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Essay on teacher respect in urdu for review essay sample

Essay on teacher respect in urdu

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Dissertation on mentoring

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essay on parents respect in urdu

Super Urdu Mom

Everyday adventures of a Canadian-Pakistani family passing on the love of culture and Urdu to the next generation!

How to teach Urdu to kids

How to teach Urdu to Kids: Simple Tips for Parents

Posted on December 29, 2016 March 2, 2021

One of the big reasons I started blogging was to share the journey of teaching my children Urdu. Here are some tips for parents trying to teach Urdu and pass on the language to the next generation. Maybe you have faced some road blocks as you started and feeling frustrated or maybe you are just starting and feeling nervous. I hope these tips of how to teach Urdu will help your family!

Raising bilingual children is a challenging but extremely rewarding pursuit. Research has shown that bilingual children have more creative brains than those who know one language and are better at problem solving. Teaching children Urdu is also a great way to keep them connected to their cultural heritage. The benefits of bilingualism are well-established. It’s a gift you can give to your children. So let’s get started on how to teach Urdu to kids.

Respect and Love the Language

The first and most important ingredient in the mix of how to teach Urdu is respecting the Urdu language. Pass on the language because you love it. Maybe this might require you to brush up your own interest in the language by listening to some beautiful songs, ghazals and qawwalis . Think about your favorite Urdu writers, plays and dramas. Revive your interest in the language. Your children will pick up on your love and respect. Don’t let Urdu be the language they hear when they are getting scolded, or when grandma visits and wants to watch a Pakistani drama.

You Are Your Own Best Tool

Before you spend money on books, apps, software, classes or CDs remember that if you speak the language, you are the best tool to teach your child. The rest of these resources are helpful but you will be the driving force. Even if your child is at school the majority of the day, or you work outside the house, a little dedicated time to the task in the week will plant the seeds of learning. Use the time in the car, giving a bath, over the dinner table or walking to school to engage in some of the activities I will suggest in this post.

[Urdu Classes By Culture Tree]

Make Learning Fun

Don’t scare your children through worksheets, lessons and expectations. Have fun teaching them and make it an activity they look forward to. Sing songs to increase their vocabulary of Urdu words and play games to teach them Urdu concepts.

how to teach Urdu to kids

Here are some ideas below of how to teach Urdu in fun ways. You can build on these to have fun while learning.

+ Song to learn Days of the Week – Video here

+ Learn Urdu words for Feelings – Video here

+ Urdu words while doing groceries – Video here

+ Fun Urdu games for Toddlers – Read here

+ Urdu treasure hunt – Read here

+ Urdu games for a road trip – Read here

+ A fun Urdu game to increase vocabulary and learn science – Read here

urdu games

Focus First on Verbal Skills

Concentrate on developing your child’s verbal skills first. This will increase their interest and confidence in the language. Introduce reading and writing skills as level 2. Urdu is a difficult language to learn, especially if you live outside of South Asia and your child is not being taught the language at school. Don’t intimidate and overwhelm your child. If they master the verbal skills, they can still write Urdu using the roman English letters (Side note: Farhan Akhtar is an amazingly talented Urdu writer/poet and only uses roman letters to read and write Urdu). If they are learning Arabic it will be easier for them later to learn the Urdu Nastaliq script. Moreover they will have greater interest to learn reading and writing once they have a better command on the verbal skills.

Talk and Teach

Don’t underestimate the value of talk. Talk to your children in Urdu. Talk to your family in Urdu, your children are listening. Point out things to them. Talk to them in the car, the drive thru, while giving them a bath and around the dinner table. Even if they don’t reply to you in Urdu, they are listening and their vocabulary is developing. You can gently repeat their English replies in Urdu.

Make it Social

Children enjoy learning with little people their own age. See if you can round up a few kids to arrange a story time. Keep it small and manageable.

Join my daughter and I as we do Urdu story time every Saturday through Facebook live videos (9.30 AM Mountain Standard Time and 9.30 PM Pakistan time).

urdu story time

+ Tips to arrange Urdu story time with resources – Read here

Read with them

Cuddle up with a great book and enjoy reading with your children. Books are a great way to increase your child’s vocabulary and comprehension of Urdu. I have written a separate post about recommendations for great Urdu books for children and how to find them in and outside of Pakistan. This is a huge topic so it deserved a separate post. Read it here . There are some great Urdu books available now that have fun themes, songs and stories.

how to teach Urdu to kids

Whenever you read an English book, you can translate it as you go. To develop recognition of the Urdu script you can add sticky notes with translations on the pages.

how to teach Urdu to kids

Include Family & Friends

Family and friends who speak Urdu are great assets. At social gatherings encourage speaking in Urdu. Grandparents can build on your efforts whether they live close by or are far away. The stories that are passed on by grandparents are treasures for life. The patience and dedication of grandparents is priceless. Skype calls with relatives are great for long distance chats. If time zones don’t match, video messages work great. My daughter sends video messages to her cousins in Manila, and they reply back when they can.

how to teach Urdu to kids

Cooking, Crafting and Urdu

I love involving my children while I cook. They feel empowered helping out in an activity they see their mother so frequently busy in. This develops a natural learning environment to learn new Urdu words and phrases. Yes, there are messes but the benefits outweigh the hassle on most days.

How to teach Urdu to kids

+ My daughter and I making Potato Cutlets and practicing Urdu – Watch here

If your children enjoy crafting, add urdu learning to the one you’re doing. Sharing some ideas here:

+ Making Raani the Haathi T-shirt. Read here

+ Basant inspired craft. Read here

Make Urdu Visible in your Life

Don’t keep Urdu restricted just to your lessons. Show your children how it’s an important part of your life.

Here are some fun ideas:

How to teach Urdu to kids

urdu gift tags

urdu names for toys

essay on parents respect in urdu

essay on parents respect in urdu

+ Six ways to bring Urdu in your birthday celebrations. Read here

+ Singing the birthday song in Urdu. Read here

How to Teach Urdu: Electronic Tools

Notice how I have kept electronic tools at the end of my list of how to teach Urdu, since these alone will not help your child learn and enjoy Urdu. These are at best additional resources. Don’t rely on them alone. The primary caregiver has to be involved for learning to be engaging and effective. When your child watches the shows, cuddle up and watch with them. Later discuss the characters and the themes. This will enhance their learning.

Here are some of my suggestions for online resources.

essay on parents respect in urdu

Hope you enjoyed these tips of how to teach Urdu to kids. All the best in your journey to teach your children Urdu and raising them bilingual. I would love to hear from you on what strategies you use and if the ones I suggested help. Take care!

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28 thoughts on “ How to teach Urdu to Kids: Simple Tips for Parents ”

Well I don’t live abroad but making my 6 year old write is the most stressful job ever he just doesn’t write untill i scream and ask him to write each word….he takes 3 hours to write one page:'(

These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Very interesting ideas… thanx for sharing…

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it

Excellent..your ideas really helped as I started following you. Your a great mom!!!! Thank you soo much for sharing and my little one is also inspired by you. She’s also a bilingual child and raised her by these tips. It is only possible because of you. When I told her about you she just wanted to say Sukria.?

Dear Sania, thanks so much for your feedback! Lots of love to your little one! So happy to hear that these steps helped you! Take care and stay in touch 🙂

i’m just about to start teaching my four-year-old Urdu. i’m very excited about it. thanks so much for sharing your advice and resources!

Thank you so much!! Like you wrote I am extremely nervous at the moment. My triplets are 5 and they cannnot speak even a single sentence in Urdu. I have been an Urdu lover all my life. I can’t accept that my kids might never know it! I talk to them in Urdu but I will get down to more activities listed here! May Allah bless you!

What awesome advice 🙂 thank you so much for these great resources. Hoping to watch your story time with you guys. I think it will be great for my kids to see other kids speak in urdu.

Thanks for your feedback! Do join us this Saturday inshaAllah

اردو سیکھنے اور سکھانے کے لئےاچھی معلومات دی گئی ھی دی گئی ھیں جو کہ خصوصی طور پر اساتذہ کے لئے بہت زیادہ مفید ھیں ۔

Assalam o alaikum.i just came across your blog when i started homeschooling my children in pakistan. Primary reason being that their urdu was lagging way behind,which is very ironic.So i wouldn’t know the struggles a Pakistani family settled abroad may be facing in preserving this beautiful language.But i would just like to thank you and tell you that your efforts are helping so many people from different back grounds and stories ,like me.Love to your children. They have an amazing role model in you.Stay blessed.☺

Great suggestions….i would like to add that i live in dubai n m using oxford series “urdu ka guldasta” for my kids 5 n 7 yo.tht i brought frm pakistan…..n its working best along with all efforts like u hv mentioned here:)

i need urdu stories books for my kids… what is the easiest and cheapest way to get these books [email protected]

i m getting books from iftikhar book depot but it cost to much for me… please help me out

AssalaamAlaikum, I googled for online Urdu Childrens Stories so I camer accross your page. I think you are doing a wonderful job as mom.

Few months back I started this project “Bachon ki Dunya”. My purpose was to promote Urdu. I produce childrens cartoons / animations. I would like you to advice me how to get in touch with parents / parents groups so that they know about our initiative. I would also love to hear your feedback about our cartoons.

I don’t want to post the url here because maybe it won’t allowe me to post it here or see it as spam.

Looking forward to your reply.

Excellent resource i would day !! Keep it up

Mashallah, this is a gold mine on how to teach Urdu n be a parent without losing it! My two older sons speak Urdu, though with hesitation at times, the youngest understands Urdu, but only speaks English. So, I will def use some or most of your ideas. Thanks much.

Please add something related to formation of Urdu letter. Its quite difficult to teach children.

Thank you for your ideas, it will really help me. I was feeling quite depress but now hope ful that I am not the only one who is struglling to teach them Urdu living out side Asia, Do u still do story time

Thank you Urdu Mom for introducing us on facebook to such a fine urdu teacher – Arzoo Fatima. My kids have been learning from her and she is simply amazing. The kids love her and look forward to her weekly classes. Very satisfied with her teaching skills and there had been a remarkable improvement in the kids’ urdu diction!

How old was girl when she started talking in Urdu. My son is 3 1/2 years old and talks in English only.

Stay persistent and he will start speaking urdu! Every child is different ❤️

your ideas really awesome. ! May Allah bless you! They have an amazing role model in you. Stay blessed.

So nicely written …

I have a question I wanted to introduce Arabic alphabets to my daughter too BT I think she is getting confused as in shapes are similar as in Urdu but te sounds r not bw she knows english n Urdu alphabets completely n she is 2 and half year old

What do u suggest on the basis of your experience that should I go ahead or wait a lil bit more to introduce Arabic

AOA I’m student of bs(hons) at uog tomarrow is my paper and I am not successful to find the answer of 1 question can you help me? And the question is Strategies of teaching writing in urdu

Awesome article.

Comments are closed.

Instagram: @urdumom

essay on parents respect in urdu

essay on parents respect in urdu

Berozgari Essay in Urdu بے روزگاری ۔۔۔ایک سماجی برائی

Unemployment or berozgari essay.

While most people do a job to keep their body and soul together, there are very few who work only for pleasure. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the absence of employment transforms the person into meaningless existence. On the other hand, a suitable job provides the people with the opportunity to participate in society to improve their worth, social status, respect, and dignity. So, regarding their impacts on society, the terms unemployment and employment are poles apart from each other.

Unemployment is a state of being jobless despite having the natural potential, skill, expertise, and willingness to work. It can be defined as a situation where people of working age are unable to get an employment but would like to be in a full-time job.

Here it should be noted that a mother leaving work to bring up a child or someone quittinga job to go into higher education, should not be classed as employed. That is because they are not actively seeking a job.

What is meant by the term voluntary employment? When an individual chooses not to take a job at the given wage rate, they are considered as voluntary unemployed.

Unemployment is the mother of several social issues including corruption, dishonesty, and sin.

Joblessness is one of the major crises in Pakistan. Many people mostly the young population are facing this problem. Millions of people are out of job despite having the required skills and qualifications. Though a lot of planning is going on, it is not bringing fruitful results.

Almost all the professions have become overcrowded. Even a masters-degree holder with first class is unable to get any job in an office or school. The medical profession has lost its scope as the young doctors are unable to find a job in some hospital run by the government. The same situation prevails in the legal and engineering fields owing to the large influx of skilled individuals therein.

It is not only causing economic issues but also forcing the people to indulge in several unlawful, immoral and irreligious activities.

Sometimes, forced by debilitating economic circumstances, people take extreme steps like committing terrorist activities.Some individuals become suicide attackers only to earn a fortune for their loved ones.

There are several factors responsible for the alarming level of unemployment in Pakistan. The main causes of unemployment in the country include defective education system, lack of industries, over-urbanization, excessive use of labor-saving devices, rapid growth of population, lack of political stability, and so on.

At the same time, mega-scale corruption, mismanagement of available resources, formulation of ineffective policies and lack of skill and sincerity on the part of the people in power are also some of the major factors contributing to corruption in the country.

The possible solutions to unemployment are:

Other potential solutions to unemployment include industrial development, expansion of trade, sound economic planning, attracting more foreign investment and political stability, etc. As more industries are established, more jobs will be created, and more people will get employment. Meanwhile, the country direly needs a sincere leader with no foreign links who belongs only to Pakistan and works for the wellbeing and prosperity of their countrymen.

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essay on parents respect in urdu

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essay on parents respect in urdu

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essay on parents respect in urdu

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essay on parents respect in urdu

Obesity Causes And Treatment in Urdu

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Essay On Respect [ Respecting Elders, Parents, Teachers ]

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The respect is the integral part of human nature. Every person on earth deserves and desires the respect. For that, we have thought to write a comprehensive Essay on topic Respect. The essay includes; short & Long Essay on respect,

Essay on Respect | Meaning & Importance of Giving Respect in Life

Essay Contents

Respect is the integral part of human Life. Every person on this plant earth, irrespective of his color, creed or caste, deserves respect. Respect is mutual regards of honor and esteem given by people one another. Respect, therefore, in essence, means that is the combination of good feelings, sincere wishes and regards people convey each other during the course of their daily lives. It is some set of boundaries, rules or regards, every individual follows for the greater good of each other. Therefore, the mutual respect is the prime criteria for living in a healthy social life.

There are certain traits through which one can identify the respect. As the respect is completely associated with feelings and behavior, it can be vividly understood and recognized. When you give someone the respect, you show it by mean of certain traits, or with regard to your positive and pleasing behavior. During the course of routine interaction, your respect is shown by the way you deal with your parents, how you treat your elders and your behavior with other people including the strangers and the younger ones.

essay on parents respect in urdu

Being the mankind, it’s natural that everyone desires respect. When you enter into the classroom, your classmates, the teachers and the other staff is expected to receive respect from you and vice versa. As, we have already stated that the respect is the mutual act of kindness, generosity and pleasing behavior, everyone around you receives what they give to you.

Mankind is the social animal. When he comes into the society, as the newborn and later on, he learns the norms, ways and behaviors of society. That’s called the culture. Respect along with other social traits, like being kind, hardworking, disciplined etc, is the integral part of human nature. When you grow up in a society, you learn the ways how you deal with other people around. A good society teaches you the norms and ways of complete ethical behavior with others. But, as we always see, that everyone is different. Some people with strong socialization and highly disciplined life , always follow the social patterns of respecting everyone. Whereas, at the same time, you see that there are many people who don’t give respect. Their lives are completely devoid any sense of social responsibility, discipline, and even they are lacking the morality. This all depends upon the part of socialization they receive during the course  of their upbringing.

Being the person of strong social background, we ought to respect our seniors,  parents, elders as well as youngers. This would create the society of balance, peace and prosperity. Whereas, if these traits when denied from a society, nothing shall remain. In our strong fast paced lives, we come across many examples like this. We see the disrespectful and deviant people also. Letting all these things aside, we should promote the culture of respect and dignity for human life.

Respect binds the relations. It’s like a strong gum that holds the relations together, despite the differences. Therefore, we should definitely start lending respect to each other for the sake of strong and healthy society.

2. Essay on Respecting Elders

Respect breeds the respect. Every individual, be it a younger, elder or anyone, should be respected. But, as the standard cultural practices, as we see, it is integral for youngers to respect the elders.

Respect is the norm of a prosperous society. Elders are those people who have lived more than us. The elders include; our parents, siblings, teachers and other members of society who are senior to us in every aspect. When you are in the class, your seniors are your elders, your teachers and school staff are your elders. Likewise, being in the house, in one family your senior siblings and parents including; mother, father, grand parents, uncles etc are all your elders. These people should be respected.

As, we agree that respect is indeed a mutual way of giving and taking things, but there are some certain rules of society given by each cultures. When our religion or culture instructs us to respect elders, it also tells the seniors to treat the juniors accordingly. We should respect elders so that we can learn from their experiences of life, their lessons and from their mistakes. In that way, respect is the part of our learning and understanding the different dynamics of daily life.

We can give respect to our elders by following their instructions. When you go an extra mile while serving your parents, teachers or even your class seniors, you are giving them respect. As the students, we should learn each instruction of teacher by heart, follow the commands of teachers, always being on time with punctuality and dedications towards school assignments etc. We can respect our parents by being careful to their instructions and advices. We can help them in family affairs, being sincere to our studies and life goals etc.

Ways how to respect Elders More:

Respecting elders is essentially important. Here you go following are few practices by which you can respect your elders more. Be polite if you are in an elder’s presence. When they speak, listen to them, and when they ask you a question, respond with respect and calmness. Always ask if they need anything when they speak. When addressing them by their first name, ask permission first.

We should respect their Words. Whenever you are in need of advice on how to react to a life situation, take the time to seek the advice of an elder. What they say may be more helpful than what your doctor says.

As a rule, elders always eat first at family dinners or at invitations.  The best way to show respect for an elder is to offer them a plate before you get anything for yourself. It is especially important if the individual is unable to stand for long periods or needs any assistance.

Therefore, elders the strongest members of a vibrant society. They are the treasure house of untapped wisdom. With their words and wisdom, we the younger, will be able to tackle the complex daily life problems. We should therefore, respect our elder in every way.

3. Essay on Respecting Teachers

Looking at the root of word respect, we see that the word respect has origin from respicere, meaning to look back at, or looking again. As per the standard encyclopedia, respect is a particular way of dealing with an object, It’s the way of a person dealing differently with the object or aim he respects. It is considered as the behavior or sentiments of fraternity, respect, regard, favor and consideration. 

The respect requires giving minute attention including the behavior, regard or acknowledgement to the things that we label as respected. Respect is essentially important in every domain of our life.  It is not necessarily confined to academic discourse only. It applies to everywhere, to the world of business, academia, personal relationships and in fact to everywhere. 

The teachers are the founding stones of a healthy and vibrant society. They belong to a noble profession with certain sacred responsibilities upon their shoulders. You should respect your teachers for what they trained you for. The teachers make the students succesful. The true teachers are one who are found completely absorbed in studying. They do enjoy the process of teaching and honing the skills of their students. The teacher is one who help the student stand successful in practical life. Thus for all the sacred work they do, they are definitely worthy of respect and regard. 

Not only teachers teach you from books, they also inculcate among us the self discipline , kindess, punctualiy, good manners and ways of healthy living. The trure teachers are in fact the blessing of Almighy upon us. 

Recounting the experience how the student give respect, Senior Professor at an International University recounts;

“ Paul: I learned a long time ago that respect is earned. A teacher earns respect through their actions and words. A teacher must be prepared at all times. A teacher must respect the students. A teacher must sincerely want to help students learn. My students show me respect in their end-of-course written evaluations. Some students give me small gifts at the end of a course like coffee mug, coffee beans, or a gift card. ” “Paul” Professor at International University”


Respecting teachers therefore is very important part of education. It is the factor that cements the foundation of healthy student and teacher relationship. It binds the student with the belief in teacher who in turns, struggles every waking moment to help student grow and prosper in every field of life.

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