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Animal farm - equality.

             Animal Farm sported its ideals of "equality," but this was not necessarily the case. They used to have a code of law written on the side of the barn. It promoted the principles of the Animalism that Old Major wished for. However, it was later replaced with one statement:.              "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.".              This statement summed up what the true intentions of the pigs were. They didn't seek for equality; they sought after their own personal benefit with the expense of the other animals" welfare.              The inequality began from the start, except with lesser benefits and more believable lies. The first occurrence was when they found that the milk was missing. The pigs defended themselves by saying that they needed it because it provided the essential nutrients to supply energy for thinking since they did no physical work on the farm. They used the same argument for the missing apples afterwards. They made the animals believe that if they did not get their milk and apples, then Mr. Jones would return. This idea became ingrained into their minds even after they completely forgot about the days before the revolution. The pigs were beginning their infection of the vulnerable minds of the animals.              The inequality began to increase at a much more drastic rate when Snowball was exiled from the farm. Napoleon began to use a "secret police" that were used for terror and removing those who opposed him. He began the construction of the windmill which led to increases of backbreaking labor upon the animals. Napoleon's greed was ever increasing and was not ceasing. He slowly increased the workload and the work hours. The food supplies for the working animals were intensely severed. He applied more force onto the working animals for the increasing benefit of the non-working pigs.              .              Napoleon, near the end of the book, became a very cruel tyrant who ruled as mercilessly as other farmers.

Essays Related to Animal Farm - equality

1. animal farm: a window into humanity.

animal farm essay about equality

Animal Farm: A Window into Humanity The animals in Animal Farm could not ever achieve a truly equitable society. ... We possess all the tools and resources to work towards this, unlike animals in general, and the animals on Animal Farm. For one thing, the animals on Animal Farm were not of equal intelligence. ... While it failed, it was merely one attempt at achieving that society, and Animal Farm was a direct satire of that exact situation. The moral of Animal Farm was not that human beings cannot achieve equality, but it was that people are by nature greedy. ...

2. Social Analysis - Animal Farm

animal farm essay about equality

The dystopian theme, "society is divided into castes or groups with specialized functions" is supported well by the novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. "Animal Farm" is a novel from the mid 1950s about a farm of animals that are mistreated and neglected by their owner, Mr. ... The animals then have to rule over the farm, and the pigs take over the reigns and eventually start mistreating the animals in almost the same fashion as Jones did in his day. ... The unfair dystopian way the farm is run is due to the lack of absolute equality, and the presence of a singular social class woul...

3. Animal Farm

animal farm essay about equality

In the novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell, the animals strive to create their own utopian society based on unity and equality. The novel is a satirical look at the Russian Revolution, which is the source of inspiration of Animal Farm. ... Throughout the novel, the animals" own senseless behaviour and ignorance help cause the dystopia that arises on the farm. ... Therefore, the misery and the failure of Animal Farm is a result of the animals" own mindless behaviour. ... Boxer's inability to expand on his thinking and the animals" incompetence are both good examples that lead to ...

4. Animal Farm: A Lesson in Governments and Human Nature

animal farm essay about equality

Death to Humanity, Long live Animal Farm! ... So we see that control is best seized through subtle means of influence a lesson Animal Farm teaches you. The second reason why Animal Farm is a book I would recommend to others is the moral it gives to the reader. ... The third reason why Animal Farm is a good book and should be recommended to others is its use of symbolism. ... It is easy to see why Animal Farm is a noteworthy book which should be shared with many and recommended to all. ...

5. Animal Farm- Power, Corruption and lies

animal farm essay about equality

"Orwell's Animal Farm is more than a fairy story. ... Although Orwell's originally titled novel, "Animal Farm: A Fairy Story", combined with the use of animals as characters in the novel, may appeal to children, the content of Animal Farm goes beyond any magical or make-believe story. ... However, Animal Farm is not simply a satire on the Russian Revolution. ... An ideal society involves everyone having the same equality. Such is not the case in Orwell's Animal Farm where "All animals are equal. ...

6. Animal Farm

animal farm essay about equality

The theme of Animal Farm is not difficult to understand. ... Jones" principles and harsh mistreatment of the animals proves to the reader that communism is not a form of equality but rather inequality. ... Old Major is a major character in Animal Farm. ... Boxer is another character that is important in the make up of Animal Farm. ... Jones is one of Orwell's major villains in Animal Farm. ...

7. Animal Farm

animal farm essay about equality

Animal Farm, written by George Orwell in 1946, uses the personification of animals to tell the story of the Russian Revolution. The embodiment of a communist revolution, the Russian Revolution first raised hopes for revolutionary ideas of liberty, fraternity, and equality; then it cruelly shatters them. ... He eventually started doing journalism and writing novels, not gaining popularity until Animal Farm was published. ... When the animals are not fed, they revolt, and the farm becomes theirs (The whole Russian Revolution), taking it from Mr. ... They call their dream of equality and fre...

8. Conflicts in Animal Farm

animal farm essay about equality

Conflicts in Animal Farm Animal Farm is a remarkable novel written by the renowned writer, George Orwell. ... Animal Farm is a send-up that uses its characters to symbolize leaders of the Russian Revolution. ... Jones is an often drunk farmer who runs the Manor Farm before the animals stage their rebellion and rename it Animal Farm. ... Animal Farm is a great novel that clearly demonstrates the tendencies of reestablishing class structures even in societies that allegedly stand for total equality. ... Napoleon being a corrupt opportunist, focused mainly on aims on perfecting the Animalism b...

9. Animal Farm

Animals capture the Manor Farm from their incompetent owner and vow to live in a community of equality. ... In Animal Farm, the characters find motivation from Boxer to push through their many obstacles. ... Because the other animals on the farm want to be more like Boxer, the animals efficiency increases, making the farm stronger as a whole. ... The pigs are the strongest animals on the farm and without them the other animals believe that Mr. ... In Animal Farm, Napoleon uses the same tactics. ...


animal farm essay about equality

Examples Of Equality In Animal Farm

Compare and contrast harrison bergeron and the veldt.

‘Dystopian novels help people process their fears about what the future might look like; further, they usually show that there is always hope, even in the bleakest future.’ -Lauren Oliver.

Examples Of Greed In Animal Farm

In her critically acclaimed novel One Corpse Too Many, author Ellis Peters wrote, “All of the things of the wild have their proper uses. Only misuse makes them evil.” The possession and usage of power is an especially slippery slope. In George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm, a main recurring theme revolves around power and how those who hold it will ultimately fall into corruption. The desire for power stems from greed, but power also fuels greed. Over the course of the novel, three characters possess the power on the farm and each struggles to keep it in their control and to utilize it wisely. In his novel, Animal Farm, George Orwell uses Snowball, Mr. Jones, and Napoleon to demonstrate that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Individuality In Ayn Rand's Anthem '

Tohniiya Yazzie per 1 Be unique in your own way, do not let other people tell you what to do. Anthem is a dystopian society. No one thinks for themselves, and there is no individuality, everyone has to think like a group. The leaders are called Council of Scholars and they tell everyone in the society what to think and do. No one is allowed to be different, and everyone is supposed to be the same, which is expected to make the society equal. Despite government regulations, Equality’s individuality and intelligent characteristics combined lead him to rediscover the lightbulb.

Individuality In Harrison Bergeron

Aristotle once said, “The worst form of inequality, is trying to make unequal things equal.” A major example of this concept of inequality displays itself through humans. Although people may seem similar and equal, each personality and talent differs from one another. Now one might wonder what it would be like if every single person were truly equal. This theme is developed in the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, and also in the film 2081 directed by Chandler Tuttle. Tuttle’s film is based off of Vonnegut’s short story, however, through the portrayal of individualism, humanity, and a corrupt government, 2081 depicts a more realistic society than the short story “Harrison Bergeron.”

Harrison Bergeron And Anthem: Equality's Equality

“Equality in pay has improved in the US since 1979 when women earned about 62 percent as much as men. In 2010, American women on average earned 81 percent of what their male counterparts earned” ( Highlights in the US). “Harrison Bergeron” and Anthem both are dystopian societies that tried to create equality, but end up with horrible corruption, no real equality, and incorrect portrayals of equality. In “Harrison Bergeron” the society leaders use handicaps to bring people down to the lowest level or the “average” of their society. There are similar concepts in Anthem, no one can be better than anyone, but they use shame and guilt to keep their people in line. Equality is when everyone is given the same opportunities

Examples Of Human Nature In Animal Farm

What would you do if you were given absolute control over a nation- Make it a place people will be happy to call home or strip the land to support yourself? The allegorical story Animal Farm (1944) by George Orwell, written at a time of great social change and totalitarianism ideas, explores the idea of human nature and also the positive and negative ways it can be expressed through people. Two characters that reveal some truth about human nature and existence are Napoleon, the manipulative pig, and Boxer, the naïve horse. Napoleon and Boxer are polar opposite examples within the spectrum of human nature. the former showing …and the latter… (just short summaries of your overall points here.

Corruption In Animal Farm

The political satire Animal Farm by George Orwell is a reference to the Soviet Union’s corruption. The quote in the book Animal Farm stated "There was nothing there now except a single Commandment. It ran: ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS” (Orwell 134). The lesson learned from this quote is that communism is not what it was meant to be. This means that communism looks good at first but always ends up being the complete opposite of the communist idea. Like in the book Animal Farm and how there was seven laws, and as the book went on each law was broken and change by the pigs. The quote is confusing at first but it makes sense if you have read the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. The quote “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS” this is an oxymoron read out loud by Benjamin. This quote means that some animals are more important than others. For example, the pigs thought they were more important or inferior to the other animals. At the beginning of the book, the pigs were decided to be the leaders because of their intelligence and their ability to read and write. The pigs wrote seven commandments on the top of the barn and one of them was “All Animals are Equal” page 24. This is important because the seven commandments end up being broken by the leader of the pigs Napoleon. At first,

All Men Are Created Equal By Milton Friedman Analysis

Milton Friedman, an American economist, in his article “Created Equal”, points out his concept about “Created Equal”. Friedman discusses the different ways that humans are considered to be equal, and then he declares three specific categories for human equality: equality before God, equality of opportunity and equality of outcome. Friedman argues that the first equality is the Founders’ use, the second equality is compatible with liberty, and the third equality is socialism. Equality is such a beautiful word that everyone should appreciate, and Friedman claims his points about its concept from his own comprehension. I really respect Friedman’s points about equality; however, there is something critical about equality which

Essay On Power In Animal Farm

Power can have the persuasive action in undoing the moral ethics of one’s character. This can be seen throughout history, such as World War II and proven by the actions of Napoleon in the allegory, Animal Farm, by George Orwell. As Lord Acton said “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In history what was viewed as a villain, is never the same as the perception. A leader does not begin wanting to do wrong, they start with the best intentions, but power is a tricky thing. As someone gains more and more power, they increasingly become corrupted with that power.

Animal Farm Research Paper

There are many instances of symbolism in Animal Farm. One important symbol is Napoleon. He is a controlling, authoritative, and manipulative leader, like a dictator. Napoleon represents an absolute ruler. It is obvious to see Napoleon as a dictator when viewing the farm’s government as a tyranny. He is the main symbol of authoritarianism in the novel.

The Road To Individualism In Anthem, By Ayn Rand

Equality lives in a collectivist society, which is a society that believes, “that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called “the common good.” Therefore, Equality being the person he is, struggles with being an individual. He knows it is against the law but he enjoys knowledge so much, it confuses him. He states, “And in our heart-strange are the ways of evil! - and in our heart there is the first peace we have known in 20 years.” (Rand 37). This is an internal conflict Equality is facing with himself. Along with internal struggles, there is external struggles.

Theme Of Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm

The quote by Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is a good example of what is happening in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. The pigs immediately gain control and leadership of the farm and eventually start to abuse the power. The pigs abuse their power by changing the commandments, living in luxury, and by treating the animals poorly.

Essay On Dystopia In Animal Farm

The government told the human race that nothing is wrong, it was just the citizens’ fear of the worst. So people did not worry about their lack of food or unsafe working conditions because they had no reason to distrust the government. They never realized that their idea of a utopia slowly slipped through their grasp. Rather than maintaining utter perfection in respect of laws, politics, customs, and conditions, the government remained in oppressive societal control; everything appeared ideal, but once examined closer, the true horrors came to light. The novel Animal Farm continues to stand as the best example of a dystopian society. It illustrates the story of a farm run by pigs after overthrowing Man. One pig specifically, Napoleon,

Theme Of Irony In Animal Farm

“Beasts of England”, “Ode to Napoleon”, the sheep’s chants, revised anthem, “Animal Farm, Animal Farm” are among the most relevant songs mentioned in this allegory. All the animals at the farms sing these songs together at the same time and by commanding this, pigs evoke an atmosphere of grandeur and nobility. The animals on the farm feel satisfied when singing together because it brings them a sense of community, but the animals do not realise that the real purpose of the songs is to keep them focused on the tasks.

Harrison Bergeron Reflection

I feel the story, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" relates to modern day in the form of the military. I touched on it in my discussion post. I related to the child in the story that is locked in the basement to the men and women who serve in the arm forces today. The military makes sacrifices for the people of the United States on a daily basis. I have friends who are in Afghanistan right now and other places overseas fighting for our country. It reminds me of the child in the basement. The men and woman are the child in the basement. They are sacrificing their life, safety, family, nourishment and everything they know and have known to make sure the people of America are safe and happy. It is no different for the parents of the

More about Examples Of Equality In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

George orwell.

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A+ Student Essay: How Do the Pigs Maintain Authority on Animal Farm?

George Orwell’s Animal Farm examines the insidious ways in which public officials can abuse their power, as it depicts a society in which democracy dissolves into autocracy and finally into totalitarianism. From the Rebellion onward, the pigs of Animal Farm use violence and the threat of violence to control the other animals. However, while the attack dogs keep the other animals in line, physical intimidation doesn’t prevent some of them from quietly questioning Napoleon’s decisions. To check this threat to the pigs’ power, Napoleon relies on rousing slogans, songs, and phrases to instill patriotism and conformity among the animals. On Animal Farm, it quickly becomes clear that language and rhetoric can be much more effective tools of social control than violence.

The pigs rely on slogans, poems, and commandments to both inspire the animals and keep them subservient. Crucially, the pigs understand that their songs and sayings must be easy to memorize and repeat if the other animals are to internalize their precepts. When written commandments prove too difficult for many of the animals, the pigs synthesize them into a single, brief catchphrase: “Four legs good, two legs bad.” The slogan inspires the animals to adore their leaders rather than fear them, and by repeating it they deepen their commitment to the pigs. Boxer, the loyal cart-horse, continuously reaffirms his faith in the pigs’ judgment by repeating the slogan “Napoleon is always right” in addition to his usual mantra, “I will work harder.”

The animals eventually use the pigs’ slogans to police themselves, such as when several animals protest Napoleon’s decision to begin trading farm products to humans. Though they are initially silenced by “a tremendous growling from the dogs,” the tension isn’t dissolved until the sheep break into a collective recital of “‘Four legs good, two legs bad!’” In this key scene, Orwell explicitly contrasts brute force and the power of language, demonstrating that while the former may be effective in the short term, the latter has deeper, more lasting effects. The central role of rhetoric in the pigs’ administration is illustrated by the power afforded Squealer, the aptly-named spokespig, as well as the presence of a government poet pig, Minimus.

In addition to the songs, slogans, poems, and commandments, Napoleon and the pigs also rewrite the oral and written histories of the farm in order to serve their needs and maintain their authority. When Napoleon violently seizes power, he quickly justifies his takeover by falsely denouncing his former ally and fellow revolutionary, Snowball, as a human-sympathizer and enemy of Animalism. In fact, he continuously retells the story of Snowball’s “treachery” until Snowball’s role in the Rebellion and subsequent founding of Animal Farm has been completely effaced. Despite the fact that many of the animals remember Snowball receiving a medal for his bravery in the Battle of the Cowshed, Squealer convinces them that Snowball had actually fought alongside Mr. Jones against the animals. Loyal Boxer, who has trouble believing the official tale, is convinced otherwise when Squealer tells him that Napoleon knows it to be true. “Ah, that is different,” exclaims Boxer. “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.”

Later, as the pigs move into the farmhouse, Squealer makes more revisions to the official doctrine when he secretly amends the commandment “No animal shall sleep in a bed” to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets ” and revises the rule about drinking to “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess. ” The pigs even replace the old mantras with “Four legs good, two legs better, ” and ultimately, “All animals are equal, except some are more equal than others.” When the animals actually catch Squealer in the act of rewriting the commandments, they don’t seriously suspect anything, a testament to the power the pigs’ rhetoric and language has over them.

The pigs’ slogans and catchphrases have brainwashed the other animals to such an extent that even when the dogs slaughter dozens of animals for supposedly having colluded with Snowball, they don’t question Napoleon’s leadership. Although unsettled, their misgivings melt away as soon as the sheep chime in with “their usual bleating” of Animal Farm’s primary maxim, “‘Four legs good, two legs bad,’” which they chant for “several minutes” until the possibility of discussion has passed. Of course, not all political rhetoric is categorically bad—we see the rousing affect Old Major’s song “The Beasts of England” has on the animals and how it prompts them to overthrow the tyrant Farmer Jones and create their own government. Orwell argues, however, that language can be used just as effectively for more sinister purposes, as a device of social manipulation and control, and that such rhetoric is often far more powerful than state-sanctioned violence or the threat of physical force.

Animal Farm SparkNotes Literature Guide

Ace your assignments with our guide to Animal Farm ! 

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Full book analysis summary, character list characters, napoleon characters, themes literary devices, important quotes explained quotes, full book quiz quick quizzes, take a study break.

animal farm essay about equality

QUIZ: Is This a Taylor Swift Lyric or a Quote by Edgar Allan Poe?

animal farm essay about equality

The 7 Most Embarrassing Proposals in Literature

animal farm essay about equality

The 6 Best and Worst TV Show Adaptations of Books

animal farm essay about equality

QUIZ: Which Greek God Are You?

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Animals & Society Institute

‘All Animals Are Equal’: Animal Farm in the Anthropocene

By mikhaila bishop, portland state university.

An environmental ethics reading of Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell examines the dominating power dynamic between humans and animals, and poses the consideration of equality for all Earth-inhabiting lifeforms. This essay will position different literary understandings of the novel in ecocritical conversation to examine how readers and scholars digest representations of animal bodies. With this analysis of the novel’s content, I will examine what occurs when animal characters become more than representations of human suffering, and instead signify physical animal bodies. I form a case for the consideration of animal rights in the allegorical and historical contexts of human-constructed oppression.

 “Never listen when they tell you that Man and the animals have a common interest, that the prosperity of the one is the prosperity of the others. It is all lies. Man serves the interests of no other creature except himself. And among us let there be perfect unity, perfect comradeship in the struggle. All men are enemies. All animals are comrades.”

–George Orwell, Animal Farm , p.10, 1945.

Across critical readings of George Orwell’s canonical work Animal Farm (1945), scholars have understood Orwell to have written the text as an allegory for the fate of communism in the USSR (Dwan 2012). He provides a rich, easily digestible commentary for those humans who do not immediately suffer from oppression under communism. Now an academically featured text, his intentional metaphor has become a staple of high school classroom discussions. However, the mapping of political purpose onto the text ignores a significant portion of the book’s meta-meanings. The author experiments with the installation of meta-meanings predicated on forms of human/animal entanglement. Critics overlook a powerful aspect of the text’s construction of nonhuman content: the animals , not the humans, suffer.

Animal Farm envisions an environment created for human consumption at the expense of animal labor. Thus far, our intellectual consideration of Animal Farm —in ignoring or placing under critical erasure the positions of nonhuman animals in the text—propagates this oppressive tradition. In our age of the human ego, the Anthropocene, we completely manipulate the natural world to serve our desires. [i] We exert this same level of domination exhibited in our intellectual understandings, including literary criticism. When canonical commentary resides within the limits of its considerations of human themes and morals, the positions of the Animals forgo exploration of their liberation to analysis of allegorical human warfare (Eisenman, 2013). [ii]  An ecocritical reading of Animal Farm examines the power dynamic between humans and other animals, and poses the consideration of equality for all Earth-inhabiting lifeforms. Principally, Animal Farm engages with how we digest representations of animal bodies, and in doing so, demonstrates we can no longer ignore the interests of animals. The allegorical connection between human societal oppression and farming conditions in this literature spurs an eco-ethical argument for the application of animal rights in present-day society.

Mainstream readings of this text interpret it as a piece of writing that reflects wider reactions to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) with continued contemporary relevance. [iii] Orwell’s distrust of the Soviet Union was forged in the Spanish Civil War, where he witnessed the betrayal of the non-Stalinist Left by their pro-Russian comrades (Holmgren, 1972). He and his wife fought alongside Troskyists, many of whom were jailed in what Orwell witnessed as blind persecution for dissent (Orwell, 1947). His experience in Spain “informed his anti-Communism and his view of the Soviet Union as totalitarian” (Leab, 2007). As a British citizen, Orwell fixed his work with a political purpose: to cut through the lies of totalitarian propaganda that populated Western media. He stated his goal within his assessment of immediate political action in his 1947 preface to the Ukranian edition,

I understood, more clearly than ever, the negative influence of the Soviet myth upon the western Socialist movement… it was of the utmost importance to me that people in western Europe should see the Soviet regime for what it really was (Orwell 1947, 2).

However, in Orwell’s preface, he included a second purpose of this text, a commonly discarded intention: to position nonhuman animals at the center of his argument. “I proceeded to analyse Marx’s theory from the animals’ point of view. To them it was dear that the concept of a class struggle between humans was pure illusion, since whenever it was necessary to exploit animals, all humans united against them: the true struggle is between animals and humans” (Orwell 1947, 3). When reading this book through the lens of human politics, humans identify the protagonist, Snowball, or the antagonist, Napoleon, with their historical counterparts; but they disregard the fact that there are human characters who exist within the text in greater opposition to the animal characters. The animals’ point of view in Marx’s theory is best summarized by Old Major, the Lenin of the farm’s society:

The life of an animal is misery and slavery: that is the plain truth. But is this simply part of the order of nature?… No, comrades, a thousand times no!… Why then do we continue in this miserable condition? Because nearly the whole of the produce of our labour is stolen from us by human beings (Orwell 1945, 7).

Old Major positions the well-being of the Animals against the profit of humanity. The prize-winning pig recognizes the existing environment to be heavily imbalanced and encourages his fellow domesticated creatures to rebel against the “miserable condition” that is apart from “the order of nature” (Ibid.).  However, by the end of the novel there occurs “a complete reversion to the same system of domination and repression that had existed before, only this time with the complicity of animals themselves…” (Eisenman 2013, 234).

By positioning a contemporary analysis of Animal Farm against environmental intention, we see how literary analysis echoes a process of disputing what beings are worthy of respect, based upon a set of pre-conceived attributes. In “Orwell’s Paradox: Equality in Animal Farm ,” David Dwan (2012) analyzes equality as it relates to political concepts in Animal Farm . [iv] As Dwan discusses ambiguity in Orwell’s definition of equality, he draws the conclusion that a criticism of Animal Farm can be based solely in its critique of human morals (Dwan 2012). In his analysis, he declares:

The demand that animals should be treated equally seems to imply that they are not at present equal… Indeed, it is not immediately obvious what equality construed as a fact actually means, outside of the simple tautology that animals are animals (Dwan 2012, 665).

He goes on to compare the Animals to each other by emphasizing their physical differences. Dwan rests a large part of his determinate criteria of equality upon the characteristics of human equality dynamics. When it comes to an actual dissection of the book, he decides “The line drawn by the animals is wholly arbitrary and parodies the moral parochialism of human beings” (Dwan, 666). [v] In this conversation, debating the definition of “human” to delve further into the definition of “equality” presents animal images solely to serve human interests. By conflating humanity and equality in the novel based upon Orwell’s exterior work, Dwan overlooks the novel’s expression of the human/animal relationship dynamic. Furthermore, in claiming that Animal Farm grounds itself in the direct consideration of human interest, Dwan reaches the one-sided assertion, “The key tenet of Animalism—‘all animals are equal’—is really a coded form of humanism” (Dwan, 667). [vi] What he means is the species distinction can be dissipated by declaring the Animals to be as narrowminded as humans. By centralizing human content, humanist readings of Animal Farm ironically enact the same anthropocentric oppression the animals attempt to combat.

For example, in the case of a farm, all animals are domesticated, and there is no need to struggle for resources in an environment where they produce for themselves. However, they are unable to escape the power of the Anthropocene, so the Animals inherit the toxic human behaviors that initially inspired the Rebellion. In Old Major’s initial speech, he constructs societal rules against human vices, including, “No animal must ever live in a house, or sleep in a bed, or wear clothes, or drink alcohol, or smoke tobacco, or touch money, or engage in trade” (Orwell 1945, 11). If these Animals existed in a more “natural” environment, there would be no need to specifically forbid any human behaviors. It is only because the domesticated Animals were witness to indulgent behaviors that they choose which traits to maintain in their community.

As Manor Farm society constrains animals against human-like action, it is important to note that there are no rules against acting like any other animal in this multi-species community. These Animals are individuals, and are accorded to act as their own beings, as opposed to acting like humans. Stephen Eisenman, in his work The Cry Of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights , researches animal identity against artistic representations in multiple works. In analyzing Animal Farm , he details the significance of unity in this diverse society, as animal revolution disassembles human metaphor:

“Indeed, there are many elements in the book that buttress this non-metaphoric, Marxist reading, including the absence of any clearly drawn human figure who may be compared to the animals, and most of all, the individualism of each anima … it is difficult to see the animals in animal farm as mere metaphors of essential human ambition, avarice, anger and duplicity, or the typology of revolutions. Instead they are individuals united in protest and revolution” (Eisenman, 236).

By renouncing human activity and defining humanity as something to be rejected, the characters attempt to discard allegorical subjugation. Although the similarities between Animal Farm and the history of the USSR revolution are inescapable, avoiding such generalization reveals that each animal has agency to work together. Arguably, community in this natural habitat would have the capacity to function symbiotically. However, in the novel, the second generation of leaders do fall prey to Eisenman’s described traits. They recognize that in order to flourish and thrive in human society, the implications of running Manor Farm are that the society must acquire an input and output of goods. This prominent economic influence leads to inequality in food rationing, housing, and many other power imbalances between the pigs and the other farm members. Production is found on exception in the animal kingdom as a social necessity; animals do not naturally engage in any recognizable form of trade. By doing so, they minimize the consideration of their own interests and continue to prioritize human values.

The idea of human-animal interests as oppositional spawned an influential definition of equality when “All Animals Are Equal” became the first chapter title of Peter Singer’s ethics book, Animal Liberation (1990). As a utilitarian, Singer believes in creating the least suffering and the most pleasure for the most beings possible. His chapter argued that “the ethical principle on which human equality rests requires us to extend equal consideration to animals too” (Singer 1990, 1). By deriving his title from Animal Farm, he is positioning principles of equality against our societal norms. This position interprets “All animals are equal” on a literal level: “The basic principle of equality does not require equal or identical treatment ; it requires equal consideration. Equal consideration for different beings may lead to different treatment and different rights” (Singer, 2). He recognizes equality to be more than human social construction, and bases it in moral philosophy of global action. In declaring that all animals are due equal consideration, Singer is arguing against, for example, the way Manor Farm operates at the expense of the animals who produce its worth.

With Singer’s work enabling an animal-centric interpretation, we can discern Orwell’s book identifies equality as a social idea defending animals against subjugation or manipulation for inconsiderate purposes. The idea appears in Animal Farm at the end of Old Major’s rallying monologue. “And, above all, no animal must ever tyrannise over his own kind. Weak or strong, clever or simple, we are all brothers. No animal must ever kill any other animal. All Animals are equal” (Orwell 1945 , 11). This quote places equality in opposition to violence. It is as simple as that: the consideration of the animals’ interests involves not murdering them, not abusing them for our purposes. Their capacity as animals does not preclude tyranny. The assertion within this quote is a moral idea that should work idyllically within this society of domesticated animals; there is no reason for any of these animals to take advantage of each other in their habitat. Especially in an environment with so many species of creatures, the principle of “brotherhood” dissipates any physical distinctions in favor of symbiotic community.

And yet, Manor Farm operates as a hierarchy that continually forgoes the interests of its civil creatures. One of the most potent examples of the disregard for animal equality occurs when Boxer is sent away from Manor Farm. Even though the pigs run the farm, the entire situation constructs itself around human desire. Boxer is the hardest laborer on Manor Farm and puts in many extra hours to build their windmill. One day, Boxer’s lungs give out, and Napoleon arranges to have him sent away from the farm to attend a hospital (Orwell 1945, 120). This is near Boxer’s retirement age, as the farm had set a limit of 12 years as social security. A “sly-looking man” steers a large closed van labeled, “Alfred Simmonds, Horse Slaughterer and Glue Boiler, Willingdon” (Orwell, 122). The farm Animals quickly realize what is truly happening, and appeal to the horses driving the van, “But the stupid brutes, too ignorant to realize what was happening, merely set back their ears and quickened their pace” (Orwell, 123). Napoleon, now the elected President of the farm, sold Boxer for human consumption. This is an explicit scene that asks the audience to consider how farms treat animals when they are no longer able to produce. After all the long years Boxer had served the farm, “he looked forward to the peaceful days that he would spend in the corner of the big pasture” (Orwell, 121). However, instead of being rewarded for his faithfulness, his body became a source of profit.

If we return to Dwan with this example in mind, we see that “all animals are equal” cannot possibly be an example of humanism, because this literature dictates situations that are removed from human society. The animal, in this case Boxer, has labored his whole life for the good of his community. The plot climaxes when the pigs become so warped by human interest that they choose to sacrifice one of their own “brothers” to the world outside their society. As animals instrumentalize other animals, the murder of a faithful animal for monetary gain is pointed to as explicitly immoral. A humanist reading would see this as a metaphor for injustice within humanity, or read Boxer as a symbol of the laboring class. We see the predicament of animal sacrifice so often that we can no longer recognize it as the important story. Our own farms are run with the least consideration of animal interests possible. Animals are beings who live and breathe and experience, but they are continually harmed by cost-effective strategies of operation in these controlled environments.

Additionally, Singer’s interpretation of this structured inequality identifies a new strain of thought prejudice, speciesism (1990). While humanism separates man from deity, “Speciesism is a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of the interests of members of one’s own species and against those of members of other species” (Singer 1990, 6). In other words, speciesism is the thought process that justifies the immoral treatment of non-human animals. Old Major defines the qualifier of this ideology, “Man serves the interests of no other creature except himself” (Orwell 1945, 10). When debating the extension of equality, Singer moves to expose the moral wrongdoing done to animals solely because they are non-human. To read the pigs in the novel as speciesist, not humanist, alters any comprehension of the Animals’ revolution against their conditions, because it places their environment in reality instead of metaphor.

We must consider Animal Farm ’s statement “All Animals Are Equal” as reacting to the subjugation of real animals to human interest. Initially, this statement spurred the Animals to overthrow their human master and use their trained skills to produce for themselves. Eventually, the pigs differentiated themselves not as the superior species, but as the most human . At the end of the novel, Orwell erases the line between man and animal that had been so distinctly drawn: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which” (Orwell 1945, 141). But the Animals do not become their own enemy; instead, they morph into the true enemy, the species that was their initial oppressing force. As far as we know, humans are the only species that both value and disregard equality, and yet we cannot conjure a successful definition of it.

Based upon its merits, content, and cultural impact, I believe Animal Farm will remain a long-term member of the literary canon. However, analyzing Animal Farm in a way that negates the struggle of the characters continues the tradition of minimizing experiences and voices that are not our own (educated humans). This is a facet of our society to which we must attend. As the animals of the Manor Farm exhibit, they cannot simply escape the dominating landscape we have conjured for them. Our hazardous norm of slaughtering animals by the millions for food, abusing the natural cycles of life for production, and forcing our animals to labor until they collapse is unethical. Some reading this paper may say, “Well, I’m not a farmer!” But by benefitting from the stability of an economy predicated in large measure by corporatized animal agriculture profits, we continue the awful abuse of animals we have enslaved.

So, we are not farmers. We are not Mr. Jones, Mr. Pilkington, or Alfred Simmonds. Obviously, we position ourselves to be morally higher than these evil caricatures. But we, as humans, see animals as products to be consumed. Even readers of Animal Farm who subscribe to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle continue to digest literary animal bodies for social commentary. Ultimately, we are all readers . The fact remains that we can write and read texts about animals without once considering their position: and that is surely wrong. In the end, Animal Farm moves readers to be conscientious about thinking through human-animal relations on a larger scale. As humanity expands, and we have knowledge of the damage we inflict, why do we continually disregard the consideration of the earth’s interests? When defining the idea of equality, we extend it only to ourselves, and even then, it usually remains a thought or ideal. Animal Farm is positioned against the Everyman, the person who reads the social commentary and comes away with a critique of the Soviet Union without even considering the novel’s plot. The typical reading takes the position that if animals are not symbols for humans, they are nothing. But if the plot is taken as anything other than an analogy, then it reveals the lived condition of animals . The plot consists of animals rejecting their human master, creating a society that mimics human interest, and falling prey to the exact vices and delusions that harnessed them in the first place. With this analysis of the novel’s message, we can begin to re-examine how dependent we are upon animal suffering. By replacing animal literary bodies with physical images, we can begin to take small steps forward to create a safer Earth for all.

  • The Anthropocene has been defined by the dictionary as “the epoch of geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate, and ecology of the earth, a formal chrono-stratigraphic unit with a base which has been tentatively defined as the mid-twentieth century. The Anthropocene is commonly taken to extend from the time of the Industrial Revolution to the present, but is sometimes considered to include much or all of the Holocene” (OED). The term spans across disciplines and resonates in many academic fields. For more information about the literary role of the Anthropocene, see the introduction of Anthropocene Reading: Literary History in Geologic Times (Menely and Taylor, 2017).
  • For the purposes of this paper, when referring to the characters of Animal Farm , the word “animals” will be capitalized.
  • Indeed, if you look on any major scholarly website offering a synopsis or summary of the text, they will encourage the historical connection. One example, from Britannica: “… Animal Farm (1945), George Orwell’s allegorical tale about the early history of Soviet Russia. Most critics agree that Snowball represents Leon Trotsky” (Britannica). Additionally, from Cliffsnotes: “The main action of Animal Farm stands for the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the early years of the Soviet Union. Animalism is really communism” (Moran).
  • For the purposes of this paper, the farm will be referred to as Manor Farm, and the book shall hold the sole title of Animal Farm .
  • Parochialism means a limited or narrowed outlook, “esp. confinement of one’s own interests to the local sphere” (OED).
  • Humanism is “Any system of thought or ideology which places humans, or humanity as a whole, at its centre” (OED).


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Originally published :August 17, 1945
Author :George Orwell
Genre :Political satire
Page count :112 (UK paperback edition)
Followed by :Nineteen Eighty-Four
Original title :Animal Farm: A Fairy Story
Characters :Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major, Squealer, Boxer

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Essay About Animal Farm The novel Animal Farm is about animals who are tired of following the humans’ orders and decide to rebel. When they rebel and become “equal” with each other, the pigs, who are smarter than the other animals, become the leaders. The pigs made the dumb animals believe they were equal but really it was communism. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm in the perspective of animals who are going through communism. In the book, most characters represent someone from history like Stalin and Trotsky. Napoleon the pig represents Joseph Stalin, a communist, and Snowball the pig represents Trotsky, Stalin’s rival for power. Another pig named squealer, who followed Napoleon represents the soviet press. Mr. Orwell used pigs since they were the most intelligent animals on the farm. Boxer and Clover represent the male and female work class of the Soviets. The horses were used to represent the working class since they are hard workers and main followers of the Soviet Union and they don’t really know what’s going on, they’re just working hard. The two main leaders of the pigs and the other animals are Napoleon and Snowball. They barely ever agree on anything. The only time this happened was when there were extra apples and milk. That was where Orwell first showed Stalinism. Stalinism is the adopted ideas of Stalin. It is more like a dictatorship, where everyone worked for his goals. His main goal was industrialization and keeping power over everyone. Communism is where everyone is equal. Everyone works hard and they share equally. Stalinism differs since it’s more of a dictatorship and everyone works hard. Even so, some were punished for not meeting their certain quota, they also didn’t all get equal pay as they would have in communism. There has never been a true communist nation. In conclusion, Napoleon had the power and industrialization and achieved his goal and became more human-like to be above all other animals. Snowball wanted to elevate all animals but was exiled since he opposed Napoleon. Stalin became the leader of the communist party and Trotsky was exiled from the party for being runner up after the leader before they died. (Stalin Banishes Trotsky). George Orwell was able to show communism through the perspective of the farm animals in the novel Animal Farm.

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Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm

Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm essay

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Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell which is kind of a satire based on equality, in which all animals gradually started to learn to live free from the clutches of human masters’. The book was published during the world war II in England in the year 1945 and in the United States in the year 1946. This book was written so as to expose the big dangers presented by Stalinism and the Government.

To rebel by Old Major , animals on Mr. Jones’ Manor farm promote Animalism and stage a revolution to achieve an idealistic state of justice and progress. A dominating pig, Napolean, becomes a dictator who lead the Animal Farm into strict oppression. The main motive of animal farm was to act on the Russian Revolution of 1917. The most popular line from this book ‘ Animals are Equal , But some are more equal than others’ is symbolic of the changes that George Orwell believed that would be followed in the 1917 communist revolution in Russia. The line is also typical of Orwell’s belief that those in power usually manipulate language to their own benefit.

animal farm essay about equality

The Russian Revolution was a significant period of political and social revolution among the Russian Empire which started with the banning of the sovereignty and ended with the establishment of the soviet union by the end of the civil war. The animals represent the actual leaders of the Russian revolution. The book contains solid and specific characters so as to make a point about them. The writer has included all three ethos, pathos, and logos so as to obtain a strong effect the readers.

Many of the characters are parallel to the ones in the Russian revolution. In short, the Manor farm which later turned into the animal farm is a model of Russia. Chapter one of the book consists of Old Majors speech which is a good example of ethos. He represents Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin who inspired the theories developed from Marxism and Lenin’s interpretations. He quotes that, ”I have had a long life, I have had much time for thought as I lay alone in my stall, and I think I may say that I understand the nature of life on this earth as well as any animal now living”.

He uses ethos as in his credibility being the eldest among all the animals to influence them. Just like Karl Marx has been know as one of the most influential people in the human history, Old major too, drew up the principles of revolution that fueled the rebellion. In chapter 2 of the book , Napoleon a scary looking boar and of who the other animals are scared of, uses the form of ethos to intimidate them. Throughout the book Napoleon’s method of convincing the animals involves terror and advocacy that couldn’t be resisted by any of the animals. Old Major’s words not only inspired Napoleon to fight, but to also seize the opportunity of becoming a dictator.

Napoleon’s character represented Joseph Stalin, a Soviet politician who led the Soviet Union for almost 30 years. Napoleon undertakes the leadership after Old major’s death just as Stalin does after Lenin’s death. Another evidence of ethos is in chapter 8, that the pigs start killing the animals that they believed betrayed the farm. They did this to show that they had control all over the farm. The descriptive literature shown in the book shows how each animal was portrayed and that’s how the readers find the evidence for ethos in the text.

Logos intends to the use of reasoning and logic. In this book , Squealer a porker, who represents Vyascheslav Molotov who was one of the prominent figures of the Russian Futurist movement. His relation with the soviet was always known to be very complex and he had an increasing involvement in the development of the state. Squealer manipulated the thoughts of all the animals and finally convinced all of them that whatever Napoleon was doing was for their best.

He was the only one who has been supporting Napoleon’s deeds disregarding how selfish it may be. For example, when the animals question Squealer over Napoleon stealing the milk and apples he covers all of it by saying that it is for the well-being of the pigs. He makes all the animals repeat the slogan “Napoleon is always right.”. Playing the role of Napoleon’s savior he ultimately uses his credibility which also represents the Ethos mode of Persuasion. Focusing on the logos, Orwell represents the text through fiction but in a more logical manner so as to make it much more easier for the audience which includes the general people of the soviet union to understand it better and beware to reduce the mistakes made in the past.

Pathos is an appeal to a person’s emotions. This includes Snowball which is a character in the book who represents Leo Trotsky. Leo Trotsky was exiled and so was Snowball in the book. Stalin and napoleon used to make stories about him being a traitor so as to get him exiled as they both wanted to spread communism or animalism. Even Squealer uses pathos by crying during his speeches persuading the animals tat life is better without their farmer Mr. Jones, who neglects them all. Mr. Jones is the owner of the farm and he represents Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov commonly known as Nicholas II. He was one of the leaders who neglected his country and he was one of the prime reasons behind the revolution that started in Russia.

In this text, when ethos, logos, and pathos come together it increases the power of credibility of the speaker in the text. Ethos is the strongest amongst them as the writer George Orwell makes his animals behave like real life human beings. In the last chapter of the text, He shows the way through which the pigs ultimately betray each other just like the human beings tricked and betrayed each other. His intended audience in this text were the general people of the Soviet Union and the next generation so they would know in advance how communism affects lives. He used animals characters as leaders of the Russian revolution who being the richer people deliberately took advantage of the poorer ones. He has presented the whole text in third person and in an impersonal point of view. He believes that we should have conscious and not just let anybody snatch everything from us.

Animal Farm is not only aimed towards revolution but also towards the corruption side of the revolution. His only aim is to create a society where people can be equal, free, and happy. George Orwell’s inspiration to write ‘Animal Farm’ was when he saw a small boy whipping a cart-horse. He stated that “It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strengths we would have no power over them, and that men exploit animals ”.

Animal farm represents the soviet union as that is the name that Russia got after the revolution, just like animal farm got its name .The Hoof and the horn which represented the animals in the book was like the hammer and the sickle on the soviet flag. The windmill represents the Five year plan which was made by Stalin. He had promised that this would shorten the amount of workdays, increase production, and make life easier. And this is exactly what napoleon said but both of these turned out to be a failure.The Battle of the cowshed represents the civil war between the Bolsheviks and the anti-Bolsheviks. At the end of the chapter which includes the battle of the windmill represents the battle of Stalingrad which is exactly when Germany invaded Russia. All of this concluded what Frederick did.

Writer George Orwell has done a really good setting to present the issue in a satirical manner. According to him, rulers such as napoleon are going to continue to grow in number only if the people sensible enough to know these leaders “noble” ideas.

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Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm. (2020, Sep 10). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/animal-farm/

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Goodreads Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month


Animal Farm Quotes

Animal Farm

All Quotes Quotes By George Orwell

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animal farm essay about equality

We think you are in , which has its distinct version of the website.

South Fork Dairy Farm Fire Kills 18,000 Cows 

cow, transport

On Monday, April 10th, 2023, an explosion occurred at the South Fork Dairy Farm in Dimmit, Texas, and a fire that killed 18,000 cows. Authorities believe that the fire was caused by a potential equipment malfunction in the facility’s manure management system. The animals were trapped inside the burning factory and only a few survived.

South Fork Dairy Farm, one of the largest dairy farms in the country, is located in Dimmitt, Texas, 75 miles northwest of Lubbock. To date, the fire that took place on April 10th is the largest mass death of cows in a single fire across the United States in at least two decades.

The magnitude of the Dimmitt fire was record-breaking due to the vast number of animals housed in the building, which was equivalent to the capacity of 26 football fields. Fires are all too common on factory farms , where large numbers of animals are confined in close proximity.

Sid Miller, the Texas agricultural commissioner, said:

This was the deadliest barn fire for cattle in Texas history… The investigation and cleanup may take some time. Sid Miller

animal farm essay about equality

As stated by local law enforcement, the fire may have been initiated by a potential equipment malfunction. In an interview with the local news station Fox34, Castro County Sheriff Sal Rivera said:

It was probably what they call a ‘honey badger,’ like a vacuum that sucks manure and water out. It is possible that it overheated and the methane and things like that might have ignited and spread out with an explosion and a fire. Sal Rivera

The cows who survived the blast are being relocated to another facility located to the north of South Fork Dairy Farm. 

How You Can Help Animals

Show your support for this important cause and make your voice heard! Together, we can work towards a more humane and sustainable future for all animals. Join our End Factory Farming campaign by signing our petition today.

Consider replacing meat, dairy, eggs, or other animal products with plant-based ones. Join our Love Veg movement and invite your friends too!

animal farm essay about equality


  A cow’s maternal instincts foster a gentle bond with her vulnerable calf. Preserve this tender relationship by choosing plant-based alternatives to dairy products.


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  7. Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm - Samploon.com">Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm - Samploon.com

    Get custom paper. Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell which is kind of a satire based on equality, in which all animals gradually started to learn to live free from the clutches of human masters’. The book was published during the world war II in England in the year 1945 and in the United States in the year 1946.

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    These kinds of ‘my essay writing' require a strong stance to be taken upon and establish arguments that would be in favor of the position taken. Also, these arguments must be backed up and our writers know exactly how such writing can be efficiently pulled off. ... Equality Essay Animal Farm, It Application Letter Format In Nigeria, Quarterly ...

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    Animal Farm Quotes. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”. “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”. “Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.

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    April 26, 2023. On Monday, April 10th, 2023, an explosion occurred at the South Fork Dairy Farm in Dimmit, Texas, and a fire that killed 18,000 cows. Authorities believe that the fire was caused by a potential equipment malfunction in the facility’s manure management system. The animals were trapped inside the burning factory and only a few ...