Essay on Happy New Year For All Students

New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January every year worldwide. The new year tells us we have crossed one year of life, and a new year has come in front of us with some new zeal and happiness.

That’s why New Year’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm. In school and college, students are asked to write an essay on Happy New Year to explain the new year’s importance and give detailed information about it.

If you are looking for a good essay on the happy new year, in today’s article, we have presented a great essay on the new year that stays with our article till the end.

The new year is seen as the beginning of everything. In the new year, everything starts afresh, and we get a chance to forget all our troubles and start afresh.

If you are looking for an essay on the happy new year and want to know some information about it, then stay with this article till the end.

10 Lines on Happy New Year (200 To 250 Words)

Short essay on happy new year (200 to 300 words).

Essay on Happy New Year

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The new year is one of the most awaited festivals. People from all religions from different countries wait for this time to enjoy themselves with their families.

The new year is one of the most amazing festivals where we drink, dance, and plan to make some new year’s resolutions. On the first day of every year, enjoying New Year’s is a western culture which spreads all over the world with different European knowledge.

In India, the Happy New Year festival came with Britishers, and after that, we started enjoying this day with different enjoyable programs.

Many years ago in India, Bihari and Bengali Hindus enjoyed their new year on Holi. Gujarati Hindus enjoy their new year on Diwali.

Suppose we see the history of the 1st of January. In that case, we find that approximately 4000 years ago in Babylon, civilized Western people started their new year on the 1st of January and enjoyed that day with different programs.

When western culture developed rapidly and spread all over the world, almost all religious people started enjoying their new year on the 1st of January.

On the occasion of Happy New year, women cook different items. People dance, enjoy this day with lots of games, and enjoy the holiday with their family members.

This is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable festivals. Everyone waits for a happy new year and on this occasion, we eat different food, decorate our house, and spend lots of time with our friends and family.

Long Essay on Happy New year (500 To 600 Words)

A new year is a very special occasion all over the world. Everyone celebrates this day with their family and with friends.

According to the English calendar, the new year begins in January, but according to the Hindu calendar, the new year begins in April to March.

When midnight in the night marks the beginning of a new day and a new year, when the needle crosses 12, that time encourages us to make a new resolution and make our coming year better than the previous year.

Generally, everyone celebrates this day by eating food and customs or going on a trip somewhere with friends and family. New Year has its significance for every person.

Some people have a mentality that they should first wish the new year to God, while others want to give the first best wishes of the new year to their parents or spouse.

The New Year motivates us to start new projects and gives us the energy to live with renewed zeal and joy.

Everyone has their unique way of celebrating the new year, as according to the Christian religion, this festival is celebrated in the week of Halloween; similarly, in India, people dance and sing, eat good dishes and wear new clothes and make this day.

The New Year is not just about celebrations and resolutions; There is much more than what meets the eye.

It signifies inspiration for many new beginnings. Another 365-day journey begins on the first day of New Year’s Eve.

Every person in the world has some wish in his mind for the coming year, just like a person who could not return home for the whole year due to his work wishes to meet his family at this time.

Similarly, such children who have not been able to get good marks in school dream of making their parents happy by getting good marks in the coming year.

Similarly, the importance of a new year seems to change in a new form for all human beings.

Also, everyone has their wishes and dreams related to the new year. All those people want their wishes fulfilled in this new year and are ready to work hard.

The Western Civilization’s New Year was celebrated in Babylon 4000 years ago, but it was held on the 21st of March. But for a few years, we celebrated New year on the 1st of January, and now it’s the tradition to celebrate this day very nicely. The whole world celebrates this day along with their family and friends.

Q. When do people celebrate their first Happy New year?

According to different historians, the first happy new year was organized by the western people of Babylon approx 4000 years ago.

Q. How do we celebrate our Happy New year?

Happy New year, cook different tasty foods, dress well, decorate our house and enjoy different occasions.

Q. When do Indian Hindus enjoy Happy New year?

Indian Hindus enjoy a happy new year on Holi.

This post provides complete information about an essay on the happy new year. In this post, we provide information like the history of Happy New year and how we enjoy the happy new year festival. If this information benefits you, do not forget to share this article with your family and friends.

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Essay on New Year in English for Students – Read Online Here

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Essay on New Year: The New Year has widely known everywhere the globe with huge enthusiasm and fun. Earlier, it absolutely was a Roman calendar that was having solely 10 months and selected the first march as the New Year. Within the Gregorian calendar, there are twelve months in each year and also the New Year falls on January first that is widely has been accepted and celebrated the festival.

Essay on New Year Celebrations:

How I celebrate New Year? It is a special occasion for the individuals as these days is that the starting of the Happy New Year and that they welcome the coming year in their approach. Individuals begin the preparations for the New Year celebration several days earlier. Individuals purchase new garments, gifts and lots of new things from the market. Outlets are filled with the crowd on currently. On the time of the day of thirty-first Dec and on first January there’s a celebration of New Year in India and everyone over the world.

After the Christmas celebration individuals watch for the thirty-first night, that’s the day after we recall all the nice and bad memories of the whole Year and say so long to the going year and welcoming the New Year. Individuals celebrate this day with music and dance. Children are terribly happy concerning this as they get a lot of gifts and good food to get pleasure from the New Year party.

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Happy New Year Communities:

Though completely different communities celebrate their New Year on different days according to their calendar, then to everybody celebrates the New Year on first January and this is often a festival for all the community individuals. And people spread the enjoyment and happiness in nature.

A large number of American citizens within the country celebrate the new year’s eve with numerous parties, events and also the final New Year fireworks at nighttime. There is a special gathering organized within the public space of the many cities within the united states. Some individuals conjointly kiss their spouse/lover at midnight to welcome the New Year.

New Year Tree:

The New Year tree is formed, it is a unique factor for youngsters and adults, which is the object that may be seen in each house throughout the vacation. The entire family takes participation in decorating a tree, with toys, candles, and completely different New Year Lights. Youngsters think about a tree to be mysteries because the Russian Santa Clause hides the presents below this tree.

I like this eve. Several days before there is a preparation of cakes for the New Year, at the parties, there’s a new year cake cutting ceremony at nighttime — this way individuals get pleasure from the parties and celebrate the New Year festival.


Happy New Year Facts:

1. The earliest known New Year celebrations were in Mesopotamia and date from to 2000 B.C. 2. The Gregorian calendar, that marks January first as the New Year, is adopted by the Roman Catholic Church. 3. Chinese New Year is widely known as the second full-of-the-moon once the solstice. 4. Jewish New Year is termed Rosh Hashanah. Apples and Honey are the historically eaten up. 5. In ancient Rome, the New Year began on March first.

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essay happy new year

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Essay On Happy New Year | How I Celebrate New Year Essay

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Have you ever been asked to write an Essay on New year, or deliver speech on happy new year mentioning how you celebrate new year, new year celebration with family & friends, & coming with fresh happy new year commitments and resolution!

Well, this is the part of happy new year celebrations functions at school. We have written, for you, happy new year 2023 Short & long Essay that includes 10 lines, 5 lines & few more sentences how you celebrate new year for children & students.

Essay on New Year | Happy New Year Celebrations, Essays For Children & Students

According to Gregorian calendar,new year is celebrated on 1st January of every year. It is a joyous occasion which is celebrated with enthusiasm all across the world.

Importance of New Year Celebrations

New year is believed to bring happiness in the lives of people as it reflects new, fresh beginnings and leaving all the bad and negative experiences behind.

It is something that we all look forward to.It is the most active minded holiday where people take time to evaluate their lives and make plans for the future . This day gives us an opportunity to spend quality time for our friends and family.

Essay on Happy New Year For Students

On this day, everyone leaves negatives thoughts and there is a wave of positivity in everyone’s mind. It is the night where people decide to make new resolutions for their life and plan to fulfill it throughout the year.

They leave all the bad experiences behind and decide to start over. They hope to live the coming year by improvising and starting over with more motivation.

A great way to start over could be leaving a bad habit or unhealthy attachments. It is a chance for us to give up things that make us unhappy.

How I Celebrate Happy New Year

New year is celebrated throughout the world with great enthusiasm.It is celebrated by people of every age with enthusiasm. Everyone wears new clothes and get ready to give a fresh start to this year.

People go to their holy places to worship and pray to God for a happy and fruitful year. Everyone prays that the coming year would bring peace and happiness, not only for them but the whole mankind.

On this day, the fun does not stop. Everyone is busy planning for a party. Since winter vacations are announced in every institution from Christmas to new year, that is why, everyone Is free and happy to make plans for this day. They forget their sorrows and worries and they plan to enjoy every moment of this night with full energy.

On new year’s night bonfires and barbecue parties are arranged in every house. All friends and families get together to enjoy this night. Everyone is excited for the barbeque party.

The one who is responsible for marinating and preparing the barbeque makes it delicious and yummy. Every one sits around the fire and enjoy this night by eating, partying and gossiping.

People also arrange amazing fireworks at night and burst a lot of fire crackers. Beautiful lights can be seen everywhere from streets to parliament houses. The city looks more beautiful at night because of these lights.

There are unusual movements in markets because everyone is busy in buying new clothes, sweets, greeting cards and gifts for their family and friends. There are special discounts in every restaurant and shopping malls too.

All hotels are pre-booked for this day where people host parties in which special events are also organized. There is also a cake cutting ceremony at the end of those parties. Public festivals are also arranged where large number of people are gathered for New Year.

When clock is about to strike 12, they start the countdown and then wish ‘happy new year’ to each other. They spend whole night partying and chilling with their friends.

New year is an important day for everyone. It brings new hope and happiness for us. It is an opportunity for us to learn from our previous mistakes and more forward in our life with an aim to not repeat those mistakes again. We should celebrate new year with full enthusiasm like any other festival.

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