices heard making the media much more biased than ever before.…

The Media's Influence On Stereotypes

Many times, the media does not catch the side of the story where real people are being affected and influenced by what the society thinks and says about them. We seem to act as though we are more superior and that we are perfect and do not make mistakes. Just because some people from a certain religion make a poor choice does not mean that everyone else is that religion is bound to as well. It is the same with the Muslim people. Just because there are terrorists who hurt themselves and those around them for selfish reasons, does not mean that every other Muslim is just as destructive. I feel that people need to be more open minded and try to do research and become more educated before judging and discriminating. If for once all religions saw eye to eye and did not try to put one another down then we would live in a much peaceful world. By not becoming educated, we basically take someone else's opinion, or the medias and make it our own without looking deeper into the situation. If we just stop being selfish for just a moment, perhaps we can start again and try to live in harmony with our fellow human…

Media Representations of Muslims in Australia

Explore media representations of Muslims in Australia in the post-September 11 period. What are the effects of such images, both on the Muslim community, and the Australian community more broadly?…

The Media's Influence On American Culture

The media is at our fingertips and accessible almost all hours of the day, of course it’s going to have an influence on the way people think and act. The issue is the negative messages that the media is presenting. Media’s power helps spread false information that cultivates racist beliefs and broadly speaking, a culture of hate and violence. One example is seen in social media and advancing technology. There are countless cases of photo shopped pictures, and innocent people are attacked for this false reality perpetuated by media. For example, there was a picture circulating, even some news websites used it, of a Sikh man who originally was holding his ipad but it was photo shopped to him holding the Qur’an with a bomb strapped to his chest.…

Advertising And Violence By Jean Kilbourne Analysis

There is an influence that media holds that is inconspicuous by many people. However, media should not have the power to set the standards for…

Muslim Stereotypes in the Media

The media over exaggerates their representation of the Muslim population portraying them as violent terrorists and a threat to most nations/countries. Stereotypes abound in any and every form of media we can listen to, read, or watch today. Stereotypes create recognition in people and stir emotions - from anger to fear, or even empathy. News reports on religion generally use outrageous stereotypes of the population of the particular religion. This is evident in the representation of Muslims whenever they pop-up in news stories. Our views and opinions are often shaped by the media - the news, TV shows, movies, magazines and newspapers. Many people take the views depicted in these and claim them as their own without thinking or researching it more. Cultural Theorist Stuart Hall states that the messages in media, "intersect with the deep semantic codes of a culture and take on additional, more active ideological dimensions." This means that they build on the cultural and social anxieties of a given time and also reflect then back into the culture, therefore reinforcing them and adding to them. The problem with this is that the media almost always leaves bits and pieces out and portray only the parts they think we want to see to meet our expectations.…

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essay on religion and media

Show More The Role of Media and Its Negative Portrayal of Religious Groups Independent Media has a negative impact on people’s perception of two religion conflicting. There are many cases where there have been conflicts due to the history differences of two different religions. The media plays a significant role in the negative portrayal of religious groups. The media portrays a biased notion of religious groups, this can be done by making a religious standpoint seem like the enemy. Several cases where media only shows the negative attributes of a certain conflict and does not show the positives. Media sets up specific religions to always be seen as aggressive or violent. Extremists are presented as normal in the current society, and are not separated between religious and extremist. Media is the reason war is caused by religion. The most common rivalry between two similar religions is the dispute between the Judaism and Islam . In order to create a one-sided to this dilemma, media must accusate one of the sides as the hero and a side that is an enemy. The initial clash between these two groups of people, was the fight for a …show more content… This is due to media choosing or cutting out specific scenes creating a one sided story in religious war. This is typically caused to create views for media. By getting more views off of this propaganda the channel gains popularity and wealth. The news reporters are forced into showing biased opinions due to the popularity it earns and receives. This can also promote patriotism within a nation, doing so, it can also provide with more recruits in the army. For instance, Fox News, an american news program, typically portrays America as the heroes and Islamic state as the enemy. This creates “us vs. them” mentality which is unhealthy for a country. This can lead to society to having a lousy point of view of islamic people. Media has a huge role in showing the nation the conflicts that are

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Religion's role in wars.

Many that find it difficult to believe that something as pure as religion could cause war, will easily believe that differing ideologies cause war. Ideology and religion are so strongly associated with the other, that any war caused by an “ideology” is arguably caused by religion. There have been justified wars and sanctified warfare throughout time, both based on the belief that advocating their beliefs is morally correct, even if it requires violence. Further, religious violence did not only occur in our…

Iraq's Role In The Gulf War

Human rights violations of Iraqi forces had provoked public opinion of international allies. Iraqi forces had explicitly targeted civilians because of varying religious denominations in Kuwait. This had caused international outrage, influencing government foreign affairs decisions involving Kuwait. In addition, this displays how public opinion can sway foreign policy. Global media coverage had influenced people to hold a hostility towards Iraq because of international alignment.…

Minorities In The Media Research Paper

The portrayal of minorities in the media has been an issue plaguing America for many years. Religious groups are always cautiously approached in the media, particularly Muslims because people could get offered. However it is not the Muslims that the media is afraid of offending, but everyone else. Nearly all representations of Muslims in the media depict them as terrorists, because America refuses to see them as anything else. What the media industry needs to do, is pass over the walls of stereotypes, and be mature.…

Misconception Of Osama Bin Laden's Five Pillars Of Islam

However, the media influencing viewers have overlooked how a majority of Muslims condemn such violent deeds committed under the name of their faith. These appalling acts have gone on to be allusion towards Muhammed and early confidants’ associations with violence generating much misinterpretation on the religion in an indistinguishable manner. The notion, from their perspective, is commonly referenced to the actions of extremist groups for their fear-provoking strategies. It will even stretch to ideological worldview wherein they have to reaffirm the lawful position of Islam in society necessitates moral self-discipline and other means like what they have done. On the other hand, this is simply a misinterpretation of its multiple meanings which are to fight against an internal struggle and physical warfare in the path of God.…

Differences In Religion

Countries that have a multicultural society is very sensitive with ethnic and racial differences, even religious differences. In countries that have been conflict and genocide, such as some countries in Middle East or even Europe (Bosnia), religious issues is often associated with differences in race and ethnicity. It’s mean that religion used as a tool to destroy a groups, race, or other religions to achieve a goal, such as for take over an area, even…

World War 2 Propaganda Analysis

As effective as it is it was also the powerhouse to giving hope and planting beliefs inside peoples head. propaganda war poster were part of the reason that encouraged people in the military forces to keep on fighting and others who were not in the military to join the military, even after seeing many besides them fall. a good example of propaganda is this poster. When Britain seemed to stand alone this poster was sent out to reassure people that britons did have allies. As a result it helped people feel as though they have a better chance at winning the war.…

Essay On Do Religion Cause War

The reason why religion causes war is not the fact that religion teaches the people to do so, it is because of the fact that people have disagreements and disbeliefs about other religions besides the religion they practice. This causes confliction because in one culture, people may have an Islamic belief as in another culture, people may have a Catholic belief (Barnes 2005). For example, the effort to inflict Christianity on people’s lives was an important role of the confliction neighboring the European colonization. Perhaps a group may seek to challenge other religions the opportunity to practice their belief. This is out of aspiration to reduce the beliefs the…

Religion's Influence On Religion And Politics

Everyone has morals and beliefs that set a baseline for what they value. Values vary between individuals, but for many, religion is the root from where these values stem from. While it is good to morally question, today personal religious affiliation is increasing in collective matters and actions, expressed in politics, protests, and biased beliefs. It’s important to note that religion and politics are two different domains that should not intermingle, as religion is a personal ideology while politics embody a rational, collective process. Good politics are policy oriented and not concerned with external factors related to politicians and their personal lives.…

Propaganda During Ww2

However, using the posters was not sufficient. The countries needed fast ways to promote their idea, and thus, they also actively used the media, including radio and cinematography as well as the art. This helped the propagandists to promote their ideas to the wider audience and to create the content with the largest power of…

Research Paper On Jihad

Much of the media coverage we experience today regarding Muslims and Islam circles around the term jihad. Often, the term “jihadist” is tagged to groups of individuals that employee extreme terrorist tactics. As a result, through Western eyes, jihad is violent Islam; Islam as a religion encourages practitioners to engage in jihad via terrorism. While many Muslims do emphasize jihad as an important aspect of their faith, in many cases, it does not imply violence or terrorism. Jihad was not originally intended to be a rationale for the violent spread of Islam, including acts of terrorism; however, the use of jihad as a justification for such violence resulted from historical contexts.…

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"Religions such as Judaism and Christianity are portrayed fairly and sensitively in the media." Do you agree? Religion is a very important thing in the media. The media can manipulate and stereotype as much as they want and people won't know about it. The media can put their point across and not say anything about the other arguments involved. They have one view however, this is not necessarily the right view. In this essay, I am going to view both arguments and then conclude with my opinion and the argument that I agree with. In the media, there are a lot of programmes such as Family Guy, Citizen Khan, The Simpsons and Father Ted where there are jokes about religion. I feel that most of these jokes are funny however, I think that some of the jokes aren't funny and that they could offend some people of that religion. I think that this quote, 'Offending the minority to entertain the majority' explains what the media thinks. But is it right to do this? What if the 'minority' was the whole religion? How would we know? I don't agree with this quote. This is because we don't know how big the 'minority' is. It could only be a few people but it also could be the whole religion it was directed at. People take things in different ways. How would the media know how many people it was going to offend? There can be lots of damage done by stereotyping/ joking about a religion as it is a subject that many people feel strongly about. It is something people follow for their whole lives and something that they look up to. It is very offensive when someone makes a joke about it. This quote: 'There are no limits to comedy...there is nothing you cannot be funny about...' is similar as I feel the same way. I think that comedy is something that doesn't offend one person and something that entertains everybody. It isn't fair that some people should be offended when there are people laughing at exactly the same joke or stereotype. In the episode of Family Guy we watched in the lesson, there were quite a few stereotypes about Jews. However, once again it depends how you view the stereotype. Some people may think most stereotypes in this episode portray Jews in a good way however, others may think the opposite. In the episode, they mention Jews as 'good with money', 'smart', 'nothing they can't do' and 'exotic'. These stereotypes sound good and like that they are not trying to take the mick out of Jews. However, in this episode they also say, 'Jews have big noses', 'they are retarded', 'they're not all good with money' and that 'they killed the Lord'. These stereotypes suggest the opposite and that Jews aren't nice people. These are just a few stereotypes out of the episode and already you can see that there are a similar amount of good stereotypes as there are the bad ones. But what if I have misinterpreted the good ones? What if some people (mainly Jews) find some of the stereotypes I think are good, bad? What does the word 'exotic' mean? What did the creators want people to think when they said the word 'exotic'? I think this is trying to say that you don't get Jews around there a lot, they're some kind of special creature. But is 'creature' the way to explain it? Also being 'good with money' is this a good thing? Or does it mean that the Jews are cheap and keep all their money to themselves? This episode of Family Guy would have first aired in 2002, but because people were concerned about its content, it wasn't aired until November 2003. As you can see, there are many things you could argue for these Family Guy stereotypes but I want to say that in the episode, Peter wants Chris to become a Jew because they are smart and so good at everything, apparently. Doesn't this say something good about Jews? I think it does. There had be many people offended by this episode but if the creators of family guy didn't want people to be offended but did offend people accidentally, surely if they didn't mean it, it wasn't that bad? I don't think it was that bad, because even though they included stereotypes about Jews (bad ones) near the end of the episode, they wanted to show that Jews were good, they made Peter want Chris to become a Jew. Doesn't this say something? However, maybe some people interpreted it in a different (not necessarily right) way. What if they thought that saying that they were good with money and smart was bad? They could have easily taken it in a different way for example: Being good with money- Stingy and won't buy anything etc. This is why joking about religion is so dangerous. Anybody could easily take something in a different way than somebody else, somebody could take it to heart. As well as this religion is a serious subject to some people. It is something that people have believed in for their entire lives and somebody joking about it sometimes, isn't funny. Comedy is something that is funny but at the same time, won't offend anybody. Even if you're only offending one person, you're still offending somebody and it is unfair that one person should be upset over something that everyone else finds funny. However, what if nobody meant to offend anybody? What if it was supposed to be proper comedy- nobody offended - but somebody is offended. If nobody meant to harm anybody, isn't that alright? However, in the episode the line 'except for the retarded ones', I feel is a step too far as 'retard' is an unpleasant word used for people with a disability. This line implies that most Jews have a disability which is clearly not true and even if Jews did, what would be wrong with that? God made everybody equal so what would be wrong if Jews did all have a disability. Citizen Khan is also a very controversial program. Many episodes include stereotypes and jokes about Muslims. In one episode, Mr Khan comes home with a lot of toilet roll saying that they should only use a small amount, he also said, “Luckily for you, you are married to a Pakistani businessman” after this, his daughter replies saying “Dad your such a cheapskate it’s embarrassing”. There are many episodes like this, full of 'jokes' and stereotypes. But are these 'jokes' funny or are they just offensive stereotypes? I think the most obvious way to interpret this quote is that all Muslims are cheapskates because that's what it sounds like. As I've said, there are many episodes that support this because there are many jokes/ stereotypes similar to this. But will people find this funny or get offended? How would the producer of Citizen Khan know? Again, what if he isn't trying to be offensive but funny? However, you could also say that if the person watching it is offended, it's their fault. If they don't like those types of jokes and stereotypes, should they even be watching the TV show, it's their decision. So is it their decision to be offended or not? The producers obviously think the people who will get offended shouldn't be watching it and just avoiding it. But is this right? As I've already mentioned, the other argument is that if you make a joke not meaning to offend people, it's ok, just make the joke. However, is this good or bad? If you agree with this argument, you're saying that if people take something offensively, they don’t watch it again. This argument means that people have their own choice to do what they want, if people want to make entertainment, not meaning to offend ANYBODY, it's ok. People have their own choice to watch the TV show if they want. It’s your choice at the end of the day so if you don’t like what you’re watching and that you feel like it’s taking the mick out of your faith, just don't watch it. However, why would you agree with this when you hear some jokes and stereotypes that just take it too far. In my opinion, stereotypes about how a person in a certain religion looks or about how a certain religion prays at ceremonies is just taking it too far. Even if you don't mean to offend people, saying a joke or taking the mick about something where millions could be hurt and offended, when you know that it will is just wrong. There is a difference between not meaning to offend anybody and not trying to offend anybody. What's the point in offending many when you could easily do a joke which is funny and which wouldn't offend anybody? But why should we be restricted from making jokes about something that is not meant to be offend? It's only a joke, at the end of the day. You choose how you take the joke, it's their problem, not the producers, right? But why did stereotypes even come about? It is believed that Jewish stereotypes came about in the second world war where Hitler picked out the Jews for certain reasons. The big nose idea for example came from when the Nazis when they measured people's noses to determine whether or not they are a Jew. I believe this is wrong, Jews having big noses is a stereotype. It is not necessarily true for a Jews, just some. Other stereotypes have just come through the development of the media. There are typical stereotypes for every religion, for example, all Muslims are terrorists etc. Should some films and programmes be censored? As the media is growing and getting wider and wider around the world, many people are starting to think that certain shows and films are de-humanising people and are stereotyping and joking about religion like it is a small subject. There is now more violence, swearing and drinking/drug-taking etc. than ever before in the media. People are getting worried about how the media is portraying all humans, is this really what we'll all end up like? They are wrong about religion being a small subject too, it isn't. One of the main questions is, 'Is religion misrepresented in the media?'. I feel like this is true and that religion is portrayed badly and differently than what it actually is. There are more stereotypes about religion than there ever has been and more and more people are starting to get offended. But is this the media's fault? Or is the media who should start to sort things out and try to stop with the offensive jokes and stereotypes and start making some actual comedy where nobody gets offended? But there's already programmes and films which have been made which are portraying religions in different ways and doubting the religions. In my opinion, I don' think this should be on TV because it is unfair that it should be going against somebody's religion which they feel very strongly about, right? Some examples of this are: Harry Potter - Is the magic in the story un-Christian and a bad influence on young, Christina people? The DaVinci Code - Dubious evidence for Dan Brown’s assertions about Christ The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia – Allegories of the Christian story (is it really true or just a myth?) Even though it is part of the film/ programme should it still be deleted or at least censored in some sort of way? It would lead people into thinking that their religions a lie and that they shouldn't believe in it. As I've said, religion is a strong topic and people won't want part of their religious community turning to a different religion because of what someone (not even necessarily from their religion) has said. As well as this, even though these examples are all to do with Christianity, don't think that there aren't shows which are leaving allegories and things which contradict other religions because there are, and there are many of them in the media. Conclusion- You know that the media has changed so much throughout recent years and that there are more and more devices that show you programmes, clips, stories etc. of the media and religion today. Also, you might not realise but people have more and more exposure to it as well. They have more exposure to what I think are biased, opinionated media stories which aren't necessarily true - they could easily be exaggerated! Today, people are more affected and tend to believe more of the media's stories than ever before, this is because of the popularity of it all - the media. In conclusion to the question, I think that the answer to this is no. I feel that the media is very biased and usually only tells stories that will shock the world and make a big reaction to gain more and more popularity therefore, there are jokes and stereotypes and stories about religion that are necessarily true. There are also normally more negative ones and not as many positive ones unless the jokes and stereotypes are about people from our country. The media thinks that because now people only want to know about the bad things in other countries not the good things. However, I think this is because of all films, TV shows and video games which de-humanise people and human. I feel that the media just really publish stories that will grasp a reader’s attention and stories that don’t really fully reflect a true story of religion. I believe that this should be changed, and soon. People should be able to make their own views on religion- it's something personal to them. It's easy to be influenced by the media today as it's so big and so popular but don't you think it should be right for a person to make a personal choice for religion, something that they should believe in for their entire lives? There are messages through the media which try to change our religious views to something that they believe in. They do this by exaggerating stories about certain religions. I feel that comedy (to do with religion) is something that is funny to everyone- there is nobody offended. Even if the person didn't mean to offend or hurt anybody, I still think they shouldn't say it. I know people don't know if it will but they should really think about it before they say something which could end up offending millions. It really isn't right. How would you feel if somebody said something really offensive about your religion? You really wouldn't like it. Anybody could easily say "Oh, I didn't mean it." It doesn't mean anything. If you're not sure about a religious joke, don't say it, keep your mouth shut. I feel that TV programmes such as Citizen Khan and Family Guy are funny and entertaining however, I feel that there are some jokes and stereotypes in the episodes that are offensive and shouldn't be in there. I don't usually watch these types of shows myself. but when we watched the Family Guy episode in the lesson I felt like it was a great episode. Sure, there were some offensive comments and stereotypes but there were good ones too. As well as this, close to the end of the episode, they want to turn their son into a Jew. In my opinion, I think this is a good thing however, I am not a Jew. Would they interpret it differently? I think some people could do, especially some Jews because people take things in different ay as I've said before. I feel that religion isn't portrayed fairly or sensitively in the media. Things are exaggerated, biased and sometimes made up completely. I think it is a bad influence on children who want to grow up to be part of a certain religion or even children learning about religion. The media wants their opinion across and because of the popularity of the media today, people are likely to come across these TV shows, films and articles and watch/ read them and sometimes listen to them. I isn't fair that they should make decisions based on what the media thinks. It's your life, you make your own decisions. The media shouldn't decide for you. “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out - because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trades unionists… Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.” Martin Niemoller on the importance of Christians speaking out in Nazi German. “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – think about such things.” St Paul in his letter to the Philippians points out the importance of good and healthy thinking. Does the modern media encourage such thinking? “Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts…. …..No human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. ……With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.” James 3.5.11 suggests that we should use our speech and writing responsibly and carefully. Should the media think the same way?

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Representation of Religion in Media

Representation of Religion in Media essay

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The media have come to play a perpetually conspicuous role in social and social life since the development of the alleged ‘broad communications’ in the late nineteenth century. Prior to that time, despite the fact that the media through which social and social information were shared (oral transmission, custom execution, composing, visual portrayal, and printing) was imperative, they were increasingly inferred and straightforward to the procedures they empowered.

Today, in a scope of social and social settings, the media are fore grounded, even determinative. With regards to the media, religious networks have a portrayal issue. When we open a paper or turn on the TV, we are probably not going to hear any reference to religion except if it is in reference to an emergency, an embarrassment, or a confused enthusiast advancing clash or viciousness for the sake of religion. Media and religion concerns the portrayal and depiction of religion in the media.

essay on religion and media

As indicated by Hjarvard (2008), media is the central way that we find out about religion and otherworldliness in the present society. Never again does data about religious customs and their history, convictions and practices originate from the religions themselves, rather the media has now embraced this job. There are various failings with how religion is spoken to in the predominant press, many very much archived. The media should be considered responsible, for instance, for off base anecdotes about specific religious gatherings. The Independent Press Standards Organization should be harder and ensure that revisions and withdrawals are given weight equivalent to the first wrong article.

The out of line treatment of Muslims by specific columnists is another coming up short of the media. Specifically that media consideration regarding religion frequently comprises of anecdotes about ‘radical’ Muslims, disregarding the large amounts of Christian fanaticism that could likewise be depicted in that capacity.

The tale of good Christian/awful Muslim is told both by articulation and oversight, by naming, or not naming, the religion or ethnicity of fear mongers. For instance, Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik isn’t depicted by the media as a Christian psychological militant, in spite of the fact that he self-recognized as a Christian and would-be defender of European Christianity. The American religious researcher Stephen Prothero brings up that Christians quickly decried him, portraying his activities as political and not religious, a liberality not stretched out to Muslims who murder for political-religious reasons.

Media Using Religion

Customarily, the media have been most engaged with the introduction of religion through news coverage. The broad communications period started with the advancement of a mass press, and notwithstanding the improvement of new groups of onlookers and new economies, it additionally grown new substance. Prior to the mass press, most press in Europe and North America were factional somehow, obligated to political, administrative, even corporate specialist.

The new economy of mass production implied that the press could be liberated from support, and that new perusers and groups of onlookers would come the press for a more extensive scope of material than before. The outcome was the thought of papers and magazines as open records, apparently talking from positions outside the thin points of view of unique interests. This sort of news coverage expected to discover its voice, and new models of reporting and new jobs for news coverage out in the open and political life developed.

On account of North America, religion has not really been a piece of that blend. For the greater part of the twentieth century, religion was seen by news-casting to be an account of religious organizations and their practices and rights. In the meantime, these establishments were treated with regard, when treated by any means. There was much proof that religious foundations, in any event, were of blurring significance as the century advanced, and news coverage by and large expected that secularization was pushing forward apace.

It was not until late in the century that religion came to be viewed as ‘hard’ news, to a great extent as the aftereffect of news occasions, for example, the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, the ascent of conventionalist religious developments around the world, and the rise of Evangelicalism as a political power in North America. The psychological militant assaults of September 11, 2001, on New York, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, put religion substantially more solidly on the ‘news plan,’ with expanding inclusion of religion in essence among European and North American reporting.

A nearby paper may help advance a neighborhood religious foundation by publicizing occasions, or may illuminate its readership about different parts of a religion. A national paper may highlight articles on national or worldwide occasions, example Hajj, or the arrangement of another Pope.

Nonetheless, papers can report stories biasedly. Since the occasions of 9/11, a few portrayals of Islam have concentrated on the more outrageous perspectives instead of the Muslim people group all in all, this may prompt preference among perusers.

There are numerous religious productions which teach and advance the message of religion to help and fortify individuals’ confidence. Some state that religious productions may give an uneven picture of their religion, which may prompt preference against different religions or non-devotees.

Cleanser musical shows, dramatizations and documentaries give distinctive portrayals of religion. Documentaries are true and should give a reasonable introduction. For instance, the narrative Strictly Kosher demonstrated the truth of regular day to day existence for some Jewish individuals.

Cleanser musical dramas are extremely well known in the UK and frequently handle religious issues yet a few adherents might be disappointed by the manner by which a religious issue is handled.

Religious gatherings can utilize the web further bolstering their advantage by elevating their religion to the world and uniting the loyal by sharing news and perspectives on the web. Numerous religious foundations, for example, CAFOD, utilize their sites to make individuals mindful of fiascos around the globe and to request help and gifts on the web.

Be that as it may, the web can likewise be utilized to spread a message of extremism and loathe about specific religions or gatherings of individuals.

Some radio stations focus on a religious group of onlookers, broadcasting the most recent religious news and giving messages, music, stories and guidance.

Increasingly mainstream radio stations may investigate issues where there are clear religious points of view to be considered. For instance, subjects, for example, fetus removal may be talked about and suppositions contributed by the moderators, visitors and general society.

Regularly, films which have a religious storyline have characters confronting moral options. For instance, the film Bend it like Beckham features the ordinary battles that some religious Sikh ladies may involvement because of living in the West.

Movies can instruct people in general about various religious standards. Watchers can likewise feel for religious characters in the movies and the challenges they may experience.

Movies may likewise advance discourse on delicate issues experienced by confidence network individuals, for example, sexism, homosexuality or masterminded marriage. Be that as it may, they can likewise strengthen generalizations by offering a one-sided depiction of the religion.

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