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A Memorable Experience from Childhood - Narrative Essay Sample

A Memorable Experience from Childhood - Narrative Essay Sample


Birthdays are occasions for laughter and joy as people commemorate the day they were born. Most people celebrating their birthdays, especially at childhood, look forward to fun and frolic moments associated with any festivity. Laughter and happiness are the moments common in any birthday remembrance occasion. This event brings together friends, relatives, and close acquaintances despite differences in their traditions, rituals, and religious affiliations. On 11 September 1986, the entire family traveled to the outskirts of San Juan Island to celebrate Peter's ninth birthday. This occasion, however, broke from the norm where the parents could host late-night movies for close friends. In some instances, the family could hold a small in-house party where the attendants could share meals and celebrate together. On that day, everyone woke up very early and enthusiastically prepared for the long-awaited day. As a show of love, brothers and sisters painstakingly chose the right accessories and costume for their beloved lastborn, Peter. The party was held at Ozone Tropical Park on the outskirts of San Juan Island.

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On reaching the venue, the preparations for the party had started well in advance. The place was peaceful, calm, and complete silence. The only noise that anyone could hear were waves colliding off the cliff, chirping of birds, and howling of monkeys in a nearby bush. The venue was decorated with fresh, fragrant flowers that bored a festive air. The family arrived at the Ozone Tropical Park when visitors, including friends, relatives, and outstation guests, had settled. Security guards were also on alert. They could check everyone's invitation documents and national identity cards to ascertain who they were. In this way, the nature of security checks was an indication that nothing terrible could happen in the Ozone Tropical Park.

Both children and adults participated in various birthday party games, including treasure hunt game, three-legged race, button-button, and charades. The other games were elephant tug of war, and dress-up relay race, among others. The most entertaining event was the three-legged race, where pairs of individuals ran with their legs strapped together. In this event, the left leg of one participant is tied to the right leg of another runner. The objective is for a pair of runners to beat their competitors to the finish line. While the event seemed fun to the teenagers, it was hilarious for the adult participants. Another amusing event was the game of charades, where the attendants competed to match the game with the theme of the party. All the adults who lost in this game pledged a gift to Peter, who was celebrating the birthday.

All of a sudden, there was laughter everywhere when the kids engaged in a classic game of 'hot potato.' This activity involves the participants gathering in circles and tossing real potatoes or any other round object to one another as loud music plays. This event seemed amusing since it brought tons of laughs to everyone in the event. The most exciting part was the end of the game, where the winner would be allowed to dedicate a song to Peter.

Immediately the birthday games ended, all the attendants were served different kinds of snacks and refreshments. It was an enjoyable moment, especially for children who had never tasted veggie platters, mini pizzas, tortilla chips, and dips. Since it was self-service, the kids had an opportunity to choose snacks and refreshments of their choice. The other foods were baked potato chips, sugary lemonade, low-fat pretzels, and hummus with whole-grain pita. The kids were also excited because the party was an opportunity to take photos in a serene environment with the fragrant breeze flowing. To many children, Peter's birthday was a day full of adventure, excitement, joy, and expectations. The serine environment was also enjoyable to teens, considering that most of them were used to live in towns with rampant air pollution.

The climax of the occasion was the evening hours when all the children were issued with unique sky-blue shirts and addresses, and black trousers. All of them escorted Peter to a drawing-room that was tastefully decorated with flowers. The room was also decorated with colorful paper buntings and balloons. All of a sudden, laughter and thunderous applause engulfed the gathering as Peter entered the hall dressed in special clothes. Everyone welcomed him by clapping hands and handshakes. On the table was a birthday cake with nine candles fixed on it.

Another interesting part was when everyone stood and cheered Peter loudly as he cut the cake. Peter's close friends sang "happy birthday to you" as other children serve the guests' cake pieces. Adults could also take tea and soft drinks of their choice. Children, on the other hand, were given chocolates and toffees. As a return gift, Peter's parents and relatives gave every child a set of storybooks, among other stationery. When the event was over, close friends unpacked a lot of lovely gifts and pledges that the visitors had made. The family was surprised to find so many beautiful gifts, including bicycles, and many personalized gifts to the entire family.

Peter's birthday at Ozone Tropical Park is the most memorable event for every child who attended the party. Being the first outdoor party in a family of three children, everyone had an opportunity to witness an occasion celebrated in a grand style. There was much fun, jokes, laughter, and merry-making. Everyone bade good fortunes to Peter in the years to come, especially that it was the last birthday party before the family moved from Guatemala to the US. Peter's ninth-birthday remains a memorable experience for brothers, sisters, and parents.

A Personal Narrative that Reflects Ethics and Social Responsibility

Mariana started working with a well-known multinational company a few years ago. On paper, the business entity claimed to be one of the best employers in terms of protecting the welfare of its employees. The company had won several awards for being the leading organization in investing in the care for the employees. All was well the first few months Mariana reported to her new workplace. She was proud and lucky to be among the few candidates to join a reputable multinational enterprise. Although the workload was intense for Marina, she struggled to fit into the company's processes. Marian was interested to learn new skills and enhance her career.

One day, Marina reported to the workplace and greeted her manager and her colleagues as usual. Nonetheless, she was disappointed when some of the employees ignored her completely as she was reporting to her desk. Mariana could not believe it and kept wondering why some workers had treated her with cold and distant treatment. Mariana disclosed that she had never experienced such an awkward moment in ten years of her working life. While the situation seemed awful, Marina battled on and endured such a working atmosphere. A few weeks later, one of the workers disclosed to Marina that some employees were not happy with her because she did not accomplish group assignments during the weekend. As such, Mariana's colleagues had to handle the whole workload delegated to her team.

Upon realizing her fault, Marina emailed the manager requesting to meet her to discuss the issue. Initially, the manager did not rely on Marina's message in time and thus frustrating her. Eventually, the supervisor replied to Mariana's message, confirming that a meeting had been arranged with her. The manager, however, was shocked by realizing that some employees were in bad relations with Mariana. The manager also learned that Mariana's small mistakes in the workplace were almost turning everyone against her. Marina cried and apologized for realizing that it was a minor issue that was causing negative working relationships with her colleagues. However, the situation worsened when some employees made negative comments about Mariana's age besides engaging in other practices, which amounts to intimidation.

There were also reports that Mariana experienced sexual harassment, mockery, and ridicule in the firm. The management investigated the issue and noted that some behaviors had led to the creation of a hostile work environment. The managers concluded that such practices were tantamount to workplace bullying. Employees who were found guilty of harassment were dismissed from the organization while some faced corporate disciplinary actions. The culprits were remorseful and expressed their regrets, but corporate laws took its course. The managers praised the whistleblowers for disclosing immoral behaviors in the company.

Analysis of Values, Ethics and Social Responsibility

Ethics consists of a set of principles that guide people in making decisions on what is right and wrong (Spielthenner, 2005). It does so by establishing values, rules, and principles on which people base their conduct in society. Some of the values and concepts associated with ethical decision making are honesty, fairness, truth, and equity. Whereas ethics is of societal, concern, it is of great importance to leaders and professionals that serve the entire society. In this way, workplace ethics enhance the establishment of a positive ambiance that is necessary for promoting good working relationships among the employees, their supervisors, and the managers.

Immoral activities occurred in the organization because some employees did not employ the principles and values of ethical theories in making critical decisions in the workplace. The three main theories that lead people to make ethically correct resolutions are utilitarianism, rights, values, and deontology. Theories that fall under the utilitarianism class states that individuals should predict the consequences underlying their actions. There are two categories of this theory, rule utilitarianism and act utilitarianism (Kaptein & Wempe, 2011). The former states that a person's actions and decisions should adhere to the applicable laws and ought to reflect fairness.

The rule utilitarianism theory is applicable in the personal narrative story. Workers who were found guilty of gross misconduct would have avoided the consequences if they had followed the principles of rule utilitarianism theory. Their actions, which include harassment, discrimination, and mockery, did not reflect the value of fairness. The theory also takes into account justice besides other values such as beneficence. The act utilitarianism theory, on the other hand, requires individuals to make sound decisions that benefit a significant proportion of people. Such individuals, however, should do so regardless of societal constraints, personal beliefs, and feelings. In the context of Mariana, whistleblowers represent individuals who adhered to the principles of act utilitarianism theory, which focuses on justice and fairness. Whistleblowers, in this regard, took into focus the idea that reporting workplace harassment would benefit many people in the organization.

Deontological theories state that in any place where ethics are in play, people should focus on adhering to their duties and obligations (McNaughton & Rawling, 2006). This idea implies that individuals ought to follow their obligations to other people and the entire society. The reason behind this concept is that upholding one's duty is what the society deems ethically correct and morally accepted. Individuals who adhere to the principles of deontological theories will always make ethically correct decisions, considering that it will be based on a person's set duties. In the context of Mariana, some people engaged in immoral practices because they did not f...

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Graduate School Sample Essay – Childhood Experience

EssayEdge > Blog > Graduate School Sample Essay – Childhood Experience

A tale from your childhood can pique the reader’s interest along with underscoring the earnestness of your intended academic pursuits, as this essay illustrates.

My interest in photojournalism began when I was nine years old. After a couple of years of collecting baseball picture-cards and accumulating more than ten-thousand treasured images, my interest in acquiring posed mug shots and static faces decreased, so I liquidated my assets and discovered a new hobby: reading the sports sections of my father’s newspapers. I became captivated by the genuine, timely and action-packed pictures of the 1964 Phillies appearing regularly in the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer. A short time later, I began a nightly ritual of clipping and collecting the grainy black-and-white photos accompanying detailed descriptions of our home team’s performances.

In 1979, I resumed the practice of clipping tear-sheets, when my byline started appearing under photos and short concert reviews published in several South Philadelphia community newspapers. After some success selling articles and pictures to local, small circulation publications, I enrolled in college, determined to pursue a career in photojournalism, and became the only member of my family to graduate from an academic institution of higher education when I received a BFA in documentary photography. Although I am extremely satisfied with my current employment as a photographer for a world-renowned eye hospital and will continue to write articles and to photograph events on a free-lance basis, I would also eventually like to teach. With my previous experience in photojournalism, travel, politics, medicine, sports and entertainment, and as the overseer of our department’s medical photography internship program, I feel that I will make a significant contribution to the learning environment.

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Childhood Experience

Filed Under: Essays

Child company experience is one of the sweetest experience. We all have some child company experience. They play in your lap. Frequently they laugh, frequently they weep. When they touch your face with their soft little hands you feel a deep feeling of love and affection. Have you ever watched them! How do they behave! By Gods grace I always have got chances to be with small children. I watched them closely! What I felt I tell you categorically First thing, if you are a stranger, most children would prefer to keep away from you. They watch your activities closely, weather it suits them or not! When convinced about you they join you! When you hold them in your hands and kiss them with affection the feeling is divine. They see the world on sitting your shoulder. Beware if the junior urinates without signal.

How much time your new and well creched clothing been treated with these juniors! Generally Ball and deep multi colors attracts a child most! They are easily attracted to it. The other thing – they are easily attracted to birds. They like its singing, twittering and of course flying. They run after to catch them. No matter they fail, they keep trying every time. Even you will see the kids imitating their sound.

Have you seen kids imitating the frogs jumping and how many times the kid imitates to the sound of motor vehicles. Kids enjoy the Balloon also. They play with excitement with it. The multi dark color balloons having various shapes make them wonder and by getting them they feel at cloud nine! Toys are the best friends of small kids. This involves their attention in to itself and makes them think and analyze. And have you heard two small kids talking to each other! This is always a great hearing. I would not tell any thing about it but would like to hear of your experience.

The Homework on Latchkey Kids Children Parents Care

"Latchkey Kid" is a term that came into existence during World War II. It was used to describe the large number of youth who were left without direct adult supervision. During this period of time, most Americans were involved in the war effort. Many fathers were in military service and many mothers went to work outside of the home to support their families and help our country win the war. As a ...

Do tell me. While taking a bath all kids behaves differently. Some enjoy it and giggles while others shout at greater pitch, no matter there are no tears in their eyes or some times crocodile tears! Crying is the biggest weapon a child. There are several stories on it. While all of us were child at some stage I would like to here your child hood feelings and thoughts. All the notorious and funny aspects of your child hood. Tell me, would you?.

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childhood experience essay sample

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Transition from childhood to adulthood: essay examples.

This is a “ Transition from childhood to adulthood ” essay sample that will give you plenty of ideas. Turn to reading and get inspired for you own awesome writing.

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The transformation from childhood to adulthood comprises of various events that have a great impact on a person’s behavior, development, and relations. Some people link adulthood to age; nevertheless, I believe adulthood is based entirely on emotional, social, and cognitive maturity instead.

Transition Into Adulthood Essay

At a personal level, becoming a senior leader in Boy Scouts was an accomplishment that marked my transition from childhood to adulthood. I have been in Boy Scouts since 6th grade. Becoming an Eagle Scout is one of my major goals in scouting. Currently, I am in Life Scout and it has presented me with exceptional opportunities to develop emotionally and in terms of cognition. My chance to lead the troop has marked a significant step in my journey to adulthood. Nevertheless, maturity is a journey, not a state. It requires constant self-enhancement. I have become a different person since I first joined Boy Scouts. When each one of the members was assigned various responsibilities; to me, it was a great challenging experience to accumulate. As the other members lagged behind in their roles, I remained active; my Scoutmaster discovered the potential in me and decided to assign me leadership roles. I became a patrol leader of a team of 9 scouts who were my peers. In 9th grade, I became a Senior Patrol leader of a group of around 30 scouts who later grew to 75. At this point, I had earned immense respect from my parents, peers, and teachers because some of the scouts in the team I led were older than me. Currently, I am a Senior Patrol leader and I feel strongly that I have transformed to a person who are dependable.

Being a Senior Patrol leader has made me understand that age does not have a direct relationship with maturity. I have developed awareness and consideration during the leadership. It is an important aspect of emotional intelligence and an important aspect of maturity. It is because a society without empathy would be extremely hectic and uncivilized. “… do not mix truth with falsehood, and do not conceal the truth while you know” (Quran, 2, The Heifer al-Baqarah, 42). A quality leader should to be truthful, which builds on truthfulness, honesty, and reliability.

The 2016 Summer Camp was an event that contributed to immense personal transformation. Our troop was to host over 300 scouts from all over the globe. I was to coordinate with people of diverse backgrounds, such as those from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. I played an important translational role since I can speak Hindu and Arabic. I learned that all people are equal regardless of their backgrounds. It was an important personal discovery, and since then, I have always been looking forward to a society where future kids can be raised blind of the race. I felt privileged to lead a troop of 60 scouts from all over the globe in the rafting trip at Pocono Mountains. At the Derby, I was responsible for overseeing major activities of eight patrols. Since winning the most awards, I can now lead the team to achieve bigger dreams and challenging objectives.

Becoming a senior leader in Boy Scouts was an accomplishment that marked for me. One of the greatest aspects of adulthood that I have achieved includes emotional maturity, empathy, and the ability to deal with different individuals regardless of their background. Even though maturity is a continuous process, I am no longer the same person I used to be. “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, … reproof, … correction, and … training in righteousness, … the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). God has fostered the leaders and they will be beneficial for the right people in the right way. God expects this ‘man’ (me) to be prepared and ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

In her article entitled “Listening and Reading Comprehension at Story Time: How to Build Habits of the Mind”, Mary Ruth Moore discusses the need for an “active process” (24) between…

Abused children make up a significant proportion of the young population, with an estimated 695,000 unique children who showed some signs of child abuse or neglect (Bailhache, Leroy, Pillet &…

At birth, newborns possess reflexes for rooting, suckling, and grasping. Newborns develop the ability to move their heads and hands. Newborns discover and practice neural pathways through repeated body movements.…

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a health condition that affects many children. The first section of this paper provides an introduction to autism, including a general…

Anxiety disorders are common even in very young children. Preschool-aged children often have symptoms of social or separation anxiety. The prevalence of these disorders is 7.5 and 10.5 respectively. A…

There has been no definitive answer for what causes childhood amnesia. Statistically, the research has shown an age timeline for adults typically accessing early childhood memories between the ages of…

In many cultures, the 5-7 age period is believed to mark the beginning of the age of reason (Rogoff et al., 1975). While this statement may sound ridiculous to most…

The first article focuses on geographical/environmental factors that may influence childhood development (Suk et al., 2016). Exposure to environmental pollutants during key periods of development can engender health problems in…

Amos Wilson’s “The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child” examines the behavior of black children and attributes the social, intellectual, and economic failures on their parents and the prevalent African-American…

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The choice of topic for this paper results from the case of leukemia in my family. Leukemia was the cause of my…

Leukemia is termed as a type of cancer that affects blood cells, mostly affecting white blood cells. The prime role of white…

Prostate cancer is a common form of cancer in America and a major contributor to cancer-related deaths.1 Investigations into dietary risk factors…

As the baby boomer generation has changed the face of elderly to the new middle aged adult, there are certain health factors…

There is a growing awareness of breast cancer and early detection. It is still estimated that 40,000 people die yearly from this…

People, who work with adolescent have been paying increased attention to the problem of providing palliative care to children and adolescent. Palliative…

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