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an essay on sports for a healthy life

Importance Of Sports For Healthy Life

Argumentative essay: do contact sports cause health.

According to Jay Atkinson, an investigative journalist, reported to”...three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one playing an organized sport — a total of about 45 million kids.” In contact sports like football, soccer, boxing, hockey, rugby, and wrestling, students are on different teams where they are constantly making contact with one another 's bodies. While in other sports two teams play against each other and sometimes never make any type of contact throughout the game. Contact sports should not be played because of practices and health.

The Negative Impact Of Competitive Sports On Children

The amount of children participating in competitive sports has been on a steady decline in the past decade. Between the years of 2008 and 2013, the total number of children participating in competitive sports has dropped by approximately 2.6 million. This is mainly due to the many negative impacts that young athletes face when partaking in these sports. Competitive sports involve sports where competition is encouraged, and where winning is more important than anything else. Competing in these sports causes the children to be vulnerable to many risks and many other negative impacts. Children who participate in competitive sports at a young age experience more serious negative impacts than positives, including a risk of severe injury, losing

Children Need To Play Not Compete, By Jessica Statsky

In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” the author has described sports as one of the ways that enhance mental and physical heath. It is a great way to develop the lifestyle of a child. Sports in my opinion shapes the

Children Should Not Play Competitive Sports

A topic of debate that exists in this world is whether children should or shouldn’t play competitive sports. Many people think that the idea of children playing competitive sports is fantastic, it keeps children healthy, and sports can be a good substitute for sitting on the couch and watching television, as well as the fact that playing sports can create friendships that might last a lifetime. On the contrary, some people are against sports. They might feel that kids become too competitive, or that injuries are much too common. The argument is important because it would be ideal to decide if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, or if it’s the other way around. Sports will benefit children more than hurt them because the children will

Persuasive Essay: Why Should Children Play Youth Sports?

Have you ever wanted to live an active and healthy life, as well as an improvement in grades? I believe youth sports will help all of those problems and many more. Most sports are team sports that also teach your child teamwork. Playing youth sports is a terrific experience for you or your child.

The Pros And Cons Of Competition In Sports

The turf is lit up by the blazing sun. A crowd of parents and family fill the bleachers with cheers in their mouths. The play starts. All the players form a perfect positioning and hand off the ball. Going going gone. A boy cheers with a childish grin on his face. He falls over in joy. Youth sports is a hot topic in today’s world. With so many kids participating it was bound to become something of discussing. Should kids play competitive sports? While some parents believe that the competition can harm kids, I believe that sports can greatly help kids. Making them experience healthy competition and become more well rounded contributing members of society.

Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Competitive Sports Essay

To most kids and students, competitive sports are a gateway to blow off some steam or to have fun. To parents, the sports that their children play and the lessons that they teach are an important part of their development and life. Despite what many ‘experts’ would like you to believe, both of these statements are completely true. I believe that kids should be allowed to play competitive sports due to the health benefits, the lessons that they can teach, and as a result of the advanced equipment and rules that are focused on making sports safe, as well as the fact that sports can keep kids out of trouble.

Coaches Persuasive Essay

Good coaches are always known for their quotes. Coaches have that drive, same as their students, when it comes to sports. Sports are a big thing in the U.S. (United States) because so many people get hyped even if they are not in the game. Playing sports is almost like battling in a war especially in football. Without it he or she would be lost. Let’s face it, there could be more teen pregnancies if there were no sports. It almost keeps he or she checked, making sure that the individual won’t do something drastically. How could anyone live without sports ? I know couldn’t. Well...I actually could because I have God on my side but that is a different discussion. A famous football coach stated that, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”, which can be agreed through facts through sports, jobs, and life circumstances.

Persuasive Essay: Should Children Have Competitive Sports?

The first reason sports help kids these days is by making them have a healthy lifestyle with good food and lots of exercise. This huge, as it stops kids from always eating junk and binging T.V. Sports let kids exercise in a healthy way through the important practice and energy required in competitive sports, which is encouraged by kids desire to win and get better, and forces kids to exercise by also getting better. For example, Kirk Mango (a physical educator, former coach, and national champion) says, “fitness improvements achieved through training...In a society where obesity has become a major health issue”(Mango, 2012). This shows that sports are a good way to keep people healthy. This is really important due to the recent problem of obesity, and sports can make kids have healthier lives, and this will lead them to a different path that will not let them cross paths with health problems caused by things like obesity. Obesity is serious and leads to things like diabetes, and can ruin the childhoods of kids if they never got a chance for sports to help them keep

Competitive Sports Persuasive Essay

Should kids be sitting on the couch, watching movies, and eating chips all day? What kind of childhood experiences and learning opportunities for growth and development can be attained from being a couch potato? If you really think of it of course; your child is missing out on a lot of childhood experiences. Sitting on the couch, eating chips, is one of the factors to the fact that over one third of the world’s population is obese. Daniel Gould, Ph.D., director of the institute for the Youth Sports at Michigan State University, says, “A solution to obesity is competitive sport. The percent of obese people would drop about eleven percent.” (http://www.parenting.com/article/are-kids-sports-too-competitive) This proves that kid ages four to eleven, should participate in competitive sports. Competitive sports keep kids healthy and fit. Second it teaches kids to face competition and work as a team. My last reason is that it improves self-esteem levels; helps improve self-confidence and helps kids deal with pressure. This is why I believe competitive sports should be a part of all kids’ lives.

Persuasive Speech: The Benefits Of Competitive Sports

The first reason that kids should participate in competitive sports is that sports teach kids valuable morals. By learning these morals and life lessons from an early age, they are more likely to start using them in the future

Argumentative Essay: Are Sports Good For Kids?

The kids that play sports have a higher chance to be smarter, and be physically well. The best part of sports is that you can improve major parts of your life, which is physical health, psychological health, social skills, and academic

Essay On Playing Sports

Playing sports its not only “A game,” it teaches children important life lessons, and also lesson criminal activity. This is supported

Why Should Dangerous Sports Be Banned

Sports are physical activities that build your muscles and make you physically and mentally stronger. And this is it, sports are only activities that make you fit? No, for most athletic people, sport is a lifestyle; it could be work or a hobby, a way to find new friends or meet with old. Any sports unite people. But in my opinion, you can divide sports into two main groups: dangerous and safe.

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Sports and healthy way of life.

an essay on sports for a healthy life

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Sport and social factors.

Sport is a major part of many people’s lives and each person does sport for a variety of different reasons but there are also factors that prevent people from participating in sport, these factors are split into ‘social’ factors and ‘physical’ factors which will affect the person in different ways. Regular participation in sport will benefit the individual in a number of different ways but also society will benefit from each individual choosing to participate in sport. For each gender, age (children, adults and elderly) and ethnic group the levels of exercise will vary due to their needs and wants, all these subjects will be covered in this essay a long with the solutions to the issues and effects to the reasons of participating in sport.…

Children Need To Play, Not Compete By Jessica Statsky

Anyone who has ever been a part of a life of as a sportsman can relate to it and tell you the how much the awareness of such matter is important for the parents and coaches. These sports can cause hindrance in the development of a child’s personality. As I have been a part of these competitive sport so I can very well relate to the concerns that are brought up by writer and I cannot emphasize enough their importance in today’s world where everyone seems to be in a rat…

Why Sports Matter

Sports have often displayed the pains, troubles, and embarrassments in people’s lives. They have been a new center for looking deep within oneself. Character building has been included through sports. They help build health, such as self-control and weight balance. Sports have provided many opportunities in forms of competition, which is one of the biggest things sport can teach.…

competitive sports teach us about life

Competitive Sport an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment and victory. As the report of the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003) indicated that there are around 8000 kinds of sport in the whole world. By this, football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball are good examples for expressing more understanding on competitive sport. In each sports, even though leading to play not only by different ways or structures but also by different rules, its purpose of teaching about life to people is similar to one another. Moreover, all of the results from sport can influence people in many ways such as physical, mental and emotional. However, exactly all these results contain its own not only advantage but disadvantage as well. Learning to work as team, Learning to handle with the failure, and …….. is the main point that people should be consider on carefully. As the same thing, some noticeable disadvantages which strongly against with competitive sport are getting injury, wasting too much time, and gambling illegally.…

Argument Paper on Exercise

This article focuses how benefitical it is for young kids to participate in sports and to exercise regularly. It talks about how exercise and sports offer social relationships, physical challenges and honest competition. Also, exercise and sports can increase a child’s self-esteem and academic performance while preventing the chances of disease or drug use. All these things can help the development of children by not only making them healthy but giving them life experience.…

What Gender Inequality Looks Like In Collegiate Sports

The main idea in all the sports world is to have a positive influence when introducing sports to little kids. This includes giving them the proper knowledge so they can understand the real definition of equality. It is at the young age kids begin to understand and differentiate the good versus the bad. It is extremely important that through a fantastic engagement that sports serves to kids, they give excellent examples of how to make our surroundings a better place for the future generations. It is now the time to make children realize that equality exists through every aspect no matter how different the person next to him might be. Equality in sports serves as a great help for good sportsmanship. Sports will continue to revolutionize young athlete’s life. When it comes to the benefits and the challenges young athletes face when joining a sport all should have proper solutions. The support for the young athletes is key to their continuation; however, that support should be from the heart and nothing that makes the child uncomfortable. Children should rest and have long breaks from sports to avoid common injuries. Not only has that but, directors of youth sports teams had stricter regulations to avoid injuries. For example, decreasing blows to the head in early ages.…

The Sociological Benefits Of Playing Sports

Growing up playing some sort of sport is an American tradition." More than forty million youth participate in organized sports nation wide (Le Menstrel and Perkins); that's about thirteen percent of the United States population. Three out of four families with children in the United States have one or more of them in sports (Merkel). Not only does this mass amount reflect the importance of sports in American culture, but it also raises the question of whether or not athletics is beneficial to these participants.…

Childhood Sports

In life, people need the opportunity to express themselves. Sports offer individuals a path to bring out the best and worst in an individual. With the uprising of technology the door to physical activity is slowly closing. Also, Kids playing sports gives them an opportunity to spend time with their families. Although being pressurized by various aspect is a factor, childhood sports help improve social skills as well as bring many opportunities to a child. By analyzing the positive and negative experiences of sports it will be evident that sports are a positive experience on a child’s life.…

The Positive Effects of Athletics and Education

Academic learning and Sport Education are actually the complementariness of each other. They are the two sides of the same coin, which go hand and hand with each other. If education and athletics make a full development of the over-all personality of a person possible, he or she gets the qualities of leadership, tolerance, sharing and team-spirit from sports.In the article “The Positive Effects of Athletics On Educations” by Matt Blackburn(71) states that athletics has shown the improve the work ethic, increase the self- esteem, and increase the academic performance and achievement of the student-athletes involved. But according to the article “Contrary to Popular Belief: Athletics, A Negative Effect on Education” by Jake Cartwright states, In this country, athletics are seen as a great stepping stones for students to develop character, learn valuable skills, and they further aid in the everyday education of students. However, too many people are naïve as to the truth about what effects athletics truly have on a student’s education. But with that said, I agree with Matt Blackburn and see that there are many positive effects of athletics in education and believe he proves his opinion very well. As I go on how athletics and education are complimentary of each other, I will discuss how education and athletics go hand and hand, and the positive benefits of Athletics.…

Synthesis Essay

Sports have played a major part in people’s lives all over the world. It has affected countries, families, and schools in a way that sports have become the center of their lives and basically nothing else matters as much. Sources A, C, E, and H have demonstrated the way sports have affected people’s lives in negative way, there are positives to the situation but it comes across more negative. The development of sports in schools and communities…

Taking Parental Courses

Secondly, children who are doing sports regularly regardless of its basis might probably participate in various competitions. This, accompanied with healthy attitude and good body spirit, usually conduce to meet new friends. In addition, pupils who take apart in sport competitions could make their family or country proud of them. For example, football which is team sport is a very prosperous sport around the world that is ought to be practiced at all schools to enable students to compete with other schools. Moreover, there are numerous schools in the world offering sports activities as a curriculum in order to produce future champions.…

How Sports Affect Society

Sports involve rigorous physical activities that have crucial influence on the health and well-being of the society. Research indicates that there is a connection between physical activity and healthy living of an individual (Robert 190). Sports do not only provide young participants with the benefits of health, but enable them acquire skills such as…

Comparison And Contrast Essay: High School Vs. College

Sports are a good way to funding for schools while the budget now days are low. This helps people with their fitness by not engaging in risky activities or behaviors because it could interfere with the sport one plays. For example, drugs and personal effects that make one drop from school. Athletic sports helps people with their teamwork and cooperation. It helps with this because they’re all working towards a common goal, which could help them in their future career. Lastly. This could help them with their mindset to success. Sports could help them with their time management skills, finding new ways to improve, strong focus, handling pressure, and taking responsibilities.…

There is a great importance of games and sports for the students. The sports teach discipline to the students. These sports are very essential for the students. They also develop the spirit of the sportsmanship and suddenly derive a lot of pleasure by playing games. It also inculcates the quality of team spirit in them. The students learn the qualities of leadership and working unitedly.Generally games are played in every school. In our school we have a very big playground where the students play games regularly. We also celebrate our Annual Sports Day every year in the month of January. Preparations for the celebration of the sports day are made much in advance. There is a big gathering on that day in our school. The students who excel in games are given prizes by the chief guest. The parents of the students are also invited to attend the sports.This year our annual sports day was celebrated on the 10th of January. The Director of Educaion had kindly agreed to preside over the function. The sports day started at 9:00 a.m. with a memorable and colorful ceremony. First of all the chief guest unfurled the flag. After this there was a march past by the students in their beautiful smart dresses. After the march past the chief guest declared open the sports meet.First of all the 100 meter race war organized. The signal for starting it was given by a pistol shot. One teacher was noting the time with the help of a stop watch. A photographer was also present. He took the photograph of the boys who stood first. There were many other races like 220 meter race. Half mile race and one mile race. The hurdle race was very interesting.After the races were over high jump long jump and pole jump were organized. My friend Imran stood first in the long jump. I stood first in the high jump. Then came the turn of discus throw javelin throw. After this there was the tug of war which was a highly exciting event. The spectators continuously cheered the participants.Then there was a…

Athletics: Heptathlon and Children

Sports, whether team-based or individual, are a great physical activity, which provides a myriad of excellent benefits, from getting fit and healthy to developing your social skills and leadership position. Undoubtedly, participation in athletics is rather important in order to build your self-esteem and increase the feeling of self-confidence, but it is completely understandable that taking part in sport competitions sometimes doesn't suit children's interests, desires and physical abilities.…

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Importance of Sports Essay for Students in English

an essay on sports for a healthy life

Essay on Importance of Sports

Sports are very essential for every human life which keeps them fit and fine and physical strength. It has great importance in each stage of life. It also improves the personality of people. Sports keep our all organs alert and our hearts become stronger by regularly playing some kind of sports. sports has always given priority from old ages and nowadays it has become more fascinating. Due to the physical activity blood pressure also remains healthy, and blood vessels remain clean. Sugar level also reduces and cholesterol comes down by daily activity. Different people have different interests in sports but the action is the same in all sports. Sports are becoming big channels to make more capital/money day by day and the number of people is also increasing. By playing sports even at a young age you can also be better and free from some diseases. By playing sports lung function also improves and becomes healthy because more oxygen is supplied. Sports also improves bone strength even in old age.

Significance of Sports in Student’s Life

Just like a diet of healthy nutrients is needed for nourishing the body, playing sports holds a great significance in enhancing our lives, especially for growing children. As a student, one has to face many challenges, and playing sports helps them cope with the exam pressure and prepare them for further challenges by providing them with physical and mental strength. 

Children who are indulged in physical activities sustain good values of mutual respect and cooperation. Playing sports teaches them skills such as accountability, leadership, and learning to work with a sense of responsibility and confidence.

Sports help in maintaining Good Health

In today’s era of excessive competition and changing environment, people barely care about our health and have to face its consequences in the later stages of their life. They easily become prey to many life-threatening health issues. Those who are indulged in regular physical activities can easily defend themselves from such diseases. Therefore, playing sports can resolve this concern.

Playing regular sports can help maintain diabetes, improve heart function, and reduce stress and tension in an individual. 

Get rid of Excess Weight

Most of the world’s population is obese, and as a result, many other health issues also arise. Hence, playing sports is one of the most recreational and helpful ways of burning calories. All you have to do is follow a healthy diet and play your favourite sport. You can be saved from exhausting workout routines in the gym by playing sports. 

Playing your favourite sports and shedding kilos, isn’t it like killing two birds with one stone!

Guard Your Heart

The heart is the most important organ of our body. With changing lifestyles, people are facing heart-related problems these days. The life of heart patients becomes difficult with lots of heavy medications and restrictions. Therefore, people need to indulge in outdoor games. Playing for even 30 minutes a day can do wonders for your life. The heart pumps better, and blood circulation improves whenever we play sports. Heart muscles get stronger, and hence it starts functioning at a better rate. 

Enhance Your Immunity

The immune system is the major player of the body in fighting infections. Those who easily catch infections and fall sick frequently can easily get healthier by working on their immune system. 

It becomes really difficult to live with poor immunity, take heavy medications frequently, and spend most of your time indoors just to prevent yourself from the effects of changing environments. Getting indulged in regular sports activities can help build your immunity greatly, and the most amazing part with it is that you can do it by just playing your favourite sport. 

Impact of Sports on an Individual’s Personality

Playing sports builds your personality and teaches you to live life in a better way. Getting involved in such activities teaches good values, ethics, and skills in your life. The person starts to have a positive outlook towards life and can easily deal with obstacles in their life. Not only this, but it also reduces the stress level in the person as such people start taking challenges with positivity. Their efficiency increases, so they can easily take up challenges confidently.

People can learn lots of important skills through their sports. Every sport teaches us the skills of handling difficult situations, quick- decisions making and problem-solving. By playing sports, one can learn the art of living and managing things and taking leads. 

Therefore, if you play sports, you are not just enjoying it; you are also learning many significant life lessons.

Nation’s Pride

All the good values and skills one learns by playing sports can prepare them to conquer any battle-fields. Many eminent sports personalities have brought laurels to our country by proving their mettle on different sports grounds. Some of them are; Sachin Tendulkar, Saina Nehwal, Mary Kom, Sardar Singh, Sania Mirza and many more.

These personalities are inspirations for all those who are passionate about playing sports. Hard work and dedication can help them reach their goals and can become inspirations for others one day.

Common Sports

There are varieties of sports activities you can choose from. Some of the most common sports are; Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, and Basketball.

Learning from Sports:

Sports bring discipline in life. It teaches the way of sitting, talking, walking etc. Without sports in human life it seems too boring, sports activate all the cells and keep the body active, fit and slim. Sports improve thinking ability and reduce the stress of the mind. Those people with not so much interest in sports are less active and also have chances of getting a disease in the early stage of life and also show lethargy in work. Sports should be made mandatory in school, so that at an early age they can know the benefits of sports. People also select their favourite sports players on their more interest in which sports, if we take cricket because in our country India cricket is played more and shown interest by many peoples, many players came but still name like Kapil dev, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S.Dhoni, Virat Kohli will be always favourite for their fans. If we take football players like Messi, Ronaldo and many others, they are an idol for many people who have an interest in football. Sports is generally recognized as a system of activities which are based in athletics such as Olympic games. Sports are always played under government rules which helps to serve fair competition, sports having following criteria like, it should be fair competition, giving no harm to any person, and the winner should be nominated by superior or from the best. In sports like chess improves the mind and thinking capacity. Since from the 21st century, there has been increased in a debate that whether transgender should be able to participate in any sports events.

Benefit of Technology in Sports: 

Nowadays technology also plays an important role in sports to judge the fair game for winners. It helps to judge a car racer by seeing properly on the screen, also in cricket like sometimes when it becomes difficult to make the decision again technology is used. In every sport, it has been utilised for fair play and to announce the winners. Research suggests that sports have the capacity to connect youth with positive thinking and provide positive development. For any sportsman, high education is not mandatory but required to be the best sportsman. It is his interest, strength and skills. We have seen in the last two decades women are also showing more interest in sports and for them also proper matches are arranged by the government. Sports give the feeling of living with a positive attitude. sports can be played in both indoor and outdoor, many indoor games like chess, carrom board, helps to improve the thinking power but the sports which are played in outdoor like football, cricket, Rugby, kabaddi etc helps to improve physical strength, thus the person who does more outdoor games should be more fit and slim. 3-4 decades ago the opportunity in sports was not much-showed interest which is shown by the present youth generation. Sports secure life and give a standard lifestyle. The 10 most popular sports played in the World are Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Baseball where Hockey was first played in India and became our national games. There are also some sports which are shown less interest like Kabaddi, Polo, Archery, Weightlifting etc. Swimming is known as the safest sport. So sports should be played by everyone because it helps our body in movement and gives good health. The study has proved that sports have better well controlled many diseases like heart attack, lung function, obesity, and thinking power. Ice hockey, soccer are the games which have the highest paid sportsmen. Also some sports can be played in small places and also some sports require large places. Sports keep us active and energetic, even in some treatment to recover from the disease sports are advised by the doctors. play sports on a regular basis and keep our self-fit, sports should not be neglected but it should be mandatory for everyone.

an essay on sports for a healthy life

FAQs on Importance of Sports Essay for Students in English

1. Why Sports are Important?

Any sports makes you physically fit, increase your immune level and even encourage socialism among different people.

2. What are the Common Sports Played in India?

Cricket and Football are major sports played in India.

3. What is the National Sport of India?

Field Hockey has been considered as the national sport of India.Though it has some historical connect as well as popularity too.

 4. Which sports are the best for students to become more active?

Sports that require them to move about, such as Football and Basketball can be beneficial. Apart from them, students can also engage in Tennis and Martial Arts can also be good options.

5. How can students manage their study and sports times effectively?

Even when studies seem the most important, engaging in active sports is necessary to maintain overall health. So, students can set aside a few hours everyday in the evening to engage in the sports of their choice. This can help them take rest from studies and work towards maintaining their physical health as well.

6. Which home exercises are equally as effective?

When students do not have time to spare to play extensive sports, then home training can be a beneficial tool. Home-based exercises, such as skipping, running on the treadmill, yoga and pilates can be good substitutes for active sports.

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Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Through Sport Physical Education Essay

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Sport and Exercise Are Good for Your Health’

Attention getter for persuasive speech outline.

Relate importance of topic to audience: Exercise prevents health problems and protects your body from damage. I'd like to show you that we're all in need of exercise. Now is the time to get Overview started so that we can enjoy the health and psychological benefits the rest of our lives.

Exercise Persuasive Speech

Central Idea: I want to persuade my audience that when you decide to exercise it helps you majorly with your health and you life. With that being said lack of exercise is harmful. Just do yourself and your body a favor and exercise.

Benefits of Exercise Outline Essay

Central Idea: Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun.

The Components Of Aerobic Power

Exercise in general has been known to reep many benefits in health of the body, for example the seven components of fitness as mentioned in ‘ABC of sports and exercise medicine, third edition by Sir Roger Bannister’. (Edited by Gregory P Whyte)

How Stress Affects Physical Health

Thirdly, physical exercise itself could re-shape our body, make body stronger and looks healthier. It hence can improve individual’s attractiveness and confidence and hence can enable a positive life attitude. Fourthly, since the physical exercise normally would enable individual to interact with others, socialising with participants and friends in a such low-stress way might meet human’s belonging needs. It therefore could make people have a good mood and recharge themselves to fight against stress (Elizabeth, 2011).

Mental Health Outline

Exercise plays a beneficial role for many health concerns in general and improves quality of life

Learning : Grow Your Brain Cells

In the book Spark, written by Dr. John J. Ratey, he discusses how exercise can positively affect how your brain works. He provides studies and personal experiences to support the claims he makes. I always knew exercise would improve your life but never could have imagined how much it can affect your brain health as well. The chapter I thought spoke the most to me was chapter two, Learning: Grow Your Brain Cells.

Childhood Obesity : A Growing Epidemic

We often hear about the physical benefits of exercise and less about the psychological benefits promoted through physical activity. In fact, multiple researches suggest that physical activity increases academic performance and supports a positive outlook that is contributive to learning gains. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that leave you feeling focused, more relaxed, and happier. A recent study by Fotuhi, M. confirms that exercise enhances both neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells in regions of the brain associated with higher-order thinking and recall) and experience-dependent synaptogenesis (the formation of synaptic connections between neurons in response to learning and sensory input from the environment). Specifically, physical activity appears to stimulate the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which helps neurons and synapses grow. In fact, BDNF has been likened to fertilizer for the brain (Conyers, M., and D. Wilson p. 40).

Essay about Exercise and Depression

General recommendations are now widely accepted as to the general advantages of exercise in terms of physical health, such as its ability to prevent weight gain, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and osteoporosis.14 It appears that health promotion schemes have shied away from extolling exercise’s psychological benefits. After all, there is no government campaign, no public policy initiative, which pontificates exercise on account of a concern for mental wellbeing. Although many people would identify that exercise has a positive influence on mood state, it appears that, generally speaking, this is regarded as a positive correlation, rather than a causal relationship. The ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ concept is thus, for many, a heuristic utopia, rather than a scientifically proven

The Health Benefits of Exercise Essay

Exercise is one of the most important factors in a persons’ life. Physical activity, or the lack of it, can result in a person having a healthy life or cause them to have diabetes. The benefits of exercise are countless. The positive health results, the improvement in attitude, even better academic performance are all factors which make not exercising inexcusable.

The benefits of physical exercise in humans far outweighs the harmful effects associated with exercise. A prescription of physical activity has been known to delay the onset or prevention of many chronic diseases. An improvement in heart function, lower blood pressure and improve functional capacity is noticed after just a few weeks of exercising. Physical activity will also result in an increase of lean muscle mass, promote weight maintenance, increased flexibility, and a generally stronger more fit individual. Conversely, exercise when preformed strenuously or obsessively can counteract such positive effects, bringing up some issues like oxidative stresses, injuries, and

Essay on Personal Narrative: Exercise Changed My Life

Adding exercises into one’s daily routines can change their whole lifestyle. Many people look at exercise as being something just for people who want to lose weight or to become muscle bound, but there are a great deal of benefits that can be received from exercising regularly. Of course gaining muscle and losing fat are the two most popular reasons that usually attract people to the gym, but they make up a small part of the potential benefits that can be achieved with exercise. There are several ways in which I have benefited in my life from exercising regularly, besides just making me bigger and stronger. It has made me become more organized, helped me make better decisions, and motivated me to take on new challenges in life.

Physical Exercise And Mental Exercise Essay

The Erikson et al. article supports the idea that physical exercise helps the brain by improving memory and the size of the hippocampus. Erikson and his colleagues suggested in their study that physical exercise increases the retention of information and improves learning capabilities. The way they measured this was by studying the increased or decreased size of the subject’s hippocampus and levels of BDNF. The control group in this experiment completed stretching/toning exercises while the experimental group did aerobic exercise; the experimental group ended up having a larger hippocampus volume than when starting out, as well as higher levels of BDNF; the

The Importance of Physical Activity Essay

Physical Activity is undeniably good for everyone, not only does it keep you fit and healthy but when started at a young age, it can set up good habits for life. Sometimes however, people do not take care of their physical wellbeing, resulting in obesity and other eating disorders which can be detrimental to their health.

The Effects Of Exercise On Emotional Health Essay

Exercise may be one of the most important influences on your overall health to date. While the only benefits that are mainly focused on are the physical benefits, significant psychological impacts can also be linked to exercise. Although some of these benefits aren’t viewed with much enthusiasm, studies have proven that exercise can actually improve one’s quality of life greatly by increasing not only their physical health but their mental health as well. It is because of this that exercise is a

Essay About Sports Importance

Essay About Sports Importance

Sports are an essential part of our life. It teaches us how to stay strong and healthy, and tests our physical abilities. Usually, when going in for sports, we compete with other people in order to get some entertainment. In the same time, physical exercises bring a bunch of great benefits for participants. All kinds of sports can bring strong physical health, great team abilities, and strong organizational features. It concerns football, basketball, hockey, and other team sports. The physiological and physical advantages obtained within sports activities result in enriched physical stamina and improved reflexes.

Short and Long Essays on Sports Importance

When preparing an essay on sports importance in English, there are various words limits for students to be followed. Thus, you may need to write whether long or short sports essay paper. Often, teachers assign to prepare a short essay in a classroom. Essay writing is a common academic assignment, which allows improving writing skills and knowledge on an assigned topic . When you need to prepare a long essay on the importance of sports in English, it may take a lot of your time and efforts. In the same time, it is better to use simple language and clear concepts when writing an essay. It is also important to follow all the teacher’s requirements and instructions.

When preparing an essay on sports activity importance, make sure to focus on the next steps:

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Essay On the Importance of Sports – 100 Words Essay

Sport is one of the top activities which bring great results for people of any age. First, it helps to improve health significantly, including blood circulation and overall physical stamina. Second, it helps to make your body more flexible and responsive. Moreover, sports help to improve brain activity as well, making it the best way to avoid numerous possible aging illnesses.

Since sport is a competition, it also brings numerous possibilities and allows improving ability to build proper tactics and strategies. Thus, you can develop your organizational and decision-making skills by going in for sports. Sports and games teach you how to think and respond quickly in order to succeed in your competition.

Sport develops physical, social, and organizational skills improving people’s abilities to become a part of a team and always heading to the main goal. All these skills are beneficial in personal and professional life and must always be obtained.

Essay on the Importance of Sports – 200 Words Essay

When we look at the history and life of famous people, we can always find their life paths quite difficult and problematic. In the same time, all their wins are based on hard work, incredible patience, and numerous physical activities. Only the person who thinks and acts fast can succeed in the end. Sports are the best example of fast thoughts and on-time acting. This exact physical activity is aimed at improving people’s physical and social abilities. The continuous physical activities improve human health and brain activity greatly, bringing numerous additional benefits of sport.

Sport is the best way to be involved in physical activities. Moreover, it is great to go in for sports starting from early childhood on a regular basis. People involved in sports gain additional strength and improve health greatly. In addition, it serves as the best method to keep yourself in good shape. You can improve your health, team building, and communication skills greatly when participating in various sports competitions, including Olympic games. You can test your luck and the power of your desire to win as well. Sports improve our lives significantly and make us stronger and cleverer. Going in for sports and participating in various sports competitions are the best habits any person can have nowadays.

Essay on the Importance of Sports – 500 Words Essay


In all the times and societies, it was very beneficial for playing sports. Sports and games give needed competitive nature and a strong desire to win. Moreover, when competing with opponents, it is easier to gain proper organizational, decision-making and strategy building skills. Thus, participation in sports was always aimed at bringing numerous benefits for participants.

The Role of Sports in Personal and Nation Development

It is great when people know about all the benefits of sports. In the same time, authorities should promote sports and games among young people to keep them healthy and fit. In fact, sports allow improving people’s lives significantly, including the mentioned physical shape, blood pressure, brain activity, etc. Every nation and society must reveal the importance of sports for people to let them improve their health and life in general. With a strong love for sports, people can easily physically fit any community or society. Healthy and happy people always make proper life decisions and advise very wise solutions. Besides, sports are always developing a sense of natural competitiveness and goal-oriented personal approach.

Once dealing with sports activity, every person can improve the physiological functions of the body organs and improve the functionality of the entire organism. Sports allow keeping the body healthy and mind peaceful. It is the best therapy for numerous diseases. Sport prolongs people’s lives and makes them more active and satisfied with life in general.  If you want to reach the biggest goals in sports, it is easy to build a great professional sports career if to pay enough time and efforts. When you can control your body and make it stronger every day, you can be fully satisfied with your body and mind functioning. Sports also teach you to work in a team and obtain team goals easily taking care of every team member’s thoughts and desires. Therefore, sport should be promoted in schools and colleges for sure.

The Prominent Sports Personality Role

The nation always needs its heroes to have someone to be a guiding star for a young generation. Numerous sports personalities with their efforts and hard work show that everything is possible in this world. Also, they demonstrate the great effects of constant sports activities and team sports participation. These people give us a strong motivation to go in for sports and become better every day. Well-known athletes encourage the youth in the country and outlines for them every great advantage of sports.

As you can see, sports importance for people in the country is really impressive and impeccable. Sports provide a bunch of advantages and improve people’s lives significantly. With regular sports activity, it is easy to keep a good shape, improve physical stamina and brain activity. In addition, sports teach us how to work in a team and gain team goals easily. Sports are the foundation of a healthy and strong nation that remains a strong coalition of clever and hardworking people.

The essay on the importance of sports is aimed at showing people the strong need for sports activities for the young generation. Sports can bring a bunch of benefits for youth, including general health, together with blood circulation and overall physical stamina improvement. Sport develops and improves people’s physical, social, and organizational skills, which are beneficial in personal and professional life and must always be obtained.

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Importance of Sports Essay

Essay on importance of sports for children and students.

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Importance of Sports in our Life: Sports play a great role in our life as it keeps us healthy, wealthy and active. We can have a healthy mind only when we have a healthy body. Great achievements come our way when we maintain our physical and mental well-being and sports help us to maintain a good health and improve coordination and overall personality of an individual. It makes a person more active, attentive and enhances his mental and physical capabilities.

Long and Short Essay on Importance of Sports in English

We have provided some essay on Importance of Sports under various words limit for the students. Now-a-days, students are commonly assigned to write essays and paragraphs in their classroom by the teachers. Essay writing helps students to enhance their writing skill and knowledge about any topic. All the Importance of Sports essay given below are written using easy words and simple sentences. So, students can select any of the sports importance essays given below according to their need and requirement.

Additionally these essays will also make you understand what is the importance of sports, what are the values of sports and games, what are the advantages of sports and games, what is physical coordination and strength, how sports helps in character and health building, what is the role of sports in building health, money and nation, what is the role of eminent sports personalities, what is the importance of sports for health, how it is important for personality development, what is the importance of sports in nation development etc.

Importance of Sports Essay

Importance of Sports Essay 1 (100 words)

We can say sports as forms of competitive physical activity played by the people through casual or organized participation. It helps everyone to improve and maintain physical ability and skills. It is a way of entertainment to the participants. Sports are generally played as a contest between two competitive sides with attempt to exceed other. There are various types of sports and games, those which can be played outside the door named as outdoor games whereas those which can be played inside the door named as indoor games. One of the both contestants becomes winner whereas another becomes loser. Sports are really an important activity for everyone especially for kids and youths as it keeps body healthy and fit.

Importance of Sports Essay 2 (150 words)

Sports play a great in everyone’s busy life especially for students. Everyone should involve themselves in the sports activity even for a small time all through the day. Sports are necessary because it brings physical and mental fitness to the person involved in this on regular basis. People who have busy schedule in their life get tired very easily. As we all know that, living a relaxed and comfort life we need a sound mind and a sound body. Education is very necessary to get name, fame and money. In the same way, getting a sound mind and body, everyone must involve in some type of physical activities for which sports is the best way.

Being involved in sports activities benefits a person in many ways. It does not provide only physical strength however it increases mental power too. Outdoor sports such as football, cricket, volleyball, hockey, running, etc helps in improving physical health and mental fitness. However, some indoor games and sports like brain games, chess, Sudoku, etc improves mental power and concentration level.

Importance of Sports Essay 3 (200 words)

If we see back for a while in the history or put some lights on the life of any successful person, we see that name, fame and money never come easily. It needs a dedication, continuity, patience and most importantly some physical activities means physical and mental health of a person for a healthy survival and success. Sports is the best way to get involved in the continuous physical activities. Success of any person depends on the mental and physical energy. History reveals that only supremacy have power to rule the nation or person.

Importance of Sports

Sports are nice way to get involved in the physical activities which benefits a lot. Sports are given much importance in many countries as they know it’s real benefits and need in the personal and professional life of a person. Sports are physical activities of much importance for any athlete or a professional sportsperson. It means a lot for them and their life. Sports have nice scope for the sportspersons nationally as well as internationally. In some countries, sports and games activities are arranged in the celebration of some events or festivals, for example; Olympic Games are organized to pay honor to the Olympiads of the ancient Greece.

Sports Essay

Importance of Sports Essay 4 (250 words)

Values of Sports and Games

Sports are nice physical activities that provide freedom from the stress and worries. It has nice scope and professional career for the sports persons. It has ability to give sportspersons their required name, fame and money. So, we can say that, sports can be played for personal benefits as well as professional benefits. In both ways, it benefits our body, mind and soul. Some people play it daily for their body and mind fitness, enjoyment, etc however some play it to get valuable status in their life. No one can ignore its values in the personal and professional life. First Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens which is now held continuously after every four years in different countries. It involves both, outdoor and indoor games in which sportsperson of many countries takes part.

Some of the outdoor sports and games are like football, hockey, volleyball, baseball, cricket, tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi, etc which require a playground to be played. Indoor games are like carom, cards, chess, table tennis, puzzle, indoor basketball, etc can be played at home without any playground. Some sports and games like badminton and table tennis can be enjoyed both as indoor and outdoor.

Advantages of Sports and Games

Sports and games are very beneficial to us as they teach us punctuality, patient, discipline, teamwork and dedication. Playing sports help us in building and improving confidence level. If we practice sports on regular basis, we can be more active and healthy. Being involved in the sports activities help us in getting protected with numerous diseases such as arthritis, obesity, obese, heart problems, diabetes, etc. It makes us more disciplined, patient, punctual, and courteous in life. It teaches us to go ahead in life by removing all the weaknesses. It makes us bold and gives the feeling of happiness by reducing the occurrence of anxiety and angry. It makes us physically fit and mentally comfort using which we can easily deal with all the problems.

Importance of Sports Essay 5 (300 words)


Sports are generally liked by everyone especially kids however it may harm them in many ways. Kids can be easily injured and deviated from their study. However, kids love to go outside and play sports or games with their friends. If we have a look on the history, we see that sports are given much importance from the ancient time. In the modern time, growing popularity of other entertainment things like video games, television, etc are decreasing the demand of sports and games in the life. However, it is also true that sports and games are treated by the many countries as cultural activities, so we can say that the trend of games and sports can never finish in the future.

Sports activities have been made compulsory in the schools and colleges for the student’s good physical health, mental health and professional career. Sports have nice career in future for anyone who involved dedicatedly. It is very beneficial especially for the students as it support physical as well as mental development. People who are much interested and good in the sports can live more active and healthy life. They can develop better discipline and leadership qualities at the workplace as well.

Physical coordination and strength

It is considered that both, sports and strength are two sides of the coin. It is true that a person involved in the sports activities get more strength than the normal person without any physical exercise. A person interested in the sports can develop great body strength and make his/her career bright by participating in any sports at national or international level. Playing sports help in strengthening the immune system, maintaining physical coordination, enhancing body strength and improving mental power.

Character and Health Building

Playing sports on regular basis helps in character and health building of any person. It is generally seen that a person involved in sports activity from the very young age, develops very clear and strong character as well as good health.

Sportsperson becomes more punctual and disciplined thus, we can say that sports give various strong and well-built individuals to the society and nation.

Importance of Sports Essay 6 (400 words)

Sports and games are physical activities involves in skill development of competitive nature. Generally two or more groups compete against each other for the entertainment or win the prize. Sports activities for both, men and women are needed to be promoted as it enhances the physical, mental, financial health of the person. It plays various great roles in strengthening the nation by building the character and health of its citizens. Sports bring speed and activeness to human’s way of acting.

Role of Sports in Building Health, Money and Nation

The role games and sports can never be ignored by anyone as it really the matter of importance. People can be involved in the sports activities for their personal as well as professional growth. It is good for both boys and girls to build fine physique. It makes people mentally alert, physically active and strong. Good health and peaceful mind are two most important benefits of the sports. Students are youth of the country and they can be more benefited by the sports activities. They can be more disciplined, healthy, active, punctual and can easily cope with any difficult situation in their personal and professional life. Being involved in the sports regularly helps to easily overcome from the anxiety, tension and nervousness.

It improves the physiological functions of the body organs and thus positively regulates whole body functioning. It helps in maintaining the body health and thus keeps mind peaceful, sharp, and active with improved concentration. It boosts the body and mind power and energy level. It gives everyone a nice break from the monotonous life. Sports have a bright professional career so youths interested in it, do not need to worry and they only need to continue their interested sport with full dedication. It teaches everyone to work in team by developing a sense of cooperation and building team-spirit. More inclination towards sports makes both, a person and a nation, financially healthy strong. So, it should be promoted by the parents, teachers and government of the country.

Role of Eminent Sports Personalities

The nation having more famous sports personalities get worldwide familiarity very easily in less time. There is no need of extra effort to motivate the youths of that country. They can be easily motivated by seeing the already famous sports personalities. Youths of such country get more chance very easily to make their career in the field of sports. Well known sportsperson also encourage the forthcoming youths of their country.

Essay on Importance of Sports

Long Essay on Importance of Sports – 7 (800 words)

The importance of sports in one’s life is invaluable and has many physical and mental health benefits. In schools, importance is given to sports to make the overall development of children and prepare them to face all the challenges of life. It enhances their capability so that they can perform better in their academics and achieve the goal of their life. The importance of sports can be easily understood by the fact that various sports events are organised on national and international platforms and sportspersons represent their countries in these events for the pride of their nation.

Sports also play a vital role in developing values and mutual trust. They help us to take instant decision and also enhance our thought process. The sportsmanship or the sportsman spirit which develops during sports, teaches us to accept victory or defeat in a graceful manner with being respectful to others. Sport also prepares us to face the challenges of life in a very positive and calm way. Sports like Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Football etc helps to develop the physical fitness in an individual by strengthening their muscles and bones.

Importance of Sports for Health

Sport is one of the best exercise which helps to maintain the overall fitness of an individual. Engaging regularly in various sports prevents various chronic diseases and develops healthy bones, efficient heart and improves lung functions. It helps to manage weight, controls diabetes, improves blood circulation and controls stress level. Sports lead to a well balanced mental and physical growth and tones up muscles and strengthen bones.

For the growing children, sports play a very essential part in developing their body and mind. It also helps to improve their academic level and makes them alert and attentive. Sports can also make significant contribution to the well being of the people in leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular sports and physical exercise could also help to treat various communicable and non communicable diseases and it is also a cost effective method to improve the health of the general public in developing as well as developed countries.

Importance of Sports for Personality Development

Sports not only develop our physical strength and keep us fit but it also does more to our overall personality. It helps in character building, developing leadership skills and improving goal setting capabilities. A person who engages more in sports activity regularly will automatically have improved self-esteem, increased social interaction and more resilient qualities which will make him to progress positively in his life.

Sports make children learn values, ethics, discipline, responsibility and develop a sense of mutual trust and confidence. It also makes them more accountable and improves their thought process. The most important aspect of sports in personality building is that it teaches sportsmanship which makes a person face ups and downs in his life more gracefully and makes him respectful to others. A sportsperson will always lead his life with a positive attitude, moral values and staying away from all the evils of the society.

Importance of Sports in Nation Development

The most important thing which majorly contributes to a nation’s development is peace and unity and sport plays an important role in nation building by creating a sense of oneness and togetherness among its citizens. It helps to build a sense of cooperation and team building among its people so that they can unite together and work for the development of the country. Sports build a strong character and elevate the confidence level in the youths of a country so that they can face the challenges of the competitive world and emerge successful to contribute in the nation’s development.

Sport also helps to elevate the health standard of a country. The country which has a high health standard always has a good quality of life and stress free environment. The country with healthy living will definitely have fewer issues as compared to the country with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The popularity of sports also gives rise to setting up of various sports industries which adds value to the country’s economy and increases the status of employment. The revenue generation potential from these industries is very high which could contribute to the economy in multiple ways.

As we can see that sport is not only a medium of entertainment or an activity of leisure time but it also plays important roles in all the perspective of life. It is because of the importance of sports that there are various national and international sports events organised across the country as well as in the world. These events help to bridge gap and reduce tension between countries and make the global audience witness the diverse traditions and culture of the world. It teaches the importance of discipline, punctuality, responsibility and being respectful to others. Sport lays the foundation of healthy individuals and develops their capabilities and personalities in building a well developed and resilient nation.

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Physical Exercise and Sports

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Sports are very important, not only to kids, but for adults as well. When you play sports you meet so many people you probably wouldn’t if you didn’t play. You get to know people that enjoy playing the same sport you do. Sports aren’t only fun, they keep you in shape. You hone your skills, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, endurance, and overall strength

Importance of Sports In Life as Topic Of Argumentative Essays

Sports provide numerous opportunities for children and teenagers to grow socially, emotionally, and physically.

Furthermore, they also allow youth to learn and practice in a competitive environment. While sports may increase childcare’s positive social interaction with adults and one another, they can also create stressful environments for children. For example, adults may place unrealistic pressure on their children to perform. Parents and children must find a balance in regard to how many extracurricular activities children participate in. Team sports participation can be an amazing tool that helps children grow and succeed in their everyday lives and in the future

Health Is Wealth

“Health is wealth.” Those who have understood its importance will try to keep themselves fit. Apart from a balanced diet, sports are necessary to maintain our health. If we do not play regularly, our body does not develop. Our body becomes weak. We may become a target for many of the diseases. Sports are necessary for maintaining our health and physical fitness. Sports also inculcate good qualities in us. Involving oneself in competitive sports will encourage healthy competition.

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Taking up captain-ship in team games will inculcate leadership qualities. Playing as a team will encourage co-operation among the players. We may feel that, if we spend our time in playing, when should we study? Here is a solution- Study in the morning as the mind is fresh. After you return home from school, play for about one to two hours as the mind is tired. Then you can study again. So friends, always remember the proverb, “All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This proverb not only applies to Jack but for all of us

Importance Of physical Exercises

Exercise will absolutely help you to burn your calories if you are working out regularly. In fact, when you are exercising, the oxygen and nutrients will be carried to all over your body tissues through your cardiovascular system. With a better blood circulation, it does mean that your heart and lungs functions would be strengthened. It could improve your stamina and provide the energy you need for the entire day

The Bad Effect Of Person Doesn’t Play Sports Or Do Physical Exercises…

Numerous epidemiological investigations have shown that low physical fitness and low physical activity are related to the incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD). Most studies, however, have not examined both variables concurrently to determine which has the strongest association with CAD risk. The purpose of this investigation was to cross-section-ally examine the relationships among physical fitness, physical activity, and risk factors for CAD. Male law enforcement officers (N = 412) from the City of Austin, Texas, were subjects for this study. Physical fitness, physical activity, and risk factors for CAD were assessed through health screenings and from data

Health Is Supreme No matter what sport you play, you are bound to have better health than people who avoid sports. No other activity is as productive in gaining endurance, strengthening of muscles and overall physical fitness as sports. To attain a fit body and pleasing and attractive personality, you need to play sports.

Productive Time Utilization When we are playing, we actually utilize our free time in doing something good. In fact, parents who scold their kids for playing, instead of mugging up books in afternoons, must realize that the kid gains nothing from disinterested studying, while they gain good health and better psyche from games.

Super Brain Playing increases sharpness of mind and mental strength. Sport teaches you how to handle failures with dignity, while enjoying victories to the maximum. Also, it trains people to handle crunch situations, where stress can try and pull them down. All positive traits for a healthy mind and a healthy persona can be gained from sports.

Improves Alertness Sports teach you to be completely alert all the time. It also gives you the ability to make split second decisions, when you are required to do so. Playing games actually increases your brain activity; never letting your attention wander and also making you understand things in more detail. The knowledge, thus, achieved is not limited to the ground or the court and can be used in making spilt-second decisions in tough situations posed by life as well.

De-stressed Sports are the healthiest way to de-stress yourself. Playing a game relaxes you and also gives a fresh positive feeling to life. A hard day at work can be really taxing and strenuous both for the mind and the soul. In such circumstances, what can be the best way to deal with the parched nerves than to jump into a pool of warm water and swim your way out of it!

Instills Confidence & Discipline Self confidence is boosted by excelling in sports and while trying to excel, discipline becomes a part of life. Anyone who takes sports seriously knows the importance of discipline and the determination to succeed. He also becomes dedicated and responsible, in turn, becoming more successful and confident.

Team Player Most of the popular games are team events and those played individually also have team versions. Playing team games makes a person more comfortable with others. It improves the interpersonal skills and makes a person efficient as a team player. He generates positive vibes that help him to work in any scenario with different people, who have different senses and sensibilities.

Career Path Sports can also be chosen as a career. Sportspersons are heroes of national and regional importance who are looked up to. They are role models for many and are imperative people who do the nation proud throughout the world. As far as monetary benefits are concerned, playing sports is today a booming career, given the kind of money involved. Sportspersons make lots of money through endorsements and other activities, apart from the money generated through sports.


Have you ever thought why people do sports? Absolutely, many people seem not to know the reasons. As a anectode, there are many people who do sports for nothing around us. Everyday we can encounter with these people. They regularly do sports; however, none of them realizes the benefits and importance of sports. In fact, vice versa, some people want to be fit and attractive, look smart. Unfortunately, these people can’t consider other benefits of sports. In my opinion, there are several benefits of sports that people often do not consider: sports are required to be healthy people, are needed for enjoyment, and are great market for countries’ economies.

The first advantage of sports for people is that they help people be healthy, and be fit. Throughout history, people can’t give up their interest at their body. I belive that now many people love themselves no matter how beautiful or ugly they are. Naturally, people’s first aim should be healthy and fit with the benefits of sports. Due to this fact that Sports keep our body healthy. As a possible example, imagine that there is a car which has not worked for years. If you try to run the motor engine, it will not work anymore since it has been rusted and its engine may be broken down. As a result, people is smillar to engines and motors. If we don’t do sports, we will be forced to rust, in other words, decomposition of our body; afterwards, we may have some problems with our body when we even need to small walk. In addition, sports balance our body’s blood pressure and circulation. According to many researchs which have been done by scientists, we can prove the importance of sports for our health because 70% middle aged people who did not do sports in their youth are now struggling with the problems such as high tension, trouble with blood circulation, easily become tired due to the lack of sports.

The second advantage of sports for people is that they are required for our daily lives and competing at the internatinal area because of enjoyment of sports. For many years, sports have been done by people. For example, have you ever thought why people want to play football or other games? The answer may be easy since sports are entertaining. They are sometimes magics as they catch our attention and give us pleasure as much as we need. Sometimes overwhelming life conditions may be unfair and make us unhappy. However, if there is a sport activity when we are unhappy, we will probably be motivated and be refreshed again after the sport activity. This should be the most important benefit of sports because many people do sports for this reason. In addition, have you ever thought why millions of people watch World Cup match without breathing? There might be some reasons behind the action of watching football match. The most important one might be the excitement and enjoyment of sport. Football match is exhilating because it gives us pleasure to watch. In the pitch and near the pitch, there are more than 18 men, and they are the representative of our sport culture. Within the excitment of sports, countries are able to compete in the international area. Due to this fact people like sports since they and their countries are able to compete and beat opponent countries and this is the most important reason to take pleasure from sports.

The final and least advantage of sports is that they are the huge market for countrie’s economy. First of all, if we look at only football industry. There are more than thousand professional team and at least these team have 25 players. If this is calculated, there are approximately 25000 players without working staff, scouts, coaches and managers. This shoud be the largest industry which employs many people in Turkey. In addition, countries and clubs have to establish new facilities for sports game. Some of them are the largest buldings in the entire country that represent countries, for example Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey. Supplying funds for this buldings may be the publicity of countries since constructing well designed stadiums help country preapare or organize big competitons such as World Cup, Olympics, and Tennis Tournaments. Finally, sports allow advertisement companies to make publicity of strong brands. For example, sponsorship is one of the best publicity of one company. Everyone watchs thier favourite team or atlethe, and audiance will probably see the sponsor of team or atlethe. For example, in England, Manchester United which is one of the most powerful clubs in international area has a sponsor called Vodafone. I am from Turkey, and I even know its sponsor. This will probably show the effectiveness of sponsorship in sports.

All in all, we can conclude that there are several advantages and benefits of sports. First, sports are required by people to be fit, smart, and good looking. Second, sports are entertaining due to many facts. Third, sports are the huge market for countries’ economies. In my opinion, despite sports’ advantages, many people can’t believe that sports are useful and beneficial. I hope that in the future these people will tend to be more optimistically to sports since they are the neccessity of our lives.

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Physical Exercise and Sports

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  1. What Is a “who Am I” Essay?

    A “who am I” essay is a simple type of open-ended introductory essay. It is used in certain schools, workplaces and around the world to help members of a group introduce themselves through their writing. They are generally about a page long...

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    Sports are important primarily because they provide children and recreational participants with a social outlet and improve physical skills and health. Sports provide physical and psychological benefits to people of all ages.

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    For anyone who has wondered what is the most popular sport in the world, the answer is soccer. Known as football outside of the United States, soccer is played by most nations around the world.

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    Competitive sports keep kids healthy and fit. Second it teaches kids to face competition and work as a team. My last reason is that it improves self-esteem

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    There is a great importance of games and sports for the students. The sports teach discipline to the students. These sports are very essential for

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    Sports bring discipline in life. It teaches the way of sitting, talking, walking etc. Without sports in human life it seems too boring, sports activate all the

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    Apart from being an exciting and joyful activity, sports give a lot of various advantages to our character. It can serve as a good source of

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    It allows people to build social connections, express themselves and improve their emotional health. Playing sports helps you meet the body's need for regular

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    Sports allow keeping the body healthy and mind peaceful. It is the best therapy for numerous diseases. Sport prolongs people's lives and makes

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    Engaging regularly in various sports prevents various chronic diseases and develops healthy bones, efficient heart and improves lung functions. It helps to

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    Playing sports helps reduce body fat or controls your body weight. · Sports allow you will gain the satisfaction of developing your fitness and skills. · Sports

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    Playing Sports increases confidence to talk properly. A sport certainly improves the skills of communicating with others. Furthermore, the person experiences

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