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Essay on “Cyber Relationships” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cyber Relationships

Life is all about relationships. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours-the list is endless. Every day you come across a set of people and bond a relationship with them. Be it the florist whom you cross every Sunday while walking to the church or your best friend’s cousin with whom you play baseball after school – the bottom line is that you, consciously or unconsciously, form a bond with people in your life. From a simple nod to a smile to hours of conversation, the depth of your connection may vary, but the string that ties you to other people remains the same. The need to love someone and be loved in return, to have someone to share with and be a part of their experiences—our whole life revolves around these few things.

Enter the Net and it’s a totally different ballgame. You can now ‘connect’ to total strangers, some of whom you may never meet in real life. And before you say ‘ahhhh’ with that glint in your eye, let me hasten and add that on-line chat is not a lonely hearts club for frivolous banter and sex talk in the virtual town. It’s a tool for reaching out to like-minded people across the world and bonding with them. Its about wiring up people with common likes, interests and attitudes into a global communion. In fact, it could be said that the Web would not have been half as alive and kicking but for the on-line chats and Instant messengers. It has indeed become the favoured interactive medium for the surfers and cyber-junkies. Agreed it’s not as good as holding hands with your loved ones and whispering sweet little nothings, but typed-in words still do the trick in the virtual version of real time conversation! One thing that really hurts me is the way people ridicule and frown upon online chat sessions. They look upon it as a thing of contempt and scorn people who swear by virtual relationships. Hey, what’s wrong in making new friends? Don’t we do that in real life too? Don’t we walk across a roomful of people and introduce ourselves and start a conversation? Aren’t those people strangers for us at that moment of time? Besides, how real are the real relationships? There are so many people staying under one roof, a formal association that has the society blessings, but dig a little deeper and you can see the cracks: it’s a make belief world where you compromise to live with the other person who might be poles apart mentally. In the virtual world, you might be geographically dispersed but you are on the same mental wavelength. It is not so the relationship in the real world don’t court for: the definitely do. But so do the virtual relationships. Agreed that there is a lot of deception in the on-line world, but same is the case in the real world. It’s upon us, as individuals, to come out clean and create an environment of trust in the virtual world. Once you pick out the chaff from the wheat of networks, channels and nicknames, your virtual friends ingratiate themselves into becoming your extended family.

In all, the cyber turf offers unending possibilities for making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. It’s entirely in our hands to make it a place of devil or archangel.

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cyber relationship essay

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cyber relationship essay

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Virtual relationships example essay topic.

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cyber relationship essay

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Risk and Trust – Internet Relationships Essay

Introduction, modernity and civilization risks, internet dating, risks of internet dating, mitigations to internet dating risks.

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This paper looks at the concept of risk from a cross cultural perspective, with an aim of adding more facts to Eurocentric frameworks, in relation to internet dating. Internet websites are increasingly becoming a common lifestyle for everyone across the world. The internet portals have come with a lot of possibilities, supporting communication and exchange of ideas on political, economic and social issues across the world.

Continued modernization with the aim of distributing wealth is leading to a massive spread of risks. Man is in the process of shifting every working process from manual to an automated state. The internet has been the driving tool for most automation processes. The result of this automation has been increased risks to human skills and health.

Besides the threats to skills and health, society faces increased social conflicts resulting from massive modernization. Dating as a process of socialization has not been left out of the effects of modernity. The popularity of internet dating is growing so fast. Distance is no longer a barrier to relationships, with dating and social networking sites such as; facebook, twitter, MySpace it is possible to keep in touch despite the distance apart

Risks associated with modernity have evolved in complexity beyond human perception. Modernity risks include; pollution effects to air, water, land as well as high dependence to technology. Such risks have often resulted in long term negative effects on the lives of plants and animals. Beck (1992, p. 16) argues that risks have systematic effects which will continue to pose irreversible effects to the present and future generations. Generations have remained myopic to risks underlying the modernization process. The scientists provide the scientific interpretation of risks but often fail to formulate appropriate mitigation mechanism. High level dependence to technology has locked society in the risky state.

The distribution of risk differs from one region to another. The risk distribution factor is higher in regions that are more modernized and low in less modernized regions. Both modernized and less modernized societies suffer the risk effects. Beck (1992, 1992, p. 22) points out that issues of class are “slowly being broken up by the boomerang effect” (Beck, 1992, p. 22). This is witnessed by the spread of modernity risk effects through national and social borders. Research indicates that modernity has had greater effect to the environment leading to contradiction in profits and property value.

Risks are among the many factors that differentiate developed and developing nations. Each risk disposes both losers and beneficiaries. Risk beneficiaries profit from the big business ventures that cause risks. Beck (1992, 23) points out that risks resulting from modernization can be alleviated to a greater extend; more than civilization risks which are unclassifiable and keep on evolving. Modern lifestyle demands more time on economically productive activities leaving people with little time to socialize.

Wealth is no longer a weapon to protect society from risks as noted by Beck (1992, p. 23). Politics dominates every decision making process. Even matters of great concern to our mere survival are subject to politics. Politics has hampered efforts to spread the knowledge of the risk society. The very potential to diffuse the knowledge of risk society is thwarted by lack of political goodwill. Politics has been extended further into the management of private enterprises and technical planning processes for manufacturing. Beck (1992, p. 24) notes that the risks of modernity are not just about health effects, “there are also the social, economic and political effects.”

Risks are spontaneous problems occurring in unlimited measures as a result of the fast paced modernization process. There is a dire need to either eliminate or stop these risks in society once and for all to save both the present and future generations from the devastations. The outcomes of the risk society are consumables which we experience and are finished in a matter of time. Risks on the other hand once produced are systematically distributed and exist for a long period time. There are several emerging risks which even the experts are at pains explaining there occurrence. Beck (1992, p. 27) notes that most of the emerging risks are out of comprehension by the experts.

The experts have often changed their focus in trying to find answers to the many questions asked about risks. Often the experts shift to explaining the effects of the present generations’ activities to the future generations. The most dreaded effect is the gene altering effects of some of the hazards such as radioactivity. Other effect of the risk society has been the long term psychological effects to its victims.

It is noted that scientists have also failed to come up with a rational solution to the risks of modernity. In fact they are cited as being at the forefront of altering the definition of the eminent risk within a given technological solution to convince political elites and the public on the advantages of the solution. Scientists emphasize the advantages and tend to assume the risk factor in the solution.

Giddens (1991, p.5) describes the modern world as a world that is headed towards calamity and disaster. This he associates to rapid modification of the environment to make life easier and convenient through technology. Research indicates that every technological solution that is invented results in a number of risks associated with it. The modern generation is facing unique problems that previous generations did not face, the severity of the risks is to high that causing the concern of every one living in the modern society.

The modern generation is in the effort of automating every life process. The internet plays a major role in the automation process by offering a platform through which people can get in touch from different places. The busy lifestyles and lack of confidence have been cited as the main forces behind internet dating. Most people are more focused on activities that are economically viable leaving them with less time to socialize. A spot check on young people using the internet either in the cybercafé, at home or on the phone reveals a big percentage are always hooked on dating sites (Peterson, 2004, p. 26).

These scenarios have made many people to resort to the internet as a social platform. A number of websites have been developed to enable virtual dating. They include; match maker and the American singles. Katz (2003, p.2) indicates that as many as 35 million people were subscribed to various online dating sites by the end of 2002. This number represented well over 40% of the single persons in America then.

The younger generation of people in the range of thirties is the most common users of the online dating service. The most significant aspect with internet dating is that it allows potential partners an opportunity to know more about one another before meeting one on one. The underlying risk however is that many people provide untrue information on their profiles. One can fall for an individual based on wrong information on the profile and end up meeting a different person. Katz (2003, p.7) points out that internet dating sites are categorized on the basis of race, interests, religion ethnicity and geographic regions. One can therefore search a dating site using any of the groups’ criterions.

Peterson (2004, p.24) defines culture “as a set of stable values and beliefs held by a people in a given geographic region.” Culture is exhibited in the people’s behavior and the environment. Globalization has opened up borders of the various geographic regions allowing rampant sharing of cultural values (Giddens, 1991, p. 114). The Eurocentric framework perspective of risk has been criticized by various social theorists, who argue that risk and anxiety sources develop from social and cultural values (Caplan, 2000, p. 4).

Social theorists, unlike the Eurocentric frameworks argue that risk perceptions are dynamic and vary with time and place. Beck (1992, p.20) links the exponential spread of risk to modernity, he further notes that forces of modernity have brought about many risks to mankind. The major concern then is how to liberate or protect ourselves from such risks. Use of internet to find sexual partners has an attached risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections such as HIV AIDS which currently has no cure. Hoeger and Hoeger (2008, p. 451) notes that people who seek sexual partners on the internet are at a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Shaffer (2008, p.158) points out that internet dating favors city dwellers, he also argues that this type of dating does not give potential partners an opportunity to clearly know one another. One on one meeting gives one a chance to evaluate the personality of the dating partner by observing personality and character features. By talking to an individual, it is possible to read their mind and establish whether they are honest or not. This can be read from their voice tone, eye movement and how they perceive certain ideas. Such privileges are hidden in online dating as the involved parties share ideas and life experiences on a virtual platform.

Fraud is another issue that has been pointed out on internet dating. The security department is reports to receive several cases of the US citizens who are conned by their online dating friends (Bocij, 2006, p. 117). The “friends” lure their lovers to send them money or even credit card information and end up conning them of dollars. Dating agencies register and keep a database of registered clients using the service. The tricky aspect however is that many who register as members rarely provide true information of themselves. This makes it had to be able to track such a person in case he or she uses the service to commit a criminal offence. Internet dating has also been used to perpetuate slavery and other criminal activities such as visa fraud (Bocij, 2006, p. 118)

It has also been pointed out that internet dating is an addictive activity which seems to eat out in peoples working time. Giddens (1991, p. 115) indicates that rapid modernization has created a lot of risks for mankind. An employee who is addicted to dating spends much of his or her working time on dating rather than performing the work duties. In this regard, the workers performance on job goes down because of spending much of the working time on internet dating rather than working. Employers of such employees pay them salaries, but the service delivery by the employee is below the set standard.

Most of those who resort to internet dating are in most cases driven by two reasons; either they are not able to find suitable matching partners using the face to face dating method or they have hidden motives. The hidden motive in this case is to seek an opportunity to exploit non suspecting individuals through scams. It should be noted therefore that sending private information such as credit card numbers or money to strangers can lead to one being conned.

Meetings with strangers for the first time should be organized in public places. It is also important to be in company of a friend who can at least report the matter incase it results in a misfortune. It should be noted that a person who lies in whatever way over the internet should not be trusted for a dating relationship. Many registered users post shiny and beautiful profile photos that are not their own. Such behaviors are early and clear indications that such people are liars and can not be trusted for a lasting relationship. Age is another factor which those dating on internet give true information about. A 40 year old can choose to report that he or she is 20 years so as to attract young potential partners.

High level of modernity has led to the evaporation of the old culture, resulting in a culture that perceives the old ways of doing things as outdated. Modernity has however brought a series of risks which require appropriate skills and knowledge to mitigate. Living in the modern world requires that we be prepared for possible disasters or risks that are perceived virtually from anything we interact with. Douglas and Wildavsky (1982, p. 1) note that the modern lifestyle presents us to types of risks; the accidental risks and those that we anticipate.

Accidental risks originate from calamities that man has no control over. Anticipated risks emanate from actions that we involve ourselves. We are the own cause of many of the risks that we find ourselves in through our attempts to modify the environment that we stay in. Manufacturing activities for example we release waste gases into the atmosphere and water bodies. These wastes cause pollution and has been the major cause of global warming that is currently a major global risk in the world.

Internet dating has become so popular especially among the youths, enabling them to hook up with dating friends all over the world. This is a modern element that besides the convenience considering the busy modern lifestyles poses many risks to users. Such risks include; fraud, human trafficking and lying partners. There is therefore a dire need to learn more about the risks associated with modernity and develop clear mitigation strategies to the risks.

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Peterson, B. 2004. Cultural intelligence: a guide to working with people from other cultures. Boston: Intercultural Press, Inc.

Shaffer, G. 2008. How Not to Date a Loser: A Guide to Making Smart Choices. Oregon: Harvest House Publishers.

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