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First-Person vs. Third Person in Storytelling Essay Example

First-Person vs. Third Person in Storytelling Essay Example

The level and type of personal pronoun is storytelling or narrative significantly affects and often influence the meaning, style, flow and the point of view, opinion or judgment of the reader or listener. There several reasons which can prompt a writer to use a first-person, a second-person, or third person language in a narrative. Each of the 'person' plays a distinctive role they play as well as a distinctive point of view. All the three points of view: the first person, the second person, and the third person, all have both singular and plural forms. Therefore, this essay aims to critically discuss two stories that have been selected from the class readings as well as discuss in details how the different points of view impact the reader's judgment of the stories.

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James Baldwin's story "Sonny's Blues" is a short story that has been written in the first-person personal pronoun. The story starts with the author referring to himself and telling the reader of how the events occurred from his point of view. For example, the story begins wi "I read about it in the paper...I couldn't believe it..., I stared at it in the swinging light..." (Baldwin 17).

The author is a teacher, "...while I taught my Class Algebra" (Baldwin 17), and he is giving a story of a young man called Sonny, whom he finds 'good and decent' to be involved in a drug case. He uses the first-person language to be subjective. This self-reference using the "I" statement makes the reader feel more like an audience listening to another giving their personal view of an event or situation. Similar to the case above, the use of the first-person language has little room for the reader to participate and thus to some extent, the style is found boring. The style is consistent in the first few paragraphs of the story before the author introduces the reader to the third character, "a friend to Sonny" (Baldwin 19).

The drastic change of the point of view helps in making the reader feel like part of the narrative and more or less like a character in the story. This effect has been primarily achieved through the intractable use of the first and third-person in the conversation between Sonny's friend and the author. "You mean about Sonny? ...how come they didn't get you?" ... "He grinned." (Baldwin 19) And also the letter addressing the author as a brother (Baldwin 21-22). However, although the author has sparingly used other point of views, other than the first person, the story makes the reader feel like part of the action and more like the story is more memorable and enjoyable to read.

The use of the first-person language is also engaging and thus makes the reader what to know more about what happened next. The feeling of one conversing directly with the narrator does influence not only the level of interest but also the level of persuasion, readers engagement, the weight and level of accuracy of the story. The style also evokes the reader's emotions and often causing emotional reactions based on the author's mood.

On the other hand, the story "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien is a narrative about a group of Soldiers and the things they carrier during the war period. The dominating personal pronoun language of the story is third-person language.

The story revolves around the life of soldiers in the juggle and the many things they carry based on their body size, specialty, rank, and mission (O'Brien). In this story, the viewer reads the story from the narrators' point of view. This point of view does not, however, engage the reader and thus makes the reader be a passive audience. Nevertheless, filtering of such details as emotions of the characters by expressing them through somebody else loosen the connection between the reader and the characteristics of the story. Instead, the reader has to establish a relationship with the narrator - in this case, O'Brien, who narrates the story to the audience.

For instance, the story beings by describing the characters in the story, their role and connection to the theme of the story. "First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross carried the letter from a girl named Martha, a junior at Mount Sebastian College in New Jersey..." (O'Brien 1). Besides, the narrator gives an account of what the Soldiers carried and why they carried them. For instance, the second paragraph downwards lists some of the items that were thought to be necessary and had to be carried.

The use of the third-person point of view in this narrative, however, does done engage the reader into critical thinking or participation, as a result of the 'objective' use of the third person point of view to a great extent negatively affects the judgment of the reader. For example, when the narrator talks about the killings and dead of Soldiers such as Ted Lavender who was shot dead. Besides, the person loses a sense of time and proximity which makes it difficult for the reader actually to tell what time the event took place.

As noted the use of third-person is significantly affected by verb tenses, and the narrative has been presented in a past tense indicating that the event took place in the past. This lack of timeliness largely influences the credibility of the story as well as the general mood of the story.

In conclusion, comparing both points of views in the two stories, it evident that narratives that are emotional and aim at capturing the mood and emotions of the reader to use the first- person point of view. Also, the first-person persona in a narrative is not only engaging but also gives the reader the whole story first hand. However, in a situation where emotions or the description is non-fictional or a historical event, the use of the third-person language would be the most appropriate.

Works Cited

Baldwin, James. "Sonny's Blues." Feinstein, Sascha and David Rife. The Jazz Fiction Anthropology. Indiana UP: Bloomington, 2009. 17-48. Book.

O'Brien, Tim. "The Things They Carried." The Things They Carried. n.d.

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Profile Essay

Writing a profile essay is challenging to students because it is rarely taught in the other levels of education. In order to write a good profile essay, you need to be equipped with the right tools. You need adequate preparation and the right resources. A profile essay is used by students for journalism purposes. Before starting with your essay, it is important to follow all the guidelines and instructions given.

First, you need to know the purpose of this essay. This is to give the reader a complete description of your subject. It should keep the reader engaged and captivated. For your essay to be interesting choose a unique subject. Profile essays, like other essays, follow a certain structure.

The Structure of a Profile Essay


This is the first part of your essay; it serves as the face of your work. How you introduce your essay will determine the reader’s reception. The introduction should be kept at a minimum. Explain the meaning of the topic and give the main points of your essay. Keep the introduction interesting by using quotes, conversations and dialogues, and short stories. When writing a profile essay example for college tailor it in a way that the reader who is your instructor will find interesting. Use facts that can be verified and give examples as your evidence.

This is the part that carries most of the weight of your essay. It contains all the main points in different paragraphs. Each paragraph contains an idea that is explained in details. Write the body in an orderly manner guided by the introduction. All the main points must be explained in the body. In order for your work to be captivating, make sure that the ideas run smooth and follow a chronological order.

The conclusion puts all your essay points in simple words. Introducing a new point at this level is useless, and it spoils the flow of your essay. Use a few sentences to wrap up your work but make sure they connect the contents of the introduction and body.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Subject

Choose a subject who can be reached in case you are to conduct an interview.

Select an interesting subject who will give many points

Make adequate research concerning your subject. In an example of a personality profile essay, make enough research and be detailed with facts and correct information.

Remember to follow all the instructions given for the choice of a subject

The subject of the essay is the basis of your work; therefore, make sure you choose them wisely. All subjects should be treated with dignity and respect although you might dislike them. You should approach the subject with an open mind so as to capture all the details of the information they give you. Before meeting a subject for an interview, you will need to gather as much information as you can about them.

Visit the library and online sources that are rich in such resources. An example of a profile essay about a world leader can easily be obtained from reliable online sources and public libraries. Books, magazines, and journals provide insights about the details of a profile essay. Reading from diverse sources gives you a broad understanding of all the details, styles, language, structure, and even the smallest details that are easy to forget. Remember to use an updated source to avoid including obsolete details in your essay.

Check when the latest information was shared as well as its validity. This applies mostly to people, places, and events. No matter how much information you gather, make sure that your points flow easily for a clear understanding.

When writing about a subject, start with the appearance. Things like name, height, skin color and height are important when describing a subject. They are used to create the identity of a person. For example, when writing about a person give the details that make them different. When writing about a place include the name, locality and neighboring places.

Use the right tone when writing your essay. The formal tone makes an essay sound formal and neat. A profile essay is more flexible as compared to other essays. You can use the first person pronoun. Interviews require the use of first person tone. However, avoid using this as it tends to confuse and distract the readers.

Remember to organize your work either in a chronological manner or using the thematic style. The chronological manner involves giving details as the occurred. This is a timeline of events. The thematic format is putting the ideas in a thematic mode. After writing your essay, proofreading it is a great way to ensure that you have followed all the instructions given. It also helps you to correct any errors made.

An Example of Personality Profile Essay

Here is an example of personality profile essay showing how to apply the guide given:

Causes and Solutions to Poverty in the Third world Nations

Poverty is a state of being in lack of resources and the capability of feeding and sustaining one’s family. It is the inability to meet the basic needs that all human beings need. There many causes of poverty that affect different cultures. Poverty is linked to poor medical access, little or no education, and laziness. Poverty can be global, cyclical, or collective.

The obvious cause of poverty is little or no access to clean water and healthy food. Hunger and starvation is connected to poverty because people who lack energy cannot work. They lack the strength and energy needed to make a livelihood. Lack of clean water and nutritious food increases the likelihood of contracting diseases because of decreased immunity. Diseases like diarrhea cause dehydration will is fatal to people who cannot access clean water. Also, this can be dangerous where the health centers are a long distance from their residences. Using the already meager funds for treatment of a family member plunges them deeper into poverty.

Having no access to job opportunities causes poverty because one cannot sustain himself without a source of income. Many people in developing nations move to cities with the hope of securing a source of income but end up disappointed. The resources are limited and the accumulation of people makes it hard to secure a job.

Many developing nations experience clashes and political instability. These halt economic development and chase foreign investors. Many people are displaced while businesses and infrastructure are destroyed. The economy of a country takes years to build and stabilize but can be destroyed within minutes of instability. It is usually hard to recover from economic downfall. Many productive people are killed while foreigner who had a contribution to the said economy return to their countries. Destroyed business premises means that more people lose their livelihood.

There are many forms of inequalities for example discrimination based on gender, social class, religion, and minority group. In the distribution of resources, some groups receive less than they require while the rest go greedy politicians or leaders. For example, in some countries, some cities seem to be developing at a high rate while others are lagging behind

The effects of poverty affect many people in the world, but there are many solutions to reduce this. By providing means of clean water to people without access. Governments can take initiatives to create programs to teach people about the importance and methods of recycling water. This is done by putting into place sewage recycling plants that will sustain the people with enough clean water. Harvesting rainwater is also a good way of ensuring that you have a supply of clean water.

The problem of inequality can be solved by being inclusive of all parties especially when making decisions that affect many people. This means that all people will get the resources they need to develop themselves and localities.

Poverty is a global challenge and is not concentrated in a certain area of the world. The causes may vary but some remain consistent. Depending on the level of poverty and resources available different solutions can be applied. Developed countries can also lend a hand to poor countries. Poverty can be eradicated with joined efforts.

Writing a profile essay can be a hectic activity, but with the right information and preparation, you can actually find it interesting. There are many similarities of profile essay to other essays, for example, the structure which contains the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction is a simple glimpse of your essay so keep it short and precise. The body contains all the ideas explained broadly. Make sure not to mix up the information and remember to use facts that can be verified. The conclusion is a summary of all the things written in the essay.

Writing a profile essay for the first time presents a challenge to many students. But, with proper guidance, you’ll quickly find the whole exercise quite manageable. We have professionals who can help you in this regard; get in touch for more personal profile essay examples and custom essay help!

Loneliness and Acceptance Essay -- First Person Narrative Examples

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Length: 1993 words (5.7 double-spaced pages)

Rating: Powerful Essays

The first time i truly felt alone ended up being when I was making Kentucky. We were within airport saying our final good-byes. I became leaving everything and everyone that We liked, grasped, cared for, in the future and learn inside Bay area. I became making familiar territory and moving into an unknown, unfamiliar world. I was saying good-bye to those who I had either grown up with or people who had seen me personally mature. All my memories and feelings had been attached to them. They were those who I thought actually knew me and comprehended me personally. Yet all of them had their very own impression of the way I should feel. Excitement, joy, fear, and sadness being the most used. Nevertheless no body actually knew the things I was experiencing. We felt each one of these feelings blended into an unique feeling of my very own. One which i really could maybe not give also my closest friend.

When I expressed my fears and anxiety about making Kentucky, no one appeared to actually listen to the things I ended up being saying. They kept saying it might be alright. I became mature and very nearly an adult therefore the Western world with its great product temptations would not corrupt me personally. In my mind I felt separated. I wanted them to sit and feel my anguish with me. Nevertheless they wanted to pacify me, console me personally as though I were a child. In those days I fel...

… middle of paper…

...e or friendship. We're taught we don't have an identity if we are alone. Which is the reason why we treat loneliness as an illness, anyone to be prevented whatever it takes. Loneliness is deemed an inadequacy of our characters. Though many of us are taught to be independent, our liberty is superficial. We can cook, clean, and do our washing but we can not seem to take care of our emotions independently. We're taught that individuals should share all our thoughts. And I also believe that however hard we search we can never get the kind of understanding that we have been looking. We are taught to be uncomfortable in our very own globe. Society conditions united states to think that individuals are inadequately equipped to be alone and content. Which alone always means lonely.

Works Cited

Macdonald, Elizabeth. «Odalisque» Encounters (Edt. Pat C. Hoy, Robert DiYanni) The Mc.Graw-Hill Organizations, Inc.

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— Philip Slater’s The Pursuit of Loneliness the goal of Philip Slater’s guide The quest for Loneliness should “reach some comprehension of the forces which are unraveling our society” for their visitors (xxii). It really is a standard conception that America is the greatest nation, a notion that is substantiated by economic numbers. But Americans aren't happy. In accordance with Slater, “all societies frustrate specific peoples needs and satiate others (because) mankind and any particular society’s idea of just what mankind ought to be is not very exact” (2)… [tags: Philip Slater Pursuit Loneliness Essays]

Free Essays 1053 words (3 pages)

— “The many terrible poverty is loneliness, together with sense of being unloved.” –Mother Teresa the Yellow Raft in Blue liquid by Michael Dorris is a novel about Native American, narrated by three generations of Indian women; Ida the grandmother, Christine mom, and Rayona. The tales of three people, “twisting and tying and blending,” fabricate the braid of these relationship. All of three strands is a complicated composition of hairlines. There is a hairline that all strands have as a common factor and shape this braid: loneliness… [tags: Character Analysis, Rayona, Ida]

effective Essays 1300 terms (3.7 pages)

— Alone In a Crowd: Loneliness inside Modern Era. “You can have the whole planet around you yet be alone.” – as yet not known it's Friday evening, yet i really do not think it matters what day its, here in this room there is certainly a significant disconnect. This scene has played out in mostly the same way in at least 100 different event. It started out well meaning. The person i enjoy sitting close to me. We try to have a conversation. We make an effort to link. However, something constantly stands in the manner… [tags: Sociology, Interpersonal relationship]

Powerful Essays 921 words (2.6 pages)

— Mary Ray Worley imparts from a subjective point of view the pity that may be felt from being obese in, “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance”. Drawing from attendance within National Associate to Advance Fat recognition (NAAFA) convention, Worley defines her change from mind-set of wanting to be slim to sensing confidence in her own human body (Worley 163). She further states just how no information proves that losing body weight will absolutely impact a person’s wellness thus the reason why she quit attempting to slim down and alternatively focuses on being at peace with food and the woman figure (Worley 164, 166)… [tags: Obesity, Nutrition, Health, Hypertension]

Powerful Essays 1061 words (3 pages)

— university Acceptance I am over what meets the attention. There clearly was only a particular section of me that individuals observe and judge me by in my own every day life. Some individuals know me once the boy whom rushes right down to the Harmon Cove bus end each morning half awake and half asleep juggling a few products in my own fingers. In one single hand I have my books that We 'attempted' to read for homework the previous evening and my other hand is waiting on hold to my Sony metallic cd player for my coach trip to school. My peers and acquaintances await my arrival in the yellowish school coach expecting me to begin with their day down by cracking few jokes and sharing stories of my wild weekends… [tags: essays papers]

Free Essays 899 words (2.6 pages)

— we lost my dad once I was at my late thirties. He was clinically determined to have lung cancer and experienced significantly throughout the next four years until his untimely passing. Erikson’s theory of ‘Intimacy vs Isolation’ states that you'll require a powerful feeling of self (identification) for intimacy to happen. This phase takes place during young adulthood between your many years of approximately 19 and 40. During this time period of time, the major conflict centers on forming intimate, loving relationships with other people. Even though the psychosocial concept is frequently presented as some neatly defined, sequential actions, it is critical to keep in mind that each stage plays a part in the next… [tags: isolation, loneliness, despair, relationship]

effective Essays 663 terms (1.9 pages)

— A formalist perspective centers around essential elements to a story like plot, theme, expression, characterization, and metaphor. “A Small, Good Thing” is an interesting story that you could comprehend the primary points, but goes into greater detail when analyzed. This story has an essential plot, theme, and symbols behind it that actually make the tale exactly what it's. The writer Raymond Carver exposes the reader to feel linked to the tale because it can relate genuinely to our life. Isolation and collectedness is an important theme throughout the whole story… [tags: Connectedness, Tragedy, Loneliness]

Powerful Essays 655 words (1.9 pages)

— Introduction Death, dying and bereavement would bring various memories and emotion to bereaved person. There were various manifestations of grief (Strobe, Schut, & Strobe, 2007). In grieving process, we might experience depression, anxiety and fear about death and dying. We also felt loneliness, shock and numbness during death and dying. In addition, there have been additionally some typically common grief reactions towards the bereaved person too. They lost their appetite, sleeping disruption, being exhausted and lots of complaints about somatic and physically (Worden, 1991; Stroebe, Schut, & Stroebe, 2007)… [tags: grief, loneliness, grieving process]

effective Essays 931 terms (2.7 pages)

— In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley utilizes the motif of monstrosity to share the theme that a person’s outward look isn't why is them a monster but rather their actions or inactions that classify true monstrosity. Despite the fact that the monster Victor Frankenstein creates is a literal exemplory instance of monstrosity into the novel there are numerous components giving meaning to monstrosity within character’s actions. Although Victor appears normal, since he's peoples their ambitions, secrets, selfishness, and inaction makes him a monster himself… [tags: actions, look, acceptance]

Powerful Essays 808 words (2.3 pages)

— Many people experience what it is like to be separated at some point within their everyday lives. Nevertheless when does one feel like an outcast. Being isolated can change one’s whole outlook on life. Alienation can be defined as “a effective sense of isolation and loneliness” (Alienation 1). Each person react in a different way to alienation plus some express it by becoming “withdrawn and lethargic [and] others may react with hostility and violence” (Alienation 1). Numerous experience alienation for a number of causes… [tags: alienation, loneliness, cyber bullying, outcast]

Powerful Essays 1071 terms (3.1 pages)

Popular Essays

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essay in first person example

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Are You Looking for a First Person Essay Example?

Margaret Vizenor

Table of Contents

First Person Essay Example

If you are also struggling with it, cheer up – because we are here to take you through it. We’ll give you the best first person essay example. We also give you the concept of this essay so that you understand how it should be written. You can benefit from the tips we share here and try writing your first person paper using them. The pieces of advice we have shared here come from our team of experts who have written thousands of essays ever since the start of our company. The guidelines coming from such trained professionals will solve your problems.

The Concept of an Essay Written in First Person Language

As the name implies, it is an essay that is drafted in the first-person language. The first person refers to the writer or the student. There are various names for this kind of essay. They include but are not limited to a point-of-view essay, narrative writing, and reflective essay. A first person paper can even be a descriptive or informative essay depending upon the content it contains. Students can enjoy writing while using first person in essay. It lends them a feeling of writing a story. A first person paper is especially important because it nurtures students’ skills in reflective writing. Once a student masters this art, he/she can be a very good script-writer.

How to Write a First Person Essay? Easy Tips

A first person paper has the same structure as any other type of paper has – an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, the diction and style of writing of this essay are substantially different from such formal essays as argumentative papers. Since the writer refers to himself/herself throughout the first-person paper, the writing is relatively informal than the argumentative essays. The informality provides more details to the reader and helps the writer express his/her feelings, which are an insignia of this essay.

Many students don’t know how to write a first person essay. They may be good at sharing stories and discussing their experiences with friends, but when they are asked to produce an essay based on the same experiences, they may fail. Some students are unsure how much details they should share in the essay because the first person paper reflects the thought process, life experiences, and outlook of an individual. Others write the essays but fail to make them interesting enough for the readers. We’ll tell you how to nail your first person paper.

Make a Detailed Outline First

The process of writing any kind of essay commences with the formulation of an outline. That is like the backbone of your first-person paper’s content. You might think that it is an unnecessary step consuming a lot of your time, but trust us – it’ll make the writing process very easy for you afterward. You won’t have to spend time to think again and again or reconsider the ideas for your first person paper. They’ll all be finalized and sorted. The importance of outlining for a first person point of view essay cannot be overemphasized.

You might be thinking – how is an outline made? Let’s address this question first – an outline has the same structure that the entire essay will have. The simple reason for it is the fact that the first person paper will be developed from the outline. Hence, there needs to be a defined introduction, body, and conclusion in the outline.

First, you’ll write the introduction of your outline. Two statements are the most important in this section of your first person paper – the hook and the thesis statement. The hook is significant because it’ll garner the reader’s attention. It is the statement that markets your essay. A good hook can significantly increase the readership of an essay. Think of it as a Youtube video thumbnail. What sort of videos are you attracted to on Youtube? The ones with attractive and attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles, right? The same psychology works for a first person paper too.

What can be a good hook for writing in first person essay? Start your essay by telling the most important detail of your story. Something like, “24 June 1999 was the darkest day of my life.” This is a powerful hook because it’ll entice the readers to find out what happened on that day that makes you remember it as your life’s darkest day. The reasons for giving the day this title in your first person paper can be any. You’ll share them in the body of your first-person paper. But in the introduction section, you have to share just enough details that help you connect the hook to the thesis statement.

A thesis is the most important line in the essay. You can think of it as the nectar of a fruit. The entire story of your first person paper revolves around it. It can be challenging to write because a student has to encapsulate a lot of details in just a line or two. One needs to be very prudent while selecting the words and phrases for the thesis statement. Write your first person paper thesis keeping this in mind that you’ll have to construct topic sentences from it subsequently. It should have enough elements to let you easily craft at least two to three topic statements from it.

Now you might have a good idea of what is a first person essay, so it’s time to discuss how to make the body of its outline. As discussed before, you need to make as many topic sentences as the number of paragraphs you intend to have in your first-person paper’s body. They should at least be two, but it’s better to have three body paragraphs. Each body paragraph of your first person paper will discuss the unique aspect of the thesis statement. In the outline, write the topic sentences and find two to three points related to them. You’ll expand on the points when the stage of writing the essay comes.

The conclusion is also a very important section of a college essay first person. If you do not discuss any new details in conclusion, it will sum up what you said in the essay’s body. In other words, think about what should the readers take away from your essay. That’ll be the content of your conclusion. It’ll begin with reiteration or rewording of your thesis statement. In the end, you can discuss how the experience changed your thoughts or you as a person, how it influenced your personality or decisions, or what recommendations will you like to make.

It’s Time to Develop the Outline into a Complete Essay

Once the outline of your first person paper is ready, take some time to think about how you will connect the distinct points you have written in support of each topic sentence. Let’s say your topic sentence is, “There has been a significant shift in the way people access news over the last two decades.” In support of this topic sentence, you have to mention statistics that exemplify the ‘significant shift.’ The duration for which you need to collect the facts is also specified, i.e. 20 years. Some good points to include under this topic sentence will be how people used to get news in 1999 vs how they get aware of things now in 2021. You can easily find the relevant statistics for your essay online and cite the information accordingly.

Here’s an Excerpt as a Good Example

Do you want to have a look at a nice descriptive essay written in first person? We show an excerpt for it here. Although it’s not a complete essay, yet it’ll give you a fair idea of how to write it. Take a look:

It was the best gift I ever received. 20 December 2010 – the time was around 10 o’clock. I was boarding a train that night to travel from Manchester to Nottingham. The train was heavily packed as most of the people were moving to spend Christmas at their homes. There were around 10 people in my cabin. The crowd made an otherwise spacious cabin feel congested. I could see the softly glowing city lights and dewy and wet streets of Manchester as the train started to move. Suddenly, something feeling like an umbrella bounced against my right shoulder. I looked back to find an old lady. She had wrinkles all over her face. The pursed lips were being prominent with a light maroon shade of lipstick.

As you can see, the essay shares a lot of details of the day, time, venue, surroundings, objects, and people. A descriptive essay is meant to provide details of the setting so that the readers can see and feel the experience of the narrator. Also, you can see that the first person pronoun has been used in the essay.

Do You Need Help with Your Essay from an Expert?

We hope that the points illustrated above will help you write an excellent essay. However, sometimes, it may not be possible for a student to write the first person paper because of a lack of time or resources. If you are facing such an issue, you can depend on the help of a person from our team. When we receive the instructions for your essay, we’ll instantly search for an appropriate first person paper writer from our team.

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What kind of essay do you need help with? Do you want the writer to make the first person paper from scratch, or you have written a part of it already and would like the writer to take the writing forward from there? Whatever stage you are at, just let us know what service you need on your first person paper. Please note that we offer all kinds of academic services ranging from writing to proofreading, summarizing, editing, paraphrasing, and rewriting.

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Customers find it very easy to place first person orders here. It involves a simple three-step process. You might have seen the ‘order’ link at the home-page. When you press it, you can see the order form on your screen. The three steps of the ordering are:

We have first person paper writers from all fields and areas of education. We find customers suitable writers according to the instructions they place for the order. They tell what field to find the first person paper writer from. Our administrators find the relevant writers and assign them orders for timely completion accordingly.

The Guarantees for Our Perfect Academic Assistance

New clients tend to be skeptical while trying out a first person paper help service. We know what our customers want, so we offer them the best guarantees. Here they are:

Let us know your first-person paper’s details. The most professional writers are ready to assist you. Place the order.

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essay in first person example

100 Analytical Essay Topics for Your Inspiration & Motivation

essay in first person example

GRE Argument Essay Samples: Analytical Writing

essay in first person example

The Best Informative Essay Outline for College Students

How to Write a First Person Essay

First person essay writing guide.

First-person essays are aimed at sharing an experience, letting your reader see and feel it. They show how that experience changed your mind, affected you, educated you. Your essay is your personal journey of discovery. And your main task while writing your essay is to engage a reader to take that journey with you.

To make your thoughts and emotions run in the right direction, you need to follow the basic rules. Here is how to write from your perspective and show your reader the true sense of the story.

Let's take it step by step:

EssayTigers brings you the best in custom paper writing! EssayTigers brings you the best in custom paper writing!

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essay in first person example


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