Informative Speech About Halloween

The history of haunted houses.

Long ago, the Celtic and pagan religions made Halloween more alive before we ever did. The essay says, “Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, dressing up in costume and even trick-or-treating were all pagan practices that were carried over.” All of these items made people more interested in the holiday, since they got to be scared and get to be whatever character from whatever show, movie, or play. Some people also think Halloween can be dangerous though because of broken down homes. The essay said that residential house built during the early 1800s were becoming worn down and dilapidated. That means the young children could get crushed by beams supporting the house, fall through floors, and get severe broken bones, but since then, Halloween been improved to where no parent or child will get hurt and haunted houses have been mending their special FX, actors or employees makeup and costumes and are getting better than

Informative Speech On Halloween

Transition: Halloween was not recognized as a holiday in the US until the late 19th century

Compare And Contrast Halloween And Day Of The Dead

Halloween is praised on October 31 in a few nations. It has its roots in agnostic festivals for the end of the harvest season, different celebrations of the dead. Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) is a Mexican occasion, additionally celebrated in parts of Latin America and the U.S., to recall and appeal to God for family and companions who have kicked the bucket. It is on November 1.The Latin American festival Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is praised amid the same time period as Halloween. Both occasions are focused on conventions established in recognizing the perished. Albeit for the most part diverse, a couple of attributes of both occasions make them comparable - clarifying why disarray between the two exist. Halloween and Day of the Dead are both celebrated between people who are in the Christianity culture.

The As A Cosmological Myth

Halloween is believed to come from Celtic rituals. The Celts lived over 2000 years ago, and were found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France. The Celts celebrated

Gender Stereotypes In Mean Girls

These traditions were connected with the lower class at the time and so they were also connected with crime, rowdy behavior and other stereotypes the upper class believed about the poor. Of course people who were part of the upper class did not like this and by the 1870s they had turned Halloween into a holiday to make children into “good American citizens.” Halloween was now targeted towards children and because of that families were encouraged to celebrate it at home where food, games and other entertainment would have adult supervision. By doing this children were expected to understand the values society holds, while also learning about their proper gender roles. At this point we are able to start to see how Halloween became so heavily influenced by gender roles/stereotypes and how that led to the over-sexualized holiday it is now. Trick or treating and wearing Halloween costumes became popular in America around the 1920s and by the 1950s children’s costumes were extremely reflective of their sex. (Bannatyne.) Girls were dressed as princesses and angels while boys were army men, hobos and so on. However, as cute and adorable as this is or may have been, this creates a very thick line between genders. When that line is present it is alluding to children that

Halloween-Informative Speech : The History Of Halloween

First is the history of Halloween all according to a 2017 article from LiveScience by Benjamin Radford. Around 2,000 years ago in the United Kingdom Ireland, and the northern part of France the people called the Celts started this holiday. They called it Samhain back then instead of Halloween. November 1st marked their new year which resulted in them celebrating on October 31st. The New Year brought wintertime which to them meant death. On the night before winter which was October 31st, they believe that the spirits of the Dead came back. They wore costumes, put on bonfires, burned crops and sacrificed animals. When the Romans

history of halloween

2) Support (Evidence) The celebration takes place at midnight on October 31st and goes on through November 1st and November 2nd. It is designed to honor the dead souls who, it is believed, return to their earthly homes on Halloween. Many families construct an altar to the dead in their homes to honor deceased relatives and decorate it with flowers, favorite foods and drinks of the departed (Markello). Some other decor are the widely known sugar skulls which represent the celebration of life and death. They can all be made differently in colorful and creative design combinations to personalize the skulls after the person they are made for. The intent of all this is to encourage visits by the souls, so the souls will provide protection, good luck, and wisdom to their families.

History of Halloween - Informative Speech Essay

Purpose: To inform the audience of how Halloween started and transformed to what it is now.

Research Paper On Dia De Los Muerertos

In recent years, this holiday has been gaining more and more attention in the US. However, the growth in popularity hasn’t necessarily led to a growth in understanding of the holiday. Some people still associate it with the incredibly commercialized Halloween, but it is much more meaningful than that for those that celebrate it.

Dia De Los Muertos Research Paper

Halloween for many Americans means dressing up as an animal, famous star, cartoon, etc. and going trick-or-treating with their family or friends. However, not many people know the meaning behind Halloween. It is always celebrated on October 31st no matter what day it lands on. Many people do not know the tradition of Halloween and where it came from. In fact, I did not know either until my High School teacher told me that Halloween came from Ireland. The purpose of dressing up is so that the spirits and demons cannot recognize human beings. Many people thought the dead would arise that day and that’s why people used masks to distinguish themselves. In addition, trick-or-treating was a way to give candy, food, or money, but throughout the years it has changed. People trick-or-treat to receive candy or get tricked, which is always fun for children and even adults. People have a choice of either staying in their homes and just give candy to people who knock on the door or receiving candy. If the light of the front door is on or the house is decorated, then it is a sign that you can knock on their door. On Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns is believed that he tricked the devil, and when he died he was rejected in heaven and hell; for that reason, he roams our world and we represent him by carving pumpkins. Halloween dealt with spirits

Research Paper On Jack-O-Lantern

The history of this holiday, like Halloween itself, is very interesting and gloomy. Halloween is a mix of ancient Celtic practices, Catholic and Roman religious rituals and European folk traditions. Many hundreds of years ago, when the Celts lived in Europe on the British Isles, November the 1st was their New Year's Day. They believed that the night before the New Year (October 31) was a time when the living and the dead came together. Ancient Celts lighted bonfires and wear costumes to ward off

Informative Speech : Americanization Of Halloween Essay

Halloween was brought to America after the Irish fled from their hometowns during a famine.

How Did Halloween Have Changed

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated on the 31st of October across the globe. The holiday originated ancient Celtic. Celts lived 2000 years ago in the areas which are now Ireland, Northern France, and the United Kingdom. They had a similar celebration called Samhain. Samhain was celebrated on the 1st of November rather than the 31st of October. Throughout the centuries Halloween traditions have changed drastically. To see what a difference Halloween is now to back in time we must examine what traditions and celebrations were done, secondly how we celebrate the famously known holiday and finally what people have against the celebrations and traditions to this day.

Compare And Contrast The Day Of The Dead Vs Halloween

Let’s start off with the way each holiday emphasizes spirits. Halloween originated from the Celtic festival known as Samhain. During this festival, people made bonfires

Halloween Costumes Essay

Borrowing from Irish and English traditions, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money. Over time this tradition turned in to today modern “trick or treating”. In the late 1800s, America turned Halloween into a holiday more about community and neighborly get-togethers than about ghosts, and witchcraft. As the centuries changed Halloween parties for both children and adults became the most common way to celebrate the day. Parties focused on games, foods of the season and festive costumes. Parents were encouraged by newspapers and community leaders to take anything “frightening” or “grotesque” out of Halloween celebrations. Because of these efforts, Halloween lost most of its superstitious and religious overtones by the beginning of the twentieth century (Kammen).

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attention getter for halloween essay

Effective Attention Getters for Your Essay with Examples

Whether you’re trying to enroll in college or submitting a scholarship application, your essay has to be super appealing. Pressed for time, most admissions committees will only glance at the first paragraph to decide whether the piece is worth a read. Since nobody can guarantee your submission gets considered, it’s up to you to ensure it will amuse the reader.

So how do you write the perfect attention-grabber and impress the college admissions counselors? How can you make your work stands out from the crowd? Below you can find good attention-getters for essays to help you write a compelling introductory paragraph that makes the audience want to read on.

What Are Attention Grabbers in Essays?

The so-called attention-grabbing technique has a simple purpose. It must catch the reader’s interest from the very beginning. Hence, you need sentences that make a good essay introduction and attempt to stir the audience and show your ability to weave words.

For instance, an amusing fact, personal experience, or a joke can do the job. Whatever strategy you use, don’t forget that using random quotes or anecdotes won’t work. Your intro must lead to the main thesis or introduce an opposing argument you’re about to refute.

The Importance of Good Attention Grabbers for Essays

Also known as “grabbers” and “hooks,” these elements always go in the first paragraph. Often, they make the first two or three sentences of the intro. At this point, ensure you include compare and contrast transition words to make sentences run smoothly in a coherent whole.

But why do you need an attention-getter? What impact does it leave on the reader? Here are a few reasons.

Different Types of Attention Grabbers for College Essays

Several attention-grabbing openings can achieve the same effect. The most compelling introductory lines include posing a question, storytelling, sharing fascinating statistics, and rhetorical generalizations. Below, we list examples of attention-getters for essays to help you get on the right foot.

Whatever method you choose, you can’t go wrong. Hooks go interchangeably in almost any written piece. However, if you have writer’s block, refer to a  reflective essay writing service to get the ball rolling. These experts can assist you in drafting a relatable and highly appealing attention-getter.

Use a Quotation

Using a quote when writing an essay will make it credible and intriguing. This strategy engages the emotional side of readers and connects them to your wording. To start strongly, find a quotation by a famous author or expert related to your topic. Use it wisely to support the thesis and demonstrate that your research is thorough. Besides conveying your thoughts eloquently , quotes move and speak to people with timeless words.

Examples of a Quotation

If you want to present yourself as a creative and artful soul, begin your paper with: “Einstein once said: Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

Similarly, if you wish to come across as a hard-working and trustworthy student, say: “Samuel Johnson claimed that what we ever hope to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.”

Use Shocking Statistic

Another way to capture the audience is to introduce a striking figure or data relevant to the topic. Avoid facts that everyone is aware of and pick something surprising. Moreover, when writing conclusion paragraph for your essay , you may end with some projected statistics from trusted sources. This hack is excellent for informative or technical papers.

Examples of Attention Grabbers with Shocking Statistics

“According to tech schools, girls get outnumbered 6 to 1 by boys when it comes to enrolling in computer science classes.”

“The latest research shows that the human body contains ten times more bacteria than cells.”

Ask a Question

Posing a question at the beginning is an effective method to compel your reader. However, you must know the audience well to create an intriguing formulation that stimulates critical thinking. In addition, the intro query should direct the reader to read the paper and find the answer. Hence, avoid posing questions that are too general and don’t impress the target recipient.

Introductory Question Hooks

“Have you ever been so keen on a course that you spent the entire summer working to afford it?”

“Do you feel that each photograph, regardless of its high-quality, reduces the reality it represents?”

Tell an Anecdote

Share an experience that makes your life journey unique and relates to the essay’s purpose. By doing so, you will engage your reader emotionally. Often, considering a  descriptive essay writing service can help you transform your chronicle into an attention-grabbing hook. Alternatively, a well-crafted fictional account can evoke the same emotional response.

Example of a Real Event

“The day I met my Science teacher in middle school changed my life for the better. And not because she encouraged me to pursue a career as a geneticist. The encounter was something you’d never expect. As my dad approached the building, he hit another car on the side, and guess who was inside? My new Science teacher.”

Use Storytelling

Why not start the essay with a story or a good joke and steer away from complicated concepts? Everybody loves well-written stories because they raise interest and leave a trace. Yet, connecting the narrative with what follows next is critical to the main theme of the assignment. Finally, this approach is ideal for admission applications but not for more formal academic papers.

Example of a Great Story

“Lightings stroke hard, and the rain was attacking the roof, drowning any words we tried to pronounce. I’d expected to play the guitar and show the company my latest song, but the universe prevented whatever I attempted to do that night.”

Use Rhetorical Generalizations

Consider issuing a statement to serve as a pathway into the main argument. Conversely, if you doubt your writing skills, hire a  website to write an essay to get you admitted into college. These professionals know how to use a generalization that introduces your thesis statement in a way that challenges people to contemplate the topic.

Ideas for Rhetorical Generalizations

“Who wouldn’t agree that higher education is the most reliable ticket to self-fulfillment?”

“Recycling is undoubtedly the most efficient method to attain sustainability.”

Using any of these attention getter examples will pave your path to success. However, it’s not just the opening that needs to get polished to perfection. You may quickly spoil the first impression if the rest of the essay abounds with irrelevant information or contains grammatical errors and typos.

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attention getter for halloween essay

Good Attention Getters for Speeches with 10+ Examples!

There are days that you might be having trouble grabbing your audience’s attention during a speech , especially if your speech is too lengthy for the average attention span of an individual. 

It’s essential to be prepared when planning a speech , as you will have to draw your audience’s attention instantly. 

The first minute of your speech will leave the most impression. Good attention getters for speeches can immediately catch an audience’s attention, while a poor one will turn an audience against the speaker. 

People don’t usually tune into speeches in the middle, so you have to catch their attention right from the beginning and have a list of attention getters for speeches to use. 

In this article, you can get good attention getters for speeches that will be your ticket to being a speaker that people would find interesting. There are also different types of attention getters for speeches you can choose from to suit your speech topic.

What are Attention Getters For

An attention-getter is intended to intrigue the audience members and inspire them to listen attentively for several minutes. There are countless options for attention getters for speeches.

Most importantly, in your audiences’ mind, an attention-getter can generate excitement and persuade them that the speech would be informative and useful. 

Your attention-getter wording should be refined and practiced. Be sure to understand your speech ’s mood/tone; assess the suitability of humor, emotion, aggressiveness, etc. 

Not only should the words draw attention from the audience, but to let the audience know that you are a competent speaker who is prepared for this address, the delivery should be smooth and confident.

Watch how to write attention getters for speeches:

Why It’s Important to Include Attention Getters in Your Speech

attention getter for halloween essay

The primary role of attention getters for speeches is to gain your audience’s attention and make them interested in what you have to say. 

One of the most significant errors made by inexperienced speakers is to presume that people listen automatically.

While many audiences can be respectful and not talk while speaking, it is an entirely different challenge to listen to what you say.

If you do not have the audience’s attention at the beginning, as you continue talking, it will only become more challenging to do so.

The first few lines of a speech are intended to attract and hold the attention of the audience.

Attention getters for speeches are for the audience to listen to the rest of your whole speech . Your attention getter should help the audience understand and reflect on your subject.

It might be helpful to ask yourself these questions when choosing attention getters for speeches:

There are three ways to maximize your potential on grabbing your audience’s attention:

Different Types of Attention Getters for Speeches

Before getting in front of people to deliver your speech , you should know how to leave an impression on the audience. There are different types of attention getters for speeches to choose from that can help you poke your listeners’ interest. 

attention getter for halloween essay

Here are the four key points that you should consider in choosing a type of attention getters for speeches:

Watch this tutorial on attention getters for speeches:

The fact that listeners like funny speeches are reasonably obvious. However, the secret to a successful attention grabber is to use humor important to the subject. 

Humor is another successful way of attracting the attention of an audience. When used correctly, humor is an excellent weapon for attention getters for speeches. 

However, without the proper practice and knowledge of using attention grabbers, you can turn the audience against you very quickly if you do not wield the sword carefully. 

You just need to know the audience by using satire and consider what they would find funny. Using any sort of humor that the audience either does not find amusing or finds offensive is one of the biggest mistakes a speaker can make.

Here are funny attention getters for speeches examples that you can choose from:

Using references as attention getters for speeches can make your audience feel more inclined to connect a specific reference to your speech .

References allow the audience to freely think about facts and statements related to your speech topic. Targeting a connection to your audience would also make them feel involved in your speech .

Here is what you can do with the different types of references for attention getters for speeches:

Bold Statements

When you start with a bold statement, the energy and enthusiasm you use will trigger your listeners to be immediately lured to your speech . They will pay careful attention to how you back up the assertion in your statement.

This type of attention getters for speeches often comes in the form of figures and unusual facts. The purpose of good attention getters for speeches is to use a statistic that shocks the audience and engages them in your subject. 

A lot of people push the thought of using statistics away as attention getters for speeches. Most of them would think that it’s not very interesting and will overwhelm or underwhelm the audience. However, they can really shake things up when used correctly.

Starting with a question usually ensures that the audience is engaged by presenting a response either literally or rhetorically. 

Make sure you pause before using a question to allow the audience a chance to let it sink in. Give your audience a break to let them think about the problem that you have just posed.

You will typically use a rhetorical question when raising a question to open a speech , the kind you don’t expect a response to. Your listeners, however, will probably try to react to this mentally. 

It is not enough to use only one or two questions, though. If used alone, it is better to use a set of questions. Questions are usually paired with another presentation strategy.

attention getter for halloween essay

Analogies can be associated with something fresh and distinct that the audience knows and understands. 

It would be best if you used an analogy to demonstrate a connection between your speech ’s subject – something new and different for the audience and something your audience knows.

Analogies can be efficient because they use the audience’s thoughts, knowledge, and values to establish a link to your speech topic and you as a speaker. Analogies generate connections between you and the audience.

attention getter for halloween essay

List of Attention Getters for Speeches

Quotations are the simplest, but if not done well, they can come off as cliche. Short stories may be more intimate and appear to increase trust. A humorous attention-getter can also loosen up the right crowd.

The attention getter should not be eclipsed for a minute, so do your best to keep it short and sweet. 

The following must be present for good attention getters for speeches:

Top 10 Good Attention Getters

There are a lot of good attention getters, but we narrowed it to the top 10 attention getters for speeches that will surely make your audience lend you their ears:

A lot of people enjoy a good laugh. Jokes are on the top of the good attention getters for speeches list. 

You not only create a bond with the audience by telling a good joke early in the speech , but you also inspire them to listen with the promise of more laughter.

Always make sure the joke isn’t insulting and that the rest of the expression suits you well. It can really hamper your stage’s morale and ruin the rest of your speech if you make a terrible joke.

Make sure you write jokes that are perfect for the crowd you’re trying to discuss. In this case, there is no one-joke-fits-all.

Inside jokes are the best way to make the audience feel like they have a customized speech , depending on the setting. 

attention getter for halloween essay

2. Usage of Common Ground

The good attention getter for speeches is a direct reference to the audience. In this case, something special about the audience uses the common ground to make them interested in the speech ’s substance.

3. Intriguing Facts

Another one from the list of attention getters for speeches is quickly catching an audience’s attention and revealing a fascinating fact or astonishing statistic first. 

Try to pick a fact relevant to the subject you’re addressing, which can solve your audience’s dilemma. 

4. Rhetorical Question

Asking a rhetorical question is more of a test for the audience. It’s like a test to make your listener’s mind answer, even if it’s just a rhetorical question. 

It would help your audience feel involved and tune in to your topic if you asked an excellent rhetorical question.

5. Response Question 

A response question is a question that is supposed to be answered by the audience in some way. For example, if they’ve done anything in the past, you could ask your audience to lift their hands. 

It will create more of a voluntary response from the audience. Additionally, it can also be considered as more interactive in the list of attention getters for speeches.

6. Visualization

Visualization is another crucial thing to consider for good attention getters for speeches. You can try and introduce a scene with your words to your audience. 

You can send your audience a visual picture instead of making them decode graphs and figures or associate a relatable emotion with your abstract concept. 

Using instructions accompanied by descriptive terms such as “imagine” or “picture this” practically works with any speech subject using imagination. 

7. Startling Statement

You can create a position for yourself to stress the importance of your message until you surprise your listeners with this type of attention getters for speeches. 

Starting with this type of attention getter for speeches can help pique your audience’s interest. Make sure to create the right balance between your statement and your message after.

8. Captivating Story

Your audience would want to know what happened next and how things turned out just by starting with an engaging story. 

Direct them through a captivating story so that they are on the edge of their seats always, excited to learn what happens next. 

You can create a story or a true story like something unique that happened to you or someone else.

9. Quote from Someone Famous

Another impressive good attention getter for speeches is to quote anyone famous in the opening of your speech . 

When you know that it’s someone the audience loves, your audience will immediately be drawn to listen. 

You must carefully choose the source of the quote and make sure it relates to your speech .

10. Personal Experience

Attention getters for speeches about yourself create a connection with you and your audience by sharing a piece of your experience with them. It would help them get to know you more as a speaker.

Likewise, it is also vital to consider building a bridge that can make your audience want to know more about what you can share with them. 

Watch this video to learn about good attention getters for speeches:

How to Practice Good Attention Getters for Speeches

attention getter for halloween essay

Many people think that their core content is adequate to get the attention of the listener. 

However, the chances are that the listener would already be distracted by getting to the main message without a strong introduction. 

Public speaking is an art form of persuasion, and along with writing good material, you will need to be aware of the technical aspects that make a great speech . 

It would help if you learned how to deliver it after planning your speech and selecting from your list of attention-getters for speeches. 

The way you introduce yourself and your voice makes your presentation or breaks it. Watch how you can improve your speech content and delivery:

Two features you want to represent are excitement and trust. Talk properly and highlight the points that you want the crowd to take with them. 

Even if you are anxious , respectfully introduce yourself, understand your subject, and create an optimistic and energetic atmosphere.

Here are ways on how you can improve your speech delivery:

Watch this video on affordable ways to rehearse your speech the right way:

It is crucial to be prepared when you have to give a speech in front of an audience, no matter how big or small. Who would want an audience not to tune in when you still have something to say, right? 

Attention getters for speeches will help you pique your audience’s interest through their different types and examples. Of course, you must match your attention getter with your speech , so it doesn’t sound out of the blue for your listeners.

Ask yourself some questions and create a speech that will surely lure your audience to properly listen to your speech . You can also download the Orai App to help you practice that perfect speech that catches your audience’s attention. Start your free trial today, available on the app store. 

attention getter for halloween essay

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Home » Writers-House Blog » 5 Best Attention-Getters for Your Essay

5 Best Attention-Getters for Your Essay

College admissions committees cannot guarantee that they will read every applicant’s essay. First, admissions counselors don’t have enough time. Secondly, they may decide not to read your essay after taking a glance at the first few sentences. At the same time, if admissions counselors are not sure whether or not they should accept you, your essay may determine their decision. Thus, we recommend that you get their attention right from the beginning, creating an impressive introductory paragraph that will make your readers want to read more. Experts from prepared this list of the best attention-getters for you.

An anecdote should be related to your story. If you start your essay with an anecdote, you’ll be able to get an emotional reaction from your readers, which is a great way to engage the audience. If your readers can relate to the anecdote, they can relate to your essay as well, which makes them more likely to enjoy reading it.

A good question can also grab attention and engage your readers. It’s also a great way to make them think about something important. Don’t choose questions that require a simple answer (“yes” or “no”). Instead, choose a question that will introduce your readers to the topic. For example, you may ask “why?” and lead your readers to the thesis statement that provides the answer.

Quotes are effective attention-getters that also make your essay more credible. We suggest that you choose a quote from an expert on the topic of your essay. In addition, you should make sure that the quote supports your thesis statement. Such an essay hook will demonstrate that you’ve researched your subject. It can also be used to convey your ideas in an emotional way, which will help you create a strong introduction.

Sometimes, a good joke can quickly engage your readers and create the right mood. Obviously, this type of essay hook is a nice choice if you write an essay on some positive topic. A joke can also help you make your essay entertaining and tell your reader that they shouldn’t take it too seriously. Make sure that your joke isn’t controversial or offensive.

Shocking Statistic

Another way to grab your readers’ attention is to provide an impressive statistic that is directly related to the topic of your essay. This is a great approach for persuasive essays because your readers may get shocked by the fact that they don’t know something important about the issue. Obviously, statistical facts also work great with informative essays and various types of technical writing.

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How to Write an Attention Getter

Last Updated: December 28, 2021

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA . Stephanie Wong Ken is a writer based in Canada. Stephanie's writing has appeared in Joyland, Catapult, Pithead Chapel, Cosmonaut's Avenue, and other publications. She holds an MFA in Fiction and Creative Writing from Portland State University. This article has been viewed 347,482 times.

Attention-grabbing introductions can draw your reader in and encourage them to keep reading. They help to set the tone and establish the narrative voice early on in an essay, a paper, or a speech. Grab the reader’s attention by opening with a quote or fact. Asking a question or presenting a strong statement can help keep your reader engaged. You can also use storytelling to get their attention and draw them in.

Opening with a Quote, Definition, or Fact

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Beginning with a Question or Statement

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Image titled Write an Attention Getter Step 8

Image titled Write an Attention Getter Step 9

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Using Storytelling

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Practical Attention-Getter Examples That’ll Engage Your Audience

Table of contents.

The first few seconds of your speech will determine whether or not your audience will give you their attention. This is why you should begin with attention-grabbing openings. Attention-getter examples include stories, quotes, and questions that persuades an audience to listen.

Conveying a powerful message is important, but equally important is your ability to hook your audience instantly. An attention-getter can do this for you. This guide will look at a list of attention getters and how you can use them to gain your audience’s attention .

Attention Getters: Importance in Speeches

An attention-getter is a phrase or statement that typically opens a speech and aims to grab the audience’s attention. Such statements captivate the audience, pique their curiosity, and suggest that the speaker has something insightful to convey.

When you use attention getters in your speeches, you minimize the chances of the audience tuning out, losing focus, or even half paying attention.

An attention-getter establishes credibility, gives the audience a reason to listen, and creates a clear transition into the main subject of discussion.

7 Effective Attention-Getter Examples

Attention getters are typically a speaker’s opening statement that gets the audience’s attention. They strongly influence the audience’s focus on what the speaker is saying. Here are some attention getters that have proved effective in hooking an audience.

1. Rhetorical Question

Using a rhetorical question in your speech can cause your audience to lean forward in their chairs and listen closely to you. The best way to use a rhetorical question is to ask a question that your audience would want to hear answered.

Questions are a great way to create curiosity and stir up interest. You invite the audience to interact and engage with you by posing a question. Questions will get your audience thinking and even taking sides.

2. Bold Statement

Bold statements can be a powerful attention-getter for your speech. By proclaiming something powerfully, you catch the audience’s eye and make them pay attention to you. A bold statement is a great way to convey your passion, stress the importance of an issue, and draw attention immediately.

When you make a bold statement with the correct body language, you will exude the kind of power that will make you noticeable. Shock-value statements such as “I almost died yesterday” can keep your audience engaged.

Humor is a great attention getter because it is a brilliant way to break up lengthy speeches and relieve tension in uncomfortable situations. It also puts everyone at ease by bringing laughter to otherwise dry and complex addresses.

Humor is one of the best ways to open your audience’s minds and boost your effectiveness as a speaker. However, you can only make your audience laugh with good humor.

You must understand your audience to know what kind of joke works for them. Focus on creating a humorous text that is appropriate for your audience.

4. Shocking Statistics or Facts

Most people believe that statistics is boring and, when incorporated into speeches, will make the audience disinterested. Using statistics and facts correctly can make your address more interesting for the audience, just like any attention-grabbing statement or rhetorical question can.

The key is to incorporate shocking and intriguing statistical information or piece of data without going extreme.

For example: “Did you know that more than 36 million U.S. adults cannot read above a third-grade level?” By intriguing your audience, you create a space to emphasize the importance of your message.

5. Dramatize Scenes

While statistics are suitable for speeches, too many of them can make your audience bored. Instead of making your audience understand graphs, give them a visual image or associate a relatable emotion with an abstract idea.

By painting a picture of your message, you appeal to your audience’s emotions and allow them to imagine what you’re saying. Begin with phrases like “imagine” or “picture this,” followed by descriptive words. Try “imagine millions of individuals being killed yearly due to the indoor air pollution we cause.” Instead of “four million premature deaths are caused by indoor air pollution yearly.”

6. a Good Story

Good stories make for a great speech. Many speakers have turned to stories to inspire, inform, and entertain an audience. Unlike data, which lacks human-interest when overused, stories are always engaging. Stories can also evoke an emotional response from anyone in the audience.

Mind-blowing relatable stories that entirely change an audience’s view on an issue are always great to tell. After all, you want to leave your audience with a wholly new perspective.

It’s great if your story has some lesson or mirroring. You could tell a personal story that relates to your topic. Stories are a great way to connect with an audience, not just at the beginning of your speech but in the body.

Quotes are another aspect of speaking that adds an element of interest. Quoting someone can be a great way to draw the audience in, especially if the quotes are eye-catching and exciting. A great quote can be the “hook” to the rest of your speech and help the audience take an interest in what you’re saying.

Use a quote relevant to your discussion topic, and double-check the source to avoid misquoting the person.

man wearing black suit standing in front of an audience

Attention getters are the basis for a compelling speech. Without them, your audience will most likely tune out. You have to give your audience a reason to listen to you. By incorporating attention-getting elements in your speech, you will undoubtedly entice more of your listeners to pay attention to what you have to say.

Try on the attention-getter examples listed above and see how captivated your audience will be.

Practical Attention-Getter Examples That’ll Engage Your Audience

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