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Cosmetic Surgery, Essay Example

Pages: 3

Words: 702

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Cosmetic Surgery, Essay Example

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Cosmetic surgery is no longer a surprising phenomenon today. Moreover, with the growing popularity of cosmetic surgeries, more and more women and men find it affordable to change or improve their appearance. Cosmetic surgeries are no longer the sign of one’s good economic status, but are a usual daily routine. However, not all people realize the dangers of multiple cosmetic surgeries, and no one ever realizes the potentially negative effect, which cosmetic surgeries may have on their lives. Moreover, not all clinics deem necessary to warn their clients about potential drawbacks and negative outcomes of cosmetic surgeries. Until present, the state was not attentive to the seriousness of the problem. Given the negative potential, which cosmetic surgeries (especially, multiple cosmetic surgeries) carry, the state should make clinics responsible for not informing their clients about the dangers of cosmetic surgeries; and the state should limit the number of cosmetic surgeries an individual can make throughout his life.

While cosmetic surgeries gradually conquer our medical markets, more and more people see it as affordable and appropriate to change or improve their appearance. Not only do superstars and famous people use cosmetic surgeries to preserve their individuality; usual people also want to look bright and exceptional every day. Unfortunately, this affordability and accessibility of cosmetic surgeries does not make them less harmful. Very often, clinics do not even warn their clients about potentially dangerous outcomes. At times, clients do not achieve the desired result. At times, cosmetic surgeries lead to reversible or irreversible health changes. In order to create a realistic picture of what cosmetic surgery is clients should be fully informed of what may await them after they leave the clinic. That is why clinics must inform their clients about cosmetic surgeries and their consequences.

Certainly, making clients informed cannot always serve a reliable tool of preventing and predicting negative consequences. Very often, clients are so concerned about their appearance that no warnings and no information can stop them on their way to happiness. It is not uncommon that women (and even men) become obsessed with their appearance and risk their health and lives for the sake of doing multiple cosmetic surgeries. These not always result in visible improvements but bring moral satisfaction. Unfortunately, multiple cosmetic surgeries often become the major causes of serious health complications, which begin with the skin and later extend to other organs. The state annually spends huge sums to restore the health and wellbeing of those, who became the victims of their own desires. Thus, the number of cosmetic surgeries, which a person makes throughout his (her) life, should be limited, unless one must undergo several surgeries for medical considerations.

It is understandable and natural, that such limitations and requirements will cause a wave of opposition on the side of those, who vote in favor of cosmetic surgeries. Many citizens will view such limitations as the state’s attempt to violate their constitutional rights, to deny them their right for free choice, and to limit the scope of services and products they may want to buy for their money. Unfortunately, not all people realize the danger of cosmetic surgeries. Consumerism causes irreversible changes in human thinking. People believe that what they buy is necessarily good for their lives, but in their demands for beauty they often cross the boundaries of reason. The state should become an effective force, which will restrain sophisticated and unjustified needs of consumers and will balance their desires with their material resources.

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more popular. Thousands of men and women annually subject themselves to these medical tortures. No one can deny that to look good and to look attractive means to have better opportunities to achieve success in life. Unfortunately, while cosmetic surgeries become more affordable, they also result in a kind of obsession. People make multiple cosmetic surgeries, which do not lead to any result but become the cause of the major health complications. Given the costs of these health complications, the state should impose limitations on the amount of cosmetic surgeries an individual can make throughout his life (unless these are required for medical purposes). These limitations will work to reduce the incidence of health complications in those, who want to look better.

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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

essay on cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery : Surgery And Surgery

Sydnee Mangette Cosmetic Surgery Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this statement is often ignored today. Beauty is very much valued in our society today, and to become more beautiful, people look to cosmetic surgery. There are two categories of cosmetic surgery: invasive and minimally invasive surgeries. Minimally invasive surgeries, like laser hair removal, are often called surface treatments. These procedures require little time and no cuts or actual surgery procedures are performed

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery : Cosmetic Surgery

Other failures related to cosmetic plastic surgery are often linked to the use of Botox. For instance, e all know or have seen this one person who has received an excess of Botox injections and ended up having unnaturally, protruding cheeks. Although using Botox is nonsurgical, it is still classified as cosmetic plastic surgery because it restrains our muscles from carrying out any movement. Many people believe that since this process does not involve cutting through a patient’s skin, it does entail

Cosmetic Surgery

Should cosmetic surgery be encouraged to the general public? Cosmetic surgery is defined as “any medical operation which is intended to improve a person’s appearance rather than their health” (Cambridge Dictionary, 2003, p.275). By definition, cosmetic surgery is a common practice used to modify the physical outlook of people, especially for women. This is definitely a luxury, which is not necessary to the public. Starting from the 20th century, however, cosmetic surgery is no longer a luxury

The Negative and Positive Effects of Cosmetic Surgery Are you considering cosmetic surgery? The numbers of individuals electing these surgeries are growing rapidly each year. Much of this rapid growth is because of advances in technology that have made plastic surgery techniques both safer and more affordable, as well as cutting down on recovery time. Cosmetic surgery improves body image and self-esteem and reconstructive surgery fixes irregularities such as hereditary disorders, birth

Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgeries: Studio6 has a goal, when we change our patient bodies, is to enable them to use their personal power more effectively and to have the external improvement, boost the patient's self esteem. PROCEDURES Botox and Fillers Chemical Peeling Brow Lift (forehead lift) Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) Lip Augmentation (Cheiloplasty) Lip Reduction (Cheiloplasty) Dimple Creation Cheek and Chin Implant Liposuction Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Breast Augmentation Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Breast

Cosmetic Surgery Essays

Cosmetic Surgery Effective Essay Writing/COM/150 Cosmetic Surgery “She got her good looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon.” Groucho Marx. “I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag. There’s no fun in that.” Scarlett Johansson. “I wish I had a twin, so I could know what I’d look like without plastic surgery.” Joan Rivers. These are quotes from famous people about cosmetic surgery. Some have had cosmetic surgery and some have not. This essay

The Beauty Of Cosmetic Surgery

artificial enhancement. The interest of celebrity is gazing at their body-parts, and it links the relationship between celebrity culture and cosmetic surgery. While there is a desire on being alike to the celebrity can achieve beauty, the demand of cosmetic surgery has increased in the society. As not many people could meet the standard of beauty, cosmetic surgery is the fastest way to obtain a perfect body and is generally accepted by the public nowadays. It allows the commodification of the body. Swami

Cosmetic Surgery : Surgery And Surgery Essay

Cosmetic surgery is unlikely to change your life; it just changes your outward appearance to others. Cosmetic surgery can be very successful, but it is not risk-free; even though laser cosmetic surgery poses fewer risks than invasive surgery. After selecting and meeting with physicians for your cosmetic surgery, you will have to pick the one that fits your budget and personality. As people grow older, certain things play a big role in making skin look wrinkly and old that cosmetic surgery cannot

The Importance Of Cosmetic Surgery

opting to alter their physical features through cosmetic surgery. However, there are varying attitudes and opinions over whether one should undergo such a drastic procedure. Factors such as self-esteem, peer-pressure, socio-economic status and the influence of the media towards perceived body-image play a major role in one’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. One of the biggest determinants towards the consideration of cosmetic surgery is self-esteem. Self-esteem can be defined as a

Cosmetic Surgery Controversy

choose cosmetic surgery for their child with Down Syndrome. (1) Some people believe that children who get the cosmetic surgery will be accepted by others in their life time, whereas others say the surgery has too many physical risks (Suzedelis, 2006). A child with down syndrome getting a cosmetic surgery could cause identity crisis issues later in life and could create and gives off a negative message to society (Duff, 2008). The negative message related with this type of cosmetic surgery is that

Popular Topics

The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve a person's appearance, self-esteem and self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on any part of the face and body.

Types of cosmetic surgery

For the face.

For the body

Mayo Clinic's approach

Products & Services

Why it's done

Because cosmetic surgery can bring lasting and dramatic changes to your outside appearance, it is important to understand how these changes might affect you on the inside. Before making an appointment to see a cosmetic surgeon, consider your motives for wanting to change how you look.

Many physical characteristics can be successfully changed through cosmetic surgery; others cannot. Good candidates for cosmetic surgery:

All surgeries, including cosmetic procedures, carry risk. If your body mass index is 30 or higher (obesity) or you have diabetes, you might be at higher risk of developing complications such as blood clots in the legs or lungs. Smoking also increases risks and interferes with healing.

You'll meet with your surgeon to discuss these risks and others related to your health history.

Possible complications for any surgical procedure include:

How you prepare

Questions to consider before pursuing cosmetic surgery:.

Questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon:

It is a good idea to bring a notepad to write down answers.

Questions to ask about a procedure:

What you can expect

It's important to have a clear understanding of what will happen before, during and after the procedure, and what results to expect. Many physical characteristics can be successfully changed, while others cannot. The more realistic your expectations, the more likely you will be satisfied with the results.

Before the procedure

Your surgeon will explain how cosmetic surgery can change your body and what you can expect as a result. This is an opportunity for you to explain what you hope to achieve with surgery. Understanding the options and possible outcomes will help you make the best decision.

You will be informed about specific procedures, what to expect, the benefits, risks and possible complications, as well as other alternatives. The doctor might recommend additional procedures to enhance your overall result.

The concept of asymmetry will be explained. The human body is asymmetric, meaning one side of the body looks naturally different from the other. Consider the image reflected in the mirror — a photographic image is a true image, the opposite of the mirror image. The surgeon helps patients understand this so they can fully appreciate their true appearance and how this may change with cosmetic surgery.

The surgeon also will explain the concept of balance — how changing one part of the body may affect overall appearance and how additional surgical procedures may bring greater balance.

Nurse review

You will also meet with a nurse, who reviews general questions about health, current medications — including aspirin, vitamin E, over-the-counter medications and supplements — and lifestyle issues, such as smoking history.

The nurse will review what you can expect following surgery, including pain, medications, diet, activity and work restrictions, and details such as the need to arrange for a ride home following the procedure.

By listening and following instructions from the surgeon and health care team, you can minimize the risks and complications of surgery.

Consent form

You'll likely be asked to sign a consent form so that photographs can be taken before and after surgery. Photographs serve as a reference for the surgeon during the procedure and become a part of your medical record.

Estimate of costs

You'll be given an estimate of surgical fees. Insurance typically doesn't cover cosmetic surgery procedures. Payment is generally required before surgery.

Preoperative examination

You might be scheduled for a preoperative examination to check your general health prior to surgery.

During the procedure

Cosmetic surgery procedures requiring general anesthesia or IV (intravenous) sedation are performed in the hospital under the care of an anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist team. Other procedures, such as injections of facial fillers, may be performed in an outpatient setting or physician's office under local anesthesia. Prior to surgery, you will see the surgeon (or a member of your health care team) one more time to answer any remaining questions.

After the procedure

Prior to outpatient surgery or before discharge from the hospital, you will receive:

Despite being informed and prepared, you might be surprised by the bruising and swelling that follow cosmetic surgery and how long they last. Bruising might take a minimum of three weeks to lessen; swelling might take even longer.

You might experience a brief period of "the blues" or low spirits during recovery. Prematurely judging the results of your surgery or waiting to return to normal activities may contribute to feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Realistic expectations are key — the goal is improvement, not perfection. Each person will have a different result. Keep in mind that:

Clinical trials

Explore Mayo Clinic studies of tests and procedures to help prevent, detect, treat or manage conditions.

Cosmetic surgery care at Mayo Clinic

News from Mayo Clinic


Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

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85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best plastic surgery topic ideas & essay examples, 📃 simple & easy plastic surgery essay titles, ✅ good essay topics on plastic surgery, ❓ research questions about plastic surgery, 💯 free plastic surgery essay topic generator.

IvyPanda. (2023, March 27). 85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/

IvyPanda. (2023, March 27). 85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/

"85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." IvyPanda , 27 Mar. 2023, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/.

1. IvyPanda . "85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/.


IvyPanda . "85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . 2023. "85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/plastic-surgery-essay-topics/.

IvyPanda . (2023) '85 Plastic Surgery Essay Topic Ideas & Examples'. 27 March.

Plastic Surgery Essay Example

The idea of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is not a new concept. In ancient times, people would go to the doctor to have their noses reshaped or lips enlarged. Today, however, there are more options for surgical procedures available than before. A sample essay on plastic surgery is given here by the Students Assignment Help professionals to graduates. Those who are supposed to write their college essay on plastic surgery can take tips from this sample.

Essay Sample on Plastic Surgery Essay

Thesis Statement of Plastic Surgery Essay Plastic surgery is serving as a good alternative to treat patients who have undergone multiple damages to their skin in an accident. Plastic Surgery Essay Introduction The number of accidents whether it is on-road or in industrial areas, rising with reckless speed. Every other moment we hear news of such accidents in which the skin of the person gets totally damaged or crushed but the person is alive. Under such a state, the only alternative that doctors have is to undergo plastic surgery. In plastic surgery, the skin is removed from a body part like thighs and used in the damaged part of the person. Here we will talk about is it good to treat a person with plastic surgery or there should be some other solutions for it. Also, the drawbacks of plastic surgery will be mentioned here. Main Body of Plastic Surgery Essay Importance of plastic surgery Plastic surgery is the only option left for doctors in case of massive destruction of the body mass. It is very important to restore the mass of the body immediately after an accident to keep the person alive. That is why we cannot ignore the significance of plastic surgery. Buy Customized Essay on Plastic Surgery At Cheapest Price Order Now Why plastic surgery is risk-full in many situations? Although it is very crucial to treat a person with the help of plastic surgery in case of loss of body mass there are several risks associated with it. For example, the infection or defects in the plastic surgery operation can cause cancer and such fatal diseases to the person. The area from where the skin is removed also shows some issues and trouble in the latter part of life after a few years. So until or unless there is a big emergency in doing plastic surgery, it should be avoided at any cost. Is there any alternative to plastic surgery? As of now, medical science has not reached any advanced level which can replace the option of plastic surgery. That is why it is being operated even after so many risks are associated with it. But there are people who went with plastic surgery for the cosmetic purpose to shape their facial parts in an apt position. These people should avoid doing such things and start embracing them in a real sense of what they actually are. It is not good to keep others happy by going through such body modifications. Must view: Free Informative Essay Sample On “Cosmetology “ Plastic Surgery Essay Conclusion The above essay conclusion can be seen in accordance with the importance of plastic surgery that cannot be avoided in emergency cases. But yes those who are going through it just for the sake of ornamental causes should put an end to it. Those having accidents are helpless to avoid such treatment but others who are having normal body are also involved in it which does not make much sense. We must think on it that where we are heading in the present time by leaving our ethics and morals behind. Get Non-Plagiarized Custom Essay on Plastic Surgery in USA Order Now

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This essay sample has explored the history of plastic surgery, the benefits, and risks associated with it, as well as some common myths.

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Essay on Plastic Surgery

December 16, 2017 by Study Mentor Leave a Comment

There is a quote by Jim Rohn. It says- “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live”. This quote means that we need to care of our body. If we do not have our body safe and proper, we do not have anything else. This is because only then we will able to work hard and achieve something in our life.

But there is another quote which says that we should be happy with what we have. But we humans are never satisfied with whatever we have. We wish and strive for more. We try our level to always get more.  

We all love our body. If anything is wrong, we try to improve it or make it better. Like for example if anyone gets a pimple on their face, they get worried because it is spoiling the face. They are not supposed to touch it as it will leave a mark on their face. But still people will touch and prick it.

And then the person has marks on their face. After this they start to crib about the marks on the face. They give their entire efforts to make remedies for removing the mark.

These days people are so cautious about their body. If there is any change or there is a mark because of something, they immediately go for treatment. Plastic surgery has become very common. People prefer plastic surgery for treatments or if they feel something in their body is not normal.  

What do you mean by plastic surgery?  

Plastic surgery is a type of surgery where the birth defects or any sort of deformity in the body is repaired and molded. This surgery is basically about to repair the problems in the form of our body.

One needs years of training to become surgeon. Further if a person wants to become a surgeon in a specific area, it takes more years, training, effort and dedication.   

Table of Contents

How is plastic surgery done?  

The process of performing plastic surgery includes various techniques. In this process the body tissues are moved, altered and repaired.

If anyone wishes to get a plastic surgery, it is always safe and better to consult the doctor. There are different techniques of plastic surgery are skin graft, flap surgery and tissue expansion.

At the present-day skin graft has become an old technique. Flap surgery and tissue expansion are used more in plastic surgery.  

In skin graft, the damaged skin is replaced by a healthy skin. This technique is mostly used when there is bone fracture due to which a skin breaks or when there are wounds in the skin because of many reasons. This technique can be done in two ways. First way, the skin is removed till the dermis.

The area from where the skin is removed, the place is stitched. Usually, in this technique the skin is taken from the upper arm where it will not be visible, neck and behind the ear. In the other way of skin graft, a very small area is removed from the topmost layer and the one below it.

In this way, the area is not stitched like the former one. Instead it is left opened to let it heal. In this case, the skin is taken from upper arm, thigh and buttock.  

Flap surgery is used for fractures, repairing lip and palates, big wounds and breast reconstruction. In this technique, the skin or tissue is transferred from one area and put in another by stitching. In this transfer even, the blood vessels of that area is also transferred.   

In tissue expansion, an expander is placed below the skin in the area which has to be repaired. The expander will be filled with salt water with time. This will lead to growing of extra skin and the tissues around it will start to stretch. After there is sufficient expansion, the person has to undergo another operation for removing expander and adjusting the tissue that is newly formed.   

Differences between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery 

Cosmetic surgery is different from plastic surgery. Infact, it comes under plastic surgery. In cosmetic surgery, the surgery is done to change or improve a person’s appearance.

Cosmetic surgery can be done for growth, lifts and reduction of breasts. While in plastic surgery, the surgery is for repairing a defect, mark or wound. Both this surgery involves different techniques and processes.   

Advantages of plastic surgery

It is done to repair whatever defect, mark or wound that is present in the body. When these are repaired people start to feel good and confident about their body.

Sometimes, plastic surgery also improves our physical and mental health. After their body is repaired, they feel confident and look good which further helps them to get job opportunities.

They start to socialize more compared to before. When a person does plastic surgery in order to reduce the extra weight that they have, they become more conscious of their weight. They no longer eat unhealthy food. They start to maintain a proper diet.   

Disadvantages of plastic surgery 

Along with the advantages come disadvantages too. Plastic surgery has disadvantages which people should know before getting a surgery. There are many medical risks of plastic surgery. If the surgery is not performed properly, there are chances of death, nerve damage, infection, area can become bruised, severe bleeding and blood clots.

Surgery is very costly. No matter how small the surgery is, it will cost a lot to any person. Doing plastic surgery always is not good. It will harm the skin, blood vessel and all the tissues where the area is being treated. Some people get addicted to plastic surgery too.

They are not satisfied with their body and they continue getting surgery. They are not worried about the expenditure of the surgery. They will whatever they can do to get money for the surgery. But they will not stop themselves from plastic surgery.   

Why do people do plastic surgery?  

People get plastic surgery for various reasons. Some people get plastic surgery so that their body becomes much better than before. Their appearance improves and so that they become more attractive. As some people are not satisfied with how their body looks they prefer plastic surgery.

When their body appearance is not good, they are subjected to body shaming. In order to get rid of them they want to get plastic surgery. But most importantly people who have defects, scars, fractures and wounds get treated by plastic surgery.

After plastic surgery all those defects, scars, fractures and wounds gets removed. Then, they become more confident about their body. But despite these reasons, one should clearly try to understand what risks one might have to undergo because of plastic surgery.

Before any surgery, they should have well researched about the treatment and the place so that later on there are no problems because of the surgery. One cannot be casual about their health and body after a plastic surgery. They need to take proper care after the treatment to avoid any further problems in their body.  

Today, we can see in most of the television shows and movies that plastic surgery has become very common and popular. Especially in television shows, when an actor is leaving the show, he or she is replaced by another actor. This showed by the scenes in which the actor meets with an accident and is admitted in the hospital.

When the family goes to visit the patient, they see that the face is covered fully with bandages. They are told by the doctor that the face is completely spoilt. They show this scene as if the patient had to go undergo plastic surgery. When the bandages are removed, we see that there is another face.

The new actor has replaced the previous one. But the people around him act like it is the same person. This is one way we see plastic surgery through the eyes of entertainment. We also see that some people in the movies and television shows get plastic surgery for their own wishes or due to some sort of problems.

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Cosmetic Surgery Essays

by hwabatte

essay on cosmetic surgery


Your cosmetic surgery essay is very good, with good language control, organisation and vocabulary. It would score highly for these.

But did it take only 40 mins? As it is around 370 words. That is quite long.

Also, if the question asks you for an opinion, you must make it clear what your opinion is.

After discussing the pros and cons, do you think that under 18s should be allowed to have cosmetic surgery or not? You have not actually said what you think. This could affect your score for task response.

Apr 01, 2016

your ideas are quite good but i would like you to use more sophisticated words
Dec 11, 2018

Your essay is very good the only mistake you have made is that you didn't say your opinion in the end but this essay would take a 16!!
Mar 20, 2020

ok so I am writing an argumentative essay for my college on cosmetic surgeries and I came here to get some ideas on how and what should I write and ALL these essays look so good. Y'all are pretty good.

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Use of Cosmetics Essay

by Lipsy (Bathinda,Punjab,India)

Today more people are opting for cosmetic surgeries, hair coloring and other cosmetics. Why is this the case? Do you think this development is positive or negative. In this rampant age of modernization, people are applying different products as well as they are visiting cosmetic surgeons for enhancing their looks irrespective of their gender and age. I believe over-indulgence in such practices has bad impact on health. The major reason for experimenting with appearances is that the individuals want to look different and attain everyone's attention. Whether a person is a college-going or well educated professional, everyone want to be an epitome of flawless beauty. These 'eye-catchers' are easily swayed by 'profit-hungry' companies which endorse their products through people's favourite celebrities. Moreover, these advertised spot-removal creams, hair styling gels claim instant results and viewers, to improve their looks and conceal their advancing age, purchase these products, for example, sales of fairness creams is particularly very high in India, and mainly females of age group between 20 and 50 buy these gels. I believe that there is no harm in looking beautiful but if it is at the cost of health, it is not worthy. It can be often seen, these treatments paradoxically reduces the natural glow of skin and leave a permanent damage to hair and scalp. Several chemicals are added to these cosmetics which can ruin the health causing certain kinds of allergies and discomforts. Moreover, after having plastic surgeries one has to remain very conscious about his diet and even has to take certain medicines on regular bases which can cause many side-effects. To cap it all, I would like to say, one should emphasize more on eternal beauty. Even, external beauty should be maintained by incorporating natural remedies in daily routines and use of such treatments should be restricted to obtain life-long positive outcomes. *** What are your thoughts on this Use of Cosmetics Essay? You can let this student know by posting your comments below.

Great essay.
Feb 07, 2016

How much this essay can score?
Jul 15, 2016

Over the Years, the fashion industry has grown immensely. Models go through a lot of makeovers in the form of hair colouring, cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic applications to keep them looking young and beautiful.They have huge fan following and influence certain group of people.
In my essay, i will mention the reasons for this trend ,its benefits and risks and then will put my opinion.

In this competitive world ,there is always a drive to excel which leads them to do something outstanding. to put themselves in frontline people try to make them look attractive and appealing.This makes them choose trendy hairstyles with different hair colour and using various cosmetic products. Sometimes these trends don't suit their body or face then they go for extreme things like cosmetic surgeries.From its origin of being used for burnt or traumatised victim,the cosmetic surgery has spread his legs into the fashion industry.

The positive aspect of this trend is that when we look beautiful and attractive, we automatically feel more confident, which reflects in our working style.This leads people to progress and prosper. Everybody admires a hard working person but if that person is stylish, beautiful and attractive, then he becomes a role model.

On the contrary , it also has some negative impacts on people’s health.Sometimes the cosmetic surgeries go so wrong that the final result is horrible. Too much hair colouring and excessive use of cosmetics also is a health hazard.Moreover, these all are quite expensive.

In my opinion, this advancement with mixed shades is to be handled very carefully. People should learn to accept the fact that real beauty comes from within. There is no harm in using some methods to make yourself look admirable and outstanding, but not at the cost of comfort and health.

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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Persuasive Essay About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery persuasive essay

Table of contents:

So, you’ve decided to explore writing a persuasive essay about the very controversial topic of plastic surgery. When you’re considering the pros and cons and trying to determine what your thesis should be, remember that you want to persuade people to agree with your side, so pick a strong thesis statement to begin with, but do also recall that there are benefits to both sides as well as negative effects. Here’s a couple of sample thesis statements.

Introduction examples

Pro: People own their bodies, so they should have the right to do with them as they please, including getting plastic surgery if that makes them happy.

Con: Plastic surgery is mainly used by shallow people to try to be prettier or have bigger breasts, but natural beauty shines through no matter what.

The reasons why people want to get plastic surgery are many and varied, from car accident victims to people who indeed just want to make themselves more attractive. As you move into writing the body of your essay, consider the causes of plastic surgery, as well as both the advantages and disadvantages. This doesn’t mean you have to be neutral on the topic or wishy-washy in your argument, but it’s important to recognise that both sides have legitimate points.

Body paragraphs examples

Pro: Plastic surgery happens for all kinds of reasons. If your face was injured in a car accident, surely you wouldn’t be happy until it was reconstructed via plastic surgery. People who have had plastic surgery done are, for the most part, very happy with the result, and feel it improves their quality of life. This kind of surgery is stereotyped as being the preserve of people who just want their breasts enhanced but there are many young teenage girls who suffer from having breasts which are too large for their body frame, and plastic surgery can help them with a reduction.

Con: For the most part, plastic surgery isn’t needed or necessary. It can be dangerous just like any other surgery. Do you really want to run the risk of dying just to have bigger boobs or a prettier face? Apart from people who legitimately need it, like accident victims or people who are genuinely suffering physical pain, plastic surgery shouldn’t be approved lightly, or done simply for vanity purposes. People will be much better off learning to love their imperfect bodies for what they are.

For your conclusion, don’t forget to reiterate your points, briefly, so that they can be reinforced in the minds of your audience. Then leave them with a call to action, which can include just thinking about the situation from your perspective.

Conclusion examples

Pro: To conclude, plastic surgery is useful for a huge variety of reasons, including reconstruction after accidents, breast reductions, and mental health purposes. Don’t stereotype the next person you meet who’s had it done. You never know if or when you might need it yourself.

Con: Natural beauty is always better than plastic. Ladies, you don’t need plastic surgery. Leave it for the few people who really do need it and learn to love yourself as you are.

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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

essay on cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

Should cosmetic surgery in adolescents be legal? More teenagers are going “under the knife” to get breast implants, lip injections, or liposuction. Doctors are struggling with this topic today. Cosmetic surgery is surgery to improve a “normal” appearance. Body image is very important to teenagers. There are different influences that affect self esteem and how they see themselves. Social media is a main influence. Teenage celebrities are undergoing plastic surgery and it is being plastered all over social media, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The teenagers that are seeing these pictures may have unrealistic expectations as to how they should look. Cosmetic surgery comes with high risks, but can also help with psychological…

Risk Of Cosmetic Surgery

People considering getting cosmetic surgery should analyze all the risks and dangers of the procedure, and the costs of these procedures. My opinion is that if you 're not getting something serious done, then it isn 't worth it. There are many different risks of cosmetic surgery that you should know about before getting a procedure done. If you have any diseases or issues in your health, its better to stay away from unnecessary surgeries "People with a history of cardiovascular…

The Importance Of Cosmetic Surgery

Good afternoon everyone. The word beauty can have so many different meanings to different people. Nowadays, many people choose to improve their appearance by cosmetic surgery. According to Oxford dictionary, cosmetic surgery is a treatment that is unnecessary from a medical perspective but is carry out to restore or improve a person’s appearance. A district in Korea, called Gangnam, is a place full with plastic surgery clinics. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons…

Cosmetic Surgery Influence

Plastic surgery can be subdivided or called a variety of different names. Most common plastic surgeries are the ones that benefit birth defects. However, voluntary cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more common. There are many factors that lead to the increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries. The media has a large influence over the way people see themselves, mainstream media pushes an unrealistic expectation on women’s appearance that can lead to damaging outcomes and many plastic…

Pros Of Cosmetic Surgery

imperfection people are not only willing to spend money on creams, but are also willing to go under the knife. Even though cosmetic surgeries are marketed as safe by the media, it is unnecessary because it is a temporary solution, addicting, and come with many serious risks. . Cosmetic surgery is enhancing a person’s natural beauty through surgical procedures. Some of the most popular surgeries are facelifts, brow lift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty(nose), tummy tucks, and liposuction. It is…

Cosmetic Surgery Controversy

My argument project was about the cosmetic surgery. The idea of our project is to decrease the number of people who gets cosmetic surgery. I was trying to reach the audience by showing them how awful it can turn out when they operate cosmetic surgery. I tried to include pictures that can grab peoples' attentions right away and included bullet points to shortly explain the main reasons why I oppose operating cosmetic surgery. I think the positive parts of my project is, it's very simply…

Graper Cosmetic Surgery

In an interview with Dr. Robert Graper, of Graper Cosmetic Surgery in Charlotte, N.C. most of the questions most doctors fail to answer in consultations were answered. Dr. Graper was asked, “What is your opinion on performing these types of surgeries on teens?” The response was, “In general, very few teens need any type of cosmetic surgery. Breast Augmentation surgery is not appropriate as many teens may yet get adequate breasts with normal development or through BCP’s. Liposuction should not be…

Cosmetic Surgery Satire

Kaitlynn Rodriguez Mrs. Herndon English-5 [Date] Plastic surgery The woman stares up and down in the mirror noticing all her flaws and imperfections. She is unhappy in her own skin, something no human should ever feel. After thinking and considering her options she decided to look into cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the answer for many people who have low self-esteem or who feel they don’t meet society’s arbitrary standards; unfortunately cosmetic surgery addiction…

The Obsession Of Cosmetic Surgery

tend to spend too much money, or sometimes they risk their own lives. This trend is due to the technological revolution, miracle wrinkle creams or Botox, expensive and sometimes fatal cosmetic surgical procedures. Some people are afraid to get older because they might seem unattractive or will get less attention from others. Every day we are exposed to view ads that show perfection and beauty. For instance, a billboard announcing a perfume,…

Positive Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery

Effects of Cosmetic Surgery There are a number of reasons why people choose to go under the knife whether it is to fix a condition, improve one’s appearance, or gain a better self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity over the years. A new study suggests that people could be choosing it aimed at a little mood boost (”Research Ties”). Even though there are recorded psychological downfalls, cosmetic surgery can help greatly with self- esteem and personal wellbeing. Many people think…

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Popular Topics:

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Introduction About Cosmetic Surgery

Ear cropping research paper.

Dogs communicate primarily through body language, which means they use their ears and tails to communicate. Ear cropping or tail docking is not only cruel to the animal, but affects their ability to communicate properly. Both procedures require amputation and removal of part of the dog’s body. For ear cropping the puppy’s ears are literally cut and reshaped through cosmetic surgery. After the surgery the puppy has wounds with several stiches all around the incision site. The wounds are sore and down the road stich removal can also cause pain. Then after being subjected to the pain of the surgery, the puppy is then forced to have their ears taped above their head for 4-6 months, so that the cartilage and muscle will be “trained” to keep the ears standing on their own. Some puppies end up with infections and other complications that require a second surgery. Dog’s ears are very sensitive, so don’t kid yourself, these puppies are in pain. Being the owner of three Rottweilers, a breed which normally has its tail docked, I can attest to the fact that these practices do interfere with the dog’s communication abilities. I currently have two dogs with docked tails and one with her natural tail. I had a much easier time learning the personality of my dog with the natural tail because I could see when she was scared (tail tucked in between her legs), being dominant (tail held up) or just playful and friendly (tail wagging quickly from side to

Cleft Lip Research Paper

The surgical treatment involves many types of specialists from a plastic surgeon that takes care of reconstructing the patients face to a social worker to provide guidance and counseling for the child and the family. The surgeon will discuss the details of the surgery, risks, difficulties, payments, recovery time, and the result of it. The surgical procedure can be performed in two ways. There is the rotation advancement lip restoration, where the surgeon makes an opening on both sides of the nostrils, going from the lip into the nostrils. Working through the incision, the surgeon opens the lip completely, rotates the pink outer part downward, and advances skin from the cheek into the cut part to get rid of the cleft. This is when the surgeon makes incisions to make small skin flaps in the middle of the lip and nose. These flaps overlap to close the cleft, restore muscle function, and form the normal lip

Personal Essay: The Impact Of My Knee Surgery

Sometimes life can be unpredictable. Earlier today, I was walking in the park with my husband and stepped into a banana peel and fell. As a result, my right leg has a fracture and needs a surgery. I am sitting by myself in my hospital bed and thinking about the surgery, I am about to have. I wonder how I am going to manage myself in this situation. I am concern the impact this will have on my life, my future career, and my freedom. Having this surgery will affect myself from doing different activities at school and at home. I am a mother and a full time nursing student, it will be very difficult for me to stay home, or in the hospital not doing anything. It will be very tough to go to school by myself since I have a major knee surgery, I do

Getting Rid Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a painful and dangerous process, and the chances of success is very low. The first reason why plastic surgery should be band is that it fails most of the time. Studies show that if a person’s first attempt at plastic surgery fails, then they just want to keep on doing it, but they just keep on getting worse. Getting rid of plastic surgery can help people stop trying to go through extreme pain just so that they can change a body feature. Since their is a lot of pain involved in plastic surgery, many people can get a disease, disabilitie, or even die in the process of plastic surgery. I know that plastic surgery can help you get involved with society. But plastic surgery has a better chance of failing. Plastic surgery can

Cosmetic Surgery Satire

Every little girl deserves to know she is beautiful, every young lady deserves to know what she is worth, and every woman deserves to feel confident in her own skin. But there comes a time in every girl’s life when she feels insecure and unattractive. Some say “accept it” and others say “change it”. Cosmetic surgery is the reshaping of body parts and includes procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, and liposuction and has been around for hundreds of years and it is no surprise that women today feel as though cosmetic surgery is acceptable and an easy “fix me up”. The truth is that cosmetic surgery should not be done on anyone’s natural and beautiful body, unless it is for a medical reason or emergency. Cosmetic surgery

Summary Of Amy Tan's Fish Cheeks

Contradicting popular belief, the culture of Asian plastic surgery is not intended to ‘Westernize’ the outward appearance; the general aim of face-altering-life-changing procedures is unique in its style and connection

Owosso Research Paper

Discover and experience the Miracle-Ear Advantage and you 'll be amazed at the difference in the comfort of your

Plastic Surgery In Brave New World

From tummy tucks to botox, plastic surgery can change the way a person looks anywhere on our body. Plastic surgery has become widespread and it is not limited to one specific age group, it is both used by teenagers and the elderly alike. There were a total of 1.7 million cosmetic procedures done in 2016, a four percent increase from 2015 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 5). The most popular plastic surgery procedure has been breast augmentation since 2006. Breast augmentation is a surgery that increases breast size. 290,000 procedures were performed in 2016 (ASPS Public Relations 5). The 2nd highest cosmetic plastic surgery is liposuction which is when they remove excess fat from the body. Liposuction had 235,237 surgeries in 2016 which was 6% more than

History Of False Advertising

Magazine advertising began in June 1826 when a French newspaper was the first ever to put paid advertisement on Its pages. At the beginning of the 19th-century ads in magazines weren’t as much as popular as now because paid advertisements back then had a special tax. But shortly the invention of the rotary press, the number of magazines who increased their pages with advertisements encouraging the buyer of their product are so many. At that time, magazines just became available to the middle-class people, not just the rich ones. Therefore, magazines sales increased so much and a lot of copies are made. That marked the beginning of magazines developments as its becoming one of the leading media in the world all because they started putting ads

Should Cost Implants Be Restricted?

Many women face the fear that they are not good enough for anyone or even themselves. They always find something that is apart of their body that is not quite how they like it. Since women find something about themselves that is not good enough, they think that they need to change their body in order to be happy. A common way of changing their body is by getting cosmetic plastic surgery; particularly silicone breast implants. It may seem like it is a great idea at the time, but once the person changes what they do not like about themselves, they will find another thing that causes them to get cosmetic plastic surgery again. These types of procedures are known to cause problems a couple years later. Women will keep choosing to get plastic surgery until they are satisfied-which will be never. Therefore, silicone breast implants should be prohibited.

Mommy Makeover: Cosmetic Procedure

If they have lost a lot of volume, implants may be the best option because they add volume. A breast lift raises the breasts and repositions the nipple, but in order for it to look good, there needs to be some tissue still in the breast. When you have a consultation with our specialist, you may discuss incision placement because it is a key concern for placing implants.

Knee Replacement Facts Essay

Success rates and quality of life improvement for knee replacement patients are reliably very high. Nine out of 10 knee replacement patients experience an immediate relief from knee pain, and 95% report they are satisfied with their procedure. This is been possible because of Advancement in surgical techniques and newer implants. Despite the fact that the surgery can be a good treatment option, many people have misconceptions regarding it, preventing them from exploring this thoroughly. There are various myths about knee replacement. Lets discuss one by one:-

Contradicting Corrective Surgery

"They think like grown-ups yet carry on like kids". These days, young people need do things that grown-ups like surgeries. As I would like to think, I'm can't help contradicting corrective surgery in youngsters. Indeed, there are essential reasons why folks ought not let their youngsters do surgeries in their bodies. The most imperative reason is on the grounds that this my reason mental issue in young people. Another reason is that the body of a youngster even at 21 years old years may keep on evolving normally. Last, this can bring about them significant issues like illnesses, for example, cerebrum demise and contamination in the backside. What's more, I trust that the body and psyche of a young person is not arranged yet for changes and

Cosmetic Surgery Persuasive Essay

Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is defined as a form of medicine focused on making enhancements to the body. It is intended to correct flawed areas on the body and is restoring in its nature. This type of surgery can be performed on the head, body, and neck. During a study, performed by Dr. Jane Weston and Anne Pearl, they found out high school junior’s opinions on cosmetic surgery. According to Attitudes of Adolescents About Cosmetic Surgery, “A survey of the junior class of a California suburban high school showed that one-third of respondents would consider undergoing cosmetic surgery.” Cosmetic surgery, in the U.S., is known to have a negative connotation, because one would consider you “fake” or not true to yourself. From this study done by Weston and Pearls, a large number of teens in this school would consider getting cosmetic surgery. There are different reasons to wanting it done. One might consider it for self-esteem purposes or if they have a medical problem that is disabling them from living a normal life.

Cosmetic Surgery Disadvantages

There are two objectives to this report with the first being to explore the advantages of cosmetic surgery and next, to explore the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery.

More about Introduction About Cosmetic Surgery

Related topics.

Plastic Surgeon

Home / --> Home / --> Our Practice / Plastic Surgeon

essay on cosmetic surgery

What is a plastic surgeon?

If you go to Wikipedia, plastic surgery is a medical specialty involving “the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body, divided into two categories: reconstructive and cosmetic.”

The shocking thing is no one regulates who calls themselves a plastic surgeon. In a study published in our journal, only 25% of people calling themselves a plastic surgeon were actually trained and board certified in plastic surgery (!).

You might have heard the terms plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon used interchangeably, but they’re not the same. Technically, plastic surgeons are unique from both general surgeons and cosmetic surgeons because of their training. Plastic surgeons are surgical doctors who complete additional specialized training in reconstructive surgery to get extensive experience in improving the function of the face, body, and skin. Our training includes microsurgery, free flaps, and pediatric surgery. It focuses on aesthetics as well as function and reconstruction.

There is no certified board of “cosmetic surgery.” See my blogs here and here . Locally, in the bay area, there are people practicing plastic surgery who are not trained as surgeons, or they only did a one-year surgery internship.

Why should you care? Because training is important. Your health and safety are important. Understanding the nuances of procedures, knowing who is a good candidate and who is not, being able to recognize issues early, doing the right procedure to achieve your goal, and knowing when you can’t fix something—these are critical to having a successful surgery.

Why should I choose a female plastic surgeon?

Even now, with 50% of medical school students being women, only 11% of plastic surgeons are women. On the other hand, 90% of plastic surgery patients are women.

Why pick a woman doctor? I know many men who are great surgeons. But when picking a doctor, you need to find someone who you are comfortable with. Many women find it easier to be honest with another woman. I have had the experiences my patients have. I have bought jeans and tried on bathings suits. I have had three children and seen the changes from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Where pulls when you put on yoga pants? What bulges when you wear a form-fitting shirt? Those nuances we as women know well. We share the same body and generally experience the same process of aging.

Board Certification and why it matters

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for you is so important. I would strongly advise patients to choose a board certified plastic surgeon, as this is one of the best ways to ensure a safe and positive outcome. Plastic surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery have completed the requisite training to be a plastic surgeon, passed an intensive examination, and are committed to remaining at the forefront of their field with continuing education courses. Rigorous standards of care and ethical treatment are maintained by the board, and plastic surgeons must recertify every 10 years to keep their board certification.

How to select the best plastic surgeon for you

Choosing a plastic surgeon is a very personal decision. You should follow your instincts during the process to find “the one” for you. Some ways to narrow down your search:

Board certified in plastic surgery.

I have been in practice since 1999 and focus on spending time one-on-one with my patients. I advocate for personalized, individual, educated decisions for my patients, and I understand the changes to the body from the surgeon’s perspective as well as that of a woman and mother of three. As the daughter of a plastic surgeon, this has been my lifelong passion.

essay on cosmetic surgery

I am a physician myself, so I'm pretty picky when it comes to finding a surgeon. I can without reservation recommend Dr. Lauren Greenberg as an ultimate professional. -Jen *Individual results may vary

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Collagenase Tenotomy for Dupuytren Boutonniere

Keith Denkler, Carolyn J. Vaughn, Keon Min Park, Scott L. Hansen

Immediate Reconstruction for Plantar Melanoma: A Paradigm Shift.

Hunter Oliver-Allen, Merisa Piper, Carolyn J. Vaughn, Hani Sbitany

Evidence-Based Medicine: Options for Dupuytren's Contracture: Incise, Excise, and Dissolve.

Keith Denkler, Carolyn J. Vaughn, Estelle L. Dolan, Scott L. Hansen

Evaluation of a Surgery-Based Adjunct Course for Senior Medical Students Entering Surgical Residencies

Courtney A. Green, Carolyn J. Vaughn, Susannah M. Wyles, Patricia S. O'Sullivan, Edward Kim, Hueylan Chern

Obstacles to the Care of Patients With Multicomponent Volar Wrist Lacerations at a County Hospital.

Carolyn J. Vaughn, Shyam S. Raghavan, Scott L. Hansen, Michael J. Terry

Peer video review and feedback improve performance in basic surgical skills.

Carolyn J. Vaughn, Edward Kim, Patricia S. O'Sullivan, Emily Huang, Matthew Y.C. Lin, Susannah M. Wyles, Barnard J.A. Palmer, Jonathan L. Pierce, Hueylan Chern

An Objective Assessment Tool for Basic Surgical Knot-Tying Skills

Emily Huang, Carolyn J. Vaughn, Hueylan Chern, Patricia S. O'Sullivan, Edward Kim

Feasibility of Performing Total Skin-Sparing Mastectomy in Patients With Prior Circumareolar Mastopexy or Reduction Mammoplasty Incisions.

Carolyn J. Vaughn, Anne Warren Peled, Laura J. Esserman, Robert D. Foster

The use of acellular dermal regeneration template for recalcitrant pilonidal disease

Carolyn J. Vaughn, Janice F. Lalikos

Single-stage forehead flap in nasal reconstruction

Gary M. Fudem, Richard D. Montilla, Carolyn J. Vaughn

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

8 Incredibly Heart-Healthy Foods

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Disclaimer and a note about your health », you may also like, what is chronic fatigue syndrome.

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery

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essay on cosmetic surgery


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    Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery has become a worldwide epidemic in today's world. The number of plastic surgeries continues to increase since 2010. In today's day and age, plastic surgery is one of the most popular and requested procedures. Females are opting to have plastic surgery because they dislike their body image.

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    Cosmetic surgeries are becoming more and more popular. Thousands of men and women annually subject themselves to these medical tortures. No one can deny that to look good and to look attractive means to have better opportunities to achieve success in life.

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    Cosmetic surgery is defined as "any medical operation which is intended to improve a person's appearance rather than their health" (Cambridge Dictionary, 2003, p.275). By definition, cosmetic surgery is a common practice used to modify the physical outlook of people, especially for women.

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    Cosmetic surgery procedures requiring general anesthesia or IV (intravenous) sedation are performed in the hospital under the care of an anesthesiologist/nurse anesthetist team. Other procedures, such as injections of facial fillers, may be performed in an outpatient setting or physician's office under local anesthesia.

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    Cosmetic surgery is the reshaping of body parts and includes procedures such as breast augmentation, facelift, and liposuction and has been around for hundreds of years and it is no surprise that women today feel as though cosmetic surgery is acceptable and an easy "fix me up". Read More Cosmetic Surgery Disadvantages 718 Words | 3 Pages

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    Main Body of Plastic Surgery Essay Importance of plastic surgery Plastic surgery is the only option left for doctors in case of massive destruction of the body mass. It is very important to restore the mass of the body immediately after an accident to keep the person alive. That is why we cannot ignore the significance of plastic surgery.

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    In cosmetic surgery, the surgery is done to change or improve a person's appearance. Cosmetic surgery can be done for growth, lifts and reduction of breasts. While in plastic surgery, the surgery is for repairing a defect, mark or wound. Both this surgery involves different techniques and processes. Advantages of plastic surgery

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    According to a recent survey, nearly half of teenagers from 11 to 18 years old said they wanted surgery in pursuit of a "designer" body like their idols and celebrities. However, having cosmetic surgery before turning eighteen is still illegal in most countries. There are pros and cons in doing this. There are two main reasons why youngsters ...

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    Body paragraphs examples. Pro: Plastic surgery happens for all kinds of reasons. If your face was injured in a car accident, surely you wouldn't be happy until it was reconstructed via plastic surgery. People who have had plastic surgery done are, for the most part, very happy with the result, and feel it improves their quality of life.

  11. Essay on Cosmetic Surgery and Its Implications

    Cosmetic surgery, therefore, is a necessary evil since people will always want to change their appearance so as to be perceived in a particular way. Health engine (2010) explains that cosmetic surgery is a surgical procedure that is done in order to alter how a body part is oriented.

  12. Cosmetic Surgery Essay

    According to Oxford dictionary, cosmetic surgery is a treatment that is unnecessary from a medical perspective but is carry out to restore or improve a person's appearance. A district in Korea, called Gangnam, is a place full with plastic surgery clinics. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons… 720 Words 3 Pages

  13. Introduction About Cosmetic Surgery

    "Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck and body. Because treated areas function properly but lack aesthetic appeal, cosmetic surgery is elective." Introduction about cosmetic surgery:

  14. Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery specifies a surgical treatment for people who wish to enhance their appearance and reach their beauty goals. But it may also be used for medical reasons, such as for people who have had accidents, to reinstate the function of a body part, or to repair scars from surgery.

  15. Free Essay Samples On Plastic Surgery ️ Essay Topics Ideas

    Plastic surgery is involved with the enhancement of the appearance of a person through cosmetic surgery. As plastic surgery becomes more common and affordable rates of plastic surgery addiction is bound to increase as well. A thousand Americans go under the knife to make them look good.

  16. Plastic Surgeon Palo Alto San Jose Bay Area CA Dr Lauren Greenberg

    Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Lauren Greenberg is a plastic surgeon in a boutique solo private practice in Palo Alto and Menlo Park, California. Her office is now in Menlo Park. (For 21 years she was on Welch Road on Stanford's campus, where she did her Plastic and General Surgery residencies.) The new office offers more space and privacy.

  17. Dr. Carolyn J. Vaughn, MD

    Residency, Plastic Surgery - Integrated, 2012-2018. University of California (San Francisco) Residency, Surgery, 2011-2014. UMass Chan Medical School. Medical School. Certifications & Licensure.

  18. How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in 2023?

    Costs by major U.S. metro. The average cost of a mommy makeover is $14,985, but some people pay much as $26,000, according to 15,214 reviews from RealSelf members. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts the average price tag at $20,000. Read on to learn why mommy makeover prices vary so widely, whether insurance covers any portion of it ...

  19. Management of Mastectomy Skin Necrosis in Implant Based Brea

    Mastectomy skin necrosis occurred in 8.1% of breasts after implant-based reconstruction. Necrosis less than 10 cm 2 can be treated successfully with local debridement in the clinic setting. Timely and appropriate treatment of skin necrosis with debridement and primary closure expedites wound healing and facilitates tissue expander breast ...