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argumentative essay about energy drinks

Argumentative Essay About Energy Drinks

Powerade vs gatorade research paper.

Gatorade and Powerade are both energy drinks made to do the same thing supply athletes with more electrolytes. Gatorade is the original sports drink made first in 1965 while Powerade was later made just to rival Gatorade in 1988. For many other reasons than just being original Gatorade is better than Powerade. Let’s get into more depth about the two now.

The Pros And Cons Of Energy Drinks

Sugary drinks are not good for you they make your teeth decay and other problems. Drinks with a lot of sugar usually have a crash or break down slower than usual after a while. Energy drinks can be low or high on sugar depending on the brand your taste flavor or type of energy drink you would want. There are a bunch of different flavors of energy drinks like grape peach or something like that to make it taste better there is also low carbonation types also if you are at risk with something. People in our age and culture think that energy are not good for you but they let you stay up to study or help you run longer and faster. Energy drinks help your listening and staying up skills greatly.

Gatorade Vs Powerade Experiment

Gatorade and Powerade are sport drinks made for athletes to stay hydrated. Gatorade and Powerade have the same amount of sugar and carbohydrate content in it. Both drinks have a variety of flavour and mixtures to offer. In addition, both drinks contain vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes for better energy distribution. The results of this experiment will identify the better drink for endurance.

Argumentative Essay: The Soda Ban

The highly debatable and argued over ‘soda ban’ has been taking over the world and grabbed the media’s attention. But why? Well, many think the ban is about soda, but really, it isn’t all about soda. Truthfully, it is about the world thinking about the decisions they make. But, the ban does restrict all drinks ran by city that are above 16oz or have 50% or more of milk and fruit juice. However the soda ban may have some positive effects, ultimately the ban is a bad idea. Due to the contradiction it brings, the fact there is only one person making the decisions, and the other ways people can spend money.

Persuasive Essay Over Sugared Soda

Why single out sugared sodas, they ask; obesity has many causes and contributors, not just what people drink and if sugared beverages are being targeted? Why not take stronger measures against other sources of sugar such as candy and other sweets? Pointing out that the average new Yorker goes to the movies just four times a year and buys concessions only twice, sun dee Larson a spokeswomen for amc theaters chain told the ap “we firmly believe the choices made during the other 363 days have a much greater impact on public health” (park 7)

Healthier School Lunch Menu Essay

I believe that my school should change to a new healthier school lunch menu. It will be a good idea for the school to change to a new healthier lunch menu, because it helps the students. It can also help some students with obesity, can help perform better in sport, and also help the brain to work better. First, The new healthier school lunch menu can help cut down obesity. Obesity is one of the major problems in the world to day. If the school had healthier lunch menu, the school can help that problem with obesity. By having more fruits with the lunches, which the school is serving the students. Have more vegetables with the lunches, which helps to balance out the meal which they are eating. You can eat meat all the time, but it will not be healthy for you. That is why the

Why Do Energy Drinks Have The Same Voltage?

Energy drinks give us a quick burst of energy when we are feeling tired but which one gives us the most amount of energy? To find out which energy drink would give us the most I am going to test which energy drink has the highest voltage. One of the people I interviewed said that they would like to know which energy drink has the highest voltage. Another person that I questioned said that he doubted energy drinks had any voltage at all. The last person I interviewed asked if energy drinks had a higher voltage compared to water or if they had the same voltage. All liquids have a voltage this is where we get our energy from. The reason energy drinks have a voltage is because of the high amount of caffeine they have in them and the reason water has a voltage is because of the process that water goes through to be cleaned. The water particles rubbing together cause friction giving the water a static electric charge. In order to test which energy drink has the highest voltage to give the most energy I am going to use a zinc nail, copper wire, a volt meter and four different energy drinks and water. I am going to compare the voltage of the different energy drinks to the voltage of water to see whether there is a significant difference between the voltage of energy drinks and water. The energy drinks I will be using are Rockstar, Power Horse, USN Spike and Monster.

Why Are Sports Drinks Better Than Water

There has been a discussion on whether sports drinks are better than water at replenishing lost electrolytes and fluids while exercising . You always hear in infomercials and magazines on how you have to drink plenty of water in order to continue to do exercise or a sport . Water only keeps you hydrated and replaces the water lost while sweating . Sports drinks on the other hand replace lost electrolytes , quench thirst , keep you hydrated and give you extra energy to help you continue exercising . Sports drinks are a better source of energy and a better way to replace lost fluids .

Compare And Contrast Coffee And Energy Drinks

Coffee vs energy drinks, who will win? People drink coffee and energy drinks because they wake you up and they get you ready for the day. Most energy drinks hold 8.4 ounces. On the other hand, coffee has 8 ounces. On the healthier side, coffee only has 1 calorie for 8 ounces while energy drinks have 110 calories for 8.4 ounces. Usually you find both of these items at Wawa. If you want to drink energy drinks I would go with the brand Red Bull. Coffee has no effect on your heart. The reason why people drink coffee and energy drinks because they give you a boost of power. By digesting these liquids you have to drink them. Generally citizens swig a cup of coffee in the morning and energy drinks is for an active sporting event. Personally in my opinion, I rather drink energy drinks than coffee because I don 't like the bitter taste of coffee.

Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

Many consumers agree that energy drinks actually provide the human body with the desired energy. The reason behind this effect is caused by the high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Whenever a consumer uses an energy drink a series of effects begin in his/her body. The organism receives an instant boost as the caffeine successfully manages to block the duties of the adenosine, a chemical located in the brain whose function is involved with sleeping. After the completion of the process caffeine forces part of the neurons in the brain to lighten up, which later on causes the body to release the hormone adrenaline. When the hormone is active it forces the liver to provide the bloodstream with additional

Argumentative Essay On Caffeine

Caffeine is a chemical found naturally in few plants all over the world. From these plants it is processed into its pure form and then put into other things such as soda, energy drinks, tea, and pills. Energy drinks and soda are some of the most widely marketed products in the world, even though they contain the highest concentration of caffeine outside of pure caffeine supplements. It is a stimulant that affects everyone in strange but semi predictable ways. Research has been done on this topic since the 1920’s and many different conclusions have been reached. In modern schools of thought, caffeine has been found to be a lightly addictive, moderate to severe stimulant that affects neurological function in various ways, though scientists disagree

The Effects Of Caffeine On The Human Body

Studies show that caffeine can increase the speed at which athletes can run. It is a strategic, legal stimulant to help your speed. More than two thirds of Olympic runners drink a caffeinated drink to help their performance. For long events such as marathons and half-marathons, caffeine is shown to reduce the athlete’s perception of effort. Caffeine can also increase mental alertness and improve your mood. Basically, it makes running seem easier. Additionally, it makes fat easier to use as an energy source. This conserves the ‘burning’ of glycogen, which can improve performance in the last legs of the race. Although researchers are not positive why caffeine makes fat easier to use as an energy source, they know that as caffeine levels in the body increase, the concentration of fat in the bloodstream increases, which makes it easier for the body to utilize the fat and use it as energy. Reaction time, coordination, and performance in heat are also affected after the ingestion of caffeine. A recent study on the effect of caffeine on athlete’s performance in heat showed that athletes that ingested caffeine before running in high temperatures completed 15-23% more work than those who used water or another widely used sports drink. Caffeine can also help athletes recover after a sporting event, when used with carbohydrates. Research shows that drinking a beverage with both caffeine and carbohydrates in it rebuilds glycogen 66% faster than a regular drink with only

Water Vs Sports Drinks Research Paper

A benefit from drinking sports drinks is that it contains carbohydrates and electrolytes. In Source C, “Hydration: Water vs. sports drink” it tells how electrolytes help regulate your muscles and carbohydrates help reinstate your body 's

Persuasive Essay On Coke And Pep

Coke McDonald and his twin sister, Pepsi, are about to turn 13 and have the entire summer ahead of them. Unfortunately, their plans are filled with what promises to be the most nightmarish of situations --- a cross-country RV road trip with their parents. Since Dr. McDonald loves history and Mrs. McDonald adores strange and interesting facts that most normal people would never want to know about, Coke and Pep are facing a summer of boring museums and visits to places like the world's largest ball of twine.

Essay On Energy Drinks

In today 's society, if we appear to be exhausted, while knowing that we have to be on the run, we turn ourselves to energy drinks. Little do we know that every time we consume a single sip of an energy drink, we are literally creating a crucial complication towards our body. The innumerable quantities of caffeine and sugar that we devour stimulates each and every part of the body. Individuals have been replacing protein bars and other athletic beverages for real food (McCarthy). Becoming addicted to energy drinks relates to type 2 diabetes, even long-term effects such as heart issues, but most of all death. It is urgent that we pace the amount of caffeine from energy drinks that we ingest on a daily basis.

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Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

Effects of energy drink consumption on all age groups are real and impacts.

Energy drinks are comprised of the following primary ingredients: caffeine, sugar, ginseng, taurine, and guarana. Caffeine is the most commonly used legal drug in the world that does not discriminate among the races, ethnicity, or gender groups. Babu et al. (2008) stated that a lethal dose of caffeine in a healthy adult can range from 5 - 10 g with 9 - 28 mg of caffeine per ounce in an energy drink (Rath, 2012). The human body does not block caffeine. The body acts like a sponge and absorbs caffeine and then quickly distributes it throughout the body (Rath, 2012). Individuals have the tendency to excessively consume caffeine. The caffeine when combined with sugar can cause psychological and physiological effects in people such as mild to moderate euphoria. Drinking one energy drink is not considered excessive. Drinking two or more drinks in a day is considered excessive.

Energy Drinks Persuasive Speech

Energy drinks should not be drank throughout the day because they cause an increase in dehydration by the amount of electrolytes that are found in these drinks. Imbalance in the amount of electrolytes in the body can lead to the need to use the bathroom, dehydration someone more than they were in the first place. They can also increase the stress an anxiety that someone is feeling because of the caffeine found in them and that caffeine can also lead to insomnia. Although energy drinks have been advertised to be good for drinking during exercise, they are one of the worst things to consume because they cause dehydration, especially because the caffeine in them causes the kidneys to produce more urine and lost more fluid. Also, these drinks are

How Energy Drinks Affect Health

Energy drinks are bad for your health. High sugar concentration in energy drinks can induce a fast sugar high with a sugar crash afterwards. It also adds calories and can cause tooth decay, and slows absorption of fluid in the body. Since the body is working to dilute the high sugar concentration in the blood, it cannot get water into the cells, which can cause dehydration (Liberatore). Therefore drinking energy drinks

How Do Energy Drinks Affect The Body

There are three main reasons energy drinks have bad effects the body. One reason why energy drinks are bad is because can increase the risk to get heart problems. Caffeine is the most common ingredient found in a majority of energy drinks; symptoms of caffeine include increasing respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure. These effects are present when consuming caffeine. If someone has heavy stress, anxiety, blood clot disorders, or heart problems severe symptoms can include cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, and death. In addition, Fiona Macrae presented a study done from university students about Red Bull’s sugar free energy drink and she revealed that it “ increased the ‘stickiness’ of the blood and raised the risk of life- threatening clots”(Par.2) . The Second reason is because it can cause energy crashes. If people thought energy drinks created a permanent source of energy, Mandy Rath states that “increase in blood sugar levels and gives a temporary boost in energy.

Coffee Vs Energy Drink Research Paper

A lot of people are debating whether or not to have coffee or energy drinks. They are both good before practice or just to wake you up. But if you look a it from another angle, they contain large amounts of caffeine. Some contain so much it could be bad for your body.

Persuasive Essay On Energy Drinks

Energy drinks have ingredients that are not healthy for the body. They are loaded with caffeine about 242 milligrams and sugar not to forget the other ingredients like Guarana, Taurine, ginseng, B vitamins and other additives. Some people might think “how are B vitamins bad for you?” they are not, energy drinks don’t have enough B vitamins to do an effect on the body. “Overall, the concern is that these vitamins, amino acids and herbals are often in higher concentrations than naturally in food or plants, and the effects when combined especially with caffeine may be enhanced”. (Howard). Taurine enhances the caffeine effect, Ginseng improves athletic performance, guarana has some caffeine but the effects on the body remain unknown. A lot of the ingredients that are listed are found in many foods that everybody eats today. According to Higgings, “They’re sort of a black box. We really don’t know what’s in them”. Higgings is right people don’t know what they are drinking and what it’s doing to the body. These drinks are suppose to help people but instead they are slowly killing them. These ingredients are not helping people. They should just stick with a good healthy breakfast.

Energy Drink Persuasive Speech Outline

(Citations, expert) The International Journal of Health Sciences says there are many potential adverse effects of energy drinks in relation to their ingredients such as:

Energy Drinks: Liquid Meth?

Despite all the controversy, most people can agree how useful a jolt of extra energy can be some days. Energy drinks can help a doctor be more alert during surgery during a graveyard-shift, help college students get that “A” they have been working towards all semester, or keep police officers vigilant and energized on the job. There’s no way of knowing exactly how many college students that graduated owe their diploma to caffeine, but it sure didn’t hurt to be able to pull all-nighters while being alert. People that enjoy exercise can lift-weights or do cardio way more effectively by drinking one before the work-out. Energy drinks are not only safe but they are making people more effective workers, students, or athletes.

Age Restriction Of Energy Drinks

According to “the American Academy of Paediatrics” it is advice not take energy drinks especially for young children and teens. They pointed out that since the main ingredient of energy drinks is caffeine it causes high blood pressure and sleeping disorders. And children and teens with existing health problems can contribute to abnormal heart rates and increase blood sugar especially with those that have diabetes (Cold et al., 2017).

Energy Drinks Are Not Necessarily a Good Option

Transition: Because they have so much extra sugar and additives, energy drinks can cause more problems to our bodies than it’s actually worth.

Energy Drinks Essay

In the present society, people’s schedules tend to be extremely hectic due to either strenuous work schedules or keeping up with school and families. Due to this, numerous individuals do not obtain the recommended eight hours of sleep. On top of not getting enough sleep, they do not eat the proper foods to nourish their bodies. In return, they have a substantial lack of energy. Usually people who do not take care of themselves tend to eventually get more tired by mid-day and as their day goes on. A simple solution would be to go to bed earlier and eat better foods. However, our society has become very lazy, obese, and have started to take the easy way out over the years. Instead of eating better and trying to get more sleep, people drink

Energy Drink Should Be Banned Essay

Sylvia Nena (2011) also stated that “Manufactures of these products claim to increase energy, endurance, burn fat and improve athletic performance. According to experts, many of them state that it is untrue that energy drink helps to increase energy. This is due to drugs that can be found in the drinks such as caffeine. Caffeine with high levels of consuming can cause some problems to the human body like palpitations, hypertension, vomiting, convulsions and even worst heart failure which can lead to death. Roland Griffiths (2012) a caffeine specialist said that high caffeine in use by young people can cause a cycle of rushes and crashes that can add “a degree of variance to their moods and psychological well-being that they don’t really need. Joao Breda(2014) from WHO’s Europe wrote that caffeine has a proven negative effect on

Argumentative Essay On Beverage Drinks

Think about this. Early man survived by eating one hundred percent of his calories and drinking plain water. No liquid calories! Today, the average American receives more than one fifth of their calories from soft drinks, fruit juices, milk, alcohol, and recently sports drinks, coffee and tea.

Business Plan

Energy drinks are a growing commodity among individuals who desires a boost of energy for various reasons. In today's fast paced society, most people are looking for a way to increase endurance and stamina. Many suffer from a lack of energy to get them through daily responsibilities. This is why many have turned to energy drinks as a means for extra fuel. These quick pick-me-ups promise to give an energy boost that lasts for hours.

Red Bull Marketing Research

The consumption of caffeine can increase alertness, reaction speed, vigilance, the ability to concentrate and problem-solving ability; all the things Red Bull Energy Drink also claims to do (Red Bull 2013).

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argumentative essay about energy drinks

Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

Red Bull. 5 Hour Energy. Monster. These energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular not just for teenagers and college kids, but in the world of athletics as well. Athletes around the world are drinking these beverages for a boost in athletic performance and stamina to get an edge over their opponents. These drinks are even being promoted by professional athletes! This increasing popularity and consumption begs the question: are these drinks safe? I decided to dig into this question, and I have found some pretty startling answers. The drinks may bring enhanced performance and energy, but they also come with potential health risks. These health risks heavily outweigh the benefits the drinks could possibly bring. The ingredient in energy …show more content…

In this essay, the author

Scientists Ricardo Mora-Rodriguez and Jesus G Pallares executed a study observing the performance outcomes and side effects of energy drinks. They confirmed that due to their high carbohydrate concentration and lack of salts, energy drinks are not a good beverage choice when prolonged exercise in a warm environment is likely to require rehydration. They also found that ingestion of high doses of caffeine , although ergogenic, could result in negative side effects that could counteract the caffeine’s ergogenic effect. Even though energy drinks have the ability to increase a certain amount of energy, the energy would be short lived, due to lack of hydration. A similar study was performed by a team of scientists in Nepal. They tested on medical students at a Nepalese medical school. After the experiment, they concluded that energy drinks give energy and increase the stamina but they produce neurologic, psychiatric, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal complications on health. Certain students that participated in the study started to experience palpitation (increased or irregular heartbeat), nausea, constipation, and abdominal pain. These symptoms are just a few of the health risks that regularly consuming energy drinks can

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List of great argumentative essay topics about energy drinks.

There are many health and energy drinks available in the market. They are generally composed of sugar and caffeine. It helps to give instant energy. These drinks are very popular at present. Kids have to do many physical activities and end tiring up soon. The drink gives them stamina and boosts up energy. As a result, their performance increases at various levels. These energy drinks have some bad effects on their body as well. Weight gain and stomach pain and among common complains.

Essay topics on energy drinks can be found at many places like magazines, online essay searches, newspaper articles etc. Here are list of some argumentative topics on energy drinks.

Bipolar disorder

Energy drinks have many side effects and are causes to many diseases. In recent studies, it has been found that energy drinks cause bipolar disorder. If these drinks are continuously taken then it causes several diseases as well.

Bad effects

There are many type drinks available in market. Almost same ingredients are used to prepare all types of drinks. These ingredients are mostly caffeine and sugar. These are very harmful to the body. In some cases, it has been found that people even died from taking these drinks. Though the taste of energy drinks is a hit and it keeps the body energized, it should not be used as substitute of water.

Energy drinks and food supplements

Energy is gained by food that we eat and the air we breathe. So it is better to supply good food to our body so that it can give us energy. There are many fruits and vegetables available in market that is full of energy. We need to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy body works longer from nutrients and not sugar and caffeine. Other energy drinks will not be required if we take healthy diet.

Increased fat

Consuming energy drinks causes increased fat levels in the body. Many people have been suffering from fattiness due to these drinks. Energy drinks have such ingredients which help to increase fat and that is why many kids have been suffering. Fattiness brings other diseases with it. So it is better to avoid energy drinks.

Regular exercise versus energy drinks

Regular exercise can be a good substitute for energy drinks. It is also natural process. Energy drinks gives us instant energy to perform well. If we choose to do regular exercise then it will give us energy all day not instant like energy drink. If we have energy all time then we can perform well in our every work.

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Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

argumentative essay about energy drinks

Show More Many people around the world have strenuous schedules filled with work, school, family, and other activities. Strenuous schedules can cause worry, stress, and a lack of the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. A lack of sleep can cause one to eat unhealthy foods, or not enough food, which can in turn cause a significant lack of energy (Fields). Many people have become lazy. Instead of going to bed early and eating healthy, they take the easy way out by relying on caffeine like coffee and energy drinks to boost their energy. So, what are energy drinks? Energy drinks are flavored beverages containing a high percentage of sugar, caffeine, and other stimulants. They have increased in popularity more and more each year. There are hundreds …show more content… This Has to Stop.” was published in the Chicago Tribune on May 30, 2017. This commentary was written by Pat Crawford, an assistant professor and a senior administrator of the Nutrition Policy Institute at the University of California, and Wendi Gosliner, a project scholar and administrator of the Nutrition Policy Institute at the University of California. The commentary’s main point of argument is to convey a narrative in which our government should be applying restrictions on the dangerous levels of caffeine currently present in energy drinks. The government’s responsibility is to its’ people and thus is in a position to educate the population on the health risks associated with energy drinks and to restrict marketing propaganda towards young adults, and in this commentary, Crawford and Gosliner utilize the tools of pathos, logos, and ethos in order to impart the risks associated with energy …show more content… The title of the commentary “Energy drinks are killing teenagers. This has to stop.” evokes a feeling of curiosity in the readers. Questions running through the mind could be: why are energy drinks killing teenagers?; what is in an energy drink?; how could one stop this? The catchy title may spark an interest in the readers and pursue them to continue reading. The words and phrase in the first paragraph of the commentary create a sympathetic feeling. They note that a “16-year-old tragically lost his life” because “the boy’s heart simply couldn’t cope.” These words evoke a frightening feeling on the reality of what caffeine can do to a young person’s life. Their goal is to make the reader feel sympathetic towards the boy and stop the death of young people from energy drinks. In the last paragraph of the commentary, the authors effectively get the readers to want to do something about this situation. Crawford and Gosliner write, “The problem has been identified. Now is the time to act.” It is clear, concise, and evokes a feeling to support the claim of the authors. It returns to the introduction’s hook which is a frequently-used strategy of many essays. The title and the phrases used throughout the commentary help establish the claim that energy drinks should be banned. This claim is supported by the death of this

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Weight loss in america research paper.

When taking care of the child, they will get tired very easily and especially at night. This will be lack of sleep for women to have because they are taking care of the child. When not sleeping enough, the hormones will change that increases appetite. These people will crave foods that are high in calories and eating many carbohydrates (Mayo Clinic Staff). Another one is unhealthy diet.…

Eating At Night Essay

It’s an unnecessary supply of calories that may end up being stored as fat. Eating late at night may cause other bad behaviors such as eating while watching TV or surfing the internet, potentially increasing the chances of weight gain. Others believe eating before bed is wrong because it deprives your body of much-needed rest. After working during the day. Instead of resting, you force it to digest…

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The purpose of this paper is to find what really motivates a person to become a suicide bomber, there are many researchers trying to figure out what actually drives them to that point of blowing themselves with an active bomb wearing a vest. In some religion, it might be a sin and in other religion, it might not be a sin. Terrorists leads these attacks, telling the suicide bombers where to go and what to do. They might even have targets that they want to kill, hence sending people with bombs on a vest near them and killing themselves and everyone around them, causing mass causalities. The three main factors that motivates a person to become a suicide bomber are nationalism, religion and…

Coffee Vs Energy Drinks Essay

During this age, people are more likely to be pulling all-nighters, working long hours, and making a profession out of multi-tasking. Middle-aged adults and older seem to stick to coffee because they’re used to it and they aren’t seeking high doses of energy for long amounts of time. In contrast, the younger crowd tends to get this buzz by consuming different kinds of energy supplements. "A study by market research analysts Mintel found that almost three-quarters of 16 to 24-year-olds use the high-caffeine drinks, with two-thirds of them saying they do so to help with work or studies" ("How Safe Are Energy") What these students aren’t seeming to grasp is the fact that they can extrapolate their natural energy by eating…

The Consequences Of Sleep Deprivation

For example, a doctor that works night shifts will have a severely smaller amount of sleep than someone who works a typical day’s shift. Many adults are prone to drinking coffee during the day. The caffeine from the coffee will cause a person to be unable to fall asleep at night. If a person is a main caretaker for his or her children, then a lot of one’s time would be dedicated to the children. This would cause staying up late from packing lunches to making sure everyone’s homework is done.…

Causes And Effects Of Energy Drinks Essay

Cause & Effect of Energy Drinks The everyday struggles of life keep americans up late at night, and leave them feeling tired and fatigued the next morning. The immediate solution for some, is to grab a freshly brewed coffee from their home or the nearest cafe. For those who do not like the taste of coffee or the staining effect it has on one’s teeth, there needed to be an alternative. That’s where the invention of energy drinks came in. Students, Athletes, and workers all need a boost and here are the areas from which they have benefited from energy drinks.…

Examples Of Poor Medication Management

Taking the one an hour before breakfast was the most inconvenient one out of my schedule. My typical morning normally starts off with me waking up, getting ready, and possibly eating breakfast while I walk out of the door. Due to the fact that this project was candy, I did not take it as directed after three days. It was hard to keep up to, but if it were real, I would have to make adjustments in my daily routine. With the issues of an increase of dosage and timing, I found that there were times where I forgot whether or not I took the medication, and at what time.…

Energy Drink Essay

INTRODUCTION In 1997, energy beverages were first introduced in the United States beginning with Red Bull which brought on competitors (Higgins et al. 2010). The intended use of energy beverages was to provide a person with more energy throughout the day while providing many necessary vitamins (Higgins et al. 2010). Energy drinks have grown increasingly popular where there are now more than a hundred different brands of energy beverages being sold and consumed worldwide (Higgins et al.…

Essay On Energy Drinks

As a person grows up, there is a lot of stress that builds up in or one becomes so tired they can barely function. These people believe that drinking energy drinks solves their problems. An energy drink is any of various types of beverage that are considered a source of energy, especially a soft drink containing a high percentage of sugar and/or caffeine or other stimulant. Even though energy drinks gives one a burst of energy, one does not realize the effects of consuming too much energy drinks. The consumption of too much energy drinks leads to many problems in the future for these people.…

Red Bull Vs 5 Hour Energy Essay

5 Hour Energy versus RedBull With a fast-paced world, many people are struggling to keep up. Some people have trouble getting through the last bit of their day. Remedies to these problems would normally be solved by more sleep, healthier foods, and better exercise. Although all of those activities are important, they are not attainable at any given moment of the day. Energy drinks and shots are becoming more prevalent in pop culture as people are realizing their quick fix.…

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Arguments for Banning Energy Drinks

Info: 1744 words (7 pages) Nursing Essay Published: 10th Nov 2020

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A Drink to Start: The Ban of Energy Drinks

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Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks It’s a common problem. A person wakes up, still tired, his eyes still begging for more sleep. The quick fix? Caffeine. One of the first picks for people is an energy drink, but; stop, wait, there are somethings that they are hiding. There are many pros and cons that come with them. Energy drinks are just a stronger soda. They have caffeine through the charts in them, but have lots of needed vitamins. There are pros and cons to energy drinks. The energy drinks contain good vitamins and can help people stay awake. Most contained similar ingredients: “Sugar or artificial sweeteners, the stimulant caffeine, the amino acid taurine, B vitamins, and various other nutritional supplements. The vitamins are good and some are key for every day plus other nutritional supplements.” Also from another source, “Overall, kids who consumed energy drinks often were more likely to say the drinks helped them do better in school or in sports, helped them focus and helped them stay up at night.” stated by Alexandra Sifferlin. There targeted towards teenagers and they are helping them with school and sports. They are helping teens with their everyday waking up problems. The energy drinks are good for focusing. Energy drinks help waking you up and keeping you awake. There is a lot of cons …show more content… There are few benefits of the drinks: they have some good vitamins and can keep the early risers and the night shifters going in times of need but not everyday. Although there are lots of bad: they cause health problems at young ages such as high blood pressure, diabetes, caffeine, headaches, and bone problems. They’re helping people fall asleep more than keep them awake such as soldiers. With all the articles and research people still find themselves going back to them wanting more and more to help the crave and the need to wake up. Even though the risk out ways the reward of living longer people still choose to drink Show More

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argumentative essay about energy drinks

Should Cars Be Banned From Major Cities Draft 3 Essay

Jean Martin #11 Mrs. DeLeon Science – Argumentative Essay February 27, 2015 A Car-less World In 2011 the number of vehicles on the roads worldwide reached over 1 billion, with the United States leading with over 239 million cars. It has been predicted that by 2050 over 2.1 billion cars will be on the roads. The issue of whether we should ban cars from major cities has been widely debated for year. My essay will argue with those in favor of banning cars from major cities because cars cause more…

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argumentative essay about energy drinks

Essay 1 2nd

Responsibility to Obesity Argumentative Essay: Topic 1 By Wei Bai English 1D (11:00-12:30) Instructor: Buettner January 29, 2015 Increasing trends of obesity happens not only in the US, but is also in other developing countries such as China. There were few overweight people in China at the beginning of 1990s. Along the soaring Chinese economy, the number of overweight boys and girls surged rapidly. The American fast food restaurants started flocking in. People always debate who is at fault…

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CYP 3.1 1.1 Essay

Tina Scott CYP 3.1 Criteria 1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years The key to understanding child development is to look at them as a ‘whole’. The whole child may be looked at under six aspects which are: Physical development Intellectual development Language development Emotional development Social development Spiritual development Each aspect is intricately linked and if one aspect is hampered or neglected in some way…

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks

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    argumentative essay about energy drinks


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  1. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    Caffeine has been shown and proven to enhance athletic performance. It enhances endurance for long distance runners and decreases muscle fatigue. Not only does

  2. Argumentative Essay About Energy Drinks

    Argumentative Essay About Energy Drinks ... People say energy drinks are bad for you that they hurt you I am here to prove them wrong. They have so many good

  3. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    People that enjoy exercise can lift-weights or do cardio way more effectively by drinking one before the work-out. Energy drinks are not only safe but they are

  4. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    Combination of caffeinated drinks and alcohol can develop severe intoxication. Energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a diuretic and causes frequency of

  5. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    Explains that energy drinks can cause heart palpitations, tachycardia, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and unusual sweating. Opines that the long-

  6. Winning Prompts For An Argument Essay On Energy Drinks

    Consuming energy drinks causes increased fat levels in the body. Many people have been suffering from fattiness due to these drinks. Energy drinks have such

  7. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    The commentary's main point of argument is to convey a narrative in which our government should be applying restrictions on the dangerous levels of caffeine

  8. Arguments for Banning Energy Drinks

    How do all the caffeine and sugar affect children and adolescents? “heavy caffeine consumption, such as drinking energy drinks, has been

  9. Free Essays On Energy Drinks ➡️ Essay Topics Ideas

    People who drink power beverages experience decrease in stress, muscle strain, and fatigue. Power beverages also help improve speed and reaction. Energy drinks

  10. Argumentative Essay On Energy Drinks

    There are many pros and cons that come with them. Energy drinks are just a stronger soda. They have caffeine through the charts in them, but have lots of needed